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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  December 1, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EST

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?? first on fox5, former vice-presidential nominee timnot kaine.ine. >> i have to get right back to o work. that's the best antidote.e. >> virginia senator opening up u on everything from the brutal bl race to crushing loss to how he'll work with his former for arrival from his seat in the senate. plus, a victory lap for thee president-elect.ect. today donald trump will make one of his first public appearancesc since winning the election lastt month to make good on a campaign promise. a night of protests in north carolina after prosecutorsrocu refused to press charges againin it's police officer who shot and killed a black man. the whole confrontation caughttu on tape. and later, fighting words aw new york chef looking to make move to dc might find it a
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after a brand new interview.. we'll tell you why. w. good day at 9a starts now. ?? we hope you stick around fof the full two hours we havee special surprises for you onr y this thursday morning. an hour past -- a minute past p hour.ur. i'm steve alongside maureen anda wisdom. allison here today.allison re t holly has the morning off.g o good to see you my friend.en >> hello. >> also ahead this morning s>>is of the season and the end of ann era. tonit celebrate their last white house christmas tree lighting and juss like in years past there will bb star-studded event.ed event. we'll take you there life. lif >> first though let's talk aboua the weather, lk ashall we, becae it won't feel much like decembem down on the ellipse.llip. temperatures little bit warmer than form normal for this timehi of the year.s tucker is off this morning. mike thomas in in the game right now and he's talking all about o the weather. weaer did everybody thought it was aot little warm,. warm,. >> it was nice. >> compared to years past,toearp right? it's warm. >> see if you feel that wayf yol
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>> but yeah, wisdom is i mean december starting off non so bad. we should be dropping back in dg the 40s and 30s we were in theet 50s to start the day. day tomorrow much more december likk and december at least starts srt sunny and breezy here on december 1st. so not such a bad start. satellite/radar showing that tht rain that moved through last night has push off the coastlini we're left with lots of sunshinn out there already.eady just some clouds over the ovethe mountains now if you do live in the maryland panhandle westhandw virginia you will have a mix off clouds and sun throughout theout day today. da but here in d it mostly sunny.y sunny. there's your big storm system still rotating up over the great lakes all the way kind of wrapsa back around through maine mne they're getting a lot of snow this morning and then the cold fr aont down off thend coastline so again we're in the clear cler here. no rain for the day today.r thto we'll keep it dry and sunny with temperatures not as warm as yesterday. 69 degrees here in washingtonhi yesterday.da. we're 53 right now. now we won't go too much further,urr about 58, 59 degrees for daytime high today. gaithersburg already in the 40si 48 degrees for them. the 48 for frederick as well.
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52 for manassas at this hour.sou winds are starting to pick up pp just a bit as well. wel we gusted to 21 miles an hour last hour here in washington.. 25 for gaithersburg.g 24 for martinsburg.nsrg isolate the reports of gustsusts over 30 that will kind of be th case as we work our way throught the afternoon winds will w occasionally be a little bit ont the breezy so much cooler today. tay sunshine is back though tug 58 degrees for daytime high. hig what about the weekend? and? what about that christmas treeme lighting later tonight? i havee the answers coming up in just au couple of minutes. minut all right. th back t of o you on the good dayd couch. >> mike, thank you very much.. appreciate it. traffic moving smoothlyoty now -- we don't have then't the prompter. okay.. it's moving smoothly now pardonp as i look away it has been a nightmare for most of the the morning rush. this was the scene aroundund 6:00 this morning along 295 in northwest d.c. d. police and rescue crews responding to a mass casualty incident sadly after a multi cac pile up 10 people had to beo be taken to the hospital luckily li
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stuck in the big backups policee had the road reopened shortly after 7:00 this morning.. and a little earlier anotheh mess out there on the roads this one on the clara barton parkwayw a crash and fire overnight left one person dead and shut down dn all lanes from train bridgeri to -- chain bridge to glenn echo. police still investigating this one. invess also on fox5 thi morning former vice-presidentialid candidate tim kaine opening upon about a bruising presidentialdea campaign.cagn the shocking loss to donalds to trump and how he transitionsnsio serving the people of virginia. this was his first local tvv interview since the election ane he spoke with usct candidly aboo his partner hillary clinton's cs lon and what he felt was working against her during the 2016 election. here's part of it. >> hillary was trying to be thee first woman president.president that cannot be under sold. sd. it's very very difficult to do. in congress right now just to js give an example, 19% women. that ranks us 75th in the the world.
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afghanistan, we have made ite hard for women to get elected to federal office and thati t wo as head wind she was running rni against. hard to win three terms in a row. very difficult in recent history to win three terms in a row for the same party.arty. >> right. >> for president obama' twossitw terms to be followed by democratic. >> only two democraticemocratic presidents have done the firstae democratic president andrewndw jackson and fdr. f so we're kind of a channelnn changing nation after two termst we tend to say hey, we want toto see -- all of those are factors. >> as a efforts underway in several states, senator kaine says that was an effort started by green party member jill stein but thee clinton campaign is on board tot make sure that everything iss done fairly. kudos to him for coming in and talking to us.d taing we were the first local mediaeda he's talked to since the election and we know him becausu he's been here over the years is got to say he is again win al goodman.goodman what you see on air how he how h presents himself in person. pso. he is one of the politicians who
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and i hope we see that more asoa we go forward.forwa. because it's just become too contentious, too crazy you ma it not agree with let's grow he's disagree with in a respectful at manner. ehind theaking moves behind the scenes reaching out to others ii congress.ngre. >> right. >> and he says, you know, there are things that he agrees withgh the president-elect about andbo he's willing to work. >> to agree you say someone youu fought against, because again an we've come to place if i don't agree with you you're dead toe t me. that is just so wrong. >> he went against the current >> absolutely. absolely. >> at lot of people want to hava politician no matter what side i you believe that is willing tott work with everybody. not choose one side and have anh blinders on.av >> i agree. meanwhile, president-elect drumu is that heading out on his long anticipated victory today.ay stopping first in indiana wheree he's taking credit for helping save 1,000 jobs. fox's doug luzader has those the details and why four for democrats it more of the same in >> reporter: the president-elect hits the roadoad
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ohio part of what's being callee a thank you tour with an a emphasis on jobs. ??? >> reporter: this was president-elect donald trump's u last big public appearance,eanc, election night but today he wilb emerge again heading tout indiaa where carrier air-conditioningtn just reversed its plans to closo a plant and send the jobs toobso meco.o. a trump tweeted, look forward tt going to indiana tomorrow in order to be with the greathere workers of carrier.arri they will sell many it's not entirely clear what parent company united technologies were offered buterb trump's anticipated nominee forr treasury secretary was elated. >> i think it's terrific.ri the president-elect and thehe vice-president picked up thekede phone and called ceo of united technologists and told them welm wanted to keep jobs here.obs h i can't remember last time a president did that.ent >> reporter: it brought a sarcastic response from thefromt white house. >> if he is successful in doing that 804 more times, then hehene
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manufacturing jobs that bebshate created in the united statesnits while president obama was inid office. >> reporter: another electio nctio fronts recount begins in r wisconsin todayec the first off perhaps several.everal. led by green party candidate jill stein working in conjunction with officials from hillary clinton's campaign. still considered unlikely toely overturn the results of the election.elec emerging from her own election yesterday, nancy pelosi who fought off a challenger toger retain her job as house minority leader.leer promising to fight against thegt trump admintr >> so i would trade anything no to have this opportunity of opposing an administration wherw we can engage we will, where we can -- we oppose -- need too oppose, we will. w >> reporter: as far as theas incoming trump administration,tt this is how it's shaping thesein are the cabinet picks so far. fr still a lot of blanks to fill in here. as the interviews continue in trump tower.ower. in washington, doug luzaderr fox news.
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preliminary vote on a schedulecl for late night metro service. se it needs to reduce hoursou starting to summer to allow timm ferrety repairs and maintenancee but not everyone agrees witheesw that plan. fox5's melanie alnwick live witt more on this mel. >> reporter: good morning, ter:guys. that committee meeting is mee getting underway at this hour.or and they'll be looking at thiss proposal. the one that is on the table iss the one that the majority of o people who weighed in on the proposal sai willing to accept.t. look, nobody wants to have these service cuts and here's the situation.tuion when safetrack began, generalerl manager paul wiedefeld said we s got to cut back service hours hs because we need more timed to maintenance and inspections on the rails. so those 3:00 a.m. closing times on fridays and saturdaysurys disappeared. and everything went back to to midnight closings.longs. now the safetrack is almosts aos done, the question becomes, what is metro service going to lookoo like? everyone thought it woulu go back to what it used to bed o
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really can't have that.e that. he needs eight more hours for maintenance and inspection and that means that those service si hours are going to be cut. cut take look at the proposal here.. this is the one that the majority of people who responded said that they liked and it is i the one that again they saidhe they'd be willing to accept andn the committee will be looking at today. it basically means that mondayy through friday metro will -- monday through thursday metroy t would close at 11:30 instead ofo midnight on fridays and saturdays open until 1:00 a.m. so restoring some late night nit cuts and then on sundays closing at 11:00 p.m. 11:00 p.m. could have a big impact on restaurants, bars, ho workers. people who might work eveningsk evenin and need to take metro to and a from their jobs. that is what councilman jackk evans is concerned about. about. he is also the board chairmanma and has said he only wants any a
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one year while paul wiedefeld says he'd like these cuts toutst last for two years.ears that becomes the big questionst today. to what is the committee going to i do about it? committee could cd vote it in or they can try to to make some changes. chaes what you really don't want to have is a situation where the board chairman and the d.c. delegation ends up vetoing the bill altogether and then youyou have to go back to the drawingng board what paul we'd field going to do trying to restore metroret back to good working order.rder. again, this is just a first fir vote, a committee votee would have to go to the full committee but there could be some, l could be changes today.y matt ackland is inside and he'll be following this for you guysss later back to you guys.o you guys >> mel, thanks very much. the fear if you do itfearf yo temporarily would you ever goy o back to extendinguld the hoursu again or would it just be the t kind of thing, okay, we're usedw to it now, why change. c >> once you let it out that's it. it. >> can't dial it back in. the nation's capitol't a dis rodney dangerfield might say getting to no respect from the
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holmes norton to the rescue. rcu she has d.c.'s back once againga coming up a little later we'lle' tell you how she made sure youuo can get your beer no matter mte where you route for your you burgundy and gold.dy and g >> we'll head down to the white house where it is starting todoo look a lot like christmas.isas we've got a preview of tonight't tree lighting next.. time right now 9:12. 9:12. whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair.
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>> it is december 1st. i it means it's time to get into the holiday spirit. s the >> what washington is kici things off tonight with theith t lighting of the nationalthnati christmas tree near the whitehee house. here with preview of the w h star-studded event is annie y. she joins us live this morning.g she's got all the details of thf big event.big hey, annie. >> chance the rapper rightper behind you. >> reporter: hello. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i love you guys.s. okay. look, i have been on star watch. so far no stars have made m appearances but i know they hadd to do some sound checks lasthect night but because of the rainusr thing got little tricky as farcf as the schedule goes. gs so we'll see who shows up. but there's a lot of activity going on this morning behind me. you can see the beautiful stagee ready for all the big stars whos are going to grace that stage te later today along with the firsh family, but this is a wonderful
9:16 am
taking mace here -- has alwaysaa taken place here on the ellipsee president's park a big big deal. it's going to go down atownt 5:00 o'clock. that is when the president andse first lady michelle obama willl illuminate the tree and we're w' going to be live here as well.sw so be sure to tune into fox5to x news at 5:00. a 5:0 we have video from last year ana i just want to do kind of showoi you that this lighting ceremonyy is truly a unique experience ana it began as a community eventtye back in 1923 with presidentdent ca it's grown into a big event. nationally televised event with celebrity hosts performers, and of course the first family, and, get this, every president since calvin coolidge has participatei in the lighting celebration.elea of course, this year will be the final one for president obama. and the countdown so what typically happens is the firsthe family comes up to the stagehe s here. there's a countdown and thenn there's the flip of the switch at 5:00 o'clock. there's some remarks takingakg place. pl this year there are some big big
9:17 am
bring in will with the nationalt park foundation.oundation. good morning. the president of the nationalheo park foundation. the man in charge and reallyea this event cannot go on without you. >> that's right. the national park service askeda us to produce this event for e eve every year. so we have to go out and raise the money, recruit the talent,en produce the event, and talk toak people like you to make sure s everyone knows about it.yone >> reporter: thank you soor thak and let's talk about the star-studded event. e there's a lot of people in townn here for longoria who will be hosting th event. event. >> she's fantastic. we were so excited to hav fane v here.he she's great energy, enthusiasmns she's going to be great with all the artists.the artists >> reporter: can you mentionou n some of the artists?thtist >> yes, we have -- this is bests lineup ever annie i'm just i j saying. it's amazing. >> last year. >> that was true last year evene more true thisast year jameses taylor, chan the rapper, garth brooks and at a pa tricia yearia wood, kelly clarkson, markson,ar anthony amazing lineup. leup. >> it really is.
9:18 am
yolanda adams. ams >> yes. >> reporter: when she singshe ss it's going to blow everyone away. 20,000 people are supposed to bo here tonight.onig that's a lot of people.ple and i know some of you areu wounding how can i go down, it'' not open to the it was a lottery ticket situation. but can you talk about the aut people that are going to be here and really the agencies involved to make this big event happenap every year? >> yeah, like you said 20,0000,0 people have gotten a chance file for the lottery ticket. tie the 're here. the national park service and the rangers you see around herer are the ones that really makey m this thing happen. >> reporter: yeah.ter: >> they are dedicated public servants. se they make sure this happens they provide security.ide sety they provide sort of the overall organization of this thing, anda we couldn't do it without them.o >> reporter: am i going to seet any stars? >> tonight, yeah --h >> reporter: no, this morning.or >> i'm sorry. i'm the stars will be out tonight. because clear skies, it will be cool. but the stars will be filteringg in and out of here. o her
9:19 am
amazing group of people here ana let me also say that we'rete' really grateful for hallmark tor be our sponsor tonight and alsos for the opportunity for the viewers to purchase some great t white house christmas treere ornaments as well as somee commemorative coins.oi go to our website nationalna to find those greatat momentos for your grand childrel report thank you so much, will.l my neck hurts from looking up al you. we look up to you. thank you very much forweank yo everything do you.everythi i forgot kelly clarkson will be here. how ul clarkson the winner of season so one american idol.oneric guys this will be a fun event fe kicking off at 5:00. tune into fox5 news at five asia we illuminate the nationaliona christmas tree.e farragut north and west are youe closest metro stops and theyhe want you to get through the the security lines starting at 3:00 o'clock and those in thesen seats by 4:30 they can begin the amazing ceremony at 5:00 o'cloc0 tonight. back to you in the studio. studo
9:20 am
>> no. annie, we saw you try to figurer out if we can maybe see stars earlier.rlie. good effort. e he wasn't giving it up.t up good effort. eff >> reporter: i know. i know. when are we going to see the the stars? why are you guys so secretive about this. this. >> they were here last nightre t playing in the rain warming up.a it was kind of an amazing thingi they were all out here sloggingo through and james taylor was up on stage with big downpourr happened.ppen so they're around.rod hang in there, annie.hang in thr >> reporter: i know thee, rain i kind of made -- kind of caused fingers crossed i'll get my binoculars we're on star watch. >> give us a holler if you see s somebody. >> if there's any way we can get chance the rapper to pop upo p behind her in the 10:00 o'clock hour that will make my year. myy >> if they were out in the raini they were probably all sleepingn in today.ay. >> or they have to come out for sound track. tra. >> go down and sianni and hangag out.t enjoy washington,, d.c. beautiful view of the whitefu house. >> perfect. we're begging. [ laughter ] ] >> it's 9:20.t's 9:2 more police protests happeningph down in north carolina.
9:21 am
best news ever perhaps for f netflix customers and burgerndur king reuniting two classic movie characters.. we'll check what else is makingm headlines >> i love it. later, hey, we'rete hey celebrating throw back thursday. hey, hey, hey with a band aan providing today's sound track that is dj inferno. he gets four exclamation pointsn and we need your help. h tweet us your tbt holiday holid pictures with the #gooddaydc.c. we'll show them all morning long. do you have any requests? ii men maybe.ay >> who else? els >> kenny riley. >> yes.
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?? >> dj inferno with us this morning. going to be hanging out throughout the show today. i love it. we get the life dj. >> we used to this frequently. then it went away.infe >> it's back nowing .tohout we go >> throw bacthkthen thus rsbaday >> right. rig. >> for us too. >> we're looking for holiday hld right. >> yes. >> ideally. >> like a '90's picture won thaw be fun. be fun >> it would be great. we'll get the music to>>t we'll have fun the next hour anu a half right now 9:24. 9:2 erin is back with a check of the other stories making headlines h this thursday thursda erin will thank you very much,y steve.thansteve. first up in north carolina,, a police officer will not facee criminal charges in the shootinn death of a black man. m the announcement from districttt attorney sparked protests in charlotte.lott da said officer brently vincentn acted in self-defense..
9:25 am
camera prompted riots to breakob out back in september. sepmb officer vincent has been on o administrative leave since the shooting. it's not clear if he w return. federal prosecutors sayl prt north carolina man has been arrested and charged withed wit setting two of the wildfires roaring through parts of theugh southeast.heast. meanwhile, the rain from then ft storms in the region is helpingl to battle against the fires buts it comes too late for many whoao have lost their homes, businesses and at least seven s people who lost tennessee. president obama says he ist committed to providing the t assistance necessary to combat b this fire. the white house this mornini donning a big red ribbon inn honor of world aids day. d in video message president psi barack obama spoke about the success we've made in recenten d.c. mayor muriel bowser and the department of health also planlp to announce a plan to end the hiv epidemic.
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for frequent flyers and fans ofn binge watching. you know you love netflix.tflix and now you watch content you ct can do it off line. basically user can download shows then watch them withoutito streaming on broad band connect. the new feature in a tweetwe confirmed promising users can cn watch their favorite shows onwsn airplanes, road trips or justrus stuck in a subway.ub we know how that feels. new feature is available too download now. now. and finally, i love this ths one. it's a cheesy come back for thee recrating that memorable cafeteria scene 12 years later.. check this out.. >> whoa. wa. are those cheesy tots?ots? >> yeah.>> yeah. >> are they good? >> yeah. >> can i have one? sure. >> that john header and efron rah myhr res recreating their t roles for new burr kerr king kr
9:27 am
going to finish your drink. dri one thing that didn't make the t cut he doesn't stuff his pockete with a to the to eat later.. comedy has huge following. foll. i think that movie personally iy hilarious.ous. and i loved it.t. >> no, no, no.o, n wisdom,, no >> i have to.e t >> no, wisdom.isdom. >> i have to.>> hav allison in honor of you there'se no snickers i've never seen that movie. mie i don't understand. >> it is hilarious. >> no. >> no high five on it.. >> team in a pole leon. >> really? >> all the way. >> it's the best movie e >> thank you.. >> please.. >> i thought kevin mccarthy wasy on vacation. v >> you said the best movie evere >> that's the best line from tht vie.e. >> what's your favorite line. l >> when he's going to get paidop and the guy doesn't have any a money and so he does this. >> check my pockets. pke he pays him in drinks. dnk >> what did i get you foryou f christmas one we're.e >> he got me from the movie in a
9:28 am
defendant lines. >> really? >> tell me if you change your cy mind. >> i like the boomerang. >> erin -- there's no snickers r bars i'm not going to watcho movie. i'm going to -- i'm just sayingn >> i'm not going to. gng to. keep it up and i'll make youou cinnamon bars >> we'll turn knew a fan yet. >> bribing you with cinnamonna buns, wisdom.. 9:28 is the time right now. n i'm sure it's funny. mold when it comes to nflnfl quarterbacks. we'll show you how the burgundy and gold captain has some hit si hidden talents coming.omin >> first good night for astd nih christmas tree lighting. mike thomas will be back of the check of the seven day. that's next.'sext >> and fresh at 10a, santa baby -- >> sing it. >> um-hmm this male model whood made international headlines as the fashion center -- who needs a sleigh when you sleigh just s
9:29 am
join us live in the loft andoftd he's here for good reason.ea it benefits homeless puppies.. so it's beautiful. okay. love itly can't wait.n't that's coming up in the 10a.. much more in the nine. nin we'll be right back. b ??
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9:32 am
?? maureen got caught hummingtm to nickel back.. 10 minute penalty for you myou friend. go to the penalty box, >> 9:32 right now.. perhaps proof no one doesap like nickel back. i like nickelli back.ack >> what's wrong with this song.s >> it sounds like a whole lot ot songs to m >> i'll go with that. with at >> what makes this worse than any other song. >> that's the problem they're.ty all terrible they're blamed ford leading the charge in terrible.. you get it? you picking up whaa i'm putting down.ingow >> like people -- when peopleeol hate on
9:33 am
was popular when it came too disco. disco. >> i'm not saying he hate them.t this is the rationale people ara using when they -- >> i do hate disco.isco >> when they bring it back. >> nickel back is canadian bandn in canada proof canadiens are not big fans of nickel b one town now using the band'san' music as a crime deterrent.etret officials on prince edward island anybody suspected ofuspeo drunk driving now will get alet ride to the police station in a car blaring nothing nickelback music.nickback yes you will face charges >> drake is from canada.ana >> he's my boy toy. >> police a depth announced thee in a facebook post. >> the cops have to listen itn t to, too. >> what did nickelback every do to anyone except put out music they loved. >> in turn i loved. iturn >> i'm just saying. if you're in the back of thek oe police car which i've never beer
9:34 am
police car the least of my che concerns is what you're playing on the radio.on >> true that.ruat. >> if you're in an edge at anyee timed state you'll be like ieik don't want to deal with this. >> there have been their storieo of law enforcement that haveceme used certain types of music. classical music operas to geto people to come out of barricadea systems they blast it non-stop o and make it stop.maket s we'll do whatever you want, makm it stop. >> i wonder what are the top 10 songs of barricade situation.ituation. >> justin beiber, nickelback. >> don't say drake. d >> i stopped short. i was on roll of>> i canadiania musicians, that's all. >> what about avril lavigne.i isn't she canadian.ian >> canadian as well. >> you know she has lyme's has ' disease. >> still don't like it but okay. >> that was down'ter l. >> sorry.. let's go to mike thomass we've gone horribly awry talkink about music. >> mike, do you like nickelbacka
9:35 am
nickelback's sopping.. canada these watch out that cana be considered torture. >> gwen tolbart is from canada. >> she is. i >> we should ask gwen if she's s she likes nickelback. >> we should also a nickelback challenge. name a nickelback song you like. far hey sway not that bad in myn opinion. >> right. >> everybody has one the rest of the album, h eas. that's all right.. 24 days until christmas.hrtmas. holiday spirit.daspir holida nickelback doesn't have ae christmas album that goodness. christmas tree lighting tonight. fair skies, breezy this evening. if you're heading down to seeowe the national lighting make sure you're bundling up you'll needdy the gloves and the hat.e glovesa no umbrelland no t rain, no snoo no precipitation coming downg later on this low pressure over the greatre o lakes. moving up to our north all thatt rain from yesterday is pushedhe off the coastline we're left l with just sunshine here ine her washington. if you live west of d.c. a fewsf more clouds for you but you'llou
9:36 am
look at columbus. 36 degrees. 39 in pittsburgh. 38 beckly west virginia acrossar the mountains.thmoun we're in the 50s here iner in washington. a few of our suburbs may getubug lucky enough to touch 60 today d but by tonight the cold air wilw kind of surge in and then for tn the neck several days we'res wee talking about coolert oler temperatures.te nothing too terribly chilly juss yet. more seasonal december weather.a temperatures later today here it washington again 58 here in washington. maybe close to 60 for0 for fredericksburg.fredericks maybe leonardtown as well wel 59 degreesod 56 for annapolis but cooler ther farther north and west you go. upper 40s haag town, martinsburu and win esther chester how abous the weekend? we're getting gti close. high pressure going to settle ii where that storm is right now.. will it keep northerly flow,rtho again, cool temperatures in the 40s and 50s all weekend long.on lots of sunshine especiallyia friday and into saturday as well.we sunday few more question marks. we'll little bees piece of energy swing through thegy swing mountain ts may bring us a showo or two later in the day. l i think most of sundaaty is dryd but potentially after sunset wee
9:37 am
temperatures most of the day ons sunday will stick in the m 4os0s probably the coolest day of thef weekend. here is that weekend 50 degrees on saturday. saturda just a few clouds but mostlyy sunshine. sunday clouds do roll in by the second half of the day again yon might see a shower or two. t all right. all quick look at your r fox5 accu5c weather seven day forecast.or we mentioned the weekend.eekend best chance of rain on the seves day forecast will come nextome tuesday. weatuther.ther back to you.. >> d.c. demanding respect fromct the nf tsa agent didn't know where was. couldn't recognize it as azeas location that would have ad he a driver's license.ense. well, same thing happened atpene metlife stadium in new jerseyse when a fan of the skins went tot get a beer. b showed her d.c. driver's licensn but was turned away because the vendor thought id couldn't bet from this country must be fromus the country of >> it's basically like new yorkr new jersey, pennsylvania this i our area. this is our backyard.kyar >> you think, wouldn't you?dn yu >> okay.y. >> they ask you for a passportst since obviously she was from shs
9:38 am
columbia.ia. the woman didn't have herave passport because who takesse whs passport to football eventually she got her beer frof somebody else but d.c. delegate eleanor holes also norton got involve as she always does. d wrote letter to nfl commissioner roger goodell about the incidenn and got a response from the nfl saying it's now obtained photos of new and old dc driver'ss licenses passed them on to the t told the clubs share thisrehis information with concessionatioh workers. >> really? >> d.c. is act alert a place that exists inn america.eric >> really?>> r >> here's what i'll say. s it does look -- like i'm tryingt to remember like, um, a license from d.c. because i'm a marylanl resident. >> is it black and white and then it has another pic blaturee >> no it's blue and it hast washington, d.c. on the veryver top. so -- so -- >> there's no excuse.>> the >> exactly. >> i thought it look really differhoughtent.ffer >> oh, no. i wash i had mine up here. here. it says washington, d.c. right on top. >> you're a d.c. resident.esidt.
9:39 am
has happenednd. >> it's inexcusable. >> the now one. o >> i apparently got the old oned that says washington, d.c. d.c but still -- >> chris, you have both? >> well my old one is expired. r >> i don't like the purple newen one at all. >> have you ever had anybody had question it. >> no, i haven't because i't bse haven't really traveled. >> but chris it is differentis d looking from the rest of, youf,y know, the more traditional likee the maryland license, r >> the new one absolutely. >> yes. >> i'm assuming that's --uming s >> purple and gray.. >> don't you learn your statesta like in grade school and thehe territories of the unitednited states. come on. in that's why d.c. is pushing ps because we're not state.ta. so maybe it looks -- - >> it's a territory.rito even so, come on. >> you would think. wou >> even in a box of lucky charmy back in the day you got like a e map of the -- come on. >> lucky charms back in the day. >> frosted flakes, they weres,hy
9:40 am
>> you did ask for it.. >> i apologize.logi >> you opened up that box of th cereal.ce >> so corn 93 on this show.ow. >> 9:40.>> 9 when you think of fnfl quarterbacks you think of tom brady, tall, strap study who stw ends up with super model girlfriend turned wife.if when you think of kirk cousinsoi you think the same thing. why wouldn't you right? he is?e our quarterback study in thebaty nation's capitol fits the moldhe perfectly his teammates love him but they kind of call him a dorr with swag at least they did ina th is that fair? well, you judge. >> we're pound the rock here ant get a time out right afterwards, okay? >> that's not what i was hoping we were going to go to. wasg to. teammates called him corny in the same interview and corninesi on full display he was miked upd but apparently assails broadwayo fan. during his weekly pressy pres conference he talked about a plenty of football but reveal bv his secret love of broadway andy shared his own musicalic background.
9:41 am
quarterback likes to rap therape lyrics to hamilton which he saws on broadway. b in addition to the lion king,hen jersey boys, several other hitsr and he said when he went to newt york for the assume per bowl, h, went to a broadway show and ushs what blown away.. also has a stage career of hisfs own. ow was on few shows when he was inn younger years.r years. perhaps we'll take a look there. >> ?? oh, what a beautiful day ?? >> ?? >> is that mike thomas? >> i swear it look like him.. >> mike thomas looks like theooe coach. >> you think? e>> y looks just like lik coach gruden but i digress.. >> ?? pretty woman ?? >> i love this part of the back ground because i love that when you learn different things about people so many people have soe many stereotypes, and --nd >> i love it. >> this is what he was enjoyingn the time.e. now he's enjoying being a a football player.ll pyer.
9:42 am
players of personality, talenten skills. >> if he's a dork give me a dork of the $20 million dork i'llonk take it.. >> maureen that is so superficial. >> here's the thing. a lot of gir>>ls h bypass guys l this they're not hip >> very true. >> look at of this team study making 20 million a year. y so all the girls who said, not for me, there you go. >> vernon davis who put a lot out there very good painterd himself he's an a lot of these guys have great tale >> i like the glee footballe foa player rest in peace became a singer and so you don't have to stick. st i'm sure he was playing football ig high school. >> sure. i love it much. >> it's all good. >>ornyery to be a corny n it's all all >> what's your hidden >> i'll tell you during thel ted commercial break. >> ut-oh. >> we have a dee jay with us bringing throw back music.ic is this one of your favorites? t do you have picture to match? dj inferno we'll tell you why yw
9:43 am
you might be able to see him on regular basis. >> pulling it out of the cratesa for real. ???? stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. with your support, we can find more answers faster.
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9:45 am
>> you know what's cool we were talking about kirk cousins youwe find your passion you follow iti you -- you never know what kindd of which way your path will go.l
9:46 am
thursday. we're playing great music you'll be doing on regular basis hereir in d.c. your latest adventure we also want to see your throw back hash tag tbt good day good day. it would be cool to match up music to the picks. >> welcome. good to see you. te you. >> thank you. it's a pleasure to be. >> congrats on being able to t turn your music into a career. . >> thank you very much. 2004.04 so 12 years strong full time doing. you have regular gig at a club u here in d.c. decades a new mega club inn dc dedicated basically a tribute to retro club music. music throw back music. music music makes you feel good but bt makes you want to dance. dance so it's really really cool. coo. different concept for each floof throughout the '90's, 2,000, 2010.'9 >> d.c. blown up lately with i think echo stage was a big p0'sr of this bringing a lot more lif dj music here. >> exactly. >> this is kind of cool now with
9:47 am
nostalgia in addition to thehe beat. >> we need that. w the scene -- the scene changesng all the time.ime. interests change all the timeanm but the music we play iss basically time less which isessi like the whole at track. tra you can go out there, hear youry jam, have fun, drink. >> as the dj you're putting on o the show. th are you going to take classice beats and mix them up withit modern stuff as well.ell there's some modern the idea to keep everything within theint bracket of the time that it'sims covering. but you can do stuff like mix, you know, 2016 beats with like a '90's big accapela. i'll brag on this guy for minutt you grew up locally here. he. >> yes. >> then you worked it.rke i you got into it. it did the dee jay thing workedor your way up won some battles and next thing you're on stage withh madonna for an entire tour. tou how was that >> that was amazing.was azin live changing.. >> yeah. >> got to tour the world and be in front of hundred thousand thd
9:48 am
performer. >> did it fuel the fire for youl to want to d tohe more now you'r helping kids, too, trying to geg that next generation. next genea >> it did.ti music production for theion f e show. got really serious about musicut product after that.ha and since then i've started a company called mix major where e teach kids music production.n. >> fantastic our exec seiveive producer is the world biggest madonna fair. f can you share one story about >> i can share a few.hare a few. the fun yesterday would be theye day that the dancers and the t band and madonna all first camee warehouse and i'm a pretty easy going guy. i feel like i'm pretty loose, lo you know. i can dance a little bit.. >> right. >> you know what i mean? there's a one scene where she ks dancing with me, right. on stage.tage right. she's literally right behind mee and with me and this is the first time wethis had no choreography, right? so now i'i in room with madonna, like, right here all the dancers surrounding me all so for whatever reason,son,
9:49 am
board. >> you froze? y >> it was so bad she was likeou loosen up inferno.nfno it was so bad -- it was so bad b that i got a call that night from the choreographer from rich. hey, inferno, man, we got to choreography call tomorrow phy morning. can you come in about --bo >> still got to do the tour.ou >> we had choreography.ogra basically even for like they evn upper body dancing that we did,d that was all core graphed and id kill it. >> you basically oh your dancere skil >> >> live changing experience. >> stick around with him. check him out at decades. >> tonight.>>. >> he'll hang with us in the loft.ang >> i'll there be tonight.l th >> good stuff. back over to you >> i'll take it over here over . 9:49. 9: coming up two words christmasiss cookies kicking off the season o with a look what's in store forr the big celebration down at thee wharf. getting ready. back after this. ts.
9:50 am
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? ? you guys ever try one of these bars made over at right twix? why? our special cookie is cascaded with caramel you never wondered? [ whoosh! zap! ] [ glass breaks ] aah! [ male announcer ] try both.
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. ?? >> jam right there. >> oh, yes, steve rocking out with dj enferno. [ laughter ] >> throw back jes, st thursday.
9:53 am
the ones and twos. >> is that it. >> we are t minus 24 days until christ mace this weekend thend t d.c. wharf celebrating theting t christmas season in a big way.. dj landmark hosting the 25thh annual d.c. par raised lightsaig and holiday tradition willtion w feature a boat parade of festive light displace photo ops withith santa, a bon fire firste fi guaranteed snowfall of thewfall season. we're live in the good day cafee with sophia royce getting us inu the holiday spirit with c decorating good morning to you and val tint good morning to you as well. >> good morning. gmorn >> what is the festival ofval lights. >> as you may know the wharf isf one year i out from its countdot since >> um-hmm. >> so to keep the time flying bg we're having all these fun f community events like parade ofo lights.ts 25th annual parade of lightsig and it's at the wharf. the up concludes holiday boatayt parade and docked boats and snos
9:54 am
>> it is gorgeous. i gor when you head out there. t we shall point out before we get this is a free folks can come out and takendak part. part >> it's a free event.>> you get smores, i hott' chocolae cookies all for free and it's as just ton of family fun andly fun really fun for all ages. all a >> one of things you get to do t is decorate cookies which you'rr showing me how to do. >> ginger bread man today p.ay >> yes. we'll be giving away>> ginger ge bread cookies for take home fore people to decorate at >> awesome. we have a few ideas for you alll today. da >> okay. >> we also have our sailboatoa making which will be sight for the kids or if you'rer young at heart like myself and d couple examples here. h >> great family project.roct >> yes.. >> for the cooking decorating wr have a couple of examples.. val tina got trendy with the t glitter lips. >> she did. sensation.ti >> and then, you know, you justs have fun.un we have grown, red, white andte glitter and just --ust >> i love this.. >> add some sprinkles for glitter if you have candy atcana home you can use that forha f buttons.. skittles, dots, whatever youateu like.
9:55 am
we were going to sta wrt makingn christmas cookies and decoratinn them. >> you guys are giving me a well-timed practice segment. >> okay.kay. so this of course the wharf as s you said under going a huge renovation.tion folks expecting for it to open t this coming year. what can they expect when theyhe erad down there. in years past you've seen theyoe boats and you've had shops but b what can they expect to see whee they go out there when it's all' done? do >> when it's all done in 2017? yes.s. >> well there's going to bel th shops, res residential so it's reallys everything. it's a truere waterfront neighborhood on the southwestou waterfront.. >> i'll reach over here.h overe >> um-hmm isn't you're nothm making your cookies.ouokie come on.n. >> sorry.. >> okay. and so again this is one of thet activities you'll have availabla for families out there.. you also have food. f let's not forget you'll feed'l f folks out there, too. >> there's king ribs, there's also a lot of fun foods so hotoh cocoa and cookies and smores. se
9:56 am
the adults there's a corona fess fief beer garden good nice.d ne of course township and older. >> 21 and older for that. >> so if you want1 tand o makep in it not to come and actually a watch you want to display yourar boat is it a permitting thing t more how does that work? w >> the cut off date for that hah passed but there are boats thata are just docking that aren'tret participating in the parade they're just getting all festivi and decorated for everyoneveryon coming down. and there's house boats and boa docked boats in the area but ita should be about 6 b0 boats0 at participating in the parade thip year. >> it kicks off december 3rdrrd at 6:00 p.m. and it goes till gs 8:00 p.m. at the wharf and wrf a they'll be all the activitiescte available and even the lightingg of the gang plank ma ren in aen tree. tree. >> i love it. ursend of course, the first snthe owfall of the season which we're really excited about. >> you're guaranteeing i listen to thear forecast um another sew not so sure.t so su. what happens if you miss thef ys guarantee isn't we'll have hav holiday wharf magic and it willa happen. kayokay. >> a little elf magic. >> get ready for that.ea tha >> sophia and val, thank you, tn
9:57 am
>> it will be great. how did we do? let'>>s it sees >> i think yours is better. bte >> beautiful. beaut >> i like the minimal lift approach.prch. >> yes. >> y >> okay. back over to you ove >> i like it y.e i >> break off an arm and comend back over here. >> come on. [ laughter ] >> you can't do that. >> y couomin cg up oningp the 10a today.a today we have fashion santa is going to be joining us.s. >> yes. >> pick his brain. bin. >> i request this for you by thb way. >> thank you so much enferno. allll right. >> coffee time right now if youu would like our good day mug wedw have one to give away right noww perfect for dunki coffee go to or our facebook page enter theet mug contest. cte one lucky winner selected randomly. you have until 11am to enter.ntr right now it's 9:57. 9 more from dj enferno and the 10e is next.t.
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?? top rated good day at 10a alway bringing you the must seeust >> family secrets revealed at at awkward dinner party. ome recap our favorite scene s from last night's empire.ire >> live in the lot of basketbala wives, la star and the ex of a recent us in laura is live i >> he's called the fashion santn and he's live here with us ineiu the loft. >> we're live with ross matthews who's giving us some dirt liveot from hollywood. hlywo >> and our epic throw backhrow c thursday the holiday editionon continues. the 10a starts now.. ?? ?? this is our let's do it. >> hot >> how we going to do it right t now?w? >> really? >> sailing right into another
10:02 am
stepper. >> look what allison has done te my ginger bread man.readan >> she broke his leg. l >> it is a saying break a leg. g we didn't mean it literally, al. >> it means good luck. >> you're picking off the eye ball. >> i thought they were edible.e my tooth is now broken. >> pay back. bac >> come on. see that one is still intact. show delicious, maureen, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> skills are unparticle leveled.evel >> the folks said there's ubera discount if you mention i you go down to the event at thet wharf on the way back onn december 3rd >> if you want to partake of the beer garden. >> we have a fuel hour of mewf w spring dj up fern know and we'r' doing throw backs as you can aso tell from the tunes. we'd love to see your throw bacc pictures holiday style. >> okay.>> okay >> all right. >> so hopefully send them in #gooddaydc and we will share.lsa thanks dj enferno. show tonight at decades in d.c.c which is his regular gig when gw
10:03 am
time out there. >> there's nothing going out ant to a place that has throw back music.c when you know every word to thet >> you're on the floor dancing. >> oh yeah.. cabbage patching and all.andll >> all right. sounds good. >> all righty. send i>>n a your you know so there's bighe's party that's going on down atow the white house and we'rehouse excited for it.excid fo >> few hours away.. >> 5:00 o'clock i believe whencc they flip the switch at the at ellipse holiday spirit will besi merry in doubt and bright fort the lighting of the white housee christmas tree.chrimas >> it's th94 is lit up washington inn tradition gate dating back tok o president calvin coolidge. clidg annie yu hasn't been out there that long. she's been out there all morninr trying to find out where theut e stars are. good morning to you, annie. >> reporter: good morning tong all of you.ou allison, they're getting yourtiu stage ready, my darling. dli things are looking good upkingdu there. no, i'm kidding. kding really, though, a lot of pressfs underway. i can't believe it but there are thousands of chairs that have th been set out by so many
10:04 am
rain yesterday sort of createdre more work for them, because thee had all this equipment and props wrapped up in plastic and theyne had to of course brush the watet off the stage and someone had to actually go chair by chair andir get rid of the water off eachffc chair and again thousands are set up here.set her they're expecting about 20,000 0 to be here tonight.on it is not open to the public. pc it is a ticketed event so if yoy don't have ticket, you can't y c make it out, but you can catch it online and also we'll be here at 5:00 o'clock today so you cao 5:00 o'clock on fox5 news at a 5:00. but if you are one of the luckyl ticket holders boy are you boy lucky. you'll be out'll look how beautiful it is out here.he the view ofre the white house hh in president's park your bestou bet is 17th street northwest nor where you enter and farragut north and west of your closestro metro stops. sps i want to show you video fromro last year so you can see the c t tree from last year all lit up.u give you an idea but this willhl be the final time presidentsidet obama and first lady michellelle
10:05 am
truly a unique experience.xperic something that we look forwardrd to every year and you mentionedd this, guys, this happened wayay back in 1923 and since then, th, every president has participated in it has grown.rown. it's now a nationally televisedv event with celebrity host andt a performers. let's take look at some of thepo people making heafdlines t thisi year. olympic gold met list swimmer sm simone manuel will be here. making an appearance with firstf lady eva langoria who will be wl hosting the big event. award gospel singer yolanda adams, kelly clarkson, chanceha the rapper, country stars garth brooks and tricia yearwood his why. wh the list goes on to give an ge idea. clearly, it is going to be quitq the event, and we are looking lo forward to it. with these types of events wef e see a heavy police and they're kind of just liket l surrounding the perimeter here.h but if you are coming down theyw are going to be check your bagss make sure you leave all of thost
10:06 am
firearms, knives, pepper spray,y as well as i pads not allowing n pads and camera tripods in thiss year as well. s that's the very latest fromstrom back to you in the studio.yo ths >> okay. have a good time, a and knee. >> thanks.ha see you >> interest nothing i pads thiso yearth.year >> because that's the way a lott of us take pictures or whatevere but, you know, hey, whatever tor keep the public safe, right? >> that's true.e >> check what's trending this wr morning, al.moing, >> first up this morning, steves g news for kanye west and his wn family. he's back at home after being ii the hospital for m week for his treatment for a a mental break down. dn now that's a heavy title for tle condition for us to say. but that's according to tmzomz that's what they're saying.ayin. sources say kanye suffered fromf this break down triggered by the anniversary of his mother's death.deat ve closese. tmz says kanye isn't out of thet woods yet. wood he still needs on hiv goingvoi psychological and medical treatment. >> all right. the time we've been b talking about that male modelmad
10:07 am
watch too because more than ae n dozen angels descended upon thee city of love this week. w >> it's only fair, wisdom. wdo >> it's only we're about fair on this you're welcome.elme we're talking about the 20166 victoria secret fashion show. annual event was yesterday and featured kendall ginger, gigi hadid, lady gaga and the weekend hit the stage. the show will air n december 5th. >> all right. december means annual end of tht year list and this morning we'r' talking music because apparentln drake is taking views from the t top of spotify for the secondec year in a row he is world's mosm streamed artist.ead a he dominated the list for most m streamed track for his song onee dance and his album views was the most streamed album. drake frequently collaborates with rihanna who had big year.ea she top the list the most the m streamed female artist for the
10:08 am
>> he can't sing a lick but i'ts li hisis music. >> he's rapper.apper >> is that what he is? ithat >> he's a rapper who sing.g. >> he's a snapper.napp >> that song we used played heda was sinking attempting to sing.. in some he sings and wraps.. >> there's plenty of singers ouo there who really don't sing so o well. >> that's true. >> singer rapper and an>> act. t i wish he can act more actuallya >> i think he will.>>hink h >> he's acting like a rapper. >> or acting like a singer.r [ laughter ]lauger >> what's the name of this songs onene man. >> thank you, maestro.. >> oneness -- i'm in a oneness. >> for you drake and >> stop treatment mers right now. let's switch overght to featuree despite self dc restaurantsan recognized witness michelin rating first michelin book forbr dc this year one of the city's newest chefs is not in fact he seems to think thatnt his restaurant will just simplyl
10:09 am
>> really? >> yes that's a play on words. sushi restaurant mack so you weu set to open new trump hotel in d.c. and its owner making it clear he doesn't care what other chefs c think. in an interview with new york magazine -- >> time out. don't -- ion't -- i don't care face. >> give me a little telly is a vallas on this.. >> kojak. >> who loves you baby. who >> it's not kojak. >> it is al less nonni. >> dishing out a settle theeut serving of d.c. bashing fullhi course of the including incdi describing the d.c. food sceneoe as quote culturally mut telled l and heavy on fusion. fio he says quote with dc i hadc h reached a point where i saw soaw much bad that i was actuallyuall looking for the good. i couldn't find it.t. he also of course has a locatioo in new york.k let me just cut through all of this here. >> please do, steve. steve.
10:10 am
>> expound. >> go ahead. >> i think there's much more to therethis. if you read between the lines here, there is a very famouss restaurant owner in d.c. who has many restaurants here including fusion restaurants who did haveh a restaurant at the trump hotel and backed out and thus becameae sued by donald trump and i think this new person is saying, i'man not a fan of the d.c. food scene. >> in other words.>> >> nass one of dc's most famous restaurant people who owns a whole bunch of restaurant >> guess what? wt? >> you're coming to d.c. and d that's no way --ay - >> he's coming like the mess zaya to elevate our power. per >> what's his name. >> it's personal name names. ne. don't throw the whole scenew sce under the.un >> if you're bringing restauran to be in thatre scene, you bettt deliver something that's bettert because your expectations whowh ar.. >> i'll taste that sushi and let you know. >> i have to problem tasting it.
10:11 am
>> if you catch mommy kissingu c santa claus, remember that oldld song -- >> i remember that.>> >> it might make i a little morr sense because coming up later,, fashion santa joins us-in the loft. loft. >> let me be clear.>> l you don't want this santa clausa kiss your momma.. >> that's your steel your momma. >> you don't want him in the house at aon'tll.e at a we don't want that. >> that's a whole other segment. >> a whole other before we get to all of that our first glimpse of phylicia rashas on empire. we're sharing o episode and he he we want to to know yours as well. just dish with the #gooddaydc. back in a moment.ent.
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> the way andre look at her at isn't it sweet?et? >> no. >> n >> i love andre. but any way goan adrhead.he >> family fight. family f thank you. >> family fights not us awkward dinner party and hot hook ups h another episode of empire. and it's thursday and you knowad what time it is many time for ome! >> holly is off so it's three of us. hi, holly. let's get it start width you mo. >> okay.>> o so of course, it was set upwas t we're going to meet the mom. m >> i know. okay. and so if he leshia rashad we'vv been waiting all season to see e make her appearance on empire finally enters the scene in typical grand diva fashion watch as she enters the scene and sett all dubois and others on their heels.hes. watch. >> i haven't senior mother yet, >> she's about to make herke her
10:16 am
>> everyone knows that i dislike artists so i'm going to thank tt you all in advance for your very generous contributions to angelo's mayoral campaign.amig please fill out the place them in the littlevilleitv set bag being passed around with my staff and enjoy the champagng my friends. >> i love her. >> how doyo that but you do it with clash.. pass the plate but drinknk champagne.ampae i love if he leshia rashad in ri this episode if i have to beave honest i was expecting more. m more scenes with her.ith h i was expecting her to be little more biting than she was. but all in i enjoyed it.edt. she makes a good fit for angela's mother. mother. maybe a foil for cookie down dn line.. i thought we'd see a little moro teeth. >> i love her so much. i lovhero she looks so great. mucoks i love her haircut. >> she looked
10:17 am
but the build up for mow was little bit more than i got. g >> i did see the fact that theyt were going to come around in tht end. >> you saw that.>>ou s >> yeah. >> i was so disappointed when they did. i was expecting a little backitc and forth, right? cookie givinn it to her.. oh, child, i was once a share s crop per. >> speaking of all that cominggt together, how about this? w aboi cookie tries to have a littleo t dinner at her house and invitesv mom over. m ov it's supposed to be touchingd to moment with cookie and mom a mr. dubois in the house. so the rest of the lyons show p up. >> i felt bad for her. felt bad. >> i thought it was hilariouss r especially when lucious startedt here it is. let's go. >> everyone, please, have seat. the soup will be served now. >> hold up. did i tell you my mother iss allergic to seafood?
10:18 am
(doorbell).l). >> andre -- >> this is the best part. pt. look at lucious.ious >> oh, my lord. oh, [ laughter ] >> look at lucious. lucio >> boo boo kitty comes ines grabbing the baby. >> if he leshia rashad is give that you claire hawksable look.k >> exactly. >> lucious walks in like he seth the whole thing up.p of course he did.e heid >> he dresses down the family. l my gay son, my crazy son. he's like where is the crazyra e?e? >> right. >> awful. so, of course, like the part iat liked because i'm the eternal optimist,. op >> okay.ti >> >> that's what well call it. >> okay. oka is when jamaly.s swhit down becausenec he's high as kite when he goesee he's embarrassing he sits down w and he does the owed to his mom. >> oh my god. >> i'm sorry, i was crying on cn the couch last night.last n >> were you really?ere yoreal >> yes. y >> you were moved by that? >> boyz ii men.oyz ii men. >> let me see if i'll be moved.v
10:19 am
>> not in the way you think y you'll be'll be moved. >> this is who we are, take it w or leave it.hove it. jamal sing us a song. a s that's what we do around here,dh we celebrate who we are.e >> i actually do have somethingi a song about my mother.ot >> a song about me. ?? as background basically as wealw learn more about cookie and herh up bringing and she lost her dar and all of that.t >> father put >> ?? >> it gets really serious. >> singing in falsetto davidav touch at your heart springs. spn momma and you deserve then what happens at the epp of the scene the drama fades away,a lucious says let's go.. and everybody becomes look howow she's moved.she'move i just think there's thehere flashback i think taraji is is just -- i know it's not the n te drama like the fights like firsi season, but i like this subtlesl acting and i think they reallyhl did a good job last night.ig >> i thought -- i got to bee
10:20 am
predictable.prede. i thought the whole thing was predictable and i was lookingwag for more. >> it's likefor a soap oprah. you know what's going to happenp >> i wanted more drama.e drama. >> i'm with you. i felt -->> ii fe >> in fact another scene when sn lucious was walking by boo boooo kitty was oiling herself up with the door wide open. >> putting on perfume want not. >> i thought it was going towaso be -- >> i thought it was so realistic she just had a baby two months ago. ag >> shed a do rag on. r o >> first of all you don't oil uu before you go to sleep.foreou g >> every night and put perfumeuu on. come on >> i do too, mow. >> you can catch another all nel episode of empire next wednesdad at 9:00 right here on fox5 and a another all new edition of ome on thursday.hursd boom, boom, boom. >> right here on good day.. >> in between the first and second hour i think -- tnk >> you oil up. you o >> i'm done with you. please, steve hooks do you havev >> steve is looking at us.inat i'm keeping busy over here.ver r you guys are talking about whata you think is happening onpeningn empire, i'm getting real scoopl
10:21 am
first up though a specialcial celebrity guest with ross matthews that will be coming upp in little l talking with la star laura govav right here.t he. we'll talk up with her and tellt was brings her to d.c. all.c coming up next. u that's a beautiful shot next tox theetree. i like that. very holidayesk. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we're offering incredibly st 150 meg internet, just in time for the holidays. hurry, freddy, you're gonna miss it! coming. i can't believe he is doing this. it's so fast that in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, held by gary watson... fly, gary, fly. ... his friend can download 13 different versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it...
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. ?? >> look at to throw back picture. 1949.1949
10:24 am
>> look at this throw back. >> 2015. >> throw back to 2015.hrow bk t2 happy holidays watson family. >> aww. aww. >> that's jordan with santaa claus.claus >> i love this. thi are we going to keep this ups until december 24th.4t >> i hope so. s >> merry christmas, jordan.. >> dj enferno with us this u thi morning. thank you very much. >> all right, wisdom. >> got you covered.than>> all g otouyou keep cthat music goingo next guest is a mother, author,, reality tv star appeared in vh1 basketball next 15.xt5. she was formerly engaged and married to nba super star arenas for 15 years and since breakingk off that engagement, well, she'e been hard at work building her b own in fact, she recently launched c her own jewelry line call shopp in real life and she's in thethe process of writing a book callel don't get mad, get sexy. s that's what i'm talking about. o i used to tell people that backb in the day.inhe d before i got married.. now i'm just -- just get
10:25 am
>> just wake up the next day.ay. this morning she joins us live in the loft to dish on hern career, her latest projects andd how she can help you become aoma fashionista as well. thanks very much for coming in and hanging outy mu with. w >> thank you, thank you soap fof having me. >> we appreciate your time earle early in the y morning. morning are in town.own. you were at the white house last night hanging out with the realr big wigs of d.c. d.c how was that?t? >> amazing i had the pleasure of knowing michelle and barrack for someorm time over the been very inviting and i love it. i love coming here. good how do you know michellelle and first name basis with the firstf couple. how do you know them? >> i've been invited to a fewhoo events and i've had the pleasurs and, you know, of meeting them personally, and we've had someoe great conversations, and they've invited me to some amazing things, and -- >> next thing you know you're oo a first name basis. b
10:26 am
she look at me. me. >> don't get carried away. don't get too friendly. fen let's talk about some of thee ot things you're doing you were onr the basketball wives of la foria two >> yes. >> you had one of your childrenn during that whole time period. o yeses. >> a lot of times we talk aboutt reality tv shows and it's as bunch of drama. drama >> >> is it what we see on tv. >> yes. it is. >> yes a lot of drama. dma >> yes. >> it's a lot of -- >> it's a lot of producing.cing >> okay. >> when they say reality tv, it's more what you get but it's also als you're put in situations thats t not aware of.a don't know. kno so it's -- >> it's like a set up. >> that's the reality becauserel you walk into a place and yound get what's real. - -- >> okay. >> so really and truly ifly tru someone doesn't like you on thet show, you really don't like them? >> most of the time.he >> most of the time.ost of time. >> and then a lot of the timen t you don't know that you don'toud like that person.hat peson. it's really weird. >> oh real particularly it'sal p tricky.
10:27 am
yet. >> i'm actually working on something now.thing now as far as executive producingcig i've moved on.n. >> okay.>> oka >> and so it's called raising ri hollywood and so we'll see whatw happens.happs. >> okay. >> all right. ofealso were married to probably in recent memory one of the most famous washingtonto basketball players gilbertyersit arenas. you were married to him for 15a1 years. >> yes. >> and now i mean you went n through messy -- it was a messy divorce.divorc >> yes. >> now you're talking about cotb parenting, though.ugh. >> yes. >> talk about your messagek ou behit nd co parenting with somee was messy because it was public. >> yeah. yea it's very public.'s vy publ it's still very public.ubc you know what, in trying toing clean it up, we have four kidsek together i have four kids and kd five and a half years.. and he and i are really learninn or trying to learn to co parentr it's's it's not easy.asy. i mean, i think what happens iss you have to get passed the emotion and once it's like, you know what, i don't care about dr you like that no more. that no r then things don't bother you.heu
10:28 am
we're going to get him there ane we're good to go. >> right. >> i think we'll be okay. i just don't like th tathink tht children have to go through it.. >> is there a lot of shelteringr the children because, you know, anything -- anything you do whee you're a celebrity it's on the internet. >> right. >> children can see it. cildren can hear about it. >> yhies.ld can hab >> thehe hard to shelter children while you're trying tot figure out we got to do what's w in the best interest of thet te children. oh yeah. difficult and and hard. our oldest is 10 and our our youngest is five and, you know,o they all are into internet and things on theirhe phones and what they see and they're public figures and irend felt bad that i do, i have to ht shelter them from a lot of thing. a lot. a lo the phone, the tv, i have toe take that away, but, you knowyoo what they don't need it rightt >> i agree. them.mhree of >> they don't need it as soon a they walk in the house,se, phones -- shut it down.own. we don't do that. don >> pick up a book. b >> play outside. >> play outside.utde >> we all know how that will go.
10:29 am
working on into new line ofne o jewelry and accessories.essoes. >> yes.. things are green, choke kearse k you can dress up, dress down. d this is something i just happened to put in.put but you could take this and weaw it with jeans an t-shirt.. >> right. >> they have sir rah chi rahhi crystals although he's are reale we have a couple of things and, you know, it's segue into aue io clothing line that i once was my dream to have. so no not once but going to g have. >> right. right. >> so that's what i'm w and i'm teaching classes.. >> wow! >> in style and fashion. >> cool. >> yeah, so first class is in ii atlanta this sunday at pressed d it's at a big i'm excited.. >> okay. real quick before we go in 10 gi seconds tell me about your newre book.. don't get mad get sexy itt actually brought me into a place where, you know, bitter, angry, upset, frustrated, i turned that into you know what, i need a
10:30 am
a certain way, and ind i incorporated thaw into beingeing sexy and so, you know, what'sha' the point of being upset whenpse you can just be sexy. b s i'd rather be sexy than mad. mad >> there's nothing else thatls t needs to be said after that.t [ laughter ]hter >> all about sexy. thank you very much for talkingy with us. m awith pleasure. pleasure. >> thank you for coming in andof hanging with us and continuedtid success with everything you do.d >> thank you. tha you >> bravo. >>applause ] >> thank you.[ >> i had to cross my legs tapope that os nemy. l one. yes, man.s, m >> that's what we say arounds here. >> don't get mad, get sexy. >> yeah. >> thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> thanks laura.ou so omingnk y >> we're talking about sex so let's talks of talk about sexy s santa.sant >> might as well.s wel talk about santa baby.ab coming up next the male modele d and actor -- actor -- >> are you kidding you brought g puppy, too.y, too >> he's just making sure hisureh sexy is on lock. >> you're killing.'r >> he made internationalnation headlines for his new spin on jolly old saint nick. fashion santa joins us live next. here's here in town for a good
10:31 am
from brought him from the northh pole all the way to the nation's boy, are we lucky. lky right now it's 10:30. how do we go from laura to sexy
10:32 am
10:33 am
>> welcome back everybody. our next guest is no traditional jolly old sameintst nic . instead of that round belly not that we're not fat shaming santa, we're on the good list, l but he happens to rock six packp abs and instead of coming downeg
10:34 am
instead of dressing in all fur l he's rocking the tailor suits.ui we're talking about paul mason,n fashion santa.ta he said the internet into a frenzy after making diss debutet in montro al two years ago. to night he's hosrsting a specie event at the ritz carlton in george up to that will benefit f the humane rescue alliance muchm first though he joins us in the loft along with natalie from the humane animal rescue -- i know k got that wrong.thng combination, right.ight >> it used to be worrell andorra also the washington humaneuman society. societ but here in studio and just in case he wasn't sexy santa enough, he also walked indn carrying this adorable puppy whw is for adoption.. >> welcome to to d >> thank you so >> why are you attracted to thii event? are you dog lover asare well. >> i love dogs.. but came in with the ritz carlh top georgetown to raise money mn
10:35 am
tonight what we're doing is a charity where the public cancan come into the hotel ritz carltot georgetown have a drink, meetnkm me, do a photo and donate to such a good cause.. >> proceeds go to animals. tell us natalie about your partr in this whole event tonight.onig what's going to take place pla tonight. toni >> we're going to -- i mean thet money that we raise will help animals like tupolo here.e. two month old little puppy that virginia with his mom. his m he was only a few days old with his four siblings. and so they basically grew up i a shelter andgr newow air all ra for >> i love it. so all the proceeds again will l go beautiful. >> just come into the ritz theit carlton in georgetown in the living room such a beautifn ulin room wood burning fireplace.irla >> right.>> >> and you can take your photo with can me and make a donationa the donation goes for the humann rescue alliance..
10:36 am
montreal.ntreal all over the internet.t. you're here helping dogs, catsst and everything in between allyti year round. how did this partnership happen? >> again he's up for adoption and how many dogs there will bew there or will -- they won't beyt at the ritz, will they. >> they'll be a one or two dogsg tonight.. >> for. >> i don't think he'll be there. i bet he'll be adopted befhiorer the day is over. >> he has brothers and sistersne too. >> yeah. we'll talk to paul for a how do people get in touch withw you if they seys and arere interested. >> you can go to humane rescue that's our websitei or give us a call at 202-72-6252 sick.. >> putting on the puppy eyes. ee i love it. i all right.all right. paul, let's talk to you foryou f second. persona comeersona c to be?? >> modeling for 30 >> yes.>> y >> new york for about 15.15. >> okay.. >> sadly my mother passed away i went through this -- i didn'tt
10:37 am
ago. passed a way shopped saving wasv in a little bit of a funk i meam voila i guess when you haveouav lemons you make lemonade.e. >> yes. yes. >> and yeah, i was inspired. spirit lives within this wholeso character and yeah, keeps me going. >> and then people -- were youer surprised at the response.sed ar >> i didn't think it was goingth to be -- i thiinnk we got 1.2 billion from last year.ear. >> yeah.h. >> when it went viral and had me it just sky rocked now it's just, yeah, it's a character crt that people -- i don't know.w just gravitating.vitati justst love it. >> we talk about this earlier ir got to ask how do you feel about nickelback?ck >> it's a joke. is a okay. the canadian and blah, blah, bl, blah. all right. so let me ask and i hate tod i t bring -- because i want you toyu understand that i'm, you know, , i'm all things paul.l i understand that you're in thii little battle because now people want to claim fashion santa soo will you be victorious in beingi fashion santa.anta
10:38 am
>> this character is all about o charity and giving back and bacd making people happy.e hay. >> okay. and i think that our producerr chris says we have an oldere hal picture for to you see before be the beard. bea >> oh, gosh.h, gosh. before the beard.before the b you've been if the game for 30e3 sears. >> that was my first year in nea york.yo >> okay. >> look at that. y years yh you many, man of success i just love whatov w you're doing for our animals ani that need forever homes. >> wait, before you go. maybe a self fish with me willhe get you more.t you r allison move out the way >> oh, my goodness. >> allison -- why are you alwayw interrupting the scene. scene >> this one is >> let's do that. >> this is sadness. sne i'll actually go.lly let me go. g you take the puppy. allison, move away from the scene. go over there. tre did you see this.hi paul thank you so much foruch cupping in.inn.
10:39 am
blblic. the event is free but you knowuy when you get there -- >> seven to 10:00 come out andut take a photo with me. wit >> come out and the money goes to help adorable puppies.uppi >> can i give you my list. l >> have you been good.. >> have i been good. >> what's inn appropriate thingn you've ever heard.n apyou've ev >> probably this right now.bablh we're on i don't th ink i can say it.t >> all right. >> cut to break. we have things to do. cav >> thank you, paul. t you >> thank you guys. >> welcome to good day allison.s welcome to good day. >> holly will be back tomorrow,m everybody. >> oh, my gosh. [ laughter ] >> ross matthews is coming >> i would have expected it froi roay maybe. >> right, right. maureen we're so disappointedape right now. now >> what? >> a level of ridiculousness.uls >> where is the puppy?s the ppy?
10:40 am
10:41 am
see holiday tradition in a whole new light. join in the joy of christmas town at busch gardens. new this year, meet rudolph the red nosed reindeer and friends. celebrate with special holiday shopping and shows in our winter wonderland.
10:42 am
?? >> oh yeah, that's mine right, there. >> you like this one? >> i always havethat you l swee. >> now that is the stuff sweet dreams are made out of.of he's all curled up. look how he's curled up. >> okay. >> you are the most gorgeousorge little pup right now. now >> he needs a home. hom he needs a home.e. he's adoptable. >> you should get >> i don't have room for him. h
10:43 am
had more space. >> 3.0 kids. >> and i have no time or energye to treat the dog right. rig i better leave him alone. alone. >> i understand. >> he'd better off with someoner el offse.el >> are we going to do tweets.twe >> how about a little socialoc media. >> okay.y. see what people are saying aboua us this morning.yius this mo >> all right.rn fou>>nd the snickerscker bar for give him an interview with aith pretty all the hate just goes away. >> i'm beginning to think thatha might be true. >> look item tell you something. when someone comes in and theyne have something they want to tall about, i am able to do that.ha with snickers bar or not. not i'm a professional. >> well -- >> one distracted man. >> awesome moment when you get g home to work to see the lovely l and awesome laura on good day d.c. d. great interview. >> she was jokes aside she phenomenal.phenenal. >> really nice lady. rlly
10:44 am
leave that alone. laugh outloud.utlo you're a mess.yore a >> that is true. >> nobody wants an ashy man. m >> i was touch about the song hh sang last night. i shed a tear think about my t m mom. >> oh, for the shame. shame >> my goodness.odness. >> acts like a rapper talking tl about drake.. >> ut-oh.>> ut-oh. >> don't do it. >> i like drake. i >> don't do it. >> yes, i do.>> o do.>> y >> thanks fo twitter.r. >> we love it. >> yeah, we do. we >> keep them >> ears another one. ear that's what i'm talking about at maureen leave wisdom alene he'sh trying so hard to be hip.o be hp i don't know what that means. >> that's a diss compliment.ple. >> can you see how that quicklyc turned. >> started out strong and fadedd fast. fast >> come on buster. >> i actually lik>> ce theehe compliment. wait a minute. i think this is a diss. ink thhter ] >> i'll let wisdom bury himselff on this one.. >> hi cutie. cut
10:45 am
>> jordan again. again hey, jordan. the whole family the watsons 2015.15 holiday style. good all right. allight >> keep them coming.. >> thanks to dj enferno for f throw music to go with the throw back holiday pictures. 10:45.:4 worth of penny one d.c. of the hottest new restaurants opened e with big expectations.ons. prices are up there, too, we're' not going to lie, but, but theut food is supposed to be f fantastic. we'll check in with our resident food critic erin wit como or shl we say food lover? she's in the kitchen we're get a samplee courtesy of a former top chef.
10:46 am
? ? you guys ever try one of these bars made over at right twix? why? our special cookie is cascaded with caramel and cloaked in chocolate. you never wondered? [ whoosh! zap! ] [ glass breaks ] aah! [ male announcer ] try both.
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10:48 am
>> our next guest a bronx born classic klee chef interested ins food sparked by his mom whoy hi
10:49 am
fast forward to couple of yearsa at the age of 20 he star his own catering company because whyausy not? and worked in some of thee most highly regarded restaurants in the entire world and at 25 h was on top chef.he he didn't stop there.he because now he's just opened ond of the most exclusiveclusiv restaurants here in washingtontn and this morning he is cooking with comb mow. comb. good morning, erin. en >> good morning.d mor we're talking about seth kwameew the man behind because the brand new -- normal toll get a taste drop close to $200 and that'sha just for one person. but this morning we're showing i you what you get for the money n and sharing some of the top chee secrets.s chef kwame, thank you so much yh for coming in today.for coming a >> thank you for having me.y. it's a pleasure to benk y houere >> tell me right now, what are r you preparing? this is a tastea of something we can get on the prefix menu.u if absolutely and get it at thet bar tonight we open it up to the public. public you can come in from 5:30 on 5:0 wards and get a couple bites toe eat.
10:50 am
i knew shabby jew was a formalor dining experience you pay a set ticket for one pri if you don't have 200 bucks tous dropper person without cocktails you can come to the bar.can coo >> it's a great way to introduco yourself into the food and toodo the good wonderful.on. so tell me about this particulau curb we're prepping. prepp >> this right here is something that's on the menu right now. so we have our wild caught alaska can king crab.ra we also have a roasted garlic and cab >> they looks delicious much smells really good.ood. >> drop the crab right in theree and gently warm it up. u >> it looks so good. g >> do you like cb. i l love crab. >> you said this is wild caughtu wilild caught. so it's very fresh from alaska. this is generally warm it in the sauce.uc >> um-hmm. >> that's it.s it. >> the presentation is key whenw you're going to -- t >> flavor is a key..
10:51 am
right.rit >> total experience.>> totxp >> exactly. >> how many entrees or courses do you include in the tasting ts menu isn't about 16 to 18 courses. in so you are going to be wellte fed.fe >> exactly.. exactly. >> but the all little bites,iteb too, you're not incredibly fulll you get to enjoy each flavoracfv even towards the end. tow the e >> yeah. we want it to be, you know, it's calculated there's only so much one canan eat. ea >> right. >> we don't want to pack youk yu with food but we don't leave you hungry.hung >> you want to make sure you geg >> exactly. >> is every night different based on ingredients iresn't wed special things every singlein night but we like to keep kp consistent.nt. that's what's really key with the restaurhaant'ts .urt >> and if you have people outf o here on good day dc bu atching g questioning the price, give us a good sell on why it's such aucha great place for dates, anniversaries, parties, whatartt kind of clientele you get. >> rollly it's acln experience.c you come here for a celebrationi you come here to, um, just celebrate something.hi. but if you just want to havet
10:52 am
for it as well.for itwe we're inviting you into our homo and you walk through thethroth restaurant you start at the barb have a bite to you go into the kitchen havech h another bite to eat.te to eat. you go into the dining room ando you may come back to the kitcheh for another course we want to t treat it like a home and you'rey coming into our >> you want everyone to feelne e important and enjoying theyi dining experience.ienc >> exactly. e >> this is beautiful. what are we topping>> t thihis t right now. >> finger lime like the caviartc of citrus.itrus. >> okay. >> that looks so good. tha are you just as crowded duringcw the week as you are on theen the weekend if you want to score >> the weekends are less crowded for sure.ur >> the weekends are booked. >> but the weekday is a time tot really come in and try us.nd t also if you just want to comet c the bar and have drink and ank a bite to eat you can do that as a well. >> look how beautiful that is.a. i love the way it's plated. pte i love the presentation and a hoedown doesn't love king crab. i'll take a bite ofra this. let's oh, my goodness..
10:53 am
you if you that want to make reservations.ns. >> go to she was purchase your ticks in advance.e or you can give us a call c between the hours of 1:00 and 5:00. >> you're great on camera.amera. did that take lot to get used td after top chef.aftep chef >> top chef it was more i had no chce.e. >> right. >> i was just cooking and i look t cond there would be camera if my >> more you just doing your artt and craft and the cameras camee with i >> i'll take another bite of this because it's too good totau justt's leave on the plate. pla you can reach out to him for shaw bijou if you're interestede in experiencing a delicious -- yes, steve. >> i have a question for kwame. >> yes. es >> 16 to 18 courses. crses how much time should i set asida for a meal like that? >> like 2.5 hours. >> wow! >> okay. oy. >> it's an experience. experienc >> it is a dining experience. ad >> it's an >> do you have a fox5 discount? >> yes.>> i do. just give us a call. c [ laughter ]
10:54 am
giving and sharing.hang >> do you have a snickers barver for maureen.. >> it's dee constructioned snickers bar. >> actual i'll to your websiteri and was looking at it.t i'm thrilled to see it happenini for sure. no discount needed. nee i would legit go because it is that special.peci >> awesome. we would love to you. y >> absolutely.ut >> good holiday celebration it't that time of t >> we talk about that earlier,e, right, err inn.t, err inn. >> totally for sure.>> >> thank you guys. t >> i>>t is 10:54 right now.ightw i think we should have djj enferno crank up some more musis for us. fo can you do that forr u us >> all >> yeah. >> he's been playing great throw backs tunes and getting greati e throw back pictures.icres as a matter of fact we have atef picture behind us right there. little protection detail.. i like the picture. p i like the music. >> bodyguard isaia.rd iia i love it. >> aww.ww >> here's i want to learn more now about what we're doing.oi all right. you'll have to give us a crasheh course in dee jaying right now.. we always see whenever you gohe out you guys are doing youroingy thing and do you it effort
10:55 am
what are we doing here. h >> what does all this do.does ai >> seriously it's really aboutey the poses.e p. okay. ok >> the poses is important.mportt >> 's are key. you got the jesus pose. >> right.>> >> perfect. >> the hands up with hand on tht mixer.mixe >> typically i see this, there'e like some type of big movement m that's done and then you waitouw and then you hit that pose,os right. >> that's when the base drops. d >> for example, we cut the bases out, okay, cut the base out. base is out.s out >> i want to seat pos >> okay. isn't weight for i>>t.weight wait for it.or i wait for it.. >> you brick it in.n. right? >> then it drops. t drops. >> what can i say? you want tot try it. >> classic.>> claic >> drop the base. this is what you're going to dot turn this down.turn tdo like that. base is out.base out crank this up. >> at 12:00 o'clock that's whenc the base d you ready? wait. w here we go, one, two, ready,,
10:56 am
>> these guys are good.e g these guys are good.d. >> natural. >> dj enferno decades. >> every thursday and every once in awhile on friday. >> going back to vegas and do d big clubhouse shows. >> i'll there be for new year'se eve. >> can you imagine commutingommg back and forth between d.c. andd vegas. there are worth things.ere >> my dream life.are dream fe. >> allison said thank you in y advance for michael jackson.cha. >> that was for you.>> t >> you're teaching the wholee te class. i know you've been on tour witho madonna that had to be theo be t >> really.>> >> it was the lie height of thit 15 minute block. blo >> i feel like i've done don >> small chapter in his livehap writ there.hi [ laughter ]er >> for sure.e. can we get one last weather wear word. mike thomas is downstairs in th weather center what say you sir. >> christmas tree lighting toin night bundle up a little chillyy lots of sunshine coming your waw for the neck several days.ay lots of good weather to enjoy. >> thanks, mike.ike. ?? >> dj enferno, all our greatur
10:57 am
>> we're back tomorrow. >> see you tomorrow. >> bye, ya'll.
10:58 am
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city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? [ applause ] >> wendy: we don't judge but we're judging. >> it's going to be juicy. ?? >> now, here's wendy! [ applause ] ?? [ applause ] >> wendy: enough with that. [ applause ] >> wendy: no, no, enough. [ applause ] >> wendy: enough.


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