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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  October 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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for the first dave early early voting in the district on saturday. a steady line formed for hours outside one judiciary squarear in northwest.thst >> here's what it looked likedik in chevy chase marylandylan earlier today for the veryoday r first day of earlyy voting inini you can see he there were plenty of people lined up and ln here is a picture from overm o prince george's county. >> wow. >> sports and learning complex the early votingd le there, the, line as you can see wasee w wrapped around the building. >> meanwhile in silver spring, , maryland, hundreds showe at the fenton street pollingt ll location. loca election officials say more than 430,000 residents tookid to advantage of early voting in i 1212. and officials say that numbert n could double this year. our own ronica cleary starts srt us off live tonight fromight fro montgomery county.montgo >> reporter: hey, shawn andha a tony, yes i'm here in silverer spring. you can see we've got a linet an of people here who have who hav decided to vote early butly but here's the question. qstion. if you're willing to put your vote inwillin early, is your vov
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election officials across theost dmv to get those answers forrsor u.u. now, maryland they were veryandw open with us.s. in prince george's county and a in montgomery county, there is i a very -- there is a process pce that they go through, sorry sory about that, where theye they actually lock up your votes v each night.ea they take them to locations in largo and gaithersburg.therur those locations are locked. loc they are under video surveillance.ei then these voting machines in here, they are also locked, loce surveillance.rveillce. now, unfortunately in thely t district, we couldn't get you gu those he detailed answers. ansrs they told me that there are are security measures in place,la that the contingency measures are in place but those he details, they are notno something that they can share. they say that federal andernd local officials have advised ais them not share those security details.deils. so, certainly they say thatnly a they are available and thatlendt they are there, but nottot something that they're willing
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6:30. we're going to speak with anitha official from the board of elections here in montgomery county, get you somety information and updates on the numbers and as you can see,and e we've got a steady flow ofw o people voting.i we're going talk with them ashea well, ask them a little bittle about why they decided to come m out early. ear floral silver spring, i'min i'm ronica clear he rewith -- - cleary with fox5 local w >> we want to hear from you.ear. tweet us right now let us know w what's on your mind use that #5at6:30 your tweet on our politicalolitc show next at 6:30.0. >> ??>> ?? >> want to take you back toto the breaking news right t nowak northeast d.c..c a metrobuses and a charter a crr school bus collided at theus coi intersection of eastern avenueeu and ran randolph street. >> fox5's lauren demarco he h l live. >> reporter: a lot of rep response here because this iors right on the d.c.-prince.c.-in george's county line.ounty li. the impact rather significant.n.
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steve's charter bus service. sei it was carrying 43 school soo children from ideal charteral c school in d.c. all of those children weren were just loaded onto an ambulancess bus, a d.c. ems, fire ems ambulance bus and taken toaken t children's hospital,l, children's national medical medl center. a parent of one off these children or if you thinkik your child may be involved,nvol, you are asked to go directly del to the hospital to pick they pi up because, again, they have tha been taken from the scene. scen. they're working right now to try to clear things out but b there's still a lot ofill a o investigation had that has tot t get on. we know that the white bus,, the charter bus that wasarter bh carrying these kids was attempting to make a leftat wyir off of eastern avenue as it a was heading southeast, it wasout trying to make a left turn onto randolph street and struck the metrobuses.etrobuses. on the metrobus there were atrea least four passengers. we're told they refused r
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one adult was taken to the hospital along with these 43long children but we are told that all of the injuriesut w aree mm in fact, many of the childrenhie were just transported out of of an abundance of caution.aution there was one child who has a preexisting medical condition,ci that child was taken t separately. we just saw a girl that wasth loaded onto a stretcher, aetch, young girl, so it's not clearote whether that may have been herer or somebody else but she he appeared to be okay, just jus seemed that they're beingthey'rn extra cautious with these with e young kid they seem to be about 10 or younger. they were definitelyfi frightened and you can see theny impact of that crash, theyrashth were shaken up and then youhen have all of the flashing flashin lights so definitely a pretty pt traumatic experience for themexe but we're told they all should be okay.rild t all of the injuries minor ands r the one adult who was transported also minor injuries. i want to mention that the metrobus is a g8 route and a again everybody on the metrobus is okay.s y. they're working to figure outur now exactly what led to this
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then get this cleared outut because, again, eastern avenue e blocked off here at randolphanlp in all directions so so definitely cause somethingom traffic as well in an area are that you want to avoid.void. want to mention it one laston time. if you think your child was involved here from idealde charter school and was on this steve's charter bus servicechar head to children's hospitalte tl pick up your child. chi that's the later of the herehere in northeast, back to you inou n the studio. studio. >> thank you very much. justice montgomery county policemery officer noah cethe man responsible for his fs death was sentenced to 10ntd to years in prison.ars son. today in court luis reluzco relz apologized to the officer's parents following a highlyhly emotional hearing that lasted nearly four hours. h >> i purposely wore the pin then today noah's law because ise wanted it to remind me of whatfa today was all about. about it wasn't about winning orinni o losing or anything of that. tha. >> officer leotta was struck war
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he was working a holiday dui checkpoint along rockvillele pike. pi >> well, tonight we areell, learning more about a deadly toa shooting behind a movie theater in waldorf maryland.ylad police say devon jeffersoneffers shot and killed 18-year-old reuel hicks last night. nig detectives beliefy it was drugee deal gone wrong.wrg friends of the victim tell us tl he was working two jobs and a would have graduated from westdr lake high school.lake h >> i just know that he was at hw very good person, you know, everybody loved his sme you know, you see hallway and he'd just say i'm hs going class and i'm doingm ng well. so, everybody liked reuel and rd he was very focused. fed >> also told the victim heretier was an expected father and hadad plans to join the military. milr police have since arrested the gunman. today some metro workers tooksome their concerns straighr to the agency's board.rd. metro employees say they areay working hard to fix thex t problems with the rail system but they claim new consultants and metro managers oftenften dismiss their advice foricor improving the ongoing trackoingk
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be fewer delays if managementayf listened to their m suggestionss for improvement.rovement >> the dmv is becoming a premiere shopping destinationtin where you can find a dozen newnd designer retail outlet stores.te we'll tell you where. wre >> and no tricks here. no icks r this halloween is sure to be a e treat, yes, as we said for the retailers . >> [laughter] >> going to like the the forecast,, too shawn and tony.o. we'll have that coming up in u i just a moment but tonightonig we're still dealing with someh wet roads and some lingering across parts of thepat area. we'll take you to radar l because while we staeeke the s trying to come out in our tower cam and it's a beautifulel shot tonight we have showerse se down to the south and one more e line up to the north. nor this is passing through is frederick county. i think it'spafred generallyenal weakening but your ride along ag interstate 70 just a little0 jut bit wet. some of those have some prettypy good downpours in them.nhe give them about two more hourseh and i think most of this rainhi shower activity is out of here. we'll let you know what to expect for friday. activf hey, at least we'ret yoex not fn getting any of that whitet wh
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winter weather w i'll show youea the expected exc snow totals.otals. tony back to you. you. >> if you have a story idea call the fox5 tip line 202-895-3000. you can also e-mail your tips to fox5 tipsos e-m at
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>> ?? >> retailers are getting readyrs for some spooktacular apooktacur spending. lauren simonetti from the business network breaks downs d the business of halloween.allown >> reporter: great for every. >> all ages can celebrate.cee. trick-or-treating is a lot ofist fun for the kids and dressing dn up for costume what's bettert'bt than that. >> trick-or-treat.>> >> reporter: it's the night n of fright and the nationald nati retail federation says say americans will spends spe $8.4 billion celebrating celti halloween. that comes out to almost 83lmos bucks a person. pson. >> halloween is that one timewe of year wheen ire you can dressp
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and have fun and i thinkhi that's one of the reasons why os we're seeing that nonumber be ae little bit higher this yearhi y than ever. >> reporter: most consumeronsu money goals to the idea ofa o being someone else in good fun. fun. the nrfs estimates americans ama will spend 3-pointer 3-pnter $1 billion in costumes. ctu candy sums comes in second atest two and a half billion spentonpe and rounding out the last decorations at 2.4 billion.on >> consumers are excited about the opportunity to hand outand candy and trick-or-treat with-oi their >> reporter: but halloweenoral is not just for kids experts say adults have alwaysaa been a big market outspoke key holiday. but social media brings aciediab different crowd to the >> together to a party is part to the component. millennials driving the forceive wearing the costumes and goinged to parties and hosting . >> reporter: however, people peo of all ages can agreeof a halloween comes at the perfectle time to transition into the t
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do they love celebratingelebti halloween but they love the opportunity have kind of aki little bit of and kickoff beforr they really go deep into allo things holiday andnd thanksgiving.anks >> reporter: and did you know for the first time in 11hem years, superhero costumes havete soared to the top of the popularity list for kids k dethroning the princesses youes might have seen lining up thehe streets in years past.. in new york lauren simonettiim >> are you planning oning dressing up. >> no. >> sue is. chonou have to watch monday. >> oh, that's right, it isit monday. da monday. >> i don't think so but i'll't think about it. >> okay. t >> all right. >> maybe i'll be>> a an astronat >> keep you in suspense. >> i won't be an astronaut, asto how about that? [laughter]r] >> that narrows it down. down. [laughter]augh >> all right.>> wouldn't it be flies to accidentally win the lottery or on purpose. on p >> either way.
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we'll tell you how one smart decision turned into a millionil good fortunes. ftu >> and arby's a trying out new sandwich on its menu.u.
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>> ?? >> attention shoppers. just in time for the holiday season, a new att otiutlet memaa opened up in montgomery countyim today. >> that's right. outletsutburg premityum kicked off their grand opening this morning. the 90 store shopping centeringe is opened until 10:00 ton but we hear that traffic toraic get out there is tremendousreme and there are some long lon backups but, you know, if youf want to be one of the first t fr once to shop they're open open until 10:00 the mall is celebrating all weekend andll wa will have halloween trick-or-treat on monday. >> wow. that's a really long line ofne o traffic. >> yeah. >> all right, halloween may be just days away and this year ht, s away many retailers arend this ye brg back free shipping for online ol purchases. best buy did the same thingheam last year through december 24th.ce and according to its holidayolay
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free shipping with the start of its holidayppin season. >> anything to hook you intoing start shopping now. >> that's right. oney..thatst mar arby's is best known for kwf its roast beef and it is goodan but soon you'll also be able to get deer on the menu.eteer >> they will offer venisonen sandwiches at 17 locations.ocns here's the catch though.'s t they will be in six deern six hunting states. the closest state to uss pennsylvania. the venison sandwich will onlyn be on the menu during deerg hunting >> so it begs the question aree they getting the deer meateer from the actual area.ctual area. >> i think they are. >> they must be.y must b >> wondered like they were getting them from farms.arms >> free range deer farms ise what they said.rang >> yeah, souwhndat ts like someg henry the eighth would havethe i cooked up back in the day.. >> free range deer farm but why during hunting season.ri >> well, i canng tell you in myy hometown it will be a hugeug hit. >> it's to trick new thinkingtot hey, it'ris fresh meat from jusm down the street. >> yeah, bet it.
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>> you never know.. >> hi sue. h >> hey, shawn and tony he.and t. >> always something new.meg n today we are talking about theut sun trying to come out, theut t rain ending.nd i can see a couple brighterig spots in the clouds but thes but streets will certainly be damp. damp. >> sounds like a song. >> for second i didn't know sec where i was going. >> the rain is storks i look down the street.onwhain do a thousand thoughts. thoug some of them had to do withit that venison sandwich.dw [laughte a little bit of a nice sunset se here even though it's moregh itm clouds than sun that's forhat's rain for the most part winding i down. do there are a few showers uphowers towards frederick county that t will be passing through ande pa but the sun is back for ussse s tomorrow although it will be aib brisk feeling day with a bitwita of a breeze out of theofhe wanted to show that you heret e are the showers that are still left and we have a batchatch that's moving out of lowerower southern maryland and thehe northern necrnk so m we put it t in motion and it's probably proy for the most part done for de
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especially north of interstate t 70. frederick is getting that rainn hopefully clarksburg stayingurg dry just south here in here montgomery county and up into northeastern maryland there'sten more of that m rain as then as t frontal boundary that istal pushing those showers in ourthor direction gets ready to moven ge through but look at the snow t s it produced.roduced. i think the timing for ouror o winter weather outlook was wea pretty good. this will produce a few inches in up in upstate new york andnd into new england and what a w about winter? finally i think i people are starting to catchingt on that it's coming and ourur floor directo me shot squirrels have beent sq going absolutely nuts thisui nui year which i have noticedch i they're running like crazy and gathering and burying their t nuts and i think they wereer picking up on what he we'ree' picking up upn we think this is going to be a b cold and snowy winter here in d.c. d. a lot of signs for that andof sg we've beenns for putting thishis forecast together and a bigndig tip of the hat to mike thomasikt he's been doing a ton of t o research and we arere forecasting 16 to 24-inches ofes snow for d.c. d not in one big batch like we lee got last year but many stormssts
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time called clippers.lipp 22 to 30-inches in our northern and western suburbs. a that wouldnd w include much ofuo montgomery county and loudoun lu county and of course up into upn the mountains you get way more m than 40-inches but even in even some of the high spots along interstate 81, 28 to 40-inchesih is what we are thinking think primarily because we expect itba to be a colder than average winter.nt we think much of the easternas half of the country he will beei colder than average and some of what we're basing this on has to do with th weak la nina the warming or cooling of the pacific eagles ee along the equator. eat there's a warm blob in then t north of alaska which has been a big climate driver for thedr last couple that's why we're going withoingt that cold winter above normalbor snow and a clipper driven dri winter. chances of getting a big stormis that would dump 30-inches like n we got last year look low to l us but not zero so we'll just j keep that in more.uske if you would like to go -- to-
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page. temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60's anes id we'll see those breezes picking up. u they're not that strong now. winds still out of the south soh which shows us that the frontal boundary has not come through yet.bounda but yo it does it dn because your winds will startdsa to gust and that willtil definitely shut off thehuoff th showers and bring drier airanin in. by 7 o'clock, 60 degrees.0 gr by 9 o'clock, maybe ann isolated shower north at 58wer n and by 11 o'clock, 56 degrees.6e the front comes on it dries us us out it picks up the breezes andreezs we'll be pretty chilly tonightit falling not expecting a lot of 30's. tomorrow as high pressure builds in, we're going to get that return flow out of then, wt north and thatur will keep us ap little cooler than average. avee we'll be into the he low 60's0's tomorrow with a lot of sunshine but gusts up and over o 25 miles an hour so blowinges as those leaves around just at little bit. we're going to forecast 62 for the high in d.c.. upper 50 north and west of d.c. to about 64 in fredericksburg. how about the weekend? it iss looking great. saturday, sunny and warm, 74. at least 75 sunday. sunda
6:21 pm
there could be a couple ofbe a f late showers around on sundayn as well. there's a weak storm systemtorme speaking of storms not too n t unlike a clipper and this isnd i what we're forecasting a lot of this winter and sometimesim they start to show their handeih here in late october and early r november.vember this one would be very weak just maybe bringing a couple a l passing showers. showe marine corps marathon i thinkn k the conditions are pretty are good.. race starts at 7:55, 7:55, 60 degrees, dry throughout thee race. ra by plan m finishers at 69 degrees butdeee that's a pretty good forecast pt as we go forward and thend colors are looking great, too.kt this is upstate new york.or foliage coming on strong now stn ina.ur area. this would be a great weekend b to get out and get some greate a pictures and hope you'll sharela them with us here at fox5 d.c. d all right, seven-day forecast, , and you can see that as wes we head toward halloween still inl good shape.good maybe not quite as warm as themt weekend is going to be but but 64 degrees but even afterfter halloween, which i think is
6:22 pm
think they're going love thiss forecast. then even next week tuesday, tud wednesday, thursday, first three days of november verybeer nice so we're going to ease to s into november with nov temperatures above average. eat>> okay.ures not too bad. >> very good.not too >> yes. >> good stuff. r> we want to thank our floo director mark for the latest lat squirrel update. >> yes, thank yousq mark.ark. mostly squirrely. >> irene moody is 101 years101 y old. back in 1945 she sold hot dogs d in the bleachers during theg world series. that was the ast time the time cubs played in the fall she remembers her days at thembr ballpark and hopes thiss year y the cubs will take home the trophy.hy >> i know we pray that they win . >> [laughter] [laughter] we were too busy sellingel hot dogs to worry about whatbouw they were doing. i don't know who is going to iso win. i don't know who is going to lose. i just pray that the cubs win, that's it. >> you can see the cubs take on the indians tomorrow rightdir
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>> yes, she does.shs. >> 101 years old. o. >> i bet the hot dogs were wer five cents in 1945. >> really? >> slick fans are soe s fantastic, they really are. a rich history we'll be right back, everybody.we'leryb >> ?? >> ?? ?? stand by me ?? vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy
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assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors.
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>> a woman's attempt to teach'sa her husband a lesson backfirettd a little bit. glenda blackwell bought a $10 scratchoff lottery ticket to tie show her husband that playing pg the lottery is a huge waste ofwt money. guess what happened? she won $1 million. >> when i went to get it i starweted scratching it and when i scratched the two, it was w
6:26 pm
two. tw els good.d. feels real good to have ao ve check like that. sometimes i get to aggravating him, so i tell him, you justou s waisting your money.our money. i had to eat my words but theyue were worth eating. eing. so i was very happy. hpy. >> obviously that was down inn north carolina. apparently she didn't want toto be identified.ntified. after taxes she's going to receive a lurch sum of more sum than $400,000.000. she says that money is going gng to help her buy a new house and go to her granddaught >> that's so great.s so great. wouldn't you hate to let yourou husband have that ultimatehaulta hanging over your head,. head, >> if i won a million dollarsmia it would be yup, urn right, rig, baby. baby. >> great for her but should f the governmentor h get $600,000o that? that's -- they didn'ty dd do anything. >> taxes, baby.y. >> too much. >> yeah. >> and that's why i'mhas wh announcing tonight -- no, i'mo,m just kidding.idding >> you got my vote. v >> you're running fornnin president tony.on whoo-hoo! >> you got my vote.te >> speaking of politics, 5 at 5t
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?> ?? >> what's going on here.t'ing >> what's that shawn. sha >> i'm inching closer.>> >> are i you?ou >> that's what's happening ins h the polls. too. that's what's happening in theht polls, donald trump appears topt be narrowing that race betweenet his himself and his rival r hillary clinton.llarcli but the question is is this fuzzy math. >> this is one of the big stories. of course you can tweet us thisg what's on yourou mrsind with #5at630. the race between chin and tonn a new washington post abc pollbc finds clinton leading by 6 percent.6 similar polls showed her leading by 12 percent a fewent f days ago. ago neither side supporters are confident in the outcome.nfid >> one in five voterens say thet are very concerned abouterabou election day violence. vle let's bring in fox5's tom5's fitzgerald for more on this.s hey fitz. >> reporter: good evening, shawn, good eveningepor jim. we are here in arlingtoningt county tonight. ton this is one of the in-personpers


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