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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  November 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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want to be identified. to be he had some minor injuries,urie small cuts from the his baby not hurt, she'she already home safe with her h mother. he says the other driver wasverw weaving around him driving d aggressively. he asked the guy to stopo sto several times the passengerng side window of his hyundai hyuai exploded. he says he never saw the causehu so could it be a bb gun a-pellet gun an actual gun or go some other type of projectile.jl the victim recorded some cell cl phone video of the suspect whopo again followed him off o exit before speeding away.wa police traced the license len plate. they found that other guy a a short time later at a vienna restaurant. no charges have been filed. at lasest c havheck he's still i questioned by police but theyy say that they did not find ad weapon him. h officers say that this is a tisa reminder to try and avoid engaging another driver in a road rage incident.ncen >> pull over and disengage as as quickly as you can. c speed is not going to help it.ei you're not going to speed andped geawaway. get to the closest shoulder shoe
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got your cell phone dial 911l 91 and just take speed out of o o the, you know, out of the whole equation and try to, you know, just minimize your emotions. >> reporter: they say thehey sae man here who pulled off atdff this gas station did exactlyly the right thing.hing fortunately he and his babyis bb are okay tonight and again no,gn word whether charges will beha filed. that's the latest here in springfield.rg the lri back to you in the studio.yodi >> thank you lauren. you lren. allegations of dirty dir tricks and campaignampan shenanigans in virginia.irni someone is donald trump signs in prince sne william county. fox5'swi tom fitzgerald was there today.alth he joins us live now from fro freedom plaza. pla fitz what in the world isin t going on? >> reporter: well, you know,l, , shawn they call this the silly season, but if somebody somebody thought they were going to getog any laughs out of republicans o in virginia by knocking downut n and vandalizing donald trumpnga signs, well, we can tell youel they are not laughing one bit tonight. take a look at what we foundou today in prince williamil unty.y.
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road and there were a couple cou of these that we found.sehat they're quite large trump-pence signs.. they have been spray painted kicked, torn in some spots as ss you can see right there. the bottom line on this even e though there's been in i graffiti in other spots thishi is not the first time this haseh happened. back in the spring we told youoy during the primaries about arimo woman in gainsville who had her house spray painted and her trump signs vandalized. tonight republican chairman ofca the prince not taking this lying down.g d he points the finger of blamef m at democrats who he he says h are getting nervous right nowhtn because they see donald trump increasing in the polls and corey stuart says they mightrt be just worried in donald trump is going to win st worr ts election.election >> i think there's a desperation by democrats thatrat trump is actually gaining in the polls and it looks realks
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not just the country but hentrye could very well win virginia.n i i think democrats are very ver desperate and they're angry, an, you know, that we're actually al going to be winning this election come tuesday. tsday. >> reporter: well, theel the clinton campaign told us two utw things about this.s. first, they say they hady h nothing to do with any of thishi and then secondly, they sayhey s they not only denounce these incidents but any types ofyp o violence throughout thehrought h country when it comes to this election.tion. the prince william republican committee has filed d police reports on this.ce rep police tell us they're looking into lto it. we're live in freedom plaza tonight, tom fitzgerald fox5 local news. >> well, meanwhile today istoday the last day for early voting in polls are opened right now.ow they close at 8 o'clockck tonight just under two hours from now. n there are 69 locations inions maryland where people can participate.participat election officials say come on
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>> maryland, come on out here or y'all. you don't have a way? 10 minutes maximum. >> now, the short wait was at the suitland community center ce off regency lane.f re of course that will not be the case at every location.ation. fox5 is your headquarters for the race to the white house.itu. we want to hear from you. you. tweet us right now using the #5at6:30 and look for youror y tweet on our political slow slo coming up next at 6:30.30 >> a highly anticipated d city council hearing got under h way just a short time ago. moreea a s than 60 people signep to testify about a number ofy topics includingabou the ongoini search for the next police polic chief. fox5 has learned more than 100rd people have already appliedave l for that job.that other topics on the agendagend tonight include the current cure state of the d.c. police department and communitynt com policing.poli officials expect that hearingexe to lasctt several hours. >> tonight we're learning more m about that deadly bus crash in baltimore.imore. according to the marylanding department ofto transportation,t glenn chappell the school bus
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was not authorized to drive a commercial vehicle.le that's because officials say the 67-year-old man failed to provide authorities withti with documentation that he was inion goodth health. heah. his medical certificationtifi expired on august 31st.. victims who survived the crashrh say they just want answers.nsrs >> the ones that passed awayd ay or the ones that survived theyvy should be able to get justice.ue we all need it. i we need to know why itit happened. >> the ntsb says it is >> metro general manager paul wiedefeld unveiled his newd un budget proposal today.saday he proposed cutting up to 700 t jobs and raising base fares tof at least two dollars to makeo m up for metro's $300 millionmilln shortfall.all. he metro's largest union also attended the meeting.eeng members say cutting jobs isbs i not the way to solve thesoth issues. >> i feel like we are
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management.mana >> yes, right.>> yes, rig >> they have failedht to managen the system the way it ist i supposed to be and now they'reo' saying the problem is labor costs. >> metro board chairman jackck evans spoke to d.c.'s mayor and says he believes the district would be willing toould double its contribution if both virginia and maryland do thts ce same thing you.nia ane u >> may have seen this coming.. n samsung has been hit with its first class action lawsuit over its faulty smartphones a representing several people who claim their phonesting s cat the suit calls the galaxy note n five which has been recalled b and the s6 and s7 models dangerous.nger >> samsung provided no warningar to exposures to consumers that this was even a possibilitysibiy and a consumer should not have v to live in fear that they're th' walking around with a tickinga g time bomb in their pocket.t. >> the class action lawsuit is
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it applies to consumers whomersw brought the known california over the last four years.fourrs. >> a family is desperate toratet help their only child survive.ue how you can get involved tovedo help them finds an organ for a nine month olds -- old battling a rare cancer.r. >> flu shot fierce. f why doctors say gluet over itr i and get your shot before it'sefr too late. lat sue. >> hi there tony and shawn.ere what a beatoutifnyul a sunset. enjoy it while you can becauseae by this time next week it's it' going to be plenty dark.plty d we have standard time coming cin this w sun went downton flight atnton 6:05. we have a great picture tore t share with you that we gotot from one of our twitter followers wendy, temperaturepetu should be right around aro 72 degrees. such a mild day. day did you know this is thekth warmest november day we've had in about 26 years and we set aea new record getting up to 83 degrees. we fall back this weekend and ad that means the sun will be going down at about 5:02.2. we'll talk more about what you can expect for the weekend wee coming up in just a coupleoue
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if you have a story idea evenorn if you have a tip we want to hear from you. give us a call. gi open.line isar 202-895-3000. you can also e-mail us fox5 f5 tips at
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>> ?? >> welcome back. a baby who was born about halfway through a normalby whoyh pregnaronch ya defied all oddsd survived. >> nine months after he wase mos born, he is now facing another a unimaginable obstacles.imag he hasin liver cancer that is survivable. >> but there's a catch. fox5's alexandria limonim explains. >> this was his blood pressureoe cuff. this is the small of the they make. it was still kinthe d osmf heyln him so when it's closed it's i like t >> reporter: weighing 1in pound 7 ounces blake thomas was born too early oun and too small. smal 23 weeks into the pregnancy prey and just days before befor valentine's day, the happy h
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wonderful gift possible. psi but they got the worstor possible prognosis.le >> they say, you know, parentsts who -- who have their children i at this gestation of age, you know, some parents decide to turn off life support. suppo we said no, we're going to continue.cont if he hasn't given up on himself i'm not going to dong t that. there's no way. no way >> reporter: so, they foughtou and so did their fragile tiny newborn. even though he couldn't could breathe on his own andnd suffered from brain hemorrhages. >> blake has a brain bleedke h stage three on one side andas a stage four on the other which w are the worst. wor >> reporter: blake was soeporte: sick his parents couldn't even hold him until two weeks after r he was born.n. but while his body was weak, w his spirit was not.his it w he survived against all odds o and obstacles even when he
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>> it's a valve in the heartvaet that's opened zoey happening is blood was pouring into hisnti lungs because the valve neveralr closed. >> reporter: once again blake not only made it reporonlt through, he thrived and grew ang and got better.d got er after four long months in the nicu, blake would soon go go home. then came the devastating news. >> blake has a malignant tumor of his liver which involveshichi multiple areas within the liver. >> reporter: the bad news is this type ofter: cancer is so rare only one in every million kids gets it. the good news is it's treatable. but after five rounds of chemo o the only realistic option forio blake is finding a living a liv donor. >> and we've been desperately searching for the ability to give himg fo a liver transplantn >> we're hopeful that, you know, someone will come com through and save our baby's
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>> reporter: blake's family is running out of options.orteri they've had several nonlivingoni possible donations fall fl through. through. so now their only option is to find a living donor perhaps aera kind strange here is willing to be tested and is a match.nd a now, i do want to point outpot t that a healthy adult wouldlt w only need to donate a small sma portion of their liver whichiver by the way does regenerate so s the donor would be fine and most likely blake would be,ul b too. his doctor tells me he has a a 98 percent if they can find a donor.n fi ad in the studio, alexandrialend limon, fox5 local news. n >> a fighter for sure. s we're certainly rooting forcertl him. >> yeah. >> the family reached out toamie us and postedac on our facebooko page so i know it's on my o facebook page if you want moreae information about so -- >> y-indeed. >> we're going clear for him, h root for him. flu season it is here.u seon there are it still a lot of mys about getting the flu vaccine. e a common myth is that the fluthi
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yeah, many doctors argue sinceue the vaccine does not contain a live virus that is simply not n possible. they warn any protection isarn betteran than none. n >> some of the most commoncommon ones include i don't get theon'e flu so i don't need the flu vaccine.vae. the reason that that is a very dangerous myth is that eventh it people who have no underlyingin illness, who seem perfectly healthy, can die from the flu or be hospitalized.lized. >> doc get a flu shot before the t start of flu season whichch usually begins right around now.w. >> do you get flu shots? [laughter]au >> uh, i'm sporadic with them. e some years i do, some years i i don't. which is not good to say.t >> i've never had a flu shot.ho. >> no. >> no. >> i think i'm going to get one this year.hink ione y >> okay. i'll go with you. >> okay. will you get one, too. >> we'll see. see >> we're under cutting the message doctors.e docto i'll get one.
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rewind. we are almost at the finisht ats line in the race for the whitefr house but before we get there te we're going to take a lookoo >> and it was such a sight to see, history was on the move literally in parts of downtownot d.c. we're going to he show whereho you it's headed when the newshew
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. . >> ?? >> we are winding down but it windin election electio season.
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fox5 d'say ronica cleary takesrt us on a race rewind.d. ronica.nica >> reporter: hey, shawn and shad tonight. well, it is hard to believe b that august of 2015, that was the first debate of theof the primary season for election 2016.20 there were so many republicannyc candidates they had to have h two debates. debates and let me tell you we knew it e was going to be a wild ride rid when brett bear asked theedhe republican candidates if they te would be willing to all willi t support the eventual gop >> raise your hands now if you won't make that pledge tonight.ght. mr. trump. >> you've called women youed wou don't like fat pigs, dogs,ogs, slobs and disgusting animals. your twitter account. >> only rosie o'donnell. o'donn. >> what i did was allowed byy the state department but it but wasn't the best choice.thbest >> the secretary is right. rht and that is that the americann people are sick and tired ofed o
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>> thank you. >> and even when trump d dided to skip the debate in iowa his h presence was still felt. >> i'm a maniac and everyone evy on this stage is stupid, fatpiat and and ben you're a terrible terril surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of out the way -- [laughter] >> trump lost the iowa caucuses and never skipped aeved debate again and the battle on o stage. stage. >> this is what we're going gng happen. >> here's a guy th $200 million. milon. if he hadn't inheritednherited $200 million do you know where d donald trump would beo right now. now. >> look at those hands.oo ark e theyat small hands? and h referred to my hands if if they're small, something elsesoe must be small. imu guarantee you there's no problem, i began he tea you.ou >> and not to be confused with the infamous battle of the blue versus gold dress, the internet went wild over over zapped's suit during thisduri primary debateng in
6:19 pm
and after months of battle andaa so many in the field, there, e were finally two. >> i call it trumped uprumped trickle down because that's tha' exactly what it would be. and he called this woman miss m piggy. then he called her miss mis housekeeping because she was tinana. donald she has a name.e. her name is alicia machado.acdo >> by the second debate the t gloves were off as the two the t entered the stage and did notid even with the tension in theth room the most famous person ofeo this election might just be ken bones. >> what steps will your energy follow he see take to meet our energy needse ?tagyds >> and in the final debate theet two left everything on the battlefield with donald trump t unwilling to say if he willf hel accept a loss.os >> are you saying you're not prepared now to -- to >> what i'm saying is that i ti will tell you at the i'll keep you in suspense. but we have some bad hombres hos here and we're going get themetm out. ou >> but what we want to do is to
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>> well, that's because he becae would rather have a puppet ofer president.iden >> no puppet, no p >> it's pretty clear.c. >> you're the puppet.'re thpupp >> it's pretty clear you won'tat admit. >> no, you're the puppet. ppe >> that the russians have engaged in cyber attacksttks against the united states ofun e america. >> so looking back on it all, a are you ready to cast your vote? so what were yourt were r favorite moments of the debateeh throughout this entire 2016ir20 election season? you can findd me on facebook and twitter at ronica reporting live i'm ronicaing lir >> i think my favorite moment mn was that they're over and wer aw don't have to watch anymore. ane they were very entertainingtag more entertaining than any tn other presidential debate but i'm glad we're finished withheit them for right now.or rht n >> kind of difficult to watch di at times.u. >> all right, well the polls show the presidential racer right now too close to call.escl soos he what will your firstfi tweet be on november 9th themb h day after the election.ctio >> tell us how you think it'sow' going to go or what you'rehat u' going tweet.going twee tweet us using its
6:21 pm
some of your tweets on thetwee air. >> uh-huh. all right, the oldestt,he o synagogue in washington isngtons moving to a new address for the second time. time. the former adas israel israe synagogue started its hee relocation process today. it's being moved to the make m way for a massive massive redevelopment process at theents entrance to the i395 tunnel. tne the synagogue is scheduled for its third and final move in about two andal >> it's tracks ordinary. >> it is really. s tr > yeah. >> i don't know how you --wou >> how do you do that. tha >> how do you get under it to io pick it up and put it on a truck.k. >> a lot of engineering and of n know how. >> it's a marvel. i'm always astonished thatishedt they can move an entire homee he like tha beautiful it starter off.rt >> got a little cloudy and weit had a couple ofcl showers couome through but we did get that tha high temperature and the record 83 today. that's the warmest day in 23 years >> wow, in november.embe
6:22 pm
1974 but we are just hourst away from seeing thatgt temperature drop.temp here comes a frontal boundary.nd there might still be one orone two showers that linger as theas front comes on through and it will cross here very shortlyrt but it hasn't yet.asn't we're still pretty mild here mir in the district at 75 but we can see the coolerooler temperatures coming and and pretty nice sky, the clouds clod will be drying up, though, asug, we go through the next severalra hours and the breeze picks up.c. another look at those this is our actual high today,iy 83 degrees, there is a newesthew record. we should be rider a round heroun 63 for this time of year and ofe as mentioned, our november day in 23 years you yes have to go back to november 15th, 1993 to find ah,o warmer day and that's pretty astonishing.nishg. the warmest we've ever been onn a november day is 86 so we even came very close to another record. ror reality she can it's aity seasonal one. fall is coming back laterat tonight and tomorrow.ndro our average high is 62 degrees and we'll be 63 tomorrow.omorro saturday about 64.4. lots of sunshine coming yourg yr way. 66 degrees for sunday.unda and monday 6
6:23 pm
noticeable breeze laterceab tonight and tomorrow.leantomo not windy but just enough that those leaves quarterback -- will be moving a little bitittle that are coming off the trees. s d.c. as mentioned is 75. 7 you can see where the front isns dropping temperatures inemratu hagerstown and come lands come s they're down to the mid 60's.o 0 martinsburg 69 and winchesterinr 68 and as we look up and over oe the mountains we find a lot ofto 50 so we're headed for 40's0' and 50's overnight back to thekt cool stuff.tu not terribly cold but justus noticeable with a bit of a o about 10 to 20 miles an hour.o l 54 is what wese're an forecasti for the low temperature in thepe district. but it may get as low he as 44 in hagerstown. a chilly start for the kidsid tomorrow morning at the bus stop. or let's call it cool anyway, aa 45 to 55 should be the after schooling 58 to 65 and to again a little bit of a breezerz from time to time.from so, instead of the 80's, we're going to max out in the 60's 6 tomorrow and that breeze mayreee make it feel a few degrees .ooler. the breeze provided by thishi area of high pressure thatur will be building in from the ift
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and those breezes will keep us on the chilly side asee we start our weekend on saturday saturday morning but as we go through thh the days lots of sunshine,unshi, temperatures comfortablele seasonably cool in the 60's t 6' with a lot of dry conditionsondn expected. so, we're going to go for f 64 degrees on saturday.atda again a little bit of a cool start. 66 degrees on sunday and reminder, we are falling back b to standard time this weekend.e. that's when you set your set y clocks back one hour.ckback you can do that at any pointny t really but a lot of times theyes say to do it at 2:00 in the morni sunset will be at befo 5:02 on t sunday and for those of you who like daylight saving timeayi as much as i do 'cause igh like the lighter day at the end of the day, march 1r 2tday h is whw spring back forward to that. tt. hey, election day right now looking great on tuesday.ue we're forecasting 66 degrees6 de with lots of sunshine.e. so, no excuses and you still stl can vote in maryland i believe until 8 o'clock tonight.ock tig. that early voting is fantastic. into the weekend we go and you know it's going to be akend gooo one. monday looking great as wellel at 64 degrees.s.
6:25 pm
wednesday, after the polls and a we have a new president shouldst be a nice day to kind of decompress, 67 degrees as wellgr as on thursday the only thingnl you don't see much of on this forecast is any badly needed nde rain. we have a couple of showers that we might see asa tcouphe t comes on through but they'reut going to be very hit or miss mis and really no rain in the rerecast. >> okay, all right.>> okay, little dry there then.herehen. >> by the way another ath prediction this is probablyon t the last day uphi and over 80ve that we have in 2016. 26. that's what we think. think >> all right.ig stay with us.>>
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after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig. you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and now republican congresswoman comstock is trying to run away from trump?
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majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> die hard cleveland fan gotar this tattoo to celebrate their world series win before gamed cf seven but as you know theyore g lost at home lastthey night to h chicago cubs.chicago cu the tattoo's owner though thoh tweeted out this picture pictu before the game. game. clearly wonder if he has any regrets. >> here's the thing. that will always>> h be a b conversation piece.nversa >> true. >> he's got a great story. greas >> and several people will sayel he he jinxed it.d i >> well, yeah, yeah, he kind hki of should wait. >> they print up the shirts
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they had ones that saidad oneats cleveland won. >> they can say they were the american league champs. l >> show up in the discounts store in like a year. >> stay with us. 5 at 6:30 is next. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves!
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blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!?
6:30 pm
>> [laughter]uger] >> just five more days. just fim time though running out forg our donald trump and hillary tnd clinton to make their case to c the american people and both anh of the candidates are in the are midst of an all-out blitz ofut z of course those battle groundatu states. >> i don't know how they have the energy quite frankly. as you can see he from the run'm down on the side of your the ruh screen this is the hotteste si t story at 6:30. tweet us what's on your mindsoud using the #5at6:30. #5at6 okay. so, the race between hillaryetwn clinton and donald is tightening. clinton is dealing with those fbi investigations of herfer family foundation and thend t e-mail that went through herough private server. sver. it's just a mess for her. and donald trump trying to usese that investigation to his advantage.advantage. the woman who claims donald trump raped her when she was w 13 years old says she was tooe s scared to go public with her story. t's hat's right. the woman identified only as ona jane doe was supposed to speak s out at a press conference cfere yesterday but she had to backk


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