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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  February 9, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EST

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♪♪ straight ahead, weather whiplash. from the 70s to snowflakes and a then back again. we dodged mother nature's wrath but old man winter is still sll making this presence felt.nceel. tucker barnes tracking it all. >> he is disheartened by the demoralizing comments made by my president trump and.nd. >> biting the hand feeds you.ed. neil gorsuch making commentsomnt behind closed doors it couldt cd make his confirmation fight a a little bit easier.asier. >> a side line basket brawl. former new york knicks starks s charles oakley arrested
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heckling the team owner andwn a shoving a security guard. g we'll show how it all went downw >> and later love is in the aira and in the office. valentine's day just around thee corner, we'll tell you about a new study about what's really going on between your co-workers. right now. 9a starts ♪♪ i mean you don't have toou v guess what's going on between us? us >> really? >> no. >> we're in the business of information and we're giving itn to thed we're givi people.eople is that what we're doing? d >> that's what we're doing. >> what's going on with that?ha? >> i'm just saying.ay good day d.c.od day.c. time right now 9:01. it is thursday on a wintry cold snowy february 9th i'm wisdomm holly morris, steve chenevey,he, maureen umeh. u we're all here ready to roll.ool >> also ahead this morning thete best of both worlds.orlds it is national bagel day.gel day it is national pizza day. >> wahoo!ahoo >> what combines better thanmbie that? we are combining them into national pizza gay gel day. >> yeah.
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we'll be cooking with companyh o poe later this morning.reoo >> first at 9:00 let's talkikngl about this weath wet roads and some snowflakeslas left out there we dodged theged worse of the winter storm winst hitting the northeast right nowh but it is still feeling likeli l winter out there after a few f days of, well, some might sayht summer like temps. temps more changes though on the wayow for details tucker barnes back with a first check of thef t forecast. tuck, i know people are sayingpg they got it wrong again. i say not so fast. >> thank you, maureen. >> yes.>>es. >> finally. i'm em pref.ref. >> yes. yes >> we didn't think it was goings to stick. to sti >> exactly does we had couplecku hours of snow around here. here. this wasn't our event. this was an event for areas offo to the north and east lookoo what's happening up towards new york and boston.york a greandt pictures out of new york and boston this morning. morni for us it just turned cold.d. 74 degrees yesterday.esterday half of that now.. 37 at reagan national windind chills 26.ills6. winds north northwest at 22.t 2 our wind chills are in the 20s.2 all right.l right a few leftover snow showers iwei just want to mention we may see a few additional snow showers develop this afternoon but theet real theme around here cold andd blustery later today.oday daytime highs we're looking atoa them in the mid to uppe
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out of the 20s this afternoonfto don't, you know, don't go outut there with flip-flops thinkingpk it will be another day in the dn 70s this afternoon.fterno that will not be the case.nohe . all right. where is the heavy snow? not in washington.washington. really not in philly.n lly get up to new york and then uphu towards boston where they'rey' looking at potentially blizzard conditions long island in partsr of the cape, 12 to 16-inches nes york to boston. and a lot of travel headaches up there and then i just want toano point out here off our north and west see these call thesel t streamers coming off the lakesak which are not frozen, some offrm those could get into our regionr later this afternoon and we may have few quick snow bursts burst around here later today.ter tay so back to wintertime for day or two. 30s think afternoon.teoon chilly day. very cold tonight winds winds northwest gusting to 30. 30. our actual air temperatures wile be in the low 20s.ben th get ready for cold one tonight.g steve, not that kind of coldfol one. back to you. nk you right, tuck, tha very much. 9:03 is the time. like tucker just talked aboutdbt parts of the northeast getting g direct hit from old man winter.e
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the time the fast-moving stormnm moves out of new york city maybt even more in new england and already slowing down the mornini commute around the big apple tot say the least.. let's go ahead and get more nown from fox's melissa, who is in ii queens this >> reporter: as you guys cany see, a winter storm is dumpingpg snow on new york city. city the mayor calling foreclosures of all new york city public schools, colleges ands and universities closing as well. cg we'll go ahead and give you anda look what's going on right now. update you on some other notable closures.. numerous cultural institutionstn and local government offices the central park zoo as well as public libraries in manhattanann the bronx and staten island are closed.clos. intrepid sea and air space s museum closing as well. wl. the city is encouraging people to work from home.e new york city subways and commuter railroads running witha delays. by the end of the storm the na tional weather servicend s oayfy the city will be coated withtedh eight to 12-inches of snow in in long island they can see as much as now me
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if you are flying in or out of o newark or laguardia or kennedy, they're expecting delays so thet really want to encouragencra commuters flying in or out of there to check your nights and a make sure to check with yourou airlines before heading to theht airport. that's the latest here from herm queens. fox news. >> that's the deal in new yorkee right now. it continues to mount up as farf as the snow. the here's some of the evidence ofof what she was just t talking aboo as far as air travel these areha the boards at reagan national. o numerous cancellations and a delays and not just up into the northeast.nort some of the trips down southe tr also delayed.elayed. so this will be the situation oo and off throughout the day d today. likely stretching into tomorrowm so if you're traveling anywhere today, please make sure to check ahead because a lot of flightsfs are affected. all right. want to turn to politics danan president trump will meet with executives from the skies. ceos of delta, united,d, southwest, jet blue and alaska a airlines heading to the white tw house. ho airport officials from theoffi nation's biggest airports willrw also be attending the meeting mi and plan to talk about airport infrastructure and air trafficif modern nation.mode
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house after the aviation meetinm jeff sessions will be sworn insn as the next attorney general.erl he was confirm by the senate set yesterday on a nearly party line vo.e. meanwhile the president now facing new criticism and thishi time it's coming from one of hih hasn't picked people. peoe. supreme court nominee kneel gorsuch.gouc fox fief's bob barnard has moree from the white house. >> reporter: the president was t up early this morning tweetingwn about a democratic member of thf us senate who you'll hear fromr in a moment.ent. all about the president's nom n kneel for the supreme court neww war of words that's raise rai something eyebrows here inere washington this morning.ning. >> i have great great -- >> president trump hasn'tn't exactly shied away fromtly ied criticizing the courts as histsh new border and immigrationon orders hang in the balance.. >> a bad high school student sde would understand this.hi anybody would understand this. >> the president has also used e twitter to go after the federall judge who put his executivecutie order on hold. hold. all of
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much for neil gorsuch trump's tp nom 93 for the supreme courtremu whose been making the rounds on cam toll hill. he was trying to win over aing skeptical democrat yesterday inn a closed door meeting after thee cameras left. >> he certainly expressed to me that he is disheartened by the demoralizing and abhorrent comments made by president trumt about the judiciary.ia >> reporter: source close to c t gorsuch confirms the remarks.. and while those comments may not sit well with the president,rese they could help gorsuch becausee under current senate rules, r he'll need to win over some democrats who haven't exactly cooperated with other trumpmp nominees.nominees >> the nomination is confirmed.d >> reporter: senator jeffator jf sessions finally winninginning confirmation as attorney general late yesterday after democratses ran out the clock as long as loa they could including an all-night up next, congressman tom priceri the nominee to head health andhd human services.. a key position as republicans vow to reea
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care. now as for former senator jeffaf sessions now attorney general hh will be sworn in here at the at white house at 10:30 this morning.rng. vice-president mike pence doingn the honors. now, about that tweet this morning, here it is. here it i this is from the president.. this morning writing "senator richard blumenthal you heard in the story there who never foughh in vietnam when he said ford for years he had, major lie, now misrepresents what judge gorsuch told him.toldim that's where it stands at leastl this morning. not the last w.e've heard of ths back and forth, this is bob barnard we're at the white house.white h >> in the meantime the whitehe w house defending promoted afterft tweet from him sent in orderinrd stram's shares press secretary sean spicer says the president was standing upenn for his daughter when he zen tht message he tweeted my daughteryu ivanka has been treated so unfairly by nordstrom's.dsom she's a great person, alwayslway pushing me to do the righto thrh thing. thing. terrible. >> the company announced it would stop selling her comlothpn an
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nordstrom's shares fell lessl ls than 1% but recovered store said the decision was made on poor sales, performance theae message retweeted 4,000 times is less than 30 minutes. at the same time under armor is doing damage control after ar ceo kevin planning praisedg prad president trump's pro business philosophy. people are take to go socialocil media with the hash tag boycotty under armor. ceo kevin plank told cnn trump p was a real asset for uss in a statement under armor sayss it's engaging in policy, not politics nba star steph curry is spokesperson for under armor is chiming in about the comments ie an interview he agrees withit plank's statement if you remove the et at the end of asset. curry also says he has been hasb talking to under armor team tomo get an understanding on what isi going on.going >> i don't like the wholehole boycott because the presidentre said this thing but i dog but understand people have the righl to buy whatever products theye u want because you're spendingse your money on the products who w
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but also keep in mind underdnder armor had big drop in stockpn s earlier not because of anythings that had to do we ith theh t presidency. >> right. >> just because of some business dealings. >> right. >> i agree -- i >> not exactly related to that.a >> i agree something you saidyoi earlier we talk about it maybe y last week when we were talkingtn about the ceo from uber. ube like stepping away.. just because you're meeting with trump that doesn't mean youean agree with everything he has too say.say there is value in having a seats at the table.he tab. that's how the discussion gets started. so there's a little bit of i'lll take my ball and go home that i don't like. and i agree with the fact -- i-i mean if you don't want to to support ivanka trump don't buy'b her stuff. stuff >> i think a little misleadingln say to stay the stocks plumettee from nordstrom's wall street ste makes its dealings based on whaw is the in the future i thinkre that might have been initialnitl concern this might be a big deaa w they saw really it wasn't so w much it came right back again. so aot
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obviously take some time to sort out. ou all right. >> we shall see. >> okay. the sudden temperatures swingsts might make you feel like you'rey living in two seasons at once. o can they also make you sick? ic coming up next medical expert ii weighing in.hingn. >> especially when we go fromo o season to season and back to the other season.r season. not bye-bye by but why why why former in sync stars justinn timberlake opening up by why,hy, why, the boy band split. and slowing a little shade inhai the process because we canecausn officially use that as miriam ma webster's dictionary word now.. >> or is it a phrase?hr >> ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ yup, mother nature she's a little manic sometimes. sometim can be a little trickyricky especially around the wintertime when it gets unseasonably warmsm and then bone-chilling cold.old. but do we really get sick whenke there's a drastic weather change? jenner lahmers from our esther sister station in newne york set down way medical medicl professional to get realal answers. >> reporter: winter can playlay cruel jokes on us sometimes.. today it was in the 60 toss 6to night it's back to reality.ealiy i'm sure you've heard this thi before, maybe even heard thisher today, all this crazy weather, no wonder peer people arelere getting sick. how much of that is actually true?
9:15 am
getting sick when it gets really cold. >> people do say that a lot.ay o that you get sick when there's a change in temperature but i've'v never found it with me. with me >> now that you're mentioning ii i am getting a little bit of a cold. so yes. >> reporter: all right all you central park runners and dog ang walkers you bear leg short sho sleeved outdoor enthusiasts trying to eek out fresh air frer before the snowstorm.fore t are you afraid you mighthe sno t sick?? >> nope. i think everyone stays healthy t as long as you eat well andlnd exercise.ercise >> reporter: that helps hel dr. manny alvarez says don'ts dn rule out thether >> the challenge i think between tonight and tomorrow is that the changes are going to be so radical, right, everybody is walking, you know, in shorts ana not paying attention. how bad could it be it could be very bad. >> he is special physical offcal weak immune system or underlying medical problems. dr. manny says getting caught ih temperature drop without theut t right clothing can make you susceptible to sickness.ickness. >> to breathe cold air into thee
9:16 am
inflammation worse. wor. so it could really accelerate if you have a lot of mucus, youou know, and that, of course ke k >> reporter: that doesn't meanha you should stay inside and notnn enjoy yourself.elf >> i think that's what makes new york great that you can have hav bikini on one day and thenhen you're like eskimo jack the next day. >> reporter: just use common coo sense.ns on days like this when we experience two seasons in 12 hours, maybe pack both.k bot on the upper east side. jennifer lahmers, fox5 news. >> 9:16 is the time right nowrit coming up a high wire disasterie for the flying willendas.leas new details about that missingis super bowl jersey and jake andak gyllenhaal proving that he's more than just an actor with a pretty face in prost m aelting n social media in the process. allison seymour coming back witt what else is making headlines hl next. >> later we're giving 50 shades darker another chance.nce. kevin is back out in la, andnd this time he's sitting down witw dakota johnson. we'll be right
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♪♪ >> 9:19 is the time.>> that means allison seymour is back now with a check of the 9n other stories making headlinesos this allison?aln >> wisdom, good good morning to all of you.l ofu we begin with sadly tragicallyy unperforming for famous circus performance in florida.. five high wear performers are
9:20 am
serious injuries when they felle during practice.n officials say the group wasouwas practicing with an eight-persono pyramid with famous dare d definitely nick willenda. nk the performers were balancing on top of a high wire when one of e the performers lost his balanceb that caused the group to fall about 30 feet.fe. willenda was not injured in thii accident.acnt the stunt is build as highest eight-person pyramid every e performed. despite the accident, the show s is set to open tomorrow. maryland volunteer youther u football coach accused ofus o sexually assaulting a family member and another young woman. warner murphy coached the boysdh and girls clube in laurel. lre they will hold a meeting for parents soon we're told. td police say there could be more r victims.vis. murphy is facing charges the second degree rape and a numbern of sex offenses. ofense he's due in court march 1st.. facebook making an effort to become more family friendly.fami the company is now offeringin employees 20 paid days of beer b receive many the leave can be usedce by any a employee who is dealing with tht death of an immediate famil
9:21 am
member. employees who lose someone ineoi their extended family will get g ten days. ds. the new policy went into effect january 1st. another twist in theanher on-going mystery over who tookrt tom brady's jersey.y now there is a possibility the e jersey wasn't stolen at all. al. no one has seen the jersey sincs the quarterback says he put it i inside his bag after sunday'sdas now, according to tmz, it may have been packed away on a team equipment officials say the truck wasn'ty thoroughly searched before itt left nrg stadium. sdi supposed to arrive in boston and be unpacked sometime today. so maybe we have a mystery mys solved later today.od and finally, from hollywoodo to broadway. ♪♪ >> all right. has legitimate voice. that's actor jake gyllenhaal. he's making his broadway debutyb in the show sunday in the parkhk with george. he portrays a french painter asa he papers his most famou
9:22 am
show opened saturday playing ata the hudson theater which is thet oldest theater on broadway.. back to you guys.s. >> wow. kho knew? >> who knew? >> that's amazing. >> act and a singer.inger. >> i love it. >> jake gyllenhaal. gl. >> thanks friend.>> t >> as far as bradi' jersey idi'e think this is how you play it.yi if you have it, you suddenly sue become the person who finds tomm brady's jersey.ery. >> >> you're a hero. >> tickets for life. you saved -- you saved new england. england. >> it would be tough trying todo explain how you found it when io was in his bag. b >> in the equipment truck. >> exactly.>>xact packed up with everythingly.thi. >> wisdom, just go with it.t >> good luck trying to sell that story. >> let's switch gears fromtc football to basketball right to now. not what you want to do at a wad knicks stars toed from the gamee but he wasn't even on the court he was in the standsthe .ds. charles oakley long-time knicksi one season wizard got ejectedje then arrested. aes we'll tell you what >> first though, we're hitting the slopes. spe just because we didn't see muchh snow, doesn't mean we can't't mt bring the snow to you.owo y we'll check in with one loc
9:23 am
ski resort whose dealing witheat the lack of winter weather. wth >> and fresh at 10a, let's heara it for the boys. >> ♪♪♪ >> did you way better than i i did. i'm here all week at least tomorrow.ow. denies williams the grammy awar winnthing singer behind the foot loose hit --e hit -- [ laughter ] >> it might be bette r than i can tha say it that's for sure. s she's up at 10:30.0:30 i'll try not to murder her hit.. right now it is 9:23.:23. we'll be right back. ht back.
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♪♪♪ all right. with charleshaeal ey.ley. >> seriously. >> last night everything blew ug at the knicks clippers gameers madison square garden right inn the heart of manhattan a lot ofo it had zero to do with what wast happening on the court. tou >> all right the. t former --fo >> broke it down earlier.wn e i'll let you explain.xplain >> this is crazy because former new york knicks great charleshas oakley he was kick out andkiut a arrested during the game.ed dur it's the bigth talker this mornm if you saw it seen was pretty unbelievable. during the first quarter hugerth scuffle erupted between 53 years old charles oakley and knicksy security team. now, you see them arguing. oakley shoving and yelling. yli refs had to stop the game. game. next thing you know oakley getst swarmed by security and theyityy practically drag him away from f the side lines.ines now oakley even went to the wt floor at one point. police source told espn oakley l was sitting a few rows behind the knicks owner james dolan d
9:27 am
when he started making commentse at dolan. i got to say oakley says that ht didn't say a word. w he claims that he didn't say ais word to james dolan they came te over and started bothering him.h he had a ticket. had a ticket. keep in mind, oakley has been he highly critical of the knicks tk owner in the past. while he's being hauled off police say he punched three tee arena employees.mployees. he was reportedly charged withrt counts of assault and released a from jail just after midnight.i. now after this altercation thete knicks pr department tweetedt tt this statement saying that charles oakley came to the gamet tonight and behaved in a highlyg inn appropriate and completelyel abusive he's been ejected and ised and i currently being arrested by thee new york city police departmentp he was a great knick and we hopp he gets some help. fans wasted no time jumping on o twitter. let's check out a couple ofoue these tweets. this person said, charles oakley got more heart than phil jacksoc for the knicks.nick another person posted this. ts mellow getting booed.e phil jackson talking a mess, mes
9:28 am
madison square garden is magical. [ laughter ] >> how about this tweet? phi l pl jackson upset security guardsurd didn't use the triangle offense while restraining charles oaklee espn posted a video of oakley o speaking out about the incidentc take a listen to this. >> i was there to watch thech t knicks and clippers.. we just sat down to have a good time. i was asked to leave the lea building. i didn't know why. why. you have to leave becauseha someone ordered to you leave. i've been hveer te foorurdere al minutes. i'm a knicks fan. played here for ten years. i love the knicks.nicks i love new york.k. my heart. h i wish them all love and succesc on the basketball court.all crt i don't know why i'm notow'm n welcomed into the garden. >> despite oakley's denial the e new york daily news reportsewep sources at mad
9:29 am
refuted his account and say heah was disruptive and adding insul to injury once all the fightingg was done, there was anotherno loose ball -- loss on thes on t basketball court rather. courthe the 96 nick lost to the clippers 119-115. now, the background on this as s said it earlier, charles oakleye and james dolan the owner of th knicks they hate each other.. >>?why? >> because over the last coupleo of years this team has beenver n terrible. they are awf charles oakley had been veryy critical of the new york knicks. james dolan doesn't like then n criticism.ism. he just had all year longl yeon they're celebrating 70 years ofo great new york knicks. because of the feud between thew two charles oakley has not been invited to be a part of that att any point during the season. >> criticism of the team or teao criticism of the owner? >> criticism of everything all -- >> if it's to the owner i canowc understand the owner sayingnd tr don't attack me. sdo if it's the tean'm he's pointinn out the fact this is not a goodd team. the owner shouldn't take thatn'a personally. he should work on getting the team better.d work >> like wisdomte it starts withh ownership.p it's been bad for a long time, right.ght.
9:30 am
>> instead of taking the personally lashing out he should put his focus on making the teaa better because -- if it's a badb team there's the record showseco the the team is. >> i think a lot of times whenee people criticize the team andm they focus on the owner, it hast a tendency to get personal.sol >> that's what it looks like too. too. >> you know how it is when, oh,, it's horrible football team.tba. the owner is an idiot.n i you know how people do it. i you hear it all the time. if the owner hears that, then t all of a sudden -- of a sudden - >> it's personal. >> you know what i don't like i e wholole thing.t'now wh i don't know what's going one th behind the to put out a stategment.knowbe t knicks saying something thatng a alludes to the fact that oakleyo can have some sort of a mental issue or something else is at is play here if there's nothing's g happening that's a bit much. mu. >> it seems very much like thee owner handled them a statement a and said put this out there. >> exactly.>>xa >> pr is supposed to be your you pointing out the positivities ot your organization.ur o >> right. >> not you're bashing peoplehi associated with yourciatedith organization. >> yeah. which means this is even more personal.ans >> clearly >> extreme cly
9:31 am
>> not going to go away. >> like thaw snow that fellw ha overnight. it's not going anywhere anyer overnight. >> wait a minute. >> you poke spoke of theou pok positivities of an organizationo >> he sure did. >> go ahead steve i'm ready toet hear a few positive things.hi >> we don't have to worry aboutu any snow clean up today.p today. >> there you go. [ laughter ] >> a ll right. a dish. >> how about a little more into that. th >> we don't have cars slippingng all over the roads peoplee getting into accidents because c of ice out there. >> all positive things. tngs. >> that's backhanded positive.cs >> we've had a few desks today.y nobody complained about thecomp weather. somebody complained about my c suit >> what did they say. >> >> what's wrong with it wha. >> looks too sharp on you? on u? >> that's what i i'm talkingalki about.. >> backhands keep coming.eepom >> 37 now in washington.ashing 32 in gaithersburg. hey, the temperatures haves hav certainly gotten colder. col we were in the 70s yesterdayteay afternoon and it is wintertimese once again out there. 34 up in 32 in hagerstown.agerstown. 32 in winchester.32 iwinc so very cold temperatures acrosr the area and i'm not showing yog the winds actually n
9:32 am
you the winds out of the north h and north and west gusting 20, 30, 38 miles an hour here in in quantico, 35 in manassas.ansas 35 dulles.les very blustery, very coldd afternoon. wind chills are not going to get out of the 20s later today.oday so please, don't go outsideside thinking you'll be enjoying 70s7 today. it will not feel like it.t. more like 20s in washington atnn this hour.isour. our wind chills will hang out ig the 20s all daytime high temperatures prette much looking at them. at so back to wintertime for a f uplele of days. all right.all ht i'm not sure we're completelyplt done with a few snow showers,hoe snowflakes and maybe a burst ofo snow.snow we're watching this little band now approaching 81.achi if you're getting this tweet me maybe you're whitening the ground in a couple of spots.le o this is passing through laterout this afternoon few additionalio snow showers for us.wers for us. big-time snows are off to the oo north and east up towards newar york where they're gettingting thundersnow at this thi. got to love the thundersnow iner boston they're expecting expecti blizzard conditions along the te cape and long island anywhere from 12 to 16-inches expected up there. i just want to
9:33 am
off to our north and west againa looking at these streamers.trme pushing down from the great t gt lakes and we may get a few ofew those later this afternoon.ft there's your set up for laterer we'll be very blustery, veryy,er cold this afternoon.ld thitern few snow showers out there but t wind chills in the 20s. the 2 quick look at that seven day.n d hey, don't get used to spring will be back this wilbe b weekend. saturday and sunday daytime highs 60 to near 70 all thiss talk about snow makes me thinkae of a place that gets a lot morer snow than us. whiskey resort, and that behindn me is a live look and we aree a going to be talking to a spokeswoman from look how beautiful it is out there we'llw talk to laurie. lri laurie are you there? >> i'm here in snow wispp resorts. resorts. >> tell me your full name. >> laurie, the director ofr of marking here. markin tell us about conditions outditt there. have you gotten natural freshre powder overnight?vern >> we did. we're anticipating aboutut 5-inches and we ended up with uw luur plus. as you can see behind me i
9:34 am
still snowing here. we've got the snow guns going.. temperatures about 20 degrees0 e and it's quiet blustery.y. so if you're coming out to skio or snowboard make sure you'rerde bud led up. >> it look like a beautiful winter wonderland out there.and. i absolutely love it.i teabll msoe about how the season been going. be i know we had a warm january. jy you in pretty good shape as wes get into the end of february and march?h >> yeah. january was a little mild for s us. but february kicked off really strong. even just this past weekk probably within the last tenthe days we've had about 15-inches - of natural snowfall.. and then last two days sunday dn and monday were quite mild.iteil i mean just last night out on my desk grilling burgers and then e this morning, i was using the snowblower in my driveway. this winter has been quite ahabn roller coaster fours. as you can see the slopes ares e covered and they're white. whi skiers are out full force this i morning to get their powder runn in for the season. and we look to be going strong.n next weekend is a great weekende for us president's weekend. if you haven't gotten any skiinn under your belt now is the timem
9:35 am
ry mucinvery much for joining us lori. beautiful winter wonderland outw there.on i may not come skiing today. t i may come out to enjoy thehe beautiful scenery. it looks gorgeous. looksorgeou >> hope to see you out there. te >> okay. that's the latest from wisp.m ws i'm not sure if i'm a'm a snowboarder or skier at this t hour.. >> i'm not sure you shoulduru s probably just stay in the lodged >> i'm pretty good in the lodge. i'll be perfectly hahn evident nest. >> the likes windy out there.ikn her hair was whipping around iti >> looks beautiful.>> looks bea >> we need that around here.hatd >> the ratio on the injuries one the slopes versus in the lodge.e >> big discrepancy. >> they both have their own own >> that's true. >> thank you tuck. t tha >> 9:35 is the time.5 is t tim fox5 dc cares is working to help promote very cool eventl e happening next month. mth special olympics d.c. hosting a polar plunge at nats now the organization holds h plumps to raise money for its ograms.s. this is the first time one isims happening inside the ballpark. p more on how you can get involvee in just a minute but first, wes, want to show you one of the wayw that your donations helpsel special olympics.s last week ver
9:36 am
visited some speed skatersdka getting ready for the big eventt this time he's hitting the lanel for a look at the most popular sport that mike has set out --u- he's set to check out this t morning. most popular sports in the i t special we're talking about bowling. bli here's mike. last week we brought you ice y skating from the special special olympics. this week we're bringing thingsi inside a little bit.inside a lit of coursetl they're there's a bg fundraising event going on thisi weekend at nationals park and we're going to give you muchingg more information on that ie n jt a minute here but we want toan t show you what all those fundraising dollars go towards.r tell you about that, i have nicole preston ceo of special olympics here in d.c. d thanks for having us out. out. >> thanks for coming.>> we're glad to have you. thao hau >> one thing i see in here it ii packed wall to wall there arethr all sorts of students here.dentr tell us a little bit about thist particular event for specialorpi olympic.olympic. >> right.ight this is our bowling so we've got as you said we fill the lanes ln with kids from all the dc public schools are here with us
9:37 am
and they're doing their eight eg week bowling practice working ug to the championship that's in an few weeks.few >> reporter: all right.eporter: and this is one of thell eventse that some of the funds from thee fundraisers this weekend will go tords.s. >> absolutely. >> tell us a little bit about that fundraising event thisus ag weveweekend. >> we're having our polar plungu as you can see it's our event at nationals stadium. nationals park. everybody is come yoodu jump into a cold pool ofl water and jump out and then havh a great time with the party.arty >> report roar you know i looked at the forecast.ecas it might actually feel pretty good to jump in the pool this weekend look like it might be in the 60s on saturday.the 60at we want to bring in one of theef featured bowlers here. bowlers . this is devonne hey, devonne.on. >> hi. >> reporter: how long have youoy been participating in specialcil olympics witness bowling?ness b? >> i've been participating sevee years ago.s >> reporter: oh, wow.ow >> yeah. >> reporter: okay.te okay. is this like your favorite sport? >> all of them are my favoriteot sport. sp ice skating, volleyball, and they are my favorites
9:38 am
like them them all >> reporter: excellent.ellent excellent.ce i got a little sneak peek atk pa what you were doing back there. i saw you bowling some strikes.k you want to give it another shot see if you can bowl one for the camera? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: good luck. ne.ter: one and bowl o meanwhile i'll bring in regina wood one of the bowling coaches here, correct. >> yes. woodson high school northeasteat d.c. >> reporter: all right northeast. tell us a little bit about how,w we just heard this isrds competition getting ready forg r the end. how do we get the students sdens prepared.ared talk about that process.ce >> we actually start in the stat classroom. we take some of the activitiesce that we do in bowling and we create classroom activities for them. basically, you know, how to under act on a team.ct on ea how to work together with each other. even as far as, you know, what to get at the snack bar. sna ba. how to spend your own money andd how to count money.ntey. we make it, um, a live skills event, you know. >> even more tan
9:39 am
physical activity.ity which is equally as important ia also about the mental and sociac stim laying of the whole thing.i >> exactly. i also love special olympicsecic because it allows our children our students to learn new new sports.ts some kids have never bold beforf on a team. we played double tennis earlier this year, basketball, um, soccer, track and field is f coming up, and a lot of kidsf k have never participated in thatt environment before. so it's really a great great experience for them. >> reporter: absolutely.el. devon stepping up to the plate p here. devonne is. . let's see. you ready? let's see what she's got. here we go. down the lane we go. the anticipation is building. devonne bowls -- oh, eight outut of ten. t she's going for the spare. spare all i think you guys are doing greae work here. it's a big event this weekend aa nationals park.als cunl on down. it's from noon to 4:00. 4:0 support your local chapter of ca the special olympics.
9:40 am
♪♪ >> all right. looks like a lot of fun. of >> that's great.>>t's gr >> reminder you can support all the specialcan olympians by tak part in the polar plunge it takes place saturdayatda february11th from noon to 4:00 r for more information, log on ton special olympics >> all right. rht. 50 shades darker hits theaters tomorrow.rrow coming up next, we are going tot check out another clip from thee movie. to see if themo acting seems tos get any better this time. >> us reviewing this. t it should be good. sho >> kevin will also join us livee from la with his sit down with star dakota johnson.
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
♪♪ christian is downstairs.nsir do you want to see him? i can't see you -- i came to see you. >> okay. >> e told me what happened. you know you're in a lot of pain. i'm so sorry. >> he let's you call him by hisi name. >> the oscar goesna to -- t >> no one.>> no >> all right. aight >> from new york it's saturday t night l >> who! >> that is a clip, here we go wg that's clip from the new erotic drama 50 shades dark he kerr the sequel
9:44 am
reunited the stars of the stars original. kevin mccarthy got a chance tono sit down with star dakotatada johnson. kev joins us live from now fromf la with more.ith mor hey, kev.. >> hey, guys., g how you >> hi, kev.i, what's the -- what's the worstot movie that you've seen that mada a ton of money like ae a blockbuster that you cankbter tu actually say was a bad m covie e made a ton of money? >> avatar. avar. >> really. >> gosh, i thought avatar was ws good. >> i didn't like avatar. i thought avatar and poe company hahn tas and fern gully 3d. 3d. >> did it win an oscar. >> it won visual effects.s lost to the hurt locker. >> two nominated for bestomed f picture. >> it was unfortunately it was.l yeah.y >> 50 shades darker let's face'e it i know we talked a little ltl earlier this a stinker. stink i don't care what -- it's as a stinker. >> people aren't going for the acting.arenti. >> it's so supremely >> people aren't going for the acting. acti >> i can't fake the sex might be erotic.ic. >> the acting is so bad you wi
9:45 am
erotic part. >> ahead kevin good i sat down with dakota johnson who stars in the film and a lot of peoplefeol don't know this the film is derived from twilight fanilht fiction. so the author el james actually wrote overly sexualized fan fiction of twilight with edwarde and bella in the characters anda changed to christian and anastasia which becomes 50eces shades of gry and now i spoke to dakota johnson abouta if those twilight character and 50 shades character met whatet w would they talk about but also jamie dorn nan the lead star in the film he had a contract inaci place saying that he could not t show certain parts of his body y in regards to nudity. here's why. watch this. >> if you could see bella andu l anastasia meet, what do youhat y think they would talk about? at like -- i mean would they talk t about edward and christian? isa what would they talk about. abot >> maybe they're like so, um,
9:46 am
similar that, that's correct iti would create some sort of blackf hole and they would just cancele each other out and then nothingg would happen.ulppen >> this is awesome.. this needs to be movie. mie >> yeah. yeah >> i would definitely watchld d that. >> obviously -- i'm really pleased with that answer.sed wi >> great answer. >> thanks. >> i think the fans will be happy with that answer. i love the idea of youhink ty wg both films at the same time and i think as an actor it's sos interesting because you have too change your arc because it's au different part of the story.f th i'm wondering like do youike do remember specific seen you shot in two and then had to shootpeco scene in three right afterwards? how do you jump back and forth h like that?li >> yeah, that was really tricky. um, it was like doing mental and emotional contortions very veryv i don't know, i had never doneev that before. i don't think any -- most peoplt have done that before. bef i can't remember what exacthatxa scenes we shot on the same day d but it was like a full hair and makeup >> i was doing research inesea regards to like the movie andrco lthe production when you werei cast for the filwm.ilm. >> yeah. yea >>
9:47 am
that in contracts you can limit what nudity is shown in a film. >> um-hmm.>> >> i was always wondering howngh that becomes -- how do you wordw that in -- is it like do you, yu you can show certain things ands block certain things.ock ceain >> yeah. >> how does that work when you put that in as th contract. ctrc i can't imagine what thataginwht wording looks like. >> rather my lawyer answer thatt he handles all of that. i give it a quick glance he gnc explains it to me in layman'say terms and i sign it.sign i >> steve chenevey has a similarl contract at fox5. he can only show certain parts of his face and things like that when he's on camera. >> viewer benefit. [ laughter ]lauger ] >> thanks kev. thas ke >> 50 shades darker hitske theaters friday. bye, kev.e, kev. >> see ya. .> all right >> 9:47. >> 9 coming up the belt of both .orlds. today is national pizza day andd national bagel day. bag you don't have to choose one oer the other because today you canc have both. we're cooking with como next ant we'll be right back. back.
9:48 am
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>> it's all love here in theal loft. we're getting a two for one special. today is national pizza day andn national bagel day.onal bagel d. but instead of celebrating oneda or the other we're taking a pagg out of our childhood playbook and combining them both.g erin is in the which it ken witw all the details. good morning.orni. >> good morning, maureen. mauen all i her was cash comb mow. pizza bagel a great alternative to rail men when money is nightn we're giving eight gourmetht gom twist. here to help us chef adam howard from cat knows restaurant in ren northwest. they're sponsoring this cooking demo perfect because they have a pizza flavored bagel theybage launched. launched. >> that's right. >> thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having us. hank newhankew some of products explored it andxp compared it to some of the pizzo prod sucts that we have especial our restaurant g on 14th street.. we crusty bread faux casciaaux c pizza.. real italian symbol of b
9:52 am
simple and starts with greathre bread and thomas come up withh baked all the flavors into theie bagels you have the roastedsted tomato, basil, garlic all kind k of stuff going on. >> good base.ase. >> yeah. for pizza >> that's writ all starts come downs to the bread.downs this is way way to doto it and d have great ingredients to putdin with it. it's simple but that's whathat' makes it easy, fun and makes iti worth doing.rth ng. >> number one step i didn't kno about pizzast bagel because i be would always just put the sauceu and cheese and pop it in thesend oven toast the bagel first toiro get your base. be >> all the flavors they worked a in there bring those out andrine like a quick toast 375 degrees hot enough to get the flavorfulf >> a few minutes.ew minut just to get color on it carl mer lies it on top then startn sta building it it won't saturate'tr too much and mess up the texturx of the bread. >> what do we want to put ono pn this? this >> the beginning one? ng o? traditional marguerita pizzait p doing the same way.. cherry tomato sauce garlic and shall lots and aromatic,.,. >> nice generous scoop of sauceu >> it's that the richness.s th you want that pizza as spec ofc it. like really get a good
9:53 am
>> um-hmm. >> little bit of extra. lit it's nottle going to hurt. h we have some fresh buffalo ms. re l la. >> yum. >> a lot of flavor.lar >> and cheese.>> and c >> anything that melts.g thatel. >> work with this.>> the sky is the limb.he limb. >> do a nice generous portion on cheese on o >> you can find all these t ingredients locally like reallya nice cheeses and sauces already made and that's all you will t need. at this point, it will go right in the oven. >> you pitt it back on yourn toaster sheet and how long dot you toast that for once the cheese and sauce is on?anast thd >>ce once it's toasted you can y just do the broiler melt the cheese. cheese don't let it burn simple as making toast at this point. >> you really can't mess up thes pizza gay bell.ell >> unless you mess up toast.p tt that's certainly possible. possi it happens. >> also, okay this is soming you told me. in addition to being national na bagel day and national pizza day it's national day. >> that's correct. >> thomas are innovators ofats o everything bread. they come up with a funfetti bagel.
9:54 am
toast kind of bring out those t flavors then we have like our mars car pone cream. pon >> making a tear rah he was ma m sue dessert pizza >> it gets really snowy and you're stuck inside with wholehw bunch of bagels limited by yourr >> we just have nice saltedd caramel sauce, mass car pone. i heard of dessert pizza but nob a pizza bagel. bagel >> this is taking it to the nexe level.. >> all kind of levels. lel >> i'm really dying to bite this bagel because i haven't triedcas the e pizza flavored bagel yet i have to say the tucker barnes i standing right on the side rigde waiting patiently. >> hmm. >> that's really goo >> glad you like it.ike i >> i think toasting it firstt rs gives it that little extratra church it tastes more like pizzr than a bagel.el. >> closer to pizza than you think. really nice. n >> absolutely delicious.bsolute i would say #gooddaydc tell meem your favorite toppings for pizza bagel. what you're doing to celebrateib today. toss it back to you guys and make you upback some pizza
9:55 am
.ell. >> which one of those wines tho pairs better with the bagel.tter >> i want to know if w yitour favorite pizza topping is i different than the favoritee pizza topping on bagel.n bag >> you never know.>> you never >> you don't. we'll try them and let you knowd >> that's why i >> can't go wrong with any ofwra much more still to come on goodn day dat 10a.dat 10a. we've got denise williams. let's hear it for the boy,e b right, she hang free and a bunch of sitcom opening theme songs.on she's amazing.zi. she's here and might get her tot do something we've been doing with other guests here.uests he. >> hmm. >> plus you know what, jt is talking. he's talking about why he originally left in sync for ther first >> really? >> why he said bye-bye by. >> interesting. >> valentine's day we'll doo valentine's day dining as well.l we'll give you some ideas thatot you can make if you want to mako a littleu romwant tantic dinnee this year.thea all right.t. >> stay in with the romance.e re >> all right. rig make sure thomas is watching son c can make it. >> how about coffee time on gooo day if you've been eyeinn our cool good day dc mugs wee have a new good
9:56 am
donuts mug to give away.way. perfect cup for that greathat g dunkin' donuts coffee.nkin so head to fox5 or our facebook page at d.c. to d. enter our mug contest. cte one lucky winner selected byy random drawing but hurry you y only have from now until 11am to enter. ente phone don't forget if you winf n take a self if i with your mughy and post it on our facebook oreo twitter pages like this one from have nessa mcintosh. must juice the hash tag good day dc. time is 9:56. >> awesome. >> we'll be right back.e'll be ♪♪ ♪♪ this winter, you have the power to heal. because your purchase of vaseline intensive care lotion, supports the vaseline healing project. join us to help millions in crisis heal their skin.
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♪♪ at 10a beyonce' lawsuit.sui. justin timberlake mike drop dp moment about in sync and the t queen of pop adds to her familyl >> one of my favorite songs froo the '80s.s. let's hear it for the boys. okay. okay. mack i'll let her sing. i'lhe i will because she's live in the loft on this throw back thursday the woman behind that iconic hih and many others denise williams is here. here. of course we have a little lit surprise. >> want to look hot hot hot for your valentineoo'sk ho day? who ar.r. we have ideas don't miss our live fashion show.w. >> cooking with como haven't the do it yourself valentine's meala you can make at home for youroru sweetie. >> let's do it. the 10a starts right now.ow ♪♪ >> you know what we'll give a ga hand to national pizza day andnd national bagel day. day. >> yeah. >> combined to make,, what didid you make?? >> it was brilliant whoever putt those two on the same day.he sa. >> i'm telling you. tel you >> it's great.t's g
10:01 am
bagel.bage okakay. >> i'm going somewhere else andd get some more food. >> into good day kitchen.itch >> i'll take this and this.. >> look what's over here.r her >> more food. more od. >> you mentioned this yesterdayd steve. >> look at this.athi feast or famine.amin >> yum, yum, yum, yum., yum. >> look at this.>> put this here for now. here n >> steve is warming his up. >> strawberries.awies >> what are you making. >> we've got straw buries --ies- >> oh, my gosh. >> i don't even know what you're saying but it sounds great.reat >> she just told me she's making strawberry -- chocolate covered structure berries and her accent was so delicious talk to me thee whole time.wholtim >> you're supposed to teach usps how to make a romantic dinner for valentine's day but i wantui to know if you're for hire. >> exactly. >> come to cooking class every e day. >> you should record it then the play it in your kitchen.en >> there you go.. >> we'll be back. bac >> we'll be back over in littlen bit. i'm going to heat up the pizzaiz
10:02 am
>> delicious.icio >> perks of the job, right. r >> you know it. >> it will be a good hou>>r.a go going to be a good hour.od hr. >> always s thanks for stayingoi with us. 10:02. i'm steve alongside maureen, maureen and wisdom.. didn't get a lot of snow.fno if you go further north as in clifton, new jersey, just jerset outside of new york city, theyye got quite a bit. >> winter wonderland.rlnd somewhere between four andound 6-inch in a lot of parts of northern new jersey and new yore and then you get out to longut g island and they are stillreti predicting over a foot of snow o in some parts of long island asa that storm heads up the coast. a >> actually have a good friendd that lives near clifton.on. maybe i shall check in on i see that picture.ture. >> right by giants stadium. stam >> for those of us thinkingnking those weather people missed itoe again. entiretirely. some people did get hit quiteuie hard. >> the northeast got pummeled pe because they had problems with h flights as well. so it's been busy up thep t northeast corridor. >> tucker barnes. >> i'm having hair issues i'mssm trying to fix it right now. rigw
10:03 am
>> i couldn't tell with thetellh graphic behind you if it was, you know, not playinghi today. >> unfortunately, i step outsidi and that was the result.heesul 37 in washington.ngton. look at those winds that's why'y my hair is all over the place. e north and west at 33 miles anle hour that's sustained gusts ovee 40. it is really really blustery and really really cold out there. particularly when you compare i to the 74 degrees we hadad yesterday. look at the wind chill 24 rightg now. the real story right around here the cold temperatures and the windy conditions connect cne expected late this afternoon.ero i do want to mention we've got t developing snow squalls off to the north and west if you'rnow n of our viewers along 80,0, hagerstown, martinsburg,rg winchester thinking of you guysu send me pictures. i want to see how reduced your visibilities are with snow withw squalls coming into.uant some will make it into thet into immediate washington area thisoi afternoon you might get a quick burst of a little snow. s some cases it could be enough to coat the ground. grod. just because the main event is up towards new york and bostondo doesn't mean we can get a quick coatingus
10:04 am
afternoon hours.ours bigger look back to new york and blizzard conditions expected exc along long i mentioned thundersnow upsnow u towards new york.towards new so snowfall rates an inch an inh hour plus in some spots outpotst there. that's where the real action is. for uhes r 30s. flurries, quick burst of a snow squall a though snow shower thi afternoon certainly a possibility. we'll keep it cold.snternoo temps 30s wind chills in the 20e later today.oday coming up in couple minutesle we'll take another look at thenh radar l ra i'll eat my pizza bagel. bagel back to you. >> i think that's great idea.t'a pizza makes everything speaking of the pizza bagels wew just showed you as erin was cresting some celebrating with w the pizza placed bagel.el last year believe it or not more than 3 billion pizzas were soldl and more than 300 mill bagels. so your pizza bagel obviously quite popular tzza odayge. >> why thomas made that special pizza bagel. bagel. >> tastes like it and you put io your sauce and cheese on ton ofo it. >> we'll have to look for it inl thk e snow.fow. pizza i wonder is it available onlyvae for limited time. time.
10:05 am
>> oh, okay.h, >> stock up.>> >> it's not like a new onet liko they're releasing they'll always have? >> pizza -- >> if people buy it. >> bagels freeze very well if you stock up you'll be okay.up y >> speaking of pizza, would youd ever give it as a wedding present because domino's now ha' a wedding registry. registr here's how it work. work. allows couples to sign up for a number of different pizza pack oages tf hat are thendi ded to the couple via e gift card. basically you can send a gift card to somebody but among thene packages you can choose from ono more slice before i do. slice b the wedding night, dance with mh slice and post honeymoonon adjustment to real life.if although i will say this. thi one of things that was kind ofao cool is 100 gift card and they y say with that they delivery delr pizzas at the end of thet the df reception so like before befor everybody goes home.ybody es h >> that's good idea.hat'good >> as a final snack.inal snack. i don't know how much you getow for one hun doctor howpucks. >> i do like that. i it's kind of a good idea d befof everybody goes their way. w >> that's great idea. >> that kind of makes sense to e me. >>dot does. >> you don't have to get marrie to enjoy domino's pizza.. because it is offering a speciai national pizza day deal today
10:06 am
pizza for 7.99, medium two topping pan pizza for 8.99. 8.9 two large two topping pizzas for stuffed cheese sea bread for $25 or one extra large one toppingnt brooklyn style pizza for 12.99.. papa john's, bertucci and pizza hut offering deals but to scoreo the pizza hut deal you mustu mus order the pizza through amazon alexa.. >> always a >> interesting.>>nteresting. >> yeah. >> interesting. >> always a catch. >> all right. stics stick with food. > a rik fce of course is a staple o many people's meals but it turns out we've been cooking it wrongg all these years. years even worse, the way we'ree' cooking it could actually be a health risk. researchers in the uk sayk s boiling rice in a pan until the water evaporates could leave aoe poisonous chemical behind thati is found in the rice afterer cooking. g. now this chemical is the poisono arsenic and it could lead toeado heart disease, diabetes andabet cancer. so scientists tested out threeue different ways of cooking rice.c the traditional way using two parts water one part rice.
10:07 am
then using five parts water and one part rice while washing off excessive water before serving that hemmed cuts the chemical ci levels in half. but the most thorough method was soaking the rice in water overnight before cooking it the next day.ay they saw 80% reduction in then e >> number one, another studytu from the uk. >> right. >> number two did i miss the part wheretwo we had so much outbreaks of rice deaths i deasi wasn't aware of. >> leading to diseases thatha could then lead to death. dth see you may not know why you got the cancer the diabetes now youy go back and you fine out it wasw your rice intake.nt >> every other study that came a out of the uk tells me the samem thing that i'm going to get i t sick. >> that's a lot of effort foror rice.rice >> it is. >> i'm telling you>>. >> soaking it overnight. >> if you soak it overnight are you still cooking it or is itin done. done. >> i think you clean it and then you -- soak it overnight andve then you do it the next day. d. with the five parts water whichr you then have to strain the ri
10:08 am
rice. yeah. you ever seen those lipton cooks in seven minutes packages. >> that's all you need. >> rice in bag you throw the bar in the pot and put it on the plate.ple >> cooks more than ten minutesat it's not the rice for me.f me. >> valentine's day less thanes week away are you feeling thenge love, ladies? new researchsrc found that men plan to spend s more than $200 on val types day gifts.s. while women are expected topted spend about $100. >> five dollars. >> one hundred dollars.dred d >> the survey also -- really. >> yes. y. >> men consider themselvesves morrow man tick than women whomm did this survey? and -- >> men. >> they're more likely toy're mr believe in the idea of love elia first site. >> look, i don't mind spendingi money and people for valentine'e day. but i've never gotten $1000 valentine's day gift from fm anybody at any point in my life. t. that's lot. >> a lot to spend on a dude.ud >> i do think that that'shat' interesting that men believe inn love at first site more thanha women.n. >> exactly.xa even it's lust at first site.stt more accurate.urat >> it's more the physical characteristic.acteristic. >> completely. >> exact.
10:09 am
>> right. .tha>>t i i hope she'll let me love that.. >> there you go. now we're talking.>> >> it's not exclusive to menclun either. women are like, i l ike that too. >> really? >> women do that?oha >> heck, yea.>> h >> we just don't tell you.'t te. >> we're more discreet with our lusting. [ laughter ] >> wow ! okay you learnuearn something knew every day. e day. okay.. >> continue the conversation.nvr >> this is a good conversationon to have. >> all warm and fuzzy inside.. >> speaking of valentine's day'y we'll throw you a live line. li. love is in the air but also in the office. off did you ever date somebody toboy you work with.rk wh. according to a new career new cr builder survey 41% of workers w say at some point they have tha dated a that's two out of every fiveverv people.le and that number right now isghts actually highest percentage it'i been in a full decade. dad as we break it down a little bit more about 20% more than one iff in five people have datedat somebody in a position higher he than them at work. work. no details as how that worked out.out. now, this is the kicker, too.oo about the same percent
10:10 am
one in five have also dated datd somebody at work who was alreadr mad.ied. >> hmm. >> 30% of office romances haveav led to marriage. not all work relationship end ed happily ever after.fter. >> really. >> not 100% guarantee.rant. 5% of workers left the job job because office relationship gone south.h. >> okay. >> there you go. >> i don't know what all that tells you.>> know tes you that you didn't already know.t >> all right.. >> proceed with caution. >> it can work.rk. >> it might not work.k >> it might not work out. >> 50/50.50 >> there you go. yo. >> don't get too excited becausu it's not all about love in theit office.ofce. and we can thank technology forr that.that new survey finds it play as big part in what bothers us at workr now according to monster cloudld more than 60% say slow internet is their biggest it petpeve. next on the list slow computers followed by printer jams.ed by r out the of date computer processly systems and slow s computer software it complaints don't end therela
10:11 am
employees complain about badutad computer keyboards and mouses and limited storage data as well.we >> complaints y, yes and yesll. >> all about the technology.. >> it's frustrating.rang >> very frustrating. >> it happens in most workplaces. u a '80s box bv office hit is reality for one fo small oklahoma town. tow here's a hint. h all they wanted to dance.. the town of henry yet at a canceling a valentine's day's d dance because a decade's old rule which prohibits dancing within 500 feet of a place of ao worship.hi the dance would have taken placa about 300 feet from a church.rc making it illegal.lleg. does any of this sound familiarr perhaps a movie plot? course it's oddly similar to the 1984 film foot loose starring kevinie bacon you see him there. look how young he look. henriett yet at a council will consider getting rid of the rull at their next meeting after aftr valentine's day.ay it's about 90 miles east of
10:12 am
show this movie when they dohey indeed hold the dance. d >> they should. >> how funny this story is iny i the news on a day when deniseis williams is in the loft? lof >> i know. i i love it. >> okay. i know you know who deniseouw wh williams is, right? let's hearh it for the boy. b that denise williams.ams. coming up later --at -- >> she's watching right now.g rw >> i don't want to sing it i again. agai gramwamy ard denise williams wim joins us live for throw back thursday good day karaoke.arao >> maybe we will be singing. >> ahh!>> a! >> beyonce' sued for $20 million. tom hidmidleston explains that a love taylor swift tank top and justin timberlake complains whyy he said bye-bye-bye to nsync.o . time right now is 10:12 of the0 celebrity dish coming up next. . ♪♪ ♪♪
10:13 am
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10:15. it's time to check the good day celebrity dish. checkitsh. >> guess what?t? >> we got a guest. >> paul wharton ladies andies ad gentlemen. the paul wharton in the house. hse >> i'm a model. mod what's up holly.ol looook at you. looking all fashionable.onable >> looking fabulous.s. >> it's good to see you. see you >> it's a good day ya'll.s a goy >> it's always a good day onoodn good day d.c. d. >> good day on good day d.c. d
10:16 am
>> let's dish it then.'sh it bee i don't know not the only - not just about the twins. twi. right.t. >> because she's heading tose court. s estate of the ahe late new orleans youtube star filed a $20 million copyright infringement lawsuitit against queen b over the use off his voice in her song formationn the estate of anthony berry wenn by the name of messy maya on youtube claims that his voice ii featured in the introduction ton formation. the complaint alleges that hishh estate has received no paymentoe or acknowledgment.. nome. on that one paul. >> oomph. >> he was fatally shot in 2010.2 >> things have got real.l. >>m-m-hmm. >> yeah. he's not here any more. >> it's his estate that's goingi after the money.after th >> they want to get paid. >> was it a $20 million mlion situation. come on now? in it's damages and revenue from the song and sa all of that. >> 20 million is not big dealea for queen b, i don't think home
10:17 am
boy voice's voice was worth alll of that i'm sorry.orry. >> maybe they're asking for 20 0 and homes they get ten.en >> maybe they're asking for 20 2 in hopes they get one. one >> there you go. >> yeah.. >> they'll get >> maybe they'll get none. >> listen usually when someoneme breaks up with taylor swift you hear about it from the often in the form of a song. right? but now actually gettini to hear about one of her relationships through the gate e involved in this case it's actot tom hiddleston he's on the cover of gw but inside he opens upp about the relationship, thenshi, break up and that i t heart ts s tank top. ere e it is. he told magazine swift is an amazing woman and that they hadd the best time as a couple. cpl the downside notes having a relationship in the lime lloit l always takes work. let's get to the things we want to know about the tank top.t tht he said "the truth is, it was the fourth of july, public holiday, we were playing a game and i slipped and hurt my backyb and i wanted to protect the t graze from thes
10:18 am
does anyone have t-shirt and one of her friends said i've gote gt this.this the friend pulled out the i t heart ts tank top that tailor'ss friends are contract alleyey obligated to have.ave >> oh god this is too much.d thi >> we all laughed about it.l la it was aug joke.oke. but he maintains the relationship maureen umeh was real. >> lie.>> l. >> it was the joke that got himo in the press these of one off guys you saw in the movies butit didn't hear about him in the i e main stream press, right.s, rigt >> that t-shirt was a littletl thirsty. >> it was a little thirsty.ttlet >> you think it's a trick. trick >> the story is a lie.a lie the relationship is a lie. >> steve.>> >> didn't you dance with himyoui holdly. >> yes, i did. >> are we -- we >> we something to do with alloo of this.of thi >> are we contractually vowed to talk about that.tabout t >> i just really wanted the tant top.. >> you want what's under the unt tank top. you're not fooling me.oo me. >> okay. >> big shocker. acc>>used of photo shopping its >> stop it. they do that? >> what?>> wt? >> this time it's vogue.s tigu the magazine has been accused of digi
10:19 am
featuring super models gigi hadid, kendall jenner and ashley the march issue claims tos celebrate beauty of all but social media users claim gigi's hand which is placed here ashley's waste looks unusually long. long >> you mean because it's the the same length as her like thighgh bone? i mean --ea-- >> right. >> they accused of publicationui of trying to make ashley who w opens celebrates her size and a the cellulite on her thighsgh looks thinner.nn >> hmm. b she's the only model to be covering her thigh with her arm and is tucked in behind anotherd model. poor thing. thi vogue also appears to haveo hav digitally used -- used digital trickery to add a white seam ann tag to ashley's shorts which were plain black in candid paparazzi pictures taken on theo shoot in december.ecembe this is >> now we're breaking it >> paul since you're the model l expert --pert >> yes. , don't don'tever said pay me for any of these shootsho that i couldn't to do evenldn'to though you photo shopped
10:20 am
>> well, maybe one or two in the past.past but these models aren't claiming --clai >> what? >> no, no. some models, no, just show me -- >> it's vogue people.eopl they've always photo shopped back in the days where they actually did it bythe da hand. n >> are the models really upsetlt about this because the models ms keep taking the shots. shots. >> i don't think the models aret upset about this.t thi >> or people that noticed it. i >> nobody is saying the cover oo vogue is completely authentic.ic these are like necessary peoplel like necessary of the peoplesary that you think you're seeing in the magazine, right?ht >> exactly.>> e if we were on the cover of on th vogue, i mean --gue, mea >> we would look >> i would be so blown out.ut >> i would be photo shop away. >> i would welcome it. it. >> work your magic.ur m. >> that's what they do in these vogue is at the top.t op. she doesn't want to see cellulite or lines around the t >> she wants to see beauty. but >> i don't know how diverse this they want to show all types of
10:21 am
that cover looked a little -- >> they should never make the claim we want to souhowld n allt of beauty and then shownhow everybody looking like. >> exactly.>> exa >> all right. now after all these years, quit having so much to say about that wisdom.m. >> i'm trying to figure out why we were doing fth. justin timberlake said bye-bye e hi bye to nsync.o ns for the first time time ever jtj said despite the immense succesc he was just ready to embark onen new projects which solelyolely catered to the music and not the sold out stadiums. we were on stadium tour evenourv felt like the whole thing wasth too big.wh i felt like i cared more about o the music than some of the otheh people in the group. ha what? >> shade. >> throw shade. i think so.>> thri thinso. technically the group nevery thu broke up. br the five members announced theyd were going on hiatus in then the spring of 2002. 22. but to this date they never n officially gotten back togethere and jt has blown up. >> so -- >> he went on sell out stadiumsm even bigger than in sync.inyn >> i think so
10:22 am
>> i think owe went to a couple of them. >> i was going to ask you.k y. has anybody ever left back street boys or in sync othersy o than justin timberlake and theye really blown up? up? >> yeah.. >> michael jackson when he leftl the jackson five.son five. >> no, no, i wasn't going to the jacksons.jacksons i said back street boys or in sync. >> what's the guy fromguy 98 degrees out of cincinnati.nci >> nick lachay. >> oh.h. >> he hasn't had a hit sinceit n jessica >> that's the last thing he hith >> no, no, no. >> boom. >> he's mary. beautot beautiful wife. >> he does. >> what's her name.>> w >> i forget. >> what is her name. >> manila. >> vanessa manila. >> yeah. >> monano. mono. >> close. >> vanessa. she goes by one name.e. >> she goes by v. v >> speaking of someone that goee by one name. name. s.s. >> beyonce' not the only one one adding twins to her family madonna adopted twin sisters sts from malawi after denying reports she did so.
10:23 am
walking hand in hand with the te girls.rl associated press obtained aned a court documents a malawi judgeue asked madonna unquestionablenabl quesons before approving the adoption she wanted to make sure sean guessing her a wellssr a rehearsed speech.peec the girls are four years old.ld their mother died a week afterkt they were born. the father has five otheriv o children and remarried but can'n care for all the people in his s family madonna has two otherwotr children she a topped fromd fr malawi and two children of her r own as well. >> i think it's awesome. expand the family. she's got the resources.u. she seems to love her kids. >> as long as the kids are happy. >> one is out of the house nown. >> the boy always give youlwaysy trouble. she's got two little girls.e gi. i think it's awesome.. >> hey, what an amazing azi opportunity for those two girls. >> how old is too old to becomec adopted.ed >> you want her to adopt you.dou >> i'm holding on to 30s.. holding on madonna. >> mrs. wharton did he not sayt that. th >> i'm not 40.ot
10:24 am
>> owe! >> because you were saying you wanted to beou a wdopted. adoed you were just throwing your thrw parents by the wayin side.e. >> this took a charles oakley oy turn. i'm just we going to back over to you. >> calm down over there.. >> 10:24 is your coming up five fashion must have for romantic valentine's dayaled date. date night out or >> also we'll do that plus later romantic dinner for two. t no reservations required. we'll show you an easy to do diy valentine's day dinner menu when we head into the good dayd d kitchen.n. madonna had to allow to agree ar them to keep their birthdays. that is pretty cool. i didn't know that. ♪♪
10:25 am
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♪♪ >> this is like a little throw back pick for throw back likicr thursday.ay >> yeah. >> love it of the 1981. >> found some snow.. 1984 to fine the snow but foundu some snow. >> we certainly didn't get anyyy around here. he >> immediate area that is.a th i tucker i'm not --cker i not >> just as tucker predicted.ed >> exactly. right tucker. >> i'm not jonessing on you.ou >> maureen is high on my list.i. she's been the most supportive.v >> did you say from the get go t it wasn't going to be problem o the roads but you did say it was kind of look like a winter w wonderland like sticking on thee trees, falling on the grass.gra >> for parts of the area irea >> um-hmm. >> parts of the area.>> pf >> parts of the country, sure.c. >> yeah.>> >> parts of the country now.y w >> i see where you're going.'re i'm not done yet because i stili got a few snow squalls off tos the north and west and holly i'm going to make sure your house ie
10:28 am
day. let's get to it. he's cold out there. 37 now in washington.ashito the real story for us the cold temperatures have returned in aa big way. and wind chills right now in th 20s. look at the cold temperatures.e. that's current.that cur 32 in 32 frederick.deri 30 in hagerstown.. and wind chills now hanging outo in the teens and 20s. 24 is our wind chill with windsw out of the normal and north andn west. gusting to 30 to 40 miles anmis hour. make sure you are prephoared for gold say day when you stepay outside. we got snow squalls developingev off to the north and west. the d i think these in some cases wilw be enough to whiten the groundro very quickly it's plenty coldntd out now we'll get some stickingn maybe not on roadways buts but certainly on grassy surfaces.s so please tweet me your pictures tucker fox5 if you get snow inw the next few hours.. we'll keep the throat of showero in the forecast through late le afternoon as we are in a. colder pattern the next coupleco days. big snows off to the north andnd east.. we talked about new york andd ab boston.. thundersnow up there inch an an hour blizzard conditions in lono island.isla they're getting the jackpot onko this one we just missed out.
10:29 am
30s for us today. cold tonight. cold tonight. temp bac n the low to mid 20s and we'll have wind chills in the teens make sure you're reade for cold one tonight and then an big warm up this weekend near 7 boy sunday this is rollerol coaster ride.coasr ride. february has been fun.bruary has all right, b guys, back to you.u >> thank you tucker throw back b this this morning we're mng we' celebrating with '80s classic. s four time grammy award winnerwie denise williams joins us live for a little foot loose karaokee right now it's 10:29. 129 we'll be right >> that was great song. >> this is great song. ♪♪
10:30 am
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♪♪ that was a clip from the 1980s classic foot looseootoose starring kevin bacon and thend e late chris penn.. it hit sound track thanks innk i part to the song you're hearingr right now. oy andndre it for the b this morning the woman behind ii four time grammy award singerge denise williams is here live ini the loft. tonight she'll be performingll b some of her biggest hits like free, it will take a miracle,ire silly and much, much more thatoh the bethesda blues and jazz andz supper club alongside singer sie shirley jones much she's here tt dish all about her legendary career. good morning to you.od m >> good morning.i >> it's a pleasure meeting you.y >> great to be here. g thank >> wthhen you hear foot loose aa see that clip washington goes through your mind?thro >> oh, my gosh.y g first thing i think is i had noo idea i'd be singing that 30, 35, years later for sure.ure. >> yes. [ laughter ] no idea at all.a atll but it's wonderful
10:33 am
you're part of i >> i am part of it and i'mnd grateful to be a part of it. ofi it's just that you neverev think -- i never thought thatho the music would have such a long long life but i'm grateful forre it.. >> you still like singing it? do. do i still like performing it if i go into a city and i don't do id somebody will be upset with me.e >> i can imagine. i can imagine. but you're musical cat slog so s vast. you've done everything from, yoy know, jazz, r and b. you even did sitcom jingles forf crying outloud of done it all. l >> well, you know, when i lookhi at it i guess i have done a d a great amount of things.hings. >> yeah. >> as i said earlier i'm very vy grateful for it to be able toe t sing with some of the peoplepl that i performed with and sang n with i grew up listening to johnny mathis and watching himim on television, and i told john i said i've been dress rehearsals for you for a long long time. tm we got a chance to work withk w stevie wonder to earth withit earth wind and fire tom bell and george duke.e. >> legends. >> david foster. f it's just been an incredibledibe mu
10:34 am
>> was music always somethingng that your soul, what you werehae born to do? you knew this from the womb full.womb f >> i was born and raised whichsh the church of god in christ.n cs i joined children's choir atho three. i never saw this as ais as profession. my grandmother was nurse.ndmoth my mom was nurse. mom wasurse. i was supposed to be a nurse ore at least i thought i was going to be a nurse.e a nu so singing was never somethinget that i really saw myself doing.g but you know, we have our plansa and god has a plan. >> absolutely. absolutely. is there any type of music you you like doing the most? >> i really don't.on. i love all kinds of music. mic of course i'm never going to t rap. i'm not interested in that. [ laughter ]intere[ ughter ] >> but i love the hiphop.iphop i love jazz.e jz. i love classical. the blues. i love music across the board,, and my home and with my music teacher in my l high school iscl got exposed to all kinds ofindsf music. so i just love it all.all >> are you still doing music ana new stuff coming out all thell e
10:35 am
over a year now i've been takink my time because it's in betweenb everything else that i'm doing.g >> okay.kay. >> i've got several books thatrk i'm writing, you know, if i canc focus on one and get one out o o instead of writing three at one time. >> yeah. y >> be really something good to do. >> what are the genres? >> of the books i'm writing.hat. >> yes. >> one book just musical journey thus far and it's about, you moo know, all that i've done through my career, and the people i'veev had chance to meet. mt you know, stories about michaell jackson because i met michael ma when he was five. so we grew in gary indianandia i talk about all the people thah i've been a part of. amazing. >> in my career.>> i the second book is calleds cal bringing out the queen in you. and it focuses on the book of esther where is he went to thett beautification process.roce >> um-hmm.m. >> but i'm a i like to encourage people. peol so it's a book of encouragement and inspiration.tion and the third book is called "how ruth got herman" and so --s [ laughter ] >> oh! >> and that t
10:36 am
that loses her career that takes on a second career late in her h life, and finds true love.ove. >> well in our second careersrs here, you know, in the loft, we all fashion ourselves to beeso e singers, of course. [ laughter ][ la >> okay. you hear the laughter.heaugh >> you hear the laughter.aughte if you would indulge we all lovv love love let's hear it for the boy. we're wondering if you'd indulge with little karaoke of it.f i >> oh, yeah.h let's do some of that. that. >> this is become a littleisomee tradition here in the good daygd loft. we'll walk with you over here. >> you guys want to join me.n m yes.s. >>hey're my background si singers. >> we're all your background singers. >>ll y lovely. >> that's all we can do. >> i have bt'ackgs round singere this morning, too. >> we'll call for the start so s we're on queue.e o what normally happens we try this -- >> come on paul. >> i love this.>> lov >> we're always off key.ey off point. >> we don't have to be on key.. >> no. everybody ready.ev >> we just have to have fun.e fn >> let's hit it in three, two,,o one. >> hit it. hit i >> ♪♪ >> all right.ight.
10:37 am
>> here we go. .> we backing her up >> my baby edison talk suite heh ain't much to say, but he loves me -- loves me, loves me i knoww that he loves me any way. >> hey, maureen. h >> you know what. >> ♪♪ and baby, he don't dressre fine but i don't really mind,. , >> this is a good one. one >> note because every time he pulls me near i just want to cheer let's here hear it for the boy, oh, let's give the boy a hand ♪♪ >> ♪♪♪ >> let's hear it for my baby, bb you know you got to understandad ♪♪ >> ♪♪ whoa, maybe he's no romeo but he's my loving one man show, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, let's ls hear it for the boy ♪♪ whoo! whoo! [ applause ] >> miss denise williams, oh myhy goodness, that was the
10:38 am
>> ♪♪ my baby may not be big watching every dime.e. ready but he loves me, loves mem loves me, we always have a reala good time ♪♪ >> ♪♪ and maybe he sings offngsf key -- we certainly do. d >> that's all right by my. denise williams tonight at bethesda blues and and zapperper club.ub 8:00 p.m. >> ♪♪ >> back after this.his. ♪♪ ♪♪ z27mlz z16fz
10:39 am
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um, actually your session is up. hang on. i call this next one "junior year abroad."
10:41 am
>> single and ready to mingle oe heading out with a hot day with your hubby the right outt fiwitc make or break your valentine'sas day. this morning we're making sure yongu look w red hot for yourou romantic night.. here to share five fashion must haves to help ladies sleigh thii valentine's day catherineathene sullivan the owners of monkeysfe of fredericksburg. good morning. >>g.ood morning. >> you look cute as a buttonn yourself. >> thank you you're very sweet.e >> when we're thinking what we want to wear for valentine'sar f what should be our mindset. >> you want something if you if know and flirty. play up the red hughes. redughe weather you're ordering food and sit on the couch or out on the n town for fancy night. nig >> is this a night for to you fu wear something you normallyethir
10:42 am
>> i think you can push the envelope and again just be supep flirty with it haven't fun.un go sort of fashion forward witht >> all right. let's be fashion forward right ourashion models. mel whose up first.up fir >> wonderful. up first and this great red crosby top exaggerated belll sleeve.slve. super hot for spring.pring. we love this kate spade tassel e necklace which adds a lot of ad interest to the outfit and shend looks fabulous. >> it's fun and flirty..and flit i definitely -- that's how it'sh would categorize that.e tt. super cute. i also love, you know what i w love about this outfit, too,fi t it's not like this incrediblyy form fitting, and yet it is figure flattering. >> you know what i'm saying.nowt >> super flattering paired withw eight great pencil pant and it's really chic.hi >> i love that necklace.klace >> me, too. >> can i take this home? hom >> i'd like it too. t. awesome. >> definitely. >> whose is our next model.s out >> sarah is up next and this great printed jean dress so mucm detailing around the neck line. we lo
10:43 am
black blazer and head to the office and works and head out on toe town. >> which works because whi valentine's day is on a tuesday. >> we love jewelry at monkey's she has these great tasselreat e earrings that makes a statementt and her black danielle wellington watch she's not late for her date. >> i'm glad you brought up the t earrings.earr if someone is uncomfortable with being flirty with your clothes o you can put a fun access sayscc sorry and that takes you outsido your box, right.ur b, ri >> jewelry can take you outsideo your box and really make sureaks you added a little flare to theo outfit. it looks >> thank you. great. gok >> all >> next. >> next up is jennifer.r and she's ready for cocktailsl and dancing.anci. night out on the town. tow she look vibrant in this hot ts pink crosby dress. love the tortoise flats add a little bit of a pop pulls thelst whole outfit together and that statement cuff.ement cuff.
10:44 am
the other thing i know we're ini february. february but she is -- she's showing herr shoulders and that's oka don't be afraid to show a little skin. >> definitely date night out ie think go for it obviously you'll have your coat going into the restaurant or event. so afterwards have some fun with it. >> take it off with littleh ltl flare. >> i mean your coat.ean your coa >> i'm talking about your coat.. others for later.or l all right. let's see who is next? >> next up is karen mayor a monkeys favorite dress by tylert beau this dress is comfortableoo and we have ton of colors in the store in different prints. this pink leopard works greatwos for valentine's day playing up the blush color popular forpula spring tori birch clutch. clu kendra scott necklace.. looooks great. >> it's fun.s f it says valentine's day you look like a pink candied hearts.ea you know what i mean you get ini the box for val lines day.. >> our neck model. >> stephanie is a show stopperto in this kate
10:45 am
blush printed dress much theuche mini length, the pocket superer fun. really enjoy this look. lk >> you know what i think isi t great about this you can wearana this for val lines day but a wedding you could wear it to it baby you could wear it to church opho easter morning. you know what i mean? it definitely can be --cabe >> definitely. >> different levels. i love the ability at>> d monkee we really sort of look buying aa peace like that. what can you use it again in utg your every day live or even for more special occasions it justii looks fantastic on you stephanie. >> let's bring all our models out so you can see all the l brk together. definitely every unof them somes form of red or pink which ishi i good start for valentine's date. you have a black shoe or nude on shoe. >> it's so easy to pair black oo ude shoe. obviously play it up with a metallic tone or even accent act pink color but we just thinkus t that's really >> you also were saying foring r valentine's day don't be afraidr to pull out your heels?ee >> don't be a afraid to pull out your heels.your for sure. you're headed out f
10:46 am why not sort of spice it up andp dress it up a little bit? >> the other thing i love we do have four dresses but you canr s wear pants. we there's nothing says you haveg h to, you know, and we havend we v dresses of all lengths.. >> yes.>> y definitely. the mid dee len, shorter lengths they're all very popular and why not wear pants, dressy pants arn so fun even dressy jeans. jea i feel like the outfit i have on i would tollly wear for dateorae night out or casual option withw my >> you got your peek a boo shoulders and everything. if you were going to get thing g for valentine's day what would a you by if it were if you it was me?? >> putting my husband on the spot jewelry is always a fun option.on. >> always fun option and they ad has a lot of kendra scott at her store i've heard. heard are you married --rrie -- >> yes. yes. >> i hope your husband isband watching she'll take thatl takea necklace. i'm just saying.m justin i'm just observing things that t saw. w. all you ladies look absolutelyey lovely.lovely and monkey social security inl n fredericksburg if you ever wantg to check it out we've got i thet information on the screen.atio thank you. >> you needing to somewhereng to right now. right now. you look so amazing
10:47 am
>> right. you needing to all right.g back on over to you. bayo >> thank you. >> looking good.ha ..oking goodnk y >> also looking good what's in the kitchen right now.e kitc it's valentine's dayhen ri comig and we have a valentine's daytid dinner for two in your own your kitchen. you can make it yourselfki. a celebrity chef is going tooing show us how to do so. company erin is back in the in kitchen having pre-meal beverages. we were supposed to toast with that after we cook.ook. it's all right, erin. it's okay.
10:48 am
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>> this is going awkward.wait f. wait for it and awkwa disso this. we fooled you, didn't we erin ii here right beside me for a lot l of people staying home for he f valentine's day would be thee's perfect date night the fear of a the kitchen stops that haveav happening.happ no one wants to cook or feel orf like they can't.. preparing romantic dinner atner home does not have to be does ha difficult. so we'll share a few restaurant quality tricks for everybody ato home. to help us out award winninginni culinary duo amy
10:51 am
gee join us this you know us him from a par tow which is open italian word for open. >> for valentine's coming you.. >> welcome both of you good tooo so you guys again. >> bon journo. i think luigi very busy rightigt now we're on time crunch to mak sure everything is perfect. what are we. >> sauce with strawberry and -- not a combination i would thought on. >> stay with us. a surprise. meaning you can eat. >> we prom miff some tricks now i saw you laid link this into tn here. what's the key to the perfect risoto. >> to main staple.tae the beginning and the end muchuc unfortunately for the tv the beginning very important sauteas the onions, little bit of -- you to have th
10:52 am
plash of prosecco or champagne p and the important things the broth never should coverr shoule completely the rice. you have to stay on the -- do te you that then you boil the rice. risoto is actually made by cali nonni rice from italy and fantastic. it takes 20 minutes.mines >> because you don't cover itset that's why you're always working it.. >> exactly. >> at the end we'll like the t same grain absorb the liquid the broth but no boil it. >> fantastic.. erin i think you have the sweete part of this d >> chef the best part. >> i am much better cook i thini than i am a baker or dessertr de maker so what kind of dessertese are we make fog valentine's dayt >> this is sinuper simple. spl anybody can do it. i'll do chocolate covered structure berries homemade h cheache. this is our dark chocolate. 8-ounces i'll add a cup and halh of heavy cream and we'll putut this in the
10:53 am
>> warm the cream first. f >> just to a boil.>> j that will help us to melt ourel chocolate. i'll stir this.r this. look how beautiful it.if >> it's already melted.t'ad >> notice over there i have homemade chocolate truffles i tf made 4 >> oh, my goodness. goo >> that's made with the same s ganache. you can put it in the refrigerator foryo au nca hour t comes out hard and scroop it up and role it into little balls. >> two for one. o they're both for valentine'sbote day.'s the only difference here isere doesn't this smell about full. >> it smells amazing i can't i't believe how quick untiluick u chocolate sauce melled.ocol >> the only secret the the difference between the trufflesn and this we have to a tdd little bit of butter into our ganachere in order to make the chocolate covered structure berries thisrt gives us the gloss. g >> the ganache stick to theanack strawberries.rawb i'll let do you that it. i if you want to take a strawberry pull the stem back and dip it ap t in there.ere. >> like that. exactly. dip itllll in. >> beautiful.>>ul get a generous >> put it on our cooling these have to set up f
10:54 am
hour they can go in the fridge if you want to put the littletl white designs like i have onaveo mine, make it little fancier. fr >> melt chocolate the same withw put it in pastry bag and make m your drizzle. >> that's a way to impress your valentine's day datewa.y y date. >> exactly.>> exactly it's helpful, too. t. strawberries have vitamins, the, have magnesium, vitamin a,, vitamin c, dietary fiber and f a dark chocolate is even good for people with diabetes. with di >> a little cream.>> >> it's valentine's day. at'vale >> good for you.>> gfor >> it's good for our emotions. >> now that we have dessert h covered, steve, how is itt coming. coming. >> while you're talking i feel'l like i'm watching an artist inrn motion right here because luigi keeps smelling the food andelngt mixing the food. about ready to plate.o plat >> you have to feel the food.d two steps beginning and now thee end. at the end basically you want t turn the fire off and you go outside over here and like this. what i do right now, i basically had the parmesan cheese andese a butter but mostly d
10:55 am
starve from the rice comes upomp and so you don't need the creamm because it's already veryea v creamy. creamy >> i was going to ask about.oinb th.t. look what we have. there you go. >> perfect --ct >> the beaut fee of this you made that look so eaeasy butysy showing us how adding the cheese and butter at the end and then we have scrum chi right perfect. >> look at that. voila! >> happy valentine everyone.nern >> beautiful.. >> erin come over and taste wits me here. >> you're going to love it.g toe >> i thought you'd never ask.era >> for you. >> thank you. you. >> i have chocolate ganachean sauce on my hands. >> voila! she made the chocolata for you. >> that's a great flavor. >> wow! >> most of the ingredients you can eat it. >> bon appetit.ppetit >> i did not think thenkhe strawberry would work the sweetness does not overpower ovw this. it's a great compliment. >> it's truly fantastic it's a s great combination
10:56 am
strawberry and champagne orr prosecco and then this is houseu >> i'm romantic mood for thec mt rest of the day now.f y no >> listening to luigi you havegv to be row money tick mood.k you need a drink luigi.. >> yes. >> happy valentine, everyone. >> happy valentine's day. >>erheers! >> hmm. >> mamma mia. m >> keep talking much this is mazing. >> that's what we were thinking. >> chocolate pudding alcohol.ol >> the only issue we have atue home you cannot taste it.not i >> that's right. that'ght >> this guy is good. gd >> you know what to come now to taste it. >> you have best restaurant.tau. >> that's right. can you top that in 30 seconds?? >> man. man >> forget the dinner got to get the alcohol.lcol >> i got to hear him do theo t >> let's go to the radar we gotg streamers coming in and enough think to whiten the ground in aa few spots.po maybe all hope is not lost for t those of us that wanted snowantw shower it's going to be cold and veryor blustery this aft
10:57 am
temps in the 30s wind chills in the 20s. th mack sure you dress warmly. warl >> okay. o >> all right. >> that's it. >> that's the. .omorrowck tomorrow >> see you on friday! >> bye-bye. ♪♪
10:58 am
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> "hot topics." >> it's going to be juicy. >> now, here's wendy! ♪♪ >> wendy: thank you for watching.


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