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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  January 31, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> today on "fox5 news morning", you're fired, you're hired. those words from president tendon as he replaces acting attorney general when she refused to enforce his executive order on immigration and refugee ban. >> a live look outside freezing cold air will greet you as you head outside this morning. but, mild temperatures expected to move in by the afternoon. >> i hope. >> let's
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you for joininging us i'm maureen umeh. >> subfreezing sounds really bad. i'm holly morris, glad you're with us tuesday, last day of january. we have one school closure to report. page country is closed due to mechanical problem. >> erin como will talk about traffic and first let's goat mike thomas that gives us a tid bit on the cold temps today. >> cold to start the day and little snow not far away keeping an eye on a system mostly staying north. if one or two snow showers couldn't across it could cause problems because of cold road temps, like around i 81 and portions west now you see snow shower activity coming through. it is light. i was looking at traffic cameras in northern maryland a couple minute ago it doesn't look like that much is m coming down. we want to keep an eye on it as we move through the next couple hours and see whether or not it pulls north or whether or not we get snowflakes in the d.c. area once again this morning. we'll let you know and
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eye on. it quick check of the weather and let's go to holly and maureen at the desk. >> if you just wake up at 5:0 1 let's get you caught up in the big story this morning. we have a new acting attorney general. >> president donald trump firing the previous one after she refused to enforce the controversial order on immigration and refugee travel. >> melanie alnwick is live outside the department of justice with details on the shakeup, mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys, angry accusations from the white house and message from secretary to other dissenters saying they can get with the program or go. here's the statement from the white house regarding sally yates saying that she "betrayed the department of justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens ever the united states."yates said in memo monday she was not convinced trump's order temporarily halting u.s. re
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and 7 nations was lawful nor always seeking justice and standing for what is right. she was appointed by president obama. back in 2015 current amount g nominee senator jeff sessions asked her in her confirmation hearing whether the attorney general should be independent of the president. >> if the views the president wants to execute are unlawful should attorney general or deputy attorney general say no. >> i believe the attorney general or deputy has the obligation to follow lieu and con sti institution and give independent legal advice to the president. >> that is what she believed and did and that is what she lost her job for. now, 62-year-old dana boente for the eastern district of virginia was swornp in and pledged
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ban saying in his opinion it's legal and pop arely drafted. now he will lead the justice department until senator jeff sessions is presumably confirmed by the senate to be the nation's new attorney general. sessions has a final vote in the senate judiciary committee today and then probably full vote in the senate sometime this week or next. live at the justice department, i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 5:04 is the time and one group hopes to stop that confirmation from happening the women's groupon washington will hold a rally and are calling on the committee to book the nomination. his background showed he stood against civil right and women's rights. >> president trump is expected to announce who he wants to fill the vacant seton supreme court. he nroond announce selection on thursday. but sent a tweet on monday saying he would reveal his
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the fronts runners are federal appeals court judges william pryor, neil gorsuch and thomas hardiman there's been an opening on the high court for almost a year now. >> president trump made another change in administration appointed thomas d. holeman as acting director of u.s. immigrations and custom enforcement replacing formerer acting ice director daniel ragsdale no reason was given for his dismissal. >> developing right now police are searching for a gunman that shot and killed a man at the bp gas station on walters lane in disstrict heights. "fox5" was first on the scene. they do not know if the shooting was random or targeted but it appears to be a robbery. >> the man suspected of kid fanning and forceing a georgetown student top withdrawal cash from atms in the ea
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january 26 in the 3400 block o street northwest and the suspect's vehicle is described as light gray or silver suv. >> and 5:06 is the time. michael thomas you certainly are a man of the morning. bringing you back in to talk about the cold temperatures. >> i'm more relaxed than yesterday all that chaos. >> there was a lot going on yesterday morning. >> this morning mostly cold temperatures. snow for some. here in d.c. i think we might escape this morning without getting more snowfall. there's satellite and radar. look at the last couple frames there you can see how things are turning back off north and that's good news at d.c.. we do not want light snow coming through during the morning commute with temperatures this school. their stormtracker radar you can see light snowfall activity along the i 81 corridor as systems pull out of the mountains they tend to lose up of and we're hoping that keeps us safe you in the morning
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chilly, 2 washington, 8 gaithersburg and 25 up towards west mipster. baltimore 9. leopard town 3. quick glance it looks like everybody except annapolis is below freezing this morning. temps today with west winds tellps to low 50s for most later this afternoon with exceptions of course friends north and west who we look as though they'll stay in the 40s. that's a first check of weather. let's do traffic with erin como. >> 5:07 now keeping eyes on the road this tuesday morning and take a look behind you. i mean right now everything is pretty clear and wide on. retin is problem free and vienna 66 looking good and waking up in arlington not seeing problems on secondarys i'mer. if we forward maps to southern maryland all green all good as you make your way brandywine, upper marboro, four inbound is quiet and to problems 210
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washington and waking up in virginia things on 95 quiet fredericksburg and volume nging in stafford not enough to cause major slow downs yet. chefly, 50 inbound quiet and southbound 95 from 50 to 11 street bridge wide on and no problems owe on freeway east or westbound by third street tunnel and if headed to the ballpark things are looking quiet m street as well. outer loop 95 baltimore washington parkway quiteet if you have an early morning flight traffic on the way to bwi smooth now on the way to reagan national and dulles. taking a look at 70 southbound by 70 delay free frederick all the way down problem free 40, 15 and 70 and good news metro always on time if you want to take that presidential grab your jacket you'll need it, any questions erin fox d.c. on twitter we have you covers this tuesday morning, maureen, holly, back to you. >> m coming up the boy scouts of america issuing a new ruling on transgender. >> and missing bob catou
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neighborhood. >> heading to break right now. a live look across the d.c. region, 5:08 is the time. 0 the temp. back after this the bakery flavors you love... [ ding! ] available in your dunkin' coffee. sip in the happy with a medium vanilla cupcake, or new fudge brownie macchiato or latte for $1.99 from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> a canadian college student carried out an attack killing 6 people and injuring 19 others so far no word on motive. police say the student carried out the deadly attack alone. president trump called president prime minister monday offering condolences and u.s. govrnlts resources. >> we condemn this attack in the strongest possible terms. it's a terrible reminder of why we must remain vigilant and why the president is taking steps to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to our nation's safety and security. >> security is now being stepped up at mosques around the world. >> and breaking from century old stance boy scouts of america is paving way to allow transgender sdouts join. le the organization said it would accept members based on gender identity on the application.
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they were criticized fortuneing down a transgender teen late last night. >> this morning the national zoo continues to search for missing bob cat. zoo officials say the 5 pound bob cat named ollie escaped monday morning. zoo keepers say they was last seen during one of routine checks around 7:30 a.m. and staff members returns to find she was missing and bobcats exhibits will remain closed until ollie is found and bob kratz not usually aggressive on humans but if you spot her do not approach her instead contact authorities. >> hm, scary. >> how does -- how does it get out? >> the animal -- >> 5:11 is the time. coming up. espn host with local ties is criticized on social media for speaking out against immigration ban protesters
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>> and president trump signs an order that they say will help small businesses. >> cold, cold tuesday morning at 0 degrees this morning 5:11 is the time. fox news morning back after this. it's a cold 20 degrees this morning
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>> happening today a 5:14 some people may think it's regular ordinary tuesday. >> others may call erin como's birthday. >> happy birthday erin. >> happy birthday to you♪ >> oh, that music, too. sfwlpt there we go, we have music♪ >> exactly. >> happy birthday. >> it's not every day you turn 21. >> 21 oh, come on you can tell them you're 25! >> it's okay. >> that makes maureen and i 28. >> exactly. >> it's a good time for us all. >> happy birthday to you i hope you have a good time celebrating later. >> good news about working this shift on your birthday. you get t
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birthday for a really long time. >> yes. >> my alarm went off 2:30 i was like yes. >> celebration started early. >> we hope you enjoy everything about your special day. >> absolutely. >> now get back to work we'll check in with traffic in a second. >> cracking that whip. here is what happens. >> and we'll treat you right still. what's going on out there. >> live look outside right now and looks like traffic moving smoothly and it would be nice on erin's birthday if they gave her a break on traffic. live look outside. calm, not snowing like it was this time yesterday. things are getting a long just smoothly out there. and let's do temperatures around the region if we can. let's pop up max for me and look at our temperatures right now across the eastern half of country. 25 this morning in pittsburgh. 3 washington. binghamton, new york, 12. very cold air around and we have alberta clipper kind of really first organized the one of the season and looks like it will pass most
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you see snowfall early this morning stretching down to maryland pan handle. let's go to stormtracker radar and i show you i 81 corridor maybe light snowfalling in win chest they are morning and doesn't look like it's heavy enough to coat the ground and you see patches of purple here you could get quick bursts of snow and if you can do that you can put down a quick coating especially maryland pan handle and happened cook and maybe heavier snow. again, quick moving clipper system that will stage manly off north this morning and won't rule out isolated flurry here or there in d.c. through the morning hours and then after that we turn breezy and with westerly whipped our temperatures warm up to upper 40s and yes lower 50s later on this afternoon despite not making it out of 0s here in d.c. yesterday. so 5 daytime high today. again early flurry possible. but then things clear out the second half of the day. watch for winds gusting upwards of 0 miles an hour later this
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at some time, chilly, 7, not as cold as we were this morning and scattered clouds around. should be dry. temperatures chilly of course for this time of year. first day of february tomorrow, 50. then temperatures go down. groundhog day 46. friday 43 and by saturday lots of sunshine and high of 39. that's weather. birthday fwirl is here with traffic. happy birthday, erin. >> thank you mike i appreciate that nice little toss. >> is there anywhere wow rather be than ear on your breath day. >> aside from the beach on mexico there's not. >> and you can see that long line of traffic pretty much marked north of this point we have reports of crash. so use caution. route 1 right now is nice and quiet is it you if you want to take as alternate. if you take 95 northbound and that slow down. we'll let you know when things clear: southbound side quieter. as we switch it over to loob at the maps
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and slow dpoup. green around the beltway. springfield interchange all the i up to 6. great across the american legion bridge and utter loop not con guested 95 to georgia avenue. 50 inbound annapolis to bay bridge to beltway cruising along. early morning flight to catch. traffic on way to b. wi. reagan, and dulles are all quietet. problem free suitland parkway northbound and as you get to south can toll. chefly, 295 on north and south of 50 no problems by national hash on on beltway. metro on time. that's great news. any questions @erinfoxdc on twitter. we you have covered this morning. maureen, holly, back to you. >> let's look at the stories you're engaging with most on social media. >> wisdom is standing by with the news tracker. >> 872 refugees granted waives ton enter country
5:19 am
royters a homeland security official confirmed them yesterday. refugees were in transit and already cleared for resettlement before the travel ban took affect. officials say it's not known if additional waives will be granted. espn anchor stage steel is accuse of play hight of privilege and she complained missing la flight to houston because of protesters over lax and the immigration travel ban and this is why thousands of us drag luggage nearly miles to lax and miss flight. she was blasted by users who accuse her of missing point of protests. and she added she felt for the elderly and parents with small children who had to walk the distance but still miss flights. but that she loves seeing people exercise their rights to protest. next up trump protesters were not immune from
5:20 am
themselves most notably by ashy huff he tweeted if you have time to march. protest and riot maybe it's time for something called a job. well, his tweet was later deleted. >> and finally, there will be three new dog breeds at next month's westminster kennel club dog show. hungarian hearding dog and african hound and hairless tear jurors. they're known as pun any, sloppy and american hairless. they'll come pet among others for fwheingt show. maureen, holly can you tell the difference between the three dogs here. >> i'll say yeah. >> i'll say maybe one in middle is one with no hair. they all look like they have hair to me. i don't get hairless thing. >> this is mr. hairless here. >> i was right okay. >> he had least amount of hair. >> what about pume. >> gil with one closest to you. >> you're right. >> i am okay. >> you're right. and for that you keep reading the news. that's your
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>> all that does to us we know dogs. >> you know dogs. >> we know a dog and can spot it immediately. >> yes, you do. >> that's all i'm saying, wiz. >> you're sleetly right. >> thank you, wisdom. >> coming up on "fox 5 news morning" the house is moving forward with plans to undo the obama administration rules ib tended to protect streams. >> and d.c. member plans to introduce legislation to restrict short term housing rentals in the city. >> a live look across the d.c. region. 5:1 is the time. back after this. pass♪ turn uv the music♪
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general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grains as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. ♪ in every honey nut "o". every lucky charms spoonful. and every cinnamon toast crunch square. ♪ you can feel good about general mills big g cereals. >> row testing streams from coal mining debris new
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regulations and some law makers believe the regulations killed coal jobs. house vote is set for tomorrow. president trump's latest executive order will impact small businesses. the directive aims to cut regulations for small businesses and would require government agencies that want to enact regulation to identify two other regulations they would eliminate. some small business owners met with president applauded his action and say they appreciate having a president with a business background who understands their problems and concerns. >> happening today, d.c. ward five council member mc duffy will reveal new legislation to protect affordable housing from bnb and other short term rentals and joined by other housing advocacy groups. and it raises rents across the district. that announcement will take place this morning at the wilson building. >> happening today coast to
5:25 am
multi-industry career fair in arlington. they'll be looking to fill hundreds of job. event is on to all experience levels and veterans as well at the holiday inn, in boston 11 a.m. toe 2 p.m. >> 5:25 is the time now. and it is definitely winter throughout. >> right? >> you remember fuzzy fwhoots morning. >> yes. got them on now. >> definitely necessity. chilly start to the day. it's last day of january i guess we should end january was extremely warm believe it or not despite the cold to end the month here and february is actually going to start on mild note too. later this afternoon temperatures in the 50s in d.c. and not just yet. 3 degrees current number here in washington. and look at all the 0s out there, gaithersburg 8, westminster 25. hagerstown 29. yes we're tracking just a little light snowfall just off to the west there. north of winchester and light snow starting to pick up and just west of hagerstown as well.
5:26 am
tries to you swing east ward to see how much is able to be hold together as is approaches the 95 corridor. i'll leave flurries in the forecast until 10 a.m. and clouds break up through the afternoon and we warm things up. 47, 1:00 by the time we get to 4:00 in the afternoon temperatures peaking into lower 50s with sdeents amount of sunshine. erin como the birthday girl has traffic. >> thank you, mike. breaking news if you head out in ewington towards the mixing bowl this is big crash. let me get to the other side. partially blocking on ramp to the outer loop folks taking it slowly left and cuting across the zebra stripes to proceed on to outer loop. this is backing up traffic all the way back to franconia springfield parkway and lorton ewington this crash scene will cause slow downs this morning. please have patience as you get up to mixing bowl to continue 395 or make your way to beltway. we'll keep you update odden that crash but again consider taking route 1 northbound from
5:27 am
lorton and hop off. there let switch it over from maps. aside from that crash we're seeing nice conditions on 295 and 50 problem free on topside of beltway 95 to 70 looking good and metro on time. 66 eastbound cruising and any questions @erinfoxdc on twitter, back to you. >> thanks, erin, coming up on "fox 5 news morning" organizers of women's march are planning to rally against confirmation of trump cabinet nominee. >> and there is growing movement to legal lies marijuana in the free state. >> as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region 5:27 now and very chilly 30 degrees. bundle up before you head out on tuesday. more to share, though, don't go anywhere, fox news morning is back after
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>> iment graition and refugee shakeup the acting attorney general is fired three hours after she refuses to defend the president's executive order. >> and tonight we're expected to learn the name of president trump's supreme court nominee and number of writers speak out about plans to shut down bus routes. pet row says very few people use. "fox5 news morning" starts right now. >> good portion to you thank you very much for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is tuesday, january 1 m last day of january just like that the month is over. school closure t
5:31 am
because of mechanical issue. >> western maryland some snow falling leading to delays and alleghany county and garrett public county schools are both on two hour delays. >> mike thomas is work on all that weather, of course, and erin is keeping track of roads and we'll keep track of them in four minutes. right now though let's go ahead and get a quick check with mike on weather. it's so important miing we want to talk to you now. >> it's very important. we have school delays startsing to roll in it finally and we were suspicious at this may happen to the far north and west where the snow is falling and there's stormtracker radar and that's where worst the is haagers down cumberland and pan handle of maryland. some is trying to slide across i 81 and potentially get a little further east of the mountains here. we're keeping our eye on it here as we work our way through the next couple hours and threat diminishes and temperatures up to the 50s. yes. >> we'll have the full forecast coming up in a couple minutes. >> wisdom, holly. >> we look forward to that. thanks,
5:32 am
5:31. major departments overnight regarding president trump travel ban led to firing and hiring of new acting attorney general. >> president trump appointed former u.s. attorney general u.s. attorney rather dana bunt tie that position hours after firing prior acting attorney again sally sglaits melanie alnwick is live from the department of justice with details on this shakeup. good morning, mel. >> good morning,gies, angry ak sations from the quhit house and message from press secretary to discenters get with the program or get out. a statement from the white house said that sally yates "betrayed the department of justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the united states." well yates said in memo monday she was not convinced trump's order halting the u.s. refugee program and entry from seven muslim majority nations
5:33 am
defense was consistent with the justice department's obligation to "always seekioustis and stand for what is right."here's what's interesting yates was appointed by president obama. and back in 2015 the current attorney general nominee senator jeff sessions asked in her confirmation hearing whether the attorney general should be independent of the president? >> ft. views the president wants to execute are unlawful should the attorney general or deputy attorney general say no. >> senator, i believe that the attorney general or deputy attorney general has an obligation to follow the law and constitution and give their independent legal advice to the president. >> so again, in yates' opinion she did not believe that this executive order was lawful. and we know it's working its way through the courts. in the meantime 62-year-old dana boente
5:34 am
night. he nreminged to uphold the travel ban saying it's legal and properly drafted inies hips opinion. he'll lead until jeff sessions is presumably confirmed by the senate to be the new attorney general of the united states. sessions has one typeal vote today in the senate judiciary committee it will probably be approved there and then go on to full vote in the final confirmation. sometime probably next few days or next week. live in the justice department i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 5:34 the time now meantime one group hopes to stop that confirmation from happening. women's group of washington will hold a rally they're calling on committee to black sessions nomination and his background shows he's against civil rights and minorities and women's rights. >> and former president barack ob
5:35 am
pan. he does not agree with discrimination based on faith or religion. at:00 tonight president trump is expected to announce who he wants to fill the vacant seat on supreme court. me initially nroond announce selection on thursday and sent a tweet monday saying he would reveal nominee today. federal peels court judges william pryor, neil gorsuch and thomas hardiman. there's been an opening now almost a year following death of antonin scalia. >> 5:5 is the time now and we'll goat mike and talk about the cold weather. >> you're not one for the cold. >> you just have to go with it. >> tomorrow is february. >> the amount of winter left is getting shorter. >> right until you remember the fact this that we think winter extends to spring a little. >> bringing me down. just like that he poured it out. >> cracked it out at the bottom. >> back to reality. >> i un
5:36 am
cold temps and snowfall north and west. yeah, cold, 32 washington we're at the freezing mark once again. and although consider this only the second time we've been at the freezing mark in last 21 days. 28 gaithersburg and 27 up towards westminster and hagerstown snowfall. i have not mentioned wind khelz yet and look at them they're in the teens. gaithersburg and feels like 2 as you step outside. storm track are radars that the snow we're tracking. we'll talk more about that coming up in ten minutes. 52 believe it or not later on this afternoon once we get the sunshine back as clouds part and the system moves through. that's a check of the forecast. erin como has the roads this tuesday. >> yes, tuesday morning and we are dealing with break being news from 95 we'll got a look at that in just a second and if we pull up the camera 95 northbound side partially blocking ramp to utter loop. you can see the flashing light. this turned into a rally big
5:37 am
backed up through ewington and back task and franconia and lorton and and 20 minute slow down to mixing bowl and south of that point popping up courthouse road. no crashes down there usual minimum of traffic trying to get up towards beltway. something to keep in mind this morning. aside from that metro is on time and as we look at maps we're seeing clear conditions once you get to the beltway. topside, problem free through largo and any questions erin fox d.c. on twitter. we have you covered this morning. back to you. >> 5:37 is the time. new developments in the case of journalist jailed and charged while covering inauguration. >> and falcons coordinator kyle shanahan suffers through a stress filled 30 minutes during super bowl media snetion houston. >> we're going to break with a live look across the region. time now 5:37 and temperature 30 degrees. back in a moment
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this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!!
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5:41 am
trains may not run as often. many in attendance say cutting bus routes would leave people without alternatives options for transportation. >> it will drop felony writing charges against three journalists arrested while covering inauguration protests. six journalists were arrested and two are facing charges which carry 10 year as soon as and 25,000 fine. >> there's a renewed push to legal lies marijuana in maryland. pro pot lawmakers want to bypass voter and have the general assembly vote on the bill. they would pay $0 an ounce in skies tax. sales of pot would be taxed 9% same rate as alcohol after legalizing recreation rational use in maryland failed in the past. >> coming up on "fox news morning" south carolina senator lindsay gram says president trump's executive order on immigration should
5:42 am
>> and trulp supporters are calling for boycott of starbucks. >> we'll head to break now and as we do, let's go ahead and look live across the d.c. region on tuesday, last day of january coming up on 5:42 right now. 30 degrees outside. fox news morning back after this don't go anywhere
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built for business. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. >> we're back now at 5:44 on tuesday morning. giving
5:45 am
western maryland where there's snow falling. it's enough to delay schools to the west in fact. here we go. take a look at list. alleghany county, garrett county schools both on two hour delay today. >> and there's also a two our delay for schools in mineral county west virginia and those are scrolling on the bottom of your screen and if we have more delays we'll let you know right away. >> you can sleep in. >> yes. >> right? >> stay under the covers. >> delay, w on ohoo. >> wore watch us all morning long. >> that's true. that's a better plan i like how you think. >> all right. i prefer it to be a little warmer. but alas it is not. >> i'm sorry i forgot -- you are getting your groove on how dairy interrupt the groove sghi thought i heard a beat in the back ground. >> you started from the boment bottom and now you're here♪ >> it's like a drum did you see that. >> that is look a drug to you just
5:46 am
>> he is loosey goosey no bones mike. >> i know. >> let's look at temperatures this morning. cold, cool i guess you could say. and smooth. 32 outside in d.c. right now and 2 gaithersburg and 29 up towards baltimore and 30 frederick. hagerstown also at 29. take a look at wind chills. winds are breezy early this morning. 22 degrees is what it feels like if you step outside the door in d.c.. 19 gauge rzburg and 21 dulles and 1 hagerstown and 17 up towards westminster. wind will be a factor today. gusts 35 miles an hour. thanks to the alberta clipper system going north. throwing energy close enough it's bringing snoy we showed you earlier to some areas north and west. al gapey counselee schools on the two hour delay there. up towards haag rz town this is where i'm getting highest reflective
5:47 am
here which means this is where my radar is saying there could be heavy snow and i got a report thank you dana in hagerstown she lives on the north and she's not seeing anything coming down. some of this probably evaporating about before it hits the grounds. it's something we will watch as rewe roll through the the next couple hours and then warming up this afternoon. 0s and 30s to start the morning here. jet stream sort of jogs off north as it does that our west winds will pick up and temperatures later this afternoon, 40s north and west and here in town and locations south i think temperatures make it to lowerer 50s later this afternoon. that will feel good. 52 is what your daytime high is today. morning flouryes possible the next few hours and sunshine underway as we head to afternoon hours. tonight, scattered clouds, chilly. not as cold as this morning. 37 for overnight temperatures. let's look at "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. again, 52 today and 50 tomorrow fist day of february and groundhog day is thursday
5:48 am
maybe partly cloudy skies. 46. he looks like he went. there he's waving and trying to get our attention. >> he's happy. >> happy ground hog. >> you know what he's doing happy birthday erin como. >> mike, you're the best. >> this is not happy birthday behind me though. >> no. >> this is not happy for anyone driving now on 95. see mess of parked traffic. earlier crash 95 northbound ramp to outer loom cleared to shoulder what we're left with is bunch. of delays lorton beltway you're in for 25 minutes slow down. factor in that extra time south ever that point to stafford jamming up courthouse road because of usual cop juston and this is nastyest delay we're dealing with now in virginia. southbound side heavier. still a lot lighter than what you're dealing with on the northbound side. we'll switch it over for 3457z maps. asides from that frederick to 20 southbound building delays 70 to clarksburg and you see the yellow. no congestion n
5:49 am
report a 10 minute delay and out of clarksburg things on up gaithersburg and rockville getting down to beltway. looking for 66 light volume centerville to beltway and sutly road jams up a little and again towards vienna. any questions erin fox d.c. on twitter. wisdom and olly back to you. >> south carolina senator lipcy gram says the ban should be modified. his office is working roun the clock to get a south carolina resident back into the states. >> she's a college graduate and paying tams and adding value to business and has a visa that allows her to work here. she's here lawfully and she's smart and intelligent and adds value to the country and we'll have to find a way to fix this program. >> president trump can presidential enter take away
5:50 am
some's rights but not existing status. >> hate crimes are rising in the country and he wants the council to take action so they know they're welcome in montgomery country and will be protected. >> we're going to be meeting with our executive branch with my colleagues. i am on to any and all ideas as to how we can demonstrate that in montgomery county you are welcome. you are safe and respected and we will have your back. council is expected to take up the issue on february 14. >> time now a:50 stories you're engaging with most on social media. >> hey, mel. >> good morning first up the white house released a statement denying it plans to do away with lgbt protections for federal workers this half rumors were making
5:51 am
last night trump administration assured public 2014 directive by president obama barring lgbt in the government workforce would remain in place. >> next up u.s. combat veterans are expressing outrage over trump's immigration ban on 7 muslim countries and you see the ban in suspension of refugee program blocked visas for interpreters that risked their lives on the battle field. and many of them say they feel betrayed by order president trump signed on friday. >> and next up, trump supporters planning to hit the starbucks in the pocketbook. they're calling for boycott of the coffee chain after the starbucks ceo said the company planned to hire 10,000 refugees at location around the blobe and here at u.s.. many say starbucks should be hiring american works earn an #boycott starbucks is trend on line and someen concerning people to support local coffee chains and protests. >> and finally i
5:52 am
slipup you want to make before playing in the super bowl but for 0 minutes yesterday the offensive coordinator shanahan searched for play book during media session. turns out culprit was not from the new england by long time san fran significance coreporter art spaper the 78-year-old columnist accidentally miss took shanahan's backpack for his own and it was returned and so it order to the world of football if you believe that story. i'm not -- >> why taking a play book to media night. >> there's so many holes in the story i'm not sure i buy all this. >> like a plane backpack pack. >> no falcons on it. >> some journalist walked by oh, looks like mine. >> calling foul. >> i know that's the wrong sport just saying. thanks. mel. >> according to world health organization if you cannot
5:53 am
way without video games you may have a mental illness. the impact of plague games excessively could cause a gaming disorder. they wants to add this new term to the latest addition of international classification of diseases and over two dozen experts are speaking out against the move. they say research behind new term is not based on playing video games but instead using substance abuse data. and if gaming disorder is officially adopt today could lead to marketing and advertising restrictions that require large labels on video games warping of potential health risk like the wins you see on cigarettes. >> meanwhile paris jackson is ready for a close-up the daughter of late pop star mike a.m. jackson will make her debut on the fox show star. she will play young stylist social guru who oversees a show for the girls girl group. you can catch that here on "fox5"tomorrow night at nine. >> actress
5:54 am
goreia is taxed to be on "empire". she is to play charlotte frost. season four of the hit show returns from winter hiatus us to fox wednesday march 2. >> where will charlotte fit in on the show. >> i'm sure she'll stir up trauma. >> this is our facebook fan ever the someday robert walker. rob irt wants to be fame us for an hour. >> okay, robert, we could not make that happen but we can do it for two minutes. >> okay. well he legislation says when he turns on the news the only station he watches is the fox nickel. >> through go you're fwet getting fame now. you like to be fanive the day. post your picture below the now famous robert walker. >> who kind the phrase fox nickel. >> thanks you for watching fox nickel for a tuesday in january. let's toss it to mike for weather. my bestad
5:55 am
or quarter but i get what you mean. fox nickel. so stormtracker radar this morning seeing light snow trying to get its act together through frederick country in maryland and through northern portions loudoun own maybe, maybe here trying to push to montgomery country. it's very lights and i don't think there's much sticking and i'm getting records that not a lot is falling. we still have to keep our eye on it as we lead through the next hour or so. tucker will be long next hour to bring you the latest there. 24 to 3 for the kids at the bus stop i'll leave flurries in the forecast and after school, 45 to 54 degrees and sun comes out and yes, it will be breezy and rather pleasant and especially cared to yesterday when most stays in the 0s all gay long. "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. 52 the daytime high today and 50 tomorrow first day of february and temperatures crash a bit second half of week. thursday, 46, friday 43 and by saturday plenty of sunshine and temperatures staying in 30s once again high of 39. next system we're kind of really watching is sunday night into monday and
5:56 am
kind of looks like a messy kind of mix. we'll keep our eye on it once again as we head through the course of of the weekend and bring you the latest as we can. that's a check of form cast. airplane erin last time i get to say happy birth someday on air. cooking with cumo will be a birthday cake today. >> i'm taking a dance lesson with kevin mccarthy, wish me luck. >> maybe we can find a cake somewhere. rights now, beg mess on 95 northbound earlier crash before the outer loop on ramp to outer loop cleared and as you make your way to lorton mixing bowl traffic is jammed with about a 25 minute delay right now and southbound side moving along long. a little better and still volume increasing there was well. keep that in mind. as we move to another look in virginia on 66 light volume now but sutly and things on up past 28 and slow down a bit through vienna and maryland commute outer loop great 95 to georgia no low downs there and 95 southbound from icc look going and
5:57 am
a little blip and metro is on time and if you head out in frederick, 20 southbound jammed to truck scales. any questions erin fox d.c. on twitter. our 6:00 hour this tuesday morning it coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> a dramatic move. president donald trump fires nation's ton law enforcement officer after she refused to defend the latest executive order on border control. who is now taking over that position and more on the latest fallout. >> and this all comes as president is getting ready to name his pick for the supreme court in primetime tonight. coming up what we need to know about the two leading candidates. >> a live look outside tuesday january -- excuse my 1 lasd day of january, 2017. "weather and traffic on the 5s" at 6:05. good tuesday everybody i'm allison seymour. >> i'm widz wiz in for steve chenevey look for fox news morning and ahead at 6 the major shake young at the justice department the president issuing first pink slip as rally as cross the country continue. this was the scene in c.d.c. last night. protestsing president travel ban on


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