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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  February 2, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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saw a dark full sized pickuped truck leaving the arearea quickly. investigators have followed upol on the lead but now they want t to rule out any involvement.nvoe police are asking anyone with wh information to give them a callly. llly. >> the corrections officer whoic was killed during a 24 hour hor prison standoff in delaware iss being remembered tonight.on the inmate took three guards an counselor hostage.sag they released everyone except that farther that was killed. fox's griff jenkins has ithas it latest. >> reporter: a deadlydealy hostage siege insideside delaware's biggest prison. priso it started with the report oforf an uprising around 10:30 a.m. wednesday when staff responded. three guards an female counselor were taken hostage.e . one hostage 47-year-old steven s floyd was killed.l >> this is a very sad day ay across the state of delaware. >> reporter: as the ordeale orde was unfolding, floyd, ad, a veteran corrections officer, alerted his ll
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prisoners were staging a trap ultimately saving lives.lis. >> lieutenant had come in toanto the building to enter into the building and sergeant floyd sere yelled to them and told them th that it was a trap, get out oftf the building. >> reporter: stilthlll investigating authorities say inmates were able to take control using "sharp objects"s" during negotiations twotia corrections officers were released.. the ordeal ended thursday withsh police using a large construction back low to pushon their way insid beac the onethee building inmates were able toabo take over.o >> sergeant steven floyd was found unresponsive.espo >> reporter: during theep siege inmatesorte told a local a newspaper a lack of educationdun and rehab services promptedrompt their actions as well as as concerns about that president trump. >> i know that the inmatesinmes practiced to see what ourwhat response is going to be to thegb building. >> reporter: now, the e u nionn represent regular correctionsrrs officers says that recenthat ret an
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inmates more time outside of tif their cells but that staffthat f levels have not been increased r to properly respond.esp in smyrna, delaware, i'm griffmf jenkins, fox news.ews he houseouse of representatives voted to rolls l back an obalma administrationinn rule on background checks forecr gun ownership today.rship to the rule established the criteria the social securitye ay administration would followrati when forwarding names foron thee criminal background checkd c system. it applied to people who have a mental disorder so severeder e they cannot work and need representatives to managea their benefits. today's vote by the way isthvot part of the isfirst stepssts towards strengthening gune ownership under presidenthip der trump. gun rights groups andn rightsrop advocates san for people withlew disabilities support this repeal. >> doctors say a two-year-oldo-a has been diagnosed with one of the worst cases of lead poisoning in the district in decades. and there are concerns morerns families could be at risk. risk. the problem started foror heavens shortly after she and her family moved into a home hom in northeast that they wereat te paying for with d.c. housinghoug
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girl's diagnosis found lead paint throughout the home. ho the lead paint was there even en though the d.c. housinghous authority was required to haveoe an inspection done which they t did do and the unit passed.pasd. >> we called to, you know, knw, make note that we had noticednod some chipping paint and.pi >> in the in th >> in the bathroom, yeah,e ba th bathroom tub was completelyomtey spray painted fixtures and everything, so that was ones one really major concern to mee just from first glance, likeanc who spray paints a tub? tu >> one of the problems is theemh way in which the lawth structures which requires onlyrl a visual inspection so if for example a landlord paints andntd then the next day there'shes inspection you can't actually y seeou c behind the paint to whai the real problem is. s. >> the city says the townhouseee initially failed inspectionnspec for several violations.olats. but before the family movedre to in, the d.c. housing authorityiy had the landlord fix thehe problems. they claim nobody was aware ofaa the lead issues when theen t
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in a statement, a spokes s western with the city said inthn part "the district has madede progress as evidenced byevidenc substantial reduction of of childhood lead poisoning casesis in d.c. in yet, we continue to look forok f ways to protect the health ofhef our residents and provide more e quality housing for our mostst vulnerable communities ." >> police in montgomery county n responded to yet anothernother pharmacy robbery this morning tn but this timeg officers arrived in time to make arrests.rests. the robbery happened aroundr 4:00 a.m. at the cvs in the the glenmont shopping center insh silver spring. alled 911.ll911. opc police arrived quickly and ad arrested for people.or peole. police say this morning'sorn incident is similar to atoat least six other robberies inbbrn the county including an armed robbery that police releasedlead on surveillance videovido yesterday. in that case, yethe people trier to steal prescription drugspresd from a cvs in hillendale.ndale. investigators do not think the h cases are connected but theyteb are looking to see if thereif are links between the suspectsss caught
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robberies around the region. >> immediately after the arrest this morning, i knowg, iw detectives from at least one jurisdiction were notified sonot they could begin to lookif at a the people that we have in i custody and begin to make a determination if they'reinationt linked to other events outside of montgomery county. coun. >> university is in the middleys of a tug-of-war with the president. what president trump is saying g tonight after a violentvioent protest at uc berkeley.rkley. >> and an unusual punishmentnish for teenagers who vandalized an historic school in northernnn virginia is getting some much needed attention tonight. hey, sue. >> hi there, shawn and tony.t may i be the last to wish youh u a very happy ground hog day.nd a we'll let you know whether orouk not he saw his shadow but ibut i can tell you february 2ndbru around here not too bad at t all. we actually were able to touchto 50 degrees again today but itodt is getting breezy out th
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quite al bit colder. colde it's actually going to feel al little bit more like winter.winr we'll see if that sinks up with what punxsutawney phily phi said about today and we'lld have a look at the weekend when fox5 local news at 6:00 comes back. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> five teens vandalized an historic african-american school in ashburn, virginia,e tr last september.ic an asn, the teens werelast septe senteno probation and will have to pay restitution but they also gotheo an unconventional fox5's ronica clearycl explains. >> reporter: this historictoric african-american school wasl vandalized on three sides withh swastikas, words like white power and brown hour vulgar drawings, even dinosaurs.ings, d now, the five teensin involved,, they have been charged and sentenced with what some areithe calling unconventional terms. te they'll be required to visit the united states holocausted st museum, the american history museum, complete a term
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write 12 book reports onrts on titles such as the colorlor purple, native son and the beautiful struggle amongstugg other things. now, if t boys complete alllete of the terms within a year, yea, the charges will be dismissed.i. i spoke with loudoun county'sty' deputy commonwealths attorneymmn about those who might call the sentencing >> i can understand how thean uo community or some members ofw ts the community would fomeele m tt way. i think it's important to note that this was not charged as a hate crime.crim based on the juveniles'' confessions, they did not dot do it based in -- in a manner where they were targeting the owner of the property based onbo his race, religion or ethnicity and the juveniles did not know the meaning ofea of the property.e theypr thought it was just an an abandoned shed. in terms of it beingit ing considered a soft sentence,sent it's actually much harsher harsh than what a first time offender would get in court. co >> reporter: she further described their actions as "dumb teenaged behavior rathera
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further clarified that two ofd t the boys were white and threeane were ethnic minorities.norities. she hopes that this can beth what she caatlls a teachabletea moment and offer healing forfer the community.he so, we took to the streets ofo s leesburg to ask people fortrk p their reaction to the sentencing. >> i think it has to be a thinkb little bit more severe thanre tn that. they're of an age where iwher think that, you know, they'rekn, not exactly adults yet butet t they really know what theyy kno were to go. >> well, i sort of like it. it. i like the fact that the kidsfah have to do something and theya t have to ultimately have someme responsibility.res i hate the factpo that they they vandalized stuff but i thinkff k it's a good idea. idea >> i guess i don't know theuess full conthtext by which theby judge issued the sentencing.nte. it seems a bit light butght bt without understanding betterrstd what the judge's purpose wasge in sentencing them for theem foe light probation, i don't known'n if i could second guess oneoulds way or the other.or t >> reporter: you can seeepor that most of the graffiti does s appear to be gone. however, there is still some on the stones along the base b of the building. now, in front of the s
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it seems that they havea reached their $100,000ir $00,000 fundraising mark. it says futhat it has beenbeen completed.mpleted. now, if you're curious whos wh will grade their papers, whoir will determine if their book reports and term papers areerm e acceptable, the boys'ys probation officers.fics. so, what do you think about thik the sentencing? is it too easy? too soft? is it fair? is it too harsh? we love to hear hear from h you can find meae on facebooknfa and twitter at ronica cleary. ce reporting in ashburn, ronica roa cleary, fox5 local news. >> ♪♪ >> strong words from president r trump after violent protestsdst at the university viofolen california berkeley.cali this morning he took to twitter and threatened to cuttht off federal funding to theing te university. crowds gathered last night togho protest an event featuring milo yiannopoulos of breitbartoo news. those who took parts o f say thy had every right to prevent himvm from speaking while the whitele house questioned the protests as a threat to free speech. to e >> we have the
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ourselves and so this shuttingsg down milo yiannopoulos andnopond doing whatever's necessary tor' do that is our s right to self-defense.lf-defen >> life doesn't this morningdoes way folks. you're going to work with people who disagre ere goi with you.ith yo you're going to encounterente folks who aren't just just closeting you in this protected environment.nv the president has a point.has if they didn't welcome freecom e speech they're not protectingrog the first time >> at least six peoplerst weree injured in the protests butd ine police say no arrests wererrest madely. >> well, it has definitelyfiniy been a busy two weeks in office for president donald trump and today he made some pre major movement on foreign f policy. shively has the latest. >> reporter: president trumpter: shaking up pforreeign policy fg again extending handn to russia while fighting with iran andand australia. the white house will now allow w u.s. companies to do limitedlim business with russia's intelligence service after president obama sanctionedac moscow for meddling in theling e election. electi the administration denies thisn is a policy sh
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tweeting his disapproval of an n iranian missile test mr. trumpse refused to rule out militaryitay action. >> nothing is off the tape. the the u.s. is expected to impose sanctions on iran as early ass friday. fr the presidident is also fightinn with australia's primetral's pre minister over a deal by theth obama administration to takeake in more refugees despitedespite mr. trump's ban.p's ban. >> we'll see what happens.ha previous administration doesminn something you have to respect de that but you can also say whysah are we doing this. >> reporter: the potentialpot tiff with australia received e swift reaction from >> this in my view was an an unnecessary and frankly harmful open dispute over ante n issue which is not nearly important as united states-australian cooperation and working together.g togethe >> reporter: democrats continue to fight the president on t rheepcontin immin ban. >> instead of making it safer oi thisng it ban will aid isis boh
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recruitment tool.crui >> reporter: hotmuse minorityory leader nancy pelosi reacted toat president trump allowing moremoe u.s. business with russia. vladimir putin thugs meddlethug with an election and president trump gives them a thank you a u present. in washington, carolineare shively, fox news. >> super bowl li is just a fewaw days away. we'll take a look at the prepsth in houston as it gets ready for the big game. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> all right. time to get loose. justtime down is on, three days weigh from superys w bowl li right here on >> going to be right here on rin fox5. fox5 >> absolutely. >> sunday night, the super bowl.y nier >> >> on fox5. tony.s, tony.wl. >> that's fantastic. tha >> on fox5 right here. right he. >> also the festivities areivits already under way in houstonho as the new england patriotsatrs prepare to take on the atlanta falcons. fox's lauren blanchard hasblancs more. >> reporter: thousands ofsands f fans celebs and sport castersas are here in the lone star
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state for a slew of pregame festivities.fe [cheers and applause] >> reporter:he witerh ss uper bl li now just three days away,away fox is getting an exclusive behind the scenes field level look inside nrg stadium wheredi the new england patriots andandd the atlanta falcons will face fa off on sunday.sun the vice president of fieldpresd operations for fox sports s assuring fans they've gotng fan every angles they covered.cove >> we're able to sit there and e give the point of review of anyy player on the field.ield. so we can show you what matt mtt ryan saw right before he threwew a touchdown pass.n >> reporter: on wpaednesday,dne, controversial nfl commissionerom roger goodell took to thek to te stage for his annual state ofstf the nfl press conference.ferenc. goodell addressing theeladdresst league's image and the tomth brady scandal known as deflate-gate. >> we dime a conclusion that a s was supported by the facts andid by the courts. from our standpoint this isan just about making sure we take care of business and do akitin e way that is right to up hold h the integrity of our teams.
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all fun and games when ithen comes to an event of this magis tuned extra security measurescrm are being taken all aroundean au houston as city and federaldral officials work to keep peopleeop safe during super bowl week.l >> we're here to protectproct everybody regardless of whoof wh they root for. >> reporter: however some how good news for thoseev with a few grand to burn average ticket prices dropped by over aover thousand dollars the lastlars tt week. in houston, lauren blanchard fox news. >> time to getn bthose bargains.bargai. just a reminder in casen cae you didn't know, fox5 is your yr home for super bowl sunday.unda join us at 11:00 a.m. for ourr o seven and a half hours of of pregame coverage.rage. kickoff by the way 6:30.6:0. >> seven and half hoursalf they're going interview everyrvy single player playing in the game. me. no. >> they still would have foura hours left. >> and everyone going to thehou game. >> interview their>> ihe grandparents as well.andparen >> everybody.ts a [laughter] >> i'd tune in for the'd tunin r grandparents. i think that would be neat. happy ground hog day to both of you.
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>> this morning 7:25 we got video of punxsutawney phil pl doing his thing.hing. his handler sure to wear chain mail gloves. of his phil breaks out lethargy and says let me just ju bitey.his guy. phil did see his shadow. according to the folk loreto that means six more weeks of thf winter which is perfectlye timed because we are at thee halfway point between winterint and spring which is real what w ground hog day is all about. day it began in 1887.8 he's seen his shadow 102had 102 times. last year he did not see his his shadow but there he is allegedly whispering to hiso handler that he does see his shadow and thinks there'sinks going to be more winter.wi at any rate i still liketilli ground hog day and shocker,g dan yes, he didd see his shadow ass he usually does but i want youwa to know that tomorrow,om february 3rd is also a special p day. it's national wear red ry sometimes you don't hear aboutab this until you've gone to work and you're not wearing red. this is go red for women'swom heart health and we want y
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to know that you want to wearyor your extra heavy red because se it's going to feel a littleeel bit more like winter i put more information on goormo red for women on my facebooky fa page sue palka fox5 d.c. but bu you're encouraged to wear wr something red so that women will remember that hearthat hea disease is the biggest killer kr of women more so even than allll cancers combined.ombined. and it's preventable.eveable. well, here's what we're w watching around the region aroun today. it is 45 degrees in theegrees ie district, down from our high hih of 50 but we want you to also ao see here comes the colder airr r that will require extra layers of red tomorrow if y ou'reou're going to go red because it's only 30 in pittsburgh, 22 inburn and detroit and we'll see oure r temperature maybe about fivee mi to 10 degrees colder tomorrowldr than it was today. average is 45 now. n we may not even get to thathat tomorrow. gaithersburg 37.7. westminster 36.r 3. dulles is 40. winchester down to 34. to 3 so, we're going to have kind of a chilly night. ni it is gusty out there as well. e we have winds gusting up andd over 20 miles an hour in a few w spots. this will continue for a few few more hours and that means ahat little bit of a wind chill,a wi, too, so a
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that is for sure.ths for sure but the clouds are clearing on n out o and with clear skiesskies tonight we should be gettingtti chilly pretty quickly.uickly. in the district 43 at 43 at 7 o'clock. 7 oc still a little bit windy but you noticed a lot of places are already in the 30's sos outside of the city centerscents you'll head for the 30's ands nd continue heading down by 7:00. 0 by 9 o'clock, 39 and by 11 o'clock, 37, 37 de although we do think the he clouds will be clearing on out and then you can see mostmot places are in the 20's tonightto north of d.c., maybe some low 30's south of d.c. definitelyi a cold cold one and a colda l start tomorrow morning.t tomorrw so feels a little bit m more like january as opposed to to these mid march previews we'vev been getting so much of this ths week. it will also continue to bentin breezy tomorrow as highzy pressure is building on tiomn.. now, we'll have another chilly y day on saturday, highur temperatures may only top outop in the upper 30's for many of mf us but it will be a sunny dayy y t the next couple days quiet qui friday and saturday.nd saturday. and going into the weekend you e know we have been watching thece possibility of a little bit of
6:22 pm
right now we're going to taketae precipitation pretty much out p of the forecast and that forecth includes even atnot much in thee way of sprinkles, maybe just au little bit more cloud cover at 48 degrees, even earlier inar the week when we thought theret might have been a little bit bee of snow that mixed in, well that would have melted anyway hv but it looks like thee system s that would have brought thatoug in our direction is going tooing stay too far west and it's far s very weak anyway so this isis the weekend.eeke. surface map high pressure for po saturday. that means lots of sunshines ofe and that sunday storm systemsys lynx with the frontal boundaryer but with the moisture that'ssres trending to the to the. that's why we're thinking ifhing we see anything it will be ailla sprinkle and not much of that. t maybe a little bit of mix tox to showers out through garretth gt county and up to south winds will get our temperature on sunday up toure 48 degrees.on so, a lot of clouds for sunday. but a brighter and you can seeig these threeese days back in the 40's which wewe haven't done very now, monday we're back up to 54 degrees.54 next week looking wetter but warmer. rmer. 60 degrees on tuesday with wh
6:23 pm
we'll liking have some rainm showers on wednesday with a temperature of 63.on wede of 6. and then we get cold again onon thursday as the temperatureper drops back down to 46 degrees6 r but wow, by the time we get togo next thursday, we are already talking about valentine's day,i, so getting closer all the time e as time speeds on away.way. sun went down today at 5:31. 5:. just so great to see thattht extra daylight.extr >> yes, it is. and by the yes way, i don'ty, i believe phil.eve ph >> you don't believe phil.on't b >> no. >> well, you probablyably shoun't.t. >> okay. >> but i don't want to break anybody's heart.on'tanyb iody' think ground hog day is aa fun silly folk lore traditionk and people takelo it in thet the right spirit. kind of a distraction from thesa middle of winter, right. of win. >> yeah. >> gives you ho they spring ises coming. >> i used to get criticizedri when i did weather in theer inte mornings because i pooh poohed it. i'm not a fan. fa. >> you're not a fan. >> no. >> maybe because i'm aaybe pennsylvania girl i like to to have phil back. b >> what is maryland.mary >> i'm not tool big of a fan f of the dead ground hog inound dupont circle.rcle
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>> yeah. >> all right. right. >> they need to stop, please.e >> we'll be right back.back. >> ♪♪ ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. welcome to 8 and a half maple street.
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>> we've got a little updateot a tonight on ollie the bobcat.obc she escaped from her enclosurer at the national zoo monday. mda. zoo keepers recaptured her onr n zoo property yesterday.yeserday. ollie spent the night lastnightt night in the zoo's veterinary'sy hospital got a completelet medical workover exam thisve afternoon. vets gave her a series of vaccines andave he also two smam stitches to close a cut in her front left paw.eft p ollie will stay at thee hospital a few more days justdat to make sure she does not showow any signs of having ahav respiratory illness. ollie is like i wan
6:27 pm
>> i think she's probably's pr going have an improvement inmenn health. he >> probably,>> proba yea >> running eat something wildsod things. >> got some good exercise.rcis that's great.that's >> i also think she's probablypy glad to be back, too. >> yeah. >> a little pampering.amp >> she's home, yeah. yeah >> every girl needs a little lie pampering.pamperin >> yes, we do. [laughter]gh >> that is it for us. t keep it righthat here.he 5 at 6:30 is coming up right rit after the break. break. lots to talk about today.oday. >> we'll see you in just a few minutes. bye-bye, everybody. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> president trump promised his administration will didstran everything it can to protectpr religious liberty. >> what are you talking ablioutu tweet us tell us use #5at 6:30. let's get it started righttarteg now. no the president made remarksidenta today at the denational prayeror breakfast and highlighted theige need in his words fors words americans to feel safe and secure.. >> well, i want to expressto clearly today to the americanmen people that my administrationinn will do everything in its power to defend and protectproct religious liberty in our land.l america must forever remain


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