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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  November 5, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> good morning. time now is 7 o'clock.lock ahead this morning as we takee k a live look outside, it is ait i bit chilly if you step out thept door this early morning. morni we'll get a check of the t forecast and find out if itutf will warm up today with w caitlin roth. deadly stabbing inly s virginia. no suspects at this time butcts could it be gang relat police are on scene investigating. a full report is coming up.eporm good morning and welcome mor to fox5 news morning on this november 5th, 2016.mber i'm annie yu and caitlin caitl looking beautiful.eautul >> still trying.>> s t up to the last second doingnd d whatever i can.ever i can all all good. good morning.od m >> good morning. outside.d outside. it was a bit chilly. >> yes. >> but i listened to tuckeruc all week long and i think a a good weekend is ahead for us. >> yeah. a he will room nice fallil weekend. yesterday was just gorgeous outside. we're at our peak with fall foliage.
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>> i know, selfie.elfi >> with her top down cruising cs through the city.h >> i mean, that's my favorite fe type of weather yesterday.esterd it was nice and cool.oo it is is this nice and cool ashi we take a live looks outsideuti right now. still totally dark as sunrises e after 7:00 a.m. and it's dark d again tomorrow well, actually it will be a little bit lighter early in b the morning as we we fall l that's late tonight.morninall i kthnoat'sw. le tonigno another sign of the changes times.. an end -- daylight saving time s comes to an end excuse me and standard time begins tomorrow. let's take aime look at theooat temperatures outside right frost on the lawn and hard freezing conditions.on 30 degrees in manassas, 31 culpeper, 37 fredericksburg sorb it is colds out there.s ther 40 in quantico and 47 in washington.ngt and that's a little chilliertlei than we've been used to. we've yesterday morning was cool but with high pressure centeredpr over us we've got some reallygor
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this morning and 20 to t 25 degrees colder for culpeper and manassas. mas that's where they're seeingeein freezing conditions andtionsnd probably waking up to frost tfr although you might be as well.el send us your pictures caitlincai roth fox5 d.c. on twitter anderd it's going to be a beautiful bil weekend with high pressured th h overhead. satellite and radar ovshowing clear skies. once that sun doesdar rise we'll have nothing but sunshine today. typical fall weather.fa. we'll start off pretty chillyhi but temperatures will risel rise into the mid 60's later onater this afternoon.ft it will be nice and mild m heating hours this afternoon.on. so, here is your forecast. fec bright beautiful sunshine allunl day long.dalon 56 by 11:00 a.m. as we take tak the edge off the chill thishihi morning. 62 by 2:00 p.m., 65 by 5 o'clock. here's high temperatures laterhe today.mper and you can see all of us rebound pretty nicely well nicel into the 60's. 67 manassas, 66 out at dulles and 64 in gaithersburg.therur take those foliage selfies. seli i highly recommend it. it is beautiful outd there. get
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annie. >> thank you so send them our way #fox5 falll t. top stories this morningstor at 7:03. 7 this morning a deadly stabbingyt in ashburn virginia behind aneha apartment complex on whitford road. ro alexandria limon is live in ashburn with the latest. police still on scene.n scene what do we know right now. righn >> reporter: well, as of this morning we still have no arrest but as you mentionedtion several loudoun countyou sheriff's deputies are still sti here on the on you can see just behind theirint patrol cars there's also a car section of the woods that is taped off because that isd off s where the stabbing happened.pene what we know is that two men men were stabbed yesterday around 6:15 in the evening here iner the woods behind the ashburnshbu meadows apartment complex. now, the loudoun county sheriff's deputies found one f o
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he died. and the sheriff says a second man ran into the apartmentsaptm for help and neighborsghbors actually told fox5 that a little girl was among the a people who saw the bloody man mn in the stairwell. stairwell. >> one of the males who wasas injured ran out of the woods,ds out past where the creek is, cri ran towards the apartment complex, ran up a flight of stairs. a woman came out of her door h d noticed that, that he was stabbed, calle >> reporter: now, last night the loudoun county sheriffhe also told us that he believesele the two victims were targetedare and that this may be gang he he -- no word on an arrest ortr suspects yet but we know that the victim who wasno air liftede to the hospital is now listedis in stable condition. conditi reporting live in ashburn, abu alexandria limon, fox5 local loc news. news >> all right, thanks so much, tm alec. we'll check in with you inh youi
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county where the neonatalta intensive care unit is shuthut down at the prince george's county hospital center.ta this is the second time in three months the unit has closed. cl it stems from the discovery ofro a very dangerous andm possibly deadly bacteria in the nicu.inhe one of those two babies thatt tested positive for thee for the bacteria is battling theer i infection. officials do not know rightight now what's causing the bacteria. back in august 9th babies were removed from there nicu because of a similar situationon >> ?? america on alert. erica a the fed whose say they're're assessing the credibility of thi information about a postysibl ol al-qaeda attack in the coming days. counter terrorism investigators say thecoun information mentioned new yteory texas as well as virginia as a possible we asked wtop's national niona security correspondent green for his take. t >> it is something that isis s going on. it's not unusual from anything g that goes on on a normal basisas but it also at the same time sat is not something that should sho deter people from going out to t
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vote. vo >> the fbi says it is working wi closely with law enforcementnfor agencies and sharingring intelligence reports.ce we'll have much r more on thisoi story later on in the show. meantime we are in theme wet final stretch. the election is just threeree days away. a both presidential candidatesdens are on the campaign trail trying to drum up votes.ot new numbers show a few battle bl ground states are still up for >> you can cannot be presidentae of the united states if you unit don't know when to shut u >> reporter: it doesn't looksn't like the 01 change its negative tune anyne time between now and tuesday. te hillary clinton supporter mark cuban lashing out at donaldt do trump while on the trailra with only four days left, the candidates are focusing on their rival's weak necessary nec instead of touting their own tir clinton in pennsylvaniaenns labeling trump as a dangerousnro choice.oi. >> imagine how easily it could o be that donald trump would feel insulted and start a real r
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3 o'clock in the morning. >> reporter: in newin tten ne hampshire, trump saying the renewed fbi investigation of clinton's e-mails would keepld k his opponent from being able a to govern effectively.ecve >> america deserves a>> ame government that can go to workgw on day one get it done. d >> reporter: the fbi'sbi's october surprise is boostingoosn trump's standing. the newest fox new electoralew e score card still shows a toughou path for trump but some very v good news for the as ohio moves from a tossup to leaning republican state and trump has tightened his holdis on missouri and indiana while typically democratic new hampshire could go either way.ty although he there have been concerns of election dayecon hacking attempts a senior administration official tellsti fox they remain confident in the system and believe it would besystem extremely difficu for anyone to alter election eco results n washington, laurenn
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>> jay-z his wife beyonc? andif several other big name recordingvera artists performedd a free get out the voteot concert for hillary clinton last night in clevelandfor . hillary stood on the stage with the stars as they praisedra her and here's some of beyonc?'s free performance. >> ?? now, today clinton will head south to the sunshine sshin state. meantime her rival donald donald trump held a rally in hershey,er pennsylvania. he told his supporters herters thousands of people to his events. events. he'll also make campaignl al snoops florida today. early voting in the district ended lastsnoops> earlt people lined up at earlyinp at voting sites across thees aoss country. the busiest polling place was judiciary square in northwest.oe people we spoke to couldn't belt more relieved.elie >> i'm really relieved thatved t this is over with -- just jus about over this has had to be the worst, wt you know, the debate, the bickering, i mean, it's beenee
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will be over. >> early absentee continues intn virginia through today and and early voting in maryland ended thursday.. time now is 7:09. 79. speaking of time, get readyet r for an hour of snooze time. we gain an hour. don't forgetan tonight your tony clocks will fall back.fall b we'll have those details dai straight ahead. timber. the capitol christmas he treeto has been cut downchrist and it's en route to d.c.o d we'll have he details on where it came from this year. of course caitlin is going to gt be back with your saturday forecast.atur stay with us. ning will ber
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>> welcome back. time now seven each l we haveows
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this sunday nearly everyone invn the u.s. will need to set back b their clocks one hour as hour as daylight saving time comes toht an sav e while this means an extra hourxt of sleep, the adjustment couldtu really throw off the body's b internal clock and northwestern medicine'sins dr. abbott says the fall the change is a little easier toa ls adjust to than when daylightn saving time begins.ein >> fall is actually much easier for to us adapt to. adapt so, the key principle with all a one of us has our own internalnr clock then clock helpsk clo regulate when we feel sleepy fsl when we're more alert, whenlertw we're more like to eat, whenat,w we're more likely to be lessto e hung he agree and just likest lk having to turn your watchr w back, having to turn the clockhe and on the wall back you also have to turn back that tha internal clock.intern clock. >> now, the clocks turn back, ta to standard time sunday sun morning at 2:00 at0 a it's also a good time to test to your smoke alarms as well. w now to chicago where an
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came out yesterday afternoon afn for the cubs' victory parade. pd take a look at that. the route stretched severaletchv miles throughout the windy city. the cubs defeated the indians. it's the first world series s win for the cubs in 108 years. a you're running out of timeuo to get your hands on a cubs championship gear. flying off thelyin shels.s. team's merchandise has been flying off the shelves in some stores in -- and some storese so in chicago say people waitede wi in line for 20 minutes just tout get in the door and the gear beignet fly the -- big giant b g fly the w. >> watching the tenacity ofit those fans cleveland andans clea chicago i thought was such at wh fun part of the world seriesld this year. yea i really loved watching it was so exciting. exc i can't imagine being a fan ofaf one of those teams or beingms og there.
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producer mike who is a huge h cleveland fan, probably stilly s feeling the heartbreak. >> they both wouldn't because to get to that levelwoul iss extraordinary accomplishmentrdic so -- -- >> yeah. >> you know, the cubbies are very, very kno lucky to have won. 108 years it's long >> party like it's 1908 that's1t a t-shirt i saw on twitter. twit cu very cute. >> very appropriate.>> back home here beautiful fall f weather this weekend and ind a think that this will be -- you know, l crazy sugar packed parties everything the weather was really warmythi and now it's cooled down.coo now we get in extra hour of sleep. we're really getting into thengh trenches of fall-like weather and i think it will be very injoy i can't believe.injo take advantage of this nicethis weather. a lot like yesteatrday, both, anday and tomorrow. and of course we'll start with w another reminder that off fallback that occurs tonight.on personally my favorite night n of the week -- of the year. y >> really? >> yeah. >> i like spring forward forwa 'cause i like -- l
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short term affects of theterm extra hour of sleep.f s >> i feel like because i work early mornings i don't sleep any more so it doesn't affect me. i'd ratherrnre so affec have ti >> i see your point. point i'm always sleep deprived or jetlagged. jetlagged. maybe a lot of you can commiserate with that butth that regardless we do fall back tonight. we're returning to standardto sd time that is officially att is l 2:00 a.m. tonight set thoseet clocks back an hour.ocks bk an h sunset is then only at 5:02 on 5 sunday. so annie 5 o'clock and the sunck and the islr that's pretty tough to getttugh used to i'll admit, it is andits then we have the shortest amount of daylight on odayl december 21st the winter solstice. solstice. spring forward not again until march 12th when we reverse theee clock, return to daylighttoaylit saving time. all right, chilly out there this morning. we'veright, got a frost advisorystis south and west of washington for this looks like southerne sr fauquier county stafford couff county and prince williamncil county you guys are seeings ares of of the coldest temperatures out there right rht now. not just frost but possibly frot freeze conditions and back b
7:16 am
coldest temperatures aremperates centered under high pressureer s this morning. 30 in manassas, 31 culpeper so o that bubble just southwest ofub d.c. isble seeing the chilliese 37 baltimore, 44 annapolis, 47nl washington north and westgton na probably some frost on thest o lawn too where you're wakingoo w up in just the mid 30's. all, cross the northeast calm cool 30's, 40's, high pressurese in place. pla we'll have beautiful fall-like weather both today and tomoweatrrow. satellite and radar totally clear so onclleite we get past sunrise we'll have brightnris beautiful day. pe phrases ever, leaf peeping. it just sounds so bad. b but of course it's a wonderful e ing to do.o. take advantage of the gorgeous r foliage that has really peakedl over the past few days.ay chilly high pressure in place, p that means very cool morningsmon and cool nights. once you get the full onouet the effects of the sunshine weshin warm up nicely into the 60's. 6' it will be nice and dry both drt days this week. here's a look at highdaysre a l temperatures arounood thek area today. 65 in washington, 66 dulles,ul
7:17 am
water in southern marylandn mar there leonardtown.leard cool temperatures tonight buthtt not as cold.t as cd. we're starting at 30 degreest in manassas but tonight with a w bit of some return flow around that high pressure system onlypr 48. sote, notm on as chilly late ton into early tomorrow morning.. jumping ahead to tuesday tuesday election day forecast, we'reastw going to have great weathert weh all week long. spoil alert.le so no, weather can deter from you hitting the polls.the pls please do. very important election every four years bution this one ts certainly seems to have a lotot of 66 degrees tuesday november 8 n8 great voting no reason to notea be out at the polls on tuesday. tue seven-day forecast showsws beautiful weather all week long. it's boring tranquil but it'sant wonderful as we get into the int second week of november here. 67 mostly sunny on sunday.unda back door cold front takes the edge off on monday so it'ss only 62, very cool afternoon afo and then we warm up a bit into t the mid to upper 60's.0' possible shower there onthere o
7:18 am
one very dry week but veryy nice. pattern could be slippingsl after this. all right, that's a look at haa lo your seven-day forecast.ect. annie. >> all right, thanks so muchh caitlin. new this morning this year's capitol christmas tree he is tra> velinengw capi a long distance to come to theto district. the u.s. foresdit service helped identify the finalist for thisis year's tree and the architecthe of the capitol will the finalnal say. fox's michael severn has the details. >> reporter: a a little ski hill officials found the perfect industry. this 80-foot tall spruce will0-o soon be on itsot way to the w t capitol building in washington, d.c. to light up the country he in red greencagtn and gold. gol >> it's pretty exciting forg for this area to be able to offer something like that and tog th have the whole nation be able bl to enjoy it.njoy >> reporter: officials sayls it was chosen from among four ag finalists that met specifications set by the architect of the capitol. hundreds came out to watch loggers cut down theds tree he
7:19 am
saw. >> i was not expecting on wednesday morning that weng t would have had a turnout likehae this. >> reporter: before makingep itors 3,000-mile trip to d.c.o the holiday tree will make 15 stops in the gem stateemtate including twin falls and of ando course the state capitol.. officials say the tree will bel decoratord with over 18,000 ove8 handmade ornaments like thisiket one which represents the state s symbols of idaho. of ida on december 6 the wholele country will watch as a idaho io resident flips the switch to f turn other holiday cheer. >> time is 7:19. several states beefing upral security including virginia. what the warning from thening fe government says straightig ahead. >> ?? >> ?? but first check this out.t a bride and her father fishocked guests at their wedding bytheiwd breaking away from their slow dance for some fun that you t saw there. maikela elson phillips hit theit dance floor with her father
7:20 am
dance numbers. nrs the bride is a trained dancer dn and said it took just about a week to plan. p look at them go. g oh, yeah, he's got some moves, v got some rhythm there, dad. d she's calling this a dream fulfilled i love this is great: dad of the t time now 7:20. 7
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>> ?? w. welcome back at 7:22 now. law enforcement officials nowemn on high alert especially in three states.t alert th this asts federal investigatorso are looking into some information that the terrorhe tr group al-qaeda might be planning attacks in the u.s.. around election day. fox's rob schmidt has details.e. >> reporter: a he potential potl threat attacks in the u.s..s from al-qaeda taking place around election day. d that's what federalat's w authorities are warning local l agencies of in the new york then area in texas and in virginia. states at possible targets.le t >> right now the way the nypdyp is looking at it and our a o federal partners are lookingoong at it is we are in a stateta much vigilance. >> reporter: that's after what is being called anmuorter:i unspecific threas t bbeiny the militant group.litant g new york city area police agencies are now pledging highg levels of patrol at area airports, tunnels and bridges. . >> this is something that i thai was briefed on several days ago, that is at this moment --
7:24 am
the level of credibility isli i not clear. clear it is definitely not an overly l specific threat.sp >> reporter: the threat informationeporte coming at a te when new york is preparing to host the city's annualork is marathon this weekend as well as both presidential campaigns election night gatherings onhern tuesday. >> you'll see an expanded expan presence. we want to urge very clearlyly everyone go about your business, there will be a lotbe of nypd folks out there to protect you. >> reporter: the texas tas monitoring the situation andon d urging people there to remain ri vigilant while the virginiairgi governor's office says it'say i' also taking action insistingisti residents there will be abletheb to vote safely on election day. day. the white house says thehosays e president and his nationald s na security team are taking takin necessary steps to protect the american people.ic p well, this as a senior law enforcement source tells foxells that reports of an attack are based on low credibilitydibi intelligence.telligence. in new york, rob schmidt foxdt f >> also this morning we're
7:25 am
three american troops wereveeric killed in aan shooting at a jordan air base. bas defense officials say thes say e service members were attackedera as they were riding in a car attempting to enter a military training facility.acilit a jordanian officer was also wounded. so far there's no word on what t prompted this shooting.hooting. the pentagon did not identify if the americans who were killed or their unit.t. to new york where two whereo police sergeants were shot andta e wawas killed. it happened friday in theday ine bronx. a woman called 911 and said that 35-yea-o rosales broke into her home he violating an order of protection.prec police began a pursuit withsuh the man and pulled over his vehicle and that's when he heth opened fire on the officers offc killing one of the officers and shooting the other in the te leg.le the suspect was also killed.led. a man who claimed he wasla w sexually abused by jerry by jerr sandusky in a shower 15 years15a ago is sticking by his story. the 29-year-old man claims c he's the person who was onlynl identified as victim number num two during the 2012 sanduskyandk trial. now today,, or yesterday
7:26 am
the accuser confronting himtingh with a statement from 2011ro2011 where he told police he was never abused. the man ablater changed his story and sandusky's lawyers law are lobbying for a new trialal because they claim the statehe a knew victim two's identity but did not trust his t two former aides to new tne jersey governor -- two formerwor aides to new jersey governorew chris christie excuse me, have c been found guilty in the the so-called bridgegate scandal. prosecutors say bridget kelly and bill barones tsaooy k parta george washington bridge backgec in 2013. prosecutors claim the laneclaimn closure was political hepolical revenge on the mayor of fort of lee for not endorsing christie's reelectioneeion both kelly and baroni plan to t appeal this conviction. sentencing in the case is set for february. febru all right, time now 7:26. 7 the holiday season is here and a that means thieves are also thia getting busy and wlse want toto tell you about a very simpleimpe mistake that can be avoided avod that's making it very easy for
7:27 am
local homes. ith ain will be back with ato b look at today's weather.eather stay with us. fox5st news morning saturday s
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or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at >> ?? >> welcome back. time now 7:29. here's a live look at the white house. 's a l a couple of lights on in the white house.e of ls hite. everyone is getting up slowlypll
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outside. ou so, yes, caitlin, it's a it's little chilly.hi itit is. >> i am liking the crisp feelp inir.e air. >> good. i know. because it is beautiful. this is the type of falll weather that just makes youak feel good about being alive i >> every day caitlin, every day day is a good day to be >> every day. >> i will say driving home inhom the midafternoon hours i just is love to look at the -- just like the greenery, the oranges, the reds. reds. it's such a pretty >> it is beautiful.>> it is bea >> i know because it. d>>oesn'te last long. last long. >> take photos. >> exactly.>> #fox5 fall.ox5al send us those photos. p i think by next weekend annie we'll be out of our peak and a all those leaves like behindeh me gently falling down andown a then we won't have any leavesnyl left on the trees.ftn th so, yes a sunny and pleasant pln weekend a lot like yesterday. yd glorious fall weather.her. our fall foliage is at its i peak with the color.ak i could tell driving aroundround yesterday it's just gorgeous.usu we're really seeing thoseing os bright such an unusually warm start sta
7:31 am
so here we go early november nem and the leaves look great, thek, weather is going to beo fantastic. it is chilly to start, 47 to art reagan national, 36 out at at dulles.dull 37 at bwi marshall andlnd specifically in northernn northn virginia south and west of sth f washington the coldestolde temperatures freezingatures frez temperatures or below.mper 30 in manassas, 30 in culpeper, locally freeze, hardrd freeze conditions and that's where weondi have a frost advisr out until 10:00 a.m..m. elsewhere upper 30's to upperpp 40's. it's only 47 in washington buttt those are under the high pressuree specifically fauquier southernon fauquier county prince william county in virginia staffordvirgf county in virginia and furtheria out along the mountains very vey cold this morning. morni frost advisory out until 10:00rt a.m. a.m. speaking of the mountains whatfa a perfect weekend to spendopend along skyline drive.rive probably some traffic outably there c satching in all theinll leaves. beautiful conditions across acr the mountains, too.s, t satellite and radar showsar s those clear skies early this ear morning. we have sunshine now and thennee this time tomorrow morning mor with our clocks going back anksn hour tonight and with standard d
7:32 am
lighter earlier in theghter ea mornings but darker earlier inri the evenings.the eni fox futurecast shows nothingwsot on it. it. so, the whole weekend just beautiful back door cold front tries to bring some early clouds in onn sunday.suay otherwise, though, we've got got another sunny one foreor tomorrow. this is all thanks to higho hi pressure firm in place andinlace with that, even into early e next week dry weather, wth seasonal weather, perfect asct we go to monday, tuesday,sd election days, the weatherea looks fantastic. all right, let's show that youwu weekend forecast. here's what to plan ifek you'rer heading out maybe just going to walk thealk dog grabbing the newspaper nsp early sunday morning it's cooll to start but we do get somesom very warm afternoons.s. so, 65 bright sunshine today. ty mostly sunny 67 tomorrow.w. don't forget to set those set t clocks back of course.of cou this is that time of year we transition to darker evenings,in sunset on sunday only 5:02 p.m. bright and crisp on monday high ofisp justt 62 degrees. beautiful there on electionful o day mid 60'ns.0's. you see a lot of six's on this
7:33 am
lo.g. no more that of rollercoasterll ride that has been so bee commonplace this fall.mmonplacel solid november weather, maybeveb a shower on wednesday as aerweey cold front comes through but tht even that looks very light. really nice into next all right, that's a look at a your seven-day forecast.orec now let's send it back to our to top stories with annie.nn >> thanks a lot caitlin. caiin. our top story this morningsr is in ashburn, virginia. virgini a deadly stabbing behind an apartment complex on whitfordito square. sq two men were stabbed. stabbed one of the men did dine thein suec fox5's alexandria limon isl is live in ashburn this morningni with the very latest.withhe alex v earlier in your report ir heard you say this happened around 6 o'clock yesterday andty officers are still on the on t scene hours later. hours later >> reporter: that's right,, annie. an the loudoun county sheriff'sheff department continues tomeontinu investigate because at thisigat point we have no word on a possible suspect or any arrests and you can see therehe still is a police presence out here behind this deputy'sind ths vehicle you can see a portion
7:34 am
that's the area where the stabbing happened and while we e don't have word about any a arrests, what we do know isno that as you mentioned, the two t men were stabbed around 6:15 6 in the evening yesterday inrd in the woods behind the ashburn a meadows apartment complex.mpl now, loudoun county sheriff'sffs deputies found one man face man down in a creek.a cree he died. and the sheriff says a second victim ran into the apartmentsar for help and neighbors toldbo t fox5 that a little g among the people who saw the the bloody man in a stairwell. staie >> one of the males who was was injured ran out of the woods,oo out, you know, past where the creek s-ran towards the apartment complex ran up aan u flight of stairs.ight o a woman came out of her doorer r noticed that, that he was stabbed, called 911. >> reporter: and the sheriffheri also told us last night that nit he believes the two victims
7:35 am
be gang he related. now, this morning we'vewee learned that the victim thattimt survived and was airlifted tolit a hospital is now stable.ta reporting live in ashburn, ashrn alexandria limon, fox5 local news.. >> thanks so much alec. thanks o we'll check with in y mou just a bit. bi meanwhile heads up thisanwhp morning. if your car is in the driverive way or on the street with a with garage door opener listen closely. opeves are casually opening up car doors and grabbing thein garage opener and then getting access into your 2700 block of unicorn lane inore d.c. in both cases the cars wereer unlocked but we talked with ad i man who says the car was broken into recently. rectl >> we've had a couple ofe warnings specifically on cars c for i'd say a couple monthsonth now. our car was broken into. nothing was taken. ransacked through the today t are to see if there was anything available in the car to avail take. te. they just left.
7:36 am
happens several times. veppenhicles and people here tht don't belong kind of stick out so something somebody being b very stelly i think thatnk t implies planning. pnn i know when to be >> now police say if you'reif yu going to keep your car parkedard outside of the garage be suree e to he remove the opener from opr your car and be sure to also als lock the doors.he doors. time now is 7:36. 7 still ahead on fox news thisewss morning, incoming a phraseg a ps that took on a whole new meaning in florida.lorida th went down in orlandonrl retirement community when aommuw squirrel went wild.uirrelent you don't want to miss thisant m story. we'll be right back. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we' show up on time. you're right on time. as promised, to install fios and set up the wi-fi that
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>> ?? >> welcome back. time now is 7:39. this morning there are new developments in the defamationes lawsuit against rolling son magazine brought by a former for associate dean at theasso university of virginia. theuniver magazine has been foud liable for its now discreditedcr 2014 article about a supposedled gang rape at the university.ap now much of thise articleis a relied on a single sourceine a-student identified only asentd jackie he who said she was theet victim of a gang rape at ag rapt frat an independent review of theeper story found that rolling stonelo made repeated mistake in the the reporting and editing process. s the magazine later retracted r
7:40 am
the jury will return on monday to begin determining how much m rolling stole will have to payey in damages. los angelesam prosecutors po charged a playboy model with invasion of privacy.ricy a lot of you commenting on this. she faced widespread criticismse after she shared this photo t back in july with the caption cn "if i can't unsee this, then you can't, either. she later apologized for sending this out claiming sheing accidentally posted it publicly. yesterday prosecutors announced mathers faces as ces misdemeanor count of invasion io of privacy.of p if convicted she could face upep to six months in jail an jai thousand dollars fine. fine. disturbing story out ofsturf harvard an investigation uncovered a practice bite men's soccerceso team dating back years. members would rank the playerswl on the women's soccer teamomen' based on their looks. loo
7:41 am
condescending.cond the harvard princeton uncovered this story saying it found documents dating back to 2012 and the school soo investigated and determinedat the practice was still going. g as punishment the universityhe u has ended the team's regulars rg season and players will notlayel participate in any playoff games. all new this morning at 7:00 a wild story of a o squirrel on the at tack insideci a florida senior home. several residents were at tacked. enter the our building andnd it's in our activity room and ad it's jump on people and biting them and scratching them. so, we need help.d >> reporter: that was the frantic 911 call made by b employees here at the sterling e court apartment senior living complex in deltona after a aft wild squirrel somehow gotquir inside the buildingre and went n out of control on the attack. at
7:42 am
people. it's still in there and thee and people are bleed. ble staffers at the complex toldrs h 911 they were eventually able to throw the squirrel out ofqu the building but not before it bit several people. right now the extent of their oe injuries is unknown. unknown. >> there is another person in there. the squirrel has been tosseduirl outside. ou but we need help for the people, not about thele, no squirrel. >> yes, ma'am. do you need an ambulance ton amb take them to theul hospital? >> do we need to go to thego to plans yes yes, yes. >> how many people weree wer bitten. >> at least three or four, possibly more. m >> reporter:. reporter:. >> my gosh that's that's a wild story.dto >> yikes.>>ik >> also my one of my worsto my t nightmares. >> i know. well, you never think that squirrels would attack you, yo.u >> no. >> they're usually just kindy' of u leisurely skirting around.. >> and they're everywhere.very >> my kid chases after>> m squirrels. i'm going to tell her to stop.r
7:43 am
>> i know. >> yikes. >> and she can't climb trees like squirrels. so a big cooldown this weekend, hm? she >> it is a a cool fall crisp fl cr weekend but it is also optimal viewing of the changing leavesot if that's your thing. thi fall foliage at its peak and we'll take a look at that map coming up next as well as your full seven-day forecast. f i can see those gold and orange tree tops as we take apsk live look outside. 7:43 on this saturday morning. r join us. fox5 news morning will be
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
>> ?? >> welcome back here at 7:45. caitlin and i were justme bac talking about leaf peeping.eepig >> yeah. >> it's a term you all should pick up on. >> when yormu g o out and spends and spe the afternoon driving oraftern walking around viewing thehe changing leaves. lea >> yeah. >> it's a weird name.eirdame. >> but great activity. great ac. >> you guys are so funny.ny he. >> we talk about the strangest t things. we have to go over fallver foliage we always have to go g over the clocks being setse forward and back saving time. >> you don't want to be late bel for church or work.for church o >> we don't. d't we want to be here bright ande i early tomorrow morningrly t starting at 7:00 a.m. but at 00a luckily for us and you, too, that's an extra hour of sleepa o for tonight. but one last hour of daylight dh in the evenings as sunset tomorrow night is at 5:00 p.m. p >> that's insane.s insane. that means before >> i know. >> the kids won't be able tos wa play outside as long any. a >> i know and when you get closer to the winter solstice sc right before christmas sun sun
7:47 am
kids are just getting off theg t bus. >> this is always the time ofisw year with seasonal depression. s >> i know. you can understand why.d >> we're here for you.or you. >> we're always here for you.aye >> keep it positive. >> i myself.ys dressed like the darkest ofar the leaves that have changed chd today. i am past my peak. [laughter] >> but for us here in washington --wash >> i'm not peekin 'cause i'm 'c pink. >> you are, yes. yes annie you're always at peek. p you're living the dream at livit peek in your pink right now. n >> washington not yet at pea but high color in the orange in and the yellows. you can really tell and thishi weekend perfect viewingwi weather for those leaf peepersfs because we've got the brightgoth color, the changing leaves. lea leaves are starting to fall,g tf too, like they are behind mein right there but i'd say this is peak week another greater phrase as viewing of those as leaves will start to changeha and they'll fall off withinhi the next week or wor temperatures very cold out veryt there this morning.isorning it's 47 in washington.ashito 36 in gaithersburg.ur but 30 in manassas, 30 in0 i eper.per.
7:48 am
of northern virginia. virgi southern fauquier county, cnt prince william county, stafford county, down through fredericksburg 36 degrees. under a frost advisory until 10:00 a.m. but some of youfr that'sosa.m. a hard freeze out t with temperatures belowturebelo freezing and much colder thanden yesterday 24 hour temperature change ontu the order of 20 to 25 degreesgrs colder. manassas and culpeper.ulpe 10 degrees colder here inre washington. 15 degrees colder here in annapolis.egrees so, high pressure moved in ersterday. and with it centered over usd oe you get the coldest temperatures on thosees moin nothraing shbut clear sowkies.k. we've got bright sunshinegot hts ahead today.oday thanks to high pressure beingo i ingh place cool northwesterly flow around n it so even though we're chilly c right now with the benefit of a a lot of sunshine we see temperatures jump.atures j gorgeous afternoon if you haven to do yard work raking leaves or maybe you have your sightsyor set on thanksgiving only aing oa couple weeks away now. beautiful day.l high temperature of aboutture ou 65 degrees here in washington. fall perfection. this is the best type of is e be weather that i think the
7:49 am
great all week long. so, 67 for tomorrow and sunday a don't forget to fall back bright and crisp a little bitrit cooler atls a back door cold do front comes through mondays thrn 62 degrees. election day weather well thel call from the weatherm the her department is no excuses notes to be out voting.ot it is a beautiful perfect dayfet dry and sunny 66 degrees andgrea then again on wednesday, aa, a possible shower late with a cool front coming through.hrou otherwise it looks really niceic even as we head into next n weekend. that's a look at your you seven-day forecast. annie. caitlin. >> yes. >> let's enjoy saturday. but, yeah, aset's caitlin c mentioned thanksgiving is just a weeks away.nk turkey.ur one california town is beingng overrun with angry turkeysys prompting locals to make frantic calls to 911.o11 quite serious. >> reporter: without doubt d november is a month to talkk turkey.rk but with turkeys crowdingwdin davis' main drags instead ofnsao din are plates folks have beena talking about themhave for mont.
7:50 am
>> can i help you. >> yes. y this is embarrassing.arrag. i am trying to get into mynt office on g street in davisav and i have this huge turkey surrounding my car circling me and i don't know what to do. >> i can't't leave i can't go anywhere. a i'm literally stuck betweenet two and they won't leave and it's just standing here and iern got to get somewhere.he >> hi. between fourth and -- fourth- and f and then fifth and ffth a that's running around likeund l chasing after after >> reporter: those just some jt of the pleas for help phoned into 911 by davis dialersia crying foul about top stretchp of the capitol beltway 100 of00f the birds roamed the streets sts over the last decade with dozens hanging out in a cityn ce.etery. some will soon qualify to beli permanent residents there nownto that davis city council
7:51 am
will allow some of the birds b to be killed. while others will be trapped. tp >> time now is 7:51. 7 after the break a freshman atsha kansas state gets a sweet s surprise after someone gotomeont into his car and you won't believe what the thief stole t and the outcome of this story. we'll have that for you comingon up. and remember we want to see those fall picks #fox5fo fall. you're looking at some of them. th sheila johnson sent us a beautiful photo from cherry heey keno this shot in rockvilleoc maryland that is picturesquetusq and our very own anjalinj hemphill sent us one. we miss you thanks so much.o m keep them coming as we head tohe break now.
7:52 am
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>> welcome back. heading to the movies? maybe m kevin mccarthy sat down with sat adam and has the >> good to see you by the way. w >> you too. y too. >> i'm curious, as a audienceiee member i knew something aboutso the as the reveals occur i'm jaw'm dropped. when you first read the scripthp at what point do you figure it t out. >> kind of about the time do you. of>> interesting. ae do>> i >> yeah. i didn't really realize he h what was happening. happeni i had no idea actually what was happening..
7:55 am
where i started to understand u how it could be perceived buteib as it unfolded it reallyll became like i had too immediately go back read it again and think of thenk ohe performance in a completelyely different manner and thatt nn rarely happens where i get to the end and i go oh wow i w actually have to go back andknd rethink what i thought this was. >> did you see the unrated you t versheion where they expanded your story with the bullet and a everything? have you seenng? o that version. >> no, no. i shot >>that version. >> so i'm familiar. so i know it, yeah.ea >> what did you think -- what -a did you think about like theth difference between the twoin versions in terrorize what you she was in theaters. >> i always like whensh you put more lois in i think she had a really greatla story line but i get it.t i you're dealing with run time wim in theaters and all of that so i never sort of take itt personally but i of course cou love like he lois has such a wonderful sort of history ofry o being active so i like it when e you get to see that. >> yeah they explain theeaey e bullet it's so awesome.o awe
7:56 am
>> great. finally this morning they th mor victim of a bizarre candy can theft got a sweet he reward. rew he's a student at kansasas state. st he made headlines after after thief broke into his car only to steal a kit-kat. k-kat the thief left behind anthleft apology note written on a napkin.napkin shared his bad luck on twitter which went viral. viral hershey decided he he deserved e a break so he they gave himso hg with his classmates.lassma >> just reminds me this is college. honestly crazy stuff like thisit happens all its time.s all t fun to just embrace it and go for the ride. r >> lay i need a break too.a brko that's a great story.story. he says in the future he willint always be sure to lock his car s and by the way the candy thief f is still on the loose. lse that does it for us here d at 7:00.oe much more coming up at 8:00.:0 hope you stick with us.h u
7:57 am
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7:59 am
>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. >> welcome back to fox5 news morning on this saturday fox5 c november 5th, 2016., let's take a live look outsidesi and the sun is up and it'st' quite chilly but caitlin has h got some good news for us. for u thanks for joining us and waking up with us. i'm annie yu. >> and i'm caitlin roth. a beautiful start to our i'mur
8:00 am
but it is nice and sunny andunnd it is going to be a great falls weekend >> too bad the redskins don'ts t play this weekends. weeke >> i know it would be perfectit football weather at home. he. >> tailgating and everything.ven >> i know. tailgate for whatever.hater. neighborhood tailgate i guess.ue i don't even know.even kw. >> block party.ty. >> yeah, block party.lock p. anything to be outside becausebu it really is some gorgeousorge weather a lot like yesterday yes that we fall foliage at its optimumts om peak right now.ow 47 degrees out there at reaganrn national it is chilly. cll virginia.inia 35 at dulles, 35 at bw marshall so a frosty coldstol start especially across aoss northern virginia where we w have some temperatures below just 30 manassas and culpeper.u. 36 fredericksburg.sbg. 36 in winchester.inchte 47 in washington.ton. so not as cold.ol that's usually typical for the e city but where we have those tse really chilly temperatures there's a frost advisory int vio effect until 10:00 a.m. that would be southern
8:01 am
mountains some ridge tops. rid a beautiful afternoon to take tk a spin along skyline drive. beautiful mountain seen -- scenery. a lot of senunershine today and seasonable temperatures. tempe mild as we rise into the midid 60's later this afternoon and ti here's a look at thats daytime planner. whatever you have going on you from yard work to kidso k activities to yes a block a blo party highly recommended, 56nde6 at 11:00 a.m., 65 will be that t high tem sunshine and then by 5 o'clock o tomorrow that sun's alreadylrea set. we will talk about daylight dayh saving time coming to an end.nd that's right we fall back tonight and winter is upon us,s, right, annie. aie it's almost here.tere. >> yes. >> unfortunately for some of us, most of us.nateusst o all right, enjoy the weekend. wd i'll have your seven-dayave forecast straight ahead. >> allall rigstht s, thanks so h caitlin.itli >> our top story this morning s a deadly stabbtoinryg in ashbur, virginia behind an apartmentrt complex there on whitford square.
8:02 am
and the suspect is still out there. fox5's alexandriandria limon is also out there live thv this morning with the veryning latest and alex, police still on scene some 12 hours later. lr good morning to you. to >> reporter:. >> reporter: annie goodtennie g morning, that's, this morning the searchh continues for a suspect in suspn that deadly stabbing.tabb you can see a deputy stillti stationed out here near theear e scene of the stabbing and a portion of the wooded areaded ar behind this apartment complexoml in ashburn is still taped off. men were stabbed yesterdayesrday around 6:15 in the evening innii the woods behind the ashburn abu meadows apartment complex.apartm now, loudoun county sheriff's deputies found one man face manf down in a creek.. he died.he dd. and the sheriff says a secondecn man, a victim, ran into the apartments for help.ents felp. neighbors told fox5 last nightig a little girl was one of the o t people who saw the bloody man m in the stairwell.ll
8:03 am
out, you know, past where thehee creek is, ran towards theards apartment complex, ran up a flight of stairs.f sirs. a woman came out of her door,me noticed that, that he was stabbed, called 911.11 >> reporter: last night the loudoun county sheriff saidheffs that he believes the two victims were targeted and thatnt this may be gang related.elat again, at this point no word wor on any arrests or suspect spect information but we know thatbut the victim who was airlifted a reporting live in ashburn,shbu alexandria limon fox5 local news. >> all right, thanks so much fox5 is in prince george'scg county where the neonatal intensive care unit is shute cae down again at the princegain ath george's county hospitale prital center. this is the second time in three months the unit has has closed. it stems from the discover he reof a dangerous and possiblyrol deadly bacteria in the nicu.ic one of two babies testers tester that'd positive for theive for
8:04 am
bacteria. back on august 9th babies were w he removed from the nicuhe nicu because of a similar tuatation. now to a story you heardea first on fox5. fox a u.s. attorney's office infficn the district opened a grand ara jury investigation into theesti deadly police shooting of angas unarmed man. man. a d.c. police officer shoter s terrence sterling back ing back september after he crashed hisrd motorcycle into the side of a it police cruiser. cruis witnesses say the crash was unavoidable after police tried d to block sterling's path atg's t third and m streets in northwest. rt and a defense lawyer told usseyo brought against officer brian trainer. >> they had enough time to interview witnesses, to ghaetd t the autopsy report to have that autopsy report reviewed by another expert if they want confirmation on certain facts, i to review forensic evidence. the fact in after doing all all that investigation that a a grand jury investigation isry i being opened leads me to believe that they arenvopenare vigorously pursuing a charge. >> now, this began with theegan report of a motorcyclistcyist
8:05 am
officers spotted a biker near n the third street tunnel. investigators say sterling then tried to get away and that's when police hited t the e when he hit the police cruiser excuse me. sterling's family is demanding justice.juice. and developing this morning, the feds say they're assessing the credibility of the information about a possible cn al-qaeda attack in the coming days. counter terrorismco investigators say the uninformation vementionedstig nk texas and virginia as possible i targets.tar the fbi says it's now looking clos with law enforcement agenciess and sharing intelligenceligenc reports. >> ?? 8:05. 8 now is we are just three days awayysway from picking our next u.s. president.t. both presidential candidatesdena are on the campaign trail trying to drum up votes and uvoe new numbers show a few battleground states are stillari up for grabs.rabs. lauren blanchard has more from the campaign trail. tra >> can you not be president of f the united states if you don'tsd know when to shut up.t >> reporter: it doesn't lookoe l
8:06 am
change its negative tune any time between now and tuesday. t. hillary clinton supporter mark cuban lashing out at donaldout l trump while on the trailra today.toda with only four days left, the candidates are focusing ong o their rival's weak necessaryry instead of touting their own own strengths. clinton in pennsylvania labeling trump as a dangerous choice.oi >> imagine how easily it couldtd be that donald trump would feel insulted and start a real a war, n 3 o'clock in the morning. >> reporter: in newheorter:n ne hampshire, trump saying the renewed fbi investigation ofon clinton's e-mails would keep wop his opponent from being able to govern effectively.tily >> america deserves a ame government that can go to work on dayriha ot ne, get it done. n [cheers and applause]a >> reporter: the fbi's october surprise is boostingstin trump's standing.nding. the newest fox news electoraleca score card still shows a toughgh path for trump but some veryomer
8:07 am
as ohio moves from a tossup to leaning republican state ande trouble has tightened his holdth ontene missouri and indiana whie typically democratic newoc hampshire could go either way. although there have beenee concerns of election dayn d hacking attempts a senior administration official tellsffl fox they remain confident in the system and believe it would bestem a extremely difficu for anyone to alter election s.sults. in washington, lauren laure blanchard fox new >> well, take a look at this.hi jay-z his wife he beyonc? ande e several other big namel otheg recording artists performed atrd a free get out the vote concert for hillary clintonfo last night inr hi cleveland.. hillary was on stage there. here's some of beyonc?'s free performance. >> ?? now today clinton willon w head south to the sunshineunshe state. meantime her rival donaldal
8:08 am
he told his supporters theres ss he didn't need stars to drawrs thousands of people to hisis events. ents. he'll also make campaign stopsps in florida today. tod now as the race to the white house tightens it really could go either way at thisathis points. candidates making stops into in swing states in their last l minute efforts to steer votersrv in their favor and here tond break it down foresees caldwell. good morning to you. m >> good morning.>> good morning. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> hng toe you been sleeping.>> >> not at all. november 9th.r ep you b >> not would be great. >> not even because there's a trickle effect. let's talk about this. they are basically neck and necks ta bas hittingic though ty battle ground states hard forun the next few days and then westn have this new alert coming out the warning with the feds.fe so, let's talk about the t warning firms how will thisfirmi impact the election come com tuesday. >> i don't think anyone can aone make that call at this i thiis as they should be about thehe potential of what could happenpe and this actually disruptingin the election but i think itth
8:09 am
unless the feds come out withutw some stronger warning for the te folks in those three different t states. >> i guess the big advice here is jushe btdvic to go and vote. >> right, go and vote and be and utioious. >> right, right.>> right, right. just kind of scary becaused of y they mentioned vir becginia.gia. >> yeah, i know, i know.w,w. >> we are on alert obviously. o. all right. l right let's talk about the race.ace. this weekend, well, they'rehey'e hitting pennsylvania and it i seems like clinton is reallylly popular in the big cities likeii pittsburgh and then trump held h now, rally in hershey. hershey h stand now and how close itse really is. >> well, i've been covering i'vn this raisins day c one. >> iht,no me >> i remember being on airemr be when trump announced and i and just couldn't believe the things that he i know, we're here, i can't i ct believe it. >> 17 candidates on the stage and now it'sidat cesome down tos moment. >> this moment and it thit continues to move arounon a but donald trump i think has aaa path and it's >> hat.s gaining mom >> he's gaining momentum andmend just a week ago he was 12 w 12 ints d down.
8:10 am
oversampling of democrats butcrt i thiis i thiis been somewhat real noun we see that hillary clinton accordingte to cnnnton yesterday for the fie time dropped below a projected t 270 number which is 270 is electoral votes whichhich determines the outcome of themeh presidency. not the popular vote. so, these swing states are ss ar making a huge difference in momentum. it's kind of hitting donaldon trump interestingly >> you make a great point.ak let's talk about some of thosee changes. what are some changes to note n as far as thee key battle battle >> enthusiasm is a lsidee onem e especially withpeci wit african-americans.s. yo. >> gosee what happened with the jay-z and beyonc? concet rt.hapt that wasn't something that wasse planned on the schedule wee3 so twee3 ag ch ag c that was a get out the votehe v kind of concert if you will and i thiisd i thiis clinton campaign realized isd is that they need black support.upt that's why president obama hasri been saying we need to get youtu guys out to the polls because they're going to make we, african-americans are goingamerc the make a hugean difference in this race and if race anif aterican-americans don't getamec out to vote then hillaryllar clinton could quite possiblyposl
8:11 am
before i let you go he.yogo h >> sure. >> doing this thing where we're encouraginge do ourr viewers to tweet november t alh tweets. what you're going tweet the're o day ainfter election day. day. what's yours. yrs >> come together.he we have to unite as a country au no matter who wins.ter whwin >> very nice. i lkene that. tha >> thank you so much fornk y having me. >> thais this morning new details>> tha coming out about the missing woman found alive in south carolina. her boyfriend still missing.end coming up what the victim says y her captor did to her arnailrienon a and let's take a live look morning.ju caitlin will be back for more onmoll be your weekends foreca. that was a nice little w a shot there of the the lawn the l with some leaf changes, right? time now is 8:11. we'll be right be,k. be,
8:12 am
8:13 am
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>> welcome be,tl time is 8:14. 84. temperature is 47 degreesdegree ouat.ride and caiutsin says it'i going to today so that is the good newsod and don't forget this weekend we weyine turn our clocks back.n ou we are falling back everybody. y let's get to some news now.e nes just d news coming in from overseas. three americanover troops werese killed in a shooting at ag at jordan air base. air base. the service members were w attacked as they were ridingas t in a car attempting to enter a military training f so farso there's no word on whatd on w prompted the shootinavhoot the pentagon did not identify it the americans who wereht,illedid
8:15 am
new jersey governor chris fs christie hng toe been foundoe bd prilty in the so-calledinhe s bridgegate scandal. prosecutors say ehidget kellyy now,nd bill baroni took part ina plan to close the lanes of thefe george washington ehidge be,k inelo013.o pracecutors claim the lane the l closure was political revenge rn on the mayor of fort lee forle r not endorsing christie'sistie' reelection campaign.pan. both aides plan to appeal theto conviction. they face up to 20 years in20 yn prison when they're sentencedend in february. fruary. and a body has now beenee recovered on some rural landl la in south carol woman was found chained insideod a storage c container thursday.a police fear now that there the could be as many as four moreurr bodies in the area. fox's kirsten mcnary has more hr on the suspect and detailsnd about what the victim said about her captor. >> reporter: ipraestigators now carefully seaterchingr: i a rural property outside spartanburg south carolinaurg so lothe ving for additional bodied and "trying to make sure they ty don't have a serialht,iller onro their hands." hds
8:16 am
shallow grave on this piece ofen propery propery this morning. >> reporter: the body discovered friday comes aftery r a woman 30- polar-oldht,aylaar-a brown was found inside a 30 by y 15-foot storage contain on the e proraery proraery police say brown was discovered "chainedilip lkene ae dog for wee3 soly s loved ones say they and her boyfriend 32-year-old charles vanished be,k in late lt au prst ad a er traveling to tht property for a cleaning job. j instead, they were reportedlyory taken hactage. hac now brown is investigators she saw her s captor shoot andht,ill her boyfriend and says bodies ofodio other women could be buried oni the lanon a however, at this point the bodies discovered has not beenee identiraled. >> we hng toe absolutely rightsr now no way of knowing how this i d whether it'sther male or female or any of thace e kind of things. we're notki even close to t identiralcation. youht,now, i'm not going to talk about the state of thetate
8:17 am
policeter: have charged 45-year-old todd kohlhepp a retifstered sex officer fenary r withht,idnapping in this case. police say hffeping sold real et locally and had a lanary capingg business but he was previously r convicted in arizona of o kidnapping aodie4- polarallld gr now,t gunpoint tying her up anda raping her. h >> this is super tratifc. tti this is but th.this is but >> reporter: kirsten mcnary fox >> well, there are newre new developmenat.r this morning inni the defamation lawsuit against n rolling stone magazine the university of virginia. the magazineersity has been fouu liable for iat.r nowinstiscredid 2014 article about a supposedd gang rape at theiliniversity. muchat o tfhe the article reliee a single source a studentstunt identified only as je,kie whokie just id she was the victie v aof a gang rape at a frat party. pty an independent review of theevie story found rolling stone mut tt repeated mistakes in thekes in e reporting as well as editing eti pring toess and the magazine mae reporting as well as editing eti pring toess and the magazine mae
8:18 am
now to chicago where an estimated 5 million peopled 5 came out yesterday afternoonftno for the now. n victory parut the.ut t that is quite scene there.he the route stretched 7 milesretci throsidehout the winniv city. wt the now. ninstefeated the indianse indi wednesday night in game seven ge of the world series it's thet'st ralrst on.30 d series win for tr cubs in 108 years. yrs congratulations to them.he and you're running out ofu'e time to get r your hands on cubb championship gear.chonship gea the team's mea.handise has o some stores in chicagoobvi say peorale waited in line for morem than 20 minutes just to gett tog into theinstoor.oor. the now. n world series gear includes merchandise with ait giant fly the w flag and a new oliceogan calling the teamheea loveable winners which we love.. congratulations. >> can i order online? >> iinston't know, that's a gand question. >> who waiat.r in lines any more. i ghoaiat.ry experience. >> i guess is sus part of the. i of he ng ouperience. >> i know. thrillednd thry and
8:19 am
fans. idisco sure they wanted that,th, to ch to >> they still won 'cause they t made there it. >> theyinstid. you too ini can't i understands. yes, we are pro?c of everyone.v. what a wonderful series. ser they call it the octoberob classic it's the ends of okay oy now,nd we had someilin fy aallym weather. >> not a lot of people are enjoyingaien a loe ahis kind of weather.ind . >> yeah. >> kind of just like thed j warmerinstays and then a sliumtt dthr i'll take. >> light jacket so you don'tdt t really need it espece. the ad a ernoon. beautiful live look outside at a the white house. e even around 1600 pennsylvania avenue. high color acracs theinstmv. eceectanowlar as asocut o peak. i like to call it peak week for fall fole.l fole. >> are we at peryo or past peake isn't this is like high color ho for d.c. technically not in they t peryo region but i mean i think it looks pretty great.y great out towaing os the mountain is s still in you still have more time.e once you hit peek it goes really it's like a few days and then te all of a sudden the leaves are e
8:20 am
blossoms. >> exactly. >> there's more waiting for it njoyinorge it.g >> that is so true. it's all asocut the brepldup.pld so many things in life. lif but also cherry blossoms and a fall fole. fole. another big indicator weyine ini the fall season tonight we fall bactlca seafall bactl doss t forget to set those sethe cling to3 so back an hour before youfore go to bed. to bed. extra hour of sleep but we but e lose that hour ofinstayliumhavet beginning tomorrow sundayin sunset is own ag tot at 5:02 p.p it'sinstark rider ateter enj it. wow a big change there as w ofral5:ally at 2:comp a. ofrae aonight and then we spring forward again on march 12th as2a da. aight sexting time will betifn to initiate thet sext spn season. for now we start lacing that min fte of da. aight or ening y dae evening every day until the winter solstice insten lateinstecembeatetembeet temperatures outside right now very, very chilly e ospecutially northern virtifnimnorthern v kind in manasjust s, 31 in culpe where there's a frost advisorydr in eersect until 10 it.0 aabo.tb and thas sus even some hard soma freeze conditions for thoses fos
8:21 am
but a big change compared toed t polsterday morning and comry dd to a lot of mild mornings that we've had.'ve d. thisns.4 hour temperatureempera change mac p.y sun li noticeabln where the coldest temperatureser are.e. 22insts.22 22inees chillier in eessnd c high pressure overhead.ure ovea we've got clear skies right now. we'll have nothing but bright blue skies today n.othi. y anshine and just some reallyea glorious fall weather.l weath high pressure in place.ressur we start oers p.yind of chilly.l but with all that sunshineunsh we'll make it into the midhe m 60's today. really, really nice. nice. here's that forecast for 65 degrees we're calling fore'rf in washington today. whington ta liumt northwest winon a fall perfection i would sayi woa like to say so whether youl 1eo eaot act.mities with the kidieni you've got yard work or you're u going to enjn ' your saturdayata take in the beaut the the beaute the leaves changing it's it's really nice out there. out tre really nice all weetlee mostly sunny 67 again onai o sunday beautiful day.ay backinstoor cold front, 62. 66insts.
8:22 am
we'll have a shower late wefeesday with a cool fronty wia but that's really it. we are dry and seasonat pe but wel 1e a rrepet but nice stretchstretc of weather ahead.ofther enjoy the weekend.nd. that's your seven-dayr n-da forecast.forecast annie. >> thank you caitlin.nk you cain well, some may be happyeap that the holiday is near but it can bring on the blues forbl some. comingilip got some tthrs on how to fill you up with wh some good holiday clear and aled live look outside this morning as we head to break. we head it is a gor tgeouso morning asa caitlin freust mentioned.ention. horae you all are hexting a gooo start to your weekend.eeke and sendilis your outdoor picsoc using the #fox5 we'll be right rime now 8:2
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> ?? ea ready. >> there we g ch ch >> ?? [laughter] >> totallyinston challyinston ch that's all's a rig guy lambert back with anotherant edit's rn of getilip with weyine so glad you're here.e he. what are we talking aboutout today? >> first ock all, we got to talk about working on ock a thaa snake. sn >> i know. >> we got to work that out.k tht >> that's off hours.ours >> halloween has come and gonenn and acts. lly aininie, t has sus a bad one, now i got to go pay a visit to myinstentist. two,instear god weyine 19instays away fd rowem shall i say. s >> i can't believe it. >> thanksg.min the sp tha >> a handful ofnk pay checkshecs before chris. chris. >> do you see my fffe? i'mu
8:26 am
ou'm y aersering from the preholiday blues. i'm sintit fng the b aer?sepreh? morning aininie. yes, there are four things that really --more t ahat realla constitute why a lot of fol3 so3 y aerser the blues come the t holiday season.he bholiday seas les sus goinstown the lishave o we'll start with number fourbefr and dare i say it we'redare i s talkinayg about finances.g out mone it.0 money and lots of money. part folks whenolks w it comes time for the holidaymeh season youyine to bk.o b t ofof gifts. annie i'm going to tell you y ou'. whbuying i was pair ofng socks. >> what. >> yeah. at least iwe' getting you something. >> s kind. >> one of the things you want to make sure that you're on athh budget. dg well, wrsinsto you want toinstoo thatlad you want to mryoe sure s you don't splurge too much. splo we're talking asocut mongod. mgd the second thing on that those o socks i'm going to buy you annie i'm to bk.m gogda. via the internehave ntneha that's because you're less likely to splurge if you do s cc on the internehave ntne >> you?wnow that raises a good d point. sometimes i stop as i click y into my cart once i getmyt on to my cart i look at thek at t
8:27 am
go to the store. iinston ch iinston ch >> that could hing ipen.t co >> yeang f >> if youinsto that nine times outto t of 10 you'll buy somethg else as wt. les sus tar we asocut nng.ber te on the list. oe> ohappens time r and t> again an he flee.e. i like to just y this and i'ves been saying this sanince i wasis three polars old. old les sus stay together. tethe no. let's do it again. >> no. >> thas sus my new year'ss resosu?s my reso? thousand practice the >> right. >> and a3 welo how to say n chlo >> yes, we're talkin hg about ao overcommitting during theit >> yes, we're talkin hg about ao overcommitting during theit annie he theticare's tob somebody that's going to callha' yo annie this tha snnak.ming bring the stuffing.e st i don't know about you, w3 y i don't hat'sooking but maybe ss isss t up your alley.ey. >> i'll bring the green beans gs out of the the can and put some but on them. >> there you go. you'll be stressed>> out ick yoo >> there you go. you'll be stressed>> out ick yoo as a result, make sure youuryo learn how to say n ch n it's easy as t cone more time no.e me >> no. >> number two on the list ani sn you got to love this one. the overcommercializationoma of dare i say the >> oh, yes.
8:28 am
them -- the mall. mal 90insts. 90inees outside and gcarsse andr who i bng.p int ch santa >> you're kidding. kidding >> in the millioninstollars ofls se the the mabempe >> that's severe. i actually made a run to the rdayth>> t mad and s? christmas lights up and trees a and all thend decorations.ecora. what hing ipened to tha snnak.m what hino sinstidss t see one s he. >> which lealausilisone ke ays o yoblues should avoid the mal3 wel if t ting not trying to see all those decorat's alsoinston ch unless you want to watch us.t t. then you avoid all of the the comm happens to be my favorit neot ld well this hing ipens t> oe and i time again talking asocuo the dreaded family gathering.heg >> oh. >>ilih-din.h-n. polerin, you hexte that anotnt have that cousin, thattha uncle with one tooth b3 p breath and tells the corny freokes.ok >> what kind of family do youfal have. >> wt. buy fantily.ily. anyway once it comes time toime sit down forinstinner you wantrn to pacit's rn's rn . necessarily sitting right nexthn that oneiliou'.le wit to one toh and b3 p breatng f
8:29 am
james bond effect 007.07 ton confide in another fantily f member and say hey before uncle starts to talk to me m interrupt the converjust tion av just y ou'm neededer elsewhere.e hinder you get out of the hinder yhat''s rn wit him. you got to love it. o>> yes we got to loveyou iha you a3 d oldhexte the goo phone like oops i'm getting a.ti >> you can tell these done that.that ot has sus the getilip annie. ae >> awesome. i love it. thank yoblues so m loh and i inston chston want soc3 so this yeampe >> a selfie pic.fieic >> thas sus all right.all yeaking of the holidays guy the capitol christmas tree isiss he3 ping to theinstis beaict andeins comingilip we'll track itsts journey all the way from idaho o ot o the nat's rss s cing iitot o. o. until the nation's capitol isit lithis right, gk.ight >> yeang f >> we got to wait for this heaio tree plus caitlin is to be bffk with another look at a today's weather and that allt al important work week het eek preview. and the about this weekend we want tanot see those fall pictures.icres. sends th the ma to usilising the #fox5 fall.
8:30 am
onfom you.onfom y you among the fall fole. fall f. >> can't wait.>> >> all right. afthis and ieas uea >> is got the blues. ? ? ? ? can you say i love it? ? ? oh love it? ? ? can you say hey? ? ? hey! ? ? that's the spirit! oooooh.? ? ooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ? ? sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.? ? ooooh oooh.? ? every little thing. ? ? ooooh oooh.? when cold and flu hold you back
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it's the only cold & flu caplet that has a maximum strength formula with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. theraflu. for a powerful comeback.
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>> welcome back. >> hello. >> time now is 8:this >> tim afternoon we have been askingava you all, what, friday, sincece friday -- yeah, the whole day we of friday to send us your fall five
8:33 am
>> this is my favorite from christie with her two dogs there. >> my gosh. >> a way to take a snap. >> s a woay adorable. adorabl they're like we're not getting g up. >> we love that picture. >> beautiful picture of herre or out by the mountains there,nshe, too. >> i have to keep up with this. this >> changing too fast. >> they are changing too gary also cents us this t morning. sent several so this is one ofei three that he sen uss . i'm really loving sheilashei johnson's as well caitlin. cai look at that.t tha >> anyone out along thet ong tops with all the changing withh colors. it's beautiful. aok at this one. >> ooh. >> that is a great tree.hat a g look at this one by the water. not sure missy where she wasas maybe it was along the potomachm but beautiful color there. the it's like hurting my eyes. >> actually -- anjali hemphillel silver spring maryland if onepr of or reporters upin there. thee >> you say we haven't reached'th peek quite >> technically foliage reports s come out every monday we're at high color.
8:34 am
mountains but i would say this t week is peak week. wee peak week so you can go leafan a peeping. >> yes, leaf peeping all week, e we'll have beautiful weatheeerka and beautiful pictures keepturep them >> aggie with the corn.h the >> that is the picture off that's so cute.'s so te. tweet us your pics.t e come back.ack. look at this. look you fit right in with the fall foliage. >> i'm peek. pee >> you're in your pink and you're at your peak. >> i'm at my peak and whereou'r arwehe you? you're past peek. p >> no, you're at too. >> so, true. t i'm dressed 'cause i'm past my peak the dark colors.e dar annie is peak color which ishich really towards the mountain moui back towards west virginiaest vi that's where they're seeingee their highest color pittsburgh h west virginia.irgi northern pennsylvania up toennsp new england already past peak. p high color here in washingtonasg and there's a huge differencere just being out yesterday. yested you really started to see t s those leaves all changing and cn we've got probably several more days of that before we'rere
8:35 am
beautiful but it is cold. col 47 at reagan national. n 35 out at dulles and 35 at bwi marshall.marsll. so, there is certainly a crisp c edge to the air as you stepaiasy outside early on a saturday morning.rnin crisp to cold 31 in culpeper, 30 in manassas forwhererwhe there's a frost advisory inisor effect until 10:00 a.m. there. otherwise rear mainly in the mid 30's to midise 40's 43 he n annapolis and 35 in baltimore. i here's a look at that frosthat r advisory.ry prince william county stafford a coty further out along the mountains where the highig pressure is centered and that's where the coldestessuat'c temperatures really are tolhides morning. satellite and radar not much on itmornite meaning tranquil r today. we'll have a lot odaf sunshine n and fox futurecast doesn'tas d have much to show either.he we've got a nice weekend ford fo you. whatever you've got planned and just a few clouds moving mov through on sunday.da otherwise it's a mostly sunnysty day. should be just as beautiful af tomorrow. early next week same thing. thi we are just going have at go glorious week of weather hereus because we've got one area ofgoe
8:36 am
seasonal really every day thisay week in the 60's somewheres somr from the low to high 60's. election day forecast a callastc from the weather department notn excuses not to get out and o vote because we have perfectfe voting weather. 66 degrees mostly sunny skies.em and it is a little cooler on monday as that bac iks door co front slips then we warm up a little bit. 66 through wede newasdrmay, chaa of a shower late wednesday butsy looks beautiful even headingng into next weekend. w all right, that's a look at a your seven-day forecast.ay fores now let's back to here with annie.nn t thank you. time now is 8:36. 8 let's get to that deadlyea stabbing in ashburn, virginia vr behind an apartment complex with -- on whitford square. two men were stabbed. one of those men did pass away and the suspect is still outtill there. fox5's alexandriaxandri limon is live in ashburn this morning with the very latest. vt and alex this happened at ape time when a lot of those families in that apartmentes complex were probably eitherbabr coming home from work getting gi home from school activities actt then sort of thing.thent of
8:37 am
>> reporter: that's right, annie, one man ran to the rano apartments for help andor hel witnesses actually called 911le and now about 12 hours later l you can see loudoun county sheriff's deputies still ons the scene and then off to thetht side you can make out policeice tape taping off a section oftioo the woods. woods that's where the stabbing stabb happened.ened now, what we know is that twot w men were stabbed here behind the ashburn meadows apartment complex.comp the loudoun county sheriff'sri's deputies fou down in a creek.a creek he died and we are told that a second victim ran into theo the apartments to try to get helpet and in fact, witnesses toldsses fox5 last night that a littletl girl was among those who saw the bloody man in the stairwell.airwell. >> is. >> one of the males who wasas injured ran out of the woods,ds out, you know, past where the t creek is, ran towards theowards apartment complex, ran up a
8:38 am
noticed that, that he wasas stabbed, called 911. >> reporter: now, this now, morning we still have no word on a possible suspect or arrest. however, the loudoun countyounty sheriff did tell us hes believes the victims were w targeted and that this may be gang related. relat i can also tell you that theou t victim who survived and was air lift is there now listedow s in stable condition. condition. reporting live in ashburn,ing vi alexandria limon fox5 news. news >> all right, some good news rh coming out of thank you so muchco alex.h all right. coming up, time nowal is 8:38. 8 timber. the capitol christmas tree has a been cut down and is now en nowe route to we'll have details on where it e comes from this year.
8:39 am
8:40 am
after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig. you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and now republican congresswoman comstock is trying to run away from trump? look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible
8:41 am
>> ?? >> all new this morning this year's capitol christmas tree is traveling a very long distance to come to the district. the u.s. forest service helpeewe iden year's tree and the architect ai of the capitol had the final fal say. fox's michael severn has then hs details on where it comesomes from. from. >> reporter: a little ski hill jest west of mccallt officials found a tree perfectwp to ring in the holidays. this 80-foot tall spruce will soon be on its t way to the way capitol building inap washington, d.c. to light up the country inon, red, green ad gold. go >> pretty exciting for thisy s area to be able to offere off something like that. t and to have the whole nationatio
8:42 am
it was chosen from among four ar finalists that metfi specifications set by the architect of the capitol. hundreds came out to watch camoo loggers cut down the treehe tree using a traditional cross cut saw. saw. >> i was not expecting on aas nc wednesday morning that wehat we would have had a turnout likeved this. >> reporter: before making its 3or,000-mile trip teto d.c.c the holiday tree will make 15 stops in the gem state including quarter laying twinin false and of course the state te capitol. officials say th handmade ornaments like thisenti one which represent the state t symbols of idaho and on december 6th the whole countryou will watch as an idaho resident flip the switch toe swh turn on the holiday clear. michael severn. >> for one local high school student coming up it's a onene l local high school studentde senior. last night was one of thef nights to remember. remember. coming up this touching story tn on how a students with special
8:43 am
8:44 am
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8:45 am
>> in fairfax county a specialf needs student with a passionudth for football finally get as hist chance on the field. jeffrey cretin is his name. n for the first time last nightfis he got to playt alongside his teammates.te fox's lindsey watts has the [cheers and applause] appla >> reporter:. >> this is senior night. the seniors arehis gettinget
8:46 am
jeffrey's parents weren't surear their son would get and he hasen ad he genetic order called fraga x. >> being on this team has given him an identity here.eing >> reporter:any despite being b slower at some things, jeffrey's disability didn't stop him from pursuingm rs football. >> i get their bags and balls and bal and clean up things everythingvg like that at p [cheers and applause][c >> reporter: after all hisheerfh hard work on the sidelines, his coach decide it was time wam for the student manager numberee 11 to have his the last game of his senior year. >> pretty excited. excit >> reporter: are you nervous n at all? all >> no. >> no. >> reporter: you're ready tote get in there.r: >> yes. >> he's so excited. excit you can't -- he can't stopping g and smiling. >> reporter: his time on the field was brief. bri. >> go jeff. >> reporter: but his teammates made every secondryec counts with their cheers andches encouragement and when it was
8:47 am
>> reporter: few words but his smile, his pride said everything. >> jeffrey. how do you feel. >> good. >> real good. >> yeah. >> yeah, man. >> i'm you know, it was just so, was touching to see him in his glory.glory. he absolutely loves the sport. o >> reporter: lindsey watts.atts. >> it's something he will never forget.neve >> reporter: fox5 local news. >> ??>> ? >> that's a wonderful story. sure.s a l no >> yeah, that'rs wonderful.ondel what's also wonderful is thisul weather caitlin. is y knoh, you know, you get a fire going in the fireplace atit night because it's chilly enough. enough. >> i was like in the moment with her with that lik >> and she said -- this is howow our brains are so in sync annie.e. she was like friday nightday nig lights which made me think of tk that football story.all story mel he knee you have the righto .dea. >> altogether here connected.ete >> we're altogether allctre thinking the same thing. the sth beautiful fall weather soo whatever you have planned this
8:48 am
yesterday was just fantastic ifi thought. really nice fall weather ander a that's what we're going tong to have today, tomorrow and quiteui frankly the rest of the fall foliage at its peak its p around here.ounder temperatures are pretty chilly e to start but we'vett got some nice mild afternoons. 47 in washingto an but 37 in gaithersburg.ithe as always much colder whenrs you get away from the city effect. 36 frederick, 36 winchester, wis 30 manassas and 32 in culpeper e where they have a froste a advisory in effect until 10:00nt a.m. all across the northea this morning. 39 in boston, 45 n new york.or 36 in pittsburgh and just 30us in columbus. warmer air out west where it's only 48 degrees this morningor in chicago. chicago. so, yes, high pressure ine i place. pl really nothing to speak of. o very quiet and fall you usually do get get these very quiet weather w patterns which moons you get you one one -- means you get oneet newscast another before weefe we transition into rockierockier weather which would be winter.i
8:49 am
chilly high pressure allowingige to us cool off pre atty goodtty after sunset. after in the afternoon during peakinpe heating we should rise intog the mid 60's both todaywe and s tomorrow. so, here's what we're callingal for the weekend. today bright sunshineunshe 65 degrees. don't forget to fall back tonight as daylight savingayli time ends and standard time begins.ns. meaning a couple of things you get thatcoup extra hour to snooo it will be lighter in the mornings when you head out to work getting whe then kids reas for the bus stop but then ithe will be darker in ther in evenings.ev in fact sunday sunset 5:02. daylight give or take each minute going forth until about winter solstice time sol december 21st i believe.1st i e. bright and crisp on monday.n mo. a back door cool front comes com to through 62. election day 66. day 66. call for that again on again wednesday. just a chance of a shower lateat wednesday and a lot of six'sf in the seven-day forecast. fecas nice seasonable weather willthil take us all the way into nexto weekend. get out there and enjoy it eoy this weekend. weeke. it looks fabulous.abous. that's your seven-daythat's
8:50 am
>> ?? >> wonder woman you saw her in batman versus superman makingupr a guest appearance and nowarancw she's flying solo. s this is new trailer take a look for wonder woman.r some notable names in the cast include actor chris pines, pin danny houston.hous. the film will be released oneasd june second 2017.on looks like we have had somead se trouble with that moving on it's that timet t favorite things.favorihings. it's one of the more popularopur episodes.episod the oprah magazine presented highlights of those gifts tuesday. they'rets exactly 101 many01an available on amazon and oprah's best friend and o a o magazine editor gayle kinggaylkg scoured food and trade showsfoot in search of products forctsor oprah to consider.on so, what is on the list? oprah's poinsettia plow pot p cake a cake made to look like l
8:51 am
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8:52 am
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8:54 am
>> ?? >> welcome back. time now is 8:54. ti of the real t r he me. m young voices from prison is aons book filled with poetryry written by tiananmen -- oren- o teenagers i should say who areho in the criminal justice systemys and are writing new chapters cht of their lives.of tiv they're part of anfn organization called the freed te minds book club and writing wri their message to help others pursue education instead ofon crime its a greate ita gr organization. here to talk about the book and the tal program are carol cl liebert executive director andra terrell bran ham who is a free f minds member and poetnd poe ambassador. good morning to the both of you.orningyou. first of all thanks for my personal copy of the untoldcopy story of the real i look forward to roreadingy this. this thank you so much terrell and a tara for joining us.or joi tara i'm going to let you go
8:55 am
>> so, we believe that witht wi the right support youth in theon adult criminal justice systemcee can transform their lives and la we've seen it by using thesi tools of a book club and a writing workshop and peer support, we call it books and ba brotherhood and we see first s t lands these young men canyoung a relive their dreams and sees and another future besides early ear death or prison and that he goeo come home like terrell hererrell and spread that message toessage t prevention program.gram. >> wonderful program.rogr and terrell this really gavelly you a second shot at just being a productive person inersn life, right? i mean, how did hd this affect you personally andto also if you can share some of sm your background with us. >> well, it has affected me inse major way. w i was 16, adolescent got in trouble, undue to lack ofo la support and stuff like that and that's what wet an md ainlye to target nowadays as far asars like with the youth coming up cg
8:56 am
to what you want or where you want to be.e. but now a days it's all about a appear pressure. pressure. free minds help me in a major way. help me get through thehrou struggle of having to face prison. >> when this was first paren p the to you as an option whatptit was your initial reaction? eacto were you open to it. >> honestly i wasn't open to it at first 'cause it's a bookt' you know, when you 16 you16 you facing time, you see somebody talking about a book club and you not interested.nter as i started going it openedpene my mind to things. t >> tara didn't give up on you. u >> she definitely did. d >> let's get to this book.'s geh tell us about the book and boo also i would love to hear oneo n of your >> all right, cool. it's a poem in here that i'll
8:57 am
on page 51. >> okay, i'll join you onkay,jon that. it's like church service here, right. gochur ahead. >> poem is titled weapon in my head. most guys weapon is a gun but mine is one i can't separaten'te from. the weapon is in my head is so mean it sounds off like an m16. when can i learn, how can i c learn? how much knowledge toed earn. i got nineo bullets to burn. b your minds sat worst thing to waste: mark my words listenis better than the weapon in my head. >> that's remarkable.>> t i love that. anhad you want to talk a little a lite bit more about the meaning aut t behind that.behind >>et get it. but just i want to give you ao e chance to elaborate on that. >> well, basically this is like, you know, i guess thisuest is around the time when the t gun laws was going on and things like that, mass shootings were happening ine h the schools and malls and mallsd things like that and it justiket kind of opened up your mind to, you know... that's not thete
8:58 am
know. people resort to violence and stuff like that. >> the mind is a powerful thing right terrell.
8:59 am
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