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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  December 27, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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now and coming up in a moment. >> let's tell what you is developing in the news right now and in the district particularly. we have new details this morning in case of missing d.c. yoga instructor and actress. >> they located trisha mc cally's car and they're looking for the man that may have been driving. it northwest with anjali hemphill. >> this is certainly a developing story overnight and into the early morning hours. right now d.c. police are not confirming any new information for us. but we're seeing on facebook there was a page made dedicated to helping find trisha mc caully that page was changed to in memory of trisha mc cally and her brother post todd facebook her body was found and we're gone. we're not able to confirm with d.c. police. what i can tell you is just a few moments ago we saw police tow away a car, very similar to trisha mc cally's here found
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northwest lights last night. we watched as they towed it away. a witness told me he watched as several officers swarnld the area going into cvs and walgreens and then finally descending on the white car. d.c. mees were serving for 46-year-old trisha mc cally since christmas day after she never showed up for dinner at a friend's. she's a yoga teacher and local herbalist and last seen here her home after north capital and v streets northwest. again police put out they were searching for this man described as 5' 9" with athletic build they believe may have been driving her two door white toyota scion with d.c. plates and we saw d.c. descend on this area here and they swarmed and car and tow today away. it's close to trisha mc cally's car. we heard
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a coroner van pull up and pull away during the night. that's the late nest northwest. we'll follow the latest and bring you more when we have more. anjali hemphill, fox news. >> and police are investigating a dead body found inside a bathroom at ruth chris steak house in arlington. they believe he was i patron. the death does not appear suspicious. >> also this morning a maryland family wound up in the hospital after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning while shopping at the white ox shopping center after a woman and three kids fell ill. the family spent time in their car and were taken top shock trauma in baltimore. firefighters told us they were alerlt and conscious when taken to the hospital and the family is expected to make a full recovery. >> buoy man facing possession charges after a gun found inside his bag at bwi airport he was scheduled to board a plane bound for los angeles and was taken into custody by
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maryland transportation police. he he would nobt facing charges if it was in his checked bag am. >> many of you may wonder what to do with the tree. holiday trees and wreaths will be collected in front of your home january 7. in fairfax country christmas trees will be collected during the first two weeks of january. if you live many montgomery county you can put your key on the cushion reseekling day and prince george county pres will only be picked up on mondays. waste collectors say it's important to remove all drek rations and do not put the tree in plastic on cloth paingz. >> we talked about this earlier. dallas cowboys did the redskins a favor. we're one step closer to make the postseason and control their own destiny and last night the cowboys beat the lions 42-21. all the skins have to do is beat the giants and they're in the playoffs. unless the lines and backers
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be out of the playoffs. but that's not likely going to happen. >> okay. >> so we'll see what happens when they play the giants. >> all righty. meantime what's happening in the weather world, gary mcgrady really nice start to the day. mild. >> what if the skins tie the giants? >> then the skins go home. >> is that what happens? >> yes, it's a must-win situation. >> win or go home. >> kind of how we operate here. win or go home. >> we've got warm day for us here temperatures in the 60s. maybe, maybe no guarantees here maybe some places get up to 70 okay with sunshine this afternoon. could happen. okay. don't think it happens in town. but it could happen throughout right? let me show you where we are this morning. starting mild out there. 57 in town now. 56 dulles and culpeper 57 and fredericksburg 56 and annapolis 59. almost 60 annapolis this morning. wow. radar shows where the rain is all right. now this is not
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means but as it continues to move in our direction this all headed out ahead of a fairly significant cold front which comes through later this evening into the overnight and that bring in temperatures. ahead of the front rain initially and it looks like rain is out by this afternoon and we get into sunshine. here's where i think temperatures will government cooler north and west. but you know what? those are model numbers there. i think it may end up being warmer than upper 50s. could be low 60s out there before it start to cool off a little bit in the afternoon. we'll be basically mild to warm this afternoon. it will be dry this afternoon. it will be breezy okay? and breezy this morning and then winds switch to a different direction out of west. kicking up 10 to 20 miles an hour. one mild day, one warm day if you will and colder. tomorrow we will be not bad. even with the cold front moving through tomorrow we'll be 50. that's way above normal and 50 thursday as well. even when we cool off we don't
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get down to normal. there's your forecast. how about a look at traffic this among. erin como is here. >> breaking news on 4:6. as you make your way to beltsville this morning northbound side of route 1 all lanes closed icc and large crash sdleen and not seeing any major delays developing yet because this crash just happened but save yourself time this morning. if you head from the capitol toll baltimore beltway take 95 northbound or baltimore washington. somebody left a prompter pad. we have you covered on traffic this morning and keeping you youp dated 70 southbound delay 70 to spur and not seeing problems 95 northbound fredericksburg to aquia harbor. i'll move that out of the way and consider that a wind that i did not fall reporting traffic. back to you. >> 4:36 is the time. coming up. new google formula correct what many believe is wrong while others say it could lead to
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>> and how long you can keep your leftovers after christmas that's an important question. the answer may surprise you. >> we're going to break now with a live look across the d.c. region. time now is 4:6 and temperature 57 degrees. back in a moment
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>> we're back 4:39 what's trending on the web. first uv stars around the globe continue to pay tribute to george michael many feeling heart fell condolences on social media. elton john said i'm in deep shoyk lost a be loved friend and goldy hahn tweeted rest in peace your music lifted our spirits you will be missed and paula abdul said i'm grateful i had the honor of core graphic his faith tour. search a great man.
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s have era reuben died. she lived here in her younger years she received a ph.d. from georgetown in 1954 and later became assistant professor in 1962. she astounded colleges and colleagues with research on galaxies and research that would eventually become the foundation for theories on dark matter. vera reuben was 88. >> another loss in the entertainment world ricky harris comedian and actor died. he was on daevr comedy jam and people versus o.j. simpson and poetic justice and was voice of taadou on snoop dog album. he died of a heart attack at 54 years old. >> next up, google made major changes to algorithm after backlash on online halocaust denials
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result did the holocaust happen it returned a white supremists site saying it did not. they changed algorithm to remove those sites. >> if you have not ready to throw leftovers out experts offer tips for making leftovers last. carving it off the bone can keep it fresher longer and seafood peel shells and store in freezer up to 8 months and cakes can nraingt air tight container in the freezer for a long time. bone app teet. >> i eat it all or throw it out. >> after how many days. >> couple days. because i'm over it. >> yeah. >> how much turkey you can eat. >> i'm just saying. >> three days i think is max. after that, ugh, okay. >> high-speed rail service could come to northeast corridor. >> and protesters put up signs outside the
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the vice-president elect. >> as we head towed break on this tuesday morning a live look across the d.c. region. i don't feel like doing anything♪ but hey i will for you. giving you all the news, weather, traffic on the five. this is "fox5 news morning" hope you are having a great day so far. we'll be back after this. >> tid swear i'm not doing anything♪ i'm going to kick my feet up♪ . savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> today on "fox5"news morning we're following latest developments in story ever missing d.c. woman. we have a live report coming up. and live look outside warm and getting warmer and some of you may be dealing with a little bit of rain, gary. we'll have a first check of the forecast. that's coming up in a moment. meantime, saying good morning to you. thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> today is tuesday, december 7 good morning to you erin como and good morning to you gary mcgrady and we'll start with gary because it's pretty nice outside right now compared to the way things are supposed to be this time of year. >> that's true. a little shock when you went out this morning. wow, is this december? goodness. latter part of december, too. last week of the year. here's what's going on to show you. you will be prepared when you step out. probably in a good way. 57 in the city. now gaithersburg 55. it's up and
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the next and then cold. so this up and down can get some people. 5 westminster this morning and fredericksburg 56. a lot warmer this morning this is 24 hour temperature change. in d.c. we're 17 degrees warmer this morning and than what we were yesterday morning pretty cole out there and gaithersburg is 20 warmer. wind gusts it's breezy morning wind out of south and southwest and pretty strong too. that's why we're so mild all this warm air ahead of frontal system guesting to 30 now. showers west of us will come through. it looks like by the time we get to afternoon we should be good. matter of fact the late morning most of us start to see sunshine. clearing a little faster back out west. we're talking middle to upper 60s today. somebody down south could get to 70 before it's all said and done. erin como is in with traffic. you okay, erin. >> thank you, gary, yes, i'm okay. tracking breaking news beltsville now n
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1 closed all lane shut down powder mill to 212 and traffic diverted for a large crash scene scene. if you head to baltimore beltway to capitol beltway keep to baltimore washington parkway northbound. topside looking good and bottom loop by little river turnpike caution there and no delays 0. we'll check in with metro next. wisdom and maureen. we continue to follow breaking news in the disstrict of a missing yoga instructor and actress. >> we're learning more about the search efforts anjali hemphill is live with the latest. good morning. >> good morning, guys, i do have a sad update to bring you there was a facebook page created saying to find trisha mc cally folks were energizing and getting together searching for her. it now changed and now reads in memory of trisha mc cally and
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that says trisha is gone they found her body. thank you for all your working support and love and to all d.c. family i know she truly thought of you that way thank you for being here all these years hang on to each other. now, one thing is d.c. police are not confirming any of these details for us at this pointment they're not saying really anything. but what they are telling us is that right behind me late last night they found a car that is similar to trisha mc cally's behind me off m street and 23 streets in northwest. and just a few minutes ago we watched as a small white car was tow away from the area. again no confirmation yet if that was her car. a witness tells me he sed saw several officers swarm this area late last night first going into nearby stores like cvs and walgreens and then descend on that car. they have been searching for her since christmas day after she never showed up for christmas dinner at a friend's. she's a yoga each
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local herblist and she was looingt seen north capital and v streets north west. police were serving for a man 5' 9" athletic build, driving her two door white toyota scion with d.c. plates. police are not con firing that for us but we have that facebook page confirmation from her brother and also witnesses out here tell me they saw a coroner van pull up last night and eventually pull away. we'll keep you updated with the latest. anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> anjali, thank you for that. >>:45 is the time the federal railroad investigation unveiled recommendations forecaster service in northeast corridor. its vision is for a corridor that can move freeing population faster and more reliably than ever before. they say it won't be cheap. plan requires a lot of money. but of
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in a new system would be a huge mistake. new signs are popping up in chevy chase neighborhood where mike pence is renting a home. abortion rights activation post add sign saying this neighborhood trusts women it's with pence's stance against abortion. and the neighbors also put up rainbow flags to show support against anti-lbtq. >> and have you ever wanted to hit someone for something they said or d this you might want to move to peru. we'll explain what that's about in a moment. >> all the way to peru. >> yes. >> oh, man one wrong post by loving father leads towed one million people rsvping to his daughter's kinsinara. >> a live look akos the region. temperature 57, back in a
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back now:53 a deadly weekend in chicago they're investigating two shootings including two monday morning and twelve people were killed and 50 more hurt and the city has seen 745 murder therz year and total number of shooting victims soared to more than 4200. kick chick on track to have more murders than new york city and los angeles combined. >> a manhunt underway for two inmates that escaped from tennessee jail. total of four inmates made get away early yesterday morning. the breakout was propertied by a water leak behind a jail toilet. it cause the concrete to weaken and four help were able to escape and two were quickly caught by guards. two men on the loose
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they're also possibly armed. >> cultures around the world have unique ways of celebrating christmas and one section of peru it's like this. yeah, this is how to get done in peru in one part of the area goal to settle old con pictures from and start new year fresh with improved relationships because nothing says starting fresh like someone whooping your sglind that's bare knuckle boxing. >> those who prefer not takeout in the knockout festivities can watch from the tech spaighter stands. >> wow. >> you can remember somebody whoop yuring tail and you're like happy new year. >> it's peru, hu? >> let's talk about this beautiful girl and what happened here. this may be quincenera to top it all. a father sent out invitations and didn't just send to friends and relatives he posted for all of facebook to see. while the invitation
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airport mower than a million people responded saying they plan to attend. several uninvited people did show up and the party went off without any major problems as you can see. and a good time was had by all♪ >> now if everyone gave her a gift, cash donation i would say that's viral video. >> i would bet that didn't happen. >> that didn't happen. >> just go out on a limb. >> everybody had a good time. >> everybody had a party. >> and did you spend too much this holiday season. praps santa missed something on your wish list. don't worry saint mic is here to help you. >>n't er saint mic contest here. you could be lucky winner of $a500 go to and enter for a chance to win. one oneer selected by random drawing january all entrance maying 1 or older complete rules available at "fox news"
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>> hey, gary mcgrady what's going on. >> what's going on? super mild outside now check this out this is regional snap shop of temperatures. here in town 5. new york city, 55 and even boston basking in globe. warm temperature. probably wonder what the heck is going on. 56 de dreez for them. cooler for binghamton and not outrageously cold 42 and jump front columbus in upper 30s and still not brunt of cold air has not gotten there yet. detroit 32. chicago 35. yesterday morning at this time chicago was 5 2. they were mild. now they're colder. we're mild up and down 95 all right? we will get colder tomorrow the front has to come through. this is future cast it give you an idea what is going on. few showers this morning. nothing heavy. drying out by lunchtime. clouds move off. this afternoon we will be sunny and we will be pretty warm. temperatures will go
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it will stay breezy and here's where we are today. few showers this morning, 59. 64 lunchtime or so breezy and definitely mild through the afternoon. we'll touch 67. couple places. could be 70. no guarantees. here's erin como with a look at traffic this tuesday morning. >> 4:57 continuing to track breaking news. flashing lights behind me. route 1 northbound shut down powder mill to icc and just shoulder squeezing by on southbound side of route 1 past powder mill road. big mess out there diverting traffic. let's look at maps. volume light. as you can see no major delays on alternates. 95 north and southbound baltimore parkway best bet we're seeing route 1 backing up surrounding closure be mindful of that. keep you updated on rest of tuesday morning commute. back to you wiz dorm and maureen. >> coming up on "fox news morning" a buoy man is in trouble after a gun found
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>> burgandy and cold in the driver's seat and all thanks goes to the cowboys. >> a live look outside or inside at today's stock futures. it's graphic. i'm thinking outside because it's warm. it's not time to talk weather yet. >> all right. >> back after this.
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