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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  January 20, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EST

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>> strata hid history in thehid making. ♪♪ >> donald trump a new york reall estate mogul turned reality tv star now just hours away from fm becoming the 45th president ofdo the united states of america. >> we are going to make america great again, greater than ever before! >> the next commander in chief c kicking off the celebrationraon yesterday with a concert on theo steps of the lincoln memorial. >> ♪♪ >> late night for the and an early start. inauguration day now officiallyy underway beginning minutes agouo with a prayer service at st.t . john's church. that means we're just hours
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remony.y. and a new day for thes capitol.l we have live team coverageere across the region as we markk this symbolic transfer of powerp a special ed dig of good day d.c. begins now. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> you're watching live coveragg on good day d.c. the inauguration of donald trump. our live coverage starts now. ♪♪♪ we want to thank you for you joining us.g us. just a minute past 9:00 o'clockl on this friday morning, january 20th inauguration daythi on the lnaeft st. john's churchh inside that church at this veryr moment.moment. the president-elect donald trumd and his family. the vice president-elect is alss there mike pence and his familym they are inside right now as the traditional inauguration mornini church service is well underway. on the right you can see theee t security on the top right now oo the national mall. mall. security very tight around thegd area we just heard from holly morris about that. tha we'll check in with all our crews in the area. what a great shot from the top t
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>> it certainly is. we're here with you all morni>>g coverage doesn't stop today.od we won't stop until the new n first family stops i suppose.upe >> just about two hours and 45 u minutes away from the oath ofato office coming up just little lit before noon donald trump will be sworn in as the nation's 45th president. good day d.c.good d.c it is just a few minutes past p 9:00 o'clock on this friday,rida january 20th. inauguration day 2017.017. i'm steve chenevey.y >> i'm allison seymour.ur holly, maureen and wisdom alldol downtown this we will check in with them, ofho course, coming up.p and we've seen things pretty p much move on schedule today so d far. >> so far so good. so faso g >> right.>>. >> exactly to the schedule we expected so far. the only hiccups along the way w have come in the form of gettini access to the mall getting gettg through security.ugh we had some power issues when it came to some of the mags down mw there to get folks through. tou. some of the security devices and measurements we've had protester who's have tried to stop peoplep from going in through some ofh o the gates that are public accesc to get on to the national mall. we have had a few hiccups frompo that asp
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but as far as the president-elect's day so far, right on schedule.ght sch >> right on schedule. all right. rig right now, president-electdt donald trump as steve mentionedi at the top is inside st. john's church.ur there you see on the left, ofhef course, it's right across from the white house. h. he arrived just about 20 minutet ago after spending the night att the blair house it's a tradition for the incoming commander ineri chief. >> vice president-elect mikect k pence also there again arrivinge at st. john's about a 8:25 this morning.rng. just right around the corner coe from blair house, and from the o white house and there you see s donald trump this is earlier e this morning just a short timett ago about 15 minutes ago, 20 minutes ago and there of coursec is his wife melania joining himm as they walk nabbed hand intod t st. john's together and his h family, his sons, his daughterse right behind.d >> just in case you w wondering, melania trump wearini american designer ralph laurenau today. steve, i know you weree, i wondering. just wanted you to know.ono that service is expected to last about an hour. now, while he is there, the vips
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starting to show up and takendae their seats on the west front oo the capitol building and they'll trickle if right up until thehe president-elect arrives but arr first he has a few more stops ss after st. john's he'll head todt the white house where he'll hav' coffee and/or tea we presidentse and first lady michelle obama.b. that will be a private meeting.i then around 10:35, the 44th and 45th presidents will takel t a motorcade to capitol hill.ol . that ride down pennsylvaniaennsa avenue will take about 10 10 minutes or so. the swearing in ceremonyeron scheduled to get underway at at 11:15 that will include the oaths of office for the vice president-elect mike pence andn president-elect donald trump. t and trump's inaugural address ae which is expected to run about 20 minutes.utes after that ceremony the new then president will attend a luncheon on capitol hill around thee this afternoon the inaugural parade begins. begi its journey bacnsk to the white house. >> all right. arrive aiv dignitaries and capitol hill right now as we speak tens of thousands everythy people also making they are wayy to the national mall t
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all of the activities today.oda. obviously not everybody is there to cheer on the president-electe although many many people there are protests plannedlaed across the region wedge livee team coverage all day on all all aspects what's happening in theg nation's capita.a. marina mack land, matt act land ronica cleary with the peopleeo who are prove testing thishis morning. bob barnard annie yu hanging out with witnesses to history on thy national mall.nati mal holly morris, melanie alnwick,lk wisdom martin along the paradeae route and will be along thed wib parade later today.para later t. maureen umeh has a birds eyeye from fox news headquarters onuan cal toll hill.llill. >> at 9:05 we want to begin with tom fitzgerald yards away from the podium donald j. trump willl stand with his hasn't on thet bible and become the next commander in chief. whatco amman historic bible it . good morning, fits.its. good morning. good morni steve and allison i know youngn were wondering i am wearing columbia outer wear today.da. >> okay.ka >> looking sharp. sha >> because it is what thehe fashion wet person is wearing out here tod
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>> thank you for that, steve. s. reporter: that tradition t you just showed a minute ago ata st. john's church that is very v old tradition.diton every president since john adams has worshipped at st. john's church before proceeding on with the inauguration ceremonies. what we are doing here today ony the west front of the capitol,al that is not as old tradition.. only since ronald reagan in january of 1981 have inaugurations been hell on theon west front. prior to that, they were allerll held on the east front but then somebody got the bright ideadea that maybe we should put this ii place where the sun actually has a chance of shining and that's why ronald reagan moved it on io this side and it has been a fantastic location ever since, because the length and breath ot the national mall is spread outo in front of you and you are able to see clear into virginia even on a cold, rainy day like this one. let's g
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at this podium here today. this is the inaugural stand fort the 58th presidentialsint inauguration. what they are doing right now i putting the final touches on tos this area. this now, that carpeted blue area,re that is where all thel the dignitaries are going to sit. tt a lot of the congressionalessiol members are going to be in thoso riser areas right behind. in front of that railing now n those blue chairs that you seese under the plastic right now, now that is where the president-elect is going to sits that is where the chief justicei of the united states is going tt sit and that is where the obamaa are going be seated. again, we are expecting thatng t this is going to get underway ur here when they finally arrive about 10:45 this morning.orni the speech we are told, the theme, america first. fir. what does that mean? well, seaa spicer the incoming white housee press second says thend saythe president-elect is going to goit expound on exactly today what makes america great actuallyll means. a lot of questions a
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ever since donald trump rolled r out that slogan. sga we are hoping to have him fill h in some of that today when he delivers his inaugural address a at this very spot later on thiss for now we're live at the u.s. capitol, 58th presidentialsidena inauguration. we'll send it back to you.nd i>> tom you know you're a maste of history the it's interestingt when you mentioned with ronaldhd reagan and moving that in 1981 8 so that you could actually havea some sun on the festivities anda then only four years later wasas the inauguration that was too cold to even do outside.ono eves >> reporter: that was 1985. simply that year it just got dangerously cold, and it would d have risked really life or limbm had they gone ahead didn't that. what they dark do you remember the old capitol all the parade d floats, all the bands, they went over to the capitol center and ronald and nancy reagan actually drove over there and thanked everybody, but they were not thn able to go ahead with the paradd that year either because it was just too darn cold.ol we're in a lot better shape sha weather wise this year.
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>> you got no tdohat right.t rt >> tom fitzgerald thanks ford tr joining us right in the middle of it all.ight i know you love tiff yann i knok you love history.yove history. >> yes. i mentioned the bible. ntio we t tore we get to the bible. >> okay. >> the very first inaugurationnt in washington, d.c. thomas jefferson inngto 1801. >> really. >> you have to go way back. >> way back. not the first.ave to the okay so the bible has significance today when drum ism that sworn in because it will, yes, be the bible that abraham lincoln was sworn in with but also have his personal bible with him, htoo so in essence two bibles there.e same thing that president barack obama did in 2009 and 2013 witht >> i think that's interestingntg it's fascinating that it will be the same bible that president pe obama used.obama used. last two times that president-elect donald trumpelec will be using as well thee so-cusinalled lincoln bible. bie >> right. >> i can tell you on personalel note ol yone of the highlights t i have had personal untillnt washington i had a chance to goo to the library of congress anded actually hold the lincoln bibleb in my hands. my han >> is that right?>> i >> first of all it was much much smaller. >> did you need to wear the white gl
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>> of course.ite gl >> of course.>>cour but it's amazing. amang so, yes, it will be the same t s bible as far as the lincolns tho bible president obama used fouro years ago and eight years ago.yo >> let's get back outside now tw our annie yu. annie is at 12th and madison.adn let us know what you are seeingn good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morningor to you steve and allison. a good morning, everybody.rybody yeah, we have been seeing a lot more people trickle in now, anda so they're filing down there and we're sort of watching the national mall stack up. as we work minute by minute herr hour by hour and we got w got important people with us that i want to introduce to you.ou. we've got members of the us army sort of guarding this section for the media, and so what is your,, what is your duty today,, sir?? >> we're just here to kind ofd o show a presence here. h we're just trying to makeg tak everything as peaceful as possible.ssib show that's correct you know, we're nots co hrrere to do anytn you know, anything major just trying to show people makeeak everything as peaceful asl a possible make everybody happyeva and -- >> right. >> protect us guys.rotects
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it's wet. it's a wet day. certainlyit it is. but you're handling it okay,t oa right. >> i'm from chicago.icag so we're used to wet and. 95 and sunny, wet and cold, snoo the next day. >> reporter: that's right.ha thank you so much.t'k i also want to talyok to thesek folks here.lkre. come on in here guys. guy good morning. where are you guys from. fro >> maryland. >> maryland. >> we both work for montgomery county fire and rescue. >> reporter: excellent.ork ty fc excent.llent. what brings you out here today?? >> just the inauguration. it's going to be history and i a think it will be a good so -- >> reporter: what do you hoper:y for the next four yearsou for te country for yourself. yrs >> change in the right direction. >> reporter: for you. rep >> same thing. just tired of being in slump. i want to see us be great agains >> reporter: thank b you vere ya much. thank you all. e frome met a lot of peopl all parts of the country. cou i spoke to a family who drove from kentucky this morning to t come out here and they broughtug their children out here.chdren they thought it was an important history lesson for the kids to t see all of this, to witness ann american tradition, and then wew also met a couple from lorton, virginia, tom and prann
9:12 am
have to give them a shout outm h hoping to get on the air but but they had to go. g and this is not their firstheirr inauguration. they try to come out here everyy year but get this steve andnd allison, they literally walkedle an hour and a half from d.c. a from reagan national to be heree and witness this historic evente back to you in the studio. >> all annie, thank you very much.hanku appreciate it.prec >> all right in the meantimethee we're keeping a close eye off ef screen at st. john's we do see s some people that are leaving. lg we have not yet seen donalddona trump or any members of hisf his family leave the church but we e had expected they would be inede there for any wo hour. hou we're trying to get a betterte idea right now apologies as weea look off screen right now tryin to keep an eye on all the t monitors. >> there you can see what we were looking at right nowou c. again, i would say probably 15 to 20 people just walked out tht door but, again, not quite sures why at this point but we have b not seen any members of donaldfd trump's family or mike pence's's family leave. lea. so our understanding they'reding still inside.still de >> take a short break right now. donald trump's first day inn office also means presidentnsret ama'a's last. coming up later we'll show you u
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the american public.icanublic. >> first though, d.c. doesn'toen get many of them so when we dond we'll do it right. rht we're talking about parades andd coming up next we'll check in cn with holly and wisdom for a looo at what to expect with the wh te inaugural parade.gurapara time right now 9:13. 9:13. keep the tweets and instagramnsr posts coming just use the #fox5potus.ox5potus back after this. ♪♪
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♪♪ 9:16 right now taking liveht look on the left sid ne of youry screen there is st. john'sre iso church of course thehe president-elect viceident-electe president-elect are inside right not war for the church service s morning.rn then on the right we're startin to see some ostf those seats sts to fill up in front of the the capitol. that is a great shot right nowow looking back at the crowd almoss from the vantage point of wheree donald trump will be standing sn just a matter of hours to takete that oath of office. off our wisdom martin is not far far from the church there on yournou left. let's join him n. wisdom is at lafayette park. pak >> good morning to you steve and allison. we are here right in lafayetteae park right across pennsylvaniaea avenue and you see behind me this is the reviewing stand where president-elect donaldle trump will be this afternoon. after he's sworn he will then bn president trump.ent t i want to show you something. s. this area over here people are
9:17 am
they have their rain slickerslis because it's starting to rain rn since we have been out here inen this area.rea. they've been out here for abeen couple of hourse now.ow. apparently, they're going to sit here all day until the inauguration festivities are so clearly they're excited about being here or about participating in the inauguration. we're talking about what has initionally in this countryg been the peaceful transfer of power between the out-goingut-g president and the inn-coming-com president we talk about this all morning.rning. president-elect donald trump leaving church then heading over to the white house to meet withh the obamas. out-going president and hispres family. they're going to meet, then att about 10:00 they've they'llve leave the white house then headh over to capitol hill where their ceremonies will take place. pla he'll be sworn in as the 45thhe president of the united states.e then they will do the parade pae route and it will end right herr at the reviewing stand rightnd g across from the white house hou where they will conclude the --- he will watch the parade andthra conclude their activities he'llh
9:18 am
the day.e da now, i was talking earlier aboua the transition of power and there's also a massiveasve transition when it comes to one family moving out and another ah family moving in.famioving i got interesting information for you about that.u abouthat so the official move-in timee actually for the new president is n that's actually while all the t ceremonies and festivities arete going on. so that's the official time fore the new president to move in.e . now, the people in charge of o that move-in, the officers fromo the general services administration they're in chargc of that all the decor andec a everything from the first family they've already discussed thised they've already talked about it they've been given maptas all te staff has been given maps andapd told where everything is goingv to go because the person iniscan charge of that is already met the president-elect, he's, he' already told them. tm. they've already had this discussion about where things a are going tboo go,ut so that ish that part of it takes . as far as the out-going familyy is concerned, they're actuallycy responsible forgetting theirng t thing out of there.out of the they have to get a private priva moving company to come in and move it out.. and they'll be gone and
9:19 am
new family first family willy wl come into the white house.o so got a lot more informatithonn talk about this right now as i said it's is starting to rain out here. to people are starting to gather ss they can get a good seat an gooo spot here for the inauguration.r back to you steve and allison.l. >> wis, that's.. find your own way out. o thank you very much.. >> yeah. [ laughter ] toove got to move forward. the ank you so much wisdom.m >> you can see from some of thet folks in the crowd they have the parkas on. some of them have whateverve pieces of plastic they could cou grab to stay dry.. a lot of hats out there as well. holly morris along the parade pe route we'll see much moremuche activity a little bit later onat today. holly, good morning.ood >> reporter: kind of the quietmq before the storm right now hereh steve and allison, but, yes, tht people that are coming ing i everybody has their rain gear isich is good. there are a lot of people with i hats on i want to give you aou a sense of the feel here.he fl hee it's really interesting the t position that's going on on onee side we were waiting to get in,, we were with a bunch of peopleop and we saw nicky haley walking out. out. marriott she's the governor froo south carolina tapped to be thet embassador to the un.the we saw dr. ben carson walk outao tappedo
9:20 am
and the crowd cheered. c everyone was cheering for them.e then literallyer right now as ii stand just one block over by the warner theater i can really heaa the protesters just outside the security gate.e there are whistles blowingowin chanting going on.. and so it's interesting to feell as we look at people gettingplei their spots along the paradeg ea route already, you canu definitely tell there'snite obviously many trump supportlyeo out there, a lot of them wearing red hats that say make america gwen. a lot of them wear flag typelagp apparel we see other people peol holding up very poignant signsas and very directed signs againstn the incoming administration. and yet they're all some of thee sitting side by side. and so far inside here in the secure area all has beenee peaceful and of course you see e the strong security presencese along the route already as well. in fact, the budget for security for this inauguration alone isgn the most ever in the history of any inauguration. they're estimating it atat about
9:21 am
$100 million.00 mil they say the whole inaugurationo 2,200,000,000 gives you an idea half of the budget alone is juss to make sure that this event isi pulled off safely. in terms of the parade not slated to go off untilgo off unl 3:00 o'clock this afternoon, as always, as tradition dictates the military a strong part oft f there are five different divisions of the parade.. the first one will be led by the oldest and most senior branchr a which is the army and if i ii remember correctly i think it'si then the marines, the navy, the, air force and then the coast guard. there are about 40 differentfent groups in all that of course cos includes a lot of local groupsos that are going to be marchingchn down pennsylvania we'll talk a lot more about that throughout date. that's the lat test from freedod please s back to you guys. >> all right. .olly >> rain not coming down so heava right now.ght no we'll neck with tucker.ucr. it's 9:21 right now coming up cn next the word that presidentrese obama called the most powerfulfl in democracy in his farewellel letter to the american people.
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a live look now at the scene, o course, leading up to thehe capitol where donald trump willw be sworn in as your 45th5t president in just matter ofr o hours. we'll be right back. right ♪♪ ♪♪ z27mkz z16fz y27mky y16fy
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day around here. it's inauguration day. you see st. john's there on thee left waiting for the president-elect and vice vic president-elect and theirir families to leave church chu service. of course, the crowds on the tot and bottom there on the other or side of your screen. scree we've got you covered this ts morning for inauguration day.tiy >> if you have eagle eyes youyeo can see bob barnard in the uppep right he is out on the mall ifai it look like they're not a lotol of people they're at 12th street. they're 12 blocks,.cks, >> he just waived at us.stved at >> hi, bob. is.u iks away from the u capitol we do expect to see that crowd continue to growd throughout the morningco.hout ti now, tucker barnes, the question is, have the rains start totterr fall? >> i missed you tucker.sed yockr >> allison do i look different to you? >> no. yes. >> a little more >> i was clean shaven a fewve af hours ago.urs ago. now i've got 5:00 o'clock shadow it's been awhile since i've beev on. >> oh, boy, yes. boyye >> slight beard here. here. >> you look good. you lk go >> thank you. 43 now in washington. iwash we have showers, one round ofouf showers come through we'll get second round of showers as wellw there's round number one.d numb. i don't know how well -- i'll--i get out of the
9:26 am
round number one northth east pushing up towards baltimore anl and showers inside the beltway,, but as we focus here off to ouro south and west, down intoown central virginia that's the area of rain most concerned withcernh bringing us showers between bete about 11:00 and 2:00. we're not done with the rain yet bottom line we have additionaldt scattered showers between i'd say 11, 2:00 maybe lingering lge into the 3:00 o'clock hour and a then we should quiet it downie we're not going to be bright ana sunny tone the day at least the measurable rain will be out ofwf here by mid afternoon.mid aftno. here's your forecast.fost let me mention the cooll temperatures not going to warm t up a hole lot today with ay w a little rain out there as well ii will feel quiet cool mid tooomio upper 40s with clouds ands and drizzle by three, 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon. all right,in guys, i'll toss iti back to you. >> thank you very much, tucker.. appreciate it. well, it is a tradition forr an out-going president to writee a letter to their successor, but president obama if i can have an little help with the prompterroe please president obama also als wrote o
9:27 am
thanked the american people peo saying "all that i've learned in my time in office i've learned n from you you made me a better president.e you made me a better man. m he also ended the letter by saying, life began his time inii office with a message of hopeagp saying quote america is not thet project of anyone person. single most powerful word in our democracy is the word we.d we the people. we shall overcome, yes, we can.n >> for more on the it oh goingng president his legacy and what wa his day will be like we turn to dan. dan thanks for joining us once o again. >> good morning. >> we talk earlier this week about the president's>> ear legg what it may be what it mate nott be. what about today? what'shat's happening with him today? anything that could change thate in any way or really this just t chance for him to exhale andhald move on to the next chapter ofhf his >> really truly exhale, move on, he's cup his executive orders his
9:28 am
cementing his legacy is alreadyy in place. today is about the peacefuleacel transfer of power as so manyan people describe it.e it and on a cold rainy day in d.c.. he's going to be thinking abouto that flight to palm springs s right after. >> we heard in remarks earlier,i you know, it's going to be okaya is that an unusual statement sta here or does it speak to justus how divided we seem to be as a nation going into this 45th presidency?presiden >> i think both the divisionsion that we have as a country ass well as the different tenors ter that each candidate -- excuse me each president is bringing to their administration with no no drama obama giving away ---- giving way to the donald trump reality tv presidency.dey that division is also being really heightened by thebyhe different personalities of these presidents as one leaves officef and the other comes i >> it's interesting and you anda other folks in your organization have studied presidencies overne time. when you have such an abruptn au change like this obviously
9:29 am
had part tan ships were it comec to the office of the presidencyy in the past. this seems rather abrupt basedtb on the supporter that is you have of the curerrent t presidet and who will soon be the next president. but it's always different timetm now with social media and everything else. else electronic ways that people are expressing themselves. is there any way that we can even compare that to past shipso of power? >> no the advent of twitter,tt, facebook the way people are alll sharing their own personal opinions and bypassing.assing of what, you know, traditionaldl media did to form pin is a significant shift. shift. but we can look to it areas where the personalities ofties presidents did change where eisenhower to jfk was a example. the older general, the strong s leader who was considered a quiet president at the time gavh way to a young youthfulouthfu president that generation aliona shift that was seen but still all of that was focused through radio and tv as opposed to everyone being ablena to add their own opinion. opinin >> it was also focused thr
9:30 am
eisenhower willingly saying he wanted the country that heha h served that he loved to be in i good hands even if there wasn't always agreement there.he. >> correct. cor that idea that, you know, theywt call it the club of presidentsrs for a reason.for rea that when you have reached that point you all see that despite your partisan differences you'rr on the same team and that's perhaps lesson lot of thet o t american people can look at, at, even though there's politicalitl disagreement, you want thewa the country to be in good hands. >> that's a sent many we havey h heard from this incomingin idesident. it seems like almost right after he won the election we're onene nation, we will all get throughh this together.he it seemed that that was a veryer important theme for him to press upon us.up us. >> it was. it was for him to particularlycl with the contentious of it the fact that he was not the popular vote victor, that this wasis w through the electoral college, , that message was important totat tie the nation together.ogetr. >> looking back historically for those who may not be feelingng that hope this time around, when you look at the p
9:31 am
we have gotten 10 through thingg in the past is there hope in knowing, look, we have in toughu times survived.vived. >> we have. and we have institution ws. we have congressionalessi leadership. s ands andsystem of check balances. i tell many people, too, this, h is -- it's time to get involvedl in local government.. city and state government havenm very powerful role in our systee it's easy to to forget that. th. that's a way you can better youu communities even if you disagree with what's happening inhat' washington.ingt >> no doubt about it. >> are you sticking around with us today?nd us >> happy to. tod >> all right>>. >> we appreciate it.precia >> want to get back out to st.t john's church because as we'rebs talking to dan feel free to stao with us for a second here ase well we're watching as donaldino trump is leaving the church chuc service right now which had ass been about 40 minutes or so. or. since he walked into st. john's' church but there you see donaldd trump and his wife melania the t future first couple of the t united states leaving st. john's church after the service.ervi >> walk to the cars and the next stop will be the executivecu
9:32 am
>> what do you make as far asakf traditions when it comes to thii day? this obviously one of the many presidents have chosen st.. john's in the past. as far as tradition is in thishi country of the transfer of power and as far as what donald trumpu has chosen to do to followollo tradition.n. >> well truly following theng te tradition the church ofrc presidents no matter their didhr he nomination at st. john's episcopal the history there is i being the church right acrosscr lafayette square. sar the short trip over, you know, sharing that cup of coffee witht the families that are in the ine white house, and by and large lr that's always been a very cooperative very kind meetingee between the outgoing presidentri and the incoming one.. >> what's discussed in that meeting? is it nice is thes ash that point? let me tell you the real deal. my last time to talk we're in we front of everybody.rybo >> not quite that. do go through sort of the, you know, some old -- some will let them tore the white house or, you know, sharethe wh thoughts a
9:33 am
you know as we anyone who -- - probably president obama had a bit of nostalgia about his eighg years there. >> governor pence, vicece, vi president-elect getting into hi vehicle. i'm sorry, go ahead.m sorr >> no. some of the lessons he's learned while he's there. you know, president obama madee it very important task in his mind to try to educate president trump as much as possible onsibo these issues and from thisrom ts experience. >> what are some of the challenges that presihadet ntarp will face now because you look l at as we watch mike pence walk out now mike pence obviously aiy long career in politics to getog to this point. pnt much like we've seen in recentet history as far as the person who assumes the presidency. not the case from donald trump o coming from the world of fm thef business into the executive int mansion nowthe . so how does that differ now asen far as challenges that he mightt face immediately now once hee h finds himself literally thislyhs afternoon sitting in the without white house?e? >> we'll see how he learns thatt the machinery of government does not move the way a businesss
9:34 am
machinery does. does that there's a lot more processe cease and procedures that are in place. he's talked about shaking sometm of those up, but there arehe a reasons that things are done don that way in government. it requires more deliberationern and consensus. >> talked about the correlationc between business and what he'st' doing in the white house.ou essentially though he's stilly h the boss.ouboss. >> correct. he is still the boss and it's ai now the question of as he continues and we've watch the transition process, what team is he building out around him now n the cabinet will be moving in place, those confirmations and then the lower tier people the t deputes and assistant andtand cabinet agencies how do they fit in place and begin to exercise his agenda? agea? >> so you would think foryou woo somebody who is used to beingrhd the boss, who i to sbe the bosss companies in the private world,r if you are moving into this thi position, you couldn't pick an'a better scenario to move intoovin where essentially your party hah the power right now. n. >> correct. >> and you are the boss and the executive mansion. mreay theexec tuthe friction be where may that resistance be now
9:35 am
frustration may set in down the road? ro >> i think it will seeing theghe frustration of where, you know, where there are not personnelnnl yet because of the time it takes for vetting and confirmations. so where there are empty deskses in government maybe an issue.. also, i think unlike business,es other countries have a voice inn how he runs his administration. we've seen traditional untilnt there are foreign policy challenges early in administrations. stories that the northern koreans are fueling a missile test at this very moment. momen something he may face, you know, on day one or day two that ishai not something you're used to inn the business world.. >> going to take short break ana stick around we want to hear to from you talking specificallyfiy about legacy something steveng e touched on with you earlier thit week.we but we want to bring in ourn our wisdom martin right now who is i at lafayette park and the vice president-elect andecnd president-elect on the move, wis. >> reporter: allison, you're yoe right. just a short time ago on the
9:36 am
other side in the other oer direction from where i'm sittini is the church and we saw themm come out of the church and getnd inside the suv's.'s now i'm told that there's a's possibility that they could cld drive those suv's down through u here en route to the white houst to meet with the obama they'll have their meeting withw the obama family then at 10:35 : they will leave here and head ad off to capitol hill for the inauguration 2017 ceremonies to officially start and swear inwer the 45th president of the united statesf t.s so we're waiting on that rightt now.. so it's my understanding thatdia he's still in that black suv.. now, we talked about thisut this earlier. there are a number of people wh alpeready out here.ady here. they've been out here for abeenh couple of hours outer here in te stands waiting to witness the t inauguration.inaugu witness the parade and witnessns the festivities that will take place for inauguration 2017.7. now, this is signifying and it has signified in this country for as long as we've been here e in this country the peaceful transition of
9:37 am
out-going president and the inn-coming president. prent. the out-going president number m 44 obviously barack obama andmad the 45th inn-coming president pe being donald trump. now, some other information tooa tell you about.ll you about. i've talked about the moving ini and the moving out of the whitei house and how much of a processe that is.. how there is a group -- there--e are a group of people who are involved in that. in that. they meet well beforehand. talk about how they're going toi move people in and move people out. out. get everything in order. so that officially at noon, officially at noon when the newn president can move into the whet it white house. we know the ceremony will beiteo going on at that time.g on but officially at noon is whense he will officially become the resident at 1600 pennsylvaniansa avenue. now, he's going to come down this route this afternoon after all theno oonther ceremonies ana after being sworn in and he will be president of the unitedf thed states. he'll come down pennsylvania avenue again.. they're going to go inside these white
9:38 am
come out into the reviewingiewi stand and watch the rest of the parade. now, i had a chance to speak a a short time ago with someone whow was involved in actually theualt building of the reviewing standa and the building of the media riser.rir actually we're looking at this over here.ere. where suv's are starting to pull in a motorcade is starting totan pull in here at the white house. we're not sure which one he's is at this point.nt. but you can see the suv's and limos pulling into the whitento house. so this is where the meeting isg going take place between the ben trauma many family and the obama family. out-going president, in-comingni president they'll have thatt tha meeting and head off -- i'm sorry.sorr okay. ay. so my understanding that trumpu is leaving now.ow. leaving from the church. the vice-president the bidensids jail and joe have just walk out. so this is taking place.lace. it's part of the pea
9:39 am
transition of power that happens in this country every four years or when there's a new presidentt every four years when there's a' new let me get back to this -- we'll talk while they're, you know,reo getting ready to come over. or. >> wisdom i think we'll jump in for a second right now.nd rightw we're actually looking right now we just saw joe biden, of course, vice-president joe bidee and his wife dr. jill biden bidn walking out of the white house e right now as those vehiclesehic pulled up so perhaps a better vantage point right now as we watch this. t dan is with us a policy managern for the center of the stud ever the presidency in congress andes spent many years now coveringg the presidencies various vus presidencies over the years. yrs there we see mike pence gettingi out right now, and speaking with joe biden.iden and there you see -- >> karen pence with her husbanda of course, and exchanging embraces warmly as the in coming vice-president and the second tc lady of the nation all joinoi hands and walk up the steps of o
9:40 am
>> on the left side of thee lefd screen just to block away fromef the white house making its wayus right now thee maki motorcade ii donald trump is riding right n now. all right. dan is still with us right now. dan, when we were talking beforb about these meetings thatings ta happened that are soon to happea inside the white house between b the outgoing president and the e in coming president, sometimes they're very cordial.oral really what we know i guess froo memoirs or insider who's have'sh shared the stories over thehe years the generations the stohe decades the centuries. sometimes they're cordial andora sometimes they're not.ey're not. >> correct. the worst that we know of was the transition from herbertrber hoover to fdr. f we have to remember at that time five-month lame duck periodame because the inauguration was noo yet in january.ry so there was a lot of --f >> five months.ive nths >> five months. it was march when the mar when t inauguration used to be then.onu >> long ther but we didn'tt want five-month lame duck period what ended up happening was that the political disagreementreent between the two men that lastede for the five years during the t height of the great depressionrs they sat in stoney silence whene ey
9:41 am
there was no --ths no >> my goodness.good >> very little -- you could head a pin drop.pirop. you know, people would say awkward turtle or however youevr want to put it. that the -- they took their ridd from the white house down to the capitol not a word between them. usually there's this dialogue of friendly banter. >> at least small talk.leasall >> diss grow without beingut beg disagreeable >> we see the president, let me interrupt you, dane pr,es and fr outgoing president barack obamai and the nation'des first ladyad michelle obama as they wait toat greet the incoming president and melania trump.rump. michelle doing as she's done all these eight years --ears >> she's keeping a good eye on o him. him. >> keeping a good eye on barack obama. making sure is good to go. g >> we are talking with anita earlier this morning she was the chief staff for barbara it's interesting if you're in presidency that lasts eight years at this moment you're kind of likmomee, okay, exhale, rela, obviously, if it's four yearsfo you're probably thinking, it's a little mor
9:42 am
of >> yeah. when it's the four-year term you have the could have should haves on the mind of the outgoing president. how could i have done thingsngs differently? i'm meeting my opponent who vanquished me in the election.n. this time here it's truly myly m term is done.on. my duty is done.. let's think about the legacy, l, think about what we do next.. >> as we await the trump car c here, i will say that i don't d even want to start this becausec we're about to see the momentomt when president-elect donaldald trump will get out. okay. maybe i have a couple of seconds. it curse to me that the outgoing president and i want you to yout think about this, dan, has donen a lot what is traditionally a lame duck session but let's wait to see the future first ham family. >> thumbs up from donald trumpdp just as he pulled up. first glance at the presidentcea and the first lady right there. it's kind of ft t unlanydy litel
9:43 am
the thumbs up.e thum u >> that familiar donald trumpldt thumbs up. >> how are you? >> congratulations. how are you? i'm doing very well. you'll get used to the protocol you go right here. melania you'll gtooyou on thisd hold ton her.
9:44 am
let that moment soak in littleae bit there. you could hear the president asa donald trump got out of the outh vehicle right there. president obama saying to him,, congratulations. how you doing? >> how washo church? crc >> good to see you.ou how was church the small talkhe the official talk.k. >> very cordial the tiffany's product placement as well iell i noticed. >> very nice. >> i want to know what's in thei box. >> gifts to be exchanged nowo e they go inside. what happens now.pens >> a cup of coffee.>> a cu cp of tea. t tour the of the weiss house. hoe this was my home for eightor
9:45 am
years. this will now be your home. truly reminder i think that it's the home of the american peoplee as well. wl. that this building has this history.sty that it's seen history from thee being burned in the war of 18121 to the being the home of abraham lincoln, the home of teddy rosee great men in our history have hv occupied that house and traumaly will be inheriting that obamaba will want to i think provide him that perspective as he comes ins to this home. >> ♪♪ >> i do want to ask you aboutnt legacy.le home you stick around for feworf minutes afterwards. got to take a quick break. break we have just scene there the president-elect and the currentt president walking into the white house.ho please stay with us.s. ♪♪ ♪♪
9:46 am
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♪♪ all right. on the right side of your scree right now you're seeing some ofo the vehicles pulling up to the u capitol.pitol. we just saw -- got a glimpse off laura bush she's right there ont the right. the >> you can see her see h. >> you can see her right now.anh >> in the back of that vehicle. on the right side of the screene obviously some of the crowds ofo people who are still on their ot way down just starting to fill in some of that space on the t national mall right now.ow we're expecting to see more ando more dignitaries start to arriva at the theit we'll check in with tomin wittom fitzgerald in little bit he'sei' right there in the middle of all the action fore us. we'll stay on this shot right sg there. there you can see laura bush ini th
9:49 am
>> we should say we do havee h several former presidents p obviously who are going to be here today. tod laura bush of course here with w her husband george w. bush who o is here. his father unfortunately georgeg hw bush you know what'sw what's happening there with his healtht struggles right now in houston and exactly barbara bush is alss still in the hospital although o we did talk to somebody earlierr this morning very close with the bush family and they did say that they're doing better thiset morning. sd news on thiss on thi inauguration day. >> i see the hanind on the doord right there perhaps about tobout open the door. here we former first lady laura bush exiting the vehicle.le >> the former president on the other side of the vehicle.mer vl >> former george w. bush wavingi to the crowds there.s the my goodness the passing of time, right? just seemed to remember when that hair was dark brown. >> that was the -- the first t t inauguration that i covered herd in washington, d.c. was washi ngpresident bush's inaugurationo always been very friendly with the people as you can see righte there going straight up the
9:50 am
capitol police and making sureng to say hello. >> right.>> right and he must be here with the heavy heart knowing he has too leave his parents in thetsn hospital in houston but we ofof course wish them well. they're doing a little that is what we are hearing. >> his father the formere foer president george were hw bush bh sending a note to donald trumpru he wished he could be here and certainly wished him well as he assumes the presidency of thewi unitedshed sthtae stas. let's check in with bobt's h right now who's down a lecittlet bit closer to the action andio a where we are right now. n who did you find, bob? >> reporter: hey, guys.. we're with a high schooll political science class from clf west chester county the solomon schecter high school in westool chester county.ty. how are you.ou. >> great. >> good.ood. >> of all these dozen or so we e have three people who are trump supporters.suppor tell me what's it like beingik here today. >> it's very exciting actually.. we're really ready to makeak history.. make america great again. >> i mean it's a great honor tor be here i'm thankful for thelor
9:51 am
amazing. >> very cool. some of you here didn'tt necessarily support trump, and d is that it. i >> we're just excited to bere here. it's a great experience. jus ber >> reporter: right. it's a traditionience..>> r a tn eric is the teacher here. eric, you guys asked earlier about the level of the crowds. d eric was saying that he was herh eight years ago today for the first obama inaugural and tell me the difference in terms oma r what you've experienced and whaa you're seeing. >> it's really different.if eight years ago we were here inn the national mall but all the way back at the monument the at washington monument because there was just to room to moveov forward you've got this great gt expanse open cab toll all theabe way down there lots of emptymp space very different feel todayl >> reporter: how important you've done this obviously inon the past to bring youe r class.a i mean this is fantastic bringng your class to washington tongn where it's happened getting outt of the classroom.. >> it's search part of thes seap learning experience i wanted e them to live theirxp learning ad experience it and they could just see history unfolding udi before themselves. t i try to do this trip every four >> very cool eric this guy evene got a feels th
9:52 am
all kinds of love here. her guys, thanks very much.than ver >> thanks so much.nks >> have a great. sole he solomon schecter schoolh of west chester county.. waying to guys.uys. you got people who supported sut bernie. rn many did hillary an few who supported donald trump and t they're going to get up a lot at closer than the class did eight years ago. interesting, guys, again, i, i hadn't been this far back in the and what they're saying is,ing , yeah, in the past this was all full and they were on the on thn side of the washington monument which is still a few blocks froo here and while we have a minuten how are you, sir. >> how are you. >> i don't mean to be rude i wae walking right passed to talk tol this gentleman.tlem. i walk right by you.ou mike from the national parklar service. mike, how are things going thisi morning so far? >> so far few early glitches gls with some of the access pointsos and road closures but things are not unexpected on a day likeay k this everything is open now.n n crowds are coming in and thend e mall starting to fill up.fillp. >> we had heard earlier maybeerm there was some more of a crack a down on some of the entry pointt ca
9:53 am
that had happened several blocko back with people trying to, youu know, protesters trying to get in the way. way. have there been any like late restrictions or anything upon people trying to get in here ate least to the mall area? are >> no changes i'm aware of aswae far as access points.s point there have been some demonstrations and some disturbances that we're dealingg with outside, um, suggested sugt folks haven't done so, sign upnp for our alerts 888777 tech us the word inaug you'll get thosee alerts as they come out. >> great. mike, thanks very much sure bobb >> reporter: mike from thehe national park park se there's a lot of people comingll in here.e there's an entry point here toe the mall here the at 12th andnd constitution.cons but as you see, guys, a lot of people are heading up closer toe the capitol where the trump thet family is arriving now. guys.ys >> we're starting to see that more and more members of the st ertrump family arriving right nw everybody saying good morning as they walk through. thr as we continue to watch theat
9:54 am
developments right now, at the,t white house and at the capitol, dan is with us this morning witw the sent of the study of thedy o presidency and congress. we saw quickly if you wereu were watching earlier while bob wasai talking you saw marine one thehe helicopter prominently displayes there we don't typically see ite on the streets.trts >> awesome site. sit >> very rare to see.>> v the helicopter is there. there helicopter will take president e obama to andrews.. president obama will then and wa his family will then leave andrews on what was to him previously known as air force f one which will now be known as -- as -- >> special air mission 29,000 oo 28,000 depending on the tailhe i number of the plane.lane >> that just rolls off thes of tongue. to >> not quiet as catchy as air ar force >> look for a movie called that. >> here's what's interesting tht president flies on marine one to andrews gets on what wehat typically know as air force onee to go to palm springs,, california.
9:55 am
>> it would be as of right now marine one when it gets in it ii will not be.ot be. he take the helicopter to t andrews takes the 747 out to palm has vacation and then whatand ew happens? how does he get back.c >> he'll have to charter all h private jet or look to, youo, know, he'll make arrangementsge with his security detail he'lll' continue to have to find some fd kind of a private jet charter or some arrangement to get back to washington as any other normalor person, well any other normalera person who charters jets. js. >> right. >> does. >> any chance he goes on kayakne and looks for the rate goe betwn palm springs and d.c.palm s >> there it is right there. it . >> i think you'd have to a longn connection somewhere. somewhere there's no direct on that.ect oa >> and before we let you go, i was just curious about thebout t president with the lame duck l status it seemed like we stilles heard a lot of news coming out of the white house from the election to this day. >> well it's true.e. in this days and age and really don't quit being president in pi november. there's a still a lot of national securite'y issues s.urs cementing your domestic legacy that are required to be handled by the outgo
9:56 am
even to wind down operations, still thet 24/7 job of being presidentde hasn't quit until 12:00 o'clock daday. >> we really appreciate yourecie hanging with us today. t >> happy t. >> you're commentary has justmes really been so insightful.htl as we continue to look at the vehicles coming through heregh r waiting to see who is getting g out of this as well we saw donald trump,ru jr., walk through with his family.fa. waiting to see who will emerge now.w. >> i hate to break away fromway is r right now. we'll have to take a short breat we see more officials, family members who are arriving right now. dan, thanks for joining us foros this hour of coverage. coverag we appreciate it. before we leave you for thise lo hour if you're heading down john marshall parade route entrancenc shut down right now because of protesters. that from the park service.ce we'll get that all caught up for you at the top of the the hour.u take short break right now.ight we do appreciate you staying with us on this inaugurationinai day. w
9:57 am
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9:59 am
♪♪ >> so this journey began 18 1 months ago.. i had something to do with it, , but you had much more to do witw it than i did. did. i'm the messenger. >> one last victory lap. lap president-elect donald trumpec taking it all a day packed with pre-inaugurala events and celebrations but onut th
10:00 am
made their voices heard. >> hundreds of demonstrators chanted and stas ofrted fires ie streets and thousands more willm be out in force today as we we begin a new chapter in americann history. >> we are going to make americai great again, greater than ever before!! >> and in just hours, a day fulf of tradition.tion the president andnd president-elect will meet at the white house before making thebem trip to the capitol togetheroghe where donald trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. ♪♪♪ >> you're watching live coverage on good day d.c. the inauguration of donald trump. our live coverage starts now. ♪♪ and a live look now at the white house at 10:00 o'clock onn friday morning, it is the
10:01 am
president donald j. trump. t we are just about one hour and 45 minutes from the swearing in now. he'll be sworn in as the nation's 45th good day d.c.. it is 10:01 on this friday january 20th. i'm allison seymour.mour >> i'm instead of chenevey mucho it's an honor to be with you ony suouch a momentous day. d the rest of the good day teamaya has a front row seat to historyo this morning. morni maureen down near the capitol, wisdom at the white holly morris along the parade pr route at freedom plaza. we'll check in with all of theme in just a minute. right now, though,ugh, president-elect donald trump and his wife in the white house. hou they are holding a traditionaldn private meeting with the current first family over a little littl coffee, a little tea, a lot of discussion. they arrived there just minutest ago after an hour long roughly y hour along little less prayerrar service at st. john's church a c block or two from the white whi house. here you could see that firstrst agreeing of the current first fr couple and the future
10:02 am
couple. it is the start of very buss day for the next chiefexie executive. right now we want to check witht matt act land he's down along ag freedom please sam this is antha area a part of town you're soe s used to covering here. here. covering the nation's capitol co dogs of city today, it's city business on a a national level.. >> reporter:.r: >> waiting to hear from matt act land. he is down there but, you know,, so are a whole lot of people as they have a front row seat too history being made today.. and it was you know regardless of how you voted, regardless of whatever that moment where the future first couple and theoue n current first couple when theyee exchanged greetings a sogs a so powerful >> no doubt about it a lot of af moments today.od one moment just recently just some folks that are frostingrost trying to block access to all of the events today. let's get with matt ackland dowa on freedom
10:03 am
>> reporter: hey, steve,ve, allison g morning.ning. yes, breaking news right now. nw let's take you down here. this is the 14th streett entrance here behind me, and you can see it is just opening up ip guess at this point -- hold on, sir. people have been blocked here.e there are protesters so it's been closed down for i'd say a good 15 minutes or so.. we're hearing different things from different police officers.f miami beach police officers are actually here helping with someg of the coverage and they said ad couple of arrests were made, but we don't have that confirm. so this is the 14th street entrance, and it has been closed down.wn we're told by a park policek poi officer protesters got there,, and basically blocked the front. so in order to get through here, you've got to undergo somee screening. in fact, i know you've beenyo bn hearing from some of the other f reporters today that the
10:04 am
screening process really reallya is tough. they're looking through bags ifi you're in the media they're noty letting you bring in anything.nn even fruit. we had an apple in our bag andaa they said you couldn't bring ini fruit. they're being very very careful. so what has been happening justs probably in the last 15 minutess they've been standing righting t there. the protesters they've been shouting. they've been blocking the entrance.ance. but win i'd say last minute mint we're noticing some people comec herough here. a lot of security.ury. jason let's spin around here, and show you, um, all of thef t security in place.. we're seeing officers from not only colorado as i said miami, there's some officers fromerrom fairfax county that are in place. this is freedom plaza.dom pl you're familiar with this.ith ti the wilson building.uilding. this is the area where protesters are expected to be gathering probably in the nexthx i'd say 30 minutes or so.r s we thought there would be more r people here by now.ow. this the place i was fou
10:05 am
ago and once the president andda the president-elect leave the t white house, they will travelve down pennsylvania so you will get a glimpse ofse o them as they head towards the uu is. capitol here. here. so this would be a place iff protesters are going to gather right here, this is the placela that the president-elect might t actually see them. so this is an open area. are this is where we expect peopleeo to gather and i want to you take a look at all of these officersr that are lined up here. he these are some of our friends o from fairfax county, right, guys? yeah, fairfax county, ana then where ya'll from? >> from where? >> florida.>> flori. orlando or highway patrol? patro >> highway patrol. patro my home state, florida.lorida a lot of florida officers are here, and take look at that. jason will you showdown swdow pennsylvania avenue to your right?gh >> look at all the officers thaa have been gathered here alongng pennsylvania avenue. this is wherean the protester
10:06 am it look like theyfor them any t. so that's the very latest as i look back at the 14th street ste exit, steve and allison, iton, appears that things are gradually moving but not at a a fast pace f you're stuck in tha line it looks like it's going tg take you some time to get to g through. back to you guys.guys >> you know we've heard, matt,,t thank you very ve much. matt ackland at one of theone of checkpoints down around freedomd plaza and bob barnard also outlo there as well.thas well. we are hearing from park service that there are several entrancec right now where there are issues involving if not shutting down at leastea slowing the flow of peoplepl trying to get through security r at this point.pont >> right. et youon top of it we'll l know more as we fine out. o >> not long now until that ceremony begins at roughly 11:15.:1 so the hope is that people whoho especially have traveled fromlef you know wherever destination tn get here actually will be ine in place to see the ceremony unfoll at least on the jumbo trons doww ther
10:07 am
good seat, though, to what'ss going on today is wisdom martini much he's at lafayette park. wis, not long ago, we saw thehe motorcade come through, and the current first family greet the e incoming first family. fam good morning. >> reporter: good morning to mog you lison. you're exactly right. the current president and his h family his wife met with the incoming president and his wifee right here at the white house hu behind the reviewing stand theta white house is clearly over there. you know, this is what's beingti called a peaceful transfer ofr o power because this is the wayus it's been done in thise th counu the trumps and the obamass meeting and greeting one another right out in front of the whitei house just a short time ago.go they he can changed some words.s some pleasantries. blue box was given to -- was exchanged they took pictures ane went inside.s we ins according to the schedule, theee meeting between the obamas andsd the trumps is going to takee place -- it's happening rightpei now, and at 10:35, aroun
10:08 am
sometime around there they willl leave. they will all get in the car an go down to the us capitol andita that's where the inaugurationnat will take place. place the ceremony will take place. inauguration 2017 and the swearing in of the 4ti5tonh president of the united states.. again, this is signifies the t peaceful transfer of power. pow noon is the official time forfo the move out process but, againn that's when the ceremony isony going to be taking place. pla now, behind me you can see thatt there are people in the stands here. they've been here for some time, and in the rain and a little bit of cold.of cd. not as cold as some of the previous inaugurations but youus can also see that the motorcader is here. h you can see the black suv's anda you can see the black limos as well.ll. so whenever they are done insidd with the meet and greet withet the -- between the trumps and ad the obamas, the motorcade willdw go around pick them up and theye will head off to the u is. i capitol they'll continuetinue inauguration 2017 and swearingsw in of the 45th president of the united states. steve and allison?on? >> wisdom, thanks very m
10:09 am
continuing to watch more and toe more dignitaries arrive. i see newt gingrich -- john j boehner and newt gingrich gingrh together as they are at the they capitol right now. atol right nw getting ready to walk out andutd take their place now and it is i almost crunch time, al.,l. just about an hour away now frof the beginning of the festivities of course we know the oath off office must be given before befe noon. we don't know the exact time.tht we have an idea when we think tk it's going to be.. but as we know that can change g within a range of minutes.. >> always one of my favorite my parts of watching this unfold is usually we're out somewhere watching the small monitorsitor talking about the dignitariesnis and who are coming in.g in. here we have a front row seat tt see as we watching john boehnere walk down the steps there. tre it's exciting to see people comm together, i know this year and this inauguration we're dealingo with somen decent, not all a congress people will be inwill n attendance today for political c reasons. but for those who are there,re, it's always exciting to see s people come together, and in ann this case, names from the past. >> especially -- speaking of tht past it's fun
10:10 am
thinking as watching peopleg p walking through the halls of the capitol right now thinking backg to eight years ago when you and i were on the roof of the wseueum. >> right. >> for president obama's firstmr inauguration and we watched this exact shot right here that wasaw the first time we saw michellehe obama in her gown and that'ss what we were talking about atkia the hard to believe --e to be >> and the girls.lie>> and >> eight years have gone byy since that point. poi we were out there on the roof oo the newseum watching this all unfold.unfold. now eight year later, we're doing it again much tyehisar ti are anchoring the coverage fromm inside the confines of fox5.ox but our reporters our crews ouro correspondents our good day dc co hosts out and you go about.. there's newt gingrich and hisis wife walking through right nowgg about to assume their spotir spt outside of the capitol. >> newt gingrich ardentt supporter of the incoming president.of let's get now to our annie yu. . annie is at 12th and madison mis much she is with the masses onso the mall.theall. good morning.od morng >> reporter: hey, good morningdi everybody. good morning to you, steve andye allison.n. yeah, we've been out here all al morning belong meeting a bunchna of people from across meek. pe
10:11 am
gathered here on the nationaliol mall to wit have the farnum family here froo houston texas with all of theirr beautiful children all five ofif them. good morning to you, mom and dad. what a time to be in the t be nation's capitol?apitol >> yes. it's been really gre. >> reporter: so did you guys yoy come here just for this? >> yes.>> also because we home school andd so it's an occasional field trit also. >> reporter: what better way wte to learn than see it firstfi hasn't, right? and so did the children learn aboutut president-elect donald trumpelea before coming here? did youou give them lesson and what theyte need to know? >> yes. we talk about donald trump.out d we tal tk about the senate, thee congress, why it's important to vote, and passing bills and alll of of that stuff.ff >> reporter: i have to show this little guy's shirt. shi it says future member of o congress. that is so darling and cute. cu. okay.ok so who wants to answer ar a question about president-elect donald trump? >> any volunteers? >> do you know the name of allfa of his five children?n? >> no.>> n >> i know two.
10:12 am
>> yeah. >> i don't know the rest. >> oh, that's not very kind. >> all right. >> reporter: thank you so much, guys.orter: stay safe. all right allight. i also have these two guys herer who drove all the way from if f any quitsville, north carolina.n that's quite drive.that's quitee what brings you here to the. nation'sng cs apitolyo? >> the inauguration. >> reporter: yes. > r but why is it so importap for you to be here? here? >> we're both military retired. and we know that the military is in great need and we know that h trump will give us what we neede to make this country safe ande great aga >> reporter: and so as a a former military, what do you see happening in the next four yeara for yourself or the country? >> well, i think it can get back an element of hope, if you willw that the country is going in tht direction to make it, you know,, as trump says to make it great again. i think it's a little cliche to say that, but the directionireci we've been going in the lastas eight years has just -- has just, um, wha
10:13 am
and depressing.ssin and i think that we can become c more than we are now. now i think economically we can be b sound from an educational standa point i think we can bring backc education to the family and thet parents and the states andtes a that's some of the things i'mhes g foing for. economically i think we're goini to do wonderful. >> reporter: all right. thank you, gentotlem deporen.te >> thank you. tawarm andr: stay warm and stay dry.stay d all right.all ght so, guys, as you can see, we s, have people from all acrosscros america here. he. we've met some people who are wa not in support of donald trump.p we've also obviously met some mm people who are in support butrt regardless, they are all here to celebrate this great americanate tradition. back to you in the studio. >>yo annie, thanks veru y. watching members of our our military, members of congressmef getting ready to take theirake e place outside the capitol for today's inauguration.y's a 19 out with the people. one person who canut wit connect anybody when it comes to thees people it's our good friend --r >> kevin mccarthy.ccarthy. >> you got it. >> kevin, good morning.orning. where are you? >> steve and allison, first ofrt all i've been in on dc all morning capitol hill this p
10:14 am
minutes ago. a there are lot of people here he still. >> a lot of trump supportersuppr this table right here was fillef with just a bunch of trump supporters incredible to be here like ae a sporting event. ys - -- >> where you from?? [ inaudible ] >> we were afraid of kev, what the enthusiasm just jt knock that shot right out of ouo there. we hope to get back in touchnou with kevin mccarthy.ary he's at the tune in on capitol hill. interesting face in the crowdfar when we let you go looking at a newt gingrich also carla haydene the librarian of congress theree so many dignitaries.. we'll be right back with more coverage right after this. rig ♪♪ ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. ♪♪ ♪♪ so we're offering incredibly st 150 meg internet, hurry, freddy, you're gonna miss it! coming. i can't believe he is doing this. it's so fast that in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson
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10:17 am
♪♪ welcome another vantage point looks likl a bird's eye view of the whitehw house there, and that is a newsn vehicle in there.he >> that was one of the pool vees.lest .was >> one of the pools. we can see evef ryththine g.ryin >> senator bob dole right theree starting to see more and more guests
10:18 am
there's somebody that just -- just speaks washington andton political history right there. >> hmm. >> is. teni hoyer.oyer. >> absolutely right inside thegd capitol. let's head outside right now.adr let's check in with ronica rona cleary because we know that wkna there have been some situationsn involving guests getting accesss to the events right now. ronica, there will been b blockades that had been place. are guests able to get inside.. right now those folks who wantho to be a part of this w today?od? >> reporter: so we were just a few blocks blk down.wn there were some major protestsst really blocking the area entranceway.y. but we're here at 12th and end we found a huge line of people o waiting to get into these into h inauguration festivities.ration. we got some people in line who are, you know, want to talk witw us and tell us a little bittl b about what brought them out herh but the line is moving prettyrey quickly so let me come up toco these guys again.e again hey, guys.y, what are your names. >> grief. >> grief. patrick. >> grief and patrick. where you guys>> gri from. >> montgomerco
10:19 am
gaithersburg. >> what brought you out today. y >> just celebrating it's inauguration day. iniss th miss it for anything. >> reporter: have you beenr:youn waiting for long. >> not long at all.>> n it's been great.n gre this is awesome. >> reporter: awesome, thank you very much.thank u ve so, you know, there you have ita some trump supporters in line. l and it's moving pretty quickly.k so we're zenning it back to you. >> ronica, thank you very much. we are seeing former president bill clinton and secretary of state hillaryte hla clinton just walk wk i you can see the back of of president clinton's head l a better vantage point.geoi hopefully we'll see as they come around.arou steve, i was just looking up tht age of former senator bob dole.d 93 years old.ears o >> i know. >> 93 years old from kansas. kaa >> so much history right there.e we'll learn more about thatabt a coming up little bit as well asa we continue to watch folksch fol arriving. we can keep this shot and seehoe more and more familiar facesr f walking into the inc let's see one ofap our familiarr faces. tom fitzgerald rightfa now who w right on the on the side ofhe of where these folks are. a they will soon be walking out, tom, to the out of doors where you are.oors who are you seeing walking in so far to the area where
10:20 am
are? >> reporter: that wasr:t w remarkable scene you just had there with bill and hillaryilry clinton walking and bob dole d don't forget bob dole even at 93 played a very vital role in thii republican party. p he was very early on to throwhrw his support behind donald trump once he became the presumptivete nominee. a lot of people's views bob dold played a very big part in a lott of the establishment republicann party coming along to acceptingi donald trump once he had clearee the mantle the number of nf delegates he needed to clincho n that so when bob dole comes here today, bob dole is not just notj coming here as some bystander.. he actually played a very vitaly role in getting donald trump to this position today.ay. where he's going to take this tt oath of office.. that on the other side of your u screen that is where we arere w right now we're on the west're e front of the united states sta capitol.pito you saw those scenes just at a moment ago. ago protesters in the streets tryint to keep people out of here.
10:21 am
up here on the west front.est fg to. we'll show them to you.showhem . that section of seating rightone behind me, that is where many members of congress now, we had heard about thisbohi protest that was going on. where people were not going to attend this inauguration.ation. take look at that for yourselfrs behind us. people are sitting we're not seeing any empty seats. so if there was this concernon whether or not we were going ton see, you know,ot w folding chais behind donald j. trump withoutit anybody in them that wholehat we section you can see there somets of the senate has not arrivedotd and you can see members of themt filing in as well right now. n but that is not the case. c all right. now, that's the podium.m come back out here, let me shows you this crowd. crowd. because for all of the ranker rn and some of these protesters yos see out here i got to tell you y was down here on the west fronto down by the fountain in the the seated area. this is a happy group of peopleo out here today.od we had seen other cases
10:22 am
you know, there were argumentsrm going on between people in past times, you know, there washere w ranker going on but, you know, every time we went down there to talk to these people they'ree 'r hugging each other, they'rech oe taking selfies.y they are glad totaking be here , and really now the mood has kinn of even been more the last 25, t their minutes or so becauseau frankly the weather has taken a dramatic improvement out hereuth right now you know, we had pretty good goo clip of go on here an hour and half ago people were starting t cover themselves up the sun is s starting to come up a lot more.m the weather is it's a very pleasant amenable al day out here today. t if it continues like thistinuess through the recommend of this os inaugural ceremony, this iscereh going to go right up there witht some of the best weather we've w ever seen at one of thesef inaugural ceremony.inaugural cer we'll zen it back in to yemou. >> only have to go back eightac years to realize how freezing f cold it was out there,, . thank you very much, tomk fitzgerald.yo
10:23 am
of the folks folks as the mallml starts to fill up a little bitfl more now. u we're just a little less than an hour away from the official ceremonies taking as we're taking a look right now of some of donald trump's top advisers, one of our long-timeoi advisers as well joins us our uu good friend of the show bob sw b cusack editor and chief of theef hill. bob, good to see was do you makm so far as to what eve scene sove far? we've done this many, man, times here in washington,sh d.c. -- not many, we're not that old. old. >> right. >> number of times here in washington. what are you taking away so far fulber is peace transou tition oakfit power compared to others? >> well, this one you hear the h word over and over from bothm bt republicans and democrats iss surreal. su we did not -- all the pundants basically thought hillary clinton would be the one o inaugurated into office today.i you saw kellyannet conway theree it's her 50th birthday today.y d quite a birthday for kellyannely conway. i just think this is such a stunning turn of events, and a donald trump is going to change this town.own. will it be successful, i don'tfu know. there are a lot of democrats and
10:24 am
some establishment republicansls who are kind of bracing and fearing for the trump presidency because as we have seen this hih twitter account he can go afterr anybody, major corporations,orpn democrats, republicans and hensd has shown in his press pre conference and with republicansa on capitol hill he's the boss. he's leading this. t >> as editor of chief of the the hill and someone who is, you y know, with the media, with the press, what do you feel aboutbo these years we're going into tht trump years here?? >> i mean i think that trump isi going to continue to go aftero r the media. he thrives on it. we've interviewed him four times, and certainly he has a ha certain style. s if he likes your questions he'l' let you finish the question. que if he doesn't like yourte you question, he'll cut you off. but he views the media as thehe enemy, and he likes, n washington, if you're dividingin and conquering your enemy you'rr winning and i think he's doneinn that with the media. but it all comes down
10:25 am
getting stuff done. stu can he repeal and replace obama care? that's not going to beoi easy. tax reform hasn't been done since 1986.986. there's tough things he wants tw do. build a wall. >> i don't think it's a surprisr from somebody had made his lifel in the board room where deals are behind closed doors.. government they're mater out ine the open in traditional timesy't with the media. bob, you mentioned youon you interviewed him four timesd himm recently.rece i think we talked to you prettye much time that you've gotten'v g back from new york or you'veyoue talked to him. as that progressed throughoutouh the campaign, though, each each interview that you had with himm did you sense any type of changa along the way? >> yeah. the first one was in july of 2015. and i don't think he even even thought he could win. win the presidency much less the nomination. >> bob, i think we had this chat back then and i know i posed the question do you, did he want to win or did hwae just want to knk that he can win? >> i think that he thought heht could compete. compete he obviously has h
10:26 am
and the polls eveninnumbers butq great numbers and then i thinkik he look at his arrivals and is a think he thought, i'm better bee than them.than the if you run for president, younto have a healthy ego and i think t he look at them, these guysuy aren't that smart and so i doo think that he's like listen i'mn going to win and history that'st what he thinks that's why i think his speechh today who knows how divisive his presidency will be much hiscyl s speech today will not beay wiln divisive in my opinion.pini >> bob while you were talking w saw former vice-president dicked cheney and his wife enter thente area but when we talk about peoplebot who are coming in and talkingal about divisiveness, we do know w and we are bracing for some se empty seats there today. tod >> >> at least that hero whetherher tickets have been given away orr what have you someone we sawe virginia bobby scott there.. >> how big of a statement is heh sending by breaking ranks withkt some of these congressmen ofsmen color quite frankly who are note going today?going tod >> i think it was a tough callw for a lot of these houseouse democrats.ats. not one
10:27 am
today. and so i think it came down to t what their districts want and what they're hearing and i thini everyone was making their owniro decision, most democrats will bw roughly 60 house democrats boycotting.boyc we've never seen that before. >> right.>> >> maybe some times people won't show up or they've got somethint else to do.else but these guys are putting outrt press releases on this.. so i think tough choice and and might have been tough choice for bobby scott g governor nikki nik haley walking in right there.he. if those who are not attending today those who opted to skipedk out as far as the democraticocri congress members held against a them for lengthy period of timef or back to work all is forgottet and forgiven?n >> i don't think trump will bele forgetting they'll keep that list.ey'll we've been keeping it on ouree n website.e he'll keep that list.keep tt li we looked at all these democrats --decr >> but doesn't he have the,/the/ onus on him to rise above and to deserve the people there? i'mh sure not everyone in georgia iss behind john lewis' stand.nd >> that's exactly right.ig and there's one democrat
10:28 am
hampshire carol shaye border she actually trump actually won herh district and she's so i do think he has to reachoea out but politicians they all t have enemies lists and they just do it veryhe lis quietly and mae arrively.arri >> i just got chills, bob.gochil thanks for that.ha >> i'm not in politic. polit >> how about before we let youuf go, i do want to ask you about o the role of the media, though,hh because you're editor of chief c of publication that literally ii called the hill is on the hill.. you're dealing with political pt dealings every single day. >> change course, adjust, keepee going the way you have have been going? what happens now justowt based on this change of the addd vision? >> i mean we're not a non part p son media outlet.t what he want to be is fair.s so if donald trump does well,s w we're going to report that he'ss doing well.g ll. people talk it if he does poorly, however, i don't thinkok it's healthy for the media to be adversarial.ia i think you want to ask toughyoh questions but you don't want tou be negative all thet yo time ana that's what we've done and that's what we want to continuei to do in the
10:29 am
>> it's a tightrope. tightrope >> it is. >> we're all walking now. because you have a base and now hopefully we are all one but yob have a base of vy vocal trump supporters who have a vehicle to sort of drag you down as far asa social media goes.s. >>m-hmm. >> but, you know, the onus is is use that word again, because isi believe it is truly on us to call it still. sll >> yes. we're the referees if we'rewee getting yell at by both sides s equally i think we're doing ak n good job.. >> bob so cusack editor-in-chiei r the hihill. always great to talk to you.ou >> thank you we want to check ik with melanie alnwick we want tot get along the parade. pare there's marine one. o i know you'd love to be able abl have nice sweet ride to geto get around from the crowds butwd b you're immersed in the middle o it. >> reporter: i'm in great spot here right at the national n archives at seventh streeatt and take a look at my vantage point. i'm not complaining at all.t a you can see here we've seen a number of official vehicles goig by including one that appear ita could have bee
10:30 am
definitely was part of theart t official motorcade we just don't know who perhaps might be -- waw in that but definitely look like cadillac one that knew vehicle with military grade armor thatot trump will be riding in in the motorcade. but you can see more vehiclesehe coming down here getting readyna to prepare for the official oic events of the day.theay not too many people here alonglo the parade route lines just yety except for the early ones whosho want to get in there we see thet signs most of the signs we've seen are signs of folks that appear to be anti trump. tru we have not seen any vocal trump supporters here yet. but we definitely have seen aava lot of them walking around mostm of them over on the national n mall right now. r n we're seeing u.s. air force here standing guard.rd we're seeing state police from f many different agencies acrosscr the country here as we know dcw police out in full force as well along with so many othery o security assets. 13,000 military personnel here.
10:31 am
5,000 troops and ceremonialia roll 8,000 national guardl grd officers providing securityit assistance.stan now they call this i don't know if you guys talk about thisut ti before, you may have, amongng security circles really just jus call it the 2-mile nightmare. because it's just a short shortt distant but this is so dull asol far as the security goes. we know that vehicle is gettingi ready to leave the white house.u it will make that trip down here down pennsylvania avenue to thet capitol where those officialffia ceremonies are going to quick note, folks.ks people are still being able tobl get into we're seeing trump supportersupr here now directly across the the street. here we go. let's take look. as you're doing that i'm trying to get a picture this is the kind of stuff youff want to preserve, right?? we're seeing that motorcade godo by here on seventh looks like it is almost reachedh
10:32 am
it's going get pretty exciting g here, folks.herelks. but again, we think where fromrm where we are things are prettytt calm so far and -- >> melanie thank you very much much it is history no matter tha which way you look debbiebie wasserman many dignitaries on the hill.heh melanie alnwick bringing thatg t report on seventh.enth. >> thanks mel. >> we keep an eye on what'sohat' happening there. now, outside the white house h what you're looking at rightingg here the vehicles are in place p right now.. the president-elect donald trump meeting with president obamantba right now inside of the white ti house. this will be their last joint meeting together.r. they're last chance to chat oveo coffee and tea we'll keep an eye on that rightt now as we see some peopleeopl walking out.lkinut we do know the vehicles areeh there and we will follow thatlo situation whenever we do see the president-elect leaving to get in the vehicle to head down to the capitol.ap >> pardon us looking down the dt monitors are right here and jusd like melanie said we don't wantn to miss anything so we've got a look away foror moment. maureen umeh joining us now.
10:33 am
mo, you have been meeting withit some very important people.t i see your pictures. >> reporter: i have. ran into jenna bush hager little while ago.go she's gracious nudge to take aio picture with me i'm completelyue being a fantel today. but equal quailly as impressivev who i have with me lauren writei her name she's written book called owe on bow half of thewe president.ent. presidential spouses and white house community strategy today.d we talked a lot aboutbout president-elect donald trump.t . what tone, what tenor he'll takk during his presidency. pre we didn't talk a lot about melania trump and sort of a s o first lady she's going to be.'s a loft people looking to her for perhaps, you know, things, herng cues the way she dresses, the, way she stands, what she may or may not say trying to look foroo thing to sort of define her. h have you been able to study hery and what's your impression taket away so far?away s >> i have a little bit actuallyl and i think what's important tot note about her people are fascinated with melania trump by they are fascinated with firstws ladies in general but i think t because we don't know very much about her everything she does
10:34 am
the public eye.. but the studies i did actuallyll show she can be a very effective messenger for donald trump. t especially when compared topad other surrogates.. among independents out partys members and people who might want to be brought into thehe fold. fold. >> reporter: the impressionte lot of people hr:ave i think she beautiful model who just sort of silently stands by her husbandea but you're saying her messaging can help define him.. how? >> exactly.ct hypothetically in a survey we we can tell that her words the sams words we would give to ao vice-president or president, foo example, are more effective garnering support for trump than other people but that's that' hypothetical of she does not have to play aetotp public role. this is an unofficial position.. it's not in the constitution.utn and so it's her choice.ho what she wants to do. to how much -- how often and with h whom.wh >> reporter: the role of the thf first lady has come further into focus in recent years michelle obama certainly bringing thatrit office more to the f
10:35 am
you do you see that happening withpw melania and future lady firstads ladies to come? c >> i don't.>> i d because i always tell people the best indication of what a spouso will do in the white house is hu what they did on the campaign ca trail so in her case, that was just a few high profile a little bit of controversy witw her rnc address, and she reallya withdrew after that. but if she wants to do the cyber bullying initiative she's goingg to have to go public more toor share the message. msa >> reporter: lauren wright thege book again is called on behalfeh of the president, presidentialdt spouses and white house communec it in strategy ite pick it up it's a good read. rea thanks for joining us.anks >> thank you. >> reporter: she'll stick tepoorte heroly we get during course of this coverage.v back to you guys.ckyou >> maureen, thanks very much.en we do appreciate it.thiate i as we see more lawmakers -- - >> members of congress coming in. kevin mccarthy right in.rth >> the kevin mccarthy. >> yes. isn't mitch mcconnell can he saw herl um yell as well.el paul ryan.yan >> on the bottom of the screen r on the left you see omarosa oma walking in as well at the
10:36 am
is the the capit on the right side what you'retoe house the guards still standingd there. we do understand the vehicles are in place.derstain pce which will take thehe president-elect to the capitol l we expect that to happen tpen momentarily. >> all right. that.l wait for omarosa bernie sander there is s wearing his very familiariar >> um-hmm. >> he's definitely true to his d.and. there he is.there s. coming in. of course.e >> senator warner as well righth in front of him.. >> just like donald trump on the opposite side he's a game gam changer.r. he is there and he'sd he' representing today on this day that america comes together toht welcome the next >> when you think about it youk think about that collect ofco lawmakers and leaders right there. there. pretty impressive. crossing party lines, et cetera, everybody all in one place pla whether they be members ofe memf congress, advisers, et cetera, a lot of power on capitol hill hil right now.ri check in with bob barnard. barna bob has be
10:37 am
to speak throughout the morningg bob, good >> reporter: hey, guys.,uys. i tell you it's fun to watch tvh these moments where you see the outgoing president, the incoming president together at the white house. i will tell you if you seetoget beyohiu ndif you me people are i now so a lot more people here on the national mall now and joining us is couple from northh carolina.lina good morning. morning how are you? >> great. we're glad to be here. >> reporter: you're wearing weai pink but you're here to supportp the new president?ne >> yes, i am. i'm actually a navy veteran soes i'm here to support the incominn president because i believe he'a going to be making ameusrica grg again. >> reporter: why not stay home and watch this on tv in northh carolina? >> because it's just about the spirit of being here, you it' k, and i've -- this is my first mys inauguration i ever been to inoi my life.. and we happy to see trump get it and we just want to support himm every way we can. timeve. tim have great >> thanks for stopping and talking to us.lkinto u guys, this is like basically the 12th and madison entrancee
10:38 am
and as you can see, people -- pl just lots -- we've seen a lot ot school groups showing up. and indira pans down here theere mall toward the capitol you'llou see bodies are definitelyefinel lling up.p. we spoke about an hour ago witho the school group out of new york, and the teacher who brought his political sciencealn class down here said at this time eight years ago they wereyr way i don't know the washingtono monument which is like maybe half mile toward the lincolnhein memorial from where we are standing. this has been open all morning r but as you see, people aree are filling in now as we get closere to the actual swearing in ceremony, and people are now n filling up this part of thet he mall, guys. >> thanks lot, bob.ob as we see corey booker the large box there on his face very outspoken lawmaker and we see se representative and we see him come into the chamber there. tre
10:39 am
clarence thomas.ce tho >> we saw all of them. >> saw them walking through ahe few minutes ago. clarence e thomas willwa administer the oath of officeheo today. to >> that is correct.orre >> elizabeth war len there. the. >> we were talking about there timing and whether or not things run exactly tonther time or noo expect that the presidentialrest oath is administered at 11:46. : just a little over an hour awayy frha that now. that could change.ha it doesn't have to be't have tob specifically at that particular moment. but we do expect it will be iwil somewhere in the ballpark of 11:45.:45 >> pardon me i misspoke. i misok senator corey booker of courseoe from new jersey. >> so they're seeing again the bunting as we were talking about earlier today. >> such an impressive view on vo the right of our us capitol. >> it is does we see at thewe s white house now we'll switch stc gears and come back to 1600ack 1 pennsylvania avenue.ania avenu you can see some of the memberse of the administration some ofomf the advisers coming out of the white house right now.t so we do assume thehe
10:40 am
momentarily to get into thato t limousine travel down pennsylvania of a 16 blocks tols the u.s. capitol.ol >> members of the joint inaugural committee we saw new york's chuck schumer get into gt the car already.. waiting now.. not long now. now we expect the ceremony to get under way quite shortly at capitol they'll take that trip t there and of course we wille w bring you every moment as -- ofo it as we wait for moree dignitaries to leave the white house.e. >> time right now 10:40. you're watching our continuousns coverage of inauguration day. the inauguration of the 45thn of president of the united states donald trump. we've seen both donald trump and his wife melania, their children including their young son barror here all here in washington tott celebrate this day.. >> speaking of celebrating there are some folks who celebrate on a more modest level and thereeld are some folks who literally ler break out the bubbly and go alla out and celebrate on large level that you
10:41 am
one of those good friends timent young who joins u as well as,, good to see botheeb every you this morning. morning. >> good to see see you >> hanging back in the wardrobeb this morning. >> i'm a completely non biased i wanted to bring my trump winee out.t. i'm ready to be. i'm excite. >> have you tasted that.av >> it's blank to blanke whitest of the whites.hi i don't know you take that however you want to.nt to >> saving it for this specialeca occasion absolutely absolutely.t >> you through a little lite something together to dress upto for tv. >> i had these sitting in the ie closet i figured white not? inauguration. >> is that official make america grt agagain. >> this is the chinese one that i got it was $8 from a street ar vendor. much cheaper than theve official one isn't if you're lucky itif u will last throughout the oath ot office. >> it's starting to crumble nowm >> thanks for joining us thisngt >> amber good to see you againoo as well. w when it came to the debates andd everything else. what are you taking away from this so far now that the day is finally her you tr noe?w er >> it's interesting i was out in the field this morning with leadership and campus
10:42 am
we were covering the protests pe going on.going it's actually pretty aggressivev they were protesters actuallys t bringing out polls and blockingn the entrances to theo inauguration some of them wereor broken up by police officersers with pepper spray.rpr so it's interesting to see justs how many protests are going on o lot of college students outge st there for sure. campuses across country arentrya staging walk outs against donaln trump. i think the interesting thingth about today is watching howing people are reactioning to the to inauguration. >> how does that make you feelae seeing that? >> are you accepting of the facc that it's america and your voice can be heard as long as its didn't hurt me physically or arr you upset to see that andha saddened to see that this dayt s isn't i certainly respect everyone's right to peacefulcefu protest i think what's disshat's apartment pointing today is not about, you know, whether or not you support donald trump.suppt o today is about celebrating aratg peaceful transition of power ana what people don't realize thisli is an search part of democracy.y and so by protesting theing inauguration you're not juste n protesting drum donald trump you are pro he testing a peacefulceu transition of >> talk a mi
10:43 am
talked about some of the college students out there younger you people out there. t this is the era now of we talk l about the millennials we talk wt about the social media usage ana everything else. els what type of sense did you getey from people just behind thisin t election in general whether thee supported trauma are or whetherr they didn't support trauma? tram >> a lot of college students are against donald trump which isn'n a surprise to anyone they call him a bigot and what other termr they use but they don't have a lotting specifics about exactlyy they don't like about donald abn trump. they say that it's because he'se republican. it's becblause he's sexist oriso racist. but they don't have any specifie details.tail. and we found at campus reformser that a lot of this comes from fo students professors, you know,oo holding anti trump teach insns even anti trump classes and thee feed this sort of propaganda tot the kids that republicans andub trump are evil and so students e are completely unable to back uk their positions on why theyhy t dislike trump. >> just to play definitely's add vo indicate here we have seenave
10:44 am
surrounded himself with. specifically, the leader brighti bart publication and movement mm and what have you. that have spewed some rhetoric that can be taken as white w national lifts and we have seene the backing of organizations oro david duke with ties to theti t clan. you can see where it would len itself exception at least that he has -- hassled these factioni into his ranks. what do you think about that?u >> well, i think the first thing to note is that hillary clintonn has also been endorsed by clan members but regardless thees students aren't saying that thee dislike him because of, you know, steve bannon or anyone aon he's appointing to his cabinetab simply about donald trump beingp racist or a bigot.ig there aren't any specific policl thing they disagree with, and even when you ask them aitboh,uh cabinet appointees they don'thet know why they dislike them. it's
10:45 am
to protest someone but at leasta know what you're talking about.o know why you dislike person. know what exactly it is that you standactl for. rather than just reiterating thg talking points of your oyour professors and universities.s. we saw there's former presidents jimmy carter right there and rosslyn carter. frterlycarte we saw other members of trump's team probes walk in. sean spicer walk n tim young n u next to us right now.. tim, you have been i mean lookel we're talking about your outfitt right now. you've been following this from the start.foll >> slutly. >> what do you take away from tm this as a america, as thee opportunities that we have as a americans to have this process o to be part of this procedure? ru and when you watch people thatpt may have battled for the lastt few months here party wise andtw now you get a day like this andd it seems like knock on wood so o far mostly coming together atg o least the folks we see down at t the capitol.e catol >> about two-thirds of theut twt democrats came together with thh republicans for today.ans for ty i mean they talk about the onese that are here. >> the ones that are here, youe, know it really everyo
10:46 am
come together on inauguration day. we try to statirton a new and me forward and this entire electiot from the get go was a referenduu on obama's policy. america has officially rejectedc it here. but we'rite all kind of workingg together to move forward, and ii think this is a good startingrtn point. a good celebration.ebra real work had he said begins on monday. trump apparently has somethingsg like 200 executive orders he's s going to start with.go it's going to be kind of ain wiw first week. wee so that's when the real we'lleaw see how divided or together we e are in a couple of days. >> hang tight. don't pop the bubbly just yet.ty let's head down right now keeping an eye ruth bader b ginsberg walking i tom fitzgerald is right in theii middle of all the act.all th act it's who a who of americann politic. >> reporter: like the spiritpoet of 76.6. the red >> tom, can you hear us?u >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: fits, good goo morning. can you hear us?? >> we'll try to reconnect withcw fits i think he's -- >> connecting with people downin thereg . >> like he's a politician.
10:47 am
>> i thought he was too, tim. t. >> i'm a ego maniac. mania >> i thought he was too.hought . let me ask you this.let because not that you're outfitoo is not serious.ious. >> yes. >> but you do see the humor in this. smart humor but the humor in in what's going on now. now give me your take aways from f this whole process and where we are now 18 months later. >> as americans we've become this kind of adhd things have te happen immediately society that's why trump's messagege resonates so well because heecae hits you in twitter and hits you in a way that isn't that formalr politician the way that it usedt to b and we kind of had this new -- - this is a new era that'sw a t happening right now.happ i mean, everyone we're movingov forward in the twitter socialtt media era.ra >> obviously wee see the spouses karen pence, doctor july biden leaving the white house rightth now as they beginwh this historc we want to pay -- didn't mean ta interrupt in you the middle ofof your thought, tim. tim. i think it is important as weimt look there at former president e jimmy carter, there has been so much focus i think on the
10:48 am
divisiveness and so much focusoc perhaps on the end is near. nea what's going to happen next? i? is important to as well as being educated on what's happening toi be able to find humor in this? >> absolutely.bsol sometimes it's hard to do. >> extremely difficult.remely >> i have to tell you this de to started this division really started -- >> tim, every time you ge started.. somebody else important comes out of the white house. we see first lady michelle obaml and incoming first lady melania trump walking together to their cars >> i think melania is the republican's jackie o. >> awning lot of people are making compare sons to jackie oo and her choice today she's s's american diner ralph lauren in case anybody is watching and she looks stunning as she gets intog that car.. >> tim, let me ask you this.. because we have others on thisni morning who have studied sdi presidency after presidency after presidency.ter not that you haven't but i knowo you like to take a bit of humorous spin on things ands and they've tried to analyzed what w just happened what thisappeneat conversation has been aboutee between the outgoing and
10:49 am
what do you think was happening behind closed doors? [ laughter ]thinbehi >> give us your best -- give uss your best tim young right now.hw >> speculate what you thinkculae happened. >> i don't think obama and truma get along. get i think obama tried to be nice.n but you could probably seebabl throughout the entire talk that obama was very frustrated and very disappointed with whathat happen. i could not imagine being him. as most left tease he's talkingk to like the man of the people. >> let me have the last word wer got to let you let but when you see this happen hpe what do you think as a young person involved in politics? >> i think it's an exciting time for everyone involved.nvve even given the divisivenessne that's hppened this election, ii think people are ready for a newt era.. people soundly rejected obama's policies in a continuation withw the hillary presidency andsidey they're ready to see change. cha regardless of what that mayay mean, people are ready for something new.some something different. >> amber, tim, thank y
10:50 am
todaaty. >> thank you amber. >> t >> keeping an eye on the doornga rit nonow.n we obviously just saw thehe vice-presidents walk out.s >> leave the bottle ofwa >> joe biden, mike pence.e penc. >> i need this to make americaei great again.t >> what time are you going toti crack thatme thing o apen.hing >> what time is it right now.meg >> 10:51.0:51 in 10:51. [ laughter ] ren rirs are open right now. >> thanks you guys for joininggi us right now. now >> we expect any moment now that president obama as we see rightg now -- now -- >> the moment is here. t the moment ishe here. president barack obama and inraa coming president donald >> walking together one salutehn from president they're meeting inside the white house is done. that conversation the last thatt president obama will have withit him as >> note the ties. do you think that wasdo you intentional.ntio >> 100% that was intentional.. >> interesting too to watch as they -- their body language asga they come into each other to iss president-elect donald trumpectp first arrived at the white house. president obama's first words how are you?t obam congratulat. they had their meeting they walked out and there
10:51 am
saw a final salute fromute fro president obama as he of the white house as presidenth for the last time.ouser e last >> let's check in now withh wisdom martin.tin. wisdom, we just saw the two president -- i won't say two t presidents.ts president-elect and the outgoing president walk out of the whitet house, and is there a sense ofeo excitement building where you we are? >> reporter: there's a senseen this process is moving forward because this is supposed to be e peaceful transition of power. pw what's going on right now is --i well, they're actually behind - little bit behind schedule theyh were supposed to do this ato ths 10:35. 10:3 you know how these inaugurations go. they go as they go. they . so right now, what's happening e is they're in the car.e they're going to go down to theo capitol then they'll have thell swearing in ceremony and thenhen the obamas will go their t separate ways and then mr. trumu then president trump will get tt the front of the line and thenne he'll come down back here to tho white house to the reviewing area, and he will watch the parade and then go inside.. the cars are
10:52 am
the white house right now.e ght the motorcade is actuallyuall leaving the without right now you can see the cars and r tighe suv's on their way to the u is.i capitol right now.. you're watching video right nowg of former president bill clintoi and former second of state o hillary clinton right there. t everybody is there.evod they're waiting on this event tt get started the inaugurationnaun 2017 to get started.t started. the swearing in of the 45th president of the united states.e we although now contentious the battle between hillary clintonry and donald trump was. w. how divisive it w >> yes, it was.>>es, it >> this is a live look, wis, actually we're looking live at a bill clinton and hillary clintoc just wanted to you and and alsos behind them george bush andbu a laura bush.h. >> right. >> two living presidents with u today forpr this inauguration.i. >> yeah. also interesting to note thate t the new president, once he's one sworn in he will be the newthe w president, donald trump he'llump get a new state of the art it asking edge security vehicleityh that looks like this
10:53 am
cadillac that looks like this lt one only the secret serviceter notice about the details of thet security suv inside as we watcht all these cars and this t motorcade come out on their way to the u is. us. capitol as the inaugurationnaugr ceremony gets ready to get intoi full swing they swear in the nen president of the united states. >> wisdom getting greatof the vv rolling right past you rightghtt there. wisdom martin right behind wherw that limousine is right now. n as we take a look at former presidents there's george bushrb and laura bush and we just saw s bill and hillary clinton walk bk a few minutes ago.few s ag jimmy carter is there.. we saw him few minutes ago as a well. want to get to holly more riceec right now because holly is alono the parade route.ou. holly a matter of moments rightr now before that limousineimou carrying the future presidente i donald trump rolls right passedd you. you. >> i'm keeping my eye to'm pennsylvania that's for sure.nnat's sur because people are definitelyefl eagerly anticipating theipin motorcade to come down this wayy we saw some other motorcadesade about 10 or 15 minutes ago takea some dignitaries down and so weo of course are sensing that the t big moment was coming.
10:54 am
we've also watched snipers come out on the rooftops on theon buildings surrounding freedom fm plaza i'll step out of the way w hear them coming.hem we have seen a helicopter flyiny over passed and now you see the first motorcycles coming down an they make their way to the us capitol for the actual swearingn in of our 45th so there's the first pass. p it look like we're still s awaiting the rest of the cars to come over. come i just want to make sure you you don't miss anything as we get this bird's view of history. hto as i was saying we do have aav stepped up security presence prc that's going on here the security on each side of pennsylvania avenue is twos officers deep.eep you have officers facing the the parade route and then you haveh officers facing the crowd. crow. i'm going step out again so that you can make sure that you get g to see this as i am experiencinn it. it. just the same. t s you know, security calls this t whole parade route here 2-mile-m nightmare because for them that's exactly what it is. that's kind of what, you know,oo
10:55 am
because they're transportingrt very important people obviouslyo and they're doing so it's not at quick as a normal motorcades go. if we live in the dc area you'rr used to seeing motorcades comeds through and they come through at a pretty good clip. c when you're coming along thelone parade route here they travelyra much slower, of course.ou it's interesting when you're talking about the feel here, i r was just talking with someom colleagues, um, it's not not particularly jubilant right nowt but it's also not particularlyly hate phil.hatehil. it's just very peaceful and kind of quiet. quiet there are people here that are t trump you can see they've got their t cameras at the ready. rea there we go. there we g we see the limousines going by. they've got their cameras readyy so that they can take thesese amazing pictures of what they'r' witnessing.witnsi we do have people also withh protest signs up.p. now we're hearing some cheershe and here we go. there's the pool camera going gi by, and there you can see them t wavi o
10:56 am
we got a few screams here ases he not anything that's out of control one way or another. but, people very much taking inn what's happening in front ofon them and i can only imagine the feel inside of the limousines as they head up to be a part of this very monumental and historical occasion.. so now we are witnessing the the peaceful transition of power. pr it's happening before our eyes.e one of the things that is so amazing about living where weg h do. guys, back to you.. >> it's unbelievable when youou think about it you see former fe president jimmy carter and hisnd wife rosland carter just nowtow walking out as well to get intoi that position.ion holly f you're still with us ihi do want to you ask you, as far,f as the parade route, they'll dod this again obviously after the t ceremony they'll go back andk retrace the steps as far as f folks to watch the parade.. how close do you think folks cal actually get to seeing theing t vehicles go by are they in aheyi position where they at least caa see even if the president-electe who wi t
10:57 am
decides to stay in the vehicle?e >> reporter: o?h yeah.h yea they definitely can.yan i hope you can follow with meitm here max. m there are several roads ofds of barricades there.adesre but the outer most barricade ini front of the officers there areo people that areff just rightht behind that. t so i mean even from my locationt i can easily see president-elece trump waving from the window. w even if they decide not to get o out of the limousine they t definitely will get a very goodd view.ew. i mean they haven't pushed backk people so far that they can'then it. it. but they have just reinforced the route like i said the numben of officers is aisle as i'm talking right now g there's protesters very close. o they're walking through rightig wow. i believe this is a same group o of protester that is cameeforeee and they said build bridges, no, walls.ll and that's what hey beenn chanting.anting but you can see there are trumpu supporters right there next toet them and they are literallyeral right up against the parade route.
10:58 am
so they're not necessarilyessaly limiting they're just kind of reinforcing and making their presence knownk and letting everybody know thish is going to be a safe and secure area. but people are still getting the full inaugural paradeugur par experience. however, i will say as i'msaas saying it right now, you canan probably see there are somee protesters that are being metarg with a group of security guardsa it doesn't look like there's much a brew haha going down goid other than the fact that peopleo are just kind of raising theirgt voices little bit.ices but the protesters are going goi and it looks like there's the security there kind of making aa little bit of a wall between the protesters and the people thatpa are here trying to enjoy the parade route. >> we just had a great shot shot holly from overhead just showino how much security is in factac lining that parade route as you could see literally officers arr to arm along the length of thatf pade routete. also on the left we're seeing sn hillary clinton and formery cli president bill clinton justust walk
10:59 am
also all smiles. sle >> all smiles but you have toleo wonder what hillary clinton isnt thinking as we saw her in the -- that entranceway standing with w her husband bill clinton, and, a what i noticed was really ineay that moment no mil i wondered and resort of wast ow holding her hand and shaking itg it really regardless of how you voted to stand there knowing that you lost this contentious election but knowing you have tg come out and put a smile on your face there. what a moment and we see that sa moment right here. he >> taking a page and taking higg road there as well,. wl, >> taking the high >> and being there and being ane part of this and recognizing this as american history and --- >> powerful for her to be theree as well. as well. >> despite the protesters youtee see on the bottom what is as we hope will continue to be a peaceful transition of power now. chris christie there on the big screen.scre but today the day is aboutut donald j. trauma hoop will soons become the 45th president ofntf the united states. sta >> we
11:00 am
joining us this our coverage continues with foxx news and shepard smith.mi thank you for joining us forni your early coverage.arly we'll be back with paradee coverage. we'll see you then.coyothen ♪♪♪♪ this is a fox news special presentation. sea. i'm shepherd smith from your nation's capital. today, we'll watch along with you as the nation welcomes our next leader to the white house. today is rich with pomp and pageantry and parade right down pennsylvania avenue. it's also a day to put aside


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