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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  December 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> that's not a bad thing >> we'll take it. president-elect trump is making more appointments to hi molhooper from the hl. >> i'm impressed that donald trump came in number 2 as most admired. do you remember how hated he was during the campaign >> changed quickly. >> let's talk about what we heard, john kerry speaking about the situation between the un and israel. are we going to play the sound? let's play it first for our viewers. >> provide for a just, agreed, fair and realistic solution to the palestinian refuge issue. with international assistance that includes
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options and assistance in finding permanent homes, acknowledgement of suffering and other measures necessary for a comprehensive resolution consistent with two states for two peoples. >> israel has made it clear, benjamin netanyahu not happy with the speech. at this point, why -- why should this administration that's going to be out of office less than a pillow step up to the plate like this? >> been in power for such a long time. think of what he's done, chairman of the foreign relations committee and the senate ran for president. you know, he has a stake in the middle east talks. he spent a lot of time dealing with it while he was secretary of state and this is kind of like a swan song almost. going out with his clan. there has been talks, you know, kerry brought up a six point plan as to how he thinks a middle east peace could move forward. there have been talks
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obama administration might try to bring that up with the united nations before leaving office. it doesn't look like that's going to happen. however, john kerry definitely made the most of his 70 minutes today. >> how do you think this is going to change under the trump administration these relations with benjamin netanyahu with israel after this? >> it's kind of interesting because benjamin netanyahu has already been in ca hoots if you could use that. before the un security council vote odd the resolution last week. benjamin netanyahu was on the phone with trump saying can you please do something about this? and of course, trump tried to do something and it sort of backfired in one sense because the current administration decided to abstain from voting, and refused to veto
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that said. it sort of cemented the relationship that trump and netanyahu have moving forward. you know, and that was a part of kerry's speech today. this is the most right wing government in israel that he is seen and that was sort of, you can, sort of, you know, saying this is going to be -- that our, you know, the incoming administration is going to be working hand-in-hand with a right wing government in israel >> great to see you tonight. happy new year. >> happy new year >> we'll see you soon it's been nearly a year since the death of antonin scalia and even though president obama nominated judge merit garland to succeed scalia. the senate refused to consider his nomination saying they wanted the next president to appoint the next justice.
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now, we have a -- >> first of all, joe spee vacate is not the one going to the supreme court in spite of the fact he was just in front of tom fitzgerald. you're getting called out >> so are we going to fitz or >> what are we doing here? we don't fitz? we want ronica cleary. you were at the supreme court ronica. let's talk a little bit about this. i think about merit garland with president obama months ago and we knew there wasn't going to be action but there's much more than supreme court on the table here. >> throughout this election, even these, the two candidates were not likeable candidates. but you needed to get out there and vote because it is so much more just about the presidency, now, you know, the obvious one, thing that everyone talked about was the supreme court vacancy left by justice antonin scalia but a report came out that said there are actually over 100
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these are federal and district courts that president-elect trump will also influence, and at the end of the justices. i spoke with an attorney here in the district, bernard grim, really about the role there these justices and judges have in these local courts and also at the end of the day even though a judge is not supposed to bring bias into it. they're supposed to be the hand of law and justice and make these unbias decisions, no matter what, you bring something to the table and in many ways, it's politics that influences what you bring to the table. take a listen to what attorney grim will to say. >> in every courtroom behind every judge is usually the u.s. seal which has a picture of lady justice with a blindfold saying justice is blind and should be meated out regardls
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the judge sees. that doesn't happen. justice unfortunately isn't blind. judges are looking to it's people in front of them. they're going to decide the case the way they were raised, politics, financial situation, social life. they should be separated from that. they should be sort of washed clean of that and deciding each case in its sort of virgin aspect. that's not what happens. i don't want a judge favorable. i want a judge down the middle. that's all i care about. >> attorney grim just spoke about the fact that you know, the supreme court obviously so important but not a lot of cases make it to the supreme court. so that's the other reason when you think about these local judges and these judges in these federal -- these federal courts, they really matter and make decisions that can influence your life very directly and very locally, so you know, obviously, it's done now, president-elect trump will be the one to make those decsi
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influenced but i think it is important to take a step back. this election was so divisive and so many people felt very disconnected to the process and maybe didn't vote because they didn't want to be a part of it. >> i think what we're going to have the to do. he had people he said he would have appointed to the supreme court. i think it would be fascinating to go down that list and see where things stand, where, if they already have a place in this administration, because of some elected official. ronica cleary with that one >> this one has a lot talking george washington university is nixing the u.s. history requirement >> tom fitzgerald is live on the campus of gw tonight. we got a little sneak preview behind the scenes live tv. that's how it rolls. fitz what's the deal? we're talking about -- technically, if this -- if this holds true, they're not going to teach, it's not going to be required to
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the university is named after. >> reporter: all right. we'll get to that. the camera man wants to know if he's going to get paid for his appearance just now >> he didn't say anything, had he said something, the station would be on the hook. >> i believe of the movies they call that an unbilled cameo. we'll -- here's what's going on. they're not getting rid of history. there's plenty of history in gw's history, but this is what they're doing, if you're coming in as a student and you've scored a four or five on an advanced placement test. you're no longer going to be required to take the so-called american history introduction courses. this got new life. that woman you saw, kellyanne conway, donald trump's campaign manager incoming presidential counsel the alumni here at the law school. she retweeted a story saying
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course requirement for its history students. now, on the website, they explained this in the history department. they're saying this change is for introductory course requirements and they fulfilled now if you score that four out of five. the hatch it they reported on this and they said this was to loosen the requirements for american history classes as a way to recruit students for a more globalized world. we talked to students and visitors on campus, they're not so sure about the logic behind this. >> that doesn't sound right. >> i don't think that it covers everything thoroughly enough that you shouldn't have to take u.s. history and university especially if you're a history major. >> even if you get a four or five >> even if you get a four or five >> that would be iffy because then you're not getting the actual history, you know,
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getting as a history major >> i still would definitely stand strong in an american history class. i think it's important, if that is going to be your major, it's important to have that. we got a lot of feedback on this. jim. sarah, you know what we didn't get? >> we didn't hear from gw. >> we also didn't hear what joe spee vak, our cram man there >> we didn't get an interview, that's what we wanted. we wanted to ask him why the change, but we did get god's gift to reporters, the printed statement. i'm not going to go through this whole thing with you but in part what they say this is an effort to broaden and reflect a more globally connected world that go on to say that there are separate departments here at gw that offer, quote, the chance
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delve into the culture politics in history of the united states, you know, so they're defending this and saying this is not outwardly going to affect the education that history students get but the bottom line is, a lot of critics, kellyanne conway, larry elder, national talk show host, if you're going to study history, you ought to study american history and study that at the institution that's going to give you that degree. >> even if it's part of a more global approach they say, the last i checked the u.s. is still part of the entire, you know, world. so you know, we probably should know how our history is inter29ed with other histories in different countries. >> if you wanted a to know if the president is going to keep tweeting or not when he takes oval office, we found out. >> 5at630 coming right back.
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trump said he needed a phone 140 characters or less. soon to be tweeted in chief >> the president-elect plans to keep sounding off even after swearing in. president donald trump will not give up his unfiltered platform and a person who will soon have to explain what's next president did or didn't mean with his tweets says it's excite >> he has a direct pipeline where he can talk back and forth 17 million people on twitter >> that means mr. trump will have way to defend himself, like he did with this post, on a gave millions of dollars to d >>t foundation raised or received millions more all of which was given to charity and media won't report and mr. trump will also have way to go on offense when he wants to like he did after american diplomats ignored his advice and let an anti-israel resolution pass, the uniteded nation has such great potential but right now it is just a club for people to get together, talk a
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time. so sad. that shot comes as prominent conservatives like incoming fung to strip funding from an agency whose foreign policies they say conflict with american foreign policies and we're talking about a lot of money, the u.s. has about 3 billion dollars tied up in un activities every year, 2.3 billion for peace keeping a quarters of peace keeping budgeting and $600 million towards the staffs, getting rid of the sky alexander that houses the united nations headquarters on manhattan's east side >> we ought to jack hammer the whole thing off, float it into the east river, ask anybody who would like to host it to pick it up, haul it off and it will be a lot easier to park in manhattan after we get rid of it >> as authorities in new york worked to clear trump tower because of the
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package. he tweeted, quote, president obama campaign hard and personally in the very important swing states and lost. the voters wanted to make america great again. that is the latest president-elect push, re-back again president obama's claim that he could have won a third term something of course, that is impossible because president obama is term limited. >> we speak to social media this is a first. this is a first the commander in chief can do this, anybody can coop twitter. bury the hatchet in 2011 >> even if one of you love donald trump and the other loves hillary clinton, can't we get along still? perhaps. >> back after this.
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talk a little bit of politics presidential race people apart. >>
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search has the scoop. you say it can happen. people have different views on politics and there can still be love. how is that possible >> very possible. thanks so much for having me on the show to talk about love and politics, i'm happy to be here on behalf of selective search, our nation's leading luxury match making service. it is very possible. it takes a little bit of work to make it work. so there's a few things that we advise our clients. the first is to respect one another and listen and ask questions about why. and avoidty try and get your potential partner to only agree on your opinion. the second thing is to find common ground with your partner or significant other >> that seems like that's in short supply. there's no willingness to find common ground, it's my way or the highway. regardless of how it's interacting
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romantic setting >> sometimes we do agree to disagree and i'm sorry to say that sometimes does happen. except one thing to notice is not to talk about politics in the bedroom. we'll leave that for other tis. >> we ever seethere have been people that are together,r instan, we talk about the political comment ators. >> political affiliation is one factor is what make as strong match. a selective search we have discerning commitment oriented men and women looking to meet the love of their life. sometimes it's not just about one factor. there's many that play in. >> when you're talking to possible clients, does politics -- does political preference come into the equation when you're trying to make match >> it is a question we ask, and some of our clients do have is
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but we encourage them all to keep an open mind paw chemistry and shared values may go much further than your political viewpoints >> much more difficulty would think in this town than anywhere else. the opinions are pretty strong. >> that is true. and select a search does have a strong presence in the dc area. you hear about it a bit more. and we do offer client services across the nation. if you're not so politically oriented and you don't want to be stuck in dc you can look elsewhere >> diana jeffrey. thank you so much for coming in >> if you're looking for love in 2017, come to selective search we're at selective >> thank you. >> if you're looking for bubbly >> we have that too. toasting the new year, but that's not all we have >> we have another option, maybe saki. let's do it. coming up after the break. eak.
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thanks for coming in. thanks for having me. >> tell us what it is you are going to be making? is this a combination of sake with champagne >> it is a ginbased cocktail. sugar topped with champagne >> it's pretty popular >> it is. it's fun, floral. we have a blend of gins as well. >> let's do a little hibiscus flowereq
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water make it a little more aero make the and floral and it's mixed together. and we're going to shake this guy up. i like to watch -- that's all right. watch the technique. >> where are you going to be serving this drink? jim likes to do shaking. >> we serve this at the could we seen in bethesda newest to the scene. >> there we go. then we'll just pop this with about two ounces of -- sparkling. >> pretty cocktail >> do you have preference on sparkling >> i do like the champagne, we're i'm going to finish it with a little pierre,
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>> all right. >> top it off >> spackling here. >> this is why sarah likes to come in at the 5at630. 20 minutes of lokay with five minutes of cocktail >> i can do it. up to the challenge >> this is off with a little garnish here. >> look at that >> you cut the -- >> brilliant. can you see this? i love that. i'm sorry, i'm really impressed by your z estive list >> what is this >> the bubbles make you flap >> yes. i can see why. >> let's keep rolling. what it is >> like i said this is a playoff of a classic french 75. you can do this at home with just sugar, lemon juice and gin. >> it's a sweet kick to it but it's not overly sweet. >> we prefer balance rather than
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sweet. >> absolutely. >> again, where can we find this >> this is you can find that in bethesda, you can find me downtown dc on 14th and w. the sake cocktail you can find at yona in arlington. >> excellent. what is your drink of choice on new years eve? >> i like to keep it simple. >> when it came up here, i saw him going into bethesda and you were there. >> all right. >> thank you so much, >> that will wrap it up. we have football on tonight. we'll have your local news as soon as the game is over. stay tuned to fox 5 for that. >> see you then. bye. bye.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: carrie fisher's death, it's so d but it's also sad for those who can't tell you that it's sad. >> gary the dog. he's staying in the fisher family with billie lourd, carrie's daughter right now. harvey: but that doesn't mean the dog is going to be like what's up? >> gary's over it. if they brought back carrie fisher's body, that dog would eat it. >> if you're trapped with your mother's dead body, at one point would you eat her? >> yes. >> whoa! >> glynn turman, an actor, colonel from "the different world" and almost had the role of a lifetime. >> i heard you were originally cast of hans solo. >> hans solo was almost a brother. >> the whole world changes. >> hans solo would still shoot first. but he would shoot like this!


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