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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  November 25, 2016 9:00am-11:01am EST

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??? straight ahead, sayingayin goodbye to america's favorite tv mom.m. >> ?? the brady bunch >> look back at t of brady buncr florence enter storms working ss holiday for the president-elect. how donald trump possibly savedv hundreds of jobs while enjoyingg a thanksgiving trip to florida.. shop till you drop.op t more than 100 million people will be outlooking for christmas deals this weekend and some ofe them started before the sun camm up. up. we'll take you live to thel takv outlets in clarksburg for a look at the flack friday rush. r plus, what you should shop for p this weekend and what you mightm
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>> and later, disappointment in dallas. the burgundy and gold can't gett the job done during auring a thanksgiving trip to texas. t we'll have a look back and whata the loss means for their play te off hopes. good day at 9a starts now. ?? the queen aretha franklin.n. >> is she still singing. sin >> right. >> r it's been how many hours now?ow? yeah.h. >> just letting you know.ust ttn >> i'm sure you can hear thather song twice. so >> right. she's letting you know who'swho boss in this house. in friday, november 25th the dayhed after thanksgiving. hope awed terrific dayif yesterday. i'm maureen umeh along steve and wisdom.wisd hold the has the morning off. >> no respect for the queen ofte soul. here's the back story if you the missed it yesterday. back misst football fans losing a little at patience during her epic epic national anthem performance.form this was before the game ine i lions game in motown. mow how long that performancece lasted. we'll take it to the second andd how it stacks up to some otheroh famous or infamous versions of
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>> oh, man. >> we will chat about that. >> not mentioning how she wasw w indoors and had on a fur coat aa wool hat. >> i'm just >> image. >> but her last couple performances she's been extra. look, it's my time.nces i don't care what tithe time cue say what the fans say. i guess at that age -- -- >> respect over the decades. de. >> you can do that. >> i can understand. i c before we get to all of that oft let's talk about the weather for the people who do have to be outside or are outside don't have to be outside. outside. you know where i'm going with i this tucker barnes.uckebar the big questio have to bundle up like arethatha franklin was and side thate that football game yesterday beforeoe you head to black friday and a start shopping? tucker? tuc >> actually i had no idea wherew you were going.oing [ laughter ]hter >> i was trying to say -- s - >> we don't have enough time.t >> you don't have enough time hn for me because time won't giveot me time. >> we have two hours.wors so yeah. we have plenty of time.entyf >> let's go to the forecast.. here's what wisdom is trying tot tell you. te you'll need a jack when you heau out this morning.
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you know what, we're featuring g daytime highs in the upper 50s to about 60 with a lot of clouds. little clouds you see because cloud we've got movely cloudys you sev conditions across the e aregoa.a quick look at yourquick ok a tetellite/radar. it's all about clouds today. t what's happened here we have aha little frontal system droppedm d off to our south and east and a little area weak area of lowow pressure rolling along it will t give us mostly cloudy conditions late this afternoon we might fire up a little drizzle or a lonesome shower out there, but,t really widely scattered most ofd of remaining cloudy here and hee daytime highs upper 50s to about 60. tonight we'll clear it out andwa back in the sunshiner tomorrowm with a really nice looking loo weendnd. there's your seven day forecasts 60 today. today mid 50s around here saturday an sunday. but again a lot of sunshine tosn look forward to here for our for long holiday weekend. w so all in all, great shoppingin weather, and even better goodd eating weather. weath back to you guys.. >> i like that. >> tuck, thanks a lot if you'ref just waking up this morning andg
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this morning when he found outnd as a lot of people sad news frof hollywood this morning asorng a florence henderson one of thers most beloved moms in tv historyy carol brady passed away.. kevin joins us with hows with generation of fans responding tn this news. this n kev? >> right. steve, i think a lot of us can say that we were thi raised by s wonderful actress florence henderson.nder from 1969 to 1974 she became people's friday night mother. mt she really carol brady in the iconic series the brady bunch.unch. take look.ook. there? what's wrong?llther >> oh,e? nothing, nothing at all [ laughter ]ht >> that's the kind of nothings d that bothers me the most. [ laughter ] >> tributes have been pouring ib from some of the actors had had portrayed the brady kids and hendersons many celebrity fans including maureen mccormack whoo played smash brady on the shownh posted a picture of the two off them together just a few nightsn ago at the dancing with the the stars finale.e i always love the show you see u the box and they're looking atng
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mccormack wrote florence flonc henderson was dear friend for so very many years and in my heartt forever love and hugs to her her family. i'll miss you dearly.rl one of the florence other tv children mr. barry williams also remembering henderson thisrson morning tweeting "deeply saddened. sadd florence was one most gracious o people i've ever known.nown proud to call her a mom and lifa long friend "arsenio hall chimem in thankful i knew florence henderson a couple of hash tagsh there. ther and piece florence henderson. a dear lady with a great senseee humor an terrific laugh. america's mom has died. henderson did begin her career r in the 1950s and '60s with leadl roles on she also had a short stint ontin the today show before the bradyb bunch began and florencelorenc henderson was 82 years old and d again as i mentioned at the topt of this hit i think everyone who is watching right now andg rino everyone on our show right nowow
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by this person on television.. it's very sad. sad but her legacy will definitely f live on. i'm looking forward to watchingt some brady bunch episodes andsnd remember how great she was. >> obviously brady bunch was rus in syndication for years andtios years well after 1974 it was ono the air.e a what i think allotted of peoplef might remember for and i talkrer about her being a pitch person r in the commercials. i had to look it uphe the wessos oil commercials she used to doci all the >> i remember that. 1>> i r years.or 2 >> really? >> wow. >> 21 years almost to the turnor of the millennium well into theo late '90 she was a pitch person >> man. >> she will be missed.. >> ?? >> thank you, kevin. all right 90:00 sick is thes time. ti president-elect donald trumpld p chose the warm climate andimated cooling breezes of his march a lago estate in palm beach for bf thanksgiving dinner yesterday. d he says he was mixing in somein work with wth with the play while celebratingl the holiday.e holiay trump tweeted yesterday about yd his plans to keep jobs in theobn united states writing quote i'me working hard even on eve o
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ac company to stay in the united they are in indiana.n indian making progress. progr will know soon. s in february, carrier announceed its plans to move 1400 jobs to mexico. meanwhile hillary clintoncl feeling some love onfeing so thanksgiving she tweeted thishi picture showing science ofen support near the formeror presidential candidate's home. secretary clinton captioned then picture with the message, i wasi greeted by this heart warming wg display on the corner of my corf street today. thank you to all of you who did this.this. >>9: christmas is exact al month awaa now believe it or not it is the 25th and this morning we're in i full swing into black friday if you're just getting out the t dooring to shopping you'll havev to do a little catch up game cam thousands of people were outwero overnight late night some out at midnight some before the sun was up. national retail federation fedio expect about 137 million37 m shoppers this weekend. that will be more than one in three people in the unitedpl states. the group also expects holiday h sales to rise three-point 6% 6 this month and next and that tha
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good. pours more been into thento economy. black friday and the saturday before christmas are some of th busiest shopping days of theof e year. get get early sales and left lef minute gift buyers. experts say sales this weekendse are crucial though to setting sg the tone throughout the holiday it is -- that it is good g news for local stores includingu the new clarksburg outlets. lines earlier this morning at one high end chain offeringff pretty steep discounts. discoun. >> annie yu has been out there t all morning long and joins usnsu now live with the very late this constantly involving storys annie, last time i talk to you y you were at a store, high end store where they were sellinger key chains and some otherchaind trinkets where people wereke who standing in long lines just tout get to those key chains and a trinkets. >> now she's by that fireplace t said i would f go to right awayt try to stay warm.m >> hunker down. h >> reporter: i found warmth. war i found warmth by the fireplacea i also made some new friends.w n i'll introduce you to them ino e just a second but the chain then store you're talking about about tori birch they were offering ar
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goods so we're talking their shoes, their key chains, wisdoms their purses, wallets, everything was 60% off, and off, people were in line for as longo as three hours to get their ther hands on those goods.. uggs and also kate spades hotpa spots as well many so we'reo we' making friends out here. outer i found all these wonderful wonf people to talk to me.o m we got mark, ruben, meghan, rosemary and marissa. missa all pumping money into the i economy this morning.econom they got bags andy bags of stus i'm going to start with youhou la you have carters, you haveyou banana republic, so find so f something really good deals?? >> some really good deals. dea carter has a lot of -- everywhere has really goodywhe r specials we got up really earlyr >> reporter: was it worth it? >> yes.>>es absolutely. >> reporter: do you normally do this? >> yes.ortely we normal dollar black fridaylly her and i like to do it togethee and just get up early and justt get as much shopping done as as possible. >> trying to knock as many giftf as we can off our list report roar these the first people wesr met that were buying for others.
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thank you very much, ladies.youm thahank you.uc >> happy holidays.idays >> happy holidays, everybody.pyl >> reporter:iday we've got first of all, wisdom, i don't know ifo you recognize this face here fac mark says he played ball withbh you just the other week. >> wait a minute. give me a close up.give mclos >> la fitness.itss >> la fitness a few weeks ago. a i r remember him. >> he wants close up.s clos my team >> no, no, no. at laaplayed with me fitness did you not win. notin that's how i know you because ie shot in your face. >> that's itot. i >> reporter: if you playedyou with him at lap fitness did youd not win. not [ laughter ] >> don't be mean to our friendsn gosh. >> come on, >> reporter: so now you guys g hit up nike they actually openeo up a a little later because thet wanted their employees to spendd some time with their so doors opened at 8:00. 8:0 what if did ya'll get i want to see those compression shorts.ons [ laughter ] >> so you know it's colds cd outside.ts i got the tights, you know, goto to go with the man t [ laughter ] >> got me some shorts.someho actually they had great sales. so they already ticked off t
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off. so ya'll should hit up nike. nik >> reporter: that is reallyep good.orte >> shorts were over $30 regulr:g price for less than $12.han $ >> reporter: what, $12 shorts. o >> 12 bucks. 1 >> reporter: wow that is a2r: w really good deal.d d what about you meghan?ha >> i went to aldo and i go got g two pair of shoes for $40. for $ >> reporter: for yourself. yours >> yes, for myself and i got myt mother a christmas g i can't say what it is because she's sitting over there.e's tt >> i love you guys. g thanks very much they love fox5f ghght. >> yes. >> ruben was like we'll be in then we lasoft?eof >> well -- i watch you guys ever morning. allison and the team, hi, >> hi. >> reporter: wisdom, if you ruben again -- i mean mark agaik watch out he's a good baller.dal >> i'm coming for you.ou >> there it is. it >> reporter: challenge.llge >> back in to you. >> annie, a note of caution youy might be not to ask a man to show off his compression shortso on life tv you don't want you'll get. be careful there.ul the >> now you want to be bestow yo friends because he can pick upt shorts for you.orts fou >> absolutely. i was like what.i wake w >> $12. >> what?? >> i'll see him at the gymt the
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>> there you go.. listen when you head out toh the stores more than few peoplef all looking for the same thing.t coming up a little later we'll check with hots this holidayts h season and what you might wantth to skip at least for now. >> first though, things gettingi a little physical after last aet night's loss in dallas. dalla why josh norman and dez bryant, well, guess what, they had to be separated. >> 40 times. >> numerous times. t we'll tell you what's next withi the redskin.edsk we'll talk about all of that coming up.
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>> let's talk football now. t the game of the week around here in this region redskins versusae the cowboyson. redskin. cowboys struck first driving 75 yards in seven plays forysor touchdown early in the first quarter but the redskins offenso well they did some damage, too. burgundy and gold racking up 505 yards punting once. it wasn't enough.h. cowboys won 31-26. let's bring in fox5 sports reporter grant paulsen.lsen what went wrong want the gameheg revealed about the burgundy and gold. grant, watch the game yesterdayy dallas as expected their their offensive line was amazing.mazig but what i found troubling fornr the burgundy and gold and i'mndi just, you know, since they didid lose it wasn't a perfect game, m the fact that they continuouslyl get in the red zone, time after
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handed or come away with feelee goals.. yesterday it wasn't even field d goals. >> they missed two of themwof th unfortunately, wisdom.isdo. but that's kind of been the issue for this team on offense n all season long. they moved the ball probably pra better than any other team inhee the as a matter of fact, they rackak up 500 yards yesterday for theor second time in as many weeks.ks they've never had more than than 500 yards in season more thanson two times all year. they've got done it twice in thw last two weeks and three times this season for the first timete in franchise history but were bw you get down near the goal linee you' touches downs.s downs that was a first half issue.ue. when they got jordan read backdc on the field healthy he caught h two touchdowns in the secondhe n half that problem was alleviated however this is now somethingomg that's lingered for sever weeks and i agree with you, had they h have cash in with touchdownss early in the game not only woulu they have potentially won butonb they could have won going away a that wasn't the case though anda something they've got to cleaney up. it has been a tro'vleubanle arer them since september. >> grant, let me saw question. o look you never want to sake s solace out of a loss in any wayy
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any other team besides dallas they would have won that game ge yesterday. now you have an extra long timeg off do you take anything positiveg away from what you sa yesterday? >> well, i think the positive it you're a redskins fan you cananu take out of yesterday, that wasw a brutal scenario to go to dallas on the wednesday beforesy thanksgiving when you played ono the previous sunday nightu play. you're playing the team with thh best record in football withtb running game designed to wear w you down and you're playing on n couple days r single practice full practicerac since your last game just sometm walk throughs and basicallyasaly sitting in cold tubs. i thought they went toe to toe o with them. that game could have got off the dallas got off to a early lead.. they played a good second half.h i thought that was impressive considering they are the team t that should have been fatiguedvd and worn down dallas was homedas the previous week on sunday thee didn't have to travel.ave to tr. they were in bed by the time tht redskins finish their game witht
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nought work the next day and daa start to prep for them all thoso things build up adversity thesie this is the nfl. nfl there aren't really moral victories the monday after for a team trying to play the law offl the redskins open next weekend d with a play off spot still intil hand and they still control conl their own destiny as wild carddr team but they've got to play ass well as they did against dallasa against arizona and everybody eo else on the schedule coming up.p >> grant, given that thehat t burgundy and gold are doing whaa they're doing and looking good i know they lost this game but aut lot people say they look awfulll good even in teams starting to take noticeot and fearing this town. tow at the beginning of the season e they're coming to town, whatever'r.e coat are other teams starting to fear this team. >> it's a great question. ffenses a gryes on o specifically. this is a really tough group to there was a piece of audio thata came out after the game goingoi back a couple weeks ago againsta the vikings the head coach off minnesota mid field to gray jeww den said man you guys are are impossible to defend somethingoi along those lines and gruden gru said i know..
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through for 449 yards almost the all-record for passing yards in thanksgiving game day. three touches down he's making g lot of money.ey. the passer it's the weaponse wes they've got around who are.who a jordan read had 10 catches0 cats almost a hundred yards worksds s crowder had a huge game.huge ge. desean jackson went over a hundred yards they just have so many players you have to defendf when they're throwing the football and they've run it more effectively recently i thinkec there are teams that definitely fear the redskins root now whent they've got the ball n.ow wn these long drives. 500 yards is a amazing but that should equal 30 some close to 4 points like it did last weekt we against the packers. so only scored 26 and i knowno that they missed two field goals but you would liked to have seee them today machine for couple oe more scores. k we only got 20 2 seconds left that. trash talking between josh andnd dez, i'm going good as long as it's during the game.'s during aft the game it should be overt with especially if you lose. le. >> yeah, i agree with you.hou
9:20 am
as long as it lon i but those are two guys that t clearly just don't like eachst d other and don't respect eachdosp other very much.. nobody through fists after thegt game. it was just kind of words in the locker room.oo i don't think there's a wholek lot going on there moving forward, but definitely going tt be must see tv every time they e link up in this division they te won't play again unless they the play in the playoffs until next season with the season seriesasr over with dallas. >> all right. grant, appreciate it.ant, good a to talk to you.toou >> thanks, guys. see you later.seyou >> okay.>> o time right now 9:20 coming upomu next california super momom found we'll have all the details whenn we check what else is makings mn headlines this morning.thisorni >> and later, back and betternde than ever we'll take you live l inside this year's christmas pop-up bar miracle on seventhnt street. tough to get in last year. get i we'll give you the sneak peek next. next.
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?? >> 9:23 on good day and we're asking to send us your best picks hash tag fab5pics. we want to show yourw y thanksgiving p the turkey the family gathered together. or maybe it's outlet mallsutlets you've been shopping this morning. maybe even bee want to see it all.mawant tsee t sent i at to us fox5 picks -- -- fab5pics hash tag. t we'll share with you later on. >> 9:23 is the time. it's time to check scene wells l is making we'll begin with a mystery in
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>> mother of two who disappeared three weeks ago is back with heh family this morning. morng sherri papini is her name andamd she was rescued after flagging n down a driver on rural road neaa one nifty miles from her home. she told authorities is he was w abducted after going for a jog a on november 2nd.emr 2n her captors released her earlyar thursday. the 34-year-old had been boundeb with restraints but was able too frerself.elf. police are now looking for twooo hispanic women armed with a handgun and a dark colored suv. president obama spent partep of his thanksgiving g thanks to our troops for theirhe service. president obama made nine phonep calls yesterday morning to m service members who are currentr deal employed. before giving an address from the oval office encouraginggein americans to come together after 2016's devise seive presidentiaa this morning, first lady fil michelle obama is getting readyy to welcome the white houseteou christmas tree.s re it's arriving today all the wayt from wisconsin.from w. it will be on display in the blue room.. so did you get your powerballll tickets yet? the jackpot for
9:25 am
$403 million. m that is the ninth largestilarget jackpot in powerball history the odds of weigh winning are one in 291 million the $2 tickets arece available in 44 states, distric4 of4 columbia, puerto rican ands virgin islands a story of givinn and generosity in time for theit holidays.holida the founder of car rona beer an tone know fernandez passed i wai nay august at the age of 98.the9 leaving his entire fortune to the 80 residents of village v his estate was valued around $20 million. so that means everyone in that town is now a millionaians re. >> four times over.mesr. >> right. >> he was already a highlyy a hy decorated philanthropist when he died and he stabbed severaled sv charities that helped the the disabled and helped them findm d employment. so again giving his entire fortunine g to his small town mg east one a millionaire.. >> i had a ticket for the the powerball on thanksgiving eve ii had the powerball number i got t
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>> give it one more shot. s you never know.never now. >> that's true.>> tt's >> four more than you already te had. >> that's right. >> pay it forward. >> four more i could have lost.l >> one of the busiest shoppingbi days of the year. dabody in rybody in the market for today? we'll checkth oe utt what's hot and what's not this t holiday season. sn. >> first christmas exactly oneit month away, but will it startt s feeling like the most wonderfuln time of the year any time soon? >> tucker barnes back with aes h look at the seven day forecast r coming up next.. fresh at 10a a star in the making.. actress brittany o'grady isdy i joining us live in the lof a sneak peek at the new foxox drama called star.ta it's on the mind of empire recrated lee daniels. right now it's 9:26 and we'll bb
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>> 9:29. we take a live look outside at the white house. the weather at least when wlieve came in this m >> no. >> not at all. >> fair enough. >> fair enough. thahat fair? >> okay. oka >> didn't feel christmas see ana that's what -- wt >> we got a month before itor i starts freezing and gettingrein cold. >> i'm with you on the coldyou n weather. you know that. >> you can have that. >> yeah, right. eather. weather.> you w that's all i'm saying. >> all right.>> r looks like they're getting readg for christmas at the whitet house. christmas tree arriving lateratr today.y first lady michelle obama decorating and she's putting iti where.e. >> in the blue room. in thblue >> why is it call the blue roomr
9:30 am
>> 9:29. let's talk about this. while thousands oft' ps olitical junkies spend months obsessingig over every single detail of thit wild election year, thousands of people in around the nation'sato capitol have been more focusedor on getting ready for what happens after november 8th. donald trump grand rifle to thet white house big bucks for thes t city's dozens of i couldn't 96ld hotels, museums and fox's joel waldman breaks downrs how much people are forking over forefront row seat at the 58th presidential >> reporter: january 20th, 2017, a day those in dc have hae been preparing for for quiteui timetime. as all eyes will be on the city in charge of hosting the with nearly 1 million peoplelion expected to attend the inaugural festivities hundreds of local oc businesses are getting ready tot cash in. cash in. the city's hotels, restaurants
9:31 am
and tours for visitors eager tot participate. >> nice thing about having thisi event every four years is that s our community really knowsy know exactly what to expect in termsr of an influx of individualsidua coming into the so our restaurants have probably unique deals in inaugural breakfasts and other o food options and unique uniqu opportunities. >> reporter: from the paradeter to the balls to the actual the a swearing in ceremony, itt probably comes as no surprise sr that being part of celebration means forking over r whole lot of cash.ash. hotel packages have beenave b designed for family friendly frl groups as well as luxury l travelers.els >> we have one of our, you know, main sweets our royal sweet assu we call it which is the only onl bullet proof resistant windoww equipped sweet in the city tit selling for $20,000. $20,0 it is about 4,000 square feet. >> reporter: if you're luckyte i enough to fall into the group oo luxury travelers, you may
9:32 am
one being offered by the four tf seasons in georgetown.. >> so a lot comes with that. obviously space andously entertainment space as well. wel house car is available fortle fr guest staying there as well wein have a privateth entrance.ranc this could actual be combineom into a 12 room union if you wanted to it's got its own entire security system also. a >> reporter: committee ofttee locally elected officials offic estimates ensuring the safety st and well-being of of one involvv in the festivities w over $75 million.ilon the city itself will spendlpe somewhere between 40 and $50 million to manage the evente this size with much of that tha money going toward crowdro control, some of it being spentt just to get people around town. >> you'll find that washingtonha is a small big town so they'llte be very easy to get from point a to point b we encouragenc individuals to take metro. m do not bring car. c take public transportation asrtn
9:33 am
hundreds of vendors and businesn owners, they're cashing in, too. from gift shops to district bars many of which will be open 24 hours a day for five straight days. n washington, joel waldman, fox news. ne you want that 12 room sweetw set up with four seasons.eans >> why not? >> you know what if it was 10 i would get it but --- >> 12 too >> 12 just a little bit tootle t much. >> we'll get you some moreor friends. [ laughter ] >> pool >> 10:33.>>0:33. let's get a check what'sckt' happening outside with tucker wh barnes. ba >> it's all about cloud cover.ov good shopping weather here withw a possibility of a friday showeo although i think really reallyly localized and very hit and missm here this afternoon. afternoon all right. it's cool out there with thet ee cloud cover. 48 in washington.hing not the cold temperatures we had last several morning but stillti pretty cool. coo 48 in annapolis north and westt frederick is 43 degrees.3 grees. 46 winchester.ter. 47 for you in culpeper.
9:34 am
of a few of us touch 60 later0 this afternoon well tiffly mildm for the end of november. nembe lots and lots of cloud cover yod can see that very clearly herear on our satellite/radar. notice we don't have raine r showers nothing green here locally so i think most of the k day will just feature clouds.tud you might get a peek or two oftf sunshine, and the possibilitybii that we'll get a sprinkle or shower later this afternoon. af. what's happening an old frontalt system right here right up to r the south and east.dt little area of low pressure will roll along that today. that's responsible for the cloud couple of light sprinkles.ght pn there's another look at it.. again, yeah, winter wet well ofl to the north up northern newthn england but for us anything wenh get would be liquid and it will be very very light again lightit sprinkle light shower futureutue cast kind of show you that. t that's what you call lightig shower. how about a sprinkle and along a 81 there at about 1:00 o'clock and we'll see one or two ofe oro those pop up here later this thi afternoon but you can seeoon bu nothing very impressivese.. need the rain running a bigg a b shortage here since early september. and it looks like our bestur bt
9:35 am
will be kind of the middle of m next week so the weekend we'renw back in the clear with a lot ofo sunshine in fact we'll take look at the weekend forecast 60 todad mentioned the spotty shower.ho cool again tonight and then a tn breeze sets up for saturday.atda but lots and lots of sunshine sn both saturday and sunday brighti hine.ine. temperatures in the low to midei 50's fairly close to where we should be for this time of yeara notice next week the rebound inn temperatures and we increase ouo chances for showers maybe more e significantra tuesday and wednesday with highh back in the 60s i just want toan mention quickly returning backui to the mid atlanticng sunday weather wise. we i can promise quiet conditions s which is great news because as we all the roads and rails andai bus ways and that kind of thingt get to be challenge by sunday. y that is update on steve, i'll toss back to you. >> tuck, thank you very much. >> 9:35. thanksgiving behind it it's time for christmas music, holidayolid sweaters and black friday shopping today.shng t
9:36 am
and worse selling items thismshs holiday season and how some major major retailers can keepp up with sarah joins us this morning. mog happy black friday.riy. >> good morning. >> you're here with us. does that tell you us'r somethig do we not need to be outd b shopping this morning.s in >> there's certainly will beill deals all through on the thehrgo weekend. a lot of these retailers are noe having like five days, 10 days,d 35 days of black friday.. so there are some good prices out there this morning.e thisnig but there will be plenty ofe plf other time to capture those a well. >> whole bunch of things i wanth to talk. one we just mentioned t orying g keep up with the amazons of theh world out there. how do retailers do that. we have same day next day n shipping all of a sudden therelo it is. >> yeah, so retailers arere reay trying to catch up with them on speed and one way they're doingd that is by trying to unlockock their stores and turn those tooe mini warehouses, right? insteae of shipping online orders from o warehouse in the middle of iowaf they're now going to ship washington, d.c. residents their package from say tysons cornersr
9:37 am
that can shave two, three dayshd off shipping time. tim >> do they just load up on extre inventory this year ahead ofhe time then? is that how they're' able to do that.ha >> yeah, they are reallocatingll their inventory new waves and ad rethink staffing in the stores.s they have dedicated workers who all they do is pick and packac online orders some of them pickp up in the stores and some ofnd e them shipped out of those stores. >> what's interesting. eat way it gets the shopper wha' merchandise faster which is whaa we want fourths who can do it do let's talk about what to getes.g i was teasing you about notbo nt being out toda folks who were it oh thisre i morning and we saw them in theet middle of night lined for 6am door buster what is kind ofat things would be good to get today? >> yes.>> it's expected to be a hugea ug christmas for toys again lastgal year was the best year for toyor sales in over a decade this yeay is nipping at the heels of lasts year. so i think some of things people will be looking for this morninm are shop kins.s. star wars toys there's new movie star wars franchise coming outog on december 16th and the bighe b thing this year something call l hatch mals already on e bay forr
9:38 am
get them today you might not get them.them >> what's hot and what's not.s >> for electronics 4ktvs will b strong sellers this year the price on those come downown immensely.imnsely. actually the most -- fastestst dropping price on any gadget ind the modern era. so suddenly these are nowre now accessible to much wider arrayhr of people. i think we'll see people reallyr spending on those.spendin we also have these new reality head sets oculus rift, it remains to be seen howbe seen couldn't sewell mers willewel respond to those because they'ru so new. new retailers pretty hot on those oo this season.thiseason. >> one of the interesting thingn we came -- such a tumultuoustu time the last couple of monthsfs just came off the election.e ofc so now everybody is preparing pa for a new this is what we talk about ink washington, right? this is whah we do. >> yeah film might have any mann picket on shopping when we lookp at the economy as a whole, whenw we look at where we might be wee going in the year? thoseear? t
9:39 am
does it make a difference?fenc >> yeah. what we've seen in presidentialt campaign years in the past is ps that shopping does slow down onn election day and the daysnd thes immediately before and after iti but it's made up for in novembee and december.r. it's not drag on sales overall e just a distract. right? this certainly has beenb an unusual and surprisinguris gnmpaign season. so we'll see if that sametam pattern holds. adobe for example projects that we've lost about $800 million in sales between november 1st andnd november 14th much that's auch t big gap to make you up. make you we'll see if the retailers can n do >> czar remark the last thing il we're not out there today maybee not this weekend you mentionedti black friday sales may be ay a month long now at this point.thi >> yes. >> what's the latest we can goth or is there a point now where we shall just kind of avoid thevo t stores and wait for the pre christmas sales, those lastas minute sales at the end?nd >> yeah, so that last week you probably will see a fresh roundd every sales that sort of weak wa immediately before christmas ibm think you can wait longer nowitn than you used to retailers havee gotten their supply chains inchn order they also have this biohio mind pick up -- by online andinn
9:40 am
i tried this my order was ready in 25 minuten that sort of extent the online shopping period until christmasr eve. >> as a whole consumer spendingn expected to be more for the holiday than years past or not.t more. we see the projections are for f 3.6 to 4% sales growth thiss holiday season.easo. that would be strong improve film the 3% we saw last year.t . and the reason the economy isnoi good. gas prices low. l food prices all the facts are there foror retailers to make big money. me. >> that helps everybody.lps ever thanks sarah.yb th good to see you this morning.or. zen it back to you maureen. ferris bueller didn't play by b any rules and the rules don't d fly ma-ma that was brodrick's b latest movie either. eithe kevin sits down with the formere producer star to talk about thet new movie and the one role rol everyone wants to talk about.ut. tck after this.
9:41 am
9:42 am
?? ?? ?? ??
9:43 am
?? shut the door.r >> what is the hell is she doing here you. >> said you wanted the girl with the two in's.. >> that's marilyn may have lee e she's baptist nun for christor s sake. >> you wanted the girl with 2n'2 >> maybe the one i wanted withdw the 2m's was not on the payroll? >> you meant marilyn monroe. >> who? who >> marilyn monroe. mar >> yes, marilyn monroe.
9:44 am
>> okay. oka that's a clip from the new movie rules don't apply it starstta warren beatty who you just saw s as howard hughes. matthew brodrick coach stars.cha kevin got a chance to sit down s with them to talk about his 30is year career and the one movieoov that everyone, everyone alwaysew wants to talk to him about, hebe joins us now live with more. m >> he just sounds like thateha character.acte >> he sure does. theater in laer seeing the premier for this filf in the chinese theater, and when broderick left the theater someone blatantly blurted o bueller.bueller like bueller! >> i'm wondering if he getsf g upset about i wonder if that's like's something, you know, it's aing, ch yaracter he's had so many rol in his career, glory, war gamesg but does he get upset aboutpsbo that. first i spoke to him and his co-star alden erin reich you mau not know that name right the next hasn'ts solo. big deal. big deal in year or two. t in the film they both clay playy drivers who work for howardow hughes. back in the '60s were they shots
9:45 am
people in fake cars.ears. i want to know how they pulledhl off the old school driving whilg filming it in present day. watch this. >> i'm actually genuinely guine curious how the driving scenes work in the movie because backbb in the day -- d - >> good question. question. >> in the '60s they would do driving scenes on screens. scree >> i'm right. >> was any of that done for this or was itf th all actual real environment? >> a little bit was blue screen or green screen but the thing bt with the driving is that these um, they had the cars that were automatic you'd press buttons to shift gears.ift but sometimes the cars were old, so we would -- i remember doingi one seen once where i pull up pp and i park and i get out of thef car and me and lilly are havingn a conversation and my car is inn the background, and we would bel having a conversation, the carar would just start rolling. [ laughter ][ la >> are you serious.erious >> yeah. different times different times where that kind of thinge thati happened or we'd be doing a takk
9:46 am
>> start it it wouldn't start?i >> right. that's right. >> they were also very like bhodi and mushy. mus >> you had to pull throughh this -- funny.ny really like a limousine driver.. going through the gate ande and warren was always like, faster,s i don't want to waist time on t the car getting into the spot. s get right into that spot and he'd be like -- you don'ton understand i turn the wheel like 45 times and gradually it startt to m >> exactly much right. >> that's awesom know why that went away. those are great. >> comfortable. >> like sitting on a couch in the car.sittin >> the cars were extremelyxtrely comfortable.ore >> and they're wonderful.ful. >> i don't know -- i don't knowo what >> much better than a modern cac but much harder to --o -- >> because of power steering. sn >> any way. thanks for coming a.. >> you used up your time. >> last night i was at theast premier which was awesome while you were walking on stagekingn s someone literally ideal yelled bueller.eller. >> right. >> will that happens does that
9:47 am
was it hard to get away fromro that role later on? >> well, i'm used to it. it it doesn't -- actually itt doesn't bother me because i'm se used to i it. i think usually it's a friendlyl thing. >> sure, sure. >> sometimes it's a little bite of a mock, arc little tease or a -- i know it's not alwayslw totally friendly thing to do to scream out bueller at me.ller a [ laughter ] >> i have been working as a a a professional actor for 30 years. >> yes. y. >> in way yourself, i get t i'm in the afraid of them. the >> i mean it's interesting.nteri it comes -- like a double edgedd sword in hollywood if you're y'r known for one character, it can obviously boost your career, bub it also some actors say it could hurt your career. >> it limits you. >> harry potter daniel radcliffe as much as i liked him in harryh potter i can see him withoutim seeing harry potter. harry pott. >> it's tough for them.
9:48 am
residual check comes around the have to look at and see how harh it is to be in that situation. >> i don't know how much daniel ratcliff raid made. m don't cry for me argentina. call me harry.ry >> i don't care.>> i call me harry all day long. >> it beats the alternative oftf not being call at all.t all >> exactly there.>> there you go. e >> thank you, kevin. kevin >> 9:48 is the time right coming up, an instant classic holiday pop up bar miracle on seventh street debuted last and it was quite a hit and now n it's back and stranger thantrge ever. we'll check in with erin comoinm coming up next. >> no drinking on the job, eri'e fast 150 meg internet, just in time for the holidays. hurry, freddy, you're gonna miss it! coming. i can't believe he is doing this. it's so fast that in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, held by gary watson... fly, gary, fly.
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r can live stream it... ... while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder, all at the same time. gary. only fios offers 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year; plus a 200 dollar visa prepaid card with a two-year agreement. cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good.
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9:51 am
?? all right.l 9:51 is the time. we're getting into the holidayil spirit this morning with someono of a kind spirit.d >> we're talking about theut t miracle on seventh street a christmas pop up bar in shawnha neighbor. last year erin comneo wildlyy successful.sful could barely get in the place. p this year what's new?
9:52 am
they have expanded the bar b miracle on seventh street. stre. derek brown did such a good last year it's not only in mockingng bird hill it's southern sou efficiency. we're standing in southernandino efficiency. thank you so much for having this out. you ng this outso much fun. >> my pleasure.ucsure. yeah, so early after aer thanksgiving.than we made it.we madit. >> thanksgiving is so yesterdayy we're on to the santa hats and the fests have feeling you evenu celebrate ugly sweater if'swe people come >> that's right. rig we encourage the dressing might wear a few behind the barb verselves. >> the my favorite thing aboutfe this i came here last year.t y you have three bars you can barb hop and get a christmas themedtt experience in each bar and youru personalized cocktails. tell me about some of your me favoriabte ones.te >> first of all, it was amazinga last year we had almost 26,000 , people come out.t. >> wow! >> we really anticipate quite at showing this year.showing and we created these cocktails.t first of all we love making mak great classic cocktails but weat also love the fun element of the holidays.lidays. wee kind of combine those toll
9:53 am
cocktails there we use like the names they're from like from christmas movies and christmasts shows and sometimes like a little bit irreverent as well. we made rum ham. >> rum ham drink. drink. >> always sunny shout out.lws su >> always sunny. what a great show. aat s >> look at this classy little with the ham and pineal apple ii love it. love >> i'm not done with ham even though i ate cite quite bit lasi night. this has got rum arc bud light g pineapple superior rupp. >> yum g budweiser light thing i collecte budweiser holiday mugs. m that's special for you forpeci r chstmas.s. >> exactly. i think about that during thek b holit thdays. but, yeah, we thoholiught it was fun way to have a classic cocktail served in a mini budi b light. >> very unique to anything tony you'll find in dc as well. speaking of unique let's talket about the decor in here. >> sure. >> this particular bar southernh efficiency has a coat theme.oat >> that's right. y sort of was ver traditional
9:54 am
bit and had fun with it we wente to peaceful field sank to youano wary in shenandoah valley andaly took these photos with goats, actually rescued goats outed gto there, including my favorite the three legged goat.doa dressed them in handsomeands sweaters and we took pictures. u throughout the entire bar that kind of theme perm me yates it. >> i love it in addition to add getting take pictures with theit goats you have recall fee in hin bunny suit against the wall youl can take a picture or the lots of great photo ops foror friends. >> absolutely. thouven though the holidays are great when you're ingh the hol n relationship there's greattishit talking points here if you comey here and was and the to meet to people. pe the spar just filled with a lots of energy.t of energy >> right.>> we just want to be a place where people can come during the comee holidays and really gather and d have fun and connect with theire friends and their family andnd that's what we really love abouo this christmas bar about thebout miracle on seventh street, weee, hope people come down and check it out.
9:55 am
we're at 18,397th street inn shaw. and we think people will find aa lot of surprises. surpris >> cheers to you. >> derek, thank you very much.,n 're e not done yet. we're going to be back in thebae 10:00 o'clock hour.:00 we're heading over to eat the rich f like stranger things on netflix you'll be blown awaywnwa what they've done to the insidet of that bar.he keep it here.keept h we're coming right bac i'll toss it to you in the lofte i'm going to enjoy my littleittl cocktail.. not too early for post thanksgiving cocktail good enjoj it for us as well, e thank you. we'll see you in the 10a foryou1 more. >> queen of soul aretha franklin giving a performance last nights at the lionst game.. yeah. social media a buzz with thish t one you got to hear it and we'lw talk about it. atch it 12 times in12 times in one hour of television.isn >> she was wearing a big fur b coat indoors an wool hat. >> wisdom is going hard on all you twitter haters right now.erw >> if you want to join us in i celebrating with one of our cool
9:56 am
grabs. grabs. dunkin' donuts mug. head to ourdu website or our facebook page do enter the mugug you have to get the entry in byb 11:00 o'clock this morning. mori 9:00 vick right now.rit n 11:00 o'clock this morning. mori 9:00 vick right now.rit n a packed 10a is neck. is neck. z26ndz zi0z
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
z26nez zi0z y26ney yi0y >> are the, set, stop or stay iy and hang with us on this this t black friday edition of good day at 10a. >> this morning rememberingberi america's tv mom flor renlor henderson passed away. her co-stars are honoring herer memory. >> from hollywood fox is about a
10:00 am
empire creator lee it's called star.ta and one of the stars of starta actress brittany o'grady is herr with us live. >> new ink for the biebs.iebs selena gets real on instagramns and where did kanye spendnd thanksgiving.ksging. we're dishing everything inin today's celebrity dish.ish >> and what plans do you haveav for all those thanksgivingin leftovers.overs. we're cooking you meek and easy ideas hell' kitchen chef jr robinson as good day at 10a starts >> i think jr got here early to torture us with the smells smell coming out of the good daygood y kitchen right now.n rinow. >> yes. >> i tell was, though, he justet gave us a little run down. >> um-hmm. um-m. >> how -- he'll repurpose thesee leftovers. i'm on board with i can't wait to find oh ut whatt will be. >> call this thanksgiving meall hacked.ha >> you can call it that. >> can we claim that?ha >> we can claim that. >> we'll let chef get busy inus the good day kitchen.chen
10:01 am
>> absolutely.bsolut >> yeah. >> a lot to talk about today.lkd >> we do. w do >> he just heard us talk aboutut celebrity dish.celeity >> yes, yes,, ye yes >> we got some food.eoo >> it is a friday. friy it is friday after thanksgiving. it is black friday in the worldd of shopping right now. now. thanks for staying it wuss forsf the 10a.e i'm steve alongside maureen andd wisdom. holly has the morning off todayf let's check what's trending oh o and this friday morning and mora start with sad news thiss thi morning. >> let's talk about this much the shocking news overnight from hollywood florence henderson onn of the most beloved moms in in television history has died. henderson portrayed carol brady in the iconic series the bradyra bunch.bunc the show was innocent and funt a get away on friday nights.. tumultuous time in this countryu during the vietnam war and water te.e. now it broke new ground featuring tv first blendedst bld family with carol and mike bradd coming together as singler asgl she began her acting careers inr the '50's and '60s were lead l roles on broadway one of today'y girls on the today show today s
10:02 am
lighter segments as well.s wel this was all before the bradydy bunch hit air and since her h death tributes have been pourini from some of the actors who portrayed the brady kids. ks. >> maureen mccormack marsha brady posted a picture of the two online a few nights ago atht the danes with the stars finale. mccormack road florenceloren henderson was dear friend for so very many years and in my hearta forever love and hugs to her family. family. i'll miss you dearly. drly. one of maureen's other tv children barry williams tweetinn was one of the most grayer people i have ever known. i h proud to call her mom and lifee long friend.en florence henderson was 82 years old.old. >> she'll be missed.he'll isse >> 82 years old. 8 >> i didn't know about the todae show. >> right. >> connection there. >> i didn't either. >> i think she did a stint, c at couple years ago again theyga brought her back as one of thoso novel tease things they do. >> she had tons of cameos andeod other roles. >> she did. the brady bunch is funny. funny
10:03 am
or five years. years it ran >> >> florence henderson.ers. the other big story this mornini black friday is here andend national retail federationn expects 137 million shoppers this weekend.eekend some of those shoppers are at aa the new clarksburg premium outlet. fox5's annie yu has been all morning long hank and out withdo the shoppers scoring out theut e deals for all of us sitting atna home. what did you find this time, annie. >> reporter: maureen andor maurn everybody, i ran across the butler family maryland.maryland. >> whoo! [ applause ]se >> reporter: they draw in a differ -- they drove nearly two hours. they just got here but already y have done significant damage and we've got here -- i don't know o our fox5 viewers might recognizg this handsome face. f he was a finalist on our show last year same time around thisu year -- this -- t >> around christmastime.tmastim. >> one of the empire finaliststs what have you been up to. >> i've been working on somenom
10:04 am
films incorporated just doingt i behind the scenes stufftu directing, producing. >> good for you. >> r>>eporter: and we also have djq nice over wanted to make sure he got thatt in. look you guys are really fun.un what did you guys pick up? aree there real good deals out theree why are you wearing a dallas das cowboys star?s >> this is from yesterday.yeste. >> okay. we had the rifle going on at thanksgiving.ksving >> reporter: i don't d understand. why people in area route for dallas cowboys!boys >> dallas cowboys i believe blue. >> reporter: did you live in dallas d. >> no, i didn' i've been there and i've been o the star. i'm good with it.h i >> reporter: congratulationsatus to your dallas cowboys. there are really good deals outs there. >> yes, yes, yes. >> nike got 40% off. 6060% off. 30% off.ff old navy had 40% off. 60% off.ff the gap we just went and gotot good deals that was 40% off. 60% off.%ff so y, come out here don somenom shopping. >> reporter: are these allse all gifts for other people or for of ourselves.
10:05 am
fragrance, i had to hook that up and we gotten this shoes.s we doing the thing.oing t thi >> for the grandkids we got somm shirts. >> looking out for the grandkids grandkids >> like look out for my grandson on jaelin.jain. >> jaelin is over there.liis he's going to be groundedoingo d because he didn't want to get o the air. he's hiding.'shid thank you butler family.ily let's wish our viewers a happy y holidays.holida are the red, one works, three,.e >> happy holidays! to you. [ laughter ] >> oh wow.h wow thanks i do remember tell him i'm still rocking his t-shirt.-srt >> they remember. >> i'm still rocking the t-shirt he left foocr meki and us. u hey. he >> what's going on.g >> we appreciate you.reciat. >> thank you for the t-shirt yoy left for her. h. >> i haven't seen her wear it yet. [ laughter ] >> reporter: throwing shade. sh. >> i've got to post that picture and i will. tell him that. >> thanks for having me.g me. >> real quick before you go iic know you've been out therebe'v
10:06 am
4:00 o'clock, 5:00 o'clock this morning.rn have crowds thinned throughouttn the morning? more and moreor people showing up. >> reporter: okay.ka when we first got here, we saw w good number of people. it was still the trickle effectc of overnight. then it slowed down and now it't starting to pick up again.pgain so that's good.s good. but i heard over at tysonsyson corner it is jam packed over or there. th i don't know if people are peopr choosing to be indoors but, heyy if you don't want to deal with t that crowd, come on out here to clarksburg premium outlets ole good. the lines i went into a few stores.stor the lines haven't been bad,ad right. >> not at all. >> reporter: and in out, that's right. good. gool >> all right.ll r at like that. >> thank you >> doesn't loo terribly bad outb there. >> crowds are a little bit thinb compared to when they firsten ts opened. >> these are people who actually slept in.. >> smart ones.s. >> christmas tee ornament a mini replica the red hat with donald trump's campaign slogan makeak
10:07 am
it costs nearly $150. >> what?t? >> it's made of brass but has 11 carrat gold finish maybe thataya explains part of the heff feet e price tag or maybe people just wanted meme biehl ya.e bi it was sold by the trump makee america great again committeeomt joined fundraising effort effort between the president election's cal pain and rnc. trump supporters were notifiedni about the release via it only had one and a half stara on amazon.. some people get political.itical they don't want to buy t. they want to spout out about it. didn't read through thero the thousands of reviews. >> 10:07. let's talk about thanksgivinghag football. dallas,las,t night in texas. all on paper, skins looking good. cousins 41 out of 53 for 449 yards.s. compared to dak prescott 17 outt of 24 for 195 yards.ds. redskins also wouldn't time of pogue but had red zone issues they out gamed dallas by 505 yards to 353 yards.
10:08 am
field goals, missed two-point conversion, on side kick, bottom line here, final score 31-26 dallas won the game.ame. expanding their lead in thein t division. >> i'm still blown away by thata play right getting his toes down.oes down. >> when you watch that play it t look like dak prescott wasrescos throwing that ball out ofut of bounds. all of a sudden terrence a sudne lliaiams. >> snag it.>>g it >> pigeon toes.oe >> matter of seconds. matter s >> amazing. >> something that did not last a matter of seconds, sticking with football theme here. aretha national anthem. she sang before the lions lions vikings game in detroit motown w let's just say it was long. >> ?? oh, say, can you see -- ??? >> sam bradford is like that'se' the first line.e [ laughter ] >> put a clock it to.lock i to.
10:09 am
typically national anthem shoull last about two minutes. >> she double it and then some.o twitter had no chill. chi internet had field day with this one. this graphic showing time ofic s possession for the lions and vikings f aorn reath that.ath >> that was pretty close to theh viking time of >> halfway there.ay the. >> this tweet that says colinol kaepernick would have developede arthritis in his knee if the 49ers werine h playing.lang. then a tweet saying i was ablewe to do all my christmas shoppingn while aretha was singing the t national anthem i cooked my whole turkey, eight, did all the dishes during aretha franklin's national anthemhem performance. she was singing the anthem forer all three games and another said the ref should have thrown aavto delay of day flag at her. her still more, someone said she was out there ink singing -- three games. >> people have been really upset we made comments about how longg her singing went.t. it's only in jest, people. peo let's face it it was long. lon we respect the queen. i know she can't take her time e
10:10 am
>> it's the queen -- -- >> she gets a pass. >> right. >> maybe one and one ann >> at least the lions won. >> see. >> there you go.>> >> the lions wouldn't much she'e singing the national anthem. >> detroit fans can't complain.l >> they can't complain.t compla. >> aretha is like whatevera isiv people i am the queen.. after an accidental text bya a woman to teenager the familiee of wanda and jamal hensonson gathered for thanksgiving dinnee that no one anticipated wouldedu happen.en i know you remember this viral story until that fateful text yesterday she hosted jamal andad his family at her home for for thanksgiving dinner like sheik promised to that accidental texa message to that 17-year-old. the pair describe the whole wle incident as quote awesome and admitted they were still shockee by the viral fame.he v fam >> i love this story. i love th i love the fact the back storyto if you missed it last week whene it came out that she teched him are you coming to dinner and hea was like, i don't think you havh the right number here.e. >> he was like can i still comem
10:11 am
>> right. absolutely come on over.te comeo so it's great tove see like youu say a lot of times you see viral videos and they're viral for v reason they go away. after they gain traction andti this is nice to have thenio have follow-up as well. w they followed through on that.o. >> she sure >> great for them f your house h is cleared of turkey and roueady for the christmas and t rree yot be in luck because there'sse t actually a tree delivery service in d.c. dc tree delivery will startl stt dropping off the premium frasere fir today's. tod you have to pay for it so you'rr paying for the luxury.uxy two price points. $89 and they'll deliver the tree and they'll deliver the stand andve they will clean up any needlr ee that fall in the process. now, it doesn't count the actual setting up the tree. t they'll do it.theydo i there's an extra cost for thatot but set the tree up for you andd have it good to go. g if i'm paying for it, just do everything. >> just do it. >> exactly.>> e >> how about this? a star inr i the making coming up later one r of the stars of new fox serieses star will join us live to talkol about the latest drama from thee mind of lee
10:12 am
selena's return to instagram, justin's new tattoo and fashionn santa looking for a new gig. >> tattoo of a fist makingg impact. >> i like that steve. like s i like was did there. >> punching the guy. >> i gotcha.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> ?? >> it's time for celebrity dish right now. >> okay. >> post thanksgiving celebrity for >> serving up an empty panlaksty you i know yours is already full. >> that's right. ing aboutrt off talk selena gomez. g here the bottom line. little while ago she decided ded i've had enough with this sociac media business because she's bee dealing with a lot of different gs.ngs. let me expound on that.t >> i'm all earsme e. back. she's bouncing back. alright.t. on thanksgiving the 24-year-old thanked her fans for stickinging with her during everything she'e been going through finall overing all the hurdles.urdl i have a lot to be thankful forr this year. my year has been the hardest yey most rewarding one yet.. i finally fought the fight of not being enough.eing she's talking about all issues s she's been dealing with. she had to cancel -- she didn'td
10:16 am
had lupus.hapus. >> right. >> she's dealing with a lot. >> she gave dea this empassioned you know, speech at the ama's she talk about being good enougg and just some of the thing she'e addressing.g >> being completely brokenb inside. >> it appears as though she's os the come back trail right now. n i like that. t that's good news for selena gomez. >> she had like a lot oflot o instagram followers.ollors >> they've been missing her.eene >> yes, they have been. yes, thy welcome bark, selena.elena let's talk about your favoriteav justin beiber. beir >> my favorite beiber had we last saw justinn beiber he was punch something dude who stuck his hasn'ts in i his car. >> yeah. i agree with that. >> hi e was justified on that. in our opinion.ur opinion. >> what's he doing now? wha >>t' hs e was at a concert andon showed off a new tat. t >> is that what he's doing. d >> that's a new tattoo.. >> did he go apocalypse on us. >> it's not two pack tattoo.. this tattoo says son of god
10:17 am
>> like his ribcage.. >> he's got quite a collect ofcf tattoos.tatts. over 50 pieces every body are ar that's what the young peoplepl call it now, back in the day ity was tattoos for us grown peoplel a lot of sit about his christiai faith.fa he has a portrait of jesus on js his leg. leg. >> okay. >> and a cross on his chest ass well. well. >> i was going to ask gi is he a religious young m >> i never heard him talkingki about his fame. fe. >> clearly everybody seems toboy think he's a man of faith and -- >> okay. >> so there you go. faith. >> i'm not going to knock it. tt if that's him, i'm that's good role model. model >> son of god. >> no thug live for justinthugi iber.r. >> lord be with you.. kanye west --es >> the lord be with him.ith h >> what's going on here. >> kanye west. the goal they were hoping theg t family, the whole kardashiandaia group, the organization,anizn, kardashian organization, theyatt were hoping that kanye would bew able to be at home fore f thanksgiving. >> it didn't happen?an >> it didn't happen.t di he had to spend thanksgiving ing
10:18 am
on with him. he had the issues. i he was at the concert. cce he started talking kind of out o of his head. rambling on. o doctors got involved.t ive now, we talked about thiss yesterday. him canceling his concerts hes e has an insurance policy, i don'n know who got him with this witti insurance policy that says if ss he's able to cancel -- if he hae to cancel these concerts then te there's a payment that goeshat where he won't have to lose anyy money basically. >> he's in the clear in that tai wisdom, about this this is a lot more serious thana i think people thought.ught. kanye west needs to rest. t r he's in -- but this is lookingng like this is a big deal now. n >> the other side of the story,, though, where you have theave haters now saying he's fakingayn the whole thing just to get hish doctors excuse so the insurancer company pays off the rest of the tour. >> i don't know that i buy that. i think he's been sort ofnow sof unraveling for while.orhi just in my opinion.n my opinion since his mother's death i kindd of thing --hing - >> here's the thing about kanyee people don't understand aboutndd kanye west.nye st
10:19 am
cameras, because he was a bighea time producer behind the sceness work wig a lot of people in of i hiphop. >> right. >> when he had that car accident arc lot of people don't remember ad tm that. when he had that carbe accidentc and he went through thehhe windshield, that was traumatic.c the fact that he's still here ih amazing with the wires in theent jaw the whole 9 yards metal in i the jaw whole 9 yards then after that, you know, he gets the fame and his mother dies.s. tragically dies and then nowthen he's going through thro. i mean it's a lot for any humany being to deal with this.h i know we have give him a harded he's still a human being like ik said the fact that he's evens ee still here is amazing. azing and whether he's faking or notgr not up to us. >> listen wishing him the best you're right we talk a lot oftat smack about him and his wifeisif they're you know, get the rest you need and please take care of yourself. you have little kids who need you. littl >> that's the other thing thethe doctor who is treating kanyeye west was saying he temporarily pyschosis that was due to sleepp deprivation and dehydration aran lot going on there. tre
10:20 am
only thing we have to do i know people are going to say he mayoa be faking it we can only go byyb what the doctors say.ay that's it. that's >> okay. >> last one. >> in the tv world, the gilmorel girls i know one of your o y personal favorite.ore gilmore girls they're back.k. >> loralie. >> they started back in 2007. 2 all right.all back then they were on everye oe tuesday at 8:00 p.m. the gilmore girls a year in the life is back on netflix. it's there whenever you want tou watch it. w now, on friday which is today november 25th, it's going gilmore girls are back.e girls a now here's what's going to bceso different. i know you guys are all -- >> gilmore golden [ laughter ] [ >> gilmore grown girls. g >> all right. difference, allnce, a right. 22 episodes which was theh was original the ray way it ran originally that were 45 minutes5 each. each revival is four, 90 minute minue episodes. it's called gilmore girls a yeaa in the life. there you go. g they're back. starting today.. >> okay. >> all right. -utt -ish i could care i'm sorry.'m sorry
10:21 am
>> how about fashion is a tan. >> yes. this is something i can get .nto. >> let's is he fashion santa ona the screen. >> oh, yeah. >> that's what i'm talkin about. >> oh, yea. >> mr. steal your grandma.r gnd there's a little something likeg that going on g there you go. >> look, i'm liking this. t i might have to get this. this >> look at the banner. ban they're saying they replaced hic hotness.. fashion. i can't even go any furthery fu dodge we have any more picturesu of fashion santa? i'm trying tt get some ideas. i >> tell us what happened to him. just two pictures. pre >> that's not the same guy,uy chris. chri >> that's the same guy. thathe a >> there's two of them. >> apparently you see rightaren there on the screen whatsee rien happened. that's the bottom line right there. we're out of time.'re fired or replaced.r rla there you go.yo. bye-bye to fashion santa. s kids don't worry, your toys will get delivered there are otherreh santas out there this is justhet one division of the santa. santa
10:22 am
>> this is fashion santa. fhions not the santa. >> helper with heck of a sleigh. i wouldn't find mind him md delivering presents.deli >> we do care about gilmore girls because lauren grant's's here in the d.c. area. a >> my apologize.loze i love that show.hashow i didn't watch but i'll start sa now. netflix. >> great acting. >> you had us fooled.. >> bravo. >> thank you maureen.>> coming up we're going to share e some ways to turn your leftovero noose something that you willatl not dread. d bit and repurpose with the helph of celebrity chef jr robinsonobo and also get a check on your onu forecast now the weekend iss actually starting to look realoo nice that might be the onlyght y traffic problem out there.t the finding a parking space at any of of our shopping sppin establishments. back with more good day after
10:23 am
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10:25 am
>> allison has a much deserved s day off today. ere don'te donhe's h think we're not looking for your f >> we love to share some of theo we want to dmeo so today. tod >> look at this.>> lat in take look at them and start s with pierre in everything giftig thanks, thanksgiving with theint family and that looks like itt was a great place to be t yesterday.da >> man, look at that spread.pre. >> that is quite the e >> speaking of spreads look atkt this one from tailgate ted. >> what ted. ted >> part of our turkey dayt of oe spread. >> he probably barbequed every part of it. even the rice >> rice is looking really goode. >> nice nice nice. >> aww.
10:26 am
cooked by my knife-year-oldol grandma. >> cherish those moms that's super special.peal look at the cute pup. >> ut-oh. ut-. descension in the house i seen those jerseys.e rse >> all right. ronnie, i get it. i get it.nn i but you know what, romo didn'tid play yesterday.teay. >> look, great to be with familt even if they don't love t the ss team that you do. >> trader nephew.w >> that's pretty funny. fun >> my gosh look at this. sweet short sassy first grandson just t yes, hash tag so adorable.ra i concur. >> what great way to celebrateee the holidays. holiday >> you are >> thanks for sending them in w do it every friday at this times with fab5pics.5pic anything else you want to sendon us #gooddaydc producer chrisr c will take look at it.t >> let's check in with tucker at 10:26. the weekend starting to lookg l pretty nice, tuck isn't saturdat and sunday, steve, lots and lotl sunshinine. cool temperatures.tus. today not as much we'll remainei rather cloudy this afternoon that might be a sprinkle or o
10:27 am
nestly here not terribly we'llyw get much of anything today.oday. let's do numbers.. and at reagan national in thenan 10:00 o'clock hour, we've jumpej all the way to 50 cool overnighg overnight lows back in the midie 40s here in town and some lowerr 40s even a few 30s north and nth west. you can see with the cloud covev gradual rebound in numbers intos the upper 40s and low 50s. dulles now 51 degrees.gree 50 in fred burg.urg. later this afternoon, generallyl cloudy skies.cloudy s you might get a peek sunshine. 50s to about 60. and the radar is turn on there.e we're not getting any shower swe activity locally there's that t possibility we can get a littlel drizzle here or there or perhaps a light shower in a spot or two this afternoon. future cast playing that out for us. that's current look you can sees this afternoon there we go atot 2:00 o'clock.2:00 o i see one lonesome shower itwer looks like along the southeast u side of the beltway and a couplu of showers out along 81 but youu
10:28 am
we'll keep the clouds aroundep c later this afternoon.noon saturday, sunday, bright bgh sunshine you want to getouto g outdoors you'll want a jacket.k. but it will be beautiful lookino couple of days with good newsoon here on the seven day.ay it look like our rain chances cc increase next week by tuesdayy and wednesday we need thatsd rat very dry around here the lastrel couple of of all right, most importantly wisdom, i want to toss it back up to you.p to y have our wings arrived? workini on that tuck right now as wee speak. rkining on it. >> all right. >> thank you tucker barnes.llr . >> okay. o doesn't, just wait until you see it is latest musical drama fromf the mild of lee daniels coming e to fox next month. put but first one of the stars a who calls the dmv live will joij e. live. there she is. sh isn't they beautiful.t theyea oh, my gosh, man. 10:28 is the time. we'll talk about this love the young lady and all about star and what she's up to right after
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
10:32 am
>> been through sick fostereen families in the last two years. you're a thief, had a bitch tal liara bi.liar >> do you think any easier onyo the outsideth. >> i don't have anywhere to go. >> first thing i'm going to go get my siste trhi. >> you used to say we were goini to be family. >> i got plan. if you love lee daniels hit series empire, of course, we'rew sure you're going loveys neweste project you absolutely new tv show through talented singers as thee navigate the cut throw music business. it stars queen latifah and benjamin brat and brittany o'grady. she plays sim moan sister to onn of the three she joins us live in the leeoftf dish on her new role and how and she's getting ready for what ist sure to be her new foundound >> you are absolutely gorgeous.s >> thank you.oluthank you >> welcome.come >> she's dmv nave.
10:33 am
can you believe that.lieve tha >> it's fun to be able to comeft back home.o ck h >> welcome back b >> a lot of hard work going intg the show i'm really excited toed be here today.e day >> we've seen the trailer so les me start off by saying what isg this show about.abou we set it up about three girlshg who are trying to make a way ini the music wore give us a littlel synopsis of what this show ishi about.ou >> i'll repeat kind of what you said it's abouta threet young yg women who are escaping from really treacherous kind of darkd paths and we all come from f different backgrounds, but mybu character is simone and she's as half black, hal racial as her older sister who'r white and we were separated in the foster care system after our mother passed away, and we joined together with young ladyy named alexandra and she joins us and we escape and try to makeak our dreams come true.e. >> wow.>> w. >> yeah. >> speaking of dreams come truee for this is a dream come truee t because you've been acting and doing commercials want not sinca you were four years old. >> yes.>>. >> how did leaden yells find yoy
10:34 am
university at the present time a and i took a gap year in la i right before i went to college.. and i was just going school anda auditioning and i got auditionuo the night before for this showss and i was like, oh, okay i'll oi just go for it and i kept k getting call backs and got the call and high to leave mid semester and film the pilot ando now we're halfway through thehru season. >> do you feel any pressureny p knowing that this is sort ofis f from the same mind as leed a l daniels who did empire which isc such a huge hit f star is coming on the heels ofls that. people looking for similaritiest wanting to know will it be an equal hit. do you feel any pressure in that regard yes. >> you know what, i'm eager and excite d for pnow eoplwhe to see ito s it's got all the great qualities that empire has but it will bewb completely different.fe it will bring somethingin different to the table thatablet empire, you know, empire has its different themes and we've gotth like the music and the dance and the glitz and glamor of -- o
10:35 am
clips. >> yeah. >> you've got a rotating -- are these people permanent ormane rotating with each episode isn'i they'll be here to stay i think for while. yeah.. >> your love interest? >> no.>> not yet.o. we haven't found one. one >> yes. >> i think we'll just go with what my character simone has tos go through. love interest -- it's stillsti early.rl >> a little early. >> have you filmed a wholefilmee season or are you still in the process. >> we are currently like middle of the season. so i think we're on episodere oo seven right now. we've got 12. literally halfway through. thro. >> do you know what happens at the end of the season or do you get the scripts week by weeu kn? >> yes. >> it's one of those.>>t's >> are you promising us as much drama, intrigue, will there be murder, depth, destruction. >> wow i think you hit the nailn on the head there.. >> the whole gamut. g >> pretty drama. it's a lot of fun. lot oun it's a lot of fun. it's dark but has some really ra
10:36 am
>> okay. so, um, make sure to tune in.e >> we will. w w >> it will be good.>> it ll be we will.we w we'll we've been seeing the seen commercials it looks great.ks ge you're working on this. on are you doing anything else?g he >> yes i currently have -- i hav just finish a film calledle suspicion that will come out next year. it has a amelia clark and jack j houston who was just in ben hurb and johnny knoxville it will bee interesting based on true story of a young woman in k had some sort of business with s the fbi. so check it out. >> i like it.ikit. you're showing your range. yourr we know empire made some of thef actors on their household namess taraji we already knew anddy k terrence howard some of thesomet other ones we didn't really knoo of them until they hit empire. r i'm thinking with star this isti bound to happen.bope are you prepared for what is wha going to be like this onslaughtu of i'm talking red carps and producers and musicians andnd blah, blah, just the whole range
10:37 am
bring?br >> i think i'll just take it dau by day for sure. i'm really excited and reallyea looking forward to hopefully hof opening a lot of eyes to lot ofo viewers and i think that i thini i'm ready for it. it i think we've been preparing fof a long time. t so i'm really excited. >> okay. >> okay. are you home for the holidays os is this a day thing. t >> i'm here for the holidays.e o i leave on sunday to go back tot work. >> what's your favorite thing tr do when you'reite home?you're h >> oh, gosh, eat. >> yes. >> what did you have fort d yo thanksgiving >> no, no. i had -- h >> i'm obsessed with that video. >> i had -- moo friends areri probably like wow.ikow >> we were going to do it too. t >> what did i have i had macaroni and cheese, turkeys, a lot of sweets. swe >> mom made it. it >> everybody contributed to thed table. so my mom made a lot, my dad m ma l a lot. cousins made lot. >> what do neighbors back homego when you go -- we know her, h she's our neighbor.ghbo do they do that. that.
10:38 am
they knew me growing up riding d my bike down the street ortree walking to school.. >> they say we knew this was ths going to happen, i'm sure of'm that. >> maybe. hopefully. i'm so glad to have so much lovh and support and feelave ssoo, s know, safe. s >> i tell you the dmv loves yous any time we can have a hometownt girl do well we are behind you 100%. we love you here in the loft. tl please come back and visit usisu especially when the star is attt the top, don't forget us.ts. >> no. n >> brittany o'grady you are succ a delight. >> thank you very much. >> good luck to you with the show. >> thank you very much. tha >> i appreciate it.d lu >> thanks a the can>> tha > t>> i'll chat with her ankl t morere. >> maureen, i think i won good o pi day bingo because you got her to say greens beans. b >> you were trying to separateep this from empire because lee daniels is behind both. bot one thing we saw on empire thatt evolved was big named guestss wanting on the show.he s are we seeing any of on star yet. >> so far we've gotten a lot oft
10:39 am
and naomi campbell.pb i mean it's starting off with aa powerhouse i never expected to work with ever.. but so i think we'll probablyy have some more -- we just hadad gladys knight. gladys kni that was fabulous and >> on the set you're an equal level with them now because bec you're on the same show. s are you ever sitting there andnt you say lenny kravitz. kra >> you get really nervous beforr you meet everybody and then when they're finally onset it's mode and everybody is really r kind and humble. hum i've been really excited to know that people are still people ppl even though they know theirth kw great success. >> that's awesome. >> this is a star indeed. i thank you again so much.ank yo so lovely.u so l >> thank you guys for having me. >> i'm excited. excit >> all right, guy. 10:39. 10 christmas came early to washington shaw neighborhood..
10:40 am
it's safe to say everyone is inn good spirits. we'll check in with err comoo coming up next why this year isa a lot stranger than previousn pe years. >> and see how they're doingy' g because she started early. easy, erin, easy.
10:41 am
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looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. now in kids chewables. >> s beginning to look likeeg christmas in d.c. because the favorite pop-upinnis in d chrisi back and it's better than ever.r >> so if you love tip sell,p sel twinkling lights and eggnog,nd ,
10:43 am
brown's miracle on seventh street christmas themed barhemea takes over mocking bird hill, southern efficiency and eat thee rich starting tonight at 5:00. 5 we're getting the exclusive elu first lo >> erin has been hanging outbeen there all morning.l morning she joins us i think there's good news forewf folks who can't get in the doord last year. last y it's bigger this year.s not just better but bigger asiga well.. right? >> that's right, steve. last year was tha at'bout threeu waits to get into the reallynta popular pop up christmas barar mocking bird hill. hl. derek brown has now extended it bible boo eat the rich oric o southern efficiency and get thec same experience. >> that's >> ear tlierliioned 26,000 people came through. thru >> you had no idea it was going to be such a hit.t wa >> who knew people loved knew pp christmas this much?christma >> i mean -- good and thehe holidays.days. >> it turned out to be such ane epic thing for d.c. that you'veu made it even bigger and better e this year. >> it was we weren't prepared pe this year we're i wouldn't be scared to come out really we have three bars openrr now so it's going to be lotot easier.easier.
10:44 am
>> let me just tell you even if you have to wait in line it'sli' worth the wait.the if you like stranger things alll the drinks are named after great pop you will culture references. tell everything what you've donn to make this so >> we decided we have multipleul themes at each bar this one wehi wanted to connect it to strangee things we love the show. angie my business partner she loved the show so much she muchs suggest we do this.we do so we were like, all right, r let's see -- how we can pull itl together. we did. we created whole wall around it.un where you hav l christmas bulbs lighting up andp spelling out things. we have a picture of barb as the madonna. we have -- >> we have cocktails name afterr it friends don't lie. >> let's talk about friendsri don't lie because this hass monkeys and the straws and i and think that might be too big forr even me to drink on my own.wn >> we don't recommend this alone. this is something that you haveh to drink with friends.rids. >> um-hmm.>> >> we encourage that. we urag this one we have two straws.wo w
10:45 am
>> we can total the handle thisi two to four friends maybe evenbe six if you don't want to get wat crazy.crazy and tell me what's inside of itt because it has that great eggnot milk look to it.t. >> we put sherri in it hazel nut in and green chartreuse actuallt it's got a really great flavor o in there. this is sort of like a new new christmas tradition let's put ls that it iway. >> i love i what inspire the guarini i don't know monkey.n'tn >> we love the fact that stranger things based off thehe '80s that element in the drinks. >> it's some of the littles so elements around here you'll see, you know, maybe theund eggo waf are little phones and different things. >> lot of great touches. you have to come out t because e can't show you the light but if you come out tonight thet bars open at 5:00 you can checke out the light show to kind ofkio add something extra.g extra. >> you have to stay around foryu at least a drink and a half forr that to happen.ap fair enough. no we showed you inside eat the rich as well as southern south efficiency mocking bird hill
10:46 am
terms of decorations for the poe up christmas bar you have toav t come out and check it out for you'll love it. great drinks they reference elfe francisco fun to say. s >> so a lot of great drinks onn the menu full of flavor a lot o fun in here. fun in h great photoere. op. hash tag miracle on seventh s street if you want to share youe photos on social media. i would say bundle up and comepc on out tonight you'll real enjoj getting in the christmas spiriti because thanksgiving is soving i >> exactly. ve's over. >> derek, thanks for having us.v really e i'll toss it back to you in thee love. >> i love the idea, erin tell derek i'll try to make the downe tonight. when ever there's a warmer nighn i'm not a big fan of standingtan out side in the freezing cold id december. >> we'll get last year was a blast. 10:46.:4 turning your thanksgivingivg leftovers into something youhi y dot t dread. we're going to repurposerp courtesy of kitchen chef jr robinson joins us next and we'ld have tasty tips for us.ty tipr i'm looking forward to it.t. >> he's pumped.
10:47 am
10:48 am
10:49 am
10:50 am
black friday on the water enjoying mother nature.. all water craft welcome. okay. i'm like hearinge hea things in my ear. ear this is blue friday they'rey the calling it out on the right there on the potomac out there.t mess peek bay.sseek somebody take this over. clearly i don't know. i'm just distracted.ed if you only knew what was happening here in the loft.g he. i'm distracted.i'm ra i apologize.. >> there you y go. there's your location.atio >> right there >> on the chesapeake bay. >> sandy point. >> okay. i'm'm done. >> i'm done. >> blue friday, black friday, out shopping.pping >> food friday.d fr >> food friday.>> fd frid >> this is a set up. steve take it away. >> ya'll done now. good paddle borders out there oo the bay.eay looks likes a nice day day aftet thanksgiving the fridge is fulll of leftovers turkey day has come and gone. gon you hear that. tha how can you make the most all ma that tasty food before it goes s
10:51 am
here to teach us what to do with those let's welcome back she will thel chef jr robinson g to see you mu friend. you have the gloves. i'll give you a pound. >> did you have to cook you hav yesterday. i got a little help from myo om my family members.fami shout out to them.t to tm. >> the chef is like i appreciatt it but -- let me just do it my m way. wa >> get out of my way.f my way >> let me do my my thig here's the beauty you were withw us talking about good things we can do before the holidays nowsn we have those leftovers you have great ideas to repurpose pie. >> it's actually sweet potatoeto pie. >> even getter better. >> in the morning you wake up make amornin nice waffle batterk that sweet potato guy crumble ii up in the batter.e bat stir it up. nice.ce throw it in the waffle machine.i >> that's all you need to do.o o >> add a little extra flavor. f. >> sweetness.>>etness it's like you're eating sweetswe potato pie in the waffle. that's what it is. what is. and then we going to add the cranberry sauce that we haveuce right on top of that.
10:52 am
different to the cranberry sauce. >> nothing different. not just cranberries, frehish cranberries, water, sugar littll bit of fresh apples and that's it of that's what you going to o get writ there. >> fantastic brunch idea.i >> yeah. for today for the day after fothanksgiving.r >> you wake up hungry but youutu don't want to eat exactly what y you had last night.last n you go to the switch it up.the i >> if did you have pumpkin piein could you do it.coulu do >> still do it. apple pie,>> yeah. >> so let's move on from on ton something else in the meal. >> now we have turke legs, turkey breast. bre we just going to shred thehe turkey meat, boil some pasta. you know, toss little, um, fresh garlic, thyme, herb, vegetables. bring your -- boil your pasta.. heavy cream and tomato basil put your shredded turkey in there ie will come out something likeout this when you make itli it comec out something like that. >> serious wal all did you put in that sauce?hat >> the sauce is just --au is
10:53 am
separate. >> separate. >> i do it separate. i like to cook t i v degetablesegetable and garlic in the sauce first f get it get that good flavor thet turkey will add flavor, you brined it and you roasted it i last night.ig >> combine all the ingredientsns at the end. yeses. >> you toss the pasta in thea sauce. >> plate it up. te.>>la. on the pla i'll give you home paid pasta, a well done. well don >> thank you. move 's move on. we've had brunch now.ow now it's sandwich time.h tim >> now it's sandwich time.wich e you know everybody have that hah left over and to do with it. in paris i went to paris, one oo the popular items out there wase croak meda take a nice slice of bread, were you it. add your cheese, left over ham.m do it in the grill pan so you get the grill marks and you wann to use real butter. bter. so you get that nice butterbuer flavor. not that fake stuff.ff >> all right. all >> then you going to make a nicc little sunny side up egg. >> what's with egg.ith egg
10:54 am
cheese sauce.. >> okay.. >> and this is what it's goingsg to look like nice and cheesy. cs >> you cut into that. tt. you get the egg everywhere. >> look a lot of people hadeoplh greens on the table yesterday.ea what do you do with the greens.t >> if you had greens make --gra remade a collard green soup.oup. add your ham, my fiance' deanna made a cream of corn for the t first time. >> you let her cook.oo >> yes. she helped me out in the k kitchen. >> help out in the marriage. t in>> exactly. we got to work as team. a t >> that's right. >> it will look like we go the ham hock, the brussel bruel sprouts the cream of corn. cn. the liquid from the turkey. and from the collard greens. grn get it in there nice and goodndd get those fresh peppers. >> that is a hearty looking bowb of soup. >> if you want to add potatoes to it, you can add potatoes toot it and it it will look just likk that. >> i always love the day aft d a thank you very much thanksgivin having a soup. i had this conversation with myh sister yet
10:55 am
make the soup.makehe s people are like i'm tossing thee bones. >> you have to use the bone that's where all tavhee to flava the flavor is in the bone and in the fat. th a lot of people don'te like tht bone and they don't like thelike fat. fa don't throw away the bone or tht fat that's where all the flavorf is. chef, you've out done yourselfrs once again. some of the best rear purposingg i've seen.i' i'll take a little sample here.. maureen i got one for you overvr here. here. >> lunch time. >> chef, not only do we havenlya this, but we have a specialcial surprise.ri. >> ut-oh. at's's that. >> keep it in the house.. come on whoever.n. bring it n whole crew. c this is anthony from the original, open it up shown ushon what. this is out of the goodness ofot his heart this is what heart th brought for us.ght >> oh my gosh.os >> he's got wings, wings, greens, beans. >> he brought wing. all this foot over here for us>o much this is amazing much thishi is his family.ily. >> say hi, family.amy >> hi guys.iuys >> we'll forgive the jersey.
10:56 am
rollings. he won his family cook off wis cranberry applesauce. >> fried turkey with thekey wi e cranberry ma'am ba sauce. sce donnelle rawlings raw congratulations to you.ratulati. >> you know donnelle from thew l chappelle show.lle ow it's rig every year his family has more family members they bring to winter competition.petn >> let's come back here to thehe lot of kitchen we've got thee'ot spread out right now. >> anthony, this is -- is >> did you this right. rig >> look at this. >> waffles right there. >> mac and cheese. >> chef, would you give the y gv presentation in cooking?tation ? >> this is perfect. t this is all you need forhied for thanksgiving.anksgi. >> family come on in here.y h don't hide. >> let's say goodbye over here. >> come on in. >> ?? >> there you go. >> come over here. >> thank you.. >> anthony and family, thank you very much. ry >> you're welcome.>> y >> this is amazing.. >> happy a happy black friday.
10:57 am
we have our work cut out for us. ?? bon appetite.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? how are you? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] ?? now here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> wendy: it's friday.


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