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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  December 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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safety location in the dc region. he says there are more than 3,000 cameras on site, an an experienced staff. if you don't have hotel or restaurant reservation, you need to have tickets that are 75 bucks a pop to get into the resort. he says they can be purchased through ticket master, if you are going to the concert there, duran, you will be ok. police will be cracking down on drunk drivers across our area, earlier this month, officials in maryland unveiled a new mobile breathalyzer unit. this is a joint initiative between the highway safety office and state police, the unit will help officers test and arrest drunk drivers at dui check points across the state n arlington county, police are trying to get the word out. >> definitely have a plan, there's definitely options. don't make the mistake of not having a plan, if you do drive
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officers out there looking for intoxicated or drunk drivers, the chances are heightened of you getting caught. we'll have officers out in the bar districts extra officers to make sure everybody is safe and having a good team for the new year if you don't have a safe way home, you find yourself in a bit of a pickle at the end of the night. you want to take the advantage of a safe sober ride program and it's 800200-taxi. keep that in mind. and police and fbi have been warning about possible isis threats to churches over the holidays seasons, we demecaed with dc police, they say they're actively monitoring any threats as usual but are expecting things to go to smoothly, they say they're prepared and of course, if you see something, say something. live in alexandria, lauren demarco fox 5 local news. let's take a look outside and find out what you can expect if you're heading out tomorrow night. mike thomas
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quick look at the forecast. mike? >> reporter: if you're heading out i think the weather will be ok. you definitely need jacket. today, we definitely have snow flurries around, not going to be the case tomorrow, drier with mix of clouds and sun, let's get to your new years eve forecast, planning parties, outdoor events, jacket necessary not the umbrella, good news there. just clouds out there. definitely a chillier night the good news is it should be dry for all of those new years eve festivities here and of course, new york, where they're dropping the ball. earlier today, broadway, virginia, big shout out here to bradley sending this in. he's in western virginia they had a little dusting of snow and that was kind of what some saw around our region earlier today. portions of montgomery county got a little grassy dusting, lake effects snow machine is crank today. not too much snow
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out to the west. picked up anywhere from at the point re ten inches to a foot of snow. storm tracker radar not tracking much of anything left in terms of flurry activity. so things should continue to settle down as we continue to move through the evening hours. let's take a look at those temperatures, it's definitely chilly out there. we are at 37 degrees this hour in washington. 32 for gaithersburg, 32 for west minnesota, leonard town 37, it's breezy, you factor that in, feels like 32 here in washington, look at gaithersburg, 22 again grab the jacket if you're heading out. quick look at your planner for the night. 37, i'll leave flurries in for another hour or two, then they're out of here the rest of the night and it's just a cold and chilly evening. what about rest of the weekend? plus 2017 we got you covered on that seven-day coming up in just a bit. dc police want you to take a really good look at this man in the picture here. investigators are just releasing
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believe he's linked to a homicide tuesday in southeast. officials updated this and two other cases at a press conference earlier damage fox 5 lindsay watts is live at police headquarters with all of the new details for us. >> reporter: sarah, we heard about three different crimes here today, one of them a murder cold case from the 90's that police believe they've solved. we also got an update on a dc mother accused of killing her newborn son and finally new information about that recent homicide in southeast. we'll start with that one and give you another look at the surveillance video. very clear images of the man police want to talk to. they're calling him a person of interest in the death of 22-year-old herbert dalton. he was shot and killed tuesday afternoon in southeast. we got a photo of him from one of his family members. investigators are asking for your help. if you recognize the man in the surveillance video, give dc police a
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moving on now, to that arrest in a murder from 1995, you can see a picture of the victim on your screen, his name is nathaniel williams. police now say it was his stepson who killed him shooting williams multiple times in the southeast home where they lived together. we don't know anything about a motive. the stepson is teron oliver of maryland and just arrested yesterday after more than two decades. >> we've had witnesses come forward and we reinterviewed other witnesses as well. that led us to the break we fleeded to close the case. >> one of the victims' other children went on to join the prince george's county sheriff's office and recently ended up reconnecting with a witness to the murder. that witness revealing that oliver was on scene leaving the house after the fatal shooting. the finalist case we heard about involves a mother from northeast
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her one month old son. the baby died back in july. investigators say from head and neck trauma and the case was only recently ruled a homicide. the baby's mother is 26-year-old dina conley arrested on tuesday in philadelphia and is now facing first-degree murder charge. live at dc police headquarters. lindsay watts fox 5 local news. there are new questions about how those two commit crimes are handled by the federal government once they are released from police custody. days before being charged in the murder of tricia mccauley, duane johnson failed to show up to get a gps tracking device he was ordered to wear. dc's deputy mayor for public safety kevin donahue says reform is needed and could be a discussion muriel bowser has with the trump administration >> nothing demoraleses cops or the people working with them than seeing c
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street after everyone know the violent act committed. we want people to look at the sentence guidelines that look at not the vast majority of nonviolent offenders we're talking about repeat violent offenders who keep committing the same acts. >> muriel bowser is expected to sign legislation next wednesday to close the loop hole. dc fire and ems surprised an 8-year-old at georgia town hospital >> his home town fire department reached out to make this enhancement. alexandra limon was there and has more [cheers and applause] . >> reporter: a beaming smile that while it can't be scene behind his mask is obvious in his eyes. happy moments for 8-year-old hunt scarborough, who had a massive surgery just seven weeks ago. and is spending the holidays in the hospital.
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only about 50 happen in the u.s. each year. but hunter powered through it. >> part of it is he's very strong and very smart. he asks a lot of good questions and likes to understand everything that's happening. >> reporter: just a few minutes hunter got to stop, stop thinking about the feeding tubes, his wheelchair and the endless procedures and focus on him. >> my dreams i want to be one how do you keep faith in a fire? just see the stuff keeps keep the faith, stay real low, under the heat, under the smoke. that helps. >> reporter: a welcome break in his long journey. >> sometimes hunter asks to do things that hurt.
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>> reporter: but it isn't just sometimes, hunters has had hundreds of surgeries. 30 during a single hospital stay in 2015 and he had his colon removed. it was then, after years of dealing with health problems, he got an accurate diagnosis, chronic intestinal psycho small and large intestinal transplant. >> reporter: he says when he gross up he wants to save others. . >> reporter: northwest dc alexandra limon fox 5 local news. >> man he's been through a lot. >> for a little boy like that >> he's got our prayers, if you would like to help hunter's family with medical expenses you can find a li
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caring account on our website then in just a little bit, coming up more fall-out after the united states announces sanctions against russia after they were accused of trying to sway the presidential election for donald trump >> speaking of the new president-elect we're learning the attending the inauguration, including one who did not support him. m.
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be more fall-out over the sanctions announced by the u.s. against russia for their alleged involvement in the presidential election >> one day after the sanctions announced, russian president vladamir puten invited the children of the diplomats at the kremlin. car line
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>> reporter: many expect add cold war tit tat. he will not kick them out. including the expulsion of 25 and their families. putin taking a wait and see approach with the trump administration and late this afternoon, president-elect donald trump took to twitter writing quote, great move on the delay by v putin. i knew he was very smart. despite saying it's time to move on, mr. trump plans to sit down with the intelligence community about all of this next week. this is some trump circles questions the timing >> we do wonder about the rush to do all these things the next couple weeks by the obama administration, how that may up end longstanding u.s. policy. >> reporter: but the actions of the outstanding presidents can easily be erased >> if the next administration wants to lift
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senior russian intelligence unit to make it easier for them, he can go ahead and do that. we don't think that makes much sense. >> reporter: many lawmakers call the sanctions long overdue but it's not enough >> we can do more, that's why we're going to look at additional steps that the congress could take and some of these steps only congress can take, that the administration can't do it without congressional authority. >> reporter: senator carden says he wants an independent commission to look into the hacking and john mckane just announced january hearings, car line shively fox news the inaugural committee announced a list of groups participating in the inaugural parade. 8,000 participants representing 40 different organizations along with high school and university marching bands will take parts in the parade following the swearing in ceremony on january 20th. but for the first time in 20 years, no marching bands from the district will perform.
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the president-elect maryland governor larry hogan announced he will attend the inauguration. during the campaign, hogan expressed his displeasure with his fellow republican and vowed to not vote for him. even after trump clinched the nomination. following his victory, hogan con congratulated him. you can say 2016 was the craziest year in politics from debates primaries and race for the white house, we saw things we may never see again. we're going to take a look back at the past year and invite you to tweet us your favorite political moments using the #5at630. what are you doing for new years eve? we're going to tell you about preparations for one bash taking place in miami and airing right here on fox 5. mike thomas will be back with a full look at your weekend forecast. the news at 6:00 will return. .
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an estimator 1 million people are expected to gather to ring in the new year in time square, another party will be held in miami. >> third year in a row. pit bull is bringing back new years revolution celebration live from miami's bay front park. fox's anita vogel has details. >> reporter: pitbull's new year's revolution is returning to fox saturday for another action packed party filled with music, celebrities and unpredict ability >> two years we missed the countdown makes it special, there's been chaos and i love it. that goes to shell you how much fun we're having not
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people on stage performing or hosting, behind the camera, stages, this is a part of it >> queen latifa and snoop dogg will help him ring in the new year live from miami. >> you're going to see people bringing in 2017 with a bank. all this music. it's what allows me to understand the true meaning of party. and party is getting loose, have fun, escape, enjoy. >> pitbull is keeping his new year's resolution simple >> try to improve and get better. that's what makes life exciting. >> reporter: he learned a lot from his success >> when you do what you love it's not work. it's never about making it. it's about maintaining and that's the toughest >> if you think pitbull is worried about the countdown you may want to keep track yourself >> i'm the most cue ban you'll ever meet. i think the cool to be honest.
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the shot of the ball going up at this point. there's so much going on stage while the countdown people are doing what they're supposed to do. celebrate. >> reporter: in holiday, anita vogel fox news >> what i got if you want to make sure you want to make the countdown don't watch pitbull? >> it's a party. >> like to have a good time, watch pitbull. >> like a little cold pepper down. >> you could be a producer somewhere. >> that's what this is all about. >> meanwhile, it's -- what's it going to be like for new years eve. chilly but i believe all festivities should be fine. no worry for rain, no snow, winter weather, some wintery weather >> awesome snow >> i was poking around on social media because
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so. fox 5 dc facebook page, snow they got earlier on just their lawns, minor amounts. locally we had reports from anywhere from six to ten inches of snow in the mountains. here in washington, just a few passing flurries and a beautiful sunset out there. this was sentn by chad in arlington. sent in a beautiful sunset kind of like the second night in a row. you can their sky starting to clear. the chance of flurries will be diminishing. i'll leave it in the forecast about the next our or two. spotty flurry early, but that is diminishing as the winds start to change from northwest to the west. still breezy, not nearly as bad as it was, it could be the gusts of 20's to 30 miles an hour from time to time, but generally speaking it's better. new year weekend looks dry, we had a threat maybe late shower on sunday
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it looks like with the new modelling in today, what was that keel it dry, there's good news for the redskins game. how about a little bit of a warm start. as we head towards tuesday and wednesday of next week, you'll see that in the seven-day. here's your current radar. you'll see the snow was widespread started to fizzle out over past few hours, winds changing just a little bit. that will kill off the lake effects snow machine running all day long. temperatures staying on the cool side. 37 here in washington. that's about ten degrees colder than we were that it last night. 28 pittsburgh, 25, feels much more like late december and gusty in a few locations, martinsberg gusting up to 25, westminster 21, with the winds factored in feeling chilly. 32 is what it feels like if you're stepping outside this evening in washington, 23 for gaithersburg, 26 at frederick, 26 for
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speaking it will be a night feeling like the 20's. how about the day for tomorrow? 8:00 a.m. cold 32 by the noon hour, about 42. but probably put still feeling like the 30's with the breezes hanging around, 4:00 we're still seeing clouds increase as temperature -- 48 your daytime high tomorrow with sun heading towards clouds orange line in the day, by sunday afternoon, looks like we're mixing with clouds and temperatures just a little bit warmer than saturday heading up into the 50's. we should make for a great start. 4:25. kickoff temp about 50. if you're going still need the heavy coat. once the sun sets it will get chilly fast. heading into next week, strong area low pressure arrives up the great lakes ahead of it we get a ni warm push. this time of year when we get the warm. we tend to do it with shower activities. that's what we're expecting, really on monday and tuesday, best chance of showers on your fox 5 seven-day forecast. so again just to summarize
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monday and tuesday on the wet but warm side. wednesday kind of start warm with temperatures poking your 60 degrees earlier then cool things down, we're watching carefully next friday, saturday sunday, maybe something winterish but details sketch? >> long ways off >> enjoy the weekend. don't worry about it. >> thanks, mike. >> we'll be right back.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. . happy new year. predicting 2017 will not be so good. performing the prenew year ritual. they say the year will be full of doom and gloom. predictions include war in the middle east. possibly
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more terrorists attacks through the europe. a total collapse of the world economy, and more devastate to go earthquakes. you might not have to worry so much about their predictions. last year, the shawman predicted donald trump would not win the nomination to be the gop candidate. we know how that turned out >> i'm not quite sure what they're doing there. >> neither am i >> anyway? i'm glad we ended on that positive note. >> they were wrong about the election. >> 5at630 next.
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♪ ♪ fall-out between the u.s. and russia after sanctions announced. accused of trying to sway the presidential election >> this is the hottest story at 6:30. tweet us what is on your mind about that using the #5at630 >> this was the scene as cars arrived at the russian compound in dc. earlier this morning, vatican pewed announced he will not expel u.s. diplomats from his country in response to the


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