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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  February 10, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ news >> breaking right now in the the district. crews on the scene of a house he fire in northeast.or at least two people weretwo pe rescued from that house andfromo rushed to the hospitausl.hosp we have a crew on the scene.sce. >> plus, i'll see you inee you court. that's the message from them the president this morning after aea federal appeals court decideddec not to hold up his travel ban.a. live at reagan nationalational airport. >> first on a friday a livea look outside on thisn this february 10th.brua we'll have weather and trafficef coming up for you on the 5s at 6:05. good morning, i'm allison allisn seymour. se >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news'm mor sninr and we start with breakingbrin news a house in northeast on fire right now in. the 700he0 block of maryland avenue.nd avee there you see fire crews outewst outside that home.ide thate. the crews say the blaze washe ba showing on the first floor ofstf a two story row home when they got there.whth two people injured. injud. we do have a crew that isw that still headed there get youet ou more updates and a live reporte in just a few minutes. >> our other big story thistorts
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vowing to fight back againstdena the feinderal judges' decisionsg not toes reinstate his traveltat ban. >> this morning the legal battle over thes morn incontrovr ban likely far from over as itvt could head to the supreme court. co >> fox5's melanie alnwick isnwis live at dulles airport with a the latest. mel, good morning.oo >> reporter: good morning, steve and allisonte.r:ison. so what this means is that forhf now international travelers trav are still able to come and go freely from dullesly f international airport here andro other international airportsna throughout the country andtion e refugee program does continues n at least in the meantime.ntime. also, immigration attorneystion continue to keep watch.wch. >> all i can say is thank god.g. thank god at the courts of thec united states feel that they are not controlled by the executive branch.utiv >> reporter: plenty of reaction after a fe eepdeorral appeals court ruled lateledlate thursday not to reinstaterei president donald trump's ban's n on people coming into the u.s. from seven muslim majorityty nations. na >> this is a good news for people of america because wewe don't want the
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world to think that we are re against any religion. re >> reporter: the three judge eej panel appointed by both boh democratic and republicanpubn presidents ruled unanimously concluding mr. trump's. t executive order raisedais constitutional questions.questi. >> we respect that the president has broad authoritys when it comebs to issuing executive orders but -- but-- bt they still have to follow theol constitution. >> reporter: the president reacted immediately vowing todii keep up his legal fight and insisting "the security of our f nation is at stake."at ." audio of his reaction was captured at the white house. hou >> it's al political decision that. >> reporter: former former democratic presidentialcr nominee hillary clinton postedad on twitter "three-zero referencing the unanimousna decision by the three judge panel to which kellyanneto whiey conway responded tweeting"weeti" pennsylvania wisconsinsconsin michigan in reference to mr. trump's election >> i think if they go to the u.s. supreme court they riskey k getting a serious ad
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ruling. >> reporter: now, the the justice department said it is reviewing the decision andion nd considering its options buti president trump made it prettyrt clear on twitter last nightnight with his tweet saying see you yu in court.ou. live at dulles internationales n airport i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local newsily. local newsi. >> 6:03 now.>> 6:03 w. developing overnight onping ove capitol hill, the senateate confirming tom price forprice fr secretary of health and human hn services. he was approved just before 2:00 this morning.ornin price has been against the affordable care act for yearsar and democrats fear he and wants to remodcruceat government health programs.rograms. during his confirmationfirmati hearing price said his goal isa for everyone to have health insurance. >> happening today education edo secretary betsy devosdev expected to pay a visit to to jefferson middle schoolddle schl academy in southwest d.c. where she'll likely be met my protesters. pr nine washington teacothers unioi will reportedly hold a vigil outside of the school to showo w their "love for publicc schools" o devos sap strong advocate for charter >> ♪♪ >> new this
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antiterrorism raid in southern france leads to the arrest of four people includidsng to aa 16-year-old girl.-old girl officials say the arrests werewe made earlier this morning.morni. security forces found aunda makeshift laboratory as well as therato same explosiveex materials usedly in the 2015e 05 paris attack and the attack int brussels last year. last year it's believed one of theelie suspects was planningve a suicide attack.ttack. closer to home today aod loudon county man whom pledwhom guilty to providing materialidit support isis will be sentenced. mohamed bailor jalloh was a former virginia n atbaiiloronaliona guardsman.guardsma the justice did he mean sayse he tried to dheidlp isis get weapons. jalloh has also said he'sid h's often thought of carrying outyi an attack in support of the t islamic state. >> ♪♪♪ >> just a few seconds shy of 6:05.6:05 hi, tuck, good morning.orning. >> happy friday.>> >> you don't have a jacket today. i presentable. >> yes. >> good morning. it got really cold. >> >> yeah, it did. got rd. yeah, >> hard to believe it was in iti thed.elieve it 70's.
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>> we said it at the same at the time. >> couple days ago. want to do som>>e cou temperatup 24 now at erreagan national.nal. 21. >> wind chill is off thes othe chain. >> it's the real deal. wind chill is 13 right now. now we have fallen here and we're going bottom out in the nextn te hour or so but you get the te idea. definitely, definitely betely, e prepared for afini wintry mornin as winds are still very brisk.rb parts of the area yesterdayestey afternoon actually got more mre snow in some of those squallsho in the afternoon than we got g in the morning.r it could be a slippery spot or r two. got lots of pictures of ares o a quick dusting half inch inch parts of the region.rts of we'll be in for t hea quiet day. we'll get clouds thisuds this afternoon and warmer air a starts to work in but our highoh temperatures will be aboutures w 40 degrees and we should bee she dry later today so we're not'ren expecting any travelny vel difficulties. by the way starting to clean up i snta new york and bo of the ton. i didn't see boston snow't totals but between about 10 s b0 and 12-inches in new yorkn new o city, downtown new york city yok yesterday so they got the big bi snow. for us 42 for your friday.fria big weekend warmup.a will you be able to ba
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i'll have all the details on that.. and that's all i'll haveve details. >> details at 6:15.. looking forward to it. it. hi, erin, good morning. m >> good morning.>> it was so cold this morning irn was not ready for it. it. and the wind makes it even worse. worse. >> that's what i said, i. >> yes. bundle up. you'll need that extra layer. ly gloves scarves hats all thehats good stuff.ff. right now skyfox over the topve of the beltway in colleger parp kind of a rolling shot of shot f traffic that's picking up. 95 at the split to the beltwayhe outer loop jamming up b only with about a five top sevenop minute delay 95 to georgia ge avenue because of volume.f volue 95 southbound little bit ofbounb volume increasing from the icc c down to the beltway as well.wel. we'll move it over from thatom h beautiful dark quiet view ofiew skyfox and show you a look atokt our maps and what else you'reyoe facing for this right now as you make your wayay out in alexandria car off the road telegraph road at hey at y field road just a reminderemindr it's still a bit slick out ut especially bridges overpassess o on and off ramps.on a you may encounter some icyicy spots.
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want you to slow down and use as caution this morning.utiois m watch for those cold spotsold so because temperatures are stillel reduced and we did have thatd conversational snow tuckertiona move in as we take a ilook at 95at 95 northbound volume buildingolumeg fredericksburg to the aquiaaquia harbor. still green on our map butap t starting to slow things down past courthouse road and then h 95 dale city to the beltway be some slowdowns as you approachah the occoquan this morning.rnng. and in southern maryland we'reae still in good shape. good shape. just some volume picking up as you make your way out on 210on coming up from old fort roadfor towards the beltway.wards the b. right now metro is on time. i'll let you kno wti when when anything else changes.e chan allison and steve.n and ste. >> erin thanks. let's get back to that>>o tt break, news we just mentioneden a house fire in d.c. d.c annie yu just arrived on the scene. what can you tell us, annie? >> reporter: hey, goody, morning steve and allison muchi good morning, everybody.orning, well, this is the 700 block of maryland avenue northeast.noras. just blocks from the capitol the as you can see. we're just a y oufew blocks awaw they have portions of marylandar of a closed. cl this is the home that caughtt cg fire early this morning.rnin the fire has sent two peoplep to the hospital.
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one person was found in thed inh front yard and a second personpn was rescued from the basement.a. d.c. fire says both victimsvic are in serious condition right t now and -- at the hospital.hosp. meantime you can see d.c. fire.e units, a number of them, stillt on the scene here. her. the fire looks to be out butoutb we have video from earlierea this morning where you can seese those flames and the smokehe mo just shooting out of the roof. . they believe at this point itoit began in the basement andement a quickly spread throughout theoue home onto the first and seconddd levels and of course right now w it's just too early to tell what exactly sparked this fire s but that is the very latest here from northeast d.c., back c in to you in the studio. the stu >> annie thanks very much.ry mu. also a scare at j.f.k.. airport overnight what caused cs a plane to catch on fire right r on the runway.runw >> a surprise reunion for theone family of a local marine.mare. we're back in just 30 seconds. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> dramatic scene on the runway last night at new york's j.f.k.mati las airport.a. we'll flip the screen rightip t there and go from d.c. to newhen york. if not we'll just tell youtellu about it. sparks and flames wereks shooting from a flight about aal to take off for argentina.arge there we go.ere you can see that is -- that's all the sparks. initialal reports one of thertso engines overheated and caughthea on fire.nd nobody was hurt.nobot. nine plane was able to taxi txi off of the runway on its ownio which is a good thing.thi ly.. >> breaking overnight inin
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explosion one worker is is missing. two others were were hu. officials say a crew of sixx workers was cleaning the pipeline at the saint charles parish plant when an explosional sparked a fire.a fire. expected to burn for days. to by at least 60 homes have beenen evacuated around that area. ara. just a tragic accident inn southern virginia on the t chesapeake bay bridge tunnelidgl in virginia a tractor-trailer was sweptas off that bridge by high winds.i. the navy helicopter thaticoptert rescued the driver about 30ou 30 minutes later was off of thef te roof of the semi, that's some'so good news but it was only toonlo be followed up by his death onde the way to the hospital.hotal. that water was aboutbot 45 degrees at the time. tme >> look at the swells too.athe e that's amazing.that's a prime minister of japanf jan and his wife waking up in the nation's capitol shinzo abeh will meet with president trumptp at the white house today. white trade negotiations hou selikelyo be on the agenda following the e president's decision to pull the u.s. out of the transthe tra pacific partnership.atne they'll travel with theirh t
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beach. the president is personally paying for the tab for the the e japanese prime minister's stay y in florida.rida >> 6:10 now.>> 6:10 no overnight we learned presidentep donald trump will stick by ther nation's longstanding onestandie china policy.polic in a phone call with thewith the chinese president last night,ni president trump eased concernsu about a potentially majormaor shift in u.s.-china relations. the policy requires that the t united states maintain unofficial ties with china's rival taiwan. the white house says the calle l was "extremely core jen." the price tag for president trump's cproposedpro border wall could be a lotbe a more than initially thought.h an internal report by theport be department of homelandnt security says the wall could cost aays ms uch as $21 billion. and take more than three yearses to build.bui that's much higher than the t $12 billion that president trump ioen stimated during his campaign.mpaign. >> no more alcohol is themore ah order from penn stateol ider frn university to itn sstat campusps fraternities after a student died last week in an alcohol anc related death.lated deat a 19-year-old engineeringengine major fell down a stairwell during a
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last week. last w the task force is currentlyee looking into greek life onin penn state's campusto inn pennsylvania. >> how about a heartwarmingboutn regunion now out of maryland.ay marine sergeant corey brownrgea has been stationed overseasverss for almost six years while hisis wife and three daughters liverut at the quantico military base.b. well, brown says there is theres nothing better than to hugan your family and he did just jus that when he surprised them inhn baltimore thanks to a donationon from mass mutual midatlantic.dac 10 military families in theies n d.c. area received sergeant brown's wife wasnt b's expecting a box, not a n a surprise visit from her husband. brown expects to be home for two weeks before he heads backce tados japan to continue his to of duty next fall. fal >> cheers. >> long time. ext, easastp next, east coast digging out from majorm majo snowstorm. we'll take a look. a loo. >> live look outside as we outse head to break on this friday morning, weather and traffic on the 5's next. >> ♪♪
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>> friends in new york and new england digging out from over a foot of isn dinggow.ins new york boston philadelphia pel all hitting hard. thousands of flights from major airports up the east the t coast were a lot of flights canceledancled today. to get out martha stewart decided she would plow herself out. she tweeter out decided toec plow out and now i'm stuck.d not a for effort.efor >> i bet she packed good foodoo in there. >> i bet the interior was justst phenomenal. here's what to expect for expe o today. today. we didn't get a lot of snow s but we got the february feelarye back as winds have picked uppicp and of course our temperaturese have been plummeting for theplue past 36 hours and we're6 hours e bottoming out this morningng with very, o very -- these are seriously cold temperatures tpeu particularly when you considerco we were in the 70's a few days ago. gaithersburg 19, 19 inn fredericksburg, leonardtown good morning you guys l are 19 degrees, 24 in annapolis.nnas
6:16 am
persistent winds.wins. maybe they were more thanore th pesky yesterday as we hadead winds gust yesterday tosterday 50 miles an hour even in theeve city. wind chills right now feels f like 17 washington a-single wasg digitsto gaithersburg westminster, martinsburgma winchester all feel likehest single digits. bottom linlee it's going to bei cold today. even this afternoon i thinkhink our daytime highs will only bene about 40 degrees.out satellite and radar, got40llite clouds out to the west aradar,ne we'll be in and out of the out clouds today so we'll go with ih a partly sunny day. sunny day. northwest flow remains intact.n i don't think we'll get the snow squalls we got yesterdaywe afternoon but we will thate keep the cold temperatureshe c around this afternoon. so, highs in the upper 30's tou about 40. new york boston got aab chancecc to clear out you can see much quieter conditions across the easternt seaboard here. here's the setup for the weekend. orrow's tomrrowlly tom morning but during the dayng the tomorrow a warm front willow a r start to liftm to our northorth bringing cloud cover but along o with it we got mildermild temperatures on the horizon. we mentioned we're going to beio right back into springlikep temperatures around this i'm not sure we'll be in then he 60's tomorrow but upper 50's 5's
6:17 am
afternoon and then we should ths get as we get into sunday andayd that warm front gets furthergetu north we should get well intoho the 60's on ulsunday and maybeme even a spot or two gets to o 70 degrees. ato be al it's going to be nice looking weekend. weekend oh, yeah., yeah. >> oh, yeah. yeh. >> o yeah.h. >> oh, yeah. ya >> 42 today. [laughter][lauger] >> things got weir it's always tucker's fault. fat. right now we have some orangemee line delays. disabled train at cheverly single tracking between cheverly and stadium-armory. and delays in both direct staions. d orange line slowdowns.lodowns. please wear extra layers ont your way to the metro stop. when you think it's coldcold outside realize it's colder.cod i also hate the cold. col right now six to 800 block of maryland avenue northeast shut t down. do traffic having to detourfi around that. we have been telling you aboutc this breaking newens telli actit house fire scene there.cene the. delays in northeast because ofho thatf so please use cautioncatin around maryland avenue in theen nohe
6:18 am
friday morning commute wide view slowdown 66 eastboundas through arlington this morning t let's go to skyfox right now still over the top of the beltway college park.ark. a 15 minute slow down withith congestion. co inner loop much quieter andng then 95 southbound a tap ofboun the brakes as you head towardsy the beltway coming down fromy theco icc. aside from the orange linenge le delay right now we have safehav track surge 12 going into to place tomorrow impacting thea blue line. we'll take a lblook at thatat tt next.xt. back to you. >> ahead of its release next month, a new nintendo gameme system. the switch is coming to d.c. c. this weekend.this the event is being held on sunday at dock five uniondock market in northeast. fans will get to test out f mat new games for free.mes for fre now they won't give them away wy but you can at least go on g on play with them and decide ifidef it's something you want to buy y or not.or not. >> all the games kind of likef k in one you just switch it >> you play it as a home h console or you can take it on o the road with you.ith yo. >>
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a northern itvirginiagini elementary school stayings opened despite a norovirus a nos outbreak. next the alarming number ofg numbeof students who are down for thedoe count. coun >> a local whole foods groceryro store has been shutdown afters n some stomach turning findings. i we'll fill in you. >> ♪♪
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were. >> this morning the question for one school in northern virginia is how manymorne were. >> this morning the question for one school in northern virginia is how many kids will be out sick? >> this after more than 80 children have been out over the past few days. maureen umeh is following up on thismorne scs ho s afen havthumehfoll developmenc oak ridge elementary inelementan arlington. good morning. >> good morning to both of d mo you.rning to bot first up oak ridge elementaryide will be opened today despitee the belief that the noroviruse o sweeping through causing those dozens of illnesses is to is blame. a letter has gone home to home o parents advising them to keepo k their children home if they'ret showing any signs of sickness. norovirus symptoms are usuallyua nausea vomiting and diarrhea.ia. the arlington countyn ount spokesperson says they havepers crewson coming in nightly
6:22 am
clean. all right, to arlington --ri we'll wait for that sound.. well, let me go ad had andhad tell you this.hi. arlington county publiccounty p schools says --s says-- >> i spoke to the school nurseso too and she also sent a note a e and said she was just cleaning l the clinic as many times a day as she could and working as hard as she could so i just --j i know our staff is doing theoi best they can. >> a lot of people are gettingrg sick hee. it's spreading real fast.f a lot of people vomiting and and stuff like that that, yes.hat, s nasty stuff.s >> are you concerned the 62ly 6y is doing enough? are you you concerned perhaps they should shut it down. pershutt >> no, i think they've been i t doing a pretty good jhiob of keeping the kids -- they'vethee been giving good advice byvicb keeping the kids home ifme f they're sick.s so i think we'll be okay.oka. >> arlington county public pul schools says there's no plans to close oak ridge elementarye e school at this time.this tim. health officials
6:23 am
frequent hand washing and to scrub for about that 20ubor abot seconds. also the letter says the the let school is working with tethewor health department to identify iy cases plus shared surfaces are e being disinfected daily.ily. the ongoing situation at oak at ridge more details as they as become available.aa steve. >> sorry about the technical problems. prlems. the whole foods market inds mare glover has been shut down byas the d.c. department o bf health. a spokesperson for mary cheh heh says the store was closed cl because of insects rodents andna other pests on the premises.sts fox5 reached out to the reachedt company for comment. tcompany fo we're still wair ting on a a response. it is not clear when the stor ee sore will reopen.repen. >> a local church is partnering with the tim tebowebo foundation to give specialpecl needs students their night to shine all their own. the waterfront church along with the tim tebow foundationun is holding a worldwide promrldwo and over 350 locations aroundard the world.rld. all at the same t here in our area the prom willel happen tonight at nats park. pak >> i love that.e that. i love stories like that and iid hope everybody has a
6:24 am
time. >> have a ball. ball. >> and then on saturday ands special olympics.oly >> yup. >> the polar plunge. the polnge. >> polar plunge. >> yeah. >> inside nationals park. park >> thacos cool. >> although it's not exactlyh in going to be 20 degrees ongreeson saturday for the polar plunge.p. >> this year it will be -- b last year i did it, it was a little chilly. c >> are you doing it this year. y >> i was scheduled to. t i'm not sure i am.m. >> probably wouldn't want to to it this this >> definitely not this def morning. thank you, steve. stve. >> king of the segues.sees. >> see how he did that. he did that was his way of saying sayig hurry up done weather.weaher. trying fox5 me along.trying fox 24 in5 washington. washington. check out your wind chill.t you. 15 degrees. . absolutely, yeah, no swimmingswg early this morning here.y this winds out of the north and an west amount 8 miles per hour. mi all right, so, the deal with it today is we're going to keep e that cold pattern intact.nact. our daytime highs upper 30's 30s to about 40 and we'll be in i and out of the clouds buthe clou still some winds today and ita will b
6:25 am
weekend looks much more favorable if you like those lik springtime temperatures we had a days ago.ago. tem mid to upper 60's around here he by saturday and and there's going to be a fewe w showers on sunday but i think we'll trade that forr temperatures that are balmyatur for this time of yeaesr.e of ye. >> yes, we will many. >> uh-huh. >> look at valentine's daily. da >> so pretty. >> it's beautiful.>> i >> i remember --em >> do you have your>> valentine's gifts yet for yo dur valentine. >> no, i've got to work on i've that. >> well, you have a couplee a cl days. valentine's day last year dot you remember how cold it wasow s on valentine's night last year. >> it was freenezing.tlast >> i don't remember anything about valentine's day. >> perhaps your't rout intoed p up your valentine's game.valentn >> perhaps he didn't goe' outside. >> i see what you did there al. >> to get in the spirit i'm going to do the cupid undie cupn run >> you're doing that.t. >> uh-huh. >> my goodness.>> my go >> i'm very excited.oery >> let's hear it for erin como everybody. >> i can't function in thean cold temperatures like that.'t >> erin maybe you can show usu w what time that is and whered whe you're going to'reoing t. >> sure. [laughter] >> would you like to help mee te
6:26 am
270 southbound crash blockingbos the left lane after 80.e after 0 that's causing some big delayses coming down from 70 that green n is going to quickly turn red so please allow for extra time to get toward urbana this u morning from frederick. as we forward our maps theps outer loop 95 in georgiargia looking good. we have volume 95 coming offomif there from the outer loop 95om to georgi ta avenue about a 15t1 minute delay. de car off the road out inn alexandria telegraph road and hey field road. watch for slick spots this s t morning from the reduced redu temperatures and the moisture te we encountered yesterday. bridges overpasses on and off od ramps tend to freeze first.nd you still could hit icy patches this morning. up 395 some stop-and-go som traffic this morning as youe mu cross 236 and then you openu o towards the 14th street bridgete looking much better there. ther. 95 and northbound dale city toto the beltway and stop-and-gotway traffic as you cross the occoquan this morning orangeth line we are idealing with somewo delays. delays if we can switch to our metroouo map this morning, just be, juse prepared as you make your way out towards cheverly.t safe track picking up so we'llto look at that safe track workhat as we continue that's
6:27 am -- blue -- ue line starting >> safe track surge startse tr tomorrow. we'll filowl in you.ll in >> breaking news in northeast ia d.c. update on the condition of twon people pulled from a house h fire overnight. it's now 6:27. >> ♪♪ - breathtaking. and i love your use of negative space. - what were you thinking? - oh, definitely art school! but between painting and sculpture,
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>> ♪♪ >> just before 6:30 on a friday morning. fr made it through this week.t e wes had wbeautiful weather, wea had sn,
6:30 am
everything in between.tween. tucker will be along to let us e know about the weekend. welcome back to fox5 neabwoust moing.g. traffic and weather on the the 5s. we want to get back to thatt bat ngeaking news. house fire in northeast d.c.rt annie yu is on the scene andsce has an update for us. annie, good morning.ood >> reporter: hey, goodepor morning, atellison.g, all good morning, everybody.erybody. well, just to give you an ideana of where this home is located,lc we are just blocks from capitol hill.o there youl hi see the dome behid me. but this is the 700 block of maryland avenue northeast andveu because of alle the fire units scene, they have two blocks of maryland of a closed in both directions.di this is the home of the earlyrl fire from this we have learned that a total of three people were sent to set the hospital. police say that one personpe self evacuated. that person should have minorn h injuries. the second person was and rescued from the basement andemt a third was rescued from thefrom rst floor.r. now, we're told that two off the victims who were rescued res are in
6:31 am
the hospital right now. now. one firefighter also taken totao the hospital with minorino injuries and should recover.u but we have video that was provided to us by d.c. fire fi that you're looking at and youny you can actually see thatha heavy smoke and flames fla shooting out of the they got the call out just after 5 o'clock this morning butornint firefighters at this point believe it began in the basement area, it quicklyqui spread throughout the homehout e onto the first and secondnd seco floors. a veryy is obviously serious situation here. we have two people in criticalci condition fighting for their lives. ves. one firefighter with minormino injuries and then a thirdn a tid person who was able to get outt safely but has minor injuries.iu that's the very latest herea from northeast d.c., annie yu au fox5 local news. news. >> annie thank you.>> a thank y our other big story fridayfr morning president donald trumpsi vowing to fight back against the federal judges'dentfigh deci not to reinstate his traveltravl ban. following yesterday'sterday's unanimous decision presidentisio trump said "the security ofse our nation is at stake. sake. "he hinted at taking the case c to
6:32 am
>> happening today, educationion secretary betsy devos issy d that expected to pay a visitsit to jefferson middle schoolddleol academy in southwest.o but she will likely be met by protesters. hers unionhers teac will reportedly hold a parenta and teacher vigil outside ofigil the school to show their lover e for public schools.ools devos is a strong advocatedvoate for charter schools.r charter a heads up for metroro riders. round of safe track o begins tomorrow.fbe this time riders on the bluen t line will feel the mostst impact. impact. while all of the blue lineth will be affected for the next 18 days, keep in mind theret will be no trains between rosslyn and pentagon.tagon. and the arlington cemeteryceme station will be closed.closed. metro says riders should sould expect more passengers on then t yellow line between virginiavirn and d.c.and d.. the track work comes as metro is dealing with decliningecining ridership.ri happening today, pepco isinp teaming upep wicoth the d.c. fie the company, the power companyw is donating 1,000 smoke0 smok detectors to the agency'sy's smoke detector give awayaway
6:33 am
the initiative was created tod o ensure all d.c. homes have he working smoke alarms.alars. residents can call 311 to t arrange to have a smoke sm detector installed free of charge in their home. home. steve, over to you.ver to y. >> ♪♪ >> 6:33 right now.t n let's check sports for you on yo the morning line.e mornin there's something abouthing a verizon center this year that it's just winning.inning. wizards went two months without losing and the caps the have made it 11 in a row atat home. last night another big winig high scoring game and the caps acknowledging fatima al ali. a then she took a moment to take k a selfie something she'llmthin always she was showing offer her her stick handling skills and skating ability mighty impressive.mi you know who isgh also impressive, the capitalsc scoring six goals again lastx ga night. ght. 10 great games at home orho something like that of five or r more goals.morels. it's just unbelievable.bel i think the guy that yells
6:34 am
throats. t.j. oshie gets his second ofs the game. a caps win six-three, five goals,e at least in 10 straight home games. games. the caps host the ducksthe tomorrow night. thriller in durham rivalry y between duke and northen d carolina always a good one.uklw. this one also a good one. one duke's grayson allen's line line score. he leads the number 18 blue devils past north carolinaa final score 86-78. 8678. spring training for thefo nats begin this month inth n florida. couple weeks away.coupeeks awa but wheny. that's done they'll play two exhibition games e before the seasonxh starts stats against the boston red sox onese at nats park and this is anthiss really cool the other one atthet the naval academy inademy in annapolis. it's part of a three yearyear agreement to play games inames n annapolis. they'll do one a year for the fh next three this year'sxt game will bewill e april 1st. now the game is not opened top the public.p this is something for ther te cadets, the military.i complimentary tickets willnr be given to naval academy midshipmen and select members sl of the u.s. navy.of the. na very cool of the nats to doo
6:35 am
>> yeah. >> this might cause a littlet ce controversy. not going to lie.. who do you think is the most attractive player in the nflt is it joe flacco? accordingac to the on line apparel shop fanatics they posed 400 peopleeo with the head shots of all nfl l players and joe flacco voted vod the most attractive. redskins compton and kerriganken ranked fifth and seven. se the skins racked third as a thia team. i'm sure 399 votes were inwere n baltimore but that's not not official. >> did you vote more thane moren once. >> that's speculation. >> i think tom brady ishat's ras atveactive. >> right. >> not number one in the poll wasber on he. >> uh-uh. er numy thing he's not numb one at.e >> would you rather have thehere most attractive player on yourrr team or super bowl ring.rin >> or both 'cause he might be both. have bo.acco does have both. good for him. >> meanwhile let's do the let'se weather. seriously cold out many peoplelo are tweeting meut hey -- it's's seriously cold out so
6:36 am
but our wind chills are in the4e teens and single digits. we are featuring coldring cod temperatures today.atur you know what, it will feel aeea little better than yesterdayterd because the winds won't be blowing fit literally 50 miles an hour like they werey wer yesterday afternoon but thet the real warmup won't be until until this weekend so we'll talkl about the weekend coming upmingp but mix of sun and cloudslos today. warmer air will start to work in and that will arrive in thene form of clouds later this laters afternoon. afte several thousand feetve upstairs.ra and we'lll be in for a partly partly sunny friday.y fr i'll have details on thes on the weekend forecast and a reallyrel cool snow moon. snow moon >> i saw that snow moon. moon. >> yeah. well, tonight there's going torg be a little eclipse.ttle e we'll talk about it. >> nice.>> >> tom brady was number seven on the list buy the way.dy was >> really. >> tied for seventh with ryan ra kerrigan. >> i need to see these headse hd shots. >> yeah, i know, right.h, i kno. >> uh-huh. >> hi, erin. ern. >> snow moon could be thee th valentine's date for tonightor . >> so nice. >> little moon watching, right. >> right now delays on 66o eastbound at 123.stbound at 1 there's a crash just beyond bond this delay. you're slow from 50 to 123 to12o of. extra time needed there.
6:37 am
as we switch over for a look lo at our maps not the only only problem on the roads. ros. old yates ford road is closedrdr right now out in clifton.if. there's a crash near hendersone road jammed back to davis ford d road. caution there. ine betweene beeen fairfax and prince williamce wil county. closed insed in centreville eastbound side atsi string fellow road.oad. watch for delays there you'll have to detour around becauseunc of a crash scene that's beingeig investigated and then 95he 95 northbound dale city to thethe beltway some stop-and-go traffic. traffi 395 little bit of stall edsalldl road to the 14th streete4th stre bridge. only about a three to fourto for minute delay.minute delay. volume increasing. if you're taking metro this morning, the orange line is no longer single tracking but b residual delays to cheverly so watch for that one. 270 southbound slow throughow th urbana. back to you.back to ou. >> erin thanks.n thanks 6:37. coming up rosie o'donnell like e you've never seen her before.b a hint that snl might be taking the comedian up on her hr offer to play steve bannon.bann >> being called the best jobj in the so how do we apply for it? i? we'll let you know when weenwe come
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
>> ♪♪ 6:40.>> let's check what's trending on the web on this fridayk whe morning.web on first t off, looks like somebodyke som is stepping up their game. ga rosie o'donnell like you've never seen her before dresseddrd up by like steve bannon.ban. the question is is this a sign n that she will actually playuallp him on saturday night live or l is she just trying to upd
6:41 am
her resume to try to get that ge s in.i l gig. l gig. speaking of snl christine bar ba ran ski may have given them an n offer they could not refuse.. she's thrown her hat in the ring to play betsy devos.devos. mcdonald's getting a little l let's say crabby.abby. testing out a crab caker cake sandwich at four san francisco n bay area restaurants.esta would you go to mcdonald'su go s for a crab cake? c >> no. >> maybe try it out, right? rih can't hurt.can't hurt. sandwich could make anould makn appearance nationwide.nat >> or can i'm just graying could make an appearance nationwide if thenwih folks in san francisco gorancis crazy for it.or it is this the best job intjobi the world. cadbury's and oreo hiring areo chocolate taster and they want t honest feedback.fe the job involves tasting sweet s treats. here's the hard part. for seven hours straight. >> why? why for seven >> do it for seven minutes.n min >> i might try to take thatthat grab though. >> don't bring the mccrab to maryland. don't try it.
6:42 am
>> you're welcome al.e welcom >> it is the weekend of sequelo at the box office.t th much anticipated 50 shadested 5s darker is among the sequel.te kevin mccarthy is heatinge things up this morning withth his reviewis of that film. fl the fox beat is next. >> ♪♪
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> ♪♪ >> this is a house fire in northeast d.c. w.nie yu is there right now.s is unfortunately they pulled two p people out of that house andut h they're in criticalat c honditin so we're hoping for the best as far as their condition is.coi looks like the fire itself hasis been knocked down but we'llown l get an upd
6:45 am
coming up in just a bit. bt. >> just about 6:45 right now. n. time for the morning meme.rni >> in just a minute.>> in ju on the other side. side actually i got great morningmo memes this >> real. >> yeah. >> good. we need something tome s war m u swarm up today.t >> let's go to my graphics. i wanted to show you guys, hey,y full moon tonight. tight. >> i noticed the moon coming cog in today. it was very bright. >> i think it gets up about up t 5:30 tonight.ight. check it out between 7:00 and 9:00. >> what's a penumbral ekeal k lips. >> thanks steve. ay it the meto say it the same way.y. penumbral. a very slight lunar eclipsee the very slight shadow of thea earth are going to be on thede o moon a littinleg later.a >> like a ring around thed moon. >> wow. >> it will be a light shadowsadow cast on the full moon. mon >> we're seeing a shadow ofha the earth.the eart >> shadow of the earth between about 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock9 c tonight, okay. what's that. what >> don't worry about >> clowns in front of thet of e moon. >> clowns in front of thelowns moon.thmo >> clouds. thought he said cows.d >> there's going to be a co
6:46 am
>> i thouucghtk seei you said c. >> you'll need a telescope toelo see that. we're very cold. temperatures right now 24 inurew washington, 19 inwashin19 in gaithersburg. lenardtoweonardtown, 19 degrees for you guys. gs. 17 manassas, 21 culpeper.u cold for everybody.verybody. unfortunately the winds areun ill with u us.atel yesterday we hads. a 51 miles 5 per hour wind in downtown washington. and everybody just very, veryy,y blustery yesterday.bluste still winds with urys herehere early. feels like nine ine nine i gaithersburg, just 11 out at dulles. dulles. partly sunny today. sun very chilly.very chi we won't get the big burst ofrs snow shower activity like wewerl diddest esther. did yesterday.yes i think we'll be kind ofof partly to mostly cloudy thisudy afternoon and keeping it onoon the chilly side.the . here's a look at this at this afternoon's forecast.ternoon's . again high pressure overheadresr keeps it nice ande cool withco temperatures 30's and 40's. 0's. big warmup this weekend.eeend. about 60 tomorrow.ab a few showers around on sundayna but look at sunday's afternoontn forecast. upper 60's to about 70. 70. >> whoo-hoo! >> little cooler by>> littlcool valentine's day but you know,y u you can warmt yo it up anothertp way, right, erin. e
6:47 am
i'll tell you what, tucker,tuck, anything is better than then te freezing cold temperaturesng cot today.empe bundle up. it is so cold out there. t skyfox over 66 right this is the eastbound delay we're dealing it starts well before 50 rightet now. we have a crash closer to 123.o3 so as you make your way from that centreville towards thetowd beltway anticipate a big slowigw down. i would say from 234 to the 234e beltway you're in for at least t a 30 minute delay right now. n. westbound traffic muchf lighter. we'll enjoy that for now.enjoy n we'll look at ouowr. maps.aps. aside from that big problem pro we'll start off with good newsos from metro. me no longer single tracking on the orange line betweenn cheverly and stadium-armory.nd delays lingering in bothys directions. as you make l your way out in o the district annie yu isnie yu s tracking this breaking news. ne. six town 800 block -- 600 to 800 block. blc old yates ford road right now closed near henderson road.nearn jammed deback to davis ford road with a crash s this is in virginia near the he fairfax prince william countywiy line
6:48 am
way out on 29 eastbound, righttt lane blocked at string fellow aw road out in centreville.centrevl dealing with an active crashtivh scene and there causing bigd slowdowns.owdowns. aside from that 270 south an 27n earlier crash moved over to the shoulder.sher. all lanes opened.opened. heavy volume 70 throughthrogh clarksburg. clarksbu we'll let yourg know about thatt one if anything else >> tucker promised good memes today. >> he did. like well might getwell might gt targeted. >> you guys tell me what youu think.think. time for, #morning meme. m is that the name of ourthe segment. >> yes. >> all right. lots of fun yesterday.est let's get started with ourur first one which i love 'causeve i feel the same way. this is from eric.eric. >> oh, yes. >> that's a good one.>> that's >> the face you make when then h nfl season is over. ove. >> such a long season. season. >> oh, he's sad. >> waiting for the draft justg o doesn't count. exactly.y. >> hard to justify eating football food when there's no foot games.mes.d >> i like that skins cap.e that >> we need to have a a nonfootball party.t
6:49 am
>> this came from mama tracks. meanwhile new england we'reile about to go out tone dunks.dus. want anything?thing? >> wow. >> anywhere from 10 to 10 to 15-inches of snow up there yesterday. >> hearty folks up there. yes, i'llearty take one with c and sugar. >> what is dunks, dunkin' donuts. >> dunkin' donuts are dunkin'one everywhere in new england.gland >> upstate new york, too. >> this one is >> you have to say iist the th right way tucker. >> you say it. >> no, you have to do it. so, yh >> where is the snoavwe .tos th >> where is the snow? [laughter] >> those of you that aren't old enough that's a play off the old wendy's commercial where is the beef.whis the b obviously we came up a little le short in the snow department yesterday. >> i didn't know the old commercial but i like this just as much. didcial >> yeah. just a okay. my>> favoritefas of the day yesterday and thankya you. thank you all 50 people thate sent me pictures that were were either. >> of no snow. s >> fields of no snow or decksr with nothing on them. the but john says the only pl
6:50 am
tucker got the snow predictionni true was inc the snow globe. >> awly.y. >> nailed it. nai >> nailed it there you go did that tucker i'll take the little bit of snow wd eit t t g yesterday over a foot. fo. >> me, too. >> not me. much easier to get around. get o >> please send us your meme mm hashtag morning meme. >> did you say not me.or did you >> yeah. say i want a foot of n snow. s >> do you remember when weyou re would walk up wisconsin avenue last year this year thim >> yes. >> holding onto each other too not fall down. dow >> awesome family time. >> awww.>> awww. >> well in full disclosurel disl when you were talking ien ye couldn't hear you because iear i had the hood up in the thing.thn i just nodded my head adoringly on our bonding time. >> oh, yeah. y >> i feel like it's a safeeel time to tell that you. yu. >> full disclosure i had toto stay in a secondary hotel h which was a half mile away. awa. >> more disclosure i was indiloe dupont all by my lonesome. lonee >> oh, well, better luck nextk t year.
6:51 am
free friday enter a world wo where adventure system waiting g and magic leads the way to disney on ice live. liv one viewer could win a a vipa ip prize packet including fournclu tickets to disney on ice dream e big on february 18th at theuary verizon center. the prize has an approximaten ae retail value of $370 and it's provided by pal entertainment.e. >> one inwerer selected february 13th. all entrants must be 18 or over. complete rules and on line rulee entry available at >> good luck. >> we always wait for friday mornings because we get towe that find out what to see inhatn the theaters. a weekend ofth sequels at theele box office.f go figure. go >> i miss my friend kevinriend n mccarthy but he joins us nowus n live once again from losm los angeles. we miss you in d.c. .c. >> steve and allison i missisons you guys too but i'll see youse monday morning.i this is an exciting week for films.
6:52 am
movies for awhile steve you did mention that allta three of these movies are technically sequels in regardsng tour films that come out. fil we'll start offms with john wich two which i'm so excited ecited about. i've been talking about thisn tn movie for weeks now.moviwe i loved the first john wick. thought the action scenes were e incredible and the reason whywhy the action works in thesees movies is because it'secit's directiond by a stunt man. m keanu reeves' stunt double in do the matrix directed this filmil so the action is super immersive and you can actually a see every bit of it and i'ved ie mentioned this on the airned th before but these movieths are ridiculously over the top inop action so so much so they try ry to top the body count theyu have in the the first one had 84 kills. this one has 141 kills. 141 ll but again, it's done in an overly stylized actionactn violence way and remember in ren the first movie keanu reeves r is a exlit man whose dog isdog s killed and he goes on
6:53 am
revenge rampage.ampage. this one is five days later is t and it's a moment from hisom his past comes back and he's taken out of retirement again butt a the action is insane.i it is unbelievable to watch. keanu reeves is fantastic.anast. you get a laurence fishburne character which is a reunionre from the matrix and common isn s amazing. i gave it a 4.5 out of five. five. it's the action film that action fans deserve. it is awesome. really is. is >> i can't wait to hear you heau talk about "50 shades darker,"k" kev. >> yeah, and here's the and the way i've been trying to describe this to myselfo m it's ridiculous, it's over the top, it's stupid but it's somehow highlypid entertaining and i didn't read the books sobo i sat in the theater with a lot of fans who wereeat watching who had read the books and itnd really is like going a beatlesns concert s like they were likee freaking out in regards to re what was happening on theon he screen.reen. it's total fan service and to sit here and like, you know, critically speaking yes, thes
6:54 am
there's some acting issues.g i thought the chemistryhemistry between the two was no where whr near as bad as you guys wereys e saying the other day on good go dadaisms i think they'reisms i actually pretty good together pt buty jamie dornan and dakota johnson store in this film. f this is the sequel to "fifty shades of grey" and now of greyn they're working on d theirthir relationship but i will sayl y this movie has completely upped the graphic nature of of the intimate scene seek sequence i'm shocked they got away withyt what they did in a r rating.ra i gave it a three out of five of which is a c on my scale.n i don't think it's anywhereanywe near like a great film but itut does that work for the and i think that overall the th fans will be pleased if youif read the books. >> okay: i'm going to take take your word for it because theusee acting i've seen so far is not going to draw me in.raw me in. >> but steve i've never liedn on this show, i'm alwaysys honest and ethical.and >> i would never accuse you of f doing so.doing s >>
6:55 am
the new lego movie.the new lego >> i want to see t mhis kev. kv. >> this movie is i absolutely love this movehis glee is everything awesome.s ev >> i love the legoer movie. mo the lego movie was incredible.n this is not as good as the asthe lego movie but overall ito delivers everything you want eve in a film it has action, ittiont has comedy, it has drama.s there's a batman and joker jok breakup scene will arnett is that fantastic in the film, f zach gallon fin knack cass rosario dawson mariah carey. c it is fun because it'suse ' intelligent writing its a its a movie that works for kids andand adults. i gave 84.5 out of five andive there is a brand new song.sog. remember everything is awesome w from lego movie. m this is a new song in this oneth which is really good so. >> who does this song? s >> i don't know who does the h actual song like the artist rt but the song itself is very, ve, very well done.doe. it's very funny.f >> would you say everything isyo awesome just not quite asu sa awesome as the original? [laughter] [laughter] >> exactly. that's a good way to put it steve.
6:56 am
so my brain isn't firing with fi the jokes but yes, that is correct. >> awesome. you'll wake upwakeup soon. thanks buddy.anks b great options.optons. >> by guys.y >> let's check in with tucker.t. which one we going to see.. >> definitely shades, steve.ite. >> right. >> it is valentine's weekend valr all. >> right. palentine's date. >> what. >> you tell me when and where.wh i'll do the forecast.orcast. what happens in that movieappenv anyway. yway. >> we'll fill you in later. lat. >> 24 in washington.hington. about 40 this afternoon.t 40 partly sunny day today. t we got warmer air whiorkinrtglyi that will bring us someing usome clouds. blustery blustery blustery conditions of yesterday but ityt will definitely feel likely fee february out there and it'sheres very cold this morning so makese sure as you head out to school this morning you're wearingwearg your cool jacket.ooa all right, there's your seven-day for much warmer this weekend. wekend up near and 70 by sunday.sund >> coming up on 6:57 and right r now skyfox over delays on 66r d6 eastbound. crash by 123.ash by 1 car off the big delays from well beforebefoe 50. i'd say from 23
6:57 am
about 45 extra minutes to get to to the beltway. beltway. also big delays 395 northboundnh as we move over to our camerascs coming up past duke street, huge delays delay give yourself extra time and a look as we continue to upon continue to look atthat parking. we're back in a few.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> ♪♪
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much that is the message fro fmf president trump after aroident federal appeals courtafte rr efd to reinstate his travel reaction pouring in this in thi morning on social media but one tweet with threeth t characters from hillaryacte clinton is gettingrs the mostte buzz. >> and dozens of students at at left lane elementary schoolry so down for the count after a outbreak of the norovirus. o what parents are being told tolo do to keep their kids safe. saf. >> also developing overnightve a.m. dramatic scene on the runway. sparks and fire streaming from a plane about to takeire off.. potential disaster avertedv with just seconds to spare.onds. >> and a live look outside on ot this friday friday r. it's february 10th, 2017.. a bitterly cold day out there.h. bundle up. up. weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 7:05. good friday to you.ay to you. i'm allison seymour.allison sey. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m right off the top at s 7:00 this morning breaking news we havee v been following for about the te past hour or so. so. >> an early morning house fire e in northeast d.c. right now two people are fighting for or their >> let's get to annie yu liveu l on the scene this morning. annie. >> reporter: hey, goodey, gd


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