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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  December 5, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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welcome to set of state the short list got a little longer. >> oh, yeah. >> plus ben carson nominated for a cabinet position. >> and as you can see on the side of the screen this is one of the biggest stories tonight at 6:30 we want ton know what's on your mind. join the conversation as usual to twot us using 5@630 and ben carson not a lot of surprise we hear the rumor for weeks and he picked ben carson to be housing and urban and he will not be joining trump administration. carson doesn't have experience in public housing and donald trump says carson knows what it takes to strength in families in american cities and he's honored tore accept the nomination. >> let's talk about this tonight and oum other things brandon cooper is chairman. >> we were not stopped hear ben carson's name tapped he earlier
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was unqualified to run any federal agency what's your take away with ben carson. >> i don't know about that. i'm excited about the appointment and if anyone knows about ben carson he's qualified to lead a federal agency. he is leading neurosurgeon not just in our county but in the world and received high easton horz from naacp and harvard university and to presidential medal of freedom highest civilian honor. it's his personal story that hud secretary he grew up living in public house sfwling does that give you qualification to be the hud secretary just because you grew up in public housing. >> no, i think, again, we're used to certain type of qualifications of people who studied poverty in schools and ivory tollers and elite university and what we have with carson is someone that lived for that struggle and pulled himself out of poverty to be one of the leading neurosurgeons in the world and
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the people he'll be serving in this position is a great asset we have not had in office and that will be beneficial for him. >> a lot of talk around the trump administration and who will be secretary of state this is prize because we have a lot of people jockeying for the job. they said there were four and it looked like mitt romney for a while and they're moving along way from mitt romney. brandon where to you stand. republicans with mitt romney say we like where he stands or how dare he criticize done romney. >> mitt romney. great man, great guy ran for office nominee a couple years ago. i think for mroykz in appointment is one to work well with trumen and one he can trust. i share concerns for other people whose voiced kens about appointing someone not just never trumper but pretty far antagonistic against going against trump and again
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confident working with mitt romney you'll see him appoint him. >> let me mention the other names in the growing list we seen for secretary of state. also now of course united nations ambassador boltman and exxon mobile ceo rex ill iterson and senator from west virginia joe mansion and retired navy admiral james sbritis. >> greek. >> and do you think. there's a whole lot of names all of a sudden thrown into the hat we have not heard before. what does it tell you about this particular position or choosing someone for this position. >> as know this is the most important cabinet position. and shows how trump leads. begun you moneyed he has democrat in the running and arch rival in the party and someone on the far extreme on the other side. he has a broad, diverse pool of applicants to choose from. and i think that just kind of goes with trump how he will lead in the next four years
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regardless of media and he's choose the first person ever the job in the career running the business. >> what's interesting john huntsman former am bar door of china appointed by barack obama he was republican governor of utah for a long while and said four years lightser i'm done i'll run against barack obama. well regarded. >> very well regarded and given what's going on with china and taiwan i think minutesman would be interesting choice i respected him when he someed both sides of the aisle and served president obama administration as am bar door to china that's a smart choice running for secretary of state. >> brandon let me get your overall take so far how the president-elect trump and transition team has done so far in picking and choosing other members of cabinet. >> it's still early and i think that's is one things people realized we looked back at other traniings and three
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obama picked his first cabinet picky think he's moving nicely and smoothly. got major appointments left to be filled and so far he's come through a lot of promises with the campaign. priorities in the campaign you seep come to fruition during the cabinet picks. >> there was a lot of consideration considering how it was unknown territory. you wanted to see the names quickly brandon cooper thank you very much. we'll see you soon. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser will meet with president-elect trump in new york city tomorrow. expecting to catch the mayor any point in see what they'll be discussing these are two people who know each other already from all the tawxz ever the trump owe tell. where do we go from here, fitz. >> politics made strange bed fellows. muriel bowser and donald trump in the same room together is going to be odd pairing. mayor becauseer made no bones about it during this campaign at some point she tweeted
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otic in his world and called pollys gross and they locked horns on frevring donald trump image of the city at one point him describing d.c. as inner city unsafe to walk the streets and bowser, though, for the most part steered clear a lot of those efforts to strip the name off the trump hotel and so she did you know keep an eye on the long game here that there was a possibility that donald trump would win the presidential election so they will have a lot donald trump said he was going to as you heard, drain the swamp. he said he was going to freeze federal hiring. that could have significant economic impacts on the district. also he's talked about punishing snk tu arie cities. mayor bower made it clear t. c. will continue its previous position of not cooperating cooperating with mass de pourtations trump called for during the campaign. but you know, there are also
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city from a business perspective. one of the things we're interested in talking to the mayor about tonight is how far, how far does this conversation go. do they strictly stick on politicalsh use or is there going to be topic about the future of the trump hotel. remember, we reported last week there was some very serious questions now about any conflicts of interest that the president-elect might enter into once he puts his hand on that bible and takes both of office as 45 president of the united s >> hey, fits. >> department lease on the hotel says you cannot be president and holder of lease and rent he. so at the same time there's a lot, a lot to get to tomorrow. >> you know i can't help but think she also might bring upstatehood and before you talk about that what are you doing in the kitchen? >> what are you doing in that kitchen, fitz. >> don't you always hold your press conferences in kitchensp shawn? >> no. >> that's a first. >> it's a good question we're here at the riverside.
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community center and train people for jobs. it's a fantastic program and one of the things they're doing in neighborhoods like here in northeast to get people the kind of job skills they need to get out and get into the working world and learn you know businesses like the food service industry and restaurants and things like that. it's a fantastic location here and it's really you know in the heart this neighborhood. but, it's neighborhoods like this that you know, again, donald trump talked about, very stark terms tans speech this cleveland last year. when he was out on the campaign trail, a lot of the things he said in some circles rubbed people the wrong way and other circles people said that rang true to them. and that some of the concerns and dangers they had about crime in her own neighborhood did ring true to them. you kind of got two sides of the one coin here which someplace it thought see when you hear these things donald trump talks about when he talks about inner city that will be
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as well too. you want to talk about the 51 state. >> we got the wrap we'll have to talk about that later: when you cap up with the mayor ask her about it and let us know fitz. >> we'll follow up on you. >> thank you, fitz. >> we'll try to bring that back to you later. >> thank you, fitz as we mentioned fitz well try to catch one the mayor and earlier today we caught one time kaine at the community health centerer and he was talking about protecting affordable and medicaid going into this and medicaid going into this next administration. perfect you try breaking something that 20 million americans have first you should have some proposal on the table what you want to do to fix it. >> well in interview with the wall street your honoral president-elect trump said after meeting with president obama he is willing to compromise on the healthcare law despite pledging to repeal
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it he would like to keep the provision that blocks preexisting conditions and continue to allow young people to say on parents' health care plans. >> i have to tell you we had tim cape in here and it's f september it amazing how quick it changes. >> it is you i mean you know a couple weeks ago two he was hoping to be the vice-president and now seems to be back at it. >> back to his job. >> doing what he has to do. >> it will be nass nate toling see how healthcare discussion plays out those are the two most popular provision and try dent people say we don't need individual mandates and those are ideas worth keeping and how they do it we'll see. >> that will be the question. >> we have a republican controlled kong mess. yes we do. >> we'll see. >> let's check in with sue for start of the workweek weather and i have toel you i walked to work today it as nice. >> did you really. >> yes. >> it will not happen again. >> don't do that again tomorrow unless you got the rain gear ready to go because we have a system that will come into town that will bring us some healthy rain.
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moisture and push in this direction. not tonight, jim you can walk home and be dry tonight. shortly after the morning commute finishes up i think this rain may be in town. it will be pushing in from the southwest and it's going to be a chilly rain, too, because high pressure will keep temperatures much cooler than today. and in fact, we're only going to top out in low 40s tomorrow. a look at day parts we'll start with clouds tomorrow morning at 8 if you live south and west of d.c. rain may start by then and also as this rain begins around the region tomorrow it cod mix with sleet. shows ice pellets you may have seen sunday night. tonight let that take you by surprise. by noon moderate inch of rain before this is all wrapped up and that won't be until 11:00 tomorrow night. "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast chilly rain and temperature of 43. we recover a little bit in the temperature department on wednesday with afternoon sunshine getting us up to 54 and the next big event will be a strong front that comes
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friday and saturday temperatures were only in the upper 0s and in mid 20s at night and as we head on into the weekend saturday is begun a cold day and seasoned a little warmer at 45 and maybe early showers on monday with a temperature of 4. so december is getting active and we do need that rain, shawn, jim. >> we do. yes. >> thank you very much. sue. >> all right what do we have roughly a month an a couple days? >> seven weeks or so. >> and until we say good-bye to preobama. >> how a small send
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this started long before the outcome of the election there's two friends that knew we had to say thanks obama on last day of of work. >> they decided to throw a big party and thousands of people
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there and one of the party planners davis is joining us via skype. did i say your name right fajaday. >> you did, shawn, how are you? >> thanks so much for join us. let's me ask you obviously you guys wanted to say good-bye to president obama. so it started with that and then talk about the party itself. where is this party happening? and how did it become so huge? >> so right now actually we are working and talking to different venues in d.c. as you can imagine things get pretty crazy around want it january 19 symbolize president obama last day of work. so, right now we are negotiations with a few different venues but because of inauguration there are are you know super charge. >> sure. >> we recently have been recently as this this morning launched a go fund me campaign doing well already actually. >> obviously you're awe supporter of of the president but i feel like it's one of those things you get people from both sides because there
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respect office of the presidency and no matter what it's a peaceful transfer of power even if you voted for the other guy. >> absolutely, absolutely. it's a xhaetly non partisan event. i'm supporter of president obama. but, you know, even i have had people -- i had message from people long time life long republicans who have said i completely respect what this man has done with the office and i'm truly going to miss him. >> we're looking at imth as now of the presidential up august ration of president obama inauguration i believe the second one. and when the idea to have this party how many people did you think you would have and at this point how many people have now rsvp'd. >> well shane honestly thought would be my friends and i standing outside the white house gate clapping for president obama. and you know it just grew exponentially overnight. and as of right now we have about 165,000 people. >> o. my goodness. >> who are about 45 who are
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>> wow. >> and the number grows every day. >> if i'm not mistaken wasn't original intent with all the construction going on, you want todd do this closer to the white house right? was that original plan? >> yes original plan it was to literally stand outside of the white house gate and clap. i wanted it that way for the symbolism and for pictures and for everything but because of permitting and construction and inauguration happening the next day it's -- we couldn't get through. >> maybe there's somebody listening right now who >> one could scope help you guys out and i give you space where you can throw this thank you obama party. do you know if the president knows anything about this? >> i have been told that the president has seen some of our press. i have not spoken to him myself unfortunately. i've been told he's seen so. press and i know there are -- we have a lot of people in the white house so there's a lot of people buzzing and talking about. it i'm pretty sure he knows what's going on sgln mr. president if watching give
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>> that would be awesome. >> thank you very much we issue the best with the big party. let us know the details. i would love you know maybe we can seasoned a crew down and cover it as you guys are saying thank you obama. >> absolutely. absolutely. if you don't mind i can five give you guys the social media how to get in touch. >> go for it. >> for our twitter and instagram it's@thanksobamateam all one word twitter and instagram and web site is say thanks and go fund me is go fund bama. >> we'll share that. >> thanks fajaday thanks for joining us. thank you. >> donald trump taking on saturday night live again choice words for alec baldwin. we'll talk about that what we come back.
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>> north carolina man face is serious rnl chas for bringing a loaded gun into a pizza shop in d.c.. edgar welsh areged at comet ping-pong around chevy chase d.c. around 3:00 he walked in 'and put a gun to an employee's head. everybody get out saferly and he did fire his gun and two weapons >> he told the police that he was investigating a conspiracy theory about hillary clinton runing a child sex ring out of the restaurant. and of course, this is not true. police have said it's not true. it's a story that grew and grew and grew. >> came out of wiki leaks emails and john podesta there was conversation and somebody automatically construed and put out a cook mainy theory that pizza was code for sex and let's be honest there was people online out there that
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to be investigated. people this has been investigated and police investigate today and fbi investigate today and it's not true. >> not true. >> so it is just galling to think families and people in comet yesterday who had to dole with that. >> that's scary part. >> how do you explain that the your children. hopefully this goes to sort of the sense we've been talking about here post election and getting rids of fake news stories that are float ago roun the internet and facebook. so check the details, folks, check it off. >> check yourself. >> is that what they need to do. >> check yourself. >> thank you, jim. backing down at all. alec baldwin once again told -- once den didty portrayal of donald trump this weekend and well the president-elect took to twitter to slam the show. this week's snl topic of course, truthp's use of twitter. >> staff i thought i told to you turn off your sfwlon i'm sorry mr. leeman i think someone retweeted me. >> staff, you're just some random dmid high school.
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[ laughter ]. >> kelly anne i just retweeted the best tweet. wow, what a great, smart tweet. [ laughter ]. >> mr. trump we're in a security briefing. . >> i know but this could not wait it was from a young man named seth. he is 16. he's in high school. and i really did retweet him seriously. this is real. [ laughter ] president-elect as you might imagine was not happy with the exit once again he tweet aid tried watching saturday night live and unwatchable totally bias and not funny and baldwin impersonation cannot get any worse. sad. which then led alec wald win who responded with own retweet that said release tax returns and i'll open. ha. >> that's what it said release is tax returns and i'll stop, ha. >> i don't think that means he'll do it anyway. >> it will happen and happen throughout his presidency they did the same thing with president obama and george bush and on and on it will keep going, folks.
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mayor muriel bowser about to talk to media including her meeting with trump. >> and tom fitzgerald, tom, what is the mayor, is she there? what is she saying? no we're foot talking about cam newton. let's listen up to hear what the mayor tells. >> i'm pleased president-elect accepted and agreed to have a sit down with us to talk about his new hometown. certainly i won't talk about everything on the agenda before the i want to explain to them who we are in washington d.c. and what's important us to and what values are and how presidents have been supportive of the things we want to get done in the district. >> you have big differences with the president-elect of the campaign and obviously the campaign is over now and people have to govern. what will you tell about the district and there are stark
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it was unsafe. what message about d.c. that you want to bring to this person. >> we will share with him is how the city operates and unique in the federal system and we're proud to be nation's capitol but it's also important he knows that we are independent district and that we raise and spend our money locally and we take care of the needs of d.c. residents and that and then we do function as and we also want to know -- him to know how other presidents worked with us to advance priorities that are common. >> were you surprised bit position. >> we actually reached out to the president-elect and asked to sit down and talk about washington d.c.. and so we're pleased that he has moved forward and given us that opportunity. >> there you have to there. heard from muriel bowser and
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"fox5"news at 10. >> we'll see you then in the meantime go to for all the latest. meantime go to for all the latest. see you back here at 10:00 ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone
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y26i0y y17vy announcer: today on "tmz" -- >> r. kelly celebrates christmas by handing out his candy cane. ? >> a fan grabbed his junk and his face was like, ooh! it looks like it hurt. >> she went full claw. >> justin bieber, we got him leaving ten goose boxing. he wasn't really talking to paparazzi. he turns and pretty much lectures them. >> why does bieber feel like he has to give lectures to everyone now? don't make us feel what it feels like to be overwhelmed by the paparazzi. that's not what we want to feel like. make us feel like what it is like to date models and go on yachts. >> if you want to share your experience. >> mariah carey was out for her viewing party for "mariah's world" premiere. it was so good. >> she goes, oprah always said


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