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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  November 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. >> another night of anti-trumpat protests in cities from coastoa to coast.oa. some peaceful, others like this one pretty rowdy turninguri violent in portland oregon orego police there calling it a riot and this morning theorning t president-elect breaks hist- twitter silence.el coach in maryland accused ofaryf soliciting a minor for sex busted in a police sting.e how detectives were able toivesb set the whole thing up. up. >> first though, it's fridays fa everybody giving you that t first live look in theve looin t 6 o'clock hour.ocr. it's november 11th.ember 11 it is veterans day. day. weather and traffic on the on 5s at 6:05.:0 good morning, i'm along -- allison seymour.mour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. chene ed another night of protestsrott across the country against agait
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>> demonstrators taking to thee streets to voice theirto v opposition for hoursours overnight. our melanie alnwick joins use nc now live from the trump the t international hotel inationahote northwest with the latest. mel, good morning.d m >> reporter: gooord morning,, steve and allison and thingsngs are quiet now but you can see s d.c. police with a much stronger presence here outsidehi the trump international hotelot this much more visible presence prese than we saw even here wsaw yesterday after that otherer round of protests last night. nt no surprise really with thiss of the president-elect in d.c.dc that this is sort of the magnet for protests in theor city. we'll take you to some of the video from last night with you e protestors their voicesois literally echoing off the carved stone archways here ofs h the hotel. people still stinging fromtill tuesday's election results shouted anti-trump slogans andls waved signs. it was the seconds night of unrest in many heavily heavi democratic cities across the country. trump tower in new york, forr example, the donald's home noww
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again. there were similar dethermonstrations in minneapol, denver and los angeles wherere students walked out of class.ale the trumpd campaign seems s almost puzzled by the protests. >> i know that he's fullynow th' capable of being the presidentre of all americans and he'snsnd h promised to do that and that ant would be included in there buthe i would say to those protestor t who's are burning his image ingi effigy or who have all these tse nasty signs not my president,re, can you imagine if hillaryinif h clinton had been elected whenhe i expecting and the trumpe t protestors were saying not my president or saying that aboutbt president obama. it's all you would hear about. t >> reporter: the president president-elect made opponentse even more upset after he tweeted "just hador a ve ery opn and successful presidentialdeial election.el now professional protestorsors incited by the media are protesting. very unfair ." e backlash on twitter wastt immediate. most pointing out that thentingh right to protest is guaranteedd by the constitution, some suggesting that donald trumpdolt
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then in portland oregon unfortunately things turnedngrnd violent. some say it was a small groupvio of anarchists that turned the mostly peaceful protest into a riot. back out live hereri in front of the trump hotel no idea i whether these protests arethes going to continues or not butut it looks like hotel security,urt d.c. also not taking any any chances. now that they've put up these barricades, these buffer zonests for protestors. afolso stationedo stationed here. yesterday steve and allison, it was juststev hotel security c now it appears that d.c. police are also helping to guard those barricades asose bar well.icad live in northwest, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. new >> a man being beaten as bystanders yell don't vote trump. the victim said he was drivingrg when another vehicle pulled up p next to him and scraped thecr t side of his car.side he asked if they had insurancene and that is when he washe w knocked to the ground and attacked. atta police areck investigating.tigag time right now is 6:03.:03. new this morning violence vnc across the district hast has
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southeast about 1:30 this morning. they're both in criticale th i condition. a man and a woman shot arouncod 9:45 last night on douglas place southeast. southeast they're expected to survive suri and another man stabbed earlyar this morning alonglo pennsylvania avenue also with nonlife-threateningteg injuries.ries >> the university of marylandrst police department needs your help finding oney oarftm theire students who is take a look at your screen. see this is 21-year-old kaitlyn kain george. take a good look. look. her name is kaitlyn george. grg. she was last seen yesterday atta 4:00 p.m. by her room kaitlyn was last seen in blackck leggings and a green longreen eeveve jacket. police ask that if you have h seen her, please call them immediately. >> this morning a maryland youth basketball coach is outmoa on c bond after police say hee used craigslist to hook up with an under aged teen.n uned . >> fox5's annie yu is lives ann at the ryuockville metro station where the coach wason arrested. annie. anni >> reporter: hey, goodepor morning, allison and steve. ande that's right, we're here atight the, rockville metro station sn because this is where he had heh planned to meet a 15-year-oldee
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on craigslist.on c police were here waiting fore him and arrested him. and now police, montgomery m county police they're tryingic to get the worde out and they're concerned because this man has been around plenty of children based offerneen h aisrl and they're concerned that're there could be more victims. let's take a look at thed be suspect.suspect this is 44-year-old asil dinldsi of germantown better known asnoa coach oscar in the county and a according to people who knew him -- or know him he's a father and tell us that hishat s daughter is actually aroundallyd the same age as the al victim. victim. now din has also been coachinga the boy's basketball team withei the amateur athletic union for f several years. we spoke to the director ando th he tells us he's obviously obvuy very disturbed by the news andsa assures us that all volunteersts staff and coaches under go go several layers of background checks. take a listen. lis >> i was very surprised andy sue shocked because his daughteraugh is about the same sage. same sa. >> reporter: detectivesep respect concerned thator ttehere could be some other inappropriate contact with
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any concern about thisbout this individual is asked to call cal our vice and intelligenceligenc detectives. >> reporter: now, police sayr: din posted the ad ond o craigslist in the casual encounters category and he he communicated with an undercover officer presentingff herself as a 15-year-old giricll and according to the policeth report he said he wanted toe sad have sex with her on a regular basis and pay her $100 each0 ea time. he continued to e-mail andai and text with her and then they t planned to meet up here face mep to face before police wereicwere here waiting f arrested him.arre him he has been charged with wh sexual solicitation of a minor, excuse me, and he's due e for a preliminary hearing inri december but he did post bail of $10,000 -- $10,000 bond andnd he's out right now but again,igb he's due futor a a preliminaryli hearing next month.g that's the very latest herehe from rockville, ver maryland,arl annie yu fox5 local news. >> annie thank you. you a couple minutes after 6:00 i 6i know it's time to get our first look at >> happy veterans day right.
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>> absolutely. >> thank you. >> it's going to be a beautiful day for you if ky enough t iot' hs ave fual day off.y off >> that's right.>> >> if you got to go to work and school it will be a nice day for you as well.u el 49 reagan national, 53 dulles, e 44 bwi marshall.aral very interesting i'm going to to show you more temps coming ups m but we've got some strongome ro winds up ahead of our frontro that will be arriving laterng l this morning during the mor afternoon and that's really making our temperatures pushedru around. bottom line parts of the o area in the 20's right now,20'sn we've got parts ofow the area in the 50's. am frontal system dropping down very quickly from the north. kind of see a shower or two there a crossst cementrlyal fse se ectii of new york.or that fronts will be with us by early afternoon. aerno you're going to notice the winds which are out of theich south and south and west.nd wes. shale they'll shift out of thel northwest and we're going toth bee in foanr veryd cool, very v blustery evening bullet itulleti should be for the most... but..t it should be for the most part e a sunny and bright day. 65 a hester front. mild temperatures. i mentionedmild the gusty windss this afternoon out of thefternon north and west out at times 20
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this evening. that seems prettys prett perfect to me. m >> the weekend looks great. gre we got a redskins we'll look at the weekend forecast >> thank you. y let's see what happenss se hang in the world of traffic.e o >> good mornind g.d morn veterans day so we were anticipating a quieter commuteuu but unfortunately a few accidents preventing that fromha happening right now.pp this is the inner lenoop by wisconsin avenue betweensi wisconsin and connecticutsi we're dealing with a crashn an involving a motorcycle. so you're dealing with a backup. backup. delays growing coming off the 270 spur past that point. little bit better right now. n let's switch it over for aitch f live look in virginia. l v this is a crash that we'vehat 'v been tracking for quite some time. it is on the southbound sized 95he just sou afterer franconia-springfield parkway. so from the beltway to that point atrom oint franconia-springfield parkwayspi keep it to the left and watch tn for some heavier traffic traff slowing us dow now as we make our way overay o let's take a look at our mapsurp right now, show you how else e things are shaping up around spg the dmv.emv we're seeing some lighterome li volume in general aside from those crash scenes throughs thro largo the outer loop looking
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inner loop from branch avenue f across the wilson bridge.son brg you can see the red on the mapnh right there coming off thee ng o beltway because of the crashe hc on 95 southbound but look att 66. 66 66 eastbound still quiet fromllm 234 to 28.o8. you're wide opened and usually by this time of morning we at wa least have yellow on the maphe p from congestion.onge so enjoy those conditions.ditio. 28 looking goo the dulles toll road is quiet.e. roads in tysons are moving mov along just fine and we're problem free on 395n 39 northbound.hbou 95 northbound dale city to thett beltway wide opened as well as you cross the occoquan.ccn. keep in mind metro is operatin schedule in honor of veteransetn day. check the schedule before youfo head you had on this friday morning but no delay hs ead oxcc for safe track surge 10. sur allison and steve.. >> pretty perfect traffic forecast as well knock onnock o wood. i'm not going to knock on your u head that. joke has been do this back to the news. een dows. university in the districtr gearing up for some unwanted une protestors we'll have more on that next.tot >> first though a life look inn london this morning. they're marking armistice day. y here at home we celebrate itra i
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we want you to send us pictures of the veterans in your life you would like to honor and make sure you usee yo the #fox5 and we'll share. share it's 6:10. >> ?? >> happening today, the campus of american university preparing for a visit from then
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the group says it's protestingsa the school's resources aysnd i acceptance of transgendernsnd students n a statement the university says in partts n "we need restraints solidarityai dedication to human dignity.. ." the school says church membersy will not be allowed on the campus but will be allowed on public sidewalks near campus.idw some students aalre also planning to counter protest. t police in torontoo searching for a third suspectfo accused in the murder of ad in r university of baltimoreiver student. yesterday they arrested twosiy h men they sayey arres beat julian to death. jones was visiting withing th r police say it followed anlowe a altercation between two other o groups outside of a nightclub last saturday.urday. jones was 26. a lieu students and thean engaged to be married. new developments in thegage clasdelopms action lawsuit invog trump university.p donald trump's attorneys attorns agreed ton enter settlement talks ton e in an attempt to ene case before it goes to trial.oel if that doesn't help his legalel team has been asked to delayoel that trial to giver theth president-elect time to workt-et on the transition to the white house. the trial is set to begin t beg later this movement thethis mem lawsuit was filed six years six
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customers who say trump sayru university failed on its promise to teach success in rally estate and insteade an pressured people to spend uppe u to $35,000 on mentor shipstoip from trump's so-called handand picked instructors. >> an special honor on thised it veterans day for one of theor oe country's oldest living veterans.ns. sergeant bill mohr ofsergf pennsylvania along with hislv family will visit the whiteanial house for the annuall veteransr day breakfast. breakfast. yesterday he got a chance toy hc visit the world two memorial. ma he is 108 years old.ld. he served in europe years during the war. >> amazing. >> switch gears right now. thursday night football last night game was intch b naltimoe the ravens now with soleh possession of first place inplac the afc north after beatingea the browns 28 to seven.o sen. browns still looking for thatti first win of thell l season. joe flacco with threeflac touchdown passes in the secn pai half.ha cleveland has opened the seasonelan with 10 straight strt losses. that's actually the first time t the browns have been winlessaven this far into the season sinceec they joined the nfl in 1950. 1
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we'll be talking about the skins coming up in just a couple of ts comile f at 6:3 min0ut reseturning from t week a few changes in the i the starting lineup probably mostrol noticeable at running back. >> okay. and a live look outside as wedea head to the break on thisak o friday morning. we'll have weatherid and traffic with erin and tucker on theker t 5's next.
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>> ?? >> 6:15, 47 degrees at reagan national airport.irpo temperatures are all over theura place though, retuck.outuck. >> it's amazing. amazi check this out in app secondpp c when i show you thewhen temperatures because we got a bo lot going on up ahead of ourf o front. veterans day, thanks to allks our veterans.our going to be a beautiful dayay for you as we're looking at daytime highs in the mid 60'smi6 ahead of our front.ur front we're not getting rain withwi the fronts but we'll get a lotuw of wind particularly later this aernoon we're 49 in washington.asngto manassas is 30 degrees andgrs
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dulles is 53. so, pretty extraordinaryor there. we gotry a 23-degree temperature difference in that shorterence t geographical area.ogra the reason why, parts of thets e area have had a chance tohad chn really cool down overnight andra just here off to our north andoa west we're starting to get theee winds associated with ourith o frontal system. we're still get wag we call prefrontal -- prefrontalront system push of air. i still got to wakesyst up.. my apologies. but there you go. go. and that's allowing -- you can-u see those winds kind ofe thki picking up off to the northhe warming up and we will all see s that. that that's why we're expecting wec temperatures in the mid 60'sures later today. all right. frontal system is right up here. it's going to drol syp down into the area later this afternoon. you'll see a bit of a cloud c deck work through.deck work thr. i don't think we'll get any sht owers orth einven sprinklesl badly need them and we won't won get them and behind the front fo the winds are really goingnde rl pick up later this afternoonthin and tonight.and nigh there's the bigger picture. pice out to the west not a lot lot going on. mid 60's up ahead of the front comes through.ont mes colder air will move inill ve i tonight but the winds willinds
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winds later this afternoon and this evening out of the north and west at about 20'sning o to 25 miles an hour.anou and then we've got that cooler much, much cooler air here foroo the day tleomorrow.w. 65 today.. 53 for your saturday. sur with an overnight low byight low sunday morning even in the mor city in the low to mid 30's so s i think almost everybody sees s freezing temperatures sunday sun morning and lots of sunshine sue around here sunday afternoon aer for, what, erin?rin? >> for the redskins game. >> yes, redskins. rskin it should be beautiful but i tailgating early. early. next week we need the looks like dry conditions mid 60's. >> guess what monday is. >> back to school. >> supermoon. talk about the supermoon coming up.sun we'll talk to nasa. >> that's >> you just reminded me.ind m >> yeah, you got it.>> y right now metro trains are operating on a saturday schedule.le they geared up for service at 5:00 off peek fair and parkingar is free. f
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we'll let you know if anynowf ay other delays pick up.ot i want to take a moment and aomn enjoy this view of the map on o 270 southbound.oun 70 through urbana traffic israfs flowing. we don't have any congestion he by the truck scocangles just yey so, enjoy those conditions condi while they last. las you're quiet through rockville. in northern maryland things are looking good in the outer loop 95 and bw partherkwn ayin t are dealing with a crash insh the inner loop involving a motorcycle between wisconsinet n and connecticut.ctic. several lanes are blocked.are b coming off the 270 spur to the inner loop anticipattoe parkedea conditions. southern maryland howe congestion free throughe throu brandywine clinton, problemem free in accokeek as well as wel fort washington on 210 and ind i upper marlboro or four.r fou suitland parkway quiet in the district inbound past alabama. 66, 234 to 28 the the entiree stretch of 66 enjoy thosenj tho conditions including 28, 50, 2 5 all quiet.uiet. fairfax traffic moving 1395g 135 still delay free. f we are seeing a little bit ofee a red line on the southbound son side of 95. of that's because of a crash blocking two right lanes.woight
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franconia-springfield parkway.nk other than that dale citytha to lethe beltway and south ofels that points in stafford quiet.ut lighter volume than usual forvo steve andmefor allison.llon >> the canadian singer song sing writer famous for this song, s quote hallelujah "has passed away. away. leonard cohen's announced onco the news on facebook hisn' official page didn't getnews details about how hecial pag di, was topping as recently as recta earlier this year and releaseded a new album just last leonard cohen was 82 yearsrs old. apple's ceo tim cook sile ce lengths on donald trump's election victory untilths on non what he is urging his employees to do.s to >> plus some advice before youfu go to the gift card route thishs holiday season which you you might -- what you might wantsu m to consiigder. conde >> and on this veterans day we w want you to send us your your pictures of the veterans in vetn your life that you would likee h toat honor.on send using #fox5 vets.fox5 v like these great pictures. picre
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>> apple ceo sends a memo to met employees after donald trump'sae victory. victor first though a check of thethe markets. joining us from the foxhe f network studio -- business-- bun network studio laurennetw simoornetti and are you smiling if we have money tied up ind up this thing. thi >> reporter: i'm smilingepor because it's friday and it's been a tumultuousit's week. wee i'm also smiling because yoursms 401k is doing the market is at a record high. the dow such 920 points this week.week okay. ok >> wow. >> reporter: it's giving back a little bitepor.tle b futures down by not by much. nasdaq up 160 points thiss week. week someone said earlier anarlier analyst said this is like thesai
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market. any sector like the banks whoik are getting killed byd regulation are optimistic that c donald trump as president presie would mean less regulation andio those are the sectors that are doing really well.l. >> okay. we'll wait and see how it hopefully it lasts.. hopefully it lasts. las then i'll check my 401. 4 let's talk >> reporter: smart woman. >> okay, yes. ceo. calk about appleeporte a lot of people i think taking k a beat and waiting to speak out. now, though, mr. cook is cook speaking out. >> reporter: the pause,e the uncomfortable pause and now asbs it sinks in donald trump will be president when he's when he inaugurated in the new year and apple ceo tim cook doesim c have something to say aboutay that. that and it's something sincere and it's something unifying.hing uin suggesting, you know, we'veyou had our differences, donald, trump has said apple shouldho make their products in the u.s., they should have a stronger stance on encryption,tc the feds sometimes need to getos into apple devices but
6:24 am
writing to employees our eloye company's opened to all and we celebrate the diversity our amam. so, that's better than what an lot of other ceo's are saying.ay i'm sure you heard some of theom nasty things coming out ofg ou wall street. >> okay, let's end with the l ed holiday shopping season isn upon us. a lot of folks head to that little end cap in ournd c in drugstore or supermarket pickrkc up a gift cardism i know. k >> i'm guilty of it myself. m >> reporter: you can likeorte pick up your shampoo and get a a gift card to basically any store as you're buying youring y shampoo because it's right at rt dwayne read or wherever youhere go. >> right. >> reporter: half of americans according to bank are going>> rans ac to give gift cards for the holidays. ho. so half of us say we're givingiv gift cards but get this? 27 percent of us don't wanton'tt them. we don't want to receive the gift want cards. >> why not.>> w >> reporter: is that a cop a cop out? i always said it's a cop out. >> you don't like it.>> >> reporter: no, no, i your: noi don't. i feel like you didn't -- youn' didn't take time to try tory
6:25 am
like or you got a gift card to r a store i never shop has that happened to you.pened >> well, here's the solutione so to that.t. i have a very good friend whofre works with me and he gave me aam gift card to a department dar store that i go to all thehe time. and i'm like you get me. you totally get me.toy >> reporter: yes, yes. yes so, my take is if you're goingfy to do the gift card thing atng least do it -- you know, if kw,i you get starbucks every day a starbucks gift card works. w >> reporter: my brother myrother doesn't drink coffee.does hen''s loaded with gift cards to coffee plays and it works for me. >> you win. >> reporter: yeah. >> see o see you on monday. >> reporter: butn don't they de know matthew you don't drinknk coffee? see you on monday.on >> all righty.hty can i say what happened?ned? >> please. >> sure.ur >> so, steve.te >> i figured it was steve.igur >> well, i have two of them. tony years ago, i always go toa this lord and taylor over hereoh
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and more famously gave me a m chipotle gift card because hecae knows on thursdays me and the ad girls we like to go to chipotle.chipotle that's what i'm talking about. >> sweet. >> the, its really touching. tch i understand lauren doesn'trsta like them but you know what i like.ndm but i >> i got a starbucks gift card a last year, too. t >> did you. >> never mind.>> >> for coworkers -- no, no. no. >> it's not special. s >> that was the more generic. gc like if you don't know whatat somebody likes then you goes with that. i know what you like. lik >> hey, allison. >> yes.. >> steve's got me 100 places pla you should get drunk before you die. >> that's also true. s al t i know your line. >> it's a book.ou you can travel and you can have a beverage along theu l way. >> what's going on out there >> let's do the forecast. >> he's saying off littleying ot problem. >> 49 in washington thisasngto morning. winds out of the south. i love my book, steve. >> i know.nds in mouylove 54 percent is the humidity. humd we're looking at a cold frontdro that will come through laterhrou today but up ahead of it mid 60's, sunny and dry today to tay
6:27 am
afternoon and then the windsn are going to pick up.d are go want to mention the winds the wn again later this afternoon andrh tonight you're going toghu're football tonight be ready forigd winds, lots of winds friday winy night football.ght >> i really thought you guysthto were joking. jg. that's a true story.'srue >> yeah, true story.. >> yeah. >> all right.>> >> he loves it. >> it's the personal touch but i will not refuse -- >> steve is a good gift giver. >> he's good at reading someone and knowing what theyan would like. >> that's right. >> and providing hisd kn thoughtful present. >> there you go. i if you don't know what>> andi like i gift cards. car >> you're not going say no. >> 95 northbound afterd franconia-springfield parkwayfia a crash cleared.h very light on this veteranseran day commute. let's move to our maps.y comt' asids e from thavet to crash tt cleared we are still dealing with a motorcycle crash top ofcy the beltway inner loop between wisconsin and connecticut. it's moved over toy insi tn heto shoulder but delays still days extend to old georgetown. grget. we'll keep you allison and steve.te >> thanks erin.>>nks >> thank you very much. vmuch >> 6:twenty seven right now. >> local college on alert trying to track down a missingng
6:28 am
>> a change of running backunnik for the skins. that's kind of a big deal. wisdom has a kin preview of sunday's matchup joined by two guests of espn 980 this morning.
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>> ?? >> we welcome you back to fox5 news morning on this friday morning. weather and traffic coming upomr on the 5s anitng 6:3an5.d traff3 first though at 6:30 another0no night of unrest across thess t
6:31 am
the streets to voice theiric disapproval over the results of the presidential election. et police in new york, manned man barricades outside of trumpru tower to keep demonstrator atsto bay. as students in california tookna that's right walkouts acrossight the state from l.a. to sann francisco. a violent night in theent district has left at leastni lel five injured this morning.s mor. two men in critical condition ci after being shot on stantontant road southeast around 1:30 1:3 this morning. meantime a man and a woman a maa were shot around 9:45 last night on douglas place and man was stabbed on pennsylvania avenue again inn southeast d.c. the university of marylandir police department needs your help to find onepear of theirhe students who is missing.s missig please stop take a look atoo your screen right now. this is 21-year-old kaitlyn kai george. ge kaitlyn was last seen see yesterday at 4:00 p.m. by herhe roommates.tes. kaitlyn was last seen in black leggings and a long sleevedg sle green jacket.ket. steve to you. >> time for the morning line.foh special edition today e at 7:317
6:32 am
they are rested ready to take re on the vikings. wisdom martin getting us allgegs ready to go for the 1:00 p.m.:0p kickoff and he's got the crew from espn 980 with him thisim t morning. what's up guys.p g >> good morning steve.ood mornit good to talk you.o talk we missed our redskins while w they were off galavanting overae in london and having a weekg off. we brought in two heavy hitters andy polin.ol >> i apologize for dressingor d like a radio guy. [laughter]augh >> and scott action jackson inco here to talk rsk out of the gate. running game since they're apparently switching over to ove robert kelley. i'm in favor of this. i've always been in favor off that guy replacing matt jones.on but maybe that's just me butt t now he's getting a nod.ting a nd >> we were clearly oversold on n matt jones. >> clearly. >> other than hairstyle, heirst doesn't resemble marshawn marsh lynch. lyn rob kelly runsch like a runningn
6:33 am
beaten out what was i guess considered to be the franchise e running back. >> yeah, that's huge.t's ge >> yeah, i remember going toemen ota's and watching him. and jay gruden was pointing pntn out how well he was doingel wasg things to other running backs.nb he's more natural and hee natuan doesn't take negative gains. positive. >> like he's always goinglw forward. >> you saw it it was big in it b london and hopefully he bringsei it over this sunday. sda they need that kind of balance i think in the second half if they're going toin the make a o >> right especially williams now gone for fourms now games which was huge.ames we'll talk about that in a minute. let's talk about this. desean jackson on ttalkhe a wide receiver end he may be out for f this how huge of a loss is that for this team. >> well, they miss him and hehia was a big difference last yearas when they made their run atheirn the end of the season.ea the quote/unquote injury is curious. >> yeah. >> because yesterday jay gruden indicated that it mayecat be something that he coulde coud play and then couple hours later lat they ruled him out and whynd would you rule him out on ayou
6:34 am
some shenanigans going on. goi . >> he's in a contract year.t y word is he's not happy with haph how many times he's gettingny t the ball. so this could be some hankie panky. >> i think it's weird they had that bye week time theyy couldn't diagnose it right. i believe there was some time de on the field monday butre was sb they'll miss he draws attention and i knowndw the wrong numbers -- raw- r numbers aren't there. the he gets pass interference herenc draws coverage h he opens the field for them.or t it will be interesting to seeo what they try to do there withhw the deep threat at the widehe w receiver p we know jordan read is goingoi to get the ball, crowder willwdl get the ball but how do they dhe open that field with the wideite receiver position withoutho deshawn. >> they got minnesota coming in minnesota we thought they wereer world beater at the first part of the aof theeaso since then not so much. so, what kind of chances dof c they have against this teams te right now. right now. >> defense is still good forsesl minnesota. >> yes. thing ahe one bout the national football league ittbal
6:35 am
granville said not for long f ln and teams that are pretty goodao don't keep losing for thatg r long and teams that are prettypt good and not great don't keepon winning for long. now theg redskins they need to win. that tie is really going come back to bite them. they need to probably finish fin 513 over the second half ofd the season to have any hope of making the playoffs. >> again, this schedule thatis a everybody is so scared abouty in the spring dois ses not looks daunting.daunting. minnesota green bay are notbay t same teams as we thoughtho they'd be. the toughest game ahead is thehe dallas game onha but that's a rivalry game and the redskins performed well down there in dallas over the recent years i think they i t should feel good. goo they could win every game butld they could lose every game. the winould l margin for error p thin on a weekly basis.weekly bs we'e're done. right now call the score and ana winner. go ahead call it. >> i think the redskins willhe n win this game.gae. they won't score that many points because minnesota's didau he first is good but i could m see ias 17-10 kind of game. g >> i think thinking like a 21-14 kind of game nail-bitersai always the redskins lastas minute you never can reallyou nn
6:36 am
>> i'm going 24-21 washington.hg >> all right. >> i know that's historic in itself.self. i just jinxed the whole team.ine >> you don't have another tied . you didn't like that lastthast time. >> i didn't like that lastlihat time.. no more ties this year. gentlemen thank you very much.t >> thank you wisdom. wis >> thank you very much for coming in early i know it'snk yw early you g iot your shows tohos do. do. we appreciate your time this morning. back to you. >> thanks guys. i see not a lot of points on sunday and a closeci gamate. t a one to watsech house the afternoon. going to be a little chilly if you're tailge ata ing might need your redskins redsk mittens. >> okay. >> for the first time this season. >> your pom pom hat. >> uh-huh.>> y >> got it all in the 49 in washington this morning. i 49 in new york.ork. 47 in binghamton.ghton. so, winds are out of the westthw and we're going to warm it upm t into the mid 60's, mid 60's today up ahead of our front o fo which is going to arrive by by early afternoon.fteron you'll see that cloud cover out there. t no rain expected but i do wantan to mention winds. w
6:37 am
blustery around here later this afternoon and tonight asero is thaont cooler air starts toit work in and then coldn co overnight. by tomorrow morning most ofw the area is in the 20's ands he2 30's. there's a look at your storm s track radar. radar cloud cover you see pushingng into pennsylvania at this hournt is that frontal system andl sysd again it will push through tough later today. up ahead of it mid 60's agains a look for the breezes to pickreet up and the cold air to move in tonight. we'll do weekend forecast momentarily. >> looking forward to it.oo >> andki tngalk about the supermoon. supermoon. >> oh. i can't wait for the >> are you exciteed. >> yes.>> yes >> okay. >> true story i am excited. e >> i'm excited too.xcitedoo it's going to be cool.l. >> not going to be as close as e what tucker ajust demonstratede with that little brother moveerv he just did. d >> a giant telescope. a giant t >> right. >> i guess i'll find out from i'lnasa later. that was good little brother gdi move. right now traffic is clear on 95.95 this is the southbound side byy franconia-springfield parkway.a. earlier crash cleared outie of the way. northbound traffic scr lowing aswing well. let's take a look at our maps. m asides from that crash that
6:38 am
want to enjoy the green on theth map for thise veterans dayans da commute. across the occoquan on thehe northbound side we are delay free. south of that points inofha strd qrd quiet. the inner loop through oxonopouh hill from branch avenue acrossno the wilson bridge good. 395 we are delay free from theer beltway all the way to theall t 14th street bridge. bdg quiet traffic on the freeway. f. inner loop this motorcycle motor crash that we're dealing withatw hae's cleared to the shoulder.he delays are dissipating just off the spur as you cross connecticut avenue on theticu inner loop you will get someopou residual day certainly keep you posted butd no typical congestion from 95m all the way over to georgia. and 270 southbound flowing as you make your way 70 throughthot urbana. . we'll take a live look atlo nonjam cam as we continue. back to you guys.s. >> the ceo of grub hub is backtracking after histr after s employees said they got an e-mail suggesting they should resign if they voted for trump. what he is saying this morning. morning. >> also this morning if you have had it with all the electiono this fallout y hadou o escape for a little bit howit hw about a trip to the movies.ovie
6:39 am
join us and we'll find outll f what's new at the box office off this weekend. >> okay, momma. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> 6:41 and we wanted to letan you know about this. it's a new tweet fromd you president-elect donald trumpit'l abouect the protests against his election. elec about 20's minutes ago ago mr. trump tweeted lover the fact that this small groups ofsf
6:42 am
passion for our great country.t we will all come together and be proud. now, that's clearly softer s stance than last night when t the president-elect indicated the protestorshan ident- were bg driven by the media which heichh called "very unfair."r. we will have more on thise ons coming up in the next hour.ext r steve, over to you. y >> let's talk about what'st' trending on the web on this friday morning. ceo of grub hub battling accusations he told employees ee to quit if they voted foruit trump.if the ceo a cnt wrote that grub hub wouldhu fight for employees who arere scared.scar he says anyone who doesn't dsn agree with that statement sme could reply to the e-mail withyt that resignation. he says his comments were misconstrued. if you thought the clinton nasty ended with hillary's hlary loss. the post says chelsea mightheea run for her seat. finally some are calling itling the perfect post election met for, two bald eagles trapped
6:43 am
drain in florida yesterday. right there. they were stinuck for sever falo or sev hours. eventually one was able to flyty out on its own.ts the other one needed to bed to e freed by some specialists. they actual had to reach in and pull thatual eagle out. ea. >> why would that happen?hy >> wou majestic birds are okay.i >> what is going on? likec bird that seems against nature thatat they would even be --theyld >> in a storm drain? battling?t otth each other. >> i hate that picture. okay. >> but they're both okay.ut the' >> they're both okay.hey'reoth >> ?? >> thank you, steve.. amy adams returns drama plus an early holidayol flick. it's movie review friday.ri kevin mccarthy joins us lives us with that next.wiha before we take you to thethe break if you have a news tipnews share it with us. you can do that by calling cli (202) 895-3000 or e-mail youraiu tips to fox5 tips at are the eagles okay? they're okay. we're back in a moment. this year, i want the best bird for my family
6:44 am
is only 99 cents per pound with no antibiotics ever. everything for thanksgiving.
6:45 am
i want to go really big with my appetizers.
6:46 am
everything for thanksgiving. that's my giant. >> ?? >> 6:46. happy veterans day everyone we want to see your pictures. use the ranso se celebrate the photos just likeuk we are doing for this one. o herschel walker little meetingng there one of the nfl's great classic players.clasplayers. meeting with a few of our veterans.terans >> madison and nicholasicho sending a picture saying myy dad private first class c charles ford marine corpscorps korean war, miss you. >> here's one more for youre little throw back for veterans day. happy veterans dayerday everyone and kevin calling in
6:47 am
take on the movies.ov >> herschel walker the one t still doing like a thousandhoand pushup as day.shup as day. >> he's in amazing amaa he's been in here app couple col times. time >> right,, >> last time he was inri here,e, he bench pressed me.ressed >> probably about a hundreduned times. >> didn't happen. >> i cannot tell a lie on veterans day but he couldrans d have. that's how strong he is. i choose your words carefully.efu. >> let's do the forecast.o the a >> that's pretty. >> allison i cou >> that's so sweet.>> tha you're so nice. nic >> it's gorgeous, isn't it?t? >> beautiful. beautul. >> todd mcgill out in cliftonutl sent the picture in and pleasele send us your pictures as well and my suggestion get out anduge enjoy the next, oh,st maybe six to eight hours of the leaves l because later this afternoonter we are going get a lot of goieta wind.. beautiful veterans day.ns d lots of sunshine. s mile temperatures to look t forward to but those windsempe s going to pick up later thishi afternoon behind our frontalbenr system and they'll gust 20ll gu0 plus miles per i think they'll do a pus mretty good number on what'sey'll leff the levers.
6:48 am
air kind of locked into ourinto south. we're starting to get winds upit ahead of our front f particularly in the mountains mi and that's allowingsllow temperatures to push into theur 50's up ahead of the fesro tnt.o 54 in winchester.ches 51 in hagerstown.n. meanwhile places like manassasia are freezing this morning. 32 degrees.egre. leonardtown you're 39.e 37 very interesting. interesting. we have such a difference iniff temperatures locally. locally all right, winds not a factor fc at the moment but i revisit rev this map later this afternoonat and many of these numbers willuw be 15, 20's, 20 plus behind behn blustery. here's our frontal system. syste it's going to drop down intorodo the region later this morning t during the afternoon hours.he a. i think we'll get some cloudwe' cover but that will be thethill worst of our forecast.ur fec no rain. rain will not make it in butt it the clouds and then the winds w will pick up and if you gotyou football you're going to tonight i think we still havelle football games, don't we on friday night? it's going to to be cold behind this frontal system. high pressure builds in. good looking weekend. great looking weekend both prego saturday and sunday.d saturd plenty of sunshayine. andty of should bes a nice fall-likeeall-
6:49 am
tomorrow's daytime highs don'tig get out of the upper 40's and 4n low 50's.0's. that 53 is in the there will be a lot of 40's tofo the west and north for high forg temperatures tomorrow so makeurs sure you got your, you t know,n, more substantial jacket ready for the day there's your seven day.ur ven d we are very dry.ry about four and a half inchesnche below normal as far as precipci since september 1st so we needee that. in addition, you're not going n orgeat any chance -- i'm just ij going keep going.ep goi >> okay, i have nothing to nothg talk to you. >> in addition we have thedi supermoon to look forward to.ti >> this weekend. this wee i think by saturday and sundayay night you'll get to enjoy it.u' moll gnday we'll have cloudscl around. >> you don't like the clouds.. more on the supermoon coming up. >> can i just show you comet sh here i want your help with the traffic. >> what you got. >> i got a whole lot oowft yo nothing. traffic is wide open.trafis we're not seeing any problemsems on 66.on look at that. smooth sailing. saili >> when i watch trafficwhen reports i like car shop. >> you look at the cars.
6:50 am
river turnpike. >> that's amazing.azing. >> on vamp completely quiet.etel once you get to the inner loop and outer loop we're quietre q through annandale with such wsu t vot volume. speaking of car shopping didhop you like being my passenger in a $345,000 ride yesterdayide tucker? >> i wanted to drive it. wte >> that's a lie. he goes i'm not driving thatrivt i'm scared. i said i got this. [laughter] >> yeah. >> traffic is looking great on 95 by prince william is parkwaw wide opened from f fredericksburg throughhr stafford all the way to the beltway. it is just a really pleasantrd a commute much that is actuallyua 50 out by 202.ut by inside your way through cheverly enjoy this while it lasts.lasts. your ride from the bay bridgeayi to that point is quiet and the outer loop by new hampshireps light really pleasant.ast. 95 over to georgia we're ate' speed. earlier crash on the innernn loop between wisconsin and connecticut cleared. ceared tiny bit of light volumeit oligh leading towards that enjoy this quiet commute. metastron time except for safete track surge 10 and they'resurg t operating on a saturday saturday schedule in honor of the veterans day.vetera
6:51 am
very calm zen mood right now.odr >> it's friday, i like it.idayii >> it's friday.>>ay >> a little more calmer all around. golden retriever puppy stolen py out of his owner's last monthon home. police released surveillance video video of people stealing n cruise from his front yard. y they're working to get a g warrant in that case.warrant in. >> something cool is happening today. a possible new guinness world record. reco chefs from stratfordatford university will attempt to build the world's tallestlest pyramid cake.ramid ca the chefs attempt is expectedxpc to weigh more thantoeigh 8,000 pounds. e.ake.s 4 tons of cak now you can get a piece of thepf cake for one dollar.orla that will be donated to helpoel military families in so that's a win-win-win.-win-w if you had it with the yad i election fallout you want tout t escape for a couple hours how h
6:52 am
office. ce >> that's where i plan ont's wh being my several. kevin mccarthy joins us live from los angelescart for today'y movie review friday.ri good morning.go morning. >> hey, good morning allisongood and steve. yeah, 3:52 here in the morninghr los angeles.ngeles i just saw the new warren warre beatty film a couple hours ago s last night and went to thehe world premiere which is very ver warren beatty one of theen b greatest actors of all timeors l hasn't made a film a feature fea film since 2001 and last night i went to the premiere at the af hollywood boulevard.oulevard. we had some photos of thatfha from last night but high to hh stalk warren beatty after theaft movie was over to get a quick ai picture with him because he'sseh a legend. len bonnie and clyde, dick tracy, all the movies you name bugsy. g so many films i've seeny multiple times over the year tim and angelica houston was randomly there last night.t nig i saw her in line ae concessions i was getting myetng popcorn and my icy. icy i always get the blue and redd
6:53 am
right there and she was righthe there and high to ask her forsk a selfie.el it was very crazy just being in the middle of hollywood hly during this premiere lastmiere t night. a lot of people were there. matthew broderick sarahrick jessica parker. it was a cool event and i'mand'm sitting down with warrenar beatty today even though i've've already gotten a picture with him i was like i have tolik interview him today. i'm excitedin up.tem >> when you mix the blue andexyi red icy does it turn purple. pu. >> no, no. here's the thing steve. s this is a very importanty import thing. when you're in a movie theatere and you get anin icy you have to mix the it's the best combination.bina it's basically blueberry andnd cherry. it's a phenomenon combination. that and sour patch kids and atd small popcorn that's all i i need buddy.dy >> now we've dealt for the food. which movies should t wehe see?s what do you like. l >> great weekend for films like it was last weekend.s st we first up is arrival. aiv this film will blow your mind. m do not base your thoughts onhts the trailers. tra the trailers are very, very --er
6:54 am
simple alien invasion film. fil it's nothing like that l whatsoever. i know i want my w ife to calll me after she sees it so we canwe talk about it and explainnd expn every detail about the ending. the ending will blow yourngr mind. the basic concept is 12 alien space ships come down to t earth and they hire a linguistea to try to translate the communications that the aliens n are giving him. shot and directed by the filmy f make here zacario. zacar tweet me over the week. wee let me know what you think you about that it. at kevin mccarthy tv. i gave 84 and a half out of 51 of the best films of the yearlmt and the score is intreble. ire music is phenomenal.mena >> you know i don't see a lot of movies. i'm tempted to seenow i this but ifs b i i break your code and i don'tded see it in the imax, all thatt extra 3-d stuff. stuff
6:55 am
>> see flit a regular ticketliae price. no imax required. rui >> awesome. thanks kevin. >> okay. 'mhink'mmovie i thi going to go and see is the christmas movie.ov >> looks funny. >> you liked it. >> i d first loving came out cao in new york and l.a. a couple. u weeks ago -- last week andnd finally it is hitting the d.c. theaters. this is a d.c. and virginia vgi based film. highly recommended.ecommended. important story about aout supreme court case.t i i gave it a four out of five. the movie it's almosts mo christmas i thought this washiwa hilarious. left a huge smile on my face. there's some cheesy moments. the movie really did well. w i was going up and down an emotional the casting is danny glover is fantastic. fant. monique is fantastic so ise fan gabrielle union.iell i gave ite a three and a half h out of five. what that means for me is i would recommend seeing in it set theaters. know there's some cheesy
6:56 am
family film to see over thever week. not for the smaller kids buts b definitely for the like theik older teenagers. >> okay. thank you.k are we going to see you againyoe this morning? or are you get something sleep.sleep >> i'll seal you guys again inay about 45 to 50 minutes. miutes >> awesome. >> all right, kev.>> see you then. >> steve see you guys. >> 6:56. hey tuck. >> hey, we're waking up top niceic conditions out there. we'reionst going to be in for a mild dayay today.da mid 60's but much cooler c and windy conditions expected ec later tonight.ter tonight. there's a look all rig sunrise forecast and again a aga please send us your photos. we love them and thanks for sharing. 56 degrees currently at reaganan national.on real quick look at youral qui satellite picture. pic frontal system dropping downropd from the north. the north you can see it push intohnt pennsylvania. we'll see some clouds andpe thee a lot of wind lined that thatd front later this afternoon and tonight so look out forr th blusniterygh conditit soons tont and chilly overnight. ove back into the 20's and 30'sthe ' for just about everybody. everyo cool weekends particularlyla saturday.
6:57 am
k at is back with a loo roads which are >> yes on the seven day.n the s. we have some breaking news forwf you in the district from d.c. fm police traffic. t there is ara police investigation on eighth and g street southeast. st on g os a closure street between seventh andeven ninth as well as eighthls eigh between e street and i street southeast.ut some alternates for you.lters fo use sixth, tenth orth or pennsylvania as an alternate a route. we'll keep you updated on thatet breaking news and take a look al at your commute around the dmv v as we we conti
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. >> another night of anti-trump protests in cities across thes h country. country. some peaceful others like thisfk turning this is portland oregon.pore police there calling eight riot. this morning the mning president-elect trump breaks his twitter silence. >> coach in maryland accused off soliciting a minor for sex. busted in a police coming up, how detectives werets able to set the whole thing t up. metro beingroei up front and honest. some riders are not they talk about slowdowns onwdos one of the busiest sections ofec the track. t we'll put it to the test this morning. >> first though a live lookh a o outside on this fridaye on t morning. it's november 11th.ber 11 it's veterans day. day weather and traffic coming up cn on the 5s at 7:05. 7 good morning to you, i'm you, allison seymour.mour.


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