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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  November 8, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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will end and i want to you understand our work together will be just beginning. >> we're hours away from a once in a lifetime change. we'll have real change not obama change. the wait is over election day 2016 officially underway. hillary clinton and donald trump campaign down to the wire and results are now in the hands of millions of voters. >> at poling centers in d.c., maryland and virginia and we want to hear how your election day experience is going. tweet us use #"fox5" vote? and good news is it's a beautiful day in washington d.c. on this tuesday november 8 election day. there's a live look at white house and fall colors behind it and chilly this morning and beautiful day for voting. warm and traffic on the fives 7:05. >> i'm allison seymour.
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hillary clinton waking up in new york this morning arriving back at newark airport overnight after a late-night rally in north carolina. she got back a few hours ago:30 a.m. before that a star-studded rally in philadelphia. appearances for president obama michelle obama and singer bruce spring teen and jon bon jovi. he is also set to spend election day in new york and big apple this morning. >> we'll be 15 problems from each other in new york city as they watch election results come in from cam pain headquarters. >> poll as cross the country including right here in our area are now on. that means it's decision time. >> while start with the fox doug luzader if a voting precinct in berk, virginia. >> voting has begun here in virginia and this is a state
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it's now reliably democratic and it will give us answers on disphobia. >>. >> an a resounding clinton victory. bear in mind during the primaries dixville thought this would be a race between bernie sanders and john kasich. >> no one up monday morning and wish we did more right? >> she went well past midnight campaigning in north carolina after a massive rally in. >> trump was bunking mid light are we crazy, is this crazy. >> the map is shifting in his favor with fox decision desk
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republican. and the good news for clin top the map still favors democrats offing a number of pams to victory. florida is the one. if she holds them off in florida, it's over early. >> and then there is congress and republicans likely to keep majority ft. house. and but the senate is where the action will be. and democrats need to pick up just five seats to take control and republicans have more seats to depend. >> reps need -- it's more likely that democrats take the senate by very, very, very narrow margin. >> some senate races will be fascinating to watch tonight. it comes down to turnout and antidote alley speaking we have seen a long line at this presivrpingt this morning. in fairfax county, virginia, doug luzader, fox news. >> and so doug is inberg, virginia. let's get to other areas. across the dmv.
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again our voting, mo. >> good morning, allison, steve, polls opening across the district and jan call hmentry school and before the building was on to come for their chance to vote this morning. it's a subdued looking that people are louis looking your vote. you can see the line snaking out the door at this poling place. i can not tell you poling officials have been ready. they've been checking equipment and checking documents and they have been pretty much preparing for this for quite sometime showing up right bright and early to make sure everything was in order. again here in d.c. you can register the same day to vote. and if you have not done so. if you do need to do that you need a couple pieces of id the government issued id or paycheck perhaps or utility
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current utility poll. the polls on 7:00 and close at 8:00. plenty of time to get around the numerous places in the district i can see now so far so good and let's check in with my colleague bob barnard in maryland and montgomery count for how voting is going there, bob? >> reporter: well, here in maryland we're at paint branch elementary school in college park. and there's 50 people online when we got here quarter of 7. and the doors opened exactly 7:00 everything here's my first voter in this presikt here in maryland on election day. there's two votes up for grabs until the presidential race here and most polls showed hillary clinton about 60% right now. about the you never know.
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be exact since maryland wept republican. that was first george w. bush, h.w. bush in 1988. so, maryland is considered not a battle ground state but you don't know it's not until they vote. just started here. polls on to 8:00. if you're in line at your poling place at 8:00 you will get to vote guys. there's also a set at race to bill he'd of retiring voting has begun here in the state of maryland. >> bob, thank you very much. well, of course, "fox5" is the only resource you need on this election day and into election night. >> check out coverage plan right here. live on the care tonight until 5 to 8 p.m. including tem coverage in new york city. "fox5" melanie alnwick and tom fitzgerald are in the big apple now having bringing a theft later this evening. >> as those result are coming
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and our news app good and on facebook. we'll have live coverage all night long. you can't miss a moment of the action. >> full presidential results on "fox" news 10 and 11 we'll have a huge team including experts and analysis to break have a huge team including experts and analysis to break dhoun historic day >> 7:307 now, one thing that aside from chill in the air this morning should be a great day. >> we're all winners. it is cold this morning. overnight lows in the 0s for a good part of the area. yes, however what they say about 0 and sunshine. let's show you you the numbers. the forecast 68 this afternoon. a beautiful day. you want a jacket or winter coat early here. 21 washington.
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last hour dulles was 29 and 0 there and 27 par continuesburg and fredericksburg now 33. 36 leonardtown. frost and freeze advisory for good part of 95 corridor this morning. once we get a chance to warm up the atmosphere a bit it should be a beautiful afternoon. the rain holds off until tomorrow. more of that coming up. 6 beautiful election day weather-wise. >> the roads are but look at that yellow off and on delays because of stop and go traffic and congestion as you make your way frederick to urbana to montgomery county and passing through gaithersburg and rockville. you need 25 extra minutes to get from 70 to spur. once you get to topside of
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route one to georgia avenue. starting to see congestion grow. bw parkway northbound past powder mill road con greingt john voting in typical spot will as well heading towards baltimore. 9550 inbound through chefly. back to you allison >> 7:09 let's check out the other stories. and missing 1-year-old girl. 17-year-old carly shanks was last seen on october 30 at home in warrington. police believe she made be with an 18-year-old hunter andrews. shank's family said she left her cellphone and purse at home. any with information is asked to call the.
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shooting of a woman in gainsville in a parking lot. brian christopher eu was involved in shooting death of lindsay familiar. she was shot in her car atlas walkway. she knew familiar and ising being held on bond. >> polls for dmv earlier this morning. hem shem live in mcclain with more on what voters need to rock the vote. . >> we're experienceing a small lull. i can tell you there's been a steady stream of voters through the doors at langley high school for two voting prepink all the morning long. then they had 350 people come tomb through the stores to do their homework and 4 people a
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this is the second place we've about to in this their emmost of these voters mind care about the outcome. in tenth congressional district it's been equally heated race. we saw luann bennett casting her ballot. many of us have seen a slew of negative addseded. >> i feel look i i apologize for being up in the air and invading space. i'll be glad when that part of it is over. polls are on until 7 p.m. tonight in sir vir as long as you are in line at 7:00 you will be allowed to vote. again make sure you bring your id with you as well. for now live in mcclain at langley high school, anjali hemphill, fox news. >> tim kaine seen there wrok
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university in northern virginia. >> let's check some of the other topper didn'ts. >> incredible images pretty scairy. we'll share. >> later months after a seep. >> her family threatening legal action if certain changes are not made. >> we're getting picture and tweets and facebook meping from all of you tell the story on this election day. eastern, voting in fredericksburg is chilly out there. love to see you're up early this morning. >>. >> you were right, out the door.
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>> happening now incredible images out of japan after a massive sinkhole opens up in the heart of a major city there. evacuation order are underway. power, water and gas have been cut off in the air and it happened southwest of tokyo in front of subway largest front of subway largest station. construction near the station may be blamed and incredibly no one was hurt. >> amazing. wow. >> the sewer lines right off there too. >> nice day outside tuck. >> chilly. >> more than chilly. >> down right cold here temperatures in the 20s here. i suspect the coldest temperatures we've had so far this season. currently 41 city. you want a jacket the next couple hours. we're going to soar our
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to 0s later this afternoon. pointsing out weather-wise election day will not -- weather will not be a factor for election for most of country as we look at fairly you quiet conditions and chilly out to the west. and as far as rain or big storms we really don't have any on the map. we'll look at sunshine today. upper 60s to 70s this afternoon and remaining dry later today this afternoon. we'll get clouds. and we will have showers for the morning commute. 4 hours from now tomorrow morning when you ready for school -- otherwise quiet week and we mentioned quickly, chilly weekend, three day weekend weekend for pan iy of you.
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i feel like it's not a typical morning commute. >> schools are crossclaimed represent they. >> for he election day and a lot of folks may leave earlier to get their snrot this morning. taking the blue line malfunction franconia and largo to the blue line in addition to safe track work. we've been keeping an eye at for the to the ep and you can always use green or yellow as alternate around brookyln and rhode island red line closed free shuttle service stopping at closed stations. 270 southbound volume building and it's kind of dismateed in frederick once you get to montgomery county slow roll of 20 minute delay towards spur down there. now we're also seeing heavy volume as we make the way to outer loop route 1 over to george a. it's a 25 to 30 minute delay with congestion. kip call slow role there. heavy volume increasing and bw
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baltimore melt way this morning. you hit stop and go traffic past humid powder mill road. 50 inbound inside beltway through chefly slow and new york avenue jammed past bladeensburg and suitland parkway slow to south capitol and inside beltway inner loop slow. suitland parkway 290 slow there. allison and steve. >> develop thling morning one person dead and followinging alleged subway incident in new york city times square train platform yesterday and police believed the victim was standing on the platform when the suspect lunthed at the victim pushing them into the tracks. no word if the suspect and victim knew each other. >> investigators in south carolina found a third body on property linked to 7 murders and a woman found chained
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>>ed to kohlhepp. >> and a man was arrested at the column biss airport yesterday because officials say he was added to join isis. the 20-year-old admitted to sending nonisis recruiter and planning travel to libya to join a terrorist group. he could face 20 years in prison. >> more fall quout for video of a hager town girl pepper sprayed and handcuffed by police officers. teen and family now threatening to sue the hagerstown police department unless new police training procedures are put in place. the department says incident began after the girl hit a car while riding her bike. when they tried to question her officers say she refused to get into the patrol car. the teen was charged with assault and marijuana possession. those charges were later dropped. >> good news bad news for wizard star john wall though the good news will long out last the bad in this case. details ahead. >> first a live look at poling stations on in our area.
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about election day freebies about election day freebies where you can score the deals next.
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>>thon election day all polls are on now and you're seeing that he cross the dmv. virginia on bright and early 6:00 this morning and maryland and washington d.c. following suit just about 2 minutes ago at 7 a.m.
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to cast your vote look at all the wonderful pictures we're seeing here. >> folks out early 4:30 this morning. >> thanks for sending that. >> curled up in bed and voted early. i did one of those two things. voted early in maryland too. >> all right, nicole saying i voted last week i'm watching from comfort of my bed. i wanter if that's why people did this not to stand if lines. maybe it's not to the stand in the lines today. we voted early mom swag. look at the keep sending pictures in. #fox5 vote. >> plenty incentive if you need more. lots of goodyes out there today. >> plenty of places offering election deals and holly joins us with where we need to look. >> we need free stuff right a lot of options for that today. let's begin with incentive to go to a poling place. zipcar offering free rides in the final hours of voting from 6:00 tonight to 10:00 more than
7:24 am
order to "drive the vote. however, members could begin reserving free cars last week so chances of snagging a free car today actually might be pretty low. have no fear, though, there's plenty of deals out there. how about free access to the gym? work off the voter day stress right? gold's gym offering that deal to anyone who brings in "i voted" sticker today. before you hit the gym score free food need something to free chips and queso if you say make queso great again or i'm with queso or i vote for queso and offering a free side dish nando's fire house subs offering free soda or top you're from my vote with voting sticker and after you cast your vote and get freebies where will you watch results.
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broadcasting results live at blue hand red location in our area. the blue in alexandria since it is south metro blue line and red location in northwest d.c. at the gallery near friendship heights metro stop on the red line of course. >> plenty of option. >> today and you know it's d.c.. there's political parties tonight. >> i did vote early as well. and i'm kind of dispointed that i threw away my i vote i threw away my i voted sticker. that seems to be key to getting free stuff. >> go find that picture. >> can i show it exactly. >> 7:25 if you need excuse to get out there spend a few minute or hours in the nice weather today up like you that are planners i'm going to wait until last minute to vote. >> i am pro cat nateer but for
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one. >> let's do the forecast. the good news if you are like me waiting in line later today it will be beautiful. winds ounl west at. upper 60s to near 0s and lots of sunshine and stormtracker radar tracking quiet conditions. and clouds off to the west and we will see a few clouds later today as next frontal system this is truly the only real weather maker in the country right now. a very weak cold front across indiana. tomorrow morning we'll have rain showers around. we should get it out by afternoon tomorrow. 7 day. 68 tomorrow and cooler weather tomorrow and mentioned holiday weekend, friday, saturday, surprised, looks quiet and cool and maybe saturday daytime high around 50. erin is back. everybody voted but me. >> i voted friday and you know what it was busy because it was last day d.c. happen hour wait
7:27 am
>> what time are you going tucker. >> late today. >> you let me know. >> 95 northbound dale city to the beltway. stop and go traffic. heavy occoquan through woodbridge and 395 stop and go traffic to the beltway. 395 also bit slow from beltway to 14 street bridge stop and go traffic heaviest on duke street opens up a bit and slow across the 14 street bridge. there freeway looking terrible and we're seeing slow downs in both directions east and westbound by tunnel. 295 slow to 11 street bridge ail son and steve. >> all right. thanks, erin, 7:27 now and election is certainly well underway across the country and what he we can expect from the polls. are they still poling today? have he closed free election polls what about very important swing states we'll take a closer look with pollster at swing states we'll take a closer look with pollster at 7:30 as we head to break a live look at poling places d.c. maryland and require vir, polls now on
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7:27 back after this dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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?? live look at a polling placp right now at 7:30.t now at:3 everything open across the dmvhe t ght now. in virginia 6:00 o'clock this morning.or maryland and d.c. an hour behind. 7:00 a.m. start to the pollingog places long lines already on this chilly election day morning. at 7:30, it is time to casts your vote, america, after presidential campaign today it'a all in your hands. hds there are 226 million adultsdult eligible to vote this year.ea that's up nearly 11 million from the last presidential election.
7:31 am
americans. that could be a bigam boost forf hillary clinton. clion. but turn out is crucial.cial only 48% of hispanic votersot actually voted in 2012. 201 in the final hours of this racec it doesn't look like landslide i for either party.arty. donald trump needs to deliver d knock out blows in a lot ofot of battleground states. stas hillary clinton needs fewer of o them but can't afford to let tot many high electoral votes statee slip through her fingers.. trump polling deficitp pollg weeks with numbers polling polli nearly alongside clinton's. the last polling place closes pe tonight, the election may wellay be decided by the undecidedlyidd the voters who even in the 11th hour have not committed to either major party candidate. so joining us now with moreh is cliff young. yng cliff is the president of public affairs at up suss u.s. a global marketing research andd consulting firm. been polling throughout thenghru presidential race.identi before we bring in our visualinl aids, cliff, are we done with dh
7:32 am
continue today.coue t >> we're polling through the day we're doing same day poll likelk an exit poll, and so we'll havel data around six or seven or sor coming up with profiles and thet reasons why people voted nationally wine state.e >> as far as the polls that led up until the polls opened this morning, let's take look what wk have. start with the battlegroundat states. what did we find. ngwh at aboute polli four to five-point lead for hillary clinton over key i think for everyone is,on what are those battlegroundroun states looking at tonight.on i would say they're threes.rehre three very important ones florida, north carolina and especially ohio those big threer like the big we need to bee looking at.g a trump needs toes three to evenn be competitive tonight. >> as far as these electoralor votes does donald trump need tod win all of these.. >> he needs to win all of those. >> okay. and so, you know, we might knoww early we might not but we mightg know very i would look specifically aty north carolina.arin because it sort of it's split
7:33 am
democratic p we'll put the focuf on north carolina.a. let's talk about the bombshell m events that have happenedapne recently and we've seen a numbee of them in this campaign. campa how much does that influence voters?vors >> high drama in some ways. w they have an effect you have basically you have the fbi probp on the one hand, you had the hot mike issue on the other hand. they haven't affect the shore term. >> peaks and valleys>> representative. aver polls are all over the p place.e. because of these differenthese events negative and positive,osv but over time people forget, just kind of reinforce whetherch you like one candidate anddidata dislike the other.ikthe >> let's talk about unexcitedlyd where are they leaning? theirin sort of split down the middle ml leaning a bit towards -- well, a bit towards clinton right now. but really kind of split downplw the middle. >> all right. what do you think about the gary johnsons, jill steins, the writes in, any impact at all ono this election?lect >> yeah that's great question.uo pollster wes don't like thirdik parties they mess up our pollsos and our projections on electiont day.
7:34 am
to vote for third party but when they get to the poll theyllhe basically opt for one of the twe major parties.ti i think they'll out perform orem over perform in the past, but a loft those people that would wou said they'll vote for thirdrd party probably will break forlyr clinton or for trump.orrump. >> they take votes away who area taking votes away from?ro >> basically even but they takee a little bit more away fromm trump right now.right now >> and the last thing we want tt talk about is turnout.ut. what are we looking as far asfa turnout at the polls and howolls that might impact one candidatei versus a >> that's a great question.ques. basically, turnout is key.ey most of them wrong, it's because weau w goofed with turnout.turn we estimated a turnout that wass too high or too low. l if it's an average turnout 60% % of here's the graph right here,h this is a graph looking at the vote share for clinton versuseru trump. tr if you look down here, 50% turnn out which would be historic low, trump actually but if we're at average aroundro 60% or so the blue line ise hillary clinton line. l we're at the average or blow the
7:35 am
clinton day.clin >> just to be clear this line ia hillary clinton.hillarclin this shrine donald >> red is donald trump.ed is na >> blue is clinton. clint >> the more turnout we get the better that -- tt -- >> goes the other way. gs th more turnout this way the bettet hillary is. so the higher turnout onurno election the higher it is, theii better for hillary clinton andla democrats the lower it is bettes for trump and republicans.ubcan. >> i know you don't have kno concrete answer for this, butr t you've done over 100 elections0e that you've done polling for. tonight do you think early inhie the evening, late in the evening, not tonight we'll haveh an answer as to who wll president?pr >> anything can happen.can ha indeed you take brexit in the uk we got burned a bit as old pollsters. pollst i think it will be an earlyers.l evl ening. ev i think we should know when the first polls s clohoseul.lose again, look at north carolina.aa that will be key but also looklo at ohio and florida trump needse all three even to be competitive. that said anything happens. we never know, right. >> we'll all be watching. we know that.aid anwe nev we'll talk wite'hll a yweou agaa cliff young, thanks for joiningj us this thimorn >> thanks. >> look at the polls.olls 7:35.7:
7:36 am
steve. overnight lows back in the 20sis out to the west.. 29 degrees last hour at dulles,l but we can look forward to forwd sunshine and temps up near 70 n this afternoon.noon after you vote get out and goo for a nice walk in the woods iti will be beautiful. 68 today.68 t beautiful out there.fut th and most important al dry afrnoon.n. if you are waiting in line a you'll be outdoors forre any f y period of time, it should be aie perfect afternoon for it.ternoor all right. here are your current coldurre l numbers. 30 at dulles. at lles 27 manassas.anass look at frederick, 28 degrees. 32 this morning in gaithersburg. quantico 36.6. fredericksburg 33. you get the idea. we're off to chilly start.yta we had frost and freeze free advisories overnight and i cannc see why as temperatures veryresv all right. clouds out to the west. out te w rain showers tomorrow. but not today.od today we're looking great. upper 60s to about 70. 7 mild finish after chilly start. ervin back with i guess roadwayw that are not typical.ical >> not typical.ypic much slower.much we still have some congestionst like what we're looking at herer on 395 by duke
7:37 am
commute around the dmv wee usually see on weekday from them bottom of the beltway to thato t point we're slow and you can sey on the inner loop c some sun glg so caution there visibility could be a problem. you'recoul slow from the springe interchange up through 50 withh reduced speeds because ofse o congestion across the regionegn bridge inner loop jammed asmed a llll. to 95 southbound from 50 all tht way down to the 11th streethtr bridge is heavy. 295 northbound from the bottomoo side of the beltway to theway tt bridge backs up a lit as well.el here's a look as you make yourak way on 270 sound southbound.oubo as you pass father hurley to up from urbana to the spur givev yourself about 20 extra minutess to battle that congestion. northbound side moving much better as well. and forward our our cameras once again show what else you're facing this morningi for your commute. i can tell you top side of thete beltway slows 95 passed neww hampshire avenue towards georgig and as you you can see right r there on that camera reduced rec speeds keep it to fox5 news we have you covered on election
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build an economy that works for everyone, end tax breaks for companies that move our jobs overseas. by working together, democrats and republicans, we can do these things. that's why we must defeat those who want to turn americans against one another. i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message, because united, our best days are still ahead. after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig.
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and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and now republican congresswoman comstock is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ?? prince harry speaking out against racial under tones. press coverage his girlfriendrid meghan she is by racial. r her father african-american, hen father white. a line has been crossed inross i reporting of prince harri' har relationship with thetionshith 35-year-old american actress who lives in toronto. in statement by kensington palace prince harry feels for her safety.y >> robert durst entered a notd a guilty plea to murder charge inc los angeles he sat in a
7:41 am
accused of killing susan burr man. man. she was ready to talk tok t investigators about thestigat disappearance of his first wifew prosecutors say.utory they say durst shot her to keep her quiet. qui he's currently serving federaler prison sentence on weapons wpons charge.charge hollywood news now.d news the children will stay with angelina jolie for now.. she'll continue to have soleavel custody we have her six childred with actor brad pitt. p two reached a joint agreementmet more than week ago.more than this calls for tweheek childreno visits with brad for the timeime being. bein however it's not clear whatha those visits entail. eai little sports right now andd good news bad news for wizardsoz john wall. first bad news he got ejected et last night.lastht. end of the game but the goodame news is he broke the record forf career assists for the wizardsiz during the game against the rockets at verizon center. 21 points, eight assists andssta that is your all-time wizards leader in a assists.ts he got kick out at the end hee used inn appropriate languagegu
7:42 am
john wall in the record books now. steph curry with the shot, boy, two time -- i'm not -- n whatever it's not my thing. t nomy t thing. here we go. okay. ok well, i thought we were going tr hear it. two time raining mvp instead ofd occur tee said an nba record for three pointers.ers. shot, 133 pointers and scored a season high 46 points leading golden state warriors to wins t over the new orleans pelicans. >> yes.>> y >>s >> new orleans pelicans. pic >> couple years ago they changen it. don't care a lot about them -- hear a lot about them. them. >> on this election day hollywoo od takn thing over polt in some ways a look at some of the star-studded campaigningpain that's got us here next.ext. >> take look at your photos in the meantime. good tracy fitzpatrick.atrick hey, i voted.ot now it's time for hot cakes anda sausage. i know that's right.i know all righty. all right here we go.y.e natural barbie doll i voted.. your turn. t
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>> yeah! okakay. the poodle doodle duo look at those two.e t our dad voted this morning.orni be sure do you too. how cute.ute. keep them coming, folks.olks how cute.ute. keep them coming, folks.olks ?? i'm luann bennett. over my 35 years living virginia, i've learned a lot. how to raise three sons and build a successful business after my husband passed away. how to bring people together, set positive goals, and get things done. that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours. that's what we need in congress to get it working again. and that's why i approve this message and respectfully ask
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?? this is my uber driver, and he just tolds my ube me somethiy special that he's the voice behind -- - >> welcome, you've got mail. m
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>> wow!! >> do it again.gain >> welcome, you've got mail. >> yea.>> y. >> first you have to be oldst yu enough to have the account.ou >> i still do have an aol account.acunt >> i know. woman visiting cleveland gotland quite the surprise when she took uber ride tweeted out a video of her driver that's gone elwood edwards was the voice when people logged into aol. aol >> his wife worked for aol backl in the 80s and convinced record the phrase for thease foe company. get this. he was only paid $200.200. >> isn't that funny. funny >> they made movies abouties a everything else. >> that is -- you know what i'mm doing, that makes me want to final the get out of my aol. a >> he worked for several yearsey at an ohio police station. stati he was an editor there andnd recently retired did he have hev full-time job.full-time job >> no way. >> aol -- >> his voice will go down inoicl histl ory. hist >> don't you think they should t pay him for money than that? th? >> i don't think so. i't >> i'm finally going get rid ouo
7:47 am
>> keep it now.t now. >> okay.y. >> you shall get more, sir. >> all right.ll rht ?? >> i'm doing the --he >> i vote for the walk 2016. >> bruno.. you got do 24 carats.. >> tucker doesn't feel well. wl. >> i'm doing the i'm waiting inn line to vote walk.o vo w >> you should do this is almosta over walk. over >> you should be celebrating. i voted walk.alk >> there you go. go. >> there it is. >> it's over. ove >> over walk 2016. >> i thought you were takeeak mowing. >> huh. >> got no tickets. gotticket >> winning forecast. forecast. i promise everyone, everyonery will love today's forecast as we'll warm it up to about 700 this afternoon but it remains rm very chilly out there early thii morning.g plain old cold in dulles 30 degrees.egrees. frederick 28 for you this for yi 31 in culpeper.
7:48 am
you were freezing last hour. so overnight and it was goodasoo call weather service issued scei frost and freeze advisoriess locally. locall and these are some of the sof te coldest temperatures i thinkre that we've had so far thishi season.ason i'll have to go back and look ao the books that may be the may be coldest temperature dulles thisi morning at 29. a 2 all right. sunshine, quiet conditions.. lots of mild air expected laterr this afternoon. aftnoon highs in the upper 60s to abouto 70. notice cloud cover out to yourut west in west virginia ando in eastern stohio v.. we'll get some cloud today. but we should remain rain free.e in fact i pretty much guaranteea give you the joe nemethemet guarantee we'll remain rain fren later this afternoon.on we'll see rain showers tomorrowe morning. i think in time for that morninr commute tomorrow back to work,or back to looks like we'll get showers sws around. ar so just beautiful for electionn day.da dry and mild out there with jusj a few afternoon clouds and then notice the rain showers movings in here overnight.e overght that's at 7:00 tonight. late day clouds. clouds. rain showers and we won't get at whole lot of rain tomorrow. tor just a few scattered showers.we
7:49 am
of rain this week we'll be right back into the sunshine behind ib but a few showers around fordor tomorrow morning's commute. cmu clear it out and but right backb into the cool pattern by patrn thursday and friday. fri notice the weekend daytime highg don't get out of the 50s.. so, you know, make sure you gott that cool november sweater reada to bring out this weekend, erin. >> it was cold.>> one of the days i wore sweatswt pants an giant jacket in to worr my dress on a hanger when i gotn it was do what you got to do. do 95 northbound dale city to thede much lighter conditions thanon what we usual seal this time ofo morning. it's just a little bit ofit of congestion that we're tracking'k right now. as you get on to 395 northboundn more usual congestion developinp from the bottom of the beltway l to the pentagon area and thenn again you're slow across the act 14th street bridge. streebrid freeway east and westbound slowd out by the third street tunnel.t so just watch out for that one.o you can see the bottom of the beltway through oxon hill youxol jam up from branch avenue acrosr the wilson bridge there. tre and then 295 northbound littledl
7:50 am
to the 11th street bunridge. 295 southbound much slower fromm 50 down to the 11thuc streett bridge. inner loop delays fromays frm springfield interchange through 50 and 66 stop and go traffico f from suddenly on into theto t back to you steve and allison. ?? excuse me. hit it steve.. a lot of star power on thenhe campaign trail.. not only hillary clinton gettini first lady, she is also gettingg a ton of support from tinseltoww including stars like the queenen herself beyonce', of course,ou bruce springsteen right there,he but also bon jovi, lady gaga, madonna, katie perry, miley cyrus. so on and so on. o >> donald trump says he doesn't need supper stars.per stars he has himself.he h himself. >> i feel like if you're going g to do the slow acoustic versionn of the song it doesn't pump upp the crowd. cwd. >> you got to hold on. you got i don't know.i t kn i feel pumped up.
7:51 am
>> or a special guest like sara fraser she joins us right now. n >> i'm ready to pump you up.. >> it's election today tuesdayot fraser. we're doing voting of our own. n we have our, what, no and yes. y if we like something -- >> on these topics.ic okay good. okay >> we're voting on tuesdaying ot topics. >> you can vote about this. how do you feel? 70% of 7 of americans have voted yes to his this. they want a band alcohol fromm early morning flights because bu we've all sat next to someone so who so drunk at 7:00 a.m. it was obnoxious. what do you think. about heretime?? >> some airlines areline entertaining the idea of not serving alcohol until noontime on flights because so many ---- they've had so many eitheryit issues with passengers drinkingn too much or so many complaints.t >> okay.. >> here's what i same all major enter airliners are entertaining this watch do you think. do >> no ban. >> really. >> it's legal to drink. it's legal to d irinkt's . >> i can drink at home before ie get on the
7:52 am
>> i'm not going to tell somebody when they can or cannot drink. >> that's why you should vote >> but i have a huge problemgero with the fact that if anybodynyy gets a little too tipsy on a plane, it basically screws scr everybody's day because theyy'sb have to reroute the plane. pne. >> what's the difference betwee that anddi 5:00 o'clock?:00 o'cc >> vote e yes. i'm going with the majority onyo this o. >> no. >> we're split. argument fororood reason they say some more peopll drink in the morning. mor >> it's a plane. >> it's not going to make me any more unpeeved if you're drink aa 12:01 or 7:01. >> true. >> i don't know about that. >> don't physical me what to dod >> you'll be sleepy. i know how you are in theou a it mornings. >> next topic. how do you feel about this? ou b there's an official study if yoy will that the closed doorseoo buttons in elevators don't workr they're there to just psychological psych us out.h o. >> i believe it.elve i >> isn't this depressing.his >> is there any proof behindera this. >> yes, there's ton.there'ton >> when you push button it but i doesn't close.esn't cle. >> it's on timer even though tih you're sitting there poking it..
7:53 am
and you don't want them to getet on because you'll have to take t another detour and stop at sp another floor.or >> who would do this? >> i mean like -- lik >> i test thed before.e. >> the elevator manufacturersacs let's just psych them out with m closed door button.cled doo who has got time for this? t >> the story says they shouldn'l have a closed door button it's i all on timer it doesn't matterot when you push it.ouh i >> here's the thing, sarah. the hold the door button next ix to does work.or >> that does work. that does w >> why would one work and onene not work i vote --ot-- >> what do you want.>> w should elevator closed doordoo buttons actually work?ork? y yes. >> currently they don' ty do >> false advertising if they adv don't work. >> yes. i vote yes. vote y for buttons working in elevators. >> don't play with us. >> we don't have don time to havetoav fake buttons. >> that's right. >> how do you feel about theo ya closed door -- the you know whew you're trying to cross thess street, those buttons are on a timers as well.ell. the crosswalk >> that i believe.>> tt i >> those too don't work. >> those don't work? >> no. >> that's what they say.
7:54 am
t' th tere'hesre distraction for y. that's not always true.ay t >> oh, my gosh. >> for pedestrian safety are yoa saying that those are notfety ry operate rabble.e r >> they're allomone timers.omonm >> on major intersectionsnt they're on timers. ter intersections that aren't thatsh major i think it will change when you hit thek it w button. >> okay. >> i think it will speed up thei process. >> our story says they don't.s n they're all on timers. ters. there's just there to distract s you f why do we even havee buttons.tton why is the button industry making so money.o [ laughter ] >> science u >> i want money from the buttono industry because they're justne' raking it in nowre.. >> playing with my emotions.y e. >> don't play with us. d >> do we have time for one monor vote. >> no. >> 30 seconds. okay. have you seen this guy in the sg midwesuyt who his fiance' left f at the altar so he has as fabulous engage many ring that'a valued about $5,000 and he'sd h willing to give it to a couplee who can't really afford to buyoy engagement rink when they're ini would you take this man's unused engagement ring?nt r >> if i needed a ring -- ring >> a vote yes.e ye
7:55 am
>> might carry a little juju. >> i don't know. know >> i don't think there's bad thd juju. i would have it reset.have ites >> i would say this. thi why does he have to make a big g production of what he's doing? d do you see what i'm saying? sayn >> right. is for attention?? >> left at the altar. aar let me do this. this. give it to a ring -- give it too somebody let them sell it at at great discount to somebody whoy comes in. i feel like him saying it is a a little much.h. absolutely.absotely. >> he's trying to felt womantryi th lefeft him -- rightht. >> here it is there's i'm going to to d. >> if we're engaged i know thata steve got this ring becauseecau somebody else -- i'm like, really? i would rather have $150 little tiny ring or a bandd than somebody else'. e >> just to be clear i would notl take someone else's ring ands ri give it to you al. al i mate take the stones and puttt it with something else. with >> you can afforded to whole w ring. ring. >> if you can't afford it,yo bottu om leap he wants to give t to somebody who can't afford ada ring. >> you have to apply to himave y which i think is --whic >> no way. donate the ring. see what happens. hns
7:56 am
return, bye-bye.turn, bye- >> there you go. >> i vote.>> i don't have a problem with it.. >> you vote yes. you vote no.te n >> we settled it all. it all. >> i don't have a problem with it one bit. bit i'm going to get tucker voteskeo th m me. erin votes with you.erin v >> i'm always voting withlways g allison. steve, you know the rules. know. >> really tucker. >> yes, >>really. y, reall >> first of all, she's for for drinking in the morning on thehe [ laughter ]er ] >> she had me right >> don't tell me what to do saul i'm saying. >> exactly, steve. ectly, >> i don't have a problem with it. >> 44 in washington.hingto. humidity 85%. 8 the real story temperatures. we'll be nice and mile thisbe afternoon after naic cold start mid to upper 60s think afternoon near 70 for daytime high.h rain showers overnight tonight.. this will really be tomorrowomor morning's commute we'll beg's l dealing with rain showers andnd then cooler weather behind it bi but enjoy nice afternoon again n perfect for election day.ay upper 60s near 70 for youror y tuesday afternoon.fternoon all right. erin is back with another looktl at roads which are different dfe than most mornings.s. >> absolutely. feels like an election day.n ec. so if you're getting out and gea
7:57 am
66 eastbound 234 to the beltway, let's hop outside and show you o live look 66 by suddenly road. r we are seeing some congestionstn through centreville to 28 ando again inside the beltway seeingg those problems through westou ws falls church.h 95 dale city to the beltwayo thy light volume south at that point in staffed forward much better h conditions.itio 395 north from the 14th stree 1t bridge to the beltway -- excusee me from the beltway to the 14th street a 20 minute delay.e metro doing pretty good rightyor now. we got you covered.ed >> erin thank you very much.k ym taking look at polling placesnga across the dmv this morning.ning a couple of minutes beforef mine 8:00 o'clock our election dayckt coverage continues next atex a 8:00 here on fox5. >> polling places d.c. marylandr and virginia are now open and we have team coverage all morningng long. long ay w with us.
7:58 am
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fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now. up to 40% off, 24-months special financing, and free delivery.
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?? >> this is fox5 news morning. when everything was on the line, you'll be able to say you voted for a stronger, fairer, better america! ameri [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> an america where we build
8:01 am
prove conclusively that, yes, love trumps hate! ?? >> the corrupt politicians and their special interests havee ruled over this country for a very long time. today is our independence day. d [ cheers and applause ] >> today the american workinghea class is going to strike back >> it is a last minute push forr the presidency on both both candidates making finali stops in key battlegroundd states.ates encouraging supporters to get g out and vote today.. right now at a minute after 8:00 live look outside on thisni tuesday it is election day, november 8th, 2016.0 we will have weather and traffia
8:02 am
i'm al so son seymour. seyur >> i'm instead of scenery. of ce welcome to fox five newsive news morning. welcome to election day.moome to right off th ee tople eightc live pictures from happen pi hap kwan new york where we arere war expecting hillary clinton andg i former presidentll bill clintont be there at any moment to castas their votes now and we know that secretary clinton arrived backic at newark airport 3:30 this0hi morning after her final campaign rally as far as donald trump goes the media did not capture his arrival it's unclear what time he gote g home. we do know he's expected to vote around 10:00 this morning at ps59 in new york city. city. all right. that is a public school both of them willpu bbleic in new york t for their post election partiess in the meantime, the fate ofat hillary clinton and donald trumo now rests in the hands of hds american voters voting well underway along the east coastast into the midwest now.. polls are now opening in 11 morm states this hour. h we've got you covered here at ha home across the dmv you havev u
8:03 am
maureen umeh in d.c..c bob barnard in maryland. anjali hemphill in virginia this morning. >> all right. let's start with maureen. s star.rni >> reporter: good morningng steve and allison.llon so far 157 people have turnedeue out at this voting place to vote. this is jannie elementary school in northwest dc lines havie ee n snaking out the door all morning long.. people anticipating there wouldu be a wait.t. a lot of them got up bright andi vote. as you can see a quite an activv scene. a lot of people wanting to vote. d.c. has three electoral votes t up for grabs.up f not a whole lot it can make a difference in this hotly hly couldn't testified election.le d.c. not only voting for the tot post of president but also the statehood issue d.c. voterss having a say as to whether d.c.d will be a state but it wouldn't' be a done deal after that.dealea still have to go to congress. as you can see, again, the linel here getting long.etting lon these are people who just votedd
8:04 am
follow me over here, do you minn if i ask you, you're out here hr very early.. strategy or just thought wait until the last day. day. >> voting location where my kide go to school and so they havee early drop off and that's whyt'w i'm here.i'm her >> reporter: are you relieved re it's almost over? >> yes. yes yes. hoping for a good out come. >> f ror aeporter: indeed we all are. are. thank you very much. let me ask you, you brought they kiouddos.u what great civic lesson. great . >> they're very excited.hey' they're here to see what votingt is all about.. >> yeah. >> reporter: i think that's great for them to see. are you gl almost over? yeses. yes. little anxious for the out comet very excited.e >> reporter: big day here. h >> eighths big day.hs big. okay. okay. that is it right here. this is jannie elementary schooh they had 157 people.eople. very first hour voting.roting. i took a look at some othere people's pictures across the district and lines for a lot oft polling places really winding wi around the polling houses thato are open this day.e the polls are open untilil 8:00 o'clock so if you can't ge out this morning, you've got ala day to do it.
8:05 am
and vote. v i assume that would be the veryv same messageer that bob barnardm colleague who in college park,g, maryland good morning, bob.ob >> reporter: hey, maureen,reen, good to know absolutely.bsut polls opened here in maryland al 7:00 o'clock. we're at paint branch elementarr school in college just down the road from thehe university of maryland. you can see there are some voting booths that are open now. about 50 people in line when wen got here this morning.ning. about quarter to 7:00.:00. there's been a steady stream ofr people in right now but there'se no line here right n are voting picking up their u t ballots here voting and then ihn want to pan off to the right. t. they're voting in the booths.ooh writing in it and off to the right they're scanning in this is how the votes get tab lated here. they are scanned in and i want w to take you outside of thef the hallway here, guys,. guy i know you may looking at videod tape earlier but here's sampleae ballot here's wait looks like.oo people here are voting this isti the vote for the president itnt looks like this.ik donald trump's name is firsts fr then hillary clinton, gary gy
8:06 am
do a dark fill in the oval here and then they'll run the ballot through the scanner here, guys, and there are 10 electoral votel up for grabs here.raere. the latest polls show hillaryhiy clinton polling about 60%, guysg polling at about 60% here inn maryland. polls close 8:00 o'clock ifkf you're online, in line att 8:00 o'clock you still get to vote. vote and i'll tell you may be quieteu here now because repte of people votedn early here inei the state of maryland. marylan more than 800,000 and so it's happening.enin this is the day everybody hasy v been waiting for hopefully we'll know soon enough tonight, guys. and this is.hi we'll go back to the anchorsrs now. you guys back in to the studio. >> thank you very much.nk y you'll notice on the left side of your sice creen you are -- ww seeing in new york, we have we h chester county not far from newo york city hillary clinton andy n bill clinton arriving to voteo v there this >> actually leaving. act
8:07 am
process. we got to see it. >> following president billresil clinton right there.. in front of that gentleman gtl leaving, though, but of course, former first couple there. ce te it's really historic times tes whomever you vote for that we t are living in that you seeou s president bill clinton there non as the one not on the ballotal instead hillary clinton. >> all right. hereing outside of where the were casting t their ballots ins new york west chester county, right now you just saw that happening.g. donald trump expected to cast c his ballot around 10:00 o'clock0 so a couple hours away from that. in the meantime let's get to have a have right now. virginia the feairstntve a in tr to open their polls 6:00 o'clocl this morning.this mng. anjali hemphill was out therehe well before that watching folksf line up as early as 4:30 thiss anjali g morning. m >> reporter: i don't think they were out there that early.y that's when we were out in front of thet i polls. pol we didn't see anybody come out o until about 5:30.:3 but once they showed up, they t came in droves, and this is our second polling place we haveling seen very good turnout thi ps is
8:08 am
actually two different precincts there's langly on the left sides and chain bridge on the right rt and election officials here say they are very pleased withth turnout so far. for the first hour, four peoplel voted every minute and about 350 people were let in just as the polls opened here att 6:00 o'clock in the morning. so definitely folks trying getg that vote in and in early. also, we spot add familiar face earlier at this polling place. we saw luann bennett the t democrat running in very heated district race. r we watched as they ticked offd o her ballot there's rumors or opponent barbara comstock willol be showing up to this precinctsc to cast her ballot as well. wel we've spoken to voters on bothoh sides of the aisle.le. here's what they had to say. s sounds like we might have technical --techni >> i was very conflicted but atc the end of the day i voted for .rump. >> we're excited to vote for
8:09 am
this country, ande we think she going to take us from the dark d part of this election into theit future with strong leadership and strength of character. >> reporter: polls are openpe until 7:00 p.m. in virginia asis long as you are in line att 7:00 o'clock you will be able to vote. vo don't forget to bring your id as well. edy law.required by law. for now we're live at langly high school anjali hemphill foxf local news.lews. back to you. >> good reports of long linesref across the area. l virginia an hour h it. it's a decent day out there. t we did get a tweet from somebodd in fredericksburg they were out at 4:30 this morning and folks l in so people trying to get the to t early start making sure they gey that vote that it counts. >> then you can relax.elax tucker says it will be great dat out there to do that.out ere good morning. >> good after you vote go for nice walkl in the woods enjoy the near 70 later today. tay overnight lows back in the 20s t and low 30s.0s coldest morning so far thishi season here for parts of theforf area. there's your afternoon forecastt
8:10 am
but we'll get here later today. 68 later this afternoon.noon just beautiful and again weatheh will not be a factor in our election. perhaps it will because it's sos good. 44 at reagan national. natio dulles jumped to 36. to 3 they were 29 degrees if a few hours ago. bwi marshall 41. very cold start particularly ofy to our west and north thisorth morning we've had lot ofing we overnight lows back in the 20s. all right.ight see some of the clouds out to your west out in ohi of tho ands virginia.inia those will roll in here kind of mid to late afternoon. so sunshine in the first half of the day we'll get clouds late.ut the rain showers will hold off until early tomorrow morningoror with a cold i'll have more the timing ofimg that rain shower activity cominc up but enjoy beautiful day, 68,, nice mild finish. finh. >> let's find out about mild mid roadways with erin.rin >> beautiful day, great temperatures and light morning i congestion than we typicallyypal see. this is 66 by saidly road adly d little bit of stop and gond traffic. about a 20 minute delay from 234 to the beltway this out byut nutley street not the typical
8:11 am
dealing with this time ofth thio morning. same story as you make your wayay on 270 from frederick inck i maryland. this is a look 95 by fairfaxairf county parkway.. little heavier only stop gone sp traffic coming up from staffordf we have you covered if anythingg else pops you need to be awareoa on this beautiful election day.d traffic moving on 395 by duke.yk back to you. >> voting just underway here inr the dmv.. one town in new hampshire always gets the first crack at the voting and they made up their ur mind. we'll tell you which candidate u came out on top. whime o >> new information about aut murder investi carolina. a suspected serial killer has aa sorted past.t. investigators say they're justyt scratching the surface. 8:11.n: i'mlary scratching the surface. 8:11.n: i'mlary ?? message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to
8:12 am
them." vo: just one. >> welcome back. voting is underway in the dmv. more and more folks heading outo today as you should do.d now in one part of the countryhy the votes have already been casc and the votes have already been counted. co we always head to dixville dixvi knowledge in new hampshire. hillary clinton the big winner there.. tiny dixville notch the towntow that votes early on election day. clinton won four votes whilw donald trump picked up two. t libertarian gary johnson earnede one vote as did former fme massachusetts governor mittrit romney but he's not even running. >> when you combine all of the town i believe there's three of them in new hampshireu coieve td the midnight voting donald trumt came out on top but only aboutbo 50 votes were cast total. other news this morning, new
8:13 am
disturbing story about theut murder investigation in southtii carolina. >> investigators in south carolina found a third body off the property on the property off a man who's now linked to sevenn murders in the kidnapping of a a woman who was found chainedndha inside a storage container.. todd kohlhepp is suspected in all of these deaths. death authorities believe there couldu be more bodies on his property.. happening right now, a desperate search for a mother of two in northern california she has been missing for nearlyl a week and was last seen jogginj on the afternoon november 2nd. her husband came home fro workmork that evening to fine the housene empty. he was unable to use a location tracker to find sherri's cellel phone on a jogging trail.r no sign of his wife. >> if she's listen eyeing wanten to say we're trying and, um, u
8:14 am
i'm so sorry that i'm not theree >> bring her bring her home. hom just bring her home.ome >> police say they have receivee more than 100 tips but there ara no suspects.s remember to stay with fox5th on the air and online for thehe latest election results.ul if you have pictures you'd likeu to share use the hash tag fox5 votes. >> president obama passing theno torch in philadelphia star study studied rally in support ofll so hillary clinton.hilly clinto 8:14 right now. n ?? dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
8:15 am
after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig. you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep]
8:16 am
ke he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and now republican congresswoman comstock is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible
8:17 am
>> head back to west county newt york right now. there are former president bill clinton meeting with some voters shaking some hands. presidential candidate hillary clinton is in there somewhere as well. castingformering shakal cn th their votes e fewas ting minutet now meeting with some of the of throng of people outside that voting site in chappaqua, newew york. looks like a nice morning theree as well, tucker. leaves albright and colorful >> chilly.. >> i would be nervous --ervous - lotot of folks. >> so many people.e. >> yeah. beautiful morning there.til it will be beautiful -- i don't' know where to look, tlok beautiful day around here as well.we. but before we get to our weathea forecast let's get cute.ut >> my goodness. >> very cute little face. audrey, everybody time now for r fox5 first five photo of the day. we got i wasn't brie ward. >> baby on fleet miss audrey.ud >> audrey is one-year-old.old.
8:18 am
in her spare time. already professional sculpting i maker with her own stone. stone >> look at her. h >> you found your light, honey.. you're so cute.e >> let's turn this way.hi w better lighting here. >> reportedly wants to be modeld when they grows up.hey grow >> well on her way. >> really, okay.y >> i can see why. super>> c iute.e. >> really cute. c hey pretty girl. >> that is -- hilarious at age a one has a sense of what selfiesi are. >> of course, right. look in the camera and see>> face, somebody hit it. >> one day when i'm old i'll'l tell migrate grandchildren ichen remember a day before selfies. >> really? you think you'll yk remember? >> no, i won't. i w't [ laughter ]uger ] >> pretty much to send us your child's picturec go to fox5 d.c. we love your >> beautiful baby. b beautiful.autil nice selfie.elfi >> >> just think in you're good at one how good you'll be whene whe you're a teenager.r >> oh, my gosh. >> let's do the's d
8:19 am
pretty overnight.etty o although a little chilly even at this hour. hr. 44 now in we still got lots of 30s off tof the north and west.est so jacket early her later this afternoon, very veryr pleasant afternoon.. nice light wind and daytimeay highs will be up near 70 degrees. 70 all right. sunshine the first half of the day. see the clouds out in ohiohe f o west virginia those will roll ii here mid to late afternoon. afto the rain will hold off untilff l tomorrow morning i think that ta morning commute tomorrow willcom have showers around.uthave srs that a won't be fun. but we'll keep the temperatures locked in placeked here for thursday and into ourn holiday weekend friday,riday, saturday, sunday friday veteranr day. saturday, sunday look cold ford this time of year. daytime highs only around 50 on saturday. >> hmm. all right. the chill will be upon us. be ups. >> get through today right now.. how is the commute this morningg erin. er >> much lighter than what weligh usually see on i will tell you that much but ww do have crash in sterling ifli you're traveling in virginia. 28 northbound church road twod w left lanes blocked.lock that is only causing minor delad
8:20 am
district dealing with somehom growing congestion.cotion. and then also keep in mindo keei inside the district for electiot day gw parkway jams from thes fe beltway to 123. 123 we're also seeing some heavy traffic on clara barton, cabinab john and river road as you headh into the district as well. 395 northbound from the bottomoo of the beltway to the 14tho e 1 street bridge about a 20 minuten delay with stop and go traffic.. 295 remains slow from the toproe side of the beltway through newn carrollton as you make your wayy across 50 things increasing evee more in terms of congestion ton the 11th street bridge.ri 50 rem and new york avenue towardse tor bladensburg on the inbound sided a bit slow suitland parkway jamm towards south capitol and we'lll see congestion top side of theef beltway from 95 to georgia about a 15 minute delay and you can an see some more volume right therr on the inner loop through s beltsville as you come off of uf off-ramp there. 295 baltimore washington parkwa looking good on the northboundwu side. just a touch of congestion asion you pass powder mill road on th northbound side.nd side. aside from that 270 volumeol building once again through
8:21 am
heavier to the ttway you're slow across the legioneg metro back to being on time. safetrack surge nine -- surge 11 impacting the red line. lin back to you guys. >> still ahead, oh my goodness, this might disturb people. peoe creepy crawly.y. little gnarly.rly. a snake on plane. plane >> my gosh. >> yeah!>>eah! >> samuel l. jackson not thel lc star this real live videoeo either. you know what he would say if he saw it, thought he.. >> i want the -- break
8:22 am
8:23 am
i'm luann bennett. over my 35 years living in northern virginia, i've learned a lot. how to raise three sons and build a successful business after my husband passed away. how to bring people together, set positive goals, and get things done. that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours. that's what we need in congress to get it working again. and that's why i approve this message and respectfully ask
8:24 am
?? all right. it's not movie, not a joke you o teasoveie tteaset t ght t now. amateur video of an all snake as wiggling itself out of thehe overhead cabin on a now this is a mexican commerciac flight it happened on sunday.. it look like as soon as then a snake decided to drop d little bit the person with theie camera was just like that'sha enough.en >> how big is that thing?hi >> that looks like it's aboutt's four to 5 feet. >> passengers got the fright off their lives. airline aero mexico said insa statement to investigating howts that snake even got it made an emergency landing ing mexico city. the guy was safely rescued or secured. he is a living thing i suppose he was scared, too. no one washe w injured.ed >> all right.ll rht. yup. things that you don't want on board. bo stay with fox5 we have all e your election coverage you needy
8:25 am
6:00, of course, and then our life election special starts at 7:00 p.m. p fox5 tom fitzgerald and melanie alnwick already in new yorkn ne city. they'll be live from there for a live election updates andates results you can check us outyonh online as well fox5 also, special election coverager at 10:00 and 11:00 p.m.1:00.m you have any problems at thes polls, tweet us using the hash h tag fox5 votes and we'd love toe see positive experiences at theh polls as well make sure to usee the hash tag so we can find i >> all right. that's a positiv>>e one.ene i like your artwork, yes.. carol white. wte. i voted. um-hmm.. these must be all the snap chat filters, yes? perhaps. >> there are lots to choose froe erin was looking through themght earlier.ear. >> i love it.>> lov >> she said hash tag nasty women vote. remember that whole that's pretty f tunny.unny. okay. chad raymond i'm with her he ysys. fox5 vote. thanks for the up to you america.eri i think those are the snap chatp filters they're really nice. n
8:26 am
>> hi, tuck. tuck. >> hey, guys. love it. forecast.orashe it will turn sunny -- already -y sunny and bright but it will bui turn noticeably warmer here a h little later. 44 now inli washington.ashingto we're featuring highs upper 60sr to about 70 and lots of sunshinh first half of the day.t lf o we'll get the clouds late day le but the rain showers you see ous to the west hold off untilffnt tomorrow morning. morng so really really perfect weatheh here for election day.ay. 68. again showers tomorrow morning.i there's your seven dngay.ay. weekend looks sunny and brightnb but very chilly around herero hr saturday and sunday. suny. at roads. >> roads, yes, we have a crashar right now 8:26 in the gw parkway delays it'say i northbound crash at 123.23 you're jammed back to the roosevelt bridge heading towardh the beltway you'll hit thatha delay. now keep in mind heading awaynga from the beltway towards the the roosevelt bridge we are seeing stop and go traffic as wellaffil because of heavy volume. cabin john, clara barton, riverr road heavier volume as well. wel wide view of our election day commute much quieter trafficer t than we usually see for typical
8:27 am
off the spur past democracy boulevard on 270 southbound andd 395 remains heavy from them beltway through duke street.rou we havedu you covered if anythit else pops you need to be awareye of on this tuesday morning rider back to you all righty.y. still ahead kim kardashian drops a baby bombshell. >> what is it? ?? ?? fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
?? all right. let's get back to virginia right now. this is mc lean virginia.irgini virginia polls opened atned at 6:00 o'clock.00 o'c 2.5 hours in on election day 2016. polls in d.c. and marylandaryl opened about 90 minutes ago att 7:00 o'clock this morning.ning want to thank everybody fory helping us tell the story ofe so this historic election day.n day you are doing it by using the hash tag fox5 vote. vot we're seeing great pictures from everybody with the i voted get out and vote rhonda thankhoh you very much for your vote anda for your tweet this morning. john, same to you. you. great to see the pictures coming through today.oday. >> sure is. all righty.e i thank you takoma park for voting and sending in your picture. here you go another that i voted sticker. badge of honor vokes. ves we get to decide.. what happens here. >> as soon as they turn i wasn'w
8:31 am
>> look at her sticker saysticks future voter.ture ver >> that's great. that's great. >> i know there are long lines.s hearing from some people in soms areas lines are about an hourouu so back your patience but it'sic worth it in the long run. run election day 2016 the country cy decides the next president.sint >> both donald trump, hillary ha clinton spend monday chrisdahr crossing the united states t rallying for last minuthe support. >> so wisdom joins us this morning with more on how hosdomllywood seemg s towi be on hillary's side but donald trumpl doesn't seem to care much abouth >> that's right. t steve, you're exactly right.'rec good morning to you stevend allison. a loft star power on the s campaign trail.ta not only is hillary clintonmpain getting support from theg supp president and the first ladyorea she's also getting a ton of of support from tinseltown her campaign stops as of late impact with huge stars. yesterday in philadelphia johnaj bon jovi and bruce springsteenie performed at her rally andly a that's not all.ll madonna, lady gaga and chance cc the rapper are all hitting thent stage to support thehe presidential nominee. madonna expressed herself durinn
8:32 am
in new york city washingtonhiton square. squa madonna performed several of heh huge hs. her biggest hits includingng express yourself, don't tell me, and like a prayer. praye during the show, lady gaga also showing support for hillaryilry clinton.clin she performed clinton's last las campaign stop in north carolinaa and chance the rapper led ther l charge to encourage young votert in chicago. hundreds turned out for the free concert. meanwhile, donald trump doesn't seem to care that hillaryhi clinton has a huge hollywood se.e. >> i didn't have to bring j.long or jay-z the only way she getss anybody. i'm here all by myself. [ applause ] >> i am here all by myself. just me, no guitar.uitar no piano. no nothing. nothi but you know wawa we do have and it's all of us, it's all the the same, we all have great ideas
8:33 am
that's what we'shat ?? ? >> that was trump's response tos opponent holding star-studdedded event and concerts this pasthisp week in ohio featuring mewring m psychiatric legends jay-z andc e begeyonce'. all rig meanwhile during a rally in newe hampshire last night trumpht tru touted that new england patriots quarterback tom brady is votingt for him. but tom brady claims that he h hasn't voted yet. trump says brady actually callee him and told him that he supports him and that he votednt for brady has spoken out before in i support of the steve, allison, back to you. you >> wis,, ks. voters anticipate hook will wint the election tonighte can catct it all on the big screen if youy would like to do so there aree 2:00 a.m. c theaters in the aree broadcasting cnn's presidentialt election coverage if you want tt watch it on the big screen. now for kevin's sake don't knowo if there were any 3d or i max theater that is are showing cnn's coverage but you can watch it in d.c. and alexandria the event is free.ree. audience members can choose between red and blue locations.o do your research ahead of time,f
8:34 am
are all blew depending on your party preference. >> all righty. fox5 is the place if you don't n want to go to fancy movieov theater to see all your electioo results and election coverageer we're tracking voting activityiy all over the dmv right now we nw are going to check back in witht our bob barnard.nard. he is on the road once again. a where you headed, bob? >> reporter: well we're wre heading down to charles countyou perhaps from go blue princeue pi george's to red charles county. left paint branch elementarylemr sc 9:00 o'clock hour.our. the polling place we left stevee and allison, steady stream ofeao people coming in to vote.. they say some of the them just couldn't get to early votinget a that was their intrlentiy on. but there were about 60 peopleul online when we got there whenwee the doors open at 7:00.:00. polls here in maryland stay opee until 8:00 o'clock tonight, tont guys. plenty of time and you mentioned long in some places and especiallyesl when we just left paint branch b elementary in college park, there was nocoll line. lin
8:35 am
the voting booths but no line to get in. >> good to know, bob. blob just kind of hit as many my place ace round the area as he e can this morning. morng there you see the informationorn for maryland the polls will stay open until 8:00 o'clock this evening.enin bob has already kit hit a couplu of counties so far we'll keep track how many he can hit by tht time we go off the air today. td >> all righty.llhty >> right now though 8:35.:35. let's get another check on our r tuesday forecast with our guy >> bob needs some kind of medal for how hard he works s eomveryy morning. >> i would agree. >> he's all over the place.ovhea all right, bob we're impressed.e 44 in washington.44 in washingt. good news wherever he travelsavs locally today it will be sunnyen and bright and beautiful. it is still remains cool outoolo there that 44 is in town and wew have lots of 30s just off to our west.we 41 in pittsburgh this morningst. 44 up in new york. 43 in boston.. locally we're looking atki a sunshine to start the day. to st we do have cloud cover out to ot the west will creep in here this afternoon.te so high cloudiness later today.y
8:36 am
those rain showers will get inlt here tomorrow morning.w mo that's really our best chance ca for rain this week as we're in for another for the most part dry week. dry dry fall. 68 this afternoon after chilly y start. nice mild finish and again perfect for if you're going toot be outdoors for any period off time waiting in line for votingn et cetera. all right. erin? >> yes.>>es. >> are you still with me?outill >> i am tucker.m tke i'm walking in right now.g in r. we have breaking news.e breang n some police activity in southeast down by the navy yard. we're dealing with several r closures right now so we'll getg that map popped up in just aup second for you. f show you what area you're goingg to want to it voi right now, you can see traffic cruising much better as you makm your way out on 66. let's go ahead and take a look o at that map. map got in touch with our assignment desk washington avenue southeasa right there we go from southmth capitol to d street. see south capitol street from d too virginia of a ivy street from fo new jersey to canal as well as e street from new jersey to southh capitol.capi
8:37 am
blocked off right now in i southeast for that police activity. ac we'll gather more information and certainly bring it to you here onlny fbrox5.ox5 but right now, avoid all of of those roads in the area. are i'll tweet out all thellhe information for you. erin fox5 dc again this justhiss into our newsroom wanted to wan bring you this breaking news. nw aside from that the freeway frew backing up off the 11th streetee bridge exit as you make your way towards the third street tunnel. third street tunnel backs up asa well on the eastbound side ofe a the and we're seeing a lot ofth of congestion 295 on the southbounn side. gw parkway delays because of asf northbound c you're jammed back to the rows s vessel bridge there.ridger southbound side heavy from the t beltway all the way down to pass 123 as well.el key bridge from rosland intond i georgetown heavy right now andnd then 395 typical congestion from the bottom of the beltway to duke street. we'll certainly keep you posted on that congestion rightnl there things dissipating on the northbound side of 295 from the bottom of the beltway to the 11th streetwa briy dge but again tracking several road closureslu in southeast for policeole activity. we'll have theac latest at thett next look at traffic.
8:38 am
s mo hollywood news for for. brad pitt angelina jolie reach a custody agreement.ment. massive sink hole overseasvers causing big problems for peoplel in it's 8:38. 88. we'll be right back. back.
8:39 am
8:40 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? ?? hey let's head up to newle york right now and guest you livet' phtic ntures on the leftu taking a look'r at the gentlemal vets convention center 11th11th and 36th near the hudsonudso
8:41 am
where hillary is going to be be tonight and then on the rightig trump tower not where donald w d trump is actually going to bengb tonight. toni he's actually going to be at th hilton midtown. mid both locations literally about a 15 blocks from each other.hther and that is where each of of the candidates expected to be as tht results come down this evening.i well, we'll be there, too.rt our melanie alnwick will beill b there as well as tom fitzgerald they'll be front and center inrn both of those camps when the the results come in tonight we'lligw brng tonight, tomorrow, i mean it'sni an event here at fox5. fox >> sure is. >> it feels like forever leading up to this time right now, but,b the results should be in, though this whole cycle has been soee strange, i wouldn't be surprises if we don't know everythingryth we're going to know this time t tomorrow.moow. >> although they are saying wehh might have an idea tonight.. >> okay. >> however, if the decisionever comes down late and you go t, oo sleep and you don't see it,ee i, we'll be on early tomorrowor starting at 4:00 a.m. so as soos
8:42 am
we'll pass along what we >> what we know.. >> that's what we can guarantee. >> get to some other news thist morning. this is unbelievable tois iv think about in japan right now n the ground literally just gavetg way. not an a hnk hole. a huge sink hole. the entire portion of the roadway collapsed those sewerhos pipes and utilities sheared offo this was right in between two large buildings.uildgs about the size of olympicympic swimming pool across and then t much deeper.. knock out power, forcedor fortunately, no injuries reported.. some north carolina familiel still without permanent homes hm after hurricane matthew leftew l them high and dry over a month m ago. they've been living in tents att love them completely lost theirt homes or were told the homes hes weren't safe enough for them to continue to livefor th in. in. families say they are stillhey i waiting on aid promises by fema. crews in kentucky fighting g 20 different forest fires inest that region. at region. five of the fires containedtaind sunday but the battle far fromeo
8:43 am
friday scorching about 2500 acres.. national guard helping out hel trying to control some of thecoe smaller fires with the use of helicopters. is your partner stressingng out? >> if the answer is yes your sie angnificant other could bere causing you to pack on the pounds.poun we'll talk with the doctor next. 8:.3. >> partner.>>tner >> my partner. >> yes. ?? ? ? it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous.
8:44 am
tide pods now come in a child guard zip pack. to help keep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer. align, press and unzip. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 g internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes we're wired differently.
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get out there and vote.whatexpr vote, vote, vote.ote. or don't if it doesn't turn out the way e yontwant it to. >> hopefully this time tomorrow morning we'll know who will behb moving into that home in january. here's what we do should be a nice day's today.ay we'll get the details in just 10 seconds. >> allison, i want tfi >> you can do both. >>.t do it thai tand i way >> just want to make sure.e because most important i'll wanl to complain.ain hey, winning forecast. f you will not complain about thei heather today. i absolutely promise a glorious afternoon with daytime highs ing the upper 60s and few of us o might get to 70 later today.erod 44 in washington.hingto 47 annapolis. annapolis it was this morning. morni remains very chilly out there ot but overnight lows back in thekn 20s in manassas, dulles,s, frederick was 28 years a to you hours ago. dulles was 29 this morning. mor
8:47 am
freeze advisories for good partp of the local area here locallyec this morni 43 leonardtown.. 44 in fredericksburg all of us s upper 60s to about 70 with 70 plenty of sunshine to look to forward to. cloudshebly noticing the here out to the west out towardw eastern ohio and working intokit western pennsylvania we'll see l few of these clouds this thi afternoon sunshine the first f part of the day look for thefo clouds the second half of the hl day. day. we romaine dry today.we romaine no rain today but overnightvernt really i think tomorrow morning for that matter commute some ofm these shower west will get in here.t in we'll have period of rain showers around for that morningr commute tomorrow with a coldh ad front.on and then behind the front kindrt of reinforcing the cool air fora our thursday and friday.y. dry and mild out there again couldn't ask for nicer n conditions for election day ecto upper 60s to about 70. 7 watch future cast point out goto some clouds here late this late afternoon and this evening thene rain showers get in here foreor that morning commute tomorrow tm morning. i don't think it will bedot th particularly wet but definitelyn have enough to wet the roadwaysw here early tomorrow morning. mor
8:48 am
between five didn'tn' 11:00 o'clock tomorrow morningcc we'll have showers around. seven day.l ha 68 today. 68 today. warmest day of the week it getst chilly around particularly this weend.d. saturday and sunday daytimeti highs don't get out of the 50's, and i think even in the city wey may be looking at freezing fre temperatures by early sunday rnrning. redskins game sunday afternoon.r there's something to lookere's o forward to with temperatures int the mid 50s.e mid0s that's the latest weather.esathe enjoy beautiful afternoon. after back to you. >> let's find out what's coming up gone day in few minutes. 8:48 right nw >> good morning.ood morni >> good morning. g >> good morning to you.>> good to see you goo.o you election day 2016 finally here.h good day d.c. we've got youot y covered. co >> we are live all over theve dd and new york city as americans e head to the polls.head to th >> it is a national nail biter.b who will be our 45thh president, drum many, hillary hy clinton, our special electionpet edition of good day d.c. just j mos nts away. >> also on good day, a celebritb chef is cooking up one epice election night menu. m we go there live for a special e
8:49 am
our super star joe only on goodd day. da he doesn't want to be a playerea no more as you well know, andno, we'll be performing his new song yup, live in the loft. t l >> good day dc voted number one morning show in the dmv. d go vote after good day. day. steve and allison. all >> very nice.>> vy ni >> rhymed it out, too.oo let's talk health news right now. >> do you feel stressed out,reso does your partner stress you se out? does the election stressln you out? what have you? let'ss head talk about how we can get over e all of this.hi good morning. >> reporter: hey, dr. mike,, d are you with us?s? >> dr. mike might be having ae h break down.own >> maybe he's stressed out. >> okay. it h you think about it it's election day.. >> any way, we'll get to that t mike just a minute.t a minute. we'll check today's fox beat because it's election is gainino a lot of attention fromrom
8:50 am
have been campaigning forin f hillary clinton. >> dr. mike tickles me.>> dr. m i'm sorry.ik okay. during a get out and votee performance stevie wonder maderd his point by donald trump het br says voting for trumpum is likel asking him to ouch. the kids thebrity news will stay with angelina jolie jl for now. n. actress will continue to have th sole custody her six children ie feel like we've really told thet people about this this morning.i but according to her representatives they reached anh agreement a week ago and theedea kids will have visits with the dad brad pitt for the timeim being. and it look like kim k, kim kardashian, has baby fever oncec again and the sneak peek promo o from next sunday's brand newra episode of keeping up witness up kardashian i guess they're doine it now, there's talk about itk t being suspended aft the robbery in paris, but kim announced she wants to explore surrogacy.rogay kim and her husband kanye west have two children together.. >> okay. okay. dr. mike all set to go? >> let's check in with him now.m >> i'm ready.eady
8:51 am
some of us feel like we're beini stressed outed. out hite. hite >> from our significant othersgf and are you okay?are yoay? >> yes. octor?you need a d >> reporter: i'm here. i'm here.i' i'm ready to go.m readto does anyone need the heimlich, , i'm really good at that? >> okay. even from a different city.iffec >> who is getting stressed out? husbands or wives? girlfriendsi or boyfriends? bfriend >> who is getting stressed out?o >> reporter: we're all we're stressed out.ress out and what the study showed thatha if your significantth stressed, it will add body fat right here, all right n your -- what we call the apple kind of look, rather than the pair wherr you put a lot of weight down in your butt down there. i'm talking about your belly which is very dangerous. increases the risk of stroke,tr, heart attack, type two diabetes, all of those things if yourr partner is stressed.sed. and it is more critical for men.
8:52 am
heart and they eat more and ited goes right there. >> dr. mike, if -- what your-- o saying is, if our partner is stressed, we have the tendencyhe to pack on the pounds. pounds. what if year stressed say byed y something like, oh, i don'tlikei know, the election maybe? >> reporter: well, the entire country i think is stressed.s we have a new diagnosis electioo stress disorder. dorde that's a new but the bottom line is is thatt women tend to gain a of weight not as much as men,, and this was particularly true e in relationships that were badee which brings me back to my grandfather who said, if you get involved with the wrong person,r you will die young. all right. r so take home message, to the toe meet the right person and have a long good relationship.ns >> all right. for eitherrot good party involved. inv let's talk about ways we caa cut down on the belly fat thougo a le ble bit.
8:53 am
you change your oil in your carr why not change the oil that goet no our body. >> reporter: canola oil. o that's what the study showed.. another study found that if youf consume canola oil over a four-week period, it's going tot reduce that body so maybe if you're in a stressee out relationship, your significant other is alls a stressed out, then maybe you you start using canola oil on yourr salads and that will reduce thaa risk of belly f. something that needs to beoe looked at more, because it really kind of targeted thatha belly fat which we've not seen e before.bere. >> so, mike, for that to actually help out and bend beneficial, what are we talkingl about as far as usage? cookingo with that instead of anothernoer oil? i'm assuming we're not'm s just going to lie up the bar t with shots of canola oil now to feel healthy. [ laughter ][ laug >> reporter: no. remember, that even good
8:54 am
calories. so you don't want to ingest tooo much of it. i'm talking about using it in ii your salad, making sure you cooy with it, but, remember, folks,, it's all about your caloric checkbook and you don't want to overdraft by consuming tom calories. i say this all the time. te you need to know how manyho m calories are going in. in and in a good med did he rainid yann healthy diet you're going to have little bit of mono unsaturated fat as opposed to polly unsaturated trans fats all of that nonsensee that will kill you.l y so what you want to do is get involved with either mono unrated fats, polly unsaturatedt fats but none of that trans fatt stuff.uff. don't want to be doing that. >> but what about olive oilil being the healthiest? i know you got to look out for some ofm those fats and the canola oil. . if you go non g-m-o it's pretty expensive.e there's some con tosca nola oilo
8:55 am
>> reporter: right. there are other mono unsaturater fats out there. there olive oil -- i'm a big fan off olive oil. just remember, i may haveay discussed this with i was couplc of weeks ago.ks there was a a study that found that pasta made you reducee weight. now where did they do the studyy where they don't eat a completel pound of pasta in italy.. part of a mediterranean consumption of foods, not in in excess.ex and that can includece pasta. but olive oil, any of the oils o that are mono unsaturated fats,t perfect way to go. way to go.o >> all right.ig dr. mike, thank you so much.o m see you next time. t love you both. b love you guys. >> love you back.e you bac >> love you, dr. mike. i was in the store the otheh day, those oils, the coconutocon oil, the avocado oil.
8:56 am
from. >> do your research because iese mean we use it on a lot itt really does matter. m >> portion size is key.tion sizy >> it really does da >> hi, tuck. >> hi guys.>> g i've never been in the oil aisle in my life.y l >> have you cooked. >> no.>> >> okay. >> winds out of the southeast as three. hey, guys, real quick look atoo today. toda 70 this afternoon with sunshinee bright buehl if you day. b laay day clouds. rain showers out to the westt hold off until tomorrow morningm so just a gorgeous election dayy enjoy. 68 60 tomorrow with morning showers. morning showers tomorrow. erin is back with another look at roads.rn she knowsing about herbackok os ais >> instead of got me last yeara for christmas a sampler pack off flavored olive oils and it wasas such a thoughtful present. pre i loved >> he didn't get me >> tucker got presents police activity cleared southeast second of the district. seeing congestion on the freeway, third street tunnel. gw parkwngy,ay t dhielays realll lingering we had earlier northbound crash at 123 that123t cleared but delays remain backac to the roosevelt bridge. bridg
8:57 am
parkway jams to the key bridge.g key bridge a bit heavy fromm rosland into georgetown keepn that in in and as we take look at northernh maryland 270 some stop gonepon traffic through gaithersburg an rockville on the southbound sido and the outer loop remainsop rns heavy. he we got you covered. cer any questions at erin fox5 d.c.c for your commute. com out and vod vote. back to you allison and steve. e >> thanks very much, erin.rin. we want to look the more pictures you guys have beens h b sending us as far as voting mucg we love to see them all.ll a lot of great filters.te snap chat especially an lot ofnt smiles as folks votes yes, the lines are long, but the polls are open. ope back with good day next. nex
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
?? >> straight ahead it is electioa day in americad . >> hillary clinton four votes. . >> donald trump.>> donal >> donald trump two votes. v >> two presidential nomineesl ne burning the midnight o rallies well into the earlyarly hours of election day. >> we have to bridge the divided in our country. >> hillary clinton dragging outt all the stops and some of the sf biggest named supporters she has. the president and first lady, ld lady gaga, bon jovi, and bruce springsteen. >> ?? >> at the same time donald trumu not backing down and drawing dri some of his own hollywood


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