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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  January 12, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> good morning i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm wisdom martin. today is thursday i'm whuday january 12th. mike thomas talking about changes, erin como talking about traffic come up in justicm a moment. >> but first the news this morning a suspect arrested inrrn the deadly stack of two people l at a mall in wheaton. >> fox5's melanie alnwick5's mec live at the wheaton mall withkeo the details. good morning,, >> reporter: hey, gol.od morning, guys. mall surveillance video helped montgomery county police put this one together. couthis the suspecnet t apparently was known to police and oncendnc detectives were able to t circulate a still photo of him o from the stabbing they wereeyer able to identify him andim and arrest him at the ace home.e police say the mall video shows 17-year-old angeloar-o lamont jackson stabbing one victim way knife, then goingoi after the second victim. vtim. this happened tuesdayned afternoon on the mall's lower level outside jc pen steer and hollister. there was a police called to aa physical altercation between jack
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which was broken up by mall patrons. jackson we're told after the'r stabbing was able toe walk out of the mall, 24-year-old anar-od gel wilfredo gomez pacific northwest the other unidnortentified victim both hw at the t now, jackson is being charged cg as an adult on two counts ofo cf first degree murder. westfield -- westfield wheaton s mall security tells fox5 theyll are also reviewing their security procedures in this pro incident.ce back to you guys.uuys. >> melanie alnwick reportinglnwk this morning. >> right. >> 4:31 is the time.>> 4:3 also in the news the director of national intelligence james clear says he's spoken to -- clappersays the intelligence community has not decidedhas t c whether the document is reliable. the white house is also weighing inwhite chastising ths president-elect forelect criticizing the intelligencegenc communities and its leaders. trump earlier likened the aces e of intelligence officials to
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>> senate confirmationonfirmat hearings continue on capitoltin hill for three ofhr of president-elect trump'sent-t nominees. unprecedented testimony duringyr jeff sessions hearing.sions in sitting new jersey senator sat cory booker testified against sessions.ns booker said he was considered ce about senator session's civil cv rights background senator backgo sessions has not demonstratedemd a commitment to a central requisite of the job to aggressively pursue the the congressional mandate of civil rights equal rights and a justice for all of our titizens. >> session was nominated fored f federal judgeship in 1986 hee had his senate confirmationio scuttled by concerns that he showed a racial bias in casesnas he prosecuted as a u.s. attorney in alabama. a former aide says does not n have a questionableionabl characterly. >> secretary of state nominee nn rex tillerson was asked about at his connections to russia.ussi the toughest line ofe o questioning came from senatorm r marco rubio.
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rubio laid into the nominee for failing to take a hard line on russian cyber attacks a against the united states and ad the kremlin's involve. invol in the syrian civil war. war he also asked him aboutbo vladimir putin. >> is vladimir putin a warvl war criminal. >> i would not use that term. >> well, let me describe theet e situation in aleppo andond perhaps that will help youelp y reach that conclusion.onclion. in aleppo mr. putin hasut has directed his military toitar conduct a devastatingdestating campaign, he's targeted schools, markets not justt assisted the syrians in doing dg it his military has targetedar schools market and other civilian infrastructure that'sea resulted in the death ofthe dehf thousands of civilians.ilia >> the transportationrt secretary faced a friendlierdl group of senators.enator analysts say that's becauseause she's the wife of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell.nnel >> happening today eulalioulio tordil will be back in court. police say tordil shot andhond killed his wife at their daughter's high school in thatoa prince george's county back inbi pa
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going on a shooting rampagethota the next day in montgomeryn mono county and killing two people in separate shootings.e sotin >> 4:33 is the time right now. changes in our future inutre in regards to the weather, right,h, mike >> you are right.ou areight we got a taste of winterr coming back this weekend but b let's not ignore the good. good. it's going to be a beautiful.utl that we have shower activityve s moving through the d.c. region n at this time. but this afternoon should benoo dry, bright and spring like temperatures.eratures. very light shower activityhtho pushing across the d.c..c. region. this won't last that long.t l if you're hitting the highways, 95, coming out ofg ou maryland you'll be seeing a youl few raindrops early on this morning.mornin bigger picture shows a coldhows front well off to the north and west through cleveland.velad ahead that of cold front we'ree' getting a nice warm surge ofge o southerly winds and that's going to bring up some 60'ss and not too far to the southo ro of here some 70's as well. wel here in d.c. i think it's 60's. 60's reagan national currently
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53 degrees, dulles version bwidl 54 seso a mild start to the to e this january morning and by 10 o'clock today we're 55, upe'u to the 60's we go by 1 o'clock o this afternoon.erno mix of clouds and sun dan lookuo at that, nice and warm, 65 degrees by 4:00 p.m. f.m you're able to do so get outut and enjoy it because as has been teased for the past 20 minutes yes, changes are on the way. we're talking about a wintry mix and snow back in theing ck e forecast. i'll let you know how much and what the timing is kno coming um in just a few minutes. minutes. that's a check of your checkyo forecast. erin has got trafficly.rafficly >> with that was winterith weather coming we'll take the warmup for today.thmi right now maryland departmentry ofla transportation ivoryioivor tweeted them wind warnings inema effect at the bay bridge.t the r use caution. if you have any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. things on 50 through ann5 d.apol nice and quiet towards the district. for the rest of your thursdayrsy morning commute, nice and ne quiet around the beltway.eltw. problem free outside the t beltway in beltzville onville o baltimore-washington parkway-w as well as 95.ashi ifl you're cruisi
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early morning flight making min your way towards bwi i likee what i'm seeing there. route one quiet. no issues in college park. lege park. and things in wheaton glenmont looking good. we're issue free in silverlver spngng. 270 wide opened down towards tar the sponge all bridges arege a looking good. problem free in frederick. bottom of the beltway as weltwae forward our maps take a look at 66 very quiet drive coming cn through centreville.treville. once you pass 28 we're also als looking good inside the beltway, inner loop no issuessse there. so if you're getting a start a a you can enjoy these quiet roads. i'll let you know if and whennde things start to pop up that you need to be aware of. o back to to you. >> coming up on fox5 newsx5 morning some are sayingay secretary of state nominee rexix tillerson per injured himself during his testimony on capitol hill. >> how would you like to flyld to europe for les ys than $100? i'm all ears, too., too it could happen.ouldappe we'll let you know how when wen come back. break here's her a live look outside across thes d.c. region.c.egion. the time right now
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the temp. th back in a moment.t. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> it's 4:38. it is time to check what's me t the internet thisnet th morning. >> that's right. holly morris joins us>> with wh what's hot on the web. >> good morning, maureen and mad wisdom. wisdom good morning, everybody.orning,y some are questioning if. questng secretary of state nominee rexor tillerson per injured the former exxon mobil ceo denied during testimonyurin yesterday that he or exxonxx ever lobbied the u.s. t avoid. that's in an effort to protect exxon's financial interests inna eastern europe. bob corker immediately stopped tillerson's testimony and saidod tillerson called him personally about the sanctions. corkerti said exxon mobil lobbied several. donald trump plans to retain
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his financial incidents hisnc real estate empire.ial e re he says his sons will managel ma the company while he'smpwhile president. the head of the office off government ethics says trump's p plan does not meet the standards set by previousviou presidents. some have wondered what would happenndered if a foreign dignia paid to stay at a trump hotel. t would that be considered that making money off foreign fei diplomats which is strictlyis sr forbidden for any elected ect official to do. t trump has made clear that he will not give up his ownership h stake in the trumprump organization. will chelsea manning go free? president obama has put the chelsdent former army intele analyst serving a 35 year sentence for leaking classified material on hisl short list for a san diego chargers news new home could be l.a.. he intends to move the me t franchise to los angeles.os angl if this happens, they will wl share a new stadium with the t rams. ra the chargers have been in sannn diego for 56 years. yrs and a trip to st
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sweden and other destinations just got even sweeter. set iceland's wow air is offering og $69 flights from the west coast.coas 69-dollar flights are available from san franciscofrom and los angeles to copenhagen denmark, stoke home sweden edinburgh scotland and bristol england. fares from new york begin at $99. new no word on if that actual plane includes a pilot or ar crew. >> or seat or air. >> exactly. >> that's crazy. >> go gdoes cost more to from new york to there than l.a. to there because that's considerably more distanceably right if i'm checking my geography. >> $69, $99 i'm giving eightvin shot just to see. >> okay.y. i'll take all your shoes.our oe. >> they didn't tell her that she's flying over the bermudaeru triangle. >> exactly. if you don't come back we'll remember you fondly. fdl >> in the news this
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coming up police making anaking arrest in a hate crime at a hatm local high school. sool. >> and police search forarch for suspects after a robbery inn >> and we're heading to break.ak we'll take a live look across as the d.c. region. actually you're look at the white house. lights slowly coming up there wly co white house. time iousse 4:42. 4 it is a pretty nice 53 degrees. more news and ikea, traffic aftc the break. mama, my throat hurts. and a few extra minutes in the morning. you've got ten more minutes. make room for what matters.
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at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a well organized closet. mama, my throat hurts. and a few extra minutes in the morning. you've got ten more minutes. make room for what matters.
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>> ♪♪ morning. mnix5 news >> today on fox5 news morning,og clearing the first hurdle.e. the senate republicansubcans approving a budget package,acka the first step in their planhe p to repeal obamacare.obamacare. >> here's a question for you. do you need anys a qu help survv the presidential inaugurationugr because now there's an app for atat. >> wow. an app for everything. app for e a live lookve outside.utde winter warmup enters its second day.conday don't get used to it. it. all good things coming to an ends. sorry to be the bdsearer of badd news this morning but we'll cheer you up. f jks for joining us, i'm maureen umeh.oi m martin'm wisdom martin today. is thursday january 12th.uary 1 erin como talking about theboutt roads but first mike thomasike o talking about the weather.out wt mike when we saw melanie inelie her live shot the umbrella wasas blowing pretty hard but you b say it's okay >> yes, i do. d >> are we going to believe youey or our eyes. eyes. >> the wind will be blowing blo today.da don't let me give any falsee a impression there is but itsi will bone blowing out of the so
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yes, lab breeze but it will betl a warm breeze.eze. we won't have the whips we hadea the past couple days.da once you get above 50 degrees 5e wind chill is not a factor. futurecast will take youou through the next couple days.s. 55 degrees by 7:00 a.m. a.m. a january day, wisdom, believeme that t it's pretty good. 61 degrees by 11:00 a.m.0 according to futurecast and weec roll through the afternoon weno get up into the mid 60's in as a few locations here in d.c. about 63, 64 degrees.degrees. time we get to 8:00 p.m. p 61 degrees but let me quickly qi fast forward you out to saturday morning 'cause i wantun you to see this. seehis. yes, changes in store. sre there's some snowfalltherme according to futurecast coming in at about 77 o'clock in thehe morning. more details on that coming up p in a bit. quick look at your seven-dayoken forecast and now we'll get to toerin como with traffic.ic >> crash free on fre you can see that shine.t sh use caution.tion i and countered drizzlee walking into the station light but enough that it could causeoe a little bit of a headache for r our early morning ride.y morng i traffic looking
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inner loop and outer loop through 65 as well.sw i like what i'm seeing there. te we have wind advisories inve w effect over the bay bridge so caution.inver 29th5 f rom 50 down to the 11th street bridge cruising along.lo metro service begins at 5:00. 5 any questions at erin fox5esti d.c. on twitter.d.c.twit i anticipate that afternoonnoon warmup. wa wisdom and maureen.reen >> 4:47 is the time right and if you just are waking up here's what's developedt's deved overnight. senate republicans have taken their firstepubli step towardtew repeeling obamacare.repe the senateeling voted 51-48 aloa party lines.partlin the move will keep democrats dea from being table filibusterilibe future repeal legislation. repl the house could vote on the resolution as soon as tomorrow o but it will face a tougher t time in that area as more gop members are concerned about not having a solid replacement a plan in place once obamacare oma is repealed. >> inauguration day is justion t over a week away. a preparations are under way in several parts of the district.of >> today we're due to learnay wd more about safety and security y for the inauguration and thein big daauy of protests that willw follow..
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stadium which will serve as a critical holding space for inauguration attendees and a protestors next week.exk. good morning to you annie unie u hey, good morning, wisdom anddod maureen.maee yeah, we're learning bits andins pieces as we go here until friday january 20th the big b day. da that's just eight days awayust a that donald trump will be sworn in at his inaugurationur so you have thousands of people pouring into theringnto district and of course gettingnd those people in and o out safelf out of the district is the number one priority for law enforcement. later this morning we do know wk that the d.c. homeland. me security director will berity holding a meeting with o dtherwh officials to talk more aboutou the inaugural crowds and ofrowdo course the safety aspects andsps as you mentioned, the plannedla protests taking they're expecting lots ofecti people to come into theconto district for that.t. and council member charlesr allen tells us that already 2000rfk bus parking permitsngmi have been requested and sond we're talking about 200bout 2 permits requested for the bigthi day, 1800 of those permits fr
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the following day when thousands are expectede fo too participate in the women's wen march on washington in protest p of president-elect donald trump andreside the women's marh the way is perhaps the biggest e and most historic march takingin place. plac it's a planned rally at various locations and it'ss attracting a lot of attention. i i checked their facebook paged h this morning, more than 183,000 people say teihey'isre e going to be attending this istes and so officials say they're sat ready for the big crowds ofs of all types. the aclu also tells us that protestors need to be preparedpa in case they do violate any a type of laws and say d.c. police have the right when itri comes to protests.rotes. we'll hear from the aclu in i our next hit but they did rollhr out a new app and it's called cl the mobile justice d.c. app d.c. that you can download on your cn smartphone that gives youhone tu everything you need know inhing case you come across some s trouble on the big day.oubl the that's the very latest heret her from rfk stadium, annie yue fox5 local news.ew >> annie thank you.iehank you d.c. police are lookingc. p for two people wanted for and fr armed robbery in georgetown.eorw happened wednesday afternoonft in the 3500 block of water w street northwest.orth police say the gunman robbed roe
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walking. wa no word on if either victim was injured. >> in anne arrundel countylounty parents of students attending an a meeting last night toht t address concerns about a racist petition and recent rent online threat. police arrested a 14-year-old black female who they say is is behind the account cool kids kid clan, kkk.kk. police say the girl is al student at the school.udent she's now charged way juvenile citation for disruption of disrn school activities.hool activ >> maryland is saving utility ui customers money with itsth i energy efficiency program. p according to a new study the program that sub dieses investments in energy energ efficient sees has saved customers $1.8 billion by billiy helping them reduce power p usage you'lls including bg end and e and their customers have spent money on rebates. rebates
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surcharge on customers' bills.' >> 4:50 is the time.0 he t coming up on fox5 news morningsn residents in flint, michigan mii are told things are gettingetti better despite being advised to use bottled >> a popular fast food chainfooa has decided to mix friedx chicken with tacos. with co >> we're going to break with aka live look across the region.n. 4:51 is the time. 53 is the temp.53 ie te fox5 news morning back in a mement. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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[000:22:23;00] >> 4:53. happening in flint, michigan officials say the city's most recent test results show the lein fsavel of lead in the citys water is dropping despite improved water quality therehe was no call to the end for the bottled water distribution orr i
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removal of faucet filters.ters >> 4:53 is the time. the time. "empire" is already getting gtig the green light for seasonn li four. the show follows the lives the l lyons family brings in an average 16 million total tot viewers a week. viw the show has been nominated for multiple emmymmy and golden globes awards. the third season isn't oversn'to yet. the lions family rolls on with the spring premiere of em of e newspaper march.nepa >> counting down.>> the story falls under goodoo but not so healthy category. ca. this is taco bell's newestes taco she will made entirely entl out of fried chicken. part of the naked chicken chalupa. taco bell has been testing thetg product for the past twot r th years. you can get yours starting january 26th. >> i'm going say that's going to go into the badng say idea h of game. of game. >> my gosh. >> along with mcrib and some other things.thin. >> done they have a dorito dorio
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shell taco. sh >> i haven't eaten a bell since i was 12. 1 >> come on guys, that looksok good. >> mike, you would try it. wou >> i would try it.oury but you know what the problemem is it won't look anything like e what we just showed.ho >> yeah, i know.>> yea kno >> it will be burnt, there t will be very little chicken. chk >> were you when you do try itwh i want a full report.en aul >> all right, done.ight, ne. deal. >> in the meantime full reportu on the weather. onrts long as you pay for itr maureen.n. >> why not.>>hy not. i got you. y. >> weather time, let's do bus stop forecast for the kids kids getting out there this morning, it will be prettyere mild for the morning hours. 44 to 54 degrees as you head off to school. sch after school shorts andnd t-shirts around the region possibly. this afternoon should beposs drd with some breaks of sunshinee through the clouds.throug here's your seven-dayn-day again, 67 degrees your daytime d high today.high t that's not a record here inhe i d.c. by the way. by e wa the record is 76. 55 degrees for your friday anddn then saturday, yes, feeling fli more like winter and maybe a maa wintry mix around.
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whole weekend just kind oft kino looks like it's going to be on only 44 for sunday and for martin luther king jr. dayg jr. monday only 46 degrees withrees maybe a few showers around butut more clouds than anything else.g 60's do come back next week so s there's some good news.ew that looks like -- that is ats a look at the forecast.ok at . let's do some traffic now withaw erinit como. >> 4:56. metro service kicks in at 5:00 a.m. and so far no reportedicfar delays across all of our lines. i'llline let you know if that changes.changes metrobus quiet right traffic looking really nice quio andok quiet. quiet little damp from light rain ip r encoomuntered this morning inren northwest. if you're heading inbound fromdf 50 towards the inside part of the beltway in cheverly keep in mind the bay bridge hasthe ba wind warnings in effect sos in o you'll want to use caution cauon there. top of the beltway is of nice and and qui all secondaries, the icc in great shape. if you have an early flightan eh nothing on the way to bwi will slow you down. dow same story on the way toto reagan national anryd dulles. coming down from frederickre yesterday 270 was just a mess. s we had such big problems bys b the 6 o'clock hour.k ho
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the good news is right now now it's nice and quiet and i'm a hoping we get a break germantown commuters will get wl some relief on the road.f on toa 70's is also looking good. goo 66 problem free.e. 28 through chantilly is alsos as in great shape right now andnd our secondaries throughcond manassas are moving without any are m issues. isss. oakton same story. 295 light volume building but bi not enough to cause any slowdowns on visit to the 11thie street bridge. tweet me with any questions ato erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. i've had5 d. my first cup of of coffee t it's not even 5:00:0 and i'm going for my second. se. >> a virginia gubernatorial candidate following through on his promise to give away anllow assault rifle high career milestone. it was big one but he needs buts that one trophy to go along go g with it. the big trophy. troy. >> we're heading to break.o brek let's take a quick look atk a today's stock futures.s stock ft not looking good right now but the market is not quite openeds yet and maybe things will improve. fox news back after this. thi >> ♪♪
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>> today on fox5 news morning, i clearing the first hurdle. h winter warmup entering aering sector day. unfortunately don't get usedsead to it. like all good things this willoh not that's what we're hearing. hrin. >> but, we're just going toe jug enjoy today.enjoy >> why not? live in thehe moment. >> live in the moment. good morning to you t we're happy you're spending this livoo moment with ug s. good morning, i'm hollynt w mori morris., i' mo >> and i'm maureen umeh. iaureen today is thursday january 12th. mike thomas is going to talko t about our changing weathereather pattern, erin como is going tooi talk about our changinghang traffic.c. that's coming up on the 5ss but let's get you caught up inct the meantime with what's what' developed overnight.deve we'll start on capitol hill where a late night session endestd withar senatt e repa las officially launching their efforts to repeal and replacel e the affordable care act. they wrapped up a final voteppeo just before 1:30 this the senate voted 51-48 along48lo party lines for the measure which is the firste me step in e obamacare repeal.amacare repea the vote will keep democrats doc from being able to filibuster fe future repeal legislation. rep the house could vote on that tt resolution as soon as tomorrow but that's a bit more


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