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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  February 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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trump executive order banni us. >> really happy. rea because finally we finish with the process, finally back home >> it is such an unjust situation, that a child can't join her u.s. citizen family. >> tens every thousands of visas put on hold by the orders, that was others were stranded because of dual nationality, confusion how the order was to be implemented. business community also cominglo out strongly against the ban. but apple, microsoft, google, 93 other tech companies, joining a lawsuit, saying it hurt their ability to attractct and due business overseas. >> already very thorough, androg there is no need to create the fear, to create the confusion.on >> but among travelers, opinion has been mixed. m some support the ban, while others say it goes too far.. >> people do not have the right to come to the united state. i think it is a privilege. >> i understand trying to make the countryand great as he
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greathis country is already >> meanwhile, the ninth, t district court of appeals told the to smith a brief, the immigration banigra should be reinstated. many legal ernlgt expert expecting the court to back president trump.p. >> the authorities is his. whether he exercised that authority prudently is a political judgement, it is not a judicial one. >> the ban is also dividing lawmakers as well, most say the supreme court is likely to o have the final word. at the white house, john roberts, fox news. and in the midst of all of this, two brothers from yemen reunited with family at dullos international airport today. the aziz brothers, both whom have green cards, on their way to flint michigan when president trump executive e order tuning effect. brothers were then placed one plane and sentth to ethiopia.pi. the duo, 19 and 21 years old, sued the president in federal court in alexandria, in a lawsuit calling the president 's travel ban uns --
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unconstitutional. >> iunco can't believe i was not sure to be comg back, like even everybody tell me coming back, but i was like maybe it is not going to happen.appe >> what's it feel like to takeae on donald trump? you sued donald trump. >> great, ya, because justice, you know, so great. g we can't do this any in any other country. so this is great. >> sue the president? >> yes. >> the aziz family say the ordeal cost them $707,000. president trump said he is just trying to keep america safe. >> trump administration also wantsdmin to eliminate sanctuary sit that's provide safe havens for illegal immigrants.rant threatened to cut off federal funds to sanction too area cities. sparked debate in montgomery m county maryland specially between elected leaders and the police department. >> i'm not concerned about that. because the way we do our business, again, is that one, no federal law could under the constitution require us to ask about immigration
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minor traffic infraction. and we don't.'t. but we don't withhold information. >> i've got elected officials o not only in this county but in n the state who want to say we are sanction too area jurisdiction, we are sanctuary state. well, we are not. >> our council expected to exp vote shortly on whether to become a sanctuary county and offer protection to undock bility dollars immigrant. county he can tiff said he he plans to veto the bill if it passes. fox5 your station for politics pol do you support the president's p immigration ban?ion tweet us your thoughts right now. use the hashtag 5@6:30 and we'll see your tweet coming up on our political show next at 6:30. >> there is new information tonight in is ne the mysteriousi death of northeast dc man whose body was found inside i his queen street apartment following a fire. police records show the 66 year old was assaulted just hours after telling dc policeice that drug dealers had taken over his apartment.rtme the next day, he was dead. paul wagner joins us now with the story.
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paul?? >> tony, we've been able to establish through court records and police reporbltish t a man was arrested for assaulting a and another woman he is currently being held onon robbery charge. according to a time line, tim we've been able to establish on january 25th, at 3:00 p.m., mr. and his landlord go to narcotics investigators, and between five and 6:00 he's back at his apartment. by 8:16 p.m. police and firee are called to the apartment for assault.ault the next day, january 26th, at 6:20 a.m., the fire department responds to the odor of smoke in mr. ali. 's apartment. firefighters discovered his h body under pile of debris. 3:45 p.m., gary martin, a/k/a garrett taylor; arrested forr the assault and questioned at he's being held without bonds on a robbery charge. now when firefighters first arrived at 111-four queen street, unable to find any victims inside the first two searches, by the thi
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found the 66 year old under pile of household debris. after examining the evidence,dec for several days, investigators determined the fire was intentionally set. now the court affidavit filedild in connection with the search warrant says investigatorsesti found evidence of what may have been assault in the backyard of the man's apartment, as well as the porch leading to his back door it was described as flood --od - blood stained.ined also says when firefightersefig enters the apartment they found the gas stove top burner controls in the on position, p and when they discovered mr. a yele body there was blood coming from his mouth. inng a f exclusive video we shot last week, you can see chilling message written on a man's' it says: you going down ayele the next day he was dead along with his dog. so far, the medical examiner e not ruled on cause and mannerner of death, but in the avidavit which was written by homicide investigators, police were looking for weapons, that may m have caused his death.eath search warrant filed on the case says police found multiple lighters and four cell p
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and according to his landlord, o we've had extensive conversations with the landlord who is fearing for f his own safety, asked us not to use his name, we have soe so far been unable to reach any of the man's relatives.ives one of the notes, despite the fact, homicide investigatorstiga have been on the case since sin the start, fire investigatorstos say the blaze was intentionally set, dc police have stopped short of calling this a suspicious death.. paul wagner, fox5 local news. >> worship watch. how fate leaders are learningrnn life saving techniques to keep their con gaition cents safe. >> dc elementary schoolchoo closing for weeks to deal with the bed bug infestation.nfes so what does it mean for all of the student who attends this school?ool? fox5 is on the case. >> hey, what a beautiful monday we have we had with temperatures as you can see a behinds me, soaring to near 60, and above it, 61 at reagan, dullos, 63, that's more typical of late march, or
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so what can you expect tomorrow? even warmer. we are talking about that and a little bit of snow that's also in the forecast. it will be a crazy week, tony? >> and if you have got a story idea, we ask to you call the fox5 tip line.e. there is the number. (202)895-3000. you can also e-mail your tips to fox5 tips at back in a few.
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judge fate leaders fromdg several backgrounds met with policee faback to learn how to p their congregation safe in aafe emergency. all part of program calledled worship watch.wo it is aimed at prepping or preparing all houses of worship for emergency situations like an act of shooter. fate leaders were taught life saving techniques like proper lighting, and escape routes. also encourage today create safety teams within their
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congregation. >> it is troubling, heart breaking, a fact that we live in tote today, caused us to rethink how we come to worship , to praise, and now we have to teach people how everyone that comes into our church, do not come in withh the intent of just worship. wor >> if you are interested in the emergency training, mostt area police departments do offer the service. >> metro, down a bit, from is a tis particulars, breakdown on of the numbers, down 50 -- 5% since 2012. metro bus operators dropped by 14%, bike thefts down 15%, and there was 32% fewer reports of sexual harrassment. the transit agency also rankedkd its most dangerous metro rail station in the district, it is minnesota avenue.nnes there were 53 serious crimes reported. and maryland, 50 serious 50 crimes reported southernted avenue station, and in virginia, there were 16 w reports of various crimes atrime the
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springfield station.on. >> no classes today or tomo students at devow elementary school in southeast u , officials treat and clean the school for bed bug and rodent infestation.on classes will resume wednesday at therapy hope elementaryment school in southeast. s it will be in session therefore several weeks. new dc schools chancellor appeared on fox news, sayinging schools are taking the infestation seriously. >> i don't want student to experience any incidents of bed bugs at all. and we're going to be lookingokn at all sliewlings solutions. i just want to make sure that that's clear. that will this is an issue that we expect to address.ddre i expect it to be addressed immediately. we're working with other city agencies, and we will get this solved. >> dc public schools expectect all students and staff to moree back by the end of the month. >> all right, so, you're either really happy today, or maybe depressed after the superbowl. but what those
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right? all right, do you have a tonyri perkins? per >> i don't know, i was not impressed with most of them. t >> we will talk about that young lady right there. rig tell you how a local woman landed a role in this pepsi ad she will talk to us live when we come back. blah blank
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>> dc woman aired in one ofwo the superbowl pepsi commercials,ma hern the name sd jade davis, you saw her along denver broncos player. >> via skype, hey, congratulations. yeah. >> thank you,.ou,. >> so for folks who live inive this area, you went to lar go g high school, right? >> yes. >> tell us a little bit real e bi quick about your local connections, where are you now , what are yous, w doing? >> so, currently
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living in new york, brooklyn. i have a manager here. i am in a play called the t black panther women.en. i'm just pursuing my dreams and goals as an actress. >> that's fantastic. so, you know, this is one of the biggest platforms out pla there every year to be in a superbowl commercial. com how did that come to be?e? >> well, my manager is awesome she introduced nia agent, called innovative, and they're awesome. i went, it is so crazy, actually the day, the day of the election, was the audition for it, and i was ah so worried, so nervous. then i got the call that i got it. and it was the most amazing experience to ever have shot my first commercial within the first six months. >> when did you know that, graduated from college? col >> yes, i went to boston university. >> did you go to schoo l specifically to become an b actress or when did the acting bug hilt? >> absolutely, i knew what i wanted toutel do. i majored in theater
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that came with ect ac -- acting, directing, playwrighttig ing. >> when you were here at handwriting owe high school, did it start then? is that when you started acting, when did you get the bug? >> i think it started acting when i was three, and puttinguti on plays for the family. but in high school i was able to do some on the side. able to prepare for college,, the future, and where i am headed now. >> what was it like to work wor with vaughn miller and the team as you put that together? >> it was amazing.zing vaughn was so great.reat he was so calm on the set. the team was really, really, rea really n there was really interesting, because i never realized my first commercial. so i didn't know how manymany people were going to be there. e there were so many people onset. i'm just so thankful, i feel so blessed, having gotten the opportunity. vaughn was quite a character, really funny.. so i'm really thankful to have met him, to have met someone who followed their dreams. you know, to be a football
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someone like h so it was a blessing, i'm really thankful for the experience. >> what is next for you? it is a very unpredictable tough thing to do. you're in one of the rightht places in new york.k. you said you're in playwrite now. tell us about that.t. what's next? >> so the play is called the black panther women. i play a -- daughter -- someghte of you know of her, she is awesome. right now we're actually having our last show, at any it is on february 12.y 12 actually started it right before or after thanksgiving. ta so i've been doing it since november. so now that it is coming to an end, my auditioning will start all over again. and i'm super excited. looking forward to it. it isokin going great so far. and i look for nothing but more in the future. >> congratulations to you. thanks so much for joining us,gt and just so you know, all of df c is rooting for you. >> maryland and virginia.nia. >> thanks for having m >> all right, we wish you well >> see you again sometime. s that's great. thank you. you >> how about that?
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>> great accomplishment. , if you missed last night, it is one of those commercials that there is a longer have sean of. >> right. >> you can check it out. okay. >> you can also tweet us at fox5. >> i agree with town, i didn'tni get to see as many of the commercials i would likewoul because i was at at a party.ty everybody was talking, and me too, so now i wish i could goul back and watch all of them. t >> there is a link. is >> there is a link? >> you can watch every single one. >> oh, all right. r >> i would say, there were a lot of disappointing commercials. few that stood out, but overall, eh. >> probably why everybody was talking. >> you know the other thing we should show them all before the superbowl, too. >> i don't watch them. i want to be surprised. >> anyway, let's talk. t well, what a great day. d i mean, first of all, when you,h woke up and saw the sky this morning, did you think all right monday, let's make it happen. and then to get up to 61 degrees. crazy. yep. don't forget to tweet us.
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>> apparently twitter -- >> twitter on fire for us. >> actually i tweeted these temperatures, sue palka fox5dc please give me a follow. i would love that. what a beautiful day it is going to be comfortable evening, as well.enin we are going to see temperatures not getting much colder than the 40's, and as i i show you these high temperatures, keep in mind, that we were in the 20'satures n many areas last night. so it was chilly. this is again 63 degrees, at dullos, that's none of thesehese are records by the way, but tomorrow, it is even warmer.mer. and we may challenge or get close to the record at reagan national. the record is 64. setback in 2008. as well as 1887, forecastingorec 67. so we may break it. will we get to 70 in d.c. morrow? it is tough to do. we haven't gone done it since 2012. someplace also likely get to 70, especially down to the south. and through central virginia. v as we check temperatures now, nw 53 degrees, here in the district, still 60, though, in culpeper. fifty-eight in fredericks berg , cooler in annapolis near the water.
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fifty-five for frederick. and hagerstown, and as w at overnight lows, not very chilly at all. fact, 47 is our -- would be be warmer than our high for the day. now you see we have few showers on here.e. that will be overnight. and tomorrow morning commute,mue might require you to keep the te umbrella behind. we will have clouds that will increase later tonight. ton here is the beginning of little bit of moisture thatoist will beur working its way toward us in the form of warmfront. it will be coming through and bringing some showers. so, nothing to worry about forbt the evening.. but, as we get closer to morning, see couple of renegade showers, so through 4:00 a.m., then little more activity around 7:00. that's going to move pretty quickly. by the noon hour, perhapsps everybody is dry again. just have some clouds around. can't rule out spotty shower later. i think this is the sun will probably pop back out. pop that will will help to get get the temperatures way up into the 60s.0s. now, when this warmfront goes through, there will also be pretty strong eezeses associated with it, so 60s, definitely, 70s, to our south, possib.
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will go along with it, it may gust 25 to 30 miles an hour times out of the south. but that's why wes ou think fredericks berg will get to 70 dc, 67. hagerstown, 66. martinsburg 68 degrees. it will not rain allrt dayin.s. we think those will again just be a few short hours in the morning. but here is the warm winds that we will get tomorrow afternoon. between the area of low low pressure getting closer and high pressure off the coast,st, those south breezes will gust again occasionally from 20 to 30 miles per hour.30 now at the same m time i ami talking about record heat, we are watching thursday for the possibility of some winterytery weather. what it would be is a weak area of low pressure passing just to the south. it would start as rain, and maybe change-over to little bit of wet snow on thursday morning. not sure it is going to have aa big impact, because temperatures hit the grounds, certainly warm from two, three days of temperatures in the 60s, but we will watch it. the timing, it may affectt thursday morning commute. tomorrow, 8:00 a.m., few showers. 48 degrees.
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dry afternoon. fifty-eight by noon. by 4:00, 66 degrees. we wrap it up your fox5 accuweather seven day forecastoc , thursday even if we do get little bit of rain or snow mix in the morning, it probably wouldn't stick around o very long, guys, because temperatures should get up to about 43 degrees, so there would be some melting. code again so up, down, little bit, and then back up saturday, sunday, 55 to 64 degrees.s. sunday may be another veryy mild day with chance for couple of showers. >> totally roller coaster going on.otally >> i'm starting to get the feelings we might get sta throuh it this winter without a big snow.ow >> only prediction if we get a big snow it would be the weekk of february 20th, that'sthat because i'm having the too far r >> i was going to say you know something we don't? >> so we'll see what happens. hp >> we'll see what happens. now i think i know what will happen. we'll be right back.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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drama, just little lookam there at the brand new legacy,aj debuted last night right after the superbowl, stars dc nativee >> i likes it. thought it was pretty good. our wisdom martin had a chance to sit down with cory last week, the star has been featured in the mega tv hit the walking dead. d and he played dr. dre in the movie straight out of compton.. very good in that. cory's mom is dc police offersie here has some advice for
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son, as he takes on his new role. take a list whean she told wisdom. >> do you ever talk to your you mom about these action act adventure you are about to take on.ure >> did she give you any advice a about taking on action roll on tv? >> you know you got to ask mom everything. >> she give me more advice than sometimes i want. >> right. you got to filter some f that out. >> ya. my mom, she will watch a show, and she will be like i thinking this part whether yourw were working on blah blah blah , maybe, she is great. she loves the business, too. too actual lay police office nerve dc.dc so you know she has the been my entire life.e so i look to up what she does de and everything, but she great. man, she loving the ride, just like i am loving the ride.he r she loves that side of it, you snow so it is fun to see my family enjoy it. >> very cool. the two night premiere of 2424 legacy continues tonight at 8:00 right here on fox5. cory hawkins is my wife's cuss inch. >> oh, my god.
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>> yes. >> family tie there. >> we have a lot of tal >> f nent this area. cool if if i was going to say if you you haven't watched the shop it, i takes pleer place around our region, tune in to watch. there would be maybe differentrt places around the country, but, they are right now here in d.c. >> also fun to spot when they're not here. because -- >> i'm like that's not really -- >> that's not our metro system >> right. that's it for the fox5 local news at 6:00. >> keep it right here. 5@6:30 is next.
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expwr breaking news with theki immigration ban, just inng the justice department, federal court a of appeals, of coursels the while house is still vowing to fight it. >> you can see that on the the side of the screen, what people have been talking about all weekends long. right now tweet us what's going on in your minds, 5@6:30 >> will now examine thatha decision by federal judge in washington state. it willwash put that, as we kne what the ruling from washington state with the entire immigration ban on hold depending how the appealsls court holds, the rules, the case could ends up in the u.s.he supreme court. we understanded that the appeals court


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