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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  November 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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y25emy y17vy snrvr lease are looking for a man that prayed on a woman from d.c. >> and passing a new law that allows terminally ill patients. >> it's cool out there this morning. we need a jacket.
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we'll talk with gary about that more. thanks for joining us i'm holly morris. >> tuesday, first day of november. oh, my gosh. we're saying where did the month go. where did the year go rather. erin como will talk traffic. gary mcgrady will talk weather. we'll get to them in a moment. first get you caught up on making news while you slept. we began with halloween crash in mississippi at least three people were killed and this includes two children. it happened after a vehicle rear end aid truck carrying flatbed flatbed of people last night it. the victims were dressed in costume at a halloween ride. >> disturbing news from maryland this morning. yesterday police say parents in glen bernie found a syringe in their child's halloween candy and they say it did not have a needle and they're not sure where it came from or who may have put it there. the matter is still under investigation. >> halloween night suspect treated themselves to stolen goods and there were several robberys in northeast d.c. >> most recent in georgetown
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latest. what happened here, mel? >> reporter: good morning, guys, yeah, all this happened within a relatively small area geographically. two sort of here in lower georgetown and others in woodly park area. this street as we know was full of reflers and while that was going on that's when this swarm as d.c. police described it of robbers struck. let's take you to the map. i'll show you about incidents began cathedral and connecticut avenue northwest and that incident was a robbery with a gun. all these involve what we understand to be robbyes of people. then 10:30, 29 street northwest that is in woodly park area headed south near calvert street also robbery with force and then 10:46 we head to georgetown 3400 block of prospect street knowledge of key bridge near georgetown
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further up north 12:0 d.c. police alerts are saying there was another robbery on chesapeake street northwest near wisconsin avenue and back out here on prospect street. 2:12 in the morning was the last one reported to d.c. police somewhere here in the 3100 block here on m street as well. 1 in the morning the bars close 2 a.m. every single one of these cases d.c. report us to a large group of a anywhere from 10 to 15 to 20 depending on incident and some of these cases involving what appeared to be teenagers but only one fortunately involved a gun and nobody was hurt in these incidents. live in georgetown, melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> breaking right now homicide investigators remained on scene of overnight murder in prince george country. you're looking at live picture from 20 avenue chillham a man
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1 this morning and no word on suspect in the case. >> we'll take you to the district. "fox5" crews live at this scene near howard university. two men shot at georgia avenue and fairmont street northwest around 2:45 this morning both are expected to survive. police have not said anything about suspects in this case. >> and in stafford county disturb ago tack a woman sexually assaulted for two hours by a man after they were involved if a car crash along king's highway sherwood forest farm road. >> this is sketch of suspect attacker 5' 9" 180 pounds speaking spanish and had broken english and was wearing jeans and a white plaid long sleeve shirt the suspect was wearing a dark colored suv. that vehicle could have damage on the front and passenger side. >> happening today d.c. council will vote on a bill that will decide to give a patient who is terminally ill and mentally capable an option
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for medication to help them die peacefully in their sleep. a new poll shows 67% of d.c. residents support medical aid and dying and medical aid and dying is legal now in five states. >> happening today more security measures going into place at arlington national cemetery guests will be screened at the welcome center and there will be random id checks and anyone who drives into the cemetery has to show id and their vehicle subject to inspection. increased security measures come as the shooting that happened at recruiting center in tennessee. 5:05 is the time now. there's nip in the air here. >> i'll be the first to say i don't think i had warm enough jacket own. >> i'm with you. >> temperatures this morning 49 in town. i don't know it it feels cooler than that. what happens happening that may be in the city?
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it's a little closer to water. the airport kind of runing a little warmer than most of the suburbs. that's what i'm seeing. so just keep that in mind. mostly lower 40s out there. couple upper 30s still and we showed you earlier across the bay temperatures over there in places are already down to lower to mid 30s. really depends where the clouds are and where the clouds are not. mixture of sun and clouds today and we're upper 50s to low 60s okay. definitely on the cool side and as you look at day parts today chilly this morning. temperatures mid to upper 40s 8 a.m. and 57 or so. it's not going to be cold. nothing like that. on the cooled side. without a lot of sunshine will make it feel cooler than it is out there. of course it makes it feel warmer in the sun. dry conditions and it looks like we're dry until thursday. nice warm-up. potentially another record setting day coming up. i'll have the 7 day for you and where we'll be going toward the
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right now my time is up and it's time for erin como. hey, erin. >> and well 5:07 thank you for waibing up with us if you head out to rockville with us rockville pike shut down hoya street. it's an easy detour around that. watch for delays on northbound side especially as you come up and try to get your way around and give yourself scrap minutes if that's your normal commute. we'll keep you posted loop ramp 95 northbound blocked and you can see the red zone there. your best bet if you head north towards baltimore take bw parkway northbound or off ramp to route 1 or 29. we'll keep you updated and let you know when the lanes reon. aside from that as we take a look at metro, 5:07 dealing with safe track. second weekday impacted by red line. gallaudet to for the totten. >> and if you head downtown
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totten and gallery place. running in two segments shady grove and gal get and for the totten and rhode island stations are closed. keep that in mind. free shuttle service available between for the totten and gallaudet and buses stop at rhode island and brooklyn avenue and watch foren creased volume on those he trains. we'll keep you updated. always an option to get you around that maureen and holly. >> a small boy receives a special halloween treat made have been reached in a hostile chemical spill to the west of d.c. >> as we head to break let's look live across the d.c. region and a little presentence for you on this tuesday morning. 5:08 is the time and it's a cool start. 48 degrees now. we have more fox news morning 48 degrees now. we have more fox news morning after the break. dunk bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon.
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america runs on dunkin'. iraqi forces entered outskirts to drive out forces. special forces were met with violence and did not lose any shoulders as they advanced. estimated to 5,000 troops inside the city lements and isis controlled mosul for more than two years now. >> several injured after a explosion along a gasoline pipeline in alabama in up to of
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of equipment hit the line. >> west virginia residents who sued two companies over a chemical spill near charleston reached a settlement. federal judge approved a $151 million deal and money will be districted to affected residents and businesses through an application process. two years ago a tank at freedom industries leaked chemicals into the drinking water supply for 300,000 people. >> and a little boy got a trick or treating experience he will never forget. ja hero which is his dad. he thought dad would not be home to trick or treat with him he was wearing his soldier costume when he got this the big surprise. >> daddy! >> hey buddy. >> i thought i was coming here to pick him up from trick or treating it turned out ton a whole lot more. >> a whole lot more for sure. >> awe. >> i love these stories.
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sergeant in air force deployed overseas for the past eight months and now home chiropractor treating with jadeen and getting a lot of candy and lot of hugs and kisses i'm sure, too. >> the ultimate treat for sure. >> coming up halloween has come and gone. so what really happens to all that candy you brought into your home last night. >> i'm listening. i want to know. >> president obama opens up about the backlash and disrespect he believes hillary clinton coul elected president. >> let's look live across the d.c. region now 5:11 is the time. 48 degrees. chilly out there folks. make sure you grab a sweater or jacket as you head out. fox news morning back after jacket as you head out. fox news morning back after this
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today. premiums for mid level benchp plan increases average 25% across 39 state served by federally online run market. >> some states could see larger increases one in five consumers will have to choose a plan from one insurer after major carriers scaled back roles. health officials insist majority of people shopping on will be able to find affordable coverage especially if they take advantage open rolement ends january 31. >> all righty. coming up on 5:14 i a live look outside. dark in a lot of places. that's the white house. >> they're sleeping in. >> it's hard to see isn't it? >> probably like candy coma like the rest of us. >> i had one piece of candy. >> only one? >> who are you. >> i had none. >> none. >> who are you people. >> i was got trying to be
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>> joy of giving. >> i had enough for both of you. >> we'll make up today don't worry. >> be honest -- let's go back i don't want to go too early. 49, 43 dulles and 38 for bwi marshall. i'm sure there is enough candy in my house to last a week or so. midweek warm-up expected. we'll be close to on thursday record if not record setting or potentially record tying the record on thursday is 80. we're forecasting 79 could have two days that this week up around 80. certainly upper 70s or low 80s. another warmup coming our way. cool today and surge of warm air comes up south again. we're talking 70s tomorrow and we're talking 70s on thursday. the big deal on thursday is how quickly will the clouds and showers come in from the west. i think they hold off long enough to keep temperatures way up into the 70s and potentially
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today we're cool. 6. clouds and sun. i mean it won't be completely cloudy and not completely sunny. you know the drill on that. tomorrow i think more sunshine. actually tomorrow looks great. we see good amount of sunshine. dry, temperature up to 77 degrees. how great is that. and on the third day -- that will be the third day, second day of november. wow where is it going. i'm looking to erin como where is it going there. she didn't help me. nope, not again, we're not completely cloudy. but again as the sun comes up this morning i think we'll see some of it of course coming up in the east it doesn't look like many clouds off east of us. it should be a beautiful sunrise and we'll end up with mostly cloudy conditions today. temperatures will be in the upper auto 50s and low 60s. going 6 and it's all about sunshine. how much sunshine do we have. winds coming out of south 5 to 10. future cast shows a good amount
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few showers back out west. way out there. we don't have to worry about that and tomorrow looks great. high pressure starts to fill in at all levels. so i think tomorrow and thursday the pick of the week. tomorrow, is really pick of the week though it will stay dry on thursday we have a chance for showers. i don't know maybe a thunderstorm should stay -- any thunderstorm threat should stay norm of us thursday. we could hear rumble wait and see. cooler into the weekend and temperatures into lower 60s. there's hinting in the models that we could be a little warmer than that. but, still, fall is here. so nothing like good fall weather. here's erin como. >> your tie is thanksgiving friendly. >> not the tie i wanted to wear but it works. >> it works for first day of november. i can't believe it's first day already. if you travel in rockville, rockville pike is closed northbound side at hoya street dealing with utility repair it's easy detour around that and we're already starting to
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rockville pike northbound. keep that in mind if that's the normal route. aside from that northern maryland construction 95 ramp closed outer loop and looks now since disappeared from the map construction zone is in process of clearing which is good news considering 5:18 in the morning. you can always take baltimore washington parkway or route 1 north to get around that. let's stop outside for a live look in virginia. 66 a look at fairfax country parkway volume parkway volume pickingp a touch. 234 to fairfax delay free. we'll let you know when volume starts to show you down. we'll forward cameras and show you a look now. springfield imchange headlights volume increasing after springfield interest change as you head to 66. outer loop good across the wilson bridge. metro on time except for safe traj surge 10. wack to you hallly and maureen. >> 5:18 let's look at the
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>> wisdom is standing by with the realtime news tracker. >> how about we talk politics. >> that's something new. >> in this year there's been a lot of trash caulk talking if you will. let's talk about the president he's not trash talking he's making observation. so first up we talk about president obama predicting that hillary clinton will face unfair gepd area tacks if she's elected. during tv interview yesterday he compared issue to critics falsely claiming he was not born in united stat a will likely complain she's tired, moody and emotional. he also added there's a double standard in politics where men are praised for ambitious and women are not. next up, is public love affair with nfl growing cold. pennsylvaniaians are showing wear and tear. ratings have been down by double digits so far this season and some say this dive into the league is becoming less appealing overall because
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creating petty attention to dismen are and uniformity making it less and less entertaining and finally if you have too much halloween candy this morning you're not alone. many people admit they never get through all the candy. so if you have too much you can donate it organizations like operation gratitude and sovy angels run donation spots you can drop the candy off. sweeters in are sometimes used in g >> i also heard about something dentist back by candy. >> what do they do with it. >> you got a link to it. >> maybe they donate too. >> avenue seas they don't have to worry about calories and sugar. >> it's tough. >> they're eating it. >> and they can put it in office and let you eat it. >> there you go. >> true. >> keeps them in business. >> i'm on to you dentists.
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>> coming up a study claims there's a pattern of discrimination what it comes to customers and certain ride experiences drivers want to pick up. >> this thanksgiving prepare yourself for tech upgrade from butter ball. see how we literally malasia flight auto on thanksgiving. ? stop it. >> we're headed to break. live look across the d.c. region we'll enjoy the moment. live in the moment. okay? time now 5
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. >> 5:23 a study of discrimination among uber drivers with white sounding name and black sounding laimz. white sounding names greg, todd, allison, kristin, and black sounding names included kareem, rashid, ebony and
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as i stark gap in cancellation gap between riders based on those names and riders with black sounding names have longer acceptance times and waited 30% longer to be picked up. pokemon go fans out there? you can now build pokemon go games. an app called meta verse. nip can build augmented reality. you can walk up to experiences inside meta verse and interact with them. north be prepared to pay more at the gas pump. gas in garden state will include 23 cent fer gallon state gas tax increase. first time gas tax was raised since 1988. they'll go from having second lowest gasoline tax in country to sixth highest. >> all right. so now that halloween is over it's on to thanksgiving and this year butter ball is going digital for the holidays.
5:25 am
text in health questions for the first time this season. turkey brand with take text messages thursday november 17 in case you are doing a practice run for the big day a week later. >> that's a good idea though. i like it. >> i wonder how many calls but he ball hot line gets a year. >> i think they're slammed. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> that many bad turkey cookers throughout. >> there's a lot of people not sure and may have a question and maybe a lot of first timers or maybe you're trying something different. >> uh-huh. >> all right. well, text it this year. >> i'm a big fan of the butter ball hot line. >> wisdom and i were faulking about what turkey while get. >> can i get fresh or frozen. >> i can say what we'll do. >> i plan on i think he's on board too popeyes. >> popeyes turkey. >> the old i'm going to purchase it cooked turkey.
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>> well it will be big enough challenge for me feign it's already cooked i can promise you that. >> we're just kicking around ideas. here's what's going on out. there it's that time right already november you have to start thinking about that. here we go temperatures out through this morning. it's cool out there in spots. inside the beltway it's national. that's 49 degrees national reading see how much cooler it is for dulles and up the road in gaithersburg in the upper 30s. lt westminster 39. clearer skies knowledge of us. that's allowing temperatures to fall off a little more than perhaps we are here from the metro area down southwest. there's forecast today. mix of clouds and sun and we stay dry. temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. erin como what do you have with traffic. >> this is the first thanksgiving i'm cooking with my parents. >> pressure is on. >> they're coming here. >> they're coming here and i'm hosting. >> i cooked my first tucky ever
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if you have good tips let me know. malfunction metro hundred had huntington delays to mount vernon in addition to safe track surge 10 and buses replacing trains and you can tate green or yellow line between for the totten and gallery place and brook ilse lind land and rhode island stations closed. >> coming up, a new report suggests donald trump went against advice of accountants back in the '90s. >> open rolement time. do you know what you're doing. most of you may be surprised to learn the answer. >> as we head to break. >> get up. >> get up. >> get going. >> it's tuesday. >> november 1. here's a live look across the d.c. region. we're at 5:27 now. 49 degrees. "fox5 news morning" back after
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of your dedicated pnc wealth management? team. this price is so low. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. a woman assaulted after a fender bender in northern virginia. renewed investigation into hillary clinton's emails is once again driving conversation of election and now you can add donald trump taxes in there as well and open rolement season which means it's time to make big decisions about your health insurance. "fox5 news morning" starts
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>> 5:30 is the time good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is tuesday, november 1. >> wow, i said this all morning long the fist day of november we're zooming right on to the year. >> go ahead put the pedal to the metal and we'll blink and it's 2017. >> and gary mcgrady is talking weather coming up in a moment. all right. we'll start with news right now developing overnight reepingon and let's ghin prince george county police search for a killer this morning a live picture from the 0th avenue in chillum where a map was shot dead and no word on his identity or who police think may have killed him. >> an early morning shooting that happened across from howard university. two men shot at georgia avenue and fairmont street northwest:45 this morning and this also is a live picture we have a crew on the scene and both men should recover.
5:32 am
case. and d.c. police they had a busy night last night there were several reported robberies overnight. >> this morning police are on the hunt for suspect involved. "fox5" melanie alnwick live in georgetown where one of the robberies happened overnight. mel, good morning. >> good morning, guys, yeah, very busy night for second district police first of course the halloween festivities here along m street in georgetown and then having to deal with string of robberies on the street let's the take a look at map here. they're are at least five incident we know of reported overnight. some of them cathedral and connecticut avenue and woodly park area near calvert street at 10:05 and 10:30 and further close to georgetown 10:46 we have 3400 block of prospect street near the key bridge in georgetown university and also
5:33 am
district was chesapeake street northwest, wisconsin avenue, and that one also and then finally at 2:12 in the morning here 3100 block of m street that bar here closed at 2 a.m. than were lot of people out and about finishing up their evening celebration so to speak in each one of these cases d.c. police report toss a large group as they described it they said they appear to be teenagers between 15 and 17 years old nobody injured in any of these robberies that's the good news. one of them we know however reported that a gun was used. so a very serious incident there. that was the one on cathedral and don't know if there's surveillance. there's a lot of crime in the city. certainly d.c. police will see if they have anything to put
5:34 am
and thinking whether they are connected or whether there's incident with many different groups. i'm melanie alnwick. "fox5 local news". >> disturb ago tack in stafford county a woman sexually assaulted for two hours by a man after they were involved if a car crash along kings hey way cherwood forest farm road. >> this is police sketch of the suspect. attacker said to be 5' 9", 10 broken english and wearing light orange. >> the vehicle could have orange paint and damming on the front and passenger side as well. >> 5:34 is the time happening today d.c. council will vote on a bill to guv a patient mentally ill and terminally ill to get medication to die peacefully in their sleep.
5:35 am
medical aid in dying. medical aid in dying is legal in five states. white house was lit up for halloween. take a look at that. bright lights, other decorations. kids from d.c. schools gave out candy on the white house lawn. the president spoke at reception inside and he told kids to disregard the first lady lessons on healthy eatsing just for one day. the president and first lady also danced along to michael of students who formed a flash mob. how much fun was that? >> they get to go to white house hang out with president and eat candy. >> and dance. >> and dance. >> and it was beautiful. >> it was beautiful. >> they were winning. they were winning. >> does the white house give out the full size candy bars. >> that's a great question. i'm going to say yes. >> they would have to wouldn't they? >> i would think so. >> they have a reputation to maintain. >> here's what's going on out
5:36 am
pickup time for kid owes sun and clouds okay. not going to be completely sunny and completely cloudy out there. not for most of us. definitely cool. so jacket, hoodie, something like that would be appropriate this morning. 57 to 6 this afternoon. still sun and clouds. it it will be dry though. next chance of rain so you know is thursday afternoon thursday evening so next couple days dry. temperatures out there now suburbs in the 40s. couple spots in 30s baltimore i don't have baltimore on this graphic but it does feel like 8 temperatures later today upper 50s to low 60s imtime foreye talk with airport erin and commute all things traffic. >> all things traffic here metro problems and rockville pike now closed northbound side montrose parkway and dealing with downed wires. sky fox will check this out in
5:37 am
pike you hit that delay. factor in extra time m it's a quick detour. 70 southbound volume increasing 70 to truck scales a ten minute delay and things on up. earlier construction cleared ram top 95 northbound on from outer loop and keep in mind northbound dale city to parkway flowing and yellow line deal with delays. a look at metro next. >> 5:37 is the time. open rolement time. doing? most of you may be surprised to learn the answer. >> top studio changing release date of highly anticipated movie sequel. >> i've been waiting for years. >> you have to wait a little longer. >> oh, my goodness. >> a live look outside across the region, time 5:37 temperature 49.
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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>> 5:40 is the time now. three people trying drive into new york city with with weapons into the holland tunnel. they will gun rights decalls and cracked windshield they found a rifle and shot gun.
5:41 am
this is open rolement season in a new study suggestions most of us are baffled by benefits. one in five say they do not have a very good grasp of their employee benefits. quarter admit to guessing when selecting benefits. studies showed employees are well informed about medical insurance and don't know about their supplemental helm benefits that can cover a wide range of out-of-pocket cost on way to south carolina after rescued and rehand for more than a month. firefighters load twod lager head turtles and one green sea turtle on to a plane at atlantic city airport and they will begin a new life at beaufort north carolina where they continue to recover. >> 911 calls for night club shooting to be released. >> and study claims there's a
5:42 am
it comes to riders of certainly groups when it comes do sharing rides that they want to be picked up. >> as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region. 5:42 is the time on tuesday. let's get it going folks. we're at 49. little chilly out there.
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? 5:44 is the time we're fine this morning. >> we're fine? >> we're fine, type, type,? fine, fine, fine? >> tuesday first day of the month. >> you know what i actually just real leased i am looking forward to we fall back this weekend. >> ah, okay, >> we get an extra hour of sleep. >> i love that gary it's one of my favorite times of the year. >> i know especially for us on our schedule you know a little selfish because when you can go yeah. >> i want the extra hour this week. we have like 25 hours in a day. how many times have you said if i just had more time in a day. >> you can say it this time. >> look what's going on. midweek warm-up we can expect. this is the real deal. that makes two big warmups in the last 7 days within the last 7 days. wow, get get to have records around here on thursday again as temperatures will come on up for us and let me show what you
5:46 am
town. 30s and 40s around the area and buffalo 38 and boss stop 35. you see out northwest of us for midwest listen when you see chicago it's let's see, what is it. 5 something here notice morning it's not even 5 a.m. there yet and temperature is 64 degrees. something going on. st. louis is 65. something is go going on. that's all that warmth and it spills in quickly. not today but tomorrow high clouds around. big of things. no major systems affecting us. at least not today or not tomorrow. but as this high pressure ramps up at all levels we'll warm up. we're going 70s tomorrow. 70s on thursday and then we cool off with showers and thunderstorms. that's wednesday at 6:00 you begin to see thunderstorms moving through michigan. that line will progress. we'll be talking about that thursday evening for us. here's the next couple days. 6 today.
5:47 am
minimum of clouds and sun. wow, tomorrow, 15 warmer going 77 degrees and even warmer than that on thursday. satellite and radar shows a few clouds out there this morning. mixture of clouds and sun through the day today. 6 for a high. again, some auto az i think in suburbs a possibility with littleed sunshine. there's the 7 day forecast. 77 tomorrow. almost 80 on thursday. >> what? >> 80 is record on yeah, 80 record on thursday we could tie it and we cool off it's a fall like weekend. >> and as holly reminded us clocks fall back and we can sleep an extra hour. here's erin airport. >> og our producer is confused turtleneck with no sleeves for 80 in fall it's appropriate. >> i do mott disagree erin. >> train malfunction huntington yellow line residual delays.
5:48 am
additional residual delays noma and malfunction of grovener. safe track, gallaudet to for the totten bus president place trains. take the green or yellow between for the totten and gallery place and don't forget brooklyn and rhode island. free shuttle service is available and stopping at the closed stations. aside from that tag a look at roads right now as you can see a lot of yellow picking upcoming inbound on 66 eastbound from gainsville through mannasas and fairfax and stop and go adding extra minutes to commute rockville pike is closed northbound montrose mark way dealing with downed wires and construction as a result. police give yourself extra time to detour around the intersection. 95 northbound dale city to beltway starting to see typical slow down dale city across occoquan as you make your way to wilson. inner loop flowing an you can see that flowing traffic is slowing down. we'll have more in a few moment.
5:49 am
>> new this morning we're hearing the 911 kawmz made by man that carried out night club massacre in orlando. omar mateen fired into it the pulse nights club in june. nearly 30 minute of audio from a team's 911 calls were released yesterday. take a lessen as the shooter policemen as leatherence to isis. >> i want it let you know i'm in orlando and i did the shootings. >> what's your na allegiance to -- of the islamic state. >> now during the ram pain in orlando in "juno" mar mateen repeatedly hung up on police negotiators he killed 49 people as we said earlier and left 48 injured it was mass shooting in u.s. history and police eventually shot and killed him. >> clashes between protesters
5:50 am
pipeline the ung whyer protesters are more aggressive and younger ones are more aggressive. it's being built near sacred american site and it will pump from north day keit to illinois and say it's bad for the environment. >> emergency hearing scheduled in federal court on naacp attempts to stop several election boards in south carolina from removing people to the voter rules and hearing will be held wednesday morning in winston salem and lawsuit zes where thousands of voters names have been challenged. >> ten minutes before the hour let's look at stories you're engaging with on social media. >> maureen umeh is standing back with the news tracker. >> open rolement begins today with higher prices and fewer options. expert redistrict more than 1 million people will have to physician a new insurance carrier because current insurer is exiting changes and last week administration announced
5:51 am
and open rolement runs today through january 31. next up new study with startling findings against uber and wait times and cancellations based on writers names and they hailed rides using white sounding names and black sounding names. write riders with black sounding names waited longer to be picked up and soon you can create your own version of pokemon go. former google worker is former google worker is debuting an app to allow anyone to make their own pokemon games. it's call meta verse and backed by former ceo michael eisner. he's excited about the interactive story telling possibility sglul more pokemon just when they thought it was over. alas it is not. >> thank you, maureen. time 5:51 today amok snow day
5:52 am
of transportation will conduct skeers to test out county's snow plan. now, staff members will simulate 6" snowstorm and snowplow operators will run snow routes on county maintained roads and tomorrow ike legit will speak at the county civil summit. they will discuss new initiatives to get ready for the snow storms. >> it's that time of year again no not talking about turkey but for beards today marks start of mow have vember not shaving to raise issues for prostate and testicular cancers and for second year in a row laurel will participate. last year the department was top fundraiser for zero raising more than 5200. >> that's great. all right. here's news you need to know,
5:53 am
getting choked up switching up release dates for some of the hotly anticipated see quelz and studio announced incredibles will hit theaters june 15, 2018. that's actually good news. toy story 4 hitting theaters june 21, 20 19 the two films are swapping dates due to accelerated production schedule for inyesterday from i believes. it it will be here before you know it. incr after the other was released. >> gary, we are that old. >> i'm feeling it, too. i can't wait to see that movie that was a great movie one of my favorites of all time. >> if you do most holiday shopping online this year you play wait long he for the packages, up is is expect took buzzier this year between thanksgiving and new year's eve the shipping giant expects to
5:54 am
deliveryes worldwide 100 million more than last year. ups plans to hire additional 95,000 workers and add automated shipping hubs around the kupty for holiday season. >> that means we're doing more and more shopping online. >> yep. >> time to say hello to facebook fan of day. let's say hi to meg han and she turned 60 years old today. yesterday, and so happy belated dirj day to you. she says she gets up and does morning workouts every morning watching steve and allison. >> nice. >> very good. >> good for you keep up the good work. there you go. >> if you like to be the fan of the day post a picture below the picture. >> it must be fun to have your
5:55 am
i think that is fun. >> lots of candy. >> all good. >> yeah. yeah. >> everybody comes to see you. >> exactly everybody comes to your house. >> they don't stop ripping doorbell. >> running in streets for you. >> that's right. everybody deck rates it's a great day you're right holly 48 for pickup and it's going to be sun and clouds today. 57 to 6 or so later on this afternoon. dry for kid owes. here's where we start this morning. temperatures in upper 40s north and west temperatures cooler there. lower 40s. but it's 38 right now. westminster is 39. fredericksburg is 46. cool enough for jacket. no doubt about that. upper 50s, low 60s today mixture of clouds and sun will be on the cool side and whipped will be south five to ten miles an hour. 62 today, 77 tomorrow. 79 on thursday. we'll have afternoon and
5:56 am
we get in weekend, friday looks great and saturday and surprised and looks likes on the cool side a lot of great weather coming our way if you like fall. here's airport erin you added something to the war dob this morning. >> they opened the door outside the studio. >> it's freezing. >> it's freezing any way this scarf friendly reminder to bundle up. >> you're sporting sleeveless turtleneck. >> fashion not function gary. >> as y moving along long slow on 95 as you try to make your way through dale city jam-up south of that point stafford jammed by courthouse road and if you come towards the beltway fredericksburg leave early once you cross the beltway 395 etsell road and volume increasing as well you need extra time 395 to 14 street bridge. here we see camera moving a bit. pentagon want to spin around and show you break light and oh, my goodness, 66 eastbound
5:57 am
it's that time of morning to leave 30 minutes early as you head out from gainsville. keep to "fox5 news morning". it's only 5:56 we you have
5:58 am
dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
5:59 am
>> and a night of terror in the
6:00 am
several people robbed all within a couple hours of each other. coming up, who police believe is responsible. >> plus a week after a ban on bikes and dogs arlington national cemetery is stepping up security measures what visitors will be now required to do. >> live look outsidethon tuesday morning. it's never 1 everyone. warm and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:05. >> good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to morning morning on halloween night several suspec stolen goods. there was several robberies on northwest d.c. >> a lookout for 0 suspect. live in georgetown where one of the robbyes happened with more on who police are looking for. 0 suspect, mel. >> that's right, steve, allison. we're still trying to get information from d.c. police whether they think all incidents are connected but definitely bear some striking similarities we're talking about at least 5 incidents that


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