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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  November 23, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> one day after tapped as next d.c. chancellor we sat down with antoine wilson he's live in the studio this hour from accept taps of the position to -- c. school system it's an interview you will only see "fox5". >> a house fire sends two people to the hospital and pun was firefighters. >> dramatic scene unfoldign in montgomery county. a car slammed into a home and what may have caused the crash. >> november 23 and day before thanksgiving and weather and traffic on the fives at 7:05. >> good wednesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". let's get to travel rush actually. >> this time of year traveling
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to hit. nearly 90 million of us will dry or fly to a loved one 2% more than mast year and while airports are busy majority of people are are driving. >> unfortunately we're dealing with a bunch of problem already. i want to start you with an issue on cam canal road. if you head to georgetown this could impact you. canal road closed in both dealing with water main break and icy conditions because of that icy condition we had a crash as well on the inbound side. all traffic being sdi verity todd northbound fox hall road and from there president vare road in or outbound. watch for extra congestion. gw parkway inbound looking good roosevelt. >> and keep that in mind if you try to get to 11 street
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coverage this morning. "fox5" melanie alnwick is at the truck stop in woodbridge. i hope you listen to good dance music and enjoy snacks on travels. >> reporter: that's right, for me it's not dance music it's more like country music. but, you know everybody has got the different things they like to do to keep themselves buddy on the roads. you can see i 95 behind me moving well and another thing that we have noticed here if you check out the parking lot here at the people like to play license plate game right if you come to a rest stop you gets a lot of vie arty. we see north carolina and also minnesota. i can tack to you quick for a second. tell me where you're headed to. >> i don't speak english. >> where are you headed too. >> georgia. >> where did you start out. >> new jersey. >> how has it been so far. >> long. >> what do you do to keep yourself and entertained.
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is awake. >> good luck on your travels. stay safe. enjoy your weekend. it really is as much as people are out on the roads it's tough to be out there with so many other people, a lot of folks are having few with it. we're also having fun on twitter asking people what are favorite road snabz and favorite music and pit stops. couple road snabz sounds like too many people healthy. they're not honest. old bay popcorn or almonds and quest nutrition bars thing. we know you don't stay all that healthy on the roads. that's what a road trip is for time to indulge. there's lots of indulgences at the airport while people are waiting in the long lines. let's check in with an app right now. hey, mel, long lines is definitely the case out here. we have seen us free and grow and check out the line now and the only line it s it a precheck you can see the people
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line here. people headed to all parts across the country and we met passengers headed to ohio, chicago, california, maine, even dallas, texas for the big game thursday. and we're talking more than 27 million americans traveling by air this thanksgiving week and we're certainly seeing that in those long lines today. triggering very long lines and we're seeing passengers coming and going in paves. right now it's busy time and earlier this morning it was a very busy time as well. everyone trying to catch that a.m. flight. we did check some other flights and so far no major delays. it's just long lines. this is gates 35 to 45 on other side where you have 1 through 35 it's extremely long. expect long lines as you head out this morning. that's the latest from reagan national. annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> annie, thank you very much. tucker barnes how are we looking out there tuck. >> i don't do traffic it appears we're looking at soym.
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an idea whether it's raining or smoking. i am sitting at your side of the table. >> we'll get along okay? >> who am sitting next to for third annual. >> you're the host right. >> what. >> i deposit switch the name tags as all. >> i'm about to go work them ever. >> reagan national toll dole, 23, 2 23, 24 every below freezing to carts the stay. sunshine first of ha of day. we'll get clouds later this afternoon. see rain showers out to the west to cincinnati. that will get in here early tomorrow morning. we'll have scattered showers around for first half of tomorrow morning. if you run turkey trot in bethesda and that thing we'll have showers around. tomorrow afternoon it will be cloud and most of the rain should be on the light side.
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high and clouds ron the increase. >> i took pictures of table settings and placement. i made sure space between tuck are and i if that. >> chas i'll know. don't mix it up. >> you will number the middle. >> let's get to news now. >> firefighters trying to figure out how a car crashed into a townhouse in gaithersburg. this happened on kaymar way people gets you out of their home saferly the driver wept to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries no word yet what led to this bizarre cash. >> two people were involved in a fire and. >> remember those people who were in wheel chairs and dog in the home pulled out safe and sound.
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good morning. >> we're on cher aton streets liver right crews are still here. here's the house it's a mess you can see extensive damage on the ground floor and also upstairs as well. and if you look at the back here the fire fightsers were on the roof they had to tear foot back to gets inside. complicated by the pact there's elderly woman trapped inside confined to a hospital bed. she lives here with daughter and dog there's the family dog also rescued the dog is fine and mother grandmother the
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the daughter prince george county fire chief mark bayshore. >> and they're just in the process of beginning their interviews and investigation and as soon as we know something more we'll let you know. >> and again, okay, so they fire. it didn't spread to any other homes. there's a big fire and police presence here this morning. but, again, elderly woman in the hospital with critical burns and daughter was minor burns and family dog rescued a terrible fire on this thanksgiving eave guys. >> not what you want to hear at all. thanks for the update. >> other top story this morning wayne state under arrest detroit police officers fighting for life after shot in the head while on patrol. 29-year-old kol up rose underwent surgery overnight and
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units with the k 9 unit and investigating possible theft of cars off campus when he attempted to question a person on a bike. they found rows on the ground and police say they do have a person of interest in custody and so far no charges filed. the search is on for the opinion person that shot a maryland man inside a car shop last night in prince george country. the victim in critical condition. police say the shooting happened during attempted robbery at rocky's auto repair sh this happened around 6:0. 7:09 let's turn to politics now and president he lent donald trump waking newspaper florida this morning where he'll spend thanksgiving at palm beach resort. >> yesterday in interview with "new york times" donald trump backed way from one of top campaign promises prosecuting hillary clinton over her email scandal and trump says doing so would be deviceive for the nation and president-elect also condemned white supremists
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>> president-elect is reportedly tapping incomey haley to am bar door to united nations. haley is first woman to be south car line agovernor and is considered rising star in republican party. however her appointment could pose concerns of her qualifications for a major foreign policy role. >> former rivral ben carson mr. trump asked him to led the department of housing and urban development. outta owe he was considering the occasion and it was one of the officers on the table. >> the day after being capped antoine wilson will be in the school system. stay with us at 7:0 we'll hear from him 1st and only on "fox", 7:30. >> renewed debate about school bus safety following horrific,
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would seatbelts have made a difference. a closer look at the reg difference. a closer look at the reg daitions here in our area. z26ndz zi0z
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z26nez zi0z y26ney yi0y >> happening right now. at 7:13 in maryland police in charles county looking for a
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of an accident. now sky fox was over the scene on route 5 near sun station road in waldorf. two cars hit each other. one driver ran off and the other was trapped in one of the vehicles. there's no word on that trivr's condition. >> overseas well kind of central america we should say sure taken auto set to make rand fall in costa rica that country has not seen a storm since 100s. thoughts evacuation order already causing widespread damage and a child thad died. >> wildfires burning across several states. national fire officials say there's 44 uncontinued large fires in southern united states and firefighters are doing well suppressing wildfires and investigators say more fires are being lit each day.
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right responsible for pane for many of the wildfires burning. >> seems like all over the east coast. >> we've been unusually dry since early september. really for the year we're runing a good deficit. >> talking about fires we lucked out with high wind we had the last couple days and i saw the warnings and everything we had with -- you mix dryness and winds. >> got a good things. >> not a good combination. >> few showers in the i think tomorrow morning a few showers around. cold temperatures. 35 now in washington. 23 binghamton and parts of new york got two feet of snow. yeah. that's the way to be thanksgiving. 5 up to new york city parade looks good and no issues tomorrow morning there's showers as well if you go to the parade but weept be until average. >> we have clouds in the
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if you travel up and down 95 today no written today but rain early tomorrow morning. let's look at thanksgiving travel map. most trouble spots here are just out to the west. we have pretty good reigns in illinois this morning and ten kentucky that pushes into the region tomorrow with showers and then we should be in the clear hereby friday, saturday, when you return from gand ma's house on sunday. >> when i think house i think little red riding hood. >> that's appropriate. >> she was going grandma's house. >> when you turn on sunday it will be fab tastic. 52 today. >> good coming. >> exactly. >> hopefully better luck with travels than little red riding hood. >> i know little surprise twist in middle there. >> hi, erin, good morning. >> i'm excited now. tuck area ep i got promoted from the kids table to adult table. that's a big deal. >> huge deal.
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ruin it. >> right now inner loop jammed from dulles toll road to leemingon bridge crash blocking left lane. outer loop had looking better. as we forward cameras topside of beltway outer loop there was a crash. it's out by new hampshire avenue causing slow downs. we can see better you view of that. 95 to george atypical delay ever 20 minutes and as we take a look at maps several other carbs around the dmv need to be aware of whether you're trying thanksgiving commute taking that to get started. inner loop crash at routes 1 moved to the shoulder delays to branch avenue and another crash 210 northbound kirby hill road delays to for the washington. we have the covered. metro on time. right now allison and steph. >> thank you. if you details in the tennessee bud deadly bus crash that killed five children. johnny walker had received license to drift bus a few months ago in april and two
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involved in another accident after sideswiping car. walker is hold on bond. twelve students are hospitalized. civil of them in intensive care. >> that tragedy of tennessee refilling nationwide debate whether students should have seatbelts. >> only a handful of states actually require belts on larger school buses. >> let's find out more about it. holly joins us what the regulations are here. >> a lot of people talking about it. discussion going on quite sometime. this morning investigators say really it's too early to know whether seatbelts could have save the five children killed monday but the crash has certainly revamped discussion whether the vehicles should carry some of the most vul narable members of our community need to be safer. six states require belts on buses and virginia and maryland
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that considered legislation this past year and none of those ten states enacted it. in maryland the push back came mainly from school systems saying mandating speedlimit was not affordable. for reference costs between 7 and 10,000 per bus to install seatbelts. i cross the river virginia doesn't require belts. they say it's because the vehicles are so safe and most school bus incidents happen off the bus rather than an on board. down to the terrible tragedy are in ten step. 4-year-old driver in the crash was charged with vehicular homicide. >> there are no words. >> there are no words. >> you don't think you put your kid on the bus and they're not going to come home. you toe there is always that cost analysis that comes into
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done. some say that you're safer not wearing a speed limit in larger vehicle than you know strapped down in school bus. it's all over the map. nonetheless of no comfort to those families. >> they still don't know what caused the explosion or what was behind it. there was a device inside the package with intention to explode. happened, face an upper body. >> in the meantime the kansas water park a 10-year-old boy was killed this summer said the ride will be demolished now the 169 8 foot ride was closed since the accident. it will be torn down and that little born 10-year-old caleb schwab as killed and two other boys hurt. >> two years after his death a
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>> 1 very special americans
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highest civilian honor presidential medal of freedom. president barack obama handed out awards yesterday. one of final acts in office. >> there's bobby diniro. >> among those ellen gentlemen den res, bruce springstein. bill and mel aind gates, tom hanks, kareem abdul jabbour bar and actress cecily tyson. >>el hen a problem before receiving medal of you're resit yent doesn't mean you walk into white house. before ceremony she said she was not able to get into white house because she forgot id. she got in in time for the sayre malala yousafzai moany. and she was one of the ones that you know mannequin challenge and all kinds of stuff. but what a great showing yesterday here in washington. >> it's uk tucker time as should be. >> hi. guys.
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35 in washington. part of the area are waking up temperatures in the teens and low 20s be prepared for cold to start the day. eventually low 50s daytime highs and cloud this afternoon and rain will hold off. out and about later today if you travel locally you'lling in type shape as far as warm is concern. i can't garn teen roads will fb fwraet shape. rain showers will move in tonight and tomorrow morning and showers and first half of our thanksgiving day tomorrow we'll have showers around. then we might get a peak of sunshine tomorrow afternoon and things dry dry out. spotty shower friday and mostly the weekend looks good and temperatures mid to low 50s and lots of sunshine. erin -- erin is back with traffic. >> debt your turkey dance skills ready for 7:45. turkey dance-off. rights now taking a live look hoynd me at breaking news.
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hall road it was completely shut down because of icy conditions. you can see that truck sideways there. they need it towed out of the way and debris. that is result that crash of icy conditions because of a water main break. so a big mess there. canal road was shut down in both directions fox hall road and right now letting northbound traffic by. i would avoid the area any way they're stopping traffic intermittently and letting it through and take reservoir as alternate to get around one. big delays as well. from this vantage point they're detouring traffic around. it's a big mess out there. let's go ahead and switch it over for a look at sky fox. we have a crash over the leemon bridge beautiful view of the trees slugage traffic across the bridge, earlier crash blocking shoulder back to dulles toll road and you look at that next. allison and steve. >> straight ahead an interview
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tapped to be the next d.c. chancellor antoine wilson will join us liver. >> from accepting big time position to plans for city school system we'll talk to him
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?? 7:30 right now. take act look as we do drivg around the area get you set inet case you're heading out of townf for the holiday weekend verynder long holiday weekend for so for many. so far so good. we'll check back iarn with thewh crews in just a few minutes. min right now at 7:31 on fox5, , chance to get to know the mane n who has been tapped to be thehe next d.c. schools chancellor.nco >> antoine wilson and he'll bell snooping a role that by no roleb account is easy.. comes way lot of highfig expectations as well.el. >> and the >> mayor muriel bowser nomineese to be the new chancellor oflo o district schools already has a lot of chalk dust under hiser fingernails.fing wilson comes to d.c. from oakland, california w he's beenb superintendent of schools since june of 2014.01 before that he was assistant is superintendent in denver,nve dolorado. he has also been a high school h and middle school principle.. >> that -- >> mayor bowyer says wilson brings great credentials to thet
7:31 am
kaya henderson and michelle rowe he's boosted the prevail of prel charter schools in his previouse >> having an opportunity toortut serve the families of oakland. >> we are pleased to welcome wco antoine wilson to fox5 for his f first interview the nominee forr dc schools chancellor.el welcome. thanks for coming in thising ini morning. >> thanks for having me.ha i'm excite. >> a lot of questions for you we want to hear about yourself asqs well. you group in the midwest wentstw documented some of yourcument experience middle school principal all then way up to running a major schooh system out in the west coast.est what is it t bring most to d.c. the studentse the parents of the students herr in the nation's capitol.. >> first and for most, i would w say i'm excited to be in d.c. and excited to work withith talented educators who are hereh want to mention that first n terms of what i bring, i bring r focus on doing what's right for students, ensuring that studenta are put on a trajectory to graduate high school, pro pair p
7:32 am
on equity making sure the se schools are work, for all of ouo students. while we want to accelerate alla students to ensure that they ara reaching their full potential wl want to make sure studentstu furthest away from opportunityoi are benefiting. >> speaking about he can 80 your proponent of the charter schoolo system we have great chartve schools here in the district what about the theradiretionaldn olhools. not everybody can get into thost special schools.specsc how do we make them on bar witht each other?cher >> well, i think it's importanti to put a focus onua schools throughout the entire city. and so i get an opportunity tont run traditional public schools, and i look forward to getting tg those schools understandingnderg what's working and doubling dowg on those things and making sures that the access for quality programs is true and evident ede across the entire >> this is a school district dic d.c. ps where for a long time ie you look at measurements likes l scores, testing, et cetera, had lagged well behind the nationalt average.aver
7:33 am
the last several years and theae growth has been quiteeen qu extraordinary isn't in some s areas but still behind that national average. can thonis dicks tribute catch k to that point? dos tr you set s certain goals as to where you to want to be? >> first and for most i thinkos again it's important to iorta celebrate progress that has bees made here. it's been tremendous a lot to feel good about. at the same time, yeah, we wantw to not only catch the nationalia erage.e. we expect to put in place activities that lead to us to beating the national average. have to have an intense focus os that and making sure that the students who are lagging they're getting all the support theypore need to be successful.ssful >> how do you deal with theal wh politics of the job, because ass we sit here talking, we know k that still has to go before ther d.c. council.. you're still answering to thewe mayor as well.mar as so how do you manage getting the schools in shape and still, youy know, fighting the politicalol fight if you will, have you dony that in the past? p
7:34 am
keep my focus on doing what's right for children.ldre i try to keep my focus on understanding what parents wantt and meeting their needs and then spending my time with educatorss to hear what they need.y i feel like if we put studentsnt first, if we focus on that, thee being in spaces where we need to work through political aspect of the job sends of stepped to tako care of itself, and you know, i, understand the importance of im being a part of a team and doind what needs to be done to benefif the team. >>hi does well is ask a lot ofot question.ques that plays off what allisont als said.said there will be a lot of scrutinyn and city council, you know, youu don't get a blank check to justj run with in this city, and i think that's one of the things s that you have to deal with.wit i don't know if it was like tha in oakland or not. n [ laughter ] >> but, hopefully that'sully something that works out here. h a question that i think a lot of people might have, though, is, i even though you were in oaklandk you weren't there that long.on so coming to d.c., are youre looking at it like want to bet t here for awhile or is it the it
7:35 am
looking for somebody gels.ody g. >> what i would say is this. ths i enjoyed working in oakland, and, um, oakland prepares youpas for so i know people who having beeb there don't know that but i i doubt there's very little that t haven't oakland is an amazing city. very, um, very strong, greatg, american city, and absent this opportunity, absent getting called and pursued for thi opportunity, i'd still be in'dt oakland. and i was not looking to do anything other than serve theerv students of oakland. this, however, is a tremendous opportunity. there is only one there is only onee is nation's s capitol and a great platform tot move forward equitable issues in education. >> you're also a parent. you have kids who are in there i school system. will they be in the d.c. school system? >> absolutely. i have three children, and in ad look forward to visitingisin my wife is looking forward toort
7:36 am
know, we'll make decisions thats are best for them. t >> if our kids win, we all win l we wish the best of luck.uck. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> come back and see. see absololutely. >> okay. hold l continue thise thi conversation on facebook life. f so get you an opportunity to ask questions directly of mr. wilson. so stay tuned for that. but we appreciate you being on s air with utas fy orreat fox5 new morning. >> i'm excited and thanks for having mexcited. >> thanks for being here this bs morning. let's check in with tucker barnes get a look acht ourect or strecast. tuck. >> ste start your day.cold overnight 20s,a even teens out there. t 35 now in the city. that looks like our overnight og low. bottom line with today low 50s for daytime highs and sunshinein the first half of the day.lfthe we'll cloud up a little later at you'll see a frontal systemntal there you go, cold front off to our west. that will bring us some raine rn showers.ow not today. not if you're travelingto today we'w fine locally but by tomorroworro morning we are going to haveweo some showers around for thersroo first half of our thanksgivingng day holiday..
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cool. but less windy than yesterday ss it shouldn't feel quiet as brisk what we've been dealing with thh last couple of days.ple 52 your daytime high and oncee again let me just mention we'rew dry today if you'll be out and a about. seven day coming up momentarilyy erin is back with roads. roads we are dealing with some som problems this is canal road shus down in both directions at fox f hole road. look at that amount of debrisund that they're trying to clear oue the r road. because of a water main breakaib and icy conditions two trucksck got involved in an accident onen of them towed ouof that all clearedt up. they're diverting all traffic aa fox hole road northbound. you can take that over tohat ovt reservoir.r watch for delays.h fo you can see a lot of parked oare traffic out there you don't wann to get stuck in that mess.tes i'll let you know when trafficec is flowing normally on canal tol and from georgetown once again.g we'll take a look at our maps om that's not the on problem we're' dealing with. wit train malfunction at brooklandtr because of that we're dealing with residual delays to shady s grove on the red line and 295 northbound howard road a crash blocking two right lanes delays
7:38 am
research lab slowing you down an you try to get to the 11th1t street bridge. keep it to fox5 news we have your commute news andew weather covered on thiss
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?? 7:40. welcome back. e happening today, late d.c. marion barry' monument will beon unveiled in southeast d.c..c the private ceremony will mark k the second anniversary of the charismatic former mayor'sor's
7:41 am
congressional cemetery. save way celebrating theratt spirit of thanksgiving withthan 17th annual feast of sharingri in the theistr it's big meal with all thell t trimmings served by hundreds ofo volunteers serving all eightll e wards.wa there will be a community services expo you can get free e flu shots, diabetes testing. t. it's from 11:30 until 1:00 thish afternoon right around the lunct hour. that will be at the conventionb center downtown. president barack obama will pardon the national thabanksgivv turkey in a ceremony this thi afternoon in the rose so who will be the luckyicia tu? >> no, it's not tucker. is it tater or is it to the? will both of them be pardoned? p i think so. i th but while one will be named the national thanksgiving turkey,y, both will be sent to live ativet virginia where they'll be cared for for the remaining of their r bird years. >> very nice. offering free turkey burgers too customers today at the tenleyeny location. catch is you need the secret sec password which is not a secretnc if you watch right now becauseoe
7:42 am
>> i'll let the turkeys do it.o. >> you did well. w >> who can do that when they geg there. >> listen to it. >> can you really make that t noise? unless you're alien.'ren you need to go and say, gobblee gobble. >> you can get a free turkey tke burger 11am to 2:00 p.m. and a 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.0 p >> you need to be able to saye e gobble >> thank you very much.erh verery cool. speaking of thanksgiving if you're looking for plans for tha holiday weekend, hey, maybe a me movie, right.vie, right a lot of films are out. o they're hoping today for thepinf holiday weekend kevin sat down with one of the voices, lin-manuel miranda. man that interview is next.t. ?? >> first, though, helloirst, thcuteness. keep sending us your fox55 thankful photos. pto there's holly and sam our social media would be nothing withoutit there's holly and sam our social media would be nothing withoutit this guy and we agree.
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at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a welcoming home for the holidays. and that nothing should get in the way of a good conversation. we believe that room for one more shouldn't cost more.
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z26nez zi0z y26ney yi0y ?? >> can i be honest? >> be honest, al. >> i need to >> you want that table. >> n teehed you whee into loft and live there. >> i think after we get diningen today. >> i want to put that big tv on football and kickback on the couch and stay that the rest of the day. the day. >> that's my dream. my family will>> t be like where you? i'll be in the loft.he so beautiful.iful >> that would be fantastic thanksgiving day >> football on the big screenheb all your family, friends. >> all right.>> all r that's our setup for the third
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dinner which will be the lattere part of our 10:00 o'clock show.o >> we're not cooking.ooki >> i was about to ask were wee e supposed to bring food. f >> we brought last year.e they were like don't ever dobred that a it didn't work out so well. >> really?>> really >> actually it was delicious.y o we have lot of good cooks hereoh and your napkins came in handy.. >> some dishes were more mor meppable than others.mepple t >> i brought >> delicious. >> thank you.>> >> very fresh. d >> necessary part of the meal. >> i'm thankful for you.ery fre. >> ?? >> walk the off.althe of >> we got this l you're in on this today. t owe want to do it, too. too >> come on, allison. >> all right.>> all r here's the deal. thel. erin put me up to the challenge here. >> steve -- >> dancing like the turkey in my little graphic.raphic. >> but this is the chicken song. >> well, he don't have a turkeyy ughtughter ] >> you have to wait for it tot t art t over now. >> start over.r >> there we go. [ laughter ] >> erin, show him how to do it.
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you got to do like the turkey. you're off. ?? >> tuck, now you jump in there. >> are you going to give me ae m >> the turkey does like this ani gives a little wiggle. wgl >> i liked it when you did this, tuck. tu i like the fly away. >> read the contest rules. rul you were supposed to be like tho turkey. >> i thought we were doing the song. no, not the chickenht. w then. wait. wait [ laughter ] >> see.>> [ laughter ] >> there you go. go. now one more ty quick. >> from the top, everybody. let's do it thism th te ime. >> let's dot turkey.key. three, two, one. >> ?? ? >> it's kind of like bouncing. >> i don't know. d >> it's awesome. >> i think i won. >> gd jobob. >> if you think i wouldn'tu thio tucker fox5. f >> tucker you did not within the contest.coest [ laughter ] >> although your arms tookrms t flight way better than mine. thm >> if i ever within a dancing ai contest you know you're inyou ku trouble.
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dance.danc >> find christmas dance for us.s 27 in quantico.ico 32 in annapolis.nnapis it's cold out there this t morning.moin obviously we're having fun thisi morning. low 50s for us today in if if you're traveling plenty ofrant nshine early.y. clouds this afternoon.ter those rain showers they'll gethg in here tomorrow morning, okay,o so plan on a little rain around here the first half of thursdays that's tonight at 6:00. 6:0 cloud cover here later this lert afternoon but we keep it dryt d tomorrow morning if you're'r traveling out on the roads we'lw have scattered showers around.rd nothing too heavy her showers first half of tomorrow.o quick look at that seven day.ay 52 today afternoon clouds againa showers tomorrow morning.. >> all right. e's your last chance to salvage >> i hope that steve and allisos can come on over don the little wiggle.le. >> come on allison. a come on, steve. >> i will.l >> ready. steve is doing >> i'm doing tuckers i'm spilling my coffee. >> i really don't know, bump,
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off on the side. tide. >> the best part.>>est part. show matt. >> happy thanksgiving. hap >> i love you so much.e yo >> love you, too.>>e yo >> i think they just revoke our privileges and we're back at the kids table. if you're dance instructor around the area and you want t't offer your services to me, i me, would not turn them away. ay i'm just kidding. kdi right now get away traffic bw parkway there's a crash south of i195. so watch for that if you're y'r headed towards bwi this morningg 270 southbound light volume dowm to the spur looking pretty nice there.there. but northern maryland the outere now as you head to georgia. geoa we do have team coverage thise i morning tucker and i will dancen through the commercial i'm going to sent it out to outt melanie alnwick. she's on the roads right now.htw it looks like it's a little bitt slow. sl coming up from virginia, mel?el >> reporter: yeah, we are coming up from so we're on i-95.. we're just about heading towardr the split it's funny erin difference an hour makes.r m you know, last hour we werewe wr heading on i-95 south and thingg were moving
7:50 am
was all backed up and kind of kd like that rubberband effect. eff you know, where things look like they're open and then everythinn squeezes together or a cord i a don't know some people call it m but so far so good. so g we are definitely start to gotao slow down and see the brakesra here. it's one of those things i guese also what you may notice unlessl my live shot the bright sunshine. people need to be aware it is very bright out here. go t to beerid ngtove tryho bseri s while you're out on the roads.oa but we'll check in with you guys in a little while, and with theh results of our twitter folks favorite road trip kidid stops. st we'll be back. back to you guys.s. ?? >> we had an option we couldwe u have stayed over in the otherhe studio or we could have come hae over here to this beautifullyutl decorated lost today. >> just so in love. you know, i'll talk about it later. this is so nice looking.ooki >> out of all the tables and tas chairs i wanted to see att
7:51 am
table. >> she's at the head of the table. look how bea's at utiful everyts set up.eutif vedry to you everybody invol in jackie. everybody has done amazing work. >> it's equis sit.s equis s i don't want to dirty the platea >> you'll have to vacate thatact seat for allison.. he sits at the head of the head table. >> no, i'm not. no,'m n i've been sitting here the laste two hours. i'm not leaving. >> allison gets the head of theg tablets e. >> i don't know who put me taonthere.'t >> this is perfect we set theisp tablere perfect follow kevin's k movie reviews. >> that is correct. corre. moana opening up in today in thea lin-manuel miranda wrote a buncn of the songs for the movie. mov >> does he write the song the sg rock sings. rock sin >> he did called you're welcome. i spoke to hllim abouted y the f writing music fort stage versusr the movies.the vies there's a very hamilton song s called my shot, i'm not throwinn away my shot. i wanted to know what particulau song of hamilton speaks to moana the most.ost. but it was really cool to speaks to while you're listening to thiss package you'll get pieces of gee music he wrote for the movie asa well.we
7:52 am
>> ?? >> i love the themes of thiss t film. i was thinking back to all the t mew second you wrote forteor hamilton.mi was there a particular song in n hamilton you think specifically would speak to moana? >> oh, i think my shot would speak.spea i think if she had access to t that cast album on her she'd be bumping my shot on thee loop. i mean that's what i related tot most about the character ofer moana was this is someone who,ew you know, loves her family, fil loves her island, loves her liff and yet there's this voice thisi voice that drives her to the h t water and always drives her to t sort of see what's behind thatht horizon. i get it. i i've been there..
7:53 am
>> now obviously when you see ao movie and you see your songs onn screen playing with thishis beautiful story line, is there e difference in writing music forf the stage versus the movie? ioi feel like if you were to write i these songs for the stage wouldw there be any different type ofef process? >> no. i mean the only difference isern that you can go anywhere on on screen and so you can, you knowk you can write a song and be like at this point the ocean is literally fighting sky. you don't have to worry aboutut staging it because you can gosen it's sort of really free.e >> i was geeking out about big stars fan i love what you did yu with jj abrams it was brilliantl i'm wondering the comparison of writing that music versus whatss you did here.did h that was obviously a different t style of music. i'm wondering how much abrams as gave you about the story?to >> well what's really great is i we wrote it together.te it geth i mean he basically said, thisa, is our version of what thehat t cantina is and it's going to
7:54 am
i pitch him, well, i want tot to hear some like internationaltion reggae and i want to write it ii a language that is unique to tho star wars universe.nive so i wrote the lyrics in haticec i found a hat tease dictionaryon online and then i wrote lyrics l end started jamming and we really were sending a logicg a g session back and forth.. >> wow. that is amazing. i'm like gee iking out when iine heard that. he >> so the coolard thing aboutut lin-manuel miranda the story ths he's telling that ja abrams anda him wrote music for star wars ws toge force awakens written by miranda. abrams saw the show on broadwaye fell in love with his that's what he's referring to. h if you goe' back and watch stara wars the force weakens theea cantina sequence the music the t reggae element is actually hisuy music.c. t that's cool. >> connected him with disneyisny writing the mewing is for moanaa >> as far as this movie every time there's an animated movie e kids going to like it more,or adults will like it more whereor does this fall.sall. >> disney has that brilliant
7:55 am
they appreciate parents arepp spending their moneyre to goci t movie theater and take theirr an kids they want to gift parentsts equal great content that's whyhy pixar so successful toy story so and incredible films they workk for sometimes they work more moree adults like wale or up or insidi out they have really guyy y gigantic adult scenes.ce this is a mixture. the mew sells it like frozen oro little mermaid.le m some directors as mill mermaid.a >> when is it out.>> >> it opens today. > we'll leave you over here r little ll statay here. are you going to dig into it.o i >> no, i'm making stuffedtued mushrooms. mush >> you're in>> youen >> you made them last year. yea they remember so good.ey r >> they're amazing.>> they're a. >> all righty. aight tucker g morning.orning >> one of the more memorablere r foods, tucker.fooducker. >> good morning, guys.ood mouy let's do weather real quickea because we got to get to erinri new problem it there.he 38 in washington.ashing we're looking at highs in then t low 50s today. tay notice the winds were calm and a that's great news it's been is blowing and blowing here forowir days. we're expecting lighter winds today.pectin daytime highs only in the low l 50s. it will be cool one we'll get wl
7:56 am
out to the west won't get the rain until early tomorrow but ww are going to have the clouds cud later this afternoon and rain a showers by early tomorrowor morning. i think when you wake up tomorrow we'll have showers around for the finirstk howal r thanksgiving holiday and then just clouds in theloude afternoon if you're out payingog all right. al more weather momentarily. momeny erin is back and again got a issues out there.uthere >> really big problems on thesn outer loop. ou it's closed right now between be claire rah barton and the legion bridge. that is a look at the backup wep don't have great view of the the crash just yet but we'll getut t that for closure right now detour onetr o river road take that through thh city unfortunately not a great t work around. around we'll certainly keep you updatee on that and we're not seeing any inner loop traffic right now we'llffht keep you posted on that one verv light volume so we'll see if s f it's affecting the inner loop al all as well. but outer loop closed right nowh clara barton to the legion lio bridge. let's city we can one final lifn look on canal.look on canal canal has reopened. rpe you can see traffic once againen flowing at fox hole road.e r there was a water main break itk
7:57 am
because of the icy conditions cs two trucks got into a bad crasha out there. they had been diverting all traffic to fox hole.c to fole. once again they have treated thd road, salted it and traffic in both directions canal road atec x hohole moving. just watch for some extra heavyh delays lingering into georgetown this morning on canal road. reservoir road until the traffif patterns get back to normal mayy be a better bet. keep it to fox5 news morning. we are back in just a few we have you covered on this busy thanksgiving eve. >> be careful.ef look out for the car right r there. >> tha y ? think of your fellow man. ? r. ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.?
7:58 am
and will have given ninety million dollars
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. fx 5 good morning to you. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. women to fox5 news morning. thanks for joining uoos thisd mi morning. >> it is 8:00 a.m. thanksgivingn eve.ev here's what's on the fox5 newsew morning menu. >> americans trying to take a a break from going to see family perhaps onao airlines as well and the rails.. predicted to be one of thehe busiest travel holidays in thesn last decade. mel? >> reporter: that's right, ts r guys,. we're on the road right nowhe r headi-95 north. nth it's pretty good side on thisnhi side of the highway we hear ofro another trouble spot on theon t other side over the marylandylan side -- american legion bridge.g we'll try to make our way arounn over there give you an updateat
8:01 am
spot on this travel morning.nin. annie? >> reporter: hey, mel, thank, tk you. well whether you're traveling bb car or by air, you need a plan ahead and pack that patience,iee because things are picking upkiu here at reagan national. we'll tell was the average waiti time is coming up in a full report. >> in the meantime this is a live lookmean outside. it is a really pretty clear chilly day but clear out there.. 35 degrees to start off your thanksgiving eve. e that looks pretty good. good. let's see the ro that's what folks are reallye ry talking about.g ab >> we'll get to tucker first ofo all.all >> i noticed here, tucker, looko at the flag on top of the whitew house for the first time in iime don't know how many days noway n there's no movement there. so maybe our wind storms have subsided.subsed. >> that's one of the big storief today, steve. t steve >> excellent observation.bservan [ laughter ] >> steve intentionally messed me up because he roll the promptere past you into erin. >> technically i didn't digitid but that's okay. >> technically i didn't touch t it.
8:02 am
>> family day. day >> the show has gotten loose. le 38 at reagan national. nationa still freezing temperaturesperas dulles bwi marshall in the 20s.s here's the forecast forge forger today. toda clear skies, sunshine first halh of the day. he l temperatures in the low 50's. 50's we'll get clouds later today bud the rain will holday b off until late tonight early tomorrow morning.g. expect some rain showers for for your thanksgiving day as we'll ' have scattered showers around ao particularly tomorrow morninglyt but forom today, doing last minn hitting the roadways.. 52 and weath >> all right. big story seems to be the getse awayem es rin.rin how we looking.king. >> really bad right now on thewn outer loop 8:02.:0 we have breaking news for you.ou pete piringer with montgomerymoo county letting us know this is s the outer loop delay betweenaywe cabin john and the legionn bridge.d there's a huge crash involvingnl several trucks potential hazmat situation. we're hearing the shoulder isdes getting by temporarily blockedld all lanes. lanes huge delays leading all the wayw back to the 270 spur. s and you can see some light innen loop traffic at this point aftea the legion bridge and that is t
8:03 am
loop from 66 to the legion lion bridge.. so whatever way you're headed oo the inner loop or outer loopoutl between legion bridge and cabinn john please watch for bigor delays. we'll keep update the on thishi unand see if we can get moreetor information and visual of that crash for you. right now we'll continue ourontr team coverage. cover melanie alnwick, she's been's bn hitting the roads keeping an eye all those folks headed out of of town as well. how are things looking in your u neck of the woods? >> reporter: right now, we are,e on the wilson bridge heading across the river and from where pretty good.ettyood. we didn't get stuck in too many backups but i can tell you i guess just getting lucky itky it seems like every time the t traffic on the other side of the road that is really backed up. we saw that really starting asia well i-95 in woodbridge.e. i-95 south for sure.ur saw lot of cars in that parkingg lot from different places talkee to folks from new jersey headeda to georgia.eorg we saw indiana, minnesota, michigan, florida, i feel likelk i'm playing 50 nifty unitednited
8:04 am
in good spirits. spirits. they know it will take while out here on the roads. roa we're having fun with it, too,oo asking people what their favorite road snacks are there t what their favorite wawa came in easily number one. cracker barrel second and a lott of people said -- few peopleple said other pick things off the beaten path depends whether your want to get there directly orecr you don't mind that slowlo leisurely trip with a lot ofot extra stops. but that is al but we do have serious things ts talk about on the roads. roa that major accident.ccidt. that's going to cause lot of trouble over on that side of the beltway montgomery county side.. we'll try to turn around here hr and give you some progressgrs reports and give you an idea how long it's taking us to get overe there, and see what that isthat going to hold for those tse thanksgiving morning travelers.. that's the latest from here onen i-95 north. n we'll zen it back to you guys.s. mel, thanks.l, thanks. let's look at the big picturebie folk trying to get out of town via
8:05 am
thanksgiving for travel in nine years. >> our annie yu has more on howw local airports are dealing witht all of this.l of ts. annie, if you could go anywherer right now, buy a ticket right there where you are, where would you go? >> reporter: figi.ig >> i thought you were going sayy here because you wouldn't wantod to leave us for >> i would go to figi, too.. >> never mind. >> reporter: wait. wt. let's do that >> forget it. >> reporter: fox5 studio. >> yay! >> i f >> reporter: hey, well, thingslg are moving. that's what we want to see. s people on the move.the i just did affairs book livee video about 10 minutes ago anded the line was backed up all the way b pacassed the american flai you're familiar with reagan rean national you know the drill.ou k that flag right there thathat stands. it was way beyond that.t so things are looking very veryr good right now.igow. and this is pretty what we'vet e been seeing all morning long.ngl folks coming and going in waves. and very busy around 4:30,:30, 5:00 o'clock this morning andmo
8:06 am
but people are headed to all toa parts across the country.oury i mean we have heard ohio, chicago, california, maine, a, a lot of folk headed to dallas dla texas for the big game thursdayy but you mentioned this at thes e top. a lot of travelers by air we'ree talking more than 27 millionn americans are expected to flytof this thanksgiving week and that's a slight increaset in compared to last yea we're talking about roughlyly 55,000 more passengers this year and so you'll really see that in these lines this holiday season. so the best adv the airports here to be prepared, have your id, your passports everything in get ready to, you know, slip off those shoes. shoes people traveling with chirp, yoi know, prepare ahead of time. tim get here before time and that'sd really what we've been seeing. a lot of passengers know thenow drill by now. i think everyone is just kind on bracing for long lines.. but as far as flights go, realll no major delays much that's thee very latest from reag national annie yu, fox5 local news.ews. >> thanks, annie.. let's get to news headlines. hen
8:07 am
start there house fire on scharr ton street sends one person to p e hospitital. this person was disable had tosd be rescued by firefighters inghi critical condition now.on now there was another person in thee home who made it out on theirnhr own with minor injuries.njur there's also a dog who washo was trapped in that homepe tha firefighters able to get the dog out.ou the dog is okay.g iskay. so some good news there after that fire in prince george's counsel too. ry countgomery county, look atip this a car slammed loo right int the first floor of a townhouse in gaithersburg. on key march way fire crews hadh to help people on the second sec everybody was okay, though.s oku the driver, though everybody ini the house was okay.e ay the driver went to the hospitall but the injuries non-life threatening thing.. no word that led to that crash.a university police officer shot in the head lastsi ntyightt detroit is out of the hospitalhh this hour. officer colin rose a wayne state university police officer wasic shot while investigating cargar thefts at wayne state. state police say a man shot officer oc rose in the head. ithe head. right now a person of interestnt is being questioned about that a attack.attack there are more details now n
8:08 am
chattanooga. 24-year-old jonathan e walker we receive his license to driveo de that bus in two months ago while behind thed wheel he had another accident at sideswiped a car.side the ntsb plans to speak with hih as they continue to investigates monday's crash that killed fivev elementary students.nt 34th grader, a first graderst g and a kindergartner.. 12 students are stille st hospitalized. six of those students ins in intensive >> just horrible.. well fox5 was in montgomeryy county where concerned parentedn thinks the public school s that's being covered up. u last week a former teacher at a cloverly elementary was arrester for a second time over sex abuse allegations.gati sarah simmons spoke to a a licensed social worker who thinks montgomery countyontg children who go to publicho g pb schools are being put at >> i think there's a massiveassi problem here. h and there has been for many, my, many, many years. years >> reporter: jennifer alvarlv rah is not only a licensed licse social worker she worked closely with montgomery county public pc
8:09 am
of a work group dealing with sexual abuse. abu during that time, she camee across this. >> we found out that they had aa database of 222 people, 222 2 staff members that they had suspicions of abusing childrenhe that they admitted publicly had not reported these people toe child protective services or the police department.poliar >> reporter: alvar rah saysah ss she has no way of knowing if former cloverly teacher john joh vigna was on the she says the wor disbanded without reason by they school district.. alvar rah says she was even moro troubled by the lack of answers last night at a communitynity meeting at cloverly elementary. >> nobody new last night if or how or who would reach out to t older students who had been in n that man's classroom.. >> sarah simmons reportingepti there.ere. spokesperson with montgomeryontr county schools says that theysha
8:10 am
past year the district says itts has taken a hard look at employee training.ra they've implemented an employeeo code of conduct backgroundroun checks and implemented personall body safety programs for f montgomery county students. meantime, in charles county nowy charles county sheriff's deputy facing child pornographygrhy charges, our camera the only onn rolling as alexander sullivan left court yesterday that is hia onhe r right. detectives began investigating the 10 year law enforcement eor veteran last week.eek. they got t center for missing and he canan polited children that someone ts was up loading child porn to aoa cell phone in charles county. c. investigators linked that number to sullivan and arrested him. h a judge released him on homee detention.n south carolina governor nikki haley set to be the nextex u.s. ambassador to the united ui nations. she could be name to the job as early as today. name today haley the first wouldn't sob south carolina governorh caro considered arising star in thels republican party. p ben carson is formerly beene offered the role of housing andd
8:11 am
until after thanksgiving toangi decide whether he'll take thelle job. just last week he said he wasjoe not interested in serving as a cabinet member. black friday deals excited d about them? don't be surprisedt if you have a b little de ja vu this year.ea does it look familiar to you? ia did i see this before.efe. >> we'll explain coming up.g u another star-studded event e at the white house that lefthatf ellen degeneres in tears.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
?? >> folks this is not what you t want to see as you get ready fot th re big geaet out of town. serious accident on the outer ot loop of the beltway at thetwhe american legion bridge just asua you're heading from marylandm mn into virginia. vginia. now, here's what happened.ned. you can see on the kind of onn the left side of the outer loopo there that is a box truck that a flipped over crashed on top ofec two other cars. c there is another box truck bx t involved in this.volv it is leaking fuel rig hazmat units are on the scene.he the outer loop of the beltway ii shut down right now in that area and of course we're still tryiny to find out what's happened as far as any injuries here.s he. but, again, on this big traffica get away day, certainly not thet time that you want to see this.s you never really do, but i think erin this morning this just ampa it a little more. mor
8:15 am
police. pete piringer really serious crash there.ingecras all lanes of the outer loop thel blocked between cabin john andnd the legion bridge.ri you can see traffic getting onei to the beltway south at that t point at gw parkway but there'se huge delays gw parkway towards r the beltway and clara bartonto right there.right t you can enter from clara bartonr you can see the inner loop hugeg rubberneck delays. day if you're heading in tysons ton trying to get towards marylanddl you are backed up from 66 all the way across the bridge.ri avoid the outer loop.ter lp. detour well north at that point at river road.eroa no great but try to take river roadiver r through the city to hook back ob to the beltway to get into get inrginia. we'll keep updated on this on t breaking news.s. serious situation involving a a truck crash and fuel spill our l we'll switch it over because this is not the only big crash c we're dealing with. wh 95 on the northbound side thiset crash at prince william parkway just one eye lane is get bite b rye now jam packed from dale fm city towards prince williamards parkway watch for that one.witce as we move ove.r for a look at on the westbound side by the the
8:16 am
huge crash blocking the right rt lanes jammed from the beltway tt the vienna metro station area. also, rubberneck delay eastbounu delays extend heavy all the wayt back to 234 prince william parkway.rk so a lot of unfortunate travelve conditions for this thanksgivinv eve morning.e mning let's go ahead and switch itwitc back over to our our ma. we want to help you get aroundro all of these slow downs much m taking a look at the outer loopo where it's closed i just want tt point out that you're jammed ale the way back to old georgetownet road right now. you can see all the red andthe e that's caus maryland traffic on 270 spur coming down from gatorring burgg or rockville and then again aga ton of heavy traffic gw parkwayr in both directions.econ we'll get good work arounds for you the best ones we can get ant we'll get back to that in just t few.fe back to you guys. >> let's lighten the mood a t ma little bit. it's holiday week.k. duck, what can you do for us. >> let's no fun. f let's see if this brings a smili to your face.e. time for my fox5 first five. fiv we got shelby ray everybody.bod. >> hi, shelby ray.. >> adorable.
8:17 am
>> little one. o this is shelby rae. r she's really little. ltl she's going to be eight weeks old tomorrow.w >> my goodness.dnes >> she's so cute. >> eight week old>>.k old >> blessings to you. >> yes. yes >> what a great holiday it willi be in that household.n that hou. >> isn't it. >> she stabbed herself as aedsef morning baby.morng ba >> well, okay.. >> always >> i can see that. ian s >> i know.>> we can see that.hat how beautiful are you? y >> she loved it when you're on. always smiling when you're on,h, tuck. >> apparently she loves the chocolate bar. >> she wanted the chocolate barb >> shelby rae i apologize forlor that. that >> right. >> might be a little young. >> i try to holdht b offe my -- >> don't give them your fullrul sexy. >> not until at least six lst months. to send us your child's picture -- >> oh, my gosh.>>h, m >> facebook page fox5 d.c. >> you're so beautiful.eaut >> we love it shelby rae. r thank you for watching everyinge morning. we love love love your picture.. happy first one, right?ig >> happy thanksgiving.nksgiv >> first one.
8:18 am
53 with rain showers.we for the most par the rainhen showers are the first half of hf the day. i think in the afternoon hourson if you're going to be out andnd getting exercise, it will bet lb just cloudy but we will haveav showers around tomorrow morningg okay. 38, cold this morning. morning that is a warm temperature atre reagan national. everybody else is in the 20s0s early.y. lots of sunshine here the firstf half of the dayir.ay but you can see the rain showers tot to the west. that's the green on your mapen even a little bit of winter winr weather for parts of ohio.hio we'll be looking at just liquidq here when it arrives. aives and again thawi tomorrow morning.morrow probably four, five,r, f 6:00 o'clock in the morning.lock wee get rain showers moving in.g as far as weather, shouldn'tuldn impede your travel going out ofo town today or and then coming back on sundayua although again we will have rain showers around tomorrow morningi 52 today.52 tod. >> going to be turkey risk. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah.>> >> i'm trying.>> i >> i liked it. i >> thank you very much. president barack obama award
8:19 am
actors, musicians, athletes,s, innovators entrepreneurs whoeuro inspired him over the years.ea good it was really who's who ofo a listers. listers everybody embodying the spiritpi of america want it is that makek this country so special. ?? kareem abdul jabar. >> ellen degeneres.enes robert deniro.o. bill and me drain gates. ges >> frank garrity g michael mhael jordan. >> we' artists, public servants, rabbel rosieres.eres we pay tribute to thoseo distinguished individuals with w our nation's highest civiliann honor the presidential medal off freedom. [ applause ]applse ] >> many years ago, melinda's mom told her an old saying, to knowk that even one life has breathedd easier because you lived that ii
8:20 am
>> every time i touch a computec a windows based computer youompu can't help but be reminded of of bill gates and then when i lookl around and i see the good thing going on bill and melinda gatess foundation have done it inspiree me. ?? >> maya given us more than t places for remembering sheembe created places for us to make ue new memories. maya simply a designer artistr extraordinary. she designed the most emoton veterans memorial.l. it's made of granite.f g but it really seems like it's a living, breathing thing. thing [ applause ] >> when i see sicily tyson i see a beautiful, powerful inspirational black woman. she's a star of stage, a star oa the big screen, a star of the t small screen.crn i remember seeing her in the auto biography of miss jane andd
8:21 am
>> still have two sons.on but now one is forever outside.. >> as kid i was enthralled byley the apollo mission. margaret hamilton an a mathematician created the on board flight software for thoset missions. a leader in her field and inspiration to women everywheree isn't as margaret says, there'se no choice but to be luckily for us margaret never >> jordan the drive. dve 18 footer. yes! yes! >> michael jordan greatestes basketball player of all time. i used to just get energized watching michael jordon go downo the court the way he dunked. [ applause ] >> just how much courage was required for ellen to come out m on the most public of stageses almost 20 years ago. ago
8:22 am
some somebody so full ofl of kindness and light, somebody wee liked so much, somebody who w could could be our neighbor or our colleague or our sister,ter, challenge our own assumptions.s. remind that we have more ine in common than we realize. push our country in theryn direction of justice. >> so act look at that. >> because, you know, what knoww happens.ha >> great innovators our very owo shawn yancy and tony perkinskins na background on the details of the folks who received that hugeed g honor at the white house whi hou yesterday.erda >> funny lady ellen degeneresers this is ellen before webe receiving her medal of honor. hr she learned the hard way that tt you just can't, you know, bust , up in the white house just j because you're a recipient ofu'f the highest civilian honor. hon you still need your id just i j hours before the ceremony they t talk show host tweeted this picture saying she hadn't been b let in because she forgot her ir of course. cou she was eventually let in in time for the ceremony. cemon >> maybe if she would havebe i
8:23 am
the white >> it's protocol. t. gete it. congratulations. and they're probably still iny i town. good morning to everybody.dy >> congratulations to all andul great to see you allat here ine washington, d.c. around theto.c holidays.holidays 8:23. another check of your holidaych get away tofraffic next. n
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> eight cool 25. mix had we talk about the big get away today.>>we talayay.
8:26 am
sudden we have trouble spots aso well. we need somebody to steer us through. >> how about erin como. h ow>> i think that's the abest . >> 8:25.>> good morning. unfortunately we have lot ofatye drivers heading from marylandar to v virginia. park right now because of a closure over the legion bridge.. there's a crash involving twovio box trucks, a few other vehicles, a hazmat spill.t spill you can see a huge mess.e right now it looks like they're' trig to funnel some of that se f backup across the bridge on thee right shoulder. sde that on-ramp is coming on from o clara barton, and look at theoot inner loop becse rubberneck delay we are seeing delays back through tysonsys parked solid from 66 across thes and then again the outer looperl just the shoulder getting by but then they'll block it all offllf once they get that back up outk through the shoulder and that'sa not an option for you so let'sot take look at our map becauseecau this is causing such an overflov of traffic around the you're jammed all the way backtb on the outer loop to old georgetown road and you can seee coming down from rockville the 270 spur southbound completelyol jammed as well.
8:27 am
to get back on to the outer looo to continue your travels inlsn seeing such an overflow ofow of traffic on gw parkway as well. cabin john, clara barton as welw as portions of river road. r so either way you cut it ifut i you're headed on the inner loopl or outer loop give yourself ato least an extra hour and any questions at erin fox5 onox o twitter. te we'll have the very latest on this busy travel day as we continue.ue >> all right. r. 8:27.. thank you so much erin.ank have you been thumbing throughg the black fridayth door busterte ads? >> before you fill your ca at some years past to see if s i you're getting a deal or dud inu the present.. 8:27.
8:28 am
the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> big story this morning outert loop of the beltway is closed. they're getting traffic by hionf the shoulder right now butow they're shut the whole thinghole down in few minutes. minutes this is the outer loop of thetho beltway at the american legion a bridge. so just as you are coming intoto vi road will be shut will e you can see it on the right sids of the screen.ocr a number of box trucks they gotg into an accident with couple ofo cars right now.. one box truck crashing on top of two cars. we know of two non-lifeon-le threatening injuries at this ati point. you can also see the backup on u the inner loop quite extensive e too a lot of folks slowing downn to see what it was that happenep with all the flashing lightsg lg there on the outer loop.oop >> building all allr and now we see the results wantw a pain for folks trying to get o around on this day.s d
8:31 am
this as steve mentioned hazmataa units are on the scene.he they're dealing with the mess ts there. we're on top of this, and erin e will be up next with much moreuc on it but we wanted to bring upn to date what was going on on tht american legion bridge. all right.> right. all knew 8:00 call it black friday de ja vu. vu. >> stores getting shoppers in aa frenzy for door busters asrs as always but are the deals reallya that great and here's a bigs question this year.qution this r are the deals really that new?e? >> so disappointed by this. thi fox consumer reporter steve noviello joins us to show you yu how the deals don't change that much year to good morningch.good >> good morning to you i'rnm not saying they're not god deals but here's the issue. thes we see some of these thinghese t advertised and we think, okay,ka this is such a good deal and d d such a rare deal, thatt regardless of my budget i've got to go out and get thisd t th particular item.ular well, guess what, folks? you? u don't have to worry about goingt to the store and snatching upndg some of these great deals. because if history repeatsep itself which it seems to do, to
8:32 am
starting with i want to you take look.e l we've got adsoo from 2014 that s 2016. 2016 let's get them up on your screes for you. do you notice anything a littlet bit similar when you look at lk these ads from years to yearo side by side? >> the scooters. >> for one. for one. >> the scooters have been around. actuall since 2013. that 49-dollar luggage set mustt be a heck of an investmenttment because that's been around foruf years. the air mattress has been arouno for years. the ping-pong table all of it is really quite similar. sim now that's not to say there aree no great deals at target thisge year. in fact, brad's deals points to an xbox one that was 299 now 249 plus a 40-dollar target giftgetf card but if you think you've got to, you know, knock down youryo neighbors to get to one of these scooters, keep in mind, they'll' be back next year because they y certainly have been around forh of the last four years. >> let's move on to j.c. penney.
8:33 am
look. lo let's get it up on your screen e because you'll notice somethingt very interesting and you'll see it the most with this colorful r knife set with some of the otheh cook wear take a look at at the actual graphics themselves. not only do the deals notea change, but do you notice the pictures don't even change fromf year to year? 17.99 these t knives have been.n. 17.99 or 14.99 depending whatina year you're looking at. so generally when you shop at j.c. penney for black can expect to find a red, blue u or green casserole pot for 255 bucks. a set of new cook wear for $30.0 so if you're worried about a really making sure that your dar starts there to snatch up these deals, they're not exactly as as rare as you might think that they are.ey are same deal over at kohl's. k take look. i want to you tell me what looks just a little bit familiar fromr year to year.yearo ye >> those mates.ho mates >> i think the plates.nk t pla >> those brightly colorful colfl
8:34 am
g look at that. i'll get betweloen 4ok0 and 70%. >> reporter: 40 and 70% off. o you get the bonus kohl's cashl s you get the plates for $24. $24. i mean, even there's cup and cause sorry stuff. stuff these to go travel coffee mugs have beene 9.99 for years.ea folks, again, there are somereom great deals in fact there's a a cannon eos camera for 450 thatt used to be 750 plus you get $135 in kohl's cah. and finally for you, take a lool at the macy's ad. a i have to say, it seems that tww things i notice here.ere the models don't seem to age. ae look at this woman whose beensee wearing a cashier sweater sincen 2014. 14. she has not aged a day.ged a because the pictures have note t been updated in three years.ears look. look yes. it's a wonderful deal.ea kashmir is expensive you can gen it for 40 buck.0 buc but chances are if you miss itst this year, it will be back nextn
8:35 am
shirts and ties much the fashion leather boots that you can getan at macy's as well. wl. the bottom line here, folks h, s shopping for black friday deals, there's two things that people e really need to take look at. one, how rare is this deal and we can see not so rare in someeo of these cases? and of course,u how good is the deal? and thend only way to do that is to knowoo what actual retail price is arm yourself with that little bit of infselformation to make e that you are the smart test tes shopper possible when it comes weekend. hey, real quick before we go iko want to .2 thing. brad's deals publish a list oftf really good black friday dealsdd you'll find that link on your y station website and quick plug g here tomorrow morning 4:30am iti look like your good dairy crewdr will get to sleep in little bitt because you're airing my halfu' hour holidayre gift guide television special so tune intoo fox5 tomorrow morning 4:30am:3 i'll spend a whole half hour h with you running down some of my favorite gift ideas for the t season.
8:36 am
full and say if i don't get toet the store this year at least ist know next year they'll they'll still be on sale the same item.. >> done.>> d no problem. >> thanks, steve. ste have great thanksgiving.hanking. >> i'm thankful for your senseyr of humor. h >> thanks, al.>> tnks, al. i'm thankful for you and for tucker -- don't do it, steve.. >> and fourier inn.nn. >> don't ditty steve.te >> shall i safe.afe. >> tuck, i am thankful for you.y >> you know i'm emotional.w m em >> it wasn't for me who would bb go out out with on friday nights. >> this accept this as a nicecet gesturhis e for >> reagan national 38.tion 3 it's c i probably don't need to tell t you what you already dulles 26. bwi marshall the good news with today littlet sunshine to start the day anddan less wind of course it's been sn windy the last couple of days d with very brisk conditions outoi north and west. won't be dealing with winds wit today. it will be cool with daytime dti highs in the low 50s much m morning sunshine we'll get thelg clouds this afternoon andonnd eventually these rain showersn s will move in but i think they'll hold off until tomorrow morning so if you're traveling today, up and down 95 you should be good in shape weather wise i knowi k we're having many problems outbo there. ther
8:37 am
again dry this afternoon coolern for this time of year.ea momentarily i'll be back withi'h the seven day and we'll take aya look at the turkey on thehe graphic. all right. erin. take it awt.ay.taket aw >> so many problems right now 8:37. we'll take a look right now atwt our camera. camera. you can see the legion bridgen g dealing with a huge crash involving injuries, two box box trucks and several cars. car hazmat at this locate because oo a fuel spill.l spi they are right now letting thetg right shoulder of that trafficic backup squeeze through. thr but keep in mind they plan on lee shutting d river road and not let anyetny traffic by until they can gety n at c cleaned up. g huge delays of an hour on theoue outer loop plus the inner loopnr delays coming up from 66 because of a rubberneck delay.el heading out in tysons on theysoe inner loop seeing huge problemsl there as well.eras well. let's go ahead seen if we cann take a look at skyfox they areey overhead and taking vantageta point of this as well of thiselt huge crash scene that we'ret w tracking. you can see right now a better perspective of that look at that box truck. it's on top actually of two
8:38 am
you can see the traffic on the t right shoulder just crawling byb that very serious scene.ce a lot of% responders still outto there right now.there t again they have to get that gett hazmat situation cleaned up as a you can see with such a huge h scene like that the rubberneckuc delay so heavy on the inner loop. we're certainly going to keep you posted oh and that and therh atextent of injuries those drivs sustained again big problemsroem exit old georgetown from thehe outer loop or river road comingm down from maryland into virginia it's going to be quite a hecticc ride. back to you allison and steve.ul >> delays in both ways dwa the man tapped to be dc newest school chancellor antwan wilsonl joined us here in the >> epting is the big time position.posion it's an interview you'll see s
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> 8:41 right now.ight now first on fox5 a chance t know the next d.c. schools chancellor. >> he is antwan wilson he's already had a lot of chalk dustn is antt under 19 his fingernails dough sew to speak. he comes from d from oakland,aknd california where he's been w he' superintendent of schools since june of 2014. 2014. before that he was assistant aia superintendent in denver.ntn der he's also been a high school and middle school principle.rinc i asked him which one was moree challenging or better. b he said middle school moreor challenging. >> but also -- >> more fun than high school. b >> there you go. >> mayor bowser says wilson w brings great credentials to the job including higher educationdn
8:42 am
has serve. sve >> and mr. wilson stopped bitett lost this morning for his firstt interview with a local newsw wic outlet. here's what he had to say aboutt his plans for making d.c.. students more competitive whentw it comes to national standards. >> first and for most, i think,i again, it's important to celebrate progress that has beeb made here. the been tremendous progress. pr a lot to feel good about at theh same time, yeah, we want to notn only catch the national average. we expect to put in placelace activities that lead to u beating the national average.vea in order totter that, though, we have to have an intense focus oo that and making sure that the students who are lagging thatgia they're getting all the supporte they need to be successful. >> you can watch our entiree exclusive interview with antwant wilson right now at it is 8:42.:4 we're following that crash on tn the outer loop of the beltway.. >> bob bar narrate now is stucks in that trying to get us mores details.tail bob?
8:43 am
allison, we're creeping alonginn here, yes, we are on the outer o loop. lo we are heading towaropd the lego just about to pass the oldid old georgetown road exit wherewn rot people can get off. c get off. most of us are kind of stuck anu going this way.this w it is slow moving.g. it's going to be a rough morning for many people trying to getng where they're going thisthe gois morning, we'll be right back.l be rht b
8:44 am
grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. your daddy made this when he was a little boy. this is your dad at my house, where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee.
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me too. look who's here! you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice.
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?? >> we haven't rolly had the gooa music today. because it's been such a good feeling, right? >> it's been a great feeling. holidays are upon us now. >> yeah, it's a great feeling. so much to be grateful for be.en adays at's >> holding -- thanks for sharina what you're grateful for. f we're grateful for tucker barner as always and hopefully goodlyoo forecast that's coming up in just -- >> 10 seconds. >> let's break it down. let's bo get right to the thanksgiving day forecast. clouds and showers.wnt to t clou and s t raind the rain around here. arou haven't had much the last couplo of months, we have a few showers in the forecast tomorrow getting lots of tweets asking me about conditions tomorrowns tomw morning for frying turkeys outys on the grill and that kind ofria thinhag. thin they'll be scattered showers.we we won't get a loft heavy rainvr tomorrow. just scattered stohowers.cattere 53 will be your daytime higrshmh tomorrow.tomo all right. waking up this morning, cold orning c temperatures out there.mper 38 in washington.at38 look at your 20s. 2. hanging tough here even in thevt 8:00 o'clock hour.8:00 olock h
8:47 am
manassas 25 degrees.5 gr 29 up in hagerstown.own you bounce now to 36 inn ardtown.own. everybody this morning with thei exception of reagan national hnh the freezing mark. mar so very cold temperatures outtut there early.ere ea all right. i'll show you another map showing you the same numbers s.e 38 at reagan national.nal. dulles 2 that's my way of saying that mat shouldn't have been there. been. this is the one i wanted to shos you. sunshine to start your day.t yoy then we'll get some clouds thiss afternoon. the rain you see out to the wese out in indiana and illinoisois won't be get in here untilere ut tomorrow m so if you're traveling tay think you will get afternooner clouds but we'll hold the rain r off until early tomorrow morning. here's another look at it. let me also mention the ano whiw have been so strong the last ths several days won't be strong b s today.toda light winds great news increasei of clouds and the showers willhw move in early tomorrow morning.r let me just show that you onhatn future cast show you there scattered nature. ctered natur there we are at 7:00 o'clock.o'. cloudy tonight and then showersh tomorrow there you go.moth hit and miss showers for the for first part of the day tomorrow.o if you're going to be out ande t about later tomorrow afternoonrt going for nice walk beforeefore thanksgiving dinner, i thinkr,
8:48 am
you'll be kind of cloudy and then of course we watch thee wat redskins beat the cowboys. >> wahoo!>>oo >> there's your seven's >> let's do it. >> 52 -- i can.2 -- we got serious traffic. traffic >> i know. i need a smile tucker can you help me out here. h >> weather looks good thisther s weekend saturday and sunday. gsa >> that's exciting. that'exciti. finger crossed the redskins bead the cowboys,sk right?ig >> they don't need our fingersur crossed.cros >> we're sending them positiveov ergy.y. >> right. >> allison says done deal.ison donone deal. >> unfortunately, this is a is a terrible crash right now overowe the legion bridge on loop coming from maryland intoan virginia.ia all lanes had been blocked thelt crash involving a hazmat spill,i a box truck actually on top of o two cars. now, two injuries involved. but non-life threatening in this crash. right shoulder is getting by. because of this huge aouccidldet from connecticut avenue on the n outer loop to across the legiong bridge it will take an hour andd 45 minutes.ines see how slow traffic is movingin from this chopper shot on ther t inner loop? because of theof t rubberneck delay from route 50oe up through tysons to get acrossr
8:49 am
so please plan ahead for your thanksgiving eve travel plans.r. you can see this perspective all the first responders there andse again that box truck on its sids on top of those vehicles. vehice let's go ahead and show i washoi ground shot from our camera soea you can see those delays right now. again the arrow truck set upetp once they get all the folks thel stuck in that backup they plan y to shut down the legion bridgeni and divert all traffic at riverr road to get that cleaned up.aneu again, right now, you can see cn bob barnard is calling in.ling . he's on his way to this locatiot he's been stuck in the trafficnt trying to get no that locate. bob, we'll get you with in youin just a second. a s inner loop take look at our maps right noww work arounds for you. you exit at connecticut work yourork way through the city. take old georgetown road orn ad river road.ver roa notice it's backing traffic tra completely on the spur fromrro gaithersburg or rockville.lle. best bet to get through the cite and back on to the beltway inay the virginia side that way.. gw parkway north and southboundn clara barton cabin john all ofol those secondaries are just are j seeing an overflow of atypicalti delays because of this hugehis h
8:50 am
causing those huge delayse d through maryland and virginia.ra 93 questions on work arounds i'n happy to help you at err inn fox5 d.c. on twitter if you'refr not taking roads you're taking the rails red line singlein tracking problems in brookland.a all that information on my my twitter as well. allison and >> all right. a rig wishing everybody the best inthi their travels. right now let's check in with holly andt no wisdom who gt at 1:00 o'clock this morning,org came in here and started prepping for our big good dayd thanksgiving show.than you guys did all the >> cooked all the food. cooked >> we have not been doing.een ng >> we did get in at -- up at at 1:00 o'clock that was just toloa come to work.t at 1:00 o'clock too start prepping this amazing thanksgiving feast we'll begivi sharing on good dayng.ood day this is celebrity chef chopf c champion demetrius he's here h cooking up were it his pastry hs chef shu.chef shu it is going to be feast to remember. >> yes. because we have not only do wey have all this good food in heree but look over here.lo ove
8:51 am
>> not only are we going to eatg a fantastic meal today but we got veterans coming in they'llhe hang out with us you may know k him ash she larry from the chappelle show. darn net rollins will be herel r too. to we might feed him if he's funnyy >> we'll have enough food tohd t feed the whole blockly bckly nonetheless look at this thi gorgeous table. table. we'll talk about setting the tabllke. a ta how you can spruce up your ownp thanksgiving table.thanksgi go ahead, wis. sit right here at the head of the table.e ble >> sit right >> i can i'm in charge.harg >> i'm running think operation n does we'll share what we'ree' ll sthankful for. f we want to you share what your thankful hash tag fox5 thankful. we'll be doing that throughout the morning. mor it is going to be a very special thanksgiving eve edition of good day. y >> now get up.ow g u that's allison's chair. >> i have to be thankful for the time i've been in this chair thc right now. >> you got to move. to ve >> allison sits there.. >> you're someone down here.ownr >> probably by the door. the dr
8:52 am
e tablble. >> you earn it. >> what? >> holly? >> i think because you have thec most social media >> is that why?hy >> the head of the table. >> i graciously accept. g >> there you gora.. >> wisly thank you so much.ou s. >> we can duck and run becausese we're at the other end.he oth ed ?? it's kevin is with us rightg now it is time for our fox beatb good to see you my friend. fri happy thanksgiving earl. e >> happy thanksgiving to you. t i'm thankful to be a part ofhanr this fox5 team. tea thank you will for my family any my wife and my dog. dog. >> your wife.r we. how sweet.. >> 35-millimeter film ke >> no, we're thankful for your u enthusiasm and the energy yourgu bring to the >> thank you. >> there you go. >> i appreciate that.>> i one of things i love about a myy job getting to meet people thatt i grew up watching as heroes ana one of those a robert is heert h member kiss who directed back te the future, night, forest gump, every movie i mean pretty muchyc one of the biggest film maker of all time in the forefront ofnt technology.nology he directed cast aways. >> jessica rabbit.abt >> who framed roger rabbit.. you're right about that.
8:53 am
>> i'm aware of that. i wanted to make sure>> h ie kn what i was talking about. aut >> he directed allied and this t stars brad pitt and marion coat tarred. ta brad pitt is -- he's under cover character she's the frenchh resistance fighter and theyy essentially fall in life whileni undercover they move to londondo and while in london, he is told that she may or may not be a german so when you're married toried t someone, you have a kidid together, you love each other,th but she may or may not beot >> i think it's a great twist. t >> it's really cool twist.. again, he is and an intelligenci officer the movie really kind of plays on that idea what iswh really going on? is she reallya a german spy or not? i spoke to robert is he member kiss and and marion coat tarred she's actingt playing multiple different roler in the film as she's undercover. >> she's brilliant actor. actor >> she won an academy award.. i showed robert my castaway c ticket from 2000 sand he told mm a great story about being ineing
8:54 am
>> $5? >> five bucks. >> boy, oh boy, is that thatha t long ago.go. >> yeah, 2001. >> i'm making it -- boy, that was -- >> can you believe that? iieve remember when i was in filmi wal school i had teacher when they t raised the price of a ticketket from $3 to $4 in westwood when was in film school.oo >> yeah. >> and i remember having filmav schoolteacher who said, youd,ou know, they'll never -- they'll-e never raise the price to $5 andd everyone said it's coming, isn't >> wow! >> i paid $20 to see the walk ii i max 3d worth every single penny. >> hey, what happened to my kiss?ki? >> there's more things happening in the film and you kind oorfe v to act win acting especiallyspia when we meet you in the the beginning you're playing someons undercover. when you have to act win actingt is that like a separate processo of like going into the first fst character and finding the seconn one or do you, d that evenve
8:55 am
be as much prepared as i can to, um, to act and to act in a way y that people won't see me actingn with this project what was fun was that i got to play someoneyo who's actually the acting who has to hide the fact that she's acting, b know because the audience knowso that she's acting, but it was w kind of -- o-- >> like inception.epti >> yes. >> like six layers deep.x yers >> yeah. there was like a lot of layers.. >> she was inception. ion she won her academy award film for lave rose.. robert september member kiss.eme i mentioned the walk i paid $202
8:56 am
>> see you on good day. d >> isn't that crazy.hatrazy >> hard to take short break we want to getg one last check on weather and .raffic. >> hey, tuck.
8:57 am
today we're gonna be comparing the roll formed steel bed of the chevy silverado to the aluminum bed of this competitor's truck.awe. yeah! first, let's check out the aluminum bed of this truck. wooooow!! -holy moly. full on crack here. now let's check out the steel bed of the silverado. i'd expect more dents. no holes. you don't have to wait until black friday to make a strong decision. find your tag and get 20% cash back, or, get 0% financing for 72 months elect remaining 2016 silverado double cabs in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> breaking news from skyfox for at least the last 45 minutes.he. we're dealing with a fuel spillh a box truck crash that landed on top of two vehicles. injuries involved. they're cleaning up that hazmatt fuel spill.fuel s shoulder getting by.y.
8:58 am
we'll have much more on this ana your work arounds and the rest r of your thanksgiving travel plans. plans. good day at 9a coming right up..
8:59 am
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?? straight ahead, the holidayd get away. thanksgiving less than 24 hours away and if you haven't left yet, you could be cutting itngt


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