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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 5, 2017 11:45pm-12:30am EST

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i meant something to eat. whatever. okay... i'm sorry. i appreciate you taking me in. even though you look like it's the last place you want to be? it's not that. then what? trust me, you don't want to hear about it. 'cause it's about you and eric. look, i've been over you a long time. a'ight? i think i can handle it. (train whistle blows) eric hasn't been right ever since he got back. and at first, i thought it was because of everything he'd been through out there, that it was ptsd or something, but... after seeing him kill those two men today... i realized it's not ptsd. he misses it. he needs it.
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the life he says he wants with me, it'll never be enough for him. all i could tell you is this. eric was fine here working for me, a'ight? he took off 'cause of you. i guess he wanted you to have something better. and that part i get. royo's men called. deal's on. a'ight. we'll call you later. you are unbelievable. she's my brother's wife. like that would stop you starting up with her again. don't get crazy, a'ight? now, listen, don't be telling anybody she here. you understand? she under my protection, aisha. now, tell me you understand. i understand. all right.
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(phone rings) carter: yeah, go ahead. carter, grimes just got off the bus, behind union station. getting there. just keep tracking him. keeps looking around. he really is paranoid. except he actually is being watched. stay with him, andy. check it out, this is crazy. a rebecca ingram is in our system. uh, how would you know that? she's using a countermeasure that's real grade school. "grade school"? yeah, i'm running my own sigma code that saw right through it. she's accessing intel she doesn't have clearance for. who's qualified now? score one for brooklyn college. i got to let mullins know. uh, hold on a second. uh, there's got to be an explanation. she can tell it to mullins.
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not until we lead carter to grimes. where is he? somewhere in the train yard. he's out of sight right now. here comes mullins. (phone rings) carter, where are you? i just got to the train yard. where's ben? he's still on the move. but keith mullins knows that i'm logged in-- he's gonna shut me down whether he's the leak or not. you can't let that happen. listen, if you don't get me to grimes, bin-khalid's people will get whatever's in that strongbox-- and god knows what'll happen. rebecca? rebecca! i just got a report you're on our system? it was an emergency. i needed to crunch polling data for john. "polling data"? analyzing public databases for an ad buy that needs to get to him right away. please. my analyst says you're accessing metro-area satellites and drones. what are you doing? you running some kind of op? keith... i'm shutting you down. excuse me.
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rebecca, what is this? (zapping) (grunting) yeah? carter? grimes just entered a maintenance shed 50 yards southeast of your position. i got it. i'm moving in. (clock beeping) ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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(clock beeping) there's no mistake? you're certain? we'll let you know when we have grimes. my brother is dead. and carter is missing. how far are we from the bus depot? less than two minutes. (panting): ben? ben, it's eric.
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i know you're here. what are you doing here? how'd you find me? where is it? what? where's what? the strongbox that you took the night of the raid. where is it, ben? what are you talking about? stop. stop. the rest of the squad is dead, ben. their wives, their kids. what? bin-khalid's people killed them looking for it. what? wh-why? it's money. some jewelry. it was bin-khalid's stash. so you thought it belonged to you, huh?! you know, what this war did to me, eric! i was owed. i know, ben! listen. i know that this country let you down, but there is something inside that box, and they're after us-- so where is it? where is it? it's in my backpack. hey... what...?
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what is that? what is it? what? it's a list. (panting): names, numbers. activation codes. these are sleeper cells. people bin-khalid recruited. huh? a lot of them, living here. these codes go out, they launch attacks all over the country. who-who are you calling? ingram. they're here. they're here. what? come on! i was gonna meet her! let's go!
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(gunfire) let's go! let's go! (bullets ricocheting) (bullets ricocheting) (gunshots) get out of the way! go! go! go! (shouting in foreign language)
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♪ ♪ (yells) (coughing nearby) (grunting) (gasping weakly)
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(grunts) (coughs) (gasping breaths) (coughs) ben! (panting) where is it? ♪ ♪ (phone ringing)
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don't come after me. you won't find me. ben. ben, tell me where you are. where's the chip? just listen. if the government wants this list, they're gonna have to pay up. what? you heard me. ben, listen to me. just bring back the list before bin-khalid's people find you. (siren wailing) yeah, maybe i'll find them. huh? see what they're willing to pay. no, ben. ben, you won't do that. okay? you wouldn't do that. i'll do what i have to. i meant what i said, eric. i'm owed. ben! i'm your friend, and i've always looked out for you, so please don't do this. ben? (phone beeps) ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by 20th century fox television and ford. we go further, so you can. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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>> right now, super bowl li the highlights. >> what i cut. touchdown, atlanta. caught, that's white, touchdown. >> the half time show♪ stop call, stop calling♪ >> and the commercials♪
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complete coverage of the moments everyone will still be talking about tomorrow. >> and then a fox exclusive. the president sit down interview with bill o'reilly and how the xhabder in chief spent his super bowl sunday. >> and new addition planned for the national mall and why a glass box will be built outside the washington moon ument. fox local news starts right now. >> this super bowl sunday, i'm lauren demarco. >> i'm jim lokay. >> and really unbelievable game. unprecedented the biggest come back in super bowl history and tonight, boston, and across the country, patriots fans are celebrating. this look right now at the city of boston. pats fans gathering in the street after the over time victory super bowl number 5 for new england all won by brady and coach bill belichick. down south the agony of defeat for atlanta
12:05 am
after such a huge lead earlier in the game. >> falcons and pats fans were watching the game in the district torrent. she's live and joins us in northwest. how are you holding up? >> hey, jim, lauren, so much he motion watching this game. and we were trying to figure out the best place to come to watch. so after half time we decided to come here to mason inn in the glover park neighborhood and it's a falcons bar. as you can imagine, high spirits. it was a lot of fun when we first got here. then things took a dark turn. we had to haul out of here and ran down the street to town hall. you can see the sign just down there. that's where we found a group of patriots' fans and a lot more fun at the end. we'll take you through video now from our night. >> as can see a pumped up crowd at mason inn we were arriving after half time when
12:06 am
the falcons had a strong lead. we thought it may be in the bag. as time went on there was stressful moments and patriots began launching a come back. we went into over time first time ever in super bowl history and these falcons fans were stressing. you can see it on their faces. and then things really took a turn when the patriots scored that winning touchdown it was not pretty. take a look at this. this guy smashed his glass on ground we'll show you that one more time. that was our cue to leave ran next door up the steps to town hall where we found a big celebration. a group of pats fans and huge celebration for this come back win. we come here almost every game and the last time they won in the
12:07 am
we were feelinging down earlier this is great feeling. >> hugely the best, terrific, everyone loves it. >> i didn't want to finish the game but i'm thankful for the outcome. >> i'm happy for the pats. they came back. what more can i say, you know? >> jim and lauren as you can see it was quite a roller coaster ride tonight. and the streets are pretty quiet. i don't know earlier you could hear people yelling behind us in the live shot. i guess they went back inside now. but, yeah, definitely a lot of emotions tonight and i want to say the guy that smashed his glass on the ground here was the exception. all of the other fans that we encountered tonight were much better behaved. back to you. >> looked like that one couple you found looked like tom brady and gi sde lle looked like they were having a good time. >> thank you. >> we loved that moment. >> all right. >> and a lot of history made tonight. the first over time game in super bowl history and
12:08 am
largest come back ever in a super bowl. >> let's break it down with brody logan here now on how the games with won and one step that come me five super bowls for patriots this was largest margin of victory out of the five. >> every single other one was close game and this was close eingts gamest largest margin of victory. everyone was quick to throw dirt on tom brady and patriots and they were crying jordan put on brady and bill belichick and mark wahlberg and wahlberg's kids at half time. and tom brady wept from crying jordan to hitting jumper over brian russel jordan with thrilling over time come back to get one for the thumb. great to see george and barbara bush recently released from the hospital. part of ceremonial coin flip. pick it up late in the second quarter. patriots down 14. drive, tom brady passes, intercepted. robert olford
12:09 am
tackling skills past brady takes time looking like prime type dion there and 8 yards for the score and owner and wife celebrating why not, 28-3 lead. and 8 1/2 left matt ryan, fumbles, recovers by allen branch of falcons 25. check out brady reaction. yeah, he's feeling. it patriots score a touchdown and add two point conversion and deficit 8. 91 yard drive and falcons in the area, oh, my goodness. julien edelman before it touch the ground. 24 yard game. james white ul the middle. one yard score. deficit once 25 now just 2. going for 2. out to danny amendola crosses the goal and good and first over time in super bowl history. patriots win the toss. move down the field this
12:10 am
patriots score final 3 and win 34-28 brady named mvp again and more importantly for him his sick mom and along with his dad they were there to see it. >> they're all happy it's nice to have everybody here and it's a great celebration tonight. so thank you to all our fans. new england we love you. you have been with us all year. we're bringing this sucker home! >> tom brady. >> unreal, guys, he's greatest of all time. and this cement it getting his fifth ring as quarterback amazing come back and fantastic game we watched on "fox5". amazing five times. thank you so much, brody. >> let's move on. everybody has to head back to work. of course, if you have in boston, atlanta, no matter what thda
12:11 am
you have mind-set. done a little bit.rties g >> i don't think it matters where you are. here in our area at least we had some really nice weather today. not too cold. we want to check in with gwen to see what we can expect for the start of the workweek. hopefully not bad for folks they may be hearseing a hangover. >> not bad. don't you realize what a hard act that is to follow. >> act 24 now this. >> i'm telling you the good news weather buffet really cooperated today for everybody going out and enjoying all the parties tonight and all the celebrations and cheering on your team no matter which team you were headed pour for. so i'm happy to say that. highs were above the seasonal average into the low 50s and we have not been above quite a bit. that was a nice treat. where we stand rights now in the nation's capitol. 3 degrees and wind chill of 3 2. not very significant wind chill but feeling nippy out there under those clouds. and as we take a look at neighborhood temperatures, 2
12:12 am
only at mannasas and 37 baltimore and 30 culpeper this hour and 47 martinsburg and 39 westminster and 43 degrees frederick. let's take a look at the wind chill. 34 winchester. 37 gaithersburg. really not much of a wind chill to talk about. winds are light. we'll get more of a southerly flow though wunts we get into the week and big changes in the temperatures. in the meantime, overnight tonight, overnight lows will be in the0s pretty much everywhere and little on the chilly side. but we'll have the cloudy skies as well. but as we move into the week we have a real significant warm-up on the way. it's february. very unpredictable. we have some 50 degrees days to talk about and cooling down all over again. that forecast later. back to you, lauren. >> thank you, gwen, the night not without political headlines. protesters gathered in houston to tem grate grens trump's order on refugees and immigrants. >> that's on
12:13 am
they had signs and they chanted pro immigration messages and demonstrators felt like protesting on search a big day was important. >> i'm marching for refugees and women's rights and marching because the president does not represent the majority of the population of country. >> federal judge in washington state ordered temporary stay on friday and federal appeals court denied government request to resume the order for now and a panel will decide later whether to schedule a hearing on issue a ruling. >> before the game, president trump was in resort in palm beach florida and headed south after taping an interview with the white house with bill 'ole reilly that aired before tonight's game. >> outside of the white house with more on the interview what we saw of it, marina. >> reporter: that's right, because there's more to come. and, of course, they talked about it all including super bowl predictions. president frump predicting patriots the would take the super bowl. all
12:14 am
points he came close enough, 6 points was that win for the patriots. here's some of the standouts. >> i think it was very smooth. >> president trump's latest sit down with bill o'reilly quickly turned to controversial immigration ban. >> we had 109 people out of hundreds of thousands of travelers and all we did was vet those people very, very carefully. >> you wouldn't do anything differently if you had to do it over. >> so. people didn't really know what the order was. >> general kelly didn't say that he said he totally knew and he was aware of it and it was very smooth. 109 people. >> interview sparked headlines mainly from this question. >> you talked to putin last week. you had a busy week. >> pretty busy week 1/2. >> do you respect putin. >> i do respect him. >> why? >> i respect a lot of people that doesn't mean i'll get along with them. he's a leader of his country. and i say it's bet to get along
12:15 am
and if russia helps us in fight against isis which is major fight and islamic terrorism, all oaf the word. major fight, that's a good things. will i get along with him i have no idea. >> putin is a killer though putin is a killer. >> we have a lot of killers. you think our country is so innocent. you think our country is so innocent? >> i don't know of any government leaders that are killers. >> take a look what the we've done, too, we made a lot of mistakes. i have been against the war in iraq from the ingooding. >> do you get four hours of sleep or crazy thing like that when you're head hits the pillow did you ever say to yourself i can't believe i'm here i cannot believe that i'm the president of the united states when i was not a politician and didn't start out this way, and that was not my life goal. do you -- does that ever come into your mind. >> i must tell you the other day i walked into the main entrance of thehi
12:16 am
and i said to myself,s sort of amazing. where you walk into air force one and it's like a surreal experience in a certain way but you have to get over. it because there's so much work to be done. whether it's jobs or other nations that truly hate us you have to get over it. >> and there's going to be another first for president trump as patriots will of course head to the white house first professional team to visit the trump administration and donald trump tweeting, from his estate in florida. what amazing come back and win by the patriots. tom brady, bob craft and coach b are total winners, wow, if you want to catch more of that interview you can do so tomorrow as well as tuesday on "fox" news channel. live tonight from the white house. marina marraco, "fox5 local news". straight ahead more super bowl we're talking about the commercials
12:17 am
everybody buzzing and the ones getting talk on social media tonight. >> did you offer avenue do it second only to thank give when it comes to eating and over eat when it takes to burn off the extra calories. >> who wants to think about that? and then a change in the works for one of d.c.'s most popular land marks while there are plans to build a glass box outside of the washington monument. >> as we head to break let's go live to boston. you see some people on the streets. they shut down a lot of common areas up there to keep a lot of these celebratory swayings at bay. nonetheless they're celebrating in the streets of beaten down. stay with us, fox news after
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hambone! sally! 22! hut hut!
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tiki barber running a barber shop? yes!!! surprising. yes!!! what's not surprising? how much money david saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. who's next? >> welcome back. for some people it's more fun than the game. we're talking about the super bowl commercials. >> one of the ads sparked big conversation before the game it self was budweiser. the ad tltz
12:21 am
imgrant come together united states the founder and if you saw it or didn't take a lock. >> it's america. >> you're not wanted here go back home. >> abandon ship. welcome to st. louis son thank you next thyme is the beer we drink. >> bud wiseers insist the ad itself was not meant toll political. >> hm we want to move to the next xhaer shall because that's both sides i don't know a little commercial nass tall gentleman for justin timber lake a
12:22 am
>> i want to tell you that i've had enough and it may sound crazy it ain't no lie baby. bye-bye bye bye-bye bye♪ five calories, no artificial sweeters in and taste amazing. >> here's the thing about that i've seen bye on the shelves before i didn't know if it was bay or whatever you know that that's one i think early on a lot of people respond todd because of nastalgia and it's christopher watt ken and that's magic. >> and how few words timber lake said and how much he got paid for that. >> prob labor not. >> another ad of stars before famous. >> honda went through and found yearbook pictures of celebrities. >> when you start out you might not know where you're going or what
12:23 am
why you're carrying this red rose with you. >> you just keep going. keep your focus. and avoid the distractions. >> at times you may fall flat on your face. technically that's still moving forward. >> you have to pick yourself up. make some moves. and do it all with a smile. >> believe in yourself. you think that any of these folks believed that i would make it. >> definitely not. >> thats with a rhetorical question, darryl. >> the mustaches were big in the '80s even in high school. >> it's cool how they made them talk. >> magic. >> and another ad we were sxwrok this in the sports office the mr. clean commercial when is the last time you saw an ad like this that gotta tension. >> got people talking and we shotd preview last night i was waiting for think loved it it tries to make mr. clean look sexy. ♪
12:24 am
♪ >> sarah, sarah. >> cleaning up? >> making clean sxy. >> by the way one of our sports producers -- i'll call you out rich but you said you were going to start cleaning more now that he saw that ad. >> looks like it might work for you. >> never know. >> take note, guys. >> here you have it look at the ads and i will say what i think kind of lost a little mystique of super bowl is the fact somebody releasing the ads weeks before. >> i he saw it last right. at this point it's like okay formalizes it's when you pay $5 million for 30 second of ad time you want to get your money worth. >> and they love we're showing it over and over. >> their check is in the mail $0 million come are our way. >> talking about the weather now. >> after the late-night watch of the game back to work tomorrow. here's a live look
12:25 am
can't complain about the weather today in our area, anyway. >> gwen how are things looking at the start of the workweek. >> not bad and jim for the record i'll believe that when rich shows up at work all dressed in white. >> hypothetical hint we want to see it. >> he didn't have time to change. >> that's true. >> we'll hold him to that. rur right, lauren, it was a great day today. is some sunshine and temperatures into the auto autos and 40s and comfortable today to get out and enjoy all the parties. 3 in d.c. and 37 baltimore and we've got 26 mannasas and 28 culpeper and 4 winchester and 47 martinsburg. and winds are very light as well. so know wind gusts to be concerned with. take a look. pretty calm. 15 mile an hour winds at hagerstown. that's about strongest we're dealing with now and that also means that we don't anything significant in terms of wind chills which i just showed you a while ago. not much hatching in the wind department. soym starry for
12:26 am
adds we move into tomorrow and n winds and we'll get more of southerly flow and yes, we know what that's going to do. it will boost our temperatures. in the meantime, in the cloud department we have clouds rolling in tonight and we're talking partly clouty skies and not bad overall and tomorrow a ridge of high pressure building in that holds us for sunshine and we have a system behind. it we're also talking wet weather in my forecast when you got a look at that 7 day. in the meantime for tonight then partly cloudy skies and little on the cooler side. but as i said we're into a warming pattern and that's at least some good news. 7 degrees for overnight low and mostly clear skies and full night. winds from west and i'll let you know when you can expect the warm-up and of course the important question how long will it stick around. as i said, february very unpredictable. i'll have more details a little later, back to you, jim.
12:27 am
learning details about the death of college student from vokville. caleb was a student at iu. indiana university of pennsylvania and member of a fraternity he got into a fight with a fraternity brother and brady de staff an owe choked him and he later died at the hospital. they charged stefano with assault and he's held without bond. fraternity of the school which is about an hour east of pittsburgh issued a statement that says in part "we offer our deepest condolences to caleb's friends and families and we'll continue to monitor and review the situation along with local and university officials. straight ahead on "fox5"elementary school kits bitten by bedbugs at school. "fox5" push for answers about the infestation and what is next for students as the school closes for cleaning.
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