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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  November 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. morning >> today on fox5 news morning, remembering florencelo henderson. many of us will spend part of our day mourning the death ofy g one of the most beloved momsovem in tv history. >> get ready to get your shop on. the black friday -- the-- shopping deals are here andping the rush is on many peopl de are running around like -- i don't d
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going the say crazy but izy don't want to offend anybody.ny i'llbo be out there with >> i need a laptop.ap if you know of one tweet me. me. looking live outside it issi its nice and mild.nice ail some rain to lead to someto issues on the roads for alldsorl you shoppers out there. we'llre. tell you about that and wheret w you need to be careful. careful good post thursday morning, m thanksgiving morning.thvi hope it was a good one for f you. thanks for joining us. u i'm maureen umeh.umeh. >> and i'm wisdom martin.artin. today is 45 known as black friday. erin como has got traffic, a gary mcgrady has got somery m weather to talk aboucgt coming c up in just a >> if you're just waking upstin sad news to report from hollywood. florence henderson the actress best known for playing carol -- that's not what we'rehw looking at. we'll till about that story in a moment. mom florence henderson died latece last hen night. her publicist says hendersonblic passed away from hearted awafrom failure.
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she began her career onre o broadway in the 50's and 60'ss and will a brief stint on thent today show before o the brady ba bunch. she also starred in severalnever brady sinjars and movies. movie florence henderson was 82en hen years old. >> 5:02 is the time. t let's talk about thislet's morning's other top stories. sts fairfax county police investigating a murder inst falls church. they discoigvered a man's bodyy around 10:00 p.m. at an a apartment in the 5500 block ofoo seminary road.mina r one suspect is in custody. asked to call police.ol >> an american service memberbe died in syria. syria this is the first service member to die in combat in the war torn country in a year. u.s. troops are in the region tr fight isis. thanksgiving footballving fo burgundy and gold versus cowboys. cowboys struck first drivingt di 75 yards in seven plays for aver touchdown early in the first t quarter. defense where were you? the t burgundy and gold offense
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they racked up 505 yards 505 yar punting only once. two top rockies ezekial elliott and dak prescott led pr the cowboys to a 31 to 26 win. w >> deals and sales, two wordso d that shoppers like and they'repr going to see plenty of them at t the stores today.od >> some people are alreadypeopla we sent annie yu to the clarksburg premium outlets to see what kind of deals d shoppers are scoring today. good morning annie. hope your an good one. >> reporter: good morning,or maureen and wisdom. yes, it was.yes, w back at you. good morning, everybody.. shoppers are definitely out init full force this morning.orni we still see plenty pulling upug here and getting theirng the shopping on. i ran into a few shoppers thisps morning, this bright and early rnining. matthew lee here shouted to meum i got a good deal so i wanted iw to see. >> i got at good deal. good morning.>> >> reporter: i love your i r: iove yo erergy. when did you get here.when >> i got here about a half
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shopping, i was more like ie l want to exercise here but io ex saw the great deal at theeal crabtree and evelyn so i got some, you know, shampoo and some hand lotions.anlotions. >> reporter: nice. nic >> they say hundred somedred dollars but i got something dollar. 77-dollar discounts.lar >> reporter: you paid half >> half pricism are these gifts for your >> yeah, it is for family mineam self. treat myself. >> reporter: that's important, matthew. thank okay o-and then we alsookay o have -- wow, hello., h are you guys get something someg good deals this morning? irng? see a lot of shopping bags.g b >> yes. i been here since i think t 11:30. >> reporter: my gosh. >> i been here for five hours,>, a lot of people think thatht what is black friday, it's a it' waste of time but it's a greatm' thing, you, you come out here.ut h >> reporter: where are your are shopping bags. >> all in the car. >> reporter: you're>> doing rounds. ro >> i had into my hand. han i cut my hand it's red.t's >> reporter: where did youre did hoppinpping at.
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under armour.un >> reporter: real quickly rep here look at theseorter: i heard ugg has a long line outside. did you wait in that longu l line. >> yeah, for an hour.>> yeah,ora >> reporter: for an hour. hou >> yeah.h. >> reporter: good for you.epoo >> are these for yourself.ours >>? >> yes. >> reporter: what did you repore get. >> we got a lot of stuff.ff. we got a lot of clothes, bags, g jackets. >> is this tradition for you guys to come out here afterthis thanksgiving dinner no. dinner . >> the really but we fiur deals around and that's why wer showed up and there were somee really good deals.d deals >> reporter: excellent.>> repor: stay warm guys. estayarm okay, so, they're going to goi stay opened until 10 o'clock tonight and tomorrow and into ai the weekend they'll be openedlle from that 8 o'clock in the that' morning untilcl 10:00. 10: it is very busy here and cars ad are still pulling c in as wee speak.spea so, they're expecting a big,eyee big dale out here att clarksburg premium outlets.ut back to you in the studio.tu >> i'm sure they are. a >> after seeing that and thet ad crowds that are going to come
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maybe not shop today. >> maybe see a little interhinkt mayb >> thanks annie. >> let's bring in garyin g mcgrady because he's talkinghe'l weather and telling people howpe they should dress if they'rehoul out and about today.ouabou >> start off warm because it's u pretty chilly out there andt the especially if you're going toalo be out in some of those openpen air malls and whatnot. wha you'll need to stay bundle up. u not much sunshine today. t we'll warm up eventually.ntua if you're kind of like faire far weather shoppers like wisdomliks and myself, maureen what aboutab you. >> i'm on the i now to be honest but i amm listening to to >> she's doing research.ea >> don't be honest. hon >> not much sunshine today butoy we'll warm up pretty good.ty g 46 degrees right now nearea town. gaithersburg is 37. is up there kind of where kinf annie is temps are in the a 30's. manassas is up to 41 degreess now and fredericksburg 44.ur we're going to see a spottyee ao shower today, very spotty. spo don't worry about it, okay. oka most of the rain will stay tof the north of us.the the h here's your forecast forecas f today. just a lot of clouds, a littlef
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up into the upper 50's and thesd low 60's. we're going to go 60 degrees 60e here in town.n. and some places will actually be 62 to 63 before it's alles said and done.on that's the forecast.t. how about erin? erin? e >> on-time traffic brought to bo you by toyota.a. visit buy a for special offers.lff >> there you go. >> 5:07. 5 i'm here.m i was, you know, checking innow on the traffic.raic it's a big shopping day.hopp want to make sure everyonever knows what the deal is.eal all rails on time right now r 5:00. they're working on a normal a n weekday schedule but i'll lety c you know if anyhe delays pop up on all six lines including thelg silver and green. gre let's take a live look outside at 395. at 3 395 right now is cruisings cru along from the bottom of thefrom beltway all the way to the 14th street bridge. d.14yoa out by seminarywa ry oa and you can see northbound n traffic looking good towardsokit the district so if you're so yu headed to work today, maybeay, not getting the opportunity for some early morning mni shopping, traffic is looking really light into thealig district.
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morning since it is blacknc is friday so we'll let you knowno if any of the normal morning congestion pops up. things are quiet to the 1co4the1 street bridge. bri all inbound bridges lookl really gin the 11th frighteningg on the key bridge nice andridgni quiet from roslyn intolyn in georgetown f you're headed to georgetown to shop secondariespe are quiet there as well.quiee as maureen and wisdom. wis >> coming up on fox5 news morning as it's beginning toni look a lot like christmasistm everywhere you go especially at the national zoo.iol zo >> and do you need a brain booster? >> every day. day. >> yes. >> because today to wake you up from your turkey coma andm yr to help youy deal with yourhou friday crowds, the black t b friday shopping crowds you might want to consider eatingwat ice cream for t >> okay.>> oy. i'm all ears on that one.all we're heading to break this morning with a livewe'r lol across the d.c. region. rn. it is 5:08 and it is 45 degrees. more fox5 news morning aftermort this.
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>> time right now is 5:09ne ri iraq as many as a hundredny ahun people are dead and nearly 50y 0 others injured this morningnjedt after a car bomb tore throughret a gasoline station south of isis is claimingisisc responsibility for that attackly which cut power to the gasas station forcing relatives toes use the light from their celleic phones as they searched the
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be announced against thein t suspect who shot and killed a k wayne state university policeat officer in detroit.unr inroit on tuesday 29-year-old officer collin rose was shot in the head ros we hile on patrol nearn wayne state campus.e st the next day he died.nextay h the suspect was arrested latetel tuesday night a few blocksck from where rose was shot. sho police in virginia they'reer searching for the man wanted wtd in connection with the deathwitt of a security guard richard irving was killed shot and wasnw killed wednesday during an din events held outside of a yorkf a county restaurant.taurt ryan louis from the event when w the 26-year-old pulled out a o a gun and fatally shot him. louis then ran off. police are asking anyone withine information to give them aatto g call. >> a holiday tradition turnedned deadly in louisville kentucky. two people were killed andkilled four others injured whenjured we someone opened fire nearned re r crowds gathered for the 50thatr annual juice bowl.uice bow witnesses say coaches started scrambling to get players to aga safe place as police evacuated u the park. th now this particular event is a series of football games heldl h on thanksgiving.on t no word on any suspects orpes
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shootings.shootings. >> madonna standing by her sonis rocco arrested on drug chargesre as you might recal yesterday tmz reportd that the t 16-year-old was arrested backreb in september on possession ofn i marijuana.riju happened near his father'shis fs home in london.homen lo the singer said tonight shehe loves her son and is askingsk for privacy. priva >> kanye west expected toxpec spend itself several more days at a uclalf h sospital after beg hospitalized earlier this weeksk for exhaustion and sleepep deprivation.deprivn. west's wife kim kardashianarsh for several hours yesterdayes before making her way to her family's thanksgiving celebration. alrighght. 5:11 is the time right now. here's the tron scream for icee cream. if you eat it fortrone breakfast you become smarter and moreter alert. a professor in japan did a series of clinical trials that required people to eat ice scream and then have them do mental exercises on arcis computer. the professor found those who ate ice cream for breakfast bakt had a faster reaction time andie better mental processing capecen
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than those who did that.ho did >> but the professor didfessor explain why? is it the cold itl from the ice cream? is it the e dare gee is it the rocky road pieces? the pralines? thene cream. >> this study was done over inrn japan. >> oh, i missed that >> i need some ice cream.ream >> yeah, you need some ice cream. >> like where is this studyhistu done? need to do some do s research now.searchow >> in japan. >> hey, i've never been., i' ner wh >> 25:12 is the time.e coming up on fox5 news morningor a netflix tax could soon be sooe added to your bill. >> and two turkeys pardon oned lawn have arrived at virginia tech. >> as we go to break here's a h' live look outside across thes region. region the time is 5:12 and thean t temperature is 45 degrees. 4de somebody get maureen some icee eam.m. >> seriously. >> a bucket of ice cream this morning. >> you can sell me the wholele store.
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>> ?? >> back now at 5:14. zoo life officially open>>s by p tonight at the national zoo. nat for some it's an annual holiday more than 500,000 environmentally friendly ledndl lights transform the zoo into a winter wonderland. the light show is also set toght zoo lights will be opened every night from 5:00 to 9:00 90 except on christmas eve,chstmas christmas and new year's the final night of zoo lightsoot will be on new year's day. >> ?? >> all right. still have to i'm veimagining tonight might bt a good night and it's not that t cold. >> it won't be that cold. it will be at won' little -- the wind will kick up a little bit but probably not this evening. i it will be later on. >> that's great. >> you know what you got several nights to get outral nit there. >> that's true. >> so, it's not just tonighttoni obviously. temperatures out there thisat morning pretty chilly butures ol we're going warm up okayupka today. we're actually going to be t mild i think before the day iseh out. that's with limited amounts ofuf sunshine. reagan national right now is 46, out inatio the suburbs ahe r
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coming in the same thissame t morning. weekend forecast lots of sunshine. sunshine tomorrow will be 54.. it wmoill be breezy tomorrow.oro so, 54 is going to feel al little cooler. sunday's great. lower 50's. some uppersund 40's,, too butbu plenty of sunshine. great for travel up and downp ad the east coast by car and let me show you what'sst b going on this weekend with traveling. this is saturday okay. where are the trouble spots? back out to thee the west. real rainy along the west t w coast tomorrow, okay.row, okay. snow coming into the west here generally speakingpe the higher elevations throughs t the nation's midsection it's all dry and back up to the up tt northeast there's a little bittr of snow. here's sunday's trouble spots. s some rain out in the centralenal plains but no big deal there. te there could be a little bit of t thunderstorm activity but shouldn't be any problems. any m couple of thunderstorms around dallas. real dry through the southeast a and most up and down the easthee coast looks really great forr traveling. showers an little bit of snowno way newspaper upstate new yorkp and into new england as
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problem.prle look where we are today. we ar . we have clouds in place butut we're just calling for a spotty shower.otty swer. no more than that, okay.kay. and don't expect a lot of sunshine. ooh, i forgot to take my turkey off the graphic there.fft yesterday was thanksgiving, not today obviously. i'll fix that.heday wanot tt. 60 degrees. winds out of the the east-southeast at five to seven, not much sunshine withh t a spotty shower today.ty showerd let me just show you thishis morning this is 8:00 a.m., is 8, lots of cloud cover and when i e seen a spotty shower not enough to worry a couple showers maybe on the my eastern shore this afternoon.shr the front will comee > the we'll get cooler and breezier be overnight tonight but cloudslo clear out as well and the the temps -- i forgot to take thatet turkey off as well. w we'll blow that off shown youff futurecast. erin take eight weigh. >> thank you gary mcgrady. making tire work on this blackeo friday or trying to snag someyie of those deals around the areara first we'll start you off wayl t look at 66. this is between glebe road and r
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shoulder blocked with a minor b all lanes opened.l la look at all the green. inside the beltway throughhr falls church andou arlington a traffic at speed. spe caution past that scene.past ttc take a look on route one rou o things looking good both sides s of the freeway. few our secondaries in thees in t district are quiet as well. w i'll let you know if that know a changes but for 5:18 aside a from this crash i do like whatea i'm seeing on the rest of ourt roads. what was go outside for a live v look. heading out on 95 by lorton lor road typically speaking we see w right now it's cruising andruisg the southbound side downidwn through fredericksburg or richmond moving without anyut a issues. is metro is on time and theyis on a started service at 5 o'clock.'co i'll let you know if thatnow ift changes. any questions at erin fox5rin f5 d.c. on twitter. maureen and wisdom. w >> ?? isall right, time now 5:18. let's take a look at the a l stories you're engaging withyorg the most this magorning on social media with our realtimeiw itnews tracker. >> all right. green party isarty i what we're talking about greenug party presidential nomineeialome jill stein is raking ining in
5:19 am
recounts in three swing statesth we're talking aboutwe're taing t pennsylvania michigan and mgan n wisconsin.wi she launched a go fund me pagee wednesday morning asking for two-point future millionpoin dollars. she reached the goal in 24n 24 hours. after reaching that goal shehe then raised to it four pointsuri 5 million changing the wordingor to say that rather than beingn g used to file for recounts in fo all three states the moneyree st would be used for attorney attoe fees and in wisconsin only andy the other two recounts would still need funding.l needding there's no guarantee that the t recounts will actually place. >> next up a 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook central central america and triggereddered areda tsunami alert off the coast of el salvador. shaking was also felt in nicaragua and costa rica just js an hour after hurricane ottocano made landfall in nicaragua. nicg >> next up a lot of people are e dumping cable tv and gettingetti netflix instead.lixte now officials in pasadenaena california want a piece of theio
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it utility like water andd ectricity.y. some opponents say it could be violating federal law becauselac the government doesn't allow tax on the internet. >> finally the two turkeysur pardoned by president obamay pr are thank full for their lives v this morning. tater and tot arrived at arrived virginia tech university inivert blacksburg yesterday whereterd they can live out the rest of their turkey days at their newhn retirement home. >> awww.>> aww >> right. morning, the obamas enjoying enn their last thanksgiving inside i the white house.he whi hou >> and if you are thinking thiig about getting a real christmasas tree there is now a localhereno company which does all the a the hard work for you.ork >> as we head to break on this t friday morning, a live lookoo across the d.c. region lookingoo at the ferris wheel at national harbor. harbo it is beautiful morning.s be 5:20 is your time and it's a an' because meeks, well, no the so much, 45 degrees with my old eyes,.
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>> 46 degrees. >> oh, cataracts be darn. dar
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>> ?? >> one d.c. business that's .c. buholithe holiday tree, d.dac. treeee, delivery will sta delivering trees from a local l farm in our area today. for the company's basicany's bac service you can get your tree yr delivered along with a stand then clean up the needles thatnt may have fallen in the process. for the deluxe package thatde incl full setup of the tree and cleaning up the needles u afterwards. now whether you pair tree from f d.c. tree delivery or not itdeli will remove and recycle itycle after the holidays for just 45 bucks. >> the obama family they spentye their final thanksgiving at the white house. next year they'll be back toth cooking their own turkey andy ad all the fixings but it wasn'tt t the case yesterday.teay now according to the whiteing tw house thanksgiving day menu,u, the first family and their the
5:24 am
57 tease hummus chicken satay and peanut chili dip. dip. the white house main courseai consisted of a buffet with wit four different entree options including ham prime rib chicken wings and roasted >> time won't give me thyme.. >> ?? >> culture club.>> c >> there's an asultu source. src of dishes veggies and six different pies includingncdi coconut, gary in case you were wondering.wo >> we onlynd had two pies.s. >> seriously. >> you know, we had, what -- yeah, two >> two pies.wo pie >> man, that is a feast they fey had. all right. >> yes. >> all right, gary, it is your time. >> can i just say our pumpkint u yesterday was amazing.mazi
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>> really. >> not huge. i like it but it was great. >> i'm always told that'm atold pumpkin and potato pie areo e sim. >> they are. >> i'm a potato i don't do pumpkin. pumpkin >> sweet potato pie, i willie, i knock you down get to the t sweet potato pie and you're a big man . >> [laughter]laught] 44 degrees in culpeper.ulpe what if we had a little sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie, p blend the two wisdom looked at me like you a blphphemy. 58 degrees later on at latern at 4 o'clock. we'll touch about 60 degrees or so. don't expect much sunshineunshie today. there could be a spotty showerbs here or there but most of us u will stay dry okay and we'lle' be cooler and sunnier, dry as well for the weekend so if s i you're travel nothing bighingig worries around especially up and down the east coast. there's yourd wn t forecast.ecas erin como stop this nonsense,on, will you? come in here and do d e trtraffic.
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it's good because i have to he work off all the turkey from fro yesterday.ster right now 66 eastbound betweenue glebe road and spout run spoutun parkway in arlington dealingingt with a crash blocking theckinthe right shoulder. volume is really light right rig now f you're heading to work wo in the district your usual areue still quiet. 395 looking good from the beltway to the 14th streetre bridge. if you're getting an early start on your friday shoppinghon take a wide view of our blck if you're headed to woodbridge or clarksburg you won't hit h any trouble spots. 50 inbound from annapolis to the district is quiet and the entire stretch of the beltway. . inner loop and outer loop too l much side through college parkrg at speed without issue. 210 through fort washingtonngn and clinton quiet.
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are moving.g. metro is on time. i'll let you know if that thatht changes. wisdom and maureen back to b you. you. >> tragedy from syria.ragedy a u.s. service member has beenn killed in combat.t. >> forecasters back here inaste the states continues to check the pathrs conti of otto. ott >> as we head to break right brg now, live look outside across as the region on black friday. fda you know, that's down at the national i don't know if they're openedoe yet. they probably r there's a lot of stores, there's an outletn ot so get your shop on after you watch us of course. cou the time right now is 5:27.:2 we're back in a moment.
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>> ?? >> today on fox5 news morning, getting your shop on. the black friday rush isfox5tti. thousands of you out and aboutut right now trying to find the perfect deal. re henderson. many of us will spend part of our day mourning the death ofeao one of the most beloved momsed m in tv history.isto. and two sides of the ball. redskins offense did their jobib but the defense comes up adefens little short and fails to stopoo the dallas cowboys dynamic dynic rookie duo. fox5 news morning starts right now. now. >> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning.. >> 5:30 is the time. time. good morning to you.od m thank you very much for you joining us. wisdwisdom martin.
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you survived from your turkeyr y coma? co >> yeah. you know what, you can burn it off todayt, y because it's blaca friday. erin como is going to talk tal about the traffic you'll have'lh to deal with if you're out and about and gary mcgrady willd ga tell you how you need to dressrs if you're participating inng in black friday to burn off thatoft turkey. >> let's bring you up to'sng y speed. we're taking to syria.ia an american service member isrs dead after being injured by an improvised explosive officials have not released any additional informationformat about the victim or the attack. u.s. troops are currently in the region tos ar fight the t islamic state. >> actress florence henderson has died. the 82-year-old became a tv icon when she became carol car brady the tv mom. generations of viewers became to love the sitcom about a blended family which began in 1969. after the show hendersonenders stayed busy even competing onenn "dancing with the stars" instar" 2010. she had also hosted a show sho
5:32 am
henderson's manager said sheai e died surrounded by family and friends.frie ly. >> thanksgiving football andivin the showdown in texas.exas. here's how it all went doyne.eno the cowboys struck first driving 75 yards in seveng 75n plays for a touchdown early inln the first but the burgundy and gold'ss offense did not flinch. they racked up 505 yards05ar punting only once the entire game but the skins defense they couldn't stop the league's two top rockies talking about ezekial they led the cowboys to a 31 to 26 win. w >> let's talk about shoppingaboo now. black friday many shoppers shopr race to the mall as soon as the doors open to get their black friday shopping on.g o >> they sure d fox5's annie yu is out there with them inhe i clarksburg.burg. annie, are there a lot ofot o shoppers out there yet? i'm imagining that there >> reporter: oh, yes, nowow we're in a bit of a lull right t now but things are going tothin pick right back up aroundd 7 o'clock i'm told but last night guys, thousands ofands
5:33 am
people were already lining up outside of stores. officially they opened up at a 6 o'clock last night. they're going to stay openedingp until 10 o'clock last night o'cs but this place just opened up up like a month ago and just so jto you know, this is designed as an outdoor shoppinghopping experience. oukeif you are headed out make sure you layer up because itbecs is chilly out here and maked ke sure you dress comfortably.rtaby this line you're looking atyou'i are folks who have been in line for quite a bit of timefim outside the tori birch they have already reacheddy as people trickle out, they'llel allow some folks in so if i three leave, three will go in. i it's very orderly and it's i very controlled.. now, one heck of a deal i'm hec sure you're thinking aboutinkinb right here. sign says herehe it's an extra 40 percent offercf purchases plus an extraxtra 20 percent off until 8:00 a.m. a so that is why people are a leaving with big, big bags outside of this store and this t will continues on until uil 8 o'clock i'm sure.ure. but people are lining up
5:34 am
kate spade here and theye anthey really made it really, reallyll easy for people you have security officers out that were controlling traffic so they're not going to letrscot you turn if there's no parkingai spaces, they'll lead you tou one so that is really, really rl good and again, they'll stayllta opened until about 10 o'clock tonight but a lot of people inei good spirits, guys and let'stsya see if we can talk to someone.oe hold on one seconds. seconds. hello ma'am good'am m >> hello. >> reporter: how long have you been in line.ter: in >> like about an hour and a half. >> reporter: my goabout ash. in le. >> yes, for a good deal, its i totally worth it e are youre picking things up for yourself or family. >> family and friends. >> reporter: is this tradition to come out here r after thanksgepivn ingto dinnere >> i didn't feel what time didfe you get here?el >> just now. >> reporter: so, this is the firstr: s store. >> yes. >> reporter: how sited are you. >> super excited.te itr:re>>'s totally worth the s i >> reporter: totally worthally h it. we'll somewhere to talk offmewht line because i need aal bigger g explanation. all right. al so, guys, this will be
5:35 am
just said wow. i know, it's unbelievable thatha people are willing to stay inin that line for an hour and aurnd half but i guess it is a good deal. back to you in the studio. stu >> yup. >> so i've heard. >> there's no way i would ever r stand in a line that long to l geint in, absolutely not. n >> oh, >> if they're giving it away'reg i'm i not standing in line. >> i confess one year i annie real quick, tori birchrc what are they selling in therell because i know the namein but b i'm not sure i've really delved into selling. se is it purses and things. >> reporter: it's mostly an a accessory store. store they have purses, wallets, keyt chains.chains >> i gout. >> reporter: i know theyorte k sell shoes and scarves.caes >> on par with like -- we weret- talking about coach, is it on o par with coach, something likeme that? >> reporter: yes, and the deal is this is a premium outlet so you haveu h these higher end retail stores like tory burch ferragamo and a sacks fifth so people are are
5:36 am
>> okay, okay. >> but you said purses keys key chains that's the only storely e that sells that out thereout t because i'm trying to --yingo >> stop. >> okay, i'm done, i'm done. de. >> he's getting into his old man mode. >> reporter: you're just olord, whiz.teol >> all right, later, annie. [laughter][laughter] >> you knew i was going there. t >> someone get him a snickers. 5:36. 5:36. gary we're walking to you. >> i know, that's right, i'm thh good. going over you don't bundled up to go black fridayria shopping. you can sit at home in your pajamas and your laptop.ap >> like we're doing.ik >> like one of us is do. ido. i'm not going to -- [laughter]au i just threw somebodyjust tm under the bus.ebody just kiddingun.just k. but here's the deal though. as we just did our research resh for work online some of the ohe stuff that's on sale online isn out already.out already you click on it and it's gone. g >> like the thing you just told us to you.ld >> gone.>> >> 'cause you can't get it. >> how can it be ge
5:37 am
>> forget what i said, okay.y. i'll find you something >> i didn't have my ice i forgot already. aeady. >> here we go. not much sunshine.unshine. yeah, that was the story earlier today.r today i was listening.s listng not much sunshine th sere could be a spotty showee here or there. not a lot, though. tug temperatures now 46 in town,n, gaithersburg 39. 3 in some places it's in thepl 30's obviously, a facew placesce anyway around. culpeper is 43 degrees right now, fredericksburg is 44. . annapolis is 45. forecast for today, mostly or there but the spottypo showers are so few and farar between i wouldn't worry about t .hat. temperature gets up to 60.p few spots in the lower 60's.0' here's erin como with yourith yu proving this morning.oving >> 5:37, gary and if you'reou heading towards bwi orr baltimore this morning, we do, e have a crash in laurel that could slow you down. bw parkway northbound between be 197 and 198 blocking thelocking right. you can see that yellow line on our map. the delay starte sth htig before 1
5:38 am
it's wide opened in bothoth directions. we have you covered this morning. crash in arlington on 66n 66 cleared.cleared. wisdom and maureen. >> 5:38 is the time right now. n coming up on fox5 news morning, a new figure suggestsss drought conditions acrosst condt several parts of ourions a regio are getting worse. >> fire investigator there isesi israel trying to determineetermi what led to a series ofers wildfires across the country. cy >> as we head to break righteaig now here's a live look outsidede across the d.c. region. 5:38 is the temperature is that 46.erat
5:39 am
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>> 5:41 is the time right now. in israel firefighters battling fires around the country.ttling a bunch of them were set in the countrync buth tofhe county ruled out terrorism and ared ou investigating the causes foring the the fire started early tuesdayue morning in a community outsideut and arabs live together. >> here locally parts ofparts northern virginia fredericksburg and charlottesville aunt moderatetts drought advisory as the dry autumn wears on.vight ad antime the far southeastar s part of the state is in extreme drought marking theing first time any part of thet commonwealth has been under that classification sincen 2010. >> hurricane otto downgraded to a tropical storm. the storm made landfaltol inl nicaragua yesterday becoming the southern most hurricane on
5:42 am
weakened quickly as it madely am its way across the country. forecasters expect the storm to merge offer central offertral america's pacific coast byica' earl today. earl today. >> coming up on fox5 news morning more than a hundred hun thousand navy sailors may bemay at risk of identity fraud. fraud >> was it us or was arethath thanksgiving national anthemnalm extremely, extremely long. lon >> where did she sing that, sinh which game.which game. >> the lions game. lions gam and we're going to tell youin how long itg >> cease still singing thisease morning. sin [laughter][laugh >> as we throwed break, a -- head to break, a live across a the d.c. region.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> ?? >> whew. it's friday morning. mning okay. >> black friday that's what that means. ck fri >> getting our money this morning and giving it away. >> ?? >> the first line of thathe song, some people, got fir to hv it. they're out there shopping,hoin that's what i'm saying. you got toay get it. not me. >> that's why we're here. >> stand in line for an hourn and a half for a key chain with a fancy name on it. >> it's tory burch.urch >> that means nothing to me. me. >> it means fancy. >> you know what that means? m
5:46 am
i went to high school withhh her but other than that i don't know. >> when it first opened i walked by all the sbutot otre shen it i saw i s that store and people wereple we lined up. it was for as far as you could see. >> like they were giving thosegi purses away.y. >> check the stock quote on on that wisdom. we might want to -- >> we might be a littlwee m lat. >> maybe not. n. if you're standing in line forsi an hour and hngalf i for a key k chain we might need to look neel into temperatures out there thisaturt morning 40 degrees for dulles,oe 46 here in town, some 30's still north and west. west. middle 40's down to the southheu of us. morning.rning. look what happens thisok weeken wd.we high pressure starts buildinge on in.ssur it's going to be chilly.e go be. it's going to be breezyre tomorrow and then we're going'rg to end up with lots of -- good sunshine tomorrow. tons of sunshine on sunday.un if you're traveling thishi sunday up and down the eastp coast it should bean temperatures will be in theatur 40's and the 50's for the weekend specifically here in town for us, 54 tomorrow. torro now, look, a good amount off sunshine tomorrow but we'll have some clouds, too and it ani
5:47 am
to feel chilly all day long. lg. 53 degrees on sunday, lots ofs sunshine, dry and the winds w will come down a little bitbit for sunday. su so, i mean, they're both bot decent days but of the two t sunday looks like the best. here are the clouds in place clo for us this morning.. no major weather system.ysm. a few showers to the north of o us, that's what it is, showers, not snow showers justus some rain showers.howe temperatures up there areeratur esabove freezing. fezin how about today? not muchuch sunshine. don't expect a lot and you won'ext pebe surprised if you gy a little bit, right? spotty stt be out of the east-southeasteast at five to 7 miles per hour mil and with limited sun today, tay we're talking upper 50's too low 60's.lo 6 i think in town we'll settledetd up 60 degrees or so.s or s seven-day forecast looks likeas that. after today we're cooler tomorrow and sunday.r toto temperatures this weekendmorrows generally in the lower tollin tl mid-50's. a little warmer on monday.on mon monday looks gorgeous,ge degrerees. by tuesday and wednesday,nesd we're back up into the middledle 60's, more clouds, a chanceha for some showers there.he then we'll cool down a little le
5:48 am
search day -- seven day period. we're tracking some reallylly cold air, maybe by the first t f or seconds weekend off december, he can. -- okay. by end of the first week into wn the second week of december.nd here's erin w como. >> 5:fright. accokeek billingsly road blings closed northbound andclos southbound at livingston and dealing with a crash involvingeh anolvi overturned vehicle.rtnede if you're heading out in in accokeek this morning adding a few extra moments to mn your commute.yourmute we're tracking a crash in laurel.laur baltimore-washington parkway northbound it's between 197 and e-w198 blocking tasouhend rr lane. because of that we're seeing delays.ys you can see a line of yellow with speeds reduced as folks try to merge into that left mer lane. take 95 towards bwi orwi baltimore this morning.imore that's a muchth better bet. the outer loop and inner loop looking good through collegegood park.lege not seeing any problems in toofton. this crash on 66 out in
5:49 am
glebe road and spout run. everything is back to normale ri e.ere. t problem free on 395 as well as l and then for your overview ofrvf your black friday commuteday cot whether you're headed to thedett outlets at national harbor uporu to clarksburg where annie yuie u is or leesburg things quiet onin the way to woodbridge.ooridg i like what i'm seeing on thehe roads whether you make your way out for early shoppingwhethh deals or just getting to work. wisdom and maureen.auen. >> a california mother who was s able to spend thanksgivinghankiv with her family after being bei abducted nearly a month ago. th34 hadn't been seen since november 2nd was found along a the side of a highwayay yesterday after flagging downain a driver. the investigation into hertiga disappearance is far from overro as officials work to identifyntf her captors and the motiveotiv behind her abduction. >> police in virginiaginia searching forts man wanted in connection with the death of a security guard. witrd richard irving was shot andt a killed early yesterday morning during an event held outsideut the yorktown restaurant.urt. officials say he was escorting colston ryan lewis from the event when then the
5:50 am
lewis then ran off. o police are asking anyone with w information to call them.rmat >> a holiday tradition turneiod deadly in louisville kentucky. . two people were killed and a four others injured whened whe someone opened fire at the annual juice bowl o coaches scrambled to get players to aets safe place as police evacuatedct the park. the park the event is a series of football games held on thanks giving. >> personal data longing tosona more been hacked. it's believed to have taken place on aelieve laptop belongit a contractor.onactor. social security number namesec and other sensitiveur detailset were on that laptop.ap the navy says sailors will bel notified of the breach byfied e-mail and phone call and alsoh by letter.ter. >> time now is 5:50. 5 let's take a look at the look e stories you're engaging withaggi the most this morning ons mornin social media with our realtime a news tracker.cker >> first up the ceo of the web w site reddit admitted todo changing critical comments ofl s him on the site. s
5:51 am
clean up comments calling himlim out for banning a page thatag ta discussed conspiracy theories.ra it focused on linking the clintons to a pedophile ring running out of a pizza placeout here in d.c. d huffman admitted that as ceo he should not play such gamesh m but that it gets old constantly being called aalle pedestrian film he said he f won't be doing thatil again.. >> a trump campaign christmas tree ornament has sold out on amazon. it's a minute mee replica of trump's now with the slogan make america great again.gain. it's maids of brash and brash a finished in 18 karat gold g which explains the hefty price p tag. >> okay. next up, just in time to replenish after black fridayckri loses, the powerball jackpotot excuse me i'm choked up about out, it tops $400 million ahead of tomorrow's drawing. dwi it stands at an estimated eimat $403 million and is on theilnd brink of becoming one of the largest jackpots if it keeps it on rolling. rolling
5:52 am
in 292.2 million..2 mil >> i could get a lot of blackldt friday shopping done with thatha money. finally one of the most m memorable moments momentsblomens yesterday's football actions f had nothing to do with the game. it wase arena franklin thatli tt people are talking about. aut she sang a extremely longremelyg version of the national anthem t just before the lions took on theheore th vikings. vikin when i say long i mean fourg i u minutes 35 seconds long. national anthems usually run r about two minutes so she doubled the time she remixed red it if you l twitter of course cs one user said the two teams twos would have to warm up again. aga the other said the refs shouldsl throw a delay of game penaltye l on her. one person equipped colin kaepernick would have and developed arthritis in his knee if the 49ers were playingp while she was singing. singing. >> she is the queen you have h to r-e-s-p-e-c-t.-s-p-e-c >> michelle obama will welcomelo the white house christmasisas it's coming from wisconsin. wcos this is video of the tree when w
5:53 am
is that is a rare balsam fir mix.x. it will be set up in the blue room of the white house. >> al getting ready for itse adr annual tree lighting ceremony. n the tests start at 6:00 p.m.s s0 at market square.0 the event is free and santa s will be making an appearance. aa >> zoo lights officially openian tonight at the national for some it's an annual holiday tradition. traditi more than 500,0000 environmentally friendly led lights transform the zoo into a winter wonder zoo lights will be opened every night fromli 5gh ots'cloco 9 o'clock except on christmas o eve christmas and new year's eve.e. final a night of zoo lightsof zt will be on christmas day. d >> what could would christmas bewoul without the grinch.heri for this fox too beat freet f friday give away. a >> you can use four tickets to how the grinch stole christmasri the musical. th it's a prize with a retail ret value of $372. $37 go to our facebook page between now and 11:59 p.m. and5n enter for a chance to win.o win.
5:54 am
drawing on november 28.ber 28 all entrants must be 18 or be 18 older. complete rules available at >> time for our facebook fanfaco of the day.ay today's fan comes to us alles the way from brazil. say hello to to your fan. f >> from brazil.l. >> he watches fox5 every day eve from brazil.razi >> what? >> i know, right. right >> are you kidding.>> k >> that's some serious loyalty right there. thank you so much u and keep it locked on fox5 news. news if you want to be our next fantu of the day post a picture pic under his and it's going to be b hard to top somebody watching wn from brazil. >> seriously. >> that's hard core righthard ci there. >> international fans unite. took this show worldwidenatihiow wisdom. wi >> he's trying to flex the guns right that the for -- right there for fox5 >> we went international.nation. >> let's bring it back locallyol
5:55 am
>> we have to start doing d international forecasts isatio that what that means. >> we may have to give him athai shout h outim.shou out >> i like to say in the northern hemisphere but that'sha okay. if we have internationalernaon viewers maybe we'll start a little segment here. her not much sunshine today.eod i have no idea what's going to happen in brazil. bra temperature in the 40's. 4 looks like it's going to be goie pretty decent.prty dec no big weather systems fectcting us. a little bit of rain up to thete north -- there's a sprinkle --in i'm not even going to mention it. there's a sprinkling of snowf s but more than anything it'sre just a little bit of rain. tha high temperatures going to bepeu right up around 60 degrees butgs as i just said to brad one ofran our directors i said it's only going to touch 60 so we'll tou probably be about 64 about 304 t minutes or so and then it willnt start coming back down inton in the upper 50's so just keeptee that in mind. mind. a very spotty shower.wer. not much at all in terms of rainfall thanks goodness. breezy chill tomorrow.zy we'll be cooler. aboutbout be kicking up
5:56 am
and down the east coast.e st coa next week we'll go back up backp into the mid 60's. 6 plus showers though on tuesday and wednesday.d wees there's you were forecaste's through the weetkend as well. erin como here she is. i is there any traffic at all.ffic >> there are a few a problems.rl >> little bit? littl >> skyfox is heading out. o they'll check out some out s congestion around the mall. m we'll keep you posted. pte billingsly road shut down in accokeek. overturned vehicle crash. caution there.turnedcautther you'll need top factor in extra minutes to detour around that. th in laurel between 197 and 198,98 there is a crash blocking theckt right lane and right shoulder. e keep it to the left.eft. a bit of a slowdown leadingng towards in location. lat just outside the beltway you're nice and quiet.heu' nice traffic on 95 moving along a just fine.ju fin that's a great alternate toerna get you around that if you're y headed towards this crash on 66 cleared. 395 wide opened and metro is mei on time. on t i'll let you know if we start ws to see any slowdowns into thent district if you're heading toreg work or maybe around any of any
5:57 am
posted. we'll be right back with yourthr 6 o'clock hour in just a few. af nice calm view of the cityeh
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> ?? >> one of television's mostf beloved mothers has passed away.telemoth this morning we're ememberingememberi florence henderson.florence h >> time to get youren shop on o this black friday.ri some of you might be returning from the stores, surome of youof waking up now at 6 o'clock'clock saying uh-oh, look how longk hoo the line is already. aea we'll check things out for you y shopping centers across theoshe region including the new t n outlets up in clarksburgur maryland. >> live look outside on this oni friday november 25th.25. black friday. frida do you have plans to cut d a christmas tree today? today because tucker is coming upg u with your holiday weekend forecast. good morning to you. i'm wisdom martin in forod martf allison seymour. seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m ste welcome to fox5 news morning. f if you're just waking up thisg h morning some sad news comingews from hollywood today. florence henderson one of theen mostders beloved tv moms inms history has died.storhas died. >> maureen umeh joins us nowh jn with how generations of fansfan are responding to the shocking n news. good morning. allyt really is shocking. tucker just walked in and sawwan the picture and said oh no i feel like it's my mom. mom. i think a lot of us feel thereer way.y.


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