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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  December 2, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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donald trump filling his cabinet up. the president-elect donald trump announced retired general james mad dog mattis will be his secretary of defense >> as you can see from the ruow screen, this is one of our top talkers as 6:30, we invite you to join the conversation's we want to know what you think, tweet us use the #5at630. general mattis had a career in the marine corp nearly 40 years. served as commander of the united states joint forces command and head of central command. could there be an issue preventing him from becoming secretary of defense?
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associate editor for the hill. what do we think? i think it was in 1947 law that kind of put a ten-year span in which, you know, a retired general could not become the secretary of defense. do we think there's a hurdle? >> there is a legitimate hurdle general mattis will have to get a waiver. we're getting different reactions as to whether senators wi we have john mccaine indicating he will back the waiver. gill brand, a democratic senator from new york, much less eager to do so >> let me ask you about donald trump dropping the bombshell yesterday at the campaign victory tour. he said he was the closest thing we were going to get to george patent for those folks who are not familiar with patton, who do you think he meant pipe >> i have no idea. i think that donald trump is
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that he wants to occupy certain rules. whether donald trump mean aspect historical parallel with general patton or mattis is a great guy? who can tell >> been look i want to go some of what they're calling the mattisms, makes him seem like hard line military guide. one of the quotes was be pilot, professional but have plan to kill everyone makes you have that could possibly be filling this position? is this someone that has a lot of support on both sides or are we talking more on the republican side? >> i believe we are talking primarily on the republican side. but i think some of the more colorful elements of general mattis character tends to blind people maybe to a degree to the fact that he is respected. i know his nickname is mad dog. he has the quotes you have outlined but he's not a crazy
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general. >> let's switch gears and talk about some of the other names that have been mentioned. one name people were talking about recently is sarah palin, the former alaska governor vice president nominee. there's talk that she might be named the va secretary? what are you hearing about this >> i think that has certainly been talked about it would be a controversial choice, sarah palin's star has dimmed somewhat early on in this campaign he's obviously showing a lot of loyalty to people who supported him. i would be surprised but yet i wouldn't really be. >> thank you so much for talking with us today, we appreciate it. the election may be over but the campaign fireworks certainly are not. i don't know if you guys heard about this, it got heated kellyanne conway hillary
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post election forum. we don't have video of the exchange but we have the audio. >> providing a platform for white spremists makes me a brilliant, brilliant tech technician, i am glad to have lost. when i'm more proud of hillary clinton's all right speech than any other moment on the campaign. she had the courage to stand up, i would rather lose than win the way you guys did >> yes >> do you think i ran a campaign where white supremists ran a platform? are you going to look me in the face and tell me that >> it did. >> that was just some of it. kellyanne conway went on to say, look, #he's your president now. and you know, they went back and forth. it was really, really heated. >> and today on fox conway asked about what happened and here's some of what she had to say >> most of it was civil. it was a conversation about the
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the road to 270. but i do think some people are stuck in the campaign not really past the anger, grief and denial stages and into the acceptance stage, that's ok, because we won and yesterday in indianapolis, people got a taste what, if any, it's going to be if a trump pence administration, we're open for business >> joining us is going to want strategist jack berkman. i want to get your reaction to what happened up at harvard. election review? is this something they always do? explain kind of what they were doing and what do you make of what happened there? >> it's actually a good idea. i mean, i commend harvard for doing it. it's a good idea to debrief for the nation on the election. i agree with kellyanne, not to be overly partisan, i don't have a democrat to rebut me. they really do need to let it go. there's no evidence whatsoever that steve bannon is a white supremist or trump has any engagement with white supremist.
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huffing ton post and all these blogs. once something said on the air it becomes fact >> it is fact though that he was the head of right bark news, which we know had very at right articles, slammed all sorts of people, you can understand wipe people would make that leap. also, the, you know, some of the white supremest praised right bard and steve bannon that position. certainly understand the democrats side of that >> i agree. it's further right than even someone like me. maybe that will frighten your audience, but there's a big difference by saying someone is on the extreme white and someone has ties to white supremist. that's jumping off the cliff. . yes, it's the case white supremist may praise oh white bar or like it. that doesn't prove anything. >> it got heated both sides. something that happens every
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every time after presidential election like this. both sides get together. it's never been this contentious before, even on the way back to george bush and al gore, even when recount was underway, they didn't get this nasty. what do you think is the route of this >> i don't think -- i don't think team hillary understands why they lost. i think they're very confused about it. they lost because they made the election completely about donald trump. they lost control of their campaign. they became race. they became the dependant variable such that when you had the fbi stuff and the madness of the last two weeks, they couldn't do anything, their campaign was simply to tell the nation, trump is irresponsible stay away. hillary lost control and i think that loss of control is what under gurds the frustration. that's my feeling >> what's your prediction when you take a look at what happened up there and how contentious like shawn said that whole thing
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prediction as to what it's going to be like between republicans and democrats trying to work together on the hill? i mean, if that was nasty, i can't even imagine what it will be like for next four years >> in a lot of ways, you have a smoother washington than you had in some time, grid lock is broken, you now have, for better or worse, i think it's better, my democrat friend think it's worse i give donald trump all the credit in the world. he has been off to a wonder start, made nice with and image mcconnell and blending into washington easily. i think the question is is he going to be a republican or independent? i think he wants to be a republican. >> how do you responds to this? people say what about civility when you're a loser, you're supposed to be a gracious loser.
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and you lost. do you think both sides need to say, look, ok, >> jennifer and kellyanne are both experienced. what i would have liked to have seen is a more analytic discussion among strategists as opposed to name calling and getting into all this stupid emotion as though they're still back and forth with the campaign. what would have been beneficial and this is what harvard should have told them, maybe it didn't. let's folk on analysis, let's count down to the nuts and might be useful for both parties in the future. but they didn't do that. >> i think it's kind of goes along with how this whole election and the campaign process was going. it was highly emotional. i think it was a very different year than we've seen in the years past. >> absolutely. and jack, we have to admit of course you have a sort of slanted view since you are
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>> it is good to have you here. we know you'll be back we have a lot of questions to ask you. >> we'll make sure a democrat is over there to challenge. ok. thanks, the calendar may have turned to does he say but the weather sure doesn't feel like it. let's check in with gwen tolbert and find out what we can expect this weekend when you head outside we're going to start to cool down, bundle up. we've been spoiled with temperatures in the 60's, unbelievable. take a look what's happening. ridge of high pressure building flow those winds today, pretty gusty and they're going to be breezing tonight but they will pick up again tomorrow. and for tonight, temperatures in the 20's and the 30's. reality check. those 60's leaving them in the dust. to far northwest temperatures in the 20's. the winds will produce windchills for tomorrow. here's a look at your planner. plenty of sunshine, it will be
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by midday, 46 with those gusting winds and by 4:00, a cool 50 degrees. let's have a look at that accu-weather seven-day forecast for you. we're going to have rainfall on tuesday. but also, i can't rule out showers late on sunday night. so be prepared for that as well. and in the event once we get into the week, the double 5s wednesday partly cloudy skies and end of the week showers once again. you know what? we desperately need the need the rain, a should have the cold air reality of the season. back to you. >> we can handle it. it's december. >> thank you, gwen. more on the ongoing recount push from third party candidate jill stein >> there's been a lot of back and forth. we're going to tell you what some of donald trump supporters did to insure the election results stay exactly the way they are.
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election will never end. because recounts have sparked debates from all side sides. michigan's governor filed lawsuits to stop an election recount scheduled to begin next week and a short time ago, a federal court in wisconsin rejected an attempt by pro donald trump groups to stop the recount. there was no harm in allowing it to continue. let's bring that legal analyst emily thank you for joining us. there's been a lot of back and forth and new developments with what's going on. basically, we seen, you know, we know the judge rejected some of those lawsuits. were they going to -- how were they going to affect us? is this all sort of -- sorry we got happenings here in our studio. was this sort of what do you call it ceremonyial? what were they hoping to gain from all of this. >> well, jill stein is hoping to
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lesson over the electoral results. interesting the opponents opposing are arguing the things that everyone is arguing for the authenticates of the vote and the voting process, but it's not the lawsuits that the courts rejected. they reject add temporary restraining order. lawsuits existing right now are continuing and going to hear next week on the actual and in the interim, the recount in wisconsin, for example, will proceed while we wait for the lawsuit actual defense t >> if things are, let's say, for instance, allowed to keep moving forward, you know, at the end of all of this, doing these recounts, do we expect it to make any difference? will it change the election results in some way? >> the sent meant is no, it's not. even if pennsylvania results are coming in and there's a wider margin than there was, everyone the collective opinion, is no, it's not going to change.
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need and those arguments that opponent of this lawsuit -- opponents of the recount are arguing here. they're saying, look, this is endangering our constitutional rights, we voted for trump and number two, this might risk us meeting a deadline for the federal certification, so you're preventing us from certifying this vote. the irony lies in that. also, you don't even have standing for this, there's no way you would win, and counties that push that that developed, that's being violated because the counties are doing things differently. so there's a lot going on in these lawsuits. but really, bottom line it's not going to change anything. >> it sort of sounds like both sides essentially are arguing the same thing, for their own party. >> totally. jerked let me ask you. even though you mentioned what was going on in pennsylvania and i just look and it does say that donald trump's lead over hillary
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as we're starting to see some of the overseas ballots and you said it's unlikely this will change anything. if these people have a legal right to have the recount, why are we going to go back and forth in our country like this? if this is part of the process, it's allowed, or are we just a litigious society >> we're an open and free society and we should allow so er correct candidate was elected. specifically in pennsylvania know that there's a mandatory state recount that is triggered when a difference in votes reaches .5%. right now you mentioned that 79 to 49,000 that only comes to about .8. that's something we will, again, unlikely but the process is just as important if not more important than the actual results >> just to throw more fuel on
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perhaps the dirty word in this election was russia somehow involved and in some way influencing it? i know senators yesterday were calling for on the intelligence committee declassification of some files on russia's role in the election. what are you hearing down there on the hill as to what, you know, there's really steam that's starting to build on whether or not there was some sort of an influence? >> everything that i've heard actually is that there's a lack of evidence and that these allegations of true rigging and ta unless there's a significant smoking gun that i have absolutely no wind of it's really the opposite of that. >> emily, thanks so much for joining us. we appreciate it. coming up, pretty unlike encounter thousands of feet in the air >> we're going to tell you who donald trump son eric sat next to and discussed politics with on a recent flight.
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we were talking about donald trump's son eric and he assured a muslim american comedian that his father would not push for a register tri for muslims. interesting >> we heard him talk about that on the campaign trail. eric trump ended upsetting right next to this man muhammad amirror during a recent flight to scotland. he dismissed the idea of a registry and told the comedian not to believe everything he in an interview amir described the conversation as mostly present but said trump seemed disconnected from reality. interesting. >> yes, it is >> hillary clinton may not have won the election but the hearts of a lot of parents, newborns share her name. according to a report released by baby center. the number of babies name
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ivanka trump, there was a 39% increase, and more donalds were born this year with a 5% increase >> not the big winning name like he wants to see in the election, still 5%. many celebrities are staying away from donald trump, including musicians who refuse to play at his inauguration. but one country music artist says he would take the stage >> we're talking about gather brooks. he told tmz he would perform next month if perform. he was in dc last night for the national christmas tree lying. brooks said being president is about what you do in office. gather brooks did not publicly endorse donald trump nor hillary clinton during the election. you may remember a few weeks ago, elton john denied rumor that is he would be performing on inauguration day, by the way, which is january 20th. it will be interesting, that's we've seen lately through the campaign. hillary clinton is pulled in a
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there have been some of that kind of stayed away donald trump hasn't been the same way. and i think gather brooks did say something that a lot of people maybe should pay attention to. you may not have looked how this ended up election-wise but it you know what? what count is what is done in office. we have yet to see what that will be. it is a holiday season and that means having holiday cocktails >> the grilled oyster com cocktails. >> what are you making? hold on, don't stop yet. right now. >> yummy. we'll have more of that when we
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winding down the week beginning of the month of to december work week with a holiday themed cocktail >> apparently shawn had one already. dave gonzales from the grilled oyster companies, mixing up one of the restaurantly signature drink the northwest pole >> yes. we are located in northwest dc. christmas shall i go ahead? >> absolutely. what's in this? >> we start off with an ounce of ras berry oh stole vodka. and we'll move on to half ounce of tequila and we're going to add this bit of coffee. >> that's a kick.
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there we go. also chocolate super. >> it's a housemaid ginger super. going to give it a little bit of that to make it interesting. that's ready to go. very quickly garnish the glass. we're going to give that extra, dip in it chocolate and brown sugar. >> makes it look very i love it. it's perfect. >> 701 newark street off wisconsin, we also have a location in potomac maryland. >> tell me what the other cocktail you brought in >> christmas sangria >> sarah will have this. i'll have the christmas sangria.
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cheers, sarah. >> cheers. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me >> have a great week, everybody.
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>> "daily show" host trevor noah held a peace summit with tomi lahren. 24 hours after they go toe to toe on "the daily show" -- >> they had drinks last night at the hotel. i asked her what everybody wants to know -- have you ever been with a black guy? >> she seems lik guys. >> you're making this seem more racist. >> there's nothing racist about that. >> we got mariah carey in new york city. >> looking good,d, girl. >> glad you like it. >> first time we have seen her since the p.d.a. photos of her and the dancer bryan tanaka. >> she always has somebody holding her or holding her up. >> i feel like mariah carey has one of those kobe beef paddles where they like massage it. >> "rogue one: the star wars,"


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