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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  December 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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rival entered the place. fortunately he was taken into custody without anyone getting a hurt. it happened at comet ping uponn in chevy chase. these a brings that had already been threatened and harassedsed after an unfounded conspiracy theory. marina maracco is life with the story. >>reporter: employees here including the owners and the gusts have been harassed more than a month now. this all being linked back to what is being called fake news. these are conspiracy theories that haveve been o made online tieing this restaurant owner to hillary clinton and her campaign andd saying in this restaurant allegedly there was criminal activity involving minors taking place, mpd saying that they looked into the allegations but they were completely unfounded. and then fast forward to 3:00 this afternoon and a man barges inside with a handgun and a
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vehicle. he pointed the gun at the employees. the guests evacuated. this unfolds from the restaurana onto connecticut avenue. this was video that was shot by our executive producer. you see the man there with his back turned to police, police p with their guns drawn. according to police when this wh man walked into the restaurant they say he made no threats. he made no demands. his weapon, however, did goer, objection to the d form he fired it several times into the ground. no hostages injuries. police saying on the scene here that the moment at the time was unclear. they were aware of those conspiracy there wrist and interim police chief party knewi sam saying that what had happened earlier today was tied to the social media concerns. however, tonight d.c. police confirming this man confessedese that he came to self investigate these fictitious online
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pizza gait.pizz we saw a bunch of people clustep around comet and all running this way down connecticut and then someone told us that the chef at comet said someone had come in with a gun and told everyone to evacuate. 45 minutes after they run in, walking backward with his hands in the hand and then he laid down on connecticut avenue and then he was immediately picked m up byed the police and taken but you didn't see a gun? >> i didn't see a gun. > and the suspect, 28 year old edgar madison of north caroline according to source owes say hee drove up from north carolina with the purpose of targeting this restaurant. tonight we're learning he's being charged with a weapon.on. > now to oaks land, california
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that warehouse fire continues to climb. the fire broke out during a dance party. we're learning up to 100 people may have attend the event. fox's adam housley reports. >>reporter: today our districti attorney, nancy o'malley, did activate a criminal investigation. that team is on the site andnd working in concert with our other law enforcement enf particulate necessary.icul th the criminal investigation teami has been activated the site of a massive warehouse fire that killed dozens of people late friday night into saturday morning, this as the agonizing search and recovery continues.tu with the debris we are literally going bucketful by bucketful. when we find a victim behalf to stop. we have to then conduct an investigation. it has to be thorough. it has -- everything has to be documented. firefighters announcing on of the victimse
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very unfortunate that we have te tell you that we have 17 year17 old victim. no small children, but teenage children who are still children in our eyes. investigators say they have several days of work ahead of them as family and friends desperately wait for answers. like everyone waiting to hear. he kind of did what he wanted.t. he he was living his life.e. the recover rift also hitting less to home with the sheriff's department. deputies that we workk with lost and so we're still dealing withh that as we continue to deal witi the other victims. the warehouse was home toen a artist community and crews say the conditions inside made it a death trap, almost impossiblesi for people to escape as the flames went through the building. in oakland, california, adam housley, fox news. > developing news from north dm coat, the u.s. army corpse
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block constructiont of a final piece of the pipeline.line they say they want to explore other routes and determine its potential impact.ct. they have protested for months. they say it is bad forth environment and cuts acrossss american native land that is considered sacred:i hope you had a great weekend. it's sunday night.y back to work and let's take a live look outside.side not looking too bad. a little bit of rain and sleet in the a a out there most the weekend of weekend and you might see that sleet in your neighborhood. hopefully a little bit of warm up on the way so we won't see a reel snow event or anything. it's going to warm up overnightg anything is that sleet will change all to rain. early morning commute you willu be fine. you'll have to deal with someth rainfall and then we'll see a se clearing into the afternoon soro not bad at all. let's take a look at what's's
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some of you had seen some sleet. hagerstown we had reports, even d.c., dulles, leesburg, gaithersburg, germantown. now as you can see on radar, storm tractor radar everythingr is primarily rain and there are heavy pockets of this rainfalls as well as it moves it's ' way ' to the east.t. keeping a close eye on it but we do have a winter weather a w advisory until 6:00 a.m. on wednesday for the higher eel investigat the east we haven't had any kiny of accumulation whatsoever with it at all. current temperatures right now, degrees at within chess text 38 at dulles, 42 at washington, 47w automates burg, 41 at leonardtown and 39 at fredericksburg this hour and your overnight lowe's above freezing. that's good news with all this rainfall. temperature is into the upper 30s and the 40s but we really need the rain. we're about ate inches deficit
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what's ahead for you? well, the morning showers will end before the commute so that's at least some good news. we'll have some dry conditions in the afternoon, but more rain is on the way and some temperature changes also. all in my seven day forecast. i'll be serving it up later. > the green party now says that it's not giving up the recount effort in pennsylvania.lvan yeah, the money that was raiseds wasn't raised in time to challenge the vote in state court apparently so jill stein and company they areji switching
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> the latest now on the greenes party's effortt to demapped amp recount of the presidential election in pennsylvania.nnsy last night the party announced i was dropping its efforts saying they didn't have the millionve dollars bond needed to proceed in state court. s but hours after that party leaders had a change of heart and strategy. they now say they will go recount through the federale fe court this is a great night in d.c. it's the night of the best ines show business are honored here at d.c., the annual kennedy center honors. they were presented tonight. president and mrs. obama were in attendance along with some of of the top names in entertainment. fox's lindsay watts is at theat kennedy center with more. >>reporter: this is a 39 year tray definitely it is my firstit time being here and what anel amazing night it's been.been
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carpet. the event is happening in the theater just down the hallway from us, incredible talent being honored for their lifetime achievements. actorral pacino musicians james taylor, the eggs also and may have staples. this is one of the events thates is taped now and broadcast later so you're not going to be ableae to see all of it until afterfter christmas. that is why we wanted to be here tonight and give you a look behind the scenes. it's a night collide, politicians, athletesle and hollywood celebrities. how are you? easy to get a little star struck here on the red carpet even if you're a star yourself. for me, those records were hugereco for we listened to them all the time. we'd sit around and try to write songs like james.
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huge influence on me as a sing loving gospel. i know so am actors that want to emulate him. wonder woman actress linda carter couldn't pick a favorite among the nominees. it's james taylor and the eagles -- all of it. > the entir all ofem it. some of the honoraries skipped the red carpet we caught up with singer james taylor.tayl it's sort of a life achievemente kind of a thing. it's a pinnacle. it's a high point. agreement from fellow honor mavis staples.tapl she's had a 60-year career from performing at president kennedy's inaugeration to beingg here at the kennedy center. how does this honor stack up to
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your career? >> sweetheart, it's the highest note. this is a higher and no higher. this is zero and no higher. none above this this is the best one. this is the best one yet. > once inside the honored guests were welcomed by name. and while we were advised not to talk politics on the red carpet, host steven could he bear waster no time going there in his welcome. distinguished politicians, diplomats, endangered swamp dwellers. >> the honorees were seated around the obamas, the couples' last time here, at least in this role. prior to the ceremony all five honorees did go to the white house. they had someone on one time with the obamass a the tray eggt did t. if you wanthe to catch te event it will be airing
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> always a great night. everyone is in such a great mood when they come down the red carpet. they always say this is a big night. we've been waiting for this. so fun when we get a little bitl of hollywood and d.c..c. so true. right now there is a big dinner. and then it's played on another network later a couple of weeks from now so you can watch it lucky lindsay. > up next, temperatures are dipping, even colder ahead. gwen is back with your seven day forecast. stay with
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? ad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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> gwen, a little bit rough outl tonight as far as theittl precipitation comingt as down. you said sleet in some areas? >> yes and we're seeing some improvement on radar with withtn that by the way because we are expecting some warper air mainly after midnight for the change over to happen to i think some of that ist happening already according tocr what i'm seeing there on the map. > good. >> yes, grab the umbrella if you're going anywhere tonight. i know we're going to need it from going out here to our cars. the rain is coming down in full force. as i said we do need the rain. we have an 8-inch deficit as far as rain is concerned. it is definitely welcome. sleet has been reported in many of our neighborhoods from silver
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germantown, leesburg.wn all of the areas and even more have seen some of it.t. i'm sure some of you might have witnessed some of it as well. now we're seeing mainly rainfall, some pockets of heavier rainfall as you can see here to our east. to this is going to continue as it is going to head its way toward the northwest higher elevations, this is where we've had a winted weather advisory which was in effect right through untilgh monday at 6:00 a.m. in the here along the mountain areas rain there. this is really an area where yor have to be very careful if you do live in this region because we're seeing some coolerler temperatures but here also theyo will start to see a warm. current temperatures above freezing, 42 at d.c. 37 at gaithersburg, 39 to the9 o south of fredericksburg. we've got 40-degrees at baltimore and 36 atn? wincheste. so it is good that our overnight
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freezing with all of thisof rainfall because we don't want to have to be dealing with a major ice situation and as i said, the rain is coming downown pretty steady. so overnight lowe's into the upper 70s and the 40s right across the board and by tomorrow morning you'll start to seesee improvement gradually the latteh part of the morning hours. let's take a look right now at futurecast and as we progressgrs into 3:00 in the morning you can see we have heavy rainfall whicl is pretty much what showing. as we get into the 7, 8:00 houro much improved right up to 9:00. we get some clearing skies. your morning commute will not bo an issue. let's talk about when winter is the count down hasmi gun. i don't know if you're in the stores and hearing the christmas music 17 days until the official stara of winter, folks. we'll keep counting that down.n. in the meantime still talking
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from tonight into the morning hours, some improvement. then the next round, on tuesdayn we have a southern system to talk that's going to be quite a soring day. that systems is going to move its way straight up the mid mid atlantic and as it does we'll end up seeing a fair amount of rainfall. keep your umbrella hand u definitely temperature wise fort tuesday we should be prettyempey okay. here's a look at we wrap it up for you. 42-degrees mostly cloudy.clou overnight and into tomorrow morning and then out of the way. 54 for your daytime high. 48-degrees on tuesday.-deg that's the day we're getting the major rainfall and in the in evening hours overnight,vern temperatures in the 40s. once again we have a day that we don't have to worry about any winter like weather. later in the week, some sunshine, dry conditions but mab are we going to get a blast off
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we're going to see some wet weather behind that.weat could be the day that could be a little dizzy, but a dicey toey talk about. i might be in los angeles. i'm just timing it well. > getting out of town. >> yeah. > up next, the redskins were out west trying to solidify their position in the playoffply seasons. but it's said the burgandy and t gold committed some sins with the game on the line.
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one and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. being detected was not an option. if i was recognized the whole operation was blown. the element of surprise was imperative. wow. he won't even recognize you. seriously. i don't even recognize myself. and thanks to my cashrewards credit card from navy federal with never-expiring rewards woo! maui!! boom open to the armed forces, the dod and their families. navy federal credit union. what a difference a couple offe weeks makes if you are therenche redskins. prior to thanks giving the skins were 6-3 and 1 and sitting pete time fast forward to right nowrw and thear team is riding its second two-game losing vehicle
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cardinals. the redskins offense failed to find the end zone? the first half for just the fourth timeth all season, but early in the second half kirk cousins would change that. he hooks a deep to see shawn jackson for a 59-yard game. it set up a cousins 1 yard score. it was back and forth.rth. late in the third quarter cousins would put the skins back into the lead to make two minutes to go with thee redskins down one, the cardinals go for broke, carson palmer with a homerun ball, 42-yard touchdown, the redskins down 8 but still time. driving at the cardinals 28, intercepted by patrick peterson and the threat and the skins lose 22-23 and trail the
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being ready from the start. i don't like the way we came out. i don't like our offancean answered with two penalties on the first drive and having tog o punt. that's not the way we want to come out of a football game and getting ready for a team on the road. i don't like the fact that we had to turn overs and we didn't' cause any. hats off to the arizona cardinals. i feel like we under achieved today and and that's very i've always felt a sense of urgency whether it's week one or week 13. i felt the sense to need to win. whether we won this or lost this we would still go to philadelphia with the same approach. regardless of the record we're going to play hard all the wayy through. our approach in philly will be no different regardless of how this game turned out. just four games remain, on the redskins.
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a christmas tradition is thatma hundreds of years olds tr took k this weekend in germany the christmas marked in dresden dates back more thanda five sentte wrist. the market unvailed its giantnt christmas cake. cak they are made with mars pan, nuts anacin monday. it dates all the way back to 1434. i wonder what that tastes like? >> that's a much better tradition than crumb pets. > you had cupcakes.cake >> i didn't mean to rat you out,
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that's why it's raining on matt for tonight when he goes to his car. plenty rainfall tonight, but iti will be gone by the morningorni commute. tuesday is a soring. grab the that does it for us, the news is back on at 4:25. have a great night.
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>> today on matter of fact. what if the president-elect ignores bi-partisan calls to sell his business empire? >> they could have impeachment hearings. >> why selling it all may be the only way to avoid breaking the law. >> and, recounts put the electoral votes of three states back in play. >> in michigan, less than 11,000 votes separate the two candidates. >> could hillary really still land in the white house? plus, after fidel's funeral, will trump slam the door on americans doing business in havana? >> i would advise trump to do no harm. >> what's your take on trade with the island nation 90 miles from florida? but first, a monday eviction notice looms over the dakota access pipeline protest.


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