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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  November 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> ?? morning.s fox5 news >> let us give thanks for allksr that we have and let us boldly l face the exciting newit frontiers that lie ahead. >> right now on fox5 news morning, donald trump offeringdp a thanksgiving message to t america as he inches closer to finalizing his >> and what's thanksgivingthksgi without some football? thetbalt redskins preparing to take on rival dallas cowboys this cowbos afternoon but can the burgundy y and gold get a win? we hopee so. a preview from dallas comingcomg up. >> a live look outside on thisdt thanksgiving morning.ksgiving mr we hope your holiday is off to a good start so far if you'refou up cooking doing your thing.ourt thank you very much for muc joining us. we appreciate it. i'm wisdom martin.wesdom >> and i'm erin como. c gary mcgrady joins us in therady
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forecast in just fiveyo minutes. but first developing overnight at least 67 people7 were killed in a scaffolding scg collapse in eastern chain nha work platform at a power plant p tumbled to the ground earlierar this mng china has suffered a series of major industrial accidents over recent months blamed onmo corruption and pressure toressur boost production amid a slowing economy. ecomy. >> also overseas a car bomb attack has rocked the turkey.rk officials say it happenedsay ap outside of a governmenter building and the attack isng ana believed to have been carried te out by b woman. wom so far they're not saying not sn whether it was a suicide this is the late nest a string n of deadly bombings in thes i country for more than a year. y >> sad news from the police officer who was whoas shot in the head whilele patrolling near wayne stateling university has died. niversias officer colin rhodes was just j 29 years old. o the school's president says that rhodes is the only wayne w
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the suspect in the shooting has been arrested but no charges have been filed. fil. >> the death toll has nowas risen in the wake of a schoolofo bus crash earlier this week in chattanooga tennessee.nooga tens police confirming that anotherno child an elementary schoolary sh student has died.died. this comes as federal fer investigators remain on therem scene looking into the crasho tc that has the bus driver facingvi charges of vehicularof var manslaughter reckless driving di and reckless endangerment. >> donald trump calling ford tra unity across the u.s. in his h thanksgiving address.. his message was posted on twitter. it trump says the nation has just t finished a long and bruising campaign and that tensions don't just heel overnight. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to healint our divisions and move forward as one country strengthened by shared purpose and very, veryer common resolve. rol >> trump did not detail any off his plans in the holidayay address. he's appointing topop
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so far he's picked southked ut carolina governor nikki haleyi as the u.s. ambassador to thedoe united nation as. selections require senatectio confirmation.ns >> 5:5:03 is the time. t hours away from the most anticipated nfl matchup of the h season redskins versus the cowboys.oy the redskins 613 against theinst nine and one dallas cowboys. dallas won nine in a lot on the line for bothh teams.te both franchises on the rise a re win for washington means theyn e stay in the post season huntn ht and for the cowboys a win gets t them closer to home field advantage in the nfc playoffs. a it goes down today at at&t stadium also known as gary's world in arlington texas. kickoff is at 4:30. 4 don't miss fox5 redskin5 rei pregame show later thisegam morning. we'll preview what'se expectede for today's matchup.chup talk all things football.ootbal it starts right after good day
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>> ?? >> nearly 140 million peopley 14 will be stocking is up onking io holiday gifts this weekend andsa for some shoppers in our areaa the festivities begin before b the turkey is even cooked.n coed >> i like the sound that of wisdom.. the k-mart in spring fieldsmartp virginia is openingri its doorss to shoppers who want to get a jump on black friday deals ineai just about an hour and we anjali hemphill to checko c things out. o are you seeing any shoppersho out there yet? y >> reporter: good morning.orr: g well, it is actually eerily eer quiet out here. for many yeaours we've been covering black friday shopperslo coming out as early as the a t early morning hours ofoursf thanksgiving.ksving that's been a scene we'veene w gotten used to seeing.toeein we've been at this very spotery for several years, alwaysrs, als there has been people in line. take abeen look behind me throw though.
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hour, away from k-martm-m opening. at this point there are no customers in line ts opo walktol through those doors.oo this gentleman right here he'sem actually an employee he tellsan me jus at wn aiemting to go to w but take a look insides here.esr all the shelves are stocked with products.wirodu you can see a lot of salesf signs in there.gns in there looks like a lot of good deals l are going to be going on butgoi not a person in line as of now but take a look at the stark s couldn't traffic report, the tfc video from last year we shot s in this ex this exact same time where there were several people waiting, waiting evene beforwef our news crews showed up, waiting to get in on those t black friday deals.. again totally different sceneta here now.ll it is veryy early: i can tell you that weather isat wer is cooperating so it doesn't haveav anything to do with theythiit weather but again we have seenwn push by a lot of businessesines this year to not open onn thanksgiving, to let their t families spend time with their r families and maybe that's kindhd of rubbing off on shoppers asngo well but again, if you wann tsht
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this k-mart in springfieldpringf you'll be the first one in o line. they'll be opening at'l 6 o'clock in just about anabout .our. back to you guys. to you guys. >> all right. thank you very much for that>> repoourt. ver a lot of people probably still asleep 'cause they stayed upy sp late last night. >> or up early trying get that t last minutes turkey i guess not last >> could be. b gary mcgrady. >> it all depends on how youl de do it. >> what time do you eat thanksgiving at your house. >> i don't know what time of i think about 3:00. ble hthournabl h giving a k rnoa just before the skins gameef that's good and then it's kind of like you get past lunch andl you're really hungry and then t you eat kind of that midafternoon and then youn yo don't really worry about dinner again until like 7:00 7:0 or 8:00 when you do leftovers. >> get a sand glitch can we canw anticipate good walkingalki weather. >> it could be worse. we see a few showers on>> it rr nothing too heavy.g too heavy.
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quickly. temperatures are in the 40'sure out there for the most part. p i zoom in on radar. radar we're going call for a few a f showers today. it does not look like much m more than sprinkles in some s cases. there will be a little bit more in some cases that comeswis on t across but by no means is i this going to be a washout thanksgiving.angi really by no means is thisns i going to be a wet thanksgiving.thanksgi hagerstown 40. frederick is 36. westminster is 39. 3 all these temperatures temperatu obviously are well aboveare we a freezing here.zing here. we'll drop off a little bittl more before it's all said and a done but not much more andor numbers today will warm up nicely. happy thanksgiving, all right. t because we're still --ll nothing's changed here really.ll a few showers. swers late this afternoon mostly cloudy. we should see a little bit of sunshine late today td see tod temperatures will be lower to mid-50's. mid-50's >> so, you can get that family c football game in before the real football game?anll gamrealm >> you can, you can.>> you can >> you can, get that in.t >> a lot of people look peoe lok forward to that on thankstohat giving.
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>> not for old guys like gary and myself.and mysel >> you said it. said i didn't want to. wt to thank you. appreciate it. 5:07 is the time. 5:07 at some oft some o the other top stories. hurricane otto gaining strengths in the caribbean asbes it nears nicaragua and costa cos wreak today.wr it's expected to make landfall in nicaragua early today t thousands are now undernd evacuation orders in costa rica. it's already being blamed foreay at least b three deaths ins panama. experts say it is extremelyre rare for a stormik make landfall in centralen america this late in the season.seas >> this morning in the south arson investigations are underei wagay atis fire crews battle si new large this on top of a number ofn to large fires burning across theot southeast including virginiania and north carolina.ola. fire crews from as far away as california and oregon are helping to battle those lamphose >> 5:08 is the time many people in tokyo japan waking wak up to old man win
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snowfall in about 50 years. yea about an inch of snow fell causing track delays.el >> the trump family preparesilys to move into the white housete e they aren't the only ones o packing vice president mike pence sete e to enjoy his new digs. an exclusive look inside his soon to be digs coming up. u >> a preview of today's game's is coming up. >> ?? >> as we head to break we want to hear from you, what you're thankful for, hashtag fox5 thankful. than we're sharing some of your posts. thankful for my freedom and my family. fa she's thanks full for her andera grandchildren and pray forldn ar great things in their we'll be back in just a
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nothing says thanksgiving lheike football, right.ot >> oh, yeah. >> of course this holidayhoday extra special for redskinsedin fans as burgundy and gold getolg to take on dallas this afternoon. >> of course burgundy and gold fans hoping for a ba win. brody logan in dallas has a preview of today's >> brody logan in dallas wherewr the redskins and cowboys set to square off for the eighth time in the two team's history ande these twotw offenses havee
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for the cowboys ezekialzeki elliott passed tony dorsett's rookie rushing record and he's d done that in 10 games. gam kirk cousins this past weekpaste against the packers set theet franchise record for the mostret 300-yard games in a career and he's done in it just a littlee u over a year and a half as the starter.ter. now, this is the redskins. rsk this is the cowboys on thanksgiving day.ving d. talk about history. histo players for both of these of ths teams know you show out inwut this game you'll be rememb >> your children's children are going to talk about theaboue game. oh, did you remember such andu b such in 88 and now in 2016, do d you remember, oh, ding took toio pick back to the house end hse d scored and he through it to x, l thatat. ghter]ter] >> you realize how many peoplele across the country are watching with their familiesir m reason gathered together and whater a great privilege andvige opportunity to be able to, you know, bring joy top people andnj play a game that we loveoy andnd
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>> both teams are on pace to one win over 10 games and if that ta happens, it will be the first tr time since 1991 that both theh e cowboys and redskins won more than 10 games. ges 1991 the last time thatha happened, that wases the last ts time the redskins won the super bowl.ow could mean big things for kirk cousins' squad this year.quadhi from dallas brody logan fox55 sports.ts. >> time now is 5:12 and onend week after a woman wasas viciously attacked by a bearr support pouring out thisout condition coming up.ion cong u >> a little bit later the litte first family getting into the holiday spirit but not all ofllo the obamas were there foror thanksgiving festivities.ti we'll tell you who missed out m on this annual traditiontion coming up. >> as we throwed break here's tr a live look outside on thisow thanksgiving calm view of the district vie right now.w we're back in just a few.
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>> we want you to share what y you're thankful for by usingou the #fox5 thankful and you candc see them right there on your screen, people telling was they are thankful. incredibly thankfupelop fthoreyy sobriety especially in a timeine of this epic -- epidemic is i rapidly increasing.g. thankful to be ave. so, yeah, just let us we're sharing all morningal long, all the way throul gh the morning #fox5 thankful.l >> since we're doing that it guess we should say what we' this every year because i'mause always thankful every time you wake up and -- i'm serious, sio every time you wake up --p >> we've heard this before.s be. >> you're going to hear it every year. >> every weak.>> every weak. >> every time you wake up it's a fantastic daye yo t happy to t have a job, happy to be bloyd,bb happy to have a great family. >> wisdom you're going make meae cry. >> i'm thankful to be closernkl to my family now.ow i'm so thankful for my family, friends, health. hea you know, it's the perfectfect
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on things.hi >> are you going up there or are you going throw a turkeythrr in your own out of again.f >> my parents are coming downe w here. we're going cook for them.g coot >> are they here yet. >> no.>> my dad wanted to come early ear and watch the show.and hewa wanted to come to the studio, my mom said we'reaid wee sleeping in. >> you can watch it on youron y on. >> that's exactly what she s said. said >> health and job and all but i tell was yesterday i was outut with my wife and my daughteraugh and we were just like buying stuf >> you're thankful for that tt shop. you don't have all day. d we're thankful for time. tim >> no, we have plenty of >> i'm kidding gary. gar >> we were out getting last minute things and it was soiwas cool, it was so sfun. that's what i'm thankful for.or all my kids.ids. >> little moments with yourou family. >> and my daughter was kind of like i got to go? and we're we' like yeah you're going withith us. us. >> how old is your daughter. is >> 20 -- almost 20.0 --lmos >> that's a fun age becausee beu she's an adult now for you tooro have conversations with talkit
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[laughter][lauter] >> still my little girl.ll my le >> all right, all right. g rht, >> okay. >> that's what my dad says.ays. he says i don't care how oldhowl you are you're always mylway little girl. >> wouldn't abgreat thankfulabgn day if our producer wasn't pushing us along.long. >> 20 years old.ea >> isn't that crazy, almost thar 20.20. >> i'm dealing with 13ling wh 13 association,. >> starts running together. toge i got to find my clicker.licker there's a few showers out here r for thanksgiving.sgin it won't be a big deal,ea though, all right., all right. this is mainly light coming onio through. temperature today gets up to 53, 54, fifty five, somethingy i like that. it depends on how muchepen sunshine we get. g we should get a little bit ineta the afternoon and the vein notn going to be much aand t all, ok, so just keep that in mind.d. black friday which earlier in ei the week was looking a little ll bit better but now we'll goe'll for clouds an few showers s possible again tomorrow.le it's not a washout a today.od it's not a washout for
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the specifics on thisspec thanksgiving, here you go. 44 degrees or so at 8:00 a.m. am the rain is in there with aith few showers but it's so, soo, so light. i really wouldn't worry about it too much. 44 degrees this morning.orni 50 degrees or so at 12 o'clock. and then later on this afternoon whether you've eaten'e or not the temperatures will be tem lower to mid 50's and wee should break out into a little bit of a sunshine by o tuthen. t not a lot of i'm not even guaranteeinganeing sunshine bullet it looks liket t the trend for the afternoonerno sunnier so there's yourour thanksgiving hey, guys, back over to you. ? ?? >> time now is 5:18. 5:1 thank you gary. gar my this morning a go fund mernin page is set up for a marylandd woman attacked by a bear inin her daughter's driver way. karen osbourne is nowbour recovering at home.. her family says she was bitten t in her face, her arm, legs andgd rso.o. she needed 78 stitches inin all and also suffered from a fractured pelvis. now she was able to call 911911
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ground.. wildlife officials laterfficialt tracked down the female bearwn m and sadly were forced to ford euthanize it. they believe the bear was protecting her three cubs whohre were nearby.rby. >> 5:19 is the time right now. w president-elect donald trump offering a holidayel gecreeting. still ahead, his message to to the nation on thanksgiving assga we learn more about who will whl be part of the trump team. >> but first, as the vice the v president prepares to hand h over the keys to his home to at new family, an exclusive look inside that historic you don't want to miss we're back i
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?? ?? ?? ??
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?? >> ?? >> back now at 5:21. as we inch closer to donald>>in trump'tos presidentialpresidtial inauguration, the white house isn't the only place that willh have a new family living in >> the pence family will moveilm into their new home off massachusetts avenue at thes av vice president's residence.. >> fox5's laura evans got exclusive access inside and she sat down with the man who
5:22 am
running smoothly. smoot >> it really is a front row in history. reporter: carlos elizondo eli is a self proclaimed perfectionist you have to beis if you're planning all sociall a events for the second mostd mos powerful man in the unitedul mad states. >> i had dark hair when i i startead dd. >> reporter: whether it'sert's hosting ireland's prime minister for the annual saintnna patrick's day breakfast atric party for d.c. publick' schoolch kids or wounded warriors for thanksgiving dinner. >> it's up to me and my team t to make sure that the stage is it's like a ballet.a balle you know, as soon as the -- the the curtains are drawn, it'st' show time, you know.w. and there's no -- there's nore'n turning back. b >> reporter: the home wasepter:e built in 1893 for the superintendent of the u.s. naval observatory but in 1974 i9 congress handerd it over totver the sitting vice president when it becamees too cost tooo s secure private residences.idce gerald ford became presidentd be before he could use the home.e.
5:23 am
it only for entertaining. the first vice president to live in the home was walteras w mondale. since then, it has housed vice presidents bush quail gore cheney and now the bidens.ey and >> when they appointed me theyet said we need help in makingp ink this house a home. h >> reporter: each familyte brings in their ownwn personality to create their home. >> this blue when which wech defer as biden blue is similarsi to what they have at theirhat tv home in i >> reporter: a rotating artotatn bidens with elizondo's help. photos throughout the home the h show the warmth of the tight t knit biden family and that bidem family feeling is something elizondo says they try to weave into every event theyry et host in the home. >> it's from the heart andhe h d they love utilizing thiss house. >> reporter: their signature biden beach bash elizondo sayszy is a perfect example. >> people, you know, relax anded let their hair down. d
5:24 am
and we have vendors doing faceae pandinting. orter: so,r: so, do you come up with all of those do yo iu d? >> sure, that's -- that's ahat' great aspect of my -- of my role here as social secretary sc for the bidens s-you know, working with them and trying to -- trying to accomplish what it is that's important topn them. >> this night is in honor ofonoo you. thank you. like dr. biden's annual breastna cancer awareness event whichvent this year included a bar clash on the front lawn a reception pink. no detail overlooked thisd t being an october event pink pumpkins were front andki were center. how do you get your ideas? do s you go on pinterest.yo >> spent helpful, yes, google is very helpful,nt h yesel.fu >> reporter: preserving thervine history of the house hadn'toused been done previously soy so elizondo showed us thes t heritage garden that twenty three recently built with dr. biden, stones etched withs the names of each viceh vi president and their families.en >> and then we have alan gore g and tipper.andipper. >> reporter: aren't the>> display he created to showcase r
5:25 am
presidents.esen >> every day when i drive up it's -- it's a pinch meche moment. mo as their social secretary greeting every guest that comes through that front door,rf it really -- you know, it kno really is a privilege and an honor. >> reporter: but planningte the parties is no easy task. t sometimes he has a few weeks f w to put an event together,t sometimes it's just a few days. >> as the conductor, if you, ify will, you know, i'm runningunni around making sure that alle t the pieces are together andethen that for the next step. s as we see in this visit if you fail to plan, plan to fail.n to >> reporter: when can you finally breathe? >> january 20th. [laughter] >> ?? >> all right. time now talk a little weather with mr. gary mcgrady atgrad 5:25 in the morning.25 in the m. >> what are we looking at fore g thanksgiving. >> i need to know about thisaboh football game there i'm goingi'g to play this afternoon beforeonb
5:26 am
playing while you're nappinge np on the couch in your dreams.s. >> the one i'm playing in my i chair while the kids areaiwhil outside throwing the football around, that game. >> i got you. >> that game. >> it's not a washout. washo we have a few showers aroundd here and of course for the big e game, wisdom,. >> uh-huh. >> don't even need to worry abouton't e that. tha it doesn't lane in jerry'se in house not with that big old -- - >> the weather is alwayslway perfect in jerry's house. ho >> that's right. 45 degrees in d.c., 41 gaithersburg, 39 for dulles d and winchester is 36.s so, some temperatures in the 30's. 30 it's definitely chilly out defin there but i think these temps are going to stay put whereto sw they are now and if anythingnyth they'll go up a little bit'll because clouds have taken go upa h there's a couple showers around up to the north and hweshwest. later today happeningy happening thanksgiving okay.ving okay. temperature gets up to aboutatur 55 degrees or so.e temperatures today, i'll just, say this, all dependent on o often if any sunshine we get late in the afternoon.n
5:27 am
looks like we'll trend towardsnt some sunshine and the rainunshen that comes across is not going g to be a big deal at all. a let me mention hurricane.on this is a big deal. hurricane otto down in thean western caribbean headed towards nicaragua this thingguas still category one but 85 miles per hour winds. win it's a fairly large storm andnd there's going to be a lot of a l rain with this particular storm, too. a little bit of rain for us. i wanleteitd o to show you radar before it was all said andt id done and the seven-daydone ahe forecast looks like this. lthis just really light showers today. to black friday forecash looks like most of us will stay dry.justs li so, 55 today.oday. 59 tomorrow.omor so, all those people that spend the night, you know, in lines in front of best buy, wal-mart, pick your big boxox store, it's not going to beng b frzingng for them. in the past it's been prettyeen bitterly cold early black friday morning. morni >> some great shopping weathergr there, gary. well, on thanksgiving morningg o let us not forget about theabout
5:28 am
>> that's the idea behind anindn annual thanksgiving tradition now under way in d.c.noder coming up next at 5:30, we're 5w live with a look at what it takes to deliver hundreds ofs of hot thanksgiving meals toing meo people all across the city.le ar we've got a live report coming up.
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thanksgiving. helping those in need and b ig n thoseing th holidayol shopping deals. we're live on both storiesto this morning. >> good morning to you. thank you very much for good h o joining us.g as we take a live look outsideut on this thank giving it's 45 degrees.grees. i'm wisdom >> and i'm erin como. gary mcgrady he joins us mcgrado from the weather center with your thanksgiving forecastecas coming up in just five minutes. minu but first at 5:30 a check of your top stories. sri at least 67 people were killed in a scaffolding collapsee thursday morning at aorningt construction site in easternti officials say a work platform pm at a power plant tumbled to the ground earlier this morning. >> 5:31 is the time right now. w the police officer who was shot ilince the head whilehile patrolling near wayne state university has died.univty h officer collin rose was justs j 29 years old. the school's president saysside that rose is the only waynenlwa state officer to ever fall infal the line of duty.ut the suspect in the shooting shot has been arrested but no charges have been filed justn ft >> the death toll has risen in s the wake of a school bus crash s
5:32 am
chattanooga, tennessee.t meals now confirming thatannow i another child an elementarylent school student has died. this as federal investigators remain on scene looking intong t the crash that has the bus driver facing charges of crg vehicular manslaughterslaute reckless driving and reckless endangerment.dang >> president-elect donaldresi trump is calling for unity across the united states inhe ut his thanksgiving address hisss h message was posted on twitter.wr trump says the nation has just t finished a "long and bruising bn campaign and that tensions don't just heel overnight his plans in the holiday address. he is adrppointing top administration officials andicis so far he has picked betsy devos as his secretary of education and south carolina cia governor nikki haley as a u.s. ambassador to the unitedorthe nations.naon both selections are requiredecti to have confirmation from then m senately. >> the first family gettingirstl into the thanksgiving spirit spi by dishing out meals tols t the first family lending alendin helping hand at the armed
5:33 am
president obama pardon dornedar his final two turkeys as commander-in-chief.der-in-c daughters sasha and malia were w not there due to a reported schedule conflict.flt. in their place were presidente s obama's nephews.. >> what do you think.hat you ti on this thanksgiving morning, a d.c. tradition continues. >> right now hundreds of food and friends volunteers areerar getting ready to delivero delive thousands of holiday meals mea across the city.he cy. that includes more than t 7,000 pounds 5,000 dinners.. >> joining us now craig snyderrr man he's the executiveti director of food and friends. thank you so much for taking aug moment to speak with us this >> good morning.ood rnin we're glad to have you with us today.da happy thanksgiving.nk >> happy thanksgiving to youivi craig. talk about this massive effortor to deliver all of this food tofd all of these people in need.e e give us some background onund this. th >> this is part of the programr
5:34 am
week -- six days a week, sorry, 52 weeks a year toeato people with hiv/aids, cancer and other illnesses throughout the greater washington area. are we deliver almost a millionil meals a year but today is todays special because it'ss thanksgiving and we have withe e us this week 850 volunteers, about 450 today who are going a to be sending out to 675 clients about 13, food. which they're packaging behind h we've been cooking all weekkingw and what we do is send out sd enough food for every client that they can be the host oftf family and friends soo everybody gets food for at least five people because for bf a lot of people who are critically ill they can'ty can't usually sit at thed of the table and our volunteers makeerm it possible for them to do so, so it's really a spectacular day.da >> that's just wonderful craig and we thank you for all your efforts. tell me, how many volunteers
5:35 am
deliver those meals?oseeals? >> today it will be about 450 a4 but i should mention, and it'sni important for viewers to note,ot that we don't need help just today. we have enough volunteers for today but during the year, we need 9,000 volunteers anduntes every year we get them. the today it's about 450. 4 >> all right. appreciate it. o get to gett t involved and they want to helpol you after today, because this bi is a year long effort, what doto they need to do? real quickealq what do they need to do? go to our web site. you can with one click sign up g to volunteer. volunte >> craig, thank you very much.t we appreciate your efforts andus all the volunteers anderan everything that they do.y d thank you very much and yound have a happy thanksgiving as well, sir., si >> thanks so much.>> same to you. >> thank you. anppy thanksgiving to you and all of your volunteers outksyo there doing such wonderfulonrf work. >> 5:35 is the time right now and that means gary mcgrady is here to talk a little bit about meato t what's going onabout we gary? gr >> yeah, it's the not going tosh
5:36 am
like that for thanksgivinghat today but it's not going to be too terribly'stoterr it's certainly not a washout. w. i think we'll have a few showers here and there untilnd t about 2 o'clock or sock o so possible, but if you don't get g wet don't be surprised becauseis i don't think everybody is inthn for any rain hek re and those oe that you do get some showers, se it's just -- it's not going to t be very her at all.r a gaithersburg right now iss 41 degrees, baltimore is 38,is 3 still some 30's up north and n d west. we frederick is down to 36 degrees right now.ight now. there's been a few showerss aroundbe there but temperaturese are well above f anything like that and you go l way up into pennsylvania, there's been a little bit of ait mix this morning but the roadsea ar le pretty warm,ittl ie biortg alal. hey, happy thanksgiving. here's the forecast for you.hees mostly cloudy today. i anticipate we'll get into al little bit of sunshine breaking through thisou thi afternoon so that meansternoon o temperatures could get t up intu the middle 50's. 50' that's a pretty decentatce thanksgiving, right, and we'll get these showers out of here oh and again they're just so fewsof and far between that it's notatn going to be a big, big deal. de. family football games are on. o
5:37 am
>> how about the martins takeare on the mcgradys? >> hm? >> ooh. >> yeah, we might need a little bit more planning time for that. eah,it mor [laughter] >> little[l bit of strategic stg planning. >> we have been working on jetn sleep and it's just not quitetui coming together. tet >> the whole snap and running,. >> i used to playrunn flaglag football when i was in high school. >> is that right. >> yeah. i offer some help to the team that needs it the most. >> need to start working on year then>> some hat n erin.eed to s get your team tog extravaganza. >> fox5 flag football.ootbal >> before this segment goesme gs horribly awry any furthery an let's talk about some realal football, thanksgivinging football as the redskins gets ts ready to take on the dallas cowboys. we go one-on-one with some ofom the players to find out what o w they're really thankful for onfo this holiday.tholid >> can't wait. but first thanksgiving dinner,in why not cash in on some holiday shopping deals after? we're live at a look at some ato of the preblack fridayack friday bargains that started earlyns ta this morning.t st th
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> are you seeing any shoppersap lined up yet. >> reporter: well, yeah, erin, it was getting a little at bit lonely out here a little lit bit we're used to seeing peoplein line up earlier than this year 20 minutes out from the opening of k-mart here in in springfield plaza and we're w finally getting a little bitgett of a line folks just now starting totarti pile in. dful oful about a han folks here. fo tom is going to be our nicee oun guy that's going to speak topeat us. us. what are you doing up so early e right now.ght now. >> i always get up early but i b came sale on the as seen on tvee o stuff. st so, every year i come heree there's some other things that i get sort of a tradition buttit every year. y >> reporter: every year your y come to this k-mart.s k-ma >> every year this k-mart.his k. >> reporter: what do youep think about the crowds this year? are they different thanon past years? >> yes, it's lighter thangh normal. there's a lot lessan people thae there was last year.ther >> reporter: what are yourt e ghtsghts on that. >> well, it's probably because the big door buster items aredor later but there's still b some
5:42 am
like to shop come on out early. >> reporter: tom has theep right ideora.righ you know, again, these guys are su kntill going to take advantage of the black friday f deals happening a day before,ene maybe some people are gettinge g a late start today, maybe thehe football game is prevent pre something people. i know we talked about howw stores are making a push tous not really be opened on thanksgiving so families can spend time with each other so maybe that's what's rubbingwhat off on some shoppers but guyss g if you want good deal 6:00l a.m. doors are opening and notnt a lot of people are here. h send it back to anjali have you ever in yourverr life done anything like that, gotten up early for any kind a k of deal ever in your life? >> reporter: i l honestly have not. >> her face says it all. it >> reporter: i just -- itt i just never has been, you know, enough there for me to get up f and do this but the peopleeopl that do when i've covered thiset in my years covering news i get jealous sometimes because they do get some good deals. dea >> i'm with you.ith you
5:43 am
good for you. >> yeah, i know. kno >> now that she's out there if f you see any good deals anjali a if you're listening, pikis ups u something. after the turkey is cookedsd and eaten, i can't wait for i ca that time this afternoon, what, better way to work off all o that stuffing than with a movie. kevin joins us next for hisfor h favorite thanksgiving movies. mv >> as we head to break rightd rk now keep sending us your fox5ouf thankful photos.than you can see them right there t on the screen controlling across. we want to know what you'retou thankful for. platform use that #, send inen your photos, tell us whatha you're thankful for just likee all the good feeble here are doing. >> and we are thank full fore you. >> yes. we'll be back.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
>> welcome back.>> 5:46 in the morning on this on i thanksgiving morning as people o start to wake up and stir. >> gobble, gobble. >> not only are they waking u gp some people stayed up late into the night cooking. they may be getting ready to go out aplnde sho night enjoying the nighthe nig before thanksgiving.nksg >> there is that.>> t but that's a crowd that gary gar and i can't relate to. t >> i saw some of the crowd on on wisconsin as i was driving d into work this morning and ithis had been in bed since 9 o'clock last night so i was sad. >> remember those days, gary way, way, >> he just kind of slow shakeswk the head. >> it hasn't been too long ago. >> yes, it has, gary, yes, it'ti has. >> no. >> i guess it's all perspective. >> 15, 20's years. >> 15, 20 years. yea
5:47 am
>> happy thanksgiving.nksgiv >> that was sincere. t that was from my heart.haromy h from my heart. [laughter][laughter] >> 39 degrees for dulles.for du. 36 for frederick. frederi happy thanksgiving to allg to a y'all as well and if you're wel upper merionly thanks foror joining us.inin 42 degrees for listen, travel problems prom this morning. you're grabbing a flight earlghl to get to grand in a's housesoue go seat parents, the in laws, l, whatever and you're leaving this morning we got a few showers here.or shelays.s.ning a little snow way ininw way inin northern new england and some ad today back from minneapolis,nea, let's see, a little bit foror wisconsin, parts of green bay,, maybe milwaukee this stays mainly north of chicago andortho not af problem an few showers e down through texas as as if you're going way out west, you better get going.oing temperatures there are cool and they're a big storm system coming out of the pacific out northwest which may impact o traffic. the air traffic and air travelre just a little bit.. if you're driving up and down the east coast no problems. you'll be able to coast get thee
5:48 am
we had a little bit of a mixture.xte. but by the time you get there,ue there won't abproblem. arobl mostly cloudy for us, a a fewew showers. when we say a few showers weoe mean just a few coming on across nothing too heavy and hea with sunshine later this later t afternoon temps should be ablemp to get up into the middles p inm 50's. a couple ofiddle spots may get 7 to 58.8. big weekend for forecast fororto us, holiday weekend, if youou l54 degrees for saturday. satda and good sunshine. 53, a little cooler on sunday,sn a little breezy i think bothnkot so coming back home if you'reoue coming back saturday or sunday d up and down the east coast itn c should be real, realoa nice.ic we are fairly dry thisryhi rnining. couple of showers gliding gdi through with the clouds.h wi and most of the precipitation, there's been a little bit of a mix-up north and west but not bn a big deal is moving onin through as well. quick look at your seven-day forecast.fore 55 today, a spotty shower on on black friday but mainly drynl dy and temperature up close toure t 60. here's your chilly weekendek forecast. chilly not cold. col so, there you go,
5:49 am
you. >> i'll take chilly over cold. >> any time. chilly is awesome all the t time. [laughter] >> all right, in new york theor balloons are set, the annualnnua macy's day thanksgiving day parade kicks off in just a few hours. alloons this year include a diary of a wimpy kid and k trolls. i love that. lovehat. it's a live like from new york and you can see it's still sll cold and dark but a lot of folks lining up to take in the sights and sounds of that amazing macy's three handle million peopleon are expected to line the streets of new york. ppectofew y the parade begins wisdom atisdo 9:00 a.m.9:00.m >> a lot of people going to bepp there. they're also bringing out --g o- there was some talk about possibly some terrorism threats as well so they were soe talking earlier about having some sand trucks out thered tr surrounding the parade routede e as well just in >> i say safety first. fir i would appreciate that if i thi was out there with my family.y. >> nonetheless it's a great gret event. >> for sure but i like to watch in the comfort of my omy couch cuddled up.
5:50 am
football. >> after the redskins take onher eddallas this afternoon theskhie players will hopefully be ableea to enjoy the holiday with w their own families. f >> what do they look forward f to most in on thanksgiving? o fox5's brodyn logan finds outut for us.r us. >> just being aroundro everybody, around all myod family everybody enjoyingy, thet meal but i like the peach my mom makes a mean peach cobbler. >> my wife makes a real good rgd turkey.r when i fkirst met her, obviously we got engaged she thanksgiving with her so obviously she was put to the test and i think i moved -- >> when we eat it's like our o brothers try to should haveshoue everybody out the way 'causeouta they bigger thay n'c everybody.. they try to get in and grandma is no, that's not happening ladies first. she kind of wrecks in show. >> the of wr last time you play thanksgiving you became a bit
5:51 am
>> sweet potato yam. yam >> what is your favorite side oryour part of the thanksgiving meal. meal >> sweet potato yams. ys. >> redskins fans call you yamsls because of >> i know, that's my teammate will compton saidpti dude i have a great video of. o i said what is it sweet potato >> yams, sweet potato yams.ato >> you name it, it's on the table. >> you name it. potatoes. >> it's southern food. foo dishes where they come out, throw it on the table i can go o down name the whole food butood we'll be here all day. >> awesome.>> >> yams. >> all right. >> what's your favorite side? ssyour f it would it ul be the stuffing. >> yeah. >> i'm a turkey game.urkey game. i'm all about the turkey.l ab >> turkey is the numouber oneum priority. iori >> wisdom, why are you disrespecting my family's famils
5:52 am
>> no, no. of allllgreatest sideat y time.ti i mean, there's no,, here's what it is. kevin we've neverever had any.had >> you've had them before.e. >> when. >> i brought them in lastroughtl year. i don't know if you tried one. >> for our thanksgiving celebration.ion. >> all it is, it's mccarthyth tradition you have theave t mushroom take the stem out and stuff it with cheese, locatelli cheese and eggs and en parsley. >> you sold us. sold . >> it's amazing. amazing i had like 20 of them lastlast house. i have no idea if this tieie matches this shirt.s th >> it doesn't matter.esn't er >> it doesn't matter.atter. it does but it doesn't matterte because you're here to talk about movies.out mo >> it doesn't matter, itt ma doesn't matter. dosn'tdoesn't matter about your tie. your t >> after the dinner after thene football when you're sleepy on n the couch what do you suggest we pop on. >> s o many great films you canlms watch around thanksgiving andsgd i chose some movies that havee thanksgiving in them maybe notyt necessarily thanksgivingsg movies overall but the firstir one obviously planes trainssrain and automobiles.
5:53 am
>> it's classic. >> yeah. >> you have to watch this>> movie. john candy, also steve martinar driving to get steve martintever chicago for thanksgivingo fo dinner and they obviouslybvus become friends. friends it's a beautiful film.ilm. still stands up. 1987 this movie was made. m john candy -- i watched uncle uc buck the other day that moviethi still holds up so well. he's one of the best comediansce of all time.ll if you want to laugh highly hig recommend seeing this on thanksgiving.thanksgi >> what else you got. what >> next upelse you got mail.ail. movie. >> right. >> there's a scene in the film where meg ryan is s ince a groce store and goes into a cashd goe line and doesn't have any cash and then tom hanks approachesac the lady lets her slide herli because it's thanksgiving day.g. and obviously this is -- toms -m hanks and meg ryan have done d so many films together,ther sleepless in seattle, hopefully they'll do more mor films and that's my secondy nd one. >> romance of the holidaysf they we're set celebrating withit that one. >> it's a feel good movie. movie
5:54 am
>> no. >> i saw it so long ago i need to give it a rewatch. ratch. >> one of my least favorite movies. >> how do you hate rocky. roc >> people go to philadelphiala just to take pictures of the statue. >> saying you hate rocky is roci like saying you hate frenche frh fries. fries. >> high-five. there was good one. >> i'm not athere fan of frence fries either. i'm just saying. sayin >> here's why rocky is aa thanksgiving movie.ovie. there's a scene in the film it's on thanksgiving day paully throws a turkey out ofow thndowndow.a not traditionally a thanksgiving film but there's te a scene on thanksgiving.nksg i do want to mention the 40 the4 year anniversary of rocky wasas on this week was on monday. >> wow.>> wow. >> the 21st. t came out in 1976 november 21stet was the original release dateale and those are my top -- -- wisdom. [laughter][l
5:55 am
>> you really do. how do y you hate rocky. >> wisdom as has an elegancen ee taste. >> wisdom, i love you.ou i need to invite you overou my house and we'll just watchch movies together for a >> if we don't watch rockyoc it's all good.'s all good. >> i would love to be there. tre >> a fly on the wall. w >> great suggestions for usionss kevin. >> all right, guys.>> agu >> if you have any questions hit hiham upve on twitter abouta any other movie suggestions.stio >> this doesn't matter.n'mat time for our facebook fan offa the day. that's our homage to in case you're wondering why we're hollering.we're >> tie says he often gets told that he looks like the one, the only wisdom martin so let's compare.omre. what do you think? i can seeee the similarity.imil >> what do you think. wha >> he'st obviously a sharpha dresser. >> it doesn't matter what iter think. thin [laughter] >> wisdom -->> w-- >> no, i lover that sweatersweae
5:56 am
>> it is the same >> same tie.>> s >> he's wearing your tie, wisdom. >> well, ty thank you for watching.hing. >> it's a tie. >> wearing the same tie ande tie his name is ty. come on.n my goshsh. >> wisdom, what do you think. wa >> i think that's wisdom. >> yout hink t think i did that. >> wisdom is tighe and tigheig is wisdom. tye wearing wisdom's >> you can do to show how good looking he was.s >> i would like to ask him whether he gets stop in thep in streets thinking's you. >> he says a lot of people thinks he looks like wisdom martin. >> gary question for you for thanksgiving.esti what's the temperature goinganki to be like during footballoo time later today? >> here? >> but not -- here? not -re? >> here not in dallas becauselas we want to know if you can get t that walk in before after theftt game. >> yeah, we're going to be in
5:57 am
>> okay. >> here's travel forecast for you. some stravelrhowers up and downe don't worry about it. here's your thanksgivingrsn't wo forecast. yr th this is ultimately kind ofreultd what erin was just asking. askin mostly cloudy. temperatures low to mid 5. in jerry's house where the redskins are going to dominate it's like 70'sng to degrees. >> go skins.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning.
6:00 am
donald trump offering a a thanksgiving message toge to america as we learn morernore insight as to who will be a b part of the trump transition.ras >> well, it might bet might thanksgiving but there are the already plenty of shoppingty ofg deals to be to be had we'll b.e live with a look at some preblack friday bargains bs just ahead. gh, a st, though, a live look ou lootside on this thursdayhury morning. it is november 24, 2016. it is thanksgiving morning andmo a very happy thanksgiving toing awful you. a check of your forecastoffor coming up at 6:05.:0 good morning. mning. i'm allison seymour.m alson >> and i'm steve cheneve on this thanksgiving morning. >> nearly 140 million people ppl will stock up on holiday giftsis this weekends so we went righttt past thanksgiving right to thehe holiday shopping, right to t tomorrow but for some shoppers r in our area the festivitiesestis began before the turkey isfore s ev cooook. >> one place that just opened oe its doors the k-mart in springng fields. anjali let me hill is there checking it me it. she joins us this thn how is it going so far? f


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