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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 3, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EST

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> this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, a metro bus driver is accused of going off on a racist tirade. tonight, this man is telling his story exclusively to fox5. i just don't understand how, you know. plus, water worries, some people say they're getting monthly bills that are thousands of dollars. and they want to know why. and a special super bowl preview. the game, the commercials, the half time show and the food. your news starts right now. we're going to begin tonight with breaking news in virginia. firefighters are still here on the scene of a fire in lorton. this is the fairfax county recycling and disposal center on
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theres is no word yet that sparked these flames. there are also no reports of injuries. we will keep you posted with the very latest. thanks for staying with us tonight, i'm shawn yancy. and i'm tony perkins. a man says he was the target of a metro bus driver's racist rant and he caught some of the exchange on camera. it began on the end and ended near the boston metro station. fox5's marina maracco has the exclusive. >>reporter: the entire incident unfolded a weeing a right here at the boston metro stop, just steps away from the supervisor's booth and according to this driver he says it was a metro bus driver that called him the n word and tonight he says, he doesn't want an apology. what's recording going to do? i'm not ignorant like you. i'm not going to fight you. this video shows the aftermath of an emotional between a metro bus driver and another motorist. he pulled up, opened his door. i thought he wassing whying to tell me i'm driving real slow. he like,
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road. i'm like i'm trying to find my location. he said you're the typical mfn. i just sort of was in shock. maurice green says the metro driver called him the n word just prior to this confrontation. you're not going to call me that. i'm going to hit you. things could have went wrong, terribly wrong if i was the wrong person. but fortunately i was the right person that walked away from it, but it could have went wrong. green says he owed it to himself to con front the metro driver who quickly looked for things to get physical. but green walked away choosing, he says, to be the bigger person. it was hard. and it took like everything i had
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i had to show this to my kids. my kids took it sort of hard. it took a lot. as you can see, i'm still like -- i just don't understand how, you know. and tonight we reached out to metro and metro would only say, quote, an investigation into this matter is underway. in arlington, virginia, marina maracco, fox5 local news. > the corrections officer who was killed during that nearly 4-hour prison stand off in racist rant is being remembered. the body of sergeant stieve floyd was escorted to the medical examiner's office, inmates armed with sharp objects took three guards and a counselor hostage yesterday morning. two guards were release. officers used a backhoe to get inside the building to rescue the counselor. they later found sergeant flo
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> fairfax county police need your help tonight with an unsolved murder. it's been nearly a year since 83 year old johan da leet i was found shot to death instance side his home. a neighbor saw a dark full-sized pickup truck leaving the area quickly. if you have any information, please call police. some people in arg ton county are complaining about their high water bills and we're not just talking by a few bucks. some of these bills are thousands of dollars. but the county says it has not seen any major problems with the system. sarah simmons has more tonight. >>reporter: we often don't think too much about our water bill when we're around the house and turning on the faucet. but in arlington county, the residents there certainly are after they got water bills that were sometimes huundreds, even thousands higher than usual. residents in some of the north arlington neighborhoods say they've noticed a change in
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fall while officers haven't noticed any significant change. mike can't well, president of the york town civic association says while he hasn't experienced problems with his bill, he believes there is a bill. some were 50 percent high, some were five times ahigh. some approached the county and tried to get their bills changed, but they really did not get any resolution property county. we spoke with arlington's department of environmental services. they say it's common for them for them to receive complaints about high bills. it's actually typical in any billing cycle that we'll see a couple bills that come■ç in a couple hundred dollars r hundred dollars higher. there's a number of reasons why. he says after investigating they can usually pinpoint the problem. but each case is different. it could be changes in water use pattern. irrigation even a small quarter
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acre like of lot like is is common in arlington it will double or triple or even quadruple. mr. could beerors in the process. so there are a lot of possibilities and residents are saying instead of it necessarily being on theiren they're wondering if there is some software problem for instance since these meters are compute wristed and the civic association president said there are a lot of folks in the neighborhood that have actually received new meters within the year. so they're wondering if there's something on thatten. if you do have a complaint, if you have an extremely high water bill and you live in arlington county they do have a number for you to all contact for the county. it's 703, 228-6570. they say they will investigate. they'll sound out a high usage investigation and try to get to the bottom of that problem and see exactly what's going on. tony, back to you. all right, sarah, thank you very
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bobcat. she escaped of course from her enclosure at the national zoo on monday. zoo keepers recaptured on the zoo property. cement the night in the zoo hospital. she got a medical exam. they gave here a series of vax signs and two stitches to close a cut on her front left paw. she will stay at the hospital a few more days to make sure she doesn't sign any signs of respiratory illness. > we turn a look at the weather. i think that ground hawg was onto something. we're going to feel the cold even as early as tomorrow. we've been getting such a break with january being so mild and february, the first two days have been mild. in case you you missed it, punxsutawney phil saw his shadow.
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winter is definitely making a come back. you'll notice it top. friday mostly in the 30s. we should warm up just a little bit as we head into sunday. here are your weather headlines. we expect a colder day tomorrow. we expect some colder air on friday and it will also be breezy. some sun on friday. sunday has been trending dryer all week and tonight is no exception. we might have some clouds around, but any presip looks to be well west or north and that doesn't look terribly significant. could we see a sprinkle or flurry, maybe that will be it. maybe some significant rain tuesday into wedding. we're down to 30 in gaithersburg, 37 in the district, 27 for winchester and we expect a cold night. so a quick look at the overnight temperatures as we head generally for the 20s, maybe a few low 30s south of the city. again, a
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these are really the only two days on the seven day forecast that are blow average. everything else trending warmer, including next week, monday, 54-degrees. it looks like a nice day. wet but warm on tuesday. we should dry out on wednesday and get up to about 3 degrees. thursday, 46. up and down we go. but mostly up. > tony and shawn,s that another seven day forecast. it has been a long week and it is not even friday yet. so we're going to lighten things up and talk all things super bowl. > coming up next, what to watch for during the game, plus some commercials and half time trivia. what goes better with the super bowl than barbeque. the smoke master with some ideas to make your super bowl party fire. is that jim? > is he cutting a brisket
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are you ready? we are about ready, 67 hours away from the kickoff of super bowl 51 and four hours away from the pregame. all right. so the game, the commercials, the half time show and a of course the food. we can't wait for it. we're covering a little bit of everything tonight, but let's start off with something simple. even p you don't know anything about football, if you're going to a party, we're going to give you three games to look out for. the falcons have to get to tom brady, they have to get there early and often. if they can make that happen it's going to make a huge diff
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this is a divisional playoff game, watch this hit right there. this was early on. so if you could see hits like that early on, if they could do it early and often, that's going to make a huge difference in this game because you want to get into tom brady's early on. speaking of the patriots, pay attention because a lot of people are going to watch haul joe jones. he's a stud out there. the key thing to point out is they have a great receiver. two things to pay attention, number 18 and number 2. you can see the guys out on the field. they know how to play the game.3 when you think about matt ryan, the quarterback of the atlanta falcons. this is a guy who threw to so many different receivers. he knows how to air it out, a lot of difre
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the way. and finally bill bell check. this guy knows how to shake that game up early. the falcons are expecting one patriot team. he has the ability early onto throw the game plan out the wind on. they were doing the hurry yup quite a bit. that got into the steelers' minds and that. say what you will. greatest of all time? you can say that. whoever you throw in there they produce. any predictions? go ahead. >> i hate to say this, but you named it, bill bell check, tom brady, i think they win. >> i don't want the patriots to win. i'm rooting for the falcons. our boss is a big patriots fan. >> you suck up.
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remember, i covered the patriots for four years, so it's going to be a good game no matter what. > go fail once. > we're doing things a little bit differently tonight at 11. we thought it might be fun to bring back a fox5 segment that we all had a lot of fun with. it's time for -- if only you you could see tony perkins right now. we're going to be focusing on super bowl half time commercials and even food. >> are you ready. > true or false, play at home if you want. remember, ladies and gentlemen, no wagering. number one, true or false, an elvis i am person nateor once headlined a half time super bowl show. >> true. that is true. i know this for a fact. elvis press toe, headlined the 19
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wasn't that like michael jackson or something? really, 1989. >> he even tried to do his 3d magic trick for viewers at home. question number two, true or false, madonna holds the half time ratings record. >> false. false. i think it's beyonce. you'd be incorrect there. katie periti. was the last time the patriots played in a super bowl. > let's move objection to the form madonna is number three, by the way. every advertiser pays the same amount for a commercial. >> false. false. you are both wrong. actually, you're right. it is false. sorry. this year's average commercial costs 5 to 5 and a half million dollars. question number four, true or false, janet jackson infamous wardrobe malfunction occurred during the
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game. >> i'm saying true, i'm just guessing. >> false. the question was different before. the question changed on me. tony gets that one. hashtag host failed. i'm just playing a game show. i can't host a game show. number five, google has release the top search super bowl snacks by state. in the district it's chicken winnings. >> true. true. i'm going to follow this to the letter here. false. > what? >> in d.c. italian meet balls. > who did this study? >> gag. > in virginia, buffalo chicken dip and maryland it's chicken soup thank you jim lokay for hosting what the facts. coming up next we're going to be speaking barbeque. >> i can't
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sean the smoke master is here with some great ideas for your super bowl party. stick around, we'll be right
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> all right. have a great super bowl party you've got to have great food. sean mack pot porter. we're so glad you're here. where should we start? so we want to start with the chicken winnings. so we have smoked winnings. we season them and we deep fry them, too. >> owe. > can i try one? >> and then we have our smoked ribs and our cole slaw. that's everybody's favorite. > tell us about your special sauce. how long do you smoke them
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>> i smoke my ribs for four hours. i do it slow. > can i ask you a question, i know in some parts of the country they put a sauce on them. other people put a rub. >> dry rub. > it's nicer for a party. you got to be neat. you got three different saws i things up there. what is that. >> i have cilantro ranch. that's forth winnings. and the barbecue sauce. my barbeque don't need that much sauce. you don't really want to smother the taste. if the the barbeque is good -- >> how is that chicken. it's fantastic. > being a pit masser t, what kind ever tips do you have for people who are doing their own thing. >> mare nate your food. if
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sit for hours. you always mare nate your food and you want to take your time. if you want to motor vehicle it, leave it alone. > should the meet be room temperature before you start motor vehicling it. >> yes. you want to dry it and put a little dry rub. > what is this. >> that's the bark of it. > i want to taste some brisket. >> use your fingers. i'm just going to put my wing down. > so while tony is getting ready to taste the brisket, we have house made beans. a new item is macaroni and cheese. we have house made
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what is in the beans? >> you like the beans? > yeah. i never heard tony so exciteed. i love you so i'm going to give you my secret. the mack and cheese is like home style mack and cheese. > let me ask you, i'm going to have off the greens and i ask because i don't eat red meet, but this is not cooked with pork. >> no. i cooked it with with onions and a little bit of sugar toic ma it sweat and a little bit of who the stuff. > you like he that. >> uh-huh. > where is the restaurant. >> we're located on florida avenue in northwest. you can come and see us any
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time. everybody be there, the front of thes house, back of the house. is it too late to order for super bowl. >> we're trying to give everybody time to get their orders in. tomorrow is friday. if you want to get a basket, you better come see us. > can they call you. >> they can call us, 2302-733-1919. > give us the name again for people who missed it. >> d.c. smoke hours, best place in town. > let me tell you, this is everybody's favorite right here. this is the smoke house. you have your chili, that's cheese. the brisket chilly goes onto the smoke. that's the best thing. > that's all we have time for. >> a crowd has gathered. the aroma in the building. thanks for coming in, sean. >> that's it for us. stay tuned, tmz is coming up next. that's right. we won't see you guys tomorrow. super bo
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coming up on today's telecast: >> well can i do something to make the devil really mad? >> yes! >> 13 years she's suffered! run one more time just to make the- that just makes the devil mad! jesus! >> thank you jesus! >> just lift up your hands with me and begin to thank the lord. god has used reverend peter popoff throughout his entire life and ministry to bring miraculous deliverance to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. stay tuned as reverend popoff ministers, prays, and reveals the power


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