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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  November 25, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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history. st the defense comes up shortho and fails to stop the dallass cowboys rookie duo. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. >> 4:30 on friday morning andnig good morning to you. m thank you so much forthank m joining us. i'm erin co. >> i'm wisdom martin.isdomtin. today is friday november it is black friday.ri gary mcgrady is here. you're growing to do double duty. du you're doing traffic.raffic hollywood remembering a tv icon. florence henderson known fordern her role in the brady bunchradyn has died. has she passed away last night.ig her manager said she had beenadb suffering from heart problems. m florence was 82 years old.ce >> get w ready.ea get set and shop.ho black friday is here and stores are offering plenty of
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our shopping guru annie yu anniy tout check out the new outlets e in clarksburg, maryland. mar got some good deals out there,r, annie, right? the stores aretoe opened and people are out shopping maybe, right? rig >> reporter: yeah, absolutely.tely wisdom, they opened theirhe doors last night at 6 o'clock'c for those eager shoppers and ie happen to come across a family, they're local then the ventured out here at 3:30 in 30 the morning so about an hour aho and a half good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: how was thanksgiving dinner. >> great. >> very good.>> r [lthan aughter] >> reporter: everyone is stuffed, we're burning we're calories this morning.orni natalie you got here at 3:30.:3 you're kind of exceptiond of things out. are there good deals. are th >> yes, everywhere we go we w see like 50 percent off,t o 70 percent off.ce it looks like a really good g deal here. h >> reporter: is this a tradition or why the rep outlet? >> every year we all get all g together, we'll plan our plan
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we wanted to come here. h we switch it up every year where we want to go.t >> reporter: i heard mom saying teporhat they spend a lod of money and you're still you'r going strong, right.ig >> we're just getting started. a we still got a full day off shopping. shopping. >> reporter: how late areor you guys going to be hteere forf >> we're lying leaving here atyi 6:00 and then we're going tore the annapolis mall. m >> reporter: oh, my gosh.h. >> we're venturing o >> reporter: are we gettingr: at christmas gifts or just thingshi or ourselves? ourse? >> a little bit of everything,vn lots of christmas.istm. >> try to avoid shopping myself but i'll probably endbl d up getting something nice treating mys >> reporter: that's right,orter, treat yourself. thank you so much. have a goodth time and stayta warm. it's real coldwa out here.e. buy a hat maybe.ay. >> not a bad >> reporter: all right. r so,ep we soree a lot of peoplepe here already and still carsll c pulling into the lot.ot. it's amazing to me.e. but there are 90 stores here0 at the clarksburg outlets that you can choose from. we want to show you someyou vid from last night.ight again doors opened here at herat
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doors at 8 o'clock so thathat employees could spend morend mor time with their families soie that was really nice but youu had people arriving hereng around 5 o'clock last night n and registers were ringing andid plenty of sales right away. nike had a long line of customers waiting for them for m when they got here at 8 o'clock.o'cloc look, there are plenty ofere deals to get in on. we're seeing signsig everywhere and typically youypiy can find savings here att outlets 25 to 60 percent everyee day and they're offering additional coupons online asns s well. we i checked some out.i checked soe i know tommy hilfiger had a printable couponline where youe could get an extra 25 percent.5. but the hours are -- the storere hours today, opened until 10 o'clock. if you can't make it out today, they'ou cre open tomorroo morning at 8 o'clock untilnt 10 o'clock as well.10 ock a that's the very latest hereere from clarksburg, maryland, maryl annie yu fox5 local news. n >> all right annie.nn appreciate.
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hacked. personal data belonging to 134,000 sailors stolen according to the navy. now, it is believed that thevedt hack took place on a laptop l belonging to a contractor.ontr social security numbers, namesur and other sensitive detailsitr v were on that laptop much theh te navy says sailors will be notified by the breach by bac e-mail, a phone call and a letter.lett. >> 4:34 right now. it was a busy thanksgiving forin firefighters from across our area. montgomery county and prince con george's county fired pge cou departments say they responded to 25 top 30 k yesterday. none of them caused majorausedaj damage or any injuries. injur this home on 24th street inn northeast d.c., now that t didn't involve cooking but a family using a fireplace.. >> meanwhile the four seasonsr a in georgetown showed their, appreciation for first responders preparing the hotel has been serving g the special meals for 17 years e now feeding almost 6,000 oft 6,f
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>> speaking of thanksgiving,ivi, thanksgiving football the game of the week areound heree redskins versus the cowboys.boy. cowboys struck first drivingving 75 yards in seven plays for aplr touchdown early in the first thr quarter. the redskins offense didn'tt flinch racking up 505 yards 5ds punching only once the entire game but the skins defenseef couldn't stop the lead's top two rookies e. seal seek yell se elliott and dak prescott ledscoe the >> dallas increases their lead l in the division redskins still i holding on. the red zone was the problemrobl but we'll talk about that.boutha >> you can get into thatet intot football talk. talk. >> a little bit later. bit lat let's talk weather wither wt gary mcgrady because peoplecg want to knoraw hodyw they need t dress for those of you whoho aren't already out shopping. >> annie showed it to you. it's not super cold. we've had colder black fridayidy
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40's out there and we're notre expecting a ton of sunshinef suh today to really warm us up butpb high today 60.oday come on, that's bad. bad i mean day after give me a break. 45 degrees in the city now. that's not awful.'s n then you got 41 for gaithersburg, 46 degrees forburg annapolis. i think it's basically not all that's col bd but if you're oute it for awhile then it's going ig have a bit of an effect onect you. 40 degrees for dulles now, 41 for winchester.chte okay, look, where are we going g to definitely some chill oute chil there. stick 60 for a high and that'soh with limited aatmounts ofmots sunshine. i don't think we'll be in forbef a lot of sun today. tod we'll call it clouds and sun.un. culpeper 62 and fredericksburgg 63 degrees.63eg lower 60's, that's not bad at all. a beautiful we could coming c our way.. we'll talk about that later.. back uptoys turin and wisdom. w
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no crash 66 flowing freely from gainsville through manassasghans centreville, problem free onem the inner loop throughe annandale f you're takiningu'ren metro today they're operatingra on a normal weekday schedule scl gearing up for service atorvicea 5:00. >> you shouldn't have any problems when it comes to getting out early and shopping today. to >> if we can have the prompter p tease. coming up anti-pipelinean protestors demonstrate onesto thanksgiving wasth is it us or franklin's thanksgiving nsa national anthem really, reallynl long? >> we're going to break rightngi now and she's still singing. sgi live look outside across thecrs d.c. region. regio the time right now 4:37.7. the temperature 45 degrees.degr. we're back after this. >> a great friday song.
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>> protestors carried a banner e that read no pilgrims no pipeline.pipene 50 officers stood across theood protestors.. eventually the crowd sburursed. >> the ceo of the reddit has admitted toas aitte changing critical comments ofl s him on the site s he made himself about a moderator modatr calling him. >> huffman admitted as the ceo he shouldn't play such gainsh gi but it just gets old being called a pedophile.hile
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again. >> one of the most memorablef th moments from yesterday'say's football action had nothing to o do with the game. aretha franklin sang alin dramatic and extremely longxtreg version of the national anthem t just bheefore the detroit lionsl took on the minnesota the national anthem usually runs about two minutes so sheo s doubled her time.ubled her time. twitter of course they wentof cy all ham on her, ham becauseecaue it's thanksgiving.nksgiving. >> i like what you did there.ide >> one user said the two teams, well, would have toave t warm up again after she gotot another said the ref should refs throw a delay of game flag on her. one person quipped that colin kaepernick would haveld hav developed arthritis in his in knee in 49ers were playing.ying. oh, twitter. twitter >> grace the her presence with such app beautiful rendition.en >> yeah. >> coming up on fox5 news mooming rning a key part of the christmas season in d.c., it's.' arriving t >> and one of our region's r most popular holiday attractions opens its gatests tonight. >> as we head to
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a live look across the d.c. region where prince is bumping and traffic is flowing. it's 4 we're back in just a few few minutes. gary is going to have a check ce of that forecast.orecas
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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. >> coming up on 4:45 today on fox5 news morning,is foxg up o i florence henderson.enrs many of us will spender part of our day mourning the death mh of one of most beloved moms inem tv >> get your shop on.>>et y the black friday rush is here. h thousands of you are out and a about right now trying to find f that perfect deal. >> and looking live outsideutsi it's nice and mild but some som rain could lead to some issuese on our roads for all of you shoppe thank you so much for joiningu o us. min i'm erin erin como. >> and i'm wisdom martinnd'm wi today. is friday november 25th.r the crew is here. h by crew i mean erin comoerinom sitting right here. h >> hello. >> she's going to do traffic t a coming up in just a momentom been crew i mean garybeen mcgrady even though he cgr doy esn't have a sweater onvewet today, it's okay.ka >> there's a big crew around. a you just can't see them. them. they're all out there.e all the. >> yeah, but we don't have buteo enough time for me to shoute tos out everybody so i just did you too.
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important. >> the vein not a problem. prob. spotty shower here or therewehee but rain is not a problem. probm that would be the last thing i would worry about today. t not much sunshine.unshine. we'll end up with a lot oflot o cloud cover i think we'll get a little sunsk hine in pwelay but don'tud expect a lot but even with not much sung -- sun todayay temperatures are pretty good.esa we're a little cool thise 43 for dulles, 45 in town,in tow gaithersburg has dropped into 30e 30's now. gaithersburg is 39. frederick 36 and manassa warm up today. i mean, temperatures are goingsg to get up into the upper 50's to right around 60 degrees and e there will be some of us in the low 60's lawitellr o bn this afternoon and again that'soon a with limited amounts of o sunshine. sunshine. here's your forecast throughour the day parts. par a spotty shower is possible posl but i haven't even really puty p them in here because i justus don't think it's going too amount to 40's this morning, upper 50'spp' this afternoon.isno again some places will ben somee lower 60's.s wilo60's there's your black friday frida shopping forecast. forecast. erin, back out to you. you
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actually -- there we are. o.llo. heading to philadelphia latertop today after the showhi so 95 is important to me in northern nth maryland head to bwi for anor a early flight you're in nicee happen. outer loop flowing from 95ha over toloop georgia, 270 is cruising along. not seeing any problems elsewhere around thet seei areae bw parkway is quiet. if you're headed out of townn maybe leaving some families'ilie houses things are moving along without any issues as you make m your way to reagan national or dulles. show you how quiet things are in gaithersburg in a few. fw top stories.. fairfax county policefa inveirstigating a murderfa ina lls they discovered man's bodyy around 10:00 p.m. at an at a apartment in the 5500 block of seminary road. r one suspect is in custody.n cuod anyone with information ison asked to call police.ol an american service memberce has died in syria from woundswon suffered during an ied blast. ba
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combat in the war torn country c in a year. y the u.s. troops are in syria s to fight isis. >> hollywood remembering a tv icon. florence henderson has died. h her manager says she had beenade suffering from heart problems. l florence was 82 years old.years. talk thanksgivingtalk thankg football. game of the week around here redskins versus cowboys. cowboys seven plays touchdown in the i first quarter with ezekial. redskins offense racked upke u 505 yards but they couldn'tou score in the red zone. z punting only once in the entire game. did i mention that the redme zone wasnt a problem for theem t redskins.reds >> you may have. h >> the skins defense couldn'tki stop thens d league's top two rookies.
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prescott led the cowboys to abot win. >> i love that music. m >> so many people jumped outeopl of bed to head to the stores and get their shop on.o het the. >> that's not a bad idea.bad i we sent our annie yu to checko k out the holidays at clarksburg premium outlets. annie, what are shopperssho buying and more importantly impt what are you bringing back for us? [laughter] >> reporter: well, text meorte what you need, erin, i've got you. it feels like christmas out l it's only been houikrs sincece we've finished our they've got thegi christmas cars rolls on the beautiful treeifule behind me and people are in good spirits. sri they opened their doors ator a 6 o'clock yesterday and thousands came out here.nds camt people were lining up as earlyay as 5:00 p.m. and they are the expecting a big, big dayg day today.toda joining me now is the general manager of the clarksburg premium outlets michael metroni. metroni. good morning to you.go it'sod been a long night.ight >> things have died died
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>> reporter: i see carsorter: i coming in.ming i i met some people who came out o here as early as 3:30 this0 th morning and what skies,, likesk what do people need to know like parking wires? i know? io you hit capacity yesterday.y yee if you run out of park where pae did you go can they go.d >> we have an off siteyo paru kg location at hide points park p up the road we have luxury roa shuttle buses escorting people l back and forth just like theyliy did that grand opening weekend but we have a great traffic management plan in place.rand he it's. been excellent all night l last night and we expect it topt continue today and through the t rest of the holiday season.ay i remember at the time of grand opening which was lessg w than a month ago we were ago w talking about how there are 90 e stores here but not all werell w ready to open. >> sure. >> reporter: what is theepor deal now. >> we've had a had handfulanul open since then.n we have some great, great we have saks fifth avenue off fifth tory burch coach michaelic
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>> reporter: thanks michael.han they'll stay opened untilay ope 10 o'clock tonight and the the owners here also own the leesburg outlet so if you if don't want to cross states at lines just know that thes ju leesburg premium outletss areut open until 10 o'clock today. tay they're o open now as well.e o back to you in the studio.opo yn >> all right annie appreciaterei it. it coming up on fox5 newsmion x morning today first lady lad michelle obama will welcome a we new visitors to the white thehi house blue room.oo a lot like christmas everywhere you go especially esa at the national zoo. zoo >> we're going break right nowog with a live look outside across the r aegio ln. rio the time 4:51, the temperature 45.peratu back in rea moment. mom >> playing a country jam for for us..
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>> ?? >> 4:53 is the time.>> beginning to look a lot 4 likeol christmas at the white house.heh today the first lady will welcome the official whitee e oi house christmas tree to 1600 to pennsylvania avenue.pennsylv the tree is comingan fromm wisconsin. it will be on display in the ith blue room. room. >> today alexandria gettinga ge ready for its annual treel lighting ceremony. cem festivities start at 6:30 p.m. . at market square. m the event is free and santa san claus will be making an appearance tonight. tight >> that's pretty cool. c 'tis the season. sea zoo lights officially opens for some it's an annualnnua holiday tradition.radition. more than 500,000 environmentally friendly led lights transform the zoo into a winter zoo lights will be opened everylights night from now 5:00o 9:00 except for on christmas eve, christmas and new year's eve. final night of zoo life willifei be on new year's day.'s day >> want to check that cha wisdom, what would christmas in be without the grinch? for this week's fox beat free beat f
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>> here's deal. you can win four tickets to see dr.n win seuss' how the gri stole christmas the musical on december 13th at the national nt theater its a prize with a retail value of $372. go to our facebook pageeboo between now and 11:59 for aor chance to win.o w one winner selected by randomdom drawing on november 28th.r 28 all entrants must be 18 ore 18 older. complete rules respectmp available at >> get down to gary and t weather right now.ght now. hey gary. it's going to go be a lot of clouds today, aclou little bit of sunshine but a bua lot of clouds, mostly cloudsuds actually and there could be a ac couple of little spottye spot showers here or there.he however, i'm not worried aboutrd rain at all. rain ho aw about temperatures laterpl today? we're going to goy? we upper 50's to right around 60 degrees here in town.inn. a few temperatures down south will actually be lower 60's, culpeper, manassas, mansa fredericksburg places likeks pla that, i think leonardtownnard you'll stay right around 60 degrees, annapolis 56 andoli5 out there along i-81-8
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in the middle 50's. now, in terms of the weekendeeke forecast it's looking pretty good p actually the weekendctua will be a littlelly cooler. cle a frontal system comes throughsr tonight. tomorrow behind the front temperatures will only be low to mid-50's and it will be breezy. we'll have a lot of sunshineun but some cloud cover, too. tomorrow plenty of sunshine and dry and that's the key point especially on sundayally o with everybody kind of gettingbo back to wherdye they o it's all said and done we all start work week not us but you guys that guys haven't been working.or here's erin como. >> 4:56 and if you're headed hee to work this morning like we d-the roads are nice and quietei right now.t now. we don't have a whole lot of lot volume. that's 295 out by eastern.aste moving over for a look at the beltway traffic is cruising on n the inner loop, leach bridger is looking good. aredgesur inbound bridgeslo flowing without any not seeing any problems arounds the area. as you can see the overpassverps
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looking good through westphals s church and arlington thiss morning.rn metro has normal weekdayee service today.serv they economic at 5:00 a.m.cono i'll let you know if there'shere any metro slowdowns f you'reou shopping or heading to workng tr are you in great shape. sha keep it to fox5 news morning.nes we are back in just a few f moments with more news, n weather and traffic. >> ?? over. that you go wisdom. >> thank youer inches coming up we're talking about donaldtht tr donump, his transition teamna says don't worry they plan too relieve you of inauguration tax burden. we're going to have at leastavet part of -- at least past it.t. that's what they'reth's whae talking about. >> and a new report revealsort some disturbing informationfo about the transparency or lack k thereof within a local school system. >> before we head to break bre right now quick look at today's stock futures.ures fox5 news morning back after b this.
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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. morning >> today on fox5 news morning, remembering florencelo henderson. many of us will spend part of our day mourning the death ofy g one of the most beloved momsovem in tv history. >> get ready to get your shop on. the black friday -- the-- shopping deals are here andping the rush is on many peopl de are running around like -- i don't d


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