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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  January 4, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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in for sarah simmons. breaking developments in a police involved shooting happened christmas day day, gerald hall shot and killed by police during a domestic disturbance call >> police say hall had a knife and ignored their demands but hall's family questioned police after they say body camera video they were shown shows that hall was unarmed. >> none of that video shows nothing about him waiving a knife. they shot him dead. told the girl move out the way. pow after that. that was it. i don't feel like my son deserve none of this >> we don't know all the facts, we're hoping whatever the facts come out to prove, that justice will be served >> i just want justice. i want justice >> they have to shoot him multiple times in the chest. he had no weapon. he had no weapon at all.
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muriel bowser releasing footage. >> the officers walk up to the house on walnut street in northeast dc and reveals most of that encounter. paul wagner joins us from the wilson building with rest of the story. paul? >> reporter:. >> reporter: marina and jim. they took great pains to bring reporters together, sit down, give us the transcripts from the 911 call that day. and also show us the videos. there's two videos. each of them are about seven minutes long. they also revealed still shots from those videos. i had i had my i pad here. this was released from the by the mayor's office. you can clearly see he had the knife in his hand standing there of the doorway of the house on walnut street. the video does in the actually show mr. hall being shot. we're
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what's been released today by dc police. >> reporter: put the knife down. put the knife down. put the knife down. get out, get out. get out. go. (gunshots) move, move, move, move. >> show me the pictures. >> shots fired. >> reporter: now that video is on line. if you want to see the entire seven minutes of
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you can go on to npd's website and look at those vice if you want to see them. it's our understanding from sources that the mother of mr. hall actually was shown the video the day of the shooting. and there may have been a point where she saw it in real time and didn't actually see the knife in his hand. when you watch it in real time, you may not be able to see it. that may have led to some confusion in the community about him either being armed or unarmed. that's the question i asked the mayor. because she was shown this video in real time and may not have had the benefit of having it stopped so she could see the knife, what was her take on that? here want the mayor had to say. >> i'm not exactly sure when or where all ask the deputy and the mayor to speak to that, when or where she saw it. typically, we would show it once it's been reviewed and a deci
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release it. we show it to the family prior to the public release as a courtesy. it is hard to, you know, i've seen it many times, i've seen it slowed. i've seen it frame by frame. if your seeing it quickly, you may not see the same thing that you have seen after reviewing it many times. so it is possible and i can see it as possible for somebody who may have viewed it quickly not to have seen the -- to see everything that the officer encountered. >> reporter: now we're showing you the still shots again of what police say is mr. hall holding that knife in his hand in the doorway of that home on walnut street. we can tell you no that this is the mayor's protocol for releasing these vice. as you know, there have been a number of them now, which have been released by the
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usually, a week or two, perhaps even longer, after an incident happens, because she wants transparency. she want people to see what happened. the internal affairs division is investigating this case and this shooting and then once they're done with their investigation, they will turn this investigation over to the us attorney's office and the us attorney's office will decide whether or not the shooting was justified. one other note, we checked in with the fraternal order of police matt mall he's against the videos being released. live outside the wilson building, paul wagner fox 5 local news meantime fox 5 in the district we're re where an unusual discovery, a violate case near the boathouse. no big deal there. when she opened it. found two gun, took the weapons to the boathouse, police went back to the location, they found another case full of guns.
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to be closed for a short time while police investigated. the roads have since reopened. president obama traveled to the capitol and what is likely to be his last visit before inauguration day. the visit was part of a last effort to save obamacare and also try to rally democrats before he leaves office. to tom fitzgerald was on the hill and fitz you spoke with people in that meeting. >> reporter: up here on the alcohol, it was quite a show. keep in mind, folks. obamacare is his signature issue and what he does not want to happen is have republican, who are now controlling up here, take a biggy razor and wipe away that signature issue. the president himself comes up here to capitol hill, he got all of the democrats aligned in an auditorium up
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one of those democrats will newly senator state of maryland chris van holland was in that room. we asked him what the president had to say >> well, the president talked about the progress we made on all sorts of issues during this presidency working together on the economy on other issues. >> he wants you to fighter book >> he also stressed where possible westbound find ways to work together with the new administration, modernizing our infrastructure but pointed out that republicans are starting off not on an issue that unifies us but on a part sandy have i as if issue where they're talking about totally destroying the affordable care act, obamacare. >> it wasn't only president obama here today. it wasn't only senator van holland, the incoming vice president elect pence was here as wel
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harris from immediately. keep in mind, congressman harris is not just a congressman, he's also a doctor. a doctor who says the democrats right now are using scare tactics to alarm people about what could happen once republicans move ahead with theory reveal and replace efforts and the question we had for him tonight was this. republican haves talked for a long time about reveal and replace. what exactly congressman harass is the replacement going to be? >> it's going to outline the broad spectrum of reform efforts that corresponds to a large extent with what mr. trump outlined during his campaign. no one is going to lose insurance, if you want insurance it will be available and more affordable. they're not government mandate. the federal government is not going to force anyone to buy their expensive brand of insurance but it will be available, will cover preexi
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will cover people up page 26. >> reporter: the big difference, there, the mandate going to go away. democrat took to twitter. they are launching a hash tag battle. their effort to get trending trying to get make america sick again as the new twitter hash tag to to fight what they secuming up here in the next 48 hours as the dismantling of obamacare. tom fitzgerald fox 5 local news. hundreds of thousands of people converge upon dc for the inauguration of president-elect trump, one group plans to have theirs voices heard, the dc cannabis plan to hand out thousands of marijuana joints free on january 20th. if you're interested. the group will start handing them out at 8:00 on the west side of dupont circle. another group plans to walk down the national mall where they rally to demand the
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of marijuana. 5:09. >> tonight we're starting to feel the blustery winds and the air seeping in. and colder hopefully a little bit of snow. right, sue >> that's for sure, marina, there's that possibility. nice to have you with us at 5:00. you know what i loved about the live shot? you can still see something, the sun went down at 5:00. our days are beginning to get longer now we passed the winter sole is it as and what a bonus day. if you don't like it cold because last night was so damp drizzle and foggy, could you feel the chilly air, we didn't get below freezing but today we got up to 57. dulles 56 and bmi 55 and a lot of places still near 50 but it is dropping look out towards cumberland at 37. much colder air is coming in tonight. get ready for it while dc is 50. it's only 21 in detroit. 17 in
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three in minneapolis minneapolis and that will be coming into dc. as the cold air comes in, you'll notice it tomorrow, there is a possibility that this time tomorrow evening, we may start to see some light snow showing up. we want you to be ready for that. it doesn't look like it's going to be a huge amount. we'll show you where it is right now, we got the clearing skies after a little bit of right now activity this morning. but what you see out there towards omaha streaking in this direction, that's what we're tracking for tomorrow afternoon and evening. don't think this is just for friday morning, we think it wraps up friday morning, but a little bit of snow shower light snow activity, may arrive between 4:00 and 7:00 tomorrow afternoon and evening. certainly western communities first. then getting into our western suburbs closer to 7:00. rest of the headlines for this light snow that we're expecting would be overnight into friday morning. right now, we're thinking it's going to be somewhere between a coating an an
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it often doesn't tke much on untreated surfaces to turn it into a skating rink. that's why we want you to be ready and not sorry. saturday's storm looks close, still south of us but is it going to be close to give us a little bit of snow? we're going to be talking about all of that and showing you the hour by hour snow cast first one we've been able to show you this year coming up in a few minutes. marina and jim send it back to you. ahead at 5:00 off track >> a train derails injuring more than 100 people. what witnesses say happened on board during the crowded commutes. parents worse neighbor incredible video shows a child dangling from a ski lift. efforts to get him down. alex >> over which bathroom can people use in northern virginia continues. i'll explain coming up.
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jim? breaking ammunition out of prince william's county. a shooting nearby a school, lauren demarco says no students there are affected at this point. that's the good news. the live report will be coming up. you're watching fox 5 news at 5:00.
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y27mky y16fy more than 100 people injured when a train derailed this morning in brooklyn. the lirr train was packed with commuters when it slammed into the bumper at the end of a track. the impact knocked the wheels off the first car causing the train t
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officials say there were no severe injuries and the atlantic terminal suffered minor damage. national transportation safety board is sending a team to new york begin an investigation it is ski season and look at this, ski patrol crews coming to the rescue of a young boy hanging there. fell and was dangling from the lift at the sun dance resort in utah. the ski patrol quickly jumped into action. watch as the ski patrol was get the kid down safely >> we looked at each other and in the disbelief like we could notth this was just happening right in front of us. they grabbed a very long ladder and brought it up to the lifts and leaned it up against the chair lift. one individual climbed up. >> this is the second time in just a few weeks a young signature's back skier's backpack got caught leaving him dangling in the same
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police officer following a pool party. that teenager filed a lawsuit against not only the form re officer but also the city of mckenny and the entire police department. she claims corporal eric bluden violated her rights by holding her without probable cause cause and using excessive force, the city denied the claims made in the lawsuit. the virginia legislature isn't even in session and already there's a controversial bill on the table >> deals with transgender in schools and other buildings. alexandra limon is live tonight in alexandria. >> reporter: the big controversy is schools over past couple years is could a female, for example, that identifies as man use a men's rest room or a boy's rest room? well, if this new bill is approved, the answer would be no.
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no. >> it speaks marshal doesn't like lgbt people. >> reporter: to say is an under statement, the bill is called the physical privacy act. and it says government entities must insure people have privacy from the opposite sex in bathrooms and changing facilities in government owned buildings. in other words, transgender students or people would not be able to use facilities of the gender they identify with. marshal said it has nothing to do with disliking members of the lgbt community >> my response to the concerns about 600 more parents who attended school board meetings in prince william's county in is distinct opposition to an effort to have separation regulations allowing guys who say they're transgender to use girls' facilities lockers and bathrooms >> not enough research has been
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>> reporter: there were heated meetings. both tried to pass policies that would allow transgender students to use the bathrooms or changing rooms they identify with. marshal's bill would not allow that. if it becomes law >> i think it's sort of inviting maybe inviting people to be openly discriminatory. >> but he said there would be appropriate accommodation >> single stall bathroom or changing room >> if they do a separate bathroom, that would be great. people would have it both ways. everybody should be happy. they not bothering anybody. >>reporter: now, as you can see, opinions are very divided on the issue, keep in mind this is only a bill. the virginia legislative session doesn't start until next week. so there's really no telling what will happen with the bill. reporting live in fairfax county, alexandra limon fox 5 local news.
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wal-mart >> police both were at the door dodging bullets re bullets. what started the altercation ahead. mayor muriel bowser is closing a loop hole after the slaying of a dc yo ca instructor. metro transit held a press conference to expose issues with the transit system. what was revealed about the spherexs and track safety. if you have a story idea gives a call, you are eyes and kehr ears at
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e-mail tips fox 5 tips at w, we have the scoop on the hottest electronics for 2017 and we're tracking friday know snow. how much will we get? wake up with us tomorrow on fox 5 news morning.
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they wanted to expose
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>> and union leaders and safety experts highlighted until recently track inspectors have not been trained. they also accused metro of mismanagement on regional and retaliation against low level employees, the union claims metro failed to release the evidence that led to the firings of several employees >> i think they're misleading the press. i think they're misleading the public. i think they're misleading the workers. today i had a union meeting. i asked the question. how many of you thought that the firings that are taking place, the workers with falsification and everything else was about the east falls church incident? everybody raised their hand because that's what we're being fed, but that is not true. >> seven metro workers were fired, at least five were supervisors. tonight we're learning metro is planning a big work project on super bowl weekend. busses will replace orange, blue and silver line service in downtown dc
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5th. shuttles will run instead of trains between foggy bottom and eastern market. metro is telling riders to plan up to 45 minutes of additional travel time. it's not a weekend. still that's a long time to wait. crews will be working on track provements as well as installing radio and cell phone infrastructure to improve communications >> that's going to be interesting right on super bowl weekend >> stay in one place, watch the game in one place >> and walk. ahead at 5:30, closing a loop hole >> matt ackland working that story tonight. >> reporter: it's a murder everyone has been talking about in dc the last week of the person accused of committing that murder was supposed to be wearing a gps monitoring device but never showed up to get one. the mayor wants to make changes. a live report coming up. ronica? . we got the white house right here and what i'm going to show you in this next story, a man who was fired by donald trump, he's setting
5:26 pm
street, he's going to stay close to mr. trump. marina? >> reporter: put up unclear makes it to capitol hill. during paul ryan's swearing in, what his dad tweeted out about the stunt. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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bort this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. police heading back to a alcohol heights neighborhood where a man was killed looking for more information, officers out in the 7100 block of white pearl place starting around 6:3027-year-old was found shot to death.
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$25000 put up for information leading to an arrest a dc appeared in court, 49-year-old got her son's friends to kill her boyfriend, levi davis back in 2015. according to court document, henderson was a male clerk at the jail and had an intimate relationship with david while he was an inmate. the woman police say used the credit card of a missing busy bethesda man has been arrested. 25-year-old sheriff. he used john donohoe's credit card at multiple stores in heightsville. he's the only charged with credit card fraud. not been charged with donohoe's disappearance. police still looking for him. investigators need your help to id a man wanted for credit card fraud in fairfax county. take a close look. police say the man stole a wallet from the desk's a business on
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new tonight in the district, muriel bowser signed a law to close a loop hole that allows criminal to tamper with their gps tracking devices without facing additional punish meant >> matt ackland live in northwest with more on that one. >> reporter: i want to show you something from tricia mccauley. she was the woman murdered. i want to show you this tape of one of her friends who was there in court. >> we feel as though the justice system is broken in this case. and that we pray to god that our loss is not something that anyone else will ever have to go through again. >> reporter: a loot of people are feeling that way and the mayor said today she realizes that. in fact, she said a lot of issues came to light. one issue, duane johnson accused of
5:32 pm
he was supposed to show up and put on a monitoring device. it was ordered that he wear one. he never showed up. the mayor said today, that she believes that from now on, she's instructing jail staff, others to work together that once that order is given for you to wear one of those monitoring devices, that it be put on immediately. take a listen. >> we do not from ms. mccaul's's case i think we have identified a very significant space for improvement. how can we make sure when a defender is ordered to get a gps device that offender gets it immediately. one thing we'll work on is making space and time available in our jail, if that's what their first landing spot for the supervising agencies to have their staff available, to put on the gps monitoring devices.
5:33 pm
signing a bill into law this morning, you talked about it earlier. basically, it throws the book at people that cut off or tamper with a gps device, believe it or not, that happened in the past and they haven't faced penalty. now, in the future, they will. and they could face an extra six months in prison for cutting off that device. we're live at the wilson building, matt ackland, fox 5 local news. donald trump's controversial former campaign manager is now opening a political consulting firm steps to the white house. we remember corey lou endowski, fired by trump >> now he's be working inside the same building where you'll find the trump transition headquarters. ronica cleary is live at the white house with the story. >> reporter: well, corey lendowski never backed down as a trump reporter even when he was reportedly fired. he's not going to have a position in the white house,
5:34 pm
even so he's setting up shop about .2 miles away. we're going to show you how close it is. it's at 1717 pennsylvania avenue. the white house 1600 pennsylvania avenue. door to door is .2 miles. as the anchor said earlier, it's in the same building you'll find the trump transition team headquarters. obviously not the same office. but clearly, he may be thinking that he has a role in some way that he'll play in the trump administration. take a listen >> my goal and my hope is that i'm on the outside of the administration helping make sure that the president's agenda is accomplish. that means being able to be on the outside bringing grass roots pressure to congress. that's the role
5:35 pm
having. >> reporter: so here we are, we're coming up on 1717 pennsylvania avenue. this is where the office will be. it's called avenue strategy. lewendowski will work alongside barry bennett. they met while working in the house of representatives nearly 20 years ago. when he was working for donald trump, his motto, let trump be trump. even though he won't be having an official role in the trump administration, we're going to have to wait and see, if his effect will continue to play a role with president-elect donald trump. reporting live in northwest, ronica cleary,
5:36 pm
six people including the protester ncaa were arrested after they staged a sit-in at the office of black man mr. a senator jeff sessions. the group protested being nominated as the next attorney general and said they will stay until he withdrew his name or were arrested: they say he has a history of making enrichment statements. they will begin hearings on his nomination january 10th. ? >> . holder will lead a team from the covington and to berlin link lawmaker where he worked ellen degeneres ris is backtracking after controversial comments. it comes after a youtube video showed kim berel giving a sermon where she called gay and lesbians perverted and an embarrassment. he posted a photo on instagram that reads in part icon did he mean hate speech of any
5:37 pm
openly gate talk show host sent out this tweet. for those asking, kim will not be appearing on my show. meantime berel continues to defend the remarks. a lot of people talking about this one. you. he was officially sworn into office by the speaker of the house paul you see that? roger marshal's son cow tried to do at the dab as they do when they hold the bible when their dad gets sworn into congress. newt. ryan later sent out this tweet saying just publish finished swearing in
5:38 pm
kids, still don't get where dabbing is. >> just you know, speaker ryan, he's grounded. >> he needs to hang out with more kids >> suddenly dr. roger becomes most well-known member >> intended or not. it worked out. >> don't dab. how 16 teenagers came together to give a veteran a proper send-off even though they never met him. a car company adding interior selfie cameras in their cars, because this is a really great idea. >> you know you want it >> to attract millennial drivers. like we don't have enough. >> and carnival crews unveil new wearable technology to anticipate passengers every wish on board. you want that too, don't you, jim >> nope >> brody >> when i went on cruise not get sick. skin fans time to
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is it time to part ways with kirk cousins or should the team show him the money? we'll discuss ahead in sports. what a nice day it turned into. high temperatures into the upper 50's, getting approvingly colder as those winds increased. 50 outside right now. we're talking about a first snow accusation of the year tomorrow night. what you need to know on the latest coming up next with the full forecast when fox 5 local news at 5:00 returns after this.
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police still is the scene of a shooting in prince william's county. on eight00 block of ricksville lane. lauren demarco live with the latest developments. >> reporter: there's a little bit of a walking trail between a wal-mart parking lot which we're standing and rick's lou lane right behind me and police are
5:43 pm
occurred. one person shot. another person injured. the person who was shot was flown out to the hospital. and the victim who was injured also at the hospital at this time. just as a precautionary measure. there are several schools around here in the process of letting out for the day and the schools went into a brief lock-down, stone what will jackson high school, ellis elementary school and new directions which an alternative school >> do we know the ages of the victims or connections >> as of right now, we haven't been able to determine a school connection, we believe that the victims at this point are late teens possibly early 20's, we're still trying to narrow down that information and get it confirmed. >> reporter: we had photos from scene earlier and there were witnesses who were snapping pictures. one of them showed a bicycle on the ground. so was it people who were on bikes targeted >> i was told there was the victims
5:44 pm
maybe one of them had a bike. i'm not sure. then the suspects were possibly in a vehicle. >> reporter: any wore on how this one who was shot and flown out, how that victim doing >> as of right now i was told he's heading into surgery. he was talking, alert, he's expected to survive. at least at this point. >> reporter: any description look-out for suspects, number of suspects >> with one of the victims being in surgery and the other one still being hospitalized we're still trying to to ascertain and narrow down that suspect description. we do believe that this isn't a random act. there's a possibility that everyone did know one another, but we're still trying to work on suspect descriptions and possibly identifications. >> any word on a motive you think they maybe did though each other >> we have information that that leads in that direction at this point, yes. >> reporter: we'll continue talking with police and continue to bring you the latest. we do know that lockdown again for at the schools was lifted. it was briefly in place from about 4:00 to 4:45. children and students
5:45 pm
to head home to their families. that's latest here in manassas. back to you in the studio. let's talk weather right now. you're outside last night. cold? >> very cold. today finally we saw the sun. not for long. looks like we're getting snow. >> eyes what's going to be happening tomorrow night. not tonight. snow showers that could bring our first accusations to the metro. live look outside right now. it will be a dry evening-turning progressively colder. you notice the winds picked up if you were out and they will continue as the cold air pours in. let's get straight to the weather headlines, snow thursday night. looking more likely as we get within that 24-hour window. satellite and radar showing the front pushing clouds south and east of us, clear skies, we got lake effect snow showers with the cold air moving in from cleveland up to burlington
5:46 pm
vermont. this across southern nebraska will streak eastward and reach us within the next 24 hours or so, as a result, playthingss have been hoisted most of the i 70 corridor from st. louis and up through cincinnati. southern ohio western west virginia tonight into tomorrow, and william see accusations in the order of several inches, i expect we'll have water weather advisories ourselves, we're talking about late thursday into friday morning time frame. temperatures 50 in washington, coming off of a high of 57. nice afternoon, however brief that warmup was. 47 in baltimore, 47 in martinsberg. here's the winds at the northwest, sustained about 15 to 20's miles an hour, we've had higher gusts on the order of 30 to 35 miles an hour. let's time out these snow showers for you. i'm fast forwarding to tomorrow morning, high clouds increasing ahead of the first flurries which may fall as early as late afternoon, there's accumulating
5:47 pm
between 6:00 and 8.p.m. we see the first round of snow showers, this could affect the p.m. commute. it's now looking tomorrow evening so much morning friday morning, snow showers falling between 9:00, 10:00, midnight, highest accusations will be further north and west. and all the snow is overwith as that quickly exits. the systems tends to speed up and that's what we're seeing. tomorrow, late day evening through the night into early friday morning. only about a dusting 2010 inch isolated maybe you can see two inches some spots. that's how it looks from thursday into friday. here's your seven-day forecast. much, much colder. that's the other big headline. 39 is it tomorrow with clouds giving way to late day snow. light snow giving way to maybe late day sunshine on friday only 38 degrees. very cold over the weekend. right now, we're staying dry but watching that system towards our south. which could still bring some accumulating snowfall close to the area saturday
5:48 pm
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we're talking about football. the redskins season redskins season ends too soon once again. brody logan joining me to talk about this. we got big money at stake >> you're talking huge numbers. they say that the average annual value would be somewhere around 23, 24 million a year. there are former agents that have gone out there and said he could get 26 million or $90 million guaranteed. which is absurd. >> this is a guy never won a playoff game, who has two winning seasons, one barely this year. >> the year he had, 15th most passing yards in nfl history in the season. six of those seasons were had by drew breeze. and i think drew, his situation parless, we think about him as a saint but >> almost like a little known fact. he played with the chargers and makes you wonder why he isn't there >> he was the last quarterback to play in the franchise tag just like kirk cousins. the year prior to his year, they made the playoffs, lost in the first round, the next year they were the first team out. did not make the playoff. barely missed. the chargers let him go then he went to new orleans, won a super bowl. here's the other thing, drew breeze wasn't signed because he was injured. he had what they thought was a chronic shoulder problem. they're putting up drew breeze like numbers. if you think he's the guy i think you got to sign him. >> we talked about what he made 19.95 million. in terms and you mentioned the number >> there's a group of chemists. they look what the he shot. it's an annual average value of 23.5 million. we have a list of the current top paid quarterbacks. right now, if you look at this, only one of those quarterbacks made the playoffs, and that's aaron rogers, you're building a team, not just a position >> when you're talking about who won, you look at read, flacco and aaron roger, ts
5:54 pm
you can throw all the money towards the quarterback but when you don't have the the talent around him and i think that's the situation the redskins might run into because you got two great receivers who may not be back because you got to pay the quarterback >> two 30-year-old receivers, desean jackson jackson, pierre garcon, both will look for 7, 8, million in average value, if you pay kirk cousins >> this guy wants to go back to philly, too. >> supposedly people said he wants to go back i think it's posturing for more money. this is the last big contract and they're going to get as much as they can. it will be interesting. it will be interesting to see if they give kirk cousins that kind of money and he doesn't have those weapons, how well does he play >> we got a lot to talk about coming up. that wraps it up for now. marina over to you. >> next fox fly on the fly. how about a hand-free selfie, a dramatic scene inside an arizona wal-mart. police and a gun toting suspect. a worker called 911 saying the shooter had trepped before. when cops arrived, the suspect fired at them. wounding one officer. another officer raced after the gunman and eventually shot him as he slid on the floor. these young teens gave a veteran a proper send-off a group of teenagers stepped forward to serve as pall bearers to a former navy petty officer who died with no family or friends, his body laid unclaimed for weeks until one of the workers asked her son to gather some son to help out with the
5:55 pm
>> let me take a selfie >> what do millennials wants from a car? selfies, now chrysler is giving them exactly what they want. their new concept car will include plug-in ports so the car can take a photo of everyone riding in all six and the send the image to their devices to share on social media. ♪ ♪ >> and the car isn't the only thing getting techie. carnival cruise lines using technology to personalize your next voyage. a reminder to head to yoga or or your favorite drink delivered right to you even before you order it. that alerts crew members of your every want and need. and yes, we're still talking about it. mariah's new years eve melt-down, last night at the san antonio game, spurs mascot
5:56 pm
coyote carried the performance or lack thereof by singing a motion before experiencing an audio issue just as she did. will mariah ever be able to shake this one off? ♪ ♪
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this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. . dramatic new video shows the deadly christmas day police involved shooting in the district. thanks for joining us i'm shawn yancy >> i'm tony perkins. the video you're about to see is footage from two dc police body cameras. this j a v o n hall was shot and killed. paul wagner joins us live to walk us through the events. >> reporter: it was about 2:00 that the
6:00 pm
reporters into a small room on the fifth floor and went through basically what they knew about what happened. gave us transcripts of the 911 call that day, and those calls do indicate that this man was armed with a knife as these officers were responding to the house there on christmas day. we know that the officers had been to the house once. then it was the second time that they came back to the house that they encountered the man with the knife. there's been controversy as to whether or not this man did have a knife. because the mother of mr. hall told fox 5 that, quote, he did not have a weapon. he did not have a weapon at all. however, the mayor's office then released this still photo today. you can see mr. hall standing there in the doorway. got the knife in his right hand of the woman he was involved in a dispute with is right there in front of him. then there's a man that you can see just to the left of her. that's a neighbor who had been there trying to help. we're gog


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