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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  November 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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spot. hundreds march fred 1600arch pennsylvania avenue, trump'siavu soon to be residence to the the newest trump property not farmpt away at what was once the old post office.e. they held signs saying unfitg ut to serve.. immigrants welcome, not trump. and we have a voice and these protestors plan to use it. i >> we're going to embrace thehe long tradition in this land of protest on participation. we are going to meet donald trump blow for blow against his racism, against his sexism, xenophobe ya'. y. >> the results last night'sesul election does not reflect ourtsc country and i don't want us tous believe that divisiveness isess the way forward, that unity and that pluralism is the american way and is the way ith that that we should rememberd each other and keep fighting fig for eachd other over the next tx four years, eight years, 20ears0 years. >> we have heard of studentsudts walking out of class to protest in berkeleyrkey california.
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california more than 6,0000 protestors filled the street. there were fires and reports of vandalism there.he people brought children andug ci dogs to the demonstrations inti denver. they held up american flagsn fla and signs saying love trump hate not my president.nt seattle the scene of a of a large protest and walk and ink n trump's hometown of new york ofe they marched down sixth of aixta chanting the whole world is watching. there were rode protests as we will in chicago, dallas,ode l., near d.c. there has been extrant security outside the trump hotel we're told there have theh been some threats and concernsar about more protests asst a inauguration day nears.gura om.dom.ti >> 4:31 is the time right now. the protests aren't justn'st happening here in the united ien states inform london hundredsor of protestors gatheredlo outsido the u.s. embassy yesterday for f an event organized biteized founder of stand up to racism.a. he says he respects thehe election process but not donald trump. thnae members of the far right groups including the english enh
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protest. pr >> president-elect will be innt town to visit the white house today at the request of-ele president obama.sit th t >> it's no secret there'she n rs love lost between the two meneee and now they'll come face to face in what's shaping up tog be an awkward meeting. fox5's annie yu live outside out the white house this morningi with the story. annie. >> reporter: hey, good moeporrning to you, maureen andd wisdom. yeah, i mean, it could be aulbea bit of an awkward situationuatin because the two men have had haa almost no one on one contact previously. i mean, obviously president pre obama campaigned very, very verr hard for the democratic hillary clinton.lint the two did not have nicee nic things to say about each otherhh so it could be a bit of an of awkward situation but this t morning here at the whiteg hohereuse this is as close as we can get to the white house.te he secret service has blocked offlf the portion where we normally can stand and they're doing this because of theause of the construction work going on,gog n not because of the protests but perhaps it is because ofbeca the inauguration preps.inaugu but it is time now to put put those plans into action andacti get to work and so today's tay meeting is real the first stepf
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11:00, president-elect donaldctl trump will be meeting withll president obama here at b the at oval office. it's their first public steplist toward making the transition.ras both are putting their differences aside and they'res really going to, youan know, talk more about things and the peaceful handover. meantime first lady michellemicl obama will meet privately withty trump's wife melania here ater the white house as well. and, you know, a lot of lot of questions going around as thissi transition begins. begins. there's a lot of talk about what will it be like under a uer trump preside spoke to republican strategistts jack berman to get a littleman l more insight.e take amo listen to what he haste to say. s >> pence i think will be thebehe guy he has great relation on k street. i think trump will look to him. him. he'll also look to mitch mitch mcconnell in the senate. i'm hearing gingrich will be secretary of state. i thing kgi hsee crcan bete a conciliatory, he can bringan people together when he wantsts to. i think he made a strategicategc decision not to take his foots off the the accelerator.elerator
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wanted to have all the exposure and deprive everyone ee else of the oxygen, the the political oxygen and it worked.rk >> reporter: and just to addr: to a that, i think also the interaction between housection speaker paul ryan and president-elect donald trumpdonp is also very crucial andal a telling in the days ahead andad the weeks that's the very latest hereatesh from northwest d.c. d annie yu fox5 local news.ew >> vice president joe bidenoe seddon trump's victory shouldtoy relations between the u.s. andnd the >> he made the comments last t c night. ni he says he says no doubt u.s. support of israel will not wilno waver. wave >> happening today a bowie man will appear in court. 40-year-old david carl tranarl berg was arrested and has beenen held in prince george's countycg since. his hearing begins at 10:00ing i a.m.ns >> in the district police aredit investigating the murderris ofms two women that took place justlj two weeks apart. the first happened last month m
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northeast.t. police say two men spotted thete victim in the parking lot at the mayfair mansions apartment complex. police say the var ictim was w strangled to death.led to dea so far no arrests have been made. earlier this week a woman was stabbed tor th diseath alont 2600 block of pomeroy road in southeast. police identified the victim as 40-year-old anita pratt. p anyone with information inatio either case is asked to call toc d.c. police.e. >> 4:35 is the time. let's get a check of today'sf ty forecast and gary, yes, it was cold this morning. >> it is, it's 45 here in townnw right now.righ now. couple of 30's out there and ara lot of 40's i mean, 43 manassas, so definitely colditec in spots. sts chilly in others, okay. annapolis is coming in at a 49 degrees today. leonardtown 45.onar we've clear skies.e cleaie a little bit of a breeze inn some spots and that's keepingng temperatures up just a littleit bit but again if that breeze drops a little bit belowle bitel 5 miles per hour in a couple col of places then the plas th
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temperatures that are in thees lower 40's now t could actuallyl end up in the upper 30's before it's all said and done. n here's your forecast today.ay. how great is this? lots oflots sunshine. not perfectly sunny. sun we'll have some clouds fromuds r time to time but not too badme b at all. all temperatures will get into theie 50's to low 60's pretty much muh area wide. area wide. weekend is right around theis rcorner.ig we'll talk more about thatut coming up.p. right now erin como is in withit a look at your morning roads. >> 4:36. 4:3 we are tracking a few problems l on this thursday morning morni friday road hov crash blocking a left lane. lane. little caution good news is as you headle c ahd through annandale volume isis still light.. not causing slowdowns traffic flowing on 270 from frederick down to the truckruck scales. things are looking good goo top of the beltway. bel outer loop 95 as well as bw parkway so if you have anave a early flight on the way to bwi you're in good shape. sha in chinatown police activity closing a portion of h street out between sixth and seventh.
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that as well.el back to you maureen and wisdom. >> donald trump's election win taking center stage on latee onl night television.ion. we'll talk about how some of se the comedians are reacting toct the surprise win. win >> growing calls for women to make a doctor's visit. vis >> as we head to break, timeak,t is 4:37. 4:37. back in just two minutes.
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>> ?? we're back now at 4:39e're with what's trending on this btn thursday morning. >> holly morris is m standing bb with our realtime newse new tracker. trac >> good morning, everybody.d now that donald trump is themorn president-elect he faces new security challenges not justengu for himself but also his hotel.ho trump tower in new york citynewc is also trump's primary residence and sits on one ofit the busiest thorofares in in manhattan and it could be in for even more headaches as the e
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security measures for the nypd will likely imposeely p new restrictions for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. while half the country maybe celebrating trump'sile at vitrctory others are considering secedeing from the united states. the loudest cries coming from california has tash secede andea exit have been trending on twitter. jury is still out on whethernheh that will happen.ap about how a trump presidencydeny will affect their reproductiveee rights. many are planning to get. a >> reporter: ud'res plann and a they're encouraging others to o do so. while iud's aren't the best t b chase choice for everyone theyry can last for three to 10 years y meaning they could lastld las through a trump presidency. d.c. state hood survived s election day maktaing residents hopeful the district will become a state. ate but how likely is that to happen. according to mayor bowser it'stm going to be a uphill battle. bhl
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strong resistance from thee republicans because thoseicans seats wouldbe likely go to democrats.democr so with the gop presidency andnd gop controlled congress, statega hood may be on hold again. finally brad pitt just got abrad major break. ma the actor has been cleared in i child services investigation.tin officials had been looking into allegations talhas t he was abusive toward his 15-year-oldyr son on a september angelina jolie filed for divorce after the incidentncid saying it was for the health of her family.y. maureen and wisdom. concession speech encouraging millions of her supporters butru it's not just her words but but also her fashion choice foric f that tough sh. details ahead.detaah >> tensions high this morningon across the country followings he donald truntmpry's stunninging election win from d.c. to l.a. we're going to take a closerser look at protests all acrossll as the nation straight ahead. strge >> a live look outside. out it is 4:41 and it is a cold 45 degrees this morning.s morn bundle tup as you're heading
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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> we have been talking aboutkit donald trump on this show fors 18 months and one of thend one h things i've tried to make make clear over those 18 months iss i how i've been wrong about him ah at every turn. tur when he first came down the escalator at trump tower and announced, i boldly said on this show it was a stunt andnt he would never really run.ever
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the gop nomination and i a certainly didn't think he think would be our next presidentbe o but the good news is -- >> well, donald trump'sru surprising election win headlining late night tv. t seth myers one comedian tackling results. at one point he teared up. host conan okay brian also talked about the election lastlt we're talking about lateabot night comedy.omed a lot of them talking aboutheab this post election and how a lot ofon a us were shocked by te donald trump -- donald trump himself shocked by his by his election. >> a lot of people who didn't oe support him paul ryan and somema of the republicans alsons a shocked how they talked aboutw k how the polls were slowing s that he was way down and then at all of a sudden he wins.of so now it's a a whole change ofe mind-set. mi >> but i will say if there'she one thing that maybe we canbe wc all come together on is that comedy does heal. does al.
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so perhaps comedic acumen theyee can help us all weathereath whatever storm it is that you think you're facing.acin >> president obama invitingside him out for a talk todaynt.oday >> absolutely. >> i think it's a great firstnk' step.s >> you said storm and you saidmo weather in the same sentence.en >> i think we're missing thenk bright side of all this. t >> what's that.shat. >> now we know anybody can bee president, right?ig? >> gary. >> i honestly don't mean -- if - i would have known we were having this conversation iatio would have stayed up past 7:30 a and watched the actual >> i had a 6:00 p.m. bedtimedt yesterday. >> everybody has to stay in their lane and werybodyather isy lane. lane. >> that's exactly right.ha i tt'ry to stay in my lane.y l i don't even know why i'm standing here. >> that was part of your lanela too. >> it's like i'm going slow in o the fast lane brother.ane rothe. it's like i'm going slow inm gon the fast lane.fa here we go.. 45 degrees for washingtonor right now. it's 38 degrees up to the up northwest here in pittsburgh.pig i'm holding my coffee.of i don't know why.ow why i just kind of brought it with h
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atur chilly. we've got a few spots in the the 30's outside of town. of tow new york city is 42 degrees2 and then down here in raleigh it's 45.'s let me look -- i got to see -- berkeley -- beckley i'm sorry - is 36 degrees and lexington isgi 35 out there way out to thewayu west of us, so, listen -- you want to take this from meme karen. thank you. i'll probably spill it andill it and then we'll all be slipping around over here. it's again aar little chillye il this morning. to be nice b nice today. temperatures are going to warm up into the lower 60's. fredericksburg 63, culpeper 64 degrees for highs today. lots of sunshine. sshin not a ton of cloud cover.over there will be a little cloudsit from time to time. here's the weekend forecast.he w saturday still looks really cool out there chillyay s atindi some cases cold. c some highs on saturday out inyun the suburbs will only be inbe in the upper 40's and then on sunday temperatures will be inpa the upper 50's to the low 60's. 60's it really looks like a great a g weekend. very, very fallish. fli obviously sunday will be the warmer of the two
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little bit about traffic thursday morning, friday eve.da. >> you know what, gary, we we almost made it to the weekend. e taking a live look outside, outi this is the outer loop by by braddock we were seeing police lights because of an earlier crash. crh lanes cleared.lear quiet outer loop and inner a i loop commute. let's take a look at our maps. a lf green of green and as wisdomand as martin likes to saa green all good. do have some policesome p activity in the district in chinatown closing a portion ofpo h street between sixth andix seven and so detour around that. as you see red on the map on m o the surrounding secondaries just be mindful this could could slow down your commute throughth chinatown early this morning.rli we'll let you know when that portion of ht yo street reopens. aside from that zooming out zoog for a look at 395 northbound nod beltway to 14th street bridget e quiet. no traffic or volume past duke street or crystal city and you can see the wilson bridge isride moving along just fine.t f the freeway east and westbound by the third street tunnelun good and 95 northbound dale city to the beltway cruising along at speed.peed.
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changes. any questions on erin fox5 erin5 d.c. on twitter. twi >> donald trump will be in thepe district to meet with meet president obama at the whitet om house. a lot of people wonder if thisnr will be a sincere i meetingre given the harsh things they'vese had to say about each otherach but the white house says thewhit president wants tohe ensure aur smooth transition of power. emotions high in thatha washington last night as protgtestors took to the streete to speak out against thehe election of donald trump.nald t. >> this comes as both partiesast call for unity and peace.eace. fox5's melanie alnwick joinsck j us now with more on thee on demonstrations here at h good morning to you, mel. you, . >> reporter: hey, good r morning. so, chicago,ep dallas, l.a.,., minneapolis, kansas citys ty t-denver, just some of theme of cities where people marched too protest donald trump'sotdona election and here in d.c. no surprise that the trump hotel ht was a gathering spot. s hundreds marched from 1600 fm pennsylvania avenue trump's tru soon to be residence to the t newest trump property not farmpo away at what was once the old post office pavilion. 33 held signs saying unfit to serve, immigrants welcome, not,n
4:50 am
to keep using it. >> we're going embrace theng e long tradition in this land of protests on we are going to meet donald trump blow for blow.r we're not going to stand down against his racism, againstga his sexism, xenophobe ya'.be y >> the results of last night'shs election does not reflect ourle country and i don't want us tos believe that divisiveness isives the way forward, that unity and that pluralism is the is american way and is the waynd ia that that we should rememberwe each other and keep fighting kei for each other over the next t four years, eight years, 20 years. >> reporter: and there has been extra security outside the trump hotel.ortextra s we're told there have beenav some threats and concern aboutct more protests as inaugurationnan day nears. wisdom. >> let's talk about stocket markets because stock markets ts around the worlde st trying to rebound after a tough post pos election plummet. we'll take a look at how
4:51 am
>> massiveir mniannghunt under y for whoever opened fire on aver crowd of people in downtownple t seattle leaving a lot of people hurt. h >> we're going live look outside.. time back in a moment.
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>> 4:53. developing now asian stocksi markets rallying this morningg h after taking a plunge whennge we donald trump won the president election.tion trump's acceptance speech helped soothe world financialini markets that were spooked bye his unexpected victory. vic refound in asia took its leadd from wall street. now a lot of tensionsw a taking place. an attempt at peace in ouracin o
4:54 am
universalist church offeredff support for the muslimm community.unit the church's. >> a smoky haze blanketing theee city of atlanta as crews battle wildfires in nearbyy mountain regions of northorth georgia.or dry conditions there are notthae making it easy to put the flames out. officials are warning of low visibility smoky smells and caution those who may have troublen th breathing. breathing while the fires are expected exc to grow no homes have been damaged at this point. poi >> gary mcgrady oh my. i found it very chilly as iy asi came in this morning.. >> yeah, it is. we're showing that thee shing temperatures in the mid 40'sthe4 for d.c. but that's national. n. i think in the suburbs of d.c.fd just outside the beltway and just on the outer fringes of o the beltway it's much colder than that.
4:55 am
clear actually right now.ow we did have a couple of cloudsec from time to time dan build ato few fair weather clouds later on this afternoon. thi but otherwise we're in for an f lot of sunshine. sunshin rain from yesterday a all out ot of here. temperatures right now again aga 45 in town but just head northwest, gaithersburg haser dropped off to 36 degrees.6 gree lots of 40's out there.f out if the wind drops off just arops little bit more, martinsburgarts just changed to 42, if the42, if wind drops off a little bitff more in some spots not thatot ta it's windy or even breezy butzyb if it goes from 7 miles per hour down 4 miles per to drop even more.or so, we'll just wait and see s how cold some of these get out e there but it is definitelyit chilly out there this morning. and then this afternoon we look good. i mean, temperatures will be a rewill be little on the cool side todayeod but for all intents and purposes upper 50's to low 60's pretty much area wideide today. and with mostly sunny now, i want to say this, too.hit it does look like that laterat on the breeze will pick up ap little bit northwest 10 to 15
4:56 am
61 or 62. 6 as you well know will feel al fe little cooler especially ifiall you're not in the sunshine.e hi. headed towards a very, vy, very fall-like weekend aroundl-e here. we'll talk more about thattalk coming up but right now let's l get to erin como who has got aat look at your traffic on thisic thursday morning. >> i do. alsothy morning known as friday eve at 4:56.ay eve at 4:6 if you're heading down towardsnr chinatown we have a closure clo for police activity.for h street northwest shut downtown for an investigation betweentiob sixth and seventh.enth we'll need to detour around a that. we're seeing som traffic on some of your other secondaries like k streettr portions of new york andw york pennsylvania. ittle caution around thatouhat area. area give yourself extra extra time. 95 traffic is also looking is sl really good through dale city.e kind of hard to see there, youeo can see a mess of headlights het coming through. that's because it's soco darksod out right now but the goodhe goo news is light volume is at speed.sp 66 by 50 moving along without
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and westbound 270 southbound cruising alonghbu from 70's allnd way throughou urbana as you pass father p hurley getting to the spur.e s northbound side wide openedde oe and the outer loop top of the beltway i like what i'm seeing a past new hampshire avenue. ave i'll let you know if thatnow if changes. a look at metro wisdom. wisd >> 4:57 is the time.>> 4:57 one day afteris becoming president-elect donald trumpec set to get a tour of his future home.fu coming up what we can expect exc from his meeting at the white tw house today. >> and starbucks rolling outolnt its controversial holiday holid and when you can get yourwhen hands on one. y thhandat's coming up next on fox >> here's a quick look at a today's stock futures.s st fox5 news morning back afterk ar this.
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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> right now at 5:00, growing tensions.nsio protests erupting across the t country after donald trump's stunning election victory from d.c. to l.a. a look at the a l t chaos and how trump supportersrt are responding straight ahead. e >> live look outside on this t thursday notify tenth.enth. we almost played to it friday. it f is a cool start to this morning so whew you need you n


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