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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  November 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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into ballroom with head quarter with melania and bar ron and trump's older children he addressed supporters and the nation. >> the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. [ cheers ]. >> we are going to fix our inner cities and rebuild our highways and bridges and tunnels and airports hospitals, we'll rebuild our infrastructure. >> so quite a surprise for a lot of people. especially a lot of those doyj polling who knew it would be close. in the end it was not that close after all. >> it sure was not. many folks waking up again to the news. and let's see what some of you are saying this morning. looks like donald has really come up trump. >> we'll roll through a couple more tweets this morning.
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all shop not lost going forward. #election 2016. >> congratulation to the real donald trump fork electsd thank you, thank you america from hairy and this morning. >> getting a lot of tweets coming in throughout through you see another one. we'll continue to share throughout the day today. if you would like to have a -- notice your tweets use our hash tag and we'll try to put that up there as well. as trump supporters gathered so on pennsylvania avenue. >> trump hotel became a hot spot with reporters getting together to snap photos and commorate the president-elect victory. we sent mem anjali hemphill down. she joins us now, good morning. >> good morning, guys. >> reporter: a lot of activity this early in the morning out here. despite the fact it's starting to rain out here. it's just drizzling and holding off for now. we expect more rain later. not sure if that will affect
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possibly protest the election results. i do want you to take a look behind here though behind me here this is trump international hotel you can see at least four security guards standing out front. they're of course keeping an eye on anything that could go wrong out here. of course it's been calm. there have been several people that showed up to show support to take pictures to just revel in the moment here. and we did speak to two gentlemen earlier about their just over joyous election results and take a listen to what they said. >> we're here because it's been incredible night and i wanted to get some moment's and pictures in front of hotel here. and i'm just incredibly pleased that donald trump was elected president tonight. >> we were speaking earlier and you were saying that as over joyed as you are you are also a bit surprised. tell me about that. is this what you expected. >> i knew trump would win florida and ohio and north carolina because he was about
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reps usually trend better on election day. but, yeah, pennsylvania, michigan, were a big surprise. >> along with folks out here showing support we also had a couple people ride buy on bicycles or ride by yelling in anger at the election results. and that's why we have security guards here and we've seen d.c. police drive around the block and keeping an eye on things. again, you're allowed to walk by and but one gentleman did get a little too close to the front of the hotel earlier and security came out and escorted him back. if you are m coming out here you want to be mind full that you do need to keep back from the stairs and be more in this on area here. we're keeping a close eye. we expect to see more action out here throughout the morning. we'll keep you up to date. for now live in front of the hotel. >> and you see more people coming out as the morning wears on. a few blocks away coverage
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>> annie yu is live outside the white house with reaction. annie, good morning. >> good morning, steve, allison. unlike where anjali is i'm not seeing a lot of activity out here this morning. we saw a lot of folks leaving when we arrived at around 3:30 or so and a lot of people headed home for the night to get rest. what we see right in front of the white house along 16 and 8th street is really media lined up and not a lot of media lined up. there were a handful of us early out this morning. overall not many celebrating but closer to the white house, i want to show you this video we shot earlier this morning when we first arrived there's a good group of protesters closer to the north side of the white house. they're anti trump protesters and chaptering holding signs that read stand up to racism and we saw at one point them burning donald trump hat. supporters we spoke to are happy and pleased with results obviously. admittedly surprised as well
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this morning. take a llisten what nate has to say. >> number one he's outsider and i think that would be really good for d.c. and number two i like his policies living on the brder for a while i've seen illegal immigrants come across the border and i know what happens to the healthcare and what happens to education and what happens to criminal justice systems when you have all these illegal residents coming and committing crimes and increasing healthcare costs and going to ers it's horrible. issue that hopefully will be solved finally after honestly a decade or two trying to solve. it we'll see what happens. so, again, last night, a good crowd was out here. a mixed crowd. both hillary and trump supporters. some speaking to our marina morocco and they were all out here for various reasons. i hope to get reaction throughout the morning we'll bring that to you live from the white house. that's the latest for you in
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that gentleman saying i think we'll see what happens. nobody knows what will happen at this point. what we know is what will happen throughout the day today weather-wise. gary mcgrady is covering that for us. >> hey, guys, rain. there you should live shots there and anjali said it was drizzly super light in city and initially this is super light rain. radar will show you looks like it will be pretty steady rain in the district and i think eventually it will. but right now it's super light and we continue to track this coming in from the charlottesville and then slightly heavier too back up towards hagerstown we're seeing yellow there's. keep in mind this whole line is kind of moving from west to east. and there's a frontal system back to the west of us and so everything is kind of kicking up along and head of front. it will take several more hours to get the front to come through. as it comes through we dry out later today and winds kick up a little bit and temperatures drop off late this afternoon. pretty mild this morning.
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culpeper is 53. dramatically warmer than yesterday morning in gaithersburg and is 65. i can owes were off yesterday a lot were off yesterday. you have to going ba to school today. watch out. 48 to 56 degrees this morning depend on where you are. generally mild morning. and rain coat. whatever keeps you dry. this afternoon will be drier. rain moves out. breeze kicks up and actually we get sunshine. poking through as well. so 'wet morning commute and drier evening commute. so at least it's not both ends and it won'ting awful. but add extra time to commute. >> for sure, gary. i'm looking forward to that sunshine later. >> wait until you show you the 7 day forecast next. >> that was a good tease. >> not one thumb up two thumbs up. >> volume-wise i think it's quiet. folks may have been up late last night. en er loop despite the fact it's wet you can see road spray
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loop cruising along at speed. use caution. plenty of room between the cars this morning and light rain could cause slick spots. we'll forward cameras. slight amount of volume 50 down to 11 street bridge quiet and 295 wide on. if you get out and about i suggest getting early start as rain moves in and more folks hit the road it causes dicey conditions. 66 eastbound gallows road rainy ride. we're seeing volume increasing eastbound side and right now look we'll move over to a look at maps. see what else we're up against in the morning ride. if taking metro grab umbrella and rain jacket you need it for walk. there safe track surge ten for the to the ep on red line buses replacing trains and headed downtown to for the gallery place take the yellow or green line to get around that. brookyln and rhode island stations closed and free shuttle service stopping at closed stations. rest of metro commute should be
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bus, inner loop this earlier construction cleared near connecticut and we're seeing green on the map. there problem free on the way to bwi reagan national or dulles. if you have a early morning flight to catch we'll keep you update odden that and we you have covered for the morning ride. through largo what i'm seeing here problem free from annapolis on through and waking up in virginia here's a look at 95 northbound dale city to beltway you're cruising at speed despite the rain moving in and route one look going and all way to fairfax are also quiet. closer view of 66 right now. 29 looking good and dulles toll road also at speed. keep it to "fox5 news morning" and we have vring you need to know on this rainy wednesday
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>> we have a great economic plan. we will double our grochbling.
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anywhere in the world. and at the same time, we will get along with all other nations, willing to get along with us. >> some analysts call uing it the biggest political upset in the history of our country. >> so, we want to get some local reaction now to see how some of you are are processing the news that donald trump is now the president-elect of the united states of america. "fox5" bob barnard spoke to folks this morning. she joins us live from northwest. bob, good morning. >> will take getting used to that donald trump is going to be our next president. we're here at ben's chili bowl firing up the grill getting ready to on here. we've been out and about this morning. not a people up early. a lot of people stayed up late to guy guest this whole things. here's 'rx at a bus stop down the street here. >> oh, man, i am on my way to
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deposit go my way. >> it didn't go your way. >> it didn't go my way at all. >> i'm glad it's over with. it was a dog fight. >> i was more towards clinton whipping but it didn't happen to i'm dealing with how it came out. so it's just fine with me. >> it's okay with you. >> it's okay with me. >> so i think there people are just kind of stunned by this maybe we should not be, guys, because here's a man people have known for 30 years or what have you. he cleared the field on republican side facing hillary clinton who had a battle against bernie sanders and this is how it inded up how the story was written. but even though maybe it should not surprise us i think most are finding it shocking because that name which you see on hotel down at the end of 11
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everywhere. it is now going to be at the white house. like i said it will take getting used to and people are really stunned. and some in a happy way and others just shaking their head. here at ben's one gentleman said donald trump shocked the world and someone else here had not heard the news that he's president-elect. >> you know, bob i don't think it comes as surprise here in washington. there at ben's. this say district this say district that voted 93% for hillary clinton. but, what will be interesting when you talk to more and more people as they come in today, if they feel like this was a vote for donald trump or a vote against the political machine? and if that seemed to be the swiping across the country. >> yeah i'll tell you what we yesterday were visiting poling sites around maryland started in montgomery. prince georgement ended up in charles county which is more ever a red county for maryland
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clinton. and i spoke to one young man here who said in terms of race relations down in the waldorf area that if donald trump was to win he didn't think it would do much to help race relationss in this country. we'll see how matt played out. not that they were all excited for hillary clinton but, and what you have seen from a lot of the exit poling is that i think a lot of people would voted for both donald trump and hillary clinton did vote for them but really were not excited about their vote. >> i think you saw that everywhere. >> and left with reality you. >> saw that everywhere. and the key is we'll talk about this throughout the morning show as we get more and more into details here in the dmv when you look at d.c., maryland, virginia did all votes for hillary clinton but it also shows we talk about this beltway mentality bob, and washington and political machine gets locked into this beltway attitude.
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the votes. outside of this area, did not. >> you have to convenient you're tour out a little bit. that's what you'll find. rural america. i think i heard where it's primarily white men and women who don't have a college education. and i mean there's a lot of people in our country who voted for donald trump, when you look at map and yet like you say in here you didn't feel. it well, we're feeling it this morning. >> we'll see about the representation over next four years. bob, thank you very much. >> one thuping we know votes are in. as far as things to look forward to, maybe a nice week ahead. >> once we get through today, okay? it's beautiful fall weather. i mean the weekend probably coolest weekend oui had so far this weekend really coolest weekend so far this season. it will be coolest air. but it will not stick around. we see this let me show you temperatures now. that's currently at the airport. i'll mention this now.
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down and it evaporates on extended modeling. we'll wait and see. it's been a very, very mild november. temperatures out there mild for us. d.c. 56. we have a lot of 50s in suburbs. buffalo this morning raking up to 51. what, what? boston is 49 right? and you see colder air. it's not cold it's chilly. chicago 42. minneapolis is at 39 degrees. so this is not super charged cold air by any means. cold down to the northern texas there this goes through friday. et jet stream will mack a big dip. we know when hat happens we get cold this weekend we're talking about 40s and 50s for highs. for highs, we're 52 saturday and upper 40s in suburbs. this is coldest air so far and sunday is gorgeous 60. rain is to west of us as tracking through this morning. keep in mind it will be wet morning commute. and it does look like the
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i took a sneak peek at the new stuff and it's hintsing at showers extending into 4 and 5:00 time frame. so that could mean a couple showers for the evening commute as well. high today, 61. winds will get gusty late this afternoon. obviously rain showers. and i just need to skip ahead here and get to the 7 day. >> yeah. >> there we go. >> woo. >> don't get to the 7 day it's wrong. that's not the right 7-day. all right. erin take it away i'll load in the cre trust me it will be really fallish for the next several days. >> i'll take a beautiful saturday through a stroll through the farmers market. >> it will be cool but gorgeous. >> rain is coming down this morning and it was not so cold. not a cold rain. >> not at all it's mild. >> pretty mild. but, again use caution as you hit the road, 270 volume building and damp ride shady grove road. north at at that point point 70 to struck scailz volume building and not enough to
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get early start. please use caution. as we switch it over and show you a look now on 95 as you make your way through dumfries bit of slow roll. wet ride fredericksburg through dumfries. we'll see typical slow downs. we'll keep you updated and metro is on time. more weather and traffic in a few moments. back to you allison and steve. >> coming up on "fox news morning" a tough night for democrats across the board. >> take a look at congressional race and senate and house for the next two years. and as we take to you break giving you live look across the d.c. region, right now looking at the white house. time now is 5:19. and it is 56 degrees outside. "fox5 news morning" special
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. >> the forgot ep men and women
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forgotten no longer. >> we are going to fix our inner cities. and rebuild our highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, hospitals, we're going to rebuild our infrastructure. >> part of the victory speech from president-elect donald trump early in the morning hours. also, this morning, gop whim remain in control of the house for two mor rep cam dates triumphant in florida and virginia. >> republicans had at least 218 stleets and you see 234 guaranteeing control and four of the incumbents lost gop retained seats in minnesota, new york, colorado, iowa and wisdom martin and the democrats sought to grab. >> as far as the senate republicans have the majority there and gop brought in key wins in pennsylvania, wisdom martin, north carolina, indiana
5:23 am
election the big story. there's important election decisions impacting us locally. first in fairfax the controversial meals tax defeated. this was third time in 4 yearsing it been rejected and in maryland, prince george county will add two at large seats county council and in montgomery county, voters have chose tone adopt term limits for their county executives and county council members. and finally, in the district, d.c. voters are are proved the statehood referendum with of votes counted. congress still though has to approve the measure and d.c. leaders say they plan to press the case to the new president and new congress in january. >> you think that bit of a long shot now "makeup that will be on capitol hill. 5:3 now. let's look at election headlines you're sharing on social media early this wednesday morning. >> wisdom martin joins us with more on those. >> good morning to you both. first we're getting first look at the demographic breakdown of the race.
5:24 am
clinton led in terms of latino voters though he won more than mitt romney in 201 2. exit poll data also shows two candidates were tied among white college graduates. demographic president obama lost by 14 points to mitt romney in 2012 and among white voters without college degrees trump won vote 2-1 over hillary clinton. and clinton failed to epergizing african-american voters clinton 88% of african-american voters smaller margin than president obama 93% four years ago. meantime, global markets are bracing for a day of volatility as the dollar begins to weaken against safe haven currency like the japanese yen. they're turning to gold up 4% as u.s. stock futures plummet.
5:25 am
ftse is lookly have a toured opening and mexican paso is falling this morning hitting eight year low and timely there were apparently enough americans dispointed by the election results that they cashdz the canadian immigration web site. the site was down for several hours overnight as surf traffic for canada immigration canada and move to canada increased substantially. those are your headlinesments back to you. in wis in a little bit. gellin' a look at the 7 gay gary. >> i got it for you. pashd on me the last time i had the wrong one loaded in. >> wrong 7 day. >> yeah i did. >> better than this 7 day. >> it was 7 day for fioria not for d.c. >> well, wait which is better. >> which one was better. >> hours is better. >> i i've got a rock eup 7 day i'm tell you. >> some suburbser upper 40s,
5:26 am
not too terribly heavy but enough to slow down the morning commute no doubt about this and further south and west heavier stuff is down here seeing yellows and oranges and it's pretty far away from radar. we're looking high up into the atmosphere there. obviously heavier. we'll continue with passing showers on through the morning hours in terms of temperatures today we're not going to warm up much up from where we are now. middle 50s now and low 60s. some places upper 50s out there and morning at noontime and now the latest info is probably trying to bring down a shower late in the afternoon as well to end this all. we'll keep a close eye on all that. as prominged here we go 7 day forecast. how about this 61 today. showers out of here tonight. mostly sunny tomorrow. 62. 64 friday veteran's day by the way and chilly bibut georgous weekend. 52 saturday and we stay in lower 60s. maybe, maybe, maybe first freeze in d.c. on sunday morning.
5:27 am
but maybe. okay? we'll wait and see. here's erin como. >> 5:26 gary. rainy start to morning grab your rain jacket, brum brel aand patience. rain is moving in and anticipated it could be a messy commute. as for metro commute safe track surge ten impacting red line. bus president placing trains and take the greener or yellow line for the totten and brooklyn and rhode island closed and free shuttle service is available. aside from that roads green around the dmv despite rain. i'll let you know when that khaivrmings. keep it to fox news morning our 5:0 half hour this wednesday is
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>> no dream is too big no skhenk too great. nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach. >> america will no longer settle for anything less than the best. >> there he is the american people have elected donald trump as 45 president of the united states. it's a stunning and historic victory. good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". so many states. so close, all night long. the electoral map says it all. donald trump the magic number of 20 and hillary clinton yet to speak to her supporters and we're told she will do so this morning. she did, however, call donald
5:31 am
and literally just a few hours ago. >> we've been tracking reaction to this dramatic election and in the early morning hours from outside the white house to the trump hole tell in northwest. we're hearing from surprised and shocked voters but less begin with the trump headquarters in midtown manhattan. >> donald trump spoke to people shortly after associated press called the race at 2:30 this morning. fox news followed shortly there after at 2:40 a.m. many calling this the most stunning presidential history. and let's listen to some of his acceptance speech. >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division and have to get to together. and to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation i say it is time for us to come together as
5:32 am
i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans and this is so important to me. >> after trump was elect today turned out some people say they wanted to move out of america and head to canada. as a matter of fact that drew so much interest online it knocked out canada's immigration web site overnight >> washington d.c. waking up with a new president-elect. >> soon trump hotel will no longer be donald trump's only pennsylvania avenue address. for now anjali hemphill was down there this morning and joins us now. have we seen that much activity throughout the morning. looks like you have people behind you now. >> yes, i do. and despite the fact that the rain is coming down people are continuing to flock to trump hotels in northwest either
5:33 am
extremely upset about it. and earlier, we spoke to supporters who came down here to take pictures, selfies, documents this momentous moment in history as they called it and now we have a group of american university students which you see behind me here also first time voters i'm told. many of them fresh anyone college they're here to protest the decision that came down. a lot of them saying it was a shock. pretty much a punch in the gut is how it was descrid. we are speaking to one of these guys here this is ryan. he has hillary sign. tell me, it's raining, it's early in the morning. you've been up all night. why are you out here? >> we're out here because you know, yes, donald trump is the new president-elect but that does not peep he represents us or that our issues do not matter and we'll be here as long as we can be and even when we go home and if we come back it doesn't change who we are inside and what our values are and who we stand for as people
5:34 am
university because you wanted to work on the hill or white house. that changed now. >> immensely. it would be awesome to serve under a dem caltic regime or hillary clinton. but to serve for done didn't and republican values that's not what i stand for and what america stands for. what donald trump basically brags about sexually assaulting woman that's not a presidency or cabin i want to work under or who i plan to work under. it's sad i came to that reason to live in city of politics. it's sad that's not right. >> excuse me. >> and as you heard, you know, he's upset along with supporters here. but again, there are trump supporters that came out as well. as of now they sort of talked amongst themselves and behaved themselves. this will shirn be a hot bed the rest of the morning as people flock out here and react to the results of this election. live in d.c., anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> we expect more activity
5:35 am
remember this es a race called a couple hours ago. the folks up then are going to get tired am some point and folks waking up now for the news for the first time to learn that donald trump is president-elect. and many people waiting for hillary clinton's reaction to the race. she did not speak to supporters in new york early this morning and instead september her campaign chair to the podium. here's what he he had to say sfwlxt thank you. welcome imknow you've been hoor a long time. and it's been a long night. and it's been a long campaign. but i can say we can wait a little longer, can't we? we're still counting votes and every vote should count. several states are too close to call. so we're not going to have anything more to say tonight.
5:36 am
you should get some sleep. we'll have more to say tomorrow. >> you get the feeling at that point they knew it would be very close if they did not know more. that was, of course, before the announcement was made that donald trump would be the president he leblingt and then no word from the clinton camp after that announcement was made. again expect to hear from her this morning no word on what she'll address supporters publicly. we're told it will happen at some point this morning. down >> annie yu is live outside the white house with reaction there. anyone with you this morninging. >> hey, guys, good morning, you know it's an earsy feeling when we arrived shortly after:00 this morning we saw a manned full of media along 16 and 8 street and a lot more now. there is no one out here we have not ran into supporters the last hour or too.
5:37 am
going into this he thought for sure hillary clinton had it on lock and as soon as donald trump starting whipping key battle ground states it revived him and he's policed this morning. he came out to check things out. there was nobody out here really to celebrate. so i think that is one of the bigger surprises. i wants to show you video of late last night. we saw a good crowd of people out here both hillary clinton and trump support irz. at firstth supporters out here. but as the results rolled in and she kept losing key states her supporters grew desperate and quieter and slowly we saw the trump supporters show up. and they let their presence be known. we shot protesters out the whoyt house have an anti-trump i don't know if this is video we're looking at i don't think
5:38 am
you can clearly see they're burping a donald trump hat and they were outside the north side of white house there early this morning. so we're starting to see just a good crowd. there was a good crowd. but right now there's not much of a presence. back to you in the studio. >> let us know whether things change there and we'll keep an eye what is happening the white house. d.c. expecting a lot of activity. >> we're happy to be with you early this morning. >> coming on early this morning because this historic day. we'll stay this morning. saw drain drops out there. breaking out the umbrellas. >> he said it's raining. >> right. >> you deposit need to see ankle lee or annie's umbrella. >> or the green on the radar the last hour or so. hour, hour an a half. it's comeing across. we'll continue with showers and wet morning commute. you know what i'll tell you now we'll go wet morning commute and it does look like there may be a couple scattered showers for the evening commute as well.
5:39 am
couple spots in upper 40s. mannasas just changed literally down to 4 degrees. a lot of lower 50s out there this morning. very, very mild certainly lot different than it was yesterday morning where we had a lot of 20s there. several temperatures below freezing. here's bus stop forecast quickly. showers this morning. couple spotty showers this afternoon would not surprise me. >> not an all day washout. >> honestly we need aid all day washout. >> we're lacking department. >> and starting to get things moving this morning. >> 5:39, we're starting to see congestion moving on the map. norm of of that point 270 southbound past the truck scales seeing conest john and raining commute. same story 66 eastbound 34 to 28 that's where most congestion is through centerville breaks up towards beltway. let's hop outside for topside of eliminate beltway.
5:40 am
loop by new hampshire avenue. again slow traffic wet roads we you have covered this morning backing autopsy roup the dmv. >> still it come this morning a lot of local races to get you caught up on we talked about president and congress and what the divide looks looks oyn capitol hill. >> overseas markets jolted overnight as donald trump wins preden shall election. back after this 5:40 dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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on capitol hill with hel comstock they win criminal over the house and democrats chipped a little away at the 207 seat majority take a look at numbers now. democrats holding on to 11 seats and as far as senate also now controlled by gop.
5:44 am
number needed. we wanted to mention maryland voters picked chris van hol hand to succeed retiring maryland senator barbara mc call ski. he's now senator elect van holland. >> 5:44 other big local races now voters d.c. overwhelmingly approved a ballot referendum seeking stayedhood. in maryland they limited county executive and council members to three prince george county two at large members will be added to county counsel ill. to vir v. 4% meals tax in fair tax county has been voted down. >> one other notable result from district mroyl, back for former mayor vincent gray. former mayor is headed back to council winning ward 7 seat by landslide. >> some of most nervous people
5:45 am
up investigators. how markets are reacting this morning. >> it's not good and a lot of clinton supporters uneasy this morning thinking to themselves what happened, what wept wrong. bob barnard is out and about getting reactions from both sides. we'll check in with him next. he has headlines to share as
5:46 am
5:47 am
>> welcome back a busy morning and you know what, with rain comeing across many the morning watch out with the morning
5:48 am
time because you'll need it. it looks like we may have a couple showers lepingerring into the evening commute as well and drier in the afternoon and showers late. most this rain is definitely comeing across now. pretty good rain through the city now. all inside the beltway and you know you're going through 70 and 95 north and south out 66 and out 50 everybody is wet now. it looks like we'll continue to be wet. 56 mild degrees in town now. pittsburgh 50. columbus 46. even on other side of the front terribly cold. detroit 45 and chicago 42. in terms of where we are this morning this is future casts. rain still place. even at 7, 8:00 this morning and a little break. i think there's a chance for showers late morning, early evening and later on this afternoon and this evening, 4, 5, 6:00 now newest information is paging up on potentially a few more showers lingering even into the late morning commute. that's a little change.
5:49 am
there's a chance of that. cheering out tonight, tomorrow gorgeous, lots of sunshine tomorrow. couple clouds in the afternoon. but it should be very, very nice. weekend forecast looks chilly. this is some of the coldest air we get coming through this far this season. highs on saturday 5 2. that's in the city. out in the suburbs we'll probably be more like 47, 48, 49 degrees. super chilled saturday. sunday, better though, sunday looks georgous, 50s and 60s. for high temperat sunshine and again doesn't look like it will be too tear bally breezy. back to the forecast today. showers this morning. showers around at lunchtime. 59. we won't see any sunshine. maybe a little pokes through late this afternoon. keep in mind going to keep a shower in 4, 5:00. definitely wet morning commute and maybe few passing showers for evening commute. hopefully not a big deal. 7 day forecast fallish. 62 tomorrow.
5:50 am
nice weekend. here's erin. >> 5:49 gary and rain is definitely playing role in wednesday morning commute already. we have a crash inbound pennsylvania avenue for just before suitland parkway. traffic is slow making your way inbound towards beltway from do do youerrorhouse on through suitland parkway. that backs up from alabama to south capitol. another crash southern maryland this morning 301 northbound branch avenue right at the split we're seeing big slow downs. now keep in mind if you waldor. and 301 you hit delays. we have a lot of volume building 95 prince william parkway. look how slow we are with wet roads. jammed up dale city and 95 northbound and slow conditions 66. we'll look at that next, back to you receive and allison. >> thank you very much. it seems improbable to be so many people but today we're waking up to news that donald trump is president election of the united states of the
5:51 am
the news. bob xwob spoke to a few of you out here. he joins us live. bob what are you hearing. >> hey, guys, well people are stunned. we're at the museum front page from today's newspapers are not out yet. take a look this is advocate from louisiana yesterday down to the wire. the portland press harald for maine now voters had their say. we knew voters had their say. it caught a will the of people off guard. eight years ago headline in obama. we'll see if it's trump in some of the papers coming out this morning that will be on display here at the museum he eventually. here's a sampling of people on the streets this morning reaacting. >> you just never know that's this story this whole election process a lot of people doubted trump i voted for hillary obviously. a lot of people donald trump rep primary he won that.
5:52 am
this election. look what happened. i feel bad i thought it would be a good day i hope it's a good week. i'm obviously upset he won. but let's see what happens. >> what's your reaction to how things turned out. >> i have been all the morning i haven't heard yet. >> donald trump has been elected president. >> oh, guess it is what it is. >> what's your thought. >> oh, man it's just a great disappointment through see, people seem stunned i broke the news to the j gentleman with the boston red sox hat it's one of the things we'll get used to. donald trump is 45th president of the united states and headlines are shipped out right now, guys. >> bob, when you talked to some of those folks, did you -- okay we'll talk to you later. i want to know their thought process behind that and why
5:53 am
we'll talk to you later. this morning, financial markets across the globe are on wild ride as donald trump celebrates new role of president elects of the united states. >> here in united states stock futures are not looking good and price of gold surging and investors are seeking a safe haven. the market after shock now. it's precursor to after shock if we look tat that way. >> things will get worse before they get better, steve, probably, you talked about the safe haven of traditional people seek to put money into gold. the price of gold was up.1% selling over 1300 an ounce. and you see it right. there donald trump is our president-elect. of course spirits are super high for people that supported and continue to support donald trump. but when you talk about some of the global economy and values of their currencies we're seeing them all go down and
5:54 am
paso went like a tumbleweed on election tuesday as mexicans watched results in bars and barber shops like in the states here of course and it could put western economy on contraction and early election results we're seeing paso swooping. meanwhile the morning session traded down and dollar mrun.ed on the news and south korea dunn as well and land down under slank%. in the united states things looking bleak, nasdaq, dow futures down 600 and dow 600 and s & a down 81 points. this all has to do with uncertainty. we're tacking about last of predictbility that's what makes investors nervous and many
5:55 am
redistrictable. one thing i should say. we saw this when the british decided to leave european union. everything plunged everyone was shocked and everything returned back to normal. we'll see what happens here. >> thanks. obviously we'll keep an eye on financials throughout the morning. >> reaction to trump tower. >> you will find doug luzader standing by. describe what you're seeing the mood in front of trump tower. >> good morning, w interests a lot of heedia out here that's for sure. the actual celebration was not at trump toyr last night but you have to imagine there was celebrating going on here. they have a number of dump trucks parked for security reasons presumably in front of the tower and as far as what will transpire through the course of the day some some point trump will meet with president obama. there was a report from another network that the president already reached out to trump it would be traditional for the two of them to meet and 4 hours
5:56 am
that may happen today or tomorrow. we'll see. but for now, trump is no doubt safering this victory that he would argue he expect today but certainly pollsterss did not. that's what made it a shock last night. >> what do we hear from clinton camp. any idea what dime she will address the american people and her supporters? >> yeah we don't know what time that will happenen but we're hearing from clinton campaign she'll later this morning presumably that would happen anyone new york. she did spend the night here in manhattan last night. beyond that it's not clear what time frame we're looking at for those remarks. >> doug luzader here with us this morning. >> and our coverage will continue at 6 a.m. we're checking in with tom fitzgerald in new york and he's trump tower as we speak. >> and melanie alnwick live from what was clin con election headquarters.
5:57 am
light rain out there and gary light rain out there and gary will have your forecast. ment maybe tucker when we come
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> working together we will begin the urgent task of
6:00 am
>> a stuping and historic victory. there he is the american people have elected donald trump as the 45 president of these united states. good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning" p. >> today is wednesday, never 9 we're happy you you're with us for the special post election coverage this morning. if you went to bedded before this was all settled, here's how it played out. around 2:00 this morn four hours ago, clip ton campaign chairman john podesta came out to address supporters at clinton election night headquarters in new york city and he told the crowd to head home, get rest and the campaign would rae ses in the morning seeing it was very close. hillary clinton herself never appeared or addressed the crowd. >>:30 associated press called pennsylvania for trump and that put him over the top to become the nation's next president. and you can see there on our


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