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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  November 7, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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over a possible cyber attack atk that could impact million at mit the polls. po >> a bachelor party turnsur tragic for a maryland manma beaten to death while celebrating in canada.inan what we are learning about the e so-called unprovoked >> new details in a serialia killer investigation in south ih another body found on thero fou suspect's property as he confesses to murdering numerous people. people. very latest just ahead.justad. >> first though a live looke lok outside on this mondays mon morning. a live look at the white house. it is weather and traffic coming up on the 5s atand tr 6:oh, 7:05. welcome do fox5 news morning. mi the countdown on now.tdown now a day to go before thefo the election. >> today the candidatesandidates crisscrossing the nation inro one final push to get the vote out to winssin tpushhe presiden. hillary clinton will makey clin stops inwi michigan, northgan,oh carolina, pennsylvania. donald trump making stops in florida, north carolina,arol pennsylvania, new hampshire and michigan.gan. >> both campaigns will alsoh ca send the big guns right herempu to our area. a
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hemphill live in manassas this morning. laughter monday push against mga the backdrop of the major news on sunop oday, the fbi clearingn once again hillary clinton's name in the e-mail scandal. sca >> reporter: good >> reporter: well, goodl, gd morning, yeah, clinton's e-mail have certainly still dominate the campaign trail t especially on the republican side of things. ivanka trump tmp who will be speaking here ing he manassas at the red rosehe red r banquet and event center willenr bring any of that up todayany during her speech but her b father donald trump certainlympa did at h last night in leesburg.eesbg donald trump with a stop in virginia still digesting thetint news from the fbi and its investigation into hillary clinton. >> right now, she's being protected by a totally riggedig system. it's up to the american people l to deliver justice at ther stic ballot box. >> reporter: just hours earlier fbi director jamesr ja comey had sent yet anothernoer letter to congress saying hisayg
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recently discovered e-mailsls "based on our review," hee wrote, "we have not changedothag our conclusions we expressede ee in july with respect toesct t secretary clinton.n. clinton was careless aboutar handling classifiedlass information but could not be successfully prosecuted.essf the clinton team learned aboutro the development while flyingly to a campaign >> it confirms the conclusionsus that he released -- reached inch july and we're glad that thiss matter he resolved.ol >> reporter:. >> this election is a m ent of reckonin mention the development atment a campaign stops but it was noto doubt a he reliefps as her her campaign prepared for star sta studded closing arguments.os donalding trump way whirlwind l schedule today hittingle tod hit florida, north carolina,a, pennsylvania and newndew hampshire. and winding up in michigan. tonight what could be a critical state for both f b campaigns with president obamawh former president bill clinton cn and hillary clinton herselfersef heading there for one last push. pu
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in pennsylvania, michigan andhin north carolina.ina. she will end her day at a at large event in philly wherey w she'll be joined by president obama, michelle obama bruce b springsteen and jon bon jovi. jv >> there are growing concernsces about possible cyber attacks atc targeting voters personals pers never. coming up a the 7:30 a much closer look at this threat andha was need to know before youw beu led to the polls tomorrow. >> breaking over even he no, sir -- reno has died. she died early this she was 78 years old. years reno had suffered with wit parkinson's disease for manyform during her eight years in in office reno oversaw some majoraj legal matters including thedingt siege at waco texas, the seizure of elian gonzalez andlea the atlanta olympic park bombing.mb >> now to a developing storyo out of princa e william decountu a murder investigation undernv way after a woman was shot andwa killed in gainsville
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wound to her upper body in a parking lot along atlas way.tlaw police do he believe she was so far though they have not tho reugleh ased any information abn a possible suspect or motive. >> university of marylandrsit police investigating reports of at lnveast two students beini hit with bb pellets on meals say the firstirst incident -- police say the t first incident happened around 7:30 last night.ig then about an hour later a ler second student reported being hit. the students were not hurt. >> pole for at least two men wanted wan for the murder of a baltimore man. police say 26-year-old juliania jones was beaten to death early outside of a bar early e in the >> police are calling it an unprovoked maureen umeh joins us with w more on what we know. it's awful, maureen. mre good morning. >> allison and steve good mornllisoning to you. this is such a tragic storygito this morning.this mning it happened early saturday sur morning in a neighborhoodghbo known as little italy in toronto. to
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bachelor party when something happened inside that bar andyndy an altercation broke out and what ended up hang is juliann ended up being punched andched a kicked in the head by a group g of about nine people.ut nine take a look at his facebook hisk page here. page here. at the time of the text he had d gotten -- attack he had gottenat separated from his friends.riens he died on the way to the t hospital. friends say he was recentlyas engaged to this woman you see s right here on his facebookis fac page and he was celebrating abra friend's bachelor party thoug according to his facebook pageae jones studied law at theudied ae university of baltimore andsi currently worked forty o amazono now as you might imagine hisgi s friends and family justamy ju reeling from this unprovoked attack, his sudden death anea an outpouring of support onupport o facebook this morning. one of his friends if we couldcc turn to that right there posting on facebook theok heartwarming message to his fall and will friend saying quote i love you buddy and youoa will never be forgotten.tten as you can see right here again other friends postingos
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at what has happened here tod hr july january jones. again, 26 years old from f baltimore had gone to torontooor for a friend's bachelor partyr p ended up getting kicked andd beaten by a group of aboutf nine people outside a bar.eopleu police are hoping thatinhat surveillance cameras insideid that bar will help them determine who these attackers ae are. they say they've got a pretty t' good idea and they're askingre k the people involved even thosese peripherally involved in this to contact them because theyall say they will find who thoseho t people are and will be wl knocking on their doors very soon. that is th down here in the news room,ews allison and steve. back up to you. >> thanks mel.sel. talk about the forecastlk today. cold abot start today but should a nice afternoon. >> yeah, sun sets tonight a at 5:01. should be another beautifulful day. yesterday we hit 70. today about 60. 6 45 at reagan dulles reporting 37 degrees ate 7:00 a.m. bwi marshall 41 so yeah chillyy start. art. definitely jacket weather. jweat and lots of sunshine.shin
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showers a weak cold front outa e in central sections ofak the t country. that will arrive here aboute abt wednesday so until then weday so look great. quiet conditions tomorrowons ow looks warmer, highs near 70ea for election day with lots and s lots of sunshine.she. so, all systems go for aor beautiful week. 60 degrees this afternoon at 4:00. don't forget the sun goes downon early so you may encounter a little sun glare if you're onung the roads atla 5:00. 50. >> good point. >> uh-huh. >> i was talking to erin. e >> we were mouthing to eachwerem other. >> we have having a mouthing said.said >> so was i. >> yes tucker. >> i was reading your lips andri i was noticing how he's see it ' was to have a nice little talk l with you silent.ilent. >> and then the camera got onthe some he. >> happy monday.appy monday. >> yes. >> right now let's take a look at your delays.ow l gw parkway southbound from thebt beltway to the roosevelt r bridge really heavy trafficy hev right now.y t long lin e of yellow you canw u c see and unfortunately we'renatey seeing very heavy traffic on cabin john clara barton riverhnc road as well inside the beltway.laad as our camerasam westbound side of the freewayf e
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third street delays are all the way back to the 11th street bridgire. alltri we also have a disabled vehicle 295 southbound on the29 ramp to the 11th street bridgese so lots going on there. 395 northbound from theorthbofre beltway to the freeway slowaylo traffic. you can see that long line of yellow.yell across the 42en street bridgerei eastbound side of the freewayrew backing up as well.ell. give yourself 20 he can tramra there. inner loop from the mixing m bowl through annandale you'reouh going to hit some astop-and-god traffic because of congestion. 295 southbound there's a closer view of that disabledha vehicle on the ramp to thee 295 southbound from 50 down to n pennsylvania super heavy traffic. 50 inbound through cheverly to u 295 really slow traffic.ff basically starts around aroun landover road and justust continues new york throughnew rt bladensburg it's slow and 270 a2 because of a crash blocking blon the shoulder by 80 it's stillt' very jammed up. outer loop by coleville road a crash.h. i'll look there next allison d ststeve.k th >> erin thank you. >> lots to talk about there. >> meantime cleanup is underup n
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before 8 o'clock last night.t nt the epicenter about 50 miles0 me from oklahoma city but it wasutw felt as far away as kansass missouri and little rock several buildings damaged.builda no injuries have been reported. report >> a world famous delaware punkin' chunkin' festival fes takes a scary turn after a cannon exploded and two people o were hurt one of them severely r after being hit by debris. debri the events was immediately cana pumpkins using long range devices.devices. dates back in 1986. 198 it has been canceled after a aft volunteer was injured and injedd filed a lawsuit claw later dropped. >> south carolina man accused cl of holding a winomana ma hostaga months and killing at leastilli four people is being heldng h without bond this morning. >> investigators have foundes two bodies buried on thetiga mas property in south carolina andua they are now searchingnd foror more. re holly has the latest on thist oi disturbing story.
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this is. todd kohlhepp confessed tonfes killing two people in 2003. 23. authorities say he's suspectedud in at least three otherhreeth murders including theding boyfriend of a woman who washo s found alive locked in a metaletl container on his property last week.. a judge denies bond allegedeg serial killer todd kohlhepp as investigators find anotherfind body on his property in spartanburg county south >> we are in the process ofce removed from here and do a positive identification. we're not even close.. we can't tell anything aboutgbo the cause of death, the t gender, how long, any of that ufuff. >> the murder case all started to unravel after deputies found a missing woman alive,li 30-year-old kayla brown tiedol up inside of ad container thursday.sday. kohlhepp confessed to fourppfess murders over the weekend.eeke
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kayla's boyfriend.s bo the murdersyf he confessed toond happened back in 2003.3 >> things likely would go onn forever.r. 13 years why would anybody --bo you got away with it for 13 years, why would you confesshy u now? >> the suspect's neighbors aregs surprised by the case but b saying they didn't see him much. mu >> todd was in my opinion was a likeable guy. he -- he never used any foulnyol language when we were talking. l now. >> meantime authorities mea continue a multint state search for any other possible bodiese on kohlhepp's properties.ropert >> there's supposed to be onepo more down here but we're going keep searching until we are a positive that's it. >> now, kohlhepp is also a registered sex offender. oen after he was convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl at gunpoint when he was a teennpager.oi kohlhepp hid his life of crime well earning a southng a u
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steve and allison. >> gory details. details thanks holly. >> georgia sheriff's sri department mourning the lossnto of one of its own after awn a deputy he is shot and killedil responding to a neighborhoodhood dispute. a second deputy was also shot and injured.njed the officers immediately came under fire when they arrivedrehh on the scene.eyon tcene other officers did return fireet but it's unclear if the i suspect was shot.. however, he was taken to a nearby hospital. hospita >> just hours ago until votersot head to the polls and concernsnd over a possible cyber attack targeting personal we'll let you know what youlet w need to know cominhag up.g u >> first though on thishis election eve we'll get a visit s from d.c. mayor muriel bowser. she will be with us on goods ond day at flynn a.m. not only will we talk aboutalab the election but we'll also a ask mayor bowser about filling f two of the top jobs in theobin t city, the police chief and thehe schools chancellor. chael and why one of those may be m more of a priority to her t h office than the other.. again d.c. mayor muriel bowser livebows today on "good day" at" 9:00 a.m..m
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy.
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look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> ?? >> ?? e colorting to see more color changing on the trees. i know the tree outside of myy place bright red. r looks so pretty.looks so pretty. >> take a picture it and share a it steve. ste >> yes, steve., ste. >> unfortunately it's like an ii green i was waiting for a few more to turn. >> yeah but you need some green. gr it adds a nice badr >> yeah, but it's like -- picture 99 green trees and one red you know, what do you call italt not a pastel. >> beautiful day if you can get out and enjoy a nice walk in the woods or want to hautifna out and, you know -- kw >> i'll take a drive through rock creek park perhaps.erps
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well. there's a look at regionals look numbers. let me just mention locally it's chilly. just 30's out there. places like culpeper manassasr n below freezing.reg. we do have some cool temperatures.erures binghamton 28. pittsburgh 40 in columbus.ums. 39 in richmond.ichmon 36 up in boston so starting tot look a little more seasonablesol across the region. regio we are featuring sunshine andin cooler temperatures just a quick he reminder sincene we move the clocks sunsetunse o otherwise we'll be sunny sun bright and beautiful.utiful the green strip you see across s central sections of thesec country he that's our next our n rain maker. maker will be a cold front but ite a o will bring a few showers sho wednesday so we're looking loo great today.grt today. cool, chilly overnight andig a then election day looks loo fantastic with lies in the in te highs in the up are 60's0's before a few showers onrs on wednesday. let's get into our holiday hol weekend veterans day saturday sa sunday looks good althoughoothoh next weekends looks cold.
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city he. r really. >> uh-huh.>> u >> okay. >> here it comes. >> bundle up now.>> n >> goes well with all the t christmas decorations i'm i seeing around town now. now >> getting a lot of them inot on stores, too., >> right before, >> i can't decorate for f christmas before thanksgiving.nn >> oh no,. >> doesn't feel like. >> but i have>> doe found a sers xm all christmas you. >> what's your all time favorite christmas song. what'rm >> i need more time to thinkd mm about it. >> think about it. >> all right. >> all right. there one.he o i got to say perry it's my pop's cousin.. we're seeing some really slowy s moving traffic 295 suitland sui parkway inbound andpaway in pennsylvania avenue just jammed up with heavy volume.ol inner loop through oxon hill hil remains really heavy acrosscr its wilson bridge.lson 295 southbound from 50 to fro50 opponent capitol street super cp jammed up no crashes just heavy congestion.gestio same story 50 from landoverm ndr road over to 295.. even though two crashes did
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road, we're seeing heavy h traffic from 70 done to theone spur through rockville. about an hour delay t justr dels because of that congestion thatt from those leftover accidentacde scenes. also southbound side of bw parkway very heavy traffic as tc you make your way down past the goddard space flight center. 95 southbound the icc to thet te beltway sluggish ride. r outer loop jams from route one m to georgia avenue. avee. earlier crash by colesvilleolese road moved over to thehe shoulder. still seeing really slowsh realw traffic there.the. i want to take a quick look atoo skyfox. earlier crash 66 eastbound didnd clear out by the dulles toll road. road. look how beautiful that view tha is of all the trees. back to you guys. >> let's go t to missouri right now. now. a father killed his two sonsis o then turned the gun onen t himself. this happened yesterday. police say the father abducted t r the kidsab from their the grandmother at a park in saintrt louis.uis. authorities spent hours looking for them. fficerslo found themound the police approached the dad who dw then shot and killed hisle children before turning theefor lfn on himself. >> a frantic search under wayunr
7:19 am
woman who went missingor wnihiai jogging in the middle of theidef day. 34-year-old woman was lastas l seen thursday afternoon in herer neighborhoods. her cell phone later foundor ata a nearby intersection.nter there are several registeredegte sex offenders in that area but t the police haven't named anyny suspects yet.. >> u.s. allied troops in boths t iraq and syria closing in on isis this morning.rn overnight iraqi fighters approached a town near mosul nel which is also held by the uso h ills. kurdish forces also working torc reof movese the militants from the city >> twitter's web site back up sa and running right now after going down briefly this morning. twitter isn't confirming thatnft the site was hacked but other bh web sites who track hacks who tk attacks say the site was hitwash for a few minutes around 1:30. >> sports new this mi redskins bye week is he the team back on the practice pe field today and then we'lld thee hear from the players and them h coach.e thee last game as we all know ko ended in a tie in london. this week the skins host e vivikings. vikings started off strong off s haven't won a game since thee sh
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norman fined another 25 another thousand dollars for hisand comments following the game in london aboutollo officiating. since 2014 josh norman has josan been fined more than any otherth player in the nfl. n except one. his rival odell beckham j norman sales he plans to plans t appeal the latest fine.t f he'll be on the fields todayiela at fedex -- he'll be practicing today at fedexedex field joined by redskins owner dan snyder wide receiver recei pierre garcon and deseanarcon de jackson all of themhe volunteering to distributedistbe thousands of families ind b neee in prince george's county.ince they do it every year. this year's g heyar dvest feastt redskins will package andacge ad delivery some 30,000 pounds of turkey. >> a check of your top storiesti coming up next including the final push on the campaignpush trail just one day before election day.l justelec d >> and some relief fore reef f commuters in philadelphia.ladehi a days long transit strike str almost a week long now came to
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>> ?? >> 7:23 right now. donald trump not slowing down>>d hiows multistate last minutes mt campaign push. ph. just after midnight thisnigh morning he made a stop in leesburg.burg supposed to start at 9:30.o sta3 happened a little after 12:00. trump's daughter ivanka will participate in two town hall events today. first one in manassas at the t red rose banquet center and then she'll head to the trumpad national golf club inlun sterling. that starts at 4:00 she'll be beyond by local lawmakers and
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>> yesterday hillary clinton took her message to new to ne hampshire and today clinton clit will campaign in michiganic pennsylvania and north her running mate will hold twolw rallies in virginia the firsther at george mason in the campus then at the richmondichm international airport around 10:15.:15. 7:24.7: developing overnight janetrnighj reno the first woman to serveoer as u.s. attorney died.died she died early this morning, mog 78 years old.ld reno had suffered with wit parkinson's disease for manyor years. now during her eight years inarn office, she oversaw some majorar legal matters including theng t siege in waco texas the t seizure of elian gonzalez and a the atlanta olympic parkark bombing. >> a baltimore man is deadtimorn after ohio allegedly beaten inn toronto while attending a a bachelor party.arty julian jones was kicked in the t head and stomped on muchnh
7:25 am
unprovoked attack. attack. right now they're searching for at least two suspects seense on surveillance video. veo >> in a murder investigationestn one is under way in princeay i i william county after a a 26-year-old woman is shot and killed in gainsville.nsville. police say she was foundasu yesterday with a gunshot wound d to her upper body in a parking lot along atlas walkway.alay police believe she was was targeted.rged. >> 7:25. time for a look at your forecast and tucker has t fhatoa for us now. >> thank you, >> ??>> ?? guess what it got cold overnight. overnight lows in some pla culpeper manassas this morning right at the freezing mark.k. we're 45 here in the city,ity, humidity 60 percent.rcent. winds out of the north-northeast at nine.heast a. we're looking at a fantastic fat day. lots of sunshine but coolersunse than yesterday.terday yesterday we made it to 70. today more like 60 for daytime highs. hi there's your storm trackeryour a radar and we are tracking for tk the most part just sunshine today. toda nice quiet weather pr high pressure overhead.verhd. northerly breeze andrt northeasterly breeze shouldhe lock interl thay t cool feel foe
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so of course an hour earlier than a few days ago. ago there's your seven day.veay 62oday.y. looks fantastic for election elt day tomorrow.rro uner 60's. could be a shower onbe wednesday. we actually need the rain its y ne been a very drhey fall rai for r around here and another shot s of some very cool air by nextyex weekend. we might hit freezing even e here in the city by nexty sunday morning.sunday morni it will be a close call.l clo l l right. more weather momentarily.. erin manning the roadways.oadw >> there was a nice way to say s 7:26 right now.ow skyfox over a beautiful view in virgi love these fall trees. tes. this is 66 eastbound at 267. 2 some heavy volume there earlier crash in falls churchrc did clear out of the way byay b the dulles toll road.olloa just seeing very slow moving mon traffic from the beltway asom tw you make your way intoay ao arlington this morning.orning westbound side much quieter. qur let's switch it over from skyfox and show you a look at our maps. show r ms. southern maryland we havern m h inbound delays on 210 in on 210 branch avenue.h avenu branch avenue is slow as youw au make your way from waldorfm walf trying to pass the three oh he h one interchange.chan watch out for. that that's going to cause c typical delays.l delay
7:27 am
marle bro'. bro'. four inbound slows by doweround house and 2 s10 northbound sloww as you make your your wayuray towards the bottom of thes beltway through oxon hill the inner loop reallyth he earovyugs the wilson bridge. b that'sthat's the only slow downw we're dealing with inside theidh beltway. 295 southbound from visit tofrom the 11th street bridge heavy. suitland parkway inbound jamsnbs to south parkway.ay we also have 50 to easto eas capitol street that's a closer o view of that 295 southboundund delay. and 50 inbou cheverly very heavy traffic.erhv we'll take a live look aroundooa the area in virginia andnia a maryland next.ryland next. steve and allison.llis >> final countdown is on nowount just hours to go before the election and there are still s more concerns about a possible l cyber attack targeting a voter's personal information.on. >> so, what does that mean fordo you as you head to thees polls? a closer look next at 7:30.
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i'm luann bennett. over my 35 years living in northern virginia, i've learned a lot. how to raise three sons and build a successful business after my husband passed away. how to bring people together, set positive goals, and get things done. that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours. that's what we need in congress to get it working again. and that's why i approve this message and respectfully ask
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?? >> 7:30 on monday morning.:3 day before election day and there's a look at0 befo trehe we house. beautiful scenery around it. nice gentlemen breeze perfecte r scene.scen unless something happens. first atss s 7:30, just a day fo the election now growing concerc this morning about the potentian of cyber attack at the hands ofo russian trying to meddle in thet presidential election. allegation as hysteria on the o part of the united states.s. he also denies allegationsat russia has already dirtied its hands by enabling the leak of l documents potentially harmful tl hillary clinton's presidentialdt campaign.. election day voters will bes wil lined up in less than 24 hours4u to cast their votes. should they be concerned theirrt votes may be manipulated or invalidated either by foreignorn hackers are by tampering here at home?me?
7:31 am
joining us now fox intelligencee correspondent catherine herridge with more. good morning, catherine.od morna good morning.therin v iewers flinee f.or at home is that we have an electoral system which is very desperate none of these systemso are interf th connected.ct so in order to really affect the out come of this election you'dd have to have 50 odd different hacks in order to change the cng data. what homeland security has doned in the last couple of months, steve, put together what amountt to a cyber swat team.. so when different states haves v security their individualndivid system, they're able to provide input so they can raise the security but they also emphasize that tht most likely scenario on electiot day might be something called ae denial of service attack, a att, denial service attack is what w they call a weapon of mass distract it's very disruptive,rv and it's also annoying and a but it's not necessarilyot nessa something that would affect thec out come of the election. ele we saw one a couple weeks ago ws
7:32 am
amazon, and social media, weree, kind of knocked out for awhileda but it doesn't have any impactmp on the voting itself clearly. ce >> let me go back for a second, catherine, talk about issue if there was an actual hack into,li say, machines or that type of the process.ross if that was indeed the case, like you said would it have toit be couldn't setted effort 50fft5 states involved or would it just be a focus on one or two statese perhaps ohio an florida?rida >> that's right.ight if there was an incident,he was homeland security would be ablel to step in and assist but this would be operating at the e state level.e the electoral process is not what's called criticalcal infrastructure a big debate in t this election cycle as tos whether it should have the samee kind of protections t as the electrical grid but this isbut s really a state matter homeland n security is there to assist.ssis but as you rightly point outnt o these systems for the most partr are not connected to theected t internet, and they are not intei connected across the countryount they're very individual in theit requirement. requiremen >> let me throw another kind ofo curveball ball out there when it
7:33 am
initial fear and phobia is thatt a voting machine might get might hacked or series voting machine might get hack to change votes.t what about though if the fear i guess is maybe supplanted withdw false information that's beingma put out there to kindti of creae that is this accurate is it notn accurate? did this person did t really win? did they not.. ? is that a possible scenario? >> you've really gone to thell g heart of this part of what we've seen in thev last couple of months by the b cyber mashie is as many are but not necessarily at the direction of the russian a government.rnnt oh so try founder mine confidence in the system itm wouldn't take major event to evt undermine that confidenceonfidee further on election day even though it mate not have a realea impact on the vote itself. itse. it has an impact on the o confidence of the electorate int this country and that's at' significant concern.t conc >> all right. let me if you don't hyped let'sl look at news from over them ve weekend right now of course thee latest with the hillary clintony
7:34 am
week ago was a different storyry than it was this weekend nowndow saying really we didn't findd anything that would perhaps change our thought process thats we had before. >> well, the nbi director wrotew to congress about 11 days agoayg saying that he would reopen rory initiate the investigation ingai light of these new records thata were found on the computer ofpur anthony weiner.eine this is the estranged husband od one of clinton's late zest aidsa huma abedine and a real commit a many by the justice departmenttm and fbi to try and cycle throu these documents as quickly asuiy possible to discern whether there was anything knew.ything whether it was classified.ied and whether would it change thee out come of the fbi director'si' decision in july not too recommend criminal charges.s. so in keeping with that spirit of notifying congress he wrote to members yesterday an indicated they didn't find f anything that would change his final conclusion in july. i would emphasize that in july,, was he found is that there wase extreme carelessness by clintoni
7:35 am
classified service but not but t something he felt a residentialn prosecutor would pursue sosue s that's where we stand again agan today.y. i guess you can make theguesu ca argument that both sides aret bh equally upset with him. and the strategy he took maybe m eats its he's played it down the middle fairly successfully.. >> last thing before we let youe go, if some evidence would comed out that there was some type of acting that may have affected ae the election in some way, how w long might the it be before weer hear that? is this the type ofp thing that might come out a week, month after the fact? >> i don't want to speculate too broadly with your viewersr views because we're really in unchartered territory but thetee pace at which this informationna moves i would anticipate weipe would know fairly quickly and qy when we get some kind ofome response from homeland securitys as to whether they think it iss significant breach and whethereh they think it has any impact on the final result in thatesul particular s remember these systems are notsa inter connected.ct that's the main thing.aihing you'd have to go state by statee by state to really have an
7:36 am
these hackers capable of butf they are capable of under mininm confidence in voters on electioe day and they do that what i described as the denial of denl service attacks.atta systems not working in a regulaa way on the web whether it'sth social media or amazon or somerm other website and it makes m people feel very uneasy and itad makes them question whether thee integrity full of the entire enr >> catherine, always good cat talking to you.he >> thanks for having me.for ha m >> appreciate it. appat 7:36 right now. nw tucker good morning. >> hey, good chilly temperatures overnight oe falling back into the 30s and 40s today.toda about 60 for daytime highs but g lots of sunshine. sunshine. we're looking great for electioe day as well. wel 45 this morning in 42 up in new york. yor 36 in boston. binghamton 28. 2 we've got freezing temperaturess locally as well. culpeper, manassas frederick ata or below freezing here earlyer this morning cumberland as wellw as we got very chilly temperatures frost and freeze fe advisories overnight.veht sunshine, high pressure overheah and nice afternoon.ftno
7:37 am
10 degrees cooler.egreesooler. closer to 60 for daytime highs.h maybe low 60s and not expectotxp anything rain around here until perhaps wednesday.ednesd in fact i think you won't see ae more than a few passing cloudsud this 62 your daytime hig sunshine but cool. c seven day coming up momentarily. let's do traffic with erin. >> all right. 7:00 l 37:00. 3 we'll take look at the roads.ta good news is tkera lffic is movv along okay in the area but we dw have some typical areas of slow down. this is 395 as you pass little t river turnpike.turnpike. beltway to thehb 14th streeth sr bridge some stop and go trafficf because of congestion. cst give yourself about 15 extra5 ea minutes.mi as we forward our cameras thishs is a look with an accident accen blocking the shoulder.ul the outer loop by van doren street right shoulder blockedr o and heavy traffic as you passs u van doren watch for that.t inner loop slow from branch fro avenue across the wilson bmridgb top side of the beltway by new hampshire avenue the outer loopr from route 1 basic toll georgiag you're dealing with about a 30 a minute delay because heavyvy congestion.
7:38 am
this is a lookro at 50 inbound b through she havely from landovev road as you make your way passes 295, really sluggish commuteis right there. right new york avenue pthassedue passd bladensburg is slow.adsbur suitland parkway inbound reallya jams up as well south capitolap and we'll forward our cameras c one more time and show i wasw i look at 295 southbound where the southbound side parked from 50df all the way down passed easternd back to you allison and steve. a nearly week long trang sig strike coming to an end inn endi philadelphia. details next. de >> later a tintay nuisance cause football..
7:39 am
7:40 am
after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig. you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and now republican congresswoman comstock is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump.
7:41 am
?? happening later today,g ter another protest over the death d of terrence sterling in thee st district. organizers say after almost twot months since d.c. police shot and killed sterling there arelld still far too many questions s.. protesters say they can't stopa' and they won't stop and they a t expect this to be largest mobilization yet for sterling. e it happens tonight from 7:00 until 10:00 p.m.. >> also today scheduled to begin in the trial of dylan roof.d the to22 b -year-old is accused of murdering nine blackne bck parishioners at a south carolinr church last year. investigators roofer opened firo during a bible study session ses much he's facing 33 charges anda the department of justice isjuse seeking the death pennel teamnea the trial is set to begin in january.y we mentioned race because of ito being a hate crime. >> robert durst expected to bet charged in la today dufor thehe
7:42 am
obama. they believe he killed her because she knew something aboua the 1982 disappearance of his of wife he the case was rekindle adddled year after ahbo ran a series heh uttered the words "kill them". >> in philadelphia, the transitt strike is over now.ov now. early this morning workers andos the union reached a tentative last week workers went on strikk halting buses, subways andnd causing massive traffic tie-upsu across the city. in chicago the celebrationtn continues this morning fellowelo pride for the world seriesfothe champions. >> pretty neat.y harry potter fans, listenpof up. the new story set to hit theaters tells the tail before f the young wizard captured the attention of the world.. >> like a prequel.reel. >> exactly like a prequel.
7:43 am
i believe america is already great. yes, we have our challenges.
7:44 am
build an economy that works for everyone, end tax breaks for companies that move our jobs overseas. by working together, democrats and republicans, we can do these things. that's why we must defeat those who want to turn americans against one another. i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message, because united, our best days are still ahead. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy.
7:45 am
on't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? ?? hey, tucker. >> 7:45.:45. >> good weekend. >> yes. yes. >> i'll get out in the yardget intoday. da >> i met a lot of nice people a the chamber event on saturday.a. good morning to you lady whoy wo watches our show every day we w shared like three hugs.ugs >> are you walking?alng >> i met a lot of nice at a time verizon center friday night. frh hi and thank you to everybody.ry >> are you walking? are y wal >> no. >> remember you have a special walk because the wizards walk on friday.friday. foror velvet. >> if the wizards won tucker tke
7:46 am
>> this one is for velvet. >> oh, yeah. >> it was awesome. >> ?? >> hard to walk to this, though. >> right. >> sure is. >> unless you just tollly rock c out. ou >> allison it's not the music. s it's the man. the man. >> that's true. >> that's righ>>t.t >> that's a nice suit.nice is it knew? itw? >> thank you allison fo noticing. it's fairly new. new. >> nice looking. >> it's my birthday suit.ui >> no, it's not.. >> i bought it oh and my m birthday. really i did. [ laught >> okay. [ laughter ][ >> let's go to the forecast.. sunny and cool today. tod >> i love my job.e my job >> we have a miriad of health problems found reason or anotheh this morning.ning sunny and cool. stomach --om >> you got a tummy ache, right.t >> oh, yeah. >> shouldn't eat those pork andk beans before bedtime? i think i the problem if you like too much coffee and then -- tn >> 45 now in washington.hington. 37 in gaithersburg.
7:47 am
manassas 30. 3 call pepper 32. cumberland was 32. so you get the idea the temperatures cold overnight. in fact we have frost and frees advisories this we'll keep it cool t. only in the low 60 force daytime highs. ghs. however, lots of sunshine and a beautiful couple of days.ay our next chance for rain thisn t frontal system out here but thaa will bring us scattered showerss on wednesday.ay today we're great.'re eat. tonight comfortable.mfortae won't be quite as cool tomorrow we warm it up to nearwi 70. 70. and then on wednesday we'll getl a few showers around here bute b high pressure overhead and justs got to love this time of year o enjoy these days because we doeo have cooler chillier weather ono the way by the end of the week w and into our weekend.nd there's your seven day.ay. 62 today. 68 tomorrow.omorro let me mention your holidayon yi weekend yes, it will be holidayy weekend veterans day, saturday,, sunday looks chilly. >> what did you bring me. me >> i brought you my honey bear.. put this in your tea it willt help settle your belly. belly.
7:48 am >> you're feeling dizzy.eldizzy. >> yeah. >> you need a nap. that's wha>>t y i'm prescribingg you. >> i slept for 12 straight hour because i'm having a voice and a throat thing.throat >> we will not be defeated.. >> steve spread the joy.e j isn't that >> um-hmm.>> u >> he's fine now.>> h >> can you take a nap after work today. da >> yes. >> you'll all be better soon.r s >> right now metro pretty quiete this monday morning but we still have safetck place in impacting the red line from noma gallon debt to fortoor totten take the green or yellow fort at the tone to gallery free shuttle service ahutt servi available. as for your overall fridayrida morning commute we have an outer loop crash by van darren bottom side of the beltway. congestion on 395 from thefr t beltway to the the brg outer loop jams from before bor route 1 over to about the 270 2 spur with a 30 minute delay.ay 270 south we have on and offndff
7:49 am
look at all that red about a 606 minute delay if you're headingua from frederick down to theown beltway so give yourself timee 95 north is jammed from fro fredericksburg to the aquia harbor ang line of congestion.oo as you get into dale city fromyf dale city to the beltway you'rey heaviest from dale city to the aqua quon it loosens up with wit stop and go traffic. go traffic. i'm sorry my voice is a little l extra deep today.exa de back to you guys.. >> thank you very much, erin. e. for the third year in a row this woman is new york city'ss ma her name is maraca tawny from fo kenya finish yesterday's race ii ross stop initiating two hours s 24 minutes and 26 seconds. sds more than 50,000 people ran that race representing 120 nations. o >> in chicago the world seriess celebration continues into theoh weekend way special honor at the blackhawks game. ge. look at the ice.t the ice this is pretty cool. several cubs players were onyern hand including kyle schwarber,
7:50 am
they brought their trophy an wy flag on to the ice with themh te very cool. coo and for the players like davided ross i mean going to new york yr for snl back in chicago for the blackhawks game enjoying the moment. >> love it.>>e it. >> it's not every day that animals drive grown men to freaa out but that's what happenedat d yesterday at the packers colts c game in green bay this littleste guy his name is mr. squirrely.r. he ran out on the field andld brought the game to a stop. sto social media went nuts over thee incident get it because he's a [ laughter ] >> twitter couldn't resist coult turning it into a huge deal deal because, you know, it's 2,016 and there was a squirrel on thee field. you got to do a whole bunch oflo stuff with it. ruin, mr. squirrely. >> like a kangaroo when he getst up on those back didn't. didn >> he does. >> he's got more speed anybody else on the field,nn th, right? ri [ laughter ] >> 7:50 right now.ow in the fox beat this morninm a super hero movie dominatinginn the bock office this weekend.
7:51 am
film in the marvel sin nat tick universe franchise and all 14 a4 have opened at number one. one the fresh is on for number 15. . -million dollars crushes thehe trolls took in 46 million inion second place pretty good weekenw overall at the bock office.e. mel gibson world war ii drama da came in third with about $15 million. a lot of people went to the movies this weekend kev. >> hack saw ridge it was asaw dt thousand theaters less thansha dr. strange.dr. rang cumberbatch hosting he is an excellent actor. >> even in those sketches,tche upping, he is a really goodoo actor. >> his american accent iscents unbelievable.evab wait until you see --ee - dr. strange.stnge. amazing american accent reallytl really is. >> really good.>> reay good. >> speaking of other british oti actors, eddie redmayne one ofe f the biggest stars in the world. he won the academy award furtherer receive everything hee starred in the danish girl lastl year now he's in fantastic beasa reason to find them.nd tm. we have footage.we hav why this movie is importantmpor because it's a spin off or a or
7:52 am
franchise.. which made $7.7 billion at the t box office worldwide. this is basically taking place e 70 years prior and his character newt, is actually the author of the textbook that harry uses in the first harry potter film. fi. so very very cool concept. he's playing -- his characterct travels to new york city and he has these beasts in his suitcass that get let loose and he has ts try and track them bigger story line going oningn there. ther i don't want to give too muche m 7.7 for the harry potterr franchise. >> let me ask you this.. >> sure. a harry potter pot person to get this at all?ll >> i've seen all the harryarry potter films once and i watchedh this and understand all of this. >> they do good job much sincehn this is the prequel do you seeye the other ones. os. >> technically lot.ically lot >> it's probably cool if youooiy know what it's about.. >> tie into the franchise.ranchi
7:53 am
movie and i watch a traileril there's a moment in the trailerr i love that moment is not in tht move z do you ever notice that. >> sure. >> i'm wondering why that wonde happens. i spoke to eddie redmayne one oe the moments in the trailer did d not end up in the final film.ilm i don't understand why.n't rsta watch this.tch ths >> and there's this shot at thet end of the trailer you look up and you go, don't panic, there'e absolutely nothing to worry about. >> don't panic. panic. there's absolutely nothing tohit worry about. aut >> and that didn't make it intoo the film shot for the trailer.iler >> no, no new york city. no we shot -- because what'st' interesting with these big, um,u films where there's a lot of special effects and post work wr they have to stop putting trailers out long before theye e finish editing or close tose t editing and that was a moment in -- sort of the film buildsils kind of crescendo that this harr core action sequence towards the end.d and everything has got quite qte serious in the script it was something that read as a momentm
7:54 am
frenzy newt has a moment don't panic, salute -- i think when ii got to the cut it felt totally wrg.g. to have moment because actually the stakes are too high at thata point to have a time out moment. >> yes.. >> well observed.d isn't when i watched theired tir performance there's somethingomi specific physically that do youy in all of your performances.foc. danish girl it was the smile. theory everything you had theth eye brows. you're hunching forward andunch looking can physical will the in thehe i the character. i find that fascinating that do you >> people are so observes al.rva what's interesting to me about a newt not only written in thenlyr script by j.k. rowling when he h first meets -- he walks his own walk.wa and he has a buster keaton kto quality to him i've founde rivetting that was a lead in. ai but also i felt like he's a passionate guy but also a guyo g that keeps himself to himself. .
7:55 am
>> structures of tailoring oflog clothes like a scaffolding butdg at the same time he kind ofkindo hides win it end has this massive block of hair whichhi he -- it's his way of hiding bub in order to give him a vantage e point on the world.or. >> it's amazing that's reallyeay cool.. >> eddie redmayne is 34 years yr old one academy award for playing in the theory everythine one of the best performances ofo a couple years ago also the alst danish girl now he's lead starda in the harry pte fantastic beasts reason to findf them which opens up friday, november next free day.ay. seven years before harry potter. ond of cool. >> that will be a good one.e a e >> thanks, guys.hank guys. >> see you next hour.ext ur. hi, tuck. tuck. >> hey, tuck.k. >> hey, guys. cold overnight. >> did you buy your tickets to fantastic beast.tic beast. >> i don't even know what thatve is. >> is that a movie. >> do you know what harry potn e is. >> do you watch a minute of this show. >> do you watch anything. >> we just talked about it for ur m minutes.
7:56 am
thing. let us do our thing you doou d yours.yo >> i heard everything you said.. takes place seven years beforeef harry potter. p >> 70 years. >> i got the seven right.en rigt [ laughter ] >> 47 in washington. winds out of the northeast at nine. ni i got to get ready for work.. humidity 56%.6% hey, we're looking at sunshineun and beautiful day.. low 60s this afternoon. it will be cool again tonight.ot but we're setting up for fantastic leck day at leastea weather wise with daytime highse in the upper 60s to about 70. rain showers out to the west. ws we'll most of this week will be fairll quiet. a lot going on here.go h election day we look good. let me mention veterans day vetr looks good.ans go next weekend chilly, freezingren temperatures around here signedd the beltway by sunday morning. keep that in mine. weather at the end of the week.e >> 62 sunshine today. t erin. were you playing closese attention. >> i was on the edge of my seat he said sunshine, beautiful fall aveses. >> i meant kevin's thing. thing
7:57 am
now the outer loop jag ms fromm route 1 over to georgia with about 30 minute delay. delay stop gone traffic on bw parkwayy both directions as you head past goddard space flight center.ten inside the beltway keep in mind gw parkway southbound from the 1123 heavy.. river road clara barton cabin cn john heavy volume and the innert loop across the legion bridgedg super slow traffic there.he 95 northbound there's a crash ca right near route 1 come through lorton.on slow downs.slow d keep to fox5 news morning traffic covered on this among
7:58 am
dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. i'm luann bennett. over my 35 years living in northern virginia, i've learned a lot. how to raise three sons
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after my husband passed away. how to bring people together, set positive goals, and get things done. that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours. that's what we need in congress to get it working again. and that's why i approve this message and respectfully ask for your vote. after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig. you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and now republican congresswoman comstock is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on.
8:00 am
jority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ?? >> this is fox5 news morning.. right now at 8:00 o'clock.oc there's live look outside thises morning. looks real nice out there.. starting to see a few more of mo those leaves that are changing. little bit at a time. tim going to see a few more of theee golden and the red colors outort there as we get closer i fall season.n 8:00 o'clock straight up ono this monday morning. temperatures little bit chillyy out there down right cold.old. >> welcome to fox5 news morning. breaking news off the top,thtop finding out overnight that janen reno the first woman to serve as u.s. attorney general has died.e she died early this morning atna
8:01 am
parkinson's disease for many my years. during her eight years in officc she oversaw some major legaleg matters including the siege ingi waco, texas.exas the seizure of gonzalez andnd atlanta olympic park bombing. bg our other big story thisstoi morning 8:00 countdown welln w underway now just a day to go before the election.lection. it's a day the candidates aretea criss-crossing the country onenu final push to get the votes in n to win the presidency. as for the polls now, hillary is edging out trump right now real has hillary clinton at 46.3 leading over trump on the 44-point 4%.. >> about as close it's been in the last month.e big day for the commander innd chief as well. president obama dash aig cross d the country to help hillaryhi clinton in her final push for f president.president. this morning he's flying toningo michigan for a clinton rally iny an from there to north carolina ana after that they will take thehe stage in philadelphia where rocc star bruce springsteen willen w perform at an event. eve
8:02 am
florida, north carolina,ola, pennsylvania, new hampshire andr he's probably tired after a latt night in virginia last night n donald trump scheduled to speakd at a rally in leesburg at 9:30.. it didn't start until well after midnight. >> also going hear from ivankaa trump as she'll have twoave two locations in manassas and in and prince william county let's l's check in also in sterling we should say.lday. let's check in with an jally hemphill ivanka trump will speak laterakt today. good morning.od. >> reporter: good morning.orning things are quiet here for noweon but it won't be the scene latert today around 2:00 o'clock ivanka trump will be speaking at the red rose banquet center in i manassas after very late nightan in leesburg for her fatherer fat donald trump.. who's event there was supposed s to begin at 9:30 but delayed byd three hours he didn't even get on stage, steve, until 12:30.2:. early this morning.ning. and despite having to wait theit
8:03 am
showed up some of them 14 hoursu ahead of schedule here weree re-energized once trump got onn stage.stage. we heard clots of cheering andce chanting and trump used thatd t speech to continue to hammer his opponent hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton is the most s corrupt person ever to seek thet office of the presidency of the united states.. >> she deleted 33,000 e-mails after receiving a congressional subpoena. >> boo! eardou heard about today. you hear adut abo tut today. tay but right now, she's being protected by a totally rigged
8:04 am
>> reporter: as you mentioned ivanka has two town hall eventse in virginia the first one inn manassas the second she'll headd over to trump national golf club in sterling she'll be joined by law lawmakers and grass root rt supporters also in northernorern virginia on the democrats sidecs tim kaine will be holding a a rally at george masonas university's campus.ampus. that will begin at 7:30 tonight. he then heads to richmondhm international airport inrt richmond for an event set at 10 sol venenate nig anjali hemphill, fox5 localoc news. ne >> edward snowden coming ton coo clinton's defense.s he tweeting out "basically, saying" even old laptops canan search 650,000 e-mails in mattet of minutes or hours. h this in response to trauma hoopp said last night in leesburg thee fbi could not check that manyt y e-mail files in that amount of t time. a snowden says it can be done. in philadelphia the transits strike is over for now lasted ld about a week now early this morning workers in the unionnion reached tentative deal.
8:05 am
hold halting buses and subways a causing major tie ups along the city of brotherly love.e. ?? maryland man is beaten toean death during a weekend trip too toronto and this morning thenine search for his killers continues. police say 26-year-old julian 6-year-o jones was in the little italy neighborhood for bachelor partyy when he was attacked outside ofo a bafr early saturday.y police say this was unprovoked. there are reports that there waw some sort of altercation inside that establishment that went out into the street.eet jones though was repeatedly kicc in the head, stomped on severall witnesses have come forward witd video evidence but police stilll have not been able to track down the men responsible.ible. jones was a close friend of thee broom's and also was himselfself engaged to be married. here at home now in prince c william county police are trying to figure out who killed a 26-year-old woman in gainsville. she was shot on a parking lot on atlas walkway around 6:30 lastat night.
8:06 am
hospital where sadly she didid later lose her life.e. investigators say it appears tht woman was targeted. targete no arrest and police are tryingy to determine a motive for thishi thshooing.g. this is the county's 20thsh murder of the year.. happening today, another a protest over the death of terrence sterling.rling. organizers say after almost twot months since d.c. police shote and killed him there are still l far too many questions.ns. protesters say they can't stopan and they won't stop. s they expect this to be the the largest mobilization yet foror tonight from seven physical phyi 10:00 p.m. >> 45 degrees on monday morning. pre election monday. monda >> chilly out that this morning. let's see.s se sunrise was aches 42:00 this ths morning. >> yeah. >> sunset will be at 5:01at1 tonight. so clocks back and everythingg shifted accordingly.ccordingly. 47 in washington.47 in washin it's going to be coogl one day.d yesterday made it to 70.o 7 today more like 60 for daytime highs.hi 43 dulles and 44 up in i baltimore.baltimore.
8:07 am
he radar nothing but sunshine bh beautiful day.ay rain free for the most parttar cloud free a few clouds thiss afternoon but noticeably coolere than yesterday.rday. low 60 force daytime highs. hhs quick look at the seven day.ay don't have to give it all away.a >> for free. >> yeah. there you go. 68 tomorrow forer election day.d our best chance for shower thisi week will be wednesday and thend cooler air next weekend. those numbers might be up to thh mid 60s. 60s. more like 50.e 50. >> for a high?h? >> um-hmm. >> we're almost at thanksgivingg >> i yeah. we're getting there.e ge we need eating weather. >> you got that right.right. hibernation.rnat ananks, tuck. >> check in with erin and get ah look a et your commute thiss morning. >> keeping an eye the roadsng we'r an e seeing a big jack up.u you can see right now gw parkwaw from inside the bell way down tw the key bridge really heavy. through vienna 66 eastbound heavy through falls charge in cn arlington delays linger and 3953 from the bottom of the beltway w up to the 14th street bridge bdg very clove slow.lo 295 northbound from the bottombo of the beltway tott the 11th street bridge jams up and the
8:08 am
the third street tunnel slow.lo let's see if we can take live look outside.side. to 70 on the southbound sided si crawling along past father fathe hurley boulevard from 70 on doww to the spur we're just seeing very slow conditions.ditions. earlier crash by 80 and urbanaaa cleared another crash out by 121 cleared out of the way. however you're still in for about 60 minute delay from 70 tt the belt across the legion lio bridge the inner loop is jammede up. back to our maps, 95 on theonhe northbound side slow movingw mov traffic making eighty four waygf crash by route 1 cleared buted t volume remains. metro is on time except forxct safetrack and keep in mind ifndf you're take the marc train tra brunswick line has a 30 minute delay. >> still ahead this morninghis i mystery unfolding in california. a mother of two goes out for a jog, disappears.. hasn't been seen since last week.week could her husband hold the clueu that leads to her return.etn. >> suspected serial killer behind bars in south carolina.a. the mounting evidence against a him is next.n: i hil
8:09 am
leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. >> authorities that northernho california searching for a mother of two missing for nearly a week.riforntwo sherri papino last seen joggingg on august 2nd.ust 2n her husband came home from worko to find the house emp she had not picked up the kids k from daycare. sandra and volunteers doingtes whatever they can to find thath missing >> the longer that someone is missing, um, that's verys ver critical time within the first,r
8:10 am
and the more people we can getec out there, the best chance wehac have at finding her.. >> authorities say they havehori received more than 100 tips but they have no suspects.. disturbing developing storyl out of south carolina. todd cole help will stay behindh bars after confessing to killing seven people.neo police found a 30-year-old womaw chained up on his property at at storage container.ontainer police say he shot and killed her boyfriend, her body was w found on the property along with the remains of another person. o those who know him surprised.. big concerns in oklahoma this morning.thisorni earthquake rattle add key oil hub. 5.0 quake near curb hit justrbis before 8:00 last night. night felt in other states includingng texas. caused quite a bit of damage to buildings a few people had minor injuries but 60 million barrelsl of crude oil are held in aboveve ground storage tanks. tan no damage to that reported.ted. >> miss sorey a father killedhel two sons before taking his ownnh life.
8:11 am
police say the father abductedud the children from theirmhe grandmother at a park in st.ark louis.. authorities spent hours lookingn for the three of them. them once officers found them policel approached the dad who shot anda killed his children beforere turning the gun on himself.imlf a georgia sheriff'sff's department mourning the loss ofo one its own after a deputy iss shot and killed respond owing ai neighborhood dispute. second deputy was shot and injured.ju the officers immediately camelyc under fire once they got on the scene. scene. they returned fire it's uncleari if the suspect was shot, nearby hospital.ta us ally troops working withw iraqi forces closing in on isis today.da they targeted militants withiltw heavy fire in a town just east s of mosul.os. explosions and smoke have beenme rising from the town al day. mosul is the last big strong stn hold for isis. but allied forces say taking tag back control of smaller towns on the outskirts of the city williw help them weaken the terror group.. nascar legend stopped by s b
8:12 am
>> dale earnhardt, jr. caughtjrc speeding. did he get a ticket? that's a t ahead.. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, held by gary watson. fly, gary, fly. his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song. his sister can live stream it while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder.
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month online for the first year.
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>> beautiful morning. b real pretty. rgeous.s.eaut >> did we hit freezing out in the suburbsut this morning out y dulles.du >> manassas and i think 37 at dull lose.e. >> wow.>>ow >> 45 reagan national airport.r. >> getting to be that time timem
8:15 am
right. >> yes. not as warm as yesterday. warm as 70. 7 it to we're just going to dance? >> remix.ix. >> okay. oy >> yesterday we hit 70.0 today about 10 degrees cooler.r. low 60s.0s. >> okay. beautiful weekend. >> i guess we don't haveav >> no. something happened with the picture. so i guess maybe we'll get ig tp later.later. >> we'll just anticipate aticipa little --little - >> maybe after our producerft oo cecelia. >> good.>> i need cuteness this morning. mg 47 in washington. pittsburgh 43 where they'rety're practicing their kick.ick. right, steve?? >> anybody could do better thana what we saw yesterday when ithe comes to the kicking departmentp >> what was the name of youre n kicker. >> we actually should try thatrt today, tucker, ourselves. oursev >> it was comical. i think you'd make that's's h he basically kicked behind hisds g.g. >> right. >> the ravens game yesterday.tey tucker played soccer. plad so i guarantee decked a better jobj >> i feel like a lot of people.e
8:16 am
better contact than that.ha >> maybe he can try it gone dayd today.y >> let me dot weather heredot we quickly. looking sunny and bright.anrigh. it's basically a nice looking lg forecast here. low 60 today's.ay's looks great tomorrow foreat tomo election day.w uppeonr 60s. it will be cool tonight. cold in the suburbs again by aib tomorrow morning.ning and there's your week.eek. looks like our best chance for r shower this week will be thi wednesday. we need the rain.e . dry fall this year.. >> thank you >> check in with erin. >> i don't want to jinx it but t it's been a relatively quietuiet morning. [ applause ] >> metro no delays except forxcf safetrack. >> people probably stillti sleeping that extra hour.r. >> if you're out bound we'llreut move over to the roads shown yoy the places we can see you in tht camera and your strut is on point. [ laughter ] >> oh, boy. boy. >> okay. oy. gw parkway slow 123 to the rowsr vessel bridge.dg
8:17 am
66 east and westbound through tu west falls church jamming up. u. i hate when i make myself laugh with my own joke. i have no excuse for that. >> okay.>> >> that's going to happen everyn now and tg hen.tohen. >> okay. th's t true. cabin john, clara barton, riverr road jamming up. 66 eastbound 234 to 28 not looko sewing hot congestion rightgestt there. through fairfax.thugh little bit of better conditions loosening up on the roadsds through annandale from theale ft mixing bowl up towards 66 heavy traffic 395 remains he about a 20 minute delay from th bottom of the beltway to the the 14th street bridge. northbound maryland from thefroe north icc down a lot off congestion.coon bw parkway not better. better. heavy on the southbound side asa you head through beltsville thil morning.morn let's hop outside. 95 northbound in virginia from stafford up through lorton lightened up.ghteup to 70 southbound not the casendc this is by father hurley.y. steady flow of congestion fromno 70 down to the spur.pu
8:18 am
minutes northbound side lookingo good. top side of the beltway a look l at the outer loop day from 95 to georgia by new hampshire,re average speeds under 10 miles an hour. metro on time.e. except for safetrack surge 10ur1 impacting the red lines with buses romaine train service out by noma. by noma. more traffic in a few.rafficn a >> emergency cuteness. >> yay! >> got a birthday. we got to do thi photo of the day. >> ?? >> we deliver. we got darrin ton and diana coming up. they're not twins that doesn't n mean they're not super cute. >> it huer doesn't.oe. >> siblings, right.>> sibling >> really cute.s,lly cu. y. okay. >> their brother and sister.. >> today is darren ton's fifth birthday. >> happy birthday. birthda >> happy birthday!irda
8:19 am
>> aww. >> here's what they love.e's wht they love school and playingng outside.. their entire family watches foxf news in the morning.ning love e it. >> yeah. >> have a super day.r da. what cute ages five and four.ou >> glad we got that in. i >> i hope they grow up just as a close as they are right now. n that's a super cute picture anda great big happy >> awesome. hope you all have a fantasticstc day today.od all right. 13 and 14 years from now theyowe can vote, al.can vote, a >> election day right around the corner. is tomorrow but do you know whaa else is on your ballot? there e are congressional races senate n race in maryland and ballot balo measure that sparking someing me debate.bate do you care about any of these.e >> bob barnard is finding out o live in fairfax county this morning. he's beenrn sifting throughng tr ballots to find out what else is good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morninggo.odn. forget trump and clinton in fairfax county it's a proposedd meals tax. tax 4% county meals tax that wouldwl be added on to the state salestl tax. tax.
8:20 am
church, fairfax city, arlingtonn county, not in prince william, i not in loudoun county, but fairfax county again voters ver tomorrow will be asked whetherbw they want to add 4% meals tax tx that would mainly go to education, 70% of the revenues r would go to public schools. 30% for county service fairfax board of supervisors placed it e on the ballot they could raiseli nearly a $100 million a year aea with an added up to 4% meals mea tax. basically it w to 5-dollar bill. $50 tab it would add $2 and $2 we're talking restaurants not grocery stores.. and at a convenience store ifone you had preparedni food, yes, le say from a deli that would carrr the 4% meals tax but nothing else. we asked some folks here ihop ii alexandria what they think abouo this proposal. >> if it's paid for education, i definitely support that' because
8:21 am
students who are, hooks areok a willing to be more educated and i always support that. >> i don't see a thing wrong with that see. i don't see a thing wrong withah that at all. >> goes for education primarily. >> anything to help the kids,e d good education. that's good. gd. i worked in the school system for 25 years on the board of another thing to help the kidshd is good. >> i don't think so. i because if they really want to o make a difference in educationti they would already.ey would a you know what i mean? lrea like, think the government has enoughs money to make a difference. >> reporter: so pins herese split on this fairfax county cnt ballot i will tell you guys a voter statewide in virginia are going to be asked whether they support what would be a constitutionalua amendment here in virginia thata
8:22 am
first responder, police officer, firefighter, urban search and s rescue team member, the widow of anyone of those first responders killed in the line of duty would not have to pay property taxes t for the rest of their lives, les guys much that's somethings somi that's on the ballot statewidete here in virginia. >> all right.>> all rig important issues.importan folks need to know about.know at this presidential election isn i just taken front and center. >> forefront no doubt.oro >> still ahead this mornings mng sweater website back up ande ba running.ruin went down briefly this morning.r was hacked.d. >> dale earnhardt gets caughtrdu speeding but i mean are we we surprised? probably forgot. [ laughter ] ?? i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them
8:23 am
blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
8:24 am
vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. hoeber will defund planned parenthood, threatening cancer screening. said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a ncrease of chemical weapons. we need john delaney. a family man and entrepreneur, he built two respected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for us ahead of partisan politics. john: i'm john delaney
8:25 am
eve and we'll get a visit from d.c. mayor muriel bowser.dal ger the mayor will be with us on us good day at 9a. 9 not only will we talk about thet election but we'll also ask thee mayor about filling two of the t top jobs that are vacant rightat now in the the police chief and thelice cea school's chancellor and why oneo of those may be more of a priority than the other. >> well, he's known for going gg fast and when you're a race carr driver it's kind of what you do. certainly troop for daleop f earnhardt, jr., apparentlyentl pulled over for speeding while i driving to a race at the texas
8:26 am
wasn't going there to actually l race because he is sitting out t the season with a his fiance' amy in the car witht him posted the picture on twitter of the police officerhef writing him out what ended upp being a did he not get fine and of course her caption was my littll speed racer and al i was looking at that picture before, what w kind of car is that, is that abu wick. >> it looks like abu wick.okli >> sounds like abu wickk >> right. the folks at sporting news saide it was abu wick awsnd they did t no way to tell how much he was speeding but he got a >> nice looking good car the dashboard.d >> wood grain. wd g fancy. >> you think two if you're a're race car driver you get temptedt on the beltway -- beltway >> that's what i said. i s >> at any time up.t any u >> let me get around this onehin person. .eep on going. >> yeah.h >> it must be hard. bear >> i would think so. >> discipline. 47 now in washington.ashingto cool start to your day.ay cooler afternoon than yesterday. daytime highs low 60s. 60s yesterday we made it to 70 justt
8:27 am
50:00 1:00 p.m. p sunny, bright, beautiful high hg pressure overhead.essu ove next chance for shower will be b wednesday. we need the rain.eed thain. very dry we're ranked in the top 20 for dry falls this point, andnt, a there's really not much rain on that seven day. 62 today.od great tomorrow for election dayy 68, sunshine when you're hangini out side waiting in line thehe weather will not be a problem. . >> which is nice.>> >> good thing. w>> gooin >> let's check in with erin comm get a looks what's happening onh the roads and ra morning. traffic on monday. >> rails have been quiet. we do have marctrafls hav brunse delays because of mechanicalca problem of about 30 minutes.ines as we head for our roads inneron loop delays van doren to 50 we0e have a crash in the delay mix mx from braddock road it's a passing the left lane there keee keep it to the right notice alll that red over 50 across 666 you're in good shape to thehapee legion bridge things jam up inau that usual spot. 66 eastbound 234 to 28 heavy h traffic make sure you give ge yourself about 35 extra minutes
8:28 am
more traffic? must a few moments.
8:29 am
8:30 am
after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig. you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and now republican congresswoman comstock is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible t of this advertising. ?? >> final push ahead of elections day. donald trump, hillary clinton criss-crossing several key battleground states. secretary clinton is bringing out the big stars donald trump is claiming the process is rigged. >> another protest oveh r theahs deatbahtty cl oing fstimin terir the district.e di organizers say after two monthsn since d.c. police shot and killed sterling there are fartel
8:31 am
plus, singer michael pouletu his and wife are devastated after they're small son is s diagnose with cancer.. dr. shilpi be here with us with signs every parent needs to look out for.or >> yesterday donald trump hitonh four different campaign on the trail he took more jabs a at hillary blasted clinton saying she hell not get awayhee with her ?? >> hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek thes office of the presidency of the united states. the investigations who her crimes will go on for a long a long time.e. the rank and file special agents at the fbi won't let her getet away with these terrible crimes. >> today donald trump will makem stops in florida, in north carolina, in pennsylvania, ina,i
8:32 am
michigan. >> well it is one of the biggest campaign twists so far.s ar. a week after turning the announcement that it was was reopening the investigation intt hillary clinton the head the fbf is now essentially saying neverr mind. >> maureen joins us with more on this latest shake up and the nen developments.velo >> james comey through anothernh wrench into this leck cycle whek he issued a letter justus yesterday saying based on his age's review he's not changed the july. about the investigation intoon o clinton's handling classifiedifd e-mails. >> hillary clinton learned about the fbi director james comey's statement just before exitingeng her campaign plane in ohio. campaign staff reading the newsn from a spokesman's iphone. >> we are glad to see that as we were, n he has found as we weree ! that we would came to the conclusions he reach in july ana
8:33 am
>> she was joined by royaltyy ya king james lebron james she didd not address the fbi's decision.c >> i will be on your i will fight for you.. fight for your families. fight for your futures.utes >> ?? >> she started her day in mt. d. airy church of christ in philadelphia.iladelphia in these final days the campaiga is concerned about turning outni among african-american voters and waning enthusiasm in them in wake of fbi director james the anger was palpable inn sighh the philadelphia church early ir the day. >> we saw what the fbi did in martin luther king's day, and, a time telling you right now, whew they come after us, we got to stand together. tet when they come after her, we got to stand with her.. >> this election in many ways is about what kind of future our or country will have.
8:34 am
calling up spectors of our past? >> clinton has delayed on an army of rock star.r. indicate teepee row, jay-z, johj bon jovi, james taylor and beyonce' to get out the race. showing a title race in all keyk battleground states.tates. >> i'm with her.>> i wit [ applause ][ plause ] >> today is the last full day od campaigning for the voters head to the polls pol lot of people are saying not ait moment too soon. >> mo, thanks very much.uc very special fox beat. hi, kevin, good morning. morni isn't snl huge factor in the the political season.eason. they opened up these amazingmang shows with kate and alec. this is the saturday was the w e fifth episode of the season so o far premiering october 1st 1 ever since since then doing thig show in character this decidedec
8:35 am
leople to vote. watch this. >> hillary clinton is the most m corrupt person ever to run for president.ident she's a liar.ia she's a crook.ok >> no. >> frankly she should be in jaio and when i aulm president, i wil assign a special >> no, no new york city,.o, >> to make sure that no she --- >> no. >> she never -- >> i'm sorry, kate, i just hateh yelling all this stuff at youal liketh this. >> yes.>> y i know, right?? >> whole election has been soo mean. >> i feel so gross all the time. don't you feel gross all thel gl time about this?mebout [ applause ] >> what ends up happening theyai actually end up running out ofnf the snl studios and like hugging people in the middle of times square they're holding hands and running together when they getew back into the studio, baldwin bn says it's time to get out theret and vote. none of this will matter if youu don't vote. none of this will have matterede
8:36 am
tell hugh to vote for on tuesday. we get a chance to choose whatoa kind of country we want to livel this tuesday.uesday >> breaking character a rare time. time. >> a cool moment.ool >> it is a cool moment.mome. >> funny to watch. i'm souping they filmed this tfm earlier in the day. day very very cool to see that.. >> speaking of snl -- >> was that a real person? pso >> some of them were planted.. >> honestly, i got to be honests it gave me goose bumps becauseec you just sort of wish that somee t and some of the, you know, justj these words that are really, it, will last.ll las i wonder how we're going to hea on wednesday. >> it will be cool to see themoh do that in real life.eal life. you know what, let's just hold h on for a second here. h >> it would be cool. it wod be . >> it would be very cool. vy col dave chappelle hosting saturdaya night live with musical guest g tribe cold quest i'm very veryev excited about. a both making their snl debut. tribe was nounsing new albumg nb this friday which is going to be released this been almost 20 years since theyy
8:37 am
obviously sadly five dog passs add way in march but left aeft blueprint for the al come ase as q-tip says on his facebook pagee i think dave chappelle will do a phenomenal job as host.s i watched all of this comedy ced central shows.ra i have the box set but tribeutre called request for me, you knowo i grew up on a lot of hip hahn and love the low end theory soho much. i'm hoping they do a medley of scenario and all the classic songs award tour can i kick it.k i would love to hear >> i know q-tip. q-tip. let me give him a call.all they'll do that saturday night and they have a new album cominn out on friday. i want to hear scenario. >> chilly too on the walk end. we'll all be watching snl. >> dave chappelle is back. b >> do you watch snl, i know dono you,, kev >> i do. i've been watching more this moi season i think.ason thi >> right. i watch it on on tur >> maybe i'm missing out. >> baldwin and mckinnon are perfect.
8:38 am
saturday. >> i'm out late. i don't get back to after 2:00. >> it's one or the other. t ba ckwe'll let tonhee or p oeople . 47 in washington.ashito 32 in binghamton.ton it's chilly this morning. morni overnight lows in the 30s for0s parts of the and low 30s culpeper manassasans frederick all touching thein freezing mark early this morning. we're not tracking much of anything locally here. satellite/radar nice andnot ytht some clouds offshore but we'reet looking at sunshine and low 60ss for daytime hig should be beautiful afternoon ar but cooler than yesterday. yestd sundown tonight at 5:01 so y may get sun glare if you'll ber' out on the roads later thiss afternoon.te all right. erin, do you want saturday nighn live. live. >> i watch the clips on mondayho morning. >> okay. >> let me just tell you tucker with the sunsettingjust earliery can better justify your 8:30 8:3 bedtime on the weekends.. >> nobody said i was doing thati >> just kidding.. >> just teasing you.ust >> steve said it. ste sai >> tucker is 85 years old.. >> oh, my goodness.. >> he's 85.s 8 >> i'm just teasing.asng. he's out in the clubs until 2:32 in the morning. mni >> thank you very much, erin.
8:39 am
train malfunction at franconia. watch for that. orange line midday delays this week train single track betweenn cheverly and new carrollton station.atio taking orange line during theinu day keep in mind you can seean metro delays there. there aside from that we have safetrack -- i don't know what happened to the maps. there we go--. ihappenwe go. noma gallon debt to fort tottent on the red line buses replacing trains use the green or yellowel line to get around that brookland and rhode island station will be closed. c shuttle buses there. 270 remains parked outer loopp heavy from before 95 over to the spur. spur 95 southbound coming down from baltimore. to the capital beltway delays d there. more traffic in a few.reraff back to you guys. >> still ahead roll estate hairi and suspected killer robertler r durst the making his first his r appearance in la courtroom. >> police in peru clash witheru protesters during an anti bullnu
8:40 am
city of lima.
8:42 am
hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. head down to lima, peru.ow police clashed with animal rightsn la activshe visit outsi bull ring, the police onole horseback used rubber bullets be and tear gas to force the the protesters to disperse.isperse. at least four people were hurt. peru holds more than 500 bull00l fighting events every year.r that's more than any other latil american country.ry
8:43 am
is the expected to be form nalll larged in los angeles today forr the 2000 sand murder of susan burr ban. investigators believe he killede her because she knew something i about the 1982 disappearance ofo his wife kathleen.hlee the case was rekindled a year ya ago after hbo ran a series burst the uttered the words "killed "l them all, of course".e". something many believe was a confession.on. twitter website back up andd running now after going downng d briefly this morning. twitter confirming site hacked but other web sites who track hack attack say their sits was hit for a few minutes around 1:30.1:30. 8:43. still ahead a cancer diagnosisac for singer michael about play's' young son. >> the warning signs parentsns r need to look out for coming up next.
8:44 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
8:45 am
dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back ramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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>> here's a look at the potomaco this morning. lowlegreokes creeping up slowlya and slowly. how high will we go? your y answer is coming up in just 10 >> steve, the answer is not ast high as yesterday.high low 60s later sunny and cool but beautiful.eaf very pleasant afternoon withh lots of sunshine and light windw here out of the north. nor 47 now in washington.ashiton. chilly overnight.rnight in fact parts of the area, manassas, culpeper, frederick,,
8:47 am
morning.g. annapolis 48 degrees. 46 in leonard down. cool conditions for all of usf much lots of sunshine.ine look how quite up in the easters seaboard we look great.rdok g our next chance for rain won'tnn get here until wednesday withsdt weak cold front. etterweetee getting b organized out across centralen sections of the country when that arrives wednesday, maybe ay few showers, but until then,hen, high pressure just dominatingg our weather and delivering ainga couple of very typical afternoons here for early ear november with highs expected toe be in the low 60s in the 40s. let me mention tomorrow for ouro election day it looks a littletl warmer. so it should be very very be ryv pleasant out.ut. with daytime highs in the upper 60s.s. and if you're one of the lucky ones getting a three-day weekene friday, saturday, sunday allll look good. gd. cold temperatures by saturdayret and sunday may not get out ofetf the low to mid 50s by saturdayy afternoon overnight lows closeso to freezing by sunday morning.. >> that's a weather update,pde, steve.
8:48 am
>> we'll toss it next door righr now find out what's coming uping few minutes on good day dc.ay d what's up, wisdom and holdly? >> hey, steve, good morning to you. flip the make those magic words appear.pp right now. thank you very much.thank you vr >> with that, we wily mul say ii the final countdown on the thist election eve, of course, andoue, good day d.c. has you cover. >> fox5 election team has everye angle the best coverage the best news team. team. we have what you need to know in the first five minutes.e first >> on good day d.c.,fi d.c. mayr this morning and of course sheee picked fox5 first there she is s live in our green room.. all ready. r she's join us to talk about a at bevy of topic really at 9a. 9a. >> she's not by herself alsosela live in the loft at 9:51 of thee biggest names in d.c. go-go music and that's entire sceneire we're talking about antoine aoi glover and he's getting a bignd' honor of his own because he's h' going to have his custom brand patrick i wassing sneaker. sne a big deal.eal
8:49 am
may have seen him in the wire as well. >> that's awesome. we're not done yet.we>>wee no this picture has gone take look. we have the high school friends who came up with this touchingig photo shoot hopefully we have wh it. if we don't, stay tuned.y tun we'll have them and the photo p coming up.p. >> right. >> good day dc the originall often imitated but never everver ever ever ever duplicated. we'll see you in a few minutes. >> stick and stay.ndta don't go anywhere. we're right here. ?? his wife are devastated theird small son has been diagnosedn dn with can. the singer is canceled pendingen work commitments includingncludg promoting his new album nobody d but me. three-year-old know what isha i being treated in the unitedheni states for an undisclosed type e of cancer. can cancer in children is theren ist leading cause of death by b disease after infancy. nearly 16,000 children a year up to age 19 are diagnosed with cancer but nearly 80% achieve
8:50 am
milestone. among the most common types ofm childhood and add less acceptcet cancer, leukemia, brain and a nervous system tumors, boneors, cancer and lymphoma. researchers at the nationalheiol cancer institute say the causesu of childhood cancers are often illusive. some children inherent a genetit mutation or other medicaled condition that may increasencre their cancer risk.. but like adults it appears most childhood cancers are the result of gene mutations that allow all cell eventually becoming cancer. >> on the news just devastatingi i can even imagine.gine. we'll talk more now about childhood cancer.r. joining us now as she does on mondays dr. shilpi agalwar a physician board certified inerei family medicine. i mean it's hard to evens hard e imagine, right.ine, right >> it is. such a sad story. story especially because that these tt beginning they really weren'teay sure what was going on with w little noah they found out thatt it is some type of a cancer. they think they'll continue tot
8:51 am
>> um-hmm. >> when it comes to childhood>>o cancers, they can, hard toar diagnosis because we see thatwe young children, they get sick gk often, they have viruses andirua bacteria. >> right. omcan be vptoms can be very similar.. >> so the treatment, though, i mean, you hear about adults adus going through chemo andh emo radiation, and what it does tooo the body to get you well. wl. how can a child go through thisi is the treatment the same.reatm. >> the treatments for pediatricr or childhood cancers areance actually a little bit more me esgressive. and the reason is, the children's resilient and able to actually recover from those t chemotherapies and radiation rii better than an adult body. b >> is that right?>> is th thahat is true. despite them being so little we think they may not be able to hasn't it but all the treatments are generally more aggressivessv for children.ld now, the other thing to note inn terms of these pediatric cancern is that allison, the survivalvi rate so the five and 10 yearea survival rate is a lot higher lg for these so that'sr a great thing. thi. >> that's good news. ns.
8:52 am
these more aggressive treatmentr is that so residential optionidn for that. >> are kids pre disposed or having higher risk factors thana other kids. >> we know that a lot of these cancer us a mention are becauseu of genetic mutations.. with that being said children ce who have down syndrome, for example, who are up to 20% more% likely to develop all or different type of leukemia and then also, mothers who were w exposed to radiation when they t were pregnant x-ray, ct scanst c they can also increase their ncerer. that's why we raully insist when you you are pregnant try tont tt avoid all different kinds ofnt radiation whether it's at the dentist getting x-rays or-r getting a routine screening. you want to save those till either after you're pregnant orr plan them in advance.indvan >> often though you don't evendn know you're pregnant. y you fine out you're pouregnant.e >> it is true. >> your symptoms as a >> it's hard to kind of keep k that going in terms of knowingfg when you should and shouldn't st get get >> right.>> r >> certainly if there's any
8:53 am
costs that can really causelly damage later on. it's important to also note thaa these young children they do eno up getting side effects thingshi like nausea, vomiting, mouthouth sores. but they end up recoveri better from them and doctors aro very careful not to target other organs that are developing theyy have young bodies so things likl the thyroid, the chest, theyst t keep track of those and try to avoid harming other orgoneser og other than the they're targeting. >> let's talk about the these t symptoms. this is what people want tos but it' my child has this dodge theys d have cancer? we need to let people know what the real symptoms are and maybe they can get them to the doctorre and sor >> can we talk about these? >> if you ever notice on your ou child any lumps or enlarged glands or lymph nodes especially in the groin and in the neck area, the groin as children agee isn't it place a where a lot oft parents check make sure if youru kids in diaper you check for cck those lumps and bumps.
8:54 am
even if they're normally doingoi things like playing where theyrt would be enjoying that andnjoyia they're very fussy during thoseg times. it's important to have themmpor tantevaluated. unexplained fevers.ever many times you go to the doctorc and they say these are viralal but i always say, as a parent trust your inter tuition ifuion something doesn't seem right ana you've taken them to the doctor. tell them back after a little bit if you feel it's not -- your questions aren't being answerede try for a second opinion. opinin some of these things can getet missed it's very very importanta for us to kind of trust our instinct and gets evaluated. >> thanks for being here.for g e such a tough topic. top >> of course. >> all love and prayers go to gt every family dealing witheang childhood cancer. >> definitely. definitel >> okay. steve, over to you. thanks, doctor.> thanks time for our facebook f, an of t day. da lighten things up a little bitit with ronell jackson much she's a real jazzy lady today. herer birthday. happy birthday, ronell.on she is turning the bi five-zero. very special birthday. hope you have a great onery s.eo
8:55 am
can't start the day withoutithot watching us. find out what's going on in town and around the world.ld thanks for your loyal tieoy t ronell. we hope you have a very veryyouv happy birthday. bth tuck will set you up way niceayc birthday forecast today, too. >> okay, my turn, thanks, steve. let's get you weather update upe here.he. 49 degrees that update as ofe a 9:00 a.m.0 a.m starting to warm up.arting to winds out of the north northeasr at 12. 1 humidity is low.ow. 52%. we are setting up for another52n daytime highs in the low to, well, i want to say upper 50ser5 and low 60s.. about 10 degrees cooler thanr tn yeerday.y. otherwise bright sunshine, highn pressure right overhead we'll w' deliver not only nice one todayy but great looking day forokin dy election day and then we'll getg some showers just a few showers this won't be a terribly wet wednesday. but we'll get a few showers wits that cold front on wednesday.ay there you go. your seven day.seveday 62 today.od we warm it up.m it up. warm day of the week tomorrowomo for election day 68.8.
8:56 am
right cold temperatures five tot den degrees below normal by next weekend.eken daytime highs may not get out ot the low 50s overnight lose closs to freezing by sunday morningy i for just about everybody. so good snuggle weather, erin. >> yes. i love snuggle weather.wer >> do you. >> i watched three movies this i weekend. seemed like the perfect weatherc r ththat. >> you need cats to snuggle with. with. >> yes. i think that was a cat lady joke.k that ke i'll led it slide i think you meant it with rianght now 66 typical delays lingerin suddenly. you can see brake lights. light from this point through aboutouo 28, you need about 15 extra minutes. s. westbound side wide openside wep beautiful sunny commute for youu monday morning. also seeing some reallying rea slow-moving conditions 395 northbound.hb this is at 27 as you passass pentagon towards the 14thdshe 1 reetet bridge. still heavy congestion there.he southbound side of 395 lookingog good. go things are looseningod up on tht outbound by new hampshire avenue from 95 to georgia it's about at 15 minute delay because of o congestion left.
8:57 am
295 jams um from 50 you can seee heavy traffic a lot of brake of lights there passed pennsylvania avenue. some extra time needed there. td 295 on the northbound sideund sd sluggish towards the 11th 11t street bridge.ridg northbound side of 295 looking i good and if you're take the takt orange line midday singleingl tracking out by new carrollton otherwise right now safetrack st work impacting the red line. l keep it to fox5 news morning. mi
8:58 am
8:59 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
9:00 am
?? straight ahead, one day t left. >> this election is a moment of reckoning. >> hillary clinton and donald d trump visiting the balance ban ground states with hours leftef until voters hit the polls.. >> right now, she's being protected by a totally rigged system.em >> donald trump a midnightt cowboy arriving in virginia hours late for rl slamming the latest fbi report r clearing clinton of any chargesg a move that could play aurara major role on the election outut come. come we'll have the very latest asess the candidates criss-cross thesc country. plus, d.c. mayor murieliel bowser is here to talk about the city's massive early voting turr out and get up an update on the search to fill two top spots ini her administration.trion. former attorney general janet reno dead at the age of 78. 78


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