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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  February 3, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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dc school closing two days due to a bed bugs investigation. >> i'm sarah simmons in tonight for tony. >> savoy alarm in southeast. the school announced it will be closed monday and tuesday for a good cleaning. some parents say it's too little too late. lindsay is live at the school with the latest. >> reporter: we have been watching opponent control professionals going nifty school. you can see those two vehicles down there there's at least one more. this comes after the teacher's union tells us that the majority did not show up because of concerns about bed bugs. this afternoon, students and parents got this letter announcing the two-day closure next week. it says in part, during the cleaning and the infection process, savoy school community will temporarily relocate. we will update you on sunday about where. this is something important for parents to know. the dc schools chancellor says the alternate location is still
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unknown and there is a chance that there will be no school monday or tuesday for the students here. that's something that is still up in the air. we have been covering this for awhile now. a lot of parents reaching out to us with concerns, one providing photos of bites of his child he believes to be from bed bugs. there's also an emotional emergency meeting at the school. parents told us they feel the district has not handled this properly. that it's been known since december and maybe november that there was a bed bug problem here and some feel what's happening right now should have happened immediately like the dad who gauge us those photos of the child. >> shouldn't have took for me to call fox news for them to get here. my daughter hasn't been in school since tuesday. >> here's what we know about the timeline of this. some parents say they've
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hear forgot weeks there was a bed bug problem in addition to issues with rats at the school. on january 16th, savoy sent a letter to parents that said in part. there is not a bed bugs infestation, single isolated incident have been cited. one week ago, pants were notified that it was, in fact, a bigger parent. it was the first week on the job for the new dc chancellor and couldn't answer some questions about who knew what and when but here's what he had to say to parents. >>. >> reporter: what do you say >> that, you know, i can't go back and talk about, you know, what did or did not happen. i can't say that it is an important issue, it is come to my attention we're going to do everything we can to address it new, and if there are things that we can do to learn from what happene
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going to learn those lessons. >> reporter: we will let you know as soon as a decision is made as to whether there will be school for these students next week, and where the classes will be taking place. lindsay watts fox 5 local news. to montgomery county where school officials are responding to a disturbing video involving several paint branch high school students. the video shows the students using racist language. fox 5 alexandra limon reports. >> reporter: i want to point out we got this video as a in an e-mail from students assigned the it a concerned group. students and they said they wanted to start a bigger conversation about where the line should be drawn about what is a joke and what's very offensive because they told us this incident happened earlier this week here at paint branch high school. they say it was
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joke. however, as you can see and you saw from this victor it is highly offensive. >> this video was posted on social media shows at least three students. you can see the students pushing around a third african-american student with a collar around his neck and they're repeatedly using offensive words like boy and the n word. again, the students who sent us this video say it was all a joke. we blurred out the student's face, i can tell you from watching it, even the student who was wearing the collar doesn't seem to be offended by it and thought it was funny. the principal here at paint branch high school did not find it funny. in fact. the students were disciplined and a letter was sent home to parent the
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the letter said while the first amendment with right to free speech, hateful will not be tolerated. we also spoke the teachers, parents and students. >> racism anywhere is not acceptable. i'd like to say that paint branch high school is not reflective of that video or the words. >> paint branch is a very safe environment. we have an incredible diverse population of students and teachers and we work very hard to make people feel safe and are really conflicted times in our nation >> i think sometimes kids take some things out of context. they are kids. but that's where education comes into play from the parents as well as the school. >> i'm not going to lie. th
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i was shocked. but when i heard people talking about it. they were -- i thought it was just jokes. >> that's how i feel. >> reporter: this isn't the first racial incident to happen at a montgomery county public school in recent months. in fact, you may remember back in november, the superintendent released the statement after racist graffiti was found in several schools including swastikas, called the incident disturbing and offensive. reporting in burtonsville alexandra limon fox 5 local news the man charge with killing three members of. during a hearing in dc supreme court prosecutors and defense lawyers agreed to begin picking a jury in september, 2018. defense lawyers say they need at least a year to exam the dna evidence.
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wentz is accused of murdering a three people in may of 2015. he has pleaded not guilty to the murder charges. there's that you information about the mysterious death of a man found inside a northeast apartment after a fire. court documents revealed the man was found buried under household debris. also evidence of what appeared to be an assault of investigators say the fire was intentionally set but dc police stopped short of calling it a suspicious death. fox 5 paul wagner joins us live from northeast with the latest. paul? >> reporter: shawn i'm on queen street and trinidad, that's a university behind me. the apartment in question is right up here about half block away. let me tell you what we have learned that since wednesday, when we told you about a chilling message found on the wall of mr. iali's apartment from this court affidavit we learned that when investigators got inside apartment, they fun
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blood on mr. iali, and on the porch outside. when the firefighters arrived, they found the front door why open, now we know that investigators also found four cell phones inside that apartment. but the landlord said mr. iali didn't own a mobile phone. . the court affidavit found evidence of what may have been an assault in the backyard of the the man's apartment as well as the porch leading to his back door. it was described as blood stains. the affidavit also says when firefighters entered the apartment, they found the gas stove top burner controls in the on position. and when they discovered his body, there was blood coming from his mouth. you can see a chilling message written on the man's wall, it says you going down. the owner tells fox 5 the day before the fire, he took mr. iali to see police at the narcotics division because
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taken over his apartment. the very next day, he was dead along with his dog. of so far, the medical examiner has not ruled on a cause and death. but in an affidavit written by a homicide investigator, police were looking for weapons that may have caused his death. police found multiple lighters and four cell phones and according to the landlord, as i said, mr. iali did not only a cell phone. of we now know that mr. iali was assaulted the same day he went over to the narcotics division and according to a police report an arrest was made. we also know this, according to the landlord who was there with him at the narcotics division, he said the police told him when he came back to his apartment, if at the drug boys come, lower your curtains. live in trinidad, paul wagner, fox 5 local news fox 5
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morning, we're going to tell you what he did. and we'll take a look at some of the highly anticipated super bowl commercials. but first a check of the weather. gwen >> we got cold air that's not going anywhere. i'll let you know what to expect and a hint, don't be deceived by the sunshine, we'll be back after the break. stay with us. .
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. mr. trump signed an order looking into banking regulations after the financial crisis, this starts a 120-day clock to find out which regulations could be rescinded. >> the white house says it's just the first step. >> the first thing we're going to attack is regulations over regulations. it's not just in the financial market. it's in all markets. >> democrats complained that mr. trump is rolling back regulation that is protect consumers from abuses. >> the is a 52, the n a's 48 >> final showdown over betsy devos, his nominee for education secretary. >> the more they hear about her background, the more they say here
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drain the swamp >> the vote on betsy devos could be so close, mike pence might have to be the tie breaker but the white house says they have full confidence she'll be concerned. >> she's an unbelievable champion of education. president trump in his marla go resort, vice president elect pence said to be in houston for the super bowl >> virginia is moving forward with its lawsuit to stop the executive order on immigration. this morning, a federal judge ruled virginia lawyers can move forward with the suit. attorney general mark hiring said the travel ban is harming students and businesses in virginia and must be overturned >> we're concerned about the lawful permanent residents and visa holders, student visas
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work visas. it includes students and worker visas >> a preliminary hearing will be hell next friday. he wants an injunction to stop the order, helping people who may have trouble coming back into the united states. gwen will be back with a full look at your forecast. >> the news at 6:00 will be right back. ck.
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surprise surprise, not everyone is tuning in to see the falcons take on the patriots on sunday. neck, millions of people will actually be watching those commercials. at least they will be watching fox 5. lauren blanchard gives us a sneak peak for super bowl sunday. >> it's not j
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excited about on super bowl sunday. sunday. a creative agency based in new york says it's about the ads, and getting a place during the super bowl is not cheap >> the costs have sky rocketed for a 30-second media placement it's 5 million dollars and production on top of that is maybe 1 million if you're talking celebrities, it could be upwards of 3, 4 million, so you're looking at 6 to the million. mr. clean hits the mark this year. >> the mr. clean ad, hits a broad audience for super bowl viewing because people watching in a social setting and it's about making men feel sexy for cleaning, i think it does a good job entertainingnd
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>> he also liked audi. >> what do i tell my daughter? the audi drive progress ad makes good emotional statement, saying they're going to do equal pay for men and women >> and skittles. >> it's simple, clever and can speak to an audience from eight to y >> and buick. >> but not such a fan of wendy >> their ad simply shows one with a blow torch in a freezer. i don't think take away from wendies is fresh meat from that. >> also has an ad rolling out this weekend. >>
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>> there's a game called world's tank. >> reporter: a recent survey, about 20% of people tuning in will be doing so for the commercials. catch it right here on fox at super bowl 51 in houston, lauren blanchard, fox news. i feel like most years, all the commercials run beforehand, so i had them all really. >> thanks. >> i know. it's some looks cute. it's like the trailers before the movies. >> i'm a commercial junkie. i love good commercials. our producer has said in my ear there's a panda in one of the commercials. if anyone knows there's a pandaaholic in the house. >> can we buy i was panda? >> i
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weekend to be in the house. >> it's going to be cold. absolutely. >> on fox 5, by the way. you tune into fox 5 and put your feet up, relax, we're going to entertain you with the game. it's going to be chilly. outside, we got skies that are going to clear. ridge of high pressure building in. saturday, it's going to be cold. don't be fooled by the sunshine, lots of bright sunshine. i think i can just go out, sweater, no problem. wrong answer, it will be cold. make sure you bundle up. sunday will be a little bit warmer and then we're going to go see cloud coverage coming in. then when we get to next week, tables are turning roller coaster ride. headed to the 60's and talking about rain chance, highs today in the low 40's and the upper 30s in all three airports, at least five to six
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the seasonal average and right now, out there, it's currently 36 degrees in the nation's capitol. the double 3s at baltimore, 34 at dulles and same for frederick, 37 at manassas. martinsberg at 32 and 31 at hagerstown. so here's a look at our windchill factors, 19 is what it feels like, when you factor in the wind and air temperatures, in hagerstown this hour, and 27 in dc. we'll see improvement in that once we get into tomorrow. satellite and radar plenty of clouds keeping an eye on the system. sunday is the main time period we're talking about. areas to our north, northwest, could see a little bit of precipitation in the form of rain showers and maybe a passing light snow or so, looks like it will stay to the north or north and west. ridge of high pressure makingt cold. skies clearing out. tomorrow sunshine as temperatures head into the low 40's. by
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low pressure system starts to head in. increasing clouds, we'll start to see a warmup as temperatures start to rise. pretty much a dry weekend. your planner for tomorrow, midday, sunshine at 36 degrees, pretty chilly, 4:00 p.m. hour, talking 40. 26 degrees for tonight, wind from the northwest, ten to 20 miles an hour. gusting at 20. clearing in overnight. and we'll see skies brighten up for tomorrow. no shortage of sunshine. a chilly 41. it will be cold. here's a look at the fox 5 accu-weather. tuesday and wednesday, that's our warmup day, it's also umbrella day. talking about a chance of showers on both days before we clear out thursday. we drop down to the 40's. but in the meantime. that gradual warmup as you can see starts on sunday. we went from the low 40's to today as well as for tomorrow, and
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temperature-wise and we hit the 60's. unbelievable. stay with us. coming up after the break.
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. big honor for one lucky pup in vegas, he's been named the happiest dog on earth, nearly 15,000 followers. >> which her owner used to have her win the coldest created by solid gold dog food. it's her story that makes you learn what makes her so happy. >> she was hit by a car. she was a few months old, and found on the side of the road dragging her legs. now she can
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goes up and down the stairs. gets letters from people around the world, saying that scooty brings so much joy to them >> scooty is a survivor. she won a year's supply of solid gold dog food. >> what cutey. >> a little fighter. just like you said. >> you going to to find ways to get around. by the way you probably noticed we're wearing red. we're going red, we're supporting the american heart association campaign to raise awareness about healthy heart. >> keep it right here, we'll have 5at630 coming up after the break. my dau
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happy friday, everybody. boy what a week. >> new sanctions against iran, an executive order. and democrats planning a come back. >> as you can see these are some of the top talkers at 6:30, tweet us what's on your mine using #5at630. president trump imposed sanctions in response to the missile testing last weekend. they target 13 feeble and a dozen


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