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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  February 6, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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history at least nfl super bowl history. 25-point deficit to win thein super bowl. bo brady led one of the greatesthet comeback's in super bowl bo history defeating the atlantalaa falcons in overtime.e it's the patriots' fifthtriot fh championship. this was the first super bowl fs game to go intouper >> tremendous. >> uh-huh. >> president trump pacific northwest first lady melan yap watched the super bowlside afitt their estate mar-a-lago go in g palm beach in anlm interview with bill o'reilly president trumpresidenu predicted the patriots woulduld win. win. keeping our focus on the trump administration, there'se a new obstacle for presidentor t trump's executive order on immigration. peals court denied deni the justice department'sepa emergency request to reinstateee the order which blocksch blks travelers from seven muslim muli majority nations from enteringeg the u.s.u the cost appeals is requesting r breach from both sides beforeroo making its final decision. until
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suspension accident activity a suspension of the ban will remain. >> we're going to move very goiy quickly into the merits of the this argument as the presidenti said we're going to win this tis argument because we're goingt bs to take the steps necessary to o protect the country which the te president of the united stateste has the authority to do. >> as long as we're on -- honoring the constitution, we're willing to work.'re ing to now, as president obama did inin 2011, we always have toe to subject our vetting tove scrutiny to see if it'srutiny t' working but that doesn't meanean we institute a unconstitutional immoral bantuti on muslims coming into the country. >> despite all of the backlashba president trump is not backing g down from his executive order oe and maintains us necessary toecs i secure our borts. >> with the ban lift had hadif travelers from the seveneven muslim countries are on the th move. there were tearful reunits at
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airports across the country.. with the ban eased over thesed weekend he saw his window of opportunity. op >> it feels pogreat finally i'm here considering that last 10 days we had no idea whether wei were going to be able to makebl it or not. t. saturday morning i woke up andiu saw the news that there wasat te the court order so i gave atave this time another try, i booked first direct ticket andsc now i'mke here. h >> last week the united states canceled vees satisfies nearlyly 60,000 foreigners.6000 foreign >> ♪♪ >> we have a follow-up top a story you saw first on fox5,x5 the bed bug infestation attatio savoy elementary school. sc >> melanie alnwick is liveive outside d.c. schooloutside headquarters now with thequar details. goodte morning, mel.rni >> reporter: good morning,orng, guys. you may remember that on thaton friday d.c. schools chancellorha antawn wilson was
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listening to our interviewsntevs with parents and staff talking t about their frustration with this ongoing rat and bed bugbedg problem and what we wereat we we hearing from them was they they believe the only solution wase s to temporarily close these the school. shortly after that, the d.c. dc. schools chancellor sent outut this letter telling parentstells and staff that their demandsei were being met. the cleaning of the school wasts scheduled to begin accordingcc to the letter on friday afterayr school let out on all softl materials in the school areals t being replacedhe as well. wel parents and teachers have beensn reporting problems will rats wir and bed bugs since the fall despite one scrubdown of thewn e building and an ongoingon cleaning plan the infestation persisted.rsisted. frustrated parents reached out r to fox5 and teachers staged a sa sickout friday saying theyayingy just couldn't deal with it any longer. >> for me to call fox5 newsfox5s for y'all to
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really shouldn't have took.dn't >> reporter: now, h apparentlyan students can still get meals mea today at the berry farms recreation center.ceter. all of the information is s being updated onorato school'ssc facebook page. live at d.c. schoolslive a schoo headquarters, i'm melaniequar alnwick, fox5te local news. >> all right, melanie.elnie. virginia state employees onploye the verge of getting their ti biggest pay raise in nearly aar decatur a show down between governor terry mcauliffe andlifd lawmakers may and stand in thenh way.way. they increased state spendingpeg on public education and whilehie that could be used for thated ra raises it wouldn't be a man a day. it would be up to locall governments to decide how they're going to center ingoingn money. >> let's check in with mike's c thomas and our first forecast.ot at least for this block. bl i say first. we've seen yyou once alreadye but you know what i mean.hat i . >> it's monday, maureen.
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>> exactly. >> it's just one of thoses justh things. guess what. it's going to begu esanother grh day today.toay. yesterday wasn't that bad. ba the sun came out in the afternoon it warmed things upitw into the 50's. the 50'. today we'll be once again up ag into the 50's but later thisatei afternoon t still need thel neee jacket as you head out thehead e door. 36 at reagan national a-dulles s at 29, bwi at 30 and the most0 s of our suburbs at or below elow freezing to start the day thiseh morning. so, again, grab the coat asa you head out the door. satellite and radar though th shows quiet conditions aroundnd the region.the region. few clouds to the south butthbut that's about all we have to alle worry about today.worry ab good amount ofou sunshine comine our way. our way. by the time we get to the get te afternoon the 50's return andn n feeling rather mild thisldthis afternoon. all right, that's a check of the forecast. got traffic thisaffithis morning. >> thank you, mike.>> tha right nownk 4:35. taking a life look as you comeme down from 270 southbound makeouk pentagon your way fromon your om germantown all the way down to d the spur. little bit of increas ed volumevolume right now but for 4:35 in the5 n morning i like what i'm seeing. no congestion north of thath oft point past the truck we'll switch it over for a look at
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representative of the entire ofe area. a wide view of the districtsatat speed from gainsville to theille beltway 50 from the bay bridgebr to cheverly looking good.y looko any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twiesttiter. if you have any questionsve a we'll keep youny updated and nd metro service picking up atg upt 5:00 today. today. back to you. >> coming up on fox5 news morning, lady gaga jumps fromu the roof of nrg stadium inum what many are calling an epic halftime show. s >> is that the fcc is coming coi under fire for blocking nineocke companies from providing lowlo income internet access.ace >> as we go to break right now w here's a live look outsideot across the dmv.ross themv. the time right now is 4:36 . >> [laughter] >> ly. >> 36 degrees. >> it's on the monitor. >> back in a mo imt'ent.s onent. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> time now is 4:38. let's look to the stories you're engaging with the most tn this morning on social media.g e >> what's hot on the web. holly. >> hey, good morning, hey, go m, everybody. first up some internet servicete providers are no longere no lone allowed to participate in the ih federal like mind program.p lifeline program provides low lw income americans with internetwt access. the fcc said federal regulators blocked nine b companies from taking part in ta the program.po the lifeline program wasm wa established in 1985 and ad provides discounted phone andphd internet service.internet ser thevi fcc expanded the programrr last year to include broadluderd band. according to pew researche 5 million households withon school children are without internet acce hss.hildrecces next up, last night forig the super bowl the nfl honoredh hall of fame players from historically black colleges and universities.iver they say the contribution of
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hbc u's often goes unmentioned.un the honorees included jerry rice and michael strayhan.trayha 29 of the 303 members of the pro-football hall of famee several families gives give their google home commands. co several people took to socialope media to share how the took the commercial set off their ownir n devices. one person tweeted the ad gavegv his google home a melt down t. . lady gaga she brought theag house down at last nibrght's n super bowl.bowl. pop star's performance beganbega with her on the roof of nrgf g stadium singing americang classicsin including god bless america and this land is your land. la. she lept from the roof down toeo the stage in an acrobatic display before jamming toutg tot mashup of her many hits. h and finally tom brady and td the new england patriots, your know it, once again super bowl champions. amazing comeback
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after the game brady brokee brae down in tears as he hugged hises mom who has been bating anatinga undisclosed illness.disc it was the fir mother had attended all season. brady said last week he wanted d to win the game for her. he she picked the right one to go to. >> she sure did. well, congrats to the patriots. thanks to hole orangepa line. coming up on fox5 news morningtg a-fight between two fraternityty brothers ends in the death ofet a seventy nine rockville.nt >> and a number of businessesy s in northern virginia join jn forces to fight back againstacka new parking rules.ruls. >> we're heading to break witho a live look across the d.c.he d region. right now and it's i's warming up out more fox5 news morning after afe
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this. this >> ♪♪ >> need those glasses, too. >> i do, ithose do. 36 degrees? 35? an ordinary jar of vaseline® jelly. it's something we don't think about much. except when we've got chapped lips or a small cut. but for people living in areas of crisis, simple skin conditions can turn into serious issues. so we created the vaseline® healing project a partnership with direct relief to help millions in need heal their skin. so they can go back to work.
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or school. and that ordinary jar can make an extraordinary difference. >> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news >> school infestation.fes d.c. public school leaderslea closing savoy elementary temporarily moving studentsing s and staff a new building. >> live look outside.look outde. another unseasonably warm day.l it is february after all keep k that in mind. in mi this is just the beginning off a warming trend.end. mike thomas gave me a hinta that we may see the 70's one day this week.e we may see. we may we'll let him s fill in thel blank on that.tha >> just as long as there'sas
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that hope i'm all l good.ood >> yeah. >> hope you're all good, too. al good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin.mart anybody stay up and watch thetch whole game. whole game. >> after halftime i was in hime bed. >> everybody was out. [laughter] >> all right.[l>> allight. >> including the falcons apparently. >> clearly. they went to sleep as well. we mike thomas good morning toornio you. let's start with you and talk ya about thend t weather.weth >> you put me on the spot with that 70 but if we have a shot st at that day would probably bebae tomorrow. i think one or two will hit iti south or west of us near na washington. a gorgeous start to the work week. s lofts sun comitang our way ay today. we have clouds this morninguds i across portions of lower lowe southern maryland, the neck of f virginia but that's it.s i those will push out later this s afternoon. temperatures are not yet warm w so do take that into account. ac >> be that jacket.cket. 24 manassas, 29 dulles.lle here in the city it'sit's 36 degrees. ick look at your fox5 f seven-day forecast.veday foreca 67 tomorrow and 66 on n wednesday before colder airder r returns for the end of thefothen week.
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that's a check of the's a checke forecast. erin como has got traffic thisfs mo this monday morning trying toy make your way tomo rnwork thing are looking really nice insideie the beltway. e on 295on 295fre north and southbound heading hed towards the 11th streeteet bridge. take a look farther out int n virginia. virginia. 95 northbound fromom fredericksburg througheric stafford problem free lookingokg really nice through courthouseoh road. i'll let you know if thatw changes but right now volumew vo light enough not to cause any delays, congestion-wise.gestione crash free 95.95 395 in very nice shape. any questions at erin fox5ti any questions at erin fox5d.c. . maureen and wisdom back to backo you. >> erin thank i was. erithank 4:46 is thi ewa time.ti. happening today classes at savoy elementary school inooln southeast d.c. canceled asnceles they try to get on top of ato oa
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bed bug and rodent infestation. >> melanie alnwick liven outside of school headquartersso with the latest on this story.ol mel, good mor things really boiled over ond on friday after a school meetingmeg where parents and staff reallyry felt like they didn't getget enough attention to thisention s problem that they say has been going on for too long. too lon they told us that the onlye o solution in their opinion wasthp to reallinyio shut down on thewe school temporarily to get it thoroughly cleaned.ghly we took those concerns to d.c. . public schools chancellorha antawn wilson and shortlyrtly after that parents learned their demands were being met. t. the cleaning of savoy elementary school wasc scheduled to start fridayr after the schools let out for the day.. not only a thorough cleaningning but all soft materials in ther building are being replaced as s well. parents and teachers have beenab reporting problems with ratsemss and bed bugs since the fall despite one scrubdown of thene s building andcr an ongoingng cleaning plan the infestationtan persisted.isted. frustrated parents reachedents r tout to fox5 and teachersa staged a sickout on friday f
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saying they couldn't deal withlt it any finally that is when theis w school system, the teachersteac to say, yes, we really need toeo do al complete eradication here in order to get the te problem under control.nt the other thing parents were wre concerned about is the cycle y if there's bed bugs in the school, they bring it home, if f it's in the home they bring itit back to school.chol. the school has been keeping everyone posted and up to date on its facebook page.ts f the students will still be able toents get their meals, breakfast lunch and dinner at berry farms. transportation will bensportat provided bioyn wi d.c. publicc. schools and the transportationn plan will be posted byd by tuesday. tu they say at 3:00 p.m. m. live at d.c. public schools,scl, i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local a news. >> thank you melanie. y >> thank you melouanie.anie. >> 4:48 is the time. 48 is
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learning new details thisi morning pow an indianainian university college studentty c from rockville that died overd r the weekend.end. police say this man distefano sell facing assault charges. zweig died at the hospital.ospi. the father in the said we we offer deepest condolences too cal remember's family and rememd friends. >> police looking for several sl people they say stole a car ca rammed police cruiser and pol tried to run over an officer.icn it happene od around 11:30 saturday night near 51stea 51st street in bladensburg.ladsbur officers were investigating wer the report of ae stolen scaro when they spotted the vehicle.e. the police fired shots at the a suspects but they drove away.e a no one was hurt.urt. a short time later a car matching the stolen vehicle'se description was found burningfoi
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on j street in northeast.norst. police are still investigating.vest >> business owners atig restonrn townsend joining forces over a hurting their bottom line n linn january the town center implemented a new pay parkingpag system if the business, you're visiting doesn't have aave a designated validation area youit have to download an app. ap. some retailers say customerscusm are complaining that theg that e parking system is way too complicated. >> people don't want to givedona their license plateenseplate information, people don't know that they have to know which garage they parked in.parked i different retailers haveve different garages that theyat t validate in which is confusingcn for the customers.ustors. >> erin mervis says heris says e represents one of 60 otherts businesses who are meeting today to oes wconsider their options. officials representingepresentig ballston properties whichrties w manages the town centerges released a statement then sthay there has been misinformationis about parking ai the restonreson town center and each retailere decides head to participate in
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the validation program and which garages they choose tohoo validate in. >> you may see construction on near the washington monument. temporary structure that wastr built after the 9/11uc attacks.t it is expected to take about abo two and half years toto complete. >> coming up on fox5 news morning, after more than 70tha 0 years of conflict the u.s. military base is being being reledated. >> super sunday means no neww movies in theaters which allowed one movie to win forr the third straight week. >> temperature is that 36, , time is 4:51. 4:1. back in a moment. nt. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can deliver equal uploads and downloads. lcome to 8 and a half maple reet. it'half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, their half house has full internet, with uploads as fast as downloads.
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don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed.
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get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios. >> ♪♪ >> 4:53 is the time right now. severe weather hit the various
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parts of ago. heavy snowfall causing avalanches killing 54 anding 54 injuring 50 others.the. 22 afghanistan's 34ni bad weather.bad weher. at least 168 homes have been destroyed and damaged.damaged. >> construction work hason started in japan stfor the offhf shore u.s. marine base on okinawa. this is just the beginning ofegi the process to move the marineee corps air station to hanoko. hn. james mattis was there laststhea week ahead of that tat construction which has beenuc stalled fortion nearly 20 yearsy because of protests. prote a lot of residents there want tn the u.s. base removed. red. not relocated.el >> for the third weekend in ween the row the movie split isvies still on top of the box o itox brought in $14 million taking tg its overall total to to 98 million. not far behind another thriller rings withthrille 13 million. that wasr ri followed by a dog's purpose. followed by "hidden figures" and "la-la land."lad." >> mike thomas talking about a warmup.
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warmup bring it. on. >> we got a good forecast in the forecast for your mondayt au here in . get u enjoy it later on thisr ons afternoon if you can but thisifu morning grab the jacket as can o get the kids off to the bus to s stop. 28 to 40 degrees depending ons where you live. again chilly toe yo start but w the sunshine and somend southerly winds kicking upnds kp later on this afternoon, afterar school temperatures between 51t1 and 59 degrees and this is and s just the beginning.he beginng. we got a couple day warmup toupo go through.rogh. by tomorrow some early showersys to start but we should breakhoul into sunshine in the afternoon. up to 67 and i can't even rulece out 70 here in the d.c. area. a. we kind of repeat on wednesdaynw with some early showers, some se afternoon sun getting up into the mid 60's once again.agi time we get to thursday thingsy start to change a btit.bit. we start with some rain asainas colder air spills in.r spills we could change over to aould c little bit ohaf snow.f snow we're watching that.e watching t right now it doesn't look like k a terribly huge deal but againta something to keep an eye on. o. cold on friday sunny and 39.and as we get into the we could weod warm things back up.. 60's return by sunday.u all right, that's a look atook
4:56 am
the forecast.e fore erin como has a look at thek at roads on this monday morning.r >> we are tracking breaking breg news. if you're waking up heading from the capitaleital beltway to the baltimore beltway dealing with a crash northbound baltimore-washington parkway the right lane blockede-wa at 1a seeing green on the map rightght now but as folks try to keepo k it to the left you might start t to see a delay. deay keep to it route one or 95it ro northbound to get to bwi or the baltimore beltway that'sthat your best bet. let's show you the top of the beltway. inner loop looking nice n towards oxon hill.rdox this is 270 southbound as youd y come down from germantownrmanton road. we're seeing some congestion con earlier than usual this usual ts morning but not enough toing eno cause any delays just yet fromym the truck scales throughtruck st urbana and then again from this point to the spur you'ret still in the clear. we'll forward ourto cstailmeras show you some other areas of town. this is 66 out by waples millpil
4:57 am
road. inside the beltway throughthgh arlington looking good.n lookino not seeing any i even though volume is picking pc up it's still a pretty smoothr s ride on your majors inn virginia and maryland as well w as the district in therict in th secondary looking good downokin the hill. any questions at erin fox5esti d.c. on twitter. rvico service picking up and right now it's one pick back to you wisdom and maurn.n. >> 4:57. coming up on fox5 news nws morning, president trump saysre he psilans to attend a meetinget of an international group heouph has been highly critical of. >> number of anti-trumpnti-um protesters decide to use the super bowl as a way to try andt get their message heard. head. >> heading to break with ait a live look across the dmv. dv. looking good out there so far. 4:57 is your time. 36 degrees is your36 degis you temperature.
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backfter this.s. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. fr >> school closed.osed the students at a southeastutt d.c. elementary school temporarily relocated whilewhi their school building isil cleaned of an infestation.festa. >> live look outside. livsi we're in for anotheranoer unseasonably warm day and this one is just the beginning of a a warm trend. te whoo-hoo! >> happy monday.>> hap monda >> right. [laughter] >> good morning. thanks for joining us, i'm>>or i maureen umeh.maur >> and i'm holly morris.ris. today is monday february 6th.rua >> mike is going to talk aboutk


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