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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  January 25, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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inauguration and today we will talk about another fence. this apparently among the executive orders that president trump has been signing and keeping good on campaign promises with the stroke of pen. just yesterday pushing forward with those controversial keystone and dakota access pipelines and tweeting last night that there will be more to come. saying, "big day planned on national security tomorrow morning many other things we will build the wall! and those other things include hiring more border patrol agents and financial penalties for so-called sanctuary is theyes that don't arrest or detain illegal immigrants and proposals to restrict the flow of refugees in the united states according to administration sources that spoke with associated press and trump said mexico would pay for the wall and mexico has haeply said it will not pay for any border walls. what we understand is that those executive t
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wall on national security as mr. trump put it will be signed today when he visits the department of homeland security expect around a little after 1:00 this afternoon and then next week it will be interesting meeting here are when the mexican president comes to washington for a visit liver at the white house i'm melanie alnwick. >> happening now the search is on for a man who shot a woman at a bus stop in front of elementary school children. eugene sims is armed and dangerous. witnesses say he tried toy grab a little girl when the mother trained to intervene she was shot. they withheld the name due to nature of shooting and then felt it was best to get the word out so the public can help find sims. >> with domested cases they're usually targeted. so really there's no reason to think that this person would arbitrary go shoot peo
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harm other individuals although that's the unknown we don't know the that. >> here's another look at sims' photo. >> and police are looking for another man that shot at national park. the victim was shot several times and is expected to recover. investigators don't believe that the shooting was related to the job fair. they're now looking for a man last seen driving chevy impala and the job fair was resketched. >> a man accused of killing a fair fax county police officer is behind bars. they arrested brian plandonverde. they have evidence that ties him to surprised's shooting in great falls. fairfax country police officer tried to pull him over for a traffic stop instead the officer said he turned his cash acoupd and shot at the officer through the windshield. the officer was not hurt. police are questioning two teens in connection with the shooting
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county police are looking for hit and run driver in annandale the car hit a pedestrian at the intersection of green berry lane and ever green lane and kept going. the victim is in critical condition and no word on a description of the car. >> to montgomery county where principal at spring book is under fire for telling his cheer squad their routine was too ghetto the principal at silver spring school was approached by paint branch high school principal. that principal told williams his team was too ghetto. that was relayed to the cheer squad. tonight they're boy colting the athletic department of their own school because of that comment. >> we'll talk about this on good day. i feel like one of those story we have to weigh in on. we'll see. if you watch in later or early, #good day d.c. >> and at least it's dry right now.
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warm will be nice even you'll be happy later. >> i'm always happy about the weher atbecause i cannot control it i'm happy every day i wake up above ground. >> i suppose that's a positive outlook. >> as if we don't know wisdom martin here, come on. >> temperatures outside right now, 46. really is not bad to start the someday here considering we're in late january now. 46 in annapolis and 43 gaithersburg and baltimore 41. 30s south and west. mannasas 3 4, couple pepper 3. fredericksburg 34 and there's a breeze leftover. we have wind chills to talk about. feels like 43 currently in washington. 37 gaithersburg and westminster 33 and feels like culpeper and quantico and 34 fredericksburg right now. so again you grab the jacket as you head out the door this morning and maybe later on this afternoon we can get rid of it because it feels pleasant. satellite and radar we have high, thin clouds out there north and west of the washington d.c. region. however, m
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will be working all throughout the day here as we get into the afternoon. that will be warming us up nicely and southwest wind today and that will get temperatures up to near 60 here in washington later on this afternoon. 10 a.m. today, 49, cooler side. by the time we goat 1:00 haded up to the mid 50s with plenty of sunshine and yes, by, 4:00 temperatures near the 60 degree mark in time for the kids to get out of school. if they are able to do so head on out and get out and about and enjoy it and colder weather our way as we head into the weekend. getting back to where we should be. details coming up in the 7 day forecast in a few minutes here. all right. that's early look at the forecast. let's get over to caityln roth this morning. >> all right. mike, 2 for 2 off to a good start with the names this morning. wednesday morning sxhut very quiet e just after 4:30 this wednesday this hump day wide view of belt we way looked
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smooth ride for you. inside the beltway, 395 etsell road to 14 street bridge no reported problems and nice not have any weather related issues this morning. delay free, 66 eastbound. if you catch early flight out of dulles, 66 westbound as well as well as 267 dulles toll road looking smooth. let's go back inside the district. both days are a nightmare commute. mostly due to wet roads and sheer volume it always is every day. but 295 looks fine. route 50 to 11 street bridge and route 50 prince george country or as far as anne arrundel you're looking good too. maryland side of things maryland loop all normal. light volume frederick as you travel to gaugeers burges and rockville and germantown and spur on 270. looking good. northbound 295 as we go back to maryland. beltway to the avenue looks g role roads fine 210 and continuing to southern maryland there's 2
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existent. traveling smoothly right now. wisdom and maureen. >> thanks, caityln. time now is 4:36. >> all right. >> m coming up on "fox 5 news morning". >> hollywood heart throb known for good looks and chiseled jaw. his wax figure giving preponderance the the creeps. >> as we get to break a live look across the d.c. region, 5:37, it's 40, 46 degrees in fact. fox news
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>> first up sound off about the oscars
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oscars and this year jada pinket smith is praising the show for diverse nomination. this year's nominations are both beautiful. she feels fantastic about the nominations being more diverse this award season and smith incourageed tell owe artist to create strong imagery in regards to identity of our country. >> next black eyed peas star tab auto urged to not give up fight for dakota access pipeline. the singer, part native american. says there's no time to sit back. he's part of standing rock indian reservation fight for the pipeline and his comments come after president donald trump signed executive orders yesterday to reon two couldn't vaers yl pipeline projects. >> and finally actor ryan gosling made headlines for nomination for "la la land" and what people cannot stop talking about is creepy wax figure. a lot call it creepy. it day bud in berlin
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shocking fans far and wide because they say it doesn't look like the hollywood heart throb. >> it does look look him. i think. doesn't it? >> enough. >> okay. >> time is 4:41. >> okay. this morning in the news a massive manhunt underway after a woman was shot in fronts of kids at a school bus stop in maryland we'll check in with annie yu liver with what we know about the suspect. >> let's head to break across the d.c. region. 4:41 now and nice 46 degrees. we're back with more fox news morning
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>> writing now ux 4:44 outrage us attack at a school bus stop a woman shot and children watching it unfolded. a search for a man armed and dangerous. >> the reason why one d.c. firefighter social media comments about trump sparked he review by officials. >> looking good mike thomas will have a first check of the forecast in a moment. hey, everybody, i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> and caitlin roth is here to talk about traffic at some point this hovrjt but first we hi to michael thomas because it's dry outside. it's january. it's unexpected. it's
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warm, won't you say. >> i thought you were saying hi to me first because i was your favorite. >> everybody is a favorite. >> everybody plays sglaivrts you're right. >> i just put a 20 on your desk. >> i have about ten favorites. >> satellite and radar this morning. thin clouds offer to the north an west generally speaking a fworj us, sunny day. after days of cloud cover and rain and drizzle none of that in the the forecast it's a wonderful weather wednesday. sat line and radar off west showing next storm system. we'll bring us just a couple of showers early tomorrow morning and however, really the change it brings is colder air behind it starting second half of tomorrow and friday through the weekend and early next week. more seasonably chilly weather heading our way as we end the workweek here. let's see future cast. noon today, future cast not showing a cloud in the sky. gorgeous
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clouds increase as we head into the the evening hours ahead of the next front. you see the showers there spilling into mountains at 6:00 tonight presidential let's go to the overnight hours dealing with clouds. probably fog, too in a few locations here with warm air seted into the region tonight and as we head to the overnight hours there's shower activity. again very early. it may be in fact didn't by the early morning rush hour tomorrow. still don't be surprised if you hop out of bed and have raindrops on windshield. quick look at the 7 day forecast. we'll go into detail, 60 today, cooler weather arrives for the weekend. let's check the weather. caityln roth has traffic this morning and i'm three for three. >> mike i'm so proud of you great job. all right it is a beautiful morning and sun glare will be the only weather related issue as you head out early and construction though if you're in stafford country 95 northbound construction site on scene and right around stafford north on 95 two right lanes blocked squeezing by and see traffic building
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of that. you break free once you get past aquia harbor. by the time i you hit dale city no prob lemd lemz down by stanford and should lift by 5 a.m. or shortly after that. woodbridge to springfield looking good. smoom, no construction no issues and inside the beltway, 395 northbound through arlington traveling is fine. you're smooming on 66 eastbound. delay free from mannasas to september areville, gainsville, into fairfax and beltway as well. kinds of a nice start. no issues on the beltway itself and traveling down through wheaton and glenmont fine as you hit the beltway. 270 good. that's a look at traffic. maureen, wisdom. >> 4:47 is the time disturbing news from oxon hill where a manhunt is on the way for a man that shot a woman at a bus stop. >> annie
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good morning to you annie, what can you tell us. >> good morning, wisdom, power each this is definitely unsettled story straightening story that played out in front of 15 cool children that intersection of win tlop and chester in oxon hill happened around 7:00 yesterday and prince george county police say this was a domestic violence shooting and this is the man police are hooking for. take a look. it's 42-year-old eugene sims and it's believed he's armed and dangerous according to a witness sims jumped out of the bushes and tried to grab a young girl standing at the bus stop and the girl's mother was hurt saying you're not taking my child and she was shot once and grazed by a second bullet. she survived and none of the kids got hurt and police knew the shooter early on because this was a domestic situation. investigators did not release the name and photo of the suspect until just before 6:00 last night. now
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did not release the suspect info immediately letting people know who to look out for and they tell us they deposit think he was threat to public early on however once they released fame and photo police identified him as being arld and dangerous and call 91 1 immediately. we spoke to former homicide detective about the decision making process in cases like this take a listen to what he had to say. >> with domestic cases they're usually targeted. so there's really no reason to think that this person would just arbitrary go shoot people or harm other individuals. although, that's the unknown. we just don't know that. >> again, prince george country police looking for eugene sims. he has extensive criminal past and is well known to prince george county police department and they're asking us to give out this number 1-866-411-tips if you have information and you can remain anonymous. that's the latest from oxon
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local news. >> 4:49 and member of the d.c. fire department under fire for facebook post written written on inauguration day confirmed that one of the fire investigators wrote "where is john hinkley when you need him" the fire department released a statement that says officials you aware of the facebook post made by a member on inauguration day and the statement under review. it went on to say this matter is internal personnel matter and the department is precueded from make further comments. in 1981 john hinckley attempted to assassinate ronald reagan outside the hotel hilton he wounded reagan and others and he was found not getty by reason of insanity he now lives n with his mother in williamsburg, virginia. >> a police are arresting more teenager and preteens for robbery. since october d.c. police charged 6 9 juveniles with robbery. the number
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with a crime is up 8% over last year. >> time now is 4:50 and coming up on "fox news morning" wild video of a train versus a big rig. >> and it's scary to watch as the train slams into the semi-as it crosses railroad tracks. find out why the gates were not working in that crossing, details ahead. >> going to break right now with a live look outside across the region. time now is 4:51. 46 is the temperature. "fox5 news morning" back after this. we invited women to a spa to test a new body wash. dish soap. you may not feel it, but some body washes can contain cleansers found in dish soap. dove body wash is different. it has only the gentlest cleansers. it just made me feel good. this is dove.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, their half house has full internet, with uploads as fast as downloads. don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet with equal uploads and downloads, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios. the baltimore woman who lost six children in a house fire was released from the hospitalment herhr
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malone took to facebook to thank everyone for thoughts and prayers and says their family must now plan a funeral that is frankly up possible to fathom. cause of fire is under investigation dozens of protesters fathered outside the white house after trump signed executive orders to add vapts the couldn't vaers yl pipeline. president barack obama halted proposed pipelines over environmental concerns. >> terrifying video to talk about out of utah this morning a train slammed into a fedex tractor-trailer. the shocking scene was caught on camera. at the time of the crash the gate were up and the bell and flashing lights that would have warned fedex driver were not working. officials say testify ear science and snow conditions may have caused it not to work
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thankfully no one was hurts in the cash. >> that's lucky. on a test alleyly other note lucky for us weather-wise. warm temps in january this year we'll very temperatures in the 60s later on this afternoon. satellite and radar this morning clear skies out there. a saw a lot of stars as driving n which i have not seen in the past at least five days here in washington a good day at the bus stop. bundle them as they head out. 32 to 35 lower 40s hereer d.c.. kill hi start to the day and after school beautiful, 54 to 63 degrees and get out and enjoy it there's "fox5" accuweather 7 day forecast 60 today and early 55 tomorrow enjoy today's 60. caityln roth has a look the
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forecast. best hump day in a while. enjoy this rare day in january where we hit 60. construction to delay. 0 southbound clarksburg and two southbound lanes blocked at clarksburg road where you see the red is construction site. two lanes are blocked and squeezing by around it and there's a buildup of volume as a result that should be lifting sometime after 5 a.m. i'll keep you posted on construction site again 270 southbound clarksburg road. if you come in 891 and baltimore washington parkway route 9 out of columbia looks type and accessing inner or outer loop no problems on topside of beltway. overall beltway looks good. no yellow or red building and fairly early and no weather to contend with today unlike the past two mornings. 95 northbound closer to beltway you're fine. woodbridge, dale city. basically up to springfield. still construction remains down in stafford.
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etsell road toe 14 street bridge and 66 looks good. and 295 southbound no problems as well. and that's a look at traffic. lets go over to maureen and wisdom. >> all right. thank you, indicate lip. coming up on "fox news morning". >> president trump could be making good on one of the biggest campaign promises the wall ahong the mexico border. live from outside the white house with big plans on emgraition today. >> as we head to break let's look live across the d.c. region, there you got it. it's 4:57 and 46 degrees. more fox news morning after the break
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>> right now 5:00 out raiming us attack at a school bus stop a group of children watching it unfolded. the latest on a certain for a man armed and dangerous. >> and cheerleading couldn't versus yeah a local prince pal is under fire for what he said about his own cheering squad. >> we're in for a nice dose of sunshine and higher temperatures today. woo-hoo way to break in the middle of the week. thanks for joining is i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin


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