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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  November 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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message. there have been a few times this past week, when all i wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or our dogs, and never leave the house again. it's thursday morning, everybody, it's a little friday. november 17th. welcome. weather and traffic on the fives at 6:05. i'm allison see more bear attacked a woman in her own driveway in the 7600 block of iron gate lane around 9:15 last night. that's between frederick and middletown >> the woman had puncture wounds and we're told underwent skufrl surgery in hagerstown. the maryland department of natural resources searching for the bear >> we do now they found a 50 pound cub in the tree nearby and
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and that ma mabear. >> the trump continues with some of the prominent politicians set to meet with the president-elect, henry kiss endjer and south carolina governor nikki haley. halley is being considered for a number of posts. donald trump will sit down with the prime minister of japan taking off from tokyo on his way this will be donald trump's face-to-face meeting with the world leader. likely to seek reassurances that trump remain alliance. >> three protesters in dismiss spit over the appointment of steve bannon a senior advisor. he has been labeled by critics as a racist, a sexist and
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violent in montgomery county. there's an altercation in a student wearing a make america great again hat. the that student was kicked and punched and expected to be ok >> annie yu is live in rockville with a message from that superintendent. >> reporter: the 17-year-old involved in that fight is facing second degree assault charges, we were told by police that the victim, the young victim, was coherent and ok. we have seen a lot as well as in the district. look at this video, student came out in droves in both areas. thousands of students representing a number of schools in dc held a rally outside the trump hotel then walked throughout the city chanting and holding sign, a student from ridge montgomery high school as well as surrounding schools hell a big protest yesterday where they marched at the courthouse near the rockville town center. overall these protests have been peaceful and students we spoke
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unfortunately, as you mentioned, did turn violent in rockville. now, the me go county school superintendent jack smith is stepping in, he's asking students to stop protesting during school hours to remain in classrooms and learn and any student who does not comply, they could face disciplinary action if they continue. he is mcps supporters students expressing feelings but fact these are taking place during school hours poses a safety is then or injured is a security issue for them. at the end of the day their goal is to keep students safe he reminded families this is a diverse communities and different backgrounds should be respected. >> i encourage students and parents and staff to report any hate related incidents and bullying behavior to the school principal. if you see something, say something. if you experience something, say something. please. moving forward.
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understand the feelings and emotions that many in our community share ti working together, we can engage in conversations around issues and insure that all students are provided the opportunity to learn in a school environment that is safe, secure and accepting of the many different people who live and work in montgomery county. >> reporter: now, a superintendent smith also addressed hate bated speech and vandal i saying it will not be to working with local police. we don't know of rally or protest plan for today as of yet. again, no longer unexcused absences, serious disciplinary action if students engage in protests during school. that's the latest from rockville maryland, fox 5. hillary clinton made her first public appearance, honored at the museum right here in washington by the children's defense fund calling on supporters to never give up
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put disappointed about the results of the election. i am too. more than i can ever express. but as i said last week, our campaign was never about one person or even one election. it was about the country we will have. i urge you, please, don't lose heart. don't give up on the values we share. >> she started her career at the children's defense fund advocates on behalf of kids. tuberculosis scare in our area. a person at a time la play ta in charles county. the health department is working to see who might need to be tested for tb. 6:05. good morning.
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>> we'll work it out. >> cool, pleasant, sunny, bright mild >> i like it when your job is easy. >> you probably do. i disagree because i got my car washed yesterday. we did have a very brief sprinkle yesterday. >> was it a pop-up shower >> that's a little extra like when you get your car washed. the timing was my apologies if the pop-up shower surprised you. back in low 60's sunshine beautiful day, steve today is perfect to get your car washed. >> might have to take it back today. >> i promise only few clouds today. should be a nice afternoon. stay tuned. we have a lot talk about. 70 on the horizon and cold weather in time for football sunday. >> george the sunshine while we can. hi, erin good morning.
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thursday morning, got a jacket if you're waking to metro, delays on the blue line. residual delays franconia. surge ten impacting the red line. busses are replacing trains and outer loop could cause slow downs and dealing with increase volume coming down from 270. you can see that about a ten-minute delay toward urban in a and utility work, skyfox is headed there. live look as soon as that becomeses available. back to you guys. sanctuary city mayors say they plan to fight donald trump's plan to deport undocumented immigrants. dc mayor muriel bowser say >> taking action today, melanie has the details, live at the
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>> reporter: it is going to become difficult here for these sanctuary cities if donald trump and the republican controlled congress renews some of their legislation to end sanctuary cities, mayor muriel bowser did put out a statement reaffirming dc as a sanctuary city as after trump election. the city council is poisoned to consider a resolution that vehemently opposes federal immigration raised. it was first introduced april. now, council member says the federal raised similar to the ones you're about to see here sparked fear in her ward 1 constituents. according to her resolution, more than 400 mothers and children who cross the southern board since 2014 have been caught up in these raised across the country and they won't blame the obama administration for repeatedly targetingmy
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resolution could be dangerous by allowing criminals, the feds are looking for to go free and they address that day to fox 5 yesterday >> i am very committed to insuring that we take seriously any accusations of crime, that we are not harboring criminals. but the fact is in these raised, oftentimes people who are not criminals get swept up. we do have the intelligence, if we could be about how we good after criminals to not do these sweeping raised. i want to see in any administration a little more specificity and a little bit more care taking when we are going after these criminals. >> reporter: now just to be clear, this is a resolution, not legislation, we're saying he we as a city council want the frail
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at 1:00 people can come or testify for or against this resolution. then the council would take a vote on it in december. live at council headquarters, i'm melanie alnwick. there's a little relief, findings of a new booster the seats are safe. a lot of work goes into the presidential inauguration and this morning, bob barnard is getting behind the scenes for us, good morning. >> reporter: good morning there guys. we're arlington cemetery and the pentagon we're going to be showing you what they will be doing to prepare. this is the drill team getting ready to do a performance, it's going to be fun informative and exclusive fox 5 behind the scenes look with the military getting ready for president donald trump's inauguration,
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- announcer: thousands of washington, d.c. families depend on home sharing to make ends meet. to develop new common-sense home sharing rules. we helped the city collect millions in taxes last year from our community. and we support rules that protect affordable housing and maintain our neighborhoods. working together, we can make sure
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world headlines, you meant update on fight to take mosul. hundreds fleeing the city. for those still trapped in mosul aid was delivered for the first time in two years. this morning for the first time. isis is admitting defeat in mosul is a possible. a deadly grass explosion
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forced the evacuation of nearby apartment buildings, one person was killed, a utility called to the area. good news for parents while you're sleeping a new report came out about the safety of the car booster seats. 53 seats tested, 48 of them received the highest rating. the tests conducted by the insurance institute for highway safety. when it first rated eight years ago, only 25% earned the highest rating. over the 75 mark now. after this year's americans be ready to shop for the holidays? a closer look at what retailers have to look forward to. >> let's look outside. see how we're doing on the roads. thursday morning, chilly but it will warm up to 60.
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. welcome back, traffic running smoothly. item be honest. i'll let erin tell photographic. it is my responsibility to do your weather forecast, happy thursday, almost friday. here's your bus stop buddy forecast. we're looking sunny and bright and beautiful. chilly out there. 33 currently out at dulles. that gives you an idea. 40's in the city. after school today, beautiful day, low to mid 60's. lots of sunshine, mild temperatures. and featuring quiet weather pattern, 49 now in washington.
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otherwise, cool temperature, leonard town to 41, 30's fredericksberg, frederick 34, 36 in martinsburg and winchester. 34 culpeper 34. pleasant of cold out there early. tracking quiet conditions, sunshine, not quite yet. as the sun will be up for another half hour or so. bright sunny day and very quiet weather pattern continues for a few more days. looks like n shower won't arrive until saturday with a strong cold front. until then nice and quiet. that cold front will bring us big change in air mass by late saturday and early sunday, we'll go from about 70 into the upper 40's daytime highs by sunday. chilly start. high pressure, controls our weather and for us, that means mild temperatures, and daytime highs once again in the 60's, our average daytime high, by the way, right now, 57.
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temperature-wise. dark friday, saturday, fantastic. do want to mention best chance for showers next couple days will be saturday afternoon. it will be quick moving. the winds pick up and the cold temperatures sell. daytime high -- monday will get out of the 40's. could we hit our first freezing mark at reagan? maybe so. >> little emojis on 6, i would pick them up. >> i just did some traffic reporting impressed. right now, more slow zones, 295 on the southbound side jam and up from 50 to pennsylvania northbound looking good 11th street bridge. starting to see a lot of congestion around the area. georgetown pike closed both directions, spring veil road because of utility work from a crash that happened last night. v dot tells us they plan to re
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falls. take seven. but seven starting to see increased volume. let's see if we can go ahead and rook at ours maps. the right like that is blocked on 301. traffic increasing on 301 be prepared for that one and also starting to see things increase on 210 through fort washington. 66 eastbound traffic is slowing with the heaviest delay and thing re thing things open up as you head to vienna. 95 be northbound heavy traffic through wood bridge. beltway give yours about 15 extra minutes. 395 from the beltway to the 14th street bridge starting to see congestion through alexandria. blue line delays and 295 on the map is backing up. back to you guys. we seen this video yesterday, three workers caught
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campus recovering from steer burns, this was a falafel bus that burst into flames at georgia washington yesterday. the official still officially under investigation a gofundme page has been set up: they're doing pretty well. they set up a $10,000 goal, they raised more than $6600 >> uber is teaming up with a major credit card to make the holidays less stressful >> my that last race of his career, this is mercy college. drilled by a deer. it will be in the background. watch the deer, deer hits runner right there. runner falls down. got back up finished the race
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gear up for the shopping season, check the markets we business network take yesterday out of the equation. it's been all greenbelt >> up 600 points, then you give up about 50? no big deal. it has been mostly greenbelt until yesterday when there's a seven-day winning streak. the big news comes at 10:00. we're going to hear from janet. she testifies before congress the head of the fed is bound to say something about interest rates >> everybody seems to be saying
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up. already kind of feel like you're behind the curve on this one. are we going to spend money or not >> black friday is next week. in november and december, we're going to spend 655 billion dollars on our presents for the holidays. on the holidays general. out of that, the numbers are different for how much we're going to spend on line, but the estimates are around 80 and 90 billion dollars out of 655 billion, that's it? that's the o that we're doing? i don't believe it. do you? >> no. seems like the trend has been more and more online, less and less in store. that's interesting. >> when my mother who as a flip phone buys every christmas gifts on the xufrment even she's not going to the mall. could be last minute shoppers who don't have time to ship stuff. they might be the ones >> you need to go online and buy your mom a new phone.
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>> i bought her an ipad. she yells at me a million times >> don't argue with mom if that's what she wants >> let's talk about happening with ride share companies trying to hook you up with getting home for the holidays >> through the end of the year, if you have an mxs card uber you can get $130. it's good for reagan and it's good for dulles. >> nice. save us money directly. thanks we'll see tomorrow, it will be friday. >> good-bye. >> i'm just going to -- one more time, tell me, i'd like to know. if you have an am ex, card. >> i have one it just doesn't work >> it might still work for the discount. if it doesn't work, it just
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cold in spots 33 in dulles, turned my at reagan or downtown, winds out of the northwest at ten. cooler than yesterday. more sun than yet. . we had a few pop-up showers, badly needed them. otherwise, bright sunny day, more of the same. >> low to mid 60's very pleasant, beautiful afternoon expected, and a warm couple. days a we get into friday and saturday. saturday t cold front. look what happens bottom drops out, 70 friday, saturday, to the upper 40's with a lot of wind by sunday. much colder air next week. >> starting sunday nor the game. let's take it with erin and see how the roads were >> i wore my jacket with the fir hood today. bundle up. we're not at the holiday yet. thanksgiving next week. >> i can't believe it.
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reopened both directions spring veil road. the good news is the utility work taking all night from an earlier crash cleared, so just be prepared. we're seeing residual on seven as well as georgiatown pike but traffic moving. as we take a look at metro. train malfunction at addison road, blue line something to keep in mind in passing the red line, fort trotton busses are replacing trains. we'll take a look at our cams next. back to you guys >> 6:27. kate upton calls foul when it comes to baseball and her man. profanity laced twitter rant when her man did not win the cy young award >> a lot of work goes into the presently inauguration, of course, and bob barnard is getting behind the scenes look. we're going to get a look next
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6:30 thursday morning, your watching fox 5 news morning, sun about ready to make a full appearance. looking over the dmc. welcome back to fox 5 news, we'll have weather and traffic on the 5s. let's check top stories at 6:30,
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being attacked by a bear it happened outside her home. the amateur department of natural resources looking for the bear. they did find a cub in a tree about 50 pound cub nearby and they think the woman may have come win between the cub and its mom. the president-elect is due to meet with henry kiss end jer. around as possible candidate for secretary of state in the a trump administration. the president-elect will have his first meeting with a foreign leader in his office. that will be with japan's prime minister today in new york. means the preparations for donald trumps's inrepresentation are well underway and fox 5 is getting an exclusive first look at some of the preps. fox 5 bob barnard is live in for the myer with that.
6:32 am
good morning. >> reporter: this is for the myer near arlington cemetery and behind knee is the air force grill team and they're up and adam early with his doing routines and joinings, sergeant jason evans who is head of the team. with them what we're going to >> having a little trouble with bob's get back there. we'll learn more about the inauguration. we'll get that fixed out. fixed up and get back to him short. meantime let's get a check on sports. time for the morning line, we're going to start with a good old ice kicking. seven-1 win. on the ice. calves make statement pounding pittsburgh penguins.
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bachelor had five points, 7-1 win, next caps host the red wings. you don't want to pick out any team in the league, if you look at the last decade, philly hasn't done so well, last night the sixers beat the wizards. he did in the play due to a hamstring injury, sixers have one win on the season. at one point they had a 24-poin you don't, again, you don't expect this to happen. wizards rallied to cut it to three. 109-102. sixers beat the wizards, they host the knicks tonight. make scherzer your ace for the nationals reason to celebrate he won the facial league cy young award. he's the sixth pitcher to win the award in the american league. in detroit in the national league now with the nationals.
6:34 am
he was on vacation with family and friends, he had his own champagne shower. he soaked him in what we assume is champagne there. congratulations mighty max. >> there's so many people all my team mates for going out there and competing everything they did from day in out to support me. i can't thank them enough for everything. i train my have her right now, to have this reward mean as lot to me and i really believe in all team mates we have coming back. what we're going to be able to do. >> that's exactly what you want to say, the guys who didn't win got a world series win. in the american league. boston pitcher rick did not win.
6:35 am
but her fiancee thought he should have one. here's one, sorry rick, you didn't get any first place votes, you didn't say win, #by felicia, keep up with the times and fire those writers. few upton tweets. he hit twitter and said want to say thank you for the baseball writers who voted for upton's tweets getting reaction on social media. one saying i don't even like baseball but i'm here for kate upton taking on the entire baseball league. >> how do you guys feel about that? >> the one had more wins than any other pitcher >> how do you feel about her doing that >> mixed feelings, i feel like
6:36 am
fight his own battles. if somebody is -- better for them to stand up for you than to throw you under the bus. >> he just lights kate upton. if kate upton says anything about him, he's happy >> she knows who you are. >> she's seen my picture >> so you're already winning >> some things didn't work out with her. >> good hockey game by the way last night. if you're a caps fan. and we're big caps fans. 49 in washington, 51 in annapolis. 30's to the w. annapolis 30, 33, dulles, more of the same, sunshine, mild temperatures average high should be 57, and we'll be in the low to mid 60's. a lot to look forward to for thunder showers and your sfefrpt friday and saturday. we'll talk about that and you two have cold weather on the set
6:37 am
i think it should be in the 50's for thanksgiving. >> specially for the holidays. >> we do have problems on the roads. 6:37. residual delays right now, a disabled train at minnesota on the orange line. forward the maps and show you what he is you're up against, be northbound a crash. delays all the way you can see the northbound slow down as you make your way through 95. please allow for extra time. if you typically take route one, the northbound crash is also slowing us down. aside from that georgiatown pike has reopened. residual delays lingering both directions as well as seven inbound coming in from lease perjury this morning, let's take a look outside. unfortunately on the beltway we're dealing with a crash, it's
6:38 am
block, this crash is as you approach 29. it's a shaky camera but a lot of volume. it's a big jam-up on the outer loop. again back to braddock. we'll keep you dated on that one, rest of the roads 66 eastbound backing up past 234 and 270 slow on the southbound side back to you. a lot of work goes into presidential inaugurations, this morning, you're going t behind the scenes look. we're going to check in with him
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. we do have all the king stops and at his exclusive first look >> let's get out to bob barnard as we're learning what goes into the bob be good morning. >> hopefully these guys have better look with their rifles. we're with jason evans. jay jason, good morning, thanks for being with us, tell us what role you guys moot play in the inauguration. >> we're set to be on the presidential cordon as well as the escort formation. >> you guys, you mentioned to me
6:42 am
>> we travel the world and the country to recruit routine inspire everywhere. we decide to show. >> reporter: this is you guys are the air force drill team. can we see what they're going to do >> we're going to do the line 2004 medication and transfer into the walk-through and we'll be done >> awesome. let's see it, guy
6:43 am
>> we'll hear nor more from bob through the morning, they're learning as we are learning more about what goes into getting ready for the inauguration coming up in january >> we appreciate them let us us come out for this. it exciting. i'm amazed by the precision of the military when they do this.
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he's all fancy. did you see his face? >> it is 6:46. and it's time for tucker. tell us about that sky >> well, sunrise in about eight minutes. beautiful. isn't it? >> yes. >> gorgeous. >> appreciate.
6:47 am
i'm a night person, typically. >> me too. >> all three of us. >> we're right for the job. >> sunshine is back we had clouds during the afternoon yesterday an pop-up shower or two. steve will tell you about it. yes, i found it yesterday, one or two and lasted 30 seconds but enough to ruin steve's brand new car wash. 49 in washington. chilly out there have not 41 leonard town, temperatures around freezing, manassas is 30. 33 dulles, 34 in frederick and 37 in winchester, chilly temperatures, starting the day overall pattern mild afternoon remains in tact and we're going to be for another beautiful day. we should be into the mid to upper 60's. i don't think i've tracked rain around here any significance in months. our next chance for showers
6:48 am
second half of saturday. saturday afternoon evening with a very strong cold front. quiet weather pattern, high pressure, jet stream going to kind of retreat here off to the north couple days. and that's going to allow the temperature to moving back in 60's, tomorrow and saturday awfully close to 70 then a very strong cold front is going to come pushing through saturday and our temperatures are really going to fall off late saturday and sunday. daytime highs after geo few more very mild days, you can those in the next few days, look what happens sunday and monday, redskins, packers, very cold, windy will probably be in the 30's. on be surprised if we had wind chills in the 20's for that
6:49 am
270 on the southbound side. big crash. you are jam packed back to farley hurley. keep in mind it's about an hour delay from 70 to the spur. forwarding our cameras, this is the inner loop. you're jam back to thetive. delays extending all the way back. once you get to springfieldtive your good, from eisenhower, you're basically parked. i want to show you our map, another crash on the beltway, unfortunately bottom side inner loop at eisenhower avenue. we're seeing delays leading towards that location after the wilson bridge towards the springfield interchange. you jam solid beyond that point
6:50 am
you're also slow from branch avenue. really delays, and that is because we have a crash on the west bound side. southbound is super jammed up to the bridge and down through scherffly is so slow. look at the outer loop as you make your way through margot. we had another crash cleared up. if you're taking metro, residual days to west, minnesota expect delays to vienna and that's in addition to safetrack surge 10. and that's fort trotton and the red lines. that's a lot to get through in a lot of back traffic. winter weather it is on the horizon, first we showed you nice winter. that's also. today, we will learn more
6:51 am
departments of transportation are doing to prepare for incomplement weather. officials at both meetings will be reviewing equipment, material, resources, for drivers and residents and new technology too being used during the upcoming snow season. >> you will also soon be able to get two dc waterfront what are the taxi. riders will be able to go to alexandria. the water project which is a huge bill dollar plus project expected to open next year. cats in dc? and invasive species? a bill making its way through the dc counsel may label cats as just that. right now it gives the mayor the authority to classify the cats as a nuisance. >> felix the cat?
6:52 am
considered a domestic species. it could lead to cats being rounded up and euthanized. >> this grandmom tripped into viral fame. she tripped -- >> she wants to be with the baby, was putter her great granddaughter to bed. she fell right into the crib. luckily. the 61-year-old both ok. she's young great grandmom. her eating go a little bruised. >> that's how i get out of here? >> where are you going? >> taking photos for the future. glad everybody is ok. tumbled over. kevin mccarthy is not home yet. still far, far away in the great country of spain.
6:53 am
spain is on my bucket list. he did really cool stuff for the past few days. good morning, how are you >> >> good morning, i know my voice is not sink with my lips. i just went took company bell in spain and it actually was incredible. it tasted really good in spain. i've been here four days, i've been eating the actual local food here. i just wanted to see there to for assassin's creed, i'm doing a bench of incredible events, and this movie comes outside december 21st. based on a popular video game, they wanted to send us to seville is spain that miccics what they do in the movie.
6:54 am
legs, but, feet, everything is all sore. here's the video.
6:55 am
>> that was awesome, that's footage i shot on my iphone during the event. actual short film i made is professionally shot. we're going to have that in a few week comes up on fox 5. i miss and love you guys, you will have my view tomorrow for nt interview. i miss you and love you guys back home >> i wornderly how you managed to spend $9 at a taco bell >> i got no tomatoes and is our cream. one of the best lunches i've had in a while. >> thanks, buddy. see you again >> it's so good. kevin, you're a treasure.
6:56 am
snowden doing an action film. >> love it. >> why did he have to go all the way to spain doing there? >> ok. >> ok. >> good job, kevin. >> we do that every friday night. . let's go for the forecast. sunrise forecast 6:54. thank you for this beautiful picture. isn't that gorgeous by amanda. i think that's looking across the have 30's up north and west. sunshine beautiful day. 64 this to an, will that will be a dry thursday, dry friday, dry start to saturday. i'll got to go. 6:56, 270 southbound still a parking lot. cleared off to the right shoulder. this is just out to copper road. this is parked from father hurley through this point about an hour of extra time you need to get from 70 to the spur.
6:57 am
from that skyfox showing delays on the inner loop. you're jammed packed from the sprfrtive about a 20 minute lay and the west bound side, the forgery news coming up for you
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6:59 am
7:00 am
this is fox 5 news morning. at 7:00, a bear attacks a maryland woman had to be rushed to the hospital after under going surgery after a wild confrontation happened in her driveway. >> high. a local school district class instead of matching in the streets. council member taking a stand to protect immigrants but is what she's proposing going against the law? we'll discuss. live look outside on thursday morning, november 17th. live look at the white house. we'll have weather and traffic. i'm ailly son see more, i'm steve. the president-elect is due to


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