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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  November 16, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> right now 7:00 is it really stalled behind the scenes chaos overnight develops to show that president-elect bit of a curveball at the press. we have it covered for you now. >> and hundreds of more high school students in our area set to protest donald trump election rick victory for a third straight day. many are asking though are schools letting this get out of hand. >> and later fight are crime goes high something different. liquid tool one local community will help you use now to keep personal belongings safer. >> and live look outside on this wednesday morning. it's november 16. 2016 weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 7:05 good wednesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> big news this morning transitioning of president-elect donald trump and come up from the trump team the president-elect took a
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family in new york. >> she left press scrambling a bit after told trump was in for the night and who will join donald trump in office. >> live on-call toll hill with the latest. good morning. >> good morgue, steve, allison. 70 days from inauguration and cabinet member announced and team trump charges chaos and it's just the usual startup headaches >> donald trump and motorcade headed out to dinner in new york. he would later tweet very organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet and many other positions and i'm the only one who knows who the finalists are. there has been tension. michigan congressman mike rogers who helped coordinate security issues for transition team is out and ben carson is out who was considered top candidate for secretary of education or health and human
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he the min you think you have a grasp on names of top jobs there's a curveball. texas senator and force fierce trump critic ted cruz spotted could he be under consideration for attorney general and some of those under consideration are openly take about it. >> i would be very honor todd serve. >> it used to be if you wanted top administration job stay quiet. with trump it's a different process sometimes people communicate through him through television. for some people it might not be a bad idea to be out will. >> and congress. paul ryan reelected as speaker of house running unopposed and before last week's election there was speculation that he would have to fights for the job. and across the aisle nancy pelosi ran into trouble for fellow democrats forbid to stay on as minority leader and had to push back. >> there's some people who say you got beaten badly here.
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residential race more than our race. >> now, vice-president elect mike pence has good relationships here on capitol hill from time as a congressman representing state of indiana. he will return to washington soon to meet with former colleagues colleagues. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> far from there vote. in d.c. yesterday this was scene as hundreds of students marched past capitol to supreme sglort on monday a similar demonstration in montgomery country and annie yu joins us live from a high school in rockville where students plan to work out of class today, annie. >> good morning, allison, steve, around 10:00 this morning students at richard montgomery are planning a walkout. and this would be the second one taking place in montgomery country but overall it is the
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our area. and we spoke to school officials this morning and they reiterate these are student organized protests and they are following general district guidelines and so if students miss classes today due to the march they will receive unexcused absence unless parents wrote permission letter. behind me is richard montgomery school officials are indicating taking place and they have been nonviolent and spoke that way and keep the peaceful protests going hopefully things will remain that way. slets show you video monday. high school students in montgomery country among montgomery, blair and other schools walked out of lass class and marched through streets of silver spring to protest doll donald trump's election last yeek. they held up signs and overall remained non violent. montgomery county police also
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montgomery country is got alone. yesterday, thousands, thousands of district students hit the street representing a number of different schools across the statey including wilson high school. students rolled metro downtown and gathered at trump international hotel where the rally begun and then they went by capitol, supreme court before headed to the national mall and lincoln memorial. they have route planned out. and again student tell us they want to teen th want voices to be heard and school officials say a remindser if you participate you must have skusd letter of absence otherwise you'll be marked as unexcused absence from class. that's the latest from rockville, maryland, annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> and 7:05 now a new piece to the puzzle we're looking at brand new image of missing university of maryland student caitlin george this photo shows her boarding a bus at grayhound nation baltimore last friday one day after reported mying.
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virginia and stopped in district. they're following leads and tips to find her but don't suspect foul play. >> maryland man facing several charge this morning accused of making violent threats at a local high school. prince george county police arrested alejandro after alar of adelphi he threat toned bring guns to high point high school where avi li la is alum. >> 42. what's going on tucker barpz. >> later back in no the mid 60s. and maybe 70 near end of week and then bottom falls out and temperatures tumble by end of weekend. and it's chilly out there. jacket weather there with overnight lows below freezing in spots. mannasas 30 and culpeper 30 and 42 city and 38 quantico and fredericksburg 34. 36 up in baltimore and so plenty of chilly temperatures
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sunshine lirl and then we will get clouds this afternoon. clouds you white you see to the north and west that'ss' and western maryland. this is weak little disturb apps passing by in the north today and worst of it will be kind of mix of sun and clouds this afternoon. otherwise, daytime highs above normal and enjoy the pleasant afternoon. if you enjoyed yesterday you'll enjoy today. 7 day has a little bit of do wind to perhaps snow flurries of season for parts of area. >> i did enjoy yesterday. >> i went for a nice run mopping ingt colorful trees and leaves out there nice day. >> when is the 7 day coming up. >> in a couple minutes. >> i know. >> i think as back end ofp day. >> it's a -- >> it's already cold and it's not overrulely cold out. >> no, tucker has the air conditioning on. >> tucker again. >> i like to keep the air malasia flighting it gets
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>> okay. >> we'll move ton metro. >> that was weird. >> i don't know why it was funny. >> it's so random caught me offer guard. >> lilly pond. green and yellow delays and i hope you find a reason to smile and makes today better and moving to cameras now from matt show you slow zones northbound pen gone and from the beltway we'll forward cameras and show what you else you're up against this morning we have a crash 95 northbound to woodbridge bhok right shoulder and heavy delays flew woodbridge. this is look now as you make your way to 66 coming from 230 or 28 we have she slow moving traffic and you can see you're parked under 5 miles an hour at some points give yourself 45 extra minutes gainsville toll beltway because of cop jeingtson and 270 south
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we'll keep you updated on that. super jammed up. back to you allison and steve. happening today, prince george county mom will be in court facing charges in her three month old son's murder janice petty is charged with accessory after the fact and the baby boy father antoine beat the boy to death and janice helped bury the body it happened in the fall and court hearing is scheduled for >> due in courtroom the father of three-year-old boy that brought a loaded gun top school earlier this month. a security guard found the loaded .9 millimeter handgun. his father faces multiple charges including carrying a pistol without a license. >> new this morning a man from prince george county areged and died with distributing and possessing child porn.
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had 200 images of child born on his laptop. they are going to stop offering it. >> disstubing video of avrmd robbery. watch with the two men on the right side of the screen. shooting at another man point blank. luckily he missed. the victim met the suspects to sell a pair of shoes. po three suspect seen in the video. >> in the district police need help finding five people wanted in connection with brutal robbery in northwest. video is hard to watch. we want to warn you. hard to watch suspects attacking a manor asian street and stole his wallet and cash. police want to hear from you if you know anything about this. >> pepco customers a rate hike moving along head now and lower
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asked maryland service commission to approve a hike to increase monthly bill by $15. commission denied that and is allowing pepco to increase by smaller percentage increase should cause customers less than that. keep an eye on your bill. >> these are western ideas. we've been told -- >> time 7:11 we want to show what you is happening now. this is athens g reece of course president b democracy had is wrapping up a two day visit to grxt reece and then germany and he'll meet there with leader and after germany he goes to pursue for economic. you can watch the president speech finance our facebook page right now. >> live video from greece.
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time mayor and what we learned about consequences she faces after controversial social media sgloingt fighting crime goes high tech for one mounty. bob barnard is on it. >> hi, allison, steve being the latest crime fighting tool in prince george county comes in a little bottle. it's peaked our curiosity stay
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>> 7:15 now tough week for florida man whose car was swallowed there by a giant sinkhole. photos show the car sink lower and lower into the hole. to make matters wore the driver wased in the car when first felt the car begin to sink and don't anything about it and before watching car officials say underground water main break and tire left. quick sand for cars. >> all the shows we used to watch when kids. >> car twhoonz kids. >> hello, tucker. >> good morning i can't wait to see your 7 day today. >> feel like car gets swallowed chances pretty high it will number florida. >> right.
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the world. >> i can't imagine it's high volume. but you might be right. >> just research. >> and crack research on that. >> let's go to the forecast. >> hey, we're listening to this. >> we're cool throughout 4 washington distracted from the snow he's back to talk about. >> let's goat it. it's not a big deal. it will be first real cold blast of the season. 46 pittsburgh and today mid 6 owes afternoon pleasant day and clouds later today. and as you can see those clouds just out west little disturbance working through and we're on the southern edge of it. cloudyness today. trend the next few days temperatures nice and mild and warm friday and saturday upper 60s to 70 and then and it comes through and right now it looks like temperatures 20 degrees cooler sunday morning and sun
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snow will kick in sunday afternoon and could a few snow showers and flurries make it into west. the answer would be probably. so, i don't think we'll get a flurry here you know but something to talk about. >> that was a big old tease. >> i said it was a tease when i start. >> i'm a big old tease. >> you're just a big old tease. >> before it gets weird take it away. >> too late. >> i was wonder what was wrong with tuc then i had two pieces of peanut butter chocolate bar and my energy went through the roof i get it. >> i feel funny. >> funny how. >> don't even ask. >> funier than usual funny? okay. we'll talk traffic. let's start with map of 270 southbound there's a crash north of 08 and because of that it's added delays from 70 to 80 super jammed and typical delays down through.
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spur. aside from that outer loop jammed route 1 to george awith 30 minute delay 95 southbound to beltway and bw parkway heavy to green belt nobody stopped traffic by powder mill. 234 to beltway super slow and annandale inner loop jammed as well. i would like to note walt on twitter asked me if my hair was died green it's not it's a reflection from the maps. >> beautiful though. >> it's pretty. >> 7:18 now. >> happening today in the district d dot will hold public meeting to discuss the' bits of extending streetcar line from union station to georgetown. and tonight's meeting will focus on foggy bottom and georgetown neighborhoods and proposed streetcar would run from x street northwest to 20th to lower k at wition witness avenue. >> prince george county police are going to announce a new crime of fighting tool.
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down on burglaries hopefully. bob barnard is liver at the prince george county police department head quarters with more on how this whole thing works. good morning. >> hey, allison, steve, good morning to you the announcement here later today prince george county police head quart ers with police officials it's called smart water not the kind you see in stores you drink but smart water made by british company to help show what their product does. basically it's a lickit you mark your stuff with and liquid continues unique forensic code that you can only see under uv light. the marking is unique to your home and if your stuff were to get stolen police could use this uv light as you see there find out that it's yours. prince george county police department is first in our region to use smart water
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and ceo of smart water will be here later today they'll reach out to county residents to see if there's app interestinging in using this they're help had helping to fun. >> they use it in europe and i guess it works you have to mark your stuff or stuff you at home or leave in car that you think could be stole ep would be something that a thief might want stolen and recovered you can then somehow i guess with this equipment positively identify it as yours. >> i mean i guess every little bit helps right? >> does it damage the equipment in any way bob or your goods or valuables. >> apparently not. and you cannot see it. so it's apparently not harmful to things and it's not like you're going to see it glistening or whatever. it's only to be picked up if you put this uv light on it or
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otherwise invisible. thanks, we'll see if it works. >> if everybody is on board taken. get your stuff back. >> right >> and later beginning to look a lot like christmas white house city three and it's now
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little rivalry action on the hardwood. maryland, georgetown facing off in hoya territory verizon september erin what a battle it would be terps rally to win in the typeal second final score man 76-75. >> got it done at the last second. more college hoops now and more good news for maryland fans. number 7 kansas knocks offer duke. jumper jay hawks win 77-75. and a lot of dallas cowboy fans wondering about the quarterback position dak prescott. does that make him permanent starter. romo is healthy. he broke his silence about what is happening with the quarterbacks. >> i think you all know something magical is happening to our team. i won't allow this situation to
7:25 am
constant distraction it i think dak knows i have his back and i think he knows he has mine. ultimately it's about the team. >> nice veteran class move. there tony romo did not take questions and did not address his future or indicate retirement plans but he's not going to stand in the way and coach wants to go with who is winning go with who is winning. >> a lot of years on his bodzy. play this year. cowboys top of the league when it comes to winning record. >> steve, you know i have your back, right. >> no i'm not quite sure. >> you know who is moving into the chair. >> that's not having my back. >> that's stabbing new the back. >> i got your back. >> 42 in washington. winds south and west at 5.
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temperatures. we're not getting written. partly sunny this afternoon. otherwise nice weather pattern here over the next couple days as we'll have a nice arming trend to end of week. look at day. near 70. late showers strong cold front much colder air by end of week. chilly out there for redskins game late sunday monday. cattle campaign i got a little something for you we're going out today. >> >> ring my bell? that was a jam back in the day. who all tried to hit that note and keep it. i think everybody. >> everybody. >> everybody. >> thank you tucker i like it. >> we'll be out there 9:30 this morning. >> makes me want to dance. >> you know. >> yeah. >> a little groove out. >> there you go. >> all right. steve looks amused but he didn't join in the dance party. >> he never does. >> i would like to wage a bet
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>> wow do a walk off against tucker for me you can each pick your own song. >> i feel like tony romo i cannot get in the way of tucker's walk off it would be a distraction it's a team. >> it's true, it's really true. >> oh, well. >> we'll move on to traffic. >> 7:27 we tried. right now, we're dealing with a outage and street closure on harvard street northwest between sherman and south east southwest after third street it upel. we'll keep you updated back to you guys. >> the transition to trump presidency one step closer to reality. the latest own transferring power to the white house and who may be part of trump team. >> and new information about small town mayor in west virginia under fire for comments on a controversial facebook post involving the first lady consequences she's
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?? >> welcome back everybody.rybody 7:30.30 dmv waking up and getting moving. we'll have weather and trafficea at 7:35. 7 first though a check of youf top stories at 7:30. 7:30.
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student. this is new image of caitlin george. she's boarding a bus at aa b a greyhound station in baltimore.e this last friday though. one day after she was reported r missing. still no signs of her. h police though do not suspect s foul play.lay >> maryland man facing severalel charges this morning accused ofc paying violent threats at a viot local high school.local high sc. prince george's county police g arrestedeorg alejandro avenue lf a dell advertisement he tweetede threats to bring guns andng gund explosives to high point highigh school in beltsville that'sll where of a lar is an alum. >> happening today in court to face charges in heri three month old son's murder. jenice petty charged withh accessory after the facts in her three month old baby's death. da police say the baby boy's fathet antoine petty beat that baby too atath. jenice the mother helped burydur the little body near park dalele high school. soo let's turn now to postoos election developments.ments >> vice president-elect mike-elm pence is signed the paper workor allowing trump officials to work
7:32 am
tweeted that his transition isii quote a very organized process.e ted cruz was seen as trump tower in new york city yesterday. yes trump said to be considering teg cruz for u.s. attorney general.l in the meantime donald truma taking a little break fromrom politics for dinner with hish familiar until new york. nork. however, he left the press the p scrambling a bit after the presp was told that trump was in for i thightght. he wasn't. was several journalists tweet theise concern that they were left out on purpose bought spokespersonkr said she wasn't aware donaldward trump was actually leaving to go to d anything to leave the press in the dark. e >> looks like house speaker paup ryan is staying o republicans have voted to renominate ryan to once again lead the gop on the hill. h they met yesterday to choose their new leadership for congress. an official election takes place in january though when the new congress begins.egs. democrats have postponed their r leadership election until theile end of the month. mon >> happening today students at richard montgomery school in s rockville planning to walk out t
7:33 am
protest election of donald trump. high school group plants to walk to the rockville towl ngr centec during the demonstrationen.ratin this protest a day after a hundreds of students in d.c.n dc walk out of class marching toch the trump hotel, the white housh and then back in protest of thee president-elect.elect also there's new information this morning coming out aboutewa controversial facebook post thaa cost two west virginia women their jobs and caused nationwidd backlash it. >> stems from a racist posttemso about first lady michelle obamaa maureen is in studio with theh latest on the fallout now.. >> a lot of fallout steve andvea allison. of course as you know the obamas have been victim to lot of lot racial over and under tonesndert since moving into the whitee mo house invi 2009.00 and unfortunately for some theet campaign and election of donaldo trump has really just stokedt ed more of that racist rhetoric. here's what knew this morningsor clay county west virginia mayorr beverly walling here in this hin picture on your screen sheee she stepped down last night afterht she expressed support for raciss oscebook post. post was made by a friend of her named pamela taylor who water wt director avenue governmentctor e
7:34 am
refreshing to have a classy,ssy, beautiful, dignified first lady in the white house.te i'm tired of seeing an ape in heels.els. >> the mayor responded sayingay just made my day.. >> comments put the small westes virginia town in the centernia avenue fire storm and onlinenl petition was started calling fog the two women's jobs. j taylor was fired from her job h and again wall link resigned one her lone last night. of course both women facebook f accounts were deleted soon aftea the fire storm and both haveothe offered apologies.poes wall link had tol post my comment was not inten id to be racist at all. at i was referring to my day beingy made for change in the white t house. i am truly sorry for any hard h feelings this may have causedave but again steve and al hi son a lot of people calling these the apologies dubious at best.. >> maureen, thank you very much president of university of virginia defend addidenen a controversial e-mail. e-m she sent to students following donald trump's electiolon victoo e-mail urged students too remember their ownwn responsibility in the world. w she quoted thomas jefferson inon
7:35 am
jefferson of course founded uvaa but some have criticized himtice because he was a slave owner. or many say as a result he should e not be used as a moral compass.a the school's president says say quoting jefferson does not meann that she agrees with all of his actions or beliefs.. >> in ohio you saw this video recently the man scene on camera running down the steps shoving a man down a fleist stairs duringn an anti donald trump al. a man shoved working to get charges dropped against the mane who shoved him was in the ashov donald trump supporter anded not in any way politicallyitic motivated.. >> president-elect trump won thn election but his name is losing some visibility in new york in city. the president-elect's name beini stripped off of three luxuryluxy apartment buildings afterdi hundreds of tenants signed ad petition saying they wereayg th embarrassed to live in placenla associate the with the president-elect.ent-ect. 7:35 right now. rightow tucker barnes joins us way looko at our forecast.ecas great day yesterday. yesterd can we do it again tod >> i think so.
7:36 am
early. ea 20s and 30s for much of the muc area. 42 in town, but another dry dayy we need the i'll going to show was ourur rainfall deficit looks like herh in just a few minutes.utes >> 42 in washington.hington winds out of the south and weou have at fofive. fiv partial sunshine today. kind of a mix of sun andia clouc more sun here this we'll get clouds by afternoon. r see the clouds off to our northn and west into pennsylvania andvi west some of that will stream in herh this afternoon and give us give partly sunny day although welth should remain dry and temperatures a good five, fe, 8 degrees above normal later not today. 65 your daytime high. hig enjoy a nice mild beautifuleaut november afternoon.ernoon all right. seven day very interesting.verys you'll want to see it. i'll have elder it momentarily.m erin is back with roadways.s. >> 7:36 right now. n metro because of an earlierlier disabled train outside of shaw s residual delays to branch avenue in huntington on the green andea yellow lines. yell what for that one in addition tn safetrack slowing down the redor line by noma-gallaudet.aut
7:37 am
look at that. you're parked right now from 70 down to 80 and once you get into urbana typical congestionn lingering through germantown,h t gaithersburg, rockville.k leave the house from frederick k about an hour early to battley b that congestion getting down s thrds the spur. there's a crash on the westbouns side of the freeway after the te third street tunnel because ofn that, traffic is backed up 295p2 northbound approaching the 11 many street bridge across theris 11th street bridge on to then tt freeway passed that point.t poit seeing really heavy traffic on 395 northbound let's hop outside for a look at our cameras.amer earlier 14th street bridge now thate now cleared a little while ago but t look at this still at a crawl aa king street.kingeet. coming up from alexandria fromx the beltway basically to the the bridge as you get on to thet one freeway. this is what it looks likeks lie you're parked and again nore pdi crashes there. but you need a good 35 extra exa minutes to get that was that tta esngestion. not such a hot day.. take 395 northbound all of thebo cameras are looking like this.ik get an early start through throu alexandria and arlington thishi morning. we can go hop out back to ourk o maps and show you some other problems we're dealing with thid
7:38 am
wanted to keep updated on this in northwest. north d.c. police traffic letting us know bough because of a wateraua outage and street closure onsuro harvard street northwest betweeh sherman and georgia avenue youvy may experience delays in that dl neighborhood throughout the rest of your morning commute. well keep you p that's your's y allison and steve.teve who knew pope francis mightm be a sports fan. new memorabilia he's now thes w proud owner of. and the white housewhe h christmas tree one step closertc to the nation's where it's coming from this year and when can we expect it? ? >> it's 7:38. stay with us. those answers and more as wee aw
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7:41. we are back now police inba oklahoma city trying to figure out what led to a deadlyity shooting awhatt the state's maii airport.rpt. a southwest airlines employee eo was shot and killed outside of will rogers world airport. aport police identified the victim as michael winchester.ines now he is the f city chiefs player jamespl jam winchester. hours after the shooting policel found suspected gunman deadead himself in pickup truck in anck airport parking lot. l he shot himself.imse it appears the victim and theti shooter did know each other anda police believe this was a a premeditated attack. 16-year-old has been arresta add accused of going on stabbinn rampage at a high school in h utah. the attack happened yesterdayay morning at the boy's locker room at mountain view high about 40 miles outside of salt lakeak ty.y. police say the teenager stabbed
7:42 am
everybody is expected survive. utah police posted a letter online from the teen's parent. . they apologized.they a they said the stabs were notstan racially nor ethnically robert kennedy, jr., joinedo the ranks of high profile pfi supporters of the peopleorrs o fighting the dakota accesss pipeline.pipeline kennedy says the active visits s report front line of the battlet to transition the country away from fossil fuels derivederiv oughted nation day of action to show hisac support. bring your own weed in denver de people can now use marijuana att bars, restaurants and other othr public spaces thanks to new law but there's catch.e's c you cannot smoke it inn businesses have to get supportup from their neighborhood before h getting a license to allow marijuana use.juana use. it looks like the cub worldd series win at least some of the paraphernalia made it to themadt vatican. chicago's archbishop made a m visit to pope francis at theis a vatican yesterday.te he gave the pontiff a cubs cap and an autographed baseball.
7:43 am
saying now rizzo signed this. ti chris bryant is on there, too.rt we're good. we >> thank you. >> all good. fdonaeks away from donald trump officially taking the office of the presidency and while weile w await who will be part of his h team, democrats are also gearino up for some major changes on capitol >> up next we'll talk live with congressman rob whitman andtmana jerry connelly.onll get the take on both sides ofh o the aisle on the trumphe tru transition and how both partiesh will need to adjust moving forward.
7:44 am
today we're gonna be comparing the roll formed steel bed of the chevy silverado to the aluminum bed of this competitor's truck.awe. yeah! first, let's check out the aluminum bed of this truck. wooooow!! -holy moly. full on crack here. now let's check out the steel bed of the silverado. i'd expect more dents. no holes. you don't have to wait until black friday to make a strong decision. find your tag and get 20% cash back,
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maining 2016 silverado double cabs in stock.
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?? so this is what we wereis w talking about earlier, right? ? ck?k? >> yes. >> the annual holiday traditioni kicking off later this morningsm and fox5 is a proud mediaia sponsor of the salvation army a red kettle campaign tucker and i are helping get things start the at 9:30 we'll be at the giant anka thecal commons in northwest come out and join us if you can. >> it will be joi fun. >> um-hmm. >> 3336 wisconsin avenue. ave >> official kick off.>> oial kio >> the kick off, yeah. koff, >> lots of fun stuff and i a music. >> um-hmm. um-hmm. >> excellent. >> my favorite town.ow >> and it makes the holidayse hd more festive. >> holiday last time they had decorationseo up. >> it will be really nice. n right in front of the giant.e >> you know what we need now,gnn cool weather. w >> it's cool enough.s eno >> but not this weekend. wke >> this weekend we'll get it bub not until this weekend.l thiseee >> 70. >> no, but by sunday only in the upper 40s, steve. >> explain. expin. >> class is in session. cla
7:47 am
>> ?? >> how do i walk to this? thi [ laughter ]hter >> i don't know you just got to, you know.u kw. it's got a beat. >> it does?? >> go on the one. bam.m. >> do you you.>> it works.ks. ?? >> you're giving it to them, t tuck. give it to them, tuck.t to tm, t >> i was walking down the streer and a guy says to meek you knowo u of you're not as short as is i thought you were. >>icthice. that's a diss compliment.plimen. that's what i like to call al diss compliment.plim >> right? >> yeah.>>h >> you're dig it to him, tuck.dt >> he want add picture with meit so i felt good about it.ut here we go. we need the rain. we are running about 5-incheses behind what will be average forr the fall months. month not your imagination if you fee like your gardens and yards need some rain as we are way behindan currently our sixth driest falll and our 13th driest year. y no real rain here on the horizoz maybe a sprinkle today.od maybe a few showers saturdayur night as that cold front that i was mentioning with steve comes
7:48 am
dry. 42 in washington.n wa 34 gaithersburg. dulles 34. freezing temperatures intures in manassas this morning. manassas typically our cold spot here the last couple of weeks, 30 degrees.30 d and 38 in quantico.nto so jacket weather here early. mild mid 60s for daytime highs.meig low to mid 60s we are going toot be dealing with clouds thiscl ti afternoon. see that little cloud deck outet to our west. w most of the energy is well toel the north, but we'll get someetm clouds through here during thege mid to late afternoon.on. otherwise, very pleasantas conditions not only today butody thursday, friday, of saturday look fantastic withh daytime highs warming up to nean 70 by friday and saturday.urda today it will be low to mid 60s6 but again should be veryuld be v pleasant afternoon.pleasant afto future cast i'm not showing youy any there's a sprinkle in southern r pennsylvania but there's youriae cloud deck. we are going to have clouds this afternoon and then we'll clear it out overnight.and will be cit ohilly overnight dl it again tomorrow. enjoy tithese days because i cau tell you into next week we getet closer to thanksgiving muching colder air mass in place.s plae all right. near 70 by friday, saturday. sur saturday there could be a few t
7:49 am
front and then look at sundayday and monday time highs only in to the 40s it will be very chillyy at that redskins/packers games g sunday name 30s and windy. w get ready for cold conditions b the end of the weekend.ofhe wee. all right, erin, roads and raili and,. >> also if you're going to the o skins game make sure you figuree out how you're getting homeng h because metro stops running atng midnight. if you plan on going down theret something to keep in mind for m sunday. maybe carpool.. >> new crash on the 14thew c street bridge.e. we showed you how jammed things are blocking part of the right shoulder. it was taking out o g adding to the mix of slowou traffic crawling speeds under 10 miles an hour from the thelang to the mix ofcraw bridge as you get on to theliile freeway you need a good 35 extrt minutes unfortunately fromly fro alexandria and arlingtonon commuters. we'll let you know when things start moving once again as we switchyo it frou vingm o our cao maps that's not the only problem. normal service has been restored on metro for the green acend hea yellow line. but residual delays to branchl avenue and huntington wede also have safe frack surge 10 buseses replaces trains noma gallo
7:50 am
this crash 270 southbound just7 north of 70. it's moved over to the shouldere so delays are easing but reallyy heavy down to the spur.pur. with about a 30 minute delay. dy more traffic in a few.n a few. back to you, steve.u, sve >> erin, thank you very much.ha it was one week ago thisnkts morning america woke up to learn that donald trump was the president-elect.en his transition to the white the house continues to be what everybody is talking about.. the president-elect is working w to put together his core team, , democrats are also gearing upsoe for big changes including handing over congressionalal control and choosing the nextan leader of democratic nationachlo joining us now talk more about a what is next we welcomeeco representatives from bothomoth parties this morning republicana congressman rob whitman herehitm with us in the newsroom and joining us live from fairfax faf this morning democraticocrati congressman jerry connelly.y good morning to both of you this morning.morn >> good morning, steve.g, steve. >> it's interesting times rightg now congressman congress molly i want to start with.wastar i want to put the same questiono to both you. to both yo how you can work together acrosr the aisle and it's interesting i because we now have a president-elect who even said id tweet last night only he knows w what is about to happen. hpe
7:51 am
the position of the democratsts now who are not in the majorityr in congress and now have to deaa with a president-elect who saysy he only he knows what's about tt happen, where do you start to yt deal with this? wit t >> i think it's going to be verv difficult, steve, and i don't think we should sugar coat how this election was won and what t the agenda was laid out sketchyc though it was by president-elece trump. i think there's very littleit common ground. gun there might be some areas we can cooperate in tax reform orinax r infrastructure inves depending on the details, butlsb democrats are not going to t cooperate on deportation of o millions of people who are living here. we're not going to cooperate on building some multi billion dollar wall designed to keep people out. we're not going to cooperate onn awful lost foreign policy we've heard coming out of donald trumt with respect to nato, with, w respect to nuclear saying if any shark with respect to franklyly
7:52 am
putin who absolutely stands for values that are anything butnytb american. start with a great deal of hesitant see and setnd civil about this incoming incin administration frankly the t appointment of steve bannon outt right racist really is not at at all a reassuring sign. sn. >> congressman whitman, i want to give you the chance to jumpo in that here. congressman whitman recently ren re-elect to do your fifth termoo in congress. congrs. congratulations on that.on tha you've certainly there been fo some time now. what do you expect now as far as what we can see in the next fouo years in congress? >> well, i think they'll be very aggressive a jenn today. today we as republicans put out what a think is very very forwardy fwa looking a jenn today called aa t better way.od we look forward in working withh president-elect trauma top carry out that agenda. age it's pretty simple and straighti what are we going to do rebuild our economy and we have attacksa system that actually encouragesa growth and make sure we do to t roll back regulations that havee
7:53 am
businesses, rebuilding thelding military, making sure we securec our those are things that theare the american people are very concerned that's the way with issues thatt donald trump got elected on andn people expect us to get things i they have a level of expectation that we are going to be here inr washington to get things done.e and i think that's where peoplel want us, and i hope by my -- m-- friends on the other side of the aisle will see fit to make surer we're doing what the american people have asked us to do ande that is to get the work ofdo t f nation done. i know as i talked t across the district they'rehey'e deeply frustrated by seeing lacl of action whether it's notot adopting budgets on time, not getting appropriations billsiats done on time. t the work of the nationio todoe done. i'm excited about the possibility for us to take thise common sense agenda and reallyea put it in place there with w president-elect trump in the white house. whit >> congressman whitman i'lltm i stick with you and congressones connolly give you the its the chance to respond.pond this was a campaign of catch c phrases one of which from donald
7:54 am
as a republican how much do youu think we will see the retaining of the established leaders inrsi congress or in the administration versus bringingsn new blood and how may that helpl or hur the republican party?ty >> well, steve, i think there tt has to be a mix there.mix there i think you want to make sureo e you have some folks withlksit experience and good experience e and i point toer folks like congressman randy forbes whoorbs chaired the c power subower s committee.comm i know that he is on the short s list of folks to be secretary of the navy. he would be ath spe appointment there. to really bring his knowledge tt make sure we hit the ground grod running in rebuilding our navyav supporting our marine corps so think it's examples like that le that you can point to where youu want that experience in a trump administration.admi you also want to make sure, tooo you have some folks with a wh different viewpoint.oint not an inside washington viewtoi point. so i think the trump team isea i going to have the right mix of x folks coming in i know vice president-elect mikk pence has tremendous amount ofsa respect for him have been
7:55 am
out there and the g vreat crossc section of experience that theyt bring to the table which i thint would make ahi fantastic teamstt there to make sure we get thewet work of the nation done. >> congressman connolly i want t to give you the chance tohance respond with your own thoughtsns but also if you could also workr in the question of the dnc leadership right now looking for a new chair for the party, andnd also how democrats can work >> well, i do want to respond to my friend rob wittman. wit eight years ago the country didd the same thing only in a a landslide unl they wanted something done.sotho that didn't stop my friend rob wittman and all of thef the republicans from opposing a stimulus bill that saved thehe economy, from opposing financial services reform on wall streetol after the biggest crash since 1929. comprehensive health care thativ protect tens of millions ofon americans and gave them finallyl coverage.vera so getting things done, fine, i, we can find common ground. groun but we're not going to buy intot an agenda that was rejected byed more americans than not. n
7:56 am
lead and it's probably goingblyg grow to 2 million.on. who did not support this agendaa with respect to the dnc, myy view, i like all of thehe candidates who are talking but t think especially since we no we longer control the white house, we needful-time and full full attention at the head of >> would you congressmangrsm connolly support nancy pelosi? s >> i do support nancy pell lows seem i think right now we got to come together. i don't think we can afford orr want some big leadership roll r just now.just now. i think we need to turn the turt existing leadership to strategize about our new rolee with unified republicanfied r government. >> and congressman whitman i'llw give you the last whiord i thini the fear as we hear from both sides 10 tends to be will there be opportunity to get thingso gg done to move forward in congresr as opposed to both sides arguing each other. congressman whitman yourour thoughts, your hopes for the t folks >> i think we'll do what's in w
7:57 am
making sure too we keep in mindn what's best for virginia. virni i think those are common are com elements we can achieve whetherr it's rebuilding our military, making sure we get our economyco back on track. making sure we look across these spectrum and counter to my colleague mr. connolly i do do think it's about after electiono coming back together and gettind the work of the nation done. it's about those folks thatks ta didn't vote for us and makinge a sure we're representing them. t i'm going to choose not to be be divisive.divisi i'm going to choose to make surr we're representing everybodan taking their thoughts and idease in and doing the things thathint they want us to do. you know, it's parter san durinr the elections but it's now abouo governing went want to make surr we govern and people expect us c to do that. even those folks who didn't vott for us. k forwd toward to that. i'm very excited about thebout t future. very excited about the potentiai for to us get things done and tt really get our country where ite needs to be >> gentlemen, we'll have totlem unfortunately leave it there fot nonow. we appreciate talk wig both ofi you. you both have your work cut outt for you represent having a haveh
7:58 am
thank you both for joining us u this >> thank you very much, steve. >> thank you. >> it's 7:58 right now. we'll see you at the top of the
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning.. right now at 8:00, a live ae look outside.. it's wednesday morning.or we'll have weatherni and traffit coming up for you on the fives
8:01 am
capitol dome there. t glad you're with us this morning g morning, i'm allison seymour.r >> i'm steve chenevey.y thanks for joining us on fox5 on news morning. growing concerns about president-elect donald trump'sgo relationship with journalists hh broke protocol last nighttig ditching the press therp when he left his high rise toe t have dinner a few blocks away.y this is the motorcadeca spokesperson said she wasn't aware donald trump was going ouo to dinner and that he wouldn't l do anything to lead the press is the dark. the president-elect alsols responding to concerns hiso ernh transition is stalled d behind the scenes drama.nd the e >> there were a few late night i developments to try to counterot that nion. fox5's melanie alnwick live on n capitol hill with more details.. mel? >> reporter: drama and yes, of course speculation much we know a number of republican members of congress may be tasked to tas start building this new administration. one surprise yesterday in neww york, senator ted cruz waszas actually scene lurking around an trump towers so bringing up arig lot of speculation there.
8:02 am
republican voices on nationaloin security issues have left teamem trump a mid these rumors ofs o chaos and speculation.culaon the president-elect tweeted outd last night "very organized cabinet process taking place asa i decide on the cabinet andabeta other positions. i am the only one who knows whoo the finalists are ". >> at trump tower mike pence is leading the transition teamn t after the dismissal of newdi jersey governor chris christie. one of pence's first duties as e transition leader was to sign a key white house document that allows the to share information with thetih donald trump transition team. t. now, chris christie had signedig it but his firing made itet invalid they had to get that g t done first. former new york mayor rudyyor guiliani has emerged as favoritv for some cabinet position butut he's being scrutinized for paidp consulting work with foreignting governments. kellyanne conway dismissed the criticism of a team in chaos.. >> everyone is well aware of o what happens in the west wing w
8:03 am
it sounds like that comes fromtf thaff aff level. people like to leak to theto the media, don't we all know it, bui i would just focus on the twowo men at hand.d. the president and thend president-elect. and i think the rapport theyrt e built last week even thoughugh they're political nemesis theyes have a shared love of thed lovee country and a shared love the le peaceful transition. >> reporter: now, incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus meanwhile isce pa spending a lot of time depending chief strategist bannon support for so called ald right politic has many askingana the trump team to reconsider his selection.ctn now many relationships on o capitol hill is also a big task here. we know that vice ve president-elect mike pence has s good relationship with manyy still here on capitol hillit because of his team here as a a congressman representing therest state of he is expected to return to washington shortly to start meeting with his former colleagues. live on capitol hill,co i'mill,i
8:04 am
president-elect donald truma has pledged to cancel allll federal funding to so-calledle sanctuary cities during hisduri first hundred days in office. of no federal funding. f a ruling that could impact thete locations mark on the map that m you see on your screen righteeng now. one of which of coursech of c washington, d.c. we saw the mayor come out andnd proclaim that washington was aaa sanctuary city an facebook.k. since district is a so-called sanctuary city manyity have looked to the mayor to how she'll respond to thepond tt president-elect's plans to stop funding.fu the mayor says the districtnd wl remain such a sanctuary city. bowser released a statementtate saying the district now -- the district is "that our neighborhoods are safer and s a stronger when no one is afraidd to call on government for help"h that was part of her statement.. undocumented worker fromrro mexico who is living ing i philadelphia has moved into ao a
8:05 am
for deport teague. tea his lawyer says he testified ind a robbery suit back in 2004 witt the promise that he could stayes in the united states.d and while they fight for hisht s deportation, he has been givenen room at the arch street united i methodist church.hurc steve. >> although the election is over hillary clinton passed 1 milliol mark for winning the popular vote according to the non part p son cook political vote. v votes for montgomery county pushed her lead over the 1 million mark. mark she received roughly 20,000 mor0 vo donald trump. so that pushes it past thatas lestone.e. votes still being counted incoun california, utah and info, ut washington. back home locally prince pri george's county police arrested adult man accused of making makg violent threats on social media targeting a local high school. the 20-year-old is alum of thatt school he now faces severalal charges.chars additional charges have beel filed against deonte car away aa the former prince george's ge' county school volunteer accusede
8:06 am
he faces 15 charges for reportedly forcing 12 childrengd between the ages of nine and 13d to engage in sexual acts onsn camera.mera. the two new charges resulted rue from an additional victim andm one more video. he could face up to 30 years in white house crit christmase tree will arrive in the nation'' capitol next friday the day day after thanksgiving coming fromno wisconsin.wisc it was cut down yesterday.asut e the tree isst 20 feet tall and i is a rare balsam fir mix it wilw be set up and decorated in blue room of the white house.hiu you know when you can fit a 20-foot tree into your room it's large.e. >> nice house.ouse >> you're balling as the kidss e say.say. >> good morning, tucker barnes.t >> good morningucker . >> what's good out there. t >> sunshine.>> sin mild temperatures this afternooh we are looking at coolis are lo temperatures to start your day.r cold in sports. co below frldeezing, i but the reae story we need the rain. we don't really have much here h on the horizon. horizon >> i know we do. >> maybe into next i unfortunately it looks like weik
8:07 am >> most folks are indoors.osar you don't go out and play touchh football. footba >> it's traveling day.inday. >> oh. >> let me take my statement >> let's not worry about that'st quite yet. stl a a week away. 46 in washington. washing there we go. go. winds out of the south and westd sixix. looking alt mid -- low to mid to 60s later today. depends how much sunshine we sue get. we are going to get a littlegett cloud cover moving through during the afternoon hours. you can see those clouds ongut t the west. west. that disturbance the main energe off to our north and it's weak ' cover. ve otherwise all systems go foralsy another pleasant afternoon. aero mid 60s.0s that's about 8 degrees aboverees normal temperature wise. and another dry day.ay chilly tonight. could be 70 by friday and saturday. sa and then much much colder airh r just in time for our big big redskins packers game sunday ga night it will be blustery and >> that's right.>> that's i forgot about that.. >> night game.e >> hmm.>> h >> bundle up. >> check in with erin.>>heck we got off to rough start thistt morning. how are we. >> it's pretty rough, steve. s
8:08 am
14th street bridge crash justras over the bridge as you gets youg towards the freeway exit.ew e it's blocking the right lane ana because of that traffic is traff crawling literally from thely fe beltway all the way across thews bridge and on to the freeway. fe allow for at least an extra 35xt minutes to make your way througy alexandria and arlington on 3955 northbound this morning.or gw parkway looking nasty as el well. southbound from 123 to the fromo roosevelt bridge.t bridge. very heavy traffic. also the northbound side leadine toward the beltway a bit jammedt up inside the beltway clara barton, cabin seeing usual morning congestion. closer look at the 395 closer to the beltway 295 northboundbo completely stacked. 295 southbound from 50 down toow pennsylvania jams as well.ia js. back to you. ba >> coming up next would you like beer, wine or weed with dinner? find out which city is now the t first in the nation to allowhe w residents to use pot.sidents to >> do you want an answer?r? >> sure. >> maybe i'll just wait.just wt >> new information in thenfortin mysterious disappearance of a university of maryland student. what police are saying about het
8:09 am
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only fios can. >> divers in detroit recoveredin something pretty pool at the bottom of the detroit river. eighthg sprf th 6,000-pound anc. 3-ton anchor that had been been buried for more than six decades. from the greater detroit steamship. the that steamship tookst her maidei voyage back in 1924 before bor commercial airline travel andl free ways and such. such.
8:11 am
and planes. end of thelane usefulness of the luxury steam ships. it it is scrapped and it'sdt' anchor was cut and left to sinks at the bottom of the river.. speaking of flights they resumem at the will rogers airport inpot oklahoma city after a deadly shooting outside of thatting out airport. a man shot and killed age westes airline employee to death before killing himself yesterday. yestd the victim is the father of a kansas city chiefs player andyed the victim in the and the and shooter apparently new eachy w relationship is unclear. 787 common prisoners pardoned in cube thanks to popep francis. the council of state headed by e raul castro the prisoners wereee selected according to their acct crimes. they're behavior in prison andhi the time remaining on theirir sentences. he said in a statement yesterdae that the pardons did not includu people who were convict evidenci extremely dangerous crimes like murder or rape. re.
8:12 am
response to the call by the pope during the holy year of mercy. and speaking of cuba, willil president-elect donald trumpelea keep a pledge to increase thee e number of prisoners the u.s. a. is holding at guantonimo bay.moy right now there are 60 detaineei there who are being held at get mow. mo of those 20 have been clearedn c for transfer. president obama made closing tht prison a priority but has been locked -- blocked repeatedly byb back in april, donald trump t talked about guantonimo bay inua an interview saying he wants ton quote load it up with some bad dudes. du >> 8:12 right now. in denver, colorado, marijuana a apparently getting the greentinn light now for public use.publice people there can now use pot at bars, rest restaurants and other public spaces.ces. there are caveats.e cave for example, you can't smoke ito inside the bar. you'd have to bring your own yon weed and businesses allowing the marijuana have to get supportupo from the neighborhood beforeoodr getting a license. license all righty.righ. next twitter takes a stand s against cyber bullying.
8:13 am
this problem. >> anti trump protests continues to grow.w. high schools across the countryy including right here in our aree that's video from one yesterdayd we'll hear from some of thear fe protesters ahead in life report. now 8:13.w
8:14 am
8:15 am
?? welcome back, everybody.rboy >> guess what it's time for. >> cuteness. >> we go from the beauty of the fall leaves. >> um-hmm.m-hm
8:16 am
capitol.l. >> melodies of adele.. >> no super duper cuteness.utens that's right.thatht. >> only fox5 first five can do d that. >> we got cameron jacob aka littles. >> oh, my goodness. my look at that picture. >> littles is the fox5 first fir five photo of the day. day hey, it's a birthday fo turns four years old today.ur ya >> happy birthday.>> h when cameron was born this is is why his nickname is littles he weighed 1 pound 15 ounces. 15 oc >> look at his picture on theiso that's him under a -- - >> less than 2 pounds. pound >> isn't a amazing.g. >> physician's happened orcipe nurse's hand.nurse'nd. >> aww. >> all his grandmother calls him both a little joker and a miracle. >> that's so cute. >> okay.>>kay. and on the right we've got his student of the week certificate. so great big happy birthday to cameron.ron. >> happy birthday.ap hope offpy fantastic day today.. >> student of the week.f e we awesome. >> love it. .> yup
8:17 am
and super duper cute we'll get t them on the >> big time shout out to all tha people who work in the nicu'su' across the country. cou they're job is so important.tant >> little miracle.iracle >> sure is.>> suris. >> an little joker if you're you cameron.meron >> cute. >> an big birthday. an bi >> and a big birthday.nd big bi. >> 46 now in washington.ashingto let's see. see we'll take a spin around thed t country it's ban pretty quietui couple months for most of theste lower 48 not a lot going onng that. will change this week as we'llth seise w our first real winter ss of the season take shape overpe minnesota where they're expecting blizzard conditions. >> minnesota?>>inneso minnenesota. >> dakota. we're getting started here. here the winter weather part is getting started for parts of the country. we are cold to start your day. low 20s and theirs and low 40s 4 in the city.0sin mild afternoon.ernoon we'll have clouds later todayr t but low to mid 60s.0s the rest of the country if of you're flying today, for the, fe most part quite little raintle
8:18 am
pacific northwest, and thatn t storm i mentioned that will will bring blizzard conditionstion doesn't take shape until laterar this week quiet for couple morer days things will be changing for us things will be changing too.o 70 by friday and saturday. s verery nice. >> look out. loo 20 degrees colder and it willl feel --el - crarazy. >> 30 degrees colder by sunday.d >> from 70 on saturday to 49 on sunday?? >> yeah. i would expect,.i woulexpe >> that's brutal.>> tha >> sunday with lake effect snow kicking in probably have snowvew showers in the mountains off to the north and west.he mou >> so, um, overnight low of 34 sunday so game time kickoff sunday 8:30 probable ale rounden 40 i guess. >> 40 but the winds will feell e colder than that. tt. very chilly sunday night. nht >> bundle up game.unup gam >> you start to feel that cold football weather.eaer >> good to know in advance. >> thanks tucker.>>hanks >> it is 8:18tu right now.. hi, erin. e >> good morning. 8:18 right now. now taking a look traffic. tffic earlier crash over the 14th4t street bridge cleared off to tht shoulder coming up a at king street miles under 5 miles an
8:19 am
extra 30 minutes. jam packed top side of theofhe beltway outer loop 95 to georgig at new hampshire and you can ses traffic is crawling about 25bou5 minute delay there.he. also seeing big slow downs 295 2 northbound from the beltway tobl the 11th street bridge.t bdg and then earlier crash cleared out by false road on 270 southth heavy traffic remains coming con down from 80.m 8 back to you guys. >> twitter taking a stand on cyber bullying new features itt hopes will combat the ever eve growing epidemic of social media. mia >> holly is here to tell us alla about it.t it. how are they really stop speeche on this giant network?etwo? >> well, they're going to put in special filters in place that pt you can choose to put in place that will detect when people are being not nice. nice twitter there's a lot great about twitter but it has provided an avenue, another ath avenue for people to be not verr nice. nice. so when you think of twitter,ttr what comes to mind?in >> many of us especially thoseho of us in the public eye bullyiny might be a common associate.octe remember how leslie jones wasjos
8:20 am
earlier this year? or how about christie tee again facedac relentless backlash over her panning style. now twitter isnn sinaying no moo trolls and allowing users tos t take things into their own hands with two new features.res. now the first allows users too mute any conversation they seeys on the app. t a all users have to do is head to the setting tap the mute buttono the whole conversation willionil disappear from your timelineine without forcing to you block or unfollow anyone. the on the new feau users to mute specific wordsds altogether.ther all you have to do is again go g to settings in the app and add words that you don't want to ses to a list.t then twitter will then use ase special filter and it will w filter your content so those the words won't show up in yourn y timeline. this isn't the first time tim twitter tried to create a saferr space for users. these two new features follow the social media network'swork's banning of revenge porn, new anti harass many rules, creatiot avenue trust and safety council
8:21 am
high-profile users considered abusive. >> so the tools are great but ii sounds like if somebody saysy ss something mean about you, if --- if you block certain phrases, it will still be out there, you you just won't know it then. yeses. right?righ >> you don't see it. >> you don't have to be exposedy to it.outo b have to be exposed to it it doesn't necessarilyecey block that person.thaterso >> right. >> you see what i'm w >> others can still be talkingnl about you but --t u but >> other cos.. it also doesn't block the persoo the fact they then talk about ta you again. you see what i'm saying. saying. >> i gch conversation or a word so then n word won't show up.. >> kind of putting our blindersr on here. on h >> you're putting on blinders ii don't want to list season to yoi today.stto >> right. >> i don't want to listen to t this word any time. tim >> you can't stop't you just don't want to see it. t >> you can't stop bullying. it's age old thing. t you can't change the situation.. you can only change how youonlyo allow it to affect you. >> exactly.>> exactly. >> and so twitter is making software available to a the the least put that power in yournou hands. >> i'm not dealing with you. wi.
8:22 am
>> thanks holly.y. >> still ahead political pupilsp city how schools are respondingn to the growing number of gng nuf students protesting the election. and just when you thought the mannequin challenge lost its luster, it's found a way to wear the air sweet. >> aww. >> one of your favorites. >> thanks snufflofogus and crewc show me ernie.rnie show me ernie! show me ernie show me ernie >> no ernie.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> there's big bird. >> that's sesame street, strt, evody.ody. mannequin challenge it's madech its way to thealle happiest stre in the universe sesame street.tree video posted on twitter ttt yesterday capturing the frozen moments between muppets, cast members and crew. >> there's ernie! >> hi, ernie! >> sorry.>> s he broke do you see what i mean? becausu he's an og of the he's the one to break it.t. >> he gets the honor to and lool live on sesame street just goese on as it does.oe always a sunny day. >> sun night day. nig >> it's awesome.>>
8:26 am
truly frozen in time like the falling papers and the disheshes and the egg cartons.egg cartons it was w >> very cool. >> but ernie he's the one who said okay and seen. >> ernie! >> he's got to break the scene.o >> somebody has to.ebodhas >> yeah.>> yeah. >> bert and ernie did it.nid it >> i'm an ernie are you bert? >> steve is we are.>> i'm ernie ste. >> i'm an aren't knee fan, f, though.though. >> but you're kind of bert ish.. >> did you did i just say i'm aa ernie fan. why is the high five going in direction.ion. >> you're bert. >> why are you making me ber>>tr >> is he >> 46 in [ laughter ] >> steve, somebody has got to bb bert. okay. >> is that how it's going to go. >> thanks words of wisdom. >> dulles 37.s 37. bwi marshall 42.l 4 you're not going to --o >> i have run on the berthe platform here.plfo >> sometimes you just are bert.. you don't choose to be bert. >> all right.>> right satellite/ cloud cover out to the west.r ou we'll be it n the low to mid 60s
8:27 am
conditions expected for next couple of days and nice warm um knee 70 by friday saturday.atda bottom falls out by sunday andyd much much colder air settles int for all of next week.r al thanl ksofgiving it will feel le it. it. >> in fairness i was a snufflofogus man.ofogus man >> were you. >> i was. >> nobody ever saw him.obody >> yeah. >> big bird imaginary friend.ri >> that was cool.>> some p teople are grouches someo people like snufflofogus.lofogu. >> i did love oscar. i lov >> did i ever tell the story ihy went to sesame street. see >> you told us. you t >> i actually got the chance toc go there as andu they tape in queens, new york, , believe, and i met oscar. ernie wasn't there that day. day i'm cool with that. wthat but, you >> we meet him every day, erin.. >> i loved bert and ernie when w was a kid. k. >> i loved sesame >> not a lot of kids know sesame street where i grew up in langhorne, there's sesame placea i grew up as a kid going therehe in the summers and eighthsum and magical spot to be.ote. >> it definitely is. >> steve, and tucker are like ay.y. >> all right. enough. you know what tucker really wha
8:28 am
>> oscar the grouch.rouch. >> perfect.ct >> right now traffic is crawlinn washington boulevard near therde pentagon completely stopped. 395 northbound just parked fromr the bottom of the beltway to tho 14th street bridge with over ave 30 minute delay. so aloft slow moving traffic ono 395. let's switch it over for a look at our maps.atur maps. other slow downs that you needh to be aware ofy this morning. icc there's crash eastboundou before georgia avenue.venue. starting to see some delaysome s increase there. t 270 still basically parked as pd you make your way down to thetoe spur. we will certainly keeppd that's your traffic.r trc. back to you. erin, thanks.hanks. 8:28 right now.htow. allison still giving me trouble good i'm i'm sry coming up prince george'sce' county mother facing a judgeud accused of killing her three her month old son. s new clue in the search for a for missing student from the university of maryland.g stersia those stories and more when wer
8:29 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
8:30 am
he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
8:31 am
>> in about 15 minutes princeou george's county appear in court facing charges in connection with her three15'u month old son'scourct murder. >> police say she helped bury b her son's body near park dalele high school.l. bob barnard is live at thelive courthouse with this reallyeall tough story to report thisstory morning.t good morning. morng >> reporter: indeed allison and steve, yes. jenice petty due in court in 155 she is charged with being ann accessory after the fact in thee murder of her 32 month old son.s miss petty's husband antoine iss charged with first degreet d murder. mu
8:32 am
shaken and punched to deatho d because it wouldn't be quiet. qt it wouldn't stop crying.ry this happened last month and was first reported as a missingng child case.e. investigators say in fact theact baby was put in the couple's car after it was killed, taken too park dale high school nearear riverdale. them buried in a shallow gravehg in woods behind the football field. jenice petty is 24.ceetty i she's being held on $120,0000 antoine petty is 32. he's being held without bon.houb again that hearin underway in about 15 minutes15 m here. we'll head inside and cover iter for you guys. ht all right. bob, thank you very much.hank vr 8:32 right now. now new piece of the puzzle.uzzle new image of the missing msing university of maryland studentst caitlin george.. this photo shows george boardinn a bus at a greyhound station ini baltimore friday that was they s day after she was reported r missing that. norfolkrtedly headed to v have a. did it stop in dc, richmond anda hampton.hato investigators are stillvestigat following leads and tips to trat to find her. they do not however suspect foul
8:33 am
sure their voices are heard.eard students at a local high schoolo plan to walk out of class too protest donald trump's tru's presidency. go to the scene wherere hundreds of students marching mh past the capitol to the supremee court. >> on monday a similar demonstration in montgomeryion n county. our annie yu joins us live fromo a high school in rockville where students plan to walk out of class today. da good morning. >> reporter: goodgo morning, mor allison and steve.n anste yes, officials here are anticipating the march out oruto the walk out happening in less s than two i just got done talking with thh principal here of are you in ari order montgomery damon, he reassured me that they got the word threw buzz word of mouth o social media this was takingakig place at 10:00 o'clock today. td they are expecting hundreds to participate in this.his and so he got with montgomerynte county police. police. he got with the chief of policee of rockville and together theyhy are working to make sure that safety is they're main priorityy today to make sure they are saff
8:34 am
rockville town center. school is underway now but weutw are expecting the students to ii guess trickle out here closer to 10:00 o'clock today and then they will walk to rockville towt center which is about 2 miles away.away. and so far these protests withst the students have been peaceful. that's how they want it.t the students at least that's what they tell us.what ty te hopefully things will remainilmn that way, and as you mentioned,n this is day three of localf locl students protesting.tein this video is from monday wherew hundreds of high school studentu in montgomery county specif blair and other surroundingurron schools they traveled through silver spring protesting holding signs, chanting, and you can see that police also shadowed thosee students along their route tohe ensure they're safety.reaf now, the other video i want toto show is you from the district. this was yesterday wherehe thousands of district studentsnt hit the streets.e ets they were representing a numbera of different schools from the st city including wilson high school.. students road the metro downtowt and met at the trumpmp international hotel and marched
8:35 am
and the lincoln memorial and sod we're talking about young adults here, 15, 16, 17-year-old who'ss obviously are not old enough tot vote but as you mentioned they t certainly want their voices tos be heard. take a listen t o a few of them. t >> the next generation is notot going to stand for what's goingg on. >> we have a fashion shift s president now.esident now. we have to care.we hav car >> i some people who are very vy sad and depressed.ep i know some parents they're kidk are wondering, mom, dad, what'sw going h why is everyone panicking?anick? >> there's a lot of people lotfe chanting not my president but hh will be in about two months and i feel like i'm not -- i'm not a trump supporter but i feel likek he got elected fair and square. >> reporter: now as far asow a what school officials are doingd in response to these protests,st well, the principal here tellsel me that he's n his teachers and faculty and staff if a student t walks out of class during closee
8:36 am
just let them go and they'll team cabs on their names and mark as enokis cued unless they have a permission note fromn neo their parents. s will thep latest from rockville, maryland. m annie yu, fox5 local news. n >> here's an up side to the controversial election. civics and government classesndg are getting renewed attention it u.s. schools after years of yea decline.decle. the need for civics wase ne for highlighted by the tone of this year's presidential race. schools around the nation are ne updating they're social studiess framework to put a str emphasis on civil and participatory get involve. >> there you go. let's get involved with ourrtic forecast right now. ugest edfore.etails for >> hey, cold temperatures.rature at least cool temperatures to start your morning.staryour mor 46 at reaganni dulles is still hanging in the n 30s here at 37 and in baltimore 43 degrees. d we're featuring sunshine andinea mile temperatures thisperatus th afternoon. low to mid 60s, but we are going to get some cloud cover aroundoo here. he so just keep that in mind. m i don't think we'll get any rain honestly real use the rainhe r showers.
8:37 am
little bit of a cloud deck thisi afternoon otherwise temperatureu five to 8 degrees above normal.. daytime high 65, enjoy. e we've got a lot on the seven das to talk about.alk a warmer temperatures then colder temperatures.mper have it for you comingat up. erin?er? >> tucker, task so slow someone just tweeted me and said make the whole map red and get it over with. 270 crash near father hurleyr h blocking the shoulder in the mit of delays coming down from 85 f towards the spur.s the it's still about 45 minutee delay. did clear the right lane wase ws blocked before the freeway exite but you're still basically bas parked from the beltway across r the bridge and that is why it'si cow about a 30 minute delayute y washington boulevard near theon pentagon super bou heavy traffif freeway east and westbound veryy slow by the third street tunneln and 295 northbound from thefrom beltway towards the 11thhe1th street bridge is jammed. jamd and gw parkway delays continuene southbound 123 to the roosevelte bridge. i don't like what i'm seeing on lot of our secondaries ike whanh district really backed up asd ua well. look at that delay. you can see it eloxtokenting pas
8:38 am
ltwaway. inner loop clearing up through annandale.nd. stop gone traffic and 295 south from 50 to east capitol streetet super jammed up those delayselay extenting down to the 11thdown street bridge now. 50 through cheverly jams traumau 202 to 295. new york avenue jammed by bladensburg.blsbur slow track everywhere.vewher get an early start and have some patience.ti back to you guys. >> still ahebaad flyers condemnn by racial dating have been b popping up at universitiesversit across the country.nt being made and a warning to white women.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> capitol dome looks fantasticd now all the work has been done.b good to go. go. nice start to the day. d little chilly.y. 46 degrees right new this morning southernou methodist universityme investigating flyers left onflyn campus condemning by raciall dating.ti sunday. they're titled, why white men shouldn't date black -- why w witness women shouldn't datehout black men.acn. >> okay.>> o. >> why white women shouldn't shn date black men.cken they were placed outside of a residence hall in the dallase da texas campus include claims that black men are abusive and thatt by racial children lack lac intelligence.ce sm uconn dems the message as hateful.te >> as they should. >> yes, i would agree with thata well, the same leave let lee found this week at thes wk at te
8:42 am
university indianapolis and in i september at the university ofyf michigan. >> tender has new options fornes user app starting giving users the option to select the gendern other than man or a woman.. allows user to type in a word.d. users can choose to be shown inn searches that best reflect thatt identity. google promising its i translation service is now evenn more fluent than before thanksok to an advance enabling computere t now that might sound simple but actually took years ofyears of engineering to pull it off untio now google technology analyzedya phrases and pieces and then a cobbled them together inn sentence. you can type out your wholer whe sentence. google hand it to somebody that n ---- >> right. r >> here you goig. >> if you have a tough timehaveh getting a little sleep there'ses one thing that you can do to get better rest. rt >> you might not like this idea.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> look at the scene down inat t florida right now.florid 8:45. this is in florida. 248 trains collided early thisly morning. you can see the crumpled messe l there about 20 of the cars thatt are off the track. t there is some fuel looking fromo the overturned cars this is thii about give or take 25 miles5 mi southeast of gainsville, florida. florida. central part of the state.
8:46 am
reported. you can see the big old messld s down there with the freight figt strains crumpled along the ang e tracks. okay. >> all right. let's focus on something here that should turn into as fn nice day today.ay today >> we just have to wait 10 seconds for the forecast. hey, welcome back. sunshine had a lot of it the itt last couple of months because om that we're running rain deficitt september 1st and for the year about 6.5. so the bottom line we need the d rain went just don't have it't here any time soon.soon maybe a couple of showers by saturday. but today will be asa dry one. o 46 in washington.n 48 annapolis chilly overnight ot falling back into the 20s andba low 30s still hanging on to thet cool temperatures out at dullese 37. 37 34 in manassas. 40 in culpeper. culpe sunshine to start the day.the d get some clouds working in latei this morning and during theornid afternoon won't amount to much just kindh
8:47 am
the energy with this very weak system stays to our north but it will bring little bit in the wal of cloudiness in later today.. otherwise, the pattern has beenh intact for the last couple off morsure mapes intact here. high pressure builds in deliverr a nice afternoon.e ce afton little piece of energy coming cm little upper level disturbance e and other than that, we aree are featuring just nice conditionse around here. with notable warming trend.rend today low to mid 60s and upper 60s near 70 bite end of thee end week. there's future cast at six.ix li clear out overnight.r out tomorrow looks fantastic with highs once again in the mid 60s. look at fry daring saturday neau 70 i do want to mention saturdaa is going to be a day of big change here with 70 for daytime highs.s. strong cold front brings us fewf showers and sunday very blustert upper 40s could be snow showersw in the mountains off to the offe north and west sunday.. redskins game sunday night it will be cold. temps in the 30s i think the thi wind chill will be in the 20s t sunday be ready here as it will feel fe
8:48 am
early next week.k guys, that is a weather update.u want to toss it over to you andu you'll toss it over to wisdom and marine are going to tell usl more there. first we're going to vegas.t wen elvis left the building and ran 20.2 miles and won the vegas marathon. oh, by the way, that's mikeik warden.en gets where he's from.tshere >> where. whe >> arlington. >> donned full elvis a tire rocr the rock and roll marathon inatn las vegas. we could have been there, tuckav minutes that is a world word for the fastest marathon elvis. credits the king himself for h helping him along. i didn't see any headphoneseadpo you might think you'd beu migh listening to your own mt usthica inspiration g right.. >> when you're that good, he did his interview right after theigt race. i would need an hour to depresse and then speak my first word.. >> tucker steve is saying itay could be us but you playing. >> all right. for all the song reference there is. one lucky and loaded l
8:49 am
gorgeous pair shaped pink diamond. asian collector dished out morec than 18 money million dollarstol for the highly sought after diamond.amond. it weighs 9.14 carats and inarad vivid pink. i got to see it some more.e m >> there it is. >> my gosh. it's highest possible colore col grading pre-sale estimate around $16 million.$16 mi >> wow! >> okay.>>kay >> that's about how close i'llh get to that. >> there's a painting sold for $400 million. $400 m i don't get it. if you have $3 million a mirrorm bargain there's chance you coulr be the next owner of thise' icoc dress worn by the one and only marilyn monroe the dress she dre wore when singing happy birthdah mr. president. >> happy birthday to you.ou >> beautiful, al.>> beautiful, >> thank you. >> what she sang to john f.oohn kennedy the dress up for auction the garment one of monroe'sons personal items --tems - >> who is that lady right thereh ioking at it. >> up for sale.
8:50 am
>> right.ig >> three day auction selling off a bunch ofay a marilyn monroe sf >> let's check in with wisdom wo and maureen find what's coming n up on good day d.c. d.c. >> you're right next to us. >> good morning.rning >> yes to that dress.thss >> thank you. >> um-hmm.hmm >> this old thing?old [ laughter ] >> okayt .>> oy >> all right. right >> let me strike a pose. l me >> what's coming >> let's talk about what'sbo w coming up.ming trump transition whose up for those crucialse cru cabinet positions all the new tw details live in the first fivest minutes of good day d.c. >> this is trending on social.ia phil jackson versus lebron james. the feud that is sparkingud thas accusations of racism. >> star wars shocker cary fisher dropped quite the bombshell.ombs >> on good day d.c. a number ofr local exclusives.s. first up this video is from last year. but don't miss your first look and side one of the most populap attractions in our region thisn
8:51 am
the ice exhibit at the nationale rbrbor. >> also ahead, oh, ladies, he is the sexiest man alive and good a day has got him. don't miss kevin's interview's th t the rock. >> also at 10a, double the starr power. former lead singer of pink andka tony terry the tony terry the lovie dovie feeling tony terryey are here and they'll perform peo together. >> what a wednesday ato jam pacd good day d.c. a few minut away. don't go anywhere. >> i think one of my all-time favorite songs period. >> it is. i know . >> lovie dovie is one of mine?in >> really. >> i'm not joking. i'm being serious. >> he does running man to that t when he sing it.ensing >> love it. it >> lovie dovie. dov >> thanks wis-mo.>> thanks wis-. >> you got it. >> if -- i got a question. quest >> listen to this f you're not r getting a good night's sleep yoy might want to not share your beu with your partner. par >> here's the deal. here's the l i'll give you the back story s first ya'll is weigh in.ei
8:52 am
university in he know land.. 29% roughly three out of 10f blame their partner for why thee can't get a good night's sleep. whether it be snoring, fightingn for the cover, being pushed outt of the bed, sleeping sidewaysid across the bed -- >> farting.>> fting. >> no secret lack of sleepfep results in bad moods and lack of focus.cus. >> no reason to break up up your are you lover. those in happy relationshipselas sleep better than single people. how do you set the tone for goor night of rest. to start.. 71% of study participants slept better when they kissed theirth partners if night. if n >> i call bogus on that. t >> on that study does it sayit anything -- >> three out of 10 is not that1 big of a deal. >> 30%. did it mention on that list if t they won't leave you alone forle other reasons?reason >> wisdom.ism >> i think everything is ihink y included here. >> all possible situations.uatis >> okay. i'm just curious o.. >> i sleep better with my with m husband in bed.and ined.
8:53 am
i think there's something abouto having someone else that -- tha- >> security blanket.lanket >> exactly. >> i think it depends on thehine circumstances. >> what circumstances are you talking about. >> there's lot oft circ d ifferent dfere circumstances and >> like what? >> sleep apnea. >> well, yeah,. y [ laughter ] >> or sometimes -- >> sometimes you just need atee little alone time. >> um-hmm.m >> some people like say for example if you're the rock and super second see you might noton be able to keep people off you. >> there you go. >> if you can keep people offe yo to go to sleep. >> wisdom is saying he's so sexs does he not get any chance to c get shut eye solo. so >> i'm saying in general. >> no wonder you're so krahne s see. >> you need more sleep.>> >> i do need more sleep y.ou mop >> oh my. kiss.s.tart it off with i like that too.ha t you get better sleep.le maureen, pay attention.. >> they said in the study that t if you start off with a kiss --s >> i love how you're holding'rel court with this topic. i'm just saying i got little
8:54 am
>> one kiss and you sleepp better. >> kiss of death?of dea >> okay.. >> start off -- >> come on. com on. let's walk, maureen. >> let them carry the conversation. >> start off. t talkow what i'm talking. >> one kiss and you put somebodm sleleep. >> i said start off with a kiss. >> i'm going to draw hero d diagrams over here. >> no, no new york city.o, nw yo >> don't draw any pictures.y urs >> don't send them on the don'ts internet. >> okay. >> thank you wisdom and maureen. >> hr is calling already. alreay [ laught ] >> theyly probably are.bly a. >> make a quick stop before your head over for good day at 9:00.. facebook fan of the day.. linda schultz was nominated by y her daughter jennifer and and jennifer says her mom linda and linda's yorkie daisy tune in every single morning.orning say big morning to the whole t e family today including daisy. dy >> and the little yorkie. daisy -- excuse me. linda likes to see what tucker c has in store for the jennifer says she couldn't askn'
8:55 am
i love that.e tha to be our next facebook fan ofkn the day, post your selfie rightg under linda's. picture.pictur >> 8:55 right now before we gete to good day tucker does haveave linda's forecast.orecast. yes. >> i wanted to ask tuck we are e what he thought about that studs sleep better or worse with youry partner with you? >> hmm. it depend on your partner, right? >> 50 in >> what a cop out. >> you're about to be on teame n bert yourself. >> you can't do that to me t m allison. winds out of the south here at seven. se we got sunshine to start today.y we have clouds that will work in here pretty quick, and we'll be' partly sunny this afternoon. high temperatures once again ona the mild side.ide. mid 60s and we'll be dry later t nice warming trend towards the w end of the week friday looks lks good. saturday looks very mild upp ahead very strong cold frontol o that's our next chance for few showers.ow they'll be scattered with that cold front and then look whatw happens much, much colder air br
8:56 am
daytime highs don't get out of't the 40s. we could have some snow showerso off to our north and west by wet sunday. that game sunday night it's go going to be chilly one out at oo fed ex field with redskins andsa packers.s. and i think we'll keep these kp very cool temperatures into nexn week. in fact temperatures next weekex likely to be below average.ra so upper 40s and low 50s right through thanksgiving. perhaps some showers byhowers wednesday or perhaps even thursday. thursday. we'll keep an eye on that foreyt next week. that's weather update.. erin is gone.on steve, back to you guy that made the documentaryoc super size me he ate mcdonald'sl every single meal every singleil day. guess what he's selling now? atn fast foo he's opening up a pop up up pop restaurant in columbus ohio thii weekend called holy chicken. sandwiches, tenders made from mo free range chickens and he saysy pop up goes off without hitchhot he'll open 10 to 15 more chain5e locations around the country. te yes, allison.on >> did you know it was nationalk fast food today.notoda >> i did. did he's taking advantage of that te get his word out.word out >> i'm going to allow myself to
8:57 am
favorite fry place. p >> that sounds delicious.icus >> cereal fans get ready for rea shake up. kellogg's debuting cinnamon frosted flakes. i love cinnamofnla flavored flao anything much company says thera was demand on social media foror this. there have been differentniffe variations of frosted flakesla before oh, yes.. never cinnamon, >> no. >> you'll start seeing it in'la stores next year and tony they e tiger says they're grreaat!! >> dennis had love them.e the it is 8:57 rightow good day is coming up next.p we'll see you then.see yothe
8:58 am
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>> even worse than economy? thao airlines rolling out a bear aea bones new boarding pass thatas a won't cost you much but comes with some tight strings attached. what you need to know before booking basics.


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