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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  November 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> today on "fox news morning" president obama is in europe trying to secure his legacy as he prepares world leaders for donald trump presidency. >> looking live outside. you would want to it grab your hat and coat today. temperatures just in the 40s. just barely, 49. we're almost in 50 degree mark. plan accordingly. >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us i'm holly morris. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> today is tuesday, november 15 where is it you're going
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already. >> gary mcgrady talking about weather and erin como talking about traffic both of you in a moment. developing overnight. virginia state police are still searching for a 4-year-old girl abducted and believed to be in extreme danger. you're looking aat an abell richardson. she's believed to be abducted by biological father and police think the two may be in 1995 burgandy chevy van with virginia tags and the headed to new jersey. >> here at home police activity in d.c. neighborhood. >> reports of shooting on woodbridge street northeast. "fox5" melanie alnwick is live on the scene now with more. mel. what you see behind me d.c. police are continuing investigation. flashes going off in upper
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9:50 last night and initially d.c. police tweeted about a shooting in the 300 bloj wood ridge street northeast and what i'm learning is that apparently retired d.c. police officers lives here and he was attacked or expected to ab tacked by a family member mentally ill even soun officers had no choice fwout shoot and kill his own son in self-defense and that is the information again that we're getting from my d.c. police source and we're continuing to work that and try to confirm through the public information office and i have that and a really tough situation here in northeast today. melanie alnwick, back to you guys. >> heart wrenching thank you melanie for working sources and
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there. developing news this morning an employee of elevation burger in ashburn virginia arrested sunday for sexually assaulting two girls in the restaurant bathroom. 0-year-old luiz ore could face prison. he has a prior record from when a minor for sexually assaulting tw people then. right now he's at loudoun country adult center held on no bound. >> 5:03 a d.c. public high school students to protest donald trump a flier says the demonstration is planned for noon with students leaving school taking metro to metro center and then marching down pennsylvania avenue to trump hotel. any student leaving school ground will get unexcused absence. >> possible protest comes on heels of this scene in montgomery county and hundreds
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protest the trump president densey. two students in silver spring walked down university boulevard and met one students from several other schools including north wood high school and not my president. >> despite protests president-elect is moving along head of course with transition a senior trump official says it's not a done deal but the job aguiliani's if he wants. it the former n mayor says he does not want to be attorney general. another name floated for secretary of state, john bolton former u.s. bam bar doss to outtaed nations that will will would give mentally capable terminally ill adults six months or less to live. the bill is supported by two of three d.c. residents and follows similar legislation
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this morning the news industry is in shock overpassing of long time pbc journalist gwen ifill. she passed away yesterday afternoon surrounded by family and friends. she was diagnosed with cancer in late 2015. she was award winning political reporter and author or that worked at the "washington post", "new york times" and nbc news. she was 61 years old. cincinnati bengals eli manning threw a pass and helped beat the bengals. they had a half time lead and were able to close is out 21-20. love my bengals never disappoint on the big stage again and they're predictable. it doesn't matter maureen it
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>> gear me up with the warm, will you? >> they cannot play a big game k. they? could be drizzle in spots nothing too heavy, nothing too heavy. i would not say go with fancy rain boots this morning. 56 to 61 after school will be dry. not complete sunin get into sunshine for the afternoon as area of low pressure pulls away. we're 42 and holding town annapolis comfortable 52. and culpeper is 45. here's shower activity again it's very, very light there's not much on this western side of this low pressure which is tracking to the east of us. so, again, we'll continue to
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the next 3, two to three hours or so after:00 a lot of this stuff will lighten up and we'll break into sunshine early in the afternoon. there's a look at forecast: there's good stuff on it. here's erin como. >> 5:07 now taking a live look outside things waking up around the district, 295. taillights on the southbound side past eastern avenue. volume increasing and 50 down to 11 street bridge still cruising northbound side of the beltway ands with we forward cameras you can see here doing fine 6 6 and pass the curve around 29. traffic increasing once again and again no volume slowing us down to the beltway. westbound side quiet this morning light drizzle around the area could cause slick spots.
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green now. 95, 17 to aquia harbor and through spotsylvania looking good through dale city. i'll let you know when any delays pop up there or 270 also moving frederick this morning in maryland. maureen, holly. >> coming up on "fox news morning" u.s. forces are being investigated for war crimes in afghanistan. >> and crimeing in on a lawsuit about licenses in virginia. as we head to break this tuesday mornin across the region. 5:08 now and 49 degrees. more fox news morning after
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. back 5:0 happening now president obama in greece to begin international trip of presidency. president obama will meet with greece's president and prime minister. today the president is scheduled to give a major speech about democracy and fwloblization liz trip is expected to be dominated by concerns of donald trump.
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they is 60 de tapeyes to torture and 2003 and 2004 report flames cia for similar treatment of 25 people in afghanistan, po land, romania and lithuania. her term does not end until 20 19. president-elect donald trump is likely to name own choice to head the market watchdog action in near future. >> a judge ordered that brendan davy be released from prison. he was 16 when accused of helping his uncle steven avery
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he had until tuesday to tell the local parole office where he will live. >> several companies in virginia like walmart, microsoft and best buy are calling for more renewable energy options right now in virginia companies cannot enter into power purchase agreements with non utility energy service providers. now the goal is to put forward policy recommendations for upcoming general assembly session. >> department of justice is siding with a lawsuit that claims virginia drivers license suspension law is unconstitutional civil rights lawyers filed a suit against vdot. suspending licenses of those that cannot afford to pay cost and fines violates due process. legal aid justice center filed that lawsuit back in july on behalf of drivers who have little to no income.
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morning" the fbi says hate crimes against muslims and people appeared to be middle eastern fight in 2015 and 216 is on pace to break several heat records. >> as we head to break it's cold outside. it's not hot. 49 out there on this november morning. live look as people get up and going on tuesday. we're at 5:12 now.
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>> happening today, d.c. public school student are planning a wake out of class to protest president-elect donald trump. a demonstration is planned for noon. students are manning to leave school and meet at metro center and march to pennsylvania avenue to the trump hotel.
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divide us. >> coming up on quarter past the hour on this tuesday morning and it's a little damp out there. >> little bit. >> just a little bit. not a lot. but you know. >> i had an issue this morning i'm just saying. >> i'm not weather gary. >> i had a slippery situation. >> oh, no. >> everything is good. no damage. no damage. i'm saying i was surprised i actually slipped a little. >> that can be very scary. >> absolutely. >> didn't you forecast that it would be let. >> it's a little low pressure system. when we get dry like this it's hard to break through. you think a system will bring you decent rain and then it just dispoints like this one did. reagan national 49. dulles 45. bwi marshall not bad out there. temperatures mid to upper 40s for everybody. next couple days cool today and we're progressively getting drier during the morning hours and we get into sunshine this afternoon. not a ton.
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is track ago way from us. tomorrow we'll have a few clouds as well and still a good amount of sunshine. temperature tomorrow a little bit warmer. actually i think tomorrow is good, 62. we'll be dry tomorrow and dry for the next several days. here's future cast this morning. 8 a.m. not a few spotty showers around. area of low pressure moving off east and northeast. again, not completely sunny late this afternoon but well will get in sunshine. that's the way it looks. tomorrow i'll watch these clouds. they want to come a mountains tomorrow afternoon. we'll stay dry. but we'll have a few clouds especially until the afternoon tomorrow okay and then the rest of the week looks great. we have lots on the 7 day for everybody. okay? and here's the area of low pressure track ago way. it looks like a lot of rain. it's not at all. just a few spotty showers this morning. maybe a little bit of drizzle. temperature today gets up to 60. we'll have afternoon sunshine. winds will be out of the northwest at 5 to 106789 here's a 7 day sure to please right everything for you. 60 today.
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64 thursday. hey, friday, 70. how about that. looks really nice. and then super cold on sunday, monday we'll see snow flying on sunday in the mountains. in the mountains. calm down, everybody, in the mountains. and then the coldest air comes in sunday night into monday. >> oh, my gosh you want to know how many times we said last time. >> here's erin como. >> i'm hanging out with wisdom martin living the dream here, right, wisdom. right now 95 northbound drizzly sdail city to beltway moving along without any delays. through annandale without any delays. same story across the wilson bridge. all area bridges look going including 14 street bridge. 95 wide on and fee way looking great third street tunnel. no problems falls church and arlington as well and southern maryland traffic is flowing on
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the washington looking great and accokeek same story and clinton to brandywine looking wonderful upper marboro 4 inbound fine. what's going on gary mcgrady. >> i thought you said wisdom martin was here. >> not me okay i'll keep it to traffic. if you wake up tuesday morning you're in really good shape. same story northern maryland if you have early morning flight to catch traffic on way to bwi, reagan national and dulles is smooth know it's on time. maureen, holly, back to you. all right. 5:18 is the time. let's look at stories you're engaging with this morning on social media. >> wisdom standing by with realtime news tracker and wiz you are over there in the loft. >> here and ready to roll. first up calling office of presidency bigger than any one person. president obama reaffirmed the u.s. alliance with nato will continue under donald trump and
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that donald trump personally told him so on the campaign trail trump said he did not feel other members of nato contributed enough for the protection they get in return. >> next up, disturbing statistics from the fbi. new reports says hate crimes against muslims were up 67% in 2015. this is highest number since aftermath of september 11. and overall total number of hate crimes against all groups rose last year. experts say the increase could d victims and better tracking by law enforcement. >> finally, 2016 is on track to be the hottest year ever. experts say global temperatures are soar ago according to the united nations weather agency and they say it's happening despite a slow down in he miings of key global warming gas. 16 of 17 hottest years have happened this century. those are headlines. >> i know it's a bad things
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totally understand. >> but. >> but personally. >> we like the warm weather. >> i don't find it warmer here. >> thanks, wiz. >> coming up on "fox news morning" arena football coming to charm city and all thanks to d.c. sports giant. >> and dating site used for random hookups is hacked leaving us more than 400 million users vulnerable. >> as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region 5:20 and 49 degrees. more fox news m
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>> foy oat awill pay billions of dollars to settle a lawsuit of rests on their trucks. toyota, sack home a, tundra, they claim the vehicle did not have rust protection. 1.5 million vehicles are
5:23 am
to 2010. >> first ashley mad i soyn and now another company that runs several adult web sites may be victim of biggest data breach ever. data owe for more than 41 million accounts stolen most from adult dating web site of adult trend finder. it's notifying affected users. >> good news for awe iriana football fans new league coming to baltimore. new franchise doesn't have a name or coach but set the spring of 2017 fans can expect a team. professional team will play at proyl farms arena. thanksgiving, almost here. you can believe. it it's only nine days away. this year thousands of local families will have a turkey on the table. all thanks to giant food and washington capitols. yesterday they teamed up to donate 2,000 turkeys to the capitol area food bank. turkeys will help provide meals
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need and we thank you to both for making holidays brighter for so many people. >> that's great. i always love to see that. >> yeah. >> i love it see that. >> 5:24 is the time now. garito that's the new nickname for you. >> you started calling me that all of a sudden. >> it's great like a term of affection like little gary. >> little gary are, >> here you go little gary. >> i guess it depend how one here we go. we're starting can satellite and radar out there. here we are. happy holly is in the house. now that's a term after infection right there. here you go. >> what's that. >> term of affection. >> come on. we'll start rumors. here's northeast winds and northeast storm moving off. it's going to drag the rain away completely along with the clouds can too. just give it a few more hours. temperatures out there depends
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and washington 49 and annapolis in the lower 50s. stevensville eastern shore r50 and cambridge 46. where are we going to get today today. temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. how much sunshine will we get in afternoon. really will dictate how warm we end up. i do believe we're upper 50s to low 60s. we'll have good sunshine this afternoon and we'll have to wait for the area of low pressure to continue to clear the area and drag the clouds out of here. have a lot of sunshine. maybe like 3:00, 4:00 i think we'll have most sun and then progress everyly get sunnier between 10 a.m. and 3:00. so just so you know. otherwise cool day. little below normal not bad. here's erin como with a look at traffic. hey, erin. >> thanks, gar, tuesday morning and volume increasing 95 northbound you can see taillights we're starting to see congestion build through prince william parkway as you get up towards bottom side of
5:26 am
through sfav ford. south of that point 95 courthouse road increasing volume. as we switch from cameras to maps. drizzly commute. no heavy rain. watch for slick spots. 295 beltway to 11 street bridge is clear suitland inbound erin out in buoy we don't have any problems in maryland. 50 inbound annapolised in the beltway to chefly at speed. 27 270 southbound quiet fredericksburg to clarksburg 70 to 5. i'll keep an eye on that. and through montgomery county i like what i'm seeing. no problems college park and concernsing ton at speed and inner loop past connecticut looking good. inside the beltway secondarys are moving at speed. baltimore washington parkway northbound side through green belt quiet. early morning flight at bwi you
5:27 am
route 195 looking great. net row on time except for safe track surm 10. >> 5:27 coming up on "fox news morning" police search for missing 4-year-old from virginia. >> and new york giants managed to do something burgandy and gold had huge problems with during their trip to england. >> i can say that. >> as we head to brak a live look across the look across the d.c. region 5:27 tuesday morning a little damp out there. definitely chilly. keep that this mind. we have moreheaded your way.
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but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. >> today on "fox 5 news morning" a convicted sex offender is in trouble after police say he targeted two small girls in a public bathroom. >> a week removed from presidential election and more anti-trump popping up across the country and familiar face and controversial trump advisor is said to be in the running to be the next secretary of state. "fox5 news morning" starts right now. >> it's tuesday, november 15. >> in the news this morning developing overnight, two dead
5:31 am
taking a live look at third street in south east and this incident happened after 11 last night and police say a map was shot and killed here on the 4300 block and right now no word on suspect or motive. >> details of the other shooting in d.c. are truly heartbreaking this happened last night at a home on woodbridge -- woodbridge street northeast. sources tell "fox5" retired police officer was attacked by his son who mental illness. he reportedly broke down a door threatening his father and another person. retired officer eventually shot and killed his son. >> time now is 5:31 developing overnight virginia state mees are searching for a 4-year-old girl who was abducted and believed to be in extreme danger. this is an abell richardson missing since wednesday believed to be abducted by biological father dmran james richardson. police think the two may number
5:32 am
virginia plates headed to financial energy. also developing news this morning an employee of elevation burger in ashburn virginia was arrested sunday for sexually assaulting two girls in a restaurant bathroom. luiz oray could face prison. he has a record when a minor for sexually assaulting two people back then. authorities say it's unfortunate he was hired and able to be around children with >> it's tragic that somebody like that would be if a possession where they would have access to small children and be able to do what they did. >> and the restaurant released a statement saying they're deeply saended and investigating their internal process own how he was hired. right now he's at the loudoun county adult detention center held on no bound. >> happening today d.c. public school students planing a walkout to protest president-elect donald trump. the demonstration is planned for noon.
5:33 am
leave school. get on metro and meet at metro center. from there they'll march down pennsylvania avenue to the trump hotel. their message future president cannot divide us and yesterday hundreds of high schoolers in montgomery country walked out of class to protest trump presidency. students from player and silver spring walked down university manufactured and met one students from several other schools including west field high and many chanted not my president. throughout the country as well against election of donald trump. students left high school classrooms bit thousands carrying signs and chaptering in streets of california, colorado, washington, d.c., maryland mar and other states as well. students say they're concerned about the president-elect comments about minorities and affect he will have on the communities. >> we feel like we need our voices heard for things like donald trump whipping presidency and lgbtq rights and
5:34 am
community know they're never alone and never fear and we'll stand up together. >> trump supporters asked protest others to stop and meanwhile president-elect trump will only focus on deporting undocumented immigrants with criminal records and will decide about other immigrants after the max can border wall is completed. >> happening today d.c. council set to take final vote on death with dignity act. the bill gives mentally capable. ferm terminally ill adults w six months less to live to end their life with a precipitation. the bill is supported by two out of three d.c. regulations that passed in colorado. >> new york giants versus sin fatty bengals, eli manning threw third touchdown pass helping giants beat bengals. they were able to close it out 21-20. >> that giants win will that
5:35 am
everybody else in that division nfc east it's tight in that division. >> everybody chasing dallas right? >> everybody chasing dallas. >> i'm proposing cincinnati play sunday afternoon when everybody else is mraeing because any time they're on national stage they're horrible. >> i don't know why that is. >> i know right you. >> think they would get over the hump. >> here's the forecast. >> choking. >> sorry. >> it's polyester. >> bill. >> a little drizzle. light shower activity for kid owes. nothing heavy. it is wet out there in spots. i think this will compound the morning commute a little bit. go slow. give yourself extra time. it can fool you. after cool 56 to 61. we're not xlootly sunny but will be completely dry the way it looks now area of low pressure pulling away the coast and get into sunshine in the trend will be much clearer
5:36 am
there's temperatures for you. nothing too tear bally cold out there 49 in town. could be a lot worse. basically what i'm saying. annapolis at 52. leonardtown 46. there's low pressure pulling away. light showers. there's a little snow in the higher elevations out west to us this morning. trying a little mix too. we won't contend with that until the weekend. whoops what di say. more details coming up, here's erin. >> thanks, gary, 5 you take metro this morning all rails on time except for safe track surge 10 gallaudet to it for the totten. trains headed downtown easy work around hop own green or yellow. we'll keep you up dpaited if things get super crowded. book land and rhode island avenue remain closed there's free hutle service available and stops at those closed stations.
5:37 am
around the area. 95 northbound prince william parkway volume increasing through dale city as we follow our story 66. eastbound side look at that slow-moving line of traffic 234 to 2 we're seeing volume giving us 15-minute delay and moving for look in maryland now traffic on 270 southbound looking good on northbound side. southbound side increased volume coming down past montrose towards t knowledge of that point hev ci volume 70 to 5 as well and outer loop near new hampshire avenue also slowing as you make your way from that point to coalsville road. that's a look at traffic. back to you. >> all right. thank you airport erin. 5:37 is the time now. coming up on "fox news morning" the soldier responsible for one of the largest leaks of classified information in u.s. history asked for clemencey. >> an and as we head to break. a live look across the d.c.
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of actual shooting fbi image expert testified during the trial yesterday and video frames show michael slager picking up object and dropping it by michael slager's body defense contend the shooting occurred when scott wrestled away the stun gun and pointed it at him. >> a federal judge delayed a hearing to determine what dillon rough is come font stand trial he killed 9 people at a church in charleston and the psychologist examining rough today so competency hearing will not be held until thursday. >> chelsea manning is asking obama to grant her clemencey. she was sentenced to 35 years in prison after perpetrating one of the largest leaks of classified information in u.s. history. her lawyers argued she served longest sentence of any other wrisle blower in american history. 5:41 coming up on "fox news morning" one of the most
5:42 am
barbie timely unveiled. >> and oklahoma earthquake left behind much more damage than first reported. >> and as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region again. 5:42 now. it will be chilly when you head out this morning. fox news morning back right
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>> welcome back this tuesday. they didn't hear it gary it's 5:44 we're talking about the holidays and how excited we are for our families nobz visit. if you're at home laughing at us we know what you're talking about. i looked at thanksgiving weather i'm not convinced i'm going to talk about -- >> will it be dry? >> oh, >> i don't like that. >> i know. >> dramatic silence. >> my concern is, everybody leaves on wednesday, tuesday, wednesday, that's good to be dry, sunday when traveling back. >> that's funny i was thinking thursday when we have afternoon you know get out and play the football games outside sdmri get that too. but i always think in terms of
5:46 am
because corridor bad enough. >> we need it dry us to sunday you can work on that. >> well, do you have a pen so i can write this down. >> i gotty write it down. >> everybody needs a secretary. >> here's area of low pressure you see it spinning off the coast. we talked so much i'm ticking into my weather time. 49 here. cold here. columbus 28. lexington 3 2. raleigh this morning colder than we are 39. they don't have clouds. we have clouds in few early showers. temperatures limited sunshine this afternoon. gets up to about 60 or so. tomorrow looks dry and we'll have increasing clouds in the afternoon. and still, tomorrow looks good. 62. pretty much where we should be. jet stream has a dip in it for first part of week. as we get into middle to latter part of week. hey, hey, look at this, 60s and 70s up the east coast and then look back here. i want to say this. back here cold stuff. that is going to come in really
5:47 am
it's going to blow sunday afternoon temperatures will only be in the 40s. we'll have flakes flying. snowflakes flying and higher elevations way out wiingt and northwest. that's what it looks like now. few showers this morning here. super light. calvert county getting rain now. we have a chance for showers coming across really for the next two to three hours and then start drying trend. otherwise we'll have early morning showers and drizzle too. and again getting into sunshine late this afternoon as high pressure builds in with exiting drizzle in spots this morning and a little light rain. again that goes to 8 or 9:00. by lunchtime sunshine, drier, 58 and late this afternoon good at of sunshine before the sun sets. here's the 7 day forecast. 60 today. see the 70 friday wow that looks great and cooler on sunday as more cold air comes in and we'll be in the 40s it looks like really sunday, monday, we'll have 40 degree readings. hears ernest campbell.
5:48 am
beautiful 7 day behind me gary. >> isn't it nice. >> that's beautiful metro now. malfunction eastern market because of that you may experience residual delays franconia. keep that in mind if you take metro this morning in addition to safe track and impacking red line. buses replacing trains and brookyln and rhode island station closed on red line and free shuttle services stopping there. if you travel leesburg east market street crash for the evans road a c 15 look going out in leesburg same story on 7 and we take a look at beltway next. that's a look at traffic. back to you, holly and wisdom. >> happening now crew as sesing damage of earth quake that struck curbing, oklahoma has found to be more damaging than originally thought. the earthquake was more than a week ago. some people have not been allowed back into homes downtown. dozens of businesses experience some kind of damage and many of them owned by those same resident that cannot even go home yet.
5:49 am
damage to officials and that number is expected to rise. >> well, ever since donald trump was elected president hate crimes have been on the rise across the nation. these reports created fear among civil rights groups including anti-defamation league. >> we've seen acts of verbal harassment, vandalism, physical assault across the country look a store defaced with swastikas in or close to washington d.c. church vandalized with graffiti that said trump nation white only. >> president-elect trump says he's saddened to hear about the hate crimes. >> chili's is apologizing for veteran's day incident. his service was questioned and free meal was taken away. some of the confrontation was captured on camera. >> ernest walker went into
5:50 am
get a free mail the chain was offering. an older veteran wearing donald trump campaign sticker questioned his service because walker was wearing hat up doors and walker says the manager asked him for proof of service and walker showed military id and manager kept questioning him and finally took away his to-go box. >> okay. okay. >> yes, sir. >> yes, sir i did just provide documents to you. >> oh, now you're grab be my food away from you. you're me now. >> i believe if it were not for temperature of america now i believe that man would not have reacted tat way. i think he's probably a good person. >> walter's facebook video has gotten more than 50,000 views and company president apologized to walker and thanked him for service and it remove the manager from the position. >> all right. time now is 5:50 let's look at stories you're engaging with most this morning on social media. >> maureen standing by with
5:51 am
>> first up we're learning more good trump's administration. looks like rudy guiliani is considered for state and steven munch informer finance chairman could be seblingt of treasury. next up news industry still in shock overpassing of long time cbs journalist gwen ifill. according to network she pass away yesterday afternoon surrounded by family and friends. in late 2015 and was award-winning political reporter and author or and mentor to so many of us and worked at "washington post", "new york times", and nbc news. she was just 61 years old. >> next up wisdom martin judge ordered release of brendan dave any. he was provided in making a murder. he was convicted of helping his
5:52 am
16. investigators coached himp into a crime he did not commit and the state appealed that resume. >> and finally remember this, the family stranded by earthquake in new zealand stranded. this animal stuck on island around him crumbled and fell led for calls for him to be saved. the cows were not a priority and had to make sure humans were accounted for first. two adult cows and were stuck and freed and those are trending story this morning. >> they were moved. >> i like it. >> i heard people hand dug a trench so they could go. >> thank you, maureen. >> 5:52 is the time. happening today muriel bowser will break ground 150 unit affordable housing unit in north east ward 7. affordable housing unit is said
5:53 am
most under served environments. >> if you plan to travel during the holidays you have plenty of company. aaa forecasted many people will take to highways and seas and that's increase of 1 million travelers this year compared to last. heavy travel period. starts next wednesday and lasts through sunday. 89% of those will drive this thanksgiving and more than 3 million people will be flying. >> trending this morning, plus size model ashley gra mattel debuted barbie modeled after gram it's part of she rose series of line of barbies made to look like be female heroes and gram challenges the conversation around body norms and they believe that that is important message for young girls. gram had a big hand in making her own barbie and making sure the doll's thighs touched just
5:54 am
we're saying hello to facebook pan fan of the day this is joan oswald. >> she watches "fox5" every single morning. we appreciate you watching joan so you be the next facebook fan of the day. you can post a selfie pick of the day. you can post a selfie pick underneath jones hey, watch out. little slippery in spots this morning. little light rain shower activity not everybody getting keep that in mind. pickup for the kid owe, 43 to 50 lot of 40s. and 50s. it's not super cold. but it's a little dank out there. it feels a little colder out there. after school we'll get into sunshine certainly dry. area of low pressure will pull away and bringing rain. emphasis on little bit right 56 to 61 degrees here are temperatures this morning we actually have gone up a degree
5:55 am
lot of 40s out there and anywhere from 43 mar tipsburg and 46 fredericksburg and culpeper this morning coming in 45. this is interesting 7 day. we'll warm things up to 70 friday. friday looks gorgeous. how about around the gulf before the cold stuff comes in. saturday looks good too. 68 now. more clouds saturday afternoon with possibility of late showers. it looks like probably after about saturday evening we could have a few showers coming in from the west. much colder on sunday. 53 for high. with clouds and sun and wind will be kicking up too out of northwest. and then just a chilly day with sunshine on monday. high temperatures only in the 40s. probably monday morning or tuesday morning again we'll be flirting with first freeze here in d.c.. very late first freeze too. here's erin airport with a look at traffic.
5:56 am
whole lot of volume outer loop from 95 past this point coalsville road. we're dealing with a ten minute delay and lot of cars on the road now. i would get an early start. we're starting to see usual slow downs upper loop looking nice, however, as we move over from cameras for a look at map we have other slow downs and problems with metro this morning. so you'll need to be prepared for that. actually we're not getting our maps right now. keep in mind the blue line is dealing with franconia and springfield. 95 out by prince william parkway slowing through dale city. you see a whole lot of volume increasing south of that point stafford and seeing a whole lot of congestion courthouse road. no ash crashes through virginia and slow traffic. same story in virginia. this is eastbound of 66, 234 at this point at visitor center as you pass by 28 we deal with slow downs because of amount of
5:57 am
picking up towards the spur. i'll keep you updated on morning commute during 6:00 hour. we head to break now. upper loop picking up as well
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
straight ahead at 6 breaking overnight two deadly shootings in the district win involveing a retired police officer and why officials say he shot his mentally ill son. >> "fox5" is pushing for answer and this appears to show a officer pepper spraying atv rider mid wheelie. >> november 15. weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:05. >> good tuesday everybody i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to 5 news morning". first up a shooting in d.c. heartbreaking it happened woodbridge street north east. sources tell "fox5" retired d.c. police officer was attacked in the home by his son who they say had a history of mental illness. son reportedly broke down a door threatening father and another person. the retired officer eventually shot and killed his own son. also developing overnight two deadly shootings in the district. writing now you take a live look at third street also


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