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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  February 9, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.or. >> today on fox5 news morning,o, a round of snow arrives in our r region just one day after setting record on the left thrdere, this ise, i what it looks like right nowoksg in new york cithty n.ork cit snow is indeed falling on the oe right. closer to home here, that's uptp in frederick county, you canou see it's wet, a little bit ofof a rain/snow mix there.
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mike thomas of course is goinggg to sort it out for us and letle us know just how muchmu accumulation we should expectn and erin como is going tweo leto you know what your morningmorn commute will look like.k like. >> senate confirmation.n jeff sessions one ceremonialcere step away from being theg t nation's chief law enforcementmt officer. good morning.morg. thank you for joining s i'm maureen umeh.een umeh. >> i'm holly morris. today is thursday, february 9th. >> mike thomas and erin comon c standing by with weather andthea traffic. mike let's start with you.'s st we showed the split screen. snow further up to the north in new york city.ciy. tell us what we can expect.xpe >> rain to continue here fornuee it looks like at least the t next half hour according toccoro our futurecast which i'll show in you a second before we make that changeover to accumulation-wise we were never and are not expectingla too much here intionare no d.c. the biggest concern we hadern wd with this morning is does itd come down heavily enough during the morning commute toom cause some visibility issues v and maybeis get a brief slushyfs accumulation on the roadways and grass ways.d storm tracker radar showingshow the snow this m
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northern portions of maryland.r melanie alnwick is up towardtowd frederick county maryland.aryla. according to the storm trackerta it's showing areas of heavy heay snow in that direction. she'll let us know what she'sus seeing in and a couple kng in ao minutes.up in d.c. you slee e that rain-snow rainnow line trying to march its way way southward. there's a quick zoom in there. montgomery county according totd storm tracker radar raar gaithersburg is seeing arsbu little bit of mixed mied precipitation here.n here. there we are at 5:00 a.m. at 5:m again, it looks like rain here in washington and then around 5:30, will be where we make that change. cha we'll watch we'll see if it's right.rit that's all we can do is kindo of sit, wait and watch. wch. speaking of watching, who is whs watching the roads thisds thi morning none other than erin ten como. >> good job, mike. 5:02. if you want to skip the roadst o and the wet conditions causing some issues metro delay free across all six rail lines. i'll let you know if that scondt changes. so far so good for our metrogo o commute. we're seeing green on the mapngn right now but a lot of o volume picking up earlier than what we usually see. s let's take a live look outside u and show you how things are shaping up this this is as you make y uourp waw out on 95.
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towards the top of thee top of beltway. little bit of congestion bit picking up o f icon stafford thh courthouse road and again asagas you make your way past princest william parkway.parw once you cross the mixing bowlxl to 395 traffic is looking good d but wet conditions.ndit police allow for extra time. problem free on 66 but the the eastbound side from gainsvilleie towards the beltway also also increased volume just a bit.b this is in clarksburg you canu n see southbound traffic on 270 o0 definitely starting to slow a so bit. we have team coverage this fox5's melanie alnwick she'srnce tracking that wintry mix up inun frederick, maryland, where itwhe seems to be moving in beforefore anywhere else in the districtdir area.area >> reporter: hey, good morning, erin, yeah,epor so, wee just decided to get back onk on i-70 here heading a little bittt more north and west toward thee middletown direction.ion. all of this area in frederickre county pretty much seeing they u same thing.chsame tg. it's now sort of like that heavy wintry mix. mi could be snow
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lot of moisture to it and ad definitely just wet when it hits the roadway. pavement temperatures still inpa the 40's but we've seen them hem dropping ever so slightly andghy even just in our trip from --fr- from d.c., then once we gotn ont into upper montgomery county,co, frederick county, even seeing the outdoor temperatures drop as well.el. it's about 34 degrees where we are outside. literally if we just add a fewaw more degrees of cold here then t we would definitely see thatdefi snow coming down inni as we're heading north, noth, traffic looks pretty good.etty o people are driving at speed and frankly some of them tem driving well above speed but it is the kind of thing where if you are dwriving thisre drivi morning, you are going to haveoe to watch out for other people on the roads. ros. visibility is a little trickytrc and it is expected to get get worse. the other thing i would say isys we've also felt some prettyretty strong wind gusts as we. so, definitely want to keep kep both hands on the wheel ande whd just really keep your focus as you are driving this we're going to keep you you updatedi
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road conditions as we continue to make our way around thee area. back to you guys. guy >> thank today at the white tode house, senator jeff sessions will be sworn in as attorneyaty general after facing backlashacl from democrats. the senate cast the final votee of 52 to 47 yesterdaysterday following the vote sessionsesons who resigned from the senate said he hoped for better unityny among his colleagues movings forward.coll >> developing overnighteveling v fairfax county police continuett to search for several suspects accused of stealing pursesaling last night from a a bloomingdale's at tysonstysos corner. then leading police on ae on chase. police tried to pull ove r the the suspects' car near thee intersection of boyce avenuece a in vienna. three people inside the car utople ansnd ran.. >> ♪♪ly. >> mike thomas talking about>>aa our weather today and of an course a lot of peopleot of expecting snow, seeing rain rin instead but that doesn't meanm there is no snow in our regionu right. it's mostly north and westd this morning which again wasin
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of day. . the best chance here in d.c.n d. is going to occur within the oce next, say, 30 minutes to hour hr here. it's not going t o last thatlast that long. by the time we get to 8:00 in:0n the morning thing will beill moving out of here and thenn it's just flurries and snowflura squalls through the afternoonro hours that we haveugh to watch zooming in now on montgomery moe county according to stormsrm track radar that rain-snowin-snw line is trying marchng march southward. let me know what you'reoure seeing. mike t fox5. let me know if you're seeing sig snow in northern portions ofrtin montgomery county.ntgomery count we rely on your observations o to see if our radar is getting it correctly. winter weather advisories weadv dropped for montgomery county frederick county marylandar loudon county all dropped because the snow count is just piling up like originalorinal forecasts believed it would.oul. so, they did decide to drop drop those advisories.those ad that's not good news for thed ne kids who were hoping forg f school delays around the ds arot region. we'll see. i haven't seen any po p up yet et but if we do get some in we'll l bring those to you. you. here's futurecast again. futurec
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in d.c. but then it marchesit ms that rain-snow line southwardsou as we get closer to 5:30, 5:45. 5:45. by 6 o'clock it's snow here in n d.c. and then by 7:00, it says it's going to start winding wi down a bit and then again by 8:30 in the morning here, iferei you're getting off to workwo then t-it looks like you'ree yo going to be okay.going toy. we do not anticipate majormajr stickage.ticage. it's just too warm on theon t roads. that's a check of the forecast. erin como has got traffic this s >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyornta t.raffota visit buy a for special offers. >> just into the fox5 newsspnews room howard county schools onon a two-hour delay.dely. again that's a two-hour delay for howard county schools. tracking this wintry mix rightrt now we've just been seeingen rain. as mike told us it will turnilln into wintry mix and snow inno the next hour.xt ho get an early start.sta right now 50 inbound throughnboo bowie looking goodgoo just a wet r. watch for the
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hydroplane.hydrop. reduce your speed as you headd out on on 270 southboundouthbnd seeing a wet commute throughmmur clarksburg. cl melanie is in frederick wherehre we're seeing more slush ande ssd snowy mix there.owy mix ther we'll take a live look outsideus see how things are shaping upsh from our cameras.from o this is a look aurt c the 14thhe street bridge where volume is definitely picking up but speeds are reduced despite the fact traffic is a little bitbit quieter and that's because ofat the dangerous conditions from the raiusn. ca i would say leave early andarlyd take your time especially bridges overpasses on and offrpo ramps. metro rail lines on time now. n any questions at erin fox5tion d.c. on twitter. back to hollyd. and maureen beautiful in plow.tiful in plo >> thank you erin.nk you eri beautiful in black.lack coming up on fox5 news fox5s morning maryland lawmakers areae taking steps to try and combat b the growing problem of opioid >> new orleans facing an an uphill battle after it begins the recovery >> let's take another liveother look across the d.c. region.e d. again you see the rainai falling. it is 5:08 right now and and 48 degrees but expect changes in the forecast.
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from smoke inhalation. that incident alarmed peopleide in paris which is still on stilo high alert after the attack a last week.. ly. >> with the green light fromthe the federal government the company buildingdera the dakotaa access pipeline can resume reu work immediately on the controversial it will lay aunt missourii river reservoir in north dakota. president donald trump lastt dou month instructedmp the armyth ay corps of engineers to advanceade the pipeline construction.ntruc. the tribe fears a pipeline i leak could contaminate itsateits drinking water.te. >> turning to that massivethat e tornado in new orleans. orlans. 33 people were injured and nearly a thousand properties damaged after a half mile widelw twister tour through 2 miles 2m of east new orleans.lea. many are now homeless because bs of the destruction.tructn. fortunately there are noately to reports of any deaths ora serious injuries.serious emergency crews are respondingrg though to the area helping to th those who loste ar their homes s cleaning up the damage.eaning ua >> a proposed merger between two of the nation's healthi insures companies hitting as con
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a federal judge reject a bidjec by anthem incorporated to buyuy rival cigna corporation.gna the judge says the deal cowouldd likely lead to higher costs coss and less last summer the justicejusti department sued to stopart sued anthem's purchase of cigna asf s well as aetna's plan tot acquire humana which was also later ruled against.g >> in an effort to combat at a growing opioid condition health officials in marylandl say they are doubling down on excessive prescriptions for the drugs in thepr state'ss medicaid program.medicaid pro the new policy goes into thates effect in july and it will iw remember doctors in maryland to get prior authorization toutr write some prescriptions for opioids. officials want doctors tour consider alternative describenae lower doses and better screen patients. din marylpatients in marylan account for 55 percent of all drug and alcohol related fatal overdoses in 2015. 205. >> coming up on fox5 newss morning, two more retailretail stores are backing away from the trump brand.p brand. >> and a dramatic scene lastcent gh
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as former new york knicks star charles oakley is force pleafo forciblyremoved from the arena.. >> live look at the conditionstn in frederick county maryland and in fact we have jusmathavet learned frederick countyned fred schools are now oner a two-hour delay. de frederick county schools sc two-hour delay. howard county two-hour it's developing, people.eo git time.ime. 5:12 is our time right now, ow 48 degrees outsid we're back right after this.thi. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can deliver equal uploads and downloads. lcome to 8 and a half maple reet. it'half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, their half house has full internet, with uploads as fast as downloads. don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios.
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>> 5:14 and happening right4 an now, communities north and west ofd ommu the district are e a winter weather advisory. wea to the right you're seethingseeg frederick maryland as we'reck m heading up that way. ay. and to -- that is to the left.l. and to the right i believe -- what is that, og, 270? okay,ok, well, we're looking at live at l parts of our region and you're seeing that rain coming down dwn and most of it, some
5:15 am
thought we were going to getere but it's coming. possibly 9-inches of snowof depending on where you live, liv far west they're getting more. . we also have two schooltwo chool systems in maryland operatingprt on a two-hour delay, frederickfk county and howard county schools both on a two-hour-ho delay. delay. so, little tricky right now with the rain, the snow. >> that rain/snow mix line isins always tough, mike.k >> it was always going to bes al with this one. so -- and that's why we saide it was not going to be a bigabig deal on the roads o the t biggest concern was once weern w make that change here inge her washington is it going to come e down heavy and cause somese som issues on the roads in termsters of visibilities.sibilit we'll let you know if we getet in it more in but there you gon for frederick county schoolscho and howard county schools onls a two-hour delay here. here. rain to snow kind ofow transitioning here in d.c. d.. sometime between now and 6:00etn a.m. i did just get a flight from gloria in gaithersburg
5:16 am
says she is seeing a feweei flakes so there we go ino in montgomery county starting tostt see a few flakes around thelro region. could it briefly be heavy at bri times.ef i'm not expecly bting any -- an anything that lasts for very lar long here but if it comes downso heavy enough it could cause cse those visibility issues. ises. we're showing you rode shotsowin around the region.around r road temperatures are too warmoo for anything to stick on theck e roads. any accumulation we get willt wl mostly be on the grass. the gras it does wrap up early 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. it's t's probably done here inhe washington and pushing well wel off to the east. if your day doesn't startur d until after 8:00 in theinhe morning i think you'll be just t fine with this one.on. few p.m. flurries and snowm. squalls expected. sq again a briefgain period just they only last forst 10 to 15 minutes but it could cd come down briefly heavy around the region. thregion temperatures have -- are stillel in a freefall.eeall. 42 in washington, still notill quite cold enough for snow but b we're getting there.there. 34 for gaithersburg, 32 atsburg frederick. fred quickly i'll get to your fox5 f accuweather 7-day forecasther 7e here. we'll call it 30's today today 'cause temperatures are goingemr to keep free fallinge free fall throughout the afternoon. friday 42 for a daytime highe hh but tomorrow morning ve
5:17 am
saturday, though, back intogh, the 60's we go and thend hen sunday, yes, you're note not dreaming, 70 degrees by sundayey afternoon with just a couple cue of showers around the region. all right, that's a check of the weather. how are the roads performing in you will a of this snow,a of, erin. >> right now 5:17.ight n:17. i'd call it more of a rainy raiy ride this morning but you t know, rain anywahiys can cause problems around virginia,ira, maryland and the district. we're taking a live looklive lok outside. this is 95 as you make your your way towards dumfries on theward northbound side.the congestion already starting tort pop up this morning.nin southbound side a little bit s heavier as well.idheavie as we forward our cameras ca let's show you a look arounddaru beltway right now.t as you make your way out byout b branch avenue you can see the se inner loop heavier volume.vo like i said i think a lot ofi folks wanted to beat that hat snowy mix that's going to beinge moving in, right, mike, amike, little bit later within anhin urur or so. outer loop by colesville road o some congestion popping up 95 to georgia.gia. earlier crash by georgia g avenue cleared. a heavy flow of traffic on the outer loop side of things.fic . same story as you come down 270 southbound
5:18 am
truck this is in you can see a lot of rainlot ofn there. reduce your speeds.our spee watch for the potential toto hydroplane. give yourself extra time tolf et get around the area.area metro is on time if you want ant to take the rails and skip thele roads. bundle up. i would say you need that rain jacket some snow boots and snow stay dry. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. onti twitter.twter. we'll help you get around thed h district this morning maureen and holly. >> thanks eri tn.his ha let's take a look atnk these stories you're engaging with e the most this morning onst t social media with our realtime news tracker.ra >> whiz is back with what's whas hot on the web.t on the w. hey, whiz. >> good morning to you.ood morn. first pup president trump'spup supreme court nominee speakingpg out on comments made by the president. neil gorsuch says he foundhe f president trump's twitterent tr attack on a federal judge whogeo blocked his travel ban "demoralizing and disheartening."eartenin" gorsuch made the comment commen during a meeting with richard blumenthal.. more stores taking ivanka trump'
5:19 am
now tj max and marshals have demanded stores to throw out her advertisements and take down her and special displays.i. a spokesperson for the store soe says they often change itsha merchandise around.ise around. this comes during the #grab your wallet anti-trump boycottbc which already saw nordstrom dsto pull ivanka trump merchandisempr last week. muslim olympian fencer says she was held up by u.s. customers. she says she didn't know ifnow i she was being held as a result of the trump's administrationdmn travel ban but it's sure theure move was a result of her ethnicity. hnicity. meanwhile aldie's plans tol spent more than $1.6 million to remodel its stores. remodel i they want to give the stores an upscale look but still keep the prices low.the pric low they hope to draw about 60 million shoppers a month byb 2020. anf
5:20 am
star charles oakley force plea e removed from madison squarefrom garden arrested and chargednd hd with assault after fighting figg with security guards. se he was sitting in the stands a yelling at dole flan his seat. e four security guards tried torio peacefully escort oakley outor of the building but he wasn'tbut having it. ha he yelled and pushed theled ande security guards until policey officers handcuffed him andguare took himd hi away. ay. in case you were wondering wo wait looked like you see the the video right here behind me.d this is the video of thatf incident last night at madisonm square garden.square gden. the knicks released a relea a statement saying that oakleyat had been arrested and that tt they hope that he gets some help sometime soon. >> wow. >> i don't like to see that. >> those two don't like each other and i't lt's two some kine beef going on.oing on. >> okay. i was wondering was there a wonderry, whwhat they're intimaat ting.'r >> there's a huge back storye that's been going onck s for yee about the beef between the twoho and how dolan doesn't like like oakley 'cause oakleye criticized the team. e
5:21 am
>> but nothing about hisothing s mental health because thatbe will whole statement seems sees like there might be something more. >> unaware of any of that. >> more to come i'm sure.ome i'. thank 5:20 is the time.e ti coming up on fox5 news morning g tesla has purportedly shutport down production at its plant in california.ali >> and starbucks is offeringofeg free help for its workers who may be impacted by the neww trump administration.inistrati >> heading to break with aa live look across the d.c.the region right now, it is 5:21 and 48 degrees.48 d rain in our region, snow sow further to the north.he n we'll have the details.deils. weather and traffic newsic n coming up on fox5 morning news s when we come back. back. >> ♪♪ z29kuz zstz
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5:24 am
expected to begin production ton february 20th. last year more than 300,000an 30 people put down deposits forut the d model the goal is to produce 500,000od vehicles annually by nextne year. >> facebook making an effortook to becommae more family famiy friendly. the company is now offering employees with a 20 paid days of bereavement leave. starbucks is offering freefe legal advice for employees whomp may be affected by the the president's travel the new service offerss starbucks employees and theiroy family members the most up toto date information on the president's executive order.r last week starbucks ceo howardad schultz pledged to hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years. >> does it seem like that your coworkers are see talking a lotf politics. es you mayu mays y be onto something.s the average worker spends twospd hours a day reading politicalpol social media posts whe
5:25 am
and they reported reading an average of 14 political socialtl media posts during the workst day. almost half of s otrkhose surves say they have witnessed a political conversation turn into an argumental c at work. o >> and some people are justj like quitting sites likeits like facebook altogether becauseok they can't take it. >> now we just elec atedltthey w president in a very ery controversial election and weone needed a study to find outnd ou that people were reading about t politics. >> sometimes the obvious is s not so obvious.bvious. speaking of obvious not soo obvious. obvious. >> someone got paid to done goto that. >> i know a lot of people are no matter whatw ya olou forecas yesterday a lot of people arey running to the window firstndowt thing to see if they see snow out the re.s >> and they're going to be disappointed depending onoint where they are.ed so, that's -- it's tough.t we had record highs yesterday once again, second day in a row. live shot though look i see i s some flakes. whoo-hoo! where is this from one more thir time? >> that's from boston.from boon. no, i'm just kidding.
5:26 am
>> that's hartford county i believe. [laughter] >> and there we go.'s ha so, snow is fa>>l tlinghe rea wcrossing parts of the region. r is that a salt truck going by? no, that's a tractor-trailer.toi but again, so snow is fallingf here and there and here inerein d.c. it looks like thet looks le rain-snow line is trying tor punch into our region.nch into o do want tour mention obviouslyoi the storm is going to be muchuch bigger. traveling northeling north today, if you have flights toigt new york city boston they're thr expecting blizzard conditionsdis later on this morning and intood the afternoon hours so check soh your flights. canceled herenceled here in anticipation for theion the weather. here in d.c. winter weatherher advisories were dropped fored montgomery county, loudonty, lo county and locations north ofthf there early here although i dogo know frederick county marylandmd schools howard county schoolsouc are on a two hour delay thisr d morning. storm tracker radar showing shog that rain-snow line still s trying to work its wayit way southward. according to storm trackercker radar some of that mixed mxed precipitation is starting to push into the western edge ofstn the beltway so we'll watch ith whoever the next half hour or so and see if it's able to ab punch into our region.h into oe. by 10 o'clock definitely it'sini gone its out of here.ts out ohe
5:27 am
temperatures fall through theur day today,es fal maybe some mor snow flurries later thisflurriel afternoon. let's get to traffic with erin como. >> with the snow moving in youv can always take metro. mtro. all rails on time right now. no keep in mind though if you'reyoe driving maryland state highway g administration letting us know rain changing over to snow andd temperatures are dropping.dropp. use caution especially on elevated roads they tend totendo ice first. updated if we have any crashes in marylandn m this morning. right now in virginia in stafford 95 northbound crash 95c blocking the shoulder at 610 garrisonville road. rod. caution from fredericksburge through that point. any questions at erin fox5tion d.c. on twitter.s back to youly.o y we'll be back in just a few a with more news, weather and and traffic. traffic. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> 5:30. major storm system movingst through the d.cor.m region as e speak.speak. the snow is just starting tosta pick up in frederick county,nty, maryland. maland. now, here in d.c., just rain rin right now but we're waitingitng for it to change over to snow.w. could happen at any minuten at i now. >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us.ood mo jo. i'm wisdom mari >> and i'm holly it may be snowing where yousnowu are, could just be raining.inin. that rain could change over to snow. where it is snowing it isit iow enough to lead to some schoolscl delays. >> these are all in maryland. land. frederick, howard, allegheny,
5:31 am
schools all have two-houroe two- delays today and you can seend s the complete list of delays del scrolling at the bottom ofg at t yourhe screen and they're alsoyo update on >> at least one school systemscs in virginia has let us know ko that they will be opened onon time. wait for it. fairfax county.cou sorry, kids. fairfax county schools openingog today on time. t >> all right. so, now let's get over to mikero thomas and get an update onpdten this weather that we've beenbeen talking about.g about >> mike, here's the obviousobvis question, right.question, i mean, i riknow that we said s around 5:30 it might turn torn o snow and stuff but on the on he screen right now it also sayso s it's 48's 4s. >> well, it's actually -- our ur little screen thing is ang is little delayed. >> uh-huh. >> it's 42 and temperatures are falling fast. ande falling . here's -- what do we need forned it to snow and stick on theick e ground? we need it to come it o down heavy because it's veryt'sy cold above our heads.ur he if it comes down heavy enough,e, we will pool that cold air c down to the surface and then it could stick rather quickly.qu so far that's not what's wt's happening.ha instead it's a little bit of a lighter snow coming throughrough and because of that we'r
5:32 am
getting the -- the stickagesti we were thinking could happen this morning. mor storm tracker radar is showingsg that snow line trying to marcho through d.c. you see itd. coming through thee western edge of the beltway. starting to see flakes mixingse in with the rain.ain. loudon county showing a couplece spots where it's heavier.e a lot of it is not sticking toco the roads, nor was that expected because of those thse record high temperatures weh t had around the region yesterday. that's a check of thed arou forecaat'sst. a e weatget back to the weather ck in just a bit. just a bit back to you. >> 5:32. weather impacting our ride. rid maryland state highwayhighay administration letting us knowsw rain is currently changingchangg over to snow right now. no temperatures are dropping.dropp. use caution especially on elevated roads bridgesbrid overpasses on and off rampsoff s they tend to freeze first andtof as we makree ourez way out on 95 northbound in virginia inginian stafford we have a crash.cras it's blocking the shoulder at a 610 garrisonville road. roa still seeing green on the map mp but just keep in mind we'reminde starting to see congestionnge pick up much that's going to goo quickly turn yellow and red a thisor
5:33 am
allow for 15 he can tram fromn a fredericksburg through through stafford. let's hop outside right now and take ap liveou lookts showu how things are shaping up.e sha. 95 right now out by 610 you can see just quite a lot of lotf congestion right there. right starting to slow us down pastn a prince william parkway as well e as you try to make your way upap towards the occoquan.occ lane in virginia right now 66 eastbound. st that backs up as well pastl sudley road once you hit you prince william parkway you canay see how heavy traffic is on is that northbound side. 270 also dealing with wh congestion down past the truck k scales on the southbound metro is on thbime right now if you want to skip the roads andsd keep it to the rails you can see a lot of heavier raineaviern coming down. this is in clarksburg,arkurg maland.d. back to you. >> all right, now teamll right,m coverage of today's expected winter whether it continues.t >> melanie alnwick keeping an ak eye for us on road k conditionss in middletown, maryland, andandd in frederick county. cty. so, how is it looking outing out there, mel.there, mel >> reporter: the roads areoads e still looking very good but wete stopped at this point and i want you to take the fronthe frt facing camera so you can seen se
5:34 am
here. we want to show you some ofou sf the grassy areas and also lookls at the lights and you cano seee just how -- how this ths precipitation is coming down.wn. it's blowing pretty hard. so, look at the grassy areasy as there, definitely starting totio get covered and i think definitely a prudent decisiont on frederick county to waitounto out the two hours to see howe things are goin g to stack upo t here. we saw a number of pieces of state highway equipmenty heading out here on theing out e roadway. we're going to head back outou on the roadway as well, too. to again, most of it wet butett we're watching those pavementosa temperatures on the roadway steadily drop as every half h hour ticks by another degreehere lower, so that's where we aree e going to end up once they gety e below freezing, those pavementse temperatures if things -- if the road treatment washed away y with some of the rain that washt here earlier, that couldt definitely cause a problem andem some of those untreated areasras as well. so, that's i think also whatal the ho
5:35 am
for and the local jurisdiction n as well.l. frederick county has about 91bo1 pieces of apparatus out here. so far no snow emergency declared. no declared the only snow emergency we're seeing at this point ist is garrett county.t co looks like they're getting attia loot at this hour which of whico course they do and you would expect. so, again, a good decision ond d the part of frederick countyric to just sort of wait it out o and see and probably the restth of the counties in the area as well. back to you guys.back >> all right, thanks for the te update mel appreciate it. 5:35. that same system is heading upha the east coast where it is expected to pound philadelphia, new york and new england. a footed t , onef snow or more could coul fall in new york city and the boston area.area. whiteout conditions are also asa big concern and already already thousands of flights have hav either been delayed or canceled. we also checkedca amtrak this morning. so far know service alerts forer the northeast corridor.cor >> developing in fairfaxoping ix county a manhunt continues in n vienna for several suspects accused of stealing purse lasttu
5:36 am
at tight sons corner.ight officers tried to pull overpl the suspect's car near the intersection of boyce avenueon and bestia oflly road in vienna three people inside the car ca got out and ran.d rn >> a maryland volunteer youthute football coach accused of sexually assaulting a familya fy member and another young yung warner murphy coached for theace boys and girls club in laurel.n they'll be holding a meeting met for parents soon.for parents son police say there could be more. victims.victims. murphy is facing charges ofges o second degree rape and aree r number of sex offenses.offens. he's due in court on march m first. >> all right. time right well, we've been talking about it. the northeast, new york, all, up there, they're getting it. it >> what, there's snow out theret there. re >> oh, yeah. believe.'s hard to >> i heard that.>> i hea what's it mean for us, mikemik thomas has all the answers.nsw >> i got some picture proofpro that we got some snow around the region. >> okay. >> thank you for everybody you repon reports.the re i appreciates. them and can't an wait to see more of them ithem i sure hope as we continue toontie head through the morning hoursrs here. this is from
5:37 am
towards hagerstown and she ranro outside this morning andis mornn snapped a pic and there we go. . we got snow flying and snow n piling up mostly on the grass.e you see her drive way there isrs mostly dry and again evenin een temperatures up that far north r and west were very, very warmm yesterday. storm tracker radar thisdar ts morning showing the bulk ofng tk the snow this morning still up towards frederick county,k coun, maybe northern half ofalf montgomery here in d.cnt.,go that rain-snow line is still kind of slowlyowy marching its way southward but u it's so far not showing anyow signs of coming down heavy hvy enough to cause any major ma issues locally.l it would just be a briefbe period of snow that wraps upat p relatively quick. 42 is your current temperatureep here in in we have dropped at least last 10 degrees since i walked inkein the door earlier this morning.o. 34 for gaithersburg, 32 thersbu, freezing mark up in frederickfre so we will have to watch asatch temperatures continue to drop later on this morning.orning if maybe some of those wets roads turn to some slicke s spots, again, maybe by the time we get to the eveningev commute with temperaturese withe continuing to fall today.uing t by 10 fao'clllock probablyrbl 36 degrees, chilly.36 d weeg may bounce a little
5:38 am
to close to 40 this afternoon before temperatures continue to fall. one thing i don't want to don't w under play is itant t will get y windy today.a wind chills probably dropping dr to the teens maybe single mayb digits north and west as earlyts as tomorrow morning. tomor that's a check of therow ck of e forecast. let's do some roadways nowways o with erin erin >> 5:38. we'll start you off with good news. all metro rail lines on timen t know delays there but grabays tb your jacket you're going to need to it try to stay dry i this morning,t tr snow or raino boots definitely necessary.fini moving over for a look at ourte roads in maryland,for marylandr state highway administrationmisn letting us know that willow right now rain changing over ovr to snow, temperaturestempera dropping. they want you to use cautioncaun especially on elevatedted roadways like bridgesrid overpasses on and off ramps. o this green is going to quicklyny turn yellow and red on ourn ur map. map. 95 northbound crash blockingokig the shoulder at 610 610 garrisonville road.sonv you can see a delay coming upy n from stafford right nowght because of that.because of t once you pass that that point h getting closer to prince prince william parkway heavyay heavy congestion as well.cong congestion picking up ones route one. watch for the potential toiato
5:39 am
on those secondaries and as ands you make your way around thend e beltway. you can see across theoss occoquan from dale city aa sluggish commute as well.w we'll take a look at 270 next.n. back to you. >> all right, thank you veryyour much erin.much e coming up on fox5 news morning the president's fight with awita federal judge the one he nominated to the high court.out. >> plus still a lot of outrageou about what happened to thatat h senator elizabeth warren onapel the senate floor thisizh week.e >> as we head to break rightak t now here's a live look outsideou across the dmv. the time right now is 5:39.5:9 the snow starting to fall inalln some parts of the area. area we're back in a moment.omt. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> ly. >> at the white house this morning jeff sessions will be sworn in as the next attorney general. now he was confirmed by th ethe jeff s as th senate overnight on ay the nearr party line vote.rty line vot now speaking to his colleagueso last night sessions said he hopes maybe somehow we gete along better. sessions resigned from thens r senate just before midnight.mid. his replacement could be namedu by the governor of alabama asal soona as meanwhile a rally was held d outside senator mitchoutsidsena mcconnell's home inmi's home northeast last night.ast last n. now a lot of people outragedoutd over senate republican's votelie to silence senator elizabethlizh warren as she read corettacor scott king letter from 1986.198. that criticizes jeff sessionse record on civil rights. on civi now that letter by thre way wasy viewed millions of times on wednesday. >> president trump's supreme court nominee speaking out ondet comments made by the
5:43 am
president. neil gorsuch says he found f president trump's twitterident attack on a twfitederteal judgeo blocked the travel ban "did he"i mean molliesing and disheartening." gorsuch made the commentde t during a meeting withwith connecticut senator richard blumenthal. blumenth trump recently referred theefer seattle judge who put a stayt a on his immigration travel ban bn as "so-called judge." 5:43 right now. nw coming up on fox5 news morningsn questions about a possible photoshop job on the latest cover of vogue. >> tom brady's super bowl game w jersey still missing.rseyti this morning a clearer picturee of who took it and how much it w could be worth. >> interesting. hey, as we head to live breake e here's a look outside across acr the d.c. region right now.right. we're at 5:43. you can see the roads here inadn d.c. just wet.wet. could see a little bit of transition to snowflakessiti coming up. coming we'll talk with umike moremik about it in a few. fox5 news morning back right after this. >> ♪♪
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5:46 am
[000:44:01;00] ly. >> welcome back. new york is getting a little bit of snow this morning. they're expecting a lot to is of snoe ex a northeast corridor.long already got some issues with tht flights and everything. t so, cosommeing ithisssueht s w apparently. >> can i tell you something funny about this? i telnny abou? >> what's that.s that. >> funny for me personally.persn my mother-in-law lives inn manhattan. so they're getting a blizzardbl today. she's expected to go on a trip i to antarctica tomorrow.o >> yikes. >> you're leaving forou're leinr antarctica tomorrow but a tomoro blizzard is hitting your cityyoy today.
5:47 am
why go? >> antarctica>> >> i think it would be can jd be fascinating to go to antarctica. >> yes, i think it would bethine too. i'll let you know how it washoww when she gets back.ack. kids already out of schooluo in new york new yorcity. they're closing the schools c down therloe. we have some schools in ourour area that are on some delaysom this morning so there are parts of our viewing morni areat are get something weather thisas morning. >> school systems that didsyste delay in my opinion to kind ofpn wait and see what they're the dealing with after the snow passes. i think most of those willhose wi open. i don't expect those to go closings. >> you always said it would gotg through quickly.quly >> that's what's going to t happen. there's a look at winterwte weather alerts. new york, boston, those are your jackpot zones.kpot zon expecting blizzard conditionsbld later today. you're our flights if expecting to do any travel tavel northward today.thward t you'll want to check all of long island under a blizzardd warning. we had winter weatherwintereathr advisories but those werees butt pulled down a little early el here because the snow there was the threat that it couldat c come down very, very heavily
5:48 am
for a period of time. tim it's a little lighter t even to the grassy areas nearly as much as it had the potential to yesterday. satellite and radar thisradar ts morning again look at all thatha snow to the north and easth andt much that's where they'll get'lt the big jackpot totals. near d.c. reports of mixing inin around the western edge of theee beltway. be according to storm tracker radar northern prince george'sei county gencteting g a mixture, loudon county, montgomeryunty, e county. in d.c. it's almost likeost there's a ring of rain around ad us still right now although iti wouldn't be shocking if within t the next 15 to 20 minutes weminw start mixing with snow asw as well. why isn't it sticking? thiscki is why. 74 degrees a record highhigh yesterday. 71 at dulles, 72 at bwi allbwi l record highs.h there's that n we were well above it once it oe again yesterday. nearly 30 degrees above normalae yesterda ny here in washington.t temperatures right now again a 42 near d. we've been steadily falling
5:49 am
all morning and we expect thattt to continue through the our high temperature for theuree day was set just afterr midnight. gaithersburg has fallen back fal into the 30's as has dulles. frederick is at the freezinghe g mark. and as colder air spills inills we'll have to watch for someve e of these wet roads to maybemaybe develop a couple slick spots. st we'll watch that as we heade through the day today.h the dayd here's futurecast. 5:30 showing that rain/snowt ran mix line right around the d.c.e. area but by 6:30 it is showingsn that light snow all around thene d.c. area before it quickly qu wraps up and there we are att 7:30, it's already moving on. mn so if you're getting your dayury started beyond 7:30, 7 8 o'clock, i think you'relock going to be okay this then this evening we do havee to watch for -- not everybodyevy will see these but a couple of snow flurries or snow squallsrre almost minis blizzard condition that is move on rapidly.rap we'll watch those. t they could put down a coatingoag in a few spots if they'rethy're heavy enough but they're kindt of hard to forecast for. the other thing i want toant watch is those temperatures.empe look at wind chills by noons bon
5:50 am
today, winds really going develops off the coastline andse it feels like mid-20's out-20'st there. we head into thee. we nth afternoon hours, 4 o'clock this afternoon feeling like 21l here ini d.c. and teens north nt and west and then as we start st our friday morning, look whatok you can expect.xpec feeling like 13 near d.c., 10d.0 at gaithersburg, single digitsld north and west. sort, some big time winds andds some big time cold coming ourmir way for about the next 24 to 36 hours.36 hours. and then we're going to warmoing it up up aga we'll call it kind of 30's this afternoon withw temperatures bouncing up and down and then falling throughurh the second half of the day t early rain to snow. sow. it dries up. it d then we kick up the breezes and we have flurries aroundav the region and wee have the fourth for snow squalls o tomorrow chilly f orday 32.ay 3. 61 on saturday looks pretty good and sunday,urda yes, ys 70 degrees but could be aegreut couple of showers around.a all right, that's a check ofhecf the forecast. erin como trouble spots onspos on the roads yet this morning.his i >> yes, it's picking up foricki sure.
5:51 am
every time you say snow squall q i think snow squirrel and i squi imagine a squirrel with at giggle so thank you for that. ta >> that's a cute image. im >> you can make me a littleli meme of that for this southbound bw parkway rightight now eastbound on-ramp to i-195 1 closed with a crash so please pe use caution.cauion still seeing a lot of green on l the p.p.ot o volume hasn't gotten heavy heavy enough in that area. we'll keep youenou updated on tt one. 95 northbound crashe. blocking the shoulder at garrisonvillenve road. road delays through staffordlays because of that. t we'll show you some of those congested areas so you know know what you're facing this morning. a lot of rain, a lot of potential toclot of hydroplane,6 eastbound by 50 very heavy he right now.ght n we could take that live look lok outside we'll show you somes bumper-to-bumper traffic.r tr this is the top of the beltwaye by colesville road from 95m over to georgia avenue.veue. only about a five minute delayn but again be prepared tobe prepo reduce your speeds.sp watch for slick spots.h for sli. just take it slow thislowis morning. inner loop moving along justop m fine right there.ovfine right tr as wee. move over for a look on 270 the southbound side veryd sr heavy coming down from 70 to frm the truck scales.e truck sca and then again through
5:52 am
clarksburg this morning another area where we'reksburg dealing with r causing those additionalos delays. i think before the 6 o'clocklock hour, a lot of folks around a the district, maryland andryland virginia left to try to getto that early start so anticipateat heavier conditions earlier inits the morning. e the metro is on timeni.metro is on e holly and wisdom, back to you.t. >> thanks erin. a 95-year-old d.c. woman d.c is in serious condition afteritr a fire broke out in southeast.s. firefighters rescued virginiarga haskel after she was trapped sh inside a second floor bedroom bd at a home on xenia street.stret. >> skyfox was over the scenehe e of a large barn fire in thatfir montgomery county.y. started around 7:30 last night at the barn in the 1100 block00k of sugarloaf road in dickerson. er fortunately no people or peopler animals were inside the barnsid at the time. no word at this point on whatn a sparked that.. let's take a look at thehe stories you're engaging withngnh the most on our social media mei news tracker.
5:53 am
ne else. elr a up. pay back drivers $3 million in i and traffic tickets.c et back in 2014 a judge rulede ru that the village's trafficraic cameras were unconstitutional. nearly 45,000 people in 15 i 15 months got a ticket from thosem traffic cameras.cmeras. vogue's latest cover was photo shopped by -- that'sd by what people are saying orying or asking, they believe that thehat cover that features gigi hadid h kendall jenner and ashley graham is photoshop.h fans say the cover was photowas shopped to make graham look thinner. they say they did it by making m gigi hadid's hand longer whichoh is covering kendall's and ashley's waist.ey's waist. oprah winfrey making morenfe money. she sold a painting by gustav klempf for $150 million $150 min purchased by an unnamed chinese buyer.yer. winfrey purchased the painting back in 2016rcha during aningan auction. and madonna's family isly is expanding. she recently adopted twinsdopt
5:54 am
from malawi. the material girl says she's overjoyed to have the girls astv part of her family.m she posted the picture of them with her daughter lourdes on instagram. >> 150 million. i never heard of that artist. >> me neither but we know now.h >> i need to look it up. >> rich keep getting richer.tinr >> search is on for two women oe in central florida who allegedly used a five fingerfin disdown the nab more thanth $2,000 worth of nail polishnaili from several stores in the orlando area.or the girls went into sevleral stores to steal nail polish and leave. they grabbed the most expensive nail polish and tooka off. >> update on tom brady's jersey. it's still missing but we have a a clearer picture of when it ofw was likely stolen.toln. yahoo sports put together aogete time line. let's take a look at the time line. first at 10:05 p.m. brady wasm.s taken to a closed locker roomkem filled with his teammates andan past employees.ployees. then at around 10:15 membersem
5:55 am
of the media were allowed intolt the locker room and finally aina few brady discovers that his tha his jersey is missing. sports told yahoo sports thats it was probably stolen fromtole the bag prior to the mediamedia entering. sell for as much as $20000.0. >> so we're limiting theo we thieves to family members and f or past employees.ples. >> yes, that's pretty much pretu what that -- according to thatoa time line those were thee the people that were in there. >> inside job. jo >> yup. >> hm. >> all right.>> all let's talk weather now with with mike thomas.. >> ♪♪ >> thank you wisdom.>> let's get a check on the t radaa one more time here and then tn tucker will bring you thebring e latest coming up during theing e 6 o'clock hour. satellite and ra6 dar thise ands morning here's our stormstorm system. center of low pressure starting to push off thesntertiu coastline and then it willine a turn to the north and bring a lot of snow off to locationsocas in upstate new jersey, newerse w york, boston, new england,and, those location os.a now, this piece of energy yourgu see snow starting to redevelop kind of on the backside hereksie towards west virginia.v it's this piece of energy thatth
5:56 am
will swing through later todath snow flurries and snowr squalls. for the rest of this morningst o snow hasn't been f cthoming doww just as heavily or rain oraior snow hasn't been coming down com as heavily as models werels were indicating so we're notting so t getting kind of that big snowatw push. roads are going to be okay b this morning if you're headingrd out and about locally around aro the d.c. area. e did just get a report from helen in rockville who says it i is snowing now in rockville in w montgomery county there.go so keep the reports cmeoryming.i we love to hear them. thm. mike t fox5 for me and tucker ue fox5 for him. hi. here's your seven day andday a forecast. falling temperatures through the day today. 's out's the lowtemp 40 here in in d.c that's going to continue as wenw head through the day today.toay. we'll fall through the 30's 30' and into the 20's overnight.over highs tomorrow only in thely ite lower 40's but this weekend eke we'll warm it back up. p. 60's on saturday and yes, yess,s possibly low 70's here onre on sunday. all right, that's the erin como walking in with then t final check of traffic at theffh 5 o'clock hour. >> at 5:56 look at this. inner loop bottom of theop bot beltway at branch avenue a lotvt
5:57 am
of heavy traffic you're seeing'e break lights right there from branch avenue acros already and that's not the own physical place that is dealingtt with heavy traffic.raic. 66 eastbound from 234 toom 234 o sudley really heavy h alsoh als seeing as we forward ourur cameras more heavy traffic by t .0 right now. look at that sea of headlightsha crawling along by monument mon drive trying to get to theet tot beltway. right now i'd say leave theeavee house about 30 minutes earlyinue to get from gainsville on 66 on eastbound to the beltway. keep it to fox5und news morninm we'll keep you covered with th your commute on this rainyhis r kind of snowy thursday morningmg commute. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ ♪♪ never waver. ♪♪ because going around is rarely ever as enjoyable... going right through. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ >> ♪♪ news >> a major storm system isstem s making its way up the east the t coast as we speak bringingringig snow and rain to the d.c. d.c region. regi the snow is juston starting tos pick up int frederick county, cu maryland and here in the district, the rain just turnedjr to >> it might not be snowing yet i at your house but parts oftsf maryland it's coming down and nd that's caused some schoolme schl delays and one school closing. in western maryland garrett county schools.hools. allegheny and washingtoneny andn county schools are delayed two hours this morning.or >> there are also two-houro twor delays happening for schoolsng s in frederick county, marylandryd and two hour delays for howardrd hartford and carroll countyan schools. be sure to check the complete ce list scrolling along thecrol bottom of your screen andcreen a always updating on >> all right. antime let's check in check with tucker barnes see wherew we stand right >> yeah, things are winding thi


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