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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  February 2, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead at 6:00, br feaking rightox 5 nghoeaw,d r robbery at a cvs in montgomerys county but this time policeme pe are able to make an arrest.a is this connected to other other robberies in our area? we'ree going to check in with our anni. yu. >> plus, a heated exchange onexn the international stage.ternatia why a phone call betweenet president trump and australia's prime ministerister reportedly ended abruptly andy d now the president is taking taki the issue to twitter.witter. >> live look outside. it is thursday morning ning everybody.everybody. february 2nd. but guess what, mosfetbrst importantly it is ground hog grg day. so, will phil see his shadow? s weather and traffic coming upc on the 5's at 6:05.5 good thursday to you, i'mu, allison seymour.allison seymo >> and i'm steve chenevey.ur.'mc welcome to fox5 newsheneve mornm first up at 6:00 let's get toget the that breaking news out ofew montgomery county after ary cout string of armed robberies over r the past week targetingrgeting pharmacy stores a new holdup o this morning leads to
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arrestsly. >> but does this really mean the case is closed on s athll similar crimes? annie yu isis live in silver spring whereiner fox5 was first on the scene. good morning, annie.nn >> reporter: hey, goodeporte morning, that is the bighat ishb question that we're waiting for answers this is still anr activeaci investigation but here is whatha we know so far. a this is the 24 hour cvsh pharmacy store located at the glenmont shopping centerpinr specifically at the 12,300e 1 block of georgia avenue here avr in silver silver spri according to police onng scene c they tell me just aftert aft 4 o'clock multiple suspectssusps entered the store and a quick thinking cashier called 911l and officers arrived quickly.quc by then, the suspects had made e it down the street in a car a cr and police did arrest them. them it's unclear at this point howsw many suspects were actuallyac taken into custody but wey but e understand that they are currently at policeentl headquarters now.head police say the 911 caller did91l that indicate the suspectspects were armed but the good news ns is no injuries have been the sergeant on scene alsoea onc tells me that they haveen realla been oex
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last week or so due to the to t serial robber that hit up at least seven stores in montgomery county,co specifically the cvs, rite-aids, and 7- eleven and so they were on extrath alert in the area bub unclear at this point again ifan these suspects are linked ton the string of robberies in montgomery county as of late lae but multiple suspects takena into we are waiting for the public pl information officer to arriveare on scene so we can gather morear information but they say theya t are certainly looking intolookio this possibly being linked butgt right now they're just not sure at this point.oin that's the latest from silveromr spring maryland annie yu fox5 f5 local news.local news. >> developing overnightevelopin negotiations under way at ag iou delaware prison wherender inmata are holding two employeeslyees hostage. two of the original four havenao been released. rele in a phone interview with the delaware newspaper theaw prisoners say they are upsearteu with the way they are pstreatedd lack of educational resourcesess and its current leadership of the united states.tates. >> peaceful protests turned trnd violent overnight at the university of cal berkeley.berk. hundreds of students
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to protest milo yiannopoulosann expect to speak at aea convenient on campus but hisbuts appearance was canceled afterd t a small group of people broke ke windows started fires and threw fireworks and smoked bombs at police p back hereol locally damloc sentencing day for a northernnor virginia teen who pleadedeaded guilty to supplying ailty 17-year-old girl with a mix of drugs that left tgi herlr dead. 18-year-old david everss pleaded guilty to chargesharges related to the death of alexiaia springer who was found dead of f a and overdose in march 2016. 1. evers was originally scheduled e to appear in court in early eal december but the case was rescheduled until today.du >> a deadly shooting unledertinn investigation happened aroundhad 7 o'clock last night in theth 900 block of eastern avenue in n northeast. so far no arrests, no word ofrdf a motive.mote. >> also in the district policeoe trying to track down the driver whom hit a 10-year-oldhi1 girl and then kept on0- going.og that girl was left with a longtn list of serious injuries andd broken bones. the mother making a public plea for the driver to come
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forward.. >> this morning in montgomery county, a fire forces a familyaf out of their home.heir hom. this happened around 2:00 this morning. it was on martinsburg road in dickerson. this is a nonhydrant area so firefighters had to rely ony on tankers to truck water in. n. no word on how this fire started. fortunately no one was hurt. >> ♪♪ >> to pennsylvania we go.penn a livesy lvlook now it's gobbles knob, everybody is up early oryr up all night in some punxsutawney pennsylvaniawn where just about an hour fromerr now, a little more than anittleo hour preennsylvania's most famous ground hog arguably the country's most famous will wl reveal whether it will be ant wn early spring or six more weeks of winter.inter. members of the inner circle will reveal their forecast at sunrise. that is just before 7:00 this morning. >> what about potomac phil. >> roughly 8:30.about >> r >> is he not the coughnlytry's u most popular.puar. >> not the country's but
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>> let me rep you potomac phil p since he wants to put you inntsp the corner.utrner. potomac phil will offer his h own weather predictions.icti phil will emerge a little later after our northern nohern counterpart as steve mentioned d closer to 8:30 this morning attn the dupontg circle fountainle n and if you're wondering why he's not moving, don't worry about it.t it right, tuck? don't worryn't wor about it.t >> perhaps if he were alive hefe would be the country's most --m >> don't worry about it.t. he's flawless. he's frozen.rozen. he's doing the mannequinnequin challenge. he doesn't know that thatsn't ko trend is over.w thatd is >> do you think mayb e weo should have the dupontu th rat? >> no. >> it's timely. >> but it woulds ti fit and then would be perfect and theyct would be a little more lively li i think, right. ri >> have you been to gobblero gor whatever -- >> we have this conversation every year. ery ye >> you've never been? haven you ever been when it's not not february 2nd.february 2. >> i've been to punxsutawney.xs. >> and i think i called it gobbler's notch but it's not.s .
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forecast. i can't wait got an hour. hour. 43 reagan national, 37 dulles,e, bwi marshall 38. 3 the deal with today, we are re going to have some clouds as cls we've got a cold fronta cold approaching from the north andft west, that blue line you otherwise, it won't be a bada day. it will get kind of breezyb this afternoon and we'll keep kp daytime highs in the upperhe upr 40's to about 50 but we shoulde be dy.. see some clouds up into into pennsylvania as well so iia as l don't know if we'll see s shadows or not this morning. noo 50 a little later today. today. clouds and sun and how about the dupont dude oront something like that?me >> i think we gotth potomactom phil. i think that's what they like.t. >> it works for now. it but you could -- you could co start your own thing. >> right, i could, >> save us erini please.ase. >> i'm just logging in now.n we have breaking news skyfoxngwk is up, we have metro delaysdels and i kind of like the the dupont rat idea 'cause it's unst funny. we could have a little t-shirtts make it a whole thing.thi right now you can see thenow ca
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avenue, what we're dealingdealng with this is a disabledisabled tractor-trailer, a few spilllera as wel well the right lane right shoulder sr blocked. blocked. traffic in the left lanes past a central avenue getting by.ting . if you're going out of town by fedex field today keep in mind d the inner loop seeing delayslo a from 50 down to central.o r there was a little bit of aa lia rubber neck delay on the outerh loop traffic kind of slowing past that scene as they checkhe out what's going on but innerutr loop dealing with heavier traffic as skyfox pans now as we move over to a look ak at our maps we'll show youhow y what else you're up against this morni ung.p this is a big mthetisro problemr with the red line.lin. a disabled train add judiciaryuy scare. single tracking between union station and judiciary square.qu. we'll show you what else els you're up against on the roadhe this morning. tro problemonly m e now. now. 270 southbound an earlierarlie crash at 109 did clear to the shoulder. ou heavy volume lingering from 70 to 109. things start to open up. up as for your wide view you cancan see that little blip past theste tractor-trailer out by centralll but aside from that 66 slowingsg down just a bit inside
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beltway through arlington.igton. around tysons the inner loop inp looking good and 66 still still quiet through fairfax. fa now before that point out by 234 -- 234 to 28 in8 in centreville we are seeing someie volume. we'll keep you updated on on that. back to you guys.guys >> erin thanks. first at 6:00>> ecrioming n hard on australia.tralia reports this morning presidents trump blasted the primemorn minister of australia in ap bldn phone call over the weekend.e the conversation reportedlyersan got heated over r a deal thatd was struck by the obama administration that wouldstrat allow refugees from australia aa to reset tell in the unitedunite states. ent accused usused u strahle of trying to export the "next boston bombers."ombrs" after that exchange sourcessorc say he ended the call abrupt.d. after that he took to twitter. australia's prime ministernr also responding overnight.ver >> i'm not going to -- ooh imnot going to comment
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not going to comment on a conversation between myselfon bt and the wepresident of the th united states other than what wh we have said publically andical you can sure understand the reasons for that.lysure ufor th. it's better that theseter that e things -- these conversations are conducted candidly, frankly, privately.tely. >> obviously he don't have twitter. he went on to saye t heyt relationship with the united states is very strong and heip di wdvery s receive assurance to uphold the refugee deally.dealy. >> also this morning, theng, te trump administration dealingatin with fallout over its warning w to iran officially puttingly pug them "on notice."otic" this comes after recent recent iranian missile tests.ssil the president tweeted this "iran is rapidly taking overkinr more and more of iraq, evenen after the u.s. has squandereda $3 trillion there. obvious long ago ." ." the white house says ays a range of options is currentlyurt being considered.being consider >> a showdown on capitol hillonl over the nomination of betsyy devos for educationion
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two gop senators now refusingw r to back the president'spresiden' nominee. >> it's an announcement thatat sets up vice president mikeice n pence top break the tie. tie. our melanie alnwick joins usnwis now live from capitol hillol with more. more good morning.go >> reporter: good morning, steve andter: allison. all this is a pretty big deal. d if you think back to the last administration vice presidentove biden never cast a tiecast a tie breaking vote in his eighthis eh years in office.f the lobbying this weekend forndo and against betsy devos willevol be furious with democratsemo sensing an opportunity derailrti a trumpt cabinet nominee.e. as it stands right now noht now democrats say they will that wit vote for betsy devos toevos t become secretary of education and now with two republicans tw susan collins of maine and lisa mer kowski of alaskaala saying they can't back her h either it will be a very tighttt vo.e. devos is a michigangan billionaire and conservativesere activist although never althouga teacher, she has worked with a michigan charter school movement supportingmoveme s legislatioupnpo that redirects o directed public funds sinceds se the early 90's, o
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still have many questionsestns about her investments instmentsn private education businessessiss and her experience.nce. >> mrs. devos have you everdevoe taken out y a student loan fromo the federal government to helpme pay for collrnege.mecollege >> i have not. no. >> have any of your children y had toou borrow money in orderyr to go to >> they have been fortunateeen o not to. >> uh-huh. have you had any personalou experience with had the pellp grant. >> not personal experience but certainly friends and studentses with whom i've worked. whom i' . >> so you have no personalu havp experience witherso collegecol financial aid or management of higher education.n. mrs. devos then let's starts with the basics. >> reporter: those are those toe very contentious confirmation hearings just in committee jus alone. now the full senate vote onteo her confirmation is thaton is th scheduled for monday andr mondaa according to the hill,hill, republicans actually pushedsh her vote ahead of the vote forr senator jeff sessions toions to become attorney generalnel because they wanted sessionsed s to be able to cast a a republican vote for devos.
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here. also yesterday, secretary ofcreo state nominee rex tillerson tiln was confirmed by the fullful senate and he was sworn ins swon last night.ight live on capitol hill, i'm, i' melanie alnwick fox5 localcal newsily. ne >> thanks very much. much. 6:12. just to be clear the primelear e minister of australia doesdo have twitter but he did not tweet anything about the exchange. ex >> he didn't think that was at appropriate forum probably.roba. >> secretary of defense makes his first trip overseals. ov >> details about what hillary clinton is going to a bobute dog in the near future. the near fuu word of a book is in thereis ine works. we're back in just 30 seconds. n.
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>> and north korea may bend getting ready to test a new nor ballistic missile.mi in north dakota 76 people76 behind bars after beingnd bars n arrested for protestingp against the controversialntersil dakota access pipeline.pip police say the arrestsar happened when that protesterstes refused to leave land owned by n the pipeline company bringingbr the total number of arrests atr the site since august to moreste than -- well, almost 700.70. >> meanwhile hillary clintonry i is working on a book of o personal essays expected to expt come out in september.e the book is still untitled tnt it will feature hundreds of her favorite quotes havefa inspired her also tovo rg
6:14 am
commencement address at herh alma mater wesley yup. >> okay. >> okay. and coming up -- people were were wondering where hillary clinton has been so she's beenhn busy writing, coming up newne details about melania trump's role at the white house. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, their half house has full internet, with uploads as fast as downloads. don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet with equal uploads and downloads,
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only from fios.
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>> ♪♪ >> steve, i feel like -- i missing out here or what?teve >> it's a party. [laughter] [laughte >> i don't know if that wast w live or what's going on here but it looks like a night to t remember. >> is it live or 1985? i'm9 not sure which one its a fine a line. >> right. think how much fun she's k how mu having.un s we don'the know who that is.hat. >> but it's cold out.ut. >> and that's where everybody ey is at dancing.da all right, let's do
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bus stop forecast. forecast. looking at temperatures in the m 30's out early this morningning after school breezy but we're going to see daytime highs uphip near 50 again today.oday. so, all in all not a bad a ba looking day. nt comingnt coming through here early thisly this morning. 43 now in washington.sngton. no freezing temperaturestemperas although we're close manassasans 33 degrees, leonardtown you're cool, don't want to call it cold, it is early february,ebua, 37, 39 in annapolis, 38 baltimore, 36 westminster thisin morning so lots of 30's outsotst there. all right. got to kind of orient yourselfil here. i've got d.c. because we're worried about the dupont dpont rat. rat. and we've got punxsutawney --nsu i cannot say that punxsutawney. >> you did that on purpose.ose >> punxsutawney which actuallywy has a few snow showers off tohof the north and we'll have e to watch carefullyy here. i'll give you a minute byminutey minute update on whether ore not the shadow will be seenbesen there at least cloud-wise.loudi. our dupont friend may actually see his shadow so so perhaps six more weeks of
6:18 am
having fun in dupont there's your satellite ands radar. there's your cold front.yond that will be coming through ae'c little later today and highbe cm pressure is going to build ining and that's t goinodgs to delivg couple of cool d atys ao rounddr here but a nice start to ouro ou weekend. friday and saturday look good.u. abou todayoday. cooler. tomorrow.omw. and saturday.satur and we're concerned abouterne sunday getting some rain andomed or a little wintry mix. mix. whatever we get is going to bege very, very light into early monday. mond that looks weak. we look at your temperatures nextxt week, 60 and 63 degrees.3 hiof yeah, car washing season rightat around the corner. >> yes. >> how are the roads.he roads. >> roads are pretty bad this are morning. we'll get right to it. i you goat have fun with then wit ground hog and i get to shownd h you this. t this is the inner loop backedopc up from 50 down central avenueae by fedex field. what we're tracking is tractor-trailer leaking fuel. fe big backups there.t let's switch it over and showith you a look at one of i our cameras. this is 66 at monument drive. d just north of that point outt by 50 we are dealing with ang wa crash. crash. so, a lot of brake lightslo there from fairfax countyt airfy parkway
6:19 am
you're in for about a 10 a 0 minute delay.d before that .234 top 28 as you8u head into centreville typicaltyp morning congestion causingg c some delays as onwegelstl. wll moving over to our maps, the, outer loop from 95 to georgiaeoa very stacked up with about abou 15 minute slowdown.owdown. aside from that we do have a crash left lane blockede bl university boulevard.sity that's adding to the mix of already slow moving traffic. tr you can always try your luck lu on east-west highway.highwa just watch for those delays. syped a crash at stanton road. because of that we're backedt w up to branch avenue.up to br branch aanvenue to stantonst suitland parkway is dealingnd p withar some bumper-to-bumperbume traffic. aside from that heavy volumeme on 270 southbound from 70 down0d to clarksburg and then as we as make our way out in southernn maryland quiet commute butbu volume starting to build fiveui through the 301 split throughplo brandywine. good.oking 395 cruising from edsall road to the 14th street bridge.treet if you're taking metro thismetrs morning, keep in mind the red line is still sipping because of a disabled train out byisablu judiciary square. aside fr
6:20 am
the rest of yothuatr metro raill commute looking pretty good. gd. still quiet on the beltwayiet through annandale. back to you to you >> some retailers reportingeporg slow ammunition sales. what could be behind thisehinhis trend? we'll talk about itit next. next. >> and first, it is the cutestc bull on television.l at least right now. the kitten bull.tten sneak peek at the adorableness. do you like that word. you likeh >> i dato. wdo. >> it's going air on supern sur bowl sunday. dozens out of adoptable kitties will pass it around inrn the super bowl.per bo >> i just have to make a quickak correction. >> what. >> i graduated hillary clinton from the wrongated college.olle. >> what. went to wellesley. weesley. >> now back to the kitten k bowl. >> that one disappeared quick.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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>> it appears netflix isars nets leading its streaming video vdeo competitors. first a check of the markets.rk. for that we join hillary hi vaughn from
6:23 am
network studio.tu good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, rep allison. well, u.s. futures are lookingig slightly weak this morning buter here's how the numbers stackedbs up at the closing bellg bell yesterday. dow up 26 points at 19,890. nasdaq up 27 points closing at a 5642. s & p up just a little overup j halfust a a point at 2279. >> let's talk about ammunitionmn sales. post election sales are down.ow. what's behind this trend? t >> reporter: right. reportei so, this usually happens in anticipation of one candidateond winning over the other. ot in this case, a lot of gun un sales and ammunition saleses ramped up in anticipation of aip hillary clinton winning innningn notify. of course that didn't happen so we sawe th a decrease in gun sales. they measured that looking at background checks inecn december 2016 and they foundhe gun sales weyre down by 600,0000 compared to the year before befo when a lot of people were were expecting clinton to come outo e with a big win in november.ovmb. >> that's interesting trend. okay. netflix defi
6:24 am
beating its competitors. its >> reporter: yeah, that's right. right. so, there was a recent study sty that showed that people preferor netflix's original content cotet 60 percent more than they doe te its rivals hulu hbo or amazon am prime and they also foundey alsf people are willing to spend sped more money for a netflix streaming subscription thanon they were for other streaming services, so netflix isis definitely dominating originalal show they're coming out with aming oa thousand more hours this yearorh andis investing $6 billion inbin it. >> just so crazy how those t trends have changed right fromhr even broadcast television.evisn. okay, but let's end withnd with something that i thought wasat g kind of over.over. pokèmon go but it's still winning, too. >> reporter: yeah, everyoneev is surprised it's not just a passing fad. ssing fa so, pokèmon go actually hit $1 billion faster than anyster other gaming a in history.o. they did this within six did t months and they did it without the largest s
6:25 am
in the world which is china.chi. they're not live in thate hat market. market. they did that just go live in south korea so 2017 isuth koa so expected to be another good anot year for the gaming a. >> wow. >> wow okay.. that shows what i know,now, nothing about pokèmon goèmon all right hillary thank you so u much. >> reporter: thank you. o >> you can pile on myile on knowledge and you'll stilled have nothing. >> still geha av hing butingbu they're still doing >> still going. >> i went out to fairfax lastirl year and did a story about it.oi >> i remember that. that. >> kids were way into it. >> are you surprised that it'shs still doing so well. we >> totally. seems like it hit really hard hd and then everybody moved on tooo the next thing. >> exactly. >> let's do the weather.'s do t. 43 in washington.ashingto expect daytime highs about 50 a today and we'll be kind ofkind partly sunny. partly we got a cold front that'sront s approaching from the north andhd west. doesn't have a lot of energy with it but it will bring uss some clouds and winds thisndwins afternoon. let me mention the winds are going to pick up muchenti onthet a live look at what's wha happening of course keeping aeea close eye on northwestorth pennsylvania where they mayy may get some snow showers beforeowes the sunrise here in the next
6:26 am
cloud cover as well.cover as i think we'll turn partly t sunny a little later today with high temperatures about 50. there's your and weekendtur andd forecast. friday and saturday loo k great. it will be cool for this timethm of year both friday andr both fd saturday. little warmer sunday.u we're concerned sunday wee could get a wintry mix.concul looks like that's not going todo happen.goin look all right temperatures next week. signs of spr ing.ll rig ri >> wow. >> great. >> uh-huh. it outly.ouly. >> the next one we see erine eri the bottom is going to dropgoinp out. >> actually that's true. >> oh, look at that, steve iseve giving tucker a run for his is money in the forecast.recas. >> steve is smart like that. tht >> right now look at that, theh inner loop super jammed up atupa central avenue. earlier crash involving an tractor-trailer and a fuel a spill has cleared over to thes r shoulder. t all lanes opened but we have a have residual delay from north ofrth 50 down to central avenue really fifty three outer loop dealing with a r little bit olofop a rubber neckk delay and just morning volume ml so watch out for that as youor u make your way out by fedex feex field. we'll look at our cameras.. 66 looking pretty
6:27 am
beyond p point at 50 so 66 s6 eastbound from fairfax countyain parkway to 50 is dealing withg about a 10 to 12 minute delay. e prior to that point between 234 ant d 28 poin centrevillent you're also jammed up with wth morning volume.olu if you're skipping the roadse sk and take, the rail lines rediner line single tracking because of a disabled train addn dd judiciary square between btween unisys and judiciary square squ we're single tracking.'re delays in both directions onn bh the red line. dir it to fox5o foxeep news morning. news m we're back in just a orfew withh more news, weather and trafficrr on this ground hog day.
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>> welcome back to fox5 news5 ns morning. it is punxsutawney phil day day ground hog day. that's the crowd therere awaiting for our sweet little l ground hog to make anground hogt appearance and tell us what'so going on. we don't depend on human forecasters, we prefer phil. we. tucker, sorry.tucker welcome back to fox5 news n morning. today it's phil's yes, weather and traffic andffid phil coming up later in ther in show but weather and traffic and on the t 5s. at 6:35 breakingr news in montgomery county.oun armed robbery in the 12,300he block of georgia avenue inorg silver spring around 4:15 this:h morning. now, officers got therew, officr quickly and they were able toeyo arrest several people.peopl it remains unclear whetherhe those suspects, though, are a linked to several robberies atob cvs and rite-aid stores in st
6:31 am
past week.k. this morning a mother is pleading for a driver to comecom forward who hit her daughter. d. now, this happened around 6:00 p.m. tuesday at eighth street eg and kansas avenue in northwestot d.c. a 10-year-old girl was leftgirlt with a long list of seriouserous injuries broken bones.rok police are still looking forook the driver and again thend agai mother is pleading for helpor from the public.puic. new this morning peaceful protests turned violent at theue university of californiacalifoia berkeley. berk hundreds of studentsel gatheredd to lash out against breitbartou news the editor milo yiannopoulos who some consider anti-muslim and white supremacist. he was set to speak at an to spea an event on campus but hisbuthis appearance was canceled afterd a a small group of people withth their faces covered brokes covee windows, started fires andiresad threw fireworks and smoke bombs at police officers. the president taking timeesa out to sokiunngd off about thess protests tweeting just momentsgj ago "if uc berkeley does not not
6:32 am
practices violence on innocent t people with a different pointf of view, no federal funds fds question mark."rk." senior white house officials say iran will be held to account for this to accs weekend's ballistic missilelist test. the the white house currentlywh looking for what they shoay wils be the best way to respond to td the test. financial and economic measures as well as providingprg support for opponents of iran.fa all options being considered.on and we're getting newgettinn details this morning abouts thig last friday's telephone callelel between president trump andtrumd the mexican president, asident,a transcript of their t conversation shows thatsho president trump warned that hetm is ready to send u.s. troopstro to stop "bad hombres down there" unless the mexicanmexican military does more to controlntl them. happening today, virginia congressman don bier willman dol introduce the freedom of religion act in response topon president trump's muslim ban n is what he's calling it. the bill aims to assure thatasst no one is denied entry intontr
6:33 am
their religion.reigion first lady denying reportse that she annd barron trump maymm never move to the white house.t us weekly first reportedrepo yesterday morning that melania a trump and her 10-year-old son so wantd to stay in new york york city. later in the day the first the f lady's office says she airnstd d barron respect definitely resped moving to d.c. after hec. after finishes the school year in new york and then the whitehe house announced that lindseylidy reynolds who worked for georgego w. bush will be joining the w first lady's team as ilher chief of staff.staff. now that the nationaltional zoo's escaped bobcat ollie islis back at the zoo, well, actually she was found at thehes zoo, what's next? zoo keeperskr say they'll give her a full herl checkup to make sure shesu wasn't exposed to any contagious diseases and thendi she'll be released back into her exhibit.he officials say other than a small scratch on her paw olliewe is okay doesn't seem to beseem e overly hungry or stressed out.r >> she might have eaten a fewet things while she was gone. while got to do what you got do to suive.e. time for the morning line. . one month down in
6:34 am
home ice would have been niceou for the caps.ld cacapf the the first star for the monthhe m of january. january. well, it's february now. n let's get to the the i last night big pregame prega ceremony for the chinesechnes cultural night.ltural nht. school kids from china had aa hd chance to learn from the caps t over the last week.k. the game aired on chinese airede television. to the game nowte early first period t.j. oshie on a brake away. caps up one nothing.p on we'll wait for it.weor there it is. >> yeah. >> y >> late second period even atevt two, caps on a power play alex ovechkin on the first linest lie with t.j. oshie. let's see if he could do it. do. you know he did. ovie's 25. caps win five-three.t nick backstrom a goal. gal. former president george h.w. bush and his wife mebr arba accepted an invitation to flipo the coin before that superbef bowlor li. roger goodell said he waswas honored to have the pairr participate in the pregame prege secretary.
6:35 am
was getting fired up. u great to see him doing well. wel can't wait to see him on the hie field. we told you yesterday gaming gag experts expect more thann $4 billion to be wagered on to o the super bowl which you canwhin watch on fox5 for free. fr let's take a look at some of the so-called prop bets.p b here's one. e. will luke bryan forget omentaeto word for the official u.s.ficia. national anthem? here'ss another. lady gaga's hair color during du the halftime show want to takems a bet onho that al. >> pink. >> ping. and how many commercials will peyton manning appea cromme in n during the super bowl broadcast? the over-under isdei one and half so will he be in one or two or more? ore? >> that's a great bett actually. >> which is a really good of course always have to beto on the first score of theore oft >> right. guess longesti odds you would say.wou first safety. >> that's the weirdest --
6:36 am
what's the weirdest thing people ever bet on. on. >> there's list if you got if yg online. >> in the uk you can bet on bet the weather. the rrn.e return. >> i guess it depends on whatha you're betting on.u're betng on. >> can we bet on our our performance, your forecast.ocas. >> hey, hey, hey, let's keep lep it moving. >> that's always a guaranteed ge call. >> thank you allison.allison 31 in pittsburgh. steve i think you werei think ye thinking the same thing. th cold front working in from theo north and west. daytime highs in the 50's with a mix of clouds and sun.. our big question whether orstioe not phil in pennsylvania orvanir reggie the rat in dupont --ont - >> don't try to get it pending. >> reg the rat in in . >> all i can think about isout s him coming up and sayingyi what's that. >> you should have mike thomas dress up. >> make sure you take jackettak as you head out the door.
6:37 am
#morning meme all things philemg related. >> oh, good. >> #morning meme. send us your memes. >> reg the rat. >> hiker rain. >> reg the rat has a raspya r voice a drink in the hand andndd a smoke in the other and he'sdh not friendly.iendly >> yeah, like whatever.e whatev. >> and then we have this jovial ground hog, no competition there.the. judiciary single trackingciary between union ssiqungare andqua judiciary station. as for the wrote big problemsr on the top of the beltway be outer loop o dale boulevard closed at birch dale avenue.h dv all westbound lanes blockedlane right now with a big crash as scene. also really heavy traffic 95raf9 northbound coming up throughtr stafford and this is the topt of the beltway.of t outer loop crash athe route onee blocking the right lane. lne. a second crash blocking theki shoulder at georgia avenue. so from basically bw parkwaypar once you pass that pointhat you'll hit a delay throughayugh georgia of about 25 minutes so o allow extra time to battleattle
6:38 am
make your way to 270.make you also southbor und 295 there's a crash at 197.a because of that a disabled vehicle is blocking the leftingt lane. some heavier traffic comingco down from 95 southbound a much betteruch b bet keep it to fox5.ept we have you covered on this t ground hog day. ound ho
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> back with what is trendingwih on the web on this thursday morning. this is w w ebso omething i wash familiar with in the wi. to promote sustainabilitystai tokyo olympic organizers sayorgy medals will be made frome from recycled material.terl. what material you say? mobileia phones. cell phones. donated by thecell public.pu the game's organizing's organizg committee hopes to gather as gas much as 8 tons of metal as the base for the medals.medals. also across the pond a member p of the european parliamentarent said he had a "screw it moment t wet wet. e seth dance held up a sign s saying he's lying to you i object us nigel farage farage addressing parliament he said sd he was fed up with nationalist and populist messages.mes he also said he objected to farage's argument that thehat donald trump travel bans onraveo nationals from seven muslim mus majority nations was mattermtter for u.s. sovereignty. finally lady gaga gearinggg up for her super bowl performance. most of the show under wraps. the singer has bee
6:42 am
her little monsters withttle plenty of behind the scenes nes videos. she will likely perform badorm b romance in rehearsal video released earlier this month m they were seen practicing the te choreography from the song and there will probably be some type of roof stunt.oo in a recent radio interview intw she confirmed she'll performmee' while suspended from the roof rf of nrg stadium in houston.u i can break some news right now. >> let's hear. >> our sources are saying sherch has 12 minutes and she's goinghg to try to pack as many as sixa songs into 12 minutes.inutes. >> okay. >> you'll get a little gaga medley at the halftime show.h >> i really like lady gaga.e ly. >> yeah, i like her too. too. she's trying to be more of ang a singer now than a performer.r. >> right, right. no more meat dresses, okay,, ka, thanks, steve. >> so we hear.>> so we hear. >> so we hear. hea next we are talking super bowlke ads now. no it's one of the best partsne about o watching the so, why do advertisers releaseel them ahead of time? it's likese a big spoiler alert right? ri would you prefer that they you hold off until sunday. p
6:43 am
plus, the queen beyoncéhe queoée breaking the internet but fanst aren't the only ones freakings g out. coachella organizers caughtrganr off guard because she'sguard bee supposed to headline sthat that musical festival in april sorilo what's going to happen nown n that she's expecting twins? twi the fox beat is next.xt >> ♪♪ because going around is rarely ever as enjoyable... going right through. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> gobbler's knob punxsutawney pennsylvania.'s ksylvania
6:46 am
>> 40 minutes f grom seeingseeig punxsutawney phil finding out ot whether we should have six shou more weeks of winter. of win >> i like this day.>> i likthisd >> look, it's a little silly, a little goofy but it's funfy b and it's something we do every year, right.year, rght. >> thoroughly exciting in a weird way. very american.very >> that's america.>> that'erica. >> right. .> right >> yeah. >> we have our strange we have e traditions. >> we do. >> have you ever been ere? [laughter] [lau >> get it. ground hog -- right.. >> and your forecast is at is a guarantee.arantee. >> you want to stay s i have a picture of reg the the rat. a picture of reeling the you'll want to see it momentarily. >> don't do it. thing happen.hape >> if you show it you have to talk like reg would glaucoma i feel obligated to do the regtheg voice. >> but i like tucker with the t gruff reg the rat v >> allison i like your voice . >> [laughter] >> all right. first we'll start with phil. 'll his l see his shadow? er
6:47 am
we got some snow showers i'll sr show you just off to our north and west. not here in d.c. butan north ant west of where he's hanging out this morning. 43 for us. cool conditions.ondions. cold manassas again. agai down to 32 degrees.2 37 leonardtown, 39 annapolis.nn. daytime highs upper 40's to about 50 this afternoon.t 50 tsn we do have a cold front justfroj off to our north and west thate will be coming through. all herel is punxsutawney andneyand notice the snow showers just shs off to the north and west.we i don't think he's going to see his shadow but stranger st things have happened. have happn locally of course we have our ce friend in dupont.n dupon what's his real name,ame, dupont --dupont -- >> no, it's potomac phil.l. >> oh, potomac phil, right, aka, the dupont rat, reg theg e rat. i'm not sure he's going to seete his shadow either as we havee clouds around here. h there's your cold front. that slides in and as it as clears out we should get somege sunshine this afternoon.hi t it will be breezy and turningng chilly around here for there fo remainder of the week.mainde there you go.e you go. 50 today and then we get itt i cool for friday and we take the showers and the
6:48 am
all right, erin.l rit, how about an update? >> okay. more accidents to tell youcc about and things toid 6:47 right now. right no we're going to start you offyouf with a live look.lo this is 395 right now justow jus before the 14th street bridgeetr as you pass 11 crash blocking the righteright shoulder. part of the right lane. right lane. several cars in that curves iatr right there on the shoulder soho use caution. left lane is getting by verybyvy slowly and delays back to the be pentagon. nt so, you're going to need about a 15 extra minutes to get fromgetm the beltway to the 14th street bridge. let's look at skyfox.k at s top of the beltway right now, b, the outer loop dealing with ang crash by route one blockinglockg the left shoulder.shoul traffic is slow right now fromwo bw parkway to georgia.eo let's go ahead and take a look o at our maps. we have a second crash on thesho outer loop byn georgia avowals.o you can see all of that red.. delays to georgia avenue.rgia ae about a 30 minute delay there.te that's causing some delays one o 95 southbound as well from thele icc down to the inner loop inneo because of the beltwayltway congtion.n. southbound 295 crash
6:49 am
disabled vehicle blocking the vc left lleane.a delays from 32 on down to that point p95 also jamming a bit a b so either way you cut it coming down from the because bae beltway to get to the capitalth beltway allowca extra time. ti westbound crash at the thirdthet street tunnel back to 295. 2 eleventh street bridge getting g heavy. southbound 295 also pretty jammed up. suitland parkway inbound a crash at branch road road. o i've been looking forward to the morning meme this >> all right. let's do it. it's time for>> all the morningo >> yay! >> yay! >> ♪♪ly. >> six seconds of greatness.gre all right. before we get to the actual morning meme, news mee >> okay. >> what's that. >> all right. >> we've got th, is --this character in dupont which i've named reg the rat.. >> right. >> >> somebody just sent me a pictur
6:50 am
pictured it. pictured it. >> right. so the big build up andp n they say what's it going to beon reg. >> come on give me the voice. >> yeah, it's whatever. [laughter]aughter] >> he said i'm dying. >> there he he is. >> he's actually pretty adorable. adorab >> where did you find thatlere d pictidure. >> that wasn't me. that was kristen one of our viewers sent it >>iasn. krist in >> good job kristen.ob krist >> you are amazing.mazng. >> they've got their ground goti hog in pennsylvania, we've got t our rat in dupont.our rat >> there you go. >> let's go to the our morningmo meme. speaking of ground hogs thiss one famously love it. it. we actually love it in thet in world of weather.d of weathr. i'm a rodent not at not a meteorologist. all right, our next one,. [laughter] i'm a meteorologist, not a ground hog. >> i'm shocked.cked. >> good comeback, mike.ack, >> our final one, i had on this polar bear hat yesterday.e. yesterday i was going to go into the cupboard --u >> i would like to give myself y photo credit.dit. >> going incognito to catch cach the bobcat. >> i had
6:51 am
>> send us your very own using #morning meme. e >> our morning meme. our morng . >> reg the rat.>> regat. hi, guys. >> i think that makes thees the segment. >> reg the rat is not a thing.s >> it needs to be thai thing. >> #reg the rat. >> why have a old stuffed st ground hog when we can have aa live. >> then reg the rat will makethk all the other rats in dupont circle jealous.eal >> somebody has to be king. kg. >> we welcome our facebook fanmr of f the day.ay. it's tracy grant.grt. >> hello. >> says she's getting ready togo celebrate her birthdayrth tomorrow. happy tracy also celebrating being a three year breast cancer survivor. >> go d.ead. [applause] >> way to go.go. >> tracy says she tunes into say fox5 every morning and everyryoa night. >> love it. >> so awesome. eautif picul picture. love the haircutt, too. >> all right. fox beat time as well. wl kev is back with us. 6:51.6:51.
6:52 am
the first time this has happened to me.e fihappeno i was driving homem yesterdayyes and i got a twittert notification to my phone about beyoncé.beyoné. so, did this happen to you or no? >> it. >> i just looked down and it's like cnn reporting shawlrtishawl pregnant with >> this was beforege i evenefor opened my screen and i parkedeen my car and it said twitter andwi it said beyoncé announces an she's pregnant with twins.ith t. i like. >> does that mean they dthat promoted it. >> i'm like. i following this? i guess gss they released it at as a newsa s story. or on instagram beyoncé announcednc everybody has seen thiss picture. we would like to share ourld l love andik happiness.hp we are blessed two times we are incredibly gratefulgreful that our family will be our famy growing by two w and we thankank you for the well wishes. the weh here's the interesting thing.hig everyone has seen this. ts. there's a lot of talk behindlotl the scenes about what'sk goings to happen with her ander cohella.a. now, back in january it wasjanus announced that she was goingd ti to headline two of the saturdays in april in in coachella, it's a two weekend
6:53 am
wondering what's going towhat'so happen. tmz and this is their -- thisi-s is their quote exactly, "it "i seems beyoncé is somewhere inmew the vicinity of four, maybeci five monthsnity pregnant."regan" now, obviously they'rethe guessing, no one knows for, no r sure and the article there was a that it was news to the company who puts on the event coachella. so they're wondering what'sy're going to whonappende, will she still perform? tickets haveer been on sale.forme. people already have tickets.ets. kendrick lamar is going to belae there. radio head is going to behead i there. i'm excited about thtoe be linel but what does that mean fort mer people who bought tickets thatoo are going to the htshow. s >> what are they saying,hat e ty anything. >> i haven't heard anything eard any official yet bthut if you hadutf tickets to coachella --a >> here's the thing.e's the ing. >> she's pregnant.>> i'll be like sokay she's she pregnant. what are you going to do. >> i'm are g not judging.dging. >> coachella is like the grandte daddy of the festival circuitcir and i'm sure there are somethera people who may have boughtveougt tickets just because of beyoncé. but the majority of peoplepe that buy festival ticketsival tt you're going for the experience, you're going foryo the event yu'ouce're, yo not goo see one
6:54 am
>> i would go just forjust for beyoncé. yo >> me, too. >> she can go see beyoncé when she tours on her on. heon. >> her photo is the most likedm photo on instagram ho historyho she just passed selena gomez's s coca-cola ad which was w 6.3 million likes.l if i could have your permission may i be a hypocrite for a >> have you the jay-z parody of that photo. >> i have not.not. i heard it's funny. f this is melissa mccarthy's adth for kia. for it's a very funny commercial.oma don't get me wrong.wro but this was released yesterday. i really hate the idea that t advertisers are releasings ar super bowl commercials before the subowl.owl. >> yes. >> and i'm showing this onlywinl as an example of why i'm so angry at this because i wantse t to watch these commercials forer the first time during thefi super bowl.rst unless you're a falcons and patriots fan, it's justs j another football game.othefoot >> i agree.>> i agr. >> and i watch the super
6:55 am
because i want to see the newe w commercials and be excitedand about it. out it. i miss the days when we didn'tdd know what was going to air. so, to me i don't understand dos why advertisers are doing this. i get it fromadverting a businee standpoint, you release it ore t showing it now, it's all overo social media but please stopeasp releasing these.t you're ruining the fun and the e surprise. surp >> the experience.x >> you're ruining the super'r bowl for me. >> the experience.e ru >> the exp >> and i can't avoiderie thncees they're everywhere.they're everh they're oner my facebook feed.cb i can't avoid them. t phone if i don't air them ion'ti still see them.em >> i don't click because in't ci want to be surprised. surpris >> real quick, i'm heading outdt to l.a. today. to i'm interviewing the cast of tucker's favorite movie, "fifty shades of grey." this sequel is coming out andg d i'm sitting down with jamie dornan dakota johnson andhnson fistfight stars.fistfight st fun fact the first "fifty " shades of grey" $570 million70 o worldwide on a $40 million$40lln
6:56 am
>> i'm about to send you an interesting on why la-la landlad overrated. >> you haven't even seen it. it >> the world bleeds the sameorld way. >> it's an amazingsame film. fi. don't listen to allison. lis i love allison.telove a don't listen to allison.alli >> make it stop. >> oh, boy. >> let's do the forecast.o that was funny allison.lliso 41 now in washington.shinon. hey, winds out of the out of e south-southwest at five.h- we've got a cold frontsot a colt approaching from the north andod west. we're were going to in forin for clouds this morning and is thisr think by afterninoon we'll turnl partly sunny. we are going to be breezy a ng to little laterbe b today.t high temperatures about 50.t 0. we'll still see his shadow. they're getting snow showers.ows we'll give you an update.update. weekend looks quiet nowd looks w including sunday. erin hasay got roads.oads. >> yeah, and we're seeing somege big delays all over the area. a. this one in virginia 395 and39 northbound just after 110er crash with several carsth severs blocking the right shoulder.hol. police presence, tow truck outsc there. delays from the pentagon toutpeo
6:57 am
let's switch it over for aswt look at our maps.m good news for the red linethe re riders no longer singlele tracking disabled traintran cleared at judiciary square juds but heavier leftover delays on the red line so watch for thatf as they get back to normal.mal keep it to fox5.ep we'll take i a look at a veryery crowded outer loop in thatp in college park next.
6:58 am
6:59 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. >> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news
7:00 am
>> breaking at 7 o'clock, fox5f first on the scene of a andaand overnight armed robbery at a maryland cvs.mary police make several arrestsla.le could this be the break they brt need in a string of early e morning plus. >> it's one thing to protesting someone's right to come hereto e and speak but it's anothert's thing to create this much mc amount of destruction andnt of e violence and hurt stand harm to other people.op >> violent protests rock the uc berkeley campus forcing theih school to cancel a speech.spee. controversial web site editor. d this morning many are outragedod that free speech was denied and that includes presidentdes r donald trump who has beenld tweeting about tru it in the pat hour. >> negotiations continue inotia delaware where a group of inmates hold correctionals holdc officers hostage.ficers hos in the past few minutes we paste understand some people havetand been re slomeased.ease. details just ahead.ahad. >> and this is a live look onlon the thursday morning february 2nd 2017. of courseuary that's our capito dome but big news in


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