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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  November 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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place. at the jacobafter its convention center. the at fox new's election headquarters. latest there, how are things going. washington, d.c. is used to be the center of theth political universe, but tonightt that center is right here on the island of manhattan in new york city, just blocks away from each other, donald trump and hillary clintontr setting up both of thr that has not happened since 1944. the political pun its a year agr never gave trump a chance ofance being where he is tonight, manyh of them dismissing his campaign as being out of a reality show at times and then after blasting through a field of republican political experts and long-time political operatives trump t tonight stands as the republican
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of the united states tonight. what was trump up to today? after a world wind yesterday going through battle groundat states not much this is video oe him today casting his own ballot for himself just around 11:00 a.m. this morning. thisa. wam.s inside public schol ps59. trump shook hands with some ofi the voters. he offered high fives with some of the kids, spoke with some off the parents. upon exiting we should tell you he was met combination of boost and cheers. this physically is about the closest tonight that donald trump and hillary clinton have been to each other since they last shared that debate stage. of course one of the big questions along with who was going to win this election is what is donald trump going to say.
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conference pressed trump whether he would accept whatever the out comes are. >> trump said i will keep you suspense. that suspense is supposed to endend tonight. much is the case we don't knowkw exactly if that is exactly whaty will happen. voters on both sides veryside anxious to see this campaign come to an end. just take it present the new york post tonight, the tabloid here in the city with this front holding her nose saying vote for the one you dislike least. we are live in fox news election headquarters. a coupleng to end s it of blocks away to the east river. melanie. >> mr. montano: nick. m >>reporter: itr. is quite a sce inside the convention center, media from all over the worldwol grammed onto these risers, all
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tonight where hillary clinton hopes to make history. you can see the scene behind hee me. they're still working on getting the stage red definitely it isr in the shape of the unitedthe states, and then of course the symbolism that they talked abouu so much. but once you're here and see it, the immense glass, 15 storiesore high that hillary rod a.m.a.m. clinton hopes to the shatter. this world wind schedule thatt she had in rally north carolinal she arrived at home 4 in then morning we understand but was up bright and early looking greatoi as she and her husband bill clinton went to vote in her home district of chappaqua, new yorko she did interview in key battle ground states urging people to get out and vote. and then she wrapped that up anp went with her team to a manhattan hotel where were w
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now. they're going to sit there and watch election returns. and they're going over two speeches, one concession and one victory. > back here at the convention o center there are a number of num different things going on. we expect a lot of the program going on at about 8:30 tonight. we understand there may be somem pretty exciting events outside. we're waiting for confirmation before we can give you those it is our duty to get out theret and vote, you know and hopefully the country comes together. there wasn't any fighting online, which was very good. i'm just happy to be out here do my part. we're men all over the city too
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process. it was fast and easy. it's good ideas that we had. so far, so good. millions of voters rocking theg vote all over the country. and it has been a big turnout as voters render their clinton decision. we have our fox5 crews across the region getting the pulse ofu the voters right now. ronica cleary is at pulse. marina maracco near the whiteit house and matt ackland is liveve in northwest where voting is still happening at this hour. we're going to head to fox5's matt ackland first.firs matt. >>reporter: hey, laura, yeah,a, voting is happening.voti it's going to take place here in the district until 8:00 tonight. i just talked to a lady who passed by me and she said it wai
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we're at the mlk library downtown, really chinatown. we come to a live shot and there's no one here. i have to tell you in the lastte ten minutes there were quite ait few people here. since this is in the middle of chinatown there is a mandarin interpret tear. there is help folks check in and you either pick you want paper or if you want the electronic just like probably all over this area. bobby just came through. you just voted. are you glad to have this over with? i've heard a lot of i've heard enough. i'm ready to do my voting.ot >> i'm ready to get back to much whatting football and talking beer. > do you think people have been talking politics too much. >> living in d.c. that's pretty much going to be one of the topics of conversation. so yeah. > how do you think the countryu
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or how are you hoping the country might react i should say. >> i think everything will go wl back to normal just like it was yesterday. you know, everything will justst be > thanks. appreciate you taking the time.e just so you know, here in d.c.d. there's a number of other issues, there's a council memben up for large.larg actually two of them tonight. remember former mayor vincent gray is on the ballot and it iss likely because he won the democratic prima take that raise tonight.toni also, statehood is on the ballot tonight. basically asking residents dorei you believe that d.c. should become the 51st state? a lotot of people are talking about that. and so far so good. we talked to election officialsi and they say that throughout tho day things have been runningrunn really smoothly. there has been an issue we'veve been hearing about about folks that have reregistered or mayber moved and tried to register their address again and having
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the day and everyone did get a chance to vote.te. so here downtown d.c. things are running smoothly. i want to go over just a couple of blocks from here to the white house where we find marina hi, marina. >>reporter: hey, you know what we're starting to see that excitement grow as well as the crowds steadily increasing here in numbers. i want to show you just across the way here because there's a steady display here of d.c. o police officers. typically you'd expect secret service they're here of course, but soo are d.c. police officers partly because of those alleged threats made by al qaeda on election day. they're posted not just here at the white house, but also at the old post office at trump hotel. i want to show you some picturet just behind me at lafayette park. that big fence is for january 20 for inaugeration they're already starting to sett
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president will be.will there's tons of foreign press out here. they're expecting the big news and we're expecting the crowds e to grow as the night progresses. one thing that we did find were, of course, hillary clinton supporters and donald trump supporters and the one thing they have in common, theireir election anxiety.elec take a listen. well, i must say i'm a littleitl sick to my stomach just because there is so much anxiety aroundu this election and there's much at stake for our future. like i said, i have two young daughters so i'm very concernedy about their future and what i'll be leaving them. i think we have a good chance. i'm hoping. we have to do something. this is my house as much as itit is anybody's house. > whose house do you want it to be next? i want it to be thehe people's house. i'm tired of it being washington's house.wash
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the first results will start rolling in. six different states, including the state of virginia. of course we're going to expect some fanfare here at the white house by 7:00 at 7:00 we'rewe'r going to take you down to the white house and show you how things are looking a little closer to the next president's house. > thank you. at 5, they calledh it the biggest upset inet i presidential h history. ronica explains if the same thing that happened 1 >>reporter: do you think this election is nothing like you've never seen before.en maybe that's not the case. we have to take a look way back in 1948 truman versus due i. we'll tell you about it afterter the break. speaking of looking way back, why do we vote on the first tuesday in november? it hasit everything to do with the 1800s. i'm going to explain that. meanwhile what a beautiful day we've had for turnout. no wonder it's been so extensive
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get to the poll, 7:00 in virginia and 8:00 here in d.c.d. and and i'll have your forecast for november 9 coming up in just a couple fox5 is the only resource youes need on this election day andand into election night.nigh check out our coverage plan. we are live on the air tonightit from 5 to 8:00 p.m. that includes live team coverage fromam the headquarters in new york. as those results are coming in stay with fox5 for up to the minute couples here. you can also get minut live on our fox5 news don't forget to interact with ut on facebook.on we're going to have liveave coverage there our network of reporters all night long so you will not miss a minute of theoft action and the full coverage of the presidential results on fox5 news at 10 and 11. we'll have a huge team here, including experts and analystsna to break down this historic day. we will be right back with more
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> of course we've beenf referring to the polls throughout this entire raise to give youcourrrinhis en a feelinw election night might end but it certainly isn't a guaranty of anything. fox5's political reporter ronice
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what that might not be the ultimate result here, ronica. >>reporter: well, that's definitely true. tru hey, laura and sarah.ah if you look at real clearear politics regularly like i doeg than a youular follow the pollsm of them are predicting a clinton victory. in fact 156 the last generaler election polls posted on the real clear politics website, 12e of them have clinton in the lead. you might think does that mean it's over. i don't know he we look at another website that posts election predictions. there they also have a pretty strong prediction for hillary hl they've got hillary clinton with a 71 percent chance of winning the raise with trump only at 28 percent. have to ask yourself does that mean it's over? not necessarily. we want to take a look back in history to give you an idea of the fact that the polls they are not a guaranty of anything. i'm going to take you back to 1948 true man versus due i.
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truman he was running for reelection. haerything thought that due i was going to win. the polls predicted a l some idl victory for dusk nightclub i.r u that is not how itsk not only did truman come to victory in that raise it was a substantial victory winning by over 2 million votes. there's also that image you may remember the chicago tribune. they went to press a little bitt early and truman is holding that headline that says truman having a little fun about how the polls and predictions they do get it long. we've heard donald trump bringum this up on the trail, how about the breakfast, britain'sin's decision to leave the united kingdom. again, polls predicted thatat britain was going to stay and we know those l polls were wrong. so when you're thinking about tonight, are you expecting a clinton victory that the polls are predicting or are we
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got to stay tuned to fox5.. we're going to be followingll election results the entire night. we'll just have to see. reporting live, i'm ' ronicaic cleary with fox5 local news. > it can happen. i remember being out insville into the we hours in the morning.morn that went on for weeks trying to count though let's take a liveet look's outside, 63-degrees out there. no excuse not to get out and vote. it was actually a really goodly day across the country. a little band of showers coming that will effect us tomorroweffe morning, but you very, very nice weather and office lit turnout seemed to be responding to the good weather forecast as well al the big deal of a presidentialed election that's going objectiono to the form he wanted to talk about something did you ever wonder why wey always vote on the first tuesdaa of november? not that longing i we were a farming society and it
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most americans were farmers and they picked november because it was past the harvest but beforee the first snow and the reel frost. they chose tuesday becausecaus monday was for church and monday was a travel day and they voted on tuesday and wednesday wasdnes market day.mark we thought that was ratherring here and wanted to let you know we had very good weather local limit the clouds coming in noww and the showers won't be too far behind. what you see across ohio and into into our direction and those showers will be getting into here tomorrow morning so plan a little extra time for november 9. day.won't last all the temperature has been perfect. 62 degrees. went down at 5:00. we're seeing temperatures drop, but not dropping drastically. out toward columbus 55.bus not a lot of cold air behind oub frontal system that ill with be crossing tomorrow but we'll seee temperatures responding a littlo bit cooler tomorrow.
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winchester 59, fredericksburg 5c and manassas at 576789 you still have time to get to the polls at 7:00 it should be right around 60-degrees. increasing clouds by 9:00. of course everything shutdown bi then and you're much whatting results come in here the at fox5. by 11:00, 57. we'll watch for the showerser tomorrow. it looks like they're going to time out forth morning commute.u it will be much dryer for the t evening commute.ev we are certainly very dry around here so we can't deny the fact that we need those showers. inches blow even just sincet september. we're going to talk more about what you can expect beyondyond election day, 2016. d a biayg day.y. we've been waiting a long time for we're here and out and voting and the weather is cooperating,i that's for > it will be a busy night for sure, sue. >> yes. playingelection is also out on social media tonight asit it has for the last several months. and you ours viewers are helping us tell t this story.
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your suites, facebook photos. use the hashtag fox5 votes. we're showing you the best ofst social media. stay tuned you're watching fox5 local news at 5 on this election
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i'm jim lokay here in the loft. welcome to the big here is where we're going togoin keep tabs on your stories. coverage all night use the hashtag fox5. we can pull it up right i'm going on do it right now. one of our producers is at theafter its center wherere client. you can see a look inside. these are some of the pictures we're getting in here. we have some voters from some voters. my shadow was with me as a future voter sphincter. v we haveo nickly. i like the way she's thinking.
5:24 pm
tamm any, i don't see a name ofa a pet. we give credit where credit is due. she's showing off a ballot. we have another here heaterater jones with her dog coming inin with the i voted sticker. getting a the look of pictures, matt ackland in the field showing about 1100 ballots cast with the after work crowdrk picking up. those sticks out there and a lot of businesses.of you can see it on fox5 d.c..como a lot of these places will do it even p you don't have the sticker. we can't vote but you can. the polls are still open andpe about throughout the dmv. alex said he voted like a boss.. future voter here to remind inmd case you haven't, go vote. we want you to keep uploading the selfies using the hashtag
5:25 pm
we're going to share those throughout the night. we have coverage going on all night social media is a big part ofart our lives. it's a big part of our coverage so please join our celebration as we celebrate the pieceful passing of demsy, it doesn'toesn matter. > it's been a little bit uglyil up until now and i feel likelike today has been quite calm.alm. all has been well with the polls places so far, as far as we'veve heard. let's keep i i took my three influences with me to the polls place as i was voting.. > showing them how the process goes. >> it was exciting for them to be a part of it, too. it was u good day. > stay with fox5. we have your full electionecti coverage all night long. i requesting going to be a figha to the finish as voters arevote still casting their votes.ote
5:26 pm
push to become america's next president. melanie alnwick is at the jacobafter its center where hillary clinton is holding herer election night event. stay with us,
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> this is fox5 local news at 55 a. we are continuing our coverageur of the raise for the white house tonight. security, of course, it has been a big concern for this election day and leading up to it, especially in new york city in where both candidates arere holding their election nightht parties. we want to take you back liveack now to new york and fox5's tom fitzgerald. i know, there have been somebeen threats surrounding election day. what kind of security presence s
5:30 pm
apple? >>reporter: well, you know, laura you're right, new york city police commissioner jim o'neill has been pretty bluntprt about this. this is a national security to s make sure this election goes ofe as planned. the department of homeland security about a weeing a didn't reveal that they have been tracking both al qaeda terror threats in texas and here in nea york city. i candn tell you right now this city is el you cannot go anywhere without bumping in one form or anotherra of law enforcement and those new york city and hock lease that wh have becomeoc familiar with sine 9/11 are every where. take a look at some video from earlier today to give you a sense of what the hotel is like up the street thisreet is the hilton mid town. this is where donald trumphere tonight is going to be holdingln his election night rally. see the trucks right there,
5:31 pm
normally those are the new york city sanitary trucks. that is a virtual wall around the entire block. they have the ability in this city tonight to shutdown wholeoe grids of manhattan if they needd to and that has been a warning to people in this city who are very familiar with blocked traffic when the un is in session, when the president arrives. we all know too well in traffic can get disrupted on a business regular day. here in new york city tonight ao lot of people were told to stayo home and just go and vote and avoid these massive trafficaffi jambs that have been created by this tight-night securitygh tonight.t-to that's the story from fox news election headquarters. melanie alnwick is stay than byy at the clinton convention
5:32 pm
heavy security.ecur streets shutdown for severalseve blocks and security lines alsons very long, not only for the media, but also for those members of the invited guests and public who will be able toe fill the floor here and get that front-row seat. they are hoping to make historyy tonight. a lat of talk has been about b hillary clinton and weee know at this hour she is n here in manhattan with her advisorses and her family and putting the finishes touches on either a speech. we want to talk about our ownown virginia's time cane who is the vice presidential nominee, former governor and former senator. he voted this morning in his home district in richmond, virginia. around 6:00 a.m. he wanted to be first in line to vote, but 99 year old ma inner va concern man beat him to it. cane chirped, he said i looks
5:33 pm
being number two. ma inner va was there way before her. a super cute story that really goes with the kind of guy that tim kaine is. he gave out a few gifts to his campaign staff. i believe we have somee photographs of those as well. also very cake tim kaine. hecake gave her a who are monicd 2013 virginia red wine from the rd vin yards and likely the senator wrote them each aach personal note on his station stationery. just a little bit of the election excitement going on here. tim kaine perhaps moving onto another role here in his long career of public service, here at the javitz center again things are supposed to get underway, that major program for the evening about 8:30:00 p.m. is when things are going to get are the thatted. we understand there's going to o be inside some programming, possibly some outside programins
5:34 pm
is going to go. live in new york city, i'm melanie alnwick. > back here at home we're checking in with last-minute voters as the polls have a couple of hours to stay open. we're going to go paul wagner. he's live at langly high school in mclean. this is the time of night where the after work crowd start too come out. do you see people starting toti line. >>reporter: there is no line i pers the line was this morning i'm told. there were approximately 500 ap people waiting here at langly high school at about 6:00 this0 morning wet polls opened and itt stayed very, very steady heresta for the first couple of hours of the voting.ting what's extraordinary is that i'm told that the turnout at thishis precinct which is the chainin bridge precinct is over 70 percent and they're expecting perhaps as much as 75 percent.pc
5:35 pm
we've talked to some voters oute here. i asked them two specificecif questions. i asked them what their hope was when they cast their ballot today and what their mood wasod like when they got up this morning. my hope for the country is that finally we take the threats ofes america seriously, especially global jihaddism and that we t start unfettering the economy,en less regulation, less and that we can come together as the great nation that we alwayss have been and seem to have forgotten in the last few years. that's my come together and let freedomred rain. > what was your mood like whene you got up today?ay? >> my mood, excited, truly excited. i think this is an election that's going to break all expectations, all the molds, you have to have this state, youtate have to have that state. i think this is a very unusualsl
5:36 pm
> my main hope is that we maintain a constitutional government in terms of nominating supreme court sup justices that follow the constitution, that we have a government that is no interference in our daily lives, low tax, pro economic growth. so that's the ballot that i just cast. and the second question i have, this has been such a devisive campaign, what was today. >> i'd say nervous, but excited. i think a lot of people have been exposed to a lot of information that probably in previous years we weren't exposed to for all kinds of reasons. the debate was very tense. the wikileaks, other information that was gotten out in the debate. i think people are probably ass informed as they've ever been and sometimes i think that causes information overload.
5:37 pm
see it i'm a little bit nervous to see how it turns out but then ween march forward. when you cast your vote just nows, what's your hope. >> that we create a better world for this little guy. that's it. > that's it.t's >> that's a good one.>> t > thanha a then secondly, whats what your mood like when you got up today. >> optimistic.imis optimistic that the country isur going to make a good choice and we're all going to move r > this polling station here att langly high school is also the same polling station where luann bennett cast her ballot thishis morning and we're still waiting for barbara comstock. this this is the congressional raise that everybody is watchinh at northern virginia. comstock against luann bennett. we hope to talk to miss comstock when she shows up here today.ody we were told she'd be heree h around 5:15 a. so far we have not seen her. perhaps we might have that for you at 6.
5:38 pm
> the polls expected to close at 8:00? or are they talking about keeping them open a little bit longer. >>reporter: 7:00 in virginia. > and people are continuing to show up now that work is getting out, lines are getting a little bit longer? >>reporter: no. we're seeing just a smattering of people coming and going here from the high school.choo we're not seeing long lines herg at all. there was a loft early voting i know in virginia and maryland. the day.. > paul, thank you so much. so i know when i was out voting earlier today, i was able to geo in and out. it depends on what hour you're going. i kind of echo that that guy was staying about people being nervous. it felt so different this timee around. as he said there's so muchh information overload so many man things we've been exposed toosed over this election. it's going to be interesting to he zoo how it turns out tonight.
5:39 pm
starting to clear. > ballots backlash in baltimort city. a leader may be in trouble with the law after posting this picture of her daughter filling out a ballot. who forgot to use spell check. election officials in one state misspelled hillary clinton's name, adding an extra i toto include the word liar in it. is it an > the graves where thousands of people are flocking to today to put their i voted stickers on v the grave stones.. > i know made to wait in long lines. what a gorgeous afternoon and now evening it is.s. generally a quiet day for the whole country with the exception being the ohio valley where they're see some showers from toronto down through cincinnatit much that'hrs actually headed or way. we'll have some showers as early
5:40 pm i'll have the full forecast when
5:41 pm
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> hundreds of voters hereed lining up,s taking time on this election respects to supple rage leader sues b anthony. people had been lining up in and the my's gravesite in rochester new york since early this morning. many covering her tome stone with ig h voted stickers. v theyo died 44 years befores american women were allow to vote. she was never allow to cast a ballot herself.ball such a struggle for her and all of the suver jets to get us to
5:44 pm
receipting a woman for president is something that i never thought i'd see. and so it is very emotional and i'm just thrilled to tuberculosis able to honor the woman who made it possible. > the cemetery in rochester will stay open late tonight so more voters can stop by and pay their respects and put this sticker on. it's tradition that has been going on since 2014. so it's popularity especially for special reasons this year with the first female nominee. >> it's an emotional time forime many as you can see. when you do think about this is a historic election as well as we have seen with the past couple presidential elections. >> just like last time. we know you voted today. i did. i didn't realize i kept my sticker on and i did.d. you should be proud.d.
5:45 pm
too. >> absolutely. have such niceto weather here today as well.l. >> i know. it really set the scene, i think, just an invigorating dayo to berati outside and head to te polls because it was beautifultu all day long. it's dark now, but still a very nice evening. you might need a jacket because it will get pretty chilly after dark despite the mild afternoonn but other than that nothing worry about. we do have some showers but they won't be showing up until early tomorrow morning.tomo we're therr at a deficit of four and a half inches of rain since the fall season began. these showers aren't going to to amount to much but they mightey make it a little slow for your drive in tomorrow.morr any rain will actually help atal thisly point.t. you see the clouds that havee been i'ming over the northeast. here's a band of showers stretching from toronto down to
5:46 pm
portions of rochester, new york. cleveland seeing rain and down through cincinnati, the swing state dealing with some rain drops.drop although it's nothing too heavy. high temperatures today withwith that earlier sunshine, gorgeous and we jumped pretty far above normal. 68 at reagan was the high temperature, 69 at dulles, mr. at bwi making it to 79-degrees, the normal for early november, about 62 here d.c. that'she a very pleasant evening, of 3 bought p more, 69 gaithersburg, 60 in martinsburg. it will get chilly overnight, although not as early as this morning when we hod frost we advisories in effect. 6 # in new york, 61 pittsburgh and 55 in kuala lumpur but,ala ohio. i think with those rain drops tomorrow it will also be a little bit coral. fox futurecast shows thehows increasing clouds for the evening and then by the morning
5:47 pm
rain. most of the day we'll feature some on and off showers that will start to dissipate by the afternoon. don't expect much sunshine. i think with the pesky low clouds and drizzle and then the on and off showers it will be a pretty gloomy day. into thursday itself we're back to the sunny, beautiful condition.cond that's thanks to high pressureih moving back on through.k weon have a soggy wednesday, but then high pressure returns. a lot of sunshine, seasonalnal temperatures, maybe not as mild as itu? was today, touchinguchi 70-degrees in some spots, buts, still pretty nice for mid november. low temperatures for tonight, 51 in washington, 41 in annapolis. no 30s showing up, but growingt season has ended for many of our western and northern suburbs. highs tomorrow thanks to the showers only at about 50s to low 60s. 61 in washington. sunshine forecast, are youyo getting used to the brighter
5:48 pm
thank you solomon tucker for that gorgeous note on. weorge continue to wantou to see your sunrise pictures. seven day forecast, clouds and showers on wednesday clearinged ounet with a nice cool breeze on thursday. 6 #.6 62 for a glorious looking veterans day.. an then this weekend a reel rusl of some chilly air. look at that in d.c. starting at 46-degree, widespread freezed conditions. .t is cold. afternoon, another chilly afternoon on monday. that's a look at your seven dayv forecast. laura than a sarah i'll send itd back to you. straight ahead here at 5, a huge mistake made at the polls than and social media post to prove it. plus where hillary clinton's name spelled wrong and what election offerings did to fix it. president obama historic presidential election coming ton at elect close.
5:49 pm
strolled down the column n.a.d.e. telling p people to go vote. let's check in with shepherd smith. >>reporter: greeting from newr york city where we're watchingee thtie rweaises'r and the return. several states have alreadyread recorded record-breaking turnout. we're waiting to see if that trend continues late afternoonue into thes night. hillary clinton and donald trump each cast their ballots this morning presumably foresum themselves and by the time this is all over we our next president will be a billionaire president who changed everyone or the first woman to ever control the commander in chief. who will set the course for our country over the next four years.ars. it is a defining day for our demsy and we hope that you'll join us for coverage right heree on this fox station.
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> a live look at the white house where president obama's ate-year term is winding downn and a pieceful transfer of power is already beginning to startstr up. but first we have to get througu election night and we were heree all night with team for election night 2016.2016 meanwhile there are some otherse stories that we want to bringbrn you up to date on tonight's fox5 on the fly. we have a mexican architect who comes up with for a spoof for a donald trump's proposed mexicann wall.wa one of the top officials makes s huge mistake the at the polls.l. an election law broken by baltimore's top prosecutor.
5:54 pm
pw picture of her ballot. do your part and do the same. the tweet was later deleted. >> why, maryland bans electronic devices in all polling places.. > whoops. > spell check, please.plea days before the election, officials in arkansas discovered hillary clinton's maple was misspelled on their ballots. some argued it was intentionaltt to include the word liar.liar election officials say honest mistake.take started from the bottom now. if donald trump becomes president, a mexican architect is taking a comedic approach to trump's dream with pastel pingsl ideas for the republicans planbc to build the wall. the ping wall design pays objection to the form raj to the architect, it would be a prisons monument and a tourist
5:55 pm
a political party is brewing at 7/eleven stores, a coffee cup presidential poll. customers can cast their vote by choosing a red trump if they'ree with trump. a bill cup if you're with hilly. they've been doing this coffee cupolaing since 2000 and they say the results often mirror tho results of the actual election. meditator in the united states of america. owe, yeah.ah. if you are suffering from a little election day anxiety,ety, well, here's a quick fix, the elevate the vote initiative is bringing meditation mobs to nearly 1,000 polling also in a every state.tate
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> this is fox 35 local news at 6. the wait is over. so many people are counting onui the outcome of this election, what it means for our country and i'll do the very best i can if i'm fortunate he in you haveu to win today. election day 2016 is officially underway. do you want america to beru or do you want america to be ruled again by the people? hillary clinton and donald trump aren an campaigning down to thee and now the results are in the hands of millions of voters. the news at 6 starts right now. fox5 is the place to be for our election coverage. thanks for joining us tonightht i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. we have been crisscrossing the region covering the big local raises l a along with theng w presidential
6:00 pm
mate got up early to cast their votes. donald trump voted at ps59 in manhattan along his wife. hillary clinton cast her vote in her hometown of chappaqua, new york. governor mike pence voted in indianapolis and senator tim kaine cast his vote near hiss home in rich monday. matt ackland icily in the the district and marina maracco isni at the whiteciina house. let's begin tonight in new yorkw city. our to outside covering trump'sump' campaign. what is the mood like there tonight in new york.t >>reporter: in n pricing right , shawn and tony because we haveve breaking news right now out of the fox news election headquarters. fox news reporting tonight this news out of texas confirmingnfir that former president w bush and former first lady laura bush did not today vote for donald trump for


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