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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  February 3, 2017 9:00am-10:59am EST

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♪♪ breaking overnight, terror r outside of one of the mostt popular tourist sites in the world. machete wielding man attacksttac soldiers outside of the louvre.. the military opening we'll have the latest. plus, president trump with h warning for iran.g for iran why he says the mideast countryt is playing with fire and thendhe possible punishment on the way.y plus a war of words with the terminator.terminat how the hollywood star andr and fellow celebrity apprentice host responded. ♪♪ two days and counting.. the last minute preps underwaypa down in houston as the patriotss and the falcons get ready foror the big game lady gaga also getting ready and yes
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got a sneak peek at what too expect when she takes the fielde at half time. ♪♪ and later, why happily evere after will cost a whole lot more in 2017. 2 good day at 9a starts now. ♪♪ all right. just a minute past the hour right now on this friday, february 3rd. now there's a reason that we are sitting right here in this ithis position.potion >> um-hmm. >> because the loft is under unr another transformation makeovere we did it last week for theorhe wedding. ddin >> right. >> it's like a friday thing. >> we throw parties around hereh it's what we today it's for the super bowl. w that's coming up in the the 10:00 o'clock hour.10:0 bear with us over here with0 th big screen behind us in theen b meantime. thanks for joining us.ks f i'm steve alongsiorde j holly, maureen, wisdom martin.tin >> we're counting down to theowt big game all morning long andond that includes a little ltl commercial commentary and thisai morning we're sharing some ofhag the commercials that could beu b the most popular come monday morning. that's coming at minute 30:00 aa litt
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to show you justin beiber'seir' super bowl spot. s yup. yu he's got one and wis can't waitw to see it. >> contain your excitement.emen. >> i've already seen it.e i was part of it. >> you were partali wa of it? >> don't spoil it.po it. >> commercial for haterade.l r e >> right. >> exactly.xactly. >> maybe sponsored by it, steve i'm just saying.i'm just s wait and see that's part of the tease. >> all right. at nine though let's talketal about the weather because thatca chance for super bowl snow or o rain around here is no more. for details tucker is back with a first check of the this has been a changing one,ne hasn't the, tuck. tuck. >> all week long we've been we'n watching that storm fade away.e. most of the energy will stayil s north on sunday.uny. we thought we might get rain oro snow showers around aroe it will be just cloudy onudy on sunday. let's start with today.ay. 35 degrees.35egre chilly out there with the winds out of the northe wi at nine win chill of 28.of 28. be ready for cool today. day heim highs about 40. 40 and got thick cloud cover acrosa the region at the moment. mom this will stick us for most ofor the day.thday styliformness off to our s
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responsible for that clowdere fo cover. high pressure out to the west will build in. sunshay sunshine.ure ou cold tonight and chilline. tolll start the weekend. weekend i'll have the weekend forecastet coming up. let's start with 42 here in 42 e washington. notice the 30's out tshinhere ll this leonardtown 38. manassas 38.ssas 3 touching the freezing mark in hagerstown. a chilly afternoon for us wind d chills again in the 20s and loww s0s. all right.l ht yeah, we'll talk weekendtalkeekd forecast coming up much wisdom,, i'll toss it ba, to you.. >> thanks tucker barnes. we'll again think morning withnt news in paris much guardsh grd outside the louvre museum wereur the targets of suspected terrorist attack. four guards stopped a man tryine to enter the museum ground flooo shopping mall the man armed witt two machetes threaten the soldiers slightly injuring onein and cried god is great in arabic before being shot five times byb one of the gourds of guards whos were on the scene as part ofartf beefed up security.secu. country has taken in the wake of some serious terrorist attacks in 2015 and 2016. france's prime minister now saying the attack was clear
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quote terrorist in nature. nur >> back here at home, the trumpp administration today says it may levee new sanctions against iran. >> it's a response to a ballistic missile test.ile tt. fox5's bob barnard is live at the white house with more onhoei that.that bob? >> reporter: hoyly hold,ol donald trump ran for president i drop missing to bring jobs backc to the united states and makend america great again he's quickly realizing it's a big world outlo there and the us play as vital t role shaping much of what goes .n. what to do about iran's missilei program.og sunday's ballistic missile testt still reverberating here in washington.inon. where new economic sanctionssani against iran could come as early as today. president trump making it clearr that all op shops are under consideration.atio >> is military action off thetat table in iran. >> no. nothing -- nothing is off the table. >> i haven't eased anything.ny >> reporter: president trumpnt long been a critic of the iran nuclear
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president obama but with most international sanctions liftednd under that agreement, trump's ts options are somewhat limited.ed. >> the sanctions are interesting but let's remember these arese a going to be unilaterallynilatery sanctions much these are thingce the united states is doing.tatei and of course they're only going to be really effective if he can somehow gather some more international group of countries to apply broader pressure onroad iran. >> this all comes a mid a number of international developments with the trump administrationion putting new pressure on israel l over the construction of newfew settlements and the newer u.s... ambassador to the united nations nikki haley specifically wentlle after russia over itsr involvement in ukraine. ukr back at home, though, trump'smp opponents continue to pressurent the administration.n. retailer nordstrom's announcingg it will drop ivanka trump's clothe in a response to boycotto campaign and uber ceo has left trump's council of businessin leaders after his company facedd a boycott of its own.
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>> now, 1ceo who is coming togo the white house today is elan ea musk head of tesla and space x. he says owe wants a chance toe t sit at a table to express his opinions to president trump notm only about the travel ban but his dreams for space travel. guys?? >> interesting when you look atk nordstrom story with ivankank trump they were saying they werw not going to carry it any moreai much it's gonet . i gon you can't go on the website anda fine anything much immediatelyed everything pulled.ever not even like, hey, clearancelen sale. le. >> right. >> i thought you made a good a o point.poin why wouldn't you put it on clearance if it's really just js about people not buying it.ingt. >> like we just said there'ssais much more to that than simply what in order tromm is puttingng on their party line.ty line but, okay, remains to be seen. e meantime staying on the stang o political beat.beat. betsy devos she clears majorsaj hurdle to become the nextex education secretary. the senate voted for her despite opposition from democrats.ts. the sets the stage for final confirmation vote next week. wk. devos is billionaire republicann donor and school choice activee visit.
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calls her huquote oneme of the t nominees of the. the could soon be much tougherhg to jump the white house fence.c. a washington area planning plann agency has approved the designin of a taller stronger fencer fen around 1600 pennsylvania avenueu the secret service says they can now move forward with the contracting phase of thatase oft project.oject. the current barrier is 7 feeteet high. hi the new metal fence will be 11 feet, 7-inches high.sig it will also have anti climb ana intrusion detection technology.g >> meanwhile parents, relativesn of students at savoy elementaryt school in southeast are askingsg administrators tough questionsrt about why a bed bug pest problem revealed months ago has not beeb solved. now this is a story that fox5ox first reported to you last weekw we've been staying on top of iti since then and our melanie melae alnwick is live outside savoyavy elementary school now.tary s the school day is just getting i under way and there's been talkt of teacher action today.oday mel, good morning. >> reporter: that's right, rig guys. so we have not been able to t determine how many teachers participated in this,
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know at least a handful calledd fox5 to say that they were notrt going to school today. today. that they were going to the y pawerticipate in a sick out.kt i talk with the teachers union president and she cannot give mi any exact numbers but thembt t teacher that i spoke with over o the phone said that they reallyy just don't want to go back inton the school.ool. th're e afraid. they think it's not safe. apparently more teachers have he reported having some sort of bed bug bites, and they're reallyy just tired of having to deal toa with it. wi it's not just a bed bug issueugs but a roden arc rat infestationi problem as well that they've t been dealing with.beealing they say since the fall andall patience is running out. o that was pretty evident last night at the meeting that was held here for parents and also o attended by d.c. public schools representatives. by representatives from the department of health andsent aas from department of general gener services which is generally responsible for the facilitiesis themselves and the cleaning ofnt it. d.c. public schools have done aa lot here to try to take care ofe the
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cleaning contractor to come intn and take care of the school. they've done rodentings on o weekends and holidays. they have also on-going cleaning plan as far as the classroomsssm for the one guest kids where they sometimes take naps. tak they replaced the nap mats and d put them on risers so they so te wouldn't be as close to the floor.oor. but still, parents we talked too and the teachers we talked to to say that is not enough. enough. because the problem still is on-going. and what they would like is a a pretty drastic solution. solio but they would like the schoolco to be shut down so that they can move the school populationn somewhere else and completely do a whole fumigation, eradication of the problem.roblem they say the up poultry needs to be thrown away. drape reece need to be replacedd anything where bed bugs can hide and breed they want it out ofuto here.he so, again a very drasticic solution.tion. probably not something that cana happen overnight.ppenight but it sounds like that is whath is going to take for them too
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the school again. aga live in northeast i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local news. new >> we can fill in few of the brks.s. new chancellor was on just about 30 minutes ago. mel one of things he was saying nothing is off the table right t w.w. we brought that concern up as ua far as what -- mel, you still si with us? >> we -- >> reporter: i'm still with youter: i. >> we brought up that concern at to whether or not they would close the school down, or schoon redistribute some of those students, and, you know dorksno that. he said look at this point theye just want to continue to collect information from parents, heen,h addressed the enact we w understand people wererstaeopl frustrated last night theyed lti didn't get answers at thatt that meeting, but he does say, mel,,m he wants people to continue totu speak out on the issue because u they want to take the approach h that they are at least listeninl to people and that they will wil reconvene and try to come upome with some solution.olio with that said, anything elseine out of the meeting last nightt that could be passed along to b him that you heard opafss asideo just closing that school downow and redistributing the students? >> reporter: well, again, again that's really what they say will make them fee
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one other thing this gets kindsi triricky. anyone who's had to deal with bed bugs knows how difficult ito can be to eradicate them. it becomes a circular problem. because if you have the bed bugb at the school, and you bring bng them home and the infestation ii at home then you can clean the e school and they can come back again and so it really does havv to be treated at all sources. ss i think that's what one parent t talk to said is particularlyticl frustrating because if hisf his children bring it home, then heh has to bear the cost of having h to deal with the abatement inme his own home and so what can you do? some parents were parents r suggesting that perhaps theyy should get assistance with thos sort of abatement measures.sure i don't know if that's something that would even be possible orer set up a bad precedent, but the parents were told where they can get some kits that they could detect or try to detect whetherh they have bed bugs in their home. >> all right. ocgoes oess goes on. at least they're in the listening stage right now.g it's not an easy problem tost ff he is special will thatillhat repetitive cycle.
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>> here's my thing.>> her how much more do youe' ns eed td hear? if i'm a parent stop listening, take act.ect >> that's what he wants to hearr from the parents. the pts >> right. but he heard it. he heard it. co parents job to continue tobu keep the heat on the publicblic officials.offi >> that's right. >> until that action is taken. >> we will, too, because again e said this earlier.said tea this is up acceptable. i feel for those parent becauseu if you have a child in that t school and this is what you'ret living with, can you imagine? >> yes. >>he's rightht. >> it's ridiculous.. >> i don't think people understand how pervasive don't b bugs can be because, say, youayu take it home and you live in ann >> exactly. >> they can crawl throughy ca registers and get in othern apartment.apartment. >> absolutely. >> it is -- they are an epidemic bed bugs are.bed they can be a real problem.. super hard to eradicate.radicat. >> i know that one of theno options was either to w tht e the -- take the kids out of thaa school and prem them out i'mem o wonder how much of an option opo that real is. rea you would have to probably shutu that school down for a long aon period of time to fumigate and a get rid of -- try to get rid of everything.everytng. everybody has to go everywhere el.e. where are you going to put t
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and it goes to another school.o. this is gigantic issue. issue >> i'm not pointing the finger r at anyone.e. let there be a little moretl mor urgency. i feel like the whole listeningg thing gives us the thought thatt okay, we'll watch and see. see i don't think there's room for that at this point. but, okay. oka what do you think about itub as always weigh in #gooddaydc. let's switch gears and talkitch about that. g until the big game. the b game. coming up next we'll take you yu down to houston for a look atat the final press what to expect c from lady gaga's half time show. >> later, president trump in apn war of words with the terminator. how hollywood star and fellow star cele abrit fyel apprentice hostt responded.ed ♪♪
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♪♪ all right. rig 9:15 is the time right now. now we are only two days away until super bowl sunday and this and i morning we're hearing from ladyy gaga about what she has planneda for big half time >> and patriots quarterback tomt brady is talking to the media about how he's preparing for the falcons.fa fox's lauren blanchard has moreh from houston. >> reporter: it's fromone of tht largest sporting events ins i america, and super bowl li inn houston hoping to prover everything really is bigger inge texas. te >> it's the greatest sports spot event on earth.n earth i don't think it ever gets old. this is my fourth super bowl ass pre-game sho
9:17 am
>> reporter: with the superortew bowl jitush t two days away thet pressure is on for the sportss casters, athletes and half timet show performers lady gaga.a while fans can expect close gamg between the patriots and the and falcons, the half time show iss sure to be a spectacle like onle lady gaga >> i don't want to give awayy what songs i'm singing for theot half time show because i feelecf like it's going ruin the ruin te surprise. >> reporter: about 76,000 76,00 folks expected to back into nrg stadium and authorities are screening every truck deliverint all the foodru and merchandise.e >> we keep count every day, d we're running at about 180 to t 200 a day.aay we expect that to go up as we ae get closer to game day with the food and everything else.nd >> reporter: this e isn'tsn patriots quarterback tom brady'a first rodeo. he has four super bowl wins ands is hoping to get his record-breaking fifth ring.-brek but he says tinhe falcons won'tt ease city beat. b >> if we got to, you know dorkso our best to finish it off andff it's going to be very toughery u because we're playing a great g football team. >> reporr:
9:18 am
the most exclusive pre-gameam parties happens at club know nat tick with pop tar bruno mars. lauren blanchard fox news. n >> they actually built that clul she's talkin bg about they built it on the grounds.grn thahat's cool. >> they put in all this crazy ts stuff for all the fans for the experience.rien also do you think when tom bradb says to the media it's going tog be a tough game.e. >> right. right >> he just starts to immediatela laugh afterwards? like um-um. >> every game they wouldn't hast been a tough gam the biggest margin of victory if you will has been four points tp the seattle seahawks when they e won that super bowl the rest ofo them by three points.repo but i do think -- tnk >> i'm hoping for that. i'mg >> you can hope for that. >> don't think that's going toto happen this time around. >> it's a for gone conclusion.os >> just everybody is countingevr them outyb. >> i think the falcons are goini to do it.o it >> i'm calling the now the t falcons are going to win.. >> any given sunday. anyen s >> i hope everybody says at land will lose and give them the inspiration.. >> vegas already said atlanta ia going to lose.toose. >> by a
9:19 am
>> i'm going to go out an limbnm they'll get crushed. >> really? >> i'm just saying. what do i know, though.>> i d >> that's true. >> 35- -- >> you can bet on that. you can >> b 35-ten something like that >> we'll all be watching at at least the first quarter.uarter >> exactly. >> there you go. >> maybe the first half.. >> our real predictions to come -- to fox is your home for super bowl sunday. sunday. seven and a half hours ofrsf pre-game coverage starting at 11am. can be off at 6:30 p.m. p.m going to be on and poppings asps the kids say. >> 7.5 hours of >> they learned to extended extn coverage us from because that's our specialty. >> we can do the first six and e half. >> hours and hours and >> that's a monday, a a tuesdayy thursday. oday wll gur today we'll give you is an entire super bowler party right her in the lot ofghn starting at 10:00 o'clock.'cck so we're going to talk all aboul what you can do if you want toow do a little tailgatings he'll ww we have our own half time showiw all coming up starting atrtg 10:00 o'clock and maybe even get some people doing a little endle zone dance showdown.. >> yes. >> interested in that. that >> hmm. >> see how creative
9:20 am
>> if you come up with good endh zone dance take a video ofeo yourself and send it to us #gooddaydc. >> winning zone. zon we don't wanted two dance.ce >> two pumps ands not three.. the third one gets a penalty. >> know the rules buddy. buddy >> back to business.>> the first unemployment report oe donald trump'spo presidency faif crews in fairfax trying to putg out a it literally has been burningn r all night long much our picturep of the day leo dee cap meeting i the behind one of 2017's hi hottest memes. we'll check out what else is makingec hk eadlines coming up ex. >> we'll go live to la where oue kevin s he's getting readyngdy actual toll sit down with the cast of 50 shades darker. >> yay. >> yay. >> we'll be right back. ll be ri. we invited women to a spa to test a new body wash.
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>> 9:23. let's get a check on some other stories making headlines on this friday morning. for that we turn to allison seymour. >> hey, steve good morning to all of you in this morning the january jobs report the labor department has released it's fr repor wte tucseck h teahe eve gon thbs rep has shows u.s. employers added 227,000 jobs last month. mth that's the most since septemberr and higher than last year'sear' average monthly gain.lyai the unemployment rate roseos slightly to four-point 8%. that's up from pour point 7%.. but it was for a good reasons.eo more americans started job hunting again. mexican drug lord el chapo o in other news due in f
9:24 am
court in new york today. he was initially set to appearoa by video link, but his lawyersye argued that that would make itai look like he's too dangerous tos appear in person. pn. he'll be transported to and from high security manhattan jaill .ell. the drug kingpin is charged witt money laundering, drug trafficking, kidnapping and and murder. he's pleaded not guilty. developing overnight, hererh at home, crews in fairfax countt trying to put out a massive blaze. it was roaring all night. nht it happened at the fairfaxairf county recycling and disposal do center on furnace road in lorton. while it's been somewhat couldn't taped now, sitmoke ismi still coming from that buildingg this morning. morning. there are no reports of any injuries. that's the good news.d news. no word yet on what sparked the and it looks like peoplee aren't going to chipotle fore fr burrito fix any more. more the company's profits dropped 76% last quarter. quaer that's compared to the same timm yea year. this time last year, the company made $68 million.lion. this year it only made
9:25 am
$16 million. which it pottily6 ceo says slumping sales and higher food o costs are to blame. slumping right on track there. finallily internet two baysy have finally come face to face c in what is surely the most epice meme of 2017.01 mind you it's only february.y. leo dicaprio caught on cameraam getting his dinner salted by none other than internet salt st bay the chef and restaurateurat who went viral this month for the flourish in which he cooksek his ex staff grant meal and putt that salt on it. photo was post beside salt bay himself we know it is the realsl deal. look at leo looking like, yeah,y that's pretty cool. cool. sadly, no video evidence to speak of. yeah, does leo have a tooth picp in his mouth? >> ah.h. >> let closer. c >> your leo voice is veryvery similar to your reg the rat ther voice.voice. >> it's a little different.a lit if you're keeping track it's ae little different. diffe. >> put some salt on that.n at. >> exactly. exa >> um-hmm. b
9:26 am
super bowl ads they'reds the already out and still ahead atat 9:00, we're sharing five that fv could be the stand outs comesom monday morning.. >> first president trump versus the terminator.inar. arnold schwarzenegger has anr h idea how to settle the beef theb between the two.e t the former apprentice host is i doubling down on his war of words. we'll have details next.t >> plus tucker is back with ak h check on the weekend forecastors and what to expect for the firsf full week of february. far it is 9:26. 96. we'll be right back. bk. ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ >> oh, boy. okay so president trump doubling down in his war of words with w the terminator the president pse jabbed at his apprenticet appr replacement a few times over the past few months, but it all camm to a head yesterday's national o prayer breakfast. whpren he had president trump offered a special prayer for thh former california governor.r let's listen. >> they hired a big, big movie star arnold schwarzenegger toego take my place and we know how hw that turned out. out [ laughter ]laught >> the ratings went right downn the tubes. tes. it's been a total disaster andnd mark will never ever bet against trump again and i want to just j pray for arnold if we can foran those ratings.s. okay? [ laughter ] >> hey, donald i have great idea. why don't we switch jobs.we swi. you take over tv because you'rey such an expert in ratings and ia take over your
9:30 am
people can finally sleep comforo comfortablely again. >> oh, okay.h, o as you saw there the governatorr was swift to respond to theift o president tweeting video whichii he offers to switch places withh the commander in chief.hief. president trump as expected hede took to twitter to fuel the feuf writing early this morning "yes, arnold schwarzenegger did really bad job at governor ofr of california and even worse on thn apprentice at least he tried hard".ha". >> okay. so -- >> all right. >> he's genius because every geni appmentions the apprentice. people will want to see how bad it is. >> yes.>> y >> he's still executive producer of the show. >> he's still involve in thestiv >> the more people watch thele t more money the show >> honestly, people, we're all e being played.beg pl >> that's exactly what it is.s l >> right. extly.y. >> you're playing right into thn strategy. >> but arnold was funny. funny >> he was. >> i mean that was pretty funny. >> i don't know. >> the whole thing is creepy. >> honestly.>> hestly we are in cuckoo times.. >> okay. speaking of cuckoo our residentr
9:31 am
>> you better follow it up now.p >> i know. >> you called him.alle him >> double down, maureen.e downur >> exactly i'm talking aboutki o tucker barnes only because youlu bring us such joy, you're soo whimsical all that good you didn't double down. >> not look >> i'm dialing it back to maintain the piece. >> you're stirring the pot.. >> i'm throwing and hiding mydim hand. >> hey, maureen, with all thosee sweet words, you moved up tooveu number three on my list there.. >> okay. o >> okay? >> what. >> list of what. >> oh, wow.. >> dang. that's harsh. >> that's number three. you're moving up. yoightthe r thaigt'ht direction. chilly and cloudy today.. um, yeah, sorry steve you'reve r still number four.ber all right. all here we go. 35 in washington.ngn. 30 in gaithersburg.. 27 west here's the deal with today.hel i chilly temperatures you can seea the cold temperatures out thereu earlrey. ea only about 40 this afternoon. ao lots of cloud cover.
9:32 am
north and west are going reallyy lock in that february feeling for the day so take a jacket with you whenhw you head out this i know it looks rather ominous o don't think we'll get anythingny in the form of rain and/or snow shers.s. a little batch right there nothn touching the ground.d so the real deal here just ae jt little bit of storminess off tht carolina coast.naoast we'll get that out to sea, and s we're setting up for what will w turn out to be a pretty nicettic weekend. it lab cool weekend particularly saturday.saturday but we shall be nice and quite d both saturday and sunday of s course we were talking aboute wl storminess on ony. it looks like that will stayills north of us now on sundayday afternoon.afte all right. there's your surface for today.d mentioned the high pressure andh that area of low pressure offres the carolina coast.. this area of high pressureh pr builds in overnight and overheaa tomorrow. so tomorrow will be sunny andro bright and beautifulwi but quitq olol. daytime highs only about 40 and0 how about some warmer warr temperatures. yes. let's do in fact we'llel be 60 or betterb around here by next tuesday,, wednesday. after a cool couple of daysf day right back into that spring likn feel a
9:33 am
and then colder temperatures bite end of next week. february typically ourte e snowt month.h. hmm. none of it on the seven day.nay i got to be honest with you itou does not look like we got a lota more winter out w keep our fingers crossed.ross some of us love the snow. all right. can't wait for next hourour football time, steve, over toto you. u. >> tucker, thanks very. for an advertisement they're noe worse than dropping $5 millionmo on commercial that nobody thano remembers. in some cases eight ort or $9 million and that's why thet't ads that run super bowl sundayln have gotten so crazy, so creative so high tech the tech question which ones will be theo winners that we all talk aboutto on monday morning and which oned will be the ones that we all all talk about on monday morningy mi because they were so bad? e they joining us now is chris lester.e the principal and chief creativt officer of chief marking and branding company with national l clients w tea to you every timee the super bowl comes around what the good ones and bad ones are.e i can't be help be distracted bd all this food in front of us right now.right >> delicious. >> we get ready for our own>> super show coming up next hours. let's focus on the commercials right now n a nutshell, and we w had this discussion earlier with
9:34 am
whole process of putting them out ahead of time versus not, i that just because people aree a investing so much more money ini them now that they want to make sure they get more bang for thet buck? buck? >> that's also where they'res ao audiences are.di you know, the ads is nowow platform it's not just theust commercial during the game. but it is the search, it's the social it's the digital, it's engaging those audiences waync before and way after.ft >> so because it's a platform pm are a lot of retailers lookingoi for this to be essentially theat catch phrase of the year maybebe or like a new product launch? a? what are people using to get tht most out of these five, six, $8 million? >> i think it's really -- it's l really about the brands. bnd and the winners are going to bee the brands who are talked abouto not the commercials who are w a talked about.ut and we see there are a number om different trends taking place.le there are social impact trends.d there's trends where, like,ike, companies like 84 lumber who are, hooks are sharing theirhare vision of the american dreamf th through the experience off mexican immigrants.gra there are companies like audi l
9:35 am
to gender equality then thereyhe are new technologists like livee stream wrack we see snickers isi doing the first live ad.d. >> right. we basically in a nutshell weshl want a commercial and we'reial e talking about from the marketine standpoint on monday morning we say, i loved the snickerss commercial, not i loved thated commercial with tom brady in iti >> right. >> all right. good deal. let's talk about a few of themgm right now. let's start with hopefullystartl people will say i lovely thatha honda commercial.omia what's honda doing here too separate themselves or at leastl attempt to? at >> well, who and today, this isi a really great idea because we all want to know the celebrity b that is we've come to, you knowo come to know so well but haveutv that experience of seeing themet as high school people who we can relate througr our own experiences. i think this -- this is one thaa may be challenged by the celebrity brands over shadowingi the company brands. >> i was going to ask about gngt that. because you have names, hey, that's steve carell commercial,, that missy elliot
9:36 am
people going to remember that's' honda commercial. >> i think in this casemmer, the honda itself is no intrinsically woven through thio commercial. this commercial is bolted onis n honda and you could take thisaks idea and connect it to lot off different, arc lot of differentd companies a lot of different products. so i think, you know, it's a great commercial weather itea i works for honda time will tell. >> let's switch to wicks that wc hasn't really advertised inerd super bowls in the past.r bowls we do see some new companies that are out there and this is s taking us on a bit of a mystery tour.tour >> yeah, i think there are a lot of technology companies where we this isn't like selling a can oo soda. more complex proposition.siti and so what they're doing isoini showing the benefit through thih experience that you go throught that is, you know, this actioni packed all of these things thatt happened and in the end, by having wicks website you're abli to land on your feet and so ando they're really p
9:37 am
benefit of it and the twist at a the end of each of these of t commercial and they've got aal couple of them that bui aldnd on each other the restauranturant turning into the food truck turning into the crews -- thehe crews the dinner >> a lot of action that will keep your attention when you'ret watching it. the question will you remember m what it's for? let's talket's l skittles right now this is oneh you definitely won't be mistaken this is't b a skittles ad goingc to tried and true formula whenlw it comes to skittles. skitt >> i think the great thing about this ad is that, you know, it'ss fun to watch.atch. it's goofy, all of those thingsi but throughout the entire ad, skittles are the -- are thehe experience. so the experience ofperi eatingg skittles.skittl and so that's never l it's not a story that is separate from that then thathen connects itself to that. >> few extra touches thrown in w there. there. square space relying on theng ot celebrity.. >> yeah. >> john malkowicz in this case.e >> i think in this case this iss one where they're really relying
9:38 am
the audience knowing who john is, the being john mal kovichalc reference in this case this onen is a bigger challenge for squaru space because -- >> too maybe narrow of a targete >> it's hard to say until, youn know, until it all settles, but i think in this case there's also kind of a hard and dark d tone to how the ad is the t feeling of the ad creates. >> you have to look who they're target advertiser -- you know,-, they're target consumer is goini to be in this case.e r right. >> let's end on one right again star power and somebodyod that everybody watching thisin game will recognize and that'sgz when it comes to intel and tom brady. brady. >> yeah. is i is a fun ad. this is really about how technology can change some of sf the most normal experiences into these epic experiences.eriees >> it's tom brady. it' >> it's tom brady and they tooky a bet on tom brady early andnd he's in the super bowl now. now. they didn't know that going intg it. >> i think peo
9:39 am
>> they had a good idea.. so the challenge here, again, i, do you remember this is tomer tm brady ad or the tin tellinel affidavit? i think thevit? hik technology piece brings itrings together a little more than som of the other. of t >> we talk about the 5 millionho just for about t the airtime.her how much do you think you havedu to pay tomorrow brady to beto super bowl ad when the patriotst are in the super bowl. super >> more than that.than tt >> more than five.e. >> maybe. >> oh, man.>> oan >> that brady, he wins att everything. [ laughter ]er >> good to see you wednesday wed again. i know you'll be watching the ads hopefully we'll talk to youl after the game we kind ofl ta gg through and talk abouto whichuti ones hit the which ones didn't.' any other ones that you know ofo that you think will be big winners. >> one of the biggest is but b wiser ad about -- - >> immigration.ig immigration story and the, you know, the real americancan experience. i think that's one that because of the conversation that'sn taking place in our country plae right now i think that one isthi going -- there's going to be ahs lot that comes from that. tt >> last question, if you coulduu pick the time slot for the ultimate exposure in super bowlw right after kickoff, where is the best time that you want your ad to be placed?adbe p >> i think you
9:40 am
first half. you know, right after kickoff is probably the best because bause everyone is there and everyone y is watching.atg. rightht. >> but, you know, any pointu knn during the first half, you knowo because it's still anyone'sll a' game. >> good deal. us oe for joining us onc again. ag always good to talk to you. send it back over to you guy gsy right now.ou there you go, wisdom, first half at least good commercialscomm hopefully good football too. too >> absolutely the first quartert the kiss of first couple minuteo you got me. at's i it. after it's all snooze.oz >> all right. about two extremes. extreme kevin is sitting down with the h cast of 50 shades darker and dar then he's going to talk to the t cast of the new lego movie.. >> those two go together, rightg first he's sitting down with usu and we'll check in with him livv from la coming up next. time right now 9:40. back in a moment. in a moment.
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
♪♪ all right.>> wee back at at:4 we're heading right out to lao because our main man kevinin mccarthy is out there enjoying g la la land and much more.h me. hey, kev. you there?he? >> it's actually raining here. >> what? >> it never rains in southern sh california. >> jinx. jin >> good to see you guys thisou y morning. how you doing. >> good to see you.yo>> gto s >> great, kevin. kevin. >> yeah. i heard you before the break bre before you went to commercial,oa yeah, i'm sitting down with thet
9:44 am
lego batman this weekend. weend what i'm thinking about doing, guys is switching my questions o up and asking the lego cast all my 50 shades questions and vicec verse. verse. what do you think about. do >> epic. >> i love it. >> work in fistfight as well and just kind of intertwine alltwin three movies. >> nothing a bunch of cartoon bh people would love better than tn talk about some dirty grown g folks talking about 50 shadess darker.da. >> they need love, too. the >> let me tell you somethingy right now. i saw this move ie lastet night. night. it was the premier here in los o angeles.le and i remember going to theoio t first one. i didn't read the books so i so knew -- i knew they were likeeik these like hard core like in lik regards to like whatever they have in the it was content that was made for adults i remember going to see the movie. >> they're books about sex.ks as >> right. >> books about sex.>> you don't have to ignore b that. >> erotica. eroti. >> i'm trying to keep it tvt friendly. >> books about sex.ooks a people who have seen it, theye , know. >> it's twilight fan fiction f it's very graphic in nature ifap you read the book i
9:45 am
descriptive it started off as an author named el james writing fan fiction about twilight.on ai she wrote it on website took itk down and republish it as these characters christian gray and anastasia steal.sia s i saw the first one.first one. this is pretty tame for what tht book was leading on for it toori be. then i'm sitting in the theatert last night with, i don't know, o couple hundred people, and it ai was one of the most graphict grc films i've ever -- i cannot-- io believe what was happening inpeg this movie. >> kev now they they stepped ity you get to walk into a room anda talk with those stars. stars >> yeah.h. >> today. how you going to handle that situation?gog toat >> yeah. i don't know. that's one of t weird thingseird thi about this job sometimes is likk knowing what i just watched lass night and then sitting in frontr of them and talking about that t it's like is there a line? is? it uncomfortable to bring up bnu certain things that are involvel in the movie? i mean you haveuh to keep it tv friendly. fridl but yeah it's pretty graphic. ga so i'm interested ---- >> you mean graphic sexualapse
9:46 am
>> because graphic can meanause violence. it can mean, you know what i'm saying? >> yeah n, y'm. i mean sexual content level ofel the film is graphic. graphic >> i'm trying to -- yeah. -- y >> real fans will be happy aboup that. a i do want to get to low gay batman this is one actually iy don't know i'm kind of interested in it.n' >> lego batman looks amazingma i've heard amazing things abouta it. it opens up i believe it'sieve ' opening up the same weekend as 50 shades and john wick two.ic t it's like the greatest counternr programming of all time.of all . i need to double check the legol batman date. dat yeah, it looks amazing. aazing i love the lego movie, chris miller -- philip lord did thatdt this is a new film obviously will arnett, zac, sitting down d with those guys this weekend. today also fistfight i'm supergp excited about talking to tracy morgan, obviously charlie day,a, ice cube, and i'll just like --k i'm excited about ice cube i c specifically because he uses a very famous line of his from one of his songs in the movie i'm look
9:47 am
him about that. i'm a huge star-studded day here in la. >> no doubt.o doub >> coming up gone day dc.. >> i'll curious how they canan keep that theme going duringin that entire fistfight movies.ov >> i added movies to youro y favorite football movies onies n twitter. i add add couple to the list iup think you'll enjoy.. >> i saw that by the way. w can i just say something realetr i've been in this hotel lobby l since 3:00 o'clock this morningm doing live shots on fox5. and people have been walking by. they can't hear you, all they at can hear me.can hear m i'm pretty much assuming the think i'm talking to myself onel camera and i have no idea -- ide >> it's very los angeles. >> you're in los angeles. >> call security on you. >> let's switch gears take a break from movies and talk aboua beyonce'.nc the big question now that then t news is out as far as herer upcoming plans with the twins,wi is she going to continue tou t perform?or >> yeah, that was a big question we had yesterday, steve, in ste, regards to what
9:48 am
going to do.too she announced the pregnancy ofco her two what's going to happen with herr grammy appearance and coachella appearance.appearance coachella she signed on for bacc to back days. day two saturdays.urda. and they're wondering what canha going to happen even the t producer of coachella werelaer surprised by that as we talkede about yesterday.este now, the new story about thisut this morning is that her fathert talked to the insider about herr pregnancy, and specifically saii that he spoke to beyonce' and'nd that she seemed tired fromro preparing for the grammys. so that leads me to believeieve she's definitely going to be att the grammy s i believe it's february 12th.2t. it's like over week away.. and i mean she's nominated forad nine awards. a it's a huge amount.moun i think she'll definitely bell i there. the big question is, though, tug will she end up doing the coachella show and if she does,d i mean steve had a good idea.d i you can shorten the set. she could sit down. and do her show.d do sho i mean beyonce' -- >> she's not doing it. it. >> here's the thing.hing >> she's not going to do.
9:49 am
the end of april. it's about 140 degrees out.egre. do you really want to be out onn a >> with two babies in your in y tummy. >> no. >> she's not doing it. >> here's my question. s >> she's pregnant.>> she's not sick.. >> yeah but she's carryin twins. >> she may be able to do it ino altered way. >> holly. h i'm with >> she made an appearance a coachella is famous for the surprises that that even if they say she can't make it she shows up and performsnd p with somebody. that would be awesome.eme >> in my opinion beyonce' hason' such a strong force. for beauty of beyonce' she's an an amazing performance. >> strong voice ain't got't g nothing to do with two babies in your tummy.our tummy. >> i would sit there and watch e her just sitting down. dow >> i think her fans would too.w. >> all right, kev. all >> i think she'll show.'ll s >> all right. thank you. thank you. luke awesome in your red tie asr well. check in with you in thehe 10:00 o'clock maybe.10:00 if not have a good one.d o >> i'll see you monday with 50 shades cast. i love you guys.i lo you >> love you back. love ba >> try not to blush too many.toy 9:49. coming up next not the news youy want i
9:50 am
knot in 2017. 2017. the price of wedding hitting all-time high on average. ara be back with that and more.or ♪♪ ♪
9:51 am
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9:53 am
>> all right. here's the deal if you don't dlf have valentine for february,tinf we're in red valentine's day iss appropriate.appropriate. there's a good reason to stay single falling in love will cosc you more and more and more money at least if you get hitchedet hd because the new study out by tht knot they compare wedding costse year to year, they say the costc of a wedding has reached a new how much you ask?w much you a >> how much, steve? >> according -- thank you wisdom for playing along.for pl according to the resultsin weddings now cost ang average f $35,329. this is despite the fact thatitt people are invitin tg less weddg guests these days.. >> that means the amount thethe bride and groom spend on theonhe guests went upper guest the study found custom guest g entertainment is more thanis meh triple. examples include things likehine photo booth, games and musicalul performances, even all these things we'll have ate 10:00 o'clock for super bowlupew party on a fox budget. bge the most expensive place to gett married the study founddy found manhattan, new york city, nocit, surprise right? there the average
9:54 am
wedding $78,000. >> wow. >> if you're looking to saveking little bit of money the leasty l expensive place to get hitchedeh is in arkansas where the average wedding about $19,000.19,000 also, the average spent on wedding dress more than $1,500 , on average.ra. just for the dress keep in mindn these are averages when you'rehy looking at $34,000 on the average, for every $10,00010,000 wedding there's $50,000 wed. >> absolutely. that doesn't surprise me at allr >> >> if anybody has been in thaty arena it costs ath lot.ot >> here's the thing. thi i don't understand why peopleple invest that much money in to that particular moment. >> one -- >> put night a house. put night >> there you go. a h >> that's what i'm talking>> about. t it seems likehes it'whs excessive andnd unnecessary because you're'r talking about two people whoplew love each other and this isnd ts supposed to be about them. tbe a so basically you're going to go into -- unless you're rich ric you're going into the hole to t buy dresses and feed a bunch ofo people who i mean that you don'd really need. >> allison has a question thatih is -- are the brides parentsts still picking up the bulk of the tab these ds.
9:55 am
>> i think it also depends whene you get married. >> what do you mean mean when.n. >> you get married older you tend to carry me of it. o i i see the argument against itgat but i also understand little girls dreaming of their weddingg days and wanting it special anda parents wanting to celebrateelee at, , too. >> true. >> with their friends.rien >> but you know the flip side. there are people who it's an a event. they want their friends to see e me. me. it's a big show.'s aig s and they go into debt for it. i >> you see all the million mlion dollar wedding on tv.v >> i mean they're fun to watch.w let's be real you're totallye right it's about you and theou t person you're marying.ying. hopefully everyone keeps it win whatever.whatever. >> all i know is for the for the martin girls they'll be in fornf rude awake kenning in daddy is paying for it.pang for >> what are you going to do? >> yeah. >> what do you think? what >> take them to courthouse.o cos >> do you really think i'm going to spend 30 grand for two girlsr to get married? >> one is getting married in the martin living room.oom. >> yeah. >> one getting married in thehe martin dining room. >> we have the farm down south. they can get married down therer >> one of them can go to
9:56 am
rock. rock. arkansas is the cheapest place.a >> i got to pay for planeorne tickets they can't go dow there. >> my gosh, dude, how cheap area you? >> go down and see grandma. >> you better really love thatwt dude. i ain't paying. pin >> my goodness.y goe >> they know me.>> they were here last time. tim >> we'll give you a snickers ink the 10:00 o'clock hour.10:00 o' >> i got one outcloc herk e.ut . >> i know you do. kw you >> i got sandwiches over there.e i'm still not paying.ayg >> for anything. >> hold me. >> it's all about love, though.g >> maureen and i are going tooit turn on the happy news andews a talking about our super bowl bol party that we are having in ourr 10:00 o'clock hour. hour we do not want to you miss it.oi it promises to be epic, fun and full of glee much like wisdomdo >> i'm not paying for no bigr nb wedding. come on wis.comen w >> you're paying for the food id here either. either. >> that's right.>> that' >> we have food here, we haveheh football fans. it's going to be a party.oing ta we have dj here p asar well. >> music. mus >> our own half time show. halfo >> oh, my god much it's epp epic. >> we have a mug to give away. a if you want today's good day mug there's one of up for grabso g right there just go to oure st g website fox5 d
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want the dunkin' donuts mug fort your dunkin' donuts coffee or or our facebook page one luckye luy winner selected by random r drawing but hurry you only have until 11am to enter and send uss your selfie when you win thatha mug as proof that we do in fact give mugs away, hi. >> hi. >> yay. >> sheila jackson posing withpot her good day mug.od d mug hope you enjoy that each and eaa every you would like one enter bynt 11:00.11:0 it's 9:57.'s 9 the super bowl party is next.. >> look at that mug! ♪♪ ! ♪♪ we invited women to a spa to test a new body wash. dish soap. you may not feel it, but some body washes can contain cleansers found in dish soap. dove body wash is different. it has only the gentlest cleansers. it just made me feel good. this is dove. we care about using cage-free eggs. and we care about azing taste.
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>> good day at 10a the super bowl bo e the city preps for the bigty pre showdown live in the loft, fansn food and half time show that will give led georgia a run for her money.oney. go, >> the 10a starts now. n >> hold on.>> holn. >> bring it back.>> bri bring it back.k >> here you go. go. >> right >> here's how we do it. >> yay. >> that's how do you it. [ cheers and applause ] >> whoo! >> oh, my >> i'm just kidding much what's up? patriots --atris -- >> we try.>>e tr we tried
10:02 am
>> i don't know if you want thumbs up on >> all right. >> whoo! >> we had completely>> non partl crowd here in the loft today foy our super bowl party.. thanks for staying with us for f good day at 10a.. i'm steve along with holly,olly, maureen and wisdom.ism >> hi, everybody. everybo thanks for coming in. [ cheers and applause ] >> absolutely -- yes.-- a packed show for our super bowl special this morning.iais mor so here's the run down we'll head live to houston.ouston they're getting ready forrey something called big game downed there counting to kickoff.icff also we'll try to answer thewe question that has been stumpingp our planning team all week. where are the falcons fans in washington, d.c.?d.c. >> steve there are no falcons te fans in atlanta.ns in nta. why would they be in d.c. >> burn. >> i'm just saying.'m jus i used to live in atlanta. atlt. i know what goes on down there. i'm just indication. indication. >> whole section for them right here. >> we have plenty of spaceec.ti. >> plenty of space. sce >> fur a falcons fan, put onn your falcons gear and tweet us a picture #gooddaydc.ydc >> if you actually played fo
10:03 am
because that was -- if you- if y played for the falcons or you o have a relative that played forf the falcons, that doesn't countt we talking about real fans here. >> okay. >> which i don't think they d exist. >> oh, man. ame s put that to shame right now. little bader later we're putting the fan in our studio to the tot test. test we're looking for the best dancers, you guys up for it? for the end zone celebrationtion showdown! plus one last football tailgate today we're showing how to make sure you're not stuck ik the kitchen for the whole game.g you can enjoy it with yourh guests and you can be out there getting your groove and party on, too., too. >> fantastic. we got the food set up hereer already. y. so we'll have fun. we hope you stick around for tht entire hour. we'll have good time of course we have a special half time c ss as well. >> we should say because peoplel are wondering like were we all a like atlanta fans.ans. we actually wore red todayoday because it is wear red day to dt bring awareness to heart diseasa among women.omen >> right. >> so that's a national thing going on and so we wanted atto'o support that cause as well. it just happens to be thepeo be atlanta falcons colors. color >> truthfully they needed it
10:04 am
clearly. >> we said we were supportingid the falcons uwentreil all s thee people showed up wearing wea patriots jerseys. jerys >> i think they can take us. >> listen -- >> strength in numbers.n -- strn >> yes. of course super bowl is our bigu story at 10a witpehr the big ge two days away now. awaow. the pressure is on for the sportscasters, athletes and thet half time show performer headrmd lined by lady gaga, of course. about 76,000 folks are expectedc to pack into nrg stadium and authorities are screening everye truck delivering all the food and merchandise.andi patriots quarterback tom brady is, of course, a veteran at thii since he's already got four g fu super bowl ring.l ring. he's hoping to earn a record-breaking fifth.-bre so, you know, he could have onee for each finger on one hand. han but even he admits he says the falcons, they're not going to be an easy team to beat.oea they're offense is arguably the best in in the nfl they've got t lot of weapons.. 13 different falcons receivers i caught a touchdown pass this toh season and that is an nfl record. >> is any nfl player going tol g say a team is not going to be
10:05 am
you don't want to give themly bulletin board b >> who is the player that's gotr the most sup terhat' bowl wins?l rings rather.ngs rr. >> four is the most.>> four is t >> so tom brady?rady >> tom brady. >> you're kidding. >> no, there are>> other playere over time that has have gottentn four.ur >> four is the >> record broken. >> we talked about that aut t high-powered atlanta falcons. fo -- offense. offse carl line in had a high poweredo offense last year.of how did it work out for them.ort the patriots have been thereeene before. they know the whole thing. >> i'm still going with thenow e underdog. >> okay. >> everybody is going with carolina lastrybo year the undeg won. underdog won. a lot of people wouldn't lot of money. eo bplece t one of them ause i don't gamble. so we deck out the loft witf lots of super bowl gear.lea we've got the drinks, we've gott the food, we've got the fans.. >> from one team.e tm. >> from one team. [ laughter ]>> [ >>la but wait, you might see tha we really only have patriots fans that we have been talkingnl about all morning long.ngon we tried. we called supposed atlanta aanta falcons watch bars in tv supposed.. alleged ones in bal
10:06 am
ones over in have have a as a well. but we got no response. rpons we put a call out to falcons fans on our fox5 d.c. socialia media platforms and guess what? >> bump kiss. ks. >> nothing.>> doo falcons fans really exist in d.c.? d. >> is it really just an atlanta >> helping us out is bud who anchors good day on fox5 in in atlanta.a. >> buck is in houston for thestr super now, buck, i know you've been ye down there for awhile. i've said when it comes to to football and the falcons evenalo the atlanta residents are notot hard core falcons fans.ns f >> that can't be true.rue. >> no. >> i'm going to have to additiod agree with you there. >> of course you are. >> the numbers may not be as bit of hard core fans as there areer for a team like the new englanda patriots who have won, you know, multiple super bowls there's ale diehard hard core group of gup o atlanta falcons i was at the dome two weeks agos when they took on the green bay packers in the nfc championshipi game the place withouts and then are diehard much it's s
10:07 am
of anomaly you weren't able to find any in d.c.n d i think they're all here inl hee houston. i think they all left d.c.c. got tickets to the super bowl sb and coming down here to watchat the game live at nrg stadium. >> 40,000 that exist in the thax world and they're all in onel n place. >> there you it's funny because we got here h on sunday i got here sunday anda literally the first fan i ran into was a falcons fan talked td him he's not from atlanta.tlant. i live in houston i'm a falcons fan. love them.m. waysys have been. the first person i ran into in i houston. >> is the contingency o f fansf f there strong for atlanta? or? o does it seem like it's favoringo the patriots side?? >> it may be more patriots thana falcons but it's strong fortronf atlanta and this is one of thost things that builds throughoutdst the week. eahrrly on it was jus t a few a f people here, and yesterday it's' a sea of people.eo and so i would say that it leane a little more toward therdhe patriots as far as the jerseys i've seen my very informal polll but there's definitely a lot ofo falcons fans here, too. too. by the way, i actually know
10:08 am
c.c. senator johnny isaac son and a senator david >> tell them to come in.n >> come in to the loft beforeefe 11am.a can you text them, please. >> buck, look, we tease and i know a lot of people tease on aa atlanta fans and the turn out to and everything else.and eve but a lot of peoplery athlways s when it comes to the big game bm act like you've been there in te fair less atlanta has been there so how do you handicap thisdica team, team versus team this teai year, as to the matchup in the n super bowl?l >> reporter: well, you know,now, atlanta has been there before.. 18 years ago and it didn't go ss well. what everybody likes to talk about is the patriots experryiec how they've been there, how they won all those super bowls theows point a lot of people have madee this week and i'm talking aboutn people i've talked to like terry bradshaw who knows something kno about winning super bowls and tray aikman and jimmy johnsonns who work for the fox broadcast t team the falcons aren't playingg the patriots history as much asa they just have to play theay the patriots on sunday night. >> l love. >> report roar the history won'w affect the game on the fieldon d this week. i in
10:09 am
just avoid the distractionstrs which they've done a very goodeo job of so far this week, thereke have been very business like ine their approach trying to keeprye their routine just like they doy back when they're at home inome atlanta, i think it's going to be a great football game. patriots are favored by three.h. but i think the falcons not onll are they going to cover theer spread i think they're going to' win and i think they're going tr win by a touche downgo.i >> what? >> w >> all right.>> a >> all right, buck. >> i will say this>> a. i'm with you.. >> atlanta has got the heartot a vote for sure. se so i think a lot of people areea pulling for the falcons.cons >> reporter: i'm probably proba least most popular guy in yourny studio with all those patriotsat nsns. >> i know. >> we tried. triried. >> i'm all about band wagon andn fair weather f when you find them tell theml t they're welcome here, too.e, t it's all good.'s a goo >> thanks, buck.nks,uck >> buck enjoy yourself inf in houston. >> have fun. and joy the event. >> here's what i learned fromrn that segment. i think we really need to keep e going. buck is a morning news anchorho that has been there for entire week at the super bowl. >> he works for fox. for f >> not a sports guy. guy let's keep that in mind redsin
10:10 am
>> um-hmm.>> u we can all do the show fromho fo houston or actually wherever thr game is next year.ear. >> it's not quite the same.ui same. e'lle'll take it. >> listen if you ever watch the super bowl you know the game iss great, of course, but thet t entertainers who bring that next level of power. power this year's half time performerr super star singer lady gaga so far mother monster is keepingpig pretty hush hush about her plana for the big stage.ta which is leaving many people wondering if she will make any political statements.tements. >> the only statement that isnl i'll be making during they st hf time show are the ones that it have been consistently makingg throughout my career.areer i believe in a passion for inclusion. i believe in the spirit ofevin t equality, and the spirit of this country.y >> there was also a rumor more m that beyonce' might join lady j gaga for the half time show sho since the super bowl is beingei played in queen b's hometown off houston she shot that rumor morm down saying she would be takingn inspiration from the expecting i mother but not welcoming her on
10:11 am
stage. now the other performers to watch of course is country hearh throb luke bryan he'll beke performing the national anthem at the big game and the bryan ss the event will be a highlight of his career. career. and of his entertainment he revealed that he's been studying up on past performances in preparation.pati overall the country star says hh hopes he can put his stamp on the star spangled banner.leanne >> looking forward to that.o th. >> so thousands of people will be at nrg stadium in houston tot watch the super bowl. but one person who will not be there, tom brady's mom.'s m for months she's been battling health issues and will be unabll to watch her son play. son p i don't think anyone a lot of o people really new about this att a press conference he remainedae quiet about the specifics of the situation but he did getn but d emotional when talking about his family saying it's been a prette tough year.. >> i'm a >> we certainly wish her theh ht best. she's going to be watching fromo wherever she's able to. >> um-hmm. >> root on her son. >> yeah.eah absolutely. all right. 10:11 ishe
10:12 am
a moment ago. ago and a whole lot of it it's i certainly going to be eaten onen sunday. if you're wondering just how j much, allow me to tell you.l y how about 1.3 billion chicken cn wings. >> that's a lot of wings aboutaf 6% more wings than super bowl 2,015. we can't forget about pizza. domino's alone says it will sell 11 million slices on sunday.. americans will spend more than $1 billion on beer, 594 million. 500 million on whiskey.hiey and we can't forget about snacka as well with fans spendingg 227 million on potato chips. 89 million on popcorn. pcorn i didn't realize popcorn was a a big deal.eal. ll right.ght. it doesn't cost that't [ laughter ] >> 58 million on deli sandwichee and 13 million on vegetableable trays. tray >> i call foul on that one.tne >> yeah. i can see that.. >> it doesn't say they'll eaty'e the veggies.the veg >> they put it out there. >> there's always cauliflowerflr left behind.ehd. >> lots of cauliflower leftow lt behind. >> here's the deal. you can probably tell from our>u guest who's are here today w
10:13 am
super bowl because i think it'ss unanimous based on how you'reowu dressed today. t. anybody going to go together goh rogue. >> anyone. no. >> all right>>. that's easy. that's unanimous votes. they're dressed patriots colors how do we feel about the game gm hahn do we think are going togo win? >> wis, you go first.u go fst >> 35-ten patriots.ots. >> ooh. ooh. you don't even think it will be a game.a me [ applause ]plau >> i'm not buying atlanta.anta i'm not buying matt ryan.ya nope. >> i'm going 24-21 falcons. >> really?ly? >> i believe in the underdog.nd >> all right. good underdog story. more than anything else especially when a tearem tha ist completely at the bottom.tom not expected to win going upoi against the powerhouse.powerhou so with that said, i'm going i'g with the patriots to win. i think it will be close. but patriots are going to winngi close early and patriots pullot >> because i'm the expert in this field, i amse goi ing withe falcons 32-24 and here's why.. it's about the heart. it's about the heart.he hea i think a lot of people writingi them o
10:14 am
>> thanks are getting overlook. >> something magical that will happen there. i did.d notice that. >> can i change my pick?ic >> no. >> i wasn't going to change it.i >> if the ladies are right, iff atlanta wins on sunday are you e guys going to go to worko w national monday.ony a national day, week, month of o mourning. how does this work.ork. >> you going to work. w >> i'm got the day off. got day >> you got the day off eitherffe way. >> they're ready to celebrate. e they're ready to celebrate in the event the patriots do win. n >> we've got one heck of a halfa time show coming up you saw ladl gaga has the super bowl oh, no.o. she's got nothing on what'sn going to happen right here in h the loft coming up.p. >> and just because we'reust use talking football doesn't mean wa don't have our celebrity dish.ts we got to talk a little trash.rh why not?why not >> every day. >> why not? why not? >> hand up. >> crazy -- dj craze so d with t us all morning long as we as celebrate the super bowl.l. ♪♪ ♪♪
10:15 am
10:16 am
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10:17 am
♪♪ all right.♪> weome backck. we're talking super bowl
10:18 am
patriots and falcons right herer on fox5 on sunday but right noww we're talking good day celebrity dish. dish. >> wait a second.>> is this how you show up t wo sur bowl. bowl. >> this is how i roll. this is >> in your suit. suit >> i woke up like this.oke up l >> this is how i roll out of -- >> he's a vip. >> this is how i roll in the h on the weekends too.on the week when i coach the kidtoos this ik how i roll up to theid games. >> that's why they don't win. wn >> that's probably true. >> although, they're inn tame it dated by you. >> i'm two-zero in the past twow week. i'm like the patriots. t [ applause ] >> wisdom martin playing to the crowd.. i'm i don't know excited ton' report there's goingt to be dup bowl ad featuring justin beibere ladies and gentlemen. gen justin beiber. >> crickets. cri >> exactly. >> exactly. dressed in>> a black tucks theks biebs introduced himself -- -- introduces himself as a a celebration expert in a 62nd 6 spot for t mobile counting everyone loves unlimited singern
10:19 am
touchdown dance calling out new england patriots rob grant coulc you ski and terrell owens and a encourages viewers to share their own version of end zone celebration by using the hash th tag um limited move hash tag beiber the spot on twit finishtn the ad by showing off his off h trademark dance moves. so, yeah. y >> there he goes. goe >> i like that commercial.omrci. i know you're a beiber hater bur i kind of like it. i think it's fun. no? >> you are -- hash tag no fun f martin.martin okay. oh, listen, wisdom arc lot of people want more detailset object the new mr. clean.ew mr.e h reh really. >> we've talk a lot about this. >> okay.y. >> here's what we know about hi it is mike jackson.ks and he was discovered ind i georgia. geor okay. >> there he is. according to people magazine byy day he works in sports marketing and in his spare time he enjoyse working out obviously. traveling and reading. rdi he's so cute.e. jackson won
10:20 am
nationwide search for the newhew cleaclean. >> what? >> what? >> yeah. how about that?abouthat >> okay. oka. see? pays to be clean.le >> okay. continuing our super bowluperow edition of celebrity dishty dis everyone knows tom brady's skill on the football field, of course -- i said tom brady.rady [ applause ] >> brady, brady, brady!ra >> all right. here we>> go. >> like i set it now he's going to be showing what he can do with the videoh d game controller in advance ofan super bowl li brady will join late night co-host cone nan con o'brien along with atlantan al falcons defensive end dwight enh freeney for the show's recurring clue less gamer's's s it is i total dull not get work doneon because i was watching this.s teaser video for thursday'sy's episode o'brien convinces bradyb and freeney topologies to oneie another for what they've done tv their opponent on the football field. fi brady however does not quite n comply. let me tell you, tom brady's's comedic timing in this video isi
10:21 am
google it. it look at it.ok at it. check it o very funny. >> funny in that ted two movie. let's try it one more time. tom brady?rady? >> whoo! >> brady, brady, brady! >> all right. all right brady, brady, brady!dy bra >> love it.e it. >> very nicely done. >> all right. let's hear it for the falcons fans?fans >> crickets. [ laughter ] [ >> exactly. all right. well look let's talk -- there ii is. >> there it is. the atlanta falcon cheer.heer rubbing his legs together or yor can hear the wheels churnings ug from people running on theeoplen falcons band wagon now thatgonoh they're winning. >> there's nothing wrong with'st being late to the phiarty.o ther >> i know you know that, know yo maureen. you're a band wagon >> all day every day.>> a ll>> let's talk about this. tals she was part of the most talkedd about super bowl half time shows ever, of course, we're referrini to janet jackson. as miss jackson if you're nastys and some people thought thatugha that was nasty what happened. he by the way that did happen in he houston and we're in houstonou again. i'm just saying.i'just >> ooh
10:22 am
>> wardrobe malfunction.ardroblf >> we're just three weeks aftert giving birth to her first childi janet jackson has been spotted for the first time she looks l pretty good. looks amazing proud mamma was mm seen shopping in london at an upscale baby boutique callede cd blue almonds her outfit was a ow combo of simple and chic rockhir something sweats with high topit sneakers.snea jackson wore a stylish fur sli wrapped over her outfit. her cute glasses were also a gla nice touch. >> you go, mom. she's good. g >> must be nice to have a baby b named shopping london a fancy chic boutique. >> she earned it wis she workedr her own life.if at 50 she's having her firstger baby. let her enjoy it.t her en >> she's a baller.'s a miss jackson.acks >> let's talk about last year's' half time performer beyonce'.one she has released a slew of ale photos of herself posing p pregnant and nude.nt the photos posted on thehe 35-year-old singer's website wee beyonce'.com this was yesterdayd after she announced of courserse she was having twins.wins they include add black and whitw nude photo
10:23 am
and others in which she wearsea lingerie and of course her super cute daughter blue ivy there the many were set in floralnlo background and showed caressing a large baby bump the caption is quote i have threehre hearts.ts again the picture included their five-year-old blue ivy there.ble so cute. there were poems aboutms about motherhood as well.therod as clearly they are relishing inisg their announcement.emt. >> yeah. go foror them. let's wrap it up with this.t the obamas have arrived back at their $4.3 million newn washington, d.c. home after well earned break on virginir billionaire richard branson'son private island former firstr couple flew out to paradise on thursday after ten days in the n virgin island with no children,e no work obligations they wereyer just chilling.just c they have now returned to theire nine bedroom home in the elite kalorama enabled which is justct two blocks from ivanka trump and jared kushner's $5.5 million5 lo
10:24 am
>> that's right. earned if them have earned ik t as well. >> ballers.>> >> that's our celebrity dishbrid super bowl style. sle. >> let's hear it for tom bradydy again?agn >> whoo!>> >> brady, brady, brady, brady, brady, brady! [ laughter ] >> brady, brady, brady!! >> that's pretty good. goo that's pretty funny. >> whoo! >> who's the man? >> tom is.s. >> yeah. >> never gets old.. let's hear it for the falcons.. >> that dude.>> at least we have music.. >> yes. and each other. it isand 10:24. coming up showing off your supep bowl celebration.raon. a little later we're rounding uu the best movers, the best the shakers and our audience for ann end zone dance. d i'm thinking that guy rightuyigt there. >> all right. .> and that girl right there >> competition. com last chance to throw a footballl tailgate this morning.rnng we'll show you more ways toays spend less time in the kitchen n and more time watching the gamee hanging out with friends and
10:25 am
matt ryan, tom brady? bra [ cheers and applause ]heerand ♪♪
10:26 am
10:27 am
♪♪ >> i mean you can't have a partr without great music. >> that's right.. >> get in the football state ofe mind much this is the superis iu bowl. this isn't opening day. isn't >> that's right. opehat' >> this isn't mid october.d oct. >> this is the grand finale. trd >> this is it. >> for all the marbles. >> we bring out the big guns whn we have a dj in the loft withith
10:28 am
all morning long this is dj crazy b official name byron smith but dj crazy v good to see you this morning. >> thanks. i'm glad to be here.m >> what is the ultimate superup bowl play list? what kind of music do you throw in there to e get everybody pumped up for thet big game. >> you cannot never go wrongro with queen. queen, you know, i'm not that old but queen is definitely good song. we will rock you all the way. >> by the way i'm rooting fortir the falcons.e falcons. >> yes!>> y >> all right. rig >> one fan. one fan. >> tal cans fan. f >> wait a minute.. wait. you're rooting for the falcons or are you a falcons fanng f? >> i'm root fog the tal cans. >> makes my points. pnts. >> all one in the same today. td >> are you doing a super bowlowl party? are you djing one? >> actually -- >> other than this which is awesome. thame. >> other than this one this isns the best one. onee bene >> there you go. >> relaxing this weekend.eekend >> good for you.>> g >> where you watching the game? i'll watch the game home with mm children.chilen. >> yeah. >> okay. kelax and enjoy the weekend. enjoy the game
10:29 am
hope go tal cans. tal c >> queen is the go to song song there's got to be -- what is the -- too many songs. sgs >> right. >> well, i play queen, taylor t swift, play a little bit of drake, play a lil wayne, the topic, you know, any song, yougy know, queen is the do go to t >> since you're a music guy,, best super bowl half time show was -- >> hmm. >> i think he said prince. >> i think that's what he said.. >> he said nah, not prince. pri >> i meant to i was usher. >> ale say beyonce'.ay beyonce i liked beyonce'. beyce' she's a good >> two quick connections.ckonne one, where can we find you? and two, where can i find that hashh tag go crazy shirt because i bae love it. it. >> well actually firstly you can find me dy crazy all my information social mediaa is all on my website and you cac find my logo shirts, everythingg is on my website. >> oh, awesome. awesome >> you can order my shirts andsd everything.ev
10:30 am
>> love it, love it, love it. i. >> keep playing the great music. thank you did j crazy b.. >> in addition to that it that i wouldn't be a party without aa a little bit of fun.litt we love pictures.. i mean it's all about sharing,h, right? that's what we do.t we social media wise.ise so we have our good friends frof the photo booth back with usit once again much this is nicholaa suarez. are we getting pictures. >> yes. >> take pictures. >> get in there. cheese it up. there you go.. >> we'll share some of the s photos later on.haos ler o they weren't shy a minute ago.. there's a whole line of peoplefp over here.ere. >> ♪♪ >> there you go. >> photo booths are all theooth rage, aren't they? it seemsy? e like every party you go to t lately. >> and weddings. and there's a photo booth. >> which is pretty fun. f >> we'll go crash a few of thoso photos in just a minute. in the meantime let's check inhe with tucker he's got your superp bowl forecast. fast. for most of us it will bel b indoors >> all good. >> you need get to where you'rer going. >> steve you got to right.ot t in fact it might be indoors on sunday afternoon in houstonon because they've got r
10:31 am
in the forecast.inhe for >> oman. >> talking about closing upsi up their -- closing up the stadiumi down there. for us, it's aboutdo coldutol temperatures to start your to weekend and we'll start withstar right now. 37 in washington.ashingto 36 in leonardtown.wn still freezing temperatures north and west. dayno for us.illy fri got clouds out there and a a pretty brisk northwest . so make sure you are dressed appropriately and prepared for a cold wintry afternoon.noon lots of cloud cover out there as well.we few flakes out to the west.t none of that that's touching thn ground you get the theme ofme o today and that's a lot of cloudd cover out there.out tre as we've got a little area of low pressure passing off thereai carolina coast.rolinast. keep it cloudy dee today. today keep it cool, cold upper 30s tot about 40 and we'll keep this kei pattern going into the day onay saturday. i do think we'll get moreor sunshine tomorrow.hi so it neshould feel a littleitte better with daytime highs about 40 and then super dole sunday sa around here steve is right you'll be indoors most of the day but plenty of clouds outindo there. ther we were concerned about a littlt storminess sunday into that will stay to our northo ou which is good news but we warmew up those temperatures it willt l feel le
10:32 am
tuesday and wednesday withand temperatures near 60 degrees and rain showers tuesday and a wednesday of next week. again, houston sunday afternoono looks like rain showers. shors they'll close up the stadium sta there and then it will be it wie temperature controlled guys. guy back to you.. >> thank you tucker.. so it is almost time for the good day half time show and thii year we are featuring a tributee to the little monsters.s. things are going to get a little gag-ga in the loft.he l do not miss it. 10:32 and we'll be right backht with our fox5 epic half time show. ow.
10:33 am
10:34 am
10:35 am
♪♪ where is rodger? where is roger? trash talking already. listening to the patriot fans it the loft. >> look at this.ook athis. >> we wanted falcons fans and falcons fans we have right here. this is can't read your namer sweetheart but you looktheart b utabsolutely gorgeous.. rocking your tal cans gear.ans . we appreciate that. falcons hat to check that out. [ cheers and applause ]] >> i will say
10:36 am
patriots fans have a very stronn argument showing up in personson versus stepping in picture.. >> you've been practicing thatia one for years. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'll referee needs to give a flag on that play. oat play. thank you. >> go steelers in the -- no -- n steelers in the super bowl.. >> you only saw the flag.lag. you didn't see mike much that'st our own rev, mike thomas makingn sure it's an even playing fieldd he's here for the rest of the owow. it's 10:36. mike... we reached halfway poini of our super bowl show just likk the big game that means it'sns time for the half time show. and this year lady gaga gets tht prime spot on the stage. stage there's still no word on whatt song she'll actually sing orsing what costume shale wear butle wu we're getting a sneak peek atne that action here to perform ladl gaga's monster hit bad romance
10:37 am
plee shakia lee, jessica spalding.pan take it away little monsters. ♪♪
10:38 am
10:39 am
10:40 am
whoo! wh >> let's give up for our's g performers.. hello, ladies.ies >> looking amazing. you working it. let's get the james. >> jessica, shaquita lee, kabooka. >> riley.ey. >> show us your pretty face. >> ladies you did 93 nominal joo i didn't see anyone repellingel from the ceiling and coming down. was that axed from the show.xefm >> that's for sunday night.r su. >> you got to come out toot to t bethesda blues and jazz to seenj that. >> we'll be in bethesda blues bu and jazz supper club this sunda at 11:00 o'clock toys doors opee show time at 1:00 o'cl
10:41 am
a special super bowl sunday sda party. >> i'll bet you yore lady gaga has got to be so muchm fun to do and you guys are are enjoying every bit of it.f i >> we're having a blast.avina bl >> thank you ladies so much.s s. beautiful job. you did phenomenal job. job. you're giving me beyonce' too aa little bit. b i'm loving it. >> all right.>> a. let's hear it for our littlee monsters. [ cheers and applause ]ee >>rs thank y aou.ou >> thank you. thank you. >> back over to you.k over to yo >> all right.>> a rig fantastic speaking of dancingf i from the icky shuffle to the tot stank key leg the touchdownchdon celebration one of the most funf parts of football coming up nexx we're putting our audience toent the test. th with a little end zonee celebration showdown. >> ut-oh. hope you guys are ready. stretching, limbered up, readyp, to celebrate. celeb ready to dance. [ cheers and applause ] >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
10:42 am
10:43 am
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10:44 am
♪♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> all it is a football tradition tditi almost as old as tom brady willw be. we're talking about the end soad dance. touchdown celebration is a partp of the game even if it ends upp costing the players part of thet paycheck. >> it's all worth it over the years we've seen goodall wo onem mike tolbert carlton fromon terrell owens doing thriller or whatever russell was doing inoii the rare occasion he got intooca the end zone. victor cruz dance. jj watt did the whip and nae-nae antonio brown we know -- one, two,
10:45 am
penalty.y cam newton did the dab and d a superman.rman icky shuffle.. >> yes. >> where is the icky shuffle.le >> all right. is.way -- there it there's the icky shuffle. >> come on. >> we got it all. >> one or two years the bengalss were really good. >> this morning we wanted to pu our studio audience to the tests we got the super fans in here ih from the patriots.ots. there's the icky shuffle. shu let's get it on. we'll see whose got the best ene zone dance. >> ick can i shuffle is so goodg it did get him a commercialrc years later. >> that was a good dance. hat good move.s a good >> without further a do -- d >> mike thomas is the referee tr over here. >> mike thomas come in.thomas ci >> come over her he's making sure severing on thn and up.p. >> tell me your name. >> ren. ore.h us befen with us bef >> yes, i have. >> i want to win every year.very >> the chances are probablyroba pretty good. you're inspiration for yourratiy dance?? >> free style. >> free style.>> all right. all ri >> here we go.ght>> hwe g mike got him on the
10:46 am
brady on my friend. >> what, what,? [ applause ] >> wait a minute. >> wait a minute. min >> wait a minute. i'm challenging on that one.>>l >> whaton?? >> i'm challenging.enng >> the call on the field stands. >> it's good. [ applause ] >> okay. o that was strong. up next, tell me youre your name. >> sophia. >> how long have you been a patriots fan. long fan.patriohe a patriots >> ahh! >> hold it. (whistle belows). [ laughter ] >> she's the anybody but the the patriots fan.iots f. >> yes. yes. >> okay. i vote for the redskins. >> did you say redskins?edin >> yes. challenge on that, rev.t, r they ain't getting close to noso super bowl.pewl >> challenge cemented. >> no, no, no.o, she's got her own super bow
10:47 am
touchdown dance ready. rdy sophia take it away. away let's see your moves.. >> ♪♪ >> whoa, touchdown. go, girl. [ laughter ] >> yes. there you go. (whistle belows).s) >> too short. >> no go. >> one and only time thee t officials say you didn't celebrate enough.lebrate enou >> very good.eroo all right. okay. last but not least, we have why are you a patriots fan.ot f >> my mom and family are from springfield, massachusetts. [ cheers and applause ]eers andp >> all right, all right.laht, al that's a good reason. good easo inspiration for your touchdownoo dance? >> my daughter.aughter. >> your daughter, all right.da let's see it. >> ut-oh.>> ut-. ♪♪ [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> ♪♪ >> okay. >> all right.
10:48 am
okay. o okay. oh, wait. that's a touchdown.down. wait, wait. do you have any nor challengesle left.ft. >> no. i'm out of challenges. >> tweet us who you think yourhk favorite was #gooddaydc.yd and by the end of the show weho will reveal the winner of our touchdown showdown though ii think they were all pretty awesome. >> can i challenge thing.hi >> you ain't got none of that.. >> you're done. >> oh. >> can you throw -- show off your guns. >> i don't have many of those.e. like by september r >> by septembers, yes.embe, ye >> i'm working on that.. >> i had high hopes. >> penalty on that. t >> let's head over to the t t kitchen see what they go cooking in your good day >> mike has a little work to dor to get the guns ready to go.dy g we got the food ready to go. to. >> yeah, we do. d did one the great things we cane do to our great studio audiencee make them wait so >> enjoy the great spread we gae have. i like this and i like that.likt >> we have your own --wn - >> it gets better.etr. >> it does.>> it does. dessert coming up too.sst stic
10:49 am we'll eat after the break and wa will share some tips on throwinn the best tailgate as well. w i want all of that. tha ♪♪ ♪♪ >> i want the most.>> i and all of that. of that. tha all of that.ha salt and vinegar, yes.,es >> all of that.>> af th >> absolutely. ♪♪ is not 're wired differently. which means we can deliver equal uploads and downloads. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, the only 100% fiber optic network, with uploads as fast as downloads, their half house has full internet. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of their downloads. now you might think it's a little odd that the wilsons have a half house, but they think it's a little odd to pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet with equal uploads and downloads, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for one year.
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10:52 am
♪♪ >> all right.>> allht 10:52 right now. now. it is the last tailgate of thehe year and it's one of the biggese of all.of all but if you want to watch the game less time in the kitchen firehouse subs has you coveredau they promise to feed any any appetite no matter who you're yr rooting for. and this morning they hooked upd our super bowl party with smalla sample of what they have toavo offer. joining us now live firehouse sub franchise owner dan low. dan, we made our audience wait till the end but it will bewille worth it. tell us about the spread youea guys offer for parties. >> absolutely.ut this is just small sampling of sandwich platters, cookie platters dessert flatters.
10:53 am
some of the different things that wee odiffer at any of ouro firehouse locations throughoutsh the washington, d.c. andnd baltimore mark.ear >> you have several locationse e which makes it easier whether you live inves it e maryland, va d.c. >> we have over 30 in the area. >> you have a sweet deal, if you spend over 100 bucks bucs you're offering a deal. >> ten dollars off any cateringr order on super bowl sunday for any order over $100. $0. >> see that's perfect you gett t your salad and sandwiches thishi was you don't have to worry w about slaving over the stove. put out the spread and enjoyin e game, the commercial, the half time show.w. >> absolutely.olutely. >> you're doing something greate for charity by purchasingch firehouse subs.fiuse >> we do. firehouse corporation iscorpatis actually donating a portion ofto every dollar that comes in back to our public safety foundation. the firehouse public safety foundation donated overve $25 million in life-savingsavi equipment to fire departmentsarm across the country.ountry. so it's really, great to be parr of a company with such a big a b heart.heart >> you're doing yourself a great service by getting that food and being able to, you know, servenr it
10:54 am
putting on the time and energy e into cooking and so pleasingg your guests just as much anducnd doing great for charity. i think i should grab a sandwich and dig inic right now. i always put salt and vinegar chips on mine i prom miff the t audience i'll safe sandwichesw for you. i won't eat them all.themll but i will say, this is not thee only amazing super bowl spreadld we have in steve chenevey has much more onn the other side of the loft.he l >> look you've got a greatot a t spread over there but you can'tc do food without dessert. right. you can't forget about dessert.. wee like to have dessert firstet so james colbert son the owner of heaven sent cupcakes. might help you out with yourh yu sweet tooth this morning and wew already met you and you'reou're awesome dancing skills earlier i this morning.orning. you guys are in bowie townown center. been there for four years now. w super bowl really a big time for you because i know you have a hv big week coming up next week? w? >> it's not valentine's day is the biggest.ggest. valentine's day -- day >> that's your super bowl. bowl. >> that's our super bowl. our super bowl we have
10:55 am
strawberries, we have cookies,oi we have minis heart shaped shape cakes. >> what would you suggest foryo some football themed super bowlw desserts.dess >> football, one popular thingui is rum cake.e >> rum cake over here. he. >> rum cake. that's nice spread you can have people over aspnd srelice iadt p thin, thick over you like it wew do it by the slice or order a a whole cake. carrot cake is also good. alsgo put it on the platter let peoplo cut what they cupcakes normally assortment.orm go with assortment all of ourf r flavors we make them fresh toto the top to bottom butter pecan,n butter pecan cake and these are never frozen never refrigerated. everything is fresh. >> i'm looking at all of these. maybe eierther oneytng a ot f yv me an idea how many differentre kinds of cupcakes can you make.u >> we do over a hundred giftedit kinds. >> who comes up with the ideas.i >> my wife.deas debra is the star of the idea. >> debra gets a shout out sheuts put all this together thisther i >> she put this altogether tor t make sure everything was readyi with her team.with h tea part of the team there. what we do everybody has abody favorite we don't like press. ps what should i get. get we'll ask you what do yo
10:56 am
>> tell us what you like. wyou i >> who does the official tastiin to make sure all these ideas ids work out well.ut wel >> we have so many people who sa volunteer.r >> yes. >> volunteers. >> i have no doubt about that. u listen do you have a favorite. . what's your favorite i like thee chocolate peanut butter we don'n have that today from here i like the lava cake.a cake. >> what's your favorite. salty caramel is mine. isin i got hook on the ice cream. >> i am grabbing this one.s one it's nice and comfortable and ie like it. like i >> we're quickly near, the endhd of our super bowl.ow choose a table you guys have h been awesome come on over grabrg dessert. grab some food. >> let's end this party withhisy some music and food to enjoy.oy. don't be shy now.ow you guys have done this like 111 times before.. >> are you pulling for oneor one particular team? >> rooting for atlanta. atlta there you go.. >> they don't even want to eat.t we're offering you guys food.oo ril right. we're going to eat
10:57 am
>> strawberry short cake. i'm going for it.i'm goinfor >> busy dancing over there.r tre we'll eat over here.l eat er h enjoy the game, everybody. we'll see you on monday morningr and talk commercials. c let us know what your favorites are. ♪♪
10:58 am
10:59 am
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live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. >> wendy: how you doin'? we don't judge. but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now here's wendy! >> wendy: uh-huh, uh-huh. happy super bowl weekend,


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