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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 24, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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> thanks fob joining us here on fox5 on this thanks giving, it's 10:00 and i'm jim lokay.kay. and i'm marina maracco. the turkey is carved, the plates stocked up a and many of you are turning your sites onto black friday > lauren demarco is live withve the brand new clarksburg premium oat lets.g let we start off with mike thomashoa who has your friday weather report. >> we're getting you ready for
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thursdays nowadays. many of the stores opened up at 6 this morning. i actually heard they weren't that crowded. they were watching the cowboys/redskins game beforere theyds headed out. 47 your current temperature herp in d.c. that's near the river.rive sweater weather. chilly out there. look at the 30s just north and west. gaithersburg 39, dulles 38 park manassas 41, culpeper 39, chilly, most of us are dry. we this have a couple showers move through early today, very, very potty, very light mostly north of d.c. generally speaking it's justt's going to be clouds tonight, not worried about any rain so need for the umbrella tonight. tomorrow maybe a couple more. let me show you on future, midnight tonight just clouds out there. we continue to go through the overnight hours.ov mix of clouds and clear skies, sun comes up, clouds start to
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peaks of sun, you a little bitu of shower activity towards the west. a little about it of shower activity towards noon. maybe here in d.c. our best.c. chance is going to be at about 4 or 5:00 tomorrow evening before things start to clear out after that. forth overnight hours definitel jacket weather.athe not too far in the city. 46 for a low.ow. most of the suburbs will head ts the 30s.s. we'll keep it dry, included did i. 48-degrees by 8 in the we'll be dry to start. clouds build into the early afternoon, 56-degrees byby noontime and maybe a mild 58-degrees with just a shower or two, but certainly no washout for black friday. that's a check of the forecast back to you.back you heard it from mike, it is chilly outside, but i is not stopping shoppers from the region. taking advantage of those early holiday sales, lauren demark a could he joining us live from the outlets. those stores are packet rightre
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it's amazing for this time of night. some great deals, 50 percent off the entire store at pole on. people are waiving to us. there's a line at the register. there are folks who stay overnight. if you look over here, brooks brothers, they have a deal onon mens and womens shirts and ties. it's amazing to see all folks out here.t we did a rough timeline off what's between going on throughout the take aho look. when we arrived cars werers already pulling into the parking lot. that was 5:00 p.m. and the clarksburg premium out lengths weren't scheduled to open for another hour. we did find a few stores open early, including the fragrance outlet and surprise,ri surprise, starbuckss and therend were plenty of people waitingtig around for the doors to be open. in the 6:00 hour, the registers
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by 7:00 p.m. the bags weree getting heavy, some stopping foi a dinner break. for the record, not turkey, nope, it's pb and j. nike had prommed to delay promised to delay opening. the move paid off because whenen they opened at 8:00 there was as long line of customers waiting to get inside and take advantaga of all those deals. come 9:00 p.m. and beyond the shopping continues. the stores will be open moreen m than 24 hours. throughout the night. it is crazy to me the stores aren't even open yet.n op what are you guys doing here? i really had my thanksgiving meall already. my stomach is full so i'm trying to burn off the calories. it's my sixth thanksgiving. > how come you're not eating turkey? how come you're shopping? >> interesting.
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outlet was about? >> yes. this time i come with friends.fe you did good. >> good deal, amazing deals, really. > this is for seven, fortunate enough to get $300 back, 40 percent they give you back every $100 you spend you get 200 back. you look like you're alreadyou'r tired of holiday >> yes, it's been a long, long day.g i this think we started here two hours ago > it feels like two >> it does feel like two years. almost done, though.ugh. > we're an outlet, 25 to 65 percent off every day day guaranteed at the outlets 365les days a year, it obviously boosts up for thanksgiving weekend as well as thesgiv holiday season.. customers are going to be very, very pleased when they come down and see some of the signs in the windows. > happy thanksgiving.
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> is officially black friday here. these stores are not closing until 10:00 p.m. tomorrow. then the holiday extended hours begin. that ill with be the case all the way through christmas.istm live in clarksburg, lauren demarco, fox5 local news.s. > and thanksgiving always a busy day for firefighters.iref this one no different, fox5's lindsay watts joins andns firefighters saying that todayht is the biggest day of the year for home flyers resulting from numbers from two of the major fire departments in our region and between montgomery be and prince george's county, firefighters responded with between 25 and 30 fires just we checked in d.c. fire, didn't, have specific numbers, but said they have been very busy ass well. luckily none of those kitchen fires resulted in any major damage. this is one of the mostst significant fires that we have seen today.
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though. the family believe the fireplace is to blame. possibly something went wrong with the chimney that caused blames to spark up in the roof. you can see the workers up therr getting started on repayments this is on 24th street. we'll show you some video of what it looked like we got here in the home got out finished. they finished eating, lit the l fire and thenal all of a sudden the tv turned off. they smelled smoke came outsidei to see smoke coming from the chimney but from the roof as well. they just cleaned out the chimney so they don't know what's happened.wh they are out of the house until repairs can be made. i talked to one family member t whoon said you always hear about all of the fires that happen on thanksgiving, you just don't think it will ever happen topen you. from the time we knew anythingnh was wrong, to the time it was
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minutes. it happened really, really quickly. just happy everybody one is outside.ou it's all material stuff.ater it could have been a lot worse t than it was. > firefighters say take thisake opportunity to test your smoke christmas of course is another big day for kitchen fires. you always want to stay in thete kitchen when you're cooking foog on the burner. stay in the house when you're cooking meets like turkey in the oven. also be sure t precautions if you are using your fireplace.yo i justur talked to a d.c. fire spokesman. he says that the cause of this fair, the specific cause isecif still under investigationesti tonight. live in northeast, lindsay watts, fox5 local news. > ' switch it up. et cetera on been a long timeee since the cowboys redskins face off got this kind of attention. the stakes were high. it was closer than expected even thougn at times it didn't feel like it. curb cousins and the skins and
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series. the first play in the quarter quarter. jordan read breaking free to the outside. read did return after suffering a first half shoulder injure requirement the two point conversion failed and the skinsn wereand down. nine-plus minutes to go it's now 24 to 12. deshawn jackson that was a beautiful play. a 67-yarder, the longest this year for jackson. under seve cowboys third and nine for the skins, out of the pocket, fines december bryant for 21 yards. it's 31-19 cowboys.wb thenoy the skins march right dor the field, two minutes left,left cousins to a leaping jordan reen back in the game, good to have him back, the redskins within 5, 31-26, dozen tin hopkins, the cowboys can't recover, but it goes out of bounds.
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the skins 31-26. the cowboys improve to 10 and 1. fell behind early, made our way back. we fought close at the especially, it fou it was good o enough. the cowboys are a good team. they're 10 and # or whatever their record was for a r. we f knew it waors going to take ante extraordinary effort. we got a great effort from everybody, but just came up short. very frustrating, but we felt we was in the game. we just couldn't get the final come back. i think everybody in this locker room had some plays out there we wish we could get back. > so a lot was made about that short turnaround and thend redskins finally get a muchuch deserved break. this is remaining schedule.ched the neck time we see them will be december 4 at a the cardinals, december 11 at the eagles. monday december 19 they willill
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year's day they will host the new york football giants. > five more games. >> a couple more > as you sit around your tvv after a long day of feasting and unforth if nationally a loss in football, there are still others who are punching a timecard.meca plus, it's one of the busiest holiday travel seasons in years. how hitting the roads couldld impact ur as we head to break, a look at most famous thank giving day parade this. >> month the inflatable thanksgiving turkey and the character charlie brown balloon and the macy's day parade. > it. > did you know, it was first on tv in 1939.n 1 it was suspended during world war ii and in was a helium shortage that almost grounded all the balloons. about 3 million people come out
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each year. >> you are full of facts.ts. >> we're back after this on this
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> a holiday tradition turned deadly in louisville condition u tuck, i two people wereis killed and four others injured. people gathered for the juicece bowel. the event is a football held on thanksgiving. suspects or what may have led to the shooting. meanwhile police in virginia are wanted in the death of a outside of a restaurant held in york county. he was escorting ryan lewis fros the event when the 26 year old lewis pulled out a gun and fatally shot him. look is ran off. > on thanks giving when so am m are at home with their of loved ones, hospital employees and so am more are off working. the four seasons in georgetown has been doing something special to show their appreciation for
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with our loved ones, our policel officers first responders hospital employees and more aree often out work and the four seasons here in georgetown they've been doing something to show their appreciation for the past 17 years. from 300 pounds of turkey to 100 byes, along with all of thef sides and fixings of a traditional thanksgiving feast, the four seasons dough t gnats about 500 meals to those who0 me serve us on thanksgiving day. it's the same meal you'd get p if you were dining inside but instead served outside on the mayflower, a donated truck, or given out in to go containers for workers who bring back to others who are working and can't get away for the meal. the that drugs is something ours local workers look i forward too and come back for year after year. > these people that areat actually taking time out of their holiday to come honor us
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normally were never able to doo with our families. > i've actually come here since i worked in the emergency department and every year thatt they've had it, it's been fantastic. i mean, when we're having tohavi work they're over here making meals fours.four it started 17 years ago and the tradition has condition everyn a year sinces and understanding from those who work in the hospitality industry who also work on thanksgiving day to give back to others in situation. being in the industry we workk when others celebrate.en o this is usually the case. we thought since we're here why not expand the hospitality forhp those who need it. the people who work on this day, all the public servants, nursesr firefighters, policemen as well and anybody else that may be onb duty today. in the past 17 years this event has served over 6,000 meals to
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thanksgiving reporting in georgetown andnd wishing you a happy eye ronica cleary, fox5 local5 o news. > if you're watching us and you traveled to spend thanksgiving t this year you are not alone. caring to aaa nearly 49 millionr americans were expected to hit e the highways or skies this year which were up about a million since last year. more than 27 million people wilp be flying. just in time for all thatthat travel, gas prices continue tonn drop if you add we were saving for a five yearve average that's nearly $2 million back in n our pockets. even though prices were slightlt up from last year. that's according to gas you know we're looking at gas prices today and going intogoin thanksgiving that are going to be the third lowest we've seen in the last decade and thatt means collectively we'll be
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versus what we saved over the five-year average in the lasthe five years. there's another question a lotoa of people have they are wondering what kind of effect the gas prices will see when w donald trump takes over the white house. list cost ski says really when the president changes don't see many impact at all. new tonight, an investigation revealed howard county public schools did not follow maryland law in handlingd some requests for public information. the state general assemblyembl ordered a review of system earlier this year inin response to complaints by residents. investigators reviewed more than 200 requests filed between july 2012 and the end of 2015. more than 60 percent had issues and/or were left unanswered. a final report is due out at tht beginning of next year. > and tonight president electct trump and his family are spending the thanksgiving holiday under the florida sun
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florida estate could cost you as a taxpayer. we'll have that story coming up next. tothe roll formed steel beding of the chevy silverado to the aluminum bed of this competitor's truck.awe. yeah! first, let's check out the aluminum bed of this truck. wooooow!! -holy moly. full on crack here. now let's check out the steel bed of the silverado. i'd expect more dents. no holes. you don't have to wait until black friday to make a strong decision. find your tag and get 20% cash back, or, get 0% financing for 72 months on select remaining 2016 silverado double cabs in stock.
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it's my prayer that on thishis thanksgiving we begin to heeln our divisions and move forwardrr as one country strengthed by one purpose and very, very common resolve. that's the fortune of donald trump's thanksgiving message to america. trump went onto say thatat americans have a chance to make change to washington. reaching this goal will require effort from the entire nation. president elect trump is spending his vacation at his ocean front resort in florida. while the palm beach estate is now in the lime lights. >>reporter: donald trump's stunning victory bringing
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around the faith avenuend t highrise.hese protecting the next president i palm beach. a kale kid of cops and secret service agents from mixed reaction from locals.als. we're hopeful that business is going to get better. faa issuing warnings to pilots, similar warnings to boat otherst to the us coast guard which is patrolling the 28-acre estate to keep the next commander in chief safe. it is u trump and his assent to the presidency is unprecedented. obviously you want the properper security. i don't think anybody can arguen like that. unlike trump tower, according to a former secret service agent may be deferred. bay largo is a seek set service agent's dream to secure. it is accessible by only three
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residents keeping fingers crossed for a quiet i'm hoping everyone is over the hyper. according to some reports taxpayers may be on the hook for some $7 million in security costs. in palm beach, jeff lenox, fox news. > for the very last time president obama made a turkey pardon, this year the turkey will. this is a tradition back to president lincoln. sasha and malia could not be there so instead he brought out his nephews, austin and eric were by his side. i want to recognize the brave turkeys who weren't so lucky who didn't get to ride the gravyy train to freedom who met their
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and proved that they weren'ten't chicken.chic it's not that bad now. come on. i figured it helps that this is his last time that he has to do it. itself heat going to come back c to hauntom him h. he was joking because theyey haven't been turned cynical by washington like sasha and malia. > when we come back mike thomas has another look at your black friday forecast plus givingin thanks to our troops. a as we head to break, a masstive thanksgiving giveaway that was 12 months in the making in chicago. chef quinton love started a go fund me account to giveaway 1,000 turkeys and in 30 days he exceeded his goal of $10,0000,00 raised for the project. there were plenty of hands to distribute. we'll be back with fox5 news at
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> this is fox5 local news at 10. welcome back. we're back on this thanksgiving night with a look on the top stories. we start in clarksburg maryland where a lot of people showed up at the clarksburg outlets for a little post turkey cars pulled into the outletslets before the outlets opened.ed. the nike outlet decided to delat the opening so theo employees could have a little extra time with their families. 24 hours. > montgomery county and prince george's county fire departments say theyfire responded to about5 to 30 kitchen fires today across the two counties. none caused any major damage ors injure, bus the home you're looking at fourth street in northeast d.c. involved a family's fireplace. in louisville kentucky a thanksgiving tradition took a triage event turn.
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of football games held on thanksgiving.. no word of suspects or what led up to the shootings. temperatures reached the middle l to upper 50s in some spots and most stayed dry and we had a good cloud cover.loud these going to be the next story as we head through the next 24x2 to 36 hours. 44-degrees. that is here in the city. if youre i happen to live out ie suburbs, some are alreadydy falling blow the 40-degree mark and many will head for the we'll keep it dry.we'l if you're heading out for late night shopping no need to take the umbrella. we'll start with sunshine, but then clouds billed around ther noon and 1ou:00 hour. we'll have some very spotty showers, let's say about 80s p of the region stays dry with only about a 20 percent of showers tomorrow.ow noert such a bad day withy temperatures back into the 60s. you can see we head back to 50s for the weekend. lots of sunshine, cooler, more
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tomorrow. a bit of a warmup.rmup we'll talk much more about thatt coming up in just a about it. marina, over to you. >>reporter: as friends andd family gathered to celebrate thanksgiving those serving our country oversees were not able to attend. but as fox reports they have many things to be thankful for. thanksgiving celebrations get underway for those at home, those serv there is a lot to be thankful for. on this day at thanksgiving mayt you loveh god, may your pieceur dwell in us. i want to tell our family to be thankful that all these people are out here and just to be thankful for being alive.e. it's my first time away from home for thanksgiving so t definitelyha a little l hard. the turkey and the trimmings ari rolling out for the troops so
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with those nearby. it's always's hard being away from your family on thanksgiving, of course. c you miss your loved ones at home, of course, but it's being here, i mean seeing all the new people that you have all the camaraderie with, being able to be here and coming here forre dinner tonight. i think it'dis just a such a great, a nice opportunity onrt thisun holiday. president obama says we must be thankful for the sacrifices o we remember the determined patriots who landed on the edgee of the world in search of freedom. we give thanks to the brave men and women who defend that freedom. this is president obama's final thanksgiving in the white house and as he and his family sit down for the thanksgiving dinner in washington, d.c., us residents around the globe are feasting on thousands of pounds of turkey around the world.
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troops. > the late he's kanye west' condition. tonight still admitted as a patient when he could finally go home. next at 10. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price,
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your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. > developing tonight rapperin kanye west is spendingg his ths giving recuperating at aless angels hospital. kanye west was rushed to a ucla medical center following a break down on monday. he is bng exhaustion and sleep deprivation.priv according to tmz hiss condition may be worse than he originally thought. his wife kim kardashian came to visit him for several beforefore heading to her families family celebration.cele > monday done a reacts afterer her son was arrested on drug charges. the teen was arrested in september on possession of
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the singer said she loves her son and is asking for privacy. central america rocked by a an earthquake. breaking a decades old record. and happy thanksgiving or maybey not when the redskins and cowboys returkey day battle. we're going to show you that when we come back.k. > now that you're done feast it's time to go according to a survey by the nearly 75 percent of thanksgiving weekend shoppers are going to be hitting the malls on black friday.da it's typically one of the busiest shopping daze of the year. by the way, 137 million people 1 are expected to37 m shop over te holiday weekend.ho that is up from last year. the stock market is closed for thanksgiving but it has been on a tear since election day. the do you, nasdaq and s and p500 all posting big gains since
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watch what you're doing online at the office, the boss is probably watching. turns out one in four companies have fired an employee for going online and doing personal stuff during work hours like posting on social media and shopping.opi that's business, i'm david
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> a massive earthquake hit offe the pacificarth coast of electh? salvador this afternoon. the especially center of the 7.0 quake was pocket of 6-foot high waves. there are no immediate reportsmi of damages or injuries. nicaragua which is located close to the especially center also reported a tsunami alert.t. japan this morning, snow fell across tokyo for the first timee in november in more than 50n 50 years. about an inch of snow caused
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an unusual cold front was to blame. we're going to be getting ours pretty soon i'm sure. > hold onto your hats. because we think someone closemn to us is about to have some heat exhaustion there. the quote we just heard was i go to a lot of costume parties. mike thomas here.. > look, i'm here with my friends. who are your your pain, brother. this guy, right here. it's a juicy turkey. you know how president obamaobam pardoned the turkey today? ida didn't get the pardon. i hope everybody enjoyed me for thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving, everybody.yd again, sorry, brother.ther it's only once a year. let's take a look at the highshs today. look at this guy, that's what i used to look like. i was happier, happier times.
10:42 pm
we got some stuffing in there. 57 at reagan national, 59 at dulles. i can't really see, bwi57-degrees. the forecast satellite and radar, just some clouds out there, not a whole lot to worry about, nothing. if you're headingab outside and going shopping, there you go. there's going to be some good weather fo sr you to get out and do some black friday shopping. current conditions 47-degrees, mostly cloudy skis, humidity ism coming up a about it. i'll tell you what, if you live out in the s falling back into the 30s, 38 at dulles, 37 at gaithersburg. i wish it really had some feathers on me for some of that cold coming in to the north and west. 46 at frederick.t your forecast for black friday, the low pressure hanging around. not moving too fast. we're going to keep the clouds around and i'll tell you you what, we might have a shower or two. most of us are going to stay sta dry. if you're heading out for black friday i think you're going tong
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it tomorrow.row. temperatures probably getting p closerro to 60 here in washingt, 62 manassas, 68 dulles, culpeper 62, fredericksburg 63 degrees. for the weekend looking prettyty good. yeah, no turkey this weekend. take a break, high pressure building in across the midwest.s a little breezy, especially on saturday. maybe a little bit on sunday, but generally speaking sun-filled skies, temperatures in the 40 #-s and 20s. take a quick look at weekend forecast. again for saturday, maybe start with a few clouds but we'll turl into sunny skies by the afternoon 5 a degrees, by the time we get to sunday we're looking at 54-degrees, mostly supplant any skies. certainly the not as bad as we had last weekend.nd. wrap it up for you, 44-degree,ee chill, light winds overnight. i don't know who mike thomas is. i'm the thanksgiving turk kim 60-degrees by tomorrow. mostly cloudy skies, a few
10:44 pm
your fox5 seven day forecast.ecs we're look agent 60-degrees tomorrow, 55 on saturday, 54 on sunday. please sit in the chair. all right. you know, shouldn't i layout on the desk in front of you. >> please don't. > we got 60s coming next week, maybe some rain showers. > you're out of breath. >> i'm out of breath and i'm sweating a little > here's the problem, by putting him on the desk he looks like a deflated banana. >> what are you? > i look like a turkey. what show are we doing? >> i don't know. it's a bad comedy. it's thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving buddy. i was about to do sports.
10:45 pm
turkey. let's talk a little sports, thes skins only loss by five to the cowboys, but you would have to wonder what would be different if they addressed the issue much sooner, the issues in the end zone. you can could see when they gott close they couldn't get closer,r they couldn't get close enough into the end that happened several times during the game. in fact, early on, that penalty that resulted in that dustin hopkins field goal, finally rob kelly got through a couple of times, but jazz not enough.ough brody logan was in dallas for the game. a lot people think you feel douse did i on thanksgiving dayn is tha because of the tryptophan the turkey, but the reason is we eat so am cashes our nervousvous system shuts down to divert energy into our digestive system. what does that have to do w ith the redskins? it is like a
10:46 pm
today, kirk cousins throwing for 449 yards, but every time thatue they get into the red zone, it's like they're hit with a paralysis. their nervous system shuts downt and they have to settle l for field goals and a lot of times missing those field goals. a problem like that is when you play a good team like the cowboys, when you're giving up six or searcher none, you're not going to come out with a victory. we have to get it's a hole. we all got to look at each other. i mean they played good defense down there.down they have a good red zone defense. we didn't finish in the red zone unfortunately, but we did ond o other times. 27 points should be good enough to win in the nfl. > the good news for the redskins is the stretch of three
10:47 pm
coach gruden is giving the team off to get ready. they need to be ready. they go to arizona to start a stretch of five games that will pretty much determine their plal off fate. in arlington, brody logan, fox5 sports. > you may have not seen it all the time on tv, but certainly evident there, the sun not helping kirk cousins. you can see a lot of squinting.g yes, there's a roo opening didn't help matters. and then of course we all what happened to dustin hospitaltin wins, it did not help the cause. the sun, of course, hopkins talked about that. >> it's in my eyes when i'm holing the ball, that wasn't the issue.issu i misadd good kick. it's not an excuse. i need to make those.o m
10:48 pm
see. the altitude of the game. we had to play with it. no excuses, we lost. wish it came out differently. > this is pretty cool, last night the indiana pacers hosting the hawks. that's the hawks, does he lookhe familiar to you, marina.rina >> that is jacks made a new friend. said it wassen awesome to be part from that. when mom is from indiana, you've got tourette for the pacers. >> you're going to end up in the doghouse. > next at 10 film crit particular kevin mccarthy joins us. as we head to the breakevin mina
10:49 pm
holiday condition continuing today where nurses dressed newborns as turkeys for
10:50 pm
he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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> looking for something to do f this holiday weekend?or >> no. > ogre. >> wait, did you call me an ogre. > are you going to take me toe the movies. >> no, i'm not going to take you to the movies. > new movies are making theirir debut at the box office. kevin mccarthy is joining us now with his reviews of the latest films. hey, everybody, i'm kevin mccarthy i'm here with yourr movie reviews for thiss
10:53 pm
brad pitt, the return of warren bitty. i do want to mention make sure you see the movie allied, also arrival. this film has one of the most incredible endings i've ever i've seen the fill p.m. twice. phenomenal meeting. stark duane, a disney animated film. teenage girl who embarks on a gurney on an ocean to bring back the invoice ages animo played bp the rock in the fill joins her. he somehow connected to what she had to do. this phelp many has beautiful animation, junior just musicn, j overall and great messages forsg the family. i think disney always doesays things right when they make a film for adults and
10:54 pm
money to go to a movie for their children you have want that works for adults, too. the song that they wrote are so catchy, very similar to what yot would hear in frozen. you'll be singing it until you leave the theater. they did little l mermaid as well as aladdin. quality is expected there. i recommend seeing it in 2d. next up is the new movie, allied. one of the greatest film makers of all times back to who framed roger rabbit. he did cast away. brad pitt's character and mere coast deair they meet whilehile they're undercover in north america africa. they later get married and theyy move to london. he finds out that she may or may not be a german spy.
10:55 pm
brad pitt, i thought the middlesex got a little bit slow and i don't thinkli it's ass memorable as i wanted it to be.. it does work. it will keep you guessing. i gave it a 3.5 out of 5 a. the return of warren bitty one t of the greatest film makers and actors of all time. he really is. bonnie and collide and you see his wife there, annette beening. the story behind warren bitty plays howard hews, in this story there are two people who play a couple who are falling in love. aldin is an actual driver working for hughes and lilly brian is working for hughes there. it is very well done in regardsn to bringing back the old schooled holiday feeling.eeli that's way enjoyed about the it. it makes you fall in love with cinema pennsylvania.enns
10:56 pm
out of 5. i want to hear your review, tweet me at kevin mccarthy tv a and lett meke know what you're seeing over this thanksgivingths holiday than a i'll respond bacr to you and we'll talk about movies and respond back to. i'm kevin mccarthy.i' > you stillm have another chance. >> we'll talk about it later on. > we'll be right back. the news at 11 starts right now. ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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11. right now at 0, a vicious tush a of events, a virginia securitygi guard killed on thnie job. how police say he died at the hands of a man he was trying to protect. a crazy explosion caught on camera, an e cigarette blowing c up inside a man's pants. goodbye turkey, hello shopping. black friday may not be until tomorrow, but shopping is already in full swing. hear why one store opened uppene later than its is reaching big benefits in more ways than one. the news at 11 starts now. > thanks for joining us tonight, i'll marina maracco and i'm jim lokay turkey and football hyped us, it is shopping that are on the minds of am people at this hour. but before you head out the doou to much catch the black friday deals let's get you caught up on what the weather is going to be like this holiday weekend. >> hey, mike.


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