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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  November 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> breaking news rights now a house fire in prince george county. two people made it out alive hospital and we learned the fate of a dog trapped inside. >> holiday travel rush in full swing. about 50 million americans expected on roads, rails and in the air. that will be the most in nine years. we have team coverage coming up in a minute. >> folks on the move giving you a live look outside it's wednesday morning november 2. thanksive ifing wednesday. weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:05. good wednesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey.
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>> our team court or jury range starts here with erin como. >> we had a quiet vacation during the five and new whoa have problems on the road and rails. metro single tracking through east falls impacting silver and orpth line. safe track surge ten ended yesterday and red line back to nrmle and unscheduled track work causing delays to largo and new carl tonight. good news metro bus on time if you head forar at airport reagan dulles or bwi. a crash in northing with the. southbound side s street northwest. if you head inbound from chef ci chase, wisdom martin, massachusetts that acan save you time this morning. canal road because of big crash on inbound side the road is shut down near fox hall road. avoid canal inbound. keep to reservoir to wisdom martin and things looking
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dealing with disabled route allentown to branch avenue avenue and "fox5" melanie alnwick is cruise around on the roads as well. how are things shaping up in maryland for you? >> so far, erin, things seem ton pretty quiet and good. i have max with me here and we ra are down our "fox5" road trips we're going to go down around thebility way and check on i 95 south and north and parts of beltway a will the you guys know also maryland state police, virginia state police, all agencies willing out in force on the roads as we are all out on the roads to try to get everyone safe to their holiday zest nationals and back. also we'll have a little fun here throughout the show. we want to the ask you guys request and juan you to join in us with and follow me on twitter and we want to know what's your favorite road snab
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favorite card games to play with family while trying to spend the time. are there favorite songs you like to listen to. do you have a holiday road trip play list. that will be fun. something to pass the time as we're going and also people if you're out there and there's any hot spots or things you feel like you want to let us know in terms of how traffic is going. >>et let me or erin know and we'll go to annie yu checking on things at national airport, hi, annie. >> hi, mel, for the record my first row road trip snack is beef jrky. things are running smoothly. they're warming people to plan an arrive early and plan ahead and right now things are moving showily there's a few dozen here in line. and i've seen longer lines and buzzier security checkpoints during summer travel than i do now. you know things are running
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of holiday rush agency. objection they made headlines for the long security wait lines during the cher. but it appears they have a good handle on the long lines by increasing staff. we see more officers out here and they also opened precheck lines 5 a.m. this morning and hired 1400 new agents since thester and converted part time workers to full time. they're well staffed and things are running smoothly wane we run the holidays and they're savvy with the apps and they already prechecked themselves and have electronic boarding passengers a hot of them do really. people going to dallas. things are hooking good at reagan national. >> thanks you very much. and melanie as well. to breaking news and riverdale heights september one person to
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handicapped and need to be rescued by firefighter and that person is in critical condition. and another person in the homemade it out on their own and had minor injuries. now a pet a dog that was inside is also out now and is fine. >> that's good news. dramatic scene in montgomery county after a car slammed into the first floor of a townhouse happened in gaithersburg keymore way. fire crews had to help people on the second floor get out saferly. in the end everybody was okay and driver went to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries no word what led to the crash. >> also, developing overnight, another police officer shot fight for his life. this time detroit mish accomplish. a person of interest is in custody and authorities say a wayne state university police officer was shot in the head while investigating possible theft from cars near campus. and he called for backup before the shooting and he was found by other officers on the ground when they arrived. >> and back here at home closer to home i should say a major
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four men areged for distributing marl math at a business in northwest. this happened at tennis zone on wisconsin avenue and the marijuana has estimated street value of 59,000 dollars. >> 6:06 now a look at forecast getting closer to the holiday now. >> yeah, rain showers in the forecast tomorrow not for today. roads nice noise and quiet locally. ail little warmer later today. >> okay. >> a little warmer. >> just a littl >> little less windy. >> 36 washington. but everybody else with the exception of reagan national is in the 20s. sorry i'm getting it makeup to blepd in. >> no one with see that tucker. >> and 6 degrees. sunshine today clouds second half. rain sowers back in to part of eastern illinois and indiana, kentucky and that will stream
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tomorrow morning for thanksive going day morning we'll have showers around with later this afternoon. 52 wednesday details on thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, vring will thereby momentarily. >> does that mean variable wins winds. >> variable winds north and west 20 to 30. >> it tall med down a lot. >> thanks, tuck. >> we'll check back in -- we're moving to trump transition news. >> president-elect donald trump is florida this morning milargo estate. before he left he sat down with "new york times". the white supremists group gaermed making nazi salute. trump said he will not recommend that hillary clinton be prosecuted for that email scandle. >> and south carolina governor nikki haley said to be next outtaed nations ambassador.
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she can be the next woman to be south carolina governor and consider rising star for the republican party. >> also dr. ben carson formally offered the role of setting of of housing and just mast week he said he was not interested in severing as cabinet anybody. >> 6:08 a major hurricane in caribbean is set to make rare thanksgiving land fall and this morning thousands of tourists being evacuated first we want to know what you're thankful for on thanksgiving week. let us know via social media lick this person did #fox5 thanks full we'll continue to share thoughts and posts. throughout the morning. >> how many i can post i have so many. post a whole bunch of. >> here's another one i'm thankful for us waking her up every morning, steve. and for my baby girl who has a birthday in six days.
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>> 6:10 now category hurricane named otto continues a path to costa rica. it will be the first since 1951 thousands were he vk yaitd
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landslide killed people and they believe otto will continue to make strength. >> new details about the driver killed in a deadly school bus crash in chattanooga tennessee. walker just received his lis tone briv that bus in ach and two months ago while behind the wheel he was involved in another accident after sideswiping car. n it sb plans to speak with him as they plan to investigate. they killed five students three fourth grader and one fourth grader and one kindergartner. twelve students remain hospitalized and six in intensive care? former nba player rodman can face time behind bars driving the wrong way down a california highway. back in july rod man forceded a car into a concrete divide
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he could face up to two years in a county jail. this morning toyota recalling sienna mini vans from 2011 to 2016. the car company says sliding doors on mini van may on while the vehicle is moving. toyota says the problem happens when something blocks the doors and motor circuit gets overloaded. company says it will notify owners about the fix in mid january and repair the doors cost. >> a heads up if you're waiting on package amazon pilots at cargo airline company that serves amazon and dhl wept on strike yesterday affecting 75 flights and strike comes ahead of cyber monday and entire shopping season of course. >> all right. apple joining in on black friday this year. not much information about posts electricy day deals but public a new page on
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they do one sale day the entire year it will be black friday. >> is it good. you have shopped it? >> one of the president signature achievements. >> as we made to break this wednesday morning we'll focus on travel with so many people getting out of town.
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prince jourj county a house fire in riverdale heights sheridan street two people went to the hospital and they're disabled and had to be rescued by firefighters great jobet gooding them out of that house. one person in critical condition and another person made it out on own and was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and apparently a dog in the house dog out okay. so we'll handout good news there, tuck. >> great news. >> you got all your shopping done for tomorrow. >> of course i got an early >> you got your stuffing. >> carrots. >> all week. >> and a.m. sun, p.m. clouds, the rest of you shopping today the weather will cooperate if you're out and about on the roadways. weather-wise i guarantee we'll have okayet. 6 washington and it's cold for entire region here. still have not hit the freezing mark at the reagan international. doesn't take a lot to the have everybody else hit it.
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and 18 culpeper an martinsburg 19. 26 baltimore. with the exception of annapolis and downtown d.c. here still well be love freezing early this morning. we're expecting lots of sunshine. an hour before the sun gets up. 45 minute now. first half of the day should feature shun. you see what's on the door step. stormyness out west and will arrive overnight tonight early tomorrow morning with showers activity. i don't think we'll of rain tomorrow. it's not in the forecast. traveling today i just showed you system out to the west of the cold front. most of country is fairly quiet. there's rocky mountain snow if you head to utah. parts of colorado and little bit of rain there pacific northwest. most of country is quiet if you fly later today. all right as we get to tomorrow traveling up and down the eastern sea board to grandma's house but she's not too far away. i feel like i'm giving personalized forecast.
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at future cast. cloud covered. clouds this afternoon and rain moves in. most is slight shower activity tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning at 8. i'm hoping we get out tomorrow afternoon and we have clouds around. so if you want to get out and do football in the backyard by tomorrow afternoon perfect weather for it mostly cloudy. >> i promise you we would do electricy dance. >> 53. and it's your weekend forecast. friday, saturday sunday look i was reminded there's a lot of high school playoff football friday, saturday and sunday in virginia. >> okay. >> all right. >> look how nice the weather will be for all things this weekend. >> woohoo. >> are we saving turkey dance for later. >> in a little bit. >> it's early for that. >> we're still in the business hour. >> perhaps a second cup of coffee first. no longer single tracking on silver and orange there was unscheduled track repair and
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and carlton ask for that there. a crash as a rut of a water main that caused icy conditions on canal road resulted in crash. one westbound lane is on right now. and the eastbound traffic is sharing that. eastbound traffic is getting through. westbound traffic getting through and showily with reduced lanes. owe beiously you can see a huge backup canal road inbound. avoid that area take reservoir road instead. aside from that as you make your way 270 southbound usual volume delay building 7 frederick down to truck scales 10 to 15 minute slow down because of congestion. northern maryland outer loop slowing 95 to georgia with a ten minute delay. 95 looking good. bw parkway on northbound side and volume increasing towards powder mill road. 95 northbound better bet to get to bwi. a live look around the area next allison and steve. >> coming up next cost of thanksgiving dinner see how much it will set you back assuming you have not bought
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it? no. >> fist though we want to know what you are thankful for this morning. let us know on social media use #"fox5" thankful. we're so kited to share your thoughts and posts this
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>> one of president barack obama signature achievements put in jeopardy. first a check of the markets. joining us is lauren simonetti. >> and i will gladly check the markets for you how are you allison. >> the holiday week you're in good spirit and market is looking great. >> investigators are in good spirits too. here's the issue. volume so low. because well many chairs are out this week. it's thank close early friday. record highs yesterday all three major averages lifetime highs dow above 19,000 you can believe it crossclaimed above 19,000 for first time history on the same day it touched 19,000 it closed there. and key level for s&p 2200 and it got there as well. futures hugging flat line. so much gat ais coming out today they have to feed us early. jobless claims, durable goods,
6:24 am
sox going on. but who will be there to actually participate is the question. >> okay. still that's wonderful news about yesterday. let's talk about what might not be wonderful for folks hoping to get a boost minimum wage workers. >> so.2 million workers are affected a federal judge as of now has blocked obama administration rule which would have died threshold doubling threshold toll which a worker can receive over time. that threshold next week was supposed to go to 47500. watt that means it would influence the retailer and hotels and restaurants moore because they have management who make less than 47,500. they put in a lot of hours and receive over time pay. an a federal judge says not so fast. casting that achievement of president obama and honestly the biggest achievement involving over time pay in four decades.
6:25 am
>> we'll keep an eye on that in news as well. >> before we go how much will it cost us this year. >> less than $5 a person. cheapest since 2010 american harm in bureau association says if you cook dinner for $10 it should cost you $9.87 electricy is cheaper by the way we'll eat 45 million pounds of turkey tomorrow. carrot and celery cost less and milk. i don't know. >> all relative that's not happening in my small home. >> that's pretty good. >> lauren, happy thanksgiving to you we'll see you next week. >> are you hosting by the way. >> yes, yes. so i can tell you it's more than that. >> yeah. >> have a good one. >> have everybody bring food for you you host the -- >> you need to bring a side dish. >> well. >> i'm 14.
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>> next year. >> all righty. >> good morning. >> you know that the girls called steve uchingle steve quite on their own it brought a tier to my eye. >> that's very sweet. 36 in washington. not so sweets cold temperatures that's the warm spot. much of the area in the teens and 20s. big differentiation from yesterday the winds calmed down finally after days and days of blowblowing and blows and we'll number clouds this afternoon as needed rain approaches for overnight tonight early tomorrow morning. looks like showers around. you can see the rain out west. sunshine first half of day and daytime highs low 50 sz and rain hold off until early tomorrow morning. we'll have showers for thanksgiving and friday, saturday surprised look great. >> thank you, tucker. >> let's check in with erin and see how roads are good morning. >> good morning usual morning
6:27 am
street brim and northbound on 95. 9 a5 bottom of beltway to pentagon looking good and little volume. much lighter than usual and i'll let you know as the volume builds if delays starts to pop up. freeway volume by third street tunnel this is as you make your way by dulles airport 28 near sterling blvrd traffic in both directions getting heavier and overall commute to dulles is looking rather nice this morning same story way to reagan nagal and bwi. keep it to "fox5 news thanksgiving ever travel ? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ?
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>> lots of folks he getting on fair planes and getting out of town. 6:0 thanksgiving eave shall we say on this wednesday morning. glad you're with us. welcome back. fives at 6:35. first breaking news out of prince george county two people rushed to the hospital after a fire on cher i atop street on riverdale light this morning. one person in critical condition needed to be rescued from the home while the other person inside did make it out on their own and was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> too early to tell anything on a cause. no indication of anything suspicious, they're just in the
6:31 am
as we know something more we'll let you know. we'll be back out in the neighborhood this afternoon going dpoor to door and checking smoke alarms and making sure community is as safe as it can be. >> firefighters also rescued a pet dogs if the home who appeared to be just type. >> this morning investigators are trying to figure oar out how a car slammed into a home in gaithersburg. hit the road to get to thanks giling meal. our melanie alnwick is out checking the road and we oyn her fewsh how are you, where are you. >> we're doing good. we're away and headed towards 95 south going to check out big circumstance until that area and we're seeing volume here seems like mostly folks on upper loop are the ones that are backing ape little bits more and i have to be honest with you this early in the
6:32 am
people are trying to head out we've already seen as grive driving too. one of the things we want to remind folks about virginia state police will be on the road. maryland state police on the roads doing extra enforcement patrols not just as folks are dive around now but also a really important tonight hear going to watch for this as well. aaa calls this night blackout wednesday because there's a lot of people home from college and big night for foam go ought party and apparently tonight is becoming one of the deadliest nights of the year on the roads perhaps even surfacing new year's eve. there will be extra drinking and drunk driving enforcement patrol out on the roads as well. so another one of the things we're doing is having few on wait toer with friend. i'm at "fox5" melanie. we asked earlier what people's favorite road snack was and
6:33 am
i like almond and anything gummy bears unfortunately i feel like road trip able to indulge a little bit. we have another twitter poll question about what's your favorite pit stop and we go to annie yu. >> hey melanie i moneyed by first is map kin khechk. things are running smoomly. a lot of pokes getting a lot of pokes getting on the 5:40 noyingt for dallas and roost now seeing anothering with, of course, airport officials are warning people to arrive early. that's to be expected. there's going to be a lot of -- it will be buzzier terminals and check point and it really picks up later today. but right now it's picking up again and i've seen these long lines during summer travel and tsa basically told us that they
6:34 am
they moved those part timers to full time and they were preparing for this big rush. soy have to say things are running really, real well well today and flight boards look good and no major delays or pickups and trying to find a problem and saying hey it's smooth staling back in the studio. >> the private ceremony will mark second anniversary of the former happens 10:00 at the kong grtional cemetery. >> wall pepd ago proovrld from -- c. oak land is supporter of chart are sklz app mainstreaming special education students. he'll be with us and we'll talk about his vision live at 7:30.
6:35 am
this morning. a quick catchup on sports. redskins leave for dallas this afternoon instead of ahead for the thanksgiving day match up. washington coming off primetime against packers surprised night will that cost them against dallas. that game ended before midnight and a lot of fans cried foul and it caves the skins 88 hours of down time between games. instead they worked on cowboys game plan during the bye as far as help is concerned it's good they're beat up nowen a little sore and grumpy tomorrow. come thursday they'll be ready to roll. >> serve saying the quick turn around and midday game there's been worse situations like london. that was worse. >> and that means our pregame show get a prime slot
6:36 am
"fox5 news morning" good day d.c. and then pregame show. you watch all morning. nfl fame of the day on "fox". skins bow koyz kickoff 20. let go to vegas now not loss ves ago because the vegas golden nights are a hockey team. >> i don't love it. >> i love it it is middle and helmet like the golden nooits. knights. >> i see that flat and that video makes it look cooler. on the shirts i didn't feel like it translated i'll give it another chance. not las vegas, ves ago golden nooil s to play next year. >> facing wisdom martin
6:37 am
the half. wisdom martin sdorm named. georgetown losses big 73-57 we'll split the rest and go to tucker. >> i to foal like you have to go to a couple games. that's awesome. >> can i be ronest about the redskins. >> i mace rg3. >> i miss him. >> you miss doing stories about him or him. >> the excitement he brought when >> welcome to sports a lot of highs and lows. >> we could blend all this. remember we're winning now. >> we're quietly whipping. >> best we've had in years. >> 36 now washington. if you look for him he has free time this weekend. 0 -- 6 north we're look the at daytime highs in low 50s today. less whipped. more sunshine.
6:38 am
in overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. showers first half of thanksgiving more of that coming up and today we'll keep it dry while you travel. >> 6:38 we have amess on road no. canal road closed in both directions and we had a crash out there closing unbound side and noming sides of canal rl closed. water main break and icy conditions caused a crash we were dealing with earlier. all traffic die certificated to nortou causing a delay. keep to reservoir road. that will save you time. 295 northbound crash suitland parkway closer to howard road and delays back to naval research lab. suitland parkway inbound there's a crash stanton down to naylor. problems there. single tracking no longer on metro. and residual delays on orange and silver back to you guys. >> thanks very much. 6:8 now. >> what you need to know if
6:39 am
your surprise board at home. >> let us know tailgate ted. >> he's thankful for amizeing he on say. >> i'm thankful tore my son as well. keep them coming, use that
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what's trending on the web. singer adele may be pregnant with baby number two or maybe not be. she dropped a bomb shell during a show phoenix monday told fans and i quote i'm going to have another bade didn't give a due date some are wonder physical she's pregnant or saying at some point in my life i'll have another baby. she has a 4-year-old son with her boyfriend. >> this is bizarre if you think of buying shooj your skin make sure it continues the aloe you're looking for. samples of store brand aloe gel showed no aloe at all despite it listed as number one or two ingredient. how do consumers know you don't? >> talk about finding a gold mind legitimate gold mine in
6:43 am
from relative and found 220 pound of gold mid hidden under furniture. that is worth iment study $3.7 million and the man said it was extremely well hidden and came to light when he starred moving things around. al, nerm too many you inherent something. >> gold in our >> okay. it is early a reminder before break. if you have a news tip share it with us or email tip to we're back in
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>> georgous absolutely beautiful. it looks look a water tower where? >> by the water. >> excellent. >> what a sense of humor, right allison smart achingle. >> yes he is. >> at least we have dry weather and less wind to look forward to. you can take a quick help cloud with temperatures topping out in low 50s. cold out this morning. 56 washington and 0 leonardtown and just about wevsh exception
6:47 am
below freezing this morning dulles 25, 1 mannasas and fredericksburg and 24 and 1 in frederick it looks like we'll get a soaking rain and really we'll get scattered showers tomorrow morni prepare for turkey dinner we'll have a few showers around. by afternoon if you want to get out the backyard and throw the football around that sort of thing we should look at cloud cover. we'll have a few showers around this morning. there's setup. high pressure and light winds today cloudy this afternoon and showers will approach from west early here comes shower
6:48 am
aharrisburg up and i think we get the parade in tomorrow and showers tomorrow arm in new york. >> mostly cloudy with showers 53 daytime eyes and once with we lose showers we're back into sunshine for the weekend. saturday and sunday look fantastic. highs in low to mid 50s. you're ready. take it away. >> i see what traffic is talking about we'll wait until the 7:00 hour. i've week to do the turkey dance. it makes me happy. thanksgiving travel we're seeing delays dealing with bigger problems wednesday morning rush. outer loop jammed 95 to georgia with 15 minute delay and here's a problem headed to georgetown. canal road shut down in both directions and fox hall conditions we were he'll
6:49 am
directions. they take. >> avoid canal in both directions especially inbound. gw parkway is quiet now. 95 northbound crash howard road. delays back to naval research lab. big delays towards the split to 11 street bridge. be prepared for that. s awe make your way southeast typical congestion southbound side 295 to 50 inbound busy etch interest of road. inbound crash stanton to branch and crash on shoulder at nreeb 2 0 south back to you really son. >> we'll get to thank giving table and set up. first what's happening with presidential birds. >> president barack obama will
6:50 am
who will be rt will uky one tate oregon to the one will be named thanksgiving turkey and they will set to be. >> you can vote for favorite online. both win. let's vote for one. national surveyor of the white house tweeted this, there's still time left to vote snri like the virginia tech color >> do you think turkey in a pouch there. it will be english us, it's a washing day. he'll be cooking for six and went through entire menu in youtube video and said heeds looking for ward to it good stuff. all the trimmings and turkey and you heat it up and it's like you're heating on earth. >> just like chin chicken.
6:51 am
this table is quite honestly most beautiful table i've seep in the lost and it's for very special third annual thanksgiving feast for our "fox5" family. >> we'll be here all day for good day pd. >> and we had develop decorating the studio as. >> i think they separate us as much as possible. >> tucker is there and allison head of table as it should be. >> all the little touches. >> hopefully everybody hand out this morning and we will be celebrating. >> and special guess. >> yes, special guests. >> we have thanksgiving one able and. >> i was wondering i walked in looking for my seat and obviously i sit at the kids table. this is not new to me i'm an
6:52 am
>> i think steve and allison should join us. >> look you have safe flatware. >> these are wooden flatware. >> good to see you guys this morning. i enjoyed being at the kids table. before movie reviews let's talk about presidential medal of freedom. high eingts civil yain honor and. >> she tweeted this out because she cannot get into white house. she deposit find her id. she was not joking once she got into the white house they figured out she was ellen from the ellen show she did this amazing epic man quinn challenge with robert deniro. tom hanks, her weet simply said i'm in.
6:53 am
lot of amazing people consider honored and ellen as i mentioneded i love that frez obama moneyed space jam when he was ipt zuesing michael jordan. >> you know what i love about it too you don't think they know what's going onment because they have so much work to do and they're in rivalry tower really but he mentioned that mj was more than a mem pe that crying jordan but he cried yesterday which will be a whole list. >> ellen tried too and i saw is people it was funny. i read that michael b. jordan it to become the bee because time alwas sad actor. >> three movies today in feeders including milano new duz any animated mail m. son son, big muscles, big tat
6:54 am
looking for. a gul. >> and trying to build offer a ancestor's zest naiing. played by john the rock johnson. music by lynn menwell miranda that did hamilton i i think they'll be sitting for years and even as pro protsy jerry wood gone. for me that's same director of this film. it's overall very made film. seeing it in two d. >> if it has aloha feeling i'll lever it away. >> it's a beautiful story you will leave happy. >> what else, is good. >> ali. essentially staley from trailers they are is about -- the trailer gives away malasia
6:55 am
africa and while there fall in love and get married and move to london. something happens. i don't want to get it away but it tests their marriage. >> we have not talked about this. >> i cannot say. >> allison and i did a face back video of what would happen anyone the real world if you found out that your spouse was somebody you did not think. >> and she said mark has to go. >> yeah any way, 3 nae out of five. he did plaque to the future, "flight" just a the mitdle" rules on the fly" this is first film warn beatt qualify all -- >> what do you give this. >> a 3 1/2 out of 5. >> okay. >> i like being at the kids table. >> you'll be upgraded next year. >> can i put a moscow mule in here.
6:56 am
>> that's right. >> let's dot forecast. hey we're looking at cold temperatures out early. later this afternoon klouts in wash to be. it will be just clouds with daytime highs. >> scattered showers tomorrow morning. it wouldn't a tote alwash quout but showers around in the morning and i think we'll be dry tomorrow afternoon. all right. more weather momentarily. >> wear owe if you wear the turkey strot tomorrow. >> yes. >> something to keep backed up to the dulles toll road and silver line moving. as you look at maps and vied view of fmv over to georgia keep if mind canal road closed matter main break icy
6:57 am
morning we have the covered morning we have the covered this thanksgiving eavement we're back in a mu
6:58 am
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>> one day after tapped as next d.c. chancellor we sat down with antoine wilson he's live in the studio this hour from accept taps of the position to -- c. school system it's an interview you will only see "fox5". >> a house fire sends two people to the hospital and pun was firefighters. >> dramatic scene unfoldign in montgomery county. a car slammed into a home and what may have caused the crash. >> november 23 and day before thanksgiving and weather and traffic on the fives at 7:05. >> good wednesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". let's get to travel rush actually. >> this time of year traveling


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