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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  December 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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attack on pearl harbor which marked the attack to world war are. nation's capitol is honoring those that faust. fox news morning starts right now. good morning to you thank you for joining us. today is wednesday, december 7 the whole gang is here, gary mcgrady, erin como joining us as well weather in traffic in five minutes. >> we start with president-elect as he continues that put him over the top against hillary clinton. >> trump made headlines when he introduced secretary of defense pick. general james "mad dog" mattis for secretary of defense for the latest on the trump's thank you tour. >> good morning. six weeks to go until ib inauguration and preparations are being made outside and inside capitol hill. republicans in congress doing
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confirmed as soon as possible after the new congress is sworn in. >> in announce m that surprised no one president-elect trump announced his secretary of defense general james matt is and no question it was in fayetteville them to ft. bragg and officer special operations command. retired marine corps mattis will be the first to lead the pentagon since just after world war ii. at rally he reiterated to american flag which reps say goes against free speech and vowed peace and prosperity through strength. >> to accomplish our goals we must reject failed approaches of the past and move past the tired conventional thinking of washington d.c.. and as abraham lincoln said, as our cases do so much we think
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my plan begins with bold structural reform to create millions of good-paying jobs and even great-paying jobs. mr. trump said his administration will immediately put a ban on immigration from certain regions in order to prevent terrorists from entering country. he plans to make more nominations to his cabinet in the coming days. here on capitol hill republicans added language to must-pass budget bill to make it easier formattis to be rights now the law says military officers uvz exmilitary officers must be out of uniform 7 years before gk becoming secretary of defense they're hoping to get a paivsher for general mattis that must pass friday to avoid a government shutdown. i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". all right. comet ping-pong opens after a gunman entered strupt firing shots.
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from his home and shot his rifle multiple timesed in. no one was hurt. he said he read online the restaurant was harboring child sex slaves and wanted to find out himself. owner of comet ping-pong says he is thankful nor the support of the community and looks forward to serving customers to years to come. >> what led to a shooting in annandale. the soot shooting happened damian and medford drives. during the interests incident a 19-year-old and 20-year-old were shot and apparently everyone involved in the shooting knew each other. a fight occurred right before that shooting. >> in northwest d.c. police are trying to find a suspect in motive and deadly shooting. they found 45 year electricry crutchfield dead inside a home it was 1500 block of olive street. witnesses reported seeing two ghin on the street moments before the murder. anyone with information is
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charge this morning aus coulded of slix abusing a patient. police say mark's simon of waldorf attacked a woman sunday morning united medical center northeast while undergo medical treatment. police want to know if there's other victims out there. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> happening today, d.c. school chancellor antoine wilson will brief students and families at tubman northwest. mayor becauseer nominated him was previously in oak land, california. >> national museum of u.s. navy will lay a wreath to commorate 70th anniversary of pearl harbor with a 99-year-old survivor of the attack. coming up 7:15 bob barnard will be live at the national air and space museum with live coverage of pearl harbor commemerations there. >> i want to remind you in
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under a boil water advisory right now. there is a water main break there students in several schools asked to bring bottled water to school because of the issue. again around the area virginia gateway and atlas walk area, there's a boil water order in effect this morning. all right. let's get down and talk weather now for gary mcgrady. good morning to you gary. hopeful ily the egg worst of it as far as rain and cold is over. >> more cold is coming and rain is gone. so we're dry. matter of fact, we'll until next week all right the way it's looking now. but, get ready for cold coming our way. 4 now. not terribly bad. 49 gaithersburg and 30s this morning and a lot of 40s too. clouds in place. that's moving temperatures up a little bit. area of low pressure is getting out of here. take the rain away. we have good rain. we appreciate it now we need to dry out a little bit, all right? clouds in place this morning. it looks like most of the morning will have cloud cover.
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temperatures up to 40s in low to mid 50s. it will be a little breezy today occasionally we get a gust over 20 miles an hour. there's forecast. how about traffic early, early on this. it's wednesday, erin. we're already middle part of the week. >> i know isn't that exciting we made it to wednesday, 4:6 now beautiful view behind me on 3:95 north of duke street from beltway toy 14 street bridge you are cruising southbound side look going as you cross mixing this is look at 70 making your way from frederick, maryland all the way through gaithersburg and rockville. traffic is cruising, slight volume picking up not enough to cause problems or slow downs. switching it to maps now. we'll show what you else we're facing for commute. things are looking green and good inside the beltway. we're problem free now through coalsville outside and glen oak owe lifeing good.
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and wisdom. >> 4:36 is the time. heart-warming at a popular school. going viral. details next. >> and a law allowing weeks off from work but not without changes to original proposal. >> 4:37 in the morning, 43 degrees is the temperature. it is a lovely, lovely day? >> i love this sglong when i and i know it's going to be?
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we asked woman to smell two body washes and pick their favorite. they both smell good. i like b better. i prefer b. b. i would like to smell like this every day. but what was body wash a? ohhhh i love bath and bodyworks. i have this in my bathroom. and what was the one they preferred?
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really? that's quite a bit of smelling good. suave three fragrances preferred over bath and body works. >> good morning, everybody, lebron james says when he and teammates play against the knicks next week they will not be saying at the trump hotel in soho.
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arranged from the presidential election. cavaliers and general manager said the team was given the option to stay elsewhere. jamess with a supporter of hillary clinton during the campaign. >> in ohio a bill passed clearing way for what would be one of the nation's most stricken gent abortion laws heartbeat bill restricts abortions so far in and previous concerns are voiced when it's constitutional. in d. crk the council voted on first reading in favor of a paid family leave law. now, under the bill, as passed, nearly all d.c. workers would be ep titled to eight weeks of parental leave six weeks to care for ailing family member and two weeks in event of personal illness. they will look at it december 0 and it's widely expected to
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pipe line activists refused to leave in fear of president-elect trump might undo obama administration decision to withhold easement for construction. they are khited to protecting the tribal water protesters say and sacred sights from the 3.8 billion projectsen lowe's in texas taking social immediatey by storm for newest employees. the store hired a disabled veteran clay lujy dog charlotte. he was looking for a dog after time in air force and a job that wouldn't mind his service dog tag ago long. they found it at low had's. >> congratulations for lowe's taking a stand. >> and details in the horrific california warehouse fire and what may have caused the blaze. >> and maryland community on high alert after a teenager
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her on the way to schoolment we're live with the late sgleingt a live look outside adds we head to break. again, it is 4:41 and 43 degrees now. more "fox5 news morning" in a
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dozens are dead after a powerful earth quake strikes nation of indonesia overnight and latest on rescue efforts ahead. >> frightening ordeal closer to home a teenager kidnapped on the way to school. police are searching for a suspect. we're liver with the details. >> a live look outside on this wednesday, december 7 it's clear out there today. certainly difference from yesterday. but the cold weather is stick ago around. details of that in a moment with gary mcgrady and erin will talk about traffic as women. meantime we say good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> erin como is talking traffic. first we start with gary mcgrady and the weather forecast, hi, gary. >> still a little wet out this morning. we'll continue to dry thing out. maybe a little fog in places. but i'm not seeing problems with viz bill. visibility and all things considered weather is getting better. no more rain in the forecast at least not until sometime next week. we'll have a cold shot. we'll talk about that in a bit. let's deal with what is happening now.
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whip chester dropped to 34. martinsburg 38, haagersburg 39, mar continuesburg 42. if you you're in the 30s you'll be in the 40s. we'll make it up to 5 for the high above normal this time year and the breeze will keep it chilly. winds northwest this afternoon. 10 to 20 with occasional gusts up over 20 miles an hour. still going to be a little breezy and cool out there. expect more sunshine as we get into the afternoon. we'll talk about that in the next forecast. here's erin como. it's traffic time. hi, erin. >> hi, gary. right now 4:46 and 270 southbound nice quiet commute and new crash popped up in montgomery county. 270 northbound approaching 70. little caution through rockville this morning noticing wet conditions along the strep of 270 both directions and norp loop, outer loop, 95 baltimore washington parkway all looking good.
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morning flight to catch this wednesday morning traffic on way to bwi and baltimore looking good. and same story on way to reagan national and dulles is the morning morning. no complaints across the legion bridge and 234 to 228 nice and quiet and once you pass 2 continues to vienna inside the beltway as you make your way out through falls church in arlington this week i like what i'm seeing in annandale. we'll look at metro next. maureen, wisdom happening now montgomery country police are stepping up patrols in gaithersburg after attempted kidnapping of a student on way to school. >> now, police want parents and children to be on high alert because of this "fox5" annie yu is liver in gaithersburg this morning with the latest incident, annie. >> reporter: hey, good morning, wisdom, maureen, that's right, montgomery county police as well as district leaders, school leaders are not taking any chances, they say they're stepping up patrol in the area after this brazen crime took
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because this happened around 7:00 when there was daylight and you can see the bus stop right here off lost knife circle between lake forest mall was well as shopping center and this is busy main access road. they'll be stepping up police presence and they're still looking for the suspect. the victim is female student at watkins mill high school and she was walking to her bus stop, which is off lost knife circle near the sideer mill apartments around 7:00 morning when a mana approached her from behind and told her to shut up as he tried to put a bag over her head the teen screams and suspect took off she was able to make it to school fine where he reported incident and teachers called police. they sent students home with a letter asking their parents to talk to children staying alerpt especially when walking with headphones on and advising not do that. police also have an important warning, take a listen. >> in this particular case by
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the individual off. he may have been in fear for being identified. and fled. so, that worked out for here in this situation. you know, so if anybody is in similar situation make noise and bring attention to what is going on you have a better chance of you know us being able to identify the suspect. >> reporter: now, police are not sure if the suspect took off on foot on car. they have a pretty good description of the suspect. they tell us he's a black than mid 0s . -- in mid 30s. dressed all in black and red logo on the tee shirt. that's the latest from gaithersburg maryland, annie yu, fox local news. >> president-elect done zone expanding his cabinet this morning. who he tapped to be defense secretary straight ahead at five. >> and new clue what's caused the deadly warehouse fire in california as we learn the troubled past of the building.
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outside right now 4:49, temperatures 44 degrees. we're back after this [ all you need is? we're back after this [ all you need is? .
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>> 4:52 is the time. nearly 100 people following an earth quick. 6.4 magnitude earthquake tremor caused extensive damage 40 buildings destroyed and hadn't reds are injured. >> in california we now know what caused the deadly warehouse fire. federal investigators say a refrigerator or some other applilance may to be blame. 36 were killed in tragedy. all victims died from smoke inhalation. inspeingttors were called to the warehouse two weeks going because of complaint of illegal construction at the warehouse.
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charges could be filed against this man. he's the owner. >> louisiana man accused of the shoeing and kill be joe mcknight is now facing manslaughter charges. 54-year-old gasser was arrested this week and initially questioned and released without being charged. sheriff's department defend that saying authorities strategically waited to make arrest because they needed to find independent witnesses. >> police say they do not suspect foul play in the death of heisman trophy winner rash an sal park less than two miles from the field he made history as one of university of colorado fwraetest players. police announceing a notes was found near his body. he played for bears and won nfl rookie ever the year and then his career was cut short by injuries. >> and montana investigating dead snow geez after they landed in toxic waters of pit mine that holds acidic at wear.
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in the pit during a snowstorm last week. >> coming up on 4:54 this wednesday morning gary mcgrady gave it to us, straight no chaser. >> you got it. here we go. temperatures in the 0s and 40s. it's 43 in town. and we have a little bit of rain. not rain i'm sorry it's a little bit of wetness on the roadways. leftover from the rain trying to dry up. watch out. there could be a couple of foggy sports north and west outside of the metro this morning. all right? the rain moved on. storm system carried rain away. we're in a drying trend today. temperatures later on we're going to 40s and 50s and breezy and winds come out of the northwest. that keeps the 40s in north west and again it dries things out nicely once it kicks up and we'll get more and more sunshine as the day progressing and we'll have average sun. here's the deal, jet stream patter on the warm side of this. today we're in the 50s and
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tomorrow we'll have been a cold front come through and it's pretty cold stuff coming down out of northwest. we've been waitingthon all week. by the time we goat friday afternoon. saturday afternoon, temperatures will only be in the 30s. and there could be some -- well, not could be. there will be several spots north and west which stay in the low 30s for highs. friday, and saturday. it will be a little bit breezy. now the good thing about this cold, i mean, if you like the cold that's great. but if you don't really like the cold too much iton we'll be moderating quite quickly by the time we goat latter part of weekend. i think it's the way it's looking now. sunday we will be mid 40s. it's a quick shot at real, real cold air. it's one of two. we see another quick shot of cold air coming in next week as well. be prepared. you winter lovers will get some of it here's erin como with a look at traffic. >> 4:55 now. we have a couple crashes outer loop topside of the beltway approaching connecticut avenue
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crash. please use caution there. volume light enough it is not causing major slow downs. keep in mind prior before that crash scene rather we're dealing with ladder that fell off a vehicle blocking september are lane. so leading towards connecticut you will hit a center lane and then left lane blocked because of the crash and we'll keep you updated with that. along 66, good shape virginia 234 to 28. as you make your way to northern maryland, montgomery county, headed to 270 southbound clear and 2 70 northbound going away from typical rush crash near 370. all rails on time except for safe track surge 11 keep in mind continuous tracking between west falls and east false watch for delays and crowded conditions. trains in rush hour will work only every 28 minutes. the rest of note row commute is on time i'm let you know if
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beltway. more traffic in a few back to you maureen and wisdom. >> 4:56 the time big army-navy football show down set to take place this weekend one team confident about aa win. details ahead. >> trump continuing thank you tour as he adds another person to administration. we're live with the details. >> before we head to break quick check of today's stock futures. quick check of today's stock futures. fox news morning after this.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home.
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i'm very proud of him.
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>> a popular d.c. pizza place reopening. >> and donald trump beefs up continues his victory tour. live with details of his latest appointment. >> looking live outside on this wednesday morning, clear out there. we'll get the details of what the days hold as we continue. good morning to you thank you for joining is i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris. >> gary mcgrady, erin como, and they're joining us as well of course they're caulking weather and traffic in just about five minutes. but, off the top of this house. >> ahead, heads up for parents in prince william county water


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