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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  November 4, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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?? straight ahead, four daysr left and this morning word of a possible terror tack. targeting virginia on the eve of election day.ay >> this will probably end up in my opinion in a criminal trial.l >> the candidates going all outl in the final days of the campaign, and bringing in asinin much help as possible. and the latest polls show somehw big shifts in the el college.ll we'll have live report. party time in the windy city. today chicago will let loose celebrating a world series wins for the first time in more than a century. we show you how they're gettingg ready. read and later, the heart of the two local stand ups hand pickedp by kevin hart live in the loft.. good day at 9a starts now.
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pay day. hey g day everybody. good day d.c. it i 9:00 o'clock on thishis friday november 4th i'm i maureen umeh alongside holly, h steve and wisdom.d wisdm >> all right. ahead this morning why fanshy accused cma' of using beyonce' e and the backlash over the t comments on the award show's web page. page. >> there's going to be hate forg everything. >> everything.oing >> no one -- nothing makes >>one eryonene happy. >> right. >> that we can all agree on. cla >> first at 9:00, it actually iy starting to feel more like fallf out there.ther normal november tempera weekend.d for details tucker is back with a first check of our hey, tuck.y, tuc >> hey, look out sunny andun a beautiful it is.s. >> yeah. >> gorgeous friday. saturday, right into the middlem of next week. nexek. >> in one week we've seen threee seasons.s. summer, like fall and thenhe winter probably by the end ofbay the week, right.ig >> by the end of the month m certainly. >> probably. >> yes. let's get to it.let' 57 now in washington. in shin yes, yesterday 83 so were hade our last taste of summerumme yesterday with record heat, but, more like fall today. particularly that wind out ofndo
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that combination definitelyit jacket weather as our highurig temperatures will be in the loww to mid 60s. 60s we cleared out overnight lookino at sunshine bright conditionsghn across the region very quiteyui weather pattern. not only today, tonight will bee cool, overnight lows back in the 40s but both saturday and sunday fantastic weather with brightght sunshine and just couldn't askna for nicer conditions aroundround .ere. my favorite time of year, 63,ea6 winds out of the north and westt 0 to0 to 20. still a bit of a chill out there but sunshine and very pleasantys later today. tay weekend forecast next week we'll manned to you turn your clocksro back at 9:30 when i come back. >> keep reminding us all morning long. do that tomorrow tomro >> i'm like allison.llison i don't change my clocks so s they're right >> around march.eyund mah. >> exactly. >> 9:02. on serious note this mor>>ning g warning about potential terrorr tack on election eve.. sources tell cbs news thatewsha al-qaida is planning a tax in tx three states including virginiai on monday. the reports are still unconfirmm another source of stress for
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until the presidential >> candidates of course aredida using those four days to makteek their closing arguments to the e american both candidates have packede p schedules for the final weekende before the leck.he lec drum is that trying toingo capitalize on some new foundnd momentum while hillary clintonrn is trying to defend what's ofteo call the democratic party's blue wall. annie yu joining us now live with with the race for the whiti house. >> good morning to all of you. . this is our electoral score carc kind of like the lay of the lanl politically and there are four f new hampshire had been leaning n democrat and now we're seeing s that as a tossee upstate. ohio had been toss upstate and now leaning republican.ubcan. and two other states missouri and indiana leaning republican r and now they are identified as solidly republican as thisn as i entire battlefield kite tense in these final days.alay >> donald trump and hillary hily clinton relying if part on others to drive their messagesge home melania trump appearingppng near philadelphia if long shot n bid to sure up support withuppow
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state. >> make america great again iss not just some slogan.lon it is what has been in his heart since the day i met him. h >> reporter: president obamadena in florida with attacks on trump growing more and more personal.p >> you den see him hanging outgg with working people unlessnl they're cleaning his room. or mowing the fairways on his oh golf club.lub >> while momentum may be on trump's side the map stillti favors clinton.lint >> it table for donald trump to get to 270 electoral votes which is not to say it would be impossible. think how much change we've seee in the past week but stillll difficult. >> reporter: trump trying tote u capitalize on the on-going fbi investigations into clinton'sntn e-mail use and her family'ss foundation.untion >> it will probably end up in mm opinion in a criminal trial. t i mean you take look. who knows? but certainly looks that way.thatay >> reporter: clinton returningur to questions of trump's fitnesst
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>> do we want this man appointing judges? >> no! >> do we want him controllingonl the justice department? >> no! >> reporter: and take a look a l at where clinton and trump arera going to be traveling justus today. toda donald trump in new hampshire,am again arcs to-upstate now alsoo stops in pennsylvania and ohio.o hillary clinton will be ine pennsylvania as well.sell. ohio and then traveling to measure campaigning in state ste traditionally democratic butc bt things are certainly tighteningt there as w over to you guys. >> indeed they are.>> i >> yeah. nine sol 05 is the time.ime if you plan to vote early in this leck your time has run out or getting close pretty close ie to. one deadline has already passeay the another one is coming up. u. bob barnard helping make sure sr your vote counts.yo vot he's live this morning if youf u couldn't guess it by what'ss behind him at a polling place ip northwest d.c. >> reporter: guys, good repor morning. yes, this is the last day ofis s early voting in d.c..c yesterday it ended in maryland.n tomorrow is the last day you cau
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the poll here at one judiciary y square the busiest of the past p two weeks of early voting in the district opened 8:30.:3 take look about 20 people in line before the polling place pa here opened and now there arere dozens so this is long lineg le here. this has been the up until today, roughly 22,0000 early ballots cast here at at judiciary square. squ i mentioned that maryland and yesterday, yesterday 150,000 1,0 people voted early in maryland.n bringing the total of early voting in mary 877,000. that's about twice as many asbo voted early in 2012.ut t again, tomorrow is the last dayt in virginia and that's absenteee ballot situation where you have to vote in personuati wonith anc why you can't vote on tuesday t but they'll basically take any excuse, and again here the lastl day for early voting in then district here's a sampling ofmin what some of these voters areers telling us. >> i'm actually not going to bet here next tuesday i wanted toi e get out and cast my vote while e
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personal statement of voting att all might as welcome don it in i person. >> i'm really relieved that thit is over with just about over with. this has to be the worst, you know, debate, the bickering, i i mean, it's been the worst that t i've seen. see >> it's been ugly, but i amm really excited to vote for hillary clinton.. so i can't wait. >> reporter: and guys, youuy y mentioned at the top there, this unsubstantiated supse threat from al cade doo whichdo has been out of the news for for while. fox news is still working to confirm this report. apparently, counter terrorism officials across the countryhe y have been warned and there's the been this thought there shouldrl be extra vigilance on tuesday aa polling places for the potentiai for a lone wolf.ol this supposed terror threat is i for the day before, for monday, and the threat did apparently mention new york, texas and virginia. so, again, counter terrorismsm
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and trying to get moree information about this supposedo threat from al-qaida not namingn any specific targets butut mentioning virginia apparently by name, guys.. >> bob, thanks very.ery. it's interesting what that t lady said when it comes dotot grind of this election cycle hah been. if you go back less than a yeary ago we were talking about aut congressional approval ratesppra were at the all-time low and hod bad congress we've seen what happens in the race to the white house. whahou. whomever that is in the white t house has to do a seriousus political people of america know, look, politics is not a horribleorbl thing. we'll get things done and work for you.thin i feel like that pressure -- >> i don't think anybody thinksi they will. everybody's approval rating isl so low. >> absolutely. >> people are tired of the whole political process.e ticess. whoever it does has to say theyt would do something to say we tos really are here for the people. >> partisan politics is so deepd now i don't think anyone caresae about whoever does not agreeotgr with them any more.with them an at least that's what we've seens through this whole electionle cycle and even before that.ha
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are voting for me my constituents. >> that's problem. that's proble >> nobody is talking to all ofil >> right. roem it of the problem i think steve hit the nail on the head d we're in this situation becausea people are so diss enchanted e with the process. >> absolutely.ol >> if you think about donald trump, it's not really ally a republican.repuican he's a populous, right? >> >> he's a populous.a lous there's a good majority of theie people that are just for anything except what has alreadr been in place, and so how do yoy right that ship it's a huge jo for whoever gets in. >> yet every time there's app'sp election, the same people keepel getting elected to congress.gres the same elected officials keepe getting elected.leed people keep talking about we'ret tired of the process and they te keep putting the same people inp there. and the same people go downsame teohere and dplo thee same thii they stay in their lane.. they vote party line and thennde this side over here votes party line. line nobody is thinking about thes people and they don't havethin t because they know they've beenhn in there long enough they've goe their constituents.itues nothing will change because they don't have to.
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laws who are voting on this stuff they don't have to listenv to the peoplee to b lecause thee their constituents will continue to put them in and they willheyw turn right around, oh, theh, system broken. well, you keep putting the samem people in there. they're doing the same thing.hi >> you help break it. you hel >> it's a vicious cycle. ri right, right. >> unless donald trump gets in.d t>> even with that -- >> but i mean that's an anti establishment.blist. that's an outside the lane.he >> is it really, though, becausc look at what's happening now.niw he came on board as populous you're seeing people less behinh him in the republican party. p you'll have to see those voicess heard in this thio is it really theve change that t people think will donald trumpnu will up end government.ernmen look when president obama wasbas elected he's going to hope andno change. different. diffee the system is end no one person can change thehe system.stem you've bend the needle this wayw or that way but you won't wholesale ben the system. >> a lot of designers who are w fooled whomever it is in the white house will have magical new power. >> you still have work withh
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>> who is in congress the samehm people are in congress and theye keep voting the for the same t m stuff. >> it doesn't matter. >> it does matter.>> it >> it >> i think you just keep trying until, you know, you have to dod something. you can't just throw up yourt ju hands i've seen a lot of peopleo say i'm not going to vote.ot please don't do that. dono that. vote, vote, it matters. matt it always matters.t happening today former former montgomery county youth pastorto accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl will be back ie court to decide whether his casc will go to trial.. brian worth is his name he wasaw arrested back in septemb that's his picture writ there he was the youth minute trees director at saint elizabeth'slih catholic church in rockville. rl 32-year-old accused of textingng sexually explicit images to theo teen for several years. >> also happening today ino alexandria man accused ofhaan terrorism relateddria charges wl be arraigned in federal court. officials say muhammed jamal q. ist provided material support to isis. he was detained in iraq back in march by curdish forces after at leaving an isis controlledled
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he had been held without bailhob since being brought back to the us.. music duo is putting the dmv's country music scene on the map thanks to cma win earlierer this week. w but the brothers osbourne also o have a sister osbourne and she's going to join us in little bit t we'll talk about the big award a and they have a local showoc s coming up, u too >> wow that is treat.>> w first though a womanow missing r months found one more lock at the state ofhea the economy before the electione day, and what happe kevin durant faced his wholeho team for the first time? we'vee got a check on what else iselsei making headlines next. got a check on what else iselsei making headlines next. time right now 9:12. we asked women to smell two body washes and pick their favorite- i prefer b. b. i would like to smell like this every day! but what was body wash a? ohhhh, i love bath and body works!
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>> 9:15. allison is back with a check ofa some of the other stories making headlines this morning. good morning. >> good morning friday morning, everybody. >> yay got to get to some news. first up, it's got a happy ending but man was this rough story.her line ing mfrissi woman found chained inin i a metal box in spartanburg county, south carolina.olina thanks physical this morning shs is alive and well. though shane recovering at ainga local hospital her name is kayla brown 30-year-old and she s disappeared in anderson county,u south carolina, along with heri boyfriend back in august. augt. now, deputes were on the on t property and they heard her her
9:16 am
she was fighting to stay alive.i she says she was being fedng f inside that locked container which was her boyfriend still has not beee found. d. they fear he might be dead.d the driver of that schoolbus in deadly wreck in baltimoremo shouldn't have been behind thehe wheel in the first place. p glenn chappelles commercials license was suspended monthsmth earlier.ea sadly six people died in thatn t wreck. ec the ntsb is investigating whatha caused that us employers added a solid 161,000 jobs last month, and the unemployment rate dipped to t four-point 9%. 9% that's down from 5%. it's the final major report on a luke warm but durable economynoy before america chooses its next president.idt. experts say those figures couldu keep the fed on track to raise short-term interest rates come m december. to sports now home boy kevin durant taking on the thunder fof
9:17 am
move to golden state in the off season. though we wish he came home tomo the wizards.rds. any way, kd was explosivelosive matching his career high with seven, three pointers, seven, sn three pointers and 39 points.nt former teammate russellusll westbrook held on to just 20 ju points after coming in nba leading scorer.rer. this game wasn't even close. cs. the final, 122-96. all right. little revenge there probably. finally, if you're trying t' get some shut eye arend you juss cannot fall asleep there's video website to the rescue resu mauled napflix.apfl. pretty easy concept. the site finds and streams the most boring videos mostly from o was tube we hope we're not inren any of them, team, the next timm you're counting sheep and itpnd just doesn't work maybe it's it' time to napflix and snooze. soz get i >> i like that. >> class toy si cal theme. tme. what they picked up so far. far >> the burning fireplace thatret might put me to sleep.ep >> yet they say the screen alono
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>> that will be next week's study. no worries. >> thanks, al. >> you got it. >> 9 :17. 9:1 mccarthy sits down with arrival star aim mer m adams. we'll tell was the oscar nominee told him about the two differene versions of batman versuss superman.. the cubs getting ready for their first world series parade inadei more than 100 years. years we'll tell you how the windy wdy city is in fact getting ready.d. 9:18 is our time right now.
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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?? all right. that's how chicago throws a parade, right. favoriteone of m movies. >> pers will bueller's day off,o what classic.. >> no word if ferris buellerer will make a appearance today.e t he's missing out if he doesn't.t if he does make a an appearancea it will be hard to spot him thousands of fans will descendes on lower hutchinson field foror >> it's the same field that hosted hal la palooza.ooza another place to celebrate.te. the world series championshipmpi she they wasted for lifetime tot see. take a look at it. okay. ok many consider game seven to be drama worthy of a balance as yoy know. ow included extra innings. short rain delay and also one oo the greatest baseball games ever played. fans celebrated deep into theptt night on thursday.
9:22 am
wrigleyville to savor the historic moment.or for today'sic parade here's how things will proceed we're hearing the clubs will arrive aa wrigley field and motorcade wile travel along michigan avenue ono to columbus drive, oh, i love l that the state building is lit up. . a al l then be held in grantn ga park around noon. 20,000 feet of fencing being pug up around the park and there will be security checkpoints att everyone will have to pass to through in order to get to the rally. the gates open 8am and -- 222 minutes no bags or purchases allowed ini those bags or murder are clear.c the cubs game seven victory ovee the cleveland indians broke 108 year massive crowds are expected to turn out for today's victory parade anticipating another anoh amaze day they'll have to get gt downtown early to get a decent c spot, man, all chicago is lit. >> okay. >> get a spot by allot 8:00 a.m. people are getting into wrigleyl
9:23 am
8:00 o'clock.8:00'clo man, going to be the same thing. >> crazy.ra it will be will be aa it's going to be greatzing. >> all right.>>ll r the cubs hadn't even played in world series since 1945 and5 a friend of pipe tweeted if youwe were from outerspace you got tog chicago you would think a dresse code everyone is wearing some se sort of cubs gear and has been e since the game. g >> they won the world series 1a1 thursday morning at noon onon o friday you could prepare forre f million people in parade and all the barricades and the security. >> we've had this in plan for aa lot of years.ea >> sets the bar high for the foe city for any other event thatnt comes up.comes >> i'm telling you. t >> prepare for that in one for n day --da >> i have to say as i was have listening to maureen read all oo that i was a little jealous.eaus >> i'm extremely jealous. >> we've been saying for monthsn we need a parade in d.c. d. >> we do.o >> we better win something oretr we'll throw our own.rwn >> in one day.e da >> exactly.>> [ laughter ] >> we've been known to do thingi in one o day >> you know how things gongs go
9:24 am
overnight success they've beenn years and years honing theiringi craft. to music city national tennessee we'll talk to the brothers osbourne's sister.iste follow along? sister osbournetr will join us. that's not really what she goesg by. she's natalie we'll talk with tl her about the journey from an run dell county to the cma big stage. one rolling stone call thell biinggest event of the night.eig >> that's awesome.>> so excited for them. excited foe first excited form. this too. to tucker is back with a look at the weekend you plan to hit the polls onon election day next tuesday.sday >> kevin hart criss-crossing ths country looking for the best local stand yup.nd y two of the ones he met are hereh in d.c. and they'll join us livi coming up. right now it's 9:24. back in a moment.
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>> 9:27. guess what time it is. it's al time for allison'ss wh b five pick. she asked towsend them.he you allison this week's fab5pics. >> tucker is so protective ofive the disposition in the studio he wanted to be here.e you want me to excuse you or yoy want to stay. sta >> i shall get out of your way. >> are we doing cuteness.eness >> we're doing fab5pics.. >> thank you for sending in youu pictures for this week's fab5pics.cs keep them coming. coming. don't just send them on fridayss isn't this beautiful.eaul jared is quite the photography.y
9:28 am
cloudy and beautiful sunriseul i from ocean city maryland. you know what they say about the beach.h. a bad day at the beach or coldrl is better than any other day day.y. this is from carl.from car thank you carl.thyo the painting was a gift from saint michael days. d isn't that beautif. do we go out there for zip tripi one year. one year. >> saint michael's beautifuleaif hotel >> perry inn. perrynn. >> right.>> >> gorgeous. our friend vaughn less perle taking in saturday night inn friendship heights and aren't ww fancy up here? do a little lite s and this mark this is my friendd moo high school mark lowry.. here he is. is. hail to the redskins all day and he is serious about his commit i many to our football team.llea so thanks for sending them in.mi keep them coming.kemi we do this every friday.riday oh, wait a minute.ut here's another o how could i ever forget this video? >> aww. >> bedtime.>> btime >> hi, cutie. >> soria. all righty. beautiful little baby.. >> look at -- >> makes me so happy. >> i love mthat guakmmyes smil. >> you know it's juice ceasese
9:29 am
>> parents you know how delicious that thank you foenr sentsdediling.di send videos, too.s, too. we love to see them. seehe back to you guys.guy >> we'll send it back over toveo you and let tucker reclaim hisis spot. spot. >> then i'll go out. tn i'll >> you've got to stay there forf awhile. as much as he tried to you y september your position.yourosi. >> maureen doesn't realize i d have aoe gummy smile as well. wl >> at night.ig >> at night?? >> poor caitlin. >> they come right o >> take it away tuck.yuck. let's do the weather forecast. >> so long 80s.g 8 so long 80s that might be it fof as far as 80s as it looks likeol here at least for the near termr we'll keep it cool as we get w t into our friday afternoon andnod into our weekend but the weekene looks fantastic.taic sunshine today i include todayay as par of the weekend. today, tomorrow, sunday righty g into next 57 in washington.ton. leonardtown 55. 5 45 in frederick and hanging into the low 50s off to the north and west.west we're featuring winds out of thh north here about 10 to 15. so the breezes and the cooler ce temperatures temperatures agains 20 degrees cooler than yesterdae
9:30 am
out there. tre but it will be beautiful day and gorgeous day to get out go for f nice walk and enjoy the leaves s they'll be falling off the treee in the next week or so and lotsd and lots of l sunshinote. sad satellite/radar all aboutllt sunshine. fab five picture down at then t beach slowing you lingering lri cloud cover down at the beach.c. everybody sells on the sun.he s. to you down at the beaches willb get sun little later today.eachy cincinnati, st. louis, chicagogo look at the clear skies off to o our west. high pressure and we're going t build in for the weekend.eend bottom line on our forecast this and eye as i mentioned earlierlr today i was school last week ana high pressure generally meansala fair weather and beautiful sunny dry conditions for us for the fe weekend. 60s absolutely beautiful arounda here the next couple of days.ay don't forget this weekend a gentle reminder turn those clocks back and make sure yourou fire detectors are in good i working order here. her change those batteries as we'ree going to be looking at a sunsett
9:31 am
>> wow! >> what's up with the face, wis, noh t happy?appy >> no, i'm just taking it allita in, tuck. >> take it all in. >> taking it all>> t in. all i >> take it all in.lln. >> hanging on your every word.uw >> lofts sunshine and beautifull conditions this weekend.. i feel like van if a right now.h i got that move down. d all right. back to you guys. to ppppy friday. >> there's something tohere celebrate right l it is the'srii weekend.week here's something else who hasetg something to celebrate. ethin thg e dmv might not seem like ae country music but wednesday night two brotherr from 94 by in maryland may havee helped to put it on the ?? >> the boss osborne music duo country roots reach all the way to deal, maryland. john and tv were born and raisee in anne arundel before packing g up and heading to music they released their dee bee album pawn shop earlier thiserhi year which featured two top 40w4 hits earlier this week thiss happened.happened.
9:32 am
off one of cma's bigger upsets s earning the award for vocal duoo of the year beating out bigger e names like florida georgia line, dan and shaye and joey and rory. >> we felt like it was w zoolander. we are like did they say our o name? are we about to walk onkn stage? they did not say ourayur name. >> florida georgia line didn't ' win. >> there's really one personersn incredibly i'm thankful forful r that's my brother. >> aww. >> he's the best human i've ever met in my life and i get to get share the road with him and tore with him and t easy. >> ?? >> well they may be the brothers osborne, but we know it's a family affair when it comes toes music. they have a sister, too.. and she's also a musician and id the music business and she joini us now live from nashville.ville it is natalie osborne. the proud sister of the award winning duo.uo hi, natalie. couldn't garage laying to thein olole family.
9:33 am
that made me quite emotionalmotl hearing all of that.aring of >> what were you thinking about? >> it's been a kind of emotional past 48 hours i guess. but it's been good.oo >> what kind of thoughts whennd you come to your mind when you think about hearing that of your anouhearnouncement up on the ste then thinking in your mind, i've been there through this whole -- these years and years of tryingt to get to that moment. >> i mean, first and for mostos absolutely i mean, these g them my entire life ever sincere childhood work at this and a september countless hours, you u know, preparing kind of for that moment. but we still weren't prepared. a none of us were we r i was lucky enough to be sitting with them during the awardrd ceremony and when they announcec them and none of wuss prepared.e i mean it was like -- it was kind of the most joyous state oe shock that i've ever been in. i mean as tj said when whe septembering his award theyrdhe
9:34 am
the night before john wasoh was worried about finding the best s stain color for his deck. dec he wasn't even like preparing aa speech even considering that was possibility.y he spent two hours looking --ki- what color will be the best stain on our back deck we're building. that's hilarious much wherehhere their heads were when it came to thdsawards. >> don't you think that downtow home kind of humble attitude isi what makes them so endearing? think it work in the world of of country music when you're tryinn to move music you know it.u kno it. you're part of the industryndus itself. >> yeah, i c ompletely agree. agree that's what's the most i guess s flattering about this award is i that it's an industry voted award and as much as on paper it look like other due woes floridi georgia line has been more m successful, i think my brothers are so loved in the city of sh nashville and as they are backhk in d.c. and in maryland, ofan course, and deal, maryland, but they're so loved in the city ana
9:35 am
the music publishing as i mean everyone is constantlyonl talking about them.he. and they love them. they love they are music.theyre. they support their music, and my brothers are really charismatict and kind, and they spend a lot of time with the people nashville and i think theyanthi haven't forgot den about that nn matter what successes they'vehe had, they still care, and theyhe still are the same dudes thatdet they were five years ago beforee they had a record deal. >> natalie, i know -- love theme publishing sometimes you have ts give the tough love to youro brothers as well if you'rell i trying to help them in theirir careers. which makes you a big part ofbif this whole thing. but the interesting thing whenne people see this and people whoho are not familiar with them, thee might see them on the stage at e the cma's and say this is an a overnight success but they don'n realize how much work and howh much time and evident goes intoo this. can you just really briefly fill us in on that time that lapsed e between deal, maryland, and a thursday night? or wednesdayesy night.nigh >> i think john moved here about
9:36 am
university and tj followedol shortly after. still in high school because hel wanted to be here with john andd make music, and in that time,e, that's 16 years, that's a long time, and john had played fromm everyone like gretchen woolston to katie musgrave to countlessss other artists ben skill and tj meanwhile was working going on the road driving a truck for artist phil.hil. they were both serving tables to make ends meet, and constantly jamming, constantly doing ride arounds and they'rene time finally came and it'sndt' awesome. it's awesome.we they used to play at happy hpy harbor in deal, mary, all the time as kids on school they'd be out there till til 10:00 o'clock, 11:00 o'clock at, night. all 11: of that, all of that, yy know, super important.or >> doing what it takes.oing we love to see that the hard wtt work actually pays off whichffhi hopefully it will not just be js wednesday night but pay off inn the future.
9:37 am
a lot of people who weren't in the industry didn't know who hew was. i'm seeing him at stage coach ch with 150,000 people. p he's blowing up.he's blowing what do you think is neck foru your brothers?thin >> you know, the stapletons havh been really supportive of the brothers and i think their musis and their fans kind of would bel in the same area, and that tha career is kind of, you know... . that doesn't happen that often. stapleton deserves it. i but doesn't happen that often. i think t lining tower about to play ato t the fillmore and that just soldt out as of last night which ischs awesome.esome and i think, you know, theirw, e dates are selling out and people are -- if they didn't know kno before now they do, and i thinkk it's only brought more attention and i think, um, you know,w, hopefully they'll continue there's some possibilities oflif some very exciting tours for tht next year of them being direct c support opening acts.ningct i can't mention who but it's it' really exciting and i think it i
9:38 am
out and let's just keep iteept going.goin i mean, hopefully they hadhey h grammy nomination this year.hisy maybe it's another grammy gra nomination that would be awesome. >> that would be great. >> this album has been greathate first album for them to put out, and so exciting and i'm soo honored i get to be here and a a part of the journey to watch alh of it happen before my eyes.yes. it's so cool. >> it's cool for all of us we're claiming them, and it's funny now yesterday morning i went wen online and there were stillll tickets for the fillmore and i d said that's not go long. good to see they're going tooino have packed house saturday nigh 8:00 o'clock in silver spring,g, maryland. please give them our best andt a hopefully we'll get a chance tot catch up with them next timeext they're back in town.ey're >> i certainly will. w thanks so much you guys.o mu you >> congrats to the whole family. >> bye.. >> bye natalie i love it. i it's so funny playing localng lc places in an a run done county.y you have to start somewhere.ome. >> you are a long time viewer oo fox morning news or fox5 news n you know pat mcgrath who is from deal,
9:39 am
watering hole in deal listeningt to those boys when they were w younger. no doubt. no doubt. em.good for th ge >> all right. aight 9:39 is the time.time. coming up next kevin sits downow with lois lane to talk about twt versions of batman versus verses superman and her new movie as well arrival.
9:40 am
after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig. you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading.
9:41 am
esident. and now republican congresswoman comstock is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ??
9:42 am
full of men who's first and lass question is how can this be used against us? >> kangaroo. what is that? >> in 1770 captain james cook ship ran aground off the coast t of australian he led a party p into the country. count one of the sailors pointed the animals that hop around andd put their babies in their pouch and he asked what they were and they said kangaroo. it was later they learn kangaroo means i don't >> i can sell that for now.. >> remember what happened tober them. more advanced race nearly wipedp them out. o >> that's a good story. >> thanks.>> t it's not true. but it proves my point. poi >> all right. that's clip from the new movie arrival it stars amy adams as link gift trying to stab contacn
9:43 am
before it's too late.tooat kevin mccarthy got a chance too sit down with her the five timee academy award nominee to talk t about the new movie and in kevin mccarthy fashion he had to askea her about batman versus supermas as well. as well. >> good to see you, to you., toy >> as an audience member i knowo nothing about this story. as the reveals occur i'm jaw jaw dropped.dr when you first read the scrip aa what point do you figure thent out? do you figure it out, g yu kind o ff aboutig the time you y do. >> interesting. >> i didn't re was happening. h i had no apidea actually what ws happening. and sort of there were times we where i started to understandd how it could be perceived, buti, as it unfolded it really becamec like i had to immediately goly g back read it again and think ofk the performance in completelyplt different manner, and thatha rarely happens where i get toret the end i go wow i actually hava to go back and rethink what i thought this was.. >> i saw batman versus supermanr four
9:44 am
>> did you see the unrated yhe version they expanded your stors with the bullet and everything?? have you seen that version. ver >> no, no i shot that version. i >> i know did you. i k >> i'm familiar with -- >> yeah. i know it. i >> what did you think -- what-- did you think about thebout difference between the twohe versions in regards to what youa saw in theater.. >> i like when you put more lois in self libly. lib she really great story line. you're dealing with run time and theaters so i never take it personally i of course love like lois has such a wonderfulderf history of bei like it when you good tote seeo that. >> it explains the bullet.exaine it's so awesome.. >> amazing did you such a wonderful job.l j >> thank you i hope you likeou l justice >> something weird about kevin v telling amy adams about how herw own movie goes. goes. >> little bit. >> did anybody follow the whole arrival thing.hi >> lick gift talking to aliensli somehow. >> but it's not what we think obviously. i didn'tt's no feel like they can c really tell was it was about was because it reveals too much.oo c >> i just want to do make sure i
9:45 am
maybe it had something to do with t th >> f wisdom, kangaroo. >> kangaroo.>> k >> which is not true. t proves her point. poi >> proves her point.nt arrival hits theaters nextats kangaroo. >> 9:45. 9:4 coming up next celebration of sister hood the team from thed f joe claire morning show is herei to tell us about a special event for sisters only it's called. ce one of the event headliners isel here with a live performance.. ?? a it's so delicious. i can't believe it has 40% fewer calories than butter. i can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients. i can't believe we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. oh, it's real. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. go ahead, enjoy. i believe america is already great. yes, we have our challenges. we must give every child a great education, build an economy that works for everyone, end tax breaks for companies that move our jobs overseas.
9:46 am
publicans, we can do these things. that's why we must defeat those who want to turn americans against one another. i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message, because united, our best days are still ahead. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we' show up on time. you're right on time. as promised, to install fios and set up the wi-fi that
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for all their new devices. you want a piece of cake? you can't break me. switching to fios is easier than ever. now get 100 meg internet, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. hurry, this is the final week to get our best offer ever.
9:48 am
?? >> ladies it's time to grab yourtiy best girlfriend and head down t the washington convention center because tomorrow wpgc is celebrating sister hood.te h radio station holding 17thh annual for sisters only expo.nlp it is set to be an action packee day filled with cooking and fitness demos, shopping,hopping, massages and of courserse celebrities.ceie and this year's lineup includess performances from tank who you y see there on your screen, rolll
9:49 am
catching up with the cast of the joe claire morning show the t opening act r and b singer devov white is here to perform hisforh latest single titled queen. qen take it away.. ?? >> the black woman, strong, powerful, sophisticated, beautiful me sexiness and beauty, you're queen. quee i dedicate to every womanom watching right now. right now we love you so much.
9:50 am
9:51 am
>> thank to you everyone whoon o supported me the entire thank you. [ applause ] >> devin, come on over here to r the couch.couch. his hit queen. que come on over here to the couch.c >> yes, yes.>>, ye >> good job.>> good job. >> thank you. >> we've got jam packed couch cu right here. you know these faces. joe claire from the morning w show, guy lambert friend to our show and devin white killing iti for sisters only this weekend.e. >> it's amazing feeling feeling experience i'm kind ofd o speechless actually looking atit
9:52 am
>> looking at the -- at the- t picture there.ure >> he's a performer. he's rf he's got the mike act. >> joe sisters only. j sis this is just for women. wen >> come on. fellas, you better come find uh-uh a nice beautiful smart educated woman.oman. this weekend at the walter ete e washington convention sentntionn starts at 11:00 o'clock. goes till 7:00 it's full of juss stuff to celebrate. >> aww.>> aww. >> sisters maureen. sters mau you get pampered all day. >> of course.f coue. >> a lot of quinoa tomorrow.row. >> a lot of quinoa. qno you going to have a of that and people like devin performing were you we also have -- >> we got row james. 1:30 we got mario we got lloyd o we got judena. jen we got tank. >> yes. does we got good old backyardard >> i love >> we just add added backyardac band. >> that's a new addition.addi >> you thought i had somethinghh to do with s it wasn'o twith me.
9:53 am
i'm so happy we got bg in the backward. >> what i love about this it it gets bigger and bigger everygere year and people look forward itf to. for those who haven't been whyee is it such an event thent destination thing to happen, yoy know, year after year? >> not only is it a party it's a party with a purpose that's thee real cool thank about well havel health screenings there. s we're going to have safe waycrgh there give you a flu vaccinatioi if you haven't gotten that done you can get that done tomorrow. >> greater washington urbantoan league it's too late to getoet registered to vote.e. >> encourage t >> greater washington urban urbn league will be doing that.nghat find out your hiv and aidsd ai status. ifferent vents asents as well it's cool.ll it's co get your shop on ladies. >> you do a lot with the community which is so important. why is it important for you toto be part of this year after year to really show hey we're more than what you just hear on the e radio wire actually in the community doing work. >> we're media.>> we'edia everybody says media doesn't have any heart, do anything forg
9:54 am
here's us doing for the people.l this is a win/win for everybody. we come out and intact with thet people who listen to us everys y day and give the sister what iss they need and get the whole -- i want my media kudos.ud >> you're getting them. >> you're getting them. >> devin i want to talk yourou song called queen and remind mee of raheem duvon when he did thet song about women celebratingelei women. what was -- what was it -- what was the drive behind this song?? h rollly simple coming intog fatherhood for myself.f. >> congrats. >> having a little man.avinlittn i began to really .kind of indf guess take in to account theccnt story of the black woman. >> celebrating her. crating her >> yeah. celebrating it. and -- >> sisters only.istersnly. >> yes. rs onlters only. >> celebrate the black woman. >> do you have an album coming g out. >> right now it's just a singlel at license devin the.m whole visual there for everyonee
9:55 am
opening for sisters only looking forward to it.rward t. beautiful song. definitely very danceable to. t. >> exactly. >> i get my party on. the information is there on your screen if you are heading out ot saturday november 5th.be5th 11am to 7:00 p.m.7:00 p. you got all day to head out to the washington conventio center. joe claire i'm giving you the parting word in our last 15 seconds i'm gwo.rd is. >> parting word in the last veep seconds come on down to pacificc tomorrow we start at at 11:00 o'clock at the walt e wale washington convention center. c. tickets are $10, ladies and $15 at the door.$15 at come on down. tme o you can meet us.yo you can meet all of the people o from wpgc as well as party with backyard for $10.or10 >> come in here to party beforer >> you know what it is maureen.e you coming?you min >> well, we'll talk about it.k t [ laughter ] >> i have another conference i have to do if i can roll throug i will. i >> aft thewill. conference brinl the bring barb and cheryl.nd cryl. >> and becky too. devin white, joe claire and my main guy lambert. lambert
9:56 am
>> i feel like the party is oveo >> i know, right? >> right. we'll go over there. >> we got a bunch coming up next hour we'll bring the show will be coming more of a circus thann it usual system.yste >> more of a circus?cu >> yes, i promise you it will become more of a circus nexts n hour. you don't want to miss that.. >> we got comedians in here whoe have a connect to kevin hart.t that's all i'm going to say goiy about that. abou >> this is what i'm going tot mo say.say. it's coffee time.offee you know what that is, right.ha >> >> if you' good day mug listen up we have a new good day dc dunkin' donuts t mug to give away.way it's really not knew that any ay more. re perfect cup for that greatre dunkin' donuts coffee head to or ourur facebook page to enter our mugug contest.nt one lucky winner will be selected by random drawing. dwi hurry though because you onlyoul have until 11am to enter. eer good day at 10a coming your wayr on the other side of the break..
9:57 am
>> it's a hot one. more clues. ?? donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? ?? p is for permission to indulge. o is for out of this world. l is for loving the seasonal cuisine. a is for access to everything,
9:58 am
and i, must be dreaming. s... so long, jet lag. polaris, from united. after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig. you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives.
9:59 am
is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible
10:00 am
?? trending at 10a beyonce' beehive not happy after thiss performance. oprah favorite things and and michael jackson's >> live in the loft two localo l comedians getting their nationaa big break thanks to kevin hart.t they join us here to explain.. >> plus d.c. goes hollywood. the stars of the new movie secret film right here in thee e nation's capital.nation join us live to tell us all ull about it.ou >> don't want to miss the end on the 10a today. today let's just say there will bel b plenty of fire. fir red hot good day at 10a then0ahe starts right now..
10:01 am
we have to walk in. i >> it's so crazy right now. now. >> we survived that explosionloi pretty well isn't we did. looking flawless in fact. not a smidge of smoke anywhere. >> it's friday, extra hot todayt >> i do feel like we need to walk with purpose. pur does here we her >> you ready?? >> three, two, one. o go. >> i think we better just stay t back here in the background like bodyguards. we're security.cury. >> we just want to make sure -- oops. >> that trick ankle of mine goes out the most opportune >> there's something about that song that gives you an extra pep in your step. it could also be it'sou friday.i >> amen for that.ha >> it's pay day. >> yes, it's pay day.. >> i heard that. tt. >> that's really all we need to know. someone of these days. >> thanks for joining us and usa staying with us for the fenn a. full hour of stuff for you chock full of scheme first let's checs what's trending on this friday
10:02 am
just a little bit because we are four days out until leck dayleck right now and today is the last day for registered voters in tht district of columbia to castas their ballots. balts so if you want to cast earlyly ahead of tuesday's leck makeeck sure do you it today in dc. the city is already roar reported a record turn out forur early voting.otin early voting in virginia endss tomorrow. maryland early voting alreadydy ended last night.ig. meanwhile, the nominees andineed their surrogates sprintingprti toward the finish a constantlyal involving picture of the lectorl like headed into the final weekend.en hillary clinton stumping in michigan, in pennsylvania and in cleveland, ohio for a get out gt the vote concert featuringturi rapper jay-z.ay donald trump crossing through ohio, pennsylvania and newew hampshire. pennsylvania and ohio as you cau tell both very important statess to both campaigns.igns polls show the race has tighten significant andly results couldu go either way. w in the moon time melania trumpru
10:03 am
solo speech since the conventioc this summer. she shared her experience of immigrating to the united statee and her vision of live in thesi white house.onwhithouse. she said preventing cyber cer bullying would be her focus as s first lady. lad critics pointed out she made noo mention of donald trump's t history of controversial twitter rants. well, only on good day at 10a, i got the very uniquenique opportunity to visit thehe legendary director actor authora john waters. yes the creator of hair spray serial mom dozens of films he invited us i know we had to break out our gog pro form. form. there you go. there it is.e yo we talked aboutere his racy hic christmas show in december atect the birchmere, his new projectse and other topics including thiss election cycle.le. i had a timely question for himr about it all. let's go ahead and roll the clip. >> if you were going to actually make movie about this leck, wha would you title itwhat?? >> bad reality show. >> hmm. >> i hate reality shows becauseb it mains you feel superior tol the people that you're watchingn
10:04 am
>> really doesn't mince words when he spoke. e say which one. >> um, i think i pretty much mh i think i pretty much new, wis.s he was lot of fun to talk to.alt we'll have a lot more op ourur interview with john waters in w the weeks ahead.the weeks ahea he is a character. quirky, unique.qu fun. >> when i saw that setup therere is his house as interesting asta his films are? are >> so let me tell when you weele first rolled up, there was threr of us photographer and agraphed producer jeff and me and weren't sure we were at the right house i thought i was walking into more more movie. me >> that's exactly what i wouldou have expected.xpec >> you go in first, ronnie.irsti then i was like, take your in case you need to call 911. 91 we were only allowed to be in the one room and we couldn'tn' shoot b roll.oll. he doesn't want people to know k the outside of his house and thd stuff he has in his house. in he had as lot of books.
10:05 am
and he said he is.. and just stuff everywhere. he's very he can let ticket tick interesting man.inte >> i was going to goingoa >> very unique. he was fun. >> he can electric and eccentric. >> as you get older you becomet he can september trick.. >> unique and then you becomee eccentric.ric. >> how old do you think he is?oo >> 72. >> he's 70. >> he just turned 70 h lase'ts t but he looks great.. >> yeah. >> it's funny you said johnd jon waters for lot of p seeing him oh, yeah, that guy. >> he has a little pencil thin t mustache. man, he is with it, on itn it working on other projects. proc. i'm working on another project.. you give me 10 minutes out whenw you're ready i'll put my stuffff on we'll dot interview. >> were you would you. >> he was like boom, boom,ere . >> we like those people.e >> get the done. >> looking forward it to. it to. next up the moment cubs fans fan waited century for world seriess parade after their epic win ovee the cleveland indians the cubshc will celebrate their first titlt
10:06 am
the cubs will arrive at wrigleyy field and their motorcade willil travel along michigan avenue and then on to columbus drive ave a rally will then be held in grant park around noon today. 20,000 feet of fencing alreadyly being put up around the park ana there will be securityll be cury checkpoints at everyone will wil have to pass through in order tr get to that rally, and this is i just the crush of people atat wrigleyville after the win whatt was it thursday night -- nig - wednesday night >> okay. >> it really does at this point. that and me indication like woww okay.okay but seriously flying the w andnd again i want to reiterate cleveland inn yank fans i heardh from some of you not raining ono your parade did you a good job.b even though i'm a band wagon fao i am still very proud. >> what do you do if you have tu go to the bath rom.o the ba rom. >> forget about it.>> f >> wear depends.or wea >> there you go. >> like do you in nor neworew orleans at mardi gras.i gra >> do the do where do you.
10:07 am
>> he had to take it there.d to >> you got to do what you got tt do sometimes.ometim. >> sometimes. >> sometimes. >> all right. 10:0 sick is the time now thinkt about imagine if you were a baseball b fan checking through the mlb website yesterday and fining nog mention that the chicago cubss actually won the world series. e because that's exactly basically what happened for some music fans after noticing the cma pott on their website there was no n prominent mention of beyonce''s perform man at the dixie chicksi at the award show wedn night. gh they defense itself gets claimsa they tried to scrub mention ofoo beyonce' and the dixie cheekshe from its social ya accounts and wetes.tes. cma did not erase mentions of beyonce' performance only theyyt removed a 52nd promo clip fromp its face bock page and because it was not approve.. they went on to add it share the full performance on all its its social channels. >> all nobody knows what's going through the minds of anybody ats
10:08 am
going to pretend you didn't want them there. th >> right. >> if that's what people are trying to make that assumption's you inviteumption thed them to b huge part of your show. sw. >> exactly. >> the response was they were amazing.ponse >> tremendous. >> right. >> i did hear they did geteaey d backlash from people, you know,k obviously you're always going t have the haters why was she there? why did she do blah, blah blacks.bla i don't know some people areow thinking that's why they shay th obviously remove it becauset b there was that backlash somee saying why shouldn't beyonce' perform.rf awards. >> it's silly. >> it's stupid.ll >> i love when yout's stup get e genres of music that blendt bled together and look they did itndh last year at theey d grammys whn they, it was justin timberlakere performing with a country singee nobody had heard of before. >> exactly. >> this is great.isreat look, don't -- >> don't make apples and oranges out of it. >> their musicians and theynd te respect each other.h isn't i'm sure that they were we ready for some backlash.klash. >> you know it. >> hav have to be ready. i e me ban you ke now you'll gee good stuff but any time do you u
10:09 am
to get backlash.ash. >> if you breathe you getyou br backealashth.backsh. >> what other year recently didi you talk about the cna' ass couple days later.ater. >> exactly. >> you take -- you e balance hol much backlash you'll get to howt much positivity you get out of o it. it. >> it is that time of year agaia oprah reveals her favorite thing oprah magazine presentedrese highlights of those gifts on o tuesday there are exactly 101. 1 many of them are available on o mamma son. her best friend scowered foodoo and trade shows in search ofsech products what is the list? oprah point zetia flour pot cake, a cake a c made to look like a poinsettiati it will set you back $165. $165 >> i know someone local who'lloo could probably do it a lot do t better. >> probably tastier, too. >> also tiny tunes.. these are little creature speakers that pack a powerfulpau sound via blue tooth.eooth >> those are 25 bucks. >> that i can go with.hai ca >> that seem cute.seem ce. super sonic dyson hair drier super fast promises quiet motorr
10:10 am
>> all it is dry your hair.air >> it better fix my hair on thei other side of it. >> right. >> pee anyon knee cleansers andd owners a new line of productss from oprah face live of the free of tox sips, artificiall fragrances and glue tense. $60 for toners and $195 for9 for creams. >> can you eat it.>> >> i better be on the cover of n magazine.magane. >> i'd lik right. i'd like the hair drier for 25. >> right. >> i hear you.ou. >> maybe 60 for the cake. >> exactly. >> tennessee is the time.e time. comedy lesson from kevin coming up little bit later the t two local stand ups who got thee chance to work alongside thengst hollywood star on his new comedy central series. sies. they'll join us live.liv >> first, though, jennifer lopez showing off her assets. kim k taking act after getting g
10:11 am
woman trailer. 0.:10. celebrity dish serving it up next. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time. you're right on time. as promised, to install fios and set up the wi-fi that janet,
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10:13 am
>> ?? >> time for celebrity dish andid we'll start out with someh s michael jackson news.ews.
10:14 am
19 year old prince jackson welll he recently talk about beingeing michael jackson's son basicallyy and how it was when michael micl jackson was his father inr i interview with la times he saidi he didn't even think that otherr kids didn't live like he livedid when he was younger and he ande didn't roll lies this wasn't normal. he says he actually grasped thee concept of his father's name when at disneyland looking outno the window and fans were screaming and waving and takingn pictures end saw video afteridea that and he saw people passing out and f that's when it hit him andhe a that's when he realized my dad d is a big deal. >> hely said that he very he ver vividly remembers thedly mber conversation that he had witht h his dad about why his dad wasads putting masks on him and that hh said look i want you all to have a life that is separate from meo and when i was reading thishis interview i don't know about yoy wis but i, i mean, he was justus very mature.e. >> right. >> it sounded hike he had a vere good relationship with his dad.d he said his dad was very up veru
10:15 am
huge respect for his dad. >> yeah.ea. >> we see the headline it saysts prince can't dance, he can't, hn sing, so what does he doing now. >> he wants to be film maker.ak >> oh wow.. >> his whole thing is about aut making film.ilm. >> he was always fascinated whed they were doing his dad's videoo he wanted to be behind theind te scenes watch the product of it.i the whole interview came acrossr so mature to me and i kept ep thinking well, you know what, w, michael jackson must not haveave done too bad of a job parentingn him because thisan out pretty well.l. >> right.ig >> i love hearing that. >> i was happy to see that as ts well and i wish him all the bess for sure. okay.ok so guess who got fired? >> who? >> wait, wait. wai i hope it's none of us. u >> no, no.o, n >> carry on. >> worry still all here. all h carry on.n. >> kim k's bodyguards. >> are you surprised.urprised >> we're not shocked. not scked of course pasquale due yea gotot the pink slip. slip because he was -- he wasn't
10:16 am
guess he was on duty but he wash with her when the robberyobry happened. i was with the sister, remembere up yup. >> and so but the fact he wasn't there i think that kanye and kik are a little paranoid. they're reassessing theirghe security situation and they ty just -- they just feel like they need new stuff.tuff so he's gone. >> hmm? >> i would have thought it washs like the next day. day >> everybody gets the ax. ax. >> that's that was a pretty big deal. he wasn't the only onede fired.d several people fired he was oneo of note because, rememberingreer when s the week before the guy tried to attack her and he like put her down. down she was singing his praiseses then.then things change. cha >> right. things change. all right. now, according to perez, you got the look. chris jenner and her younger sister karen haughton that'sghta what we're talking about right g now because karen had a five fiv hour facelift so she can lookt e like her sister. >> crazy n what?t? >> yeah.>> y. >> so this is -- that is the moe >> the what.he >> the mom injuries that's whats
10:17 am
jenner. >> it's that the same lady.ady >> that's her before and she's e the younger sister i think off chris jenner.ner >> howl is chris, 55, i believee >> i think she's the younger thr any way she had facelift.acelif shots what she looks like on the other >> she locks like lou want, froo new york real housewives of newe york.. >> i do see that.o that >> kind of see it, right. r >> i think that's wack. w to get a five hour surgery toryt look like your famous.. >> and who has been severely sel knifed up, too.ed up,. >> chris has had way more than w that. >> she want to do look like herr sister gone to the same doctorar and do what did you for her. >> she want to do look like herr and actually this whole thankhoe was documented on inside edition so this isn't here say.ay they went and filmed her wholero thing and everything.g >> i'll say there's a little lil screw loose in this whole family >> really? >> that might be a genetic trait. [ laughter ][ >> who knows? whonows >> exactly. >> all right.
10:18 am
>> j.lo. j.lo >> john 93 from the block.93 fro well, look. lk. sometimes you don't need wordsds but let's just show the picture of what j.lo's instagram. >> she's brick house. >> she posted this on instagramm >> she's mighty, mighty lettingi it all hang out. >> that beats the justin beibere picks we >> definitely upgraded, steve. >> oh, my gosh. >> justin beiber share less bird >> she was feeling herself thata day. >> you know what -->> you >> i look good.>> iook >> thank you j.lo..lo. >> um-hmm.>> >> that's all you need to sayal l about this.yoout gentlemen, you're welcome.'re we >> let me tell you for her age --ag >> old is she.s she. >> 45. >> early to mid 40s, right. rig >> she looks a phasing. clearly.clea >> she looks good. good. can i get that booty filter? is there a filter that -- that >> no but there's a doctor. >> right.>> r >> look after she took thister o picture and posted it on
10:19 am
>> really? >> that's an understatement. the hash tag was hash tag love yourself, feeling empowered hasd tag healthy body. by. >> i will say this one of the reasons she did do it defensingn her a little bit is when she was getting into hollywood, a lot oo people told her she had to losel weight she needed to lose herose back side.. >> her behind was too big.ehin >> needed to be skinnier.. >> something something odd years later she's come to embrace herr body. i'm feel i'm letting it all hang out.gut >> millions of dollars. sing the song called booty.d boy >> years of september tans latea that made it all wack for me.for don't say anything.y i'm feeling my self sea i want to show was i'm working with.with don't come up with this whole empowering nonsense. >> don't you think you have to be empowered to put on thi suit. >> they made fun of knee. >> girl, stop it.y made stop >> you want the bird chestst justin beiber pictures. >> don't give me a story to go along with the picture just says
10:20 am
am -- >> i look good today. the one i'm going to move. m >> i'm feeling her. her. you know what i mean.u know i like it.liket >> i know you'd like to feel her. >> um-hmm.>> um-hmm. >> i feel empowered. empowered. >> he'll sure you're feelingur something. >> that's all i'm saying.e t's all >> how about wonder wom? >> how about her. >> wonder woman! all the worldhr is waiting for you. you and the powers -- well i thinkii we'd rather see the trailer that hear me sing. >> yes.>> yes >> ?? 's there's the music in the bahe musckground. >> i love it. for this movie. look, this is the new trailer >> whoa!>> whoa! >> yes. .> that's awesome >> gallon gadot was wonder womaa a side kick in batman versus superman she's got her own movie by herself -- not by herself bub she's the star and she'll be the star. st there are guest appearances inen this movie. mov a lot of leaping off of -- she'e a bad she's a bad woman. >> chris pine will be in it. bet danny houston will be in it.e ii it will be released june 2017.u. >> i'm looking at future kevinen
10:21 am
scene with that bullet when it t was going passed and the thinghg like tha >> how did you jump off thatha cliff? how did you spin aroundn and turn into wonder woman? oma? does your magic lasso really work. >> let's place wagers on his questions. >> that's why we love kevin.n >> that's it.s it. >> thank you guys.>> one more. tre >> whoever put that up, thank tk you.. >> i feel empower. >> you're welcome, gentlemen. >> guys, you're welcome. >> m 10:21.101. fox5 pam lee another hotty inotn her own right.nht she's going hollywood on us. she'll join us live along withh the new movie she just helped style. >> plus more proof that good dad is fire. a little late we'll give youe y sneak peek at a one of a kindind side show on ? s way to yards park. 10:21 now.e it park. 10:21 now.e it ?? ? oh love it? ? ? can you say hey? ? ? hey! ? ? that's the spirit! oooooh.? ? ooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ?
10:22 am
? ooooh oooh.? ? every little thing. ? hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move.
10:23 am
10:24 am
10:24. back on good day happening right now getting word out to drivers and pedestrians to be street smart. this is look down on southern avenue in dc. part of display 75 pair dayg wof eses marking the number of pedestrians or bicyclists killek in the d.c. region last year. ya officials gathered to remindemid people about the dangers ofrs o driving as the commute getste gt darker of course your afternoono commute after we change the clocks on saturday will be darkk out.t. so monday will be the firstirst commute day that we will havelav pretty much a dark commute. cmue
10:25 am
dark out. da also happening right now, fox5's bob bar march on the move fromoo polling place to polling placea on this last day of early votinn in what are you finding,at a you basketball. steve,rter: well, we're at the dorothy height library in northeast d.c. on ntt be.ning row. i'll tell was we saw it earlierr and seeing it here.d eing take look.oo this is the polling place here,r and record numbers. nbers voting early here in theere t district of columbia this pollsl and the others in the city open 8:30 this morning they close atn 7:00 o'clock. owe want to show you like here the line who are juso t look ast this. the main hallway here at theat e library in the lobby and evenve out the door and stay with uss shot for minute here you see y it's inspiring to see some s s people can barely walk andalk they're coming here to vote. just lots of people.feo let's show you video tape now tw take you over to one judiciaryuy square outside the poll there -- polls there open 8:30 as well,sw and this was at aboutut 9:00 o'clock. a long line9: outside the buildi as well.
10:26 am
ends tonight at 7:00 o'clock. early voting ended yesterday ini the state of maryland. 877,000 people across marylandar voted early that's almost twicei as many as voted early in 2012. early voting absentee votingg they're calling it ends tomorroo in virginia, guys, again, thists is a library here one of the o half dozen or so polling placesg for early voting in the districs of columbia and a long lineine people are eager to vote here today that's good. th eagerness,agerss right. >> speaking of being eager, man, of you just can't wait for wait election day to come and go. dae >> say it again. a do you have a feeling about howt america will vote? what do youw think will happen after the the election? we want to hear how you think it will go.itill tweet us using the hash tag nov ninth tweets. nov ninth tweets. tet me one he may share your tweetsr on air. ave come in comthat h this morning so far.. saint sassafras says, they'llll
10:27 am
ninth day we rest. rest. troy vibes has this one. o whoo we dodged world war three.. >> ashley november 9th tweet twt will be, who is your pick from o four, for -- for 2020. >> sam post ready someone pleasa wake me up in four years.urea >> it shows the mood. it shows h a lot of people oe ver >> just want it to be over want the rhetoric to stop, the back b and forth. >> want it to be over then wevet just endure for four ye move on. >> hopefully to a better place.e >> hopefully four years it won't be --- >> then again.>> tn ag isn't one day at a time.t on kevin hart is criss-crossing tht country looking for the best local stand up comedians. comias one of his latest stops wasto w right here in the dmv in d.c..c all part of his new series hart city. two of the local comic featured are stopping by the loft to tall about the possible -- possibly live-changing ex. we'll talk to both of themtalkoo
10:28 am
back in a moment.
10:29 am
10:30 am
?? >> welcome back. kevin hart one of the hardest working guys in show business>>s and now he'sines just added anoh line to his resume. he's the coast host of a new aew show that debuted on comedy central call hart. city. ci he's trying to fine the best unknown voices in the local the stand up scene.stand up s
10:31 am
>> to mcdonald's and see white i people that is a sassy blackck girl's job. j [ laughter ] >> okay.kay. all right. al if her attitude is not assault tee as night fries i'm being robbed! [ applause ] >> okay? it's supposed toison o like, thank you for coming toin mcdonald's, we don't have number five, seven, 11 and 12. 12. what you want?an [ laughter ]laught >> all right.>> all r one of them is shot right here e in the washington d.c. and this morning two of the comedians featured in thatfeatei episode right here in the loftnt joining us now live lafayette white and rob maher goodood morning. isn't good morning.isn' >> they're both dmv natives. >> absolutely. >> born and raised in the>> a d. >> voted for marion barry sevenv times.s >> seven tile.even tile. >> never let me down once.. >> so look how in the world did you get into this? did you getg into this whole thing wherehe
10:32 am
>> we followed him around.round. >> that usually works with celebrities when you stalk them and follow them around.tahem ar. >> that usually work.usy work >> yeah, right. >> no, they were looking foringf comics in d.c., and we got on list. i think --nk >> how many people on the list.e >> a lot of people.>> a lot of >> i want to saypeop tlehousand. it makes me look better. >> millions. millions. >> millions of people. >> everyone --very >> searching the whole world. >> afghanistan looking for comic. >> right. hund how he found you? >> us two personally. >> right.>>ight >> call my phone directl. >> those two -- >> are the fun yesterday peopleo in the world!inhe w >> the >> the universe. >> in the when he will universe he went to the future and cameam back and said i need two guys. >> he knew the future was you. . >> so look, when you're dealingi with kevin hart is he dealing dg with you like in this show is is up close and personal with you,u you just get up and do youro y thing afterwards he's like oh,h, yeah, you rock it out there. >> when we shot -- it's two parts. ben chili's bowl around tableunb
10:33 am
to say it's about you, don't asa about kevin.evin what's it like to do this.o thi. talk about you and worry like, , yes, we can talk about us. >> we can total dollar that. >> i was going to ask aboutut kevin because i'm trying to gett idid. >> you trying to work the angleg >> when he finally got down toot you two, your reactions. >> it was great because when wew shot it, upping, we have camera right, camera left and camera ii the back facing kevin.. so when we're performing, yourmy can see the camera on kevin youy can see hi you're like okay this is goingsg well.ll. he's laughing. he's the most important guy.tauy >> that's true. >> for me, i had to come to to terms with how tall i am. i'm big.. he's 7-foot eight.. >> i actually tripped over kevin hart almost.hartos >> i'm sure he remembered you iu you tripped over him. >> cool.. >> when you're doing something like this where do you get youru material? stuff you already had or kick it up a notch because i've got to rock this even moree
10:34 am
next big thing? tng >> well i mean i have my my girlfriend is black a lot of o interracial humor.terracl hu kevin hart i'll get that diversr audience. they're going to eat this up.g that was really my target. >> okay. >> i think that went well.nt wl. >> me, i'm an artist, okay, i talk about my niece spartan --r- >> eye brow.row. >> keep stuff. rhthat is some deep stuff right there.ther >> cut edge.dg >> taking it -- is she a child?d >> i hope so. she's 23 years o. >> 23 years old. >> it doesn't matter a bit.ttert i'll using it.ll it. >> what's next for two?t for >> what happens next on this o whole thing? tng >> we'll be famous. >> okay.kay. >> probably -->> >> rich and come back to the loft. >> a lot of --f -- >> within an oscar, too. too >> a lot of sex with superer models i think maybe jennifer lopez --lope >> sex with super models.s i thought awed girl friend. fen.
10:35 am
i'm going to be on tv sunday night. a guy has a girl forty sevenfort saturday he's on tv sunday night with kevin hart then he's single. am i right. i'm kidding. i love you , babe. b don't murder me.r m big fan. just joke. >> don't call me.>> d call these two. two >> totally kidding.ding i'm terrified of her actually.y. >> that's how we all got here. r >> that is a good point. pnt >> look, really, what's next for two? when is the show going tow be on what's doing to happen han next?ne comedy central called hart of h the city 11:30 p.m..m it's also on the website and the p.p. but we're trying to get moreng gig. we're trying to headline a clubs. we gotcl some tv show ideas we'e just hoping this -- we've been out there grinding doing ourg thing and now we can get this ti national exposure.e. >> exactly. we can take that jump. jp. >> we like twitter and instagram followers, too. lafayette 247.47.
10:36 am
>> shout out my mange mal themal other comic on the show. show he's like super -- one of thefhe top three comic in the world w just like us. us. nothing get ya'll in trouble.. >> what's up jamal. jamal >> you gave -- it's two but yout gave him a shout out. out >> we got to look out for him.. >> we all we go. >> we stick together.ogether. >> i remember that from new jack city. >> you know new jack city. >> all right. continued success.hank ycontin >> td suhank>> tha >> when you blow up and getnk yy movies if you need any extras ea one, two, three, four. fou >> i want the watch right theree >> if you get a show i'll give l you the watch.yoe wa >> give me on your show i'll give you the the >> thank you. >> done dole.. >> thank you gentlemen. gen >> watch sunday night! >> comedy central please.ase. my mom needs it. >> trouble >> there you go. >> it's really going to happen. you can have trouble. watch us.
10:37 am
you weather go to commercial.mea we're not going to shut up. >> kill their mike. m kill their mike. mik >> you just lot 46% of ourur audience.en. good job, lafayette. >> we don't need to lose any loa audience >> thanks, guys.s okay. ok we have a taste of hollywoodst l right here in d.c..c coming up next we're sittingit down with the stars of the new n movie secrets and also tell youu about the movie's specialal connect to the fax five family.m time now 10:37. guys, you can take it away
10:38 am
after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig. you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president.
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from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible
10:40 am
?? all right. no need to go to the west coast for hollywood glitz and gap go toz and mo gre. celebrity style and star powerat for that matter can be foundnd right here in d.c..c it has everything to do with thh new movie called secrets.. because everyone has got one,, right? joining us this morningn to talk about the movieg and dc connection is the drama dma executive producer tress is arei small wood.smal two of the movie stars denise about thai and tonya lump kin lead costume designer i'm afraid of you tam lee. >> i tell you we're booking in i the week with you.week w y you do halloween for us on us monday and hollywood. >> halloween show i'm so upset s missed it. >> it was memorable. memorle. i don't think we're going to th big screen any time soon. soon >> it was whole lot of fun.un i want to start with you you'rey the executive producer of thedu movie. kief give me an idea what the aa movie is.
10:41 am
why shoot it in d.c.? >> yeah. yea so secrets, right, the world has secrets. everybody has secrets, right, w, just don't like to talk aboutala it. >> right. >> i don't have any.ave a. >> um-hmm. um-hmm >> that's the one you have to bt lurie of the one, yeah, not me. >> exactly you side eye that eye >> okay. so secrets is actually based on a novel called secrets of a of housewife. so i'm a book publisher i public over 141 book.oo i published secrets of housewiff in >> okay. >> when it was time to make a tk movie which project would i likl to film first.m fir i was like secrets it appeals ts the masses everybody has some type of secret in life. le. >> everyone is relate to it. >> absolutely. aol absolutely. so then, you know once i got tht script written his people in myn ear saying, you shall film in in la, you should film in at land a too. to why you going film in d.c.? no we'll bring hollywood to d.c. d we have to be unique. uque. we have to be different.av we don't have to do whae t do wt everybody else is doing.y elseso
10:42 am
really big hand, and they --he >> that's good. a lot of time we hear it's hard' to film in d.c. >> yes. that's what a lot of people sayl but if you don't have ask you ay can get, right?ight? >>hat't's right. >> so they've been giving us ais lot of resources, guiding us in the rye direction so we werewe e able to pull this product off o and we got came all the why film th us.s. >> let's get your take onke on filming and working in d.c. since you are bonafide hollywood. that's what happens when a e te ll wt hacompelling script comesr s i mean the script was strong. sn it was something about thisbouti character that was really really smart.. very very manipulative and itati was just like, this is fun.un. and a lot of times were i see characters, it's almost if asoss you're living vicariously vicio through them. he things thats that i do in this film honestly iones would still be behind bars orr somebody would have popped my ao cap in my you know what the au h this point. is it's fun to be able to, you know, portray these characters
10:43 am
script was i don't know compelling and it was anelling opportunity to work in a city ai that iy to had not, you know, ee been to. t i'd been to maryland before.. >> yes. y >> but never been to d.c. and ii was just a beautiful city. c everybody was so excited to havo herere. >> yes. >> we did lot of location shooting, and that's really harh thing to pull off and very huge momentous -- monumental task for your first film.m >> a lot of praying. prayi >> a lot of praying. p a lot of praying.. about you what has the h t experience been for you.ou >> forme it was amazing to work with denise about thai, denisee lawton with tobias, with tressis is a a good friend of mine andmn we've done a lot of work wor together.togeer yes. so it was beautiful i live herer i'm local.m lal i'm in the area so it was greate to be able to be home and justus arrive onset -- >> kind of look working fromof o home. >> exactly. >> we have to talk about youbouu lead costume lead. >> yes..
10:44 am
to outfit a movie versus whats you normal dollar? dla >> it's totally different.fe you know, it's about 10% of styling and about 90% of continuity and just characterhar development. so you know, characterha development is really really really important with just withj defining the tone of the movie,v you know, sets the period of tht movie, so -- so >> it makes it believable.elievl >> yes.>>. >> absolutely.. >> she has to feel good what g w we're wearing.ring >> you got to feel good in whatt you're wearing. weari >> this is the most -- >> i'm seducing someone i got tt feel like i'm bringing it at ala times. >> yeah, uh-huh. yh, uh-hu we heard about you.ou. no, i mean seriously, wardrobear or whatever is a whole huge portion of getting intongnt character.. so it's he can treatmentlyanre important. important. >> you have to believe who you are. to y>> absolutely.ou >> it's almost character in anda of itself. if. >> absolutely. >> wardrobe is always the last to leave the sete is. >> always the 18 hours.
10:45 am
>> last leave on monday last halloween show. >> about two months before we tm started filmoning, pre productit meetings we had already had the story boards of all the carryiny terse even before we had even e sought out acts.outct so the story boards are very arv very very important withortantit character development. we know what colors like denisen booty obviously her story boardd was mostly red because she was sexy. >> definitely wears red. >> there's board room scene she has this really nice red >> everyone is commenting on cot that pantsuit. in absolutely.y >> asking about that pantsuit.. >> absolutely.>> absolutely. so that was really reallyly rea important about, you know, andwa for the men, we had the men mosm of the men were tailored suits i had the pleasure of having kennk katz onset with me. with all his suits and -- >> wonderful experience. e >> master taylor snco he was onn
10:46 am
>> hopefully this is just thelys beginning for many more moviesmo in dc?? >> secrets comes out november 9th >> okay. ngton,asis here in w d.c. >> oh, red >> red carpet.. >> we coming. comg >> selling out cities for month >> yeah. yea >> we have been poundingpou pavements selling out cities fos months now. >> red carpet if tam dresses me. >> oh thank you so much. muc >> so great. gat >> all right. so let's head on outside tosio steve because i think he's >> well, unfortunately i'mnf freezing right now because it'sg a little chilly out who htare i got my coffee i feel like it'sl' the time of the morning i need e to step up my game. jared will you help me out witht that. >> you know the show sometimeswh becomes a sirius in itself.tsel so today we are taking it from o the circus level to the side t s show level and you'll see why when we come back. bac >> you don't have any warmar drinks, do you? >> i don't.
10:47 am
dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon.
10:48 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house th 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. this is your last chance to get super fast 100meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. week to get this great deal.
10:49 am
??? all right.all right if you're still looking forll lg something for and your family t do this weekend good day has you cover.r. >> tomorrow yards park is pk hosting a one of a kind show it's called side yards. yds
10:50 am
of side show performers, magicians, fire breathers, swords swole lowers and a whole lot more. this morning guess what, we're a getting a live preview, steve is out in the fox lot. are you swallowing swords,words ste.e. >> no. i'll leave that up to jillt o j fredericks with the yards and she's the guru of all thingsllhg yards related and so sword swole swallow we ares are, firee performers and you practiced fof years your entire live to pull >> i have. you might see me down on stage.. probably not. >> that's not true.not folks who want to come down d tomorrow it's free.tomoow i >> it's tollly free.s tollly fr. bring the family down.ow it's family friendly but alsot s adult friendly, too.oo. starts at 6:00 o'clock and goesg till 10 and we have 12 differene side show acts going on lifen li music. great cocktail.l. by these guys and this guy over here will be here.
10:51 am
it's a little intimidating you're this close to the fire,i, isn't it. >> it's a little chilly out her eere so i'm happy he's here. >> he is warming us a littletl bit. this is something going on justj throughout the evening.vening >> yes. throughout evening of the o the different stages set up.. some roaming performers as well he'll be there for four hoursous doing this bag of tricks. ofri >> i think it's mazing. >> all right. all drex can you talk and swirl at a the same time or is that too much to ask.e time >> absolute. how does one become a fire twirler?r >> years and years of and lots of i was tube videos.. >> i knew you were going sayu we years and years of practice. you have to start somewhere. soe did you nail it the first tim.. >> goodness new york city.dnes made a lot of mistakess especially in the mirs yearirsea every little mistake you doou teaches you something knew.hinge >> in your line of work a little mistake could become a hugee a mistake. hopefully you didn't have anyyoh big mistakes.sta >> no, thankfully.full >> you enjoyed performing forfof the people i'm assuming do itint for reason? >> absolutely.
10:52 am
all worthwhile. >> all right. all drex needs a little room. he'll keep thriller.hrler. >> jared from due south. sth let's some make drinks. d what are we going to t >> we have one of our signature cocktails.ta shoe fly punch. f pun >> southern and bourbon sou involved. >> little bit of bou rbon involved.. >> mix one up for -- mix one upu for her, of course, because she's running the show ifhow there's any leftover i'll haveav to try some. >> what are you putting in theni shoe fly. little bite ut with of bourbon.of b. just a little bit. we'll add ginger liquor to to io to give it a little flavor.vor. >> that's my wife little bit off bourbon he's putting in there. >> another thing that will warmi us up today. >> between that and the firefant twirleenr we're good to t go.tog we basically have half a glass s of alcohol. >> pretty much, yeah.cheah. half glass of alcohol.. just little bit of syrup in supi there. th lemon simple syrup we use someum dash of orange bitters there. >> all right.. >> throw mint to keep it fresh.e
10:53 am
>> shake it up. >> if folks want to come down do they need to get tickets ahead e of time or not.of time or not >> you can just show up.ouan j you can also visit our websiteur the yards there's linkl if you'd like to rsvp and have h tickets ahead of time you canu c also just come out reservingng tickets. >> there's plenty of restauranta like due south down there if t folks want to come down andwante check it out.checit out >> plenty of restaurants.. come have dinner before the beft event. we have over 12 restaurants down there, and family friendly we'll i'll hand that one off to you. >> drex is working hardly.. any friendly competition between the fire tillers, the sword swallow we are.low we are. >> not so much competition. i want to learn that. so muwant what t else do you wanart to lel then? >> sword swallowing would be fu i got to be honest i got a friend who's a balloon artist as that would be the thing i'd really like to get into. int >> all artistry on whateverte level you want to pitt.oit thanks for joining us today.nin
10:54 am
nice finish. finish. with that we'll zen it backl n t inside we have our drinks andnka our fire we're warm and toasty t out here on a chilly november nm day. come on down to the yards andara yards park tomorrow six tow 10:00, right.0,ht >> six to 10. seou the there.ix t cheers! >> steve would do some ofme o that -- >> he's working his way up.thhiy little bit of liquid courage cou first then he's all in. >> warming his insides first.esr >> , hierarchal. we have ask you to share with us your comments during the show.yu you have been doing so. s err reason como staning by withw your tweets this morning.orning >> good morning. it's friday. let's just say i t one more time. friday.friday. and getting good feedback for the j.lo picture thanks for thet j.lo pick #gooddaydc.daydc we forward our tweets i saw j.lj pick yesterday and wisdom was cheesing really hard when her wr name came up. >> i'm professional. i was not cheesing. pnochee i always smile.ways s >> smiling broadly. >> when oil doing hard newss story. >> i was smiling because it wasn't justin web we are and hid bird chest
10:55 am
morning fox5 love you guys haveh a wonderful weekend. >> aww you too. t >> have a wonderful weekend asld well as we forward our tweetswe again that wonder woman trailer amazing #gooddaydc i really wana to see the wonder woman movie.ov >> me too. >> i'm geeked. i think it will be wl i'm excited to is he what kevin has to say it about it as well. stacey says she's got your back, maureen. you mental to do that, wink. wi. >> i did men to do that.ha i was just making sure ya'llur were paying attention. >> i wanted to share the love ii >>nkhank you. love you.loveou >> tweet us, let us know wereere you're thinking and up to thists weekend #gooddaydcly and we we thank you for joining us.oini >> as always. >> speak of joining us, tuckerr barnes. >> how is the morning going. >> it's been going pretty well.. >> we're glad it's over. >> about 10 minutes -- minut >> go outside and join steve ins a minute. mute. >> don't burn anything. >> he's a professional.nal. >> thank you for that. >> um-hmm. >> piece of wisdom here.. >> hey, i'm going to do the tdo
10:56 am
63 this afternoon.on sunny and bright and beautiful f but breezy. t br cool tonight and then look at that set up for the weekend no o next saturday night turn the clockss back. sunday looks perfect.kserfe sunset will be day night at 5:03.. >> what? doesn't seem right.esm no. >> but full work week next week. looks great for leck day, too. >> that weekend says to mee smores. little outdoor fire. f >> yeah. fun nighted that that.n ni don't you think.doyou >> absolutely will.>> absol we'll all be over.'ll all be o what time do you want us? want >> come over 10:30.30. >> am, p.m.? >> can you tell us that address again?ain? >> it's going to be --o b >> pull an aaron carter. car give us the full details on air. >> thank you for joining us.s. >> yes.>> it's been a great week everyone. halloween special this monday. >> seems so long ago. a thahanks, guys.
10:57 am
>> my address and phone numbernn is --, i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? [ cheers ] ?? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. ?? now here's wendy! [ cheers ] ?? >> wendy: okay. thank you for watching my show!


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