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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  February 2, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the test. financial and economic e measures as well as providingprg support for opponents of iranofr are all options beingbeing considered. the white house would notld discuss possibility ofscus military action. a president trump's new nationalal security adviser michael flynnc discussed the matter.mat >> iranian actions involving a provocative ballistic missilel launch and an attack against a saudi naval vessel conductedcon by iran supported militantsilit underscore what should haveould clearlear to the international community all t along about iran'sir's destabilizing behavior acrossior the middle east. >> he says the missile test m violates a un security council resolution. iran says missile tests weres ms not part of the deal andile test insist the missile it tested ts is not designed to carryarry nuclear war heads.s. a un sanctions committee istees vesting. members of congress announce> d plamenmbs to produca new iran sanctions billy. bi >> president trump is pushing for speedy confirmation of his h supreme court nominee neill gorsuch.
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block gorsuch's mom namess m president trump is urging thenge senate republican leaders toerso resort to the nuclear option op that would prevent democratsents from using al filibuster to block the mom inches innch republicans rushed two of the cabinet picks through the senate finance committee with no democrats in the room thisna afterncrats in temporarily dis committee rule requiring that rr at least one democrat beone d present for a voemte.for a vote. they then used two 14 to zerozeo roll calls to approve steve mnuchin for treasury secretaryrs and tom price to be healthheath secretary. in a surprising move twoov gop senators announce theyunce y plan to vote against presidentas trump's secretary of education nominee betsy devos. devo >> the vote now in jeopardyn j and it's possible viceoss president mike pence could bebe the one to tilt the scale in i her favor. melanie alnwick joins us nowalnw live from capitol hill withhillh more on this controversy this morning. mel. good moter: good morning, slowly but surernly presidenty i trump's cabinet no
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making their way through the the confirmation process but astion we've seen pin some cases cae republicans are having toing change the rules a bit to get g it done. de. no democrats say theyological te vote for betsy devos theos nominee for secretary off education. now with two republicansep saying they can't back her the either it will be a tight vote. devos is a michigann millionaire and conservativervae activist. ac though never a teacher she's worked with the chartert movement redirecheting public funds since the 90's. opponents have questions. >> mrs. devos have you ever. de taken out ahave student local fc the federal government to helpre pay for college. >> i have not.for i have no >> have any of your childrenan had to borrowy money in orderoo to go to college.col >> they have been fortunatey not to the.have >> uh-huh. have you had any personal experience with ayou pell granp >> not personal experience but certainly friends and students
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have no personal experience per with college financial aid orind management of higher education. ed mrs. devos then let's startn let with the basics. ba >> reporter: and that is that pretty much how things havehinga gone for betsy devos.s. now, her full confirmation vote is scheduled for monday.da. according to the hill, it was, s actually p pushed before the confirmation vote on jeff jef sessions to be attorneyssiobe general because as aral becae aa republican senator they wantedwn sessions to be able to cast a vote in favor of betsy devos. also yesterday, secretary of state rex tillerson wasate confirmed by the full senate s is that sworn in that latet sw last night. live on capitol hill, i'mhi melanie alnwick, fox5 locall news. >> melanie alnwick thank you very much. 4:33 is the ieti am e. te. another big name company willpa soon call virginia home. h nestle is u.s. its u.s. us. headquarters to arlingtonrlingtn county to 1812 north moore m street. the project would create 748re748 new jobs in the area. a nestle is known for
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candy but products includee frozen food beverages and petan care products. >> dominion virginia the poweri company may be one step closerte to putting power lines undeunround. a plan to bury power lines to p failed through the senate commerce and labor committee and and is heading to the full senate. sena some lawmakers say this will ths help with having less power outages. will it be an early spring g or six more weeks of winter? ntr pennsylvania's most famousf ground hog is hours away from revealing his much anticipatednd prediction. members of punxsutawney phil's s top hat wearing inner circleneri plan to reveal their forecastfot at sunrise just before 7:30 a.m., that's this., that'sh morning, of, as a reminder if phil sees hisis shadow winter will continue.wilo if not, spring comes early.ary. ly. >> looking for toward and closerng f to home, our very own potomac phil will make anman appearance and offer hisr weather predictions.rediion phil will emerge a littleeg after his northern counterpartrc closer to 8:30 a.m. at the. ate dupont
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so, if one goes one way anday ad the other goes the other wayhe y then japs who do you go with. >> the hometown hero. hro. >> we go with the hometown buteu what about everybody else?bout e >> i don't know. i we have not made potomac phil a thing beyond or bordersorders here. he >> i love the lady holding the sign saying when will weatherllr end. we're holding a sign saying when will wint glynn mike,lynn e wooer not complaining.omp >> am.m. i miss the snow. snw. >> okay. >> for the record, mike, i'mhee, going with you over m the twotho rodents. >> oh, thank you. >> i'm just saying.say >> i'll ping you over the twor w rodents. >> i had to think about that for a few minutes.for a >> makes me feel good about my degree. satellite and radar showsar sh mostly cloudy skies.most we mix with more we have a cold front that willoa be swinging through laterlater today. won't bring rain but it will i start dropping temperatures aspp we head into the eveninging inte hours. 43 right now in washington, 37so in leonardtown, fledgerdtown, manassas, 40
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37 frederick.ederk. chilly start to the day. to the. we'll briefly get up into the u upper 40's, lower 50's here inhi washington before temperatures start dropping the second halfod of the day. the day. all right, that's the weather.we let's do some traffic now with erin como. now in c >> right now we're taking a now look at our live camera on on 270. as the southbound side as the headlights come toward as you yu head past shady grove traffic s is light. volume looking goodha bac k to 70 to 70 in fact. let's take a look at our mapsour we'll show you the green the entire stretch from 70 inin fredericksburg to clarksburg pag light traffic camera through montgomery county very lightgh t trraa tff. southern maryland same story maa there. things looking good in upper upe marlboro clinton and problemprb free in brandywine.randywne. metro service begins at 5:00. 5: more traffic in a few. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. ones titwitter.ter. >> 4:36 is the time. coming up a war of wordsf wor between the president and australia's prime minister isnis the top story trending on line. >> we're slowly starting tostaro here rumors about wham ladywh gaga has pl
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>> together to break with areaka live look outside across theosse dmv. the time 4:36, the temperatureem 43 degrees.43 degrees fox5 news morning back after afr this. this >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> 4:39. time to look at the storiest th you're engaging with the most tm this morning on social media.n m >> holly morris joins us with wh what's hot on the web.ot o good morning holly.h >> good morning, everybody. first, president trumprst, prest slamming australian primeime minister malcolm turn bulltur over a refugee deal.. the dee worked out during the obama station would reset telll more than 1,000 refugeesre detained in australia to theth u.s. in a phone call between theetw two leaders over the weekend wek president trump accused australia's prime minister ofmif trying to shift the nexte nxt boston bombers to the u.s. s. u.s. offici
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washington post that mr. trump abruptly hung up on mr. turn mr bull after just 25 minutesin when the pair were meant toere e speak for an hour. across the pond a memberss t of the european parliament said he had a "screw itit moment." he held up a sign saying he'sngs lying to you behind the uk's uk nigel faridge who wasw addressing the parliament. t he said hehe held up the sign sn because he was frustrated whensn he said were nationalist pop lift messages.s. he also said he objected tojecto the arguments that the donalddon trump travel ban on nationalsats of seven muslim majorityjori countries was a matter forer for u.s. sovereignty.erey. the first lady is denyings g reports that she and barronbaon trump may never move into the white her office says cherce says cher definitely moving to d.c. after she finishes the school s year in new york.k. beyoncé broke the internet.erne again. the this time with thewith the
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husband jay-z are havinge ha another baby actually two more babies. her twin pregnancyregancy announcement broke the record br for the most likes on stainon s gram. it was liked almostal 6.6 million times. finally lady gaga gearing upri for her super bowl performancerc while most of the show has been kept under wraps the singer has been teasing her bte little monster with behind thetn scenes photos and videos.vieos. she will likely perform badeo romance in a rehearsal video they were seen practicing the choreography from that song ng and there will probably be a roof stunt. in a interview she confirmed rumors she'll perform while shee suspended from the roof of nrg g stadium in houston.hoston. ly. >> from the from the >> all right.>> all rig. okay. >> anybody can dance on thebo field, wisddyom. cdo >> that's true. >> reporter: why not do ito it suspended from the the . >> you got to kick it up a up notch. >> thanks holly.holly 4:41. coming up on fox5 news fox morning, p the trumphe trump administration and its a counterparts in mexic
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steps towards renegotiatingene nafta.go >> and a local business owner oe facing some backlash forh for attending a meeting with w president trump.ent t >> as we head to break a livelie look across the d.c. region. re it is 4:41 right now andan 43 degrees. in honor of queen bey and her announcement of twins a little jay-z for you this morning.for m hope it gets you in the moodhe to get up and at 'em. at 'e back after this. >> ♪♪
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news >> today on fox5 news morning,ng a 10-year-old girl struck by a hit-and-run driv as police search for therh suspect many residents are e asking why was she crossing a ca busy street by herself atrself t night. >> live look outside righte loor now. we're in store for anothernoth cold morning which will give whh way to a mild day but colder clr air is heading our way our way according to mike thomas. tho >> good morning. anks for joioining us. i'm maureen umeh.ning us.'m maun >> and i'm wisdom martin. ume today is thursday ndt ihe seconh day of february. erin como is here to talk powal what's happening on the roadsngs but first mike thomas he has no competition.petion. >> no. >> no. >> human or rodents.>> human o >> i have one, yeah, theah the rodent. rodent. >> no. >> you have two rodents,ronts, remember. >> potomac and punxsutawney.taw >> the competition is fiercen in the weather world.d. happy ground hog day.nd hog day we'll see whether or not hese sees his shae dow i thinkwh we e said around 7:30 this morning.o. there's a cold front up there te towards punxsut
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pennsylvania. maybe he doesn't see his shadow and winter wraps up early. reagan national 43, dulles 39, bwi 39 degrees at this hour. h let's get straight to thet to accuweather 7-day forecast.fot. 50 for daytime high today. dayth we'll probably juigst hit thattt briefly. most of today will be spent inb the 40's and it will be abe a little breezy later on thisezy e afternoon. then tomorrow a high of only o 43 by saturday most of the the area staying in the 40's justs j a few -- a lucky few getting gtg up up to the lower 40's 40' saturday afternoon. at sunday looks dry. that is la change in the in forecast with temperaturesst w getting into the upper 40's. 4 all right, that's a check of chc the forecast.for erin como has geot a check of ch the roads. happy ground hog day erin. hog . >> thank you so much. big day in the we>>athe trha wo. taking a look at our thursdaytha morning commute we have aing crash if you're heading outco by fedex field.dex f outeri loop crash right laneh ri blocked at central avenue.tral . we're hearing that this crash th is involving a tractor-trailerae and a possible fuel spill.ible we're working on getting morenge information but we also may beme dealing with an inner loop oop lane blocked as well. wel we'll sort out that scene.sce but again breaking news out byo central avenue.ral we'll keep you
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headed to or from 50 watch forwf th scenene. aside from that crash as we look 270 just light trafficig volume coming down towards clarksburg. outer loop looking cgomoo d. g any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter.uestio atd.c. ovice picking up 5:00. back to you.u >> thanks erin.>> thanks . 4:47 an story you will only nly see on fox5. a 10-year-old d.c. girl hit by y a car yesterday evening andenind the driver just took off the ofe girl was left with a long listnt of serious injuries and broken b bones. >> the mother is making a public plea for that driver toef come forward.or tha fox5's annie yu live in i northwest with our continuing coverage. vera annie. >> reporter: hey, good rep morning, wisdorotemey and maureu this happened around 6 o'clock o in the evening on tuesday night and young sionna branison just got off the busbu and walked into the crosswalk at eighth and kansas avenue in n northwest and her mother says the fourth grader was comingth home from a gfter school careooc hit while walking in thisling crosswalk and she was leftal with a long list ofk serious si injuries.
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her face and body, a fracturedrc neck, swelling and bleeding inen her brain and she will needeed extensive surgeries as arg result and what's even more m appalling to the story is ang tr witness to they is hit-and-runhn told police that there were th two women in the nissan, the te silver nissan that hit thet hitt girl and says the passengerass got out of the car, she checked the damage to thedamage vehicle, then got back in theact car and they took off. off the same witness alsotnesslso memorized a license plateicense number and provided avide description of the driver toion police. now, the girl's motherto weothew spoke to her and she says her daughter was able to call herll on the phone. the pone. she got to the scene to her her little girl lying in the street screaming and crying.le n take ag. listen.en. >> she just was crying mommy,mo, my face hurts, my leg hurtsleg and i couldn't do nothing fornog her. eye couldn't touch her becausere high to wait for the ambulance. what kind of person leavesam aes child here in the street,street, doesn't call the police, theyicy waited for everyone else toye call the police.ll the poli they just left the scene.c >> reporter: now, her mother mhe is p
4:49 am
come we do know according to to thedi police report that there areepor surveillance cameras in thishi area but at this time policeis p have not made any arrests.arsts. that's the very latest hereest e from northwest d.c., annie yunnu fox5 local news. n >> thank you, annie. meanwhile the unitedanwhilee states and in other news thisths morning excuse us just onejust e moment while we get back to where we need to be thise we ndh morning on the prompter.oer. and -- >> all right, i think this is, h where we're supposed to be.ppos. 4:49 is the time right now. we got breaking news justnews j coming in. comi in. reports of another robbery at at a cvs in montgomery county.n this happenedmo ntabout 30 minus ago at the cvs in the 12,300th block of georgia avenue inr silv spring.g. >> police are confirming onefi man has been arrested.rrsted. still unclear right nowght ow whether this is the same manmem believed to have robbede several pharmacies inarm montgomery county over thery coe past two weeks. okay, now let's tell you about the united states and mexico. mx they're reportedly taking the first steps towardsowards renegotiating the northing the h american free trade
4:50 am
or nafta. renegotiating nafta was one ofi the major promises thats t president trump made on thetrume campaign trail o where he criticized the trade pact for ha hallowing out america'smerics manufacturing sector.manu president trump reassessesfaasss america's system of trade andadd immigration. >> another rally for refugees at reagan national dozens of people crowded into it terminal b last night tonig denounce president trump'sce prt executive order restrictingder g refugees and immigration.ig organizers say the rally was a held there to protest theest profiling which happensing whic against muslhaims at all theth nation's airports not just international ones. ones. >> this ban or suspension, ifpef you really want to call itt that, is not only illegal butb immoral and it's not based onn good -- good science, good data. data it simply makes no sense and and just plays into hysteria thatstt is subjugating people whoo don't deserve it.don't deserve t >> you're trying to run ae tryia dictatorship in america, oneer of the longest standingtandin
4:51 am
known. the citizens of this nation of n will nottand up for a democracy -- we will not standot up for autocracy.utracy. we will fight tooth and nail. n. >> demonstrators demanding the executive order overturned immediately.mediately. >> a d.c. sandwich shop is shops facing backlash. taylor gourmet owner caseymet on patton was part of the meeting g on monday and since thence people have gone on socialoneoc media and attacked his his sandwich shop. shop some said they will never eateat there again while other osle threatened top physically harmym patton. some customers say when political disagreements turn into harassment things go tooo far. >> i think he's going to dohinkn what's in the best interestg to for his busi dnthess.e business. doesn't necessarily reflectrefet his political point of viewsint for going to the white house. hs >> i don't think that's fairhin game 'cause like they mad atmad somebody else business. they try to put they forefrontyt to make they businessyines profitable using the president i to do that. you know what i'm saying. i n'
4:52 am
ght.i don't.'s rit. >> spokesperson for taylor a gourmet told fox5 patton has pts received support from manyrt fro members of congressm who have bought lunch at the sandwichu shop. >> the game we all knownch ich s football could soonoo drastically change.drasticall >> and your next fast food purchase could be putting youro health at risk and we're not'ret talking about the meal youhe meu intend to eat.intend tat. >> going to break right nowk riw with a live look outsideutide across the region.across the re. the time is 4:52. 42 the temperature is 43.s 43. back in a moment. nt.
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>> ♪♪ >> another technical snag yesterday for the national museum of african-american history and culture.noth the museum waserday of historye distribute free passes for the e month of may when its web site t crashed leaving eager visitorsrs disappointed. it's not the first time thee the wildly popular museum's webs b site has experiencederienced challenges. back in october problems with
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sitendor to reschedule the datee when passes for januaryjanuary through march becamethrougrch available. >> warning about fast food wrappers and boxes.bxes. study suggests packaging may ma potentially contain harmful chemicals. researchers tested nearly 400ea0 samples. they found nearly half of fastst food wrappers and one out ofe o five food boxes containedonained polly flooding rain 98edy floodg chemicals to h relp them get th grease -- make them grease resistant. sistan chemicals have been linked to cancer and liver damage.. >> changes in the works forwor youth football.otba. u.s.a. football says it plans to produce a taper version of at the game for its youngeryonger place. changes include cutting thecu number of players on thett of pe field,n creating smaller feeds, eliminating kickoffs and punts a and banning the three-point thrt stand. the intent is to make youthak football more like flagotball mr football with much le essh muche contact and much less hitting.. >> ♪♪ >> all 4:55 is the time. t let's get to mike thomas andsd talk about weathe
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>> that sets the kids up forup high school football realfootbal good. [laughter][l let's do a little weather wh here. speaking of kids and thend the schools let's get them off toofo the bus this morning in goodthis shape.od probably a little chilly tochill start the day.start the temperatures in the 30's and30' low 40's. 40's probably right around thehe 40-degree mark in washington, wn d.c. after school a little better,b 44 to 52 but winds will kick wik up a little bit in the second ts half of the day and throughand h the evening hours temperaturesea will start to drop rather rath dramatically as we head into he the 20's and 30's for the for te overnight hours. 43 your daytime high tomorrowmow and then saturday is the coldayo day but sunny and bright asghta well, high of 40 degrees.0 egre. temperatures start going backurs up nextta week. eek. 47 sunday which does now lookow dry but cloudy.but cloudy. next chance of showers notwers n until tuesday but check out ou those 60's coming towards the middleh of next week. all right,of that's the weathere erin como has got traffic on a a thursday morning.oring. >> 4:46 right now. now. somic vertebraing news we'ree'r tracking by fedex if he would. inner loop crash right lanelo blocked at centralop c avenue.a. reports the outer loop but this is affelcoting the i
4:57 am
shoulder is blocked right all that activityoc movkeed to e shoulder. you can see those flashingag lights in picture.ghts in pic please use caution.ution volume light enough that thisath isn't causing any majorusing anr slowdowns in either direction. i but as you head down past 50 pa you may hit a bit of a slowa sl down trying to get towardsow suitland we'll keep you updated o aside a from that crash 270 looking good, just light traffic volume heading to clarksburg. 99, 66 flowing. flowing. metro on time. any questions at erin fox5esti d.c. on twitter.twiter. >> thank you erin.ou e coming up on fox5 news ne morning violent protestsning erupting in v california overlf the planned speech by a right wing commentator.wing coentator. >> the new homeland securityew secretary issues his time line for when he police the hissu bod wall with mexico should be >> we're going break rightre gog now. let's take a live look outsideod across the d.c. region. 4:57, 43 degrees.3 de more fox5 news morning afterninr this. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ 5 news morniox5 news morning. >> today onng fox5 news morning, growing doubt. a growing number of grrowepublin lawmakers have openly saide oped they will not approve one ofrovf the president's mostost controversial cabinet nominees. es. >> preparing for another dayng with a cold star ft an mildan mi ending but a little further he west thousands are waiting theie arrival of a small guy namedmed phil


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