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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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controversial ruling and what happens next. plus, racially charged photos, a local police departmentce d addresses allegations of discrimination. and the disgusting reasons why a local whole foods is closing its doors. your news starts right now. we begin tonight with the developing story, see you in that was president trump's message tonight after a federal appeals court refused to reinstate his controversiale travel thanks for staying with us, i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. tonight, the three judge panel from the san francisco area voted unanimously to up hold the of the president t executive order. the order indefinitely suspenden all situatery and refugees from entering the us. it also placed a 90-daya 90 suspension on travelers from the
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iraq, iran, will i by, somalia, sudan and yemin. there's a good chance that the supreme court will now review the case. fox5 a's marina maracco is livec at dullecos international airpot with more. a difference adiff couple days makes because this was not the scene on january 27 when president trump signed thad executive order. the bear kids are still here for the protestor, but as you caneso see there's in the ar, single ol here. if you take a look just on theu other side here that's where the pro bono attorneys had set up shop and you can see themem gathered there tonight. they don't have a lot of workrk tonight. they have what they think isink good news. take a listen to what they thinh will happen next. the next step is either theyithe take it up to the supreme court which i think would be a bad idea with only 8 judges on the bench. i think at best he's looking at 4-4, which would keep the tro in place. the other thing he c
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he could revise the executivecui order, make it narrower, clarifi what he meant by it so that it's not necessarily a muslim ban. or the next actual step, if none of those things happen is it goes to a trial. there's discovery, depositions,i interrogatories. my understanding is i just hearr the attorney general from f washington state they don't have any idea what the schedule for that is. and immediately following that decision by that three-h judge panel by the ninth circuit court in san francisco, president trump f aratnc the white horse e some off the record remarks to a pool reporter. it's a little california decision and we're requestinglig see them in court and i look forward to doing it. d we have a situation where the security of our country is at steak answer ' a very, veryery serious situation. so we look forward, as i justt said to seeing them in court
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> this is a decision that came down but we're going to win the case. and have you conferred with youi new attorney general on thiss tonight. >> no, i haven't. we just heard the>> decision. > how did you find out about the decision, mr. president. >> we just saw it just like did. it's a deis that we'll win in my opinion very easily. > by the way, we won thatat decision in boston. and in president trump's fashion he took to twitter to let the world know, quote, see you in court. the security of our nation is at stake. live tonight from dulles international airport, marina maracco, fox5 local news. > another big story tonight,igs the return of winter weather. a fears february wind isry whipping through the d.c. area while the northeast is get hammered or did get hammered with snow. sue palka has more on with whatt you can expect for tomorrow and more about the blizzard north. do you miss pictures like that,
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> i think a the lot of people were rooting for us to get moree snow than we did, but then youou have to deal with the wind andd the shoveling of all that snow.. we did get some snow around in two rounds. early morning we had some snowow that did deposit 4.5 in. the morning snow did not cause very many problems. winchester getting about an inch. this this afternoon we had some very vigorous snow squall, leto me show you what did, it dropped anywhere from half an inch to an inch. very with very poor visibility. that put down a little bit of black ice. we want you to be aware of thatt there may be some icy spots. you also will be very aware of the very cold temperatures. 27 in the district at 11:00, 25 in fredericks 21 in winchester, 26 at culpeper, 25 at manassas. for the most part, the snow t
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not quite done gust.not still getting a gust to 30. they're going to gust between 2e and 30 overnight and down toto about 20 tomorrow morning.orni it does give us a significant wind chill. significant digits, gaithersburg 12, hagerstown feels like 8,ls l feels like 13 in manassas and 14 here in the city. as we go forward again you can see we have some snow showers weather. while we don't see much moreuc this is the big blizzard that really just rile pounded the northeast. new york city got 10 inches, boston got 15. let me show you what it looked like up there as they were are trying to with this. this was a one p phid blizzard in boston and they have been breaking their own backs tryings to get rid of it because this came with winds that gusted over 50 miles an hour all the way up to east hartford where there was thunder analyte thing much they had snow rates of twolyte to the inches per hour.o
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they'll be dealing with the aftermath and there may even be a second storm in their future sometime in the next severalever daze.da we'll be watching that closely, but needless to say we didn't get the big show and maybe when you see pictures like this you'll s say we're kind of gladf we didn't get it. bundle up. > the chief of prince george's county police is seeing out pol tonight about aic discrimination complaint within his department. several disturbing photos were allegedly part of that excellent.cell fox5's lauren demarco is live at palmer park with the latest. >>reporter: there are reportser that as many as 90 officers involved with this complaint anp it talks about unfair practices with discriminatory action andnd with promotion was apparently piled with the department of justice back in march. but the prince george's countyie county police chief says he didn't learn about it until polc octobeutr i and he is still waig for the details but today he wanted to address the
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about specific incidents that he's learned about. the first thing that he wast he talking about a training dummy. they had a black face pasted on it, an afro wig at its wig. the chief says while he was recently sent these photos theys are from training equipment that hasn't again used since 2015.ce so while he's now just launching an investigation he says the photos had to be taken in 2015 or earlier. there's also a license plate reading gfy. and then what looks like obama. stuff win ski believes gfy is an acronym and is meant to be offensive. he says these were legal license plates last year. he made it clear that the car was not permitted to be onto department the property. the officer then removed those tags. there was a photo of a locker, african-american written whereec it says color for color guard.a. major with a special crops division spotted this just recently and reported it. th
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investigated. toff win ski says he needs side whether these individuale n cases are just that, isolatedlae incidents or whether there is a systemic problem in the the department. he's working along with the local fraternity order they have a panel inni place to identify any racialny r discrimination issues which they started on working on beforeon these allegations came to right and they're alsoca examining trends when it comes toto disciplinary problems and promotions. he said if there are any problems he will work toto immediately fix it.ely i worry about the 2,000 membersr of this department and i don't hold anyone in any different view because they express axpr concern. the reality is that we must work tot improve this institution. we have evolved tremendously inn 10do years, in 20 years. the only way that works is if we all reject the status quo.quo. we restructure. we investigate, we bring impartial people in to look at
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believe we have problems and then we act.act. we will continue to monitor this investigation, to ensure that our members cooperate with this investigation, to ensure that things of this nature are not allow in the workplace and we move past this. the hispanic and black police officers associations are thehe ones who filed the complaint on twitter. they say that they have been meeting with the department ofhd justice as recently asas we've reached out to the federah government and we have received no comment back. live at palmer park, lauren demarco, fox5 local news. > there are concerns tonight over a possible nor owe virus outbreak at oak ridge elementarn school. officials say as many as 80 students have been absence due to stomach aches, fever and vomiting. health officials say these are all symptoms consistent with norovirus. arlington public schools sent a letter home to page,od
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kids at home if they show any signs of sickness. the school nurse as cleaning the line cantic as many times a days as she could m and, woulding as hard as she could.e i know they're dog the best they can. a lot of people are getting sick. it's spreading real fast, a lot of people vomiting and stuffand like that. nasty school officials say they are scrubbing down all surfacesur daily but at this point there are no plans to shut the school down. > coming up tonight, a candidate for governor inidat virginia ise weighing a controversial decision involvinn a statue of a federal -- i'm sorry, of a confederate general. also ahead tonight, the health code violations that force a local whole foods to shutdown.uo we're celebrating, it's national pizza day. hey sam, lauren, from ann pizza. they're going to be showing uswg some tips on how to make thema perfect pie, tony.
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>> yummy yum. stick around we'll be right back
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> a d.c. health department. closed a wholeheal foods markett glover park for health violations todaylt.oday according to a
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woman mary cheh, the store was closed for failure togged it ofg rodents and insects. normally the store was open until 11. 30:00 p.m. we reached out to the companye for comment, no one hass responded so far.. it's not clear when the store will reopen.will a symbol of the con fed razz i will soon be removed from down d sown share lots area.wn s they have removed aha statute fm robert e lee from a downtown park named in his honor. many of the residents argued about the removal. many said it was a symbol of white supremacy. today we urge you to avoid a devisive decision that will not bridge any. just because we disagree on a decision doesn't mean anyone who disagrees with me is my enemy. the only way for us to move
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other, love each other, understand the difficult issue.u we havelt to do this together. two candidates opposed the council's decision includingclud corey stuart. he says the move is an attemptmt to remove virginia g history and heritage. let's talk about the weather forecast, 11:15, 74 yesterday, snow today, how did you like the last 24 how. >> it really is amazing. we didn't get enough snow -- i think there were two-hour delays across frederick and a few other areas, but it's amazing the kind of cold air the snow was able to bring in. what we are left with is the big wind field and the cold air that the noreaster which really was a blizzard now up toward new england produced
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area and we had our snow showerw this afternoon. i've been sharing some of thee pictures that were sent to us and this one was mechanicsvillem maryland around 5:00 and thisis was what people found on the roads. not everybody saw these, but they put down a half inch or so of snow, that's where we are reminding you there could bee some black ice around in a few spots, parking lots, sidewalks, even maybe on a major rode if it didn't get treated. the snow has ended for the boston area. they have to bebo happy about that. almost out of maine as welch but our snow showers were presentprs the back side of the huge noreaster pulling from the the lakes, the winds that's where we got the snow showers from that actually caused some problems from the morning snow that we had which mainly melted aroundod the area. the winds are gusty. they should get better in the next couple of hours, but will be
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s that these types of temperatures, overnight, gaithersburg 19, hagerstown 19, 2 # for martinsburg, dulles and manassas. 20 for culpeper here's where the gusts will be tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. still getting gusts between 17 and 20 miles an hour. by the time we get to the noon hour, still pretty much in the same region, but day we had gusts ofs 45 to 50. so this will be a big improvement. but take at cold temperaturespea overnight and the gusts and this is what your wind chill willil feel like in the it feels like 10 for gaithersburg, 14 for dull else. 16 for d.c.c. take it forward to the noonon hour, feels like the 20s and we're still feeling like 40-degrees. afternoon, mid 30s to near 40, so it is going to be a chilly day, but wait, we've got warmer news for the weekend. saturday is going to start out
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cross in the afternoon and that should pop us back into maybe the low 60s and even warmer than for sunday. sunday may feature more clouds, perhaps a shower, there will be showers out towards the west to the mountains. the weekend again we're thinking 60-degrees on saturday, 67 ontu sunday and here's your fox5x5 accuweather seven day forecast.e we're still onn the mild side next week, maybe not 67, but 54. monday, valentines not bad at all. we're a little cooler wednesdayr and thursday, but that's a whole lot warmer than today was, that's for sure. brody over to you. there's something about thesome verizon center thisth year.. the wizards went two months without losing in china town and now the caps are on a ten-gamena losing streak of their own. the special gust would be there to drop the puk.
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crowd and she executes the ceremonial puk drop. then yes, take the selfie, if you look on my twitter account, shared the picture.ure. everyone she does is perfect.ct the second period tied at 2. dj oschie. third between even at 3, owe she with the the steel to john carlson. owe she -- al alie used his stick in practice yesterday. the second goal of the game, his 22nd of the season. the caps win 6-3.. they have scored five goals in ten straight home games. after the nats break camp in florida they will play two exhibition gays. today the nats announced they have reached a three-year agreement to play in annapolis. the game is not open to the
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complimentary will be given to the naval academy midship men and select members of the us navy. if you have dreams of playing ig the nba. they announced early thursday morning they are bringing some of the world's best gamers together to compete whileile representing the actual nba teams. the league is scheduled to debut in 2018. if still don't know if joe flacco is on the field. online apparel shop fan attic showed fan head shots and ohio flacco was voted the most attractive. red skins kerrigan and the redskins ranked third over all. wait. why do we why are they ranking them like this? > it's something to do. so
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players in the nfl do these people actually cycle through.le this guy, go ahead. sure, him. > with the verizon center and what the luck the teams are having, maybe the redskins should play there next >> a little indoor football. > coming up next how do you make the perfect pizza inn we brought in a few experts topert answer that question on this thi national pizza day. sam and lauren from ann pizza. join us next.
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> what a great way to end thegr show, we are celebrating national pizzaea, we day. how do you make the perfect pie and what are some of the why isier top incorporation outp sam and lauren are here now frow apple pizza. you guys have brought a couple of different pies in. tell us what makes a great pie. >> i think there's a lot of things but i think first you have to start with e
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we have a recipe that is proprietary to you can't get anywhere from us. we have a wide variety of sauces, but i think one of the things that make us really unique is a as a brand is the variety of top incorporates. you have everything property pure east, and some other unique offerings like pineapple, shrimp. i've been mr. and it's you t. ell them what you want.t. it's amazing. we're excited. so what do we get to do?o? >> we're going to put you guys to work. this is our nature brick andand our. this is a garlic and oil. you're going on do a sexy drizzle. >> for valentine's day. there you go.go. and then on this side this isis our maverick, our take on a meet
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you're going to take some t percent toe.akperc >> is this sexy.y. >> all sexy. i didn't get some sexy. >> you're going to finish it off with the the parm.m. > on that >> just a little bit.>> j >> how you wantus it. > exactly. this is for the more traditional is. over here i have a couple moree of our unique pies. the first one we have over heree is our salad pizza. >> that's great. you get your greens in. we have some let us tossed in our basil pesto. i could put on some of the veggies and the cheese.h > do i do that while you're doing that? >> you can go for it first. i'll wait. if you want to start putting on some cumbers. they are all o
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right. >> 20 locations. > thank you, everybody, happy national pizza day. because going around is rarely ever as enjoyable... going right through. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ people just can't get enough of me and my discounts. so this year, they're getting a whole lot more. box 365, the calendar. everyone knows my paperless, safe driver, and multi-car discounts, but they're about to see a whole new side of me. heck, i can get you over $600 in savings. chop, chop. do i look like i've been hurt before? because i've been hurt before. um, actually your session is up.
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warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today, on tmz -- >> jason and reload had an issue with american airlines. he wants to bring the pilot down. there must have >> been an enormous disruption. >>he made 200 people late to their destination. >> the pilot turned the dust -- the plane around because they were being "under ruly." >> how is it going? are you on the mend? >> yes, slowly but surely. >> hit-or-miss pectoral muscle. >> that is so sexy. >> he thinks


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