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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  November 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> today on "fox news morning" a new public face. president-elect donald trump is doing major reversal suggesting he will not pursue any criminal charges against former campaign opponent. >> and whether by mraep, train or automobile, today, thousands of our neighbors are expected to journey to the thanksgiving
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fox news morning thanksgiving eave edition starts right now. >> so official. >> i know right? i think a lot of people already left for their journey. >> they were all on the road this morning. my travels in were like where did you come from. >> we'll do our best to keep you you updated. good morning, we're gladz you're with us we're thankful for you. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris. >> gary mcgrady will talk about the weather and erin como will talk about traffic and i'm sure you will be experiencing as you head out to to in the meantime let's get you caught up on the news and look at top stories first to mish machine a university police officer is fiinging for his life. he was shot in the head. it happened yesterday evening at wayne state university in detroit. 9-year-old colin rose was shot while on patrol investigating car robberies. detroit police arrested a man named deangelo davis as a person of interest in the case. >> developing overnight, police this morning looking for the gunman that shot at someone
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they say the victim was shot in the chest inside an office at rocky's auto repair. this happened 6:30 last night on erin lane. he was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition. >> gaithersburg this morning fire fighters are trying to figure oar out how a car slammed into a townhouse. >> "fox5" melanie alnwick live there with more, what happened there, mel? >> well, what's incredible, guys, look at the damage here at this townhouse. entire first floor taken out by the vehicle. and there were people we're told upstairs at the time. they had to be rescued by technical rescue crews called in here. you can see here they had to shore up the entry way here too so they didn't have any further collapse. let take you to the video shot by montgomery country fire and rescue last night. there's the cinder blocks on top of the hood of the car looked to be bmw. but again just look at the bottom of the townhouse here imagine if people were sitting in the front room watching tv
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been much, much worse there you see the vehicle there as well. technical rescue crews are getting fly wood ready and having to again just do a lot of shoring up here. structural work to make sure we did not have any further collapse here on the scene. and now at this point, montgomery down they fire and rescue and montgomery county police have no information for us as far as perhaps what may have caused this. a lot of times when these things happen it's one of those silly mistakes where someone accidentally steps on the accelerator instead of break. it's not as if there's a large road someone could have lost control from and slammed into the house. so, probably something that happened from the parking lot here. and fortunately the driver non life-threatening injuries. taken to the hospital presidential just to be checked out and again three people upstairs were able to get out of here saferly. holly, maureen, back to you. >> thank you, mel. >> 5:05 now let's move to trump transition we're seeing mostly softer approach for the president-elect.
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campaign promises. and yesterday, he told reporters that he would be hesitant as president to prosecute hillary clinton even though lock her up became a popular part of his campaign. trump said it could be device every for the country. rude rude says he understands where trump is coming from. >> there's tradition in american politics after you win election you sort of put things behind you. >> some cetics are having a hard time stomaching president-elect second guessi video he left out other promises including renegotiating nafta and banning muslims from edgering country and building a wall. >> d.c. closer to employers not being able to ask job cap can't about credit history. they unanimously passed bill called fair credit employment amendment act. the credit history was so irrelevant to job suitability
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this bill has to go through the full council to pass. >> d.c. public schools may have a new chancellor. mayor becauseer nominated superintendent of oakland california public schools. antoine wilson met with students at eastern high school yesterday and big supporter of charter schools and mainstreaming special education students. former teacher, principal, served as top official in denver school tim prior to job in lobe land. wilson will fight for every child to learn. not have a young person to waste. we cannot afford to say that because a young person had a bad day or bad month that we are going to now advocate our responsibility to ensure the system works for that young person. >> d.c. council has to approve wilson's nomination. antoine wilson will be in it our studio this morning 7:0 and will share more ever the vision for d.c. public schools. looking forward to hearing from
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mcgrady is talking about the thanksgiving forecast and warmer this morning at least maybe mentally. >> the wind is not blowing -- but the temperatures the actual air temperatures are super gold out there. matter of fact we have teens out there. it's not blowing. i think it feels comfortable. here in the city we have gone up. last hour 5 this hour 36. wind must have kicked up a little to get that temperature to go back up. we have not a freeze in d everybody else has exempt for annapolis they're close now at 3. baltimore 2. culpeper 20 and mannasas 19 degrees out. there wind is not a problem this morning. barely blowing, cool today, temperature gets up to 52. i expect less sunshine for the afternoon. matter of fact i think by this afternoon mostly cloudy okay? but dry. if you are late afternoon early evening traveling up and down
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i'll talk about that in the next weather forecast in nine minutes or so. speaking of traffic, here's erin como. >> >> well, 5:07 now and all of our roads and rails are quiet. i actually just tweeted out a picture from metro because they're taking a break from safe track they don't is any reported delays now. they geared up for service at 5. keep mind tomorrow metro for thanksgiving they're operating on a i have all that information erin at fox d.c. on twitter. inner and outer loop entire stretch around the dmv. i 66 and 28 all green all good on map and same torrey way to bwi. 95, baltimore parkway queue ep and roads to reagan national great. no problems route 1. gw parkway or 395. i have you covered on road and rails and "fox5" annie yu is
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good morning, annie. >> hey, good morning, erin, everybody, erin we had no hiccups on the way to reg man 2345gsal and things looking good as well as airport itself. the only complaint i was running into in talking with passengers is tsa pretrials did not on until 8 minutes ago. no explanation to y the line was backed up. half the bathrooms if you're familiar with security airline area. you can see it's been cust down snivr captainly. there were dozens i talked to a handful of passengers that are with the upset that precheck was not on. we talked to tsa. they opened it up. you can see the lines looking good out here. things so far running smoothly other than that. no major hickups or delays that could change as more people arrive to reagan national. that's the latest back to you guys in the studio. >> all right. we'll check in with you throughout the morning. thanks, annie, appreciate it. >> coming up. a former standout member of
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is due in texas courtroom today. >> and brad pitt cleared of all charges. we'll explain when we return. we're headed to break on wednesday morning with a live look across the d.c. region. we want to know what you're think about this thanksive gooding let us know using the #fox5 thankful we'll share your thoughts and posts throughout the morning. it's 5:09 and 35.
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>> and sponge bob and snoopy balloons make it far less heart-warming sight you will see dump trucks filled with sand. more than 0 city sanitation trucks will be used to use imposing physical barrier to terror. it will play a bugger role that year's parade in wake of cargo truck attack in niece, france and recent posting in magazine that called parade excellent target. >> fbi anopsed it's wrapping up investigation into child abuse alss against brad pitt he was cleared of child abuse allegations. fbi determined he was not abusive to his kids on board a night to la. he's in the midst of divorcing
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hooking for joint custody. >> university of maryland point guard steve francis is out on bond following his arrest offer the weekend. his attorney is trying to reset his court date pending clearing of burglary warrants in florida. saturday, deputies near houston pulled him over for seeding and swerving. he faces misdemeanor dwi charge. possession of marijuana an felony retaliation for allegedly making threats deputies. he's sxkt in court on charm 9:00 this morning. >> after officially locking down expansion team loss having as revealed name of new hockey team the team will be known as golden nights. knights. this will be nhl 31 team and on play at new t-mobile arena on vegas strip starting in 2017.
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>> george mcfy used to be general manager of the caps. >> i can tune in from the start, right? >> yes. >> that's right you can be a fan from the beginning. >> there you go. >> 5:15 is the time. after january 20th future of net neutrality could be subject of executive order. >> and gold medal winning actress can add the title of dancing gwen to her resume. >> let's look >> let's look live appropriately reagan national many people headed out of town on this thanksgiving eave. annie says all good right now. >> that's it right there. >> this is pleasure principle. >> we want to know what you're thankful for this evening. let us know on social media. "fox5" thankful. we'll share thoughts and posts throughout the morning. attitude of gratitude that's what we're looking for. 5:12, 35, fox news morning back
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with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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>> one person was rushed to the hospital after a fire on riverdale and we'll bring you updates as we get them. >> right now tag a look now live outside the great get away underway i think it started yesterday. day everybody goats their destination on time by lunchtime tomorrow. >> i feel like i'm holiday at 5. >> major traffic. >> every turn i took. >> i think they have in some cases. here's what's going on. back to the west there's rain out there. little bit of snow, too. shouldn't be a big deal. rain in chicago this morning.
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i don't think there's major issues there and we have clear skies now. keep in mind clouds move in this afternoon. we'll stay dry today. tonight and tomorrow a few showers comeing across. 36 now. pittsburgh 27, columbus 37, detroit 31. chicago 3. it's all rain there at least now. raleigh is 0. hatteras is 46. in suburbs 20s and teens, cold under clear today's travel spots west of us most snow is up, norp sakes of wisdom martin and green way right on the bubble there looks like rain in chick and rain for cincinnati and cleveland and detroit is that the on the bubble as well panly rain and through atlanta showers. tomorrow, if uyou up early traveling well. here's the deal. up and down the east coast there's rain.
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tear bally bad. increasing clouds. not windy. winds 5 miles an hour today. tomorrow we will have clouds. thanksgiving, showers too it does not look like a lot of rain out there. let me show you future cast. clear an sunny. clouds will come across for the afternoon. we stay mainly dry through the evening hours and really mainly dry overnight as well. this is 7 a.m. few showers comeing across few showers comeing across um out of words erin. >> a dancing turkey makes me so happy on the 7 day. >> tom the turkey. >> we're keeping eyes on roads, rails and skies and 95 northbound will start you out there in vir i have. 17 aquia harbor and light
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not enough to slow us down. we'll see more usual con squeington for folks going to work today and rich mopped looking begun on 95 southbound. little i'll let you know if that changes. 95 to beltway great through dale city. in fact all area brims are look going now. in fact the 14 street bridge no patrol assume leading to that location 395 northbound or gw parkway. things on 66 through falls church look going metro rail line is on time back to you maureen and holly. >> let's look at the stories you'reen gaming with the most on social media. >> wisdom standing by with the realtime news track sfwler days of net neutrality could be numbered under trump administration. fcc passed net neutrality rules in 2015 it got support because it prev ebts internet service
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content. donald trump has been against legislation since 2014 he calls it power grab by president obama. next up another big data breach to tell you about this time in madison square garden. company says thieves may have used a skim to steal names and credit card numbers who used them to buy food, drink and misdemeanor between never 9 of 2015 and october 24 of this year. locations include theater at madison square garden. beacon threater. >> next up aloe vera gel to soom your skin you must want to see it con tapes what you're paying for. in lab tests samples of store brant aloe gel foupt at walmart, taret and cvs showed no indication of the plant at all. despite the product listing as aloe as number one or two ingredient.
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they're sold. >> and time hi a huge year for olympia an laura hernandez after winning in rio she has another trophy crowned winner of dancing in the cars in last nooringt ace's finale. when asked how the mirror ball trophy compared compares to a gold medal she said i feel like it ties >> okay. >> thanks, wis. >> coming ape law which would have required employer to may you for the hours you actually work is overruled? >> and amazon is jumping head first into the world of live sports. >> still thinking about paying me for the hours i worked overruled. i'm ears to that one. let break with this across the d.c. region. we want to know when you think
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#fox5thankful. we'll share posts throughout the morning. keep them coming. the morning. keep them coming. 5:20, 36 degrees back after my gravy had an accident.
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my guest list just tripled. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family deserves a new tradition... happier and healthier. everything for thanksgiving.
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>> over time expansion rule was set to take affect on december 1. it's been blocked by a judge the rule would have aphysicaled millions of americans that make less than $47,000 a year by making over time pay. 21 states fooled a lawsuit blacking the role saying it would financially hurt business. >> this morning toyota recalling sienna mini vans from 2011 to 2016 the sliding doors on mini vans may on while the mini van is actually moving. toyota says the problem happens when something blocks the doors and motor circuit gets overloaded and company said it will notify owners about the fix by mid january and repair
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market exploring deals to get broadcast right for professional and college sport. they're talking with mlb, nfl and nba the three biggys looking to cet a premium sport package for prime measures and 5:4 offering free electricyburgers get it to customers today at his location and this a catch. there always s you have to say the secret password you ready for it. lien and close. secret password gobble gobble got it. >> gobble gobble. you can only catch the deal 11 to 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. to p.m. tell him holly september you.
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>> you might get fries too. >> that was cute. >> hilarious. >> you ask somebody in line. >> surely someone will know. >> please i forgot it. >> if you wonder why everybody is saying gobble gobble in the line. >> there you go. >> i love that sound. >> is that aj back there. >> probably. >> here's a keeper. >> he's on it. always searching. 25 degrees >> we have best outsideo people around. doing it a long time you can't get it past him 21 winchester avenue 20 culpeper and 25 fredericksburg. here in town mentioned 5:00 our temperature wept from 5 to 36. getting warmer out there people. 35 at a.m. cold with sunshine move more clouds by lunchtime
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cloudy showers perfect day to stay inside and eat and watch a little football. 5. there's a big game tomorrow, right cowboys and redskins. 53 for a high temperature. some will number upper 40s though north and west of here and again looks like nice enjoyable day and weekend looks good too. black friday weekend. keep an eye on roads. looking behind me this is 50 out by 28 if you head to dulles. we're seeing volume picking up. you can see the mess of headlights and taillights, 50, to 28 give yourself extra time and early morning flight at dulles or making your way out in the the area this morning we'll forward cameras. much -- let's try that i trained to combine words quiet and calmer. on the topside of beltway.
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95 to georgia inner loop look going as you make your way through the baltimore washington parkway area. volume increasing and something to keep in mind. back to you holly and maureen. >> thanks, erin. coming up on "fox 5 news morning" a former congressman once a rising star in the democratic party is named as possible member of donald trump presidential cabinet. >> catholic church jumped into the mobile app market. >> as we head to break live look outside roads look pretty good right now. of course it will get buzzier throughout the day. big travel day today. we are on it for you. we'll keep you updated as things progress through the morning. egg speaking of thanksgiving we want to know what you're thankful for. use the #fox5thankful and we'll share thoughts and post them throughout the morning. we're at 5:27 now. 36 degrees. fox news morning back after
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country?
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that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. >> a new public face, president-elect donald trump is doing major reversal suggesting he will not pursue any criminal charges against former campaign opponent and president-elect may even be crossing political aisle when it comes to choosing cabinet. and whether it's by plane, train or automobile today thousands of our neighbors are
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destination. "fox5 news morning" thanksgiving eave edition starts right now. >> good morning to you thank you very much for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is wednesday, november 2 also nonas thanksgiving eave. >> all right. erin como is here talking traffic. gary mcgrady talking weather in just a few minutes. first if you just wake up with us let's get you caught up on the morning top stories. breaking new george county, house fire sheraton street riverdale heights sends one person to the hospital they're handicapped and had to be rescued by firefighters. that person is in critical condition and another person in the homemade it out on their own and has minor injuries. >> detroit now police arrested a suspect believed to have shot a wayne state university police officer. that officer is fighting for his life after shot in the head. the shooting happened while the officer was patrolling an area
5:32 am
>> montgomery country firefighters are trying to figure out why a car slammed that a townhouse late last night. >> melanie alnwick is live in gaithersburg with the story, hey, mel. >> good morning, yes, happened around 11:00 last night and the key here take a look if you can see it. that's orange sticker now condemning this townhouse unsafe to enter. now if you look at video you can see just how incredible the damage was when firefighters arrived they had to pull the vehicle out from the fir floor of this townhouse on keymar way. we're in the montgomery village of gaithersburg and it was just something this the happened all of a sudden. we know there were three people upstairs in the upper floor of the townhouse. don't know if they were awake or sleeping and woken up. if you can go to the video and see now again just supposeder blocks and damage that vehicle going all the way into the first floor of the house.
5:33 am
to come in and shore up the first floor of building before they could go in and rescue the three people from upstairs. there definitely was danger of further collapse and then again they had to shore up the front of building as well make sure that everything was safe not only for people inside but for firefighters and crews work ago around here and good news though here is that three people upstairs were not injured. and driver of that be bmw was also taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. everyone would be okay here. it was still no idea what led up to this. this is a townhouse community. it's one of those areas where a lot of cars parked and very short entry and so got a lot of places for a car that could have perhaps been speeding and lost control. maybe its with a situation guys where someone stepped on accelerator. we don't know at this point. back to you.
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let's talk politics. president-elect donald trump is backing down from tough campaign proms and his take on hillary clinton is softening too. trump vow todd lock her up and he says pressing charges would be deviceive for the country. on monday two and a half minute youtube video laying out agenda he left off renegotiating nafta banning muslims and building a wall. >> d.c. public schools may have a chancellor. superintendent of skalz. d.c. council has to approve wilson's nomination. antoine wilson will number the studio at 7:30 to share his vision for d.c. public schools. >> looking forward to meeting him and chatting with him. >> right now we'll chat with the professor. >> i'm not ready. >> you're not ready. >> working hard on the
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traveling is fine. >> it's about there's rain in chuck chick and rain in atlanta today. i don't think it's a big teal. there's a big storm system m coming through. i want to start off and show you wind chill. not that this great wind out there that's the reason i want to show you. its coldest point temperatures in the upper teens and low 20s and actually most temperatures actual air temperature fashional gone from 35 to 36. it's that. holly mentioned it let's go to the travel forecast for today. how about that okay? you can see where we are today. trouble spots zoom in a little bit any trouble spots rain for chicago down towards atlanta creeping in our dprex and it's real, real light if you valve up and down the east coast you could be in good shape. how about tomorrow showers for us. again it's not i big deal at all and all the major airports should be pretty good shapement
5:36 am
roads are looking good and in terms of get away traffic we're nice and quiet as well. dulles toll road 26 and 28 moving along long without problems now. we're seeing increased volume by dulles airport and few extra minute there and things on way to bwi problem free and bw parkway through go guys are and no problems 32 to and from the capitol beltway and baltimore beltway i'll let you know if that changes. things are hooking good for that stretch of your commute as well. as you make xrur way out to "regan 2.0" an national and all areath befores look good. if you take metro, bus or metro to the airport all rails are on time as well. with he have team coverage this morning tracking roads and rails. "fox5" annie yu live at reagan fashional. how are things going out there
5:37 am
>> lay, airport i think whether you're traveling by car, by train or by air the key is to allow extra time and we're meeting a lot of people getting there early for nrition. so far things are up areing smoothly at reagan national. i have toel you the only thing we saw this morning tsa precheck deposit on until 5:00. just before 5 the line was stacked and there were dozens in line once they opened that up it was whittled down to what you're seeing now practically less than 12 people so. they have four lines going and tsa says they will on up more as the morning continues and be prepared for long lines today. that's the the latest if reagan national. "fox5 local news". >> m coming up on "fox news morning" a settlement is reached in the lawsuit filed in baton rouge louisiana. >> do you need to make confession or find out where mass s guess what? there's an app for that. >> shocker. >> there's an app for that. >> okay. >> we're going to break.
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we want to know what you're thankful for this thanksgiving. let us know on social media use #"fox5" thankful. we'll share your thoughts and post throughout the morning. time now 5:38 temperatures 36
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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>> 5:40 is the too many now. police in fairfax country are
5:41 am
inside a restroom at tarring net falls church. if you recognize this man police want to hear from you. >> local advocates deray mckes inwill be paid 25,000 by city of bat on ruth after he and 200 others were areged protesting the shooting death offal ton sterling over the summer. they accuse police of using excessive force against protesters and violating constitutional right to freedom >> catholic church trum jumping to the 21 century two catholic churches unveiled an app that let's you find nearest service and confession. right now it's only available in scott land. #forgive me father i have supposed. 5:41 is the time now.
5:42 am
babies infected with zika virus. >> president obama remember fised nearly two dozen people medal of freedom ceremony. we'll show you touching moments if that ceremony when we return. >> as we head to break a live look there at regal national. it's busy and early and busy and do nothing but get buzzier. we want to know what you're thankful for on this thanksgiving. please share your blessings us with. do it via social media using the #fox5thankful and we'll she posts throughout the morning. posts throughout the morning. right now we're at 5:42, 36 degrees outside.
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>> five 5:45 is the time? i'm done with this rhyme. we want to know what you're thankful for so. get on social media and give us more. #fox5 thankful. that's what we want holly, toss it to gary because now i'm through? >> that's awesome, wis [ applause ] i just tweeted i was thankful for the this guy and now you know why. tell me how awesome is here. >> you should have sang that yesterday. >> that was terrible. >> no. >> he did it slow. it flowed like the forecast care bear.
5:46 am
i'm here by myself it's like thanksgiving. showers are coming in our direction. it's eventually taking over. you see showers and in chicago this nong and if you fly out that way delays. for the most part not bad. wintry mix coming into toe lead owe and detroit this that should not be a prob almost i'mer. we'll wait and see. that's the only area of concern here. >> airport came to see me. she'll be hereby herself in a second. clear skies this morning for us. check on temperatures out there, 36 degrees. dulles 27. bwi marshall 27p. we had a beautiful thank giving table set up on the other studio that's why we have to be here today. more clouds in the afternoon. turkey is gobble and gobble showers around tomorrow and wept be 'big deal. klouts increase this afternoon and couple sure overnight tonight early tomorrow morning few folks on the road and it
5:47 am
problem. mostly clouty tomorrow and lot of clouds and great day to bed in. dry and cool up and down the east coast. coming back should not be a problem. lot of 50s in the 7 day forecast i don't see anything super cold coming our way. i'll stick around while you do the traffic. >> that's why you're my friend gary i like your sweater. unfortunately i don't have great news holiday. unscheduled track repair false church. something to keep if mind if you head to work or take metro this morning. metro buses on time. problems on our roads right now as well. canal road inbound we have a crash reported near fox hall road we were hearing it was close the and see a dray building and this is very new. i would say keeping to reservoir road and keeping to
5:48 am
we're quiet from 123 down to key bridge and we are seeing quiet conditions as we zoom out. we have another crash northwest connecticut avenue s street. we'll keep you updated. aside from that the beltway looking good and no delays amtrak, or vre reported. wisdom. >> 5:48 is the time now unsettling news about the affect of zeek owe on bades, infants born with the virus can develop micro cephaly after birth. >> ac infected with zika and born with normal sized heads. 11 of them developed micro cephaly later on. >> time now is 5:41 let's look at stories you're ep gaming with most on social media. >> maureen standing by with the realtime news tracker. >> a new debate on whether buses are equipped with seatbelts. six states require them. tennessee does not have such
5:49 am
cost concerns. state lawmakers say in light of the accident they will consider that position. next up former usa gymnastics doctor plead not get toy to three counts of criminal misconduct. larry nav ter assaulted a girl under age 1 in michigan home between 1998 and 2005 they say the girl was 6 when the alleged assaults began. right now authorities are investigating about 50 complaints if other accusers including member of the 200 u.s. women's aolympic team. donald trump is looking to add blue to red presidential cabinet. he is considering forming are it ten congressman harold ford jr.. ford jr. is democrat who supported hillary clinton during the presidential campaign and but he's also reportedly friends with trump's children and not sure what condition he's being considered for. >> next up after officially
5:50 am
hockey team. it will be known as the golden knights. they'll play at t-mobile arena loss having as strip starting 20 17 finally looks like michael phelps hanging up swimming trunks for good. the goldp goggles he told reporters he was pulling out of required you drug testing pool making him officially ineligible to compete. michael ph like. >> going out on top. >> thank you, maureen. >> 1 men and women were honored at the white house. >> they all embody spirit of machine and what makes us so special. >> kareem abdul jabbar ellen gentlemen den rise, robert
5:51 am
michael jordan. >> we have innovators and artists. public servants, gavel rouzers and we play tribute to those distinguished individuals in our nation's highest civilian honor presidential medal of freedom. many years ago mel inga's mom told her old saying to know that even one life breathed easier because is success. ? >> every time i touch a computer, window's based computer you cannot help but be reminded of bill gates and then when i look around and see the good things going on at the gates of bill and melinda gates foundation has done it inspires me. >> mia has given us more than place force remembering she created places for us to create
5:52 am
new menryes, mia lynn app artist and extraordinaire designed the most emotional of all memorials vietnam memorial made of granite but it seems like it's a living, breathing thing [ applause ]. >> when i see cecily tyson i see beautiful, inspirational black only. she's a star at the stage and big screen and small scene and i believe seeing her in the autobiography of talent. >> you still have two sons but now one is forever outside. >> as a kid i wasen tlaled by apolo missions. mark mchamilton math mattishian created the on board flights and leader in her field ander spition ration to women everywhere. >> as margaret says there's no
5:53 am
margaret never stopped pioneering lucky for us. >> michael jordan. greatest basketball player of all time. i used to just get epergizinged watching michael jord app good down the court the way he dunked. >> how much courage was required for ellen to come out on the most public of stages almost 20 years ago just how important it was to see somebody so full of kindness and light and somebody we liked so much, somebody who could be our neighbor or colleague or our sister, challenge our own assumptions, remind us we have more in common that we realize and push our country in the drengs of justice. >> hm. >> that was so good i'm crying along with them. >> that was tony perk nz and
5:54 am
of the people that got medal of freedom there. so amazing. >> amazing list. >> i loved when president obama gave ellen a hug and you could see it was like a real hug you know what i mean it was not just obligatory hug and i would wonder would it not be funny who were they excited to see who was michael jordan excited to see or bill gates oh, my gosh that's the boss or diana ross. >> all on the same stage. >> all at the same nrevl their own respective sgleeldz really enjoy that thank you. >> hope you did too. 5:54 is the time now. let's look at facebook fan of the day. we enjoyed this say hello to brianna lynch and mom felicity. brianna nominated felicity because she's so grateful to her for all she does for the family. >> brianna says they watch "fox5" every morning before mom gets brorns on the bus and they take off. they love tucker's weather
5:55 am
but kevin mccarthy is the favorite and they love erin como's outfit. they got it together. >> they got it together. >> so do we. >> i'm grateful for both of you by the way. >> what up, what up. >> nice book ends this morning. >> i like it. >> what do we sglot rose between two thorns. no, i'm kidding. [ laughter ] see that little -- the nice sentiment. >> truer than we want to admit. >> all right. everybody is interested in the foreca >> forecast look at it quick. clouds this afternoon. staying dry today. showers possible tonight. passing showers and we'll have a few showers tomorrow as well. we had hoped some would be could be find to morning hours. i don't think that's the case tomorrow. passing showers with clouds and few showers high temperatures only will below 50s for just about everybody. it's not a big deal. it's one of those days people don't mind staying inside most of the day and gives them an excuse.
5:56 am
>> play scrabble. >> relax. >> and for everybody coming back up and down the east coast on sunday things look really, really nice up and down the east coast on sunday. most of the nation there will be one storm in the nation's mid section and around here it's pretty good hopefully that won't create problems any time you have issues in chicago, atlanta -- >> i know there's a ripple effect. even on grateest weather day sunday after thanks giving it tougher. >> yes. >> thank you gary. >> what's up/. >> speaking of traffic right now problems. a nice little vacation from rail and road issues. right to the maps. unscheduled track work for metro falls church inimpacting sim ver and orange line. moving over for roads connecticut avenue northwest there's a crash on southbound side of s street watch for slow slow downs on connecticut you may want to opt massachusetts or wisdom martin if you're
5:57 am
we got you could have had. freeway starting to back up as well. taking a look at a crash there. keep it to "fox5" it's thank giving eave and i'm in a good move. >> you're always in a good move. >> especially good move. >> taking it up a notch. >> taking it up a tad. >> as you look across the j.d. region what are you thankful for this season. use #fox5thankful. time now is 5:57 temperature 38 degrees. back in a moment. >> is that 36. >> is that 36. >> cold. >> thankful for good vision.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> breaking news rights now a house fire in prince george county. two people made it out alive hospital and we learned the fate of a dog trapped inside. >> holiday travel rush in full swing. about 50 million americans expected on roads, rails and in the air. that will be the most in nine years. we have team coverage coming up in a minute. >> folks on the move giving you a live look outside it's wednesday morning november 2. thanksive ifing wednesday. weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:05. good wednesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey.


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