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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  November 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> this is fox5 news morning. mor >> right now at 5:00, tensionsei across the country are high as protestors take to the streets t for a seconds night to showt their frustration over donaldfrr trumatp's election victory.ic the president-elect now weighing in on all of this. we're live hiwith the verngy i latest. >> and a live look outside onsio this friday november 11th,ember 2016. we want to say very happy vha veterans day to all of our menfm and women in the military andilt their families.ilies. we very much are humbled andumed thank you for your service. ser good morning up to i'm hollyorng
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thank you for joining us.nd iyo gary mcgrajody and erin comond o are here as well. the ey've got weather andey'v traffic coming up on the 5s c in just a few minutes.inutes >> first though this is whats you're waking up to on this tont friday another night of protestsro around the country againstry a president-elect donald trump.eno >> coast to coast and rightoasts here at home demonstratorsemonst took to the streets to voiceeett their opposition for hoursr posi overnight.ght. fox5's melanie alnwick joinsan i us now live from trumproum international hotel in northwest with the very latestt on the protest and how the president-elect is responding.hs good morning to you mel pornime looks like not much happening hg down there at police and security are on stand by. porteratter: that's right t yo'su remember yesterday secretc service came and installed this buffer zone here in frontin of the hotel f and you can sealn d.c. police on stand by here,olc too.e , the trump international hotelonh is perhaps the most visible symbol of the president-electe r here in d.ces. so no surpriseo r that this plaza filled withh protestors once again. their voices echoed off thehe carved stone archways. people still stinging from tuesday's election results
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waved signs. it was the s econd need ofneed o unrest in many heavily h democratic cities across the country.coun trump tower in that new york ner the donald's home for now n surrounds by protestors oncetes again. ag similar demonstrations oncenrati again in minneapolis denver d and l.a. where students walkeddw out of class.t la the trump campaign seemsn s almost puzzled by the protests. >> i know that he's fullye'ully capable of being the president t of all americans and he'sns andh promised to do that and thathatt would be included in there but protestors who are burning his image in effigy or who have w all these nasty signs not myig t president, can you imagine if ii hillary clinton had been elected which i suppose they were all expecting and theuppo trum apll e protestors were says not my president or sayingr sayn that about president obama.dento it's all you would hear about.eo >> reporter: now, the president-elect made opponents o even more upset after heafter h tweeted "just had a very successful and openessful and presidential election.idal e now professional protestorsost
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protesting.presti very unfair ." the backlash on twitter was immediate many pointing outnt that the right to protest is guaranteed by our constitutionit but protests in portlandin por oregon turned violent.iole some say it was a small group of anarchists that turned the mostly peaceful protest into a riot. again, you know, the twitter thi comments holly and wisdom, a lot of people saying alsols noting that our military, our veterans, our war dead, they died to protect that peaceful right to protest. no word yet whether thesether protests are going tootests areo continue. you got to wonder whether it'sr just people expressing theire ex feelings or whether it's going o to carry on even further.r on h back to you.oou >> and it's just day two following the election. thanks mel. police in chicago sayn chica they're investigating after afta video emerged showing a manhowia being beaten as bystanders bysnd yell don't vote the victim in the vidlleo d says
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known that and that the whole incident occurred after acide minornt traffic accident.ccid >> meanwhile the university of maryland professor is making headndlines this morning p becae he postponed a test scheduledscd for the day after the electionin because donald trump won. allen peel says his studentspeel might need time to process what must be a personallyt net o threatening election result.on he also said in his statement ii to students i can only assumeasu that for many of you like you myself this election hasself become a great source of anxiety.anxi peel added that anyone whonyone scores at his believes it reflects politicalro bias can forward his words to "anyone they see fit." f growing calls for hillaryora clinton -- from hillaryrohill clinton rather hillary clintonrh supporters for the election to be overturned. o while trump received moreeived electoral votes clinton wonvoteo the popular vote. vot a petition already has more than half the numberlfe of signatures needed for it toto be sent to the governing body. b >> happening today, the campuss of american universityrican univ preparing for a visit from the
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baptist church. in a statement the universityni says in part we need restraintda solidarity dedication to humanun dignity. dign the school also says churchch members will be allowed on theen campus but will be allowed on o public sidewalks near campus siw only. some students are also planning counter protests. >> new this morning, the university of maryland policef r police department needs your d help to find one of theireplp to students who has gone missing.ii take a look at your screen right now. this is 21-y george and she was last seen and ye ssterday at 4:00 p.m. by herh kaitlyn was last seen in black leggings an green long sleeveone jacket and police asked thatsket if you've seen her to pleaseo pe call them immediately. >> a maryland youth basketball coach is free oyln bond aanccuss of soliciting a minor for sex online. montgomery county police say 44-year-old asil den al planned to meet who he thoughtto was a 15-year-old girl at the me rockville metro station. he posted ads on craigslistis under the casual encounters
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her $100 every time she hade sex with him. the teen turned out to be an undercover officer. o den coached for several years.h he is due in court next month.. >> ?? >> all right.? wth time now to talk weather. it's 5:06 and there's gary thery mcgrady with an update.y th an hey, gary. g >> thanks a lot. clear skies out there thisththis morning. wind is blowing in spots ands bw that's keeping the temperature -- it's kind ofki of weird out there what's goingout on this morning with temperaturones.te i just want to start wmpithtartw satellite to show you we hav northing okay.bunorthi there are some clouds advancing in our direction. o i think as theyur start to getet here, they're going to haveheree a -- they're going to starty're breaking up so just keep in i mind there could be a fewe a f clouds this morning especiallyh north and west. wt i'll continue to watch that little advance many of those acloudsdv.clou now, the currents winds gusts, 28 miles per hour for 28 cumberland, martinsburg 18.nsbu these are just taking randomlydo but we have been seeing gusts g in frederick and gaithersburg and up along the northern andnd northwestern suburbs there.
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making for some unusual tempsnus this morning. lots of 50's north and west. here in townf 50 we're 47 degre. manassas, culpeper at freezingeg or below. b. winchester is 54. fredericksburg is 40 degrees 4 and leonardtown is 45. so, it's rare that the southern tier of the region isio much colder than the northern nr tier and the the reason is and because the winds are gustierres to the northwest and thatha basically keeps it warmer outwar there. it allows the warmer air aloftr to come down to the surfacethe a and keeps everything mixed upevg so that's what's going on. going lo again, we'll have a few cloudsac possible north and west this morning. and the temperatures todaytemp will actually make it up intot the middle 60's somewheresomewhr between noon and about 2 o'clock.2 and then we'll cool off againooa in the afternoon.on much colder details in the seven dayin theen coming up but right now we gotte to get to traffic this morning. erin como is in with that. t >> on-time traffic brought toht yoby toyotota. visit buy a for special offers. >> 5:07 right now. now take a look behind me.bend me. some breaking news for yourour
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95 southbound just south of franconia-springfield parkwayfiw large crash scene blocks two blk right lanes you can seal a ifs you would over tractor-trailer.yo ai several police lights flashing a for several miles.r seve mil keep it to the left.t tohe lef if you're heading from theding o bottom of the beltway all the bt way down towards dale cityds d you're going going to hit a a slow down atypical for thiscal s time of morning. mor southbound side is usuallyhbou factor in extra 10 minutes. min. we'll switch it over from thatit scene to a quie maryland right now. 270 southbound from frederickrik 70's down through urbana traffic flowing.tra i'll let you knowfi if anythingg else pops up and we'll continues to track that crash in virginia.ues to in v back to you holly and wisdom. w >> thanks erin.s e 5:08 is our time right nowi and today is veterans dayers da which means it's a time tomeanis salute and honor the brave men and women who have served inerd our armed forces and severalnd s events are taking place aroundgo the district to honor our military a wreath laying ath arlington national cemetery alat 11 o'clock this morning.s morng
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and military service for american memorial, at 3:00 at 3: p.m. as well as wreath layings y at the vietnam veteransat the v memorial at 1:00ie and world twt memorial at 9:00 a.m. there's also a special concert e that will go on tonight fromonio 7:00 p.m. to 9 p.m. at thep.m. a national cathedral. cathe if you have a special veteran vt in your life we would love tor i hear their story. irhouse to show us tfehe photos and use the #fox5 vets.xv we may actually share and arende hoping to share some of those pictures on the air. always enjoy seeing thosese thank you doesn't seem likedoe't enough. >> yeah. >> we'll say the as many times as we can. >> happy reunion for a local say pet owner after her furryne friend way stolen from her ownnr front yard.ont yar fox5 cameras were rolling.e r the details next.>>the >> remember that massive yahooso breach affecting millions offfnl users? well, it turns out iturt may have been worst than we first thought. live look outside acrossve l the d.c. region as we head to ha break right now. 5:09 is the time. i back in a moment.a mome.
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>> happening now the search isng on in n virginia for whoever vandalized two confederate monuments as parts of an o anti-trump happened wednesday night inightn
5:11 am
vote wasspra a hate crime on the monument. crews are working to cleanto those monuments.. >> 5:10 is the time right now. happen ending to a story youingy saw first on fox5. fox a four month old puppy backpy home with his family after being taken from his own frontwn yard. the happy reunion takingionn place last night in southwestign d.c. the golden retriever puppy wasrp stolen last month and theast whole thing was captured onture surveillance police have that issued a warrant for those who took ther dogth but it's still unclear ata this point if any charges willsl be filedly. >> some favorite toys of the past going down in t remember dungeon and dragons,rao the swing, who doesn't remember the swing? and s fisher price little people? ple well, they've all been inducted into the toy hall ofe o fame. the strong museum in rochester new york unveiled the toys.oy 12 toys were up for induction. only three that got in. the toys that did not make thent cut were the care bears cluers c pin ball and transformers justeu to name a few. >> rock 'em sock 'em.em >> rock 'em sock 'em i know. >> i think they've been i t
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i don't know what's the grudge g against rock 'em sock 'em. >> i'm going to have to starte t a campaign. >> bubble wrap was on the listns coloring books on the bo all those didn't get in. i >> the music world mourningld mn the loss of another great gre legend.. we're going to look back atgoinl the life and career of singerge song writer leonard cohend cohen coming up. >> the. ceo of a popular web site clarifying his stance on his employees' right to protest. a live look across the the d.c. region. regio we're at 5:12 on the clock, 47 degrees on the temperatureem gauge. a little bit chilly out there.ou going to be real cold comet reo tomorrow. gary will talk more about itut i in a few. fox5 news morning back right bac after this.
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i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for thanksgiving. that's my giant. >> ?? >> 5:14 right now and legendary croon>>er 5 leo:1nard
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song writer known for hisknown h penning hits sump as the onehe you're hearing right now hallelujah and bird on a wired r passed away a according to his facebook page p cohen won four juneau awards and one grammy during his career and was alsoe gr given tv grammy lifetime achievementime ward in 2010.01 he was 82 years old. o that song always had such sn a calm congress effect on me. >> uh-huh. >> i love that song. s >> yup. all right. 5:15. 5:15. gary mcgrady is talkingry mdy i >> yeah, happy veterans day.pyer i mean, like holly mentioned men we cannot say that wet cannot say too many thanktn yous for that. f it's going to be gusty let me just show you here, he, temperatures are in the 40'sn ts this morning. this m we're going get up into theornie 60's today in advance of a pretty significant cold frontigi we're going tofi have gusty hav winds generally speaking west-northwest later on thisthws afternoon. i think 10 to 20 some gusts of 25 or so.25 we're already getting gusts this morning and that's keeping temperatures upsp
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neighborhoods. right now it's into the to ly.lnow lyit. reagan is is 7. dulles, wow, very mild at at 56 degrees.egrees bwi marshall is 45. i 45. here's the deal for this weekend.we this big blue h that's highgh pressure cold stuff coming down out of canada and as this s fronts comes through reallyough starts to come through withh the colder air late this evening and tonight and as that fills in, it will stick sti around for the weekend. wee we're substantially cooler for tomorrow. highs will only be in the 40's l and the 50's.ane 50 super cold on sunday morning. mi out there primarily 20's and's 30's.30 on sunday looks gorgeousunyo though as this high pressures ih continues to bring very, veryy,v comfortable conditions initionsn here. it will be warmer on sundayunday than where we are tomorrow. so, tomorrow 53, full some places only in the upperlyp 40's. it will be the coldest so faro we've had so far this season.eao 62 degrees on onun sunday looks great even thoughkg we start off very, very chilly. how about today's forecast? mild temperatures.t toture 65. 65. winds out of the northwest athea 10 to 20
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this morning up over 20 miles um per pe and it definitely is going toy i be a gusty afternoon and here's that seven-dayonre'shat forecast. still chilly through thefochillu weekend but look, monday we're going to introduce a possibility of ality spotty shower.ho i'm not convinced.e that's why i have a little lit question mark there but somee b of the modeling isut suggestingn we're trending that way. otherwise it looks like it'se dry for the rest of the week wee with temperatures in the lowrat to mid 60's. even if we do get showers on monday, it ain't going to being much. it ain't going to be enough. here's,. did you know that.di >> i like that. well, i like the sound of a kend wi likeith some sunshineun and fall temps. right now behind me this isis the breaking news out ofou o 95 on the southbound side big se crash scene blocking two right lanes. left lane getting by. thistleft l is just south ofust franconia-springfield as you make your waywa dy.od towards dale city watch for those atypical slowdowns.owns give yourself 10 to 15 extra minutes to get through thatet tu h sch scene. typical volume building on the northbound side. nolet's switch it over from our camera to our if you're taking metro on thishi
5:18 am
friday metro opened thisth morning at 5:00 so about 17 aut minutes ago and trains will wil run through midnight. trains across all rail liness an are operating on a saturday sur schedule with off peak faresff s and parking is free.and right now we don't have any reported delays except fort safe track surge 10 that'sraurge impacting the red line between noma-gallaudet to fortlaudet to totten with buses replacing the trains.thera you can always take the greenys or yellow line between fortweenr totten and gallery place.lace. don't forget the brookland andok rhode island avenue stationse st closed but shuttle service is we'll have a look at your roadl s next.haveroadex back to you holly and wisdom. [laughter][laughter] >> new this morning,ew this morn incredible video out of a car crashed into the front t f of a convenience store. a c take a look at that.ontake aookt thankfully no one was injured here. police are now investigatingng what caused the car to speed spe into the store. store >> and check this out.ndheck a california semi truck t bursting into flames on a busy highway. flames spread to some brush somr along the side of the road but thankfully firefighters were able to put it out and the out t
5:19 am
>> ?? >> time for a look at what's w trending up.ending first up another night ofht unrest across the nation asn as protestors took to the street s angry over the results of theul presidential nominee election. e some 4,000 protestors were in the streets of portland oregonre late last night. meanwhile police in new york yor manned barricades outsideutsi trump tower to keep demonstrators at bay and in california students took partiae innt walkouts across the state a from l.a. to san francisco.ncis >> the ceo of grub hub is battling back againstagai accusa to resign if they voted forotedr it's all over matt maloney's moy comments in a e-mail fromail wednesday, the day after theer t election.tion maloney who is a clinton c supporter wrote that he rejects the hateful politicsl po of donald tlrump and that grub g hub would fight for members offe the team who are scared or feel personally exposed.os he tells anyone who doesn't dsn agree with his statement totemeo reply to the e-mail with theirr resignation because they havey h noplace there. maloney says his comments were misconstrued.onstru >> finally let's wrap it up with this.
5:20 am
employees were aware of the awae theft of 500 million users'' data as early as 2014. now, that year -- that's a year before yahoo publiclyo pli acknowledged that hack. hack. the company attributed thete breach to an unnamed stated st sponsored actor the questiond au of when yahoo knew about this is essential to its planned tond sale to verizon. veriz verizon is reportedlyn is re asking for a billion dollar dr discounts in light that of tt breach. >> a billion dollar >> discount so the askingsk price is -- w. >> a controversial church seterc to make a stop in our region rin today. still ahead why they plan toheyl protest at a local universityatc and how theal school is responding.sponding >> but first the baltimore fir ravens taking center stage onge thursday night football playing by themselves -- i'mves just kidding cleveland. clevelad >> kind of like they'ree ty're playing by themselves.ayin >> kind of like a bye week. w any way we've got game gam highlights coming >> cleveland is going to winto one week. w >> you think so.>> you think so.
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my eyes aren't good enough tougo see what the temperature is. tee oh, there, 47 degrees rightre now. little bit chilly. we'll have more whenli we come c >> ?? >> ?? have you done anything out of the ordinary recently? we bought a new washer and dryer from the home improvement store. i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options.
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>> back now with a little sports to talk abouact how many let's begin with last night'snos matchup ravens versus versu ravens got down to businessbuses just like everybody else doese again the cleveland browns. joe flacco finish game with w 296 yards. he had two interceptions butntio again it's the cleveland cleland browns so it doesn't really real matter how many interceptionsowm you throwan.yo thr baltimore happened cleveland cld its tenth straight loss thelo final score 28 to seven. to sev cleveland actually fought hard.rd >> hang in there browns. you'll get a win at someang gea point.t the redskins coming off a a bye week taking on theakg on the minnesota vikings at fed ex at x
5:24 am
you can catch it right here on fox5. fox5. >> redskins will reportedly beeb without desean jackson ont deses sunday. he sat out practice yesterday for the second day in a row. we're told he had an mri on his ailing shoulder.ulder. final results from thatl resus r expected this weekends. wkend >> we hope you're not sick of s the viral mannequin challenge yet. nba champs cleveland cavaliers e couldn't pass up the chance toap do one of their own with the first lady, michelle obamae when they visited the white house yesterday. yesterd so don't feel too bad for theort city of cleveland, right.. okay, the cavs in d.c. oncein dc again today taking on the on wizards tonight at the verizon center.cent that is so funny.un >> that is pretty funny. >> whoever first thought up the mannequin challenge it's brilliant iequi think.hi it's pretty fun. fun >> that it is. tha >> i love that. look at lebron taking a selfie l with the first lady.
5:25 am
>> yes. >> yes >> photo bombing in a selfie sel that's not really happening. hai that's protest cool.oo >> yeah, whoever did theeah, camera work did a pretty good job, right. 5:25 is our timorek di right now. and --an >> i see college kids do there in arenas. >> oh, yeah.olle >> oh, yeah. >> huge arenas full of kids. k >> yeah, it's fun.s f. it's ahold onto your hat kindr n of day today, right., rig >> little bit.>> it's already gusty thiseady gtys morning. it's going to be gusty this afternoon and then it's kind of an an chilly weekend.y ween so, if you've been following f along. i'll start with the redskins rsk forecast because at fedex atse t 1 o'clock on sunday, it looksy,i like it's going to be real,al, real nice. if you've got tickets to that game taking on the vikings outge there so -- is bradford playing? i was wondering ins he was hurt 'cause he's'cau he' usually hurt. cold mang to start tailgating.a. 55 or 60 around kickoff. kickoff we'll top out withit temperatures in the lower 60'ss neral.l. bus stop forecast looks like loo
5:26 am
.morng that's rare, that's unusual.t's. i got have a big range of range temps this morning for the bus stop. it depends on where you are. if you're north and west it's in the 50's.ds o if you're south and we esnot its in the 30's out we're 47 here in town and after school, 58 to 65. a little cool with the breeze but still temperatures in the 60's very, very mild.y mild. chilly weekend coming we'll have details on that.n t right now speaking of detailset we need traffic here's erin. yeah, gary couple cou problem on the roads on this on veterans day commuteth 5:26. 5:2 this is a live look 95live franconia-springfield parkway. y big crash scene still blocking two right lanes. t a lot of flashing lights. keep it to the left to get through and watch for backupt o heading from the beltway pasthey this point atth poi franconia-springfield.niri after that the southbound side d is northbound side volume growing g through stafford as well as through dale city as you crossyc the occoquan.e oqua we'll forward our cameras. cames problem on the outer loop ason t well. dealing with app disabled semitb blocking the right shoulderhoule and part of the right lane.rt this is of right by clara barton -- excuse me cabin john
5:27 am
loop past cabin john.ast can jo. we'll keep you posted on thisons disabled semi and when they'rehe able to clear that. tt. taking a look at our maps we have safe track surge 10e trk sg brookland and rhode islandand stations remain closed. cse metro running on a saturdayy schedule.sche service did start at 5:00:0 honoring veterans day. d >> a local basketball coachal facing disturbing allegationsato for what he was searching for we've got the latest coming upg at 5:30. 5 >> growing tensions across the country as anti-trump protestsuo turn more violent overnight.ove. the president-elect himselfes coming up. wheel have that next iidn aen liveive report. >> live look outside across the d.c. region as we e hloeadot break, the time 5:27. 5:2 ck a after this. >> ?? >> ?? >> i always want to soak up the sun.
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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. >>s 5:3is f0 is the time righto much good morning much thankood you very much formo joining us.u i'm wisdom martin. mar >> and i'm holly morris.or today is friday, november it is veterans is we salute all our men and men a women in the military andy humbly thank you for your y service. >> erin como and gary mcgrady also here. let's start though with thehe news and talk about this. another night of unreswst a acrt
5:31 am
protestors took to the streetsr angry over the results of theulo presidential election.idential t now, police in new york mannedan barricades outside trump towermp to keep demonstrators at bayrs t as students in california tookot part in walkouts across the state from l.a. to sansan ancisco.o. it's been a tumultuous's bmu night in the united states ashet protests against the electionsto of donald trump continues fromcf coast to coast. co >> while most of those demonstrations have beenio havee peaceful if heated in one u.s. city things took a violentio turn overnight. orn melanie alnwick joining use ali international hotel downtown don with more on protests takingtest place last night from coast ts o coast and any particularly here in our area as well, mel? >> reporter: that's right,ht so, we understand there wasstan one in baltimore last nightig and once again here in front in of the trump internationalthe u hotel. it is the most visible symbol s of the president-elect here inri d.c. for now. n. so, no surprise that thise thatt plaza here filled with with protestors once again. a their voices literally echoingch
5:32 am
people still stinging from fro tuesday's election results.esul they shouted anti-trump slogans and waved signs. as you said it was the secondhec night of unrest in manynan heavily democratic citiestic c across the country.oury now, in new york, trump tower, t the donald's home for now surrounded by protestors oncero again. there were similarage wereilar demonstrations in minneapolisnes denver and los angeles.el chicago and seattle also had als another round of protests ands in some cases the crowds arerowd larger than the previousreou night. then in portland things unfortunately turned turd some say this was a small group of anarchist that ishat is turned a mostly peaceful pful protest into a riot. now back out here live we can tell that you d.c. police haveia a pretty strong securityg sec presence here. you know, two nights ago there was a little bit of vandalismf l with some blue paint blue pa splattered across the hotel and also security came and put p up these barriers. barri these barriers are now atow every entrance, sort of a
5:33 am
around the entire block andck ad now we are seeing this morning i also d.c. police stand buyingg guarding these buffer zonesfer z whereas before it was just hotel security guards sods definitely beefed up presencep s here hoping that perhapsre things will calm down as we get hgs wil closer to inauguraty but no guarantee of that souara far. live in northwest, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> 5:33 is the time right now. the president-elect no longer l staying silent on thet onhe protests. donald trump took to twitter last flight to blame the tru mea r writing just had a very open and successful presidential election. professional protestors incited by theprofes media.. very unfair. uai it came after another tweet. >> visit from the westboroestbo baptist church.ptis the group says it's going togo be protesting the school'sool' resources and acceptance of o transgender students.nt in a statement the universitynit
5:34 am
dedication to human dignity. dny now the school also sayslso s church members will not bel notb allowed on the campus but theyst will be allowed on public on pub sidewalks near campus.siwa some students are also planning counter protests. prot. >> this morning police polices are wondering weamotherrn whethr the man you see on your screenou may have targeted young girlsoug for sex. >> he's a maryland youthut basketball coach hoop policep say used craigslist to hook up with someone he thought was a teenager. fox5's annie yu is live ats l the roc where the coach was arrested. as good morning, annie. mor >> reporter: hey, goodni morning, holly and>> r that's right, montgomerygome county police are trying toing get the word out because he's obviously been around plenty of children and they're t concerned that there could be more victims out there. out thee we're live at the rockville rocv metro station because as youe ou mentioned this is where he had planned to meet up with thened 15-year-old girl.tol. let's show you the picture youhp again of the suspect. s this is 44-year-old asil den asi of germantown better known asr n
5:35 am
county and according to police or people who know him rathero i he's am r father and acquaintances tell me his ownte daughter is around the same age and den has been coachingchg the boys b ball team with thethe amateur athletic union foror several years now and policeolic say that he had posted ond craigslist in the casualthe cua encounters category and hadategh been corresponding with an undercover officer presentingerp herself as a 15-year-old girl. g he said he wanted to have sexo with her on a regular basisas and pay her $100 each time. oh continued to e-mail andl text with her and then to meet face to face here atre the station on tuesday andsday that is when police were here h waiting for him and arrested are him. now, he has since been removednm from his duties as coach.oach we spoke to the director who tells us that all the volunteers and staff and a coaches undergo several layers l of background checks and he'sec definitely shocked by this.ksnio takeck a listen to what he has s to say. say >> we don't tolerate that. tol as soon as i found out aboutut it i got the word out to our
5:36 am
i was in total state of shock, o totally surprised by it.rprid by he had been involved with ourd w program for several years.ea kids he's coached really h looked up to him. to >> reporter: now, den hasowden s been charged with solicitationio of a minor, sexual s solicitation of a minor and heid will be in court for a preliminary hearing in early ely december. again, montgomery county montgon police concerned that therehe could be other victims outbe o there trying to get the wordt td out. if you have any you're urged to call montgomery county police. that's the very latest here from rockville,yontgome's the ml annie yu fox5 local news. >> ?? >> all right. it's time now to talk weatherthr with gary g >> it's going to be prettyt's go chilly tomorrow,ing right? ih keep hearing people talking about how it's going tople reala feel cold on saturday.urda >> coldest air that's comecome through, it's real quick.l qui we're only going to be in the gi 40's and 50's for highs hig tomorrow. tomo >> ooh. >> okay. but lots of sunshine.
5:37 am
and thin's's >> perfect. okay. >> low 60's. batting .500 thishis weekend. >> i don't think tomorrow is bad. it's just going to be reallyon' fall-like and kind of chillyike but we should see lots of sunshine.t we ok sf ay, this morning the wind isis up a bit.. it's really beginning -- it'sni- going to pick up everywhereveryh over the next couple of hours ou but look at the wind speed. spe. look, that's basically eightalle to 12 but the gusts are upp over 20 up there so that'sha keeping temperatures north andth west unusually mild for this t time of year.ea look at the difference wheree wr the wind is nots blowing. b dulles is 56 right now. manassas, that's not far toot ft the south, is 30 degrees.0 degr culpeper is 32. winchester is 52. gaithersburg is 52 and we're at 47 here in town.ow fredericksburg with cleareric skies and relatively lightht winds below 5 miles per hour,esh they've dropped into the upper 30's. 30's. forecast for today looks likest this. we're going to be up into the ft mid 60's, somewhere betweenre b noon and about 2 o'clock we'll w hit the mid 60's and then we'll cool off a little bite b towards the end of the day sod s
5:38 am
winds will be 10 to 20 and to 2a occasional gusts higher that hey, here's g erin. e it's veterans day. d thank you for your servicek you everybody by the way and those t of you that have served or areva serving here's erin como with a lookmo w at your traffic. tra >> that's right gary we thankare everyone for their service. anticipateing a lighter fridaylh morning commute as folksrn observe the veterans daying vety holiday.liy. 270 southbound, 70 through urbana traffic still flowingra 70's in both directions quiet.u. same story northern marylandn ml problem free between theen t baltimore beltway and cit beltway on 95 route one as well as baltimore-washington parkway. 29 also in great shape and the outer loop look at all that green from route one all theon way over toin gr loopfrom the 20 we're problem free through kensington chevy chase andse colesville this things in buoy looking good.oo southern maryland quiet drive. i keep it to fox5 news morning.t we'll take a look at thoseto f virginia roads as we continue.e.
5:39 am
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the north and the south are mine.
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>> ?? >> 5:41 is the time right now. back now with a check of the other top stories this morning. police in canada make an the w arrestithe in the death of ar ch maryland man killed inh anilledn toronto. police say julian jones wasjos beat phone death last weekth la after leaving a bar.ter ing the 26-year-old wall visiting vn toronto for a friends' fen bachelor party.ty two men have been charged with w his murder. police are looking for a thirdni suspect. >> police in richmond searching for the peop>>le pol o spray painted graffiti and twoiw confederate memorials duringsur
5:42 am
andals wrote "your vote was hate crime" on both right now the city isw the ty i dispatching crews to clean up. >> police in florida releasing a body cam video of the pulse pul nightclub shooting in june. j an orlando judge made therlan order after listenindog to arguments and testimony from the victims family members. meme the shooter omar mateen killednl 39 people and wounded dozens doz when he opened fire on the gayed nightclub on june 12th.lub on men and women on this veterans day an unfortunate reality foroa many of them forced to battle homelessness after returning ret from overseas. how one local organization is looking to help next.t. >> and remember this adorable aa little baby in dire need of a o lifesaving procedure? well, pde help now is pouring in for him h and his family. fam but his fight is still notis stn over just jt y we've got an update straightt ahead. ahead. >> let's take a live look outside. >> ??
5:43 am
american. stick wit us. we're back right after this.
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> ?? >> all right. 5:45 is the time right now. hey, it's veterans day so we tothe tiveteyo t you please send us some picturesre #fox5 vet is the hashtag. hasht you can do it through any of our social media send us some med pictures. pict. we'd love to share them put shae
5:46 am
>> we want to say thank you to t as many vets as we can today. ty >> yeah. >> so, help us do that. we want too, hel acknowledge thv in your life or you if itfe or t happens to be you. >> uh-huh.h- >> so -- >> send them in.>> send them in. >> send them in. 5:46 is our time right now. now. beautiful picture of the o t washington monument. monent. looks pretty clear out there gary. >> let's go to the big board. ba >> is there a tally, a total. tl >> yes, there we go. beautiful veterans day for us.ou temperatures will be in theur mid 60's and we'rees w startingn off some places in the below freezing. other places are in the midid '50's this morning.orni here in the city we're 47. 4 look, there is colder air upderi there, okay and we don'ton necessarily see it toronto 48 degrees thiss th morning. that is way above normal.orma buffalo is 50. i mean when in november isr is buffalo in the morning warmer than we are here in the city? >> what. >> what? what? bostonoston 47egrees.s.
5:47 am
nashville --shville -- >> what. >> yeah, 'cause she came here fromcause nashville.hville that's erin over there. 38 degrees. that would be your stage leftyol or something like that.ethiike 47 farther to the south andh and wilmington is 44.s 44. some warmth down here through th texas and you see this -- yous u can begin to see some of the see colder air that will affect usfs this weekend. it does not look super coldd even though i think tomorrow'so' highs for us will be some ofus l the coldest we'vel b seen so far this season so we're so we're definitely going to be gusty today. beautiful, too. but gusty. reagan national dulles is 56 and bwi marshall mh in the middle 40's at 45.dle 40 it's all about where the wind is and where the wind isn't this morning. new york city is 50 degrees. boston 47. beckley west virginia is 38 i going to be a chilly saturdayaty a cold start sunday morning so we'll be in the 40's and the 50's for highs tomorrow. tomorro and then for sunday morning m we'll be close to our first ourt freeze and it will be dry,nd i too. check out this weekend forecast.reca 53 tomorrow.omor
5:48 am
gorgeous. tomorrow is gorgeous, too, i just a little on thego cold col side. look, we're super below normal when it comes to rainfall. rainf our deficit or where we are below normal since september 1st is almostost 5-inches below normal -- amal -- little bit more than four and a half and so far sincein september 1st we've only had a a little over 3-inches.-inc we're almost three and a half al inches of rain.n. the driest autumn so far since 2001, just so you we're begging for some decente rain around here.der great today.oday. it will be a little gusty. gty 65 briefly today and then and te we'll cool off this afternoonero and especially this so there you go. 53 tomorrow.omor 62 on sunday.62n su there's a chance, a slight sgh chance of a spotty shower on monday. mond i'm not completely buying itbuni yet but even if we get a if get little bit of rain it won't be'e enough. we need a lot of rain aroundlooi here so if we're notn going too get it let's just enjoy thenj te good stuff. here's erin. eri >> beautiful forecast today inoo honor of veterans day if you're heading out to any ofding the celebrations around the
5:49 am
in virginia, this is 95 uthbouound. just afterjust a franconia-springfield we're still dealing with ail bil g accident scene taking outo the right lane and rightlanend r shoulder. keep it to the left and anticipate a slowdown from the beltway past this point addingin about 10 to 15 extra minutes m to your drive.. the good news is we're stillti very quiet on the northbounde nr side of 95 despite the fact95 di there is some congestetionti growing south of this point in i stafford by courthouse road. let's show you a look at ourat o if you're taking metro todayro d they opened for service at 5:00 but they're operating on o a saturday schedule. schul let you know if any delays days pick up besides safe trackac surge 10. wisdom and holly. and holly >> thanks erin.hank let's take a look ats a loo what's trending on this fridayot morning. first up the fraud lawsuit against now defunct trumpw de university is on track to go to trial. i a fedes ral judge says it wille sa it wi begin on november 28th and thett case is expected to head to a a jury mid-december.ember. now the lawsuit alleges trumpegt university failed on its
5:50 am
>> next up a university of univ maryland professor is making isg headlines this morning becauseee he postponed test scheduledt du for the day after electionlectio because donald trump and won. allen peel says his students say might need time to processed t what must be a personallime ysol threatening election result.g el he also said in a statement tomo his students i can only assumeye that for many of you likeik myself this election has h become a great source of anxiety.anxiet peel addd that anyone whoon scoffs at his decision can forw anyone they see fit. >> a four month old puppy backak home with its family afterily being taken from his frontis f yard. the happy reunion taking placepc last night in southwest d.c..c the golden retriever puppy wasps stolen last month and it was all captured on surveillancen sn video. police have issued a warrant aar now for the suspects who tookspo the dog. >> and finally s some are are calling it the perfect post election met for. two bald eagles trapped together insidebald e a storm dn in florida yesterday. they were stuck there forda yucf several hours.
5:51 am
out on its own. own. but the other needed to beded e freed by app specialist.cialis they had to actually reach in ra and pull that eagle out.e so there you y those are your trending headlines.headline 5:51 is the time. tim don't want to go backwards. bacs want to go forward.want to go >> especially on a friday.ially. >> especially on a friday.iall on this veterans day arans d a heartbreaking reality for many of the men and women who aom served our country overseas.vera now many of them have come c back to the united states and sa found themselves homeless.ves me >> well, now the d.c. housingng authority is trying to helpy them fox5's alexandria li talked to a local veteraneteran about his journey from the airir force to the streets. stree >> just received my orders ord that i was going to be assigned to andrews air force base aandr 43-year-old photold p vividly captures theres exuberance michael wiley felt wf when he received his firstis fit orders from the air force. for >> when i entered the air force the vietnam war was winding down. i think most of the combat was ceasing at that t
5:52 am
from 1973 to 78, he served his untrtry. then left the military milit enrolled in college andlleg and planned for his future. fut a future that didn't quitedn happen the way he imagined.gine >> it went well for the -- i guess for the first couple ofple years and then i started having financial >> reporter: years after he served his country,ter: y he hao job and no home. he. >> i ended up at the public library and i remember going and i just googled homeless shelters and i -- the only oneye that still had an intake was the new york avenue shelter. >> reporter: through the shelter and the department ofe o veterans affairs michael metet ronald mccoy who is stillti helping veterans in situationsti just like michael's.hael's. after serving in iraq and afghanistan, many returned tored life in the united states but they have no job and few prospects. the d.c. housing authorityutho provides connections to jobs. >> we're talking securityking st
5:53 am
where -- office jobs, administrative jobs.nistra there's even some jobs where they're using the skills thatin they've acquired when they were in the military. >> reporter: they alsothacqure provide d.c. housing choice c vouchers for permanenthers housing. >> and i remember the day i got contacted saying mying my voucher had came through. throuh i was so excited, so elated. >> reporter: all of thatorter: o meant access to things like af phone, computer and e-mail, e-mi things we take for granted but t are essential for finding antia and it led to a fresh start sta for michael an job at the national archives records ahive administration. >> and i work in -- for the national declassificationssifict center and i review classified e documents when they're the eligible to be released to the public. it's a great a g i love it. >> reporter: alexandriaepor limon fox5 local news.ten x5 l >> sounds like a veryous li interesting job i agree withg jg him. there will be a free breakfast a today for veterans at the d.c.. housing authority along
5:54 am
it begins at 8 o'clock this morning. >> now to an update on a babyab we told about from clintonon maryland who is in need of a o liver transplant. >> nine month olds blake thomas developed liver cancerel after overcoming challenges relateopdedercomi to his premate birth. birth. >> since blake's story ran onlae fox5 his mother tells us about 10 people have'sher offered tot donate a portion of their the livers but testing still hastill to be done to see if there's a match.h. now, if they find one blaked one will then have a 98 percent a 9n chance of recovery and if youndu would like to help out in this university hospital.tal. so let's hope for the best. b >> god bless each one of those c people that have come forward.ha it's wondeverful.'s wonderful. >> time right now is 5:54.ght ws some favorite toys of the past p now going down in toy history.iy >> which ones. >> all right.ight. remember dungeness andnend dragons. >> uh-huh.h- >> swings, fisher price littleit people have been inducted intote the toy hall of fame.e toy ll o >> the strong museum the toys ersterday. 12 toys were up for induction. only three that got in.
5:55 am
were care bears clue pin ball transformers.anme rock 'em sock 'em robots. >> i'm not happy about that.ock. >> just to name a few.ew coloring books didn't get in. bubble wrap didn't get in. >> yeah.>> yeah. >> how do you take -- did it d take so long for the swing tongf get in? i'm jorust saying? right. >> i'm just concerned aboutaut rock 'em sock 'em. sock 'em if they haven't gotten in by in now i don't know if they'll get in.ow i >> you might have to launch agec campaign about >> i think i have to maie iave o think i have some people thate o will sign on with me. >> campaigning for a g weekend and i think we're kindee of getting it, right? right >> i think so much i'm ahink little surprised that bubble wrap is apr toy t here's isthe redskins versus vikingsikings forecast for sunday.cast f sun it's going to be a cold c morning, lots of sunshine, ash great afternoon, though. thoug kickoff is a little bit after 1 o'clock so just expect that.t expeha here's where we go for the the next seven days.en day chilly, chilly tomorrow.omor super cold sunday morning, 62or on sunday.unday. then next week we're kind ofre f stuck in the 60's.stuc t we're still going to be very,be, very dry even though there's ahs
5:56 am
monday. here's, with a look at yourat yr traffic veterans day.s d. >> veterans day commute andans right now some breaking newsda.. look at this inner loop camera. we are parked right now right by wisconsin avenue betweenked wisconsin and connecticut justus out of this view there's avi tha crash involving a motorcycle. you're taking a look at thea loh backup right now so as you now y come off the 270 spur and makenk your way out onto the innere ne loop watch for huge slowdowns s there. keep it to fox5 news morning. we are back in just a fewt f moments with more news,ew weather and traffic on thishis friday veterans d >> ?? >> back right now we want toghtw share some of the wonderful pictures that you have been tha sending in to us.hasend here'sin the first one. military united states airte force happy veterans day.. whole bunch of hashtags there.r. thank you, thank you for your service.seic >> my son in love meeting --tin- meeting his son for the first time. time >> what a precious photo iso is that. i salute my grandfather and my uncle on this veterans d
5:57 am
david martin jr. and me livingen in seale he's a veteran as well so well s happy veterans day to my my favorite veteran of allf a glime absolutely. absolutely -- time.solutely -- >> absolutely. >> first one was a son-in-law.-. i didn't see amongst all theee hasn't tags. asn't tag we'll be saluting our vets alles day long.on use the hashtag fox5 vet.ox5 v we'll do our best to share asrea many as we can.we a lot more fox5 news morningewsg ahead. stay with us. wit it's
5:58 am
we're looking for something that's comfortable but yet durable, and that's going to last us a really long time. i don't want to buy new furniture every couple of years. it's custom made so you know it's good quality.
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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. >> another night of anti-trumpat protests in cities from coastoa to coast.oa. some peaceful, others like this one pretty rowdy turninguri violent in portland oregon orego police there calling it a riot and this morning theorning t president-elect breaks hist- twitter silence.el coach in maryland accused ofaryf soliciting a minor for sex busted in a police sting.e how detectives were able toivesb set the whole thing up. up. >> first though, it's fridays fa everybody giving you that t first live look in theve looin t 6 o'clock hour.ocr. it's november 11th.ember 11 it is veterans day. day. weather and traffic on the on 5s at 6:05.:0 good morning, i'm along -- allison seymour.mour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. chene ed another night of protestsrott across the country against agait


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