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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  November 19, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ahead this morning enjoymornj the first part of the dayhe day because we are in for a a drastic change inha temperatures. we'll have details ahead in your saturday morvening d fetort with caitlin roth. roth. happening today a 4-miley al stretch of rock creek parkway is shut down for part of the day. portion of the road between thee the kennedy center row will be shut down.ow we're live with the closuresh ts and details and how it will it impact you this weekend. wee and a very disturbing distug story. a nationwide search is on for a missingde sea infant after the mother was found good morning, and welcome wo to fox5 news morning on thisn ti saturday november 19th.r 19 i'm annie yu. thanksgiving is just next week k caitlin. >> it really is. i'm caitlin roth good morning. g i know, all of a sudden here it is. i think like, you know, election dayink li really reall
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the second half of november and yes, thanksgivnding halis t a lot of people starting tortint travel even as early as this weekend. >> even a lot of kids out of school already. s mscade us feel fee like it's not the holiday yet. >> absolutely. >> we're used to at this time being cold by now. >> i know and that kindsed to on makes you forget as well butut no, it the 19th of novemberovem and we have another warm day expected. this is just incredible.s justre taking a live look outside onsio this saturday morning, beautiful shot of the capitol dome. blue skies behind. we had a couple of really nice daysol we'll have a nice saturday.atur. very mild although we are offthu to a chilly start as we w usually are this time of year. getting warm in the afternoon ao but still cool at night, 46ig, reagan national, 37 at dulles, e 35 at bwi marshall.arshl. and all across the area we'rewee waking up to temperatures in the 30's and the 40's.0' you need a jacket right nowgh n but you won't later thiserhi afternoon as just liketik yesterday we're expected to hit 70 degrees. degre now, a very change i can't believe forecast this weekend. along with the warm
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a cold front approaches and then swings through. through any of the counties in thehe c light orange color which includes the district nooranrthn virginia over to the shenandoah valley up towards baltimore gusts to 55 miles per hour are possible allstsible weekend long before, during durn and, yes, after tomorrow after r the front pause. this is a serious cold front fro so serious a winter weatherr r advisory is out for the mountains of west virginia. viri three to 6 inches of snow is inc possible there through early monday. >> what. >> i know, snow. this is of course well off towards our west>>of c along ridge tops colder in thoseps coe higher elevations but stillll it's a big dramatic differencenc so your forecast this weekend, it's definitely 50-50. we go from spring, warm kind of breezy 70 degrees today toayt winter much, much colderr tomorrow, high temperatures only in the 40's, wind chillshih in the 30's and,, wi yes, that t snow along the mountains, soo starting to feel like thanksgiving weather very,vi very quingckly.uily but for today enjoy one lastt mild one. i don't think we'll hit 70 hit again for quite some time.
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quickly. 68 by 2:00 p.m. that front approaches and will bring someim showers so by the way we doy we still have some rain showers shs in the forecast. that's later on probably rightyg around sunset and as those tho showers pass towards our west ow you could even see somecould evn flurries as that colder airde ar gets wrapped in.ed would you go through this hour r by hour in just a bit with your ful jl seven-day forecast.t annie. >> sounds thanks caitlin.>>ankstlin happening right now parting of rock creek parkway is shutt down this morning.orng weekend drivers get ready forger some det fox5's alexandria limon ismon live in northwest checking checn things out for us ands everything you needs to know. y good morning,ou n alex.le >> reporter: hey, annie, ann good morning.good that's right, you m guys just jt pointed out it's almost thanksgiving. the weather is going to beisng t beautiful today and so if people are maybe planning tonnio get out and about tone joy it,ji maybe thinking about going out o to rock creek park to get some nice outdoor weather wea activities in, well, you willouw want to keep this in mindn because as you can see there'soc
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that's because rock creek parkway is closed between the t kennedy center and massachusetts avenue. the northbound lanes i should sd say. sa the southbound lanes arean a opened.ened. now, the northbound lanesd lanes closed at 6:30 this morning mni and will remain closed throughdr 3:00 p.m.. and let me tell you i just talked to some people with the national park service and they e said any time they close rocksec creek parkway, it creates a huge mess for if you're planning on heading ha out to this area just keepst that in now t-the reason this iss happening is because the park pr service is taking care of some hazardous tree removal.oval now, if you still wants to w come out and enjoy rock creekrek park on this nice beautifulif fall day, you can access thehe walking and hiking trails via va the southbound lanes. lanes none of those hiking and a walking trails will be closed wc according to the park service. e but just keep that in mind
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happening in addition ofion course to the beach driveach d closure which is still in ctfect. for now reporting live in southwest d.c., alexandriaalexad limon fox5 local news. ns. >> to hyattsville where police p are looking for theol attackerst who severely beat two teens ont the side of the of e ro this attack happened around 3:30 yesterday afternoon on on pell crest road near northwestar high school.high sool. fox5's lauren demarco has the details. details. >> reporter: the teens werete attacked way piecer: t of wood d a knife.a kn the one st suffered major trauma to theuma back of his head. hd. city of hyattsville police sayey an officer on routine patrol pal spot is there the boys one of o them lying on the sidewalk andnh ran over to help. itran happened along bell cresr road just around the cornerhe ce from northwestern high school sl where the two victims are are students.udts when we arrived investigatorsgas had laid out evidence markers in the area where they say thewh tweyo teens were attacked by a y group of about five to 10 suspects. while the one young manyoung man remains in the hospital inpitaln
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were minor. after the attack the suspectsust also described as young men inen their teens to early 20's took0 off running toward the princehec george's county mall. mal so why were the two studentswo s targeted? there were no signshe of robbery. the attack happened aroundroun 3:30 in the afternoon.noon earlier in the day a group ofroo kids from northwestern were wer out in front of the school t protesting the outcome of thehe presidential election but but police say they have no reasonon to believe the events were related. we spoke with severalever classmates who didn't wa t talk on camera but they heardyed the attack was possibly gang related.reted. police wouldn't confirm thatldn' but they do say that they're ty' not ruling it out and thatt this was not they believe a random attack. attack. detectives are interviewingervi witnesses and if you saw ors anu heard anything in the area at a that time, they want to heary wr from you. in hyattsville, laurensv, lau demarco, fox5 local news.ew >> we have an update thisis morning on one of the victimse i we're told he is in criticall but stable condition at the hospital.. and we still do not know s d yet the cause of death after
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family was found dead insideide their home on thursday.n thuday. police say that 35-year-old-old lance buckley called 911 to1 report a murder-suicide in the windsor forest subdivision.divi. buckley his wife amy their five-year-old daughter claireol and their 17 month oldda daughter abigail were aller a found dead.biund de. lance buckley was in the newsy e last may after he went missing for several days and at that tha time he was found safe at a safa campsite in west virginia. i the latest on then transition of president-elect o donald trump. nominated several people to lead some key som agenci kansas congressman mike pompeo e is trump's choice to head the many consider pompeo a hawka hak and trump also has tappedap alabama senator jeff sessionsto to be the next attorneyjee thnet general but he couldor face ane rocky road ahead because 30se 30 years ago congress rejectedejec his appointment to be a federal judge over allegations that he made racially rll insensitive comments.omments. also trump has nominated nomated retired general michael flynnhan to be national security adviser.
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and at 7:07 new thisew thi morning, a broadway actor with w a message for vice presidentpret elect mike pence.el last night in new yorkec penceyo caught the show hamilton andiln he was met with cheers anders ad boos at the packed show.ho then at the end of thee end the performance a cast member addressed pence as he wassed walking out of the theater.ou taket of a listen.iste >> we are a diverse america amea who are alarmed and anxiousio that your new administrationinio will not protect us. our children, our parents as a whole our inalienable rights rig but we truly hope that this ts show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on on behalf of all of us, all of us. u >> clap. >> pence reportedly stoody oo outside the auditorium and wasmw able to hear all of the oth remarks. he was also met outside the theater by some protestors. >> ???? >> happening today, president
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stop on his final foreign tourot as preside he'll be meeting with theh th country's president and alsont o hold a town hall there. there today he'll be at an economic ec summit with asian leaders inh aa the city stuff lima and thena it's back to the white househitu on monday. on monday. time is 7:09. tis 7: lighting up dupont the new green energy projectojec that has you electrifying thehe circle with every step youteu take. we'll have details straighttrght ahead. caitlin is going to beli back with anon isther look at yu saturday forecast as you getas t up this morning. mor it is a beaut day. 70's ahead for us but it'sutt's going to take a major dip for dp the rest of the week.e rewe we'll have those details. detai. we'll be right back.
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>> ?? >> welcome back. time now for a look at some of or aother top stories this morning. excuse me. a u.s. marshall was k illed in killed in the line of duty yesterday.estey authorities in georgia say 53-year-old deputy commandercome patrick caruthers died whileiede trying to serve a warrants onnts a fugitive.ive. the suspect was wanted for attempted murder of police officers as well as domestic des violence. viol caruthers was hit when he entered the caruthers was a 26 year veteran of the marshall maral and there is a nationwide aw search under way for a one week old baby girl who went whot missing this morning. mni the mother -- the baby'sab mother was found shot to death inside her wichita kansas ksa home. police say the mother's live l in boyfriend came home onho thursday to find 27-year-old 27r dead and their baby fbi is assisting police in kansas.kans since authorities do not haveave a specific suspect an amber a alert has not been
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singer sharon jones lead singer of the dab kings has has died.di very sad news. >> ?? jones died friday in a new york hospital from pancreaticcri cancer.caer. and members of the dab kings dan were by her side when she s passed away. sh e was just 60 years old. >> ?? hi, c >> good morning. >> so i walked out i>>nut flip-flops today. >> good for you. > i went for it.>> is today the last day i can doic it. it. >> probably. don't do it tomorrow morning.or. as tempting as it is to get to g used to wearing warm weatherea clothes big changes >> where is this coming from.m. >> the season is finally changing. we had such a warm dry fall. not just us but all across theot country so this is our first o f taste of some really cold weather a reminder to winter win is >> it will get us in thes
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that's a very optimistic look lo at it thank you annie becauseieu we have such a mild day hav a expected today. tod kind of changeable though.f we have winds and even showerscv in the forecast but the big story is the weekendee temperature rollercoaster.urrol that's what we're calling it.ha we're changing seasonst iwen aa matter of hours later tonight tn so still feeling like springe sg out there today.out ere but then by tomorrow, real taste of winter a real bite in e the air with winds and temperatures not climbing out ci of the 40's. so, that is what's ahead likehek it or not. n you'll be dres to today. to today it is still very cool outy coolu there this morning.orning 35 baltimore, 46 washington,asno 43 gaithersburg 37 at dulles.ul coming off of a gorgeousor friday afternoon where we did hit 70 degrees and we shouldegrw do that again today but itayut i will be a little differentdier later this afternoon. temperatures all across the northeast a mild 50 in new50 york city, 44 in boston. bos you can see where the coldere front is, that change int cnge direction of the winds coming cg out of the 36 in columbus so back across the ohio valley towards thealle midwest 35 in chicago, mucht 35h colder there.
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afternoon, too, so that willhat be the big difference, the 24 te hour temperature change. temratu it's very quiet overhead right now. clear skies. satellite and radar not showing tell aitnything across thes dmv but there's that cold front, very thin line of someinl showers and even some frozen fro precipitation it looks like is mixing in on radar across sen s rally ohio.hio. wrapped around it is snowno across the great eastern wisconsin seeingns s several inches of snow andnow snow flurries pushing into chicago so big changes ando ig c this storm system is storm sys blizzard type conditionsns across the northern plains and will bring serious lake effect t snow through the course ofhrough this weekend. t this wee let's time it ought for you. y fox futurecast shows sunshine s to start clouds increasingnc later this afternoon and thenar row band of showersd ofhe moving through probably ingh pr that three to 6:00 p.m. time.m.t frame for washington.n. notice we're really on thee' rea southern periphery of this sohi i wouldn't be talking about a aa lot of rain today. briefly needing your hood upr od or an umbrella but that shouldho pass much noticeable will be thewie e
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mountains so pretty typical pret this time of year. y fronts go by we clear outar quickly but the force that ofce air being pushed up across these mountains does create snow showers in eastern wests virginia where there's aia whe e winter weather advisory in wea effect. you see the snowplow continueslo there and then lake effectla snow breaks out across westernen pennsylvania and upstate newte n york. here's the end of the weekend 5:00 p.m. tomorrow and we'llhe d have mostly cloudy to partly sunny skies here. but the snowsu will continue ofo towards our northwest. so, typical this time of year oy you events with the force of thethee cold air going over thosehose comparablely warmer waters. jet stream has dipped acrosscr the midwest and in the passageas that of front where they won'tew get out of the 40's today.tod for us 60's and 70's ahead of ad the fronts and then boom heretsd it c tomes tomorrow highw hi temperatures don't climb outur of the 40's, wind chills in the 30's, very, veryes c 4hi0'll and then a cold night. couple of noelle cold nights c ahead into the work week.d intoe we should though in advance ofne that hit 70's degrees here in hr washington.wa mid 60's elsewhere and then
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it will be blustery. bst so, you will need more than those flip-flops, annie,-flops,n tomorrow morning as well asieow more than a light mor jniacket e 'cause i fear it will be a bite of a shock to the system.m. also a shock if you are headed out fedex field sunday nightig football with the partly cloudy skies and they will feel right at home with som skie very wisconsin-like weather-lik here. temps in the 30's. wind chills in the 20's.te just a chi very, very cold night and should be a very good game r athat.t.y look at this temperatureat drop-off. warm and windy today 70. just 48 tomorro much, much colder. and possibly a flake or two or with the passage of that frontsh in our western suburbs so don't rule out a flurry sunny and chilly through thehr e rest of the week. of e we turkey day itself we're w calling for some rain showers and temperatures areand seasonable in the mid to upper 50's. that's a look all rightat seven-day forecast. much mor'se a tseveo come still. annie.ane. >> well, the district is nowictw finding a way to use pedestrians to generate power. w ddot unveiled a new sidewalkew s in dupont circle that'se at's generating power in a very
7:18 am
sara simmons has more from dupont circle.nt c >> reporter: dupont circle cir is one of the busiestus pedestrian areas in the and now the district is are usig that to its advantage.dvantage. this is what's called a kinetic sidewalk. >> they collect energy fromenerm pedestrians as they walk. basically the football energyaly is collected and stored in a battery during the day and then each evening there's accent lighting in the pocke connecticut avenueke ovetrlook>k park sits on the south side of dupont circle. you can seat led lighting fromgm underneath the benches that serve as a place to sit and s take a >> our estimates are that t about a thousand people per hour during rush hour across hos the medians here and overall there's about 10,000bout 10,000 pedestrians a day.ay. and so what that equates to is i about enough energy to provide o six hours each evening of led lighting.ligh >> reporter: moreter: m
7:19 am
as long as people are walking, the plights eowill always come on. an important piece of thent pceo program as the country's aging a power grid is being pushed tos d its limit. its >> the sky's the limit. there's sidewalks everywheree and pedestrians in cities are an opportunity collect energyne and power many more devicesices than just these led's on the benches. >> >> eventually hope maybe>>uallym traffic signals could beould powered this way, street lights? >> could be, sure. coulde, s that's the hope. >> reporter: for now it's a n designers see this as an a energy saver for the future.ut sarah simmons fox5 local news. . >> very cool.>> very cool. time now is 7:19.ow is 7 coming up some people like to dine out with their familiesir l for thanksgiving so you knowingw some local restaurants aretauraa gearing up for the big day. forb we're going to sample a local restaurant's thanksgiving menusn and those black friday deals.ea you don't want to miss then't latest from seasons 52.
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>> ?? >> welcome back. if you're just getting up time now 7:22. justholidays are a perfect time to get togdaetheysr w ait h family and friends and enjoy a nice meal but sometimes peopleb want to go out. o >> i don't blame them. blamehe
7:23 am
and us is chef matt beverly mate from season 52.from seas 5 you have a winter menu and a ana sam bling and you'll beg cooking for us, too.okfor lots to cover.ov tell me about the new winter menu. >> so, seasons 52 is a fresh f and wine bar we offer a seasonally changing menu. m with the winter menu a lot ofa f new menu items here. h we have our seafood pie i was -- paella pael and today i'm cooking lobster ravioli. lobster meat ricotta cheese on the inside lobster meat shut s tacky mushrooms. >> did you make these chef homemade. >> these are actually made foror us just for seasons 52.eans can't find them anywhere else. .
7:24 am i just saw that lightbulbt ligh click on for you. >> eclverything is used based on the seasons like whatever isr i fresh that season.atea >> we work with ingredientsreens that are at the peak of their >> i was telling you this off tg air chef i've been to seasonsea 52 obviously as have manye ma people out there and because of like calorie and portion ptin control and really fresh ingredients i feel like youl can't go wrong with whatever wha you order on the menu.u order i order a o lot more because isi feel like hey this is healthy. . >> so for thanksgiving are youta following that same concept and really making healthyg he dishes. >> so, there's actually -- actll there's something forther everybodye' at seasons z we w don't want you to worry about wr the caloric count of thingss but definitely an option for everybody.ever we will be opened the firstl be time everthe forfi thanksgivinv this year. >> that's big. >> definitely come in, make a me reservation with us.servation w. >> okay. >> we'll be glad to have you and your families there. b stay awae yyour from all the cry grocery stores and leave it to us. >> well, do you have a very thanksgiving inspired dish
7:25 am
t urkey dinnerkey nn all the trimmings there as you can see. >> uh-huh. >> then on friday this is ah-hua interesting you're offeringyou'r black friday deals which iswhic new to me. i never really thought oft restaurants getting in on then black friday.ack fry. >> everyone gets in on black onb friday. >> right. tysons toned in the corner mall one kind of on the n cul-de-sac where barnes andarne noble is. noble >> you've got the foot trafficfo then. then >> yeah. we're offering our happy hour menu all day lfeonringg that day so -- >> these wings an example. >> the duck wings tuna featur of small plates. plas. >> and are you wine bar as a well well corre >> we are a fresh grille andrill wine bar so over 100 bottles bol in wine. >> deserts, what is this here. >> pumpkin pie desertumpkin pies chocolate brownie and raspberry deserts as well.s >> delicious. those are good. >> chef can we sample these. the >> please do. >> sherri lobster sauce.herr >> you try it first annie.t fir. >> you have to improvise. impro. >> rig right. so, this is the lobsterheob ravioli.viol >> uh-huh.
7:26 am
i love that.e tha >> i brought with me seafoodea p.a. llo chorizo sea bass bas scallops lots of new items onteo the winter menu.u. >> very exciting a whole neww menu. chef thanks for coming in.fomin. they are opened at the tysonsys corner location on o thanksgiving day.ving >> thank you. >> all right. you so much. s muc >> time now is 7:26.:26. still ahead it's pretty commonmm knowledge that the wednesdaye before thanksgiving is a wild flight at thethhanksg bar. it is called black -- you canyoc it's called black wednesday or drunkgiving.kgg. we'll talk about some of the consequences of goingal tk ooabh for the holidays and we'll w value look at your fullt yol holiday forecast. fox5 news morning saturday satur
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>> welcome back. time now is 7:29. tiea's a beautiful look at the whitul le house this morning ash you get up.p. rise and shine, everybody.d shie and it's going to be a reallyea nice day, right, caitlin? c >> yeah, actually just likeh, the past couple act dayss unseasonably mild annie.. >> yay!>>! >> have we not gotten used toto this i mean september,ptber, october, november. nem >> i'm loving the mild i temperatures. i'm enjoying it to the'm
7:30 am
>> all the way to the ends ofay the day. >> 2 o'clock.>> 2 >> pretty much actually yeah.y u we should bech hitting h 70 degrees around 2 o'clock o this afternoon and then winds wn will be howling out of app different direction bringing brn in much colder air. a let's start off this earlystaro morning looking at your airports. airp reagan national 46, dulles 37,s3 35 at bwi.. still very cool out there evenre though we have the mild mil afternoons it is after all a november so you still get somee chilly readings once the sunth s sets and starts you off early e in the morning.orng 46 here but 32 in manassas 34 out in martinsburg, 36 in winchester.winc the counties along the shenandoah valley not even inve the valley the ridge tops ridge there in eastern west virginiaii actually under a winter ain weather advisory which i'll show in you a minute but first r wind advisories for the wholeisr weekend any county here iniey cr this light orange color thate does includes and washington baltimore northern virginia andor ae lonong the ridge tops we could get gusts to 55 miles an hour so a very potent coldpon front moving through latermoving this afternoon and it will tftnn bring some rain showers for uss
7:31 am
and that will continue allat wnt ekenends long. here's the winter weatherinter e advisory in purple fore for accumulating snow over the weekend.ekend. just a a the force that off front coming through over themit mountains will allow upslopellos snow showers to winter weather advisory so for r our western most part of our ofo viewing area if you live out liu there winter is coming very quickly later this afternoon.ero a 50-50 weekend we're callingal it. ahead of this cold front it isco still warm with highwaith temperatures around 70 degrees0e by that that front crosses cros through brings brief showersbrin very gusty winds and much,usty much colder on sunday, a suny, significant drop in ourn our temperatures. really the first time so far tio this season that we'll see wll that force that of cold air a and that is nationwide by the way. it's been a warm fall for just for j about everyone.ryon so look at this temperatureemra drop-off. 70 degrees today late eveninge i showers partly cloudy skiess pa and then for tomorrow sunday we may start off with sunshinern but i think all those cloudss will increase throughout the the day. cold and windy, highgh
7:32 am
wind chills only in the 30's. 3 yikes.yi big, big difference.big, big dif and then we're cold for afee couple of daysth.en w look at those low temperatures. should finally hit the freezing mark here in washington monday morning. ouldfreeziy mo havern't gotten that cold yet.dt high temperature of just 46 on monday. monday. winter coat weather for sure.oa we slowly moderate after a couple oft we cwlhilly y mornino through the rest of the week and towards the holiday itselfel more seasonable temperaturesperu for late november. thanksgiving travel looks finele on wednesday. wednesday. showers are likely on thursday s but light rain showers and just r high temperature on thanksgiving, black fridayving,r looking good for shoppers, 54ho5 sun and clouds.d cluds. so, big changes. enjoy the last day of nicee warm better.rm that's a look all rightk ig seven-day forecast. annie. >> thanks so much. i like your>> turkey. tur all right, happening rightng now, part of rock creekock ee parkway is shut down this rnrning. weekend drivers got to getd ive ready for some detours and our alexandria limon is live therehe in northwest with everything you need to know.u ne to alex, just a question, is this i
7:33 am
as well 'cause there's the thers bike trail there as well?sel >> reporter: yeah, annie, itnnie is actually just a roadd closure and it's happeningap because of hazardous tree removal, but let me show youet what we're talking about here. it's the northbound lanes onlyy of rock creek parkway. they closed at 6:30 thisthis morning and that closure willil last through around 3:00 p.m.3:0 and we're talking about the abo section between the kennedydy center and avenue. so, embassy road, that whole who stretch of the northbound lanes is closed for this tree removal. , however, however,s are opened, so if you're wanting to access the park,he pr you were mentioning those hiking, walking, bikingng, bikig trails, they are, i made sure to ask.i de s and we were told that none ofneo those trails are however, it's just a matter ofat whether you want to deal withyo the traffic,de because the other thing i was told this morningor by the national park servicekeri
7:34 am
is on a weekend like today, it y causes a huge traffic mess.s. so, if you were planning on enjoying this nice beautiful buf fall weather we're expecting exp through the day and heading upng to rock creek park, just keeptee that in you know, your choice, up to u you, but you may be dealingli with a bit of traffic this afternoon. for now we are livete in northwest d.c., alexandrialend limon. i will send it back tolimowi you, anniell. sen >> all right, tu,hanks so muchnk alex. time now is 7:34. ti co nmingow up, a local man is launching a n and we've got him right here rih in the loft to tell us all about it and how it works.
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>> welcome back.>> connecting with people who like to work out that's one of many goals of a brand newng w ot fitness happen ea launched -- app that's beingng launched by app local >> good morning.orning >> thanks for being here. t rep.p. >> thank you for having me. youf >> tell us about it. >> it's a new social fitnessitns application so it's being released in the google playglpl store today. today >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> it allow you to find workout partners recreationalata sports group and join pickup piu
7:38 am
fitness alone. >> it's more of a social app, ap social fitness app than an appsa that helps with your goals ass in calorie counting and that ant sort of thing your heart rate. . >> most we believe when you do thingsth together as a group and create your own fitness communitiesitne you're more than likely goingeln to be able to obtain yourbtyo fitness goals. we have in app features you'llro be able to use to use your yo geographic location and thelocat type of fitness you want to be b able to do and find people peope that are around you to be ableel to do thatnd >> how user friendly is it? >> it's a very simple cleanple a interface. >> very good. ers t's very easy to use. create avery e simple >> that's an example here. h >> so you can see here then sert profile is set up where you whey can just pick the type ofyp fitness you want to do, give a quick what you want to try totot reach and find people to to connect people nearby in order r do that same fitness or recreational sport. >> very cool.
7:39 am
>> i've been a nurse for five,iv six years now but i've been in n the medical field since i was 17 and so i was always dealing w with health issues after the fact, hypertension, diabetes die and a lot of it is caused byseby inactivity. there's a lot of stuff -- and sa i wanted to take more avenue preventive role so i startedtaed to think to myself what can ihaa do to help prevent some of se of these diseases and so i lookedea at studies and it showed when w we look through new year's resolutions it's very hardthro r us we're doing it alone.lo when we do it together withher t people you're more than likely going to be held accountable >> making friendships maybeaybe even long term friends ships.s p >> it kind of reminds me of a dating app but for working outko you're meeting people but enjoying fitness at the sameneth time. also i think it's verys compelling you being in theng it medical field seeing firsthandit how lack of exercise affectsff your health and how motivatedotd we need to be and sometimes itis takes extra people to motivatema yourself.urse.
7:40 am
create their own fitness fit communities and stay fit and healthy for the long term soth that's why we started withe we this application.this alication >> it launches today.t launes t >> yes. >> what do people need to doe n just go to the store and a download it. >> all you have to do is go toeg the google play store download l from it there. we launched we la with android market first and ad then a few weeks afterwards afta we'll be launching on the iphone market and apple app stores. >> congratulations.>> c that's very cool.onat'sery >> yes, it. >> i'm wondering like where --rg i mean what are some of theseofe activities or where are places that you know play anyla of the sports. go to the gym we're weightlifting alone or trying to go to the rec center wete don't know who to play basketball with. you can findba people walking wl jogging weightlifting, yoga. yog >> in your neighborhoods.rhoo >> yeah. >> thanks very much. >> thank you for having tha me.. >> time now is 7:40.:40. you're watching fox5 news atg ft 7:00 still ahead a wickedad a wd weather storm hits the hits the midwest. >> the weather is so bad ieathe can't hardly
7:41 am
just too rough to drive in. >> we're talking snow, winds, ws bad visibility you name ite i they've experienced it.xpiencedi the latest on how people are now coping as wintry weather weh blasts parts of the country.ts we'll be right baccok. un have you done anything out of the ordinary recently? om the home improvement store. i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now at hhgregg. get up to 40% off storewide. plus 24-months special financing. and free delivery. all with our low price guarantee. appliances. electronics. furniture.
7:42 am
healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
7:43 am
>> welcome back. the first major snowstorm of the season is now blasting offirst eason the midwest trigr blizzard warnings and shuttingai down major roads there.. some places have actually seenue more than a foot of snow of snow
7:44 am
fox's lauren green has theas very latest. >> reporter: parts of the dakotas through minnesotata under blizzard warnings friday r as wintry weather blasts blast portions of the midwest.e midw >> it's a pretty day. d i like watching it like hope nobody gets stuck or stranded or bad accident. >> reporter: in the forecast for parts ofter: minnesota, mino whiteout conditions and wind wd gusts up to 50 miles an hour.n u >> the weather is so bad io can't hardly see.y i can see probably 30 feet in 3t front of me and it's -- it'st'si just too rough to drive in. drii >> reporte prompting travel warnings.arng this first major snow of the season has already triggeredri road closures as well asl as traffic crashes including inincg parts of the rockies after upftu to 12-inches of snow there inhei the last 24 hours.ou in beaver brook colorado both b directions of interstate 70ere had to be shut down for hoursowu after some 20's vehicles wereser involved in snow related >> it is late november. nem we should be expecting this. thi >> reporter: on friday f morning alone, the saint cloudat
7:45 am
roads and low visibility. visil >> come up the hill and saw everyone piled up. this was my second pullout this morning mth not in a rush to get to work myself so i just thought why not, you know, helping outng people that are kind ofople t struggling here. >> reporter: by earlyrly saturday temperatures couldtured drop down into the single d digits inown parts of thets o t northern plains.rthe areas that earlier this week w saw temperatures around 70 degrees. 70 fox5 news. new >> ?? ? >> well, caitlin that will soon >> yikes. >> yikes. >> whew. >> yeah, well, hopefully not like interstat we 70 welith w several inches of snow on the ground and pileups andeu everyone off the road. off t r we're not expecting a big a winter storm here. >> we're not expecting but we et might >> no, not here. n not i promise you we're not not talking about a big winter big w storm here. >> believe it or not i thinkor t people who live in this areain t they actually love big, big big snowstorms.ow we don't like the little ones. we like the big blizzard --li >> when you're out of school ofo for a week like last year. y
7:46 am
cozy in the house and eat. e >> who doesn't love a goode aoo snow day its a day off and you kind of get into the spirit ofo it, i kids of course love it. adults maybe not as much, maybe somewhat. you know, kind of also dependsos if you have to work or not.ot >> that's very true.s very te. >> yeah.>> no snow in the forecast us here in in washington justngn yet. along the mountains in west in e virginia they'll see severaleeev inches. hard to believe as we take a live look outside on thishis saturday morning mng november 19th. good morning to you all. it is a beautiful mor lookingoog mild day out ahead of thisad of cold front. weekend temperature rollercoaster that's the headline because it will beercob shockingly colder tomorrowomro afternoon compared to what wha we'll have today thisha afternoon with highafte temperatures expected to hit hit 70 degrees in the district. disr satellite and radar couldn'tdald be quieter outside right now.igt nothing on it meaning just j clear skies overhead so a lotd of sunshine to start you offou o early this morning but we will w see clouds increase later this afternoon and here's the colds front responsible for the big ft temperature change thise ch weekend.
7:47 am
rain showers pushing through toh central and eastern ohio intohii western pennsylvania but onvania the back edge of this very cold polar air creating snowati showers in eastern wisconsinasts down across lake michigan andhid through chicago so cold enoughd for snow there and that's the t air mass moving in our direction. temperatures out ahead of the front this morning stillur coolo but only in the 40's and the 50's. where the cold air has already locked in across the central plains where they had blizzardd conditions over the past fewt days 20's degrees in denver 26e in lincoln nebraska 30 in the chicago so even just the colors, the dark purples headed on down southward you sth can tell just how chilly thathit air mass is. it's only in the 20's in the 2s northern texas.rthe look at that. 23 in amarillo and it's it' chillier in dallas than it islaa right now in washington.shin all right, let's time out thisut front for you.ont fo y sunshine to t by noon, we've got more cloudscu therthere. by three, 4:00 p.m. there.m. t should be some showers movingeri through. it doesn't look like a lot. looa any rain we l get should be verv brief but notice the snow s starts to break out along the ae
7:48 am
as into central pennsylvania.nsa maybe a flurry for us on the u t backside of that front but i really doubt d this is swinging through verywi quickly and it's swinging swingn through right after we hitit 70 degrees so pretty tough toout pull off some flurries. that being said, snow showers se will continue along the mountain tops and they'll see tp several inches where ours inchhe winter weather advisory is outdo for eastern west virginia. vgi lake effect snow breaks outffec through the rest of thet weekend.rough th look at those bands etting is sti up down wind of lake erie.ri places like eerie buffalo buf could see up to a foo with that that lake effectateffe event. wind advisory out for the advisr whole weekend as they increase s out ahead of the front and f then behind it so 3:00 p.m. gusts projected to be overe o 20 miles an hour and they'llhey' continue basically all through the night. there's that wind direction change out of the northwest.ut tomorrow very, very o blustery,r winds over 30 miles an hour 30 n and the wind advisoryory encompassing the whole area for winds that could gust upat g to briefly 55 miles an hour. what does that mean? it's as a setup for a very cold sundayolsu night football.tootb
7:49 am
bay-like forecast.baor temperatures in the 30's at kickoff. wind chills in the 20's. tough to be outside. chie outsde you need a lot of layers and you got to be patient with this type of weather.t to it will be very cold and it's a something we're not used to. we've had such a warm novembermm an warm fall. 70's degrees speaking of warm,gr that's the high temperature the early this afternoon beforeon b that front comes through.hrgh and then we'll see those t evening showers give way to just some windy conditions late tonight.te tight much colder tomorrow.toow. high of just 48. 4 freezing temperatures mondays and tuesday morning in they mori district. we head towards thanksgiving.nksgi. which looks like it could bring us some showers.h lookomer all right, that's your your forecast. an nie, let's send it back overit b to >> thank you so much caitlin. c. time now is 7:49.>> it's the week> of thanksgivingn and for many that meansea traveling many miles home toiles be with your family and friends. and the wednesday beforeeay b thanksgiving is one of the biggest binge drinking days ofin the yeager. de y did you know that? i surehai su didn't. we'll talk more about the safety risks of going too gng hard.
7:50 am
>> drivers you might want tors listen up. we have another recall to tell you about. y othet. fiat-chrysler pulling back bac 35,000 dodge durangos and jeep grand all of these models are from f 2016.20 but there is a treat if you y are already heading out for the gas prices keep driving the national average for regular unleaded falling again this week.le we're now looking atad about a $2.15 a gallon. gal ground on friday. the dow up about 36 points but6t it is still not enough to keepoe the dow from closing the week higher. higher and after you finish off that thanksgiving feast, it is timesi to sleep it off literallyoff lil because according to a new a n survey a third of americansf ara say that they will take a nap an after they eat on turkey day. you already know it.y know it. you probably do. that's business.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> welcome back. time now is 7:53. this coming week iseek is thanksgiving week, we've beenviw saying that.e' >> uh-huh. >> and wednesday night is a really, really popular night for people to wed gnereo outal e back home visiting family and friends.s. >> yes. they drink. >> and it's the excitement oft' probably beingthe homexe ciand >> seeing friends you haven'tg 17 awhile.frie unfortunately it's called blackout wednesday or drinks giving. joining us to talk more abksout the risky and seriousus consequences of one of the
7:54 am
the year is brad masterse who is an outreach director and a drug and alcohol rehab center here in in ma welcome brad.era thanks for being on the show.n >> absolutely. thanks for having me. >> it's a very importantthan tos that kind of gets -- we're not addressing it as much as weuch w should during a celebratoryratoy time of the week so tell usell u why it's called this. >> so, i was actually surprised that it was -- whenasn i first learned about it thatle it's the biggest drinkinarneg dg of the year even surpasses new year's eve and really i thinknd the reason is people are homeple for the college kids coming backingb people are off work and it'sork' kind of the unofficial kickoffko to the holiday season. >> sure.ur >> so, it's -- yeah, people go out and they tend to go ago little overboard.lile overb >> we want everyone to have a e good time but there is a serious, you know, factor to fa is.s. don't drink and drive a d obviously. >> absolutely. yeah, always have a designatedy driver. i mean, there's nothing wronger' with going out and having aoing good time. o there's nothing wrong withwronih seeing old friends in fact old n that's part of what sodsme ofso the holiday season is about..
7:55 am
>> and in your experience, in yo know you talk about this onou t daily basis and you workalork closely with those who do need e the help, how do you know if someone has gone too far?gone t? >> well, i think it's wel important to understand whatt addiction is.ctn is. just because you go out and yout have a good time with your friends doesn't mean you're an alcoholic.holic. addiction is a symptom of thepte disease of addiction. really what the diseasely w addiction is is a compulsion,omo it's thade subconscious level you don'tious like yourself and you seek to st change the way that you feelou f and so what you'll notice isice that people can't stop, right,ht or -- or even on a bingein drinking bases they might onceas they get started they can't -- - it's that compulsion.ompuls >> no off switch. >> oftentimes they sort of become a totally differentswentt person. >> absolutely. >> once they're on that highthen so to what can we do to intervenevene if -- 'cause you're the professional here, without -- wt 'cause some people aree a resistant to that? what are aa
7:56 am
reach out. you know, i hear all the time peop, le geti he advice from pep and unfortunately it's there's a -- it's a very specialized think so reachch out. you know, if -- you can talkk t-, each situation isch suati different.di so you can talk to the loved l one if you would like but i you would say definitely reach out w to a treatment professional.ssna someone who understandseran addiction and how to approach ac it because each situation isitus unique. >> right and we're not n professionals we wouldn't necessarily know thousand doow that. drinking.inki what exactly constitutes a night of binge drinking.rinkin >> when you go overboard when you blackout the very nameacut t blackout wednesday if you wakeed up inen a strange place and you can't remember what happened,whh you probably took it a little al too far. >> and that's -- we wantndt's everyone to avoid of course oneo wednesday night. necessarilyesrit mean addiction. they're two separate things. sep >> absolutely. >> but it could be a warning sign. >> definitely a warning sign. i think it's important fort cont people to i umpndertastanntd anv
7:57 am
and one of the very coolof t vel things about what i get to do do is serenity acres treatment tat center is i get to seep peoplep change their lives. the lives when i first talk to somebodytod they're at their lowest of lows or family member andy m they're really going through gon it and to be able to seeble t s somebody transition from thatnsr to go on to have the life of their dreams is beautifulutif thing. >> we have tend to there it brad. >> sure. >> so very good stuff andhave tt we've got much more coming up o veryming for you in the 8 o'clock hour.ou hope you'll stick with us. >> thanks for having me.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ?? >> welcome back everybody. eryb. it is 8 o'clock. 8 o'clo welcome back on this saturday. r i'm loving the music, caitlin.. >> remember this? this is a i pick me up. u screen. it is november 19th, 20's 16. 1. this takes me back, late 90' >> late 90's.>> lat >> remember the movie space jam. >> yeah. >> this is a beautiful lives look outside ais and you bettere enjoy the currentnt temperatures, folks, because we are in for alks, big, big change. a big drop in temperatures.res. we're talking like 20 degrees,s, right.righ >> very dramatic, y theat weekend forecast --ek >> this is our intro there.s iso >> i know,ur i full of drama.ofa but it does look beautifulutiful outside. thanks for joining us on thiss i
8:01 am
roth alongside annie yu. good morning.or >> good morning. >> we have been seeing some>> ga very mildven days. yesterday gorgeous, 70 degreesde on a >> absolutely. >> today we'll probably hity hi 70 degrees. >> yeah, i even saw some people walkingeah, to dinner.r. >> oh, yeah.eah. >> nearby town centers.te it was really, really >> dining outdoors inors november. it has been such a treat this fall season i een su think.hink #fox5 weekend by the way. by th. we want to know what you'rew whr doing, what you're up to on t this beautiful saturday. surda of course it will be muchours tomorrow morning so take advantage of the outside. oside let us know. we'll share your tweets againtwn that hashtag fox5 weekends. weee as we take a live look at the white house this morninguse almost like a little haze,ittle, like a warm kind of morning. >> foggy. >> does almost look a little foggy.almole there's a little moisture ina li the air as the front approaches and let's check those temperatures which aremp still cool to start. reagan nationaerlstil 49 degreee dulles 40, bwi 44.wi 4 you guys started in theguyst 30's there.30's still some 30's this morning. mi
8:02 am
temperatures last hour.mperat quickly rising, though. t 50 in annapolis and 50 the stevensville and with thesvilth benefit of some sunshine pluse u an approaching cold front,old fr we'll really see those t temperatures spike prettyer quickly this morning. we are also goingat turquo bicey breezy. a wind advisory is out for thehe whole area. this is basically all weekend. e before during and after thatd ae that front passes very windy conditions. for the w mountains of westwe virginia where they get three gr to 6 inches of snow before thebt weekend is over. ove hello ski season alreadyo ski beginning its a 50-50 weekend.n. warm feeling like spring withiki a high of 70's degrees but deges winter is right around thes rige corner people and it's goingeo to feel like it tplomore row. t high temperatures only in the 40's. wind chills in the 30's. cll enjoy today.y today sunshine to start.ta clouds winds pick up this afternoon. an brief showers a likely alongkelo that front. we'll clear out and i'll showou' you those cold temperatures for the rest of the week still ahead.
8:03 am
ucitliyou so much caitlin. time now is 8:02.:0 the trump transition is taking n shape. he's added three more people pee to his administration and fox news correspondent joel waldman has more on who is on the list.e lis >> reporter: president-electter: trump announcing three more top levelannoun positions.ositi. selecting kansas congressmangres mike pompeo to lead the cia while tapping alabama senatorinm jeff sessions for attorney general. retired lieutenant generaltent n michael flynn is being askedfl a to serve as national adviser. and tomorrow in new jerseymon n mr. trump is set to meet with w one of his fiercest republican critics, mitt romney about a possible role as secretary off >> been through the politicale t fire before, represented the party as its nominee last time around. cepor drter: democrati massachusetts senatorachusetts r elizabeth warren and big mr. trump critic using the t romney meeting to take a swipe s at the two while pushing forle f more female cabinet contenders. warren tweeting governor mitteri
8:04 am
could bring your binders full f of women with you. and new york city mayor bill deblasio who earlier in theer week met with mr. trump andnd voiced concerns aboutabo everything from tax breaks forso the rich to fear of deportations, today talking about security concerns in i midtown manhattan as president-elect trump has made it clearelec he plans to spend d lot of time in trump tower. tow >> we have never had ave nev had situation where a president ofst the united states would beited here on such a regular basis. his future plans are unknown unn but we certainly know of thesehe next 65 days he'll be here h very regularly. regularly. >> reporter: speaking of potential female cabinetab members former d.c. schools chancellor michelle seed sete to meet with president-electiden trump about a possibleum secretarp y of education position.poti in washington, joel waldman fox news. >> new this morning a broader ar way actor with a message for mea that vice president elect mikeps
8:05 am
and he was met with cheers asith well as boos at the packed packe show. then at the very ends of the enf performance a cast memberber addressed pence as he wasessed walking out of the theater.ouhe take a >> we are a diverse america. ame we are alarmed and anxious anx that your new administrationinan will not protect us. our friends, our children, our parents will defend us a a d whole our inalienable rights.ig inspired you to uphold ourphd american values and to work onor behalf of all of us, all of us. [applause]pp >> pence reportedly stood outside the auditorium and was able to hear all of the remarks.rema he was also met outside thehe theater by some protestors. meanwhile president-electre donald trump taps motley crewtle lead singer vince kneel to perform at his inauguration in g january. the singer says he was asked
8:06 am
performing with his ownro band. neal says he's unsure of what oa songs he'll perform. no other word on what other artists will be playing during inauguration. happening today president obama is in peru for theening l stop on his final foreign tourer as president. he'll be meeting with theeeting country's president and also ano hold a town hall meetingti there. th tomorrow he'll be at ant economic summit with asian a leader in the city of lima andan then it's back to the white thew house on monday. mda and happening right now,ppe, part of rock creek par that shut down this morning mni and weekend drivers got toers g prepare for some detours and our fox5's alexandria limonria l has been there checking thingsgt out for us letting us know us k what we need to look forward fwa to. to. good morning. >> reporter: hey, annie, annie good morning. as you mentioned it's going to be a beautiful day today, tod, maybe people have visitors, v you know, in from out of town because of thanksgiving comingsn up and were planning onanning o getting out to enjoy the niceice weather.r. if that's the case, i don'te, d know, maybe pick a differenta de
8:07 am
here. you can see some crews out here on rock creek parkway. par what they're doing isng is hazardous tree removal. roval what that means for you if yf you're heading out and about ano is that the northbound lanese ru of rock creek parkway arere closed between the kennedyhe k center and massachusettsassauses avenue through 3:00 p.m., so right through the times we'll t' be seeing that beautiful spectacular fall weather. weathr so, that could possibly alsolso cause delays on the southbound h lanes, although they areth a you know, the national park, tha setirvice tells me that this morning that whenever theyneverh have ah any closures aeylongur o rock creek parkway it just j causes a huge mess mess traffic-wise, even on weekends e and then keep in mind on toponop of that you still have the ongoing beach drive closures clu so just heads up that's whathe youad need to know. kno the northbound lanes are closed through 3:00 p.m.hrou 3:0 however, the walking, hiking, hk biking trails, all of that is o going to remain opened allpe morning long into thehe
8:08 am
it's just a matter of howa tter you're going to access it andt a what kind of traffic we're going to see as we get intod tos de dayee. as we for now we are live in northwest d.c., also a limon limon -- alexandria limon.aim back to you. >> in hyattsville police are a looking for the attackers whors severely beat two teenagers ongo the side of the road.e side of police say the teens were the tw attacked with a piece of wood oo as well as a knife.l as a knife. one of the victims was hurt so r bad he had to be taken to theo hospital. the the other teen sufferedfed minor injuries.nj and we sti cause of death yet in the terrible stafford county, virginia family death.ilth the bodies were found inside ine their home on thursday.eir on police say that 35-year-old5-ye lance buckley called 911 to1 report a murder-suicide in theit windsor forest subdivision.ubdii buckley his wife amy their five-year-old daughter clairer-l and their 17 month oldd daughter abigail were all found dead inside the home. lance buckley was in the newswaw in may of 2015 after he went hew missing for several days and ds
8:09 am
at a campsite in west virginia.virginia fairfax county police needxo your hope to locate a man who la exposed himself to a ai the alleged incident happened he thursday night inside a targetre store in arlington boulevard bou in falls chuh. police put out this surveillance photo of the man po they want to talk to. investigators say he struck upuk a conversation with two young boys inside a bathroom. bhr one of the children quickly theu left but the other stayedtaye behind. that's when the manhe exposed himself to the littleo e boy and he then ran out and out told his father but the manhe was gone.was this man. m now to annapolis,apis maryland, where police there are still tryingic teo solve the murder of a young man shot andnd killed over the summer.r. someone shot charles carrollrleo on july 28th on royal streetn ro much he later died of hisf wounds at a hospital. the fbi and annapolis policeolie are now working together to t find the person responsible.poib yesterday they announced a $10,000 reward for information.foatio and the new tuberculosisubes warning in maryland.wa the charles county health h
8:10 am
tuberculosis at la plata high pa school. the health department is now expanding its investigation after learning that personng thr also frequented the robert d. stetham educational center.on the school system is sending letters to people who may havehy been exposed and need to get tested. tuberculosis is a bacterialos illness that's spread through the air usually bisyat's coughir sneezing. it is treatable and preventable. and this morning a newis mng update on the zika coming up here at world health officials arealth e saying about the spread of the t virus now. and let's take a live look outside our -- o >> ?? oh, yes. whoop, there it is it's a beautiful picture, isn't it? everyone is waking upl pi now ad it's going to be very, veryer nice today but things dos change. some people in our area could even see some snow flurriesie later on today. caitlin is going have alle those details as well as your ar local forecast coming up.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
>> ?? >> that's right. don't worry, folks to. n't weekend what couldhat could you possibly be worrying aboutiu right now? it's a gorgeous gore day outside. temps are in the 40's now buthe4 it is going to warm up andm then we're going to take a major dip and caitlin is going g to tell us all about it and we n want to know what you're doingod
8:14 am
#fox5 tweet us your photos whatr photw you're doing right now, what's ' for breakfast and your best. time is 8:14. 8 let's start with health news.thn a controversial move by thehe world health the un agency now declaringow da that the zika virus no longer represents a global healthents emergency. however, the agency warns they warns the disease still remains a very significant and enduringnd endun public health challenge. fox's caron mchugh isch monitoring the very latest >> reporter: a controversialenri change in status for zika virus. vi the world health organization announcing friday the virus no longer constitutes an international health emergencymy designation. >> it no longer represents a public health emergency of international concern. >> reporter: but the un u health agency insists the movehm does not mean it's downgrading i the threat of the >> by placing this as a longerih term program of work, we'rek, w
8:15 am
response is here to stay in a very robust manner. >> reporter: rather, the whote t is stressing there's now are's w need for a long term effort to tackle zika which remains a serious global threat linkedin to birth defects and a neurological issues.neur but some health experts worrythe in lifting the emergency labelen could slow support for zikaika while the virus is continuingisn to cause infections, oneons, one georgetown university globall health law expert sa h zika's designation is "unwise" e and says the virus still holds s the potential for an explosive o epidemic. >> we're dealing with long term issues here. ngte with health healt systems issues and we'ree' dealing way long and comprehensive research andrch development agenda that needshan to be multi year.ti y >> reporter: the u.s. centers for disease controlontr and prevention says the worldhe health organization'satn' announcement does not change c the urgent need to betterurge
8:16 am
vaccines to stop the disease.isa caron mchugh, fox news. >> well, buckingham palace is pc getting a makeover. palace officials say that that buckingham palace hasn't been updated since just after world are war two and needs urgentrgen infrastructure work to fix f plumbing electrical cables andea heating and the work will cost almost $460 $ renovations will take 10 years to safeguard against fires as well as flooding and then will last at least until when prince william would beliad 85 years old. five years younger than thenhe currents monarch. wow. that's airporting, isn't itrtin caitlin. >> i'm just distracted by cuterc little prince george andrince oe princess charlotte.rlotte >> that's a very nice outfit.ic it was a colorful site overitov the city of leon mexico. mex more than 200 hot air balloons o went up into the sky yesterday s morning many people from 22 pe r countries took part in the 15th international balloonal festival and the festival willvl go on until monday.on it's so popular that localoc
8:17 am
i would sit there and justt watch this. >> it looks gorgeous. ggeou but i would love to go on awoul holot air balloon ride.loon r have you ever done that. >> i'm afraid of heights so igh probably won't be tackling that one caitlin. cai >> that is gorgeous though.t isg you're right you could watchou there from the ground.ere from >> i could watch that from thefm ground through a computer comte screen, the highest i'll everr go is my deck. deck. >> really you are scared of sca heights. >> terrified. >> you're not alone though. that is on my b hot air balloon. balloon. >> we could make that happen.ul >> i'm any one want to give me a a call.ll >> have you ever gone skyr gones diving. >> no. e ffer a little different. >> that's totally differentt's l jumping out of a plane andnend falling at high speeds. [laughter]ghr] >> you were talking aboutking a winds at 55 miles per houres per today. >> yeah. not good for fyi any hot air balloon rides because yes,n rida we'll have ause ton of woodonf increasing later today.ater tay there's a lot going on this this
8:18 am
weather all season long andon ad also very mild weather but a very potent cold front slicingts through the area later thisaters afternoon and that isafte responsible for our weekends wee temperature rollercoaster.atur couple of seasons in one ion weekend and we're going starte s off with some cool readings rea around the area right now. now typical fall morning. we started in the 30's and thefl 40's and now with the benefite f of sunshine we're risingunshine prettyris quickly. quickly line in washington, 44gton, baltimore, 40 out at dulles,ul 41 winchester, 37 manassas. everyone is above across the northeast stillll fairly mild temperatures in mil the 40's and 50'sd but where bw that cold front has passed along the ohio valley you seee h that wind direction out of the northwest temperatures are in the 30's. 34 in chicago where they're also seeing iodisome snow reshop chicag right now. nothing but sunshine on this thi glorious saturday sao it's beautiful out there. it will feelrn bea lutike sprinn couple of hours ass temperatures should hit 70 degrees yet again this afternoon. here's our cold front which really doesn't look thattern ous on radar.
8:19 am
ohio. look at that last frame though on the backside. nrozean see some froze precipitation moving in andinind changing over to just snow across lake michigan a good a g lake effect events will beeffe setting up over the weekendct ok not just across lake michigan mi but lake erie and lake ontariont l. well. that's the cold front thatro tht will arrive later this clouds increase this afternoonre and it really just looksas like a quick slight band of showers s comes through.s th not everyone will even see anyny rain. ra that's not what we'rewe concerned about. what we're concerned about iscos thve this front.this front snow showers break out alongng the ridge tops in eastern westte virginia where there's arn wind weather advisory in effect soff the ridge tops could seeops coul several inches of snow andf sn d then also look at that laket effect snow from saturdayct s night intono sunday. sday. up to a foot possible insi places like eerie and buffalod f this time of year notorious noto for those big lake effect events.ev we quiet down and see sunshenine through tomorrow but the bigig difference will be thehe temperatures.te 60's and 70's todaymp replaced a by 40's and wind chills in the
8:20 am
shockingly so because we haven't really had any cold c air in quite some time. so you'll have to dress very differently tomorrow.w. warm and windy today, a briefayb evening sher otherwise just a lot of we hit 70 today but just 48 rrmorrow. again, wind chills in then, w in30's. it will be a bitterly coldrly co evening out at fedex fieldedex f with the packers in town, redskins. monday and tuesday morninguesdai very cold. temps slowly moderate thrveoughh the work week.rk w travel looks great thanksgiving could bring somelde rain showers.ho looks like we dry out bywe black friday. that is your seven-day forecast in a ist i. more still ahead. ahead annie. anni >> thanks you, thank you.s you,k thanksgiving is nextthanksgg weekends which means it' is alls about the food and family and friends but did you know thebut type of food items youtems y actually pop on your plateour pl says something about your you personality we'll tell youal what it means. outside osi live lookit on this gorgeous saturdayeo sat morning and were you ever myand favorite entertainers mariahs mh carey hello, yes, i love her.e h
8:21 am
send us your pictures using #fox5 weekend.5 also wants to know what you'rek' doing this weekends.kend caitlin and i have curious. cio what are you doing, what's for breakfast.kf time is 8:21. 8:21. share, share,, share. we'll be right back.we'l
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>> ?? >> let's enjoy >> last week we were so obnoxious with this. guy lambert is back with get wh up with guy. guy this week we're talking talng thanksgiving. >> can you believe it's fiveksgi days weigh.days weigh. >> i can't believe it. i still need to order my i ciled turkey t.tu >> come on annie, it's five fiv days away. a >> i'll go today.>> >> thank you very much. we're going ove i tr the riveha through the woods to grandma's d house. once you get there, well, you ge we're talking about etiquette today. some of the things you should and to grandma's >> this seems to change every e ye.r. >> according to researchersordi newly released studyng theytu t found this is the number oneumr thing that you shouldn't dodn d and that is you shouldn't actually bring a dish to grandma's. grandma's. >> really? >> yeah. it's not -- if not asked to do so. >> you always bring something sg whether it's flowers w >> that's fine. fin >> side dis >> nope, not a side dishiddi because nine times out of 10 o grandma or your host probablyhot already p prepared that dish ash
8:25 am
quite frankly annie she couldcou probably do it a lot betterot be an y you and i. >> okay. [laughter][l >> okay. >> the only thing thatththa surpasses that happens to bepeno the number one no-no and well aw this happens a lot at my -- m with my family and that isndt well you bring that dish over,ve you still wants to warm it up you want to add some salt and a pepper to it. you prance into the kitchen. do you see where i'm going with this. >> is that the ultimate see no-no.o-. >> ultimate no-no.ate no-no. kind of like a vampire.a vampire >> we're talking your family tau so don't you want to create a >> your kitchen is somewhatt similar to your bedroom.ed do not do it. you'll start the day off on the wrong foot if you do just that. that. >> really? i thought it was totaly? opposite. oos like bring something, come in,o, help out, set the table. >> obviously we're havingly w thanksgiving at your house, right? >> right. >> which leads us to this and r leadswhat y about what you plate says about yourr >> this is i >> this is going to be reallyisg cool. for me i think i can relate to pretty much all of them.
8:26 am
one. this is what we call the mile ml high club. club. get your mind out of theof the gutter, annie. [laughter][laute >> you know me so well. know o >> this is when you take your w plate and you pile ithe a ton of food on top of it. i'm talking you put the turkeyur on top of the hannah montananah on top of the chicken.f the icke >> a little bit of everything.ey >> what does that say about your personality? welltht doesl says that you're kind of anf open book. boo you don't jump book by its jp bk cover, you're also kind of makes sense you'reseou'e just piling everything on top.op >> that's like except it's a little higher. hi >> shame on you. d i don't holds back ongh th holanksgiving or any day reay but i just kind of pile everything on. eresting. int what's the other one. >> number two on the list ao ont lot of kids we findhe them doino this is you can't have one have food touch the other.cher >> you don't like it touching. >> god forbid my pea roll overb and touch my mashed poe at any n time terms i can't eat it.te >> i telrmls ava it all meets i your mouth anyway so you're your totally wasting your time. time. >> very it also means that at the end
8:27 am
neat and careful you are are probably the type of person pson that still has all those high school journals underneath jou your bed in alphabeticallphabeta order. is that you annie. ann >> i burned those the dayurnee after i graduated are your i kiddgring me.kidd is this you?s y >> i think i'm the next >> okay. >> number three on the listber and this happens to be my favorite hop on the train annie talking about the gravy train. you pour gravy on whether it's the ham. >> messy. >> well,. >> you're very organized. organd >> remember the mad scientistbe from back to the future heth wa all over the place but somewhat still composed. sti the same thing. t youe going to find tha might have a messy closet at a messy garage but annie if inniei were to say to you hey wherewh is that blue dress that you love, you would know that it t'i behind the two boxes underneath the clothes because e there's a science to all your mess. >> organized chaos.>> o is that how your closet looks. o >> for the most part.>> f >> even though it seemsor likeml we've got it together because bu every week you come in here looking super sharp. >> i'm a mess in real life. hat.hat.
8:28 am
so-called sandwich this is really cool.lethis i this is when you take a piece p of bread you know what where i'm going with this take the macaroni and cheese pile it on i top of thele ham you were key -- turkey you're somewhat absenthae minded just there to have goodag time not really thinking about the food and you're probably pry going watch the gameth gam throughout the rest of the thetf day. >> this is what my plate looksml like the day after the dfter thanksgiving.than >> yeah. >> because i make sandwiches sac with my ham and turkey so im tuk guess it all makes sen >> inquiring minds would likerig to know m how your plate lookslo annie. take a picture of it tweet it out. out we'd like to know what itw what looks like.looike. >> thank you so much.uc where are you spending youpend thanksgiving. >> at my mom's hi mom. i'll bemy mom there.. >> guy is a local is a l >> and i'm going to walk into wn the kitchen without tellingling her. >> and you're not going to take anything an ydou you're gog to sit down and not help. h >> and watch football all >> coming up parts of rockf rock creek parkway are shut downhut d this afternoon. today coming up we'll tell youel which roads to avoid along thelt
8:29 am
is live with the full report. we'll be right bacepk. >> ?? >> >> this is how we do it.
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> 8:31. welcome back. thanks for sending us your pictures #fox5 weekends.eeke here is samantha view fromewrom
8:32 am
we've had so many of them.had n look at this one working onne wo the boat sunrise on the potomac. that is a gorgeous spohot of tht sun rising behind the bridgerie there. love this time of year. all right, #fox5 weekends. annie is terrified that oft forecast. really you might be too. you toda bye is nice. oh, eunice.,e. it's so cold in the news room. r i can agree it's cold in thein studio, too. #best frigid face. you'll need that judith. this is your fox 5 weekendsekds picture. looks like you're right out front of the newlike y african-american museum and and then samantha again that'sha beautiful view of the sunrise. e skype those pictures coming.esi. we love showing your tweetsr ts hashtag fox5 weekend. weekend tomorrow go outside and show sho us your cold selfies when it's 35 degrees with wind chills in w the low 20's. yikes. happy weekend eitve . ery. it's still going to be reallylly nice today. we should probably hit 70 degrees before that drastic t change in temperatures.empeture.
8:33 am
is still cool out there early er this morning with temps in thenw 30's and the 40's but we're jumping rather quickly withcklyh the sunshine out this morning.mi so, a real nice looking start to your please enjoy these nice milde temperatures while we still w s have them. unlike yesterday which was yes just top to bottom gorgeousop t whenbo wtte hit 70 degrees we'll have a little bit of ave a l different scenario today.od very windy out ahead of our cold front and then behind the a cold front with gusts likely to 55 miles an hour, yikes, ir,i think maybe along th tops we'll have the higheste'll gu hsts but anywhere in these ie orange boxes is under the windd advisory this weekends mountain tops under winter weather advisoryer w for west virginia american maryland.yl for p.m. to 4:00 p.m. monday accumulating snow up to threeo h to 6 incheres from those upslope snow showers. a 50-50 weekend that's theshe setup for today and tomorrow. t. very different and changingfenta seasons in 24 hours.4 hours high pressure towards ourrds
8:34 am
again very we will have some rainomra showers, very briefly as that at cold front comes through andhroa then we're very cold and windy w for tomorrow.omor weekend forecast 70's today, even shower. 48 at temperatures plummet.res l that's it for the highat's temperature tomorrow.te winds will make it feempl likeer it's only in tllhe mak low 30's3 a cold night out at fedexex field. field. we'll have that redskinsin forecast and your full sevenr le day still ahead. annie.ane >> all right, thanks so muchnkso it well, happening right now, n part of the rock creek parkway r is shut down this morning.this it's going to be shut downt dn today for some work and a drivers need to be preparedbe pa for some detours. fox5's alexandria limon isnd live there with all the thetails. hey, alex. >> reporter: hey annie good g morning. morn that work you're talking about is actuallyyo hu'azardous treedt removal and you can see itt happening out here right now. you can see the crews out here e working, trying to get the g area ready for the winter, sote,
8:35 am
lanes of rock creek parkwayarkw are closed between the kennedyhe center and massachusettssachuses avenue, so that's the embassy eb row area and the northboundorbo lanes closed at 6:30 this:3th morning and they're going to're stay closed through around aroun 3:00 p.m. today. tod you can obviously see that the southbound lanes are opened, so traffic is flowing in thatng direction. something else that i foundelsen out from the national parkl p service this morning at thatt time hiking trails walking wal trails biking trls that will remainin opened so ifo you want to get out enjoy that beautiful weather we'reerre expecting to hit thising to hits afternoon that is an optionoo for you.n thu. however, beware that the park tk service also says that anyhat time they close down parts of pr rock creek parkway, it's a huge mess traffic-wise so that, of course, could mean backups on the southbound soubo side. so, just keep that in mind asins you're out and about because b on top of that, you know, as kw, you guys know, the closures onre beach drive, those are still
8:36 am
keep that in mind if you're you coming to rock creek parkway or maybe choose a different park to enjoy the nicethce weather. for now we are live inwe northwest d.c., annie, i'll ann send it back to you.k to >> all right y, thanks so muchsm ex.x. well, the holiday season is seas hmost here. just days away for thefo t official many official kickoff a and you may need some gift somgi giving ideas.givi ide coming up we're going going to w some that will keep your lovedlo ones healthy happy and fit a with our lisa ray. r good morning, lisa. >> good morning.>> g
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> ?? >> 8: there was welcome back. holiday season is right around the corner which means many will be oe was ut shopponin ig for giei if you haven't already.lrdy here in the loft we have some ideas that will have your wil loved ones look and fl haeel ridiculously fit happy and healthy lisa read thanks fornk joining us this morning.his mog. >> thank you. you >> i want to be fit happyant to healthy everything thisth holiday season.y ev what to seasono y. >> i'm so excited to share allca my favorite healthy gifts toiftt buy for your loved ones and o for yourself.r >> okay. you have quite a qui let's start over here.s st >> first one, we all knownow quality of sleep really rea important. >> oh, absolutely. that's all i care abo>>ut. oebo >> you don't get enough sleep.le when you don't get enoughugh sleep you'll gain >> i've heard that.'vhear >> this is an amazing gift by campus quill. qui. >> okay. >> everyone has old t-shirtse h- around maybe your college sits >> made from old shirts. ry c cool. >> has the most amazing service. if you order by december 1sty dm
8:40 am
>> you give them old t-shirts. >> yeah, old t-shirts dresses pictures campus quill i have hav coupons you can go on line.ou cn such a nice memory toice mor continues. >> yes, a good memory and happy sleeping.happy >> yes, exactly.>> y next one is by primall kitchens.he. excellent stocking stuffer. stuf for people on the go it's i pre and post workout. what's excellent by thee protein bars they have collagen in it. asco we age you lose your collagen. it will improve your quinn n joints. it is low sugar low carbs. forget the cinnabons when you're shopping. on the go it's excellent.. >> love that for stocking stuffs. >> stocking stuffs. >> next one unfortunately is>> i in my refrigerator.rige you have to keep it it's cal tledo liquid egg white i just left-hand side tole instagram the other day it'sftta rey ally liquid
8:41 am
to drink your post workout wor meal. when you drink your post workout meal it gets to your gut faster your body uses it more y andou it's better for tht next workout.xtkout so you can make iced coffeeoffe with it. it litoral is pure protein. pro. doesn't taste like the egg whites.ites >> sounds like "eeeewwww" but i trust you. >> it's " >> i'll try one of these.e of te >> and what do you have next.eex >> this is a protein sa you can use it post workout or if you're r put it in your coffee and nowd n you have a complete protein pro source right in your c >> you make everything so make >> go on line contact me on my m web site i have some recipes rip for them. >> wonderful. >> the next one, my skin secret, this is my girls out vienna call skin finity. f this is their number one number proct. >> what is this.
8:42 am
primer moiizer you use the sun crean.un crean you have to defy your age get rid of those fine lines andinesa wrinkles.wr now you have a tintedted moisturizer. you can use it before your makeup as welusle but year bea rounds. >> okay. love it. >> skin finity they're amazing i for your skin and everything else. >> lastly we have some gear over here. >> yes. for the swimmer outy we h t here t his is a bluetooth for swimming so it's a fitbit for swimming.rwi >> that's awesome.>>aw >> waterproof. it tracks your pace. >> okay. >> finesse on line it's a swimsi bluetooth tracktory.uetoh it has an app. for swimmers it's an excellentxe gift. >> swimmers pay attention.. finally. finally. >> finally lisa read fitness. intel skin has amazing compression posture wear.n poste actually helps you stands uptan straight and you can wear it c during your workout and it really makes you haveav awareness of your posture.r posr >> all day long people need
8:43 am
>> i can't even tell you how many times i catch myself slouching but working out e itvt becomes very critical.rica >> mobility and strengthil conditioning is what weit do at lisa read fitness as well as a product like this will enhancewn and make you have amazing posture. >> thank you so much lease s.chl >> go to lisa i have coupons for these products and have a healthy heay happy holiday. >> and happy shopping. >> thank you lisa. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back after
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> ?? >> welcome back everybody. if you shop small, you can certainly find somecome extraordinary things, some shoce really unique things ands and that's the theme for alexandria who is hosting it'st' small business saturday nextturt week. here to talk about the amazing g things you can find especiallyes if you're looking for loved ones holiday gives is patricia i washington.wa >> thanks for having me. m >> aren't we like son' like so welcoming. >> yes, yes. y >> it's awesome.>> i love it. >> it's just like old towne oldw during so welcoming, you got theot the lights, the pretty decoration. it almost feels like you'reou walking through just like athroa little movie, you know, movie set. >> it's so historic and all a the boutiques.tiqu. we call alexandria the shop small headquarters for theeadqu dmv. >> i think that's what it's unofficially called like it's real literally like blocks and blocks of reallyea unique stores. what's new this year that news you're adding on. >> wewe are kicking it up a i u noh ththis year.
8:47 am
going to be doing a lot of special in store activities.its. >> very interactive stuff. >> yes, very interactive stuff between tastings and makingg your own gifts and all kindsin of different >> you also see like customers getting involved withg inlved wt instagram photos and little l fun social media stuff, too.tuf >> yes, absolutely.olut and in fact, some of ourf boutiques have come together toe and put together a big a b sweepstakes so you can have a -- you can win a bigig makeover so and also we're we're doing lost pop-ups. pop-u pop-ups are kind of the theme te for alexandria this year.alexana we'll have pop-up t performances.or we havema our roving elf prize patrol.patrol >> that's fun. o look for thefo the elf.elf. >> yes, look for the elfs, e several elfs, they'll be giving away awesome bags, b exclusive bags, ken are youren r much people to shop small in sml
8:48 am
have pop-up performances andrm we have a new pop-up boutiquep i that we're really, really ry excited about.dbo it's called 116 king street strt and it came to us by the way of the skinny dip fashionhi collective. which is big.ll >> it's really big. >> they're bringing it here>> i locally. >> for the very first time. the >> check it out. v che also every year it just seemsuss like it gets bigger and better. this obviously is the newhe twist to it but what about thet hours and are the parking restbus anrictions going to bedi listed? what's the deal >> we're encouraging people to shop small and eat small on black friday and smallma business saturday. on blackbu friday there's freee parking at all the city metersyt in old town.n. >> okay. >> which is encouraging people to come out,s en shop all day ad the shops will have specials during the entire day. we'll havering discounts beginni very, very early in thearly in e morning beginning at 6:00 a 60 lot of them start at 8:00 as:00 well so just come on down andown check it out. o
8:49 am
trend today is about the in store experiences of shoppingppn small. and it's that personal touch.ou so, and that's what makes small businesses so incrediblydi special. >> and also successful because u i think in times where we havere so many options, we tend to we d just go back to what are the simple unique gifts, thingsts, s that take us back to ourus bto o childhood which you can onlyn ol find some specialty stores.ty i've seen the toy store in old o town where they sell like those old wooden toys and we want to go back to that nostalgia, you know so you can o only find that in those smallll i love it. really unique ideas. thank you patricia. pacia. >> thanks for having me. >> happy holidays. hid happy thanksgiving.happy thanksi >> caitlin over to you. >> all right, thank you caitl an some great inspiration forpiratf your shopping.g. and i would say today would be d a better day to get out and do d it. weekend temperature rollercoaster that's what
8:50 am
spring this afternoon but itnooi will feel like winter by temps outside right now 49 ints waide shington, 50 in annapolisl 52 in gaithersburg, 40 out atuta dulles and temperatures willturw warm pretty quickly out aheadute of a very strong cold front. fnt 50's and 40's along the eastnghe coast but check out this very, r very chilly air back across the central plains where theyhet had blizzard conditions oversve the past couple days. d 16 in denver. den yikes. 26 in lincoln, nebraska. 20 in fargo north dakota. dakot yes, t the wintry weather first. fir clear skies overhead right s there's that cold frontesght bringing some showersere's acrs ohio snow wrapped around thew ae backside of it across lakeoss ke michigan. mi we will mainly just see rain here in washington but snown wa showers along the mountains sos out in west virginia severalaevr inches is possible. p fox futurecast shows just probably a light rain showers this evening. >> y,otherwise it turns very, very windy. wdy snow continues along thees ang t mountains and down wind of the lakes through saturday.urda and into sunday.uny.
8:51 am
look at that lake effect snow e breaking out. all right, wind gusts expectedns to increase over 20 miles anr 2a hour today and through sunday sn we could see gusts over 30 to close to 50 miles an hour at ana some points very, very chilly.hi all right, temperatures latertu today hit 70's degrees. degre let's show that you seven-dayhae forecast one more 48, wind chills in the 30's0's sunday, cold night out at fedex field for the redskinsedsk and freezing temps to start t off monday and we slowly moderate throughmo the holiday week.ay wee temperatures in the 50's withsh showers by thak that's a look at your forecast and fox5 will be rightfo back
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
???? >> chatting with our guesthag here juanita. j for the past 26 years guysrsuy local retailers have comeco together for this big events called bvb holiday gift and art show. better get ready to shop untildp you drop because the nexthe nex weekend event i again and you've got a lot of time. ti customers can buy everything erg obviously from july tree home accessories decor everythingie you'll find here. juanita busy bee britain willtal show us the lovely things andngs all about the events.the events. this is great just in time forgi the holidays. hol let's start with the eventsth tt first. when is it. i. >> it starts black friday andda saturday that's next weekends nn the 25th and 26th and asidede from local boutiques there arere local artisans so that's what's exciting.
8:55 am
it's things that the artisanshig are making.s >> all from the d.c. area.m thea >> all from the d.c. area.ll f >> i have my eye on these lovely necklaces. necklaces. tell us about it. >> very eclectic i'm have someoe from ethiopia and this is an a art from ghana.m g this is an artwork from -- f they're sold in d.c. butn.c that's where they originatee this is from an artist that'sn t going to be there jewelry jew designer fabulous. and big variety of jewelryvaew everything from --ro >> talk about this piece rightet here my goodness. >> beautiful.utif >> of course we have thingsf co that are iurndigenous and thingh that are classic you shall.ou sl >> and yeah. then the head pieces you've got one. got >> it's a fascinator.s a this is an artist, n-fact thist weekend features five hats fiveh designers. >> wow. >> so we're really excited e about the first weekendab because people are in town,out they've got relatives and've go that's a big weekends for f people all over the country.e c. >> really pretty and what neat today. this one is really pretty, too. >> wonderful onerett this artist will be there>> aona well francine haskins.e has >> okay.
8:56 am
this. >> this is home decor,ly doll collectors they love doll doll collectors. of course this is from afrom couture designer so herr clothes are fabulous as well. >> probably more expensive than my dress, right on theht o little doll.lile dol >> this is by artist danett she works with fabric. f this is a hat designer. d now he's coming out of ohio o but he is a unique,. uni >> are these >> those are hats. >> my g interesting. >> and he's a sculptor he takes blue jean apart and apartd sculpt it back together againge to make a fabulous look.ul >> what a unique way to reuse ru your old jeans.ld jea very cool.very c >> you can style it any way c you like.any all kinds of unique things. thi >> very nice. >> this wonderful artistt woodrow nash spends a lot ofw na time in the d.c. area he's out t of akron ohio but he's as special items and he comesd heos
8:57 am
>> no, actually that's ceramic c and it's a very special benincil work. >> i shouldn't touch. s >> you can touch. >> i want to bring in ourho mode i wl herean antoinette. a what is she wearing. >> antoinette. >> she works here at fox5. >> international so we have h designers we have over 25gners designers there and this is done by a woman named sequoia. her company is i tease we have cultural as well as classic. cls this is a japanese designerees from the area that i am -- a-- that i h necklace is by akwosa.a. she comes from south carolina but spends the month hereends tm inlling her work. >> i'm inspired. i the events is kicking off next n week. >> that's right. every saturday until christmas. >> every saturday until christmas. thanks juanita.>> eve thanks so much antoine net. that does it for us here everybody. thanks for joining us. we will see you back here atthan 7:00 tomorrow. tomorro
8:58 am
8:59 am
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